Song List = Q R

Quaite, Christine ***

tell me mama 64 U

Quatro, Suzi an Chris Norman ***

stumblin in 79 HG

Queens (with Shirley Gunter) ***

oop shoop sl50s E-flat

Question Mark an th Mysterians ***

96 tears 66 U

i need sumbudy 66 U

smokes s60s U

do somethin to me 67 U

Quotations ***

I wonder why sm60s U

imagination se60s U

Rabbitt, Eddie ***

drivin my life away 80 E

I luv a rainy nite 80 U

step by step 81 G

rocky mountain music 76 U

Race Marbles ***

th switch se60s A

Raelets *** {see Ray Charles}

Rafferty, Gerry ***

baker street 77 D

story of a shipyard town 88 D

get it rite next time 79 U

rite down th line 77 F

Ragdolls ***

dusty 65 U

Raiders ***

Indian reservation sl60s

Raindrops (Jeff Barry ~ Ellie Greenwich) ***

lets get together 64 U

what a guy 63 U

da doo ron ron s60s U

hanky panky s60s U

one more tear 64 U

dont let go s60s U

that boy John 64 U

th kind of boy u cant forget 63 U

another boy like mine se60s U

Rainwater, Marvin ***

I dig ya baby 58 C

a need for luv 58 U

whole lotta woman 58 U

she`s gone 60 U

luv me baby 59 U

luv me baby {solo vocal–unrel} 59 U

th valley of th moon 59 E

I can`t forget 61 C

boohoo 61 G

engineer`s song 60 F

th wanderer in me 60 U

tough top cat s50s G

Rambeau, Eddie ***

concrete an clay 65 U

Ramblers ***

ramblin 60 U

Ramrods ***

ghost riders in th sky {with girl drummer} sl50s U

loch lomond rock sl50s ATB-flat

boing sl50s E

slouchee sl50s B-flat

Randell, Lynne ***

won`t be long 60s U

Ran-Dells ***

martian hop 63 U

Randolph, Boots ***

hey mr. sax man 64 U

yakety sax 63 U

Randy & th Rainbows ***

Denise s60s U

Raney, Wayne ***

jack an jill boogie 40s U

lost John boogie s40s U

shake baby shake s40s U

gone with th wind s40s U

del rio boogie (with Delmore Brothers) s40s U

real hot boogie s40s U

redball to natchez s40s U

i was there s40s U

40th & plum 57 U

we luv to live s50s U

Rare Breed ***

beg borrow steal s60s U

Rare Earth ***

get ready s60s U

Rascals (Young) ***

aint gonna eat out my heart anymore sl60s U

come on up 66 U

I`ve been lonely too long s66 D

groovin 68 U

a girl like u 67 U

people got ta be free 68 F

good luvin 66 D

see 69 G

carry me back 69 G

its wonderful 68 U

u better run sl60s U

how can i be sure s60s U

Raspberries ***

go all th way 72 U

Rationals ***

i need you s60s U

Rauls, Lou *** {see Sam Cooke and Arthur Conley}

Ravens ***

write me a letter se50s U

Ray, Buddy *** {see Roxie Williams}

Rayburn, Margie ***

i`m available 57 U

Ray, David {Kliff} ***

jitterbuggin baby s50s B-flat

lonesome feelin 50s B-flat

lonesome baby blues s57 U

Ray, Diane ***

please dont talk to th lifeguard 63 U

just so Bobby can see sl50s U

Ray, Johnnie ***

u dont owe me a thing 57 U

just walkin in th rain s50s FTA-flat

cry 51 UPC

faith can move mountains s50s D

th little white cloud that cried (with th Four Lads) s50s U

Hernando`s hideaway s50s U

yes tonite Josephine s50s E

here am i broken hearted s50s U

somebudy stole my gal s50s D-flat-TFTD-flat

aint misbehavin s50s U

such a nite se50s U

walkin my baby back home se50s U

Rays ***

silhouettes 57 U

Rea, Chris ***

road to hell sl80s APU

Rebb, Johnny an th Rebels ***

rebel rock 58 U

Redd, Barbara ***

Dancing with teardrops 63 E-flat

Reddell, Teddy ***

I want ta hold u 60 U

Redding, Otis ***

tramp (with Carla Thomas) sm60s U

thats how strong my luv is 64 B-flat-TE-flat-TB-flat

shout bamalama {with th Pinetoppers} s60s E-flat]

I can`t turn u loose 65 UPC

I can`t turn u loose {live in Europe} 67 C

scratch my back s60s D-flat

I`ve been luvin u too long {not live} 65-67 UPATB-flat

th dock on th bay 67 U

treat her rite s60s D

try a little tenderness 66 U

6-3-4-5-7-8-9 s60s U

respect 65-67 U

satisfaction 66-67 E

satisfaction {live in Europe} 67 E

chain gang 66 A

these arms of mine 63 B-flat

these arms of mine {live at th Apollo NY} 63 B-flat

mr. pitiful 64 U

luv man 67 U

nobudy knows u when yer down s60s A-flat-TD-flat

shake 65 U

shake {live} s67 C

my girl 65 U

for yer precious luv 65 CTD

down in th valley 65 F

glory of luv 67 B-flat

hucklebuck 67 E

a change is gonna come 65 U

open th door 67 E-flat

direct me 67 D

look at th girl 67 G

pounds an hundreds s67 B

slippin an slidin 67 CTD-flat

I`m comin home s67 F

day tripper 66 E

day tripper {live in Europe} 67 E

knock on wood {with Carla Thomas} 67 E

lovey dovey {with Carla Thomas} 67 E

u left th water runnin s66 F-sharp

pain in my heart {live at th Apollo N.Y.} 63 B-flat

pain in my heart (not live) s63 U

I`m depending on u {live at th whisky a go go } 66 D

a hard days nite {live at th Whisky a go go} 66 B-flat

fa fa fa fa fa  s60s U

th happy song s60s U

Reddy, Helen ***

leave me alone 73 U

Delta Dawn 73 U

I don`t know how ta luv him 71 E-flat-PU

keep on singin 74 E-flat-TETF

emotion 75 U

Angie baby 74 U

summer of 71 se70s U

somewhere in th nite 75 F-sharp

peaceful 72 HG

until its time for u ta go se70s U

raised on rock 74 F

come on John 71 U

Reed, Earl ***

mama s50s U

Reeder, Bill ***

there was a time 61 U

til I waltz again with u 61 U

secret luv 61 D

Reed, Jerry *** {see also Tracy Pendarvis}

th bird 82 U

Reed, Jimmy ***

honest I do 57 U

new chicago blues 63 E

I was so young {or wrong} 59 EPU

caress me baby 58 A

goin ta N.Y. 58 A

I don`t go for that 55 U

u got me dizzy 56 E

u got me cryin 58 U

I know its a sin 58 U

I`m th man 65 UPE

take it slow 62 U

u don`t have ta go 53 U

baby what u want me to do 59 E

big boss man 60 E

shame shame shame 63 E

high an lonesome 53 UPE

come on baby 55 A

little rain s55 U

Reeves, Danny ***

I`m a hobo 61 E

Reeves, Jim ***

welcome to my world se60s U

he`ll have to go 60 U

Mexican Joe s50s U

Reeves, Martha an th Vandellas (see Martha & th Vandellas ***

Reflections ***

Romeo an Juliet 64 E-flat

in th still of th nite s60s U

Regents ***

Barbara Ann 61 F

runaround 61 U

Remains ***

diddy wah diddy s60s U

Reparata an th Delrons ***

whenever a teenager cries 65 U

Reunion ***

life is a rock 74 U

Revells (Revels?) *** {#one}

midnite {dead man`s} stroll 59 U

Revells *** {#2– aka th Wheelmen}

school is a gas 64 E-flat-TFT-HG

Revere, Paul an th Raiders ***

let me 69 U

like long hair 61 U

just like me 66 U

hungry {original with Mark} 66 U

ups an downs sl60s U

him or me sl60s U

good thing 67 U

Reynettes (Hong Kong) ***

rescue me 66 U

this little boy sm60s U

Reynolds, Debbie ***

tammy 57 U

am i that easy to forget s60s U

aba daba honeymoon (with Carleton Carpenter) se50s U

Reynolds, Jody ***

endless sleep 58 E

Beulah Lee sl50s U

Rhodes, Darrell ***

4 o`clock baby sl50s F

Rhodes, Todd an Orchestra ***

rocket 69 {with Connie Allen Band} 52 U

Ribbons ***

aint gonna kiss ya s60s U

Rice, Ronnie ***

I know s60s U

Richard an th Young Lions ***

open up yer door sm60s U

Richard, Cliff (see also Shadows) ***

summer holiday s60s U

living doll 59 U

th young ones s60s U

devil woman s70s U

dreamin 80 D-flat-TBTD-flat-TBTD-flat

we don`t talk anymore 79 U

Richbourg, John R ***

John R theme {Rock PHD} 57 NA

Rich, Charlie *** {see also Johnny Powers}

lonely weekends {original} 59 FTB-flat-TFTB-flat-TF

very special luv song 74 C

th most beautiful girl s70s U

Rick an th Keens ***

peanuts 61 U

Riddle, Nelson an his Orchestra ***

route 66 theme (full) se60s U

Riddler ***

th Riddler {beware Label} se60s DTE-flat-TE

Ridgely, Tommy ***

jam up s60s U

Righteous Brothers ***

in th midnite hour s70s E

u`ve lost that luvin feelin 64 DPD-flat

little latin lupe lu 62 F

th great pretender s70s E

soul an inspiration 66 U

let th good times roll s60s C

just once in my life 65 U

hold on I`m comin s60s F

I just wanna make luv s60s F

ebb tide 65 UPE

I luv u for sentimental reasons 66 U

Harlem shuffle s60s U

Riley, Billy ***

flyin saucers R an R 57 D

is that all to th ball 58 U

Riley, Jeanie C ***

harper valley PTA 68 U

Rinky Dinks ***

early in th mornin 58 U

Ripcords ***

she thinks i still care s60s U

hey little cobra s60s U

3 window coupe s60s U

Ritter, Tex ***

### i dreamed of a hillbilly heaven s40s U

when u leave dont slam th door s40s U

Riverside Ramblers ***

dissatisfied 37 C

Rivers, Johnny ***

blowin in th wind s65 FPE

rockin pneumonia 72 U

green green s65 C

summer rain 67 U

Memphis 64 E

Memphis {live} s64 E

secret agent man 66 E

muddy water sl60s A-flat-TATB-flat

where have all th flowers gone s65 E

th 7th son {live} s65 E

greenback dollar {live} s65 U

stop in th name of luv {live} s65 E

un-square dance {live} s65 C

silver threads golden needles {live} s65 D

if I had a hammer s65 C

hello Josephine {live} s64 U

midnite special {live} s64 U

baby I need yer lovin 67 U

tracks of my tears sm60s U

poor side of town 66 U

Maybelline s60s U

Rivieras ***

California sun 64 E-flat

keep a knockin s60s B

rockin robin 64 U

Rivingtons ***

papa-oom-mow-mow 62 E-flat

th birds th word 63 E-flat

th bird`s th word (non-radio version) se60s U

Roaring Sixties ***

we luv th pirate stations 60s U

Robbilard, Duke an th Pleasure Kings ***

my plea 83 E

Robbins, Marty ***

just married 58 U

Ruby Ann sl50s U

don`t worry about me s60s U

singin th blues s50s U

a white sport coat sl50s U

Robbs ***

bittersweet s60s U

Robert & Johnny ***

we belong together 58 E

Roberts, Kenny ***

chocolate (vegan) ice cream cone s40s U

Robertson, Don ***

th happy whistler 56 U

Robins *** {aka th Coasters}

white cliffs of Dover sm50s U

smoky Joe`s cafe 55 FPU

riot in cell block #9 54 U

framed 54 C

th hatchet man 54 C

Robinson, Smokey an th Miracles ***

tracks of my tears 65 U

I second that emotion 67 D

u really got a hold on me 63 U

tears of a clown 70 D-flat-PU

come round here s66 G

Mickey`s monkey 60s U

goin to a go go 66 U

shop around 61 U

I gotta dance to keep from cryin 64 U

got a job sl60s U

i like it like that s60s U

Robison, Carson ***

rockin an rollin with grandma 56 F

Rob Roys ***

tell me why se60s U

Rock-A-Teens ***

woo hoo 59 E

Rock an Roll Kittitees *** {aka Angels}

th boy from crosstown se60s U

cry baby cry 62 U

til 61 U

welcome to th floor s62 HG

thank u an goodnite se60s U

wow wow wee se60s U

i adore him se60s U

now se60s U (what is that background noise?)

my boyfriend`s back s60s U

Rock-A-Tones *** {see also Junior Gravely}

one more chance sl50s E-flat

Rocket Morgan ***

tag along s50s A-flat

Rockets ***

cave man luv se60s U

Rockin Devils ***

bule bule 60s U

Rockin Rebels *** {aka Rebels–Buffalo Rebels–Sophistikats}

wild weekend 62-63 {original 1960} G

another wild weekend 63 U

rumble 63 E

flibbity jibbitt 63 U

Buffalo blues 60 U

anyway ya want me 60 A-flat

theme from “th rebel” 60 U

wild weekend cha cha se60s U

Rockin R`s ***

crazy baby sl50s U

Rockin Sidney ***

no future 77 U

no good woman 63 U

my zydeco shoes 84 U

u aint nuthin but fine s60s U

Rocky Fellers ***

monkey see monkey do se60s C

like th big guys do 63 U

little darlin` 60 U

Rodgers, Jimmie (1920–30s teeraleer) ***

in th jail house now #2 s30

blue yodel #5 29 U

last blue yodel s30 G

TB blues s30 D-flat

let me be yer side track {alt.} s30s U

whats it s30s U

Rodgers, Jimmie (1950–60s teeraleer) ***

oh oh i`m fallin in luv again 58 U

Roe, Tommy ***

evrebudy 63 U

heather honey sm60s BTC

sweet pea 66 U

hooray for Hazel 66 U

suzie darlin 62 U

jam up jelly tite 69 U

Sheila s60s U

dizzy s60s U

come on and dance s60s U

its now winter`s day s60s U

Rogers, Jimmy ***

thats all rite 50 UPE

yer sweet se50s EPU

chicago bound 54 UPE

world`s in a tangle 51 F

rock this house 59 U

rock this house {with Left Hand Frank} s71 U

dirty dozen {with Left Hand Frank} s70s U

blues leave me alone 54 U

yer th one 55 F

money marbles chalk 51 E

Luedella 50 U

act like u luv me 53 U

last time 52 G

sloppy drunk 54 U

Rogers, Kenny ***

islands in th stream {with Dolly Parton} s80s U

but u know I luv U 69 U

just dropped in {with th First Edition} 68 U

Rogers, Weldon ***

so long good luck 57 A-flat

Roland, Walter ***

jookit jookit 33 F

Rolling Stones ***

out of time 75 U

dandelion 67 U

street fightin man {live} 95 BTF-sharp-TBTF-sharp-TBTF-sharp

street fightin man 68 CPU

paint it black 66 F

all down th line 72 U

19th nervous breakdown 66 E

gimme shelter 69 U

mother`s little helper 66 U

last time 65 E

pain in my heart 64 U

little queenie 71 U

far away eyes 78 U

roadrunner s70s E-flat

brite lites big city s64 U

c`mon s64 U

if u need me s70s U

she`s so cold 80 U

time is on my side 65 F

I`m a king bee s69 E

stray cat blues s70s U

jumpin Jack Flash 68 B-flat

route 66 64 U

high wire 90 U

she`s a rainbow 67 B-flat

walkin th dog s60s A

Carol 64 B-flat

satisfaction 65 U

can I get a witness s70s U

lets spend th nite together 67 U

sad sad sad s70s U

around an around 64 APU

if u try s70s U

Harlem shuffle s70s U

tell me 64 U

don`t wait too long s60s U

happy 72 B

I`ll move on s60s U

heartbreaker s60s E

as tears go by 66 U

heart of stone 65 U

honky tonk woman 69 E

honky tonk woman {version with a fiddle} s70s U

brown sugar 71 U

mixed emotions 91 U

what a shame 64 U

grown up wrong 64 D

Angie 73 U

its all rite {live} s60s U

play with fire 65 U

have u seen yer mother baby 66 U

Bob Wills is still th king (live ~ see utube) s90s U

drift away s70s U

my girl s70s U

Rondo, Don ***

## white silver sands 57 U

Ronettes ***

why don`t they let us fall in luv 63 E

I wonder 63 F

be my baby 63 UPE

be my baby {live} 64 U

best part of breakin up 64 UPE-flat-PD

baby I luv U 63 E-flat-PU

when I saw u 64 C

walkin in th rain 64 B-flat-Pu

is this what I get 65 U

here I sit 65 D

u came u saw u conquered 69 FPU

th memory sm60s U

keep on dancin 64 U

girls can tell sm60s U

Ron, Joe, an Crew ***

riot in cell block #9 se60s E

Ronnie an th Daytonas ***

GTO 64 U

Ronnie & th Hi-Lites ***

I wish that we were married se60s U

Rooftop singers ***

walk rite in 63 A-flat

tom cat 63 U

mama dont allow 63 U

Roomful of Blues ***

yes indeed 85 B-flat

Rootboy Slim ***

date th undead s80s U

Rose, David an his Orchestra ***

th stripper 62 U

Rose Garden ***

next plane to London 67 U

Rosie & th Originals ***

### angel baby s60s U

Ross, Diana *** {see also th Supremes}

upside down s80s U

someday we`ll be together 69 U

Ross, Jackie ***

selfish one 64 U

Rotten, Johnny *** {hear Neil Young`s odd “R an R will never die”1978}

Round Robin ***

kick that little foot Sally Ann 64 U

Routers ***

let`s go 62 U

Royal, Billy Joe ***

cherry hill park 69 U

I knew u when 65 U

hush 67 U

down in th boondocks 65 U

Royals *** {see Hank Ballard}

Royal Teens ***

short shorts 58 U

believe me 59 U

Royaltones *** {see also Del Shannon}

wail 58 U

flamingo express {mono version} 61 A

holy smokes sl50s E

boss limbo sl50s U

our faded luv sl50s E-flat

short line sl50s C

royal whirl sl50s C

yea yea song sl50s F

revival tonite sl50s B

see-saw sl50s C

misty sea sl50s E-flat

poor boy 58 U

Roy, Harry & his Orchestra ***

my girl`s pussy 31 U

Ruby an th Romantics ***

our day will come 63 U

Ruffin, Jimmy ***

I`ve passed this way before 66 U

what becomes of th broken hearted 66 B-flat

my whole world ended s60s U

gonna give her all th luv i got s60s U

Rufus ***

th back door 75 G

Runabouts ***

th prom sl50s U

train {jubilee label} s50s E

Rush, Merrillee ***

angel of th mornin 68 A-flat

Russ, Irvin ***

th crazy alligator {hey Hound!} 59 E

Ryan, Charlie ***

hot rod hades s50s U

hot rod lincoln s50s U

Rydell, Bobby ***

th fish 61 U

we got luv 59 U

wildwood days s63 U

th cha cha cha s50s U

good time baby 61 U

lose her s60s U

little bitty girl 60 U

groovy tonite 60 U

forget him sl50s U

volare sl50s U

sway 60 U

I dig girls 59 U

teach me to twist (with Chubby Checker) 62 U

butterfly baby 63 U

lets make luv tonite 63 U

kissin time 59 U

I`ll never dance again sl50s U

wild one sl50s U

that old black magic 60 U

Ryder, Mitch an th Detroit Wheels ***

Jenny take a ride 65 F

sock it to me baby 67 E-flat-PD

little Latin Lupe Lu 66 U

shakin with Linda 66 U

I like it like that 66 D

I had it made 66 D

shake a tail feather 66 E

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Song List = S

Safaris ***

image of a girl 60 D

Sahilatua, Henry and Old Friends ***

blue eyes crying in th rain 2003 U

Sainte-Marie, Buffy *** {composer of Donovan`s “universal soldier”}

universal soldier sl60s U

Salvo, Sammy ***

one little baby sl50s E

Sam an Dave ***

wonderful world s60s U

soul man 67 GTE-flat

I thank u 68 E-flat

hold on I`m comin 66 A-flat

satisfaction 65 U

gimme some luvin s70s E

Sam th Sham & th Pharoahs ***

red hot 66 U

little red ridin hood s60s U

red hot s60s U

th hair on my chinny chin chin 66 U

woolly bully 65 U

Sands, Evie ***

take me for a little while 64 D-flat-TFTD-flat-TFTD-flat

I can`t let go 65 B

Sands, Tommy ***

sing boy sing sl50s U

San Remo Golden Strings ***

hungry for luv 65 U

Santamaria, Mongo ***

watermelon man 63 F-sharp

Santo an Johnny ***

sleepwalk 59 D-flat

theme from “come september” se60s B-flat

I`ll remember 60 C

dream luver se60s C

teardrop sl50s U

lazyjames madison day sl50s HG

a thousand miles away sl50s C

over th rainbow sl50s C

Venus sl50s U

in th still of th nite 64 U

Sapphires ***

gotta have yer luv s60s U

who do you luv s60s U

Saul, Hender ***

I aint gonna rock tonite sl50s U

Sayer, Leo ***

more than I can say 80 B-flat

Schoolboys ***

please say ya want me 56 U

Scott, Jack (often with th Chantones) ***

Geraldine sl50s U

goodbye baby 58 U

Leroy 58 U

th way i walk 59 U

oh little one 60 U

## what in th world`s come over you se60s U

with yer love sl50s U

Scott, Linda ***

3 guesses 61 B-flat

don`t bet money honey 61 FTF-sharp

yessiree 62 U

I`ve told evre little star 61 U

land of stars 62 U

lonely for u 62 U

never in a million years 62 U

I left my heart in th balcony 62 U

little star 62 U

a thousand stars 62 U

stardust 62 U

when u wish upon a star 62 U

Bermuda 62 U

town crier 62 U

starlite starbrite 61 U

Scott, Marylin ***

I got what my daddy likes sm40s A

Scott, Peggy an Jo Jo Benson ***

lovers holiday 68 U

Searchers ***

bumble bee sm60s U

needles an pins 64 U

sumday we`re gonna luv again 64 U

when u walk in th room 64 U

luv potion #9 64 U

sweets for my sweet sm60s U

sugar an spice sm60s U

goodbye my lover goodbye s60s U

what have they done to th rain 65 U

aint that just like me sm60s U

dont throw yer luv away s60s U

Sea Shells ***

luv those Beach Boys se60s U

maybe I know 72 U

Secrets ***

the boy next door 63 U

Sedaka, Neil ***

king of clowns s60s B

smile s62 ATB-flat

breakin up is hard ta do 62 U

diary 59 B-flat-TB

happy birthday sweet sixteen 61 UPD-flat-TD

thats when th music takes me 72 U

bad blood {with Elton John} 75 U

sweet little u 61 U

standin on th inside 73 U

Alice in wonderland 63 U

lets go steady again 63 U

i go ape s60s U

Seeds ***

pushin too hard 66 U

cant seem to make u mine sm60s U

Seekers ***

Georgy girl 66 B

another u 65 B-flat

world of our own 65 B-flat

4 strong winds s60s U

morningtown ride 65 G

someday oneday 66 U

Seger, Bob an th Silver Bullet Band ***

R an R never forgets 76 E

main street 76 E-flat

th fire down below 76 U

like a rock s70s A-flat

nite moves 76 D-flat

u`ll accompany me 80 EPU

hollywood nites 78 E

come to papa 76 U

still th same 78 C

no man`s land {with th Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section} 80 HG-TFT-HG

we`ve got tonite sl70s B

travelin man s79 U

even now s80s E

let it rock s79 C

til it shines sl70s C

old time R an R 79 F-sharp

feel like a number sl70s E

long twin silver line {with th Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section} 80 A

shinin britely 80 HG

stone blind luv s90s U

nine tonite 80 E

good for me 80 D

no more 2008 U

fire lake s70s U

Sensations ***

music music music 61 U

let me in 62 U

Seville, David an th Chipmunks ***

witch doctor sm50s U

Alvin`s harmonica 59 U

Shades of Blue ***

oh how happy 66 A

Shadows ***

wonderful land s60s U

dance on se60s U

apache 60 U

Shadows of Knight ***

i`m gonna make u mine 66 U

oh yeah 66 U

shake 68 U

gospel zone 66 U

Gloria 66 E

dark side 66 E

i`ll make you sorry s60s U

Shangrilas ***

bulldog sm60s U

dum dum ditty sm60s U

give him a great big kiss 64 G

remember walkin in th sand 64 D

rite now an not later 65 U

shout {live} 64 U

u can`t sit down {live} s60s E

twist an shout 64 U

out in th streets 65 U

past present future 65 U

I`m blue {live} s60s U

luv ya more than yesterday 65 D

Shannon, Del ***

move it on over s60s E

whats th matter baby {twelled in England} 72 U

whats th matter baby {twelled in California} 72 A-flat

Kelly 72 U

Kelly {live} s70s A

cryin 72 U

cryin {with th Royaltones} s64 D

hey little girl 61 A-flat-PU

stranger in town 65 APU

2 kinds of teardrops 63 DPU

little town flirt 63 D-flat-PU

so long baby 61 U

keep searchin 64 U

cry myself ta sleep s60s UPD-flat

runaway {original preferred} 61 B-flat-PU

runaway {slow version} 67 U

from me ta u 63 U

hats off ta Lary 61 BPU

do u wanna dance sm60s U

handy man 64 UPA

twist an shout s64 U

coopersville yodel 72 U

th answer ta evrethin 72 U

broken promises s60s U

needles an pins s60s U

oh how happy s70s G

sumthin ta believe in s70s G

sister Isabelle s70s U

an th music plays on s70s D

sea of luv 81 A

ta luv someone s80s A

walk away s80s A

callin out my name s80s U

Gemini s80s U

th big hurt 66 U

kicks 66 U

for a little while 66 U

when u walk in th room 66 U

evrebudy luves a clown 66 U

where th action is 66 U

dream baby s63 U

runaround Sue s63 D

red rubber ball 66 U

where were u when I needed u 66 D

th joker went wild 66 U

I can`t be true 67 U

summer in th city 66 U

color flashin hair 68 U

in my arms again s72 U

2 sylhouettes s63 C

she thinks I still care s63 B

my wild one s63 U

hey baby s63 U

go away little girl s63 U

Memphis {with th Royaltones} s64 F

thats th way luv is s64 U

Ruby baby s64 E

I`ll be lonely tomorrow s64 F

Mary Jane s64 U

world without luv s64 F

twist an shout s64 C

under my thumb 66 U

she 67 U

out of time s60s U

i go to pieces 64 U

Sharp, Dee Dee {see also Chubby Checker}***

mashed potato 62 D

village of luv s60s D-flat

ride 62 U

locomotion s60s U

do th bird s63 U

I really luv you 65 U

i will follow him sm60s U

Sharpe, Ray ***

monkie`s uncle 59 D

oh my baby`s gone 58 C

thats th way I feel 58 HG

th bus song 62 U

Linda Lu 59 U

red sails in th sunset 59 U

Sharps ***

have luv will travel sl50s G

Shaw, Buddy ***

don`t sweep that dirt on me 57 U

no more 57 U

Shaw, Eddie ***

king of th road s80s G

Shay, Dorothy ***

feudin an fightin s40s U

Sh`booms ***

sh`boom s54 F

I`m still in luv with u sm50s C

Sheep ***

hide an Seek 66 U

Shells ***

baby oh baby sl50s U

Shelton Brothers ***

I`m sittin on top of th world 35 F-sharp

just because 41 U

Shepard, Jean ***

jeopardy 59 F

Shepherd, Buddy ***

I`m hypnotized s50s F

Shepherd (aka Shepard/Sheppard) Sisters ***

dont mention my name 63 U

what makes little girls cry 63 U

alone 56 U

Sheppards ***

island of luv 59 U

Sherman, Bobby ***

little woman 69 U

la la la sl60s U

Sherrys ***

pop pop pop-pie se60s U

saturday nite 63 U

Shields ***

u cheated 58 U

Shirelles ***

a thing of th past 61 U

tonites th nite 60 U

tonites th nite {live} 64 D

evrebudy luves a luver 63 U

baby its u 61 B-flat

maybe tonite se60s U

will u still luv me tomorrow 60 U

welcome home baby se60s U

stop th music se60s U

ta know him is ta luv him se60s U

boys se60s U

luv is a swingin thing {with King Curtis} 62 D

foolish little girl 63 U

what does a girl do 63 U

big John s60s

Shirley an Lee ***

Lee`s dream 55 U

deed I do {I`ll do it} 55 U

rock all nite 57 U

don`t ya know I luv u 57 U

I`ll thrill u 55 U

evrebudys rockin 58 C

I`m gone 52 U

let th good times roll 56 D-flat

why did I 53 U

keep on 54 G

feel so good 55 U

i feel good s60s U

Shocking Blue ***

Venus 69 E

Shondell, Troy ***

this time 61 U

Shore, Dinah ***

scene of th crime sl50s U

Showmen ***

this misery {unrel} se60s B-flat

it will stand 61 B-flat

th wrong girl {unrel} se60s U

th owl sees u 50s D-flat

Shutdowns ***

4 in th floor s60s U

Sigler, Bunny ***

feel so good s60s U

Silhouettes ***

get a job 58 U

Silkie ***

born to be with you s60s U

Simmons, Gene ***

goin back ta Memphis {with Bill Black} 58 E

teddy bear {with Bill Black} 61 U

th shape ya left me in {with Bill Black} 61 D

no other guy {with Bill Black Combo} 61 A

Simon an Garfunkel ***

dangling conversation 66 U

sounds of silence 65 F-sharp

hazy shade of winter 66 U

I am a rock 66 C

homeward bound 66 B-flat

Cecelia 70 B

leaves that are green sl60s E

fakin it sl60s U

Simon, Carly ***

yer so vain 73 U

haven`t got time for th pain 74 U

Jessie 80 BTC

nobudy does it better 77 U

th rite thing ta do 73 C

anticipation 72 D

Simon, Joe ***

th chokin kind s60s U

Sinatra, Nancy ***

sugartown s60s U

Friday`s child s60s U

Sir Douglas Quintet ***

Mendocino 69 U

she`s about a mover sm60s U

she digs my luv 66 U

Skelton, Eddie an th Rhythm Tones ***

gotta keep it swingin 58 F

Skip an Flip ***

cherry pie 60 U

it was i 59 U

Skipper, Macy ***

quicksand luv sl50s E-flat

Skydevils ***

Jakarta reunie hoevelaken 2008 U

Al Capone s2000s U

Skyliners ***

this I swear 59 U

since i dont have you 59 U

close yer eyes 61 U

Sledge, Percy ***

warm an tender luv 66 D

it tears me up {original} 66 E

when a man luves a woman {original} 66 D-flat

sittin on th dock 68 UPG

try a little tenderness s70s U

Sly and th Family Stone ***

dance to th music s60s U

Small Faces ***

all or nothin sl60s U

itcycoo park 68 U

Small, Millie ***

my boy lollipop 64 D

sweet William 64 U

Smith, Alvin ***

on my way 54 D

Smith, Byther ***

man wants me dead 91 E

money tree 91 B

Smith, Carl ***

do i like it s40s U

if teardrops were pennies s40s U

mr. moon s40s U

Smith, Effie ***

teenage world s50s U

Smith, Funny Papa ***

hoppin frog s40s A-flat

Smith, Huey piano an his Clowns ***

don`t ya know yockomo 58 E-flat-PU

don`t ya just know it 58 UPE-flat

rockin pneumonia 57 C

high blood pressure sl50s E-flat

Smith, Hurricane ***

oh babe what would you say 73 U

Smith, Kate ***

God bless America s40s U

Smith, Keely (see Louis Prima) ***

Smith, Patti ***

because th nite 78 U

Smith, Ray ***

so young l50s U

u made a hit l50s U

rockin bandit l50s C

Smith, Trixie ***

Jack I`m mellow s30s U

my daddy rocks me 38 C

Smith, Verdelle ***

tar an cement 66 A

Smith, Warren ***

miss froggie s57 E

R an R ruby {unrel version} 56 U

ubangi stomp 56 U

th darkest cloud 57 U

so long I`m gone {unrel version with false start an tape hiss at end–Bear Family label}57 U

red cadillac an a black moustache {unrel} s57 D

stop th world {unrel} 57 U

got luv if ya want it 57 U

Hank Snow medley {unrel} s57 E

uranium rock {unrel} 58 U

sweet sweet girl 59 U

goodbye mr. luv {unrel} 58 U

Smith, Whispering ***

don`t leave me baby 63 U

Sniff an th Tears ***

driver`s seat 79 B

Snow, Hank ***

golden rocket 50 E

I`ll tell th world that I luv u s40s U

I`m movin on 50 UPD

sunny side of th mountain s40s E

I`m still movin on 77 U

within this broken heart of mine s40s U

I hear that lonesome whistle moan s50s B-flat

bluer than blue s40s U

city of new orleans s70s B-flat-TB

waitin for a train s60s U

music makin mama s60s E-flat

I`ve been evrewhere 62 D-flat-TDTE-flat-TE

I`m gonna bid my blues goodbye s60s U

my sweet Texas bluebonnet queen s60s U

rhumba boogie s50s D

I`m movin in s50s U

golden river s50s U

my ruff an rowdy days s50s B

lady`s man sl40s U

bluebird island (with unknown wampinette) se50s U

unwanted sign on yer heart sl40s U

th gold rush is over sl40s U

down th trail of achin hearts sl40s U

i went to yer wedding sl40s U

honeymoon on a rocket ship s40s U

th gal who invented kissin (reluctantly included columbus) se50s U

Snow, Phoebe ***

evre nite 69 B-flat

Sommers, Joanie ***

since Randy moved away sl50s U

piano boy sl50s U

Sonnier, Jo El ***

Louisiana blues s60s U

Sonny an Cher ***

I got u babe 65 U

what now my luv 66 U

but yer mine 65 D

baby dont go 65 U

all i really want to do sm60s U

little man s60s U

th beat goes on s60s U

### laff at me (without Cher) s60s U

Sons of th Pioneers ***

tumblin tumbleweeds DPU

cigarettes whiskey an wild women s40s U

### no one to cry to s40s U

Soul Brothers Six ***

some kind of wonderful s50s U

Soul, Jimmy ***

I hate u baby 63 U

I can`t hold out any longer 62 G

if ya wanna be happy se60s U

twistin Matilda 62 U

Soul Sisters ***

loop de loop 64 U

Soul Survivors ***

expressway to yer heart 67 U

Sounds Incorporated ***

in th hall of th mountain king s60s U

Sounds Orchestral ***

cast yer fate ta th wind 65 U

South, Joe *** {see also Tracy Pendarvis}

I`m snowed 58 B-flat

Spacemen ***

th clouds 59 U

blast off s60s U

Spaniels ***

goodnite sweetheart goodnite sl50s U

automobiles sl50s U

please dont tease sm50s U

Spanky and Our Gang ***

makin evre minute count sl60s U

like to get to know you 68 U

lazy day 67 (vegie ice cream) U

sunday will never be th same sl60s U

Sparkles ***

he can`t luv u s50s D-flat

Spectors Three ***

I really do s60s U

Spellman, Benny ***

lipstick traces 62 U

fortune teller 62 U

Spiders ***

witchcraft s60s U

Spinners ***

rubber band man 76 U

Spires, Endom ***

I wonder where u are tonite 57 U

Spirit ***

I got a line on you 69 U

Springfield, Dusty ***

take another little piece s60s U

can I get a witness s60s U

In th middle of nowhere 65 U

some of yer luvin 65 D-flat

I only want ta be with u 63 U

U dont have ta say u luv me 66 U

stay awhile 64 DPU

I jus don`t know what ta do 63 U

wishin an hopin 64 UPB

do re me s60s UPD

when th luvlite starts shining s60s UPE

don`t u know s60s UPB-flat

luv power s60s U

little by little 65 D

th look of luv s60s U

Springfields with Dusty Springfield ***

silver threads an golden needles 62 APU

Springsteen, Bruce an th E Steet Band ***

cover me 84 U

no surrender 84 F

glory days 85 A

Bobby Jean 85 U

I`m goin down 85 B-flat

workin on th highway 85 U

born in th USA s80s E

thunder road s80s F

cadillac ranch s80s U

tougher than th rest 87 F

Spruill, Wild Jimmy *** {see also June Bateman–Wilbur Harrison–Dave Cortez–Tarheel Slim–Bobby Lewis–apparently he could play th guy wires behind his back}

Kansas City march 60 U

hard grind 59 E

slow draggin 61 E

scratch an twist 61 E

scratchin se60s U

country boy 64 U

cut an dried 65 E

Stafford, Jim ***

I can`t find nobudy home 75 F

wildwood flower 74 U

spiders an snakes 73 E

I aint workin sm70s F

I got stoned 75 F

Stafford, Jo ***

its almost tomorrow 56 U

suddenly there`s a valley 55 U

u belong ta me 52 F

Stafford, Terry ***

suspicion s60s U

Stained Glass ***

if i needed someone s60s U

Standells ***

sometimes good guys dont wear white 66 U

dirty water sm60s U

Stanley Brothers ***

bound to ride s40s U

mountain dew s40s U

ridin that midnite train s40s U

goin to Georgia s40s U

Stanton, Bobby sextet ***

scree-argh se60s U

Starfires ***

3 roses se60s U

Stargazers ***

i see th moon s60s U

Starkes, Doc an his Nite Riders ***

women an cadillacs sl50s C

Star Marks ***

el rancho grande rock 59 U

Starr, Andy an th Casinos ***

just a walkin 58 U

Starr, Andy {Frank} ***

rockin rollin stone 56 A-flat

round an round 56 E

give me a woman 56 E

th dirty bird song 55 F

do it rite {unrel} 55 A

me an th fool 63 ATB-flat

luver man 50s E

Starr, Edwin ***

agent double-o-soul 65 A-flat

war 70 U

25 miles 69 U

Starr, Kay ***

R an R waltz 55 F

side by side 53 U

wheel of fortune 52 U

comes along a luv s50s U

allez-vous-en s40s U

hoop dee doo sl40s U

Starr, Ringo *** {see also th Beatles}

it don`t come easy 71 D

back off boogaloo 72 U

photograph 73 E

yer sixteen 73 U

a dose of R an R 76 U

hey baby 76 U

Statler Brothers ***

flowers on th wall 65 U

Status Quo ***

matchstick men 68 D

rockin all over th world 77 C

down down 74 B

down th dustpipe 70 GTA-flat

again an again s70s B

Steely Dan ***

Ricky don`t lose that number 74 E

reelin in th years 72 U

Steppenwolf ***

born to be wild 69 U

Stephenson, N.A. an th 4 Kings ***

boogie woogie country girl sl50s E-flat

Stereos ***

I really luv you 61 U

Stevens, April ***

teach me tiger 59 U

i`m in luv again sl50s U

Stevens, Connie (see also Edward Byrnes) ***

16 reasons 60 B-flat

Stevens, Dodie ***

yes I`m lonesome tonite 61 F

Stevenson, B.W. ***

my Maria 73 E

Stevens, Ray *** {see also Tracy Pendarvis}

gitarzan s70s U

th streak 74 U

Harry th hairy Ape sl50s U

Jeremiah Peabody`s pills s60s U

Stevens, Shakin ***

green door s70s E

frantic s70s C

Stewart, Al ***

time passages 78 E-flat

on th border s70s F-sharp

Stewart, Billy ***

summertime (version without th frills) s60s U

Stewart, Jimmy an his Nite Hawks ***

nuthin but a nuthin 57 GPU

Stewart, Rod ***

Georgie se90s U

hot legs 78 G

stay with me s80s U

tonites th nite 76 B

Maggie May 71 D

Motown Records? s80s U

Stewart, Wynn ***

come on sl50s A

Stills, Stephen (see also Crosby Stills Nash An Young ***

luv th one yer with 71 U

Stites, Gary ***

lonely for you 59 U

Stonemans *** {yes its th correct spelling ~ also known as the Stoneman Family}

orange blossom special s60s U

all I got`s gone (with Ernest) 28 U

goin up cripple creek s60s U

Stoney Mountain Playboys ***

stoney mountain boogie 57 F

Storm, Billy ***

i`ve come of age s50s U

Storm, Gale ***

i hear u knockin 55 U

ivory tower sl50s U

dark moon s50s U

Storm, Warren ***

prisoner`s song 58 F

St. Peters, Crispian ***

pied piper {original} 60s B

Strangeloves ***

nite time 66 U

I want candy 65 U

Cara-Lin sl60s U

hand jive 66 U

Strikes ***

if u can`t rock me 57 E

String A Longs ***

wheels s60s U

Matilda 62 U

Students ***

i`m so young 61 U

Sugar an Peewee ***

1-2 lets rock sl50s D-flat

Sultans ***

lemon squeezin daddy 51 U

Sunny an th Sunglows ***

talk to me 63 U

Sun Ra *** {see Cosmic Rays}

Sunrays ***

I live for th sun 65 D-flat

Sunshine Company ***

happy 67 U

back on th street sl60s U

Supertramp ***

give a little bit s80s U

Supremes ***

luv is here an now yer gone 67 U

there`s no stoppin us now sm60s U

back in my arms again 65 U

nuthin but heartaches 65 U

funny how time slips away 65 U

stop in th name of luv 65 U

someday we`ll be together {live} s70s E

someday we`ll be together 69 EPU

where did our luv go 64 U

my world is empty 66 UPE-flat

come see about me 64 U

u keep me hangin on 66 U

I hear a symphony 65 U

luv is here 67 U

when th luvlite starts shinin 63 U

baby luv 64 U

th happening s60s U

reflections s60s U

luv is like an itchin in my heart 66 U

in an out of luv 67 U

i`m livin in shame 69 U

Surfaris ***

wipe out 63 UPC

point panic 60s U

Swan, Billy ***

i can help 74 U

Swann, Bettye ***

make me yours 67 U

Swans ***

boy with th beatle hair 64 U

Swatley, Hank ***

oakie boogie sl50s U

Sweatt, Al ***

I hate myself {with Johnnie Cale} s56 E

Sweet Inspirations ***

sweet inspiration 68 UPF

Sweet, Katie ***

i luv ta rock {is she 4 years old?} s50s U

Swingin Blue Jeans ***

hippy hippy shake 63 E

shakin all over sm60s F

good golly miss Molly 64 U

Swingin Medallions ***

double shot of my baby`s luv {this is th original} 66 A-flat

Syndicate of Sound ***

little girl 66 U

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Song List = T U V W X Y Z

Tampa Red`s Hokum Jazz Band ***

My daddy rocks me {with Frankie Jaxon} 29 E-flat

when u were a girl of seven 36 U

stop truckin an suzie Q 36 U

we gonna get high together 38 U

travel on 37 U

Tams ***

u lied to your daddy 64 U

untie me se60s U

what kind of fool 64 U

hey girl dont bother me se60s U

Tanega, Norma ***

walkin my cat named dog 66 U

Tanner, Gil an the Skillet Lickers ***

soldier`s joy 29 U

Tann, Roy ***

yer drivers license please sl50s F

Tarheel Slim {aka Allen Bunn} an Little Ann ***

yer a little too slow s49 U

#9 train 57 EPU

its too late s50s E

much too late s58 U

lock me in yer heart s50s C

can`t stay away #one s50s E

can`t stay away #two s50s E

its a sin s50s U

yer gonna reap s50s U

anything for you s50s U

too much competition s50s U

don`t ever leave me s50s U

can`t stay away from u s50s U

wildcat tamer 58 B

Taylor, Big John ***

money money s60s E

Taylor, Eddie ***

u`ll always have a home 56 U

big town playboy 55 U

do u want me ta cry 64 U

train fare 64 E

Taylor, Felice ***

it may be winter outside 67 U

Taylor, James ***

don`t let me be lonely tonite 73 U

Carolina on my mind s70s E

steamroller s70s U

handyman 77 U

u`ve got a friend 71 A

Mexico s70s U

shower th people s70s U

Taylor, Koko ***

fire 67 U

whatever I am 65 U

29 ways 69 U

yes its good for u 68 U

Teddybears ***

to know him is ta luv him 58 E-flat-PD

Teen Queens ***

my hearts desire 56 E-flat

luv sweet luv 56 C

Eddie my luv 55 D-flat-PC

rock evrebudy 56 CTD-flat

so all alone 56 B-flat

teenage idol 57 A-flat

Oklahoma city PHD promo s50s NA

2 luves an 2 lives 57 U

lets kiss 63 U

I miss u 57 F

Tempo, Nino and April Stevens ***

deep purple 63 U

all strung out s60s U

stardust 64 U

whispering 63 U

Temptations ***

I`m losin u 66 C

th way u do th things u do 64 U

my girl 64 U

I wish it would rain 67 B-flat

get ready sm60s U

since i lost my baby s60s U

girl s60s U

its u that i need s60s U

cloud nine s60s U

Tennessee, Grace an th American Spirits *** {aka Mira Smith–see also Margaret Lewis}

pow wow 61 U

Ten Years After ***

baby wont ya let me R an R ya 72 U

Terry, Gene ***

Cindy Lou 58 D

Terry, Sonny an Brownie McGhee ***

ya ya 81 E

walk on s50s F

I`m a stranger here s50s F

blow th fuses s50s E

Tex, Joe ***

skinny legs 67 G

aint gonna bump no more 77 U

I gotcha 72 E-flat

a sweet woman like you s60s U

Thee Prophets ***

playgirl 69 U

Them *** {see also Van Morrison}

Gloria 65 U

mystic eyes 65 E

here comes th nite 65 E

baby please dont go 64 F

dont look back 65 HG

brite lites big city 65 U

route sixty six 65 U

little girl 65 U

just a little bit 65 U

Therrien, Joe Junior ***

yer long gone 57 A

wheels 57 A

Third Rail ***

run run run 67 U

Thirteenth Floor Elevators ***

yer gonna miss me s60s U

Thomas, B.J. ***

I`m so lonesome I could cry 66 U

midnite hour s70s F

hooked on a feelin 68 E

titles tell s70s U

oh me oh my s70s F

R an R lullaby 72 UPG

evrebudys talkin s70s E

I jus cant help believin 70 F

treasure of luv s70s B-flat-TB

roads s70s U

eyes of a NY woman s70s U

I believe in music s70s U

mama s60s U

Thomas, Carla *** {see also Rufus Thomas–Otis Redding}

b-a-b-y 66 U

a luv my own 61 F

I`ll bring it home ta u 62 E-flat

what a fool I`ve been 63 U

I`ve got no time ta lose 64 U

a woman`s luv 64 U

lovey dovey {with Otis Redding} 67 U

Thomas, Gene ***

sometime {unrel} 61 E

Thomas Group ***

autumn s60s U

Thomas, Irma ***

I wish someone would care 64 UPD

somewhere cryin 67 U

hip shakin mama {live} se60s E-flat

time is on my side s60s C

ruler of my heart s60s U

Thomas, Kid ***

th wolf pack sl50s E

rockin this joint tonight sl50s U

Thomas, Rufus ***

ooh-poo-pah-doo 63 U

walkin th dog 63 EPU

u said 63 B-flat

its all rite 63 E-flat

cuz I luv ya 63 E-flat

Thompson, Hank ***

wake up Irene s40s U

no help wanted s40s U

## th wild side of life se50s U

th new wears off too fast se50s U

Thompson, Hayden ***

luv my baby 50s E

Thompson, Sue ***

James hold th ladder steady 62 U

sad movies sm60s D

paper tiger 65 D

Norman 62 E

have a good time s60s U

Willie can 63 U

Thornton, Big Mama ***

luv my baby s50s A

hound dog (version without bone) s40s U

Thornton, Jim *** {composer of Al Jolson`s “when u were sweet 16”–about 1900}

Thorogood, George an th Delaware Destroyers ***

treat her rite s70s G

howlin for my darlin 74 U

get a haircut 93 HG

my weakness s70s U

down in th bottom 93 U

u talk too much s80s E

baby dont go 93 U

hello little girl 90 APU

gone dead train 93 U

long gone 84 C

madison blues {not th 1977 version} s80s D

tip on in s80 E

I`m gonna leave 90 F

lets go go go 84 U

in th nite time 74 U

goodbye baby 74 E-flat-PD

blue highway s82 U

my friend Robert {Johnson} 93 U

bottom of th sea s80 U

nite time s80 A

just cant make it s80 B

restless s80 E

long distance luver 90 D

so much trouble s78 U

what a price 84 A-flat

I`m just yer good thing s78 U

Three Degrees ***

close yer eyes 65 U

Three Dog Nite ***

an old fashioned luv song 71 U

joy to th world 71 D

one 69 U

black & white sl60s U

Eli`s comin` 69 U

Three Prophets ***

playgirl s60s U

Thunder, Johnny ***

loop de loop 63 U

Tibbs, Roger ***

streamline yodel s50s U

waitin for a train s50s U

do what u do do well sl50s U

Tic an Tac ***

jibba jabba s50s B-flat s50s

Tidbits (Singapore) ***

never my love sm60s U

Tigers ***

geeto tiger s60s U

Tillis, Mel ***

i aint never s70s U

Tillotson, Johnny ***

she understands me 64 U

poetry in motion 60 U

without you (stereo) 61 U

dreamy eyes s62 U

send me th pillow s60s U

Tillman, Floyd ***

drivin nails in my coffin s40s U

Time Tones ***

in my heart 61 U

Tin Tin ***

toast an marmalade for tea 71 U

Tippin Johnny ***{aka Johnny Angel}

poor little fool s50s U

pretty baby sl50s B-flat

this is th nite for luv sl50s U

Titans ***

dont we just know it sl50s U

Toads ***

backaruda s60s U

Todd, Art an Dottie ***

chanson d`amour 58 U

Todd, Nick ***

plaything 57 U

at th hop 58 U

Tokens ***

tonite i fell in luv 61 U

th lion sleeps tonite se60s U

Tom & Jerry ***

hey schoolgirl 58 U

Toner, Celine ***

I`m gonna make it s60s D

Toppers with Orchestra ***

let me bang yer box 54 U

Torkays ***

surfin bird s60s E

Torme, Mel ***

comin home baby 62 U

Tornados ***

luv an fury se60s U

telstar 62 U

jungle fever 62 U

like locomotion s60s U

bustin surfboards se60s U

Townsend, Ed ***

for yer luv 58 C

Toys ***

luvers concerto 65 U

Tradewinds ***

New York`s a lonely town s60s U

Trailblazers ***

grandpa`s Rock

Trammel, Bobby Lee ***

th mostest girl 74 C

Trashmen ***

bird bath 63 U

bad news 64 U

Henrietta {live} 65-67 U

Henrietta 63 U

sleeper 63 U

lets go trippin {live} 65-67 F

baja {live} 65-67 F-sharp-TATF-sharp-TATF-sharp

luvin up a storm {live} 65-67 F

malaguena {live} 65-67 U

surfin bird {live} 65-67 E

surfin bird 63 E

rumble {live} 65-67 E

bird dance beat {live} 65-67 U

bird dance beat 64 U

king of th surf {live–a hot dog is a surfer} 65-67 U

king of th surf s62 U

tube city 63 E-flat

miserlou 63 U

its so easy 63 U

walkin my baby sm60s U

Travelin` Wilburys ***

runnin down a dream s80s E

handle me with care s80s U

free fallin s80s F

headin for th lite s80s B

outsides in insides out s80s U

Travis an Bob ***

little bitty Johnny sl50s U

tell him no 59 U

Travis, Merle ***

fat gal s40s U

Treasures ***

hold me tite 64 C

Tree Swingers ***

kookie little paradise (with almond ice cream) 60 U

Tremoloes ***

here comes my baby {original} 66 D-flat

suddenly u luv me {original} 68 U

even th bad times are good s60s U

silence is golden 67 U

T-Rex ***

get it on 72 E

Troggs ***

wild thing 66 A

with a girl like you 66 D-flat

luv is all around 67 D

i want you s60s U

i cant control myself s60s U

Troy, Doris ***

just one look 63 U

Tubb, Ernest ***

thanks alot s50s U

too old to cut th mustard (with Red Foley) s40s U

driftwood on th river se50s U

### don`t rob another man`s castle (with Andrews Sisters) se50s U

dont be ashamed of yer age (with Red Foley) se50s U

i`m th one who loves you sl40s U

drivin nails in my coffin sl40s U

Tucker, Tommy ***

hi-heel sneakers 64 C

return of th teenage queen s60s U

Tunemasters ***

I`ve lied s60s U

Tune Rockers ***

th green mosquito 58 U

Tune Weavers ***

happy birthday baby 57 U

Turbans ***

when u dance sl50s U

Turner, Ike an th Kings of Rhythm ***

early times sl50s U

th road I travel sl50s E

th new breed part 2 s50s F

no comin back {with Billy Gayles} s50s G

twistin th strings s50s D-flat

Turner, Ike an Tina Turner with th Ikettes ***

a luv like yours 66 F

honky tonk woman 69 U

workin together 70 F-sharp

I`ve been luvin u too long {minus th start} 69 U

acid queen 75 U

goodbye so long 69 U

I want ta take u higher 70 A-flat

river deep {live} 73 U

river deep (don`t remember who produced this but either version by Spector/Ike ok) 66 B-flat

shake a tail feather s70s F

rock me baby s70s E

tweedle dee s70s D-flat

poor fool s70s U

dust my broom s70s U

goodbye so long s70s C

twist an shout s60s U

a fool in luv 60 FPU

good times s60s U

u are my sunshine s60s E

please please please s60s U

please please please {minus th ending–live} 64 A-flat

mind in a whirl s60s U

hold on baby 66 G

I idolize u s60s B-flat-PU

I`ll never need more than this 66 U

letter from Tina s60s U

save th last dance for me 66 C

proud Mary 70 U

oh baby 66 F

sexy Ida 74 U

evreday I have ta cry 66 U

such a fool for u 66 E-flat

I heard it thru th grapevine 69 D

feelin good {with Jimmy Thomas–live} 64 U

think {with Bobby John} 64 B-flat

he`s mine {live} 67 E-flat

am I a fool in luv {live} 67 G

I know {live} 67 E-flat

Turner, Jesse Lee ***

little space girl 59 U

Turner, Joe ***

ooh ouch stop s50s U

bump miss Suzie 51 U

T.V. mama 53 UPD

hide an seek 55 B-flat

midnite special train 56 U

tearalee 55 A-flat-P-HG-PUPG

feelin happy 56 U

blues in th nite 58 E

oke-she-moke-she-pop {1953 version only} G

wee baby blues 57 B-flat

Corinne 56 B-flat

honey hush 53 U

shake rattle an roll 54 U

my gal`s a  jockey se50s U

Turner, Spyder ***

stand by me 67 U (easily th greatest mimic  song  i`ve heard yet)

Turner, Tina ***

yer th best 92 U

6-3-4-5-7-8-9 {with Robert Cray} 87 U

a change is gonna come {with Robert Cray} 87 U

land of 1000 dances 87 U

proud Mary 87 U

Turner, Zeb ***

Tennessee boogie s40s U

Turtles ***

let me be 65 U

it aint me babe 65 U

u baby 66 U

Elenore 68 U

outside chance s60s U

she`d rather be with me 67 U

happy together s60s u

### she`s my girl s60s U

Tutone, Tommy ***

8-6-7-5-3-0-9 Jenny 81 B-flat

Twitty, Conway ***

is a blue bird blue 60 U

lonely blue boy 60 F

Mona Lisa s70s E

Danny boy 59 U

hey little Lucy 59 U

what am i livin for s61 U

## only make believe sl50s U

Two of Clubs ***

walk tall s60s U

Tyler, Alvin ***

gee baby s60s U

Tyler, Bonnie ***

its a heartache 78 C

total eclipse s70s A-flat

Tyler, Kip an th Flips ***

nuthin but tough 58 F

Tymes ***

wonderful wonderful s60s U

Uniques ***

goodbye so long s50s C

run an hide s50s U U

Upchurch, Phil Combo ***

u cant sit down pt-1 61 U

Upsetters ***

jaywalkin 60 HG

upsetter 58 U

upsetter rock 58 U

bip bop bip {with Don Covay} sl50s C

call his name {with Christine Kittrell} 60 F

evre nite {with Little Richard} 61 C

I`m in luv again {with Little Richard} 61 F

Urban, Al ***

lookin for money 58 D

wont tell u her name 58 D

gonna be better times 58 U

Valens, Richie ***

come on lets go 58 A

Donna 58 FPU

ooh my head 58 E

la bomba 58 U

little girl l50s U

we belong together (th good version) l50s U

Valentino, Danny ***

music man sl50s U

Van Brothers ***

servant of luv sl50s U

Vanilla Fudge ***

you keep me hangin on s60s U

Vanity Fare ***

hitchin a ride sl60s U

Vaughan, Jimmie *** {see also th Fabulous Thunderbirds}

Down with big brother 2007 U

Vaughn, Billy ***

raunchy 57 U

sail along silvery moon 57 UPF

a swingin safari (an his Orchestra) 62 U

Vaughn, Dale an th Starnotes ***

how can u be mean ta me l50s E

Vaughn, Sarah ***

broken hearted melody sl50s U

Vee, Bobby ***

suzie baby 59 U

take good care of my baby 61 U

th nite has a thousand eyes 62 U

well all rite {with th Crickets} s60s U

how many tears 61 U

punish her se60s U

stayin in se60s U

Velvelettes ***

needle in a hay stack 64 U

evrebudy needs luv s60s U

Velvets ***

tonite 61 E

laugh 61 U

Ventures (see also Duane Eddy) ***

outer limits s60s U

walk dont run 64 64 U

ram bunk shush 61 U

walk dont run 60 APU

perfidia 60 CTD

Hawaii 5 oh 69 D-flat-TDTE-flat

apache s65 U

fugitive s60s U

Verne, Lary ***

please mr. Custer 59 U

Veronica ***

why dont they let us fall in luv 63 U

so young se60s U

Vibrations *** {aka Jayhawks–Marathons}

th watusi 60 D-flat

Vict, Ray ***

bop stop rock 56 E

Videls ***

mr. lonely 60 U

Village Stompers ***

washington square 63 U

Vincent, Gene an th Bluecaps ***

dance to th bop 58 U

I got a baby sl50s U

be bop a lula 56 EPU

lotta luvin 57 HG

u are th one for me sl50s U

Maybelline sl50s U

lonely street sl50s B-flat

poor man`s prison sl50s F

I`m a lonesome fugitive sl50s U

boppin th blues sl50s U

hey hey hey hey {with th Shouts} s50s D

send me some luvin {with th Shouts} s50s B-flat

Susie Q {with th Shouts} s50s D

baby blue {with th Shouts} s50s E

luv luv luv {with th Shouts} s50s U

shimmy shammy shingle {with th Shouts} s50s C

wildcat sl50s U

hurtin for u baby sl50s U

story of th Rockers {with th Vocals} sl60s GTDTGTDTGTD

aint that too much s60s U

say mama sl50s U

Vinson, Eddie ***

old maid boogie se50s U

Vinton, Bobby ***

over th mountain s60s U

blue on blue 63 U

Viscounts ***

Wabash blues 61 U

Harlem nocturne 59 U

Vogues ***

yer th one 65 UPB-flat-TB

5 o`clock world 65 ETATETATETATE

turn around look at me 68 U

Volumes ***

## I luv you 62 U

Wade, Don ***

oh luv sl50s U

Waikikis ***

Hawaii tattoo s60s U

Wailers ***

dirty robber 59 U

Wakely, Jimmy ***

one has my name s40s U

sumday u`ll call my name se50s U

Walker Brothers ***

th sun aint gonna shine s60s U

Walker, Charles ***

drivin home #one 56 F

Charles Walker`s slop sl50s E

Walker, Ernest ***

luver`s land {unrel} l50s U

Walker, Jerry Jeff ***

gypsy songman 68 E

Mr. Bojangles 68 {original se60s} U

Walker, Junior an th All Stars ***

I`m a roadrunner 65 F

how sweet it is 66 D-flat

what does it take 69 U

shotgun 65 U

Wallace, Darlene ***

26 miles to Joliet {unrel} 60 A

Wallace, Jerry ***

shudders an boards 63 G

primrose lane s60s U

in th misty moonlite s60s U

little coco plum 60 U

Wallace, Sippie ***

I`m a mighty tight woman 29 C

Wammack, Travis ***

Louie Louie sm60s U

distortion part one sm60s U

Ward, Billy an th Dominoes ***

stardust sm50s U

Ward, Dale ***

letter from Sherry 64 U

th fortune teller sm50s U

Ward, Robin ***

in his car s60s U

winter`s here se60s U

### wonderful summer s60s U

Warwick, Dionne ***

dont make me over 62 U

reach out for me 64 U

walk on by s60s U

valley of th dolls s60s U

Washington, Baby {Jeanette} ***

that`s how heartaches are made 63 UPETF

th ballad of Bobby Dawn se60s F-sharp-TATF-sharp-TATF-sharp-TA

leave me alone s63 A

Washington, Dinah ***

love walked in sl50s U

long John blues {with Cootie Williams} 49 D-flat

big long slidin thing 54 D-flat

unforgettable 50s U

TV is th thing s50s U

september in th rain 61 U

walkin an talkin se50s U

### what a difference a day makes s50s

harbor lites 50s U

Washington, Leroy ***

wild cherry 58 E

Washington, Lizzie *** {see Pick Handle Slim}

Waters, Muddy ***

got my mojo workin 51 UPE

I`m ready 54 E-flat

hoochi coochi man 54 A

40 days an 40 nites s50s U

19 years old s50s U

she moves me se50s U

Watts, Noble “Thin Man” an th Rhythm Sparks ***

hard times 57 U

Watson, Gene ***

14 carot mind {live} s60s U

Watson, Johnny Guitar ***

cuttin in s60s U

Wayne, Roy ***

anyway u do 57 F-sharp

honey wont u listen 57 U

Wayne, Thomas ***

tragedy {original} 59 U

Webb, Troy ***

baby please forgive me {unrel} l50s U

Weber, Joan ***

let me go lover 55 U

Webster, Katy ***

I want u ta luv me {unknown vocal} sl50s C

CQ boogie se90s C

baby come on sl50s U

hoo wee sweet daddy sl50s U

Katie Lee se90s G

Katie Lee sl50s B-flat

goodbye baby # 2 sl50s E-flat

dont u know sl50s E-flat

mama dont allow sl50s F

hey mr. luv sl50s E-flat

open arms sl50s C

sea of luv sl50s U

I feel so low {both versions} sl50s D

Weems ?, Ted & orchestra ***

heartaches sl40s U

We Five ***

u were on my mind 65 U

Weil, Cynthia *** {writer with Barry Mann for th Crystals “he`s sure th boy I luv”}

Weissberg, Eric an Steve Mandell ***

dueling banjos 72 A

Reuben`s train s72 U

Welch, Bob ***

precious luv sl70s E

ebony eyes 78 U

Welch, Lenny ***

u dont know me s60 U

congratulations baby s60s U

Welk, Lawrence ***

oh happy day {vocal Lary Hooper} 53 U

Wellington, Rusty ***

rockin chair on th moon 57 U

Wells, Kitty ***

makin believe s60s A-flat

cryin time s50s U

a woman half my age s50s U

together again s50s U

once a day s50s U

hey Joe s40s U

i`m a stranger in my home {with Red Foley} s40s U

release me s40s U

payin for that back street affair se50s U

## cheatin`s a sin s40s U

Wells, Mary (see also Marvin Gaye) ***

u lost th sweetest boy 63 U

yer old standby s60s U

th one who really luves u 62 U

u beat me to th punch 62 U

2 lovers 62 D

my guy s60s U

laughin boy s60s

whats easy for two s60s U

West, Mae ***

I`m no angel 33 U

happy birthday sweet sixteen 72 U

after th lites go down 72 F

how miss West won world peace 72 HG

rock around th clock 72 U

men 72 U

th naked ape 72 U

come up an see me sumtime s35 U

Weston, George ***

dont stay home with th blues {unrel} 60 U

Weston, Kim (see Marvin Gaye) ***

West, Sonee ***

rock-ola Ruby sl50s A-flat

Whistlin` Jack Smith ***

i was kaiser Bill`s batman s60s U

Whitcomb, Ian *** {see also Mae West}

u turn me on 65 U

N-E-R-V-O-U-S 65 U

poor but honest s60s U

be my baby s60s U

Whitecaps with Johnny Edwards ***

R an R saddles 56 U

White, Georgia ***

th stuff is here 37 U

White Plains ***

my baby luves luvin 70 U

White, Tony Joe ***

polk salad Annie 69 E

Whitfield, David ***

cara mia 54 U

Whitlock, Bobby *** {see Eric Clapton}

Whitman, Slim ***

## north wind s40s U

12th of never sl50s U

Indian luv call 52 U

my heart is broken in three s40s U

Who ***

u better u bet s70s CTD

Wild Bill David`s Rockets *** {see th Edsels}

Wiley, Chuck ***

door to door {unrel} sl50s U

I luv u so much s50s U

Williams, Andre ***

movin sl50s C

Williams, Andy ***

cant get used ta losin u 63 U

moonriver s60s D-flat

lonely street 59 U

Williams, Billy ***

write myself a letter sl50s U

Williams, Clarence an his Washboard Band ***

Jerry th junker s30s U

Williams, Cootie Orchestra *** {see Dinah Washington}

Williams, Hank ***

Tennessee border s50s A-flat

I`m a long gone daddy s50s U

rockin chair money s50s U

never again s40s U

hey good lookin 51 U

move it on over 47 E

half as much 52 U

cold cold heart 51 D

honky tonkin 47 U

why dont ya luv me 50 U

mansion on th hill 47 U

kawliga 53 E

I`m so lonesome I could cry 49 E

settin th woods on fire 52 U

u win again 52 U

take these chains from my heart 52 U

it just dont matter now s49 U

moanin th blues 50 U

I`ve been down that road before se 50s U

I heard that lonesome whistle blow se50s U

be careful of th stones se50s U

someday u`ll call my name sl40s F

a house without luv se50s U

I just dont like this se50s U

crazy heart se50s U

yer gonna change se50s U

there`s no room in my heart s49 U

my bucket`s got a hole in it 49 E

lets turn back th years se50s U

faded luv an winter roses se50s U

why should we try anymore sl40s U

## wedding bells sl40s U

## i cant help it sl40s U

honkytonk blues sl40s U

Williams, Hank Junior *** {see Waylon Jennings}

Williams, Joe ***

everyday i have th blues s40s U

Williams, Lary ***

bony moronie 57 U

slow down 57 D

just because 57 E-flat

high school dance 57 D

Williams, Lew ***

centipede 57 U

Williams, Mason ***

classical gas 68 U

Williams, Maurice an th Zodiacs ***

stay 60 B-flat-PU

stay (alt mix) s60s U

Williams, Otis an th Charms ***

ivory tower s56 U

Williamson, Sonny Boy {th second} ***

checkin up on my baby s50s A

too close together 60 F

dont start me talkin 55 GP-HG

unseein eye 59 UPB

bring it on home 63 E

yer imagination 56 B

let me explain 56 G

help me 63 F

let yer conscience 59 U

th goat 60 U

all my luv in vain {live} s60s U

all my luv in vain {with Fred Below on bottles–Jimmy Rogers on guy wires} 55 G

work with me sm50s A

born blind 56 F

one way out sl50s D

she got next ta me sl50s F

ninety-nine 57 U

Williamson, Sonny Golden Boy ***

mailman mailman 60 U

Williams, Otis an th Charms ***

hearts of stone 54 U

Williams, Roxie with Buddy Ray an th Shamrocks ***

15 seconds se60s E-flat

Williams, Tex ***

suspicion 40s U

### never trust a woman s40s U

Willis, Chick ***

stoop down {first 4 minutes only} s60s D-flat

Willis, Chuck ***

c c rider 57 U

what am I livin for 58 B-flat

hang up my R an R 58 sl50s F

its too late 56 U

I feel so bad sl50s U

Willis, Don ***

boppin high school baby sl50s U

Wills, Bob & his Texas Playboys ***

sittin on top of th world s30s U

stay a little longer s40s U

faded luv sl40s U

Bob Will`s boogie s40s U

Wilson, Henry an th Blue Notes ***

are u ready sl50s U

Wilson, Jackie ***

doggin around sl50s U

shake shake shake s50s U

talk that talk 50s U

lonely teardrops 58 U

to be luved 58 F

higher an higher 67 D

reet petite 57 F

I get th sweetest feelin 68 F

no pity in th naked city 65 U

whispers gettin louder 66 U

thats why I luv u so 59 F

please tell me why 61 B-flat

baby work-out se60s U

I`ll be satisfied 59 FPU

when will our day come 67 B-flat

thats all I need (i`ll be satisfied) 59 U

woman lover friend s60s U

i`m comin back to you s60s U

Wilson, James an th Jimmie Cats ***

Wilson`s blues #one 56 U

u won`t know why 56 U

Wilson, Jimmy ***

big wheel rollin sl50s U

Wilson, Nancy ***

how glad i am s60s U

Winding, Kai ***

more 63 U

Winston, Jack an th Hi Jacks ***

its R an R sl50s U

Winterhalter, Hugo an Orchestra ***

Canadian sunset s50s U

Winter, Johnny *** {see Margaret Lewis}

Withers, Bill ***

lean on me 72 U

ainno sunshine when she`s gone s72 U

Witherspoon, Jimmy ***

th barber 86 F

live so easy 54 E

TWA 54 U

eatin watermelon s40s U

Wonder, Stevie *** {Stevie is blind}

for once in my life 68 U

I was made ta luv her 67 F

uptite 65 D-flat

higher ground 73 E-flat

livin for th city 73 F-sharp

signed sealed delivered 70 F

we can work it out 70 E-flat

a place in th sun 66 U

superstition 72 E-flat

I`m wonderin 67 U

fingertips part two 63 U

shoo be doo be doo dah day s60s U

Wonder Who (see th 4 Seasons ***

Wood, Del ***

down yonder 51 U

Woods, Kenni ***

back with my baby s60s U

Wooley, Sheb ***

purple people eater 58 E-flat-TETFTF-sharp

Wright, Gary ***

dreamweaver 76 U

luv is alive sm70s U

Wright, Ruby ***

dern ya s60s U

Wright, Steve ***

wild wild woman 50s U

Wynette, Tammy ***

I don`t wanna play house 67 GTA

all nite long s60s G

Yankovic, Frankie an his Yanks ***

just because s40s U

blue skirt waltz s40s U

Yarborough, Lafayette ***

cool cool baby sl50s E

Yarbrough, Glenn ***

## baby th rain must fall s60s U

Yardbirds ***

for yer luv 65 U

good mornin little school girl 64 E

a certain girl 64 U

heart full of soul 65 D

over-under-sideways-down 66 U

i`m a man s60s U

nazz are blue se60s U

Yellow Balloon ***

yellow balloon 67 U

Yoakum, Dwight ***

honky tonk man 86 E

guitars cadillacs an hillbilly music 86 A

Yothu Yindi ***

sunset dreamin 90s B

Youngbloods ***

get together s60s U

Young, Faron ***

if u aint luvin 54 U

hello walls 61 U

alone with you (i cant wait) 58 U

Young Holt Unlimited ***

soulful strut 69 U

Young, Johnny ***

dont u lie ta me s65 U

back on th road again s65 U

keep on drinkin s65 E

prison bound 64 U

humpty dumpty 64 F

slam hammer 65 U

Young, Kathy an th Innocents ***

a thousand stars 60 C

magic is th nite se60s U

baby oh baby se60s U

Young, Neil *** {see also Crosby–Stills–Nash–an Young}

cinnamon girl s70s U

a piece of crap 94 U

old man 72 D

helpless s70s D

Ohio 70 U

cry cry cry 83 C

mystery train 83 E

payola blues 83 C

kinda fonda Wanda 83 C

don`t let it bring ya down s70s F

lets impeach th president 2008 A

Young Rascals *** see Rascals

Yuro, Timi ***

hurt 61 F

what`s a matter baby 62 A

Zacherley, John *** {aka Buddy Bow?}

dinner with Drac 58 F-sharp

dinner with Drac {different version with cardboard confetti} sl50s G

come with me to Transylvania s60s U

pistol stomp s60s G

dummy doll s60s F-sharp

happy halloween s60s C

lets twist again s60s E-flat

hello Dolly s60s U

Clementine s60s FTF-sharp

Zacherley for president s60s NA

little red ridin hood s60s D

a wicked thought s60s U

spiderman lullaby s60s B-flat

Zentner, Si ***

up a lazy river s50s U

Zevon, Warren ***

werewolves of London sl80s HG

excitable boy s80s U

Zimmers *** {world`s oldest Rock group}

my generation 2007 U

Zodiacs ***

another little darlin s50s U

Zombies ***

she`s not there 64 U

tell her no sm60s U

I luv you sm60s U

Z Z Top ***

jesus just left Chicago {tribute to Muddy Waters} s70s U

tube snake boogie s70s E

tush 75 G

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Chapter 1 of 7 – Musical videos representing Bopland`s 14 yehootis (holidays)–Ceremonial videos representing our Bopperectomy ritual–Asian Rock and Roll videos-Indo Rock and Roll videos-Latino Rock and Roll videos

THE WORD OF MOUTH ROCK AND ROLL SLAVE REBELLION By Jukit Babalu En route to the Kojanimo, Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, Doobywop Star Cluster

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MUSICAL VIDEOS REPRESENTING BOPLAND`S 14 YEHOOTIS (holidays) (to listen just click your mouse or copy and paste in TOP bar of utube or a search engine): A special CHONNIE {THANKS} to all you Boppers for putting these Cherilaylic videos on UTUBE. I hope to meet you all someday so I can hear your words and see your faces.

If you click one of these videos an it won`t play, its because utube has removed it for one reason or another. However, if you return on another day, usually a substitute will be there. Click on pics to make bigger. Note = I reviewed these videos recently and was pissed how many had been removed, maybe for some parasitic reason, or to slap me! I reinstated most of them. At Bopland, ONLY those who actually sing/play in the recordings are allowed to decide who gets to see them and collect their rewards. Parasites piss off! Elvis Presley “If I can dream (live)” HULLY (jan) 8-1935

The real Buddy Holly Story 1 of 10 Ooby (feb) 3-1959 Holly Valens Bopper

Richie Valens “come on lets go” (not live) Big Bopper “chantilly lace” (lip sync video) Eddie Cochran “come on everybody” (live 1959) Pony (mar) 10-1938

Roy Orbison “pretty woman” (live) Rink (apr) 23-1936

Maybelle Carter “wildwood flower” (live) Shake (may) 10-1909 (click on pic to make bigger)

Charlie Feathers “good rockin tonite” (live) Shimmy {jun} 12-1932

Bill Haley “the saints rock and roll” (live) Shout (jul) 6-1925

Bill Pinkney “up on the roof” (lip sync) Stomp (aug) 15-1925

Patsy Cline “walkin after midnite” (lip sync) Twist (sep) 8-1932

John Lennon “imagine” (live) Ubangi (oct) 9-1940

Hank Ballard “teardrops on your letter” (record) Loochie (nov) 18-1927 Skeeter Davis “the end of the world” (live) Wiggle (dec) 30-1931

Rock-a-bye day (Kid`s day) Wiggle (dec) 31:


7? year old boogie woogie piano player with the Jive Aces (live)

3 year old vandella ~ Katie Sweet “I luv ta rock” (record ~ to th cursotic perverted parasites who removed this video cuz of  “terms of violation use” = may u be stung and blinded in one eyeball by an obese bumble bee so as to match your other blind eyeball.

12 year old? Vandella Brenda Lee “rock the bop” (record)

9 year old Eva “love story” (live)

Davis Sisters “rock-a-bye-boogie” (record) cherilayla (song} our kid`s day yehooti is named after this.

Unknown vandella (young 6 year old? girl rocker) “lipstick on yer collar” (live cover)

Amazing 6 year old kootie guitarist (live)

11 year old Mojo Myles “what`d I say” (live)

9 year old Mikayla Roach “orange blossom special” (live)

14 year old yodeler Tiffany Jo Allen (live)

7 year old fiddler Laura Watson (live)

8 year old Quinn Sullivan with Buddy Guy (live)


Beasty Day Yehooti Cherilaylas {100 point songs}:

Clarence Frogman Henry “aint got no home” (record)


Warren Smith “miss froggie” (record)

Frogmen “underwater” (record with slide show)

Melanie (Safka) “Alexander beetle” (live)

Herb Alpert an the Tijuana Brass “the lonely Bull” (live)

Everley Brothers “on the wings of a nightingale” (live)

Rolling Stones “walkin the dog” (live)

Rufus Thomas “walkin the dog” (live)

Slim Harpo “I`m a king Bee” (45 RPM record)

Howlin Wolf  “smokestack lightnin” (record)


Al Jolson “when the red red Robin” (live)

Bobby Day “rockin Robin ” (78 RPM record) 1958

Sid King and the 5 Strings “purr Kitty purr” (record)

Lynyrd Skynyrd “free bird” 1 of 2 parts (live)

Memphis Minnie {with Kansas Joe} Frankie Jean 1930 (record)

Michael Murphy “wildfire “{pony} (lip sync)

Chubby Checker “pony time” (45 rpm}

Elvis Presley “sand castles ” (record){fiddler Crab}

Andy Starr and his Rockaway Boys “dirty bird” (45 rpm?)

I`ll wait til she`s asleep, remove the goose and…

Tarheel Slim “wildcat tamer” (45 rpm)

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps “wildcat” (record)

Wolfman Jack Interview

Kid Thomas “wolfpack” (45 rpm with slideshow)

Did i hear ya say no?

Trashmen “surfin bird” 2008 (live 2008)

Sorry u`all have ta stand in line and pay the same fee. No package deal!

Sonny Boy Williamson II “the Goat” (record with slide show)

Buck Owens “monster`s holiday” (record with line dance slide show)

John Zacherley “monster mash” (live ~ apparently John was 92 years old when this was recorded)

Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers “monster mash” (45 rpm mono)

John Zacherley “dinner with Drac” (45 rpm )



Billy Ford and the Thunderbirds “monster R an R” (45 rpm) (1 of 3 Bopland`s National Tonkilus)

Danny and the Juniors “rock an roll is here to stay” (live ~ 2 of 3 National Tonkilus)


Cadillacs “rock and roll is here to stay” (record ~ 3 of 3 National Tonkilus) = On google search the Cadillacs “rock and roll is here to stay”. Click th 4th choice “rock roll is here stay, rapid search – 308 files”. Then type in the files tube search bar “rock roll is here stay, Cadillacs. Then click th 2nd choice (4

If you cant locate this Cadillac`s recording click = “zoom” (live)

Robert Ownby “crazy like Alex Jones” (2011 new song)

John Fogarty “long dark road” and “no more” (live)

Bobby Darin “splish splash” (lip sync)

Ray Stevens “the streak” (record with video show)

Z Z Top “jesus just left chicago” (live 1982)

Rolling Stones “faraway eyes” (lip sync)

Springfields “silver threads an golden needles” (record)

Roy Orbison “mansion on the hill” (record with slide show)

Charlie Pride “crystal chandelier” (lip sync)

Kingston Trio “greenback dollar” (record)

Paradons “diamonds and pearls” (45 rpm)

Dion “Donna the prima donna” (record)

Dave Clark Five “anyway you want it” (record)

Crystals “he`s sure the boy I love” (record)

Teen Queens “2 loves and 2 lives” (record)

Wynona Carr “ding dong daddy” (record with slide show)

Santo and Johnny “sleepwalk” (lip sync)

Danleers “one summer night” (record)

Al Ferrier “No no baby” (apparently 45 rpm)

Elmore James “dust my broom” (record with fotos)

Fats Domino “natural born lover” (record)

Kitty Wells “makin believe”1955 (live 1955)

Margaret Lewis “shake a leg”1959 (record ~ with Mira Smith on guywires (guitar)

Wanda Jackson “sparklin brown eyes” (lip sync)

Ron Holden “my babe” (record)

Jim Croce “I got a name” (live)

Larry Donn “honey bun” (live)

Big Joe Turner “honey hush” (45 rpm)

Jackie Wilson “no pity in New York city” (live)

Lavern Baker “substitute” (lip sync with video)

Sonny Burgess “my buckets got a hole in it” 1957 (from a 78 RPM record)

Crosby Stills Nash Young “lets impeach the president” (live 2008)

Lary Verne “mister Custer” (lip sync with video}

Coasters “Charlie Brown” (lip sync with video)

Bobby Goldsboro “muddy mississippi line” (lip sync with video)

Clyde Mcphatter “deep sea ball” (record)

Abba “chiquitita” (live?)

Don`t fret yer pet toad will return

Tommy James and the Shondells “I think we`re alone now” (live 2005)

Bobby Hendricks “cast your vote” (record ~ the inspiration for Bopland`s flag) Video removed! Substitute = “itchy twitchy feelin”

Rockin Rebels “wild weekend” (45 rpm)

Lary Williams “slow down” (record

Lonesome Drifter “aint got nothin but the blues” (record)


Fabulous Thunderbirds “aint that tuff enough” (record)

George Thoroughgood live at Hampton Beach Casino “little girl” why is this video moving so bloody slow?

Marvellettes “when your young and in love” (record)

Kingston Trio “where have all the flowers gone” (record)

Verdelle Smith “tar and cement” (record)

Red Ingle and the Natural Seven “she`l be comin around the mountain” (record 1948)

Baron Lee and the Blue Rhythm Band “reefer man” 1932 (record)

Jim Stafford “wildwood weed” (live)

Cab Calloway “kickin the gong around” (live? 1932)

Cab Calloway “reefer man” (live? with video}

Trixie Smith “Jack I`m mellow” (record with prohibition slide show ~ small laws are pieced together into huge tyrannies)

Cab Calloway “are you all reet” (record 1940s)

Smiley Lewis “shame shame shame” (45 rpm)

Ganimian and his Orientals “come with me to the casbah” (record)

Mae Glover “shake it daddy” 1920s (record)

Hasil Adkins {one man band} “no more hot dogs” (record)

Silas Hogan “I`m gonna quit you pretty baby” (record 1962)

Carpenters “solitaire” (record)

Jimmy Soul “if you want to be happy” (record)

Sorry but you`d have to remove that long tooth first!

Gene Pitney “town without pity” (record) Henry Gray “they raided the joint” {he`s been playing the blues for at least 62 years and was 83 years old when this was recorded LIVE. One of the last raw 1950s Blues legends still alive. Put your screen on full. Would someone please give this report to him?} Piltdown Men “Brontasaurus stomp” (45 rpm)

Bob Seger “long twin silver line” (record with train show)

O`jays “love train” (record with video)

Stanley Brothers “ridin that midnite train” (record with old train show) 1940s)

Jody Reynolds “endless sleep” (record)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “mister Bojangles” (45 rpm)

Showmen “it will stand” (record)

Yikes Mcgee “the liar” {live about Bush}

Commander Cody an his Lost Planet Airmen “everybody`s doin it” (lip sync with video}

Bobby Bare “Marie Laveau” (live 1980)

Tommy Tutone “8675309″ (live)

Bryan Adams “run to you” (lip sync with video)

Sonny and Cher “but you`re mine” {record ~ very poor sound}

Little Richard “tutti frutti” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Ronettes “be my baby” (45 rpm Phil Specter`s wall of sound)

Elizabeth Johnson “be my kid blues” 1920s (record with woodblocks/cornet)

Allman Brothers “midnight rider” (live 2003)

Hank Swatley “oakie boogie” (mono 45 rpm record)

Lary Williams “bony moronie” (45 RPM)

Little Richard “long tall Sally” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Little Richard “keep-a-knockin” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Little Richard “good golly miss Molly” (live 1972 ~ put ear by speaker)

Ike and TinaTurner “I been lovin you too long” (live)

Buddy Knox “hula love” (lip sync)

Bruce Springstein “no retreat no surrender” (record)

Del Shannon “runaway” (record)

David Ray “lonesome baby blues (45 rpm record with a bass treble knob, not some silly graphic equalizer)

B B King “the thrill is gone” (record with Lucille his guy wires)

Hank Snow “I`m movin on” (live 1958)

Its a Beautiful Day “white bird” (record)

B. Bumble and the Stingers “nut rocker” 1962 (45rpm)

Ronnie Milsap “smokey mountain rain” 1980 (he is blind ~ 45 rpm record)

Ernie K-Doe “te-ta-te-ta-ta” (45 rpm)

Gene Pitney “that girl belongs to yesterday” (record )

Hank Williams “I`m so lonesome I could cry” (78 RPM record)

Lloyd Price “lawdy miss clawdy” (78 RPM ~ with info telling how certain needles will ruin 78 records)

Alley Cats “puddin n` tain” (45 rpm record)

Eternals “Babalu`s wedding day” (record?)

Warren Smith “ubangi stomp” (45 rpm)

Alberta Hunter “you can`t tell the difference after dark” (record 1935)

Wynona Carr “please mister jailer” (45 rpm 1956)

Doobie Brothers “music is the doctor” (lip sync)

Kitten “he taught me to yodel” (record}

Mickey Hawks “screamin mimi G” (45 rpm)

Homer Henderson “Lee Harvey was a friend of mine” (lip sync with video of a young Oswald? ~ “they say he shot the president but I don`t think he did” ~ neither do millions of others Homer)

Bobby Fuller “I fought the law” (lip sync mid 1960s)

Grass Roots “lets live for today” (record)

Chuck Jackson “any other way” (record)

Tommy Cash “6 white horses” (live)

Cecil Moore and the Diamondbacks “stormy” (record)

Papa Lightfoot “mean old train” (record)

Junior Parker “stand by me” 1960-61 (Finally a pristine 45 rpm record found on utube enabling us to hear the beauty of unblurred mono subtle sounds. But if this had been a pristine 78 rpm, the sound would have been about 30-50% more naked and beautiful. The introduction of stereo and 33 rpm contributed to Rock`s demise. I like to listen to music via a 4 inch speaker which produces a tight, but not too tight, “inside a telephone booth” sound. I dislike 3.5 or 5 inch speakers. Somebody removed this! substitute = “taxman”

Tracy Pendarvis “belle of the suwannee” (record with slide show)

Peter Paul and Mary “puff the magic dragon” (live)

Wilson Pickett “land of 1000 dances” (live 1966)

Quotations “I wonder why” (record ~ barbershop quartet music with zip (no instruments)

Jerry Rafferty “shipyard town” (record with slide show ~ when I first heard this in 1988, when Rock had one pinkie sticking out of the casket, I remember trying in vain to tune this in with a portable TV antenna/radio hanging on a tree 60 miles away from an AM station. Around that time most of the AM stations had gone, or were going bust, or been converted to FM which drove another nail in Rock`s coffin due to FM`s inferior stereophonic “blurrier” shotgun sound).

Laura Lee Perkins “don`t wait up for me” (live 2008 ~ she was 69 years old)

Jimmy Reed “I`m the man down there” (record)

Jimmy Rogers “rock this house” (live 1997 the year he died of cancer ~ he was 73 years)

Shadows of Knight “Gloria” (45 rpm)

Dusty Springfield “little by little” (lip sync)

Swingin` Medallions “double shot” (this is th original ~ record)

Tampa Red “when you were a girl of seven” (record 1936)

Jerry Lee Lewis “me and Bobby Mcgee” (live 1983)

Jimmy Vaughn “down with big brother” (live 2008)

Mae West “I`m no angel” (78 rpm 1933)

Georgia White “get em from the peanut man” (78 rpm apparently with a non-electric wind-up record player)

Etta James “I`d rather go blind” (record)

Stan Freberg “sh`boom” 1954 (record)

Jimmy Castor Bunch “the Bertha Butt boogie” (record with slide show)

James Brown “lost someone” (live at the Apollo 1963 but only with pics)

Eric Clapton “blues Power” (live 1985)

BB King ~ Eric Clapton ~ Buddy Guy ~ Jimmy Vaughn “rock me baby” (live)

Jim Morrison “touch me babe” (live)

Janis Joplin “piece of my heart” (live)

Zimmers “my generation” (live ~ the world`s oldest Rock band)

Linda Brannon “anyway you do” (record)

Canned Heat “lets work together” (live)

Jackson Browne “runnin on empty (live 1979)

Cookie and the Cupcakes “Mathilda / I cried” (record 1959)

Dire Straits “walk of life” (live 1985)

J.Geils Band “lookin for a love” (live 1979 )

Wayne Cochran “trilogy” (live)

Trade Martin “spend your life with me” (record)

Georgia Satellites “keep your hands to yourself” (live)

Leadbelly “gallis pole” (record 1940s ~ inspiration for our Bill of Rights)

Moody Blues “tuesday afternoon” (live 1970)

Tom Petty “the waiting” (live 1985)

Alabama “mountain music” (live)

Jeannie C Riley “Harper Valley PTA” (live)

Johnny Rivers “Memphis” (live)

Mitch Ryder “Jenny take a ride” (live ~ he was 64 years old)

Sam and Dave “hold on I`m comin” (live with Booker T and the MGs)

Booker T and the MGs “green onions” (live)

Jack Scott “oh little one” (record)

Eddie Shaw and the Wolfgang “got my mojo workin” (live 2009 ~ he was 72 years)

Shirelles “will you still love me tomorrow” (live)

Carly Simon “you`re so vain” (live)

Wild Jimmy Spruill “hard grind” (record)

Rod Stewart and Tina Turner “hot legs” (live)

Stoneman Family “goin up cripple creek” (live 1960s)

Ernest Stoneman “all I got`s gone” (1928 record with flood video)

Spinners “rubberband man” (live)

Four Tops “I can`t help myself” (live)

Supremes “someday we`ll be together” (lip sync)

Sweet Inspirations “sweet inspiration” (record)

Johnnie Taylor “part time love” (record 1963)

Betty Boop and Cab Calloway “minnie the moocher” video

Jive Aces “boogie woogie country girl” (live in Russia)

Stoney Mountain Playboys “stoney mountain boogie” (record)

Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers “soldier`s joy” (record 1929 with video)

Riley Puckett “the cat came back” (record 1920s with video)

Patsy Montana “back on Montana plains” (record 1939 ~ the first female to have a million seller record)

Ralph and Carter Stanley (Stanley Brothers) “mountain dew” (record 1940s with old moonshine still show)

Laurel and Hardy “harmonica scene” (video 1937)

Osborne Brothers “rocky top” (live 1967) “once I had a girl on rocky top, half bear and the other half cat”

Boogie W Kings “boogie woogie country girl” (live)

Johnny Amelio “juque” (record)

Bob Dingus “step it up an go” (record)

Delmore Brothers “I`ve got the railroad blues” (record 1930s with steam train show)

Bill Haley “yodel your blues away” (record 1949)

Maddox Brothers and Rose “I`ll make sweet luv to you” (record 1952 “look at that moon“)

Credence Clearwater Revival “rollin on a river” (live 1969)

Blues Image “ride captain ride” 1970 (lip sync)

“We`re callin everyone to ride along ~ to another shore

We can laugh our lives away ~ an be free once more

No one heard them calling ~ no one came at all

`Cause they were too busy watchin those old raindrops fall”

No drama, with each passing day, more an more Boppers are watchin Bopland`s Zimmeristic sun set instead of the raindrops. Chonnie (thanks) for the ammo cohuttas (musical friends). At Bopland, we`ve set a table just for you.

Shelton Brothers “sittin on top of the world” (record 1935)

Clarence Ashley “Corinna Corinna” (record 1931)

Sweet Emma Barrett “I aint gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll” (live 1960 she was 63).

Song included because:

1. It proves that some other female besides Katie Webster can play the boogie domino (piano).

2. It highlights the fact that, even if she was 40 years younger, no radio/TV bigwig of today (or even the past for that matter) would show the slightest interest in her. Why? Th tune was black risque jazzy R & B performed by a wampinette (girl rocker) who obviously was enjoying her sensual life in the honkytonks instead of being somebodie`s tax paying slave. In her face is written 51 years of playing domino (she began playing at the age of 12) in the little smoky rundown barrelhouse beer/logger shacks (beer barrels were sometimes used as tables) where usually only blacks went. Th foundation/face of Rock is so crumbled an pitted today that most Rockeonies (musicians) haven`t the remotest idea of what constitutes the proper framework of a cherilayla (a 97-100 point song). Instead, they actually imagine that, because thousands of spectators in the audience are standing up and screaming at their concerts and millions are buying their guanoza (horrid music) by the trainload, that they are rock nobility instead of haggis (rock dupes).

3. It demonstrates perfectly the ugly anti-sexual goody two shoe downhill slide of Rock/R& B from 1960 to the present, and the “amalgamation” of jukin downhomey blacks into rigid white christianized/moslemized squeaky-clean “bowling society”. Chuck Berry`s “sweet little sixteen” 1958, has been transformed into “sour little perverted 16″.

4. Amusingly, it also demonstrates perfectly, despite the contrary rues (lyrics), why certain erotic women like to tease/belittle their potential dandies “to turn them on”. Lyrics like “now your jellyroll might be fine but it aint as good as mine” was bound to attract males like inga paterna trees attract beetles.

Tiny Davis “race horse” (risque record 1949 vocals/trumpet)

Harry Roy & his Orchestra “my girl`s pussy” (record 1931)

Bill Haley “teenager`s mother” (record 1956)

Beachboys “surfin USA” (live)

Tom Jones “I who have nothing” (live)

Doris Day “teacher`s pet” (record with slideshow) Title track from her 1958 film with Clark Gable. Peaked at # 56 in 1958. Although its just a simple pop song, it demonstrates perfectly th effectiveness of th cursota`s anti-sexual psychological NWO program to make us feel ashamed of sex, thus making us more moldable/suicide prone/feministic/psychotic, and it highlites th cursota`s 52 year sabotaged downhill slide of Rock from 1958 to th present as well. As you can see by th rues (lyrics), nobody gave a hoot if a teacher and a student dated or made spooh (love) in th 1950s. Today if a teacher even touched a student in first world slave plantations disguised as “modern societies”, th student would scream bloody murder and he`d be fired/fined/jailed, labeled a pedophile on th front pages of newspapers, and put on a net data base so communities could “protect their children”. Th cursota know all too well that feeling shame is a bizarre contagious quirk of th human herd. It just takes one certified harvard nincompoop or dopey popey with ulterior motives an a big mouth to shame th entire “monkey see monkey do” herd into believing that its perverted for teachers and students to date one another. This helps protect their fascism disguised as corporatism. They now have DNA degenerated corporatized noggins and proudly display their insanity on their steel-studded face glimmering like a piece of flotsam in a stagnant pool by a nuclear plant. You need proof? Just watch most music videos of today and hear the screeching un-rhythmic beatless whining guanoza (music). As these wealthy “useful idiots” play, look at th glassy-eyed “oh my god” beaming blushing jubilant faces of th chicks in th audience and see if that does`nt make you get out a map pronto or punch a hole thru the wall. Teacher’s pet ~ I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna be huddled and cuddled as close to you as I can get (That’s the lesson we’re guessin’ you’re best in) Mmm, teacher’s pride ~ I wanna be teacher’s pride I wanna be dated, paraded, the one most likely at your side (Ya got a burnin’ yearnin’ to learn) I wanna learn all your lips can teach me One kiss will do at the start (are you really?) I’m sure with a little homework I’ll graduate to your heart (to your heart) Teacher’s pet ~ I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna take home a diploma and show Ma that ya love me, too So I can be teacher’s pet long after school is through (Oh, teacher’s pet) Mmm, mmm (You wanna be teacher’s pet) Ahh Ahh (You wanna be huddled and cuddled as close to him as you can get) I wanna learn all your lips can teach me One kiss will do at the start I’m sure with a little homework I’ll graduate to your heart Teacher’s pet (you love the teacher), I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna take home a diploma and show Ma that ya love me, too (Wow!) So I can be teacher’s pet (yeah!) long after school is through (Teacher, teacher she loves you) Moreover, note the lyrics that made everyone laugh except “u know who” in this highly popular 1950s Everly Brothers song “bird dog”. “Johnny kissed the teacher (he’s a bird) He tiptoed up to reach her (he’s a bird) Well he’s the teacher’s pet now (he’s a dog) What he wants he’s been gettin’ now (what a dog)” Here`s another video proving that no one cared if teachers and students dated from the cave man days to 1993, the year Bill Clinton became president; De Castro Sisters “teach me tonite” (record 1950s)

(Sammy Cahn / Gene DePaul)

Jo Stafford - 1954
Janet Brace - 1954
Dinah Washington - 1954
Helen Grayco - 1954
De Castro Sisters - 1954
Tommy Sands - 1957
Blossom Dearie - 1958
Red Garland - 1958
Brenda Lee - 1960
George Maharis - 1962
Sammy Davis Jr. - 1965
Sarah Vaughan - 1978
Cheryl Ladd - 1979
Al Jarreau - 1981
Diane Schuur - 1985
Cleo Laine - 1988
Anne Murray - 1993

Also recorded by:
Nat King Cole; Etta James; Marvin Gaye; Count Basie; Joe Williams;
Boots Randolph; Jimmy McGriff; Four Freshman; Mary Wells;
Buddy Greco; Oscar Peterson; Natalie Cole; Liza Minnelli;
Tito Puente; Toni Tennille; Freda Payne; Phoebe Snow; Errol Garner;
Ella Fitzgerald; Major Harris; McGuire Sisters; Kim Weston; Peggy Lee.

"Did you say that I've got a lot to learn
Well don't think I'm trying not to learn
Since this is the perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight 

Starting with the ABC of it
Getting right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve the mystery of it
Teach me tonight 

One thing isn't very clear my love
Teachers shouldn't stand so near my love
Graduation's almost here my love
You'd better teach me tonight 

I who thought I knew the score of it
Kind of think I should know much more of it
Off the wall, the bed, the floor of it
Hey teach me tonight 

What I need most is post graduate
What I feel is hard to articulate
If you want me to matriculate (get qualified to enter college)
You'd better teach me tonight 

What do you get for lessons
Teach me... come on and teach me... teach me tonight"

Michael Jackson “Earth song anti-war” Charlie Daniels “long haired country boy” (live late 1970s)

Sonny an Cher “I got u babe” (live 1965)

Fontane Sisters “seventeen” (record) reached #6 in 1955

Abba “SOS” (lip sync on Dick Clark show)

Bob Wills “sittin on top of th world” (live 1930s)

Bobbettes “Mr. Lee” (live)

Marvellettes “please Mr. postman” (live)

Gene Chandler “duke of earl” (live)

Five Satins “in the still of the nite” (lip sync)

Kinks “ape man” (live 1970 ~ Pommies singing about Bopland, but

they just forgot to sing the last line correctly = “I want to sail away to a Bopland shore and make like an ape man”. Uh ohhhh, I may be in big trouble now. “In man’s evolution he has created the cities and the motor traffic rumble, but give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes and living in the jungle ‘Cos the only time that I feel at ease Is swinging up and down in a coconut tree Oh what a life of luxury to be like an ape man I think I’m so educated and I’m so civilized ‘Cos I’m a strict vegetarian But with the over-population and inflation and starvation And the crazy politicians I don’t feel safe in this world no more I don’t want to die in a nuclear war I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an ape man”

Pixies Three “442 glenwood avenue” (record 1960s)

Norma Tanega “walkin my cat named dog” (live 1966)

Bobby Rydell “volare” (live)

Gary Stites “lonely for you” (record)

Duke Robillard an th pleasure Kings “my plea” (record 1983)

Richard & th young Lions “open up yer door” (live)

Lonzo an Oscar “charming Betsy” (live 1950s)

Jerry Irby “49 women” (record 1950s)

Walter Brown “jellyroll rock” (record 1958)

Carlisles “knot hole” (record 1950s)

Buffy Sainte-Marie “universal soldier” (record 1960s)

Bunker Hill “hide an go seek pts 1-2″ (record 1962)

Linda Laurie “Ambrose part five” (record 1959 ~ she apparently teer`s th bass too)

Spyder Turner “stand by me ” (live 2007 ~ he was 60 years old)

Stevie Wonder “a place in th sun” (live 1960s)

“when times are bad an yer feelin sad

I want u to always remember ~ there`s a place in th sun

where there`s hope for everyone”

Th following is mentioned solely to demonstrate how th cursota slowly corrupted authentic Rock/R an B, beginning in earnest around 1970: First find and play any 1979-2000`s chick cover song of  Eddie Floyd`s “knock on wood” on utube/search engine . Then type something like “100 fabulous R and B songs from 1980 to 2009″ and play that.  Then note th following:

1. On th “knock on wood” cover video they copied a genuine R an B song.

2. Most probably th teeraleer (singer) is a young knock-out chick with a sexy figure  just as if this had anything at all to do with how good a song is.

3. Then they probably would have added erotic eye-catching colorful fiery graphics around her as if this could make a song score more points.

4. Then they probably would have changed th beat to half disco and half Rock to try to convince th slaves that this was real Rock instead of an aberrant hybrid. Songs like this thruout th 1970s had three main phases:

1. To gradually corrupt an change 100% gritty rock into 50% “glitter” hollywood rock or “half rock and half guanoza”.

2. Th cursota knew that if an when enough slaves would begin buying this glamorous guanoza, which they surely did due to a big dollar ad campaign etc, then acceptance of th second phase of their covert war to bury real Rock would be a cynch.

Now this 50% half rock hybrid was mated th second time to 75 – 100% squeaky-voiced guanoza, eg techno rock/heavy metal/ska/funk/hip-hop/electro/new wave/mod/rap/thrash resulting in th birth of a defected baby with a 3rd leg extending from th navel. At this time, for all practical purposes, Rock had been disabled. But this STILL did`nt satisfy th cursota who knew that authentic unadulterated Rock had th capability to expose them an their NWO. Rock must be buried so deep that even a Cat D-9 bulldozer could`nt unearth it. Th purpose of these first 2 phases was to prepare/condition th slaves to think that their next lab created defected monster with a fist-sized gangrenous growth on its nose, was ravishingly beautiful. Slave acceptance of this hybrid would NOT have been possible without th first two indoctrinating phases. 3. Th 3rd an final phase consisted of mating all these scarred music genres with “unisex” rock producing th final gangrenous hybrid called schmalt, a particularly nauseating type of beatless characterless genderless whining guanoza characterized by eunuchinized males singing with high pitched voices almost EXACTLY like females. If you close your eyes and listen to this schmalt you will sometimes not be able to determine th gender of th teeraleer (singer). In fact all th teeraleers sound basically th same so if u`ve heard one u`ve heard them all. To verify click an play again th other 1980-2009 R an B video you had found mentioned above. But if you are prone to fits of laughter or rage then don`t play it, you may have a fatal heart attack or destroy your house.

Their plan to corrupt th musical DNA of th slaves succeeded. Rock was now buried so deep that few could find it even if they wanted to. This is just ONE out of DOZENS of ways that they employed to cripple Rock which was th voice of the Slave Rebellion. Read th full skinny on another page. To verify hear th real “knock on wood” by Eddie Floyd below and 3 more authentic R an B songs after it by Lillian Offitt/Bull Moose Jackson/Bobby Moore. Pay close attention to th correct beats. But remember, some who hear them for th first time might like th 100% pure schmalt better! This is a very good test to see how “programmed” one is or to see how many intrinsic musical bones one has. For now, I temporarily rest my case.

Eddie Floyd “knock on wood” (record 1966)

Lillian Offitt “miss u so” (record 1957)

Bull Moose Jackson “big ten inch” (record 1952)

Bobby Moore “searchin for my luv” (record 1965)

Little Peggy March “boy crazy” (record 1963 ~ She was 15 years)

Walter Egan “magnet an steel” (live 1978)

Exile “I wanna kiss u all over” (live 1978)

Jay Ferguson “thunder island” (record 1978)

Irvin Russ “crazy alligator” (record 1959)

Phil Spector`s wall of sound (see th inside of his recording studio ~ live with th Ronettes/Crystals)

Edsels “rama lama ding dong” (live)

Orlons “knock knock” (record 1964)



Unlike symphonic music, here`s proof that Rock is the universal language which was VOLUNTARILY accepted by everyone except th church/state. Rock, not war machines, was th real “shot heard round the world”. In the 50-60s R an R was tearing up th planet and undermining th church an state`s grim agenda worldwide. Rock was changing their motto “punish yourself an stay warlike” to “free yourself and stay carefree”. I heard some pretty good Rock bands when I was in smoggy Manila and Indonesia recently. In Indonesia I watched a good tidy street band being “shadowed” by a cop to make sure their words and beat was “politically correct”. This is th country who will EXECUTE you for having a handful of harmless reefer. Small wonder that many Indo Rockers moved to Holland in th 1950s. Indo Rock is a well known Rock genre flourishing between 1955-65 introduced by Dutch immigrants with an Indonesian heritage.

During th cold war Soviet authorities said jazz was a seditious (disobedient) music an banned it. Ditto for Iran. In Japan an elsewhere, to avoid suspicion/unrest/emigration, apparently they employed a more subtle way to destroy it by simply discrediting it. To give some idea of th power of Rock, 760,000 guy wires were made in Japan in 1965, a record that has yet to be broken ( Contrary to belief, the NWO was, for all practical purposes, in effect at this time as every country on Tusi (Earth) did their best to eliminate it. I befriended one of th men who was responsible for preventing Rock from entering Honduras. He seemed to enjoy being a slave of th state.

Self-punishment is also universal. More on this on another page.

Ernie Djohan and Old Friends “cryin time” (Indo Rock 2003)

Lydia an th Melody Strings “heartbeat” (Indonesia/Holland record 1959 ~ a Buddy Holly cover)

Crescendos (Singapore) “the boy next door” (record )

Naomi an th Boys (Singapore) “happy happy birthday baby” (1965 record)

Tidbits “never my luv” (Singapore 12-13 year old girls ~ record)

Heather (Batchen) “daydreaming” (14 year old girl ~ recorded in Singapore 1966)

Reynettes “rescue me ” (Hong Kong girl group 1966)

Kingsmen “hitchhike” (Philippines 1963 ~ claim to be first band to play Beatles)

Rocky Fellers “little darlin” 1960 (Philippines 6-10 year old lead singers on Dinah Shore show ~ how many of you thought this was another young black kid band from th East Coast? Dinah says “R an R really gets around dont it”.

Poppy an her Popcats “please help me I`m fallin” 1961 (Indonesia/Holland ~ record)

Jimmy Green “last date” (record prob 1960s ~ Indonesia/Germany ~ Indo Rock)

Tielman Brothers “rock it up” 1959 (Indonesia/Holland ~ live on German TV ~ Andy Tielman plays th guy wires (guitar) BEHIND HIS BACK an upside down while standing on th bull (bass) ~ 1st time I ever saw this)

Hot Jumpers “lets rock little baby” (record ~ Indonesia/Holland)

Hurricane Rollers “once” 1959 (record – Indonesian/Dutch)

Sky Devils “Jakarta Reunie Hoevelaken” 2008 (record ~ Indonesia/Holland)

Black Jags “red river rock” (live 2008 ~ not sure if this is Indo-rock) It was removed!

Henry Sahilatua and Old Friends “blue eyes crying in th rain” (live 2003 Indo Rock)


Unlike symphonic music, here`s more vivid proof of th universal voluntary acceptance of Rock by young people.

Herb Alpert an th Tijuana Brass “a taste of honey” (Mexico record 1965)

Rio Rockers “Mexican Rock an Roll” 1958 (record)

Rockin Devils “bule bule” (live 1960s)

Richie Valens “la bamba” (Mexico record)

De Castro Sisters “teach me tonite” (Cuba/Dominican Republic ~ record 1950s)

Perez Prado “cherry pink and apple blossom white” (Cuba 1955 mambo)

Baja Marimba Band “ghost riders in th sky” (Mexico Record)

Keith Colley “enamorado” (record 1968)






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Chapter 2 of 7 – The main story begins- the real Christopher Columbus-radium an Marie Curie-George Catlin-imprisoned patriots-chemtrails-murder of Eugene Mallove

Let`s Begin The Main Story

Never mind th affliction

bopperism is th CURE

Due to the fact that history has been sabotaged by disinformation experts, there may be errors in this report. So before you hurt yourself by putting into motion any of the statements herein an accuse me, consult a medical professional or other professional first an follow their advice. I have no formal English or other training, nor do I profess to be grammatically educated or some sort of literary wiz. Moreover I take grammatical short cuts = among other things I don`t put the “e” in the word the, th word because becomes “cuz”, an plural words like “countries” may be spelled “countrys” etc. I don`t capitalize th names of broken glass in th mud, disguised as certain “pillars of society”. If this an other word spellings like “yer” an “ya” offend yer encephalon, don`t waste yer time reading this.

Fine, u`ve decided to read on. I knew you would. It was a wise move on yer part, an that means I`ll get ta use all th tissues I`ve hoarded just so I can blow yer nose an dry yer eyes from time to time as ya read this. An when ya get bopperisticated, remember who it was who punctured yer bubble. Keep yer window open an if yer one of those lucky few who slip thru th hypocrisy net of th ages, u`ll hear an return th call of th Crow. To avoid becoming “burned out” as you read this, be prepared to take a trip to th center of yer mind where hopefully you`ll be looking directly at me but seeing yerself. I`m yer brother not yer enemy. Said another way, this report produces a stronger, an more lasting “high” than a hit of LSD, err….unless yer still riding on th O`jay`s “love train”, or walkin down Bob Seger`s “long twin silver line”.

When th black snake coils up in yer bed at nite, an tension builds as you read this, just stand up an scream, flex those anal muscles, swing yer arms overhead, beat yer chest an mumble in tongues like Walter Horton an Lightnin Hopkins who often adlibbed th words to their songs cuz to do otherwise might “turn them to stone”. Said another way, they`ve got to keep fresh sand under their feet “so life won`t pass them by”. An like them, little by little, you`ll learn how to “be here today” as th secret unveils itself. I`m a boppicoozian, arguably th world`s fastest. I`ve been to th mountaintop too, but unlike th rest, I ainna gonna change fer nobody. Somebody called “Bo Jangles” on highway #1 in some crumbling abandoned shack out west gave me my name. In this report u`ll discover who th real child molesters are, but when th evidence is presented before yer eyes, some of you, including my “libertarian” peers, might be scrambling to see who can throw th most garbage at me. Before reading further, be sure to highlight-copy-paste-print th mini-dictionary listing all th new words near th end of this report, otherwise u`ll lose th plot as ya read this. If ya dunno how ta copy an paste, see an learn how in 3 minutes. There`s no index so keep a pen an paper handy. Better yet, copy an paste it on open office writer an read it offline while you still can.

I want to thank my mama an papa for bringing me in this quadroon, an my brothers for guidance. An also thanks to many others, whose words–Cherilaylas have pulled me up th spiral staircase to their unique retreat, th truth has Polyocritized me an I know it will for you too. I`d be honored to rearrange yer thoughts if ya let me. What`s in it for me? I dig doin th fire-ant stomp. Great for what ails ya. If ya need a loyal friend, well here I am. I haven`t changed at all since th time when Jody Reynold`s “endless sleep”1958, was being played far an wide across th freer land th USA used to be. It was th first song I ever memorized. Nothing in this report is copyrited, including a few of my songs, which are listed later. So feel free to copy this report, an make yer own musical arrangements to th songs, an spread them around if ya want. I only ask that ya please credit me as being th author, an don`t waste time by selling them for profit, th Revolution needs to reach all th sacrificial lambs now before its too late. If yer a spook–clergyman or other slavemaster`s wimp, an copyrite this report with th intention of slandering it or changing th words to suit yer banking slavemasters, take a tip, I`ll find ya nomatter where ya try ta hide. Got that?

The word of mouth Rock rebellion is needed th way uprooted willows need water in a drought. Millions still believe th blah blah media and don`t have PCs so don`t realize that this web era provides a once in a millennium chance to gain freedom that may never come again. Cuz of their schooling–TV–parental guidance–red herring signposts, few or no early Bibibis believed for a second th rejecticons would win th musical war by slowly crippling Rock. Surely, th Bibibis erroneously thought, their hatred of Rock was just an accidental misunderstanding, an a few good tunes would get them to “see the lite” an begin tappin their feet. Th wampineers believed th spin that there were such things as “liberty an justice for all“, an that even a poor boy could always win th heart of th prettiest Yankee girl in town, which had been endlessly droned in their ears from day one. So optimism was strong: Jay and th Americans twelled “only in America”1963 {a Mann/Weil composition produced by Leiber/Stoller}which pretty much summed up everyone`s strong belief;


Only in America ~ can a kid without a cent

get a break an maybe grow up to be president

only in America ~ land of opportunity yeah

would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me


A new “religion” that was trashing th rest had been born. Th thought of actually having to work for a living, an not have th ojay stupidly throw mun at them anymore, caused th royal religious preachers to trip over themselves wondering how this Rock monster could be caged. Although th vast majority of chicks still had $$ in their eyes, even a few of th “classy” chicks became reborn an began falling for a few poor boys. Th country was approaching pure ecstacy despite th spread of fluoride, insecticided food an sugar. At that time, unlike today, most millionaires were self-made an never finished school. Th new Rock Renaissance was rapidly emerging with th songs representing th real “universal language”. Th royal jackwide {worldwide} governmental elite were at long last being exposed as th “squares of th ages”. Danny an th Juniors twelled “R an R is here to stay” 1958. The Showmen`s “it will stand”1961 said that Rock would be here “forever an ever, ain`t goin away never no never“. The Cadillacs “R an R is here to stay”1960 said Rock was “for th young and for th old”. Most are unaware that thousands of 100 point flawless Cherilaylic songs were twelled but rarely or never were played on th radio, eg th late Billy Ford an th Thunderbirds {of Billy an Lillie fame} “I`m th monster R an R” 1958, no doubt one of th five top Rock Cherilaylas of all time;

I`m th monster Rock an Roll ~ hated by all whose hearts are old

I`m payin for evrethin in th book ~ it seems I got th country shook

I mention my name they throw their lids ~ an nobody luves me but th kids

I`ll let th critics throw their knots ~ th louder they shout th harder I rocks

There hopin I`m insane soon be dead ~ tryin to kill me cut off my head

But if you cut my head off son ~ two will grow where there was one

th battle was on th fite began ~ a musical war thruout th land

scratched their heads an started to think ~ th lipsync music would make me sink Hawaiian ballads an Hillbilly too ~ they threw them all rite into th stew

ate them up an what came out ~ Rockahula Rockashout

Arockabilly Rockasweet ~ nevertheless its got th beat

nomatter how many fights they stage ~ we`re livin in th new Rock Age

I`m th monster Rock an Roll ~ th kids all luv me heart an soul

thats why I`ll never be left alone ~ when they grow up I`ll have a home

After all their shoutin in th ring ~ Rock an Roll will still be king


In 1973 when th slave rebellion was seriously on th wane, th O`Jays refused to surrender without a fight, an twelled “love train” which was a last ditch plea to th slaves to help save th sinking ship of Rock. But few came to help exactly like th case of th heroic slave abolitionist leader, John Brown, who in 1859 spearheaded a slave rebellion an was hung for his gallant effort;


People all over th world ~ everybody ~ join hands ~ start a luv train ~ luv train

th next stop that we make ~ will be England ~ tell all th folks in Russia an China too

don`t ya know that its time ta get on board

an let this train keep on ridin ~ ridin on thru

all of you brothers over in Africa ~ tell all th folks in Egypt an Israel too

please don`t miss this train at th station

cuz if u miss it ~ I feel sorry ~ sorry for you

Bopagy is an idea whose time has come, an no obese righteously retarded reject greasing a mun machine can stop it. As for me I intend to climb th beanstalk an take in th view from Doobywop Star Cluster. No, I can`t take ya along. Whats that ya say? Ya wanna play an carry me Rock collection? Sorry, they just passed a new law here that says one must always be alone when carryin an playin a Rock collection on a beanstalk higher up than 8 miles. Its regulation 999–/\ /\cuf lla u ^^ ^^((citosruc)) ^^ sknup ^^ na yer mid ^^ aryp ^^ tu. So here`s th deal, covertly attach yer own beanstalk to mine, stash these words in yer backpack, an when ya reach Bopland in Doobywop, transplant them in th soil. At this moment, Bopland`s National Coochie, th Jukiteers, are rehearsing th melodies they will play for you upon yer arrival. Then we gonna jukit. I see yer hesitatin cuz ya find it too hard to believe that someone could`ve slipped thru their net intact. Have faith. I once convinced a feral starvin lioness not to bite me even though she had me neck in her jaws, simply by hummin Long Tall Marvin`s “have mercy miss Percy”1956. I`m far from bein a literary giant but persuading ya to stash these words ainno drama. I see yer still hesitatin. Maybe this will convince ya. When I was very young I said to myself “what every guy needs is a good BJ, this alone would correct th jack”. What I`m tryin to say here is “its obvious that its more pleasurable to give than to receive, so why is it very few of us fly with this? It can`t fly cuz everyone lives in introverted multi-layered impenetrable “bubbles” due to th “virus” on our “hard drive”, AKA our brain.

Th mighty internet with its unshackled impeccable little kids disguised as “grownups” are bursting these bubbles, despite th many constipated disinformation specialists, as I write this. For example see “audacity”, th music vehicle where one can twell cassettes–vinyl twells{records} on to CDs completely free using yer PC. Take advantage of this an th fact that Rock spins th quadroon. What would ya give yer best friend on his birthday if he was a billionaire? What would please him? Another island in th Pacific? A gold mine in Liberia? Nothing else except a Cherilayla mi amigo.

Arguably th most revealing statement in all history was made by th deviate christopher columbus who described th Taino ojay of Hispaniola {Haiti–Dominican Republic} as folks who loved their neighbors as they do themself {read th full quotation further on}. Ever since then, after this Spanierd introduced their perverted customs to th natives, eg th false value of gold, th jack {world} has disintegrated into chaos. Ya still scared of going alone? I thought not. By th way, may I call ya Bo? Great, before ya head up just give me a 2 minute headstart or else we could get arrested. There`s surveillance cameras everywhere. Be careful when ya hit th cloud line, th stalk gets slippery. I often take me 2 girlfriends, a Chicken an a Crow, an a boy Turtle with me on long trips up th stalk. A Turkey an a Goose sometimes even visit for one reason or another. When on th ground, I am often accompanied by a Bull, a Pig, an a Sheep. As ya read this ya may even get ta meet some of `em, their very loquacious. I know what yer thinkin, how does a Turtle climb up a beanstalk? He does`nt, he`s small enough to ride on Chicken`s back.

Needless to say, th banksters crippled Rock, arguably th greatest invention of all time. Now they want to do th same to th mighty web “monster”. If they do, about th only ally standing between us an extermination is th Word of Mouth Rock Rebellion [WOMRR]. All ya have to do ta join is pass this report on. Form a protest discussion group with yer friends an make some noise on th street. But bear in mind some friendly “helpful” smiling bankster employee, eg FBI–FDA– {federal drug administration} spook will try to gain access to your group an wreck it.

SUPPORT THE WEBSITE or th FOLKS reprinting this. Its th least ya can do for patriots spending their last dollar to get th word out. Get a broadband connection with at least a download speed of 1024 KBPS {1500 is better}, not a “dial up” one, an download NWO {new world order} web articles, staple them an create an anonymous free secret newspaper, but beware of th cursota`s favorite propaganda trick; they will often have their professional wordsmiths post on th net a very long article or video saying many wonderful things that any libertarian would agree with, in order to drive home one subliminal point. “Subliminal” means something that is below th threshold of conscious perception. This one point will be designed to help defeat th libertarian movement. In other words their libertarian “sandwich” will have a speck of mercury hidden inbetween th “lets stand up for freedom sauce” an th “bush is crazy tomatoes”. Even many conspiracy netsites post these articles–videos which by itself is suspicious. If its a video, an if there are too many ojay awakening to their murderous activity, like there is today, th cursota`s elite movie producers are activated an have some very articulate, intelligent sounding, soft-spoken actor-actress subliminally suggest something that will keep libertarians in th dark, or get them going down th wrong mental trail etc. See th netsite = to shed a brighter lite on this thanks to their impeccable free videos.

Another example of subliminal expression is a netpage which at first glance appears to be entirely pro-libertarianistic. Err… not quite, somewhere on th site will be a photo of a major cursotic misanthrope. I think some libertarian groups/netsites are funded–controlled by th cursota so as to give you th impression that something is being done to stop th nwo, and such a bogus netsite can be a very useful tool to sabotage another true patriot netsite via bad-mouthing. Moreover, to keep their parasitic niche secure, they don`t want their anti-music music program to be too effective, at least at this time {2008}. In other words, if everyone suddenly lost an interest in music all at th same time, th cat would be out of th bag an everyone would begin to wonder why. So to prevent this from happening, when public musical interests are seriously on th wane, they will fund city councils etc which will begin sponsoring guanozicated musical events to keep th interest up, an to get us thinking that our tax dollars are being used thoughtfully. They`ll often even run an ad announcing that a certain guanozicated group of haggis, disguised as an “R an B band” is playing at such an such public park. So grab th babies an go man go! Get hip! ITS A FREE BLOODY CONCERT! A REAL HAPPENING! Err… not quite, unless Mona Lisa was a man. Its th same ruse they use to get you to vote; they don`t care who you vote for, just as long as you vote to justify them keeping you in chains. Most all th candidates are hypocritical, not political. If they error, an let a true libertarian candidate–Rockeonie take center stage, its no great drama to have their spooks set them up an slander them in th serf`s eyes, or to write off th cost of one bullet.

Propagandy ~ Yikes Mcgee 2008


propagandy ~ propagandy ~ try an convince th folks th beach is never sandy

you can convert into lies ~ what they seen with their own eyes

its amazin ~ propagandy


Besides printing a free secret newspaper, you could make a video asking strangers how happy they are living in this choking culture etc an put it on th net. To get some ideas on video content, see th thousands of anti-bush etc protest videos–songs on an U tube. Do it now while ya still can. Th rudd Oz misanthropes have already announced plans to be th 2nd country after red China to ban netsites, 10,000 of them. If they pull this off without a revolution, th rest of th jack will follow suit. Be sure to include th words to yer tune as it plays. Sometimes videos that are banned can still be heard on another search engine. A protest song with brilliant rues, but with poor hottentottien is all but valueless, whereas a protest song with poor rues but with brilliant hottentottien has far more value. To create an inspiring cherilayla, words are not needed at all provided th hottentottie scores at least 97 points out of a possible hundred. Sorrily, th vast majority of tunes have th wrong beat, are too long–noisy–indecipherable. Or place an ad sayin that u`ll teach anyone how to use a PC at no charge. While doing this, introduce them to th various anti-nwo netsites, give them some protest videos–songs an this article. Put in a complaint to companies–department stores who play symphonic–christmas guanoza when they put you on hold on th phone, or while shopping. Little complaints like this remind them that independent free-thinking libertarians would rather be entertained, not have their brain sprained.

Make up some T-shirts displaying our sapote that say things like ~ ban genetically modified food ~ 9-11 was an inside job ~ stop rudd from banning netsites like China ~ what is th government scared of? th answer is our awakening ~ Martin Bryant is innocent, see Andrew Macgregor on th net ~ fluoride toothpaste kills ~ Port Arthur was th Aussie 9-11 ~ microwave ovens kill ~ vaccinations kill ~ government off our back ~ stop banning protest songs ~ stop them from covering up our high youth suicide rate ~ Freedom, not more laws an chains ~ if there are no real candidates why vote? ~ they are th real sexual perverts ~ stop passing a new absurd anti-sex law every week ~ women`s lib is a prime cause of male suicide ~ stay off our land an gardens ~ say NO to illegal income an land taxes ~ say No to monsanto ~ stop taking my picture when I walk in your store ~ say NO to ALL surveillance cameras ~ th GST is a gangster service tax ~ don`t deal with banksters ~ stop them from poisoning our food ~ I`m a Jukistocrat, an ambassador of Bopland ~ I reside in Bopland not squaresville ~ be bopperistic not pessimistic ~ Bopperism is optimism ~ adopt Bopperism an get cured ~ I`ve been bopperectimized ~ Bopagy is for u an me ~ ask me about Bopagy ~ come with me ta Bopland ~ ask me about Bopland ~ ask me about polyocrity ~ polyocrity is for u an me ~ say NO to th NWO ~ stop th rejecticons ~ make th rejecticons go to work like us ~ good food chalk an R an R ~ Th Bibibis invented R an R ~ find out who ya are, seek Jaggebar ~ ask me about Jaggebar ~ Tweedledee or bust ~ ask me about Tweedledee ~ say NO ta guanoza ~ ask me about th WOMRR ~ th word of mouth Rock Rebellion has started ~ CNN= comfortably numb non-entities ~ stop th cursota ~ ask me about th cursota.

A group of peaceful unarmed elderly folks standing on th street carrying signs protesting impure gmo insecticided okey–microwave ovens–untruths in government–th lying media–choking chalk restriction laws–fluoride in toothpaste an public water–high taxes–th nwo etc–will get results quick. Or just carry a sign that says “attention lazy government non-producers, get off my back”. C th sweetheart known as “big brother” will harass–disorientate–mislead you with their billion dollar shampoo machine disguised as th “media”, but its better than remaining sick all your life taking debilitating drugs–okeys that they have made legal is`nt it?

Whenever possible display our sapote which says “go man go” surrounded by jitterbuggin kids {from Bobby Hendricks` “cast your vote”1958}. As Bobby says, “if ya wanna Rock an Roll ya better cast yer vote”. For a better definition of our sapote, see th word listed in th new Rock lingo mini-dictionary towards th end of this report. Get th many net conspiracy videos an freely pass them around now while you still can, but weed out th ones that deliberately lead you down an odorous primrose lane. This is th fabulous net information age where suddenly it has become quite easy to break our chain. You can become an “A student” again by studying in th jack`s largest impeccable library, th mighty sovereign internet. You`ll find yerself displaying our sapote an teerin Loggins an Messina`s “yer mama don`t dance”1972, in no time. Th patriots will be defeated if ya don`t tug on yer chain just a teeny bit. When someone yells HEAVE, tug like a bear on it. When th enraged global ojay–police awaken from their fluoridated catnip, lynchings, not jury trials, will probably suit their fancy, beginning from th top down. Pass this on be brave, or remain a slave. Relax, I`m not going to say “sorry for being so dramatic”.


“Back ta skool blues”, Gene Black 2005 {found on}


Hey mr. president ~ mr. oil ~ mr. fuel ~ mr. torture ~ mr. cruel

we`re gonna do a little housecleanin ~ get rid a cheap dirt like you

we`re not givin up our freedom ~ for no corporate criminal like you

Man is th only animal who can mimic birds–mammals but to be socially accepted rarely does. We have been taught to believe that all intrinsic primitive pleasures, especially morin–teering–leeting–chalk are something that only a lower savage would enjoy. This despite th fact that for at least 100,000 years, th time when we first invented moronie-flutes, we sat around camp fires an did just that. The rejecticons enemy is anything that produces pleasure. Havin too much fun is socially “out”, to feel pain is “in”. For clarification hear Commander Cody an th Lost Planet Airmen`s “too much fun” 1974. For th most part, until th invention of Rock an its Branches, modern man had no primitive innate song, like a crow who spends his whole life in the nest an never caws even once. He was a slave but did`nt even know it. It had taken millennia of teerin to create vocal chords but now we were told they should only be used to teeralee opera–rap–hiphop an th other 9 yards of guanoza. Anything under th nee except Rock. Extermination by guanozication.Tickle yer hottentot, destroy their evil plot.

Like th founder of th Cynics, Diogenes, 413-323bh, whose writings have disappeared, said “we mite as well eat th flesh of man as th flesh of other animals”, we who believe in Rock say “we mite as well listen to th sound of a cyclone destroying a tin ghetto shack than listen to “W–NWO`s” top 40 pathogenic snot.” Th musical war is not over yet, its just beginning.Th Showmen`s “it will stand” 1961, which stood up for Rock, said “some folks don`t understand it, that`s why they don`t demand it”. But what they an 99.99% of th ojay did`nt know was that they did understand it. Rock an its many remarkable Branches was th undisputed music Boss, an was lifting up th veil an exposing this alien bankster masonic cabbalistic gangrenish toxocara canis, which had been infecting man since antiquity. This healing elixir was flushing out th tapeworm an they knew all too well what millions of awakened enraged serfs would do to them. Songs like Bill Haley`s “teenager`s mother”1950`s had to be eliminated at any cost. Th shark fins were being revealed.

Yet even Bill, who was blind in one eye due to a botched operation, may have felt compelled to water down this Cherilayla for obvious reasons. Th rues proclaim that th only reason why certain yockomosas detested Rock was cuz they just got old an forgot that they used to do th charleston leet an live it up. Taint necessarily so. Who was responsible for making these yockomosas grim in th first place? Yep its true Bo, th cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of th ages, hereafter referred to as th “cursota”, have never seriously leeted–teered. They can`t, their blood is vastly different. Animal–human sacrifice rituals–are endlessly mentioned in their religious books as a scare tactic, but never th value of real music. Its unimaginable that creatures supposedly alive would regard th Marvellettes “when yer young an in love”1967 as a threat instead of a seminal Cherilayla. But these ill-bred child molesters knew Cherilaylas like this that never said anything revolutionary, were in fact just as threatening as protest songs were, cuz they were capable of bringing out long buried emotions in th slaves. And from emotions spring awakening. And from awakening spring thoughts of justice–freedom.


How do you create a nation ~ of sexless loyal slaves?

Remove their harmonius songs ~ on th radio waves

an if ya cripple their song`s healing ~ blood-purifying beat

they`ll travel th highway of illness ~ alone on lonely street

If th child molesters are to survive, Rock must be labelled as an ugly corrupter of youth, not as their saviour. C it was a threat Bo, th greatest threat they`ve ever had to their preying niche. Rues in th Moody Blues “tuesday afternoon”1967, said that th “trees were drawing them near” to help them see the beauty of tuesday afternoon. But th cursota are not capable of seeing beauty, nor do they want to. Their genes won`t permit them an Nature will eventually rectify this. Take a tip Bo, th first space travellers to land in th Doobywop Star Cluster will be Jukiteers, not jerkiteers. When their ivory tower falls, retain a chunk to show yer kids what happens when clausnagerks, disguised as charitable VIPs, imagine their palsied noggin was “chosen” to dominate. But for now, th Western jack is scheduled to become th next Rockless China–Malaysia an th rest.

Question for you servo mechanisms, err… I mean Westerners, especially you sports fans and guanoza buffs = Which countrie`s general philosophy does the cursota embrace and strive to emulate/imitate? In other words, which country do they ooh and ahh over at their cirrhotic evening meal of quail eggs, cow`s milk and veal? The answer is China. Now ask yourself this question, why do many Westerners ooh and ahh over the winner of the Super Bowl, or at the clothes that some famous dead celebrity once wore at the very same time as their country is being slowly transformed into another Rockless China duplicate? No no silly, thats the wrong answer. Its not cuz their government has been programming/poisoning/dehumanizing/disorientating them from birth, its cuz their servo mechanic forgot to grease the wheels in their encephalon and it got corroded. says “the number of executions which take place in China – true estimate more than 7,000 per year (the government officially declares little over 1,000) – are considered a state secret. The death penalty can be given out for a series of 68 crimes, 28 of them non-violent. These crimes include embezzlement, tax fraud, accepting bribes, illegal financial schemes, re-selling tax receipts, stealing or selling national treasures, pornography, graft, profiteering, habitual theft and killing pandas.

The majority of those condemned to death are shot, sometimes in groups, often in public. However, the use of lethal injection is growing. Many believe that this facilitates the illegal trade of prisoners’ organs. Organs can “be extracted in a speedier and more effective way than if the prisoner is shot,” says Mark Allison, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “We have gathered strong evidence suggesting the involvement of police, courts and hospitals in the organ trade.”

In a recent study, (April 2008) Amnesty International reports that huge profits from the sale of prisoners’ organs may be one of the reasons why China refuses to consider eliminating the death penalty. Executions by lethal injection often take place in “death vans.” The manufacturers of these death vans say they save money, as execution facilities do not need to be constructed. Plus, the organs can be kept fresh. The company that constructs the death vans also manufactures bulletproof limousines for the elite and armored trucks for banks.

Prisoners are often denied the right to legal counsel, when they do have a lawyer, the lawyer is given one or two days to prepare their defense. If condemned to death, the prisoner has 3 to 10 days to present an appeal, rarely granted. In most cases, the only real proof against the condemned prisoner is their confession, EXTRACTED BY TORTURE.

There are two categories of death sentences. Immediate, which means the individual has 3 to 10 days to receive pardon. If not, they are executed at a maximum of a one week period after the request for pardon has not been granted. This is the most frequent.

Otherwise the execution is suspended for 2 years, and if the person commits no more crimes during hat period, the sentence is then commuting to life imprisonment.

In 1979, a person could be sentenced to death for 28 crimes. Since 1983, the regime has organized various ”Strike Hard” campaigns which have resulted in tens of thousands of executions, more each year than in the rest of the world combined.

In 1997 the crimes for which the death penalty can be prescribed increased to 68″.

A list of some capital crimes:

violence–rape–physical harm–aggression–human traffic–kidnapping–corruption–bribery and corruption–embezzlement–re-sale of tax receipts–tax evasion–financial forgery–speculation–fraud–financial or insurance fraud–credit card fraud–extortion–blackmail–contraband of nuclear materials–contraband of arms–contraband of ammunition or explosives–contraband of counterfeit money–contraband of national treasures–
contraband of rare species or their products–contraband of precious metals, with tax evasion superior to 500,000 yuan–defection–espionage–participate in secret associations with subversive goals–subversion–attempted murder–attempted kidnapping–attempted theft–attempted fraud–theft of valuable property–habitual theft–
the use of telephone lines or public transportation without authorization–
theft of lines of communication for profit–reproduction of telephone codes for profit
breaking and entering or violation of domicile–destruction of public or private property–
escaping from prison or assisting others in escaping from prison–
sale or manufacture of harmful or false foodstuffs, toxic alcohol or false medicines which cause grave consequences to consumers–
sale or manufacture of harmful or false products–production or exposition of pornographic material– possession, sale or manufacture of arms munitions and explosives–gambling–bigamy–disturbing public order–disturbing the life of citizens–
the use of dangerous methods which cause grave harm or death–arson
organization, induction, introduction, protection and exploitation of prostitution–hooliganism–hunting protected species–spreading SARS or violating quarentine–bootlegging–drug dealing

Now dear friends, in my personal opinion, this list won`t lower the crime rate significantly cuz its incomplete and not strict enough. Therefore in addition to the aforementioned, I propose that the following new entries be added to the list of capital crimes in our free eunuchized, err…. I mean heavenly Western Societies:

giving a young impressionable girl under 35 the “evil eye” (may give them trauma later in life)

killing a black widow spider hiding under the toilet seat (this is a slap in the face to women`s lib)

biting a female Jewfish to kill it on Sunday

naming a female cat “obammy, obambi, obamit”

failure to clean a parakeet cage longer than 1 week if the caged bird is female

calling the Cleveland Browns the Cleveland Clowns in a girl`s locker room

laughing at a female wanting to join the Los Angeles Lakers

calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “yahoo” if his wife is present

calling the illuminati the ill–scuminati in the presence of women

naming a female dog “dog”

failure to play Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee or the Black Eyed Peas at least once a day (can`t you people understand that valid R an R must be maintained or else the citizenry will become too melancholy and suicide?)


Aesop 620-560bh said in his 4 oxen an th lion fable,”A lion used to prowl about a field in which four oxen used to dwell. Many a time he tried to attack them but whenever he came near they turned their tails to one another so that whichever way he approached them he was met by th horns of one of them. At last however they fell a-quarrelin among themselves an each went off to pasture alone in a separate corner of th field. Then th lion attacked them one by one an soon made an end of all four.”United we stand, divided we fall”.

Now that Rock an its Branches are crippled, there may be no quick way to nullify erroneous beliefs.Th anti-knowledge knowledge that was branded in our heads by th cursota, from day one, is a story far too monstrous to believe. It seems to be a tale told by a dehydrated babblin half-dead man found on his last legs in th desert. Most everyone imagines themself as being a professor of some sort, so for someone to say “your perception of th jack is based on false schooling–history is an insult to their intellect they think”. But we are no more than school programmed electrical computers complete with circuits [nerves] where electricity travels up to 286 MPH. We know that PC programmers can install software, but few know that th cursota programmers have been doing th same thing to us from birth. Its really quite embarassing to discover one is an ill-programmed PC, an many just short out an freeze. Please don`t let this happen to you as you read this report. Keep both hands on th beanstalk an turn off th radio an its “music to suicide by”.

When TVs first became commonplace in 1948, th mass indoctrination became easier. Now instead of personally communicating with nature, tending vegie gardens an maintaining self-sufficient farms, you could waste time pretending you were. Extermination by indoctrination. Everyone except th carniborians thought th Coasters Cherilaylic “along came Jones”1959, which poked fun at boring western movies, was humorous. Its just too farfetched to think all the jack`s an ongoing fiction movie where th actors keep calling a warden a mayor, a prison a city, a bottle of shampoo a public school, a house of ill-repute a church {c I know there are many good religious folks, my apologies to all you kind-hearted souls}, the cursota th illuminati, an petrified stupified stamped neutered manufactured automatons “jack renouned twelling artists”. Extermination by guanoza saturation. Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

Th citizenry in th USA an elsewhere have been tricked into believin they are land owners. They own a lease not a land title. Rent is disguised as land taxes. Some countries don`t have a land–income tax. But stop fretting, paying thousands of dollars each year in land taxes is not too much mun to pay for “renting” a few millimeters in a 50 buck filing cabinet so yer lease can rest “unmolested” is it? There is no law in th USA, an probably OZ an many other lands, that requires workers to pay income tax. For clarification, see Aaron Russo`s “from freedom to fascism” video free on th net.

Every time I see Irwin Schiff, who appears in th video, water comes in me eye. Reminiscent of Eustace Mullins, Ed an Elaine Brown, Alex Jones, Kurt Annaheim, Eleanor Mcbean, th brave Palestinians, William Cooper, many Holocaust debunkers eg Germar Rudolf an Ernst Zundel, Sherry Jackson to name only a few, Irwin is almost singlehandedly fighting against an enemy who is a thousand times more powerful than he is, an yet he bravely refuses to put his head in th sand an let th tanks crush him like th rest. Cuz th rejecticons have stopped him from selling his books on how to legally avoid paying income tax, Irwin is giving them away freely on th mighty net. Read them an support one of th last gallant living treasures on this watusi. He does`nt know it, but he`l be Bopland`s Minister of finance after we win th war.

The technology to have free energy for every home using water has long been known. Instead of developing this technology, which would all but break our chain to them, they gave us gas an ugly overhead power lines which forced us to be dependent on them. Thus the Iraq war is not about gaining control of oil an its riches, as th Hoonry Hissinjerkian upper-level rejecticons so desperately–distractingly want us to believe. They already have more mun than they could spend in a thousand lifetimes. War is about eliminating those who oppose their “nwo” plan of them not ever having to touch a shovel an contracting an imaginary “disease” they dearly dread,“shoveleudiozticosis”.


No More ~ Bob Seger 2008


it was 40 years ago an I was young ~ an th jungle not th desert heard th guns

someone said they had a secret plan ~ an th rest of us were told to understand

someday u`ll be ordered to explain ~ no one gets to walk between th rain

an I don`t want this ~ no I don`t want this ~ I`ve had enuff ~ no more


We must never be permitted to discover they are born shoveleudiozticoziacs, nor be permitted to discover their morbid fear of naked forests an wild creatures, or “faunaphobia”. So to prevent us from discovering this, they push their nwo agenda an diligently work on ways to keep us poor–disorientated–distracted by watchin news–soaps–especially sports on tv, an dumbed down via public education. They won`t or can`t skeletilize all of us at once though. A few slaves must be kept alive to maintain their castles–furnish amusement, hence th great need for hoodwinking programs. Endless war–hoodwinking ensures that they will live to see tomorrow, an be able to gain peace of mind by torturing th ones who try to escape to th shimmas. Its obvious they have always been trying to destroy our health since th days of apollo, whom hippocrates worshipped. Apollo was a luciferian preacher cattle farmer figure an advised his slaves not to tend vineyards–gardens, but to “slaughter sheep continually” so they could have an “abundant” store {Homeric hymn to apollo}.

Patriotic whistleblowing shortwave talk radio host an author of “majesty twelve” an “behold a pale horse”, William Cooper, was murdered by th cursota in 2001 {see Alex Jones for th skinny} for saying things like “th revelations of th fraudulent nature of nasa an th apollo space program {William knows they never put a man on th moon} by th intelligence service an others has resulted in a flood of propaganda, tv programs an films designed to keep th Sheeple trapped in an ignorant deep sleep. Th most ambitious are “apollo 13” an ”from th earth to th moon”, both involving th actor-producer tom hanks.Th latter opens with a monologue by mr. hanks who walks forward revealing a huge representation of th “god” apollo guiding his chariot pulled by 4 horses thru th heavens. Why apollo? Get a clue. Go to th rotunda of th capitol building in washinton, d.c. an look up. Covering th inside of th dome for all to see is th painting entitled “th apotheosis of george washington”. Th huge painting depicts washington transformed as satan promised into a new sun god {apollo} in th chariot of apollo being pulled by 4 horses across th heavens. A result of th genome project at los alamos lab, th recent success of cloning an advances in biochemistry will produce lab created creatures that will ultimately be presented to th people of th world as extraterrestrial in origin. Most of th well known “ufoologists” an so-called ufo researchers are illuminati–marxist–cia–kgb change agents operating in furtherance of propagandizing us {creating fear an terror so as to be able to usher in their nwo faster}.

Sociologists who make movies have desensitized th nation, particularly impressionable youth to violence an bloodshed. Movies–tv and extremely sophisticated mind control operations are destroying our society. Th terror attack on th Alfred P. Murrah building was designed to affect th Heartland so that no one will feel safe. If these acts of terror don`t succeed {in getting th guns from th populace} there will be more bombings–chemical–biological attacks–shootings. As a last resort, if all else fails, th illuminati are prepared to detonate an atomic weapon in a large American city, eg New York–Chicago–LA. A war may be promulgated in th Middle East in order to provide th excuse needed to explain terrorist attacks on th USA to th sheeple in order that they will accept personal disarmament in th interest of peace an security. Saddam hussein was put in power in Iraq by th cia under george bush. Saddam functions as th big “bogeyman” of th world so that th united nations can cement its authority over so-called sovereign nations {my note = th united nation`s flag depicts th nations of th world encircled by th laurel of th luciferian apollo}. Saddam`s purpose is to act as th “anti-christ” to create terror in th minds of th sheeple of th world. Th gulf war actually helped Iraq solve a serious population problem that was also in line with th goals of th nwo. Saddam was only going by th script given to him an played his role very well. It was an attorney general under 33rd degree freemason franklin roosevelt who with th stroke of a pen created th fbi run by 33rd degree mason j. edgar hoover. Th fbi–irs– an th anti defamation league {adl} of b`nai b`rith are th political gestapo for th illuminati in th US. Th Constitution of th US makes no provision for a “national police” or “gestapo” nor does it grant any authority to anyone to create such an organization. Th terrible truth is that any Citizen residing in th US who files an pays th bogus so-called income tax is voluntarily contributing to th elimination of th Middle Class an th ultimate destruction of th US {my note = similarly th Australian tax office {ato} has no legal jurisdiction to exist either}. It might disturb you to know that th new soviet style irs headquarters in th federal building at New Carrollton, Maryland is, in fact, an illuminati temple. Th US an Russia never really were enemies. They were secret allies in order to get taxes etc.

Who among you really believes that all of a sudden an for no reason whatsoever young children all over th nation pick up guns an decide to murder their parents–classmates–teachers? How many of you know that th majority of these children were receiving treatment {hypnosis an drugs} from mental health professionals? How many of you know that it is these same professionals who have created th “alien abduction” an “abused children” phenomenon which has surged across th nation? How many of you have ever realized that most so-called mental health professionals are self confessed marxists? When are you going to stop being ignorant sheeple? Have you ever asked yourself why these incidents always happen just before legislators must vote on important gun legislation? Every apollo mission was carefully rehearsed an then filmed in large sound stages at th atomic energy commission`s top secret test site in th Nevada desert an in a secured an guarded sound stage at th walt disney studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of th moon. All missions–names–landing sites–events in th apollo space program echo th occult metaphors–rituals–symbology of th illuminati`s secret religion. No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above th earth`s surface.

Methinks th rejecticons got ultra serious about our extinction around 1850 when big sugar cane mills began manufacturing pure poison instead of organic food, an especially between 1900–25, th time when henri de rothschild helped to fund “madame” marie–pierre curie`s radium lab. I suspect th curies were used as patsies to cull–torture–destabilize th “useless jibbitters”. At that time, they permitted profiteers to put carcinogenic radioactive radium in umpteen items, eg watches–water–belts–chocolate–toothpaste–soap–contraceptives. Right on cue with a straight face, th “madame”, a laughable nobel prize winner, announced that radium would cure cancer, an for th first time doctors had 6 figure incomes. She later died of rad-caused cancer. Even today her papers–cookbooks from th 1890s are too dangerous to handle an can only be safely read by wearing special protective clothing. Th only acceptable “cures” for cancer back then were x-rays–surgery–radium. Anything other than these was attacked by th AMA–cancer society–oncologists. Extermination by surgical operation.

Regarding th ubiquitous radium devices being pedaled, for our “protection” th ama enacted a law requiring them to generate a specific amount of rads in 24 hours. It was so high as to guarantee death to th user in 3-5 years. Despite valid references dating back to 1906 which warned of radium`s hazards, it was not banned until 1938 {Bill Kovarik}. Th rad refrain played yet again sometime in th 1940–50s, when th first tvs being sold emitted out th back fatal amounts of rads. Even in 1985 fridge rad “deodorizers” were being sold which contained thorium-containing monazite sand. Thorium`s half life is 10 billion years. Extermination by radioactive contamination.

There is no fucking time for small talk. Middle-class Western white–black citizens are th new native “snuffable” 1800s Indians {Alex Jones says that even billionaires are now probably being assassinated}, an just like th countless millions of native Indians who were murdered in th past from Canada to Chile, today`s white–black man–woman, especially Wampineers–Wampinettes, have been an are being covertly skeletilized as this is written. One way they do this is by using food as a weapon against us, th same as the brutal ruling Soviet bolsheviks did in 1932 against th Ukrainians who had rebelled against them an wanted independence. Th red army invaded an confiscated their grain. Reminiscent of Gaza today 2009, their borders were sealed an no food could get in. After 2 years of this, 10 million mostly white Ukrainians an their animals starved to death. This Zionist {international banker-royal bloodline elite} murder spree is considered by many, as well as th Dresden bombing, as th real Holocaust {}. But today they can`t just send in an army to crush us cuz Yanks are well-armed, so they quietly an covertly send in an “invisable” army to sabotage their food–medicine supply using insecticides, fluoride an sodium benzoated vitamins among dozens of others including chemicals put in tobacco to get you addicted to it ~ by genetically altering food plants ~ by chemtrails ~ selling deadly microwave ovens ~ by monsanto an other`s hybridization of food plants, eg citrus which creates dud {infertile} seeds ~ by irradiation of food ~ or by banning certain beneficial herbs–vitamins. That`s why today th rejecticons are bankrupting th small independent organic farmers, an promoting th big food conglomerates. Among th first of such conglomerates were seen back in th 1800s with th introduction of sugar cane mills to transform raw healthful sugar cane juice into unhealthful white an brown sugar ruining millions of forested acres an creating polio an other “mysterious” epidemics an possibly negatively altering rainfall to boot.


Crow; {Crow has just swiped a box of “organic” wheat biscuits containing “organic” sugar from a local open air market an proudly drops it in th dirt by Chicken, Turtle an a visiting spunky white Cockatoo} c`mon gang lets all dig in! Now we dont have to wreck our health on plain sugar anymore, we can eat it an be safe, look at th label, its got real “organic” sugar!

Chicken; {pecking like crazy on th box}Wow, I`ve waited a long time for this!

Turtle; {tearing apart th box} no more sugar diabetes or polio dramas woowhee!

Cockatoo; are you all loco? {strangely Cockatoo frowns and does`nt join in th celebration an suddenly everyone stops jibbitting}.

Crow; {to Cockatoo} stop pretending you aint got no sweet desires!

Cockatoo; me an my raiders get th real organic sugar juice straight from th living cane stalk. Organic sugar is doublespeak to get you thinking one can convert th plague of Birdkind into

something healthful.

Turtle; {climbing on Chicken`s back} c`mon lets make a raid an go get th real thing!

Cockatoo; ok follow me. Ya comin Crow? Whats amatter? Crow? {Crow appears to be in an immovable trance unwilling to chew or spit out th biscuit in her beak. She had carefully planned and executed th theft having waited for hours until th precise moment when no one was looking to swoop in. She appears to be depressed an let down, but its just an act to get cozy with Cockatoo an gain his sympathy!

Crow; Oh dear me, I seem to be too weak ta fly now. You all go ahead, I`ll just stay here an dream of what might have been.

Cockatoo; nonsense babe, come hitch a ride on me back like th other Cockatoochies do, this`l be cawin great fun.

Crow; w w well if y y you insist {she climbs aboard an clings tighter than she has to}

Cockatoo; soon we`ll be feelin no pain, deep down in th sugar cane ~ whoowhee!

Crow; Jimenez yer back is so muscular {she hides a smile as they ascend an says to herself, wow I finally did it, he`ll be my first taste of white sugar!}


Henry Makow says “you can bet that whenever a country is ostracized as a pariah {nonconformist} state, its real crime is asserting its independence from th nwo. It`s no coincidence that th “axis of evil”, Iraq-Iran-N. Korea do/did not have rothschild-run central banks ”.

While researching chemtrails I came across some startling info on many netsites especially an which said that chemtrails contain some or all of th following: {stand up an stretch} anthrax spores, lupis, thorium, alum, barium, polymer fibers, titanium, silicon carbide, pathogenic bacteria, harmful desiccated red blood cells. I did`nt know how to spell chemtrail so I consulted these dictionarys {2009} ~ Merriam Webster ~ ~ ~ an th all of which had no listing but th latter said “try wikipedia”.

Now I was suspicious of wikipedia but went for th bait anyway. They were th only ones who admitted th word existed an had th definition. Note that when one is researching odd controversial subjects-ojay, they are often th only ones who seem to have th answer, so one is basically forced to quote from them. Friend or foe? A bit strange that some search engines often list them near th top. Reportedly, many chemtrail netsites are run by gov. disinformation specialists to spin th information or suppress th real reason for chemtrails. Their chemtrail story started off legitamate enuff an I had almost swallowed th bait until th end when they quote nasa`s patrick minnis saying “logic is not exactly a selling point for most chemtrail proponents. If you try to pin these people down an refute things, its, well, you`re just part of th conspiracy”. Then at th bottom right are two fotos wikipedia labelled as being “contrails”, th common harmless plane trails we all have seen in th sky. But wait. Th fotos are certainly chemtrails! But there were no fotos labelled as chemtrails. Th spin is this; th average person who still erroneously believes nasa put a man on th moon, will take th view of nasa`s dear mr. minnis, instead of th “proponents” of th conspiracy.

“Everything’s wrong on Wikipedia” ~ Gore Vidal (they do get things right on occasion and are improving ).

Regettably, then I learned that many microbiologists had been found brutally murdered, eg Eugene Mallove. They would`ve been able to identify such toxins as barium in th chemtrails an enlightened us. Then I thought about th many Rockeonies who had been snuffed cuz they too tried to enlighten us, not to mention authors an inventors like Stan Meyer who wanted to introduce his water powered car to th ojay. Do you think th oil companies were happy to see his converted car running free? Meyer quote = “most inventors have to be a loner, you have to be thick-skinned and dont rely on other people to support you cuz they wont. More times than not, an invention is stolen from th inventor. I`ve had patents taken from me”. Like so many others with exquisite musical/scientific talent, Stan never finished high school an had no scientific background so he cannot communicate with “educated nincompoops” disguised as “educated scientists”.

Do you think th cursota want us to thrive on independent self-sufficient organic farms? Th puzzle was now clear as to one primary reason why they so desperately want us to believe their global warming hoax. You see, nasa an th th rest say that by spraying certain chemicals in th sky they can create clouds–rain that will cool th watusi down thus preventing global warming. But in reality they are covertly spraying chemicals designed to wreck our immune systems to keep us lethargic, sick an depressed. Chemtrails are aimed at major population centers. Th “smoking gun” they forgot about? = polymer webs with melanin, alum, barium, ethylene glycol based monoacrylates an other heavy metals used extensively for weather modification projects, have been identified {bravo!} by technicians at th Tesla center, Wright Patterson air force base in Dayton, Ohio. These chemtrails are maybe what`s causing th various droughts around th jack, eg th USA ~ Canadian prairie ~ Oz. Rivers-bores are drying up. In Oz its a major food crisis as organic farms can`t grow vegies an beans without rain, thus driving up food prices an unemployment, an making it tougher for vegetarian wannabes. Reportedly, th release of barium at high altitudes increases th temperature of th atmosphere, so it gets hot an dry down below. Then there`s “dyn-o-gel”, a patented cross-linked aqueous polymer. When dispersed in a storm it forms a gelatinous substance which falls to th ground thus diminishing a cloud`s ability to rain. Now think about th various unexplainable monster cyclones, psunami producing earthquakes, bizarre record breaking temperatures we`ve been having an connect th dots. Chemtrail contamination produces an acid bodily condition which causes disease. Th antidote is to take alkaline foods {see th list on another page}.

Bumbles an Woogies, we must not make th same fatal mistake as th uninformed trusting Ukrainians, who found it too hard to believe that smooth-talking indescribably despicable evil ojay exist, as well as th native American Indian Tribes who would`nt unite as one. Ojay, th 9-11 show was created to frighten 99.999% of us, not just certain clubs or groups. Their goal is to snuff 80-99% of us an that includes most or all police. When most ojay are dead or incapacitated by vaccinations, what would th cursota need police for? To guard their homes against soldier ant invasion? Furthermore, what would tv news announcers be needed for when no more propaganda is necessary to be reported to th sheeple? To announce th coming of mozzie invasions? What about yakalinguentics {lawyers}? Who will need them when all decisions made by a handful of tyrants cannot be disputed? And Congresses? Will they still be needed to pass legislation preventing sperm whales from urinating in th ocean? We must shove our differences aside for th moment an stop quibbling. Does it make sense to ridicule those who don`t share yer beliefs while th ship that everyone`s in is sinking in a whirlpool? Should a redneck an a hippie be taking verbal slaps at each other when th raging water is up to their chin? Should th last words spoken by a symphonist to a Rockeonie be “yer music makes me vomit” as they`re both being placed in concentration camps? Should a christian knock off a muslim`s hat while standing in line waiting to be microchipped?

Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Tribe, said “unless we support one another with our collective forces, th whites will soon conquer us, an we will be driven away from our native country an scattered as leaves before th wind”. Nor must we be tricked; Osceola, famed Seminole Indian Tribal leader, was tricked into talking peace an was covertly captured in 1837 while carrying a white flag of truce. He was imprisoned an died shortly thereafter. Is there a lesson to be learned here? He said “they could not capture me except for a white flag.They could`nt hold me except with a chain”. Th Indians were defeated by treachery, not by superior intelligence–bravery. Similarly, we are being defeated today by illiterate cringing aliens an their surveillance appararatus, from th “eye in th quadroon” to th street cameras an more, which are nothing less than invisible chains.

How did they get th masses to tolerate this attack on their pursuit of happiness to begin with? By stealth an “conditioning” as cowboys do when taming wild mustangs, eg surveillance an speed cameras–locking gates in big food an department stores, as if their saying “hey this is for your own good”. This reminds of a python that will often creep up on a Chicken, an then snuggle up against it on a cold nite. Th Chicken, which is awake but drowsy, tolerates this as long as th python moves slowly an unagressively. Then th python rests calmly for a spell against th Chook as if to say “hey you can use me for a coat if you want”, thus completely gaining th Chook`s trust. Then when th Chook relaxes a bit more, like a thunderbolt it springs around it an crushes its maudy until it suffocates. Th python is not to be blamed for this cuz it is only following th course that nature has intended for it to take, so naturally it will feel no guilt. Similarly, for some odd reason, nature has intended that th cursota prey on us, an like th python, they have felt no guilt. Why should they, they are only following nature`s directive. After a time, th python will be hungry again an attack another animal, but if this animal is say a baby baboon, its yockomo may come to th rescue an kill it. Th yockomo was only following nature`s directive, so why should he feel any guilt? Nuff said. Th python an th cursota are somewhat similar. Some pythons are strangely respectful toward us. One can slowly walk up to a wild one, pick it up, an go walking with it, whereas with poisonous snakes–snapping turtles–other carnivores you can`t. Similarly, you can contact th cursota an their reply will be strangely vague but respectful, when you know that th last thing on their mind is real respectfulness.

In th 1950s, American president eisenhower an th cursota cottoned to that in order for global slavery to succeed quicker with less muss an fuss, all rhythm an bluezy blacks who had retained their reet thru th centuries, had to be coaxed into believing that bowling on th weekends was more rewarding than jukin it up. In short, they had to be “assimilated” like th inert city whites in order to bury R an B forever. Strangely, blacks did`nt see that its better to retain your reet an not be permitted to ride on a bus with whites, than it is to be permitted to ride with whites an lose your reet listening to their anti-music music. So when eisenhower gave them some significant red herring coloured civil rights, out went R an B an in came eisenhower`s “music to suicide by”. As long as blacks remained in little dusty villages with their own kind far off th beaten track away from whites, authentic R an B would remain vibrant in those little unpainted juke joints on th outskirts of town on a dirt road, complete with one dim blue light an a black guard out front to make it look good. Any white boy entering such a joint quickly discovered that th jukebox usually had th real thing, th black chicks were happy just to talk to you, an th coochies were awesome.


Crow; I knew he`d never forget me.

Turtle; {nippin Crow`s feathers an feigning sorrow} but you said I was th only one!

Chicken; {flyin up on Turtle`s back concealing a smirk} liar, you said I was th only one too!


One other group had to be “assimilated” into luxurious bowling society, th poor uneducated but happy white country hillbillys playing Rockabilly–Honkytonk which had th same power as R an B did to heal. Rich white city boys, on their way south in their luxury cars, would stop in front of their rustic log cabins in cotton fields, giggle an take pictures as if zoo monkeys lived there.

Many of them began playing their hottentots before puberty with blacks an would still be playing today if their music had not been sabotaged. R an B–Rockabilly were among th last bodily organs protecting th heart–reet from parasitic virus attack. Without such music, th reet of Man would die a slow painful death. If you kill th reet, th maudy follows.

Some may argue that this “Hoonry Hookworm”, got truly established in America`s guts around 1900-13 when they skeletilized president Mckinley. Yet methinks it really was when English aristocratic religious gold-seeking land-grabbing psychopaths, known as “founding father pilgrims”, first came ashore on th east coast. How do you get th poor to drop what their doin an go fight a war for th rich against native Indians? Dangle a cheap land carrot an write a star spangled national anthem proclaiming that this is th land of th free an th home of th brave with a motto that says “in god is our trust”. Th smell of this red herring will be sure to attract flies in a hurry. C, so th cursota said back in th 1800`s, you poor white boys can have a little freedom–land now when you bring th Indian scalps in, but later on we`l take it all away from you an your sons, bit by bit, piece by piece, an you won`t even notice it when we acquire 35–50% of your wealth by stealth via taxation. Kim Wilson, arguably th best harmonica player in th country an co-founder of th Fabulous Thunderbirds, said “people have got to believe that we {th Rockeonies} run this country, not those in th top 1%. Th sooner we stop wearing a cowbell an following these people off a cliff like a bunch of lemmings, th sooner we`re going to be great. Its not about liberal an conservative. Its about common sense an th harmony we could have on this planet if it was`nt for a few uglies that run it. Its all going to change ~ there`s going to be a Renaissance”. Polly bumble.

Our public schooling taught that th native ojay were not very noble blah blah blah. But wait. When columbus, a genocidal carniborian, “discovered” Haiti–Dominican republic, he said “so tractable, so peaceable are these people [Taino} that I swear to your majesties there is not in th world a better nation. They love their neighbors as themselves, an their discourse is ever sweet an gentle, an accompanied with a smile; an although they are naked, their manners are decorous an praiseworthy. They are so free with all they possess, that no one would believe it without having seen it. Of anything they have, if you ask them for it, they never say no; rather they invite th person to share it, an show as much love as if they were giving their hearts”. Being a purebred cursotic psycho, he took this as a sign of mental weakness, not as an admirable trait that is innate to all unadulterated ojay. So he butchered them accompanied by ferocious armored dogs that were trained to kill an disembowel an skewered them with pikes.

Columbus day holiday? Th cursota`s district of “columbia” headquarters? HAHAHAHA. Venezuelan ojay`s president, Hugo Chavez, said “th arrival of columbus sparked th biggest genocide in history”. Columbus acquired their gold {apparently th Taino were sane so they had little or no use for gold} an used th Taino as plantation an sex slaves. But they resented their lands being taken, fought back an made poor slaves. Eventually he resorted to wiping out th Taino altogether. Prior to his arrival, some place th population of Hispaniola at 1.5 – 3 million. By 1496, it was down to 1.1 million, by 1516 = 12,000, by 1542 fewer than 200 natives were alive, by 1555 every single one was dead {}.

What was th real reason why columbus killed the Indigenous Peoples? When these scum observed and talked to these prosperous independent self-sufficient proud people who had little need for valueless junk like gold, they cottoned to that, unlike themselves, they were more alive than dead. This rude awakening created a big problem for their imagined sanity; the indigenous way of life reminded them that they had lived their entire life in vain chasing their own golden-tipped tails round and around in circles going nowhere.

So in order to convince themselves that this was NOT true, and that they had lived a full successful meaningful life instead of a wasted one, they snuffed the Indigenous People in order to “prove” to themselves that they were the superior race.
In other words, just looking at a kind-hearted nude Taino who had done nothing to antagonize them, was the same thing as if the Taino had spit at them and slapped them in the face.
Fully clothed cowards don`t like to be reminded they are genetic rejects unable to fight fair and square.

This was said by artist George Catlin, 1831-38 about th native American Plains Indians in the pre-“civilization” era —

I love a people that have always made me welcome to the very best that they had.

I love a people who are honest without laws, who have no jails and no poorhouses.

I love a people who keep the commandments without ever having read or heard them preached from the pulpit.

I love a people who never swear or take the name of God in vain.

I love a people “who love their neighbors as they love themselves.”

I love a people who worship God without a Bible, for I believe that God loves them also.

I love a people whose religion is all the same, and who are free from religious animosities.

I love a people who have never raised a hand against me, or stolen my property, when there was no law to punish either.

I love and don’t fear mankind where God has made and left them, for they are his children.

I love the people who have never fought a battle with the white man, except on their own ground.

I love a people who live and keep what is their own without lock and keys.

I love a people who do the best they can. And oh how I love a people who don’t live for the love of money.

He wrote, in 1841, this short narrative to explain his reason and observations for writing the above creed; “All history goes to prove that when first visited by civilized people, the American Indians have been found friendly and hospitable —- from the days of Christopher Columbus to the Lewis and Clark expedition … And so also have a great many travelers, including myself: Nowhere to my knowledge, have they stolen a six-pence worth of my property, though in their country there are no laws to punish for theft. I have visited 48 different tribes, and feel authorized to say that the North American Indian in his native state is honest, hospitable, faithful, brave,… and an honorable and religious human being…

“In Agrarian Justice, Thomas Paine returned once again to the Iroquois, among whom he had learned democracy, when he wrote, “The fact is, that the condition of millions, in every country in Europe, is far worse than if they had been born before civilization began, or had been born among the Indians of North-America at the present day.”


James Axtell analyzed documents of Europeans who fled the tyrannic “Christian” life and lived with the Indians. He concluded that “whites chose to remain part of the Indian culture” because they had:

A strong sense of community
Abundant love for all, even for the Christian invaders at first
Uncommon integrity, compared to Christians
Ease of living
A lack of deteriorating solicitude [i.e., had continuing solicitude]

However, the Christian leaders didn’t like the idea that some of their people would favor a “heathen” life like this. One without the hatred, racism, and malice towards others, even towards those within the same community. Therefore, laws were made to control people with fear if they chose to live a life filled with love. The penalty was, of course, severe for those who sought to leave the evils of Christian settlements. They were hunted down, caught, and faced many different forms of punishment, depending on how religious the Christians felt. They could be flogged, shot, or burned alive. — “The Christian Invasion of North America by the English” {}.

When none other than European aristocratic bloodline member, george washington, an his troops faced starvation, th Onieda natives carried over 600 bushels of corn–blankets to them. After th war, th Onieda were “re-paid” by th confiscation of their lands, reminiscent of Aboriginies in Oz. Washington, who had a slave plantation of 80,000 acres, said Indians were “wolves an beasts who deserved nothing from th whites except total ruin”. Washington`s troops amused themselves by skinning th bodies of Indians from th hips downward, to make boot tops or leggins {Anthony F.C. Wallace, th death an rebirth of th Seneca”1979}. Famed harvard doctor, oliver w.holmes, said that Indian extermination was necessary. Th traitor from Britain, ben franklin said, “th huge english mastiffs should be locked in a cage for a time before a hunt {for Indians} so that they will be fresher an fiercer for th attack”. Later he admitted th truth when he said “no European who has tasted Savage life can afterwards bear to live in our societies”. President theodore roosevelt said, “I don`t say that th only good Indian is a dead one, but I believe 9 out of 10 are”. Later on his kin, fdr, would “confiscate” gold held by Americans “for their own good”. Th wizard of Oz creator himself, frank baum, said “why not Indian annihilation? Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced; better that they die than live th miserable wretches that they are“. Mark “huck” twain said “an Indian`s heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, an of low an devilish instincts”. Yet Daniel Boone said “I`m sorry for any Indian I ever killed, for they were kinder to me than any white man”.

“After Col. Henry Bouquet defeated the Ohio Indians at Bushy Run in 1763, he demanded the release of all white captives. Most of them, especially the children, had to be “bound hand and foot” and forcibly returned to white society” ~ “..from the start in Virginia.. settlers fled to Indian villages rather than endure the rigors of life among the autocratic English. Indeed, many white and black newcomers chose to live an Indian lifestyle… some Natives chose to live among whites.. The migration was mostly the other way, however.. Europeans were always trying to stop the outflow. Hernando De Soto had to post guards to keep his men and women from defecting to Native societies… right up to the end of independent Indian nationhood in 1890, whites continued to defect, and whites who lived an Indian lifestyle, such as Daniel Boone, became cultural heroes in white society” ~ “According to Benjamin Franklin, “All their government is by Counsel of the Sages. There is no Force; there are no Prisons, no officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.” Probably foremost, the lack of hierarchy in the Native socieites in the eastern United States attracted the admiration of European observers. Frontiersmen were taken with the extent to which Native Americans enjoyed freedom as individuals. Women were also accorded more status and power.. than in white societies of the time” ~ “Indeed, Native American ideas may be partly responsible for our democratic institutions. We have seen how Native ideas of liberty, fraternity, and equality found their way to Europe to influence social philosophers such as Thomas More, Locke, Montaigne, Montesquieu, and Rousseau… Through 150 years of colonial contact, the Iroquois League stood before the colonies as an object lesson in how to govern a large domain democratically” {James W. Loewen “lies my teacher told me”}.

Th biggest presidential snowjob of all, as taught in public schools from day one, which helps to partially explain why Yankees today can`t wake up an see th ugly truth, seems to fall on abe lincoln. We must be prevented from knowing that on Dec. 26–1862 lincoln ordered th largest mass execution in history, 39 Santee Sioux Indians in Minnesota, despite th fact that their guilt could not positively be determined, an that he put general pope in charge of exterminating th rest via war . Pope said “my purpose is to exterminate th Sioux, they are wild beasts” {Thomas J. DiLorenzo “th real lincoln” 2002}. In 1861, arguably th last year when America could be described as being remotely alive, th only legal mun was gold–silver. Then in Feb 1862 this cursotic extraordinaire created fiat mun, disguised as “greenbacks”, an signed a bill in July authorizing hundreds of new taxes of all sorts. Thus an internal revenue bureaucracy was created for th first time. At this time America had for all practical purposes been converted back to 1700`s big government Britain with its income taxation–protectionism–internal revenue bureaucracy–central banking–military conscription–huge standing army–corporate welfare–foreign policy meddling.

I think this was th London plan all along. Bankers run London and don`t really care who wins wars, as long as all governments participating are shoveleudiozticoziacs who believe in usury an steal from th ojay. Bankers created th Vietnamese war, WW-1 and 2 and th American civil war, so are we so naive to think that th first American Revolutionary War 1775–1783 and th second revolutionary war of 1812 were any different? In other words, London bankers did`nt really care who would win these wars, cuz they would profit from th funding of both sides.

Says Kirk Mackenzie, on th Ernest Hancock show, aug 23rd-2010,  = “th war of 1812 was created to force our country back into debt cuz there`s an intimate relationship between war and central banking. When government`s go into war, or are forced into war, they need more mun than they can raise from taxes and they essentially revert to a central banking scheme where they can print money from nothing, and so my belief that at this point in time that war was put upon us for th express purpose of penalizing us for not renewing th central bank charter and forcing us back into it”.

Th Articles of Confederation, valid between 1781-89, was th first constitution of th US. If th Articles had been written by genuine poor or middle class ojay, instead of ultra-rich slave drivers, I might describe them as being relevant.

Nevertheless, UNLIKE th US constitution, drafted later in 1787 and becoming effective in 1789,

th Articles DID give a healthy serving of freedom which said that:

1. Congress could REQUEST, not demand that states pay taxes

2. There would be NO system of federal courts. C you read that right.

3. NO provision to regulate interstate trade.

4. NO executive with great power.

5. Congress could NOT draft troops.

6. Sovereignty resides in states, NOT th constitution.


I think th bankers/royalty/vatican/masons were not at all concerned when they read th Articles. Why should they be when they or their cronies had probably written them in th first place as part of an elaborate hoodwinking plan? Moreover, surely they must have known that even if th US won th war, that there would be widespread economic misery/rebellion cuz of debts that had to be repaid via th collection of taxes, which could then be blamed on th “weak” Articles. They certainly knew they could arrange to have their ultra-wealthy aristocratic cronies become th first US presidents who would make sure the Articles remained in force just long enough for th spin doctors to muddy th water by pointing out th Articles supposed “weaknesses”. This is certainly th reason why these presidents are omitted from th history books. Note that th illuminati was founded in 1776, 5 years before th Articles became law.

Shining some light in 2003 on how an why th Articles were discarded in order to create th Constitution is H. A. Scott Trask, = “An assumption that dominates American historical studies is that the wealth and prosperity of the country would be much less without the existence of a powerful central government. This theme is but part of a larger, and now international, orthodoxy that larger political jurisdictions, as long as they are “democratic,” foster liberty and economic growth while smaller ones stifle it.

In Europe, elites hold up an all-European government as the golden road to a brighter and wealthier future. Others go further, such as Atlantic Monthly correspondent Robert D. Kaplan, and argue that eventual “world governance” by “global elites” is both inevitable and desirable. Kaplan, whose books are read by high-ranking government officials and journalists, believes that free markets, democracy, and liberty shall thrive under a world regime. The truth is far different. All of history attests that the centralization and concentration of power breed despotism. In the history of European civilization, liberty and civilization have thrived when political power has been dispersed and checked. If your children attend a public or private university in this country, they will be taught that President Roosevelt “saved” capitalism from itself with his New Deal legislative program in the 1930s. They will also be taught as unquestionable truth that the Federalists rescued the fledgling national economy from imminent collapse during the decade following the War of Independence (1780s), a decade ominously described by statist historians (are there any other kind?) as “the critical period.” They learn that these years were a tumultuous and tragic follow-up to the Revolution. Without a strong central authority, the country was convulsed and confused by violent internal rebellion, economic stagnation, the petty rule of “bad men” (i.e. local-minded and self-interested), and national weakness in the face of predatory commercial rivals. Into this despairing void, stepped a shining band of broad-minded, far-seeing, disinterested, nationalist leaders who realized the impotent and inept government of the Confederation had not the powers to deal with the crisis or guide the country into the regulated, centrally managed future. Consequently, they led a constitutional revolution which discarded the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with a broad charter of national power, falsely described as federal, that by taxing, regulating, and promoting (i.e. subsidies!) rescued the economy and laid the solid foundation for America’s future growth and prosperity. Students graduate thinking that were it not for the federal Constitution, we would all be sitting on the front porch of our cabin spitting tobacco, drinking home-made whiskey, and kicking our dog Blue. The prevailing historical interpretation of the country under the Articles of Confederation is an example of the harm that has resulted from the ignorance of economics among generations of historians. Let us consider the work of Richard B. Morris, the Columbia University historian, whose book The Forging of the Union, 1781–1789 (1987) is considered the standard history of that decade. For Morris, the calling of a constitutional convention was a necessity recognized by nearly all. “Businessmen, mechanics, and artisans witnessed a Confederation government incapable of controlling the money supply, of paying interest on the public debt, or of regulating and encouraging foreign and domestic commerce. Little wonder that these groups recognized the grim necessity for setting up a stronger central government.” The economy was beginning to thrive again in 1788, the year the Constitution was ratified, and Morris naturally awards credit to the new government for the change. “The ratification of the federal Constitution seems to have laid a basis for economic recovery.” It never occurs to him that the recession was bound to end sometime, or that its end was due to causes unrelated to the creation of a new national authority. Our best guides to the critical decade of the 1780s are two of the few American historians who understand economics and are true liberals—William Graham Sumner and Murray Rothbard. Although Sumner was a nationalist and antidemocrat who favored the new constitution for other reasons, he understands as well as Rothbard that the depression of the 1780s was not due to the lack of a powerful central government. In summation, the Americans were suffering the natural aftereffects of a long war financed by debt and inflation, and exacerbated by the continuing circulation of inconvertible paper currency. As Sumner records, “misery was great throughout the country, owing to paper money and debt and the losses of the war.” The postwar depression was a necessary period of hardship during which Americans readjusted to new trade patterns and economic realities, paid debts, and repaired the damage and neglect wrought by war. No government could have legislated or regulated away these facts of life. Americans, flush with soaring hopes unleashed by the Revolution, wanted to believe otherwise, but there was no political substitute for hard work, reconstruction, self-denial, and patience. Regrettably, as is the case so often in our history, many sought political panaceas to escape economic realities. Mechanics and manufacturers petitioned their state legislatures for protective tariffs to exclude lower cost British-made goods. Ship builders and owners lobbied for navigation laws to exclude British shipping from American ports, and southern exporters and northern merchants pleaded for retaliatory legislation to force open closed British markets. Farmers demanded that paper money be issued and lent on the security of land. Only a few years after independence, Americans were trying to replicate the main features of the British colonial and mercantile system from which they had just freed themselves. Sumner also observes that whenever the economy has floundered, many blame foreign trade for somehow draining the country of its wealth. For instance, James Madison warned in 1786 of “the present anarchy of commerce.” He blamed the “unfavorable balance” of trade for “draining us of our metals” and furnishing “pretexts for the pernicious substitution of paper money.” Madison had it exactly backwards. It was the habit of using paper money that was driving the nation’s specie abroad, as coin would not circulate alongside paper of similar denomination. Madison’s solution to commercial “anarchy” was a national government with the power to regulate commerce and the money supply. Not surprisingly, Madison would be one of the authors of the tariff of 1789. As president he would sign the tariff of 1816 and the charter for the second national bank.

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Chapter 3 of 7 – Th real Thomas Jefferson-Articles of Confederation-soybean danger-Abe Lincoln-slavery presidents-Native Americans-circumcision is legal genital mutilation-DNA damaged sperm-Bobby Fischer-Dingo Poison “1080”-Legumes

Shay’s Rebellion and the Ratification of the Constitution

Alas, the nationalists took advantage of a propitious rebellion, that of Daniel Shays, a former Continental Army officer. Shay and other local leaders led an uprising of distressed farmers from western Massachusetts groaning under the load of heavy taxes assessed to pay the interest and principal (at face value in specie) of the state’s wartime debt. During an economic depression, with farm prices low and foreign markets closed, the state government was taxing the farmers (payable in hard money only) to pay wealthy eastern creditors who had lent depreciated paper (accepted at full face value) to the state government for bonds during the war. The farmers either could not or would not pay, and when they failed to do, state judges were quick to confiscate their farms. The farmers organized into a militia and marched on the courts, which they closed. Seeing an opportunity, the nationalist leaders were quick to misrepresent the grievances and aims of the insurgents. They claimed that the Shaysites, and similar groups in other states, were radical inflationists, communists, and levelers out to defraud their creditors and redistribute property, instead of being, what in truth they were, property-owning, anti-tax rebels who wanted to keep their farms {my note = basically th same thing is happening today as th obamatons use th word “terrorist” to describe someone who is a Constitutionalist an speaks th truth, who does`nt pay their illegal income taxes/property taxes and 50 other taxes, who stands up for their rights}. Obviously, the nationalists wanted to scare the country into supporting a more vigorous government. George Washington was terrified. “We are fast verging toward anarchy and confusion,” he wrote. His nationalist friends did their best to heighten his terror. Henry Knox wrote Washington of the Shaysites that “their creed is that the property of the United States” having been freed from British exactions “by the joint exertions of all, ought to be the common property of all.” This was utterly false, but it did the trick. Washington agreed to be the presiding officer at the constitutional convention. Later, Madison in Federalist No. 10 warned that without the strong arm of a vigorous central government, the states would be vulnerable to movements motivated by “a rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property” and for other “improper or wicked project[s].” The Massachusetts historian Mercy Otis Warren, a contemporary of these events, warned of “discontents artificially wrought up, by men who wished for a more strong and splendid government.” We know the consummation. The nationalists were able to exploit the situation sufficiently to secure a federal convention to be held in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787. Exceeding their instructions (which were only to draw up a few amendments), the delegates decided to throw out the Articles altogether and write a new national constitution which was subsequently ratified by the states (but not without considerable opposition and probably a national majority opposed to it). Rothbard described it as the triumph of “a radically nationalist program that would recreate as much as possible the pre-liberal situation existing before the Revolution. . . .In short, they were able to destroy much of the original individualist and decentralist program of the American Revolution.” We live with the consequences today. Thus do we see how the period of the Articles of Confederation was not characterized by chaos and increasingly bad economic times, as historians tend to assume. Rather, the Articles proved themselves to be a perfectly viable structure for a free society, encouraging trade and prosperity and adherence to the highest ideals of 1776. The driving forces for the creation of the central government with the Constitution involved economic imbalances and debts leftover from the war with Britain. The federalists, ideologically attached to protectionist and nationalist theories, exploited both real and false fears in the hope of resolving these imbalances, but they ended up by recreating what the founding generation had struggled so hard to overthrow ten years earlier. The strong central authority they created would in time reproduce every statist feature of the British system—political corruption, perpetual debt, debilitating taxation, consolidated power, and a global empire. Such was not the promise of the Revolution”.

Madison and the Bill of Rights: =

James Madison was the most important architect of the Constitution

  • Madison originally opposed any Bill of Rights
  • Madison later supported Bill of Rights for political reasons, to secure passage of Constitution over Anti-Federalist opposition
  • “On 8 June 1789, James Madison rose to the floor of the United States Congress and proposed a series of changes to the new Constitution. The national charter would not be complete, he argued, unless amendments were added that explicitly protected individuals’ rights. Many members of Congress balked at the suggestion, but Madison was adamant. Nor did he rest until the Bill of Rights had been drafted and ratified, guaranteeing to Americans—perhaps most critically—their right to the freedom of religion.
    This is a great story, but it could not be more misleading. Madison, although the principle advocate for passing the Bill of Rights in the House, personally believed it was wholly unnecessary and even referred to the entire episode as the “nauseous project of amendments”. His supporters in the House were just as cynical; they described the Bill of Rights as “milk and water amendments,” “bread pills,” and “a little flourish and dressing.”
    So why did Madison take the lead on this project? And what exactly did the Bill of Rights—and, more specifically, the freedom of religion—mean to the men who added it to our Constitution?

To answer these questions, we need to back up a couple of years.
After Madison and the other members of the Constitutional Convention had completed drafting the Constitution during the summer of 1787, they sent copies of the document to the states for ratification. They had agreed that the new government, since it would derive its power from the ojay, would not go into effect until nine of the thirteen states had ratified it in special conventions called for that purpose. At these conventions, the Constitution encountered some resistance. While most Americans seemed supportive of the new government, a comparatively small but vigorous opposition emerged. Their complaints about the proposed new government varied, but most of them hovered around the increased powers of the government, especially regarding taxation and commerce.
These critics of the new government, known as Anti-Federalists, recognized that their scattered and sometimes complex criticisms of the Constitution were not capable of drawing mass public support. What they needed was a single clear and compelling issue around which to frame their opposition, and they found it in the Constitution’s original lackof a bill of Rights. Not only was the new government too powerful, they warned, but it offered no explicit protections of individuals’ liberties. What was to prevent this powerful new political monster from stomping out citizens’ rights to free speech and religion?
The supporters of the Constitution, like James Madison, tried first simply to rebut these Anti-Federalist claims. The government could never do what it was not explicitly authorized to do, they argued. Therefore, things like speech and religion were safe. A listing of rights, moreover, could be dangerous, leading to the erroneous conclusion that only those rights specifically listed were actually protected. Furthermore, most states already had bills of rights; a federal list would be redundant.
These arguments were effective enough to secure the ratification of the Constitution. But they were not effective enough to silence the opposition. In fact, many states ratified the Constitution with the recommendation that a bill of rights be added immediately. And Anti-Federalists hoped that they could leverage these recommendations to achieve more than just a bill of rights. Many hoped that they could use this wedge to force a new constitutional convention that would make changes to the new government’s taxation and commerce clauses.
It was at this point that Madison and other supporters of the Constitution decided to change their approach; rather than rebut Anti-Federalist demands, they would co-opt them. They would propose a bill of rights and steal the political thunder that the issue represented.
Therefore, when Madison rose to his feet in 1789 and proposed adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution through a series of amendments, he was acting politically more than philosophically. He was trying to crush the opposition to the new Constitution by taking away the issue that had the most potential to galvanize his foes. He still believed that a list of explicit protections was unnecessary, in terms of the structure of the new government”.

William Buppert, via, said “th constitution was designed to be a blueprint to give us big expensive gov, an gov that robs us of our liberties an freedoms. Th propaganda effort from th beginning in 1787 when we had that coup d`etat called th constitution to th present day, th victorious historians have won in convincing you that it is an instrument of liberty an freedom. I`m here to tell you that its an instrument to yoke you an turn you into th cattle you presently are. Th tax farmers in DC an all their political subsidiaries here in America have taken advantage of you, your wealth, labor, time an whatever you want to do with your life”.

Getting Back to the ‘Real’ Constitution — Fagettaboutit — by Kirkpatrick Sale (via

“There’s much talk these days, particularly by the Tea Party types, about getting back to the “real” Constitution, forcing the Obama government to honor the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers, and “understanding the Constitution through the eyes of its creators,” as one contributor to the Tenth Amendment Center recently put it. That center, in fact, is dedicated to, and attracting a growing following for, a rigid interpretation of that amendment reserving to the states the powers not expressly given to the Federal government.
And along with it in the last few years has grown up a Constitution Party that has the idea that the nation’s problems can be solved by “a renewed allegiance” to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and hence a return to “limited government.” The problem with current officials of both parties, as the CP see it, is that they “ignore their oaths to uphold the Constitution,” that is to say, the Constitution as originally written and used in the 18th century.
This would be a far different country, of course, if it paid an allegiance to the document of 1787 that the renegade Congress had come up with, in secret, that summer in Philadelphia, even along with its first ten amendments. But what all the critics who believe that going back to the original Constitution would forestall the kinds of forces that have led to the present bloated, overstretched, intrusive, and unwieldy government do not realize is that this is what it almost inevitably had to lead to.
Let’s wake up these “real Constitution” die-hards and the ardent “Tenthers” and tell them that it’s a waste of time to try to resurrect that document in order to save the nation – because the growth of government and the centralization of power is inherent in its original provisions. As the anti-Federalists were trying to say all along from the very beginning of the ratification process. Only when we get people today off this understandable but ill-fated track can we begin to open their eyes to the reality of our present peril: we have a big overgrown government because that’s what the Founding Fathers founded, and we won’t escape from it until we take the idea of secession as seriously as it must be taken.
Let’s look at some of the dangerous elements of the “real” Constitution.
It starts off with a phrase that, right there at the start, sounded alarm bells in those who, having experienced the powers of the individual states as sovereign states under the Articles of Confederation, saw that it was not to the states but to “we the people” that power would be given. “What right had they to say, We, the people,” cried Patrick Henry to the Virginia ratification convention, “instead of, We, the states?” He saw that the phrase gave power to an amorphous “people” whom the new government could define and use as it chose, bypassing and undercutting the states. If “the people” spoke through the Congress, it could willy-nilly ignore the individual states.
Which, indeed, is what happened, and Congress was cheerfully ratified in doing so by another centralizing branch of government, the Supreme Court. But the idea was never more egregiously used than when Lincoln denied that the states had any particular power, indeed denied that they were sovereign entities at all, and argued that all power rests with the people, who had created a United States and wanted it united. “Government of the people,” in other words, means that Washington can do whatever it damn pleases in their name.
And the anti-Federalists had warned of exactly that seventy years before. The framers of the Constitution, said Luther Martin, a delegate to the convention from Maryland, were crypto-monarchists whose “wish it was to abolish and annihilate all State governments, and to bring forward one general government…of a monarchical nature, under certain restrictions and limitations.” That was said in November 1787 – don’t say you weren’t warned”.

If we omit th Native American Indians and other Indigenous Ojay, in th history of Mankind, there has never been a country free from th stranglehold of th church, yakalinquentics, state, bankers, royalty, masons and gold, and this certainly includes Russia and China. Shoveleudiozticosis is a universal disease. USA school students are taught that th aristocrat, george washington, was th first president. Not so. There were about 14 presidents before him, th first being peyton randolph an th last being cyrus griffin. Peyton who? Cyrus who? I had never heard of any of them until 2009 when patriots posted them on th net. This is why they want to censor th net as China and now Australia have done. In order to get their feet in th door and gain public support for net censorship, th Oz cursota are using th red herring “to protect us from paedophiles” an th like; then little by little more an more netsites will be banned until th net is just another governmental ballyhoo machine, exactly like newspapers. Why do you think they have chalk (sex) laws in th first place?

Cohuttas, th net window which can give us freedom we have NEVER had before is rapidly closing. If it does close then you, dear reader, may have th very last copy of this report, provided you had copied it off th net an stored it on a memory stick. IF THIS BLOG DISAPPEARS OFF TH NET FOR SAY ONE MONTH ITS CUZ ITS BEEN BANNED OR I`VE BEEN “NEUTRALIZED”. It will then be left to you to “keep th faith” by finding a blog host to host it for you. By doing this you`ll be spreading Bopperism, not ballyhooism across th planet.

As th cursota have always done, it would be easy to have spooks sabotage th Articles by renaming it to a “Constitution” transforming them into something that would`nt greatly interfere with their mental disease, shoveleudiozticosis. Of course history does not absolutely record who th British spooks were, at least not yet, but I think among them were james madison and maybe thomas jefferson and george washington. All of them owned many slaves. Why were`nt their slaves set free while they argued for th freedom of other slaves? Like obama is today, they appear to have been eloquent orators with th gift of being able to speak out of both corners of their mouth at th same time. This being said, I can`t quite understand why jefferson would say truthful things like “I am convinced that those societies (as the Indians) which live without government enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under European governments. Among the former, public opinion is in the place of law, and restrains morals as powerfully as laws ever did anywhere. Among the latter, {European and Colonial} under pretence of governing, they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep. — Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, January 16, 1787 {}. Perhaps we should cut jefferson some slack for th time being, he may have simply been innocently mistaken. When th cursota are defeated, it will be interesting to learn th truth about him from th mountains of banned books, if any be left. To lend credence to th thought that these first 14 US presidents th cursota tried to remove from th history books were birds in their own roost, lets learn a bit about them. Study th faces/clothing of some of them an see if your skin does`nt begin to crawl. Note that they all wore th same white squeaky clean fluff around their neck like British judges. Some wore white wigs. John hancock even wore knee high white stockings. Did he borrow this ruse from th medical profession? One reason why they wore white clothes is to remind everyone that they were above everyone else an never got their hands dirty. Thus th white fluff is a symbol they use to remind you of this. I have never seen a photo of a man living close to th watusi wearing expensive white clothing. They were all ultra-rich and kept slaves. The first and last presidents, peyton randolph/cyrus griffin, were trained in London’s Inner Temple to be yakalinquentics {lawyers} – and thus were counted among their nation’s legal elite. Th Randolph`s owned 70,000 acres {109 square miles}but did`nt have to work it themselves. They owned 82 slaves to work it for them {th reason why portions of randolph`s will are missing may be cuz it would have shown that th slave number was much higher. They had little modern machinery back then and you can`t even begin to work 70,000 acres with 82 slaves}. Unlike middle class plantations, an aristocratic household such as th randolph house could not run without its slaves cuz th family did not work alongside them in th field {niahd journals}. Another source, says that randolph owned 4000 indentured servants and 2000 slaves. Thomas jefferson was a randolph descendant. Henry middleton, when chosen to be th second president, was among th wealthiest landholders in South Carolina with more than 50,000 acres {78 square miles} an about 800 slaves.

Janet Swerdlow via theconspiracy = “I didn’t know that every American president was related to English royalty except for one or two—who probably have some other deep connection that has not yet been revealed, although I did wonder how the ordinary person could run for president and pay for all the campaigning that I saw going on. I thought I could be anything I wanted and go anywhere I wanted. After all, I was raised in the land of the free!

As I went into adulthood, I also read more and more about the true controllers of this country, and wondered who that might be and how they might have gained such control. I still didn’t “get it” that it was a covert plot behind all that was so eloquently portrayed to the American people. While I knew that there was a lot I didn’t know politically, I, like most Americans, assumed that it was for my own good—that the government had a right to keep its secrets to protect the general population. Now, as the years have passed, I have found the other side of what I was told—the part of America that hides in the dark. I have studied and researched our founding fathers, and their Masonic Heritage. I myself am the descendent of Masons, and was in Job’s Daughters for several years as a teenager, which is their youth organization for young girls. I was proud of my Masonic heritage, until I began to study the Masonic organizations in depth.

I also researched the founding fathers and learned that these people who I perceived to have founded this country to establish freedom for the ordinary person really founded it so they could gain wealth and control over the alcohol, opium, and slave industries. I learned that there were many WHITE slaves as well as black slaves, but they don’t tell you that here in the American schools. I learned that blacks in Africa sold blacks to other blacks as well as to whites. I learned that there were even black slave owners here in America, although of course not in large numbers.

I learned that America was not founded upon freedom of religious and individual rights, but freedom of commerce for a select few. And when one thinks about it, if this country was founded by and is still run by families that were involved in alcohol, opium and slave trades, then what can one really expect if this is the energy that founded and propelled this country forward?

Many people think that money is power. You are wrong. Knowledge is power. That is what the power that be do, they gather knowledge. They learn from the Amazon Jungle and then they burn it down. They study with the indigenous peoples, and then they destroy them. They systematically suck up the knowledge of the world and get rid of their sources when they are done, feeding little information streams to the public, bit by bit, so that the public thinks that they are “learning.” The powers that be are brilliant long-term global planners. While you are wondering about your life and how you can pay your bills next month, they are systematically encircling us and squeezing us into one global mind-pattern for the purpose of control.

They start with the young, who they imprint at the earliest of ages, and eliminate the older people who have the history, and limit the exposure of printed materials to only those that they want distributed. They tie up our monetary systems and our abilities to move forward”.

James madison wrote most of th US constitution at th constitutional convention in 1787 which created a strong federal government. This means that only 4 short years after th dust had setted down over th thousands of skeletilized maudies in th first revolutionary war, America was basically back in th British banker`s hands again. Perhaps this explains why none other than Eustace Mullins claims th US is still controlled by London. To demonstrate that madison was being “groomed” by someone, he practiced law despite th fact that he was never admitted to th bar. Note that “dressed fit to kill” madison, like many others at th time, used th biggest, hardest to spell words available, an arranged them in such a way that one had to re-read th statements several times to even begin to understand what they were mumbling about. “Holier than thou” yakalinquentics {lawyers} have their own indecipherable lingo for one reason only, to keep us with our mouth open, disorientated in th dark forever guessing.

Once the Convention ended, madison along with john jay and alexander hamilton wrote th federalist papers essays that were intended to sway public opinion to ratify the new constitution. Note that jefferson supported madison’s nomination to run in 1808. In 1812 madison won the presidential renomination. Madison wasted no time an asked congress to declare another war against th British which they did. Can anyone see a pattern forming here? Madison also spoke against nullification, the idea that states could rule federal laws unconstitutional.

It sounds logical to believe, as certain historians maintain, that there was no clear-cut victor in th 2nd American Revolutionary war of 1812. I think it was planned that way in order to bankrupt not just one, but all th participants forcing them to borrow mun at interest {usury}. One thing is certain, it produced two ultimate victors, th bankers an madison. Th second bank of the United States was created during madison`s presidential term in 1816.

Here are 2 quotes from this eloquent madisonian master of ballyhoo: “As the cool and deliberate sense of the community ought in all governments, and actually will in all free governments ultimately prevail over the views of its rulers; so there are particular moments in public affairs, when the people stimulated by some irregular passion, or some illicit advantage, or misled by the artful misrepresentations of interested men, may call for measures which they themselves will afterwards be the most ready to lament and condemn. In these critical moments, how salutary will be the interference of some temperate and respectable body of citizens, {his strong federal government} in order to check the misguided career, and to suspend the blow mediated by the people against themselves, until reason, justice and truth, can regain their authority over the public mind? “{Federalist No. 63, 1788}

“As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust: So there are other qualities in human nature, which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form. Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political jealousy of some among us, faithful likenesses of the human character, the inference would be that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.” {Federalist No. 55, February 15, 1788}

So according to madison, we should embrace, not pull against th chains of despotism; in other words, a good 15 minute public spanking of thieves by a few barefooted barechested unpaid men is less effective than highly paid all-powerful federal court fleas, dressed fit to kill from head to toe in dazzling “holier than thou” white ruffled fluff, forever sucking blood disguised as taxes/fines, from its hosts. Obamatomfoolerish masters of th unctuous mascara always include a few grains of truth to make th mascara more stickable. Said another way, this obamatickish circus flea was trained to jump much further than th rest whenever an animal`s coat was examined. At Bopland there are animals but no fleas.

Lincoln also was th president who made thanksgiving day {giving thanks to th lord} a national holiday in 1863 which had a twofold purpose; to help convince th slaves into thinking that th christian religion had vital importance, an to further their cause of meatarichumpistodianism. Lincoln knew that some slaves already were jibbittin Turkey on thanksgiving day, having been shampooed into thinking it was “traditional” thanks to traitors like alexander hamilton, a “founding father” an America`s first secretary of th treasury, so why not drive home th point by making it a holiday? Even th “greenbacks” he issued which said “in god we trust” drove home th point that their false god had great importance. Hamilton said “no citizen of th USA should refrain from eating Turkey on thanksgiving day”. Th first thanksgiving day celebration in 1621 featured Turkey an meat of all kinds. Thomas Dilorenzo said “there was always a group of men in American politics who were not opposed to th evil mercantilist system in principle. They recognized it as a wonderful system for accumulating power an wealth as long as they could be in charge of it. These men, led by alexander hamilton an his fellow federalists, strived to implement an American version of British mercantilism as soon as th Revolution was over. In doing so they were traitors to th American Revolution an th worst kind of corrupt, power-seeking political scoundrels. Lincoln did not launch a military invasion of th south to free th slaves, but to destroy states rights {federalism} which in turn destroyed th sovereignty of th people”.

DiLorenzo reminds us that there is no check at all on th federal government unless state sovereignty exists, an state sovereignty is itself meaningless without th right of secession. Forcing a state to remain in th union at gunpoint defeats th whole purpose of having a union in th first place. Lincoln made th federal government th master, rather than th servant of th ojay. Th declaration of independence states that whenever governments become destructive of liberty, it is th duty of th citizens to replace th existing government; thus th ojay must never be permitted to “awaken”, which is accomplished by mandatory school attendance where symbolism is used to snow us, eg pretending he`s “honest abe”, not to mention his mug on th 5 dollar bill–Mount Rushmore–monuments, an a myriad of schools–streets–towns–cars named after him. Similarly, this reminds of th church–media who repeatedly see to it that we associate our red herring holidays–sunday with rest–relaxation.

Confirming DiLorenzo, historian John V. Denson said this about th log-cabbinish down-homey ojay`s champion, “th war between th states was not a noble war to abolish slavery, but instead was a war of conquest to require th southern states to continue paying th taxes which paid for th government an to change th system of government given to us by our founders an instead replace it with a strong national government thereby removing most of th political power from th states an th people”.

Secession movements since th 1980s have occurred in Florida–Vermont–Hawaii–Alaska–New Hampshire–S. Carolina–Texas. Hey Bo, methinks Buddy Holly`s Texas will be th first state to secede an th ruckus that follows will finally cause th other Yanks to cotton to that th “snowmanic abe–erration” was wearing a hidden chain camouflaged with ice around his waist. Contrary to popular belief, it seems somewhat logical to think that John Wilkes Booth, th man who killed lincoln, was a national hero obeying th Articles of Confederation. However, if history is true, an it seldom is, he was said to be a racist. Booth said “our country owed all her troubles to him, {lincoln} an God simply made me th instrument of his punishment.Tell mother I died for my country”.

Possibly America`s greatest christian mass murderer, th Scottish–Irishman yakalinquentic {lawyer}–land speculator–president, Andrew jackson, after defeating th Creek Indians, seized their lands. He was effective at rooting women an their “whelps” from their “dens”. He adopted th habit of cutting off his victim`s noses as trophies. He earned th name “sharp knife” from Creek Indians for his habit of skinning victims an using th cured an braided tissue as reins for his ponies {Takaki, 1994–David Rider “Indians an animals”}. Jackson owned a 1000 acre slave plantation an kept 140 slaves at his death. Was jackson`s so-called “war” against th banks deviously orchestrated, th same as today, to lead th ojay down some detracting primrose lane? How can someone detest blacks–Indians an at th same time have respect for poor whites?

Slippery tongued land speculator– yakalinquentic {lawyer}, thomas jefferson, th “greatest libertarian sage that never was”, said “I advance it as a suspicion only, that th blacks are inferior to th whites in th endowments both of body an mind”. An Indians? “We must pursue them to extermination, or drive them beyond our reach”. Jefferson owned 267 slaves an 11,000 acres. He was really just th latest in a long line of lost white-collared “feudal kings” that infested th watusi. He was one of th aristocratic bloodlines from Europe an a member of th rosicrucian secret society an other esoteric societies which JFK had warned about. He looted native graves on his slave plantation an defended this by saying “th dead have no rights”. In my opinion, his phrase in th declaration of independence, 1776, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”, was shampoo from th start designed to win th ojay`s confidence–war backing. These founding “fathers”, th richest, or among th richest, men in th nation, an dressed fit to kill in fancy white collared clothes so as to get th serfs thinking they were something “special”, wanted to govern from an unscaleable “constitutional” ivory tower in which they an their land grab schemes would not be interfered with by other wealthy scum. = “It was during Jefferson’s presidency that the basic decisions were made that required the deportation of massive segments of the Indian population to land west of the Mississippi…”the seeds of extinction” for Native American culture were sown under Jefferson. (Ellis, 1997). On one hand, he had ordered Lewis and Clark to offer friendship, trade, education, and even to offer vaccination for smallpox to the Indians. (American Heritage, 1972).

(my note = smallpox vaccination, or covert mass culling of th people was created for these reasons =

1. to make doctors rich and to reinforce their imaginary importance among th ojay. The thicker th ballyhoo, th thicker their wallet.

2. so aristocrats like jefferson can exterminate so called undesirables like Native Indians.

3. to lower world population so as to make up for their gross leadership stupidity.

4. to provide them with something else to do besides lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills on fox hunts. They require perverted homicidal amusement as a daily “tonic” to alleviate boredom).

Continuing with the quote = “On the other hand, as soon as Louisiana was purchased, during his first term, he embarks on a cold-blooded policy toward Native Americans. Jefferson, in a lengthy letter to William Henry Harrison, military governor of the Northwest Territory, explained the nation’s policy “is to live in perpetual peace with the Indians, to cultivate their affectionate attachment from them, by everything just and liberal which we can do for them within the bounds of reason. Having said that, Jefferson then instructs Harrison on how to get rid of every last independent tribe between the Atlantic states and the Mississippi (Montgomery, 2000). In secret messages to his cabinet and Congress, Jefferson outlined a plan for removal of all Native Americans east of the Mississippi to make sure that this land would never fall to the French or the British. Jefferson was even less sentimental and more direct during his second inaugural address in 1805. Even the area west of the Mississippi would no longer be available to the Indian.

Jefferson explains “The plan of civilizing the Indians is undoubtedly a great improvement on the ancient and totally ineffectual one of beginning with religious missionaries. Our experience has shown that this must be the last step of the process. The following is what has been successful: 1st, to raise cattle, etc., and thereby acquire a knowledge of the value of property; 2d, arithmetic, to calculate that value; 3d, writing, to keep accounts, and here they begin to enclose farms, and the men labor, the women spin and weave; 4th, to read Aseop’s Fables and Robinson Crusoe are their first delight. The Creeks and the Cherokees are advanced thus far, and the Cherokees are now instituting a regular government. (As cited in Mayo, 1972). (my note = this is a direct assault on vegetarianism designed to wreck th Indian`s mental and physical health. No human can be healthy on a diet based on meat).

Its often easy to see what makes someone tick by studying their friends. Remember james madison, th aristocratic traitor who originally opposed creating th bill of rights? Well our dear jeff hung out with him and even helped him establish th University of Virginia. In all his numerous letters to friends and writings, Jeff never made a peep to anyone about how his racist aristocratic friend, george washington, was`nt even th first USA president. Its hush hush like obama today, only th shadowy aristocrats know exactly who or what his game is.

As well as being a racist Indian killer living in a “white” house, jeff was a meatarichumpistodian = Letter to Alexander Donald (7 February 1788) “I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give”. Moreover, who else but an fox hunting animal abuser would wear a fur coat and keep bears and a mockingbird in cages? Any rich man who would do this would do th same to men.

Our dear loquacious fashionable friend of animal and man knew only too well that a democracy and a republic were basically th same. Th only difference between th two was a bit of different colored mascara around th noses which could be erased, smeared or spread on thick whenever th political situation required it. It takes at least two “fire and brimstone” main parties, pretending that they dont have th exact same agenda, to muddy th water to keep th ojay disorientated and guessing, exactly in th same manner as th church requires th “devil” in order to prosper. Being a well read man, he also would have known that republicanism was a mistake that had been tried in th Roman empire, and you know what happened there. Although this is an unfair comparison due to sabotage by th major powers, th failed states of Liberia, Rwanda, Israel, Ghana, Congo, Colombia are republics.

Dont take my word on it, just see if you can decipher th difference between th two eyes on th same head from th following official dictionary definitions:

Definition of a republic (republican):

1.A = A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president.

1.B = A nation that has such a political order.

2.A = A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them. (my note = this is basically th same as majority rule).

2.B = A nation that has such a political order.

Definition of a democracy (democrat):

1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

2. A political or social unit that has such a government.

3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.

4. Majority rule.

5. The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

Our dear white slaver also knew that republicanism was just another glorified word designed to muddy th water and perpetuate both unchained and chained slavery and chaos. In other words BOTH democracy and republicanism were designed with hidden defects that could easily be changed into whatever form of aristocratic rule they desired in time. As encyclopedia explains “after about the mid-14th century, the conditions that had favoured the existence of independent city-states and wider participation in government, particularly their economic growth and the civic loyalty of their populations, gradually disappeared. Economic decline, corruption, factional disputes, civil wars, and wars with other states led to the weakening of some republican governments and their eventual replacement by authoritarian rulers, whether monarchs, princes, or soldiers.

The Roman Republic;

At about the same time that popular government was introduced in Greece, it also appeared on the Italian Peninsula in the city of Rome. The Romans called their system a rēspūblica, or republic, from the Latin rēs, meaning thing or affair, and pūblicus or pūblica, meaning public—thus, a republic was the thing that belonged to the Roman people, the populus romanus. The western Roman Empire collapsed in 476.

Democracy or republic?

Is democracy the most appropriate name for a large-scale representative system such as that of the early United States? At the end of the 18th century, the history of the terms whose literal meaning is “rule by the people”—democracy and republic—left th answer unclear. When the members of the United States Constitutional Convention met in 1787, terminology was still unsettled. Not only were democracy and republic used more or less interchangeably in the colonies, but no established term existed for a representative government “by the people.”

In November 1787, only two months after the convention had adjourned, James Wilson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, proposed a new classification. “The three species of governments,” he wrote, are the monarchical, aristocratical and democratical. In a monarchy, the supreme power is vested in a single person: in an aristocracy … by a body not formed upon the principle of representation, but enjoying their station by descent, or election among themselves, or in right of some personal or territorial qualifications; and lastly, in a democracy, it is inherent in a people, and is exercised by themselves or their representatives.” Applying this understanding of democracy to the newly adopted constitution, Wilson asserted that “in its principles, … it is purely democratical: varying indeed in its form in order to admit all the advantages, and to exclude all the disadvantages which are incidental to the known and established constitutions of government.

But when we take an extensive and accurate view of the streams of power that appear through this great and comprehensive plan … we shall be able to trace them to one great and noble source, THE PEOPLE.” At the Virginia ratifying convention some months later, John Marshall, the future chief justice of the Supreme Court, declared that the “Constitution provided for ‘a well regulated democracy’ where no king, or president, could undermine representative government.” The political party that he helped to organize and lead in cooperation with Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence and future third president of the United States, was named the Democratic-Republican Party; The party adopted its present name, the Democratic Party, in 1844″.

Jeff would have known that its ridiculously easy to ruin any of th approximately 48 redundant political parties as they had already done since antiquity by simply funding two “progressive” ones and seeing to it that all th major players were slick-talking unvirtuous oba-a-amatons. There is NO ideal classic government system where someone else gets to rule over you deciding what clothing is acceptable to wear and what extortion mun, disguised as “taxes”, you must pay. He also knew that many Native Americans had a superior form of tribal government but ignored this. An aristocrat without either chained or unchained slaves? No way!

The Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution by Hans-Hermann Hoppe via

Extracted from On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution)

After more than two centuries of “constitutionally limited government,” the results are clear and incontrovertible. At the outset of the American “experiment,” the tax burden imposed on Americans was light, indeed almost negligible. Money consisted of fixed quantities of gold and silver. The definition of private property was clear and seemingly immutable, and the right to self-defense was regarded as sacrosanct. No standing army existed, and, as expressed in George Washington’s Farewell Address, a firm commitment to free trade and a noninterventionist foreign policy appeared to be in place. Two hundred years later, matters have changed dramatically.[16]

Now, year in and year out, the American government expropriates more than 40 percent of the incomes of private producers, making even the economic burden imposed on slaves and serfs seem moderate in comparison. Gold and silver have been replaced by government-manufactured paper money, and Americans are being robbed continually through money inflation. The meaning of private property, once seemingly clear and fixed, has become obscure, flexible, and fluid. In fact, every detail of private life, property, trade, and contract is regulated and re-regulated by ever-higher mountains of paper laws (legislation). With increasing legislation, ever more legal uncertainty and moral hazards have been created, and lawlessness has replaced law and order.

Last but not least, the commitment to free trade and noninterventionism has given way to a policy of protectionism, militarism, and imperialism. In fact, almost since its beginnings the US government has engaged in relentless aggressive expansionism and, starting with the Spanish-American War and continuing past World War I and World War II to the present, the United States has become entangled in hundreds of foreign conflicts and risen to the rank of the world’s foremost warmonger and imperialist power. In addition, while American citizens have become increasingly more defenseless, insecure, and impoverished, and foreigners all over the globe have become ever more threatened and bullied by US military power, American presidents, members of Congress, and Supreme Court judges have become ever more arrogant, morally corrupt, and dangerous.[17]

What can possibly be done about this state of affairs? First, the American Constitution must be recognized for what it is — an error.

As the Declaration of Independence noted, government is supposed to protect life, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet in granting government the power to tax and legislate without consent, the Constitution cannot possibly assure this goal but is instead the very instrument for invading and destroying the right to life, property, and liberty. It is absurd to believe that an agency that may tax without consent can be a property protector. Likewise, it is absurd to believe that an agency with legislative powers can preserve law and order. Rather, it must be recognized that the Constitution is itself unconstitutional, i.e., incompatible with the very doctrine of natural human rights that inspired the American Revolution.[18]

Indeed, no one in his right mind would agree to a contract that allowed one’s alleged protector to determine unilaterally, without one’s consent, and irrevocably, without the possibility of exit, how much to charge for protection; and no one in his right mind would agree to an irrevocable contract which granted one’s alleged protector the right to ultimate decision making regarding one’s own person and property, i.e., of unilateral lawmaking.[19] Second, it is necessary to offer a positive and inspiring alternative to the present system”. End of quote.

Can anyone yet see th value of BOPPERISM which is basically th same as RULE BY EACH FAMILY? Instead of government by th people, it should be government by EACH person/family. Or is this just too easy? If danger from antagonistic ousiders or insiders threatens, then all th families voluntarily unite as one against th intruder. Nothing is simpler or more brilliant than this. Just because i like to tear down American presidential playhouses and their obsolete political systems doesn`t mean i`m anti-America. I`m simply a patriotic spider crusher who has spent a great deal of time with my other self in order to build a better platform where anyone, as David Bowie would say, can be a “hero just for one day”. Th brave Ernest Hancock of has said “roads? there are no roads where we`re going” = Jimenez, what about th road to Bopland Ernie? We`re waiting for you, Alex Jones and th other brave patriots to take th road “less traveled by”. This road is easy to find, just follow th beat. Instead of yellow bricks there are jukeboxes an fruit and vegie patches where travelers can pitch camp and freely satisfy their apatite for th cost of a song, a dance, and good conversation.

Although president dwight eisenhower warned against th “military industrial complex” just before he left office, as if he had`nt known about it all along, he knew few would have th remotest idea of what he was talkin about cuz he was`nt specific enuff. Reportedly, he skeletilized a million or so German POW`s after th war by issuing orders prohibiting them to be fed–sheltered. “Ike” gave $63 million of taxpayer funds to th rockefeller controlled agencies to support their extermination program disguised as th “polio vaccine campaign” in th 1950s. Th serfs were funding their own funeral. Th same vaccine promoters got $100 million from president richard nixon. After th polio vaccine drive was over th promoters bragged that they had raked in $5 billion over th years they had kept th polio vaccine sales going. Th plot of medical establishments to set up a medical dictatorship in th US goes way back to th days of th founding fathers when they were framing th US constitution. Th doctors proposing this dictatorship lost {Eleanor Mcbean 1950s}. Of course, later they would succeed.

Then there`s woodrow wilson, who, when he commanded, or was forced by th banksters to cripple america`s mun system, cried “I have [sob sob] unwittingly {sob sob} ruined my country”. For th nwo to succeed, banker–masonic employees disguised as “presidents” {JFK–Cleveland an others possibly excluded}, must be seen as being charitable amiable heroes. Extermination by false expectation. C I know, some Masons near th bottom rung really are charitable. I think that many early white settlers, Johnny Appleseed types excluded, were hoodwinked into believing that th Indians were very different from themselves so as to make their extermination justifiable an guilt-free. But if you boiled them both down to dust they were th same, just like th white–black–red–olive colored colobus monkeys are th same. Just like th misnamed Jews an th Palestinians today are th same. Their level of insanity, created by bogus religion–state, was different thats all. There never has been “separation” of church an state. No one today would argue that Indians an blacks are not ojay, but our founding fathers did. In short, this means there never was an amiable America. We`ve always been on our own but did`nt know it. We`ve all been deceived for so long, none of us know how we should behave chalk-wise or politically.

“Restore th republic ~ wake up its time to understand

we`re losin our freedom in this land

restore th republic ~ pledge our allegiance to th flag

we gotta take our freedom back” ~ Band of Patriots {found on}

Bumbles an woogies, we must never give ourselves an inferiority complex knowing there never was a real transparent America, an that we were slaves, not citizens. In our hearts we were true peaceful Americans, an this is th most important thing. A proud America did exist, if only in our minds. So what if we lost a mental war to psychopaths–aliens who have been perfecting their brainwashing techniques for many centuries, when we`ve only had a few dozen years to perfect our technique to see these well-camouflaged death adders? We fought fair an had but 2 trainers, our parents, whereas they were trained by hundreds of ojay an did`nt fight fair, so why slap ourself? Some of us busted our guts training for this fight, an would have easily won if our opponent did`nt have concealed razor blades in his gloves. Th razor blades they use to win are their mun machines which make it possible to pay hired assassins. We must take heart that other patriots, such as former jack chess champion, Bobby Fischer, spat in their face an as a result had everything they own stolen, their pursuit of happiness–reputation–health ruined, just to enlighten us. We heard you Bobby, an thanks bumble.

Bobby, who was fond of R an B, was a man who warned th other lemmings not to jump over th cliff. He said “everything goes back to th history of th country {USA} ~ they killed almost all of th native Americans, brought over African slaves to build th country. Now why did`nt th white man come to America in a civilized manner an say ~ we`re being persecuted in Europe, we`d like to come here an assimilate, marry yer women an so on ~ but instead they said ~ we`re comin here to take yer land an to kill you off ~ thats th history of th USA. Our whole foreign policy has been wrong for hundreds of years. Th US is not gonna admit that its always been th bad guy ~ that it was th bad guy in WW1–WW2. Democracy is alot of BS ~ its always been a cover for th criminal nature of th US. George bush is a thug ~ a killer ~ he needs to be brought to trial ~ th holocaust is a hoax”.

Hoping to scare–silence him, which backfired, th US falsely accused him of th “crime” of playing a chess rematch with Spassky in Yugoslavia. If he`d been caught he would`ve faced a jail sentence of 10 years. As it was he was kidnapped an spent 9 months in jail in Japan. He said that all pro jack championship chess matches were “fixed”, which makes one wonder about other sports. Bobby renounced his American citizenship an lived in exile in his later years. Apparently th assassins finally caught up to th man with a child`s patriotic innocent heart, th same brilliant child who still holds th record for being th youngest person, at th age of 14, to have won th senior US chess championship. Of course they murdered him symbolically, just like JFK, John Lennon, Princess Diana, an Buddy Holly`s associates were, as if to prove that they were brilliant an th rest of us were dumb, an just to scare us all. He died at th age of 64, th number of squares on a chessboard. When I learned this, I thought of what Henry Makow had said “this evilness is too monstrous to believe”.

Rockeonies, this is our tormentor, a “thing” that has been more dead than alive for thousands of years. Is it just me, or can anyone else see th millennia of lost misanthropic waste written in their face? One look at them an you instinctively can sense th morbidity of their icy reptilian aura an yer skin begins to crawl. Their faces are useless “vestigial organs” visually represented by their pudgy kissinjerkianated zombitized gaze. Small wonder why David Icke thinks they in fact do have reptilian genes an gives some proof of this. But is he wrong about this? To say they are related to reptiles is, i think, giving them too much credit. Some reptiles have noble characteristics, eg the vegetarian iguana of Central/South America.Vegetarian scumbags just don`t exist, after all they enjoy eating us via taxes etc. No, Hitler was not a vegetarian; they don`t walk around with ivory tipped walking canes.

To my way of thinking they are more closely related to spiders rather than reptiles. Why? There are no 100% vegetarian spiders, although the Bagheera kiplingi does eat mostly vegie food. Think of the mindset of the common house spider. It will spend much time weaving an elaborate deceptive web to catch its prey. Then it will be content to wait patiently in some cranny for days at a time knowing eventually that some insect will get caught in its web. There is no mercy shown period, a spider will never think, “gee what a cute insect, i`ll let this one go”. It will suck its life blood out regardless.

Now think of the mindset of a typical banking billionaire. It too spends much time weaving an elaborate web of deception. For example, the majority of slaves don`t really know that all paper mun is worthless fiat trash. It too will wait patiently in some cranny disguised as a “bank” waiting for days at a time knowing that eventually some sucker will come in wanting to “borrow” this “thing” that doesn`t have any real value. And when something unexpected happens to this borrower and he finds himself in pennyless dire straits, the banker will not only show no mercy, but even do his best to speed up his demise.

One other thing, spiders and bankers are humorless. However, the spider is smarter, more noble and healthier than the billionaire; the spider at least follows the law set down by Nature in that it will eat only food suitable for its digestive system, whereas the ignorant billionaire will stuff himself with fatty junk his system cannot tolerate.

They are probably real aliens from this planet, not from another planet. Methinks they just spent too much time thru th millennia degenerating in ivory towers “making all their nowhere plans for nobody”, as th Beatles reminded us in their “nowhere man”. Nevertheless, cuz David suspects they are aliens possibly from another planet, their bodies will be examined when their nwo is defeated. But does it really matter if they are aliens from this or some other planet? An alien is an alien. Th fact remains they are SOME type of bizarre unidentifiable alien creature that not even an elite historian can adequately describe.

This would explain why their evilness is “too monstrous to believe” for th vast majority of us. Vegetarian Indian statesman, Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948, after seeing benito mussolini said “he looked like a butcher”.

At Bopland there are no passports, an thus no passport “violations”, which was th “reason” why Bobby Fischer was arrested. Now you see one reason why they created passports, so they could falsely arrest ojay who were too proud to keep their mouth closed, an then smear them in th press, which would then smear them in th eyes of th slaves.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, via and says “lets go back about 100 years and ask the question “what did th Western world look like then”. British historian, AJP Taylor said regarding pre-WW1 Europe “a man could travel across the length of the continent WITHOUT a passport until he reached th borders of Russia or th Ottoman Empire. He could settle in a foreign country for work or leisure without legal formalities except occasionally some health requirements”.

Never mind th affliction

Bopperism is th cure

Its known that when th cursota make human sacrifices, only th most unblemished ravishingly beautiful young ones are chosen whenever possible. Case in point, Princess Diana. Diana was symbolically “sacrificed” when th car she was in {breathe deeply} hit th 13th pillar of a tunnel that in ancient times was th site of a temple where human sacrifice occured {David Icke}.

It was Crosby–Stills–Nash an Young`s “Ohio” 1970, that reminded us that “we were finally on our own” after nixon`s guard killed 4 unarmed students at Kent State University. In 2008 Neil Young lists on his website 2941 protest songs, an 530 protest videos. How many of these have you seen or heard on yer censored radio–TV? Rues from Neil`s “lets impeach th president” 2006, tell it like it is;

let`s impeach th president for lying ~ an misleading our country into war

abusing all th power that we gave him ~ an shipping all our money out th door

lets impeach th president for spying ~ on citizens inside their homes

breakin evre law in th country ~ by tappin our computers an telephones

We can Rock provided th rues get in th way. We can protest provided we do it in designated areas. We can jibbitt provided we jibbitt irradiated gmo okeys. We can leet provided we don`t get too excited. We can play bottles provided th beat is wrong. We can vote provided all th candidates are th same. We can pass thru immigration provided we take off our belt–shoes. Solly cholly, nature will regurgitate this gastric ulcer. Rues in th Cherilayla “yer mama don`t dance”, a Rock paragon twelled by a few Rockeonies, include “its all because yer mama don`t dance an yer daddy don`t Rock an Roll”, suggest that th developing bushinaji state is caused by this. Taint necessarily so. Around 240 of our past grandyockomos were mesmerized by governing rejects as we went from unrecorded history to recorded history to today. So methinks it may be more correct to blame these flibbertigistic gullible grandyockomos, not our parents for contaminating our genes with apathy–retardedness. But in their defense, they just did`nt have access to th educational resources available on th net today to swim thru th school of red herrings. Is it just me or can anyone else smell th cherry blossoms in Bopland yet?

Hey Bo, would ya invite a “savage” or a wall street deadbeat over for a Rock teer-along session? To help ya make up yer mind, here`s a quote from John {fire} Lame Deer,1903-1976, Sioux Lakota Tribe; “before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we did`nt have any prison. Cuz of this, we had no delinquents. We had no locks–keys an therefore among us there were no thieves. When someone was so poor he could`nt afford a horse–tent–blanket, he would, in that case, receive it as a gift. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property. We did`nt know any kind of money an consequently, th value of a human being was not determined by his wealth. We had no written laws–lawyers–politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat–swindle one another. We were really in bad shape before th white men arrived an I don`t know how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that {so they tell us} are so necessary for a civilized society.” Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

Th ancient “towering” feudal system is still here: kings are disguised as th illuminati, barons as th federal reserve–IRS, nobles as presidents–government, knights as military brass, peasants as “USA–UK citizens. But all these royal societies pale in comparison with th bishops disguised as th “church”, whose mind-wash is so utterly effective that they don`t need extortion–laws–jails–guns–wars–cattle prods anymore to collect their “taxes”; th sheeple voluntarily feed–house them using exotic glass–building materials far more costly than their own house which they don`t even own {c amigo I know there are many religious ojay who really do care, its just that we don`t need their god`s help to be good to other ojay cuz this is already an innate quality. Besides, th cursota hide under th curtain of religion}. Watch it Bo, yer slippin off th beanstalk! When th jaggers start to rip just yell as loud as you can, CURSOTA–CHILD MOLESTERS. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Consider that th feudal serfs of old usually had between a half acre an ten acres, an sometimes up to 50 acres, whereas todays “fortunate citizens” often “thrive” on a quarter acre or “prosper” with no land at all in “luxurious” high-rise condos. In medieval Europe, a serf on his lord`s land owed around 25% of th newly created wealth of th soil to th master. Th church often taxed th serfs an additional 10% “tithe” to “safeguard” their reet. Today, when all taxes are considered, about 50 to 65% of our hard-earned mun goes to th clausnagerks. It was walt disney`s “donald duck” cartoons in th movies in 1943, which featured donald shouting “taxes to beat th axis”, that gave Yankees who legally never paid taxes a guilt complex compelling them to pay or be labelled unpatriotic. Extermination by cartoon animation.

Previously, congress had enacted th “victory tax” act of 1942, which was a direct tax on income an therefore unconstitutional. This victory tax act was renewed in 1944 an was to expire when th war was over, yet it remains in effect today. From an economic standpoint, slavery is defined as a 50% or higher tax rate, eg th Roman an th slaves of th American south. Serfdom is defined as a 33–49% tax rate. By these definitions Yankees are either serfs or slaves depending on their tax bracket. Paul Craig Roberts said in 2001–2004 “a slave is a person who does not own his own labor. After tax Americans retain no more of th income they produce than 19th century slaves–an considerably less than medieval serfs. A slave who withheld his labor was likely to be punished, whipped, or put on short rations.Today if someone withholds from th IRS, th punishment is more severe, several years in prison”. Lincoln freed th slaves? Unlike th medieval slaves, no Yankee can be thrifty an purchase his freedom today. Th IRS can assert its ownership rights for years after a Yankee gives up his citizenship an becomes a citizen of a different country; th IRS need only claim that th former Yankee gave up his citizenship for tax reasons. George Carlin said “politicians are put there to give you th idea that you have freedom of choice. You don`t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything”.

Th question is why haven`t th Western slaves rebelled long ago? America was surely not a land of cowards before about th end of WW2 {at that time th cursota brought many famed naji scientists to th US an let them continue advancing their covert programs against humanity}. Th answer is that besides being perpetually occupied fighting their own iatrogenic {doctor caused} illnesses, eg th ubiquitous ailments caused by fluoride which was used by th najis during WW2 to make POWs docile, they have been conditioned to expect a hero to come riding to th rescue like cheyenne an tonto in th 50`s western movie series. Trouble is they only come in th movies. Now you see th purpose of th movies–most talk shows, an why most carefully chosen manufactured hollywood “stars” never utter one word of discontent. They can`t. Just like computers that can`t fix themselves, most haven`t th remotest idea they are insane–shorted out, an therefore don`t even try.

The following is why there is little public/governmental male outrage in Israel/USA against the killing of at least 9 innocent activists trying to enter Gaza and the police state:

There are few amiable men with true grit/imagination left in America/Israel/the world anymore. The CURSOTA, or “cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages” have ruined men knowing that only men have the power to defeat them and their NWO. Men`s will to fight back has been taken away. Women`s lib, created by Rockefeller, strips away his pride helping to create a high suicide rate/indifference among many other anomalies. TV provides disinformation/movies designed to keep him in a perfumy feminized fantasy world.

Sporting events lead him down dead-end roads. Fluoride toothpaste and plastic products containing phthalates helps to weaken his teeth and transform him into an effeminate pacified creature. Because male DNA has been corrupted, girls now are being born with more “balls” than men, eg the heroic Rachel Corrie, just as if this was the way nature had intended it to be. The garden irrigation hose he uses to water his vegies leaches lead into the vegies which he then eats making him ill. The cigarettes he smokes addict him due to the sugar/chemicals they have added. The booze/soda pop he drinks deposits aluminum/lead in his brain making him unpredictable.

The processed artificial meaty “TV dinners” with preservatives he eats contribute to his prostate dramas. The amalgam tooth fillings in his mouth leach mercury into his brain which may make him mad. Ridiculous sex laws force him to sheepishly tuck his tail between his legs contributing to his depression. Twelve mandatory years of “ANTI-EDUCATION EDUCATION” helps to transform his youthful inventive spirited erotic encephalon into a computer with a virus. Meat and dairy preservatives/insecticided food/microwave ovens/GM food lowers his sperm count.

Penis mutilation at birth disguised as “circumcision” by psychopathic shamen helps to permanently ruin his sex life by cutting away cells that would give him maximum pleasure during sex. Because circumcision has removed part of his “manliness”, those circumcised resemble “half-eunuchs” complete with a high pitched girl`s voice and schmaltzy feminine manners. Most women don`t protest against this circumcision ~ now imagine the massive women libber outcry if Western girls were encouraged or were required to have their clitoris circumcised for “sanitary” reasons.

Sodium benzoated soft drinks/vitamins/foods help to keep him in constant need of medical attention with no time or ambition to protest. Legal drugs/vaccinations help to keep him meek, paranoid and dispassionate. Illegal high taxes/cost of living drain his wallet which forces him to let his spouse go to work which in turn helps to ruin his pride. The feminized ANTI-MUSIC MUSIC he has been exposed to since about 1972 strips away his soul which may create a serial killer, a zombie with a chip on his shoulder, a homosexual, sadomasochist or a suicide case. All of the aforementioned may also contribute to this.

Factsheet: Male Infertility via “the disappearing male”

* There are more than 20 heavily industrialized nations where the birth of baby boys has declined every year for the past 30 years – amounting to 3 million fewer baby boys.
* The number of boys born with penis abnormalities and genital defects has increased by 200% in the past two decades.
* Boys have a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, Tourett’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and dyslexia.
* Boys are four times as likely to be autistic.
* The average sperm count of a North American college student today is less than half of what it was 50 years ago.
* The quality of sperm is declining. Eighty-five per cent of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged.
* Damaged sperm have been linked to a 300% increase in testicular cancer – a form of cancer that affects young men in their 20s and 30s.
* The chemical industry has developed more than 90,000 man-made chemicals in the last sixty years. Eighty-five percent of them have never undergone testing for their impact on the human body.

In order to help detract from the fact that THEY THEMSELVES are the primary male tormentors, the cursota provide a pressure release “escape valve” for all these mad sick tortured men; they encourage/fund/create Judaism/Islam/Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist religious leaders and then monetarily reward them when they make fiery speeches proclaiming that the real enemy/tormentor is one of the OTHER religions. Sports is another main escape valve used to quell slave rebellion. All this combined with a planned steadily deteriorating economic situation chock-a-block with fear and propaganda, and you now see how they keep their military enlistment program going strong. And you thought lower-class Americans/Israelites were born with a machine gun shaped cigar in their mouth? Have you forgotten JFK already?

A boy an a horse 2009

A mustang was stuck ~ goin down in a bog

tryin ta leap out ~ all alone in th fog

all around th village ~ they could hear his cries

but none came ta help ~ `cept th vultures an flies

he relived th day ~ when he ran on th plain

with th red white an blue ~ wrapped tight on his mane

on his back a boy rode ~ headed West toward th sun

ta see th deer play ~ hear th Indian`s drum

as th mud filled his snout ~ he thought of th time

when th Indians fed them ~ an life was sublime

oh hear me he cried ~ ta th mud in his ear

one last time let me see ~ th boy standing near

but th boy too was dyin ~ in a war overseas

bein felled by a bullet ~ as he ran in th trees

he relived th days ~ when they camped by a fire

where rivers ran free ~ an nuthin was dire

oh hear me he cried ~ ta th blood in his ear

one last time let me see ~ th horse standin near

all around th village ~ they could hear his cries

but none came ta help ~ `cept th vultures an flies

David Icke said “I believe that th human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only th slaves to this imposed thought behaviour, but we are also th police force of it”.

11 Valid Reasons why I DON`T attend street protest marches against Obama/Rudd`s NWO:

1. I became permanently disillusioned when my biology teacher could`nt answer these questions satisfactorily: Why is it Christian Westerners walk around every day with a dirty asshole, the result of using toilet paper instead of water to clean their fanny? Why is the cost to purchase a toilet paper making machine too expensive for even a relatively rich person? Why did someone see to it that only ill-designed toilets without a water sprayer were tenaciously marketed and forced on the public? Why do they either hasten or worsen a piles condition?

2. I fell in a coma from trying to decide who I`d rather suffocate first, Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee or the Black Eyed Peas.

3. I`m still recovering from banging me head on the hood of me new tinny death-trap, err…. I mean compact car while ripping out the emission control devices.

4. Why would any real man protest against the “National Women`s Organization”?

5. I would protest but I`m scared they`ll begin monitoring my property from the eye in the sky and discover that I`m growing ubangi plants without obtaining the required permit.

6. Basketball players like myself dont protest because we became lifelong basket cases, err… I mean basketball players due to the fact that everything we really wanted to do in our childhood was illegal or frowned upon.

7. I might scuff up me blue suede shoes in a street march

8. You say that street marches have been responsible for removing dictatorial bosses from power since antiquity? Try telling THAT to my wife

9. I find myself down with the flu in the shaman`s office reading a Good Housekeeping magazine on days I had planned to attend a street march.

10. My teeth cracked an fell out from using fluoridated toothpaste and now when I scream “Obama`s a totalitarian” it sounds like “humanitarian”.

11. I never got over being severely disciplined by church elders for placing a cow chip in the tin cup as it was being passed around during services.

As we will see, th cursota, but not th ojay, learned much from th 250 slave revolts in th US during older slavery times, eg abolitionist John Brown`s raid on Harper`s Ferry in 1859. Reportedly this was th last major US slave rebellion until th Rock rebellion of th 1960s. Brazil was th last country in th hemisphere to {smile} “abolish” slavery in 1888 which means that it was th last country to have professional disinformation experts hoodwink their citizens by renaming it to more palatable words, eg federal republic–democracy–republicanism–free enterprise system–republic–lawful authority–federalism–representative government–ojay`s republic–majority rule–national socialism. Brown an his 18–22 men hoped to capture stored weapons there, distribute them to slaves in th region, an then march thru th South freeing all th slaves in th entire region, reminiscent of ancient Rome`s Spartacus. They captured th weapons, rounded up 60 prominent slave owners an waited for their legions of slaves to join them. But nobody came, an th marines–townsojay captured John an 6 men. John was later hanged. Had th slaves joined with John, we would not be in th predicament we are today.

Can anyone see th cursota grinning when they heard Emily Bronte, 1818-48, say “th tyrant grinds down his slaves an they don`t turn against him, they crush those beneath them”. With ambitions similar to John Brown, th slave Spartacus c109–71bc, started a revolt, but unlike John, many slaves did join up with him, a whopping 120,000 of them.

They defeated some of th Roman armies an basically had Rome petrified an th jack on a string. Then internal squabbling began, an th army became weaker when splinter groups formed an became separated from th main army, an th dream ended with their defeat. This lack of unity is one primary reason why th Indians also lost their lands. Th prime reason today why th cursota laughingly an fearlessly skeletilize us, is cuz they feel very confident that we are too numb an dumb to unite an support th rebellion. You see, th cursota finally cottoned to that putting physical chains on slaves, an openly forcing them to accept their servitude or face th whip, was useless. They learned it was much easier to maintain an obedient subservient herd of slaves by using elaborate smoke an mirror stage props, an “sleight of mouth” tactics to get th slaves accustomed to th “joy” of enslaving themselves. They got th herd to think that they were “free” cuz there was no fence around them by permitting them to freely travel, knowing full well that most jackwide countries were being run by ruthless unmelodic rejecticons, an that they would either run out of mun or have it stolen, an beg to be let back in th pen for more punishment. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock. Don`t be a dope, th internet is our last hope.

Some of you will find this bizarre but as always I must tell facts here; suppose a miracle “thing” was invented that would solve all or most of one`s health an other problems by just taking–using it. But if this “thing” goes against what one has been taught since day one, that computorized person will go in th grave first instead of trying it. But why? They sense that it may be too great of a “reminder” that they have led a wasted life as a gullible slave an their ego would be shattered. Better a “comfortable” death than a ruined ego so they think. Its almost th same thing when an ultra-talented powerful Rock coochie plays live, th music “reminds” them of their insanity or lost chalk-starved youth, an they then feel compelled to exit, destroy something or charge th stage. If such a coochie has no security an there is no raised stage, they must then play some screechy beatless “heavy metal rap music to suicide by” to avoid being smashed by some enraged computor disguised as a “city boy”. But wait. Rock is for th young and th old. Better an enlightened 90 year-old healthy former slave, than a man with one foot in th grave. Only th ultimate “state of th art” city boy slaves, disguised as th “illuminati”, will reject Rock. These are th carniboric half-human viruses who have never known one day of inner peace in their lives. Do not go gentle into that good night. You must find th courage to save yourself. No one will laugh at you in Bopland`s teardrop valley“. Th definition of bumblehood is Bopperism. And c we do care about unadulterated women.

From just after th war with th Brits up until 1913, a hundred plus years or so, there was no individual income tax, except for a “war tax” between 1862-75 that was eventually ruled unconstitutional. Without this tax th nation thrived an became th greatest power on th tusi despite being sabotaged by racists from within from th start. In Oz th tax rate was a mere 2.5% in 1920 (Max Igan). Th US had no debt when th federal reserve act was passed in 1913 {Eustace Mullins}. In 1914 th income tax top rate was a mere 7%, an a high exemption kept most Yanks off th tax rolls altogether. By 1931 th income tax was so minimal that only 2% of Yanks even qualified to pay it. Then came FDR`s “new deal” which tripled income taxes between 1933–40. But why did`nt they just make th rate 50% back in 1914 to start with? Reminiscent of th demise of Rock, if a devious mission is to succeed sans rebellion, th shampoo machine–passing of laws–wars must first run interference for many years. Th takeover of America in 1913 apparently satisfied their golden hunger, at least for th moment. Then “new deal” regulations made it illegal for employers to hire ojay who were`nt worth th newly enacted minimum wage cuz they lacked skills. As a result, some 500k blacks were thought to have lost their jobs. Another act in 1933 aimed to help farmers by cutting farm production an thus forcing up okey prices. Less production meant less work for thousands of poor black sharecroppers, who could`nt pay th higher okey prices to boot. The wagner act in 1935 further harmed blacks by making labor union monopolies legal. What about “new deal” spending programs? They were channeled away from th poorest ojay, including millions of blacks who lived in th south {Jim Powell 2003}.

Bluesman John Brim`s “tough times”1953 says it all, “I had a good job workin many long hours a week, they had a big layoff an they got me, I`m broke an disgusted, in misery, can`t find a part time job, nuthin in my house ta eat“. In bygone days, quittin a job was no major drama cuz you could always find another quick without th fuss of having to curtsy 3 times. But today you may have to be experienced, show 4 IDs, have a diploma, pass a phony IQ test, be fingerprinted, an supply 3 references to get a janitor–mechanic`s job. But why? For th betterment of society? Ha ha ha. Hey Bo, I see I finally got ya ta laugh, now gimme 5. One reason is cuz employers cannot afford to hire inexperienced workers, or even any worker at all, cuz “accidentally on purpose”, th diploma funding–paperwork–taxes–insurance etc rates they must endure are too excessive. Th major reason for diploma requirements is that like penned Cattle with a crippled reet, potty trained school graduates with incurable cabin fever are less likely to rebel, not to mention choose symphonic music instead of Rock, than an unfenced feral Bull in th bush. Don`t take my word on this, get within a few steps of a lone feral Bull in th bush an see what happens.Th Spanierds like to kill these vegan Bulls in th ring knowing this will impress th madonnadupes disguised as “girls”, reminiscent of th way they used to hunt male native ojay to eliminate th competition. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Crow; too bad we could`nt take our wild Bull friend with us, its so much fun ridin on his back.

Turtle; Ya that cheers `em up, that Bull is a battler, every coonskin cowboy for miles around has been tryin to catch him for years. That secuded thicket he calls home protects him well.

Chicken; {preparing to moronie Herb Alpert`s “th lonely bull”} OK everyone here we go, 1–2–3

They are bent on having us vote. Why? By interacting with them we legitimize them. They require our participation for their existence. When th voting ojay begins to shrink as they realize that their vote means nothing, th billion dollar shampoo machine begins droning “vote for so an so if you want a real change“. Extermination by false expectation. They don`t care who you vote for, just as long as you vote an legitamize their tax scam. When voting participation drops below what is necessary for legitamacy, laws are then enacted which require your participation eg, Oz. For th good of th nation of course. Government is operated by unskilled rejects who have no desire nor ability to produce or invent. So ignore them an don`t ask them for favors–advice.

Thomas Dilorenzo explains, “belief in th Constitution is a lost cause. That`s why its unpatriotic to vote. Since neither of th major political parties has any interest whatsoever in enforcing th constitutional limitations on th state, they are all traitors to th Constitution. Anyone who votes for them is behaving in a traitorous manner. Voting only allows these traitors to proclaim “th people have spoken–I am your president or congressman, senator, governor”. Their legitimacy rests solely on their ability to make this claim. Imagine what a patriotic thrill you would receive if, in th next presidential election a mere 10% of th electorate, instead of th usual 50% or so voted. Th unconstitutional regime in Washington would be de-legitimized. So be patriotic; don`t vote. {Open letter to Thomas; maybe only 10% or less of th serfs are voting now–th machines are rigged an th media is one massive lie–don`t you find it hard to believe that anyone at all would vote for these stooges? Moreover, why don`t you emphasize th fact that th Articles of Confederation are th real constitution?}

Th cursota destabilize us with anti-knowledge knowledge, anti-music music {If you kill th reet th maudy will follow}, anti-schooling schooling, sports, womens lib books–magazines which proclaim that certain healthy types of chalk practices an infant rearing are unhealthy, eg th stopping of breast feeding at 8 months or less is roaringly perverted. Famed Rock Pioneering Bibibi, Bo Diddley, said “an individual, an that also means me, can`t do a thing. However, an organized group of people can make a change. All that is necessary is to yell, to be loud an get attention.Thats when change occurs”. Like so many other Pioneers, Bo was ripped. Th Rock Federation would recover every penny owed to them.

Dependence on th church–state–tv must be maintained nomatter what, so strangers, even families, are taught never to assist–enlighten–massage one another to help release th tension an gain comfort. Words like “motherfucker–dickhead” act as Bullwhips to keep th “sheeple” shampooed. Nuts, one of our best okeys, is associated with madness, fruit with chalkitizziness, black with dismalness to degrade Blacks, brave Chickens with cowardness, nutritious bananas with degrading “banana republics”, brave untamable wild Coons to degrade blacks, beneficial apples with disease eg “adams apple”, Pigs with road hogs, Donkeys with ignorance, peanuts with triviality–cheap salaries {peanuts are not exactly a recommended food but still better than meat/dairy} , Cattle with brainlessness, yellow with cowardness in order to degrade Indians, Turkeys with a fool. They`ve even got us to think that th word “gobble”, th sound that Turkeys make, is a despicable word. You see, by doing this, it helps to reinforce th notion that, instead of a beautiful smart bird who would make a good friend an pet, it is a slovenly sloppy dumb bird that no one should keep as a pet. Th cursota created th word “gobble” an th other words used to degrade animals–vegan okey–certain races of ojay, for many ignoble reasons. These words act as offensive football tackles who clear th playing field so th quarterback {cursota} can score a touchdown {introduce more taxes etc}. Lets recap; these words are th “tackles”, th cursota is th “quarterback”, an th “touchdown” he scores are th myriad of regulations–pharmaceutical saboteurs–taxes–toxic okey–mental imbalances–sex restrictions–constant feeling of despair–nwo, that we must endure. Every time we misinterpret th meaning of these words, th quarterback {cursota} scores a touchdown against us. We do have elite all-koko “defensive linemen” fully capable of stopping this “quarterback” before he scores. In fact we have over 6 billion of them. But like cattle, they dunno their own strength, an remain disunited.

Perhaps th number one vegie okey of all, green peas, is associated with urine even though there is no connection whatsoever.

Now if I owned th medias an had all th writers–novelists start saying “meat” whenever they meant piss–pea, eg “if you have to “meat” do it now before we leave”, would you become suspicious of my real intentions? I had always thrived on peas before, but one day th peas started making me sick with flu-like symptoms an gave me leg cramps so I discontinued them. Months later, I ate them again an got sick–cramps again. Then I got some imported frozen peas from Poland an felt strong an pleased again. Then th store stopped stocking them, so I again bought some local peas, an again got cramps–sick. Canned peas brought these problems on twice as fast, probably due to th peas reacting with th can`s metals as has been reported on th net. For some reason, green peas an pears jibbitted together is a very bad okey combination that greatly upsets th system.

Th cursota have kawliga members grow up in “bubbles” where their own bumble–woogie are like strangers even though they`ve spent years together catnippin in th same room. They probably haven`t even once talked candidly during their entire lifetime. Surely babies are born wearin biblical sackcloth, so nude kawliga shindigs are out.

Chicken; beware of those baby rooster rosebuds, if ya rub one the wee one may stop crowin.

Crow; la dee da, an ya may get a good nites rest for a change ta boot!

Turtle; {puzzled} then why should I “beware” of them as you so strangely say?

Chicken an Crow; {shakin their tail feathers at him} cuz when ya awaken you`ll be blind!

Th hissinjerkians call penis mutilation by allegedly Jewish doctors-priests “circumcision”; you see, forcin th male serfs to wear sackcloth was`nt quite enough to get them all throwin footballs in th churchyard instead of wantin to satisfy chalkily urges. Praise th lord, after 3 million years, those on higher moral ground determined that our rosebuds were in fact incorrectly designed an had to be altered for our health betterment. You see, roaches an other small insects could crawl up under this evil foreskin an breed there. Thankfully, circumcision eliminates their hiding places. It does cut away some of th cells that give pleasurable sensations, but is`nt this a small sacrifice to make for th satisfaction of knowing you`ve contributed to society`s advancement by helping to stop th onslaught of these perilous insects? Shout halleluyah an join th illuminated! Stand in line! Th official so-called “Jewish” procedure is as follows; “th rabbi excises th foreskin until th corona is laid bare. Then one tears with th fingernail th soft membrane under th skin until th flesh of th glans appears. Then he sucks th membrane until th blood is extracted. Who is th real “child molester”?

Thomas Paine, 1737–1809, said “th whole religious complexion of th modern world is due to th absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish–Christian–Turkish are set up to terrify an enslave mankind, an monopolize power an profit.

We must live–breathe–jibbitt shampoo, so th ignorant cursota created phony IQ tests designed to make themselves look intelligent, an th saner intelligent serfs to look ignorant.

Turtle; hey chicks, c`mere a sec {its a brilliant clear day high on th beanstalk bound for th

Kojanimo in Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, in th Doobywop Star Cluster. Turtle has just composed th first question of his new IQ test}

Chicken; {whisperin to Crow} he`s been acting strange lately. Does he want ta put us to th test?

Turtle; listen I must ask ya somethin, I`m tryin ta find out how smart chicks are, so just answer this question correctly an I`ll sing some oldies but goodies for youse, but if ya don`t answer correctly you… uh… both have to… uh… take c-c-care a business.

Crow; I got straight A`s in advanced business class but jiminy, that classroom in th hotrod sho was crampy. Th windows fogged up terrible but oohwe, th lessons I learned.

Chicken; I received me straight A`s in a big `ole van an even got a diploma. I cried though

cuz he uh… promised he would`nt uh… uh…

Crow; {whispering to Chicken} sshhh, don`t put ideas in his head!

Turtle; answer this, if so an so met so an so`s uncle an said “look here, I want youse ta meet so an so`s yockomo, but so an so said no way cuz so an so said it would`nt be hep. Besides if so an so really wanted to meet so an so`s yockomo, why did so an so say rude things to so an so`s yockomosa? Th question is why did`nt so an so tell me that so an so was not in th mood to meet anyone that day when he was? Now just who is this so an so that so an so thinks is so smart? Was it so an so`s bumble or was it so an so`s ….

Crow; Enough! we have th answer, eh Chicken?

Chicken an Crow; {flyin up on Turtle`s back an smothering him with their feathers} it was th same so an so that these 2 so an so`s want to be so an so`ed by!

Turtle; err… err… wrong! err… ah… ooh…I mean right! err… no I mmmean… ooh… ahh…

Soybeans may have been promoted to stop th rise of veganism and to kill infants fed on soy milk. Worried mothers rush their toddlers off to th sha where they`re diagnosed as having a “lactose milk intolerance”. But instead of reminding them that most or all ojay regardless of age cannot tolerate homogenized milk and correct their diet with say, blended bananas/mother`s milk, th ill-schooled sha often will recommend soy milk. Now when the child dies cuz of this, th sha will avoid persecution as he has done since antiquity, by listing th official cause of death as being one of the thousands of imaginary childhood diseases with a long, hard to spell name. In other words, th octopus will ink th water.

Soybeans are planted as a cover crop between various okey crops, eg sugar cane. Soybeans destroy vitamin C an contain a hazardous type of fluoride called sodium fluoroacetate, fluoroacetate, floroacetic acid or “compound 1080” which is used by OZ wildlife agencies as a bait poison to kill dingoes/rats. Mixed in meat, th dingo cannot smell or taste it. As little as 1 mg will kill it. Interestingly, one renouned author, Pat Coleby, uses the term “sodium fluoroacetate” to describe sodium fluoride, the debilitating ingredient found in most toothpaste/city water. Its quite common to have numerous names for the same identical poison so as to sidetrack researchers. Pat says in her book on goats that glycerol mono acetate is an antidote for sodium fluoride and mentions that its hard to find and quite expensive. Gee, i wonder why Ha Ha Ha. She says that fluoride has an enzyme-inhibiting action caused by fluoride that renders calcium and magnesium unobtainable in the body. says “calcium is a well-known antidote for fluoride poisoning”. says “the suggested antidote for ingested sodium fluoride is to give a glassful of lime water (saturated solution of calcium hydroxide) or 1% calcium chloride. I once used to take dolomite daily to help flush it out of my system but not now. In a pinch, a very inexpensive type of dolomite that can be ingested is sold in animal feed stores. Caution! start off in low doses. Dolomite/apple cider vinegar/molasses is often given to sick animals. Mix a spoonful in water, let the big particles settle to the bottom and slowly pour the cloudy top water in a glass being careful not to also pour the big particles at the bottom. Mix with a laxative food and throw the big particles on your favorite garden plants if the soil is too acidic/poor.

“A much wider range of plants, including soybeans and tea, produce low concentrations of 1080 under some circumstances, mainly when growing on fluoride-rich soils. Some types of tea are produced on fluoride-rich soils, so for some New Zealanders, th highest concentration of 1080 they are exposed to is in their daily cuppa” {Spurr EB {1994}.

“It was in 1968 that th toxic organic fluoride compounds = fluoroacetate an fluorocitrate were detected in soybeans that had been fumigated with hydrogen fluoride gas. Other studies from 1968 revealed that fluoroacetate an fluorocitrate were more than 500 times more toxic than inorganic fluorides. Compound 1080 is also known as th poison that keeps on killing. In other words th cat that ate th rat that was poisoned by 1080 has forfeited all its nine lives” {organic ~ George Glasser/Anita Knight}.

“Unprocessed soybeans are very unhealthy for you. They contain phytoestrogens, antienzymes, hemagglutinin, phytates and goitrogens. Fermentation reduces or eliminates many of these toxic chemicals. Hexane is one method for separating out th oil from th bean and is a known carcinogen. Most of th hexane is removed via distillation, however, some residue remains and manufacturers are not obligated to provide hexane amounts in their list of ingredients. Alum is high in soy baby formula cuz th process of making soy protein isolate involves giving th soybeans an acid wash in alum tanks resulting in some soy based formulas having up to 100 times more alum than in cow`s milk. Fermented products contain less phytates, but tofu has th same amount as in th unprocessed bean. In addition, soy milk has high amounts of phytates. Th process of making soy milk removes th amino acids lysine/cystine and denatures th proteins that naturally occur, making any protein remaining in th soy milk to be virtually undigestible” {}.

“All plants pick up fluoride. Per ton of phosphate {common dry fertilizer}, 1 to 1.2% will be fluoride. Fluoride is a halogen. It dominates iodine. As th iodine is displaced by fluoride, th thyroid gland is deprived of th wherewithal for making thyroxin. Without thyroxin, metabolism of sugar becomes either difficult or impossible. Lab workers provide us with some indication of what is wrong with th phosphate connection made under th N-P-K banner. Workers are turning up with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes an brain cancer”{Acres U.S.A. Journal, Austin, Texas}.

Formerly I based th bulk of my criticism of all soybean products on actual experimentation, in other words when they slapped me tum tum, I got num num. Th question is, was it th insecticides/hexane etc that got me or th soybean`s natural compound 1080? You see, even with all th incriminating anti-soybean info above, I think its possible that if th beans were grown an prepared organically without hexanes etc, and cooked for a long time with water changes so as to remove th bean`s natural defensive systems it uses to avoid being eaten by animals, they may be nutritious. This being said, there are certainly far better sources of cooked protein available, eg black eye beans/brown lentils, chick peas (garbanzo beans), 3 highly underrated foods. Navy beans–pinto (borlotti) beans–black beans can also be used to add variety. Extra iodine must be taken when jibbitting legumes cuz they are goitragenic (Pat Coleby “natural farming”). Ditto for magnesium which is destroyed by cooking.

chick pea–garbanzo    black eye bean    brown-green lentil

pinto bean

black bean

Either by plan or accident, thru th years I have noticed a steadily diminishing supply of various legumes, especially black eye peas/brown lentils being offered by th food conglomerates. To be a very athletic slim healthy vegan, at least in this era of unadulterated high-protein fruit/vegie/herb/spice/green pea SCARCITY, certain cooked legume protein appears to be a must; its very difficult or impossible to achieve fitness using peanuts, seeds, various nuts, vegie/fruit protein exclusively; you see, obesity results cuz too much of these foods are needed to avoid fatique. In other words, unlike nuts, black eye peas/brown lentils, contain very little fat and heaps of powerful usable protein. This being said, for many reasons I still consider common green peas to be th numero uno food of them all, but they are NOT available in an unadulterated state. Note that peanuts are not exactly a recommended food due to their natural acidity, tendency to be insecticided and tendency to get rancid quick even in the fridge.

Many foods such as raw soybeans are goitrogenic, meaning they “neutralize” iodine resulting in th 9 yards of illness. Almost every plant has some sort of natural toxin in it to protect itself from animals, but our systems can often neutralize them chemically. Pathogens are killed in th thyroid gland thanks to iodine when the blood flows thru it every 17 minutes. “Lugol`s iodine solution can be used to purify water at 3 drops per litre” {earth}.

Th bushinazi elite, contrary to popular belief, really won WW-2; many of hitler`s old mates were welcomed with open arms and took up residence in America. Now their extermination/disorientation/chaos program could be, and was broadened in 1948 on many fronts. Apparently there were not enough deaths from th tvs/war/sugar. And radium often took too doggone long to kill, and they still had`nt figured out how to get their shiniest baby, fluoride, into all th toothpaste and public water. Why not kill th reet {soul}? If you kill th reet th body follows{self destructs}. So now they made 78 RPM pure sound harder to hear by first introducing 45 RPM records, and later 33 RPM records, and stereo, all of which made th sound “blurrier”.

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Chapter 4 of 7 – Folly of Schools–iodine–vegetarianism–woodstock-LSD and Albert Hoffman–the Jews and Rock and roll–the church and state are one-Fluoride

Now comes a report by Guy E. Abraham, MD, via “shortly after th Axis Powers capitulated an WW-2 ended, UC Berkley dropped a bombshell in 1948 which became known as th Wolff-Chaikoff {W-C} effect. Where th swords of many nations failed, th pen of 2 men succeeded. Th most effective way to destroy a nation is to remove iodine from th food supply. Th W-C effect resulted in th removal of iodine from th food supply and most likely caused more misery and death in th US than both world wars combined due to its negative impact on iodine consumption by th US population and on th use of inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in medical practice. Supplying thyroid hormones to iodine-deprived people masks th iodine deficiency and results in a population of zombies, capable of performing physical work but not able to think and reason properly. For maximum effect, combine iodine deprivation with goitrogen saturation, using th potent goitrogens bromide, fluoride, and perchlorate in th food and water supply. This population of zombies then becomes easily influenced thru repetition and subliminal programming to believe lies and deception even in th spiritual sphere”. said in 2005 that perchlorate was found in breast milk across th US; “a chemical associated with rocket fuel has turned up in most samples of breast milk and store-bought cow’s milk from 23 US states, a new study reveals. The chemical may disrupt metabolism in adults and lead to mental retardation in children. Perchlorate is a component of fuel for rockets and missiles and also appears to be made naturally in the atmosphere and stored in the soil. It is widely found in the US water supply and has previously been detected in samples of dairy milk and lettuce. Perchlorate knocks an iodine ion off a protein that transports the ion to the thyroid. That can lead to iodine deficiency, which impairs thyroid development and is thought to be the main cause of mental retardation in young children”, says Purnendu Dasgupta, a chemist at Texas Tech Univ in Lubbock.

Colleague Ernest Smith, a developmental toxicologist at Texas Tech University, says it is not clear why breast milk contained so much more perchlorate than dairy milk. But he says women could be getting the chemical from drinking store-bought milk and from eating food grown in perchlorate-tainted soil or irrigated with water containing the chemical. Just where the perchlorate is coming from is “the million-dollar question”, Smith told New Scientist. Some of the states in the study are not known to host rocket launches, he notes”.

Maybe th perchlorate is spread via chemtrails; reported that “from 1987 through 1995 the liquid seeding agent was the same: The oxidizers, sodium perchlorate and ammonium perchlorate, were added to a silver iodide-ammonium iodide- water-acetone solution resulting in a solution containing 2% AgI by weight. However, in 1996 the solution was changed to contain AgI, sodium iodide (NaCl), paradichlorobenzene (C6H4Cl2) and acetone.

Regarding bromide and transitory schizophrenia, says “th consequences of bromide toxicity are a serious concern given that so many young people are drinking beverages that contain brominated vegetable oils. Bromide is also used as a fumigant in agriculture. Methyl bromide is an example of a fumigant that is sprayed on cocoa beans. Crops sprayed with bromide have been found to have elevated bromide levels. Toxicity of bromide has been reported from th ingestion of some carbonated drinks {eg mountain dew/AMP energy drink/some gatorade products}, that contain bromated vegie oils. Dr. Brownstein also describes bromide-containing medications that are currently in use. Examples include atrovent inhaler/atrovent nasal spray/ipratopium nasal spray/pro-pantine and pyridostigmine bromide. His research also describes how iodine is crowded out by th other halogens fluoride an chloride.

Bromide intoxication {eg bromism} has been shown to cause delirium/psychomotor retardation/schizophrenia/hallucination. People with bromine intoxication feel dull an apathetic and have difficulty concentrating. Bromide can also cause severe depression/headaches/irritability.

For nearly 80 years, th commercial bakeries added potassium iodate to bread as a dough conditioner but stopped using it in th early 1970s due to th iodophobia that Guy Abraham says can be traced to th Wolf-Chaikoff paper. Bakers began using potassium bromate instead of potassium iodate. When th bakers did this, th daily intake of iodine dropped”.

The drug enforcement agency {DEA} is limiting th sale of iodine; “SUMMARY August 1-2007: This rulemaking changes the regulation of the listed chemical iodine under the chemical regulatory provisions of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) believes that this action is necessary to remove deficiencies in the existing regulatory controls, which have been exploited by drug traffickers who divert iodine (in the form of iodine crystals and iodine tincture) for the illicit production of methamphetamine in clandestine drug laboratories. This rulemaking moves iodine from List II to List I; reduces the iodine threshold from 0.4 kilograms to zero kilograms; adds import and export regulatory controls; and controls chemical mixtures containing greater than 2.2 percent iodine”.

Now who was it that created this dog eat dog jack which ensured that its youth would perpetually search for toxic drug solutions so they could escape from reality? Th cursota knew that in such a jack, a few will produce drugs to supply th great demand for them, as sure as sex restrictions will produce a great demand for pornography. Said another way, if everyone obeyed th amphetamine drug law and there were no clandestine drug labs, th cursota would certainly create th labs themselves; if there were no amphetamine drug labs, then they could`nt use them as an excuse to further restrict iodine in our diet now could they? Moreover, uppers and downers are among the finest chaotic drugs that money can buy further increasing the need for governmental control and “studies”, using our tax dollars, to find a “solution” to th drug problem. And if all porno/chalkiteudic escapades were legalized, think of th judicial system`s employees who would have to go to work like th rest of us.
Why is restricting iodine in our diet so vital to them anyway? Salvador Sanchez, of course it would`nt be cuz iodine: reduces fibrocyctic disease {lumpy breasts}/reduces ovarian cysts/improves fertility in PCOS patients/initiates apoptosis/prevents allergic responses/inactivates th autoimmune mechanism/protects double bonds in fats/is a germicide/is a potent water purifier/protects th body from radiation/prevents conjunctivitis {pink eye bacterial eye infection} in infants/inactivates th herpes virus/heals dupuytrens contracture {thickening and shrinking of the layer of flesh just under the skin of the palm}{and peyronie`s}/flattens keloids scars {scars that get bigger}/improves th endocrine system {network of glands an organs}/heals fistulas{an abnormal tunnel connecting two body cavities such as the rectum and the vagina} /removes toxins/is an antidote for food poisoning/ heals hemorrhoids/reverses atherosclerosis {arterial plaque buildup}/heals sebaceous cysts {small bumps or lumps that occur just beneath the skin surface} /heals infected hangnails/dissolves parotid duct stones/loosens mucous secretions/heals swollen glands/heals onychomycosis {fungal nail infection}/heals vaginal infections/heals bladder infections/reduces gas from eating beans/detoxes heavy metals/prevents baldness/regenerates th skin/fights colds/replaces dangerous halogens/is a remedy for acute mastitis{breast inflammation} in cows/will decrease th bacterial count of milk/cures Bang`s disease in dairy cows/reduces cattle grubs/cures lice and repels flies in pastured dairy cows{}.

Dr. David Derry says “iodine is by far th best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time”. Dr. David Brownstein says “poor immune response is correlated with impaired thyroid function; a deficiency of iodine can greatly affect th immune system because low levels of iodine lead to problems with th thyroid gland”. Stephen Fisher, a missionary in Zambia has been very successful with th use of iodine treating people with malaria. He used 20 drops of Nascent iodine in a half glass of water given 4 or 5 times during th first day an then decreased th dose to 10 drops 4 times a day for 3 more days, although higher dosages can be administered for much longer since iodine is a nutritional medicine that is needed by th body. Such a protocol can be used for th swine flu or any other type of influenza. Brownstein and others use much higher dosages of other iodine forms, namely Lugol`s and Iodoral for cancer treatment” {}.

Lugol`s solution has been around since at least the 1880s and is readily available in health food stores. However, as I can attest, Lugol`s iodine solution is binding if taken in plain water initially; methinks this is cuz of all th heavy metals/toxins being flushed out of their hiding places and deposited in th intestine thus killing th beneficial gut microbes. For th same reason, binding also occurs during a fast, especially in a clogged meatarichumpistodiated system corroded with fatty deposits. Once th iodine flushes out th bulk of th toxins and th system settles down after awhile, iodine is believed to help prevent binding. Th iodine binding problem can be solved easily by taking a bit more laxative foods/supplements on th day iodine is taken, eg a raw salad with apple/acid-free tomato/cucumbers/red capsicum, a lemon/lime/orange drink/magnesium/unprocessed sea salt and papaya. Magnesium/selenium are believed to increase th effectiveness of iodine. Sunflower seeds/wheat/lentils are rich in selenium. Magnesium is REMOVED by cooking {Kirschmann 1998 nutrition almanac}.

Iodine/vitamin c  update 2011: Despite my health experience, i recently got some sort of major flu with a horrid sore throat, the same thing that happened years ago. It was partly my own fault cuz:

1. I was a bit fat from having to eat more than i usually do due to th lack of protein in foods that formerly were loaded with protein. Trust me, food isn`t food anymore, and this won`t change as long as th cursota are able to peddle their insecticides, preservatives an devitalized processed GM franken food.

2. I had been “screaming” too much and when my throat hurt i kept right on screaming. Th vibration cut my larynx which allowed bacterial pathogens to enter. This reminds of sheep that get sick and die due to eating unsuitable rough grasses; these grasses cut little nicks in their intestines which allow pathogens to enter.

3. Its been impossible to find pure organic foods

4. I had foolishly worked too long in th sun and probably didn`t replenish my system with enough salt. There`s no faster way to get sick than to let your system run low on salt.

5. There`s no vitamin pills in th country without cyanocobalamin.

I decided to put Lugol`s iodine and Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate/ascorbic acid to the test. After taking massive oral doses of them both, they both failed miserably. My nose kept running. At one stage i took 30 drops of Lugols in 3 hours (187 mg) and followed this with lesser doses of about 2-5 drops every 3 hours. Would you believe that i had to resort to an antibiotic called cephalexin to knock it out? Unlike other antibiotics, it`s not terribly binding and has no really awful side effects. When i took this cephalexin i ate only pure water and used plenty of pill laxatives, eg coloxyl with senna (docusate sodium). IMO pathogens thrive in putrid fatty waste in the gut, like rats thriving in a dump, and as soon as this is excreted th sooner one will feel better. In other words i starve flus by not eating anything except boiled water and laxatives when taking antibiotics. If you eat vitamins/acidophilus they will interfere with the potency of th antibiotic and th flu will drag on longer. Th best way to avoid flu-like illnesses or illness in general is to go on a pure fruit diet for 2-4 days, say every 3-6 months, and clean out th system naturally. That way no toxic substances can build up. Make sure th cephalexin does not contain sodium benzoate as a preservative. So to conclude, th best way to take vitamin C to cure an existing illness appears to be via intramuscular injection as th intestines may interfere with their action. Injection needles/sodium ascorbate are readily available at animal feed stores. The self-injection site can be the fat part of your thighs. For more on this see veterinarian Pat Coleby on another page. says rich sources of magnesium include, legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, wheat bran, Brazil nuts, soybean flour, almonds, cashews, blackstrap molasses, pumpkin and squash seeds, pine nuts, and black walnuts; other good dietary sources of this mineral include peanuts, whole wheat flour, oat flour, beet greens, spinach, pistachio nuts, shredded wheat, bran cereals, oatmeal, bananas, and baked potatoes (with skin), chocolate, and cocoa powder. Many herbs, spices, and seaweeds supply magnesium, such as agar seaweed, coriander, dill weed, celery seed, sage, dried mustard, basil, cocoa powder, fennel seed, savory, cumin seed, tarragon, marjoram, poppy seed. I mix 1 drop of Lugol`s in lime/lemon/orange if there`s a need. Unless I`m sure of purity, an no one can be sure of th purity of ALL store bought food regardless if its “certified organic” or not, I don`t take many of th above named foods. I`ve been poisoned once too often, so to survive this cursotic quest of theirs to keep me ill/depressed/deranged/suicidal, my range of foods is very small; I`d rather be bored to death and healthy, than tickled pink an sick. I`ve especially had bad reactions with store bought vinegar/seaweeds/Brazil nuts/all salad greens/spices/herbs/bananas/fruits/chocolate an most everything else they sell. I even threw away my expensive gillette razor product which have been found to contain RFID “spy chips” which are already being used to spy on ojay. See for th full skinny on this.

Cohuttas, their goal is to exterminate, not illuminate us. Did you know that a simple home food toxin testing kit would make it possible to avoid their pathologicasystapistamistic medical services? Bopland`s Chawadi {Articles of Confederation/Constitution} ensures that every home is supplied with a free home kit to test for food purity.

Dr. William Shevin has developed a salt loading protocol to clear bromide detox symptoms that may occur while taking iodine; take a quarter teaspoon of salt in a half cup of warm water and follow immediately with 12-16 ounces of water. Repeat this twice in 30-45 minute intervals until urination begins.

Self-testing procedures for iodine deficiency are all over th net, and many vary widely in procedure which means that some, or all of them, are inaccurate. At th risk of you accusing me of not being a glutton for punishment, or not wanting to get my fair share of abuse, some of these procedural examples follow: associated says “put enough USP Tincture of Iodine on a cotton ball to paint a two-inch circle in a soft place of your body such as your inner thigh or upper arm. Wait at least an hour. If the painted area has disappeared after an hour, your body is seriously low on iodine. If the painted area is still there after four hours, your iodine levels are okay. I took the test on my upper arm and it failed. The spot disappeared shortly after my hour was up”{they also say that the thyroid gland in a woman is twice as large as a man’s thyroid. Therefore, women do require more daily iodine intake than their male counterparts. This also means that women are naturally more susceptible to iodine deficiency}. Dr. Michael B. Schachter says “paint an area of skin with tincture of iodine. It should take between 18-24 hours or more for th body to absorb th red or orange iodine stain if th person is iodine sufficient. If th iodine patch absorbs more quickly, th likelihood is the person being tested is not iodine sufficient”. Dr. Lynn August tested a woman by painting a patch of tincture of iodine on th skin over her biceps. Th color disappeared in less than 2 hours, which to her indicated a severe iodine deficiency. “If there is no iodine deficiency, th full color of th tincture will last at least 6 hours” she claims. Oddly enough, August claims th woman she tested had no thyroid enlargement. says “paint a 5 by 5 cm patch of iodine tincture onto your inner arm/thigh. If th stain remains or only slightly lightens after 24 hours then your levels are considered normal. If th stain disappears, or almost disappears, in under 24 hours then there is a possibility you are deficient. If it disappears or nearly disappears under 10 hours then you are likely to be deficient”. says “Although the patch test for iodine deficiency is a simple test that you can perform at home, Dr. Abraham says it does not provide a reliable means to assess your whole body need for iodine for the following reasons:

• If iodine in Lugol’s or another liquid is reduced to iodide, the yellow color of iodine will disappear because iodide is white. The yellow color can be regenerated with an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide but this complicates the test.

• Also, iodine evaporation increases with ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Abraham explains that the yellow color of iodine will disappear much faster in Denver, Colorado at 5,000 feet above sea level than in Los Angeles at sea level.

In an online paper about iodine, Dr. Janet Lang ( explains that magnesium and selenium are two keys to minimizing {negative} reactions to iodine. Similar to Dr. Jonathan Wright, she emphasizes that an allergy to iodine is often an allergy to seafood, and not iodine. The iodine reactions that she lists in her paper include:

Hyper or over reactive thyroid is characterized by trembling of the hands, fast heart rate, and nervousness. Dr. Lang explains that this condition can occur in people with thyroid nodules (diagnosed with ultrasound). This group can take iodine, but slowly, and should be monitored. Hashimoto`s thyroiditis = This condition is considered to be an autoimmune disease where the body’s own antibodies attack the cells of the thyroid. Dr. Lang explains that these patients are usually iodine deficient, and that the iodine can intensify the thyroid gland dysfunction. This group should be monitored with frequent thyroid tests (a thyroid panel). Iodism is a rare condition considered to be iodine poisoning that includes increased salivation, fever, swelling and tenderness of the salivary glands, and a skin rash.

Dr. Chris Robin says detoxification symptoms that occur from iodine supplementation

include fatigue, aches, pains and headaches that are often from halogen excretion.

Dr. Jorge Flechas has noted that when taking iodine, there is an increased excretion in th urine of arsenic/mercury/lead/alum an other toxic metals. He explains that iodine is selective in that it leaves th essential metals, eg iron, an removes th toxic ones. Verifying Dr. Flechas work is Dr. Guy Abraham who has also shown in his work that iodine promotes th excretion of toxic minerals, eg lead/mercury/cadmium as well as th toxic halogens fluoride/bromide.

Dr. D. C. Jarvis {via} says “we learn in Vermont folk medicine that this thyroid gland performs other functions besides killing harmful germs in th blood. Th first is th rebuilding of energy with which to do th day`s work. All soils containing granite are iodine-poor. A second function is to calm th body an relieve nervous tension. I have learned that it is possible to repeatedly change an irritable, impatient, an restless child under 10 years of age into a calm, patient individual within 2 hour`s time by giving one drop of Lugol`s solution of iodine by mouth in a vegetable or fruit juice, or in a glass of water made acid in reaction by adding a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar. I have never seen it fail to calm down a nervous child. A 3rd function of iodine relates to clear thinking. Th mind simply works better when th body is supplied th iodine it needs. Iodine helps remove unwanted fat. Th thyroid gland can be made to lose its stored iodine if we take chlorinated water or use too much sodium chloride, whose common name is table salt.

There are 3 ways to bring up th iodine content:

1. Eat foods particularly rich in iodine. Among these are: all food out of th ocean, radish, asparagus, carrot, tomato, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage, egg yolk, and onions.

2. Painting a small area of th body with tincture of iodine.

3. Taking preparations such as cod-liver oil, Lugol`s solution and kelp tablets.

When used to maintain th iodine content of th body th dose is small and is taken only on certain days of th week. Ten drops of iodine represent more iodine than is found in th entire body. For this reason, th dose of Lugol`s solution is 1-2 drops, depending on your body weight. If there should be a rise in sickness in th area where you live, it would be well to take the Lugol`s 3 times a week for th purpose of storing up reserve. In general, medical men prescribe iodine to be taken on a empty stomach, preferably 20 minutes before food is taken. Vermont folk medicine has worked out a different plan and it is the one I follow. To repeat, adding one teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to make th water acid in reaction, and then by adding one drop of th Lugol`s solution to th mixture. Th contents are stirred and sipped thru th course of th meal”. quotes Dr. Jarvis as saying “when working under {mental} pressure, include the Lugol’s solution dose each day {1 drop at breakfast time in apple/grape juice} until the period of pressure passes. If it should happen that your body becomes saturated with iodine, you will find that there is an increase of moisture in the nose. If this occurs, omit the iodine until the nose is normal.” The following information is taken directly from our Lugol’s label:
Dosage: One drop if body weight is 150 lbs. (68 kg.) or less; two drops for body weight of more than 150 lbs.
Directions: Take the suggested “Dosage” above two times per week – temporally equidistant (i.e. such as Wednesday and Saturday). In times of bacterial or viral infection, take Dosage three times per week (i.e Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Take Lugol’s on an empty stomach about 20 minutes before eating in an 8 oz. (236 ml.) glass of distilled or purified water with one teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar added for slight acidification”{}.

Dr. Brownstein via says “My research has shown that after testing over 4,000 patients for their iodine levels, over 96% of those tested are significantly low in iodine. Many patients ask me if they can take kelp instead of iodine. The amount of iodine in kelp can be variable. Furthermore, I was always concerned that kelp supplements may contain toxic amounts of arsenic or halides. I have tested 2 kelp supplements and found very elevated arsenic levels in both items. Both of these products were marketed heavily and sales in the millions of dollars were reported. When I contacted he manufactures of these products, neither returned my phone calls. Remember, if kelp is grown in a polluted area of the ocean, it may contain elevated amounts of these pollutants. New research has validated my findings.” Years ago i always wondered why kelp ruined my health and this quote explains it.

Dr. Denice Moffat ,via claims iodine is found in asparagus/garlic/lima bean/mushroom/sesame seed/soybean/spinach/summer squash/swiss chard/turnip greens. says there are 12.5 mg of iodine in 2 vertical drops of Lugol`s. Dr. Guy Abraham says via that thyroid sufficiency is achieved with a daily iodine intake of 6 mg. However, to achieve whole body sufficiency, both Dr. Abraham and Dr. Brownstein claim between 12.5 – 50 mg are needed. When treating patients with this high dosage, Brownstein says “goiters and nodules on th thyroid shrank. Cysts on th ovaries became smaller and began to disappear. Libibo improved in both genders. Patients reported vivid dreams and sleeping better. Those with chronic illnesses began to notice many of their symptoms resolving”. Contrarily, th US FDA still says th RDA, or recommended daily allowance, should be a mere 150 mcg ~ th UK = 140 mcg ~ EU = 150 mcg. via Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD “Researchers have determined that residents on the coast of Hokkaido eat a quantity of seaweed sufficient to provide a daily iodine intake of 200 mg a day.The vast majority of people, 98 to 99 percent, can take iodine in doses ranging from 10 to 200 mg a day without any clinically adverse affects on thyroid function.

Iodine was used for a wide variety of ailments after its discovery in 1811 up until the mid-1900s, when thyroidologists warned that “excess” amounts of iodine might adversely affect thyroid function. It is effective in gram amounts for treating various dermatologic conditions, chronic lung disease, fungal infestations, tertiary syphilis, and even arteriosclerosis. The Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Szent Györgi (1893—1986), the physician who discovered vitamin C, writes: “When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the universal medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something good. We students used to sum up the situation in this little rhyme:

If ye don’t know where, what, and why
Prescribe ye then K and I”

The standard dose of potassium iodide given was 1 gram, which contains 770 mg of iodine (I think this is equivalent to 123.20 vertical drops of Lugol`s ~ there are reportedly 6.25 mg per drop). This 19th and early 20th century medicine continues to be used in gram amounts in the 21st century by dermatologists. They treat inflammatory dermatoses, like nodular vasculitis and pyoderma gangrenosum (shown here), with SSKI, beginning with an iodine dose of 900 mg a day, followed by weekly increases up to 6 grams a day as tolerated. Fungal eruptions, like sporotrichosis, are treated initially in gram amounts with great success. These lesions can disappear within two weeks after treatment with iodine.

There is a case report in the medical literature of a 54-year-old man who, thinking it was iced tea, drank a “home preparation” of SSKI in water that his aunt kept in the refrigerator for her rheumatism. Over a short period of time he consumed 600 ml of this solution, which contained 15 gm of iodide, an amount 100,000 times more than the RDI. He developed swelling of the face, neck, and mouth, had transient cardiac arrhythmias and made an uneventful recovery.

Dr. Guy Abraham`s studies indicate that, given a sufficient amount, the body will retain much more iodine than originally thought, 1,500 mg, with only 3 percent of that amount held in the thyroid gland. More than 4,000 patients in this project take iodine in daily doses ranging from 12.5 to 50 mg, and in those with diabetes, up to 100 mg a day. These investigators have found that iodine does indeed reverse fibrocystic disease; their diabetic patients require less insulin; hypothyroid patients, less thyroid medication; symptoms of fibromyalgia resolve, and patients with migraine headaches stop having them. To paraphrase Dr. Szent-Györgi, these investigators aren’t sure how iodine does it, but it does something good.

Thyroid function remains unchanged in 99 percent of patients. Untoward effects of iodine, allergies, swelling of the salivary glands and thyroid, and iodism, occur rarely, in less than 1 percent. Iodine removes the toxic halogens fluoride and bromide from the body. Iodism, an unpleasant brassy taste, runny nose, and acne-like skin lesions, is caused by the bromide that iodine extracts from the tissues. Symptoms subside on a lesser dose of iodine.

As these physicians point out, consuming iodine in milligram doses should, of course, be coupled with a complete nutritional program that includes adequate amounts of selenium, magnesium, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Done this way, an iodine intake 100 times the reference daily intake is “the simplest, safest, most effective and least expensive way to help solve the health care crisis crippling our nation,” as the leader of The Iodine Project, Dr. Abraham, puts it.

People who take iodine in these amounts report that they have a greater sense of well-being, increased energy, and a lifting of brain fog. They feel warmer in cold environments, need somewhat less sleep, improved skin complexion, and have more regular bowel movements. These purported health benefits need to be studied more thoroughly, as do those with regard to fibrocystic breast disease and cancer. Meanwhile, perhaps we should emulate the Japanese and substantially increase our iodine intake, if not with seaweed, then with two drops of Lugol’s Solution (or one Iodoral tablet) a day”.

Wait. How can that be? Who`s jivin who? Now think of who did th jivin regarding th AIDS hoax; it was so “convenient”, was`nt it, to have this red herring scrapegoat appear in th early 1980s about th same time as th US ojay`s health was being covertly ruined in a number of ways, eg th false governmental nutrition books/reports about how vitamin B-12 was ONLY found in meat and dairy products, carcinogenic mouthwashes, th introduction of chemtrails, immune system killing vaccinations, th spread of guanoza, fluoride toothpaste, phthalates, perchlorate, homogenized milk, leaded cosmetics, TV soap operas, microwave ovens, food preservatives, amalgam tooth fillings, mineral-deficient common table salt, captain kangaroo, toxic addictive chemicals added to tobacco, aluminized beer/liquors, th genetic weakening of common garden vegie seeds, and establishing th criminally low RDA of IODINE globally to justify its removal from bread and lessen its importance to boot. Do you require any more proof that “th bigger th lie, th more likely it is to be believed? You do? Then go peek thru th windows of th houses in your town to see how many folks still watch th kronkidupian gobbledegook disguised as th “televised evening news”, while smearing pathologicasystapistamistic crap on their hemorrhoids.

Cot death/adult illness has been raging thruout history since th days of th ultimate hypocrite, hippocrates, 460-377 BC, who prescribed mercury internally. Note that th word hypocrite should be properly spelled “hippocrate”, but cuz that spelling too closely resembles “hippocrates”, it had to be changed. More on hippocrates later. I think th ancient doctors knew that mercury/lead would kill far too quickly, leaving them without a lifelong invalid to milk. How then could they keep them alive but in need of endless treatment? Simple. When they are approaching death, give them IODINE to flush a bit of th mercury/lead out, but not enough to where they attain full good health {this is undoubtedly th ONLY reason why beneficial iodine treatment was not banned a long time ago}.

Here`s one reason why I said that; according to “after it was discovered that mercury was th cause of Pink Disease in 1947, mercury was removed from all teething powders and Pink Disease became rare. Pink disease is babyhood mercury poisoning” {Nowadays {2009} they have “harmless” ingredients in baby teething powder eg, paracetamol HA HA Ha}. The 4 highly trained doctors, among them normand l. hoerr from johns hopkins univ, of the editorial board of Blakiston`s medical dictionary, 1956, certainly knew in 1947 that doctor prescribed mercury products caused pink`s disease. Said another way, they had to have known since mercury was removed from th teething powders in 1947. In fact they have certainly known this since antiquity. Yet in their dictionary, pink`s disease is not given its own listing. Instead, pink`s is listed under “ERYTHREDEMA POLYNEUROPATHY” and I quote; “a syndrome of uncertain cause, but possibly related to mercury poisoning, occurring in infancy and characterized by pink itching hands and feet, and marked vasomotor and emotional disturbances. There is profuse sweating, photophobia{me = morbid fear of light}, irritability, tachycardia {me = rapid heart beat}, and hypertension {me = tension or high blood pressure}. Also called pink`s disease/acrodynia/Selter`s disease/Feer`s disease/Swift`s disease”.

Its interesting is`nt it, that they say “a syndrome of “uncertain cause, possibly related to mercury poisoning”, and list pink`s, th common name everyone knows near th last? And all these doctors, hoping to make a splash, pretending they have found some bizarre new disease, an then having th gall to name themself after it? Methinks this is their way of warning other doctors that th public is catching on to their mercury scam and should take heed to avoid prosecution. However, you can`t really prosecute these doctors, for to prosecute just one, you`d have to prosecute them all clear back to hippocrates time; th guilty doctor that you prosecute will simply say “I was only following proper medical protocol, and offer as evidence that this is true, medical dictionaries such as th one named above. Only when th ojay themselves begin warning each other that a treatment is bogus, will doctors reluctantly release a floodgate of butterfly propagandy to cloud th issue and fortify their reputation as th “sweethearts of society”. Th book “materia medica”, R.E. Scoresby – Jackson, 1867, via says “iodide of potassium has been used successfully for th elimination of lead/mercury; th iodide renders them soluble. Iodine, internally or externally, has been employed in th cure of more diseases than we have space even so much as to enumerate”.

However, beware of perilous irradiated iodine. Dr. David J. Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University says via th NY Times “The way radioactive iodine gets into human beings is an indirect route,” he said. “It falls to the ground, cows eat it and make milk with radioactive iodine, and you get it from drinking the milk. You get very little from inhaling it. The way to prevent it is just to stop people from drinking the milk.” He said that the epidemic of thyroid cancer around Chernobyl could have been prevented if the government had immediately stopped people from drinking milk. Crops can also be contaminated. “I wouldn’t be eating an apple from a tree close to the (nuclear) plant,” Dr. Brenner said.

Regarding sodium fluoride as found in toothpaste–public water–salt, only 200–1200 mg will kill a small child–adult human respectively.

Speaking of harmful chemicals, and remembering that plants can absorb some of them an pass them off on you, is it not time to wonder why they permit those common black plastic pots/water hoses that many growers grow/irrigate vegies in? No living creature will chew on these an their smell alone warns you of their toxicity.
“In a test, reporters from ABC’s Phoenix affiliate KNXV-TV bought 10 garden hoses randomly at places like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target and Ace Hardware.
They filled sections of the hoses with clean water, sealed the ends and put them outside for about a day. Then they delivered that water to a lab. Five of the 10 hoses came back with levels of lead higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency allows for drinking water: 15 parts per billion. Four of those came back with extremely high lead levels”. “Hoses tend to be made of PVC, which is a dirty plastic, and lead is used as a stabilizer in that plastic,” said Charlie Pizarro, associate director at the Center for Environmental Health” {}.

“While there can be minute amounts of lead found even in tap water, hoses made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or brass fittings can leach unsafe levels of lead into the water. Lead is used in the manufacturing process of brass fittings to make the brass malleable in order to shape it, and is also used as a stabilizer in PVC. According to a May 2003 article from Consumer Reports, the Environmental Protection Agency deemed safe levels of lead to be less than 15 parts per billion. Consumer Reports tested 16 of the most popular hoses sold nationwide, finding that many leached up to 100 times that amount at the initial flush of standing water. One easy way to cut down on the amount of lead in your immediate environment is to get a lead-free garden hose. Not only will it drastically reduce the amount of lead being deposited in your yard, it will also virtually eliminate direct exposure when watering by hand or tending to the garden.

A lead-free garden hose is also safe for children to get a much-needed drink or play in the sprinklers, and pets will also be spared of potential lead poisoning from water bowls filled from the hose. A lead-free garden hose is typically made from medical-grade vinyl with nickel-plated fittings. The hoses are often white with a thin blue stripe, and are commonly sold in marine and recreational vehicle (RV) stores. An RV lead-free garden hose can also come in a beige color with blue stripe, to match the beige paint of many RVs. Although sold for RV and marine use, these hoses serve as great lead-free garden hoses. Though a lead-free garden hose is safe for drinking, it is always best to flush a hose of standing water before drinking or filling the pet’s water bowl. Some lead-free garden hoses are also kink-free, and bacteria, mold and mildew resistant. Best of all, a lead-free garden hose is inexpensive, and top brands come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee {}.

“Lead is an extremely stable element that is categorised as a heavy metal. It is a dangerous neurotoxin to humans and animals. Once soil has become contaminated with lead, which is not biodegradable, it remains a long term source of lead exposure. Vegetables can absorb excess lead from highly contaminated soils. Planting a vegetable garden where rubbish was once dumped; on previous agricultural land; where there are nearby mines or smelters; or where a house once stood (the concern here is primarily from lead-based paints which were used prior to the 1950s), could all pose a hazard. CSIRO has found more pollution in leafy vegetables and root crops than fruiting plant produce (for example, fruit trees, tomatoes, and peas and beans). This means that soils with more than 3000ppm lead are deemed ok for fruit and grain crops, but not for leafy or root vegetables.Vegetable gardens should be established away from busy roads – at least 20 to 80 metres away. If you’re concerned about lead in your soil, consider taking these actions: Peel root crops, such as potatoes and carrots, as most contaminants taken up from the soil are found in the skin of these plants. Wash vegetables thoroughly. Discard older, outer leaves which absorb more lead. Maintain a soil pH of 6.5 to 7.0 and provide adequate phosphorus fertilisation to reduce lead uptake from the soil. Plant fruiting vegetables instead of leafy or root crops which take up more lead. Organic matter added to the soil helps tie up lead and makes it less available to plants. Mulch the soil to reduce blowing dust and to increase water retention. A poor diet that is low in iron, calcium, calories, protein, zinc and vitamin C, and high in fat, will increase the risk that you will absorb lead from your diet. A further study documented how much some plants tend to take up heavy metals such as lead:

High uptake: lettuce, spinach, carrot, endive, cress, beet and silverbeet leaves

Moderate uptake: onion, mustard, potato, radish

Low uptake: corn, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, berries

Very low uptake: beans, peas, melon, tomatoes, fruit {}

Th who {world health organization} recommends fluoride for developing countries. In 1994 th who said that 800 million ojay used it. I found I was able to more vigorously crunch okey after avoiding fluoride although it took at least 3 months. This was probably due to th strenghening of th dentine which is believed to suffer from fluoride exposure. In 1942 hitler`s najis gave fluoride to their POW`s to render them docile. Its said that “repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning an narcotitizing a certain area of th brain, thus making him submissive to th will of those who wish to govern him {a convenient invisible lobotomy}. In 1954 Charles E. Perkins, chemist, stated “I say this with all th earnestness an sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 year`s research into th chemistry, biochemistry, physiology an pathology of fluorine–any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be th same person mentally or physically”. Dr.Charles T. Betts, Ohio, reported that “fluorides are a poison which is cumulative in th body similar to radium. No antidote is known. Fluorides are a poisonous byproduct of aluminum manufacture”. Dr. George L.Waldbott, Detroit, reported that “all reports of fluoride poisoning emphasize th great variety of symptoms, th insidious onset, th slow course of th disease, th fact that death is caused by a general wasting away an not by th involvement of only one organ. Symptoms show that fluorides interfere with th normal utilization of calcium–phosphorus. It prevents depositing of bone substances in joints–ligaments especially in th lower spine an causes temporary hardening of th bones–teeth–nails–hair, followed by softening of bones–nails”. says that lead, arsenic and radium are also found i

Its obvious that fluoride is a major reason why th average Western serf has not rebelled long ago against th cursota`s 100 prong attack against our pursuit of happiness. Th full sordid fluoride story is freely available on th mighty net. Get wise or prepare for yer demise.

White an brown sugar–inorganic molasses is toxic, which is one reason why they promote it. Raw sugar cane juice, if grown without soy cover crops etc is healthy, which is one reason why they don`t promote it as a small farm–backyard crop. Small affordable cane juicing blenders as well as dehullers for highly valuable peanut–sunflower etc are ultra scarce or nonexistent in western lands. They did`nt want small farmers becoming independent, an so giant million dollar cane mills, which required more easily controlled slaves to operate, were promoted starting in th 1800s.

Makin it harder are some weather agencies who in my opinion deliberately fabricate forecasts to make th small farmer spend more mun for say herbicides, eg when no milsap is predicted a farmer will spray to kill weeds, but if it mils directly after, th mil will wash away th herbicide which has no oil added. A portable motorized steam generator with a hose–spray nozzle, fueled by water, would kill weeds via hot water harmlessly. This, along with all other water powered farm vehicles–machinery, would all but set th small farmer free monetarily an break th chain. However, th cursota buried this technology along with its brilliant inventors. Biofuel is th next red herring. Then, as I have personally learned, Oz weather agencies fall in step with th NWO`s “global warming” nonsense by pretending that record cold low temperatures were many degrees higher than they were, in order to make us think that more laws–research–funding–taxes–agencies–etc are needed, when they are only trying to covertly justify their parasitic existence. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

The carniborians wage extensive big $$$ media shampoo campaigns beforehand so we won`t complain when they “allocate” our mun to pretend their trying to eradicate certain “macabre” plant–animal enemies, for example, Oops I forgot! I`m required by law to tell you to read th following first. According to federal regulation F999uku, you must state in writing that you are 18 or more years of age before you can view th following explicit p-o-r-n-a-c-a-l-y-p-i-t-o-a-d-i-c-a-l material. In some jurisdictions you must be 21 years of age or over, check with yer city council first. Before permission can be granted, 4 signed foto IDs, a minimum of 2 notarized bank references verifying yer name an account number {library cards are not accepted} , an $37.45 {tax deductible} are required. Please don`t ask if we accept cash as refusal may offend. All those with heart pacemakers must pass a doctor`s evaluation test. To make sure yer IQ is high enough to understand th serious consequences, we will ask you to spell brucellosis, th cash cow program we employed to get our stoolies set up in th cattle biz. Finally, even if permission is granted, be advised that if yer easily offended–frightened–disturbed by paedophilic roque ruttishy spitting creepy crawlers, or if you become excessively aggravated by flaky, pungent-odored, promiscuous pollenating trees–weeds–fruits, then we strongly recommend that you cease to read further. Don`t even think about reading further if yer under 18. If ya don`t want time, then don`t do th crime. Have you been reading too fast? You have been warned! eucalyptus tree{florida}–fennel–geranium–jujube–morning glory–cherry guava–olive–carrot–comfrey–cane toad.

Turtle; its time for th ojay to join us an come to th rescue of th government in their big $$$ tax-payer funded courageous battle against these menaces, especially th cane toad. Its th least we can do for these charitable souls who constantly send us free organic gardening tips in th mail, warn us about lead in garden hoses, an patrol our roadways armed with herbicide sprayers.

Chicken; when they`re in th vicinity, always set a bowl of hoglites along th road for them to nibble on as a good will gesture. Be patriotic not idiotic! Do yer part today to help keep insecticide chemical companies from going bankrupt, an catch a mess of cane toads {be sure to wear welder`s gloves–goggles to avoid th deadly venom they spit at you}, an boldly incarcerate them without okey inside a wooded patch. Ya may have to take some panadol if ya get too depressed watchin them devour th precious native beetles–slugs–mosquitoes an their larvae–grasshoppers–flies–scorpions–ants–moths–snakes–termites–mice there.

Crow; yahoo! then to help cheer these tireless agricultureless warriors on th battlefield, an to express solidarity, take a foto of these imprisoned spitting brutes in th patch an proudly mail it to them along with a ten dollar donation for further research an be amazed. In no time at all u`ll receive free info from them about how to make fertilizer from their dead bodies!

Turtle; hey Bo, get out yer Slim Harpo an teer along with us, ready–set–1–2–3

Some toads teer an ~ some toads don`t

Some toads will an ~ some toads won`t

let ya rub their bellies ~ an massage their back

some toads like attention ~ some are out of whack

some toads stare at you when you let them go

they say don`tcha want me around no mo

others take a flyin ~ leap an hop away

they never heard a boy say ~ yeha poozalay

Attract toads to yer garden by placin a small nite lite–garbage near a shallow dish of water. Forget th propaganda about toads killing dogs, 99.99% are too smart to jibbitt th poisonous parts of them. If they were`nt, every dingo in th country would`ve been dead a long time ago. Some dogs are smart enough to eat only th unpoisonous parts of toads. Toads make fair pets for kids but instead of letting their kids play with them, many parents are quite certain they`ll spit poison on you or give you warts etc, so they consider toads as “peligroso” as a copperhead.

City folks come to th country thinking they will become “countrified” but they bring th same dead toxic plastic kid`s playground sets found in fast food hamburger restaurants an lion`s club or mason-built city parks where is often seen some antique weapon/monument of past wars. They don`t put monuments of naked kids feeding animals cuz this would allow them to grow up bonded to living nature, not a slave warring mentality. They may not even allow pigeons in their park! Th plastic playground is a symbol designed to corrupt an disable children`s minds, an th weapon/monument symbol is designed to get kids thinking that war is “glorious”.

Said another way, how can you glorify war, get th ojay to think that soldier`s died to protect our “freedom” instead of fattening some dead piece of meat`s wallet, corrupt kid`s minds/bodies all at th same time? C, ya guessed it Bo. Kids need to learn how to develop an intimate relationship with living, not dead things an impression off on them an th other gender if they are to grow up phobia free an wild. Said yet a 3rd way, how can you get your kids to suck on “spoiled war eggs” without getting a bellyache just by taking a stroll thru a city park? Just observe th cursota`s army recruiting “publicity stunts” disguised as “war monuments” listing th dead who died in WW-2/Vietnam war and countless others.

Wait, are you a proud war veteran reading this an smashing th table wishing it was me? Guess you never talked to th patriotic sargents/lieutenants who were commanded to, but disobeyed th order to send their men into a battle situation they knew would result in their comrade`s deaths. And when they were sent to th brig permitting you an your platoon to stay alive, did you give thanks to Jaggebar or contact them? Are you aware that there has to be many deliberate “sacrifices” {casualties} which permit a war to drag on longer than necessary in order to further enrich th cursota an spread disorientation despair an chaos? You know, if there really was a reason to go to war, I just might be th one to drag your wounded bosom back in th bunker. Have you already forgotten how hitler staged a phony false flag terror event to gain public sympathy in order to enter Poland{see}, or th staged “gulf of tonkin” Vietnam incident which rallied th Yanks around president johnson, JFK`s cursotic warring successor? {see utube`s “the false flag gulf of tonkin incident Vietnam” and “Ron Paul gulf of tonkin” where Ron says “I`m concerned however that a contrived gulf of tonkin type incident may well occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran”.} Th following quote helps to clarify why/how these 2 wars started in th first place, and why it is patriotic to make certain your kids never go to parks where these grotesque monuments of ballyhoo exist;

“Naturally th common people don`t want war, but after all, it is th leaders of a country who determine th policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, th people can always be brought to th bidding of th leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce th pacifists for lack of patriotism an exposing th country to danger. It works th same in every country” – hermann goering, hitler`s reich marshall

“And I hope that you die
And your death’ll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I’ll stand over your grave
‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead”.
Bob Dylan ~ masters of war

In closing this discussion on why public parks can be hazardous places for your kids, especially males, here`s a breakdown of an article from a university of Rochester study which says that phthalates, th chemical found in many vinyl and plastic products, tends to feminize boys, altering their brains to express more feminine characteristics. Th feminization process happens during pregnancy when phthalate exposure causes hormone disruptions in th unborn baby. This chemical feminizes males by disrupting th action of th hormone testosterone. They think th phthalate family of chemicals causes/contributes to diabetes/obesity as well. “Substantial declines in testosterone levels and sperm quality have been observed in the United States and other countries over the last several decades which urgently requires explanation”, Dr. Richard Stahlhut said. Phthalates are found in a variety of products from cosmetics-shampoos-soaps-lotions-lubricants-paint-pesticides-plastics.

Potting mixes with nitrogen killing pine bark–fertilizers–insecticides often produce negative results for th small farmer who, after 12 years of anti-schooling schooling, was`nt even taught one of th most important things he will ever learn in life, how to plant an maintain fruit trees. Thats partially cuz most “high IQ” professors don`t even know. Does`nt everyone know that being taught how to spell “tchaikovsky”, an th name of th king who was married to queen isabella is of more vital interest? Even an ant knows th value of tree farming, demonstrating clearly th irrelevancy of “IQ” tests.

Self sufficient farms are scheduled to be eliminated so giant conglomerates can better control us via monopolies, drive up prices forcing us to jibbitt unhealthy dead okey, contaminate th okey supply, destabilize th ojay. Here`s an example. In 2007 th USDA passed a law requiring mandatory chemical fumigation of almonds, one of our elite okeys. Extermination by fumigation. These almonds can be labeled “raw” an sold thus deceiving th consumer.Yet these usda rules don`t apply to almonds being imported from other countries, thus killing th small organic farmer`s export–local trade. Fumigation–pasteurization–irradiation–processing of nuts–okeys can destroy as much as 80% or more of their nutritional value. This is nothing less than a terroristic campaign of intentional nutrient depletion for th slaves in my opinion. This will produce a nation of sick ojay who will then “beg” big pharma to “save” them. Diseased–stressed ojay have no time–inclination–mun to fight th cursota`s nwo. Extermination by nutrient deprivation. Open letter to police, we`re not going to beg for yer help but would`nt it be nice to be invited to an organic fruit farm an be given a glass of almond milk, instead of a glass of income tax gall? Please verify this atrocity on th net yerself.

For th nwo to more rapidly succeed, th serfs must be fed a steady red herring diet to convince them that other things besides th food they eat are what`s primarily causing their disease. Moreover, th serfs must be “conditioned” to plant useless grass–ornamentals which will increase their dependency on them, not okey plants which will decrease their dependency on them, or better yet be convinced to plant nothing at all in their tiny back yard. Th one herring that can accomplish these objectives, an lighten their wallet to boot, is called a “potting mix” complete with dire warnings on th bag. Serf self-sufficiency is th one thing that would cut-off their supply of “food stamps” disguised as “taxes”. Besides th boxcar loads of anti-farming farming books in th bookstore–library helping to achieve this objective, are th ubiquitous plant-killing potting mixes usually containing pine bark. If you have heart trouble an/or are prone to have either uncontrollable fits of laughter or rage, skip over th next 2 paragraphs.

One such bag being sold at coles supermarket, one of th 2 biggest food store chains in Oz, said “inhalation of dust may cause pneumonia, eg {legionnaires disease}. Avoid contact with eyes an skin. Wear protective clothing, gloves, dust resistant eye protection, an particulate respirator. First aid; irrigate eyes for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap an water. Seek medical attention for any skin–eye–respiratory systems. Note; this mix complies with requirement of AS 3743 for a regular potting mix”.

On th potting mix bag of th other major okey chain, woolworths, was written “HAZARDOUS ~ RISK: inhalation of dust and/or liquid mists may irritate, inflame or sensitize th nose, throat and lungs resulting in illness ranging from hayfever or asthma, to pneumonia {eg Legionnaire`s disease} or pneumonia like illnesses. Direct contact with this material or its dust and/or liquid mists {bioaerosols} may cause skin irritation {dermatitis}, an skin or eye infection or irritation. People particularly at risk are those suffering from aesthma or allergies, an those whose immune defence systems are compromised. SAFETY: avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists {bioaerosols}. Wear suitable protective clothing an standard duty gloves {AS 2161}. If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists, also wear dust resistant eye protection {AS/NZS 1336} an particulate respirator {AS/NZS 1715 and 1716. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wash work clothes regularly. Clean up by wet sweeping or vacuuming. Store this product in a cool location. FIRST AID: irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention for any persistent skin, eye, or respiratory symptoms. DISPOSAL: follow above safety precautions an collect in containers for disposal as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

All this “great ado about nothin” designed to discourage folks from growing their own vegies, an to divert attention from th fact that much of th okey they sell, which ants often won`t even jibbitt, will cause flu-like illnesses over a period of time, due to th government agencies who have set th “permissible” insecticide limits too high. Now they are planning to set th limits even higher an to introduce gmo okey. Guess who almost certainly has a monetary interest in these chemical insecticide companies?

Chicken; {to Crow} remember when Bull helped us pinch that bag of potting mix. Revenge was sweet. I can still see th dropped jaw of th manager!

Crow; oohwee, that was fun. That nasty weed bit th dust th first time th mil hit it!

Turtle; so you were th ones who killed me henbane plant by spreadin that awful mix around it!

This is th same suicidal land that sticks its nose in neighboring countries internal affairs to make sure they remain “doomocratic”–fully clothed–dumbed down–tidy–subservient poor psychos, an where even ladies of th nite, similar to Holland–Germany, are regulated–taxed, an electric wheelchairs may require license plates. Despite this slap, there does exist a bit of bumblehood there, but usually only among th serfs. Considering th unbelievable sassiness of th oblivious women there, its no surprise that Oz was th first country to unionize prostitution. This was a “gift” to th men from th cursota. See, th fair ladies there want paid holidays an to be protected from unfair dismissals. Instead of being embarrassed to take mun from men for chalk in th first place, men are forced to tolerate this or face jail. Men have great tolerance to pain, but this smashing of men`s pride pushes many of them over th edge, which is what th cursota need to survive. The Cookies “I want a boy for my birthday”1963, has been changed to “I want mun for my birthday”. Find a map, use yer legs an think Bopperism Bo. In th Northern Territory its heartening to read bumper stickers that say “will th last real Australian leaving th country please remember to bring th flag”. Its plain to see that th cursota`s agenda to slowly wipe out all traces of black aboriginal culture in Oz is working very well. Look at th Aboriginal newspapers, every year their faces get whiter an whiter an now its quite hard to tell them apart from whites. Having been shunned by th “educated” stoical “know everything” white Oz “goddesses”, many men would leap over a dozen of them, even if they were laying naked, just to talk to a fully clothed Aboriginal babe, even if she weighed more than an ATV, was more homely than a wrecked 1951 English ford zephyr, could`nt spell “OK”, an had more scars than “bad bad Leroy Brown”.

Way back in th 1940`s, Dr. Royal Lee warned us about th FDA {federal drug administration}, a treasonous nwo affiliated group who are banning–wrecking–insecticiding–ignoring all plants–vitamins–nutrients found to be healthy, eg fruit–brown lentil–blackeye bean–pole bean–chick pea–green pea–raw whole wheat–brown rice–pinto borlotti bean–peanut–nuts–herbs. Bit by bit in other western lands, eg Oz an its traitorous “bio security” group at th top of command, they are also banning–sabotaging herbs or anything found in a health okey store that makes you smile, cleans insecticides from vegies, helps ya to catnip soundly, boosts yer immune system, alleviates pain an many others. As Aussie Nambour nurserywoman, Isabelle Shipard, says “herbs can help anything from a broken leg to a broken heart”. Seeds–rhizomes from many wonderful plants–herbs are/have been banned to prevent us from growing our own. Th eye in th quadroon watches our back yards to make sure of this.

When they locate banned plants, they are not content to let 2-4 officers in 1 police car knock politely on th door, an issue their search warrant. Instead of this, a small well-armed platoon of troopers come in 4-6 vehicles, an instead of knocking they open th door themself an rudely enter. But why? Th ojay are all state lease holders, not land owners, so anyone authorized by th state can enter without knocking or even having to present a search warrant. Th purpose of search warrants is to act as red herrings to give you th impression you are th land owner so as to help prevent rebellion. You pay rent, not taxes. Does`nt maintaining yer deed an a thousand others in a 50 buck filing cabinet justify them charging you thousands of dollars year after year? Aren`t they just more righteous innocent ojay on a higher astral plane trying to protect th public from what they believe in their heart is right? Or are certain banned plants illegal so they can justify taking th land you thought was yours, plus equipment–car an every cent ya have? This reminds of certain Asian lands where one gets th death penalty for having a bag of something that makes ya laugh. A competitor eliminated, means more mun for th illuminated. In South–Central America, ya remain in th can forever an a day, until ya pay, err…that is if yer not killed. None of th above is relevant at Bopland, cuz no one would need a substance to escape from reality in th first place. And if someone did, our leaders would hang their head an cry, not sentence ya to die.

The imaginary importance of meat–dairy products are being endlessly branded in our psyche. But why? Besides being ruinous to health, it is essential for th carniborians to find assassins mentally capable of killing truthers, th sane beautiful ojay who try to remove th boil on their back.Their global slavery agenda would collapse instantly without paid assassins. Therefore they make absolutely certain a serf child gets his fair share of poison from his public school lunch from day one an becomes a meatarichump with th warped mental attitude the parasites need to survive. Meatarchumpistodian propagandists are ubiquitous on th net writing claptrap that undermines veganism.

Carnivorism–vivisection buries–ruins th conscience an greatly helps to remove th innate guilt feeling of killing. Having a child contaminate his maudy by jibbittin rotting flesh ensures that farm kids grow up with their head on backwards separated from their innate vegetarianism, an isolated from nature an its many vegetarian animals, somethin like flowers unable to grow cuz of bad soil. There are sane city folks with a country attitude, an insane country folks with a city attitude. To stay afloat, th cursota must run their speedboat in a chaotic sea of meatarichumps. That`s one reason why cities were created; crime an cities go hand in hand. In such an unhealthy tense place, dogs, but not vegetarian animals who we intrinsically have more in common with, will be needed to combat th crime. Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

And you thought horses and humans weren`t closely related and evolution was a hoax? Oh by the way, we didn`t need th clausnagerk darwin to tell us what many of us already knew, that evolution is a fact.

First foto  below ~ equine (horse) semen

Second foto ~  human sperm

Following is a discussion providing overwhelming evidence that we are born vegetarians. However, as time is of the essence, this evidence will only be touched upon as briefly as possible here.

David Icke said “if we have a society that treats animals with respect, love an dignity, we will have a society and a world that treats people an the planet with love, respect an dignity”…eature=related

Vivisection is one main tool that the cursota use to prop up meatarichumpistodianism (carnivorism).
Over 24 million years ago, the vegetarian teeth of our ancient ancestors made their appearance. It was all but impossible for Man to have been a strict meatarichumpistodian before the invention of fire. Man first used controlled fire somewhere between 100,000 and 1 million years ago, an possibly much sooner. Of course fire would have been used for dozens of other things besides cooking meat, eg to deter dangerous animals. Our teeth are not designed to rip raw UNCOOKED flesh. Meatarichumps are the only animal who cooks food which in itself is a fatal idea. Cooking destroys the majority of Vit C and at 129F, all the enzymes are destroyed. Meat preservatives can cause male impotence. Carnivores secrete much more hydrochloric acid than we do. The uric acid in meat acts as a poison to us. For more on this see this video.Why humans are primarily plant-eaters by design “Dr. Milton R. Mills

Woman`s gestation time is similar to the primates as is our alimentary canal. We cannot manufacture vit C because our daily diet of fruit always supplied this. Carnivores have to manufacture their own vit C because their daily diet did`nt supply it.
All vertebrate embryos, including us, look very similar during the early stages of development; this means that meatarians are basically cannabals. We are born with a shrunken caudal vertebrae (tail). To help maintain the christian-muslim creationist myth, in the rare occasions when a baby is born today with a vestigial tail, it is cut off. There are no adverse health effects from such a tail. The very same religious preacher who created “satan” out of thin air, so he would have something to strike fear in the slaves driving them to his congregation, likewise also created the word “witch”. And he`s the same one who invented words like “adam`s apple” {enlarged goiter} to denigrate fruit so the masses would remain sick an seek out his help. Probably it was him an not the Jewish doctors who helped spread the plague in the Dark Ages; these Jews got the blame and were hanged while the masses showered the “exalted” holy one with gifts.

While the serfs were praying, he was “preying”. Who else but him would have had a great desire to create words like “witches” to divert attention from evolutionary truth so as to keep those gifts rolling in? An so it was that children who were born with a tail in the Dark Ages were proclaimed to be “witches” and were skeletilized (killed) instantly along with the yakamosa (mother).
Anything that was a threat to the state/church/doctor`s parasitic existence must be eliminated, eg because our appendix is an indisputable sign that our ancestors were plant jibbitters (eaters), it therefore must be denigrated by saying that “it has no useful purpose in the maudy (body), an because it sometimes ruptures causing death from appendicitis, it should be surgically removed to be safe”. What they don`t say is that unlike carnivores, vegan apes have this same appendix organ which acts as a grease trap to prevent toxic okey (food) substances from threatening other bodily organs. Then when the organ finally ruptures after years of protecting the system from meat gristle-fat toxins, the organ is said to be “useless”. The DNA of a chimp is over 95% equal to ours {}. Monkeys have tails, an when we look at them we instantly think that this is how we probably looked millions of years ago, so its logical to say “but where is our tail, an why are we such unhealthy meatarichumps when these healthy apes-monkeys are primarily vegetarian”? But all of us have tail bones/appendixes proving that we all once had fleshy tails an were plant jibbitters (eaters). Moreover there are at least 20 vestigial organs proving we evolved slowly over millions of years.
Eating meat will shorten life span. The longest lived peoples on Earth are overwhelmingly lean vegetarians, among them the Hunzas, as reported in Dr. Jay Hoffman`s book “Hunza ~ secrets of the world`s healthiest and oldest living people”.
Here`s why meat is second class protein = cow eats grass which passes thru its digestive system to make muscles for itself = man eats this cow muscle which is really grass which has been transformed into cow muscle.
There are numerous diseases that meatarichumpistodians, but not vegetarians, suffer from. The LAST thing the establishment and their medical mafia want is a healthy independent clear-thinking Gandhi-type vegetarian nation. They need an unmelodic disorientated angry grim ojay (populace) to perpetuate their wars. That`s why vegetarian food is almost always contaminated with toxins, eg insecticides. That`s why they created the myth that vitamin B-12 is found ONLY in meat/dairy products. They require your disorientation/ill health in order for them to remain secure in their parasitic niche.

Hitler was NOT a vegetarian, see = where Mike Adams writes “it’s common knowledge that Hitler was a vegetarian. Just ask anybody: They’ll tell you so. Trouble is, the assumption is false. Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian at all. Consider the historical facts:

• Biographers who wrote about Hitler (and who knew him quite well on a personal basis) openly describe his love for Bavarian sausages and game pie (“game” meaning wild meat from birds and other creatures).

• Hitler’s own chef openly talked about Hitler’s love for stuffed pigeon.

• In none of Hitler’s speeches or writing did Hitler state he was a vegetarian or speak in favor of vegetarianism.

• Hitler was regularly given injections of a protein serum made from the testicles of a bull — not exactly a treatment that would be tolerated by vegetarians.

• None of Hitler’s lieutenants were vegetarians, nor was vegetarianism promoted in any way in the Nazi party.

In fact, Hitler suffered from severe flatulence (where do you think the idea for the gas chambers came from?) and was advised by doctors to follow a vegetarian diet from time to time in order to calm the gas attacks. This is probably where the myth about Hitler being a vegetarian first originated. No doubt his lieutenants wanted Hitler to be a vegetarian; especially the ones seated closest to him at the dinner table.”
Additional reading about the Hitler vegetarianism myth:…
By the way, according to the above-mentioned article, the New York Times’ definition of vegetarianism includes cooked ham. I suppose if you define vegetarianism as including cooked ham and sausages, then sure, Hitler was a vegetarian. But you’d have to be a numbskull to adopt that definition in the first place.”
Learn more:

Furthermore Hitler walked with the help of an ivory tipped cane.

Monkeys – appendixes – humans with tails – vegetarianism – nudity – unrestricted chalk (sex) – and most of all valid R an R, ruins the chances for the child molesting cursota (cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages) to lead a satisfying parasitic life pretending to be some great pillar of society trying to save us from ruin. That`s why our monkey relatives, as well as all indigenous ojay (people) living close to the land are being skeletilized (killed), an the reason why christian pro-creationist claptrap litters th internet. said “the evidence indicates that chimp animal killing is used by a very small percentage of chimps to gain chalk (sex) favors, reminiscent of human dating. Thus flesh consumption in the chimp is a cultural practice, not a natural instinct, exactly as it is in the human. Human menstruation is not a natural and healthful process, it is merely a cleansing process necessary only in highly toxic cultural diet eaters. Wild healthy apes do not menstruate”. For the full skinny on why menstruation is a symptom of disease, see the legendary German health author, Arnold Ehret,,, Dr. H.G. Beiler, and the authors Wendy Harris and Nadine Mcdonald.

For more on vegetarianism see Dr. Charles Attwood, Arnold Ehret, Dr. Michael Klaper, Rita Laws Ph.D {Choctaw Tribe}, George B. Shaw, Percy B. Shelley, Dr. Jay Hoffman and finally, Socrates an Glaucon`s “backyard dream debates” from 2400 years ago among many others.

Th vegetarian, Gandhi, said via; “Government control gives rise to fraud, suppression of Truth, intensification of the black market and artificial scarcity. Above all, it unmans the people and deprives them of initiative, it undoes the teaching of self-help…I look upon an increase in the power of the State with the greatest fear because, although while apparently doing good by minimizing exploitation, it does the greatest harm to mankind by destroying individuality which lies at the heart of all progress…We find the general work of mankind is being carried on from day to day be the mass of people acting as if by instinct….If they were instinctively violent the world would end in no time…It is when the mass mind is unnaturally influenced by wicked men that the mass of mankind commit violence. But they forget it as they commit it because they return to their peaceful nature immediately the evil influence of the directing mind has been removed….A government that is evil has no room for good men and women except in its prisons.Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness… Every citizen is responsible for every act of his government…There is only one sovereign remedy, namely, non-violent non-cooperation. Whether we advertise the fact or not, the moment we cease to support the government it dies a natural death….My method is conversion, not coercion, it is self-suffering, not the suffering of the tyrant….(my note = this is Gandhi at his brilliant best = he means its better to suffer a little bit, for example by removing all your mun from a bank and denying yourself the interest earned, than it is to openly throw coercive stones at the tyrant) I hope the real Swaraj (self-rule) will come not by the acquisition of authority by the few but by the acquisition by all of the courage to resist authority when abused. In other words, Swaraj is to be attained by educating the masses to a sense of their capacity to regulate and control authority…. Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies…Civil disobedience means capacity for unlimited suffering without the intoxicating excitement of killing….Disobedience to be civil has to be open and nonviolent….Disobedience to be civil implies discipline, thought, care, attention…Disobedience that is wholly civil should never provoke retaliation….Non-cooperation and civil disobedience are different but [are] branches of the same tree called Satyagraha (truth-force)…. Coercion cannot but result in chaos in the end….One who uses coercion is guilty of deliberate violence. Coercion is inhuman….Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good… Nonviolent action without the cooperation of the heart and the head cannot produce the intended result….All through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always”.

MAHATMA (MOHANDAS) GANDHI was India`s beloved vegetarian spiritual/political leader and humanitarian, 1869 – 1948. He helped free the Indian people from British rule thru non-violent resistance. The Indian people called Gandhi “Mahatma”, meaning Great Soul. At the age of 13 he married a girl of 10 named Kasturba. They were to remain married their entire lives. He became one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of the Twentieth Century. The above seminal quote will strongly influence, or even form part of the bedrock foundation, for Bopland`s Chawadi (constitution) when it is written. = “Just an old man in a loincloth in distant India: Yet when he died, humanity wept.” This was the observation of a newspaper correspondent at the death of Mahatma Gandhi. The tragedy occurred in New Delhi as the gaunt old man walked to a prayer-meeting and was engulfed by one of history’s great ironies – a life-long pacifist and promoter of non-violence struck down by an assassin’s bullet.

Gandhi’s violent death came just months after the realization of his long sought-after goal – the independence of India from Great Britain. It was a bittersweet victory for Gandhi because along with India’s independence came the partitioning of the sub-continent into two separate states – Muslim-based Pakistan and Hindu-based India – an action he thoroughly opposed”. Almost every Westerner laughs at Mahatma dressed only in a loincloth. Why? For the same reason why people who dont wear religious sackcloth, disguised as “clothing”, are considered perverted trash an a “threat” to children/society. They`ve been hoodwinked into believing this ballyhoo from day one. Little do they know that their laughter unequivocally demonstrates the long degenerative slide of humanity into depravity/insanity. This reminds of the similar downhill slide of Rock an Roll, which ran concurrently with this anti-sexual ballyhoo brigade of bilderbergered bigots, from the early 1900s to today. Because Rock was busting their needles, there was no safe way for the parasite to draw blood from the ojay (people) anymore. So thanks to a billion dollar propagandy media explosion, righteous melodious Rock became associated with “juvenile delinquency”. The more they denigrate real Rock, the higher the youth suicide rate goes.

Sucking on alkaline lemons is an old Italian custom to lessen menstruation. Extremely alkaline okeys include: lemon – watermelon – agar agar – cantaloupe – dried dates an figs – limes – mango – melons – papaya – parsley – sweet grapes – watercress – asparagus – kiwifruit – sweet pears – raisins – umeboshi plum. Moderately alkaline forming okeys include: apples – apricot – banana – berries – carrots – celery – currants – garlic – grapefruit – guava – leafy green herbs – leafy green lettuce – nectarine – peach – fresh sweet peas – persimmon – sweet pumpkin – vegie salt – spinach – green beans – beets – bell pepper {capsicum} – broccoli – cabbage – cauliflower – oranges – potatoes an skin – raspberry – strawberry – squash – sweet corn – turnip – apple cider vinegar. Apparently th sweeter th okey, th more alkaline it is, another reason to jibbitt only fully ripened fruit.

A few health tips include: Previously i said to avoid most coffee-teas. but now i think that 1 coffee per day is OK  Coffee seems to lift the spirit. Remove all dental amalgam. Don`t jibbitt anything in a plastic – alum container. Help cure binding by jibbitting raw food, eg cabbage – beets – linseed – apple cider vinegar – guava – grapes – plums – figs – apples with th skin – berries – cucumbers – various raw salads with red capsicums an lettuce – acid-free tomato – organic lemon/lime/orange drinks{th citrus sold in giant supermarkets is often binding}, vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium an drink plenty of bore water. Unlike most working Spanierds, Westerners almost never drink enough water. Brush teeth with pure high mineral sea salt dissolved in water. If yer stuck in a stale air city apartment, bring some potted plants inside to oxygenate – purify th air {see Dr. B.C. Wolverton}. Citric acid, found in raw citrus, is capable of dissolving tooth enamel. I drink th juice from two – four oranges/limes/lemons per day an rinse my mouth immediately after without drama.

I`m 98% sure the lab made citric food acid #330 is adulterated with “something” nasty. Its often added to a tomato product. It causes sleeplessness, irritableness and an awful itch on my left shoulder so i avoid it entirely. If hydrogen peroxide is applied on th itch th little red marks go white and itch even more for awhile and then th itching often lessens or stops after about 10 minutes. This was also reported on

Regarding stress dr. Bob Demaria says via Mike Adams natural, “stress totally wipes out your immune system. Up to 80% of hospitalizations are directly related to stress. Stress causes the body to be more acid so patients have a greater chance to get muscle cramps, osteoporosis, cold sores, calcium deficiency.” (me = not to mention binding) This statement positively reveals yet another reason why stress-killing real R & R and its satellites had to be crippled. On the CIA`s youtube channel he also says “to ease the heart, sleep on your right side not the left.”

Police, I`m not puttin meself on a pedestal above ya, I know yer one of us deep inside, but here`s somethin they didn`t teach you in th shampoo factories disguised as academies. Feminism or chalk disorientation {which was created–funded by cursota reps, eg david rockefeller}–tv preachers–big cities–bankrupt economies–terror events–opera an “rap crap slop pop hip hop” music–endless choking laws–scaremongering as well as carnivorism, all help to create a warring suicidal chalk-starved pool of useful psychos willing to kill–torture someone ~ anyone ~ if only to gain some sort of perverted satisfaction or revenge. Please do yourselves a favor, an watch th video “th militarization of our police” on ~ Do what th police in bygone days would do if ordered by crazed psychopaths to arrest peaceful demonstrators an…. put your backs to th demonstrators, say “follow us”, an lead them to where these kooks live, an arrest them instead! Oh happy day!

Where did this murderous misanthropic bad blood of the owners of the moneymaking machines, probably th rothschilds an others come from, this alien degenerated second species of Man? In antiquity some tribal bigwigs, namely th shaman sorcerors an th religious preacher, considered deceit–parasitism to be more monetarily appealing than learning to be intelligent.Th medimambayakalistic shaman physically poisoned a truther if th mumbalippacaustic preacher could not mentally poison his reet. As th centuries unfolded these hookworms needed a profitable niche cover to prey on, an befuddle th ojay. So they began constructing enormous golden glittering castles–churches an gave themself magnificent sounding names, eg lord king queen pope prince bishop. Truthers were simply called Serfs. By creating this worded red herring mental battering ram, they hoped to avoid having to do shovel work. But even after all this fancy wordsmithing work, it still was`nt enough to get th ojay to unequivocally believe they were their righteous noble buddies, bow down an sill their feet. Real proof would be needed first. So th shoveleudiozticoziacs gave it to them by artificially creating a crisis of some sort that was sure to piss them off; eg they might have th governing leaders threaten to pass a law saying all men had to enter military service, an then “come to their rescue” by saying “its not a good idea”. Or they may begin warning th public not to use lead-leaching water hoses–sodium benzoated vitamin pills an soft drinks–fluoride toothpaste–microwave ovens etc after th public themselves begin realizing their harmful effects.

They formed banking masonic illuminati clubs where members could gain unfair trading advantages over non-members. They planted th false idea that gold was precious partly by wearing it as jewelry during ceremonies. Th following helps to demonstrate th awesome power of music, an th reason why th new more powerful religion, Rock, had to be crippled. It was th morbid, but literary old pastors in th 1800s who demonstrated that multiple hoodwinking objectives could be accomplished in th verse of only one guanozius “christmas carol” via subliminal suggestion:

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
“Do you hear what I hear?
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
Do you hear what I hear?
A song, a song high above the trees
With a voice as big as the the sea,
With a voice as big as the the sea.”

*** The above verse subliminally helps to stamp in our head th idea that a “shepherd” is just a sweet harmless amiable person/child who likes to communicate with, an has respect for, animals, an that th animals enjoy his company. Now how many folks would have liked th song if in place of “shepherd boy”, th lyrics said “religiously ritualistic sheep killer”? It also helps to plant the thought that meatarichumpistodianistic practices are normal instead of an aberration. The slaves must be dumbed down, kept meek an always blowing snot in need of “help from above” if th parasites are to avoid touching shovels.

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
“Do you know what I know?
In your palace warm, mighty king,
Do you know what I know?
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold–
Let us bring him silver and gold,
Let us bring him silver and gold.”

Said the king to the people everywhere,
“Listen to what I say!
Pray for peace, people, everywhere,
Listen to what I say!
The Child, the Child sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light,
He will bring us goodness and light.”

*** Th above 2 verses demonstrate that there has never been separation of church and state and that gold cements th two together. If there really was a separation, an gold lost its value, both of them would lose their stranglehold on our psyche and vanish overnite. So they have to compliment each other in song etc in order to survive. Now the carnivoristic church, represented symbolically by th shepherd boy, says that a child is “shivering in th cold”, an that th solution is to “bring him silver and gold”. But how can one stop a shivering boy with silver an gold, would`nt a blanket be better? This is subliminal expression in its most deceptive form to suggest that gold had some sort of healing intrinsic value. “Gold is valuable primarily because a lot of people believe it is. Gold’s value is a cultural phenomenon. Its price is determined by a complex combination of factors but not necessarily need. Cultures that do not use gold or do not seek it do not value it (
We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Following yonder star

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light

Born a King on Bethlehem’s plain
Gold I bring to crown Him again
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to rein

*** The above 1800s christmas carol verses bombard our psyche with a false marvagaylic glow while demonstrating how desperately th church an state need each other to maintain control over th slaves to survive. Rock an Roll would have eliminated their imaginary importance from our psyche in a matter of a few short years. Gold is th marvagaylic saddle that firmly anchors th king on th trojan horse permitting it to gallop unmolested on Bethlehem`s plain. Bethlehem, 5.5 miles from Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine, was chosen by th shoveleudiozticoziacs to be th birthsite of their golden mythical hero, jesus, who would save us all even today if only we would “submit, trust an believe in “him” an turn th other cheek”. Oh…. I almost forgot, I`m gettin so absent minded…. and put a little sirloin on th platter too, but hey, that`s not so important is it?

Th slaves must be given a diversion, some sort of goal to achieve or yearn for, to eliminate thoughts of rebellion. Their written creation of th “golden rule”, which associates valueless gold with an inspiring phrase, became one of their primary whips of subliminal deception. In other words, th phrase itself painted their tail gold. Now all th cursota had to do was say “go get it man” an uproariously giggle while watching them chasing it in circles to th 4 corners of th desert until they`re too old to give a hoot anymore. And if Palestine and Israel both have gold, why not drum in their head they are mortal enemies, instead of th innate vegetarian brothers that they are, an have them try to annihilate each other to get all th gold they can? You can take it with you can`t you? Did`nt th famous kings in bygone days order their slaves to fill their tomb with gold for burial after they died to perpetuate gold`s myth which would allow their sons to mount an take up reins unmolested on th great galloping trojan horse, causing each succeeding royal generation thru th millennia to become more an more degenerated? And who will guide them all in their quest to mutilate their reet, their DNA an each other? Why none other than th “star with royal beauty brite, westward leading, still proceeding”.

Now when they required recruits to wage war against native ojay, all they had to say was “lets go get th gold”. But in doing this they lost contact with nature an contracted th mental disorder “faunaphobia”. They never learned it was more illuminating to give rather than to receive; this fact is not just wishful thinking but is an integral intrinsic part of th genetic makeup of nearly all of us.To verify this, just surf th net an see th thousands of amiable truthers tirelessly giving away pertinent advice–real news–complex systems–medical secrets etc. In desperation, th “un-illuminated” cursota call these illuminated truthers th ignorant “Goya”. Excuse me Bo while I sharpen my ax. Thruout history there was always a few truthers who slipped thru their mental net, eg Percy B. Shelley, an exposed them as frauds. But without support they faded. Their rebellious nature, so they thought, had to be led astray–curtailed–redirected to sport until all things that give us character were eliminated entirely. Compulsory anti-education education for 12 years has mostly achieved this. As early as 1911, th illuminati began buying school textbook writing companies until they owned them all after WW-1. Then they began to “dumb down” th students an rewrite history. Today public school students since WW-2 have received increasingly inferior educations, so now th population is largely academically inferior.

Jimmy Reed ~ From “I`m that man down there”

“I am a professional, aint never been to no school”

More major evidence of the ancient doctor/church/state`s biblical agenda to degrade fruit, in this case highly valuable grapes, back in 1861. But why? Since antiquity its been a pillar of their chaos agenda. If there`s no confusion/disorientation/madness/ill health, the people dont want to fight and life is precious not petty to them. Said another way, its much easier to get th ojay fighting amongst each other if they`re all walking around with a “chip on their shoulder”. This in turn makes it easier to herd them into a sardine-sized reservation disguised as a “city”, where they can have their funds, disguised as “taxes”, stolen” and “protected” from each other via their armed an dangerous duped bruisers disguised as th “police and the judicial system”.

Slandering fruit deprives them of its health benefits an turns ojay into warmongering meatarichumpistodians. This is th cursota`s way of sowing seeds of dissent/disorientation among the ojay. Cuz they can cure most or all illness all by their little old uninsecticided selves, grapes have always been, so to speak, the “sword” (farm self-sufficiency) the ojay used to defeat or ignore the cursota.

So they tried and succeeded in hoodwinking many Yanks in 1861 to think that the opposite was true; that grapes produced wrath (anger) instead of peaceful prosperity (mellowness). They did this by associating grapes with wrath via slandering songs/hymns which subliminally degraded grapes. A strong state/war machine/medical bureau/church must be maintained at any cost if th mistletoe is to prosper. When people are sane and mellow, thanks to an abundance of fruit and vegetarianism, its far more likely they`ll negotiate instead of fight. A lack of quality fruit results in wrath (anger/chaos) among the ojay which made it easier for the man of puss an gore, “honest abe”, to introduce his civil war in 1861.

Here is the slandering “grapes of wrath” verse composed by a WOMAN in 1861, julia ward howe: “the battle hymn of th republic” (

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored,

He has loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword

His truth is marching on.

Me = Think ~ WHY is th lord trampling on th “grapes of ….WRATH” instead of meat, wielding a sword fighting in a battle so his “truth” can march on? Why isn`t this child molesting evangelistic clausnagerkish mistletoe, disguised as th “lord”, teaching his son how to prepare th soil for planting grape seeds while wielding a SHOVEL so his truth can march on? Cuz he`s a conniving fearful meatarichumpanistic shoveleudiosticosiac who has contracted shoveleudiosticosis. He must keep this disease hidden from th ojay in order to survive, hence th endless warmongering fire an brimstone ballyhoo.

Now think about th giant destabilizing wedge that was driven between th working ojay and th police that was hammered into place via 9–11, Waco, sex restrictions, th patriot act, fluoride, guanoza, global warming, microwave ovens, bank bail outs, vaccinations, AIDS, th dangers of touching potting mixes without gloves, th threat of toads killing your dog, th threat of weeds invading your garden etc etc etc, so as to plant seeds of fear an dissent in th your “brain sand” to get you to think that another war, civil or abroad was logical and would ease th pressure. Now think about th ballyhoo in th mainstream media about th “threat” of Iran and tea parties. No, th Iranian gov. isn`t a threat to anyone except th unfortunate “subjects” who live there who must endure draconian sex laws or else get their pinkies cut off or worse. Or search “police brutality” on youtube (not utube) and watch th police punching, tasering or snuffing folks from 10 to 95. But dont get in a hoo and stain your leather pants over this, just relax an shout Halleluya at least 35 times when they come to break down your door, and th Lord will take care of everything.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps

They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps

I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps

His day is marching on.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnish`d rows of steel,

“As ye deal with my contemners, So with you my grace shall deal;”

Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel

Since God is marching on.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat

He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment-seat

Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet!

Our God is marching on.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,

With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:

As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,

While God is marching on.

My note = Sorry julia but you should`ve said = “as he died to make men develop empty holes in their head (holy), let us die to make CERTAIN men free, and let th vast majority, who are not with th church/state/medical elite, either die or require medical help all their life”.

Glory rhymes with gory, lord and sword rhyme with bored hoard and gored, so WHO is boring an slicing bloody gory subliminal holes in your skull with a sword, so a handful of pathologicasystapistamistic slime can “hoard”(safeguard) their mental stranglehold on you?

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

This hymn demonstrates unequivocally th insensibility of many women and how they have been “groomed” thru th millennia to compose hymns like this. Can you hear them saying to their man “be patriotic, can`t you see that its glorifying to go fight in an honourable war to protect your children”? What they can`t see is that war is seldom if ever necessary in a world of unmolested ojay. It took centuries of endless fire an brimstone speeches for th cursota to persuade women to think that they are righteous “glorified” ojay.

So stop whimpering that you cant get a girl and rejoice, these rejecticons made th monetary/sexual road easy for you to follow! Fair dinkum! Now you too can don a colorful beanie an kimono, throw up a tent or lobby for some cement, spend a few minutes composing an ecclesiastical poem, spit a little salvation, sacrifice a sheep on your altar, and become a sanctified female idol convincing them to substitute your ya ya in place of those damn cold dildoes.

Its easy man, just go to any church and carefully observe how th women of all ages “worship” th man giving th mesmerizing speeches and imitate them. Do you now still wonder why women`s lib was born and why th libbers either avoid or henpeck a paganish macho man to death or suicide? (basically paganism is an adherent of a religion other than judaism, christianity, or islam)

Th above anti-fruit, anti-sex, pro-war lyrics refer, in turn, to the following biblical passage in revelation 14:19-20, an apocalyptic appeal to divine justice and deliverance from oppression in the final judgment.

“And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs”.

As we know, jesus christ and christian tradition is represented symbolically by celebrating christmas. How an why did th clausnagerks choose a worthless parasitic poisonous plant, mistletoe, to hang up and display at christmas festivities, and then have th gall to proclaim that kissing underneath it was a “romantic privilege”, not a morbid tradition? For th same reason why they glorified gold, created sex restrictions, walt disney, frank baum, mark twain, animal sacrifice, th word hallelujah, captain kangaroo, cramped cities, sunday worship, war, sport, internet games, 2 way unseparated roads, endless red lites (its easy to design a city with no red lites, witness the city of David, Panama), hunting and fishing; all of them have no spiritual value, lead down dead-end roads, mislead, poison or disorientate.

Washington irving helped create this ugly mistletoe tradition = “the mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas, and the young men have the “privilege” of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked the “privilege” ceases”. Hey thats super man, lets all shout halleluyah and praise th clergy`s lord for giving us this “privilege” we have formerly enjoyed “privilege free” for 2 million years.

Not to be outdone, th ancient gauls (Frenchmen) an th druids (members of an order of priests in ancient Gaul and Britain who appear in Welsh and Irish legend as prophets and sorcerers) felt a solemn reverence for mistletoe an used it in a ceremony =

“After preparing for a sacrifice and a feast under the oak, they hail the mistletoe as a cure-all and bring two white bulls there, whose horns have never been bound before. A priest dressed in a white robe climbs the oak and with a golden sickle cuts the mistletoe, which is caught in a white cloak. Then they sacrifice the victims, begging the god, who gave them the mistletoe as a gift, to make it propitious for them. They believe that a potion prepared from mistletoe will make sterile animals fertile, and that the plant is an antidote for any poison. Such is the supernatural power with which peoples often invest even the most trifling things” ( ~ Natural History, XVI, 249-251; translation by David Beaulieu).

No Surrender ~ Bruce Springsteen

we busted out of class ~ had to get away from those fools

we learned more from a 3 minute record ~ than we ever learned in school

we made a promise we swore we`d always remember

no retreat believe me no surrender

like soldier`s in th winter`s night with a vow to defend

no retreat believe me no surrender

John Taylor Gatto says in his “th underground history of American education”,

“looking back on a 30 year teaching career, somehow I can`t completely believe that I spent my time on earth institutionalized; I can`t believe that centralized schooling is allowed to exist at all as a gigantic indoctrination an sorting machine, robbing people of their children. Did it really happen? Was this my life? God help me. We live together, you an I, in a dark time when all official history is propaganda. Ordinary people send their children to school to get smart, but what modern schooling teaches is dumbness. Its a religious idea gone out of control. Mandatory {public} education serves children only incidentally; its real purpose is to turn them into servants. If David Farragut could take command of a captured British warship as a pre-teen, if Thomas Edison could publish a broadsheet at th age of 12, if Ben Franklin could apprentice himself to a printer at th same age, there`s no telling what your own kids could do {if an attempt was made to really educate, not dumb them down}. Public school is a liar`s world, let us be done with it . John says that it takes about 100 hours for most children to learn th three Rs, reading–writing–arithmetic. Would th real “child molester” please stand up. Extermination by bogus education. Aristophanes 448-388 bh said it all, “how useless is a decent education”. Serfs, support th net truthers who bravely try, or sill yer ass good-bye!

Without sport their nwo would rapidly collapse. Today they are rushing to bring this nwo in before too many folks wise up an turn off tv sport channels. To counter this awakening of th ojay they are promoting trash like women`s boxing, especially in ruined Germany where folk music groups are arrested for teerin in th street. Already they have staged male verses female matches which, like womens lib, also create friction between th genders, something that even th Romans did`nt do at their bloody olympic games where male verses male fought to th death.

To keep their fear of contracting shoveleudiozticosis an their faunaphobic mental disorder concealed from us, even th history books an their “me too” authors, found in all th massive bottles of cold cream disguised as “libraries”, would be ever so carefully chosen. Only th jeffersonian wordsmiths who could entertain–startle–amuse–electrify, but in th end really saying nothin that would seriously alter their master`s agenda, were chosen an allowed to be history`s new heroic pillars of society; eg hippocrates, th so-called “father of medicine” was a yaketyyak who gave mercury to th sick. Only one out of hundreds of library books has a shred of relevancy, an that one book may have only one paragraph worth reading. I recall reading a 900 page book about salt an at th end realized it was all for nought. In th massive bottles of cold cream I encountered jackwide, they all had books that explained in meticulous detail every little thing that no one wanted to know, while omitting everything one wanted to know, eg are chimps incestuous? Why are Brazil nuts irradiated? Strain hard against th chain, or live a life of pain.

About Jews who erroneously imagine they`re Jews {explained later}; now that th wealthy usury Jews have inbred, since maybe about 1850–1900, with non-Jew government leaders, an probably control th USA`s nuclear arsenal–media–hollywood, you can`t call them “Jews” anymore, unless this was their plan all along which I doubt. I suspect that various zionists, illuminati heads, royalty, th vatican, an a few elite Jews ride in th same boat, at least temporarily, like th democrats–republicans–liberals–conservatives, so when one of them is suspected of genocide, they can blame one of th others an escape th public`s wrath. But how long will it be before one of them tips th boat over an microchips them like Cattle? Being ill-bred sadomasochists, if they snuffed all of us, they would begin to eat each other until only one fat gator remained in th pond, an it would then die from starvation. Extermination by microchip implantation.

Just like any parasite looking for th ultimate host to feed on, it was for that very reason th cursota chose New York as their niche. Hear Jackie Wilson`s “no pity in th naked city”1965 to find out if N.Y. became a better place to live after their arrival. In th bible, animal–human sacrifices are required cuz th burning smell was “pleasing” to th “lord”. Indeed, th famous allegedly Jewish prophets, abraham–isaac–jacob an sons–moses–david were meatarichumpistodiated shepherds. David even said “th lord is my shepherd”. What? no legumous peaherders? Was th entire bible written by zionistic non-Jews just to shift th blame on th Jews at crucial revolutionary moments in history to further their nwo agenda?

Eustace Mullins has written many books exposing th so-called “Jews” but can`t find a publisher. He`s all over th net though. Eustace is virtually unknown by most Yanks, primarily cuz they firmly believe that paris hilton`s words are more “educational”. Eustace says this about Jews “they brought slavery to America an have always believed in ritual human sacrifice an this has caused objections wherever they lived. Jews control America today”. When asked why Jews hate us even though we don`t hate them, he replied “cuz we`re in th way ~ th only way they can gain world power is to get rid of us” {from th video Eustace Mullins presents th World Order free on Google}. Speaking of Google, one has to wonder why they censor certain honest revealing net articles, an why they want to store info about us for years an years. Yahoo also censors material.

Here are quotes by Arnold Leese from his free net book “Jewish ritual murder”. Th assumption is that he was a racist an fascist, but his writings could have been altered an maybe th meaning of th word “fascist” was negatively changed in order to smear his anti-Jew beliefs. If indeed Arnold did have mental shortcomings, this may not mean that everything he said was disinformation. History tells us that Jews have been deported in masses by th leaders of all, or most all, European countries at one time or another supposedly to protect their citizens.

Leese said around 1938 “it is incontestable that th ancient Semites manifested a peculiar leaning towards th practice of bloody sacrifices to their gods. In excavations at Gezer, R. A. S. Macalister tells us that th bodies of sacrificed young children were found in all Semitic strata. Says th Rev. J. Kitto in th cyclopedia of biblical literature 1895, “their altars smoked with human blood from th time of Abraham to th fall of th kingdoms of Judah and Israel”. G. A. Dorsey writes “ historically their temple at Jerusalem, like a Hindu or Aztec temple, was a shambles, one sacrifice after another”. Th subject of ritual murder has always been one that th Jewish money power, which controls this country {USA} as well as most others, has taken all possible steps to suppress. Th reason is that ritual murder was th dynamite which finally blew th Jew out of England in 1290, out of Spain in 1492, an out of Germany in our time. Leese quotes Sir Richard Burton as saying in 1898, “th most important an pregnant tenet of modern Jewish belief is that th Ger, or stranger, in fact all those who do not belong to their religion, are brute beasts, having no more rights than th fauna in th fields”. I suppose every nation has a god it deserves an admires. What sort of people is this whose god thinks th blood obtained from mutilations of human genital organs is “pleasing”? Reminiscent of what David Icke said, he said “is it a sort of mass hypnotism worked upon people who have already either consciously or unconsciously accepted some sort of mental or spiritual subservience to Jewish influence? Is it cabbalistic? I cannot answer th question, but I find no other explanation for th wholesale denunciation which is made by so many authoritative Britons against those who have th courage to come forward an state their conviction that th Jews have been responsible for th ritual murder of Christians” .

Following are quotes from th free online banned in Europe video, “Judea declares war on Germany” {} = “despite politically correct opinion, hitler did`nt start th war, nor did he declare war, war was forced on him, firstly by th international zionists followed by Britain an France {my note = this strongly contradicts Alex Jones` video “terror storm” which blamed hitler}. Hitler`s “final solution” was a mutual contract signed with th zionists to deport Jews to Madagascar. Jewish zionists wanted lots of Jewish war victims so as to gain Palestine. None of th concentration camps had gas chambers. Those alleged gas chambers shown to tourists at Auschwitz were mortuarys an technically useless for anything else. There was never enuff coke or fuel there to cremate more than 16 bodies per crematorium per day.

According to Jewish authors Deborah Dwark an Robert Jan Van Pelt in their book “Auschwitz from 1270 to the present” {1996 W.W. Norton an Company}, th alleged gas chambers there in th main camp presented to tourists as an authenic gas chamber for over 40 years is nothing but a fraud. Th only question still left “open” is this = what happened to th alleged 6 million dead? Many hundreds of thousands of Jews emigrated before th war. Approximately a quarter million died as a result of old age-malnourishment-disease in th camps an ghettos. A Jewish military brigade group was formed during th war an at least a million Jews fought in uniform an many fell in action. Other Jews pretending to be civilians but murdering from ambushes died as partisans. Thousands of Jewish communities in Poland-Russia-Hungary-Romania-Czechoslovakia were destroyed by their own anti-Jewish groups, an not by Germans. On th 17 th of Nov. 1941 stalin actually sent out order 0428 ordering special murder squads to dress in German uniforms an slaughter civilians behind German lines, always leaving a few survivors that could blame th murders on th Germans. Many Jews continued to live unmolested in Germany an occupied territory an many of them were killed as a result of th allied bombing raids. One day before Germany surrendered, British bombers attacked an sank in Lubek bay 2 ships killing 8000 Jewish patients from 2 concentration camps as well as many German medical staff. After th war many thousands of Jews liberated from concentration camps in th East were immediately enslaved as laborers by th Russians. Interestingly as Jewish population in Europe dropped dramatically, they rose just as dramatically in other countries such as Israel-S. Africa-S. America-Australia. Many more Jews decided they had had enough of being Jewish an they changed their names an religion {end of quote}. Th “6 million Jews were murdered” hoax was confirmed by another Jew, David Cole, in his revealing free video “th truth behind th gates of Auschwitz”.

Allegedly, Jerusalem has been conquered or destroyed a whopping 36 times in 3000 years partly cuz jacob said “how awesome is this place. This is none other than th house of god, an th gate to heaven”. In religious writings th accent, or plot line, centers around burning flesh or who was th “villain” who just wrecked their temples, an not music. Abraham had a good relationship with “god”, so god said to him “then I choose {gulp} you to fix th world”. This may explain th Jewish judaism concept of why Jews, or zionists masquarading as “Jews”, consider themself th “chosen ojay”.

Just to be “mosily” different, maybe cuz of {burp} copyrite laws, mohammed, islam`s founder, said that god spoke to him in a cave, not a mountaintop, an revealed th teachings in th koran to {jimenez} ONLY him. To survive, oh how th “jewmusses”, aka clausnagerkish Jews an Muslims, who may not even be true Jews an Muslims {as well as th devil an god–th democrats an republicans}, need each other to befuddle th slaves with opposing views. Anyone see th need for Bopagy–Bopperism– Boogiology–Bopperology yet? At Bopland, we don`t pretend that our god, Jaggebar, had a julep who once walked th tusi to make “sacrifices” for us an show us th lite. We believe that somewhere in th quadroon Jaggebar lives, but unlike other religions, acknowledge that we don`t know if our god has a julep, an that no one has ever seen or spoken to him or his offspring here on tusi. I like to think Jaggebar harvests an jibbitts his own fruit, is endlessly inventing things in a lab, an rests in a simple bed under th kokos, so he can view his magnificent creation in full koko-spangled splendour, not on a golden throne with a ceiling full of pompous chandeliers.

Regarding usury, it is claimed by Jewish Rabbi, Ken Spiro, that “despite th church`s prohibition against christian involvement in usury, christians an even members of th clergy continued this practice thruout Europe. Some have claimed that it was Jewish money-lending practices that engendered such actions {expulsion from countries} an were responsible for a great deal of anti-semitism. This is a total myth. At that time Jews charged an average interest rate of between 33–43% on loans. This may seem high by today`s standards, but consider that th Lombards, th Christian Italian bankers living under th nose of th Vatican, charged rates as high as 250%. Note that Spain`s monarchs, ferdinand an isabella, th very same monarchs who sent christopher columbus to find gold an snuff Native American Indians on Aug 2,1492, had previously thrown th Jews out of Spain on March 31st of that same year. One reason why, so says Spiro, was that “Jewish money was now needed to rebuild th kingdom after th costly war against th muslims. Rather than slowly squeezing th money out of th Jews thru taxation, it was easier to expel them all at once an confiscate th wealth–property they would leave behind”. However, cuz th Jewish elite rothschild`s of today have inbred with zionistic government leaders, an have high influential positions across th board, who they are an what they really stand for, remains cloudy due in part to th “protocols of zion” which is supposedly a forgery of th real undiscovered protocols. Reading th protocols an remaining calm is impossible.

It can be strongly argued that without certain Jews, Rock would never have taken off an reached th fabulous heights that it did in its heyday from 1953–62. Jewish icons controlled–founded many, probably th majority, of major Rock twell labels, eg Leonard Chess from Chess records, Jerry Wexler from Atlantic, Art Rupe from Specialty, Max an Sol Weiss from Fantasy, Jack Holzman from Elektra, Adolph Zukor from Paramount, Sy Waronker from Liberty, probably Jack Kapp from Decca, Morris Levy from Roulette, Jack Warner from Warner brothers, Fred Foster from Monument, Jerry Lieber from Redbird, Jules Stein from MCA, Syd Nathan from King–Federal, Richard Foos from Rhino, probably Eddie Messner from Aladdin, Herman Lubinsky from Savoy, Hy Siegal from Apollo, Saul Bihari from Modern, Sam Weiss from Old Towne, Danny Kessler from Okeh, Phil Spector from Philles–Polydor–London–Apple, Artie Kornfeld from Capitol, probably Bob Keane from Del-fi. Jewish songwriters include Jerry Leiber an Mike Stoller {who wrote cherilaylic songs for none other than Elvis–Drifters–Coasters}, Doc Pomus, Jerry Ragovoy, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Gerry Goffin, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Randy Newman. Jewish Performers include Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Al Jolson, Judy Garland, Carole King, Barry Manilow, Phil Ochs, Neil Sedaka, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond. Other Jewish Rock pioneers include incomparable concert promotor Bill Graham {he changed his name}, th Beatle`s manager Brian Epstein who was probably murdered, th legendary PHDs Murray th K–Cousin Brucie–Alan Freed.

Th Jew, Max Yasgur, owned th New York farm where th “Woodstock Nation” {Rock festival 1969} was born. This awesome concert, featuring Janis Joplin an others, drew around 450,000 Hippies, an was apparently th brainchild of four Jews, among them Artie Kornfeld.

It lasted four days an became a countercultural mini-nation in which minds were open, drugs were all but legal, an spooh was free. It was more than just a huge anti-Vietnam war rally using Rock Music as th catalyst for political expression. It was much much more than this; it was real Bopperistic patriots trying to rescue an America that they imagined had been destroyed by traitors. But what they could`nt see was that there had never been an America whose government was truly working for th ojay in th first place. From th days when th highly religious pilgrims first arrived on its shores in th 1600s an began butchering th native ojay, to today`s government who are doing th same thing, is valid stark proof that America never existed. Imagination is a powerful force.

Th jeffersonian christian writers of old knew that we all needed something to believe in, an took advantage of this fact by creating out of thin air, a wonderful freedom-loving chimera, a fabulous mythical state where “all men are created equal”, an where every citizen swims in a sea of “liberty an justice for all”, disguised as th “United States of America”.

It was th Jew Lou Adler who co-sponsored with John Phillips th Monterey Rock festival in 1967 which drew an astounding 200,000 truthers. So we see th mental gap between today`s bankster Jew an th struggling street Jew is wider than th Mississippi. Said another way, was Mike Rossman following orders from Jew banksters when he stepped in a boxing ring? Did Bob Dylan twell “blowin in th wind”1960s to get on their good side? Th reason why th traitors did`nt just shoot them all at these festivals is obvious; their traitorous ways would have become known to all, th ojay would have finally woke up, an they would have been hung. So they did`nt do this cuz they knew that later on, little by little, all these hippies could be surreptitiously mentally shampooed via pop magazines featuring guanuminoggious dummies on th cover, covertly skeletilized one by one, or else poisoned an skeletilized by dozens of toxic substances. Th majority of Jews are victims like us. Th Winnipeg Jew, Henry Makow, said “like everyone else, Jews are kept in a bubble an told anti-Semitism is an irrational Gentile sickness. They have been brainwashed to see themselves as innocent victims. Most have suffered from th machinations of their Zionist leaders. Th bankers have always run organized Jewry an used Jews as their pawns an pitchmen”. He also said “You can bet that whenever a country is ostracized as a pariah {nonconformist} state, its real crime is asserting its independence from th nwo. It`s no coincidence that th “axis of evil”, Iraq-Iran-N. Korea do/did not have rothschild-run central banks”.

Some countries that expelled th Jews apparently later brought them back in to collect taxes etc for th royal rulers. Thus th lower-rung Jews thruout history have experienced firsthand th saintly cowardliness of th ruling order, who were white coat an tie parasites hiding under th smokescreen of mormonism–hinduism–christianity–mohammedism–islam, an th other spider webs disguised as “noble religions”. While Jews such as moloch burned kids alive, christians supposedly murdered them by giving them contaminated blankets etc. Unfathomably, th so-called “Jew” of today is murdering Palestinian kids. This is not what Judaism is about, or is it?

Who is th most dangerous parasite–pleasure killer? If you know then I applaud you. To survive, all of these shipwrecks require an insane ojay with an anti-Rock, city orientated mind. Is it illuminating or revolting if one parasite spends his whole life trying to expel another parasite from so an so`s land? Let me try to explain if I can. Maybe if history`s lords, perched in their ivory tower, would have provided interest free loans to th serfs, then nobody would have borrowed mun from th Jews in th first place. If these lords would not have written a multitude of choking chalk laws to get everyone in th church seeking “help from above”, then th Jew would not have felt obligated to furnish pornography which they apparently control.

How effective is th cursota`s mind control program? Witness th mad sadomasochists with an undying interest in “grim–phonic” or safe christianized pop music. As we have seen, street Jews were in th thick of th action in Rock`s 1950s–early 60s heyday. No, it was`nt 13 year old laurie london`s “christian lord” who had “th whole world in his hands”1958, it was Rock an Roll. It was th christian–state nobility, not th street-tough Benny Leonard type of Jew, who were loudly complaining to one an all that Rock, as well as “staring in th eyes of a baboon”, contributed to society`s so-called “derangement”. It was white European bloodline jeffersonian trash, not Jews, who skeletilized th Indians an opened up 25 million acres of land for slave plantations. None of this may shed lite on what is happening today though, since th banksters-zionists took control of America years ago.

Some highly esteemed “disinformation” internet specialist writers of today, proclaim that “multiculturalism”, eg th mixing of th white race with th black, will eventually lead civilization to ruin, an point to th rundown ghettos in black Africa as proof they are right. Extermination by disinformation. Carnibora. In Africa they at least know th value of a peanut [groundnut], an musical hottentots. An some are far stronger–healthier–happier livin in an old rundown, but clean, tin shack in th country with a little vegie garden out back, than in New York`s finest penthouse where is seen useless ornamental plants on th balcony, contaminated caviar–seafood in th fridge, an werewolves chasin their own gold-colored tail. Proud simple Africans have been exploited by both their own corrupt paid off black leaders as well as white slavers, not to mention poisons–exotic diseases etc introduced by white banksters and anti-health society`s, eg th WHO [world health organization], who have, like th world bank, made a specialty of ruining black Africa, whereas whites have not been under relentless attack for centuries by blacks. If yer sick, ya can`t work, end of story. Th whites like to poison each other an others with such ugly inventions as stereo an microwave ovens. Yet they shake their fist at Africa`s insecticided black ghettos, when their own million dollar penthouse complex is in fact th “ultimate ghetto prison cell” where tar–smoke–cement–elevators–satin curtains have more “aesthetic” value than pea vines, an which permit civilization to go backwards.”Modern” cities are not “great innovations”, but ruinous reet-destroying cancers.

The cursota, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages, permitted small lots and apartment buildings which FORCED people to live like irascible sardines in a can in slave training camps disguised as “cities”. In other words, a city can be described as:

1. An aquarium full of preying grim fish who feed off one another.

2. A disguised false flag operation; the judicial make absurd laws, eg sex/traffic signals, which prevent people from being themselves, knowing very well that many people will break them. Then when they do, the judiciary shift the blame from themselves to the so called “pervert/offender”. Millions of folks waiting at red lights greatly increase oil company profits and as a bonus, ensures that their souls corrode and burst just like their hot radiators. Thats why they install red lights long before they`re really needed due to deliberate city ill-design, and pretend they can`t design a city with few or no red lights period. Need proof? Take a drive to David, Panama, provincial population 350,000 and see for yourself the ONE red light in the town (about 2002). Compared to Manila, where your greatest threat is the cops peeking in the window at you and your date, David is a paradise.

Here`s a few reasons why they created cities:

1. So parasites disguised as “councils” could charge people taxes on city water/electric/sewer etc

2. To help create a bunch of grim people walkin around with chips on their shoulder. People need at least 4 acres to avoid the sardine syndrome.

3. So they could fine traffic offenders who break traffic laws such as red lights which are set up to stall traffic as much as possible to increase oil company profits. Case in point = Wheeling ,West Virginia. Or hear “far away eyes” by the Rolling Stones.

4. To increase the feeling of gloom and doom and helplessness.

5. To discourage people from having a vegie garden

6. To prevent folks from being self-sufficient

7. To separate folks from the beauty of nature which increases grimness/hostility/suicide

8. To increase illness due to smog

9. To prevent nudity. Fully clothed people often suffer from a vit. D deficiency even in hot sunny tropical areas. This is music to the ears of the pharmaceutical industry perverts/doctors. Pull yer ya ya out to piss and your neighbor may call the gestapo.

10. To make it easier in general to control the sheeple. A wild herd of sheep is very difficult to control, but tame ones are a cynch.

11. To feed the church who require tortured folks in order to be able to “save” them. What else is there for kids to do except shout halleluyah, paint pictures of O`Bambi/coke cans/Kissinjerk and swing cats?

The answer to this dilemma?

Never mind the affliction

Bopperism is the cure

Perform a Bopperectomy ceremony today

And stop the NWO by tomorrow

Sun Bear, Chippewa Tribe said I do not think th measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment an fellow man“. Sam Phillips, Rockabilly extraordinaire an founder of none other than Sun Records who twelled Elvis, said regarding blacks, “Now we`ve learned so much from some of these people we thought were ignorant, who never had any responsibility other than choppin cotton, feedin th mules, or makin sorghum molasses. When people come back to this music in 100 years, they`ll see these were master painters. They may be illiterate. They can`t write a book about it. But they can make a song, an in 3 verses you`ll hear th greatest damn story you`ll ever hear in yer life”. But don`t trouble yerself an order these old songs now, don`t you have dozens of quiet contented rewarding years left to live? So why not just sit back an wait til someone else reminds you its time to buy? We`ve all been cabbalistic cannabals like you haven`t we? Pass th shepherds pie an beef jerkian, but hold th broccoli? Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

No race–country seems to have escaped th evil spells cast by th ancient shaman–preachers whose bad seed still befuddles th ojay today with bogus cures–drugs–silly cockeyed satanist christian symbols–handshakes. Who cares who has held back th progress of civilization the most, royal antiquated satanists, royal antiquated christians, or royal antiquated muslims? What good is a christian–muslim without a satanist an vice versa? Either one of th three cannot function or exist as a parasite without th help of th others; someone has to be blamed for their own failures to drive their ojay prey into a warring frenzy, but most stay braindead–poisoned in their bubble to see this. What I`m trying to say is, without some villain to shake a finger at, they would have to find a new parasitic niche to defraud–woo th ojay, who by their gullibleness, compelled–inspired these rejecticons to invent such words as “mephistopheles or christological”, an permitted them to become parasites in th first place. Its th same story with th democrats an republicans.

To fully understand th royal bloodline tapeworm niche, intestinal faeces is necessary. To stop them all is easy; form a group, sever communication an disobey–ignore every word they say an let Rock transport you to your own special island. Me cohuttas, you don`t have a choice anymore, Rock lies bleeding in a corporate jail called “th united tortured states of surveillance”, or more to th point,”th un-united slaves of amerika”, or th “unfortunate isle of hysteria, ausfailia”. Peter Paul an Mary`s “this land is your land”1962 has been changed to “this bane is your bane”. Sweden`s Rock has become “eden`s crock”. Oz proud individualism has become injurious necrophilism. Is it just me or can anyone else see th need for a Word Of Mouth Rock Rebellion yet?

Here`s a quote from Eustace Mullins,“some 20 years after WW-2, th Jews began to fear that scholars might focus on th terrible massacres of women–children during that war by armies directed by th Jews.Th incineration of thousands of families by mass fire-bombings of th cities of cologne, hamburg, berlin, dresden an other european cultural centers; th firestorms which killed many thousands of families in tokyo, as well as th nuclear holocausts unleashed on civilian populations at hiroshima–nagasaki in th last days of th Japanese war, when th Imperial staff was already suing for peace [th jews did not want to lose this opportunity to test their new jewish hell-bomb on human targets]; these an their numerous war crimes, began to concern th jews.Their guilt was inescapable; it seemed a mere matter of time until their crimes would call down retribution on their heads.To forestall this possibility, th jews began a furious campaign of their own; a highly synchronized coordinated worldwide campaign publicising their new myth, th “Holocaust”, in which 6 million Jews were said to have been burned. 6 million Jews were also said to have been gassed. Whether this meant there were actually 12 million Jews “killed” no one seems to know.

That holocausts, or mass murders by fire, occured during WW-2 was a matter of historical record. There existed fotos of stacks of burned corpses which had been made in cologne–hamburg–dresden after th mass fire-bombings of those cities by allied aircraft. Th problem th Jews faced was that there had been no holocausts of Jewish victims during WW-2, nor were there any fotos of burned Jewish bodies. Not to worry–th Jews simply appropriated th fotos of th bodies of their German victims, which are exhibited today in gruesome museums in Germany as exhibits of dead Jews. It was a matter of record that th Jews had actually done quite well during WW-2. In Germany, incredible sagas of bribery an corruption on th home front had secured th mass evacuation of all Jews from German cities just before th fire-bombings began.When entire German families perished amid scenes of unspeakable horror, th Jews were safely enconced in comfortable quarters in such refugee camps as Auschwitz.Th ultimate testimony as to their rescue by being segregated in these remote camps, far from th danger of th mass bombing raids, comes from–who else– th Jews themselves. As they never cease to assure us–they “survived”.

Although they survived amid scenes of genocide or massacres of non-Jews in many countries, they realized several decades later that it was necessary for their purposes to claim that they had been “exterminated”.Th protection camps in which they had been safely segregated by th Germans during WW-2 now became “death camps”. Not only were they “death camps”, but they were camps such as Auschwitz, memorialized in th Atlantic Monthy, Sept.1981, as having “its own soccer stadium, its own library, its own foto lab, and its own symphony orchestra”.

Th same article proudly boasts that “th hospital at Auschwitz grew to considerable size, with about 20 doctors an more than 300 nurses”.This was a death camp? Th fact was that there was not a single German military field hospital near any combat front as sizeable or as well-equipped as th hospital at th “death camp” of Auschwitz, yet Auschwitz is always cited by th Jews as th place where millions of Jews were “put to death”.Th purpose of th large modern hospital has never been satisfactorily explained, since th Jews now claim that within hours after arriving at Auschwitz, th Jews were hurried to th “gas chambers”.This claim might have more validity had it not been for one unfortunate oversite by th Jews–they did not build th gas chambers at Auschwitz until after WW-2 had ended”.

Another historian humorously states that “in all of Germany-occupied europe, there were 2.4 million Jews. After th war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations.Tragically th remaining 6 million were lost”.

Chicken; {pretendin to be serious} th beans on this stalk are gettin a bit dry way up here, I think I`ll fly back down an apply for some holocaust reparations so I can buy some cherries.

Crow; how will ya prove ya were a Jewess livin in Germany-occupied Europe then?

Chicken; {pointing at a scar between her feathers} see this? one a them redcoats in th gas chamber slashed me just as I flew out th window an escaped. An I can speak Yiddish too!

Turtle; {nippin on her neck} prove it, say a few Yiddish words miss Jewiss hoodoois.

Chicken; {teerin} toot toot tootsie don`t cry, toot toot tootsie goodbye!

Today I think that th banksters spit out disinformation from a few web conspiracy sites–videos, eg “th assassination of JFK Jr.–murder by manchurian candidate”. In this ill–scuminati video, look closely [glasses are needed] for th two half-hidden eyes, one in each hand, of th long-haired guy in blue an white pajamas explaining about aircraft fuel selector valves; each eye sits atop a pyramid formed by creases in his clothes.Then there is a gorilla with a pyramid shaped head. Like th owl on th US dollar, this will provide plenty of giggles for them, one of maybe three reasons why th video was made, th other two reasons being to blame others for th Kennedy murders when it was they who planned an then hired someone to symbolistically kill them, an possibly to smear Alex Jones. I`m not an expert, but regarding this smear, its possible they want us to think they are th illuminati; then by them giving Jones a plug, we`re supposed to think that Jones is one of them, which would discredit him as well as his incredible conspiracy videos, eg “endgame”, which can be seen freely on google. I think they are laughing hysterically at th patriot freedom movement, thinking that a few bullets–mun–lies, can shoo th sheeple back in th pen when they so desire. How arrogantly sarcastic these child molesters are, thinking many of th low income “Goya” are not more noble–intelligent than themselves.

(satire) Why are you all so focused on 9/11 and other petty terrorism instead of bonafide threats? Why did some of you foolishly stop flying when you learned that immigration officials must fondle yer genitals before boarding to ensure a safe flying experience for everyone? Face th real danger and grow up. Didn`t you know that airport security must include a full psychological examination of tots due to the threat of  “TERROR TOT TERMINAL TOE POINTING”, a grave danger to air, as well as taxi, rail and bus passengers? Tots found to be mentally unstable must have their feet/hands tied together and duct tape stuck on their mouth before boarding an aircraft, bus, train or taxi. Why? At any given moment a murderous tot may point his toe/finger at someone, say “bang bang” and presto, instant death.

IMO “TERROR TOT TERMINAL TOE POINTING” is more perilous than finger pointing snuffs. Unlike finger pointing assassinations which usually leave a clean powder burn residue on the victim, tootsie pointing snuffs can leave a stinky reeking toe jam residue. Now when police investigators arrive at the crime scene they may be put off by this and shorten or abort the investigation allowing the perpetrator of the crime to KILL AGAIN. Ambulance attendees may refuse to transfer the corpse to the morgue and morgue technicians may refuse to process it. So the primary question is, why have our tax dollars been spent on frivolous things instead of providing crime investigative teams and those in the health departments with vital things like stink masks?

As regards 9–11, as well as other USA terror events, I think th cursota deliberately left some clear evidence behind which would point straight to themselves as being th killers; eg they had th BBC report th collapse of WTC-7, twenty minutes before it happened. Now nobody`s that dumb. This may have accomplished one or all of th following; [A] it was done to give them a good laugh, [B] as satanists, they get off watching others die,[C] its too easy for them to kill an cover up their guilt, so leaving some evidence behind makes it more thrilling,[D] they did this to humiliate th Yankees so bad that they would be too stunned to do anything about it,[E] they like to beat their chest an say “well Goya, what are ya gonna do about it?”,[F] it was a test to gauge public reaction an so ascertain when th ojay can be effortlessly, an more rapidly, culled like cattle,[G] they did it to start a mass revolution so thousands could be murdered by foreign–domestic armies, so as to make it easier to create a prison cody,[H] like most all killers they wanted to be caught. If YOU know th correct answer for this, you should join th “winning in th end” Truthers, an say it far an wide, that is if you are half a man. Stop th cursota hellion, with a strong Rock Rebellion.

Bull; (to Chicken, Crow, and Turtle) we must pay a visit to the World Trade Center site and construct a little mosque that says “9–11 was an inside job”, and sign our names at the bottom. We must pledge our solidarity with the Patriots trying to remove the homicidal maniacs of the ages from the government.

Turtle; you can`t do that, they only permit religious groups to construct mosques.

Crow; yes he can, why do you think he raided that mosque last week and stole those religious items!

Chicken; yer right, just look at those trinkets and odd clothing wrapped on his neck. The mosque will look like a rabbi constructed it.

Turtle; and how will we get there without getting caught? That`s a long way from here.

Bull; simple, we`ll leave our shelter and stealthily trek after dark thru Harriman State Park to the Hudson river and swim to Wagner park in New York City which borders the river, then trek down River Terrace, to North End Avenue, to Vesey Street, and we`re there.

Crow; that`s mad, there`s no unpolluted tucker to eat in NYC, how will we eat?

Bull; we can easily bivouac in fields swimming down the river in the dead of night, and when we get to Wagner park  we can run like a blue streak after dark the 800 or so yards to the WTC site, slap up a mosque and return to the  river before 10 minutes. Turtle can ride on my back.

Chicken; are you sure you can swim that far, the tide may be going against you!

Bull; the river is a tidal estuary, an arm of the sea where salty sea water meets fresh water running off the land, so depending on the tide, the river flows both North and South.

Crow, what are we waiting for, let go, Chicken and i will act as the flying scouts.

Chicken; right on, let the freedom solidation safari begin!

Turtle; now yer talkin, i`ll swim with Bull.

Bull; its party time! (to make a long story short, the perilous mission was successful, and now they`re back safely in their secluded retreat tuckered out from their long harrowing trek. Bull passes around some rejuvenating Mexican chia seeds to his other Brothers In Arms)

Turtle; wow, that cop was really shooting at us at the site. I heard a bullet pass right by my ear.

Crow; he never dreamed we`d return later that same night to get revenge though.

Chicken; i`ll never forget the terrified look on his face when he woke up after Bull tipped his patrol car on its side just before we hit the road to the river to go back home.

Turtle; serves him right, he was supposed to be awake and on patrol the whole time of his shift. You play with fire you get burned.

Crow; i wish i could have been there to see his face while he was cleaning his patrol car in the morning covered with our steaming….

Chicken; (interrupting) daisy delight top-dressing!

In th past they got a wallop out of fouling th air in the corners of their predatory hole, while historically relevant heroes, eg Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis,1818-65, Charles Lindbergh, JFK, John Lennon, Eugene Mallove, Royal Rife, Nicola Tesla, were omitted from discussion–had their invention stolen–were discredited–setup–put in mental hospitals–falsely accused–financially ruined or murdered. Yet so easily they would be defeated, like yanking a tick off yer balls, if men would just trash their fluoride toothpaste–tv set, pull down their pants an start looking for th little sweetheart with its imbedded sucking head.

To lessen suspicion an quell rebellion when th serf`s anger was peaking, th “oh we were just kidding” media damper door was briefly opened an a few placid truthers were permitted to have some influence on society. But they don`t really bother to do this anymore cuz th cemented psychosis of th ojay consists of dozens of plys of separate erroneous “installations”, one on top of th other. If some gallant truther gives a rousing speech which uninstalls one installation, it does`nt really matter cuz there are dozens more that would have to be uninstalled before th slave would cotton to he was a slave an rebel. Here`s an installment example. Suppose a very articulate–witty man was giving a speech on tv, an ojay could watch this speech for free; if he wore his hair different–was dressed different, eg if he was wearing a skirt, the majority of serfs would switch th channel thinking he was a dumb chalkitizzy. Yet th males of th only tribe who never surrendered to th US military, th Seminole–Miccosuke of Florida, wore skirts. Should`nt th buffoon who invented pants, especially bluejeans, which restrict blood flow in th testicles, along with th fool who first sponsored 2-way unseparated highways, be required to sill lantana plants for an hour each day so that each poison can get a good taste of th other? Extermination by mind installation. Now take a guess what happens to a truther who tries to uninstall all th plys of psychotic installations in a mere 3 minutes by twelling a song with a real message. Only Rock, th fastest Boppicoozian {psychologist} in th jack, can do this. This is cuz our brain is tuned by Jaggebar, to vibrate in harmony with th musical quadroon. John Lennon`s “imagine” was an anti-religious song, an his “taxman” an anti-cursota song.

LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide, invented by Albert Hoffman, with th correct dosage an obtained from a professional or trusted friend will also uninstall psychotic installations in a hurry. Its a powerful truth serum that cleans th cobwebs out. This is why th cursota made it illegal in 1966 when th musical revolutionary war was raging–peaking an undermining their authority. To avoid a bad trip–scatterbrainism, it should be treated sacredly, an taken only on special occasions away from artificial environments–noises, with a specific purpose in mind. It is well known that when someone takes a powerful substance like this, eg datura, without a trusted sober “sitter” friend present in an artificial environment , eg a city apartment, even a mild-mannered person may destroy everything in th apartment an possibly kill someone. But why? Th psychedelic substance has “reminded” him that he is living an artificial life in an artificial habitat, an then offers a “solution” to th problem; destroy it all an start over. If someone is “living a lie” imagining that this “sitter” is yer friend when he is`nt, th substance may “inform” him of this an again offer a “solution” to th problem; destroy–humiliate him an start over. Ditto for politicians–his parents etc.

If th psychedelic substance does`nt prompt him to destroy th apartment, it may try to “inform” him that he is “living a lie” in a non-violent way by having him be both th “composer of a live stage show”, as well as th “arranger of props”, while he`s fully awake using symbols instead of words. When this happens while we`re catnippius, its called a dream, but if we`re awake its called being under th influence of a strong drug.

So one can “see th lite” an recognize th truth–heal his reet after th drug wears off, here are some symbolic “play” examples one`s “other self” might “compose”; one may find his expensive clothes in th trash bin to symbolize th trashiness of clothing; one may discover that certain game bookmarks have been deleted on th PC to symbolize that th bookmarks were a waste of time; a tube of toothpaste may be found in some strange place to symbolize that it is th cause of weak teeth; a photo of somebody you thought was yer friend may be found mutilated to remind one of this; on a plate may be seen a hamburger with turpentine on it to symbolize that both are useless as okey; a sporting ball of some sort may be found floating in th toilet to remind that sport is as valueless as excrement; one`s “favorite” music CD may be found in th freezer frozen solid in a pan of water to remind that th songs are cold as ice. During this “waking dream”, or even during a normal dream at nite, ya may see some large dangerous carnivorous snake or th like chasing someone thru a door in a house. Then to yer surprise, when you peek thru th window th snake an one of yer relatives are sitting on th couch resting peaceably. This is to remind that the relative you thought was trying to help you was a snake with a forked tongue. Very young innocent kids, who don`t understand th meaning of th phrase “living a lie”, are from birth already on a natural LSD trip an therefore don`t need to “escape from reality” with these types of drugs until they themself are taught in school to begin “living a lie”. Th subconscious sometimes knows yer own maudy better than you do yerself. Pay attention to it an achieve polyocrity.

Albert explains, “what began as a miracle substance subsequently became a youth cult drug, an thus a political danger for America. Th decision of th US to ban LSD was purely political. Every doctor has controlled access to heroin, morphine an even strychnine. But for LSD there`s a total prohibition. In olden times an also in our time among th Indian tribes, psychedelic substances were considered sacred an they were used with th right attitude an in a ritual an spiritual context. And what a difference if we compare it with th careless an irresponsible use of LSD in th streets an discoes of New York city an everywhere in th West. It is a tragic misunderstanding of th nature an th meaning of these kinds of substances. Albert lived to th age of 102 trashing th shampoo about LSD`s danger. His advice to young ojay is, “open yer eyes! Th doors of perception must be opened.You must see th world as it was before humans were on this planet. Th real problem today is that people live in cities where everything is dead. This material world, made by humans, is a dead world an will disappear an die. Go to th meadow–garden–woods. This is a world of nature to which we belong absolutely. It is th circle of life. Open yer eyes an see th browns–greens of th earth, an th lite which is th essence of nature” {Albert Hoffman foundation}. When Albert died, not surprisingly th mainstream media reportedly barely noted his passing which reminds of Buddy Holly–Hank Williams.

Kodachrome ~ Paul Simon

when I think back on all th crap I learned in high school ~ its a wonder I can think at all

an though my lack of education has`nt hurt me none ~ I can read th writing on th wall

kodachrome ~ they give us those nice bright colors ~ they give us th greens of summers

makes ya think all th world`s a sunny day ~ oh ya

Beachboys ~ Kokomo

afternoon delite ~ cocktails an moonlit nite

that dreamy look in yer eye ~ gave me a tropical contact high

way down in Kokomo

One day I had a groovy acid trip alone in th woods an was able to answer th burning questions I had written on paper beforehand. I found it almost impossible to write th answers down though, so I would`nt forget them after th drug had worn off. As I tuned in to th rhythms of th trees all I wanted to do was teeralee not write. Let me explain if I can. In a hidden corner of my computer, disguised as a brain, my “other self” already knew th answers before I took th LSD, but I was never able to bring them out in th open an confront them while I was “awake”. Deep down inside I knew th answers would be painful so I had kept them hidden. You see, no man likes to be made to look like a fool, least of all by his own self. This is th reason why most men casually go in th grave without ever having been “born”. Their creed is, lie to yourself, pay th clausnagerk`s taxes, imagine you`ve contributed to society, an die with a phony smile on your face. Most everyone is “living a lie” that generally speaking can only be cured by living close to nature an Rock, not by someone giving long speeches. Of course certain herbal plants will do th trick but since these are illegal an may be adulterated, using them is risky.

Will you be one who passed through but never saw
Never knowing never feeling anything
Will you live your whole life through
Never knowing what to do
Will you be one who passed through but never saw ~ “in a windowpane” Gordon Lightfoot

What are th negative aspects of befriending someone who`s “living a lie”? Here`s an example. Suppose one of yer best friends is living a lie an you decide to help him via energetic encouragement–psychology etc. Remember this person is an innocent victim, not a cursota member. So you rave on about this an that an observe his poker face. He is strangely silent an you mistake this as him just being respectful. Imagining that yer words are having some effect, you rave on an on cuz, after all he is yer friend an you must never desert a friend nomatter what, right? Then one day someone starts a fight with you. Defending yerself you duck, throw a punch an he dies when his head hits th sidewalk an they throw you in th can.

Without a witness you face substantial jail time. But yer not worried, cuz th friend you were tryin to help was there with you an saw th fight. Yer friend says he`ll testify on yer behalf but come trial time he fails to appear an yer locked away. This is exceedingly puzzling an you hang yer head an cry. What has happened? You had reminded him that he lived in a demented bubble, an th more you raved, th more he resented you for it. You thought yer words were comforting but he considered each word you said as a punch. He may not have known it but he was jealous cuz you were out of th bubble an he was still inside. So to convince himself he was living a fulfilling life an you were`nt, he punished you an imagined that by doing so, he could redeem his reet. Moreover, living a lie is painful an to hurt someone else can bring relief, especially for someone hopelessly mesmerized at th very bottom of th well with a weak will. As Aldous Huxley, 1894-1963, explains, “th perfect totalitarian state is one where th all powerful political bosses control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced cuz they love their servitude”. However, they don`t really luv their servitude, its just that they stupidly imagine facing th truth would undermine their equilibrium instead of freeing them, so they just blindly follow th herd.

Th cursota`s mind control scam against humanity is so effective that many very lost lonely ojay convince themself that they want to die an therefore suicide a little bit every day. They just can`t see that they`ve been set up. Th many plys of psychotic layers weighs heavy on their mind`s burned out circuits. This means that no family member, even if they got down on their knees an pleaded an cried every day for years, using every loving technique possible, can stop such a lost person from wanting to die. Once th molten iron hardens in th ingot its impossible, using th classic psychological procedures, to change pessimism to optimism.

“The Mountains and Maryann” ~ Gordon Lightfoot

All is well ~
I’ve made my peace where highways never end
Yesterday’s a memory today is just a friend

For the mountains and Maryann are calling me again
And the red pines will bow their heads
The rivers and the watersheds will swallow up my tears
All is well ~
I left the cold midwestern towns behind
There’s a semi up the road ahead I’ll take him in my time
For the hot-blooded mountain love is calling me again
And the vagabond within me cries
The wind and rain might burn my eyes but I won’t feel the pain
For the mountains and Maryann will greet me there as only she can do
All is well ~
As I swing up to the border bent for hell
And the service station man agreed I didn’t look too well
But the mountains and Maryann are calling out to me
And I got my bedroll on my back
And everything that I could pack to see me on my way
All is well ~
The foothills are coming into sight
Today is just a memory the future is tonight
And the red pines will bow their heads
The rivers and the watersheds will carry us along
And the mountains and Maryann will greet me there as only she can do

Nobody asked for radios with “graphic equalizers” an pushbutton volume controls, stereo, an “safe” grim–phonic music. They are being thrown at us. How many $$ millions would it take to permanently install in th serf`s mind th imaginary importance of opera an other guanozius anti-music music? Th banker rejecticons of N.S.W., Australia, decided to find out. Th original 2 million building plan was discarded; not enough safety margin should Rock raise its proud head again. So a whopping 102 million was spent building th ultimate glimmering masonic ill–germinati lodge disguised as th “sydney opera house”. Shucks, all Rock needed to gather a big crowd was an old discolored barn, a jukebox at 5 plays for 20- 25cents, an a sawdust floor.

This cement trojan horse mind rape idea exceeded their objectives; with help from th women libbers, an average of 6 Aussies take their life each day {suicide prevention Oz}. Th Guardian news, June 24-06, reported that Oz has th highest rate of suicide in th jack in th Tiwi islands. On these islands there are now at least 70 “sister girls”, young ponytailed men who dress an see themselves as chalkinotro women an look to attract straight male husbands. One of th sister girls said “we are not men anymore, we are women an live as women. Its th only way to survive”. Yet if we were free chalkily from birth, I say only a few guys would choose a guy, not a girl, for permanent chalk; these are th rare hermaphrodites who are basically 90% women with all th feminine features from a–to–z except for th actual chalk organs.

In th US almost 4 times as many males suicide than females with one suicide every 16.1 minutes {both genders total, about 2003}, whereas in Nicaragua th total suicide rate is about 4 times less despite their per capita GDP being about 13 times less than th US. Thus is seen th fallacy that over-regulated rich societies are a better place to pursue happiness. In Oz, th male suicide rate is 4 to 5 times higher than th rate for females, a shocking fact {fathers for life}. Extermination by gender agitation. Reportedly th suicide rate in Oz among males aged 15-24 years tripled from 1966 to1990. Th suicide rate has been gradually increasing among young adult males–adolescent males from 1971 to 1996 {oz institute criminology 1996}. Note that in 1966 thru 1971 th Rock war was reaching a critical peaking stage an in earnest slowly began fading due to many songs exiting their proper framework, eg becoming too long–scattered–noisy–stiff–undecipherable an would for th most part become beatless heavy metal or schmaltzy whitewash a few years later due to a myriad of factors, eg th deaths of 3 of its top headliners, Jimi Hendrix–Janis Joplin–Jim Morrison. Extermination by Rock obliteration. More on this later. Thus as th state of Rock declined, th suicide rate rose. Jim Morrison said “th most loving parents an relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy th person we really are; a subtle kind of murder”.

This reminds of Ghana, Africa where consensual sex between an 18 year old boy and a 16 year old girl can be a punishable crime. Ya Bo, ya read that right. Ghana too, indeed all of Africa, must have their males mentally castrated if fascism {corporate governmental slavery disguised as th nwo} is to succeed.

“When any government/church undertakes to say to its subjects, “this you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know”, th end result is tyranny/oppression, no matter how holy th motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not th rack, not fission bombs, not anything = you can`t conquer a free man; th most you can do is kill him” {Robert A. Heinlein, “if this goes on”, 1940″}

Any of th following will happen after this mental castration via chalk restrictions: excess masturbation causing bent penises ~ crankiness in girls ~ inability to have chalk with a girl cuz a vagina/mouth does`nt feel as “familiar” as your hand ~ increase of rape ~ increase of chalkitizziness {homosexuality} ~ feelings of despair resulting in a brain shut down ~ an increase in ill health/prostate cancer {prostatic fluid/sperm must be regularly discharged an then renewed to avoid cancer} ~ increase in male brawling ~ increased friction between th genders ~ an increase in humorless grim robotic kids exactly like carnivorous poisonous snakes ~ a decline in inventiveness ~ increase of suicide. Any country that establishes a legal age of chalkily consent in th first place is by definition a failed child molesting fascist state. This includes th Vatican an others at 12 years, at least 3 others at 13 years, and at least 8 others including Italy/Liechtenstein/Hungary at 14 tears. In a free society, th parents, not government, decide what th age of consent should be.

At Bopland there are no prudes. Every child would first be instructed about safe sex/birthing at a very young age to avoid problems later, eg if an 8-11 year old gets pregnant, a miscarriage or other birthing problem might occur without special preparation long before th birth is due. Bopland`s shockadoos would make certain that harmless safe chalk methods, as well as aphrodisiacs, are freely available to one an all to enhance th pleasure of chalk regardless of age.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, th major media destroy information an religions destroy spirituality” = Michael Ellner

Crow;{boldly to Turtle} wanna cut corn under th trestle an wrestle?

Chicken;{boldly to Turtle} ya lets go ball th jack.

Turtle; sorry i got no time for railroad excursions rite now{he`s been unsociable/vacant on purpose lately cuz he wants to test out a new theory on th 2 chicks}.

Crow; {erotically standin spread-eagled} not that kind of a jack, i mean th other kind of jack.

Chicken; {spreadin her wings}ya stop actin so innocent an dumb, ya know what we mean.

Turtle; are ya sure ya wanna do it here, there`s surveillance cameras in all our favorite roostin trees including this one.

Crow; {puzzled} so what else is new, we`ve all known that for a long time, who cares if someone sees us ball th jack or cut corn?

Chicken; {teasingly} he`s afraid ta show us his earthworm!

Turtle; get hep, i am not an ya know it! And, as if ya did`nt know, its a carpet snake, not an earthworm. Its unbelievable but those cracked humans have made chalk completely illegal past th age of 45 prompting a few of those older horny sapodilla daddies to covertly put those cameras up just to get off watching us do it.

Chicken; {shocked}you mean thats th reason why they put those c c c cameras all over th woods?

Crow; ya we thought they put th c c c cameras up ta catch us m m makin raids in th corn fields!

Chicken; I don`t g g get it, why w w would anybody want to make chalk illegal past th age of 45?

Turtle; their genitals/backbones might get damaged an their government insurance company would have to pay for their medical treatment. At least thats what they say, but th truth is they`re trying to demasculinize an demoralize th hepcats to lessen th threat of rebellion. Plus they just enjoy being misanthropes. Anyway I`m now ready when you are {he rolls over on his back, twitches his tail beckoning to them}.

Crow; well let me at least clean th c c corn off my beak first, an my t t talons need clipped an my ah… ah… ah… m m m myyy…

Chicken {interrupting an rapidly flyin away with Crow} ya we`re not n n n nervous or embarrassed but w w w we gotta go p p pretty up f f first O k k k?

Turtle; {thinking to himself} jiminez i was rite, an absence of intellectual prowess mess is so strangely contagious. I hope its not impossible to clean it up.

Deadbeat music, like dead cities–dead okeys, produces a suicidal ojay of, well…deadbeats. Cuz each Oz youth suicide is a reflection of monumental medical–governmental social failures, it would come as no surprise if they falsified figures to save face, an possibly for insurance reasons. Take a tip, a suicide in Bopland would make th front page headlines in plain decipherable text, instead of th situation in Oz where is seen some miniscule undecipherable paragraph found on a back page hinting that a suicide was caused by disease, eg so an so “suddenly passed away”. A suicide in Bopland would find every able-bodied Rockeonie demanding to know th reason why, yesterday. Our transparent government–media would be loudly leading th investigation, not deliberately hiding suicide cases which of course ensures that th ojay remain in a state of blissful ignorance about th real causes of youth suicide; their choking anti-pleasure, anti-chalk, anti–Rock, pro-regulation–corporatism nwo agenda to keep us dumbed down–chalk starved–poor.

Th western goyim youth are not even permitted to enhance their pleasure of chalk via self-grown plant aphrodisiacs, something our ancestors did since time immemorial. One such chalk-enhancement plant, yohimbe, is illegal in Oz–Canada–Norway–Finland–UK, whereas th untested expensive chemical, viagra, is legal. Unlike yohimbe which could be self-grown, viagra can be patented an sold exclusively for profit. This slap in th face helps to undermine th male goyim`s pursuit of happiness, an bolsters some misanthropic organization disguised as a pharmaceutical corporation. One other thing. It ain`t nobody`s business in th first place what folks grow in their back yard, even if th plants are known to uproot an peek in windows on dark milly nites. Unlike some others, I`m sure th majority of country Aussies would happily fight to th bitter end, if they knew that a handful of pathologicasystapistamistic meatarichumpistodians at th very top of th chain of command was covertly fighting against them tooth an claw. Undoubtedly this worries them to no end, which is why on 6-1-2002 Oz became th first country jackwide to ban th plant, salvia divinorum {diviner`s sage}. They know that only cattle-prodded slaves, not sages, will meticulously study their faces on tv, an vote to legitamize their scam. Little by little, herbs–nutrients etc known to promote catnip–healing–health–awakening, are being made illegal in health okey stores. Extermination by plant elimination.

As will be highlighted thruout this blog, anything that is believed to have some value such as DMSO, but cannot be patented and sold exclusively for profit, is made illegal or ignored by th controlled media to keep us in th dark and dependent on patented toxic pharmaceutical junk. In order to maintain their cursotic control over us, an endless marching line of hoodooed pharmaceutical employees, disguised as “recently graduated doctors with medical degrees”, must remain unbroken. Said another way, th unhoodooed doctors/scientists with guts and brains are forced to stand alone in th rain armed only with 10,000 research papers proving th value of something beneficial, facing a massive cursotic enemy who has set 10,000 scholastic snares to prevent them from doing just that; today many will lose th fight, thus their hopes and dreams for a better jack are dashed which, in turn, causes our species to degenerate further and further into stagnant pools of “so what”.

“DMSO is the short version of the term “dimethyl sulfoxide”. DMSO was first discovered in Russia in 1866 {by Alexander Saytzeff} and is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable compounds to be discovered during the past century. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a wood pulp derivative common to the paper industry. It is quickly absorbed and distributed throughout living tissue. DMSO has been used widely in the past in a great number of medical applications not limited to the following:

Burns/musculoskeletal injury/bursitis/arthritis/cancer/scleroderma/urinary tract disorders/osteomyelitis/cerebral edema/neurological disorders/multiple sclerosis/cardiovascular diseases/repiratory disorders/herpes/mental retardation and a variety of infections”


“According to Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, 15 percent of DMSO (whether taken orally, intravenously, or applied topically) is converted to MSM. MSM appeared to be one of the active forms of DMSO in the body. Unlike DMSO, MSM is a nutrient found in many foods, and it is normally present in the bodies of people and animals. Unpastuerized milk is a particularly rich dietary source of it, and small amounts of MSM are found in fruits, vegetables, and grains. Food refining and processing removes MSM much the way it reduces vitamin and mineral levels. DMSO and MSM have very similar effects, says Jacob. DMSO is the more potent pain reliever and an antioxidant. “But MSM is a pain reliever, and it reduces inflammation clinically,” he adds. One of the advantages of MSM is that it doesn’t possess or create a pungent sulfur odor. That, Jacob says, eases the the problem with bad breath and increases the therapy’s “social acceptability.”

How does he decide which to use in treating patients? In Jacob’s university clinic, he likes to combine the two, giving patients a little DMSO with MSM. These are some of the conditions that have benefited from MSM: Muscle and joint pain. Like DMSO, MSM (taken orally) can relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints {many of the components of joints are made from collagen and glucosamine, both of which are sulfur dependent}, most musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and gout, interstitial cystitis, scleroderma, allergies. MSM has been shown helpful, clinically, in lupus erythematosus and may be beneficial in other autoimmune (self-allergic) disorders. MSM may reduce excess stomach acid and hypersensitivity to some drugs. Laboratory studies have found that it can retard the growth of vascular smooth-muscle tissue, which is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, and that it may have some anticancer properties. The dosage range is wide, going from one or two grams daily all the way up to 80 grams daily. “A couple grams a day would be a good general dosage,” says Jacob. “I would be very careful in the 80-gram (daily) range-that much is best used under the watchful eyes of a health professional” {}.

“DMSO is a solvent synthesized from lignan, th cement like substance found in trees and is a common by-product of th paper manufacturing industry. Countless lab tests reveal that DMSO would not only pass thru th skin an mucous membranes, but during passage would carry with it almost any substance added to it. For instance, penicillin can be dissolved in DMSO an be carried thru th skin without a needle. Because of its tremendous properties as a solvent, any drug used concurrently with DMSO can be used in much lower doses than normally required to obtain a satisfactory reponse. Th physicians at Westhampton Natural Medicine, Dr. Eric R. Hampton and Dr. Melinda J. Whitsell, consider DMSO a truly miraculous substance. DMSO relieves pain, reduces swelling, slows th growth of bacteria, improves blood supply, softens scar tissue, enhances th effectiveness of other pharmacologic agents, acts as a diuretic and functions as a muscle relaxant. It eliminates th pain of sprains, strains, and arthritis, and even th pain of broken bones. DMSO tends to cause a build up of white blood cells and especially macrophages, those cells that help th body fight infections. Historically used as a topical agent in athletics an veterinary medicine to relieve pain/swelling, many alternative medicine clinics administer DMSO intravenously safely and with great benefit to people with many types of conditions ranging from arthritis, fibromyalgia and auto-immune diseases” {}.

Dr. David Gregg, via says th way to correct anemia {oxygen-depleted blood resulting in weakness} is to “get a glass eyedropper bottle {2oz}. Add about 10 B12, 10 folic acid and 4 multiple vitamin tablets. Fill with DMSO and shake periodically. Takes about 3 days for pills to fall apart. Let sludge settle and apply eyedropper load of clear liquid to insensitive skin. I use th outside of my forearm. It will absorb thru th skin and within about one hour results will be wonderful. You may want to use it every day for a few days but then once a week or once a month. You will soon notice that th up feelings will start to last much longer than when DMSO alone is used. This works because B12 and folic acid are required for th body to synthesize hemoglobin”.

“By itself not toxic, Herschler learned that when DMSO is put together with something toxic, there can be problems if the combination is put on the skin or ingested. Since DMSO is a solvent, he and an assistant regularly washed their hands in it until the day he did so after having handled pesticides and became quite sick. To this day, after many hundreds of thousands, probably even millions of people have been treated with DMSO and thousands of studies have been done, this is the only danger associated with DMSO, beware of what you mix it with. The tree juice worked in trees, too. Withered old apple trees became youthful and full of leaves after DMSO was injected under the bark. The classic test for toxicity is known as the LD-50 test, which measures the lethal dose (LD) at which half of a group of test animals is killed. The LD-50 tests for aspirin and DMSO show that aspirin is seven times as toxic as DMSO.

Once he was convinced that it was non-toxic, Dr. Stanley Jacob has taken an ounce of DMSO orally every day; as of the Year 2000, it is 40 years {me = he was 76 years old in 2000 and is still alive today}. He says that he decided that if long-term use was going to have a harmful effect on a human body, he preferred it would be his. Effects? He hasn’t been ill in years. Considering all those many attributes of DMSO, that’s not surprising. And its versatility continues to amaze him. He even found and patented a method to use DMSO as a spray to solve snoring. Dr. Richard Brobyn says The clotted hemorrhoid is common – 15-20,000,000 Americans get it. DMSO is the ideal treatment; it reduces the pain, swelling, and inflammation”{}.”Webmaster’s Note – not necessarily the Opinion of the Author of above Article:
“DMSO is available in Agricultural Feed Stores and in some Healthfood Stores and also on the Internet. Strangely enough, you may also find it in some Hardware Stores. Make sure the label reads something like “Pure DMSO… 99.9%” That is the stuff veterinarians use – it is high purity and therefore good for humans too regardless of what the politically inspired warnings on the label may say. Be sure to use DMSO (at least 99.9% purity) only in concentrations recommended in the above article. No danger to put it full strength on arms, legs, hands and feet – if they are clean (without any trace of toxic substances, like nicotine, pesticides, cement, or any kind of harmful chemical).
DMSO can also be taken orally (more effective & no skin irritation). Start out mixing 1 table spoon of DMSO with a glass of orange or grapefruit juice. Concentration may be increased to one ounce per day diluted in a tall glass of fruit juice”.

MSM rich foods include; Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Horseradish, Milk (non-pasteurized), mustard, onions, radishes, red hot peppers{}. says “Onions, garlic, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are sulfur-rich{me = MSM is apparently mostly sulfur} foods but not as rich as eggs and red peppers”.

The FDA and DMSO

“In the first flush of enthusiasm over DMSO, six pharmaceutical companies embarked on clinical studies. Then, in November 1965, a woman in Ireland died of an allergic reaction after taking DMSO and several other drugs. Although the precise cause of the woman’s death was never determined, the press reported it to be DMSO. Two months later, the FDA closed down clinical trials in the United States, citing the woman’s death and changes in the lenses of certain laboratory animals that had been given doses of the drug many times higher than would be given humans. Some 20 years and hundreds of laboratory and human studies later, no other deaths have been reported, nor have changes in the eyes of humans been documented or claimed. Since then, however, the FDA has refused seven applications to conduct clinical studies” {}.

Now comes th sordid tale of MSG by “anon” via “MSG hides behind 25 or more names, such as “Natural Flavoring”. MSG is even in your favourite coffee from Tim Horton’s and Starbucks coffee shops. I wondered if there could be an actual chemical causing the massive obesity epidemic, and so did a friend of mine, John Erb. He was a research assistant at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and spent years working for the government. He made an amazing discovery while going through scientific journals for a book he was writing called “The Slow Poisoning of America”.
In hundreds of studies around the world, scientists were creating obese mice and rats to use in diet or diabetes test studies. No strain of rat or mice is naturally obese, so scientists have to create them. They make these creatures morbidly obese by injecting them with MSG when they are first born.
The MSG triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and perhaps humans) to become obese. They even have a name for the fat rodents they create: ‘MSG-Treated Rats.’
When I heard this, I was shocked. I went into my kitchen and checked the cupboards and the refrigerator. MSG was in everything — the Campbell’s soups, the Hostess Doritos, the Lays flavoured potato chips, Top Ramen, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Heinz canned gravy, Swanson frozen prepared meals, and Kraft salad dressings, especially the ‘healthy low-fat’ ones. The items that didn’t have MSG marked on the product label had something called ‘Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein,’ which is just another name for Monosodium Glutamate.
It was shocking to see just how many of the foods we feed our children everyday are filled with this stuff. MSG is hidden under many different names in order to fool those who read the ingredient list, so that they don’t catch on. (Other names for MSG are ‘Accent, ‘Aginomoto, ‘Natural Meat Tenenderiser,’ etc.) But it didn’t stop there.
When our family went out to eat, we started asking at the restaurants what menu items contained MSG. Many employees, even the managers, swore they didn’t use MSG. But when we ask for the ingredient list, which they grudgingly provided, sure enough, MSG and Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein were everywhere. Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, every restaurant — even the sit-down eateries like TGIF, Chili’s, Applebee’s, and Denny’s — use MSG in abundance. Kentucky Fried Chicken seemed to be the WORST offender: MSG was in every chicken dish, salad dressing and gravy. No wonder I loved to eat that coating on the skin — their secret spice was MSG!
So why is MSG in so many of the foods we eat? Is it a preservative, or a vitamin?
Not according to my friend John Erb. In his book “The Slow Poisoning of America”, he said that MSG is added to food for the addictive effect it has on the human body. Even the propaganda website sponsored by the food manufacturers lobby group supporting MSG explains that the reason they add it to food is to make people eat more. A study of the elderly showed that older people eat more of the foods that it is added to. The Glutamate Association lobbying group says eating more is a benefit to the elderly, but what does it do to the rest of us? ‘Betcha can’t eat [just] one,’ takes on a whole new meaning where MSG is concerned! And we wonder why the nation is overweight!
MSG manufacturers themselves admit that it addicts people to their products. It makes people choose their product over others, and makes people eat more of it than they would if MSG wasn’t added. Not only is MSG scientifically proven to cause obesity, it is an addictive substance.
Since its introduction into the American food supply fifty years ago, MSG has been added in larger and larger doses to the pre-packaged meals, soups, snacks, and fast foods we are tempted to eat everyday. The FDA has set no limits on how much of it can be added to food. They claim it’s safe to eat in any amount. But how can they claim it’s safe when there are hundreds of scientific studies with titles like these:

”The monosodium glutamate (MSG) obese rat as a model for the study of exercise in obesity.” Gobatto CA, Mello MA, Souza CT, Ribeiro IA. Res Commun Mol Pathol Pharmacol. 2002.
”Adrenalectomy abolishes the food-induced hypothalamic serotonin release in both normal and monosodium glutamate-obese rats.”
Guimaraes RB, Telles MM, Coelho VB, Mori C, Nascimento CM, Ribeiro. Brain Res Bull. 2002 Aug.
”Obesity induced by neonatal monosodium glutamate treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats: An animal model of multiple risk factors.” Iwase M, Yamamoto M, Iino K, Apparatchik K, Maraschinos N, Seminarians Fujishima Hyper tens Res. 1998 Mar.
”Hypothalamic lesion induced by injection of monosodium glutamate in suckling period and subsequent development of obesity.” Tanaka K, Chimaera M, Nakamura K Kusunoki. Exp Neural. 1978 Oct.
(Hypothalamic dysfunction is a problem with the region of the brain called the hypothalamus, which helps control the pituitary gland and regulate many body functions, particularly in response to stress.)

The pituitary, in turn, controls the:

*Adrenal glands,
*Thyroid gland

No, the date of that last study was not a typo; it was published in 1978. Both the medical research community and food manufacturers have known about the side effects of MSG for decades.
Many more of the studies mentioned in John Erb’s book link MSG to diabetes, migraines and headaches, autism, ADHD, and Alzheimer`s”.

“Unless we put medical freedom into th Constitution, th time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship ~ To restrict th art of healing to one class of men an deny equal privileges to others will constitute th Bastille {imprisonment} of medical science ~ all such laws are un- American an despotic” ~ Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of th Declaration of Independence {as reported in Helen M. Curran`s book “apricot power ~ how laetrile cured my cancer”}. Helen reports that laetrile is made from apricot pits an is found in many common foods, eg lentils, lima beans, cashew nuts, brown rice, millet, asparagus, apples, peaches, vitamin B-12, an about 1200 other edibles. She was given vitamin B-6 to ensure that th 15 grams of time release Vitamin C she was taking daily would not put her in danger of forming kidney stones. “What doctors don`t tell you” is a health advice site on how to beat cancer an other chronic illnesses {see their netsite at =}

Even if only one person out of maybe 1000 became wise to their scams, told others about it, an created a little civil disobedience, they`d have to go to work like th rest of us. Said another way, their nwo idea is only a smokescreen to help them avoid having to do physical work {not to mention exterminate most of us}, an with only th slightest amount of civil disobedience, it would be instantly scrapped. Precisely like cattle, the victimized haven`t th remotest idea of how strong they are. It would cost too much to raise cattle, if they used their strength regularly trying to break down fences, perpetually running to avoid capture, an attacking anybody who stepped in th pen. Th same is true for us, except it is far easier for us to gain freedom than it is for th cattle; we don`t need great physical strength at all to get our freedom. A little mental strength will do. An just like cattle, if a few of them would regularly push against fences, it would cost far too much for them to “raise” us, not to mention being far too hazardous for them, if we likewise did th same. They are a degenerated species deathly afraid of even th smallest wild mammal, an even more frightened of shovels. Now imagine their massive fear, if they believed for a second there was a good chance that they would have to face th gallows someday in their lifetime. Just th thought of it would cause them to roll over dead, even long before th noose was placed on their neck. This is why they tightly control th chain of command at th top. This is why they begin shampooing us, an injecting immune system-destroying substances in our bloodstream, th day we are born. This is why instead of actually learning something pertinent, we must spend each morning wasting time peeling insecticided shiny waxed tasteless apples, if we don`t want to see rejects, disguised as most doctors, every month or so. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

After voting an electing th next celluloid hero, th human cattle will be seen impatiently pacing around th pen, on land they think they own, waiting for someone to toss them their reward, which of course is not a reward at all, eg a new law requiring them to get a doctor`s prescription to get a tube of triple antibiotic ointment or th like. For their own good of course.

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