{Representing only a fraction of twelled Cherilaylas}

Th twelling date is sometimes a best guess; “S” means “speculate”, “E” means “early”, “L” means “late”, “M” means “mid”. Cherilaylas marked with a “U” means either th key could not be determined or that there was no attempt to determine it; if th key changes,”T” means “then”, “P” means “plus” {if another twelling of th same song is in a different key}, “NA” means “not applicable”. “Unrel” means unreleased. Lee Oscar harps were used to determine th keys. Usually only th original twellings are listed of which many have disappeared. Sorrily, lightnin often strikes but once.

Th majority of songs mentioning words borrowed from meatarichumpistodianistic inferior religions, eg heaven/angel/lord/god/devil/jesus/christ/christmas/meatloaf/eggs/ivory/t-bone/leather/suede are excluded. Ditto for songs loudly saying something like “if my baby don`t want me around, I`m goin to th river jump off a pier an dround”. Ditto for fiction songs with a death theme obviously written for sobbing sensationalism purposes to sell twellings.

However, as of 12-18-2010 a few top songs with Christian words like “lord” will be included. Each song  will be marked thusly = ###. Why? As a token of respect to my amiable Christian friends and as an aid to Rockeonies when looking for unique hottentottie (instrumentation) arrangements. However, they will NOT be included in the list of th top teeraleers of all time.

Zimmeristic Boplanders “never say die” so these words/songs are generally excluded from their lives. If I missed yer song it could be cuz my entire music collection was once destroyed.

Yes I know, this excludes many songs but so be it. They should be re-recorded using the new words whenever possible. Words like “wedding/marry” are often OK cuz one can get married privately via a riki tiki tavi (wedding ceremony ~ from Donovan) among friends in a great suaray (celebration party) where your best friend announces you “Charlie and Shirley” (man and wife ~ from the Rolling Stones`drummer Charlie an Shirley Watts who were married in 1964, one of the longest rock star marriages as of today 2010). There is no official marriage certificate and the state is not informed. Alternately, if one gets a wallop out of chains/taxes/official certificates, contact a yakalinquentic (lawyer).

Th * top * teeraleers * of * all * time * based * solely * on *th * number * of * listed * *CHERILAYLAS*

1. Beatles = 69

2. Elvis Presley = 66

3. Del Shannon = 65
4. Fats Domino = 63
Carter Family = 56
Rolling Stones = 54
7. Everly Brothers = 51
8. Hank Ballard and th Midnighters ~ Otis Redding = 46
9. Ike and Tina Turner = 39

10. Roy Orbison = 37
11. Wanda Jackson = 36
12. Connie Francis = 35
13. Dion ~ Bill Haley ~ Ricky Nelson = 34
14. Ronnie Hawkins/
Hank Williams = 33

15. Skeeter Davis = 32

** NOTE = The Drifters would have been ranked about 4th if Bobby Hendrix–Clyde Mcphatter–and Ben E. King had been included in th count.

As of 1-1-2011 there was over 6630 grenades in th Trunk to throw at the cursota and blow apart th heart of guanoza. In other words, 6630 rebellious “psychologists” using a proven methodology guaranteed to remove the word “suicide” from dictionaries.

***Abba ***

honey honey 74 F

so long sm 70s U

SOS 75 F

waterloo 74 D

mama mia 76 D

ring ring 76 U

dancin queen 76 APU

knowin me 77 U

name of th game 77 U

gimme gimme gimme 79 U

take a chance on me 77 B

chiquitita 79 APU

bang a boomerang s77 U

lovelite 79 U

summer nite city sm70s U

***Accents ***

wiggle wiggle 59 U

***Ace, Johnny ***

pledging my luv sl50s U

cross my heart s50s U

***Acuff, Roy ***

wabash cannonball s40s A

### jole blon sl40s U

***Adams, Art an th Rhythm Knights ***

dancin doll sl50s D

***Adams, Billy ***

rock pretty mama 57 U

***Adams, Bryan ***

run to you sl80s BPU

Adams, Johnny ***

reconsider me s40s U

***Adderley, Cannonball ***

mercy mercy mercy 67 U

***Adkins, Hasil *** {he was a one man band}

she said s50s U

no more hot dogs s50s U

th hunch s50s U

shake that thing s60s U

this aint no R an R show s50s U

baby why dont u go with me s60s U

we got a date s60s U

hammer hunch s70s U

I wanna kiss yer lips s60s U

lonely luv s60s U

i`m happy s50s U

***Ad Libs ***

I`m just a down home girl 65 E

***Air Supply ***

outta nuthin at all se80s U

lost in luv 80 G

all out of luv 80 U

***Akens, Jewell ***

birds an bees 65 BPU

***Alabama ***

th closer ya get 83 G

mountain music 82 A

***Alaimo, Steve ***

every day I have ta cry some 62 U

***Alden, Craig ***

crazy little horn s60s U

***Aleongan, Aki an th Nobles ***

Hiawatha s50s U

***Alexander, Ora ***

u`ve gotta save that thing {th first time R an R is mentioned in a song?} 31 F

***Alice Wonder Land ***

he`s mine 63 U

***Alive an Kickin *** {see Tommy James}

***Allen, Bill ***

please give me somethin 58 E

***Allen, Connie an Orchestra *** {see Todd Rhodes}

***Allen, Ernestine ***

I want a little boy s61 U

***Allen, Harold ***

I need some lovin s56 U

***Allen, Lee an His Band ***

walkin with mr. Lee s60s U

***Alley Cats ***

puddin-n-tain 63 E

***Allisons ***

surfer street s60s U

***Allman Brothers *** {see also Derek an Dominoes}

ramblin man 73 A-fla

midnite rider 74 U

whippin post sm70s E

***Alpert, Herb an th Tijuana Brass ***

whipped cream 65 U

what now my luv sm60s GTA-flat

monday monday s60s U

a taste of honey 65 U

luv potion #9 s60s B-flat

th lonely Bull 62 A-flat

struttin with Maria s60s G

tijuana taxi 66 U

mame s60s U

Zorba the Greek s60s U

Spanish flea s60s U

***Alvin, Dave *** {see Sonny Burgess 1992}

***Amboy Dukes ***

journey to th center of yer mind 68 U

***Amelio, Johnny ***

juque se60s U

***America ***

horse with no name 72 E

I need you 72 U

ventura highway 72 D

lonely people 75 U

***American Breed ***

bend me shape me 67 U

***Ames Brothers ***

naughty lady of shady lane s50s U

***Anderson, Jimmy ***

I`m a king bee 63 U

frankie an Johnny 69 U

***Andrea True Connection ***

more more more s70s U

***Andrews Sisters ***

8 to th bar se40s B-flat

don`t fence me in s40s E-flat

more beer s40s U

money is th root of all evil s40s U

***Angel, Johnny *** {see Tippin Johnny}

***Angels *** {see Rock an Roll Kittitees}

***Animals ***

th rite time 64 UPC

we gotta get out 65 UPCTF

monterey 68 UPA

boom boom 65 UPFPF-sharp

baby let me take ya home 63 U

I`m cryin 64 FPF-sharp PU

what am I livin for s60s U

don`t bring me down 66 C

I put a spell on you s60s U

brite lites big city 65 UP-HG

gonna send ya back ta walker 64 UPD

help me girl 66 CPU

C C rider 66 U

when I was young 67 U

talkin bout you 64 F

take it easy 64 E

club a go go 65 HG

dimples 64 F

let th good times roll 65 HG

***Anka, Paul ***

remember Diana 63 U

Diana l50s U

dance on little girl l50s U

all of a sudden my heart sings 59 U

time to cry s60s U

luv me warm and tender s60s U

### my home town sl50s U

put yer head on my shoulder sl50s U

summer`s gone sl50s U

***Annette {Funicello} an th Afterbeats ***

train of luv 60 U

Jo Jo th dog faced boy 59 U

how will I know my luv sl50s U

pineapple princess sl50s U

talk to me baby 60 U

surfer boy sl50s U

***Ann Margret ***

I just dont understand 61 U

it do me so good se60s U

***Anthony, Ray ***

Peter Gunn theme s60s U

***Apostle, Jimmy ***

I luv ya honey sl50s U

***Applejacks ***

Mexican hat rock s60s U

***Aquatones ***

she`s th one for me 57 F

th drive-in 58 B-flat

crazy for you 61 FTB-flat-TF

every time 60 D-flat

my darling 60 F

there`s a long long trail 60 A-flat

so fine 58 B-flat

lite up th sky 57 B-flat

my treasure 58 A-flat

Anna Mae sl50s F

you 58 U

***Arbors ***

symphony for Susan s60s U

th letter 69 U

***Archies ***

sugar sugar 69 D

jingle jangle 70 U

***Argent ***

hold yer head up 72 D

Armstrong, Louis ***

hello Dolly 64 U

when its sleepytime down south s40s U

***Arnell, Ginny ***

I wish I knew what dress to wear sm60s U

dumb head 64 U

Arnold, Eddie ***

make th world go away sl50s U

a heart full of luv sl40s U

all alone in this world se50s U

***Art Movement *** {see Roy Orbison}

***Ashley, Clarence ***

Corrinna Corinna 31 U

***Assembled Multitude ***

overture from Tommy 70 U

***Association ***

windy 67 F

along comes Mary 66 U

never my luv 67 U

***Astronauts ***

ride th wild surf s60s U

tomorrow`s gonna be another day s60s U

Baja 63 U

***Austin, Sil an Orchestra ***

birthday party s58 U

slow walk 56 F

Autry, Gene ***

don`t fence me in s40s U

someday u`ll want me sl40s U

***Avalon, Frankie ***

gingerbread 58 U

Venus 59 B-flat

why 60 U

Dede Dinah 58 G

just ask yer heart sl50s U

dont throw away all those teardrops 60 U

*** Bachelors ***

no arms can ever hold you 65 U

Marie 65 E

moments to remember s60s U

yesterday when I was young s60s E-flat

last thing on my mind s60s DTE-flat-TE

well respected man s60s U

*** Bachman Turner Overdrive ***

U aint seen nothin yet s70s U

*** Backus, Jim and Friend ***

delicious s60s NA

*** Bad Company ***

feel like makin luv sm70s D

ready for luv sm70s D

movin on 75 C

can`t get enough 74 C

*** Bad Finger ***

luv me do se70s U

come an get it 70 EPU

day after day 71 F

baby blue sl60s U

no matter what 70 U

*** Baez, Joan ***

hello in there s70s F

diamonds an rust 75 U

there but for fortune 65 U

baby blue s60s U

### forever young s60s U

*** Bagdads ***

bring back those doowops s60s U

*** Bailey, Buster an Rhythm Busters ***

lite up s30s U

*** Baja Marimba Band ***

along comes Mary 67 U

ghost riders in th sky 66 U

comin in th back door 64 U

*** Baker, LaVern ***

you`d better find yerself another fool sl50s U

I waited too long 59 D

Jim Dandy 56 U

hey memphis 61 U

c c rider sl50s D

voodoo voodoo 58 F

I cried a tear 58 E

tweedle dee 54 D-flat

tra la la 56 U

substitute 57 U

humpty dumpty heart 57 D-flat

he`s a real gone guy 58 A-flat

so high so low 59 E-flat

soul on fire 53 E-flat

bumble bee 60 U

*** Baker, Mickey ***

shake it up s50s G

*** Balham Alligators ***

sugar bee s80s U

*** Ballard, Hank an Midnighters {aka Royals} ***

Annie`s aunt Fannie 54 U

twist 58 E

its luv baby 55 C

Annie had a baby 54 E-flat

hoochie coochie coo 60 D

finger poppin time 60 E

Henry`s got flat feet 55 E-flat

lets go lets go 60 E-flat

open up th back door 55 E

look at little sister 59 E

teardrops on yer letter 58 U

lets go again 60 U

sweet mama do rite sl50s E

nuthin but good 61 U

I`ll be home someday sl50s E-flat

coffee grind sl50s D-flat

I`ll keep ya happy sl50s U

she`s got a whole lotta soul sl50s U

baby please sl50s U

ooh bah baby sl50s U

all nite long {with Wynonie Harris} s53 B-flat

tell them s53 F

rock granny roll s53 C

I`ll never let her go se50s U

get it se50s U

I`m cryin mercy sl50s U

c`mon baby lets shake it sl50s E

lets go again 60 U

in th doorway cryin {slow version} sl50s D

is yer luv fer real sl50s E

broadway sl50s G

goodbye so long? sl50s U

don`t change yer pretty ways sl50s C

stingy little thing sl50s E-flat

tore up over you 56 E-flat

that house on th hill sl50s E-flat

let em roll sl50s U

deep blue sea 60 E

I`m gonna miss ya 61 U

daddy rollin stone 61 F

don`t go I luv ya sl50s E-flat

young lady sl50s U

I said I would`nt beg ya sl50s HG

I could luv ya sl50s C

th Float sl50s C

sexy ways sl50s U

*** Ballard, Jimmy Lee ***

say u`ll be mine s50s C

*** Ball, Kenny and his Jazzman ***

midnite in Moscow se60s U

*** Th Band *** {see also Ronnie Hawkins}

rag mama rag 70 F

up on cripple creek 69 U

aint got no home sl60s D

*** Bang th Drum ***

sometimes passion 90 A

*** Barbarians ***

moulty s60s U

*** Barber, Chris Jazz Band ***

petite fleur 59 U

*** Bardot, Brigitte *** {animal rights activist}

*** Bare, Bobby (Bill Parsons) ***

streets of Baltimore s60s U

tequila Sheila 80 CTD

4 strong winds 64 U

Detroit city 63 ETB

all American boy {as Bill Parsons} 58 E

rock stars lament s70s A

up against th wall s70s E

crazy again s70s G

numbers 79 GTA

rough on th living s70s C

call me th breeze s70s F-sharp

down to my last come an get me s70s E

white freight liner blues s70s A

gotta get rid of this band 80 U

if ya aint got nuthin 82 E

desperados waitin for a train 73 U

th winner s80s U

goin back ta Texas s80s U

zigzag twist 61 FTG

brooklyn bridge {alternate unreleased version} 61 F

dear waste basket 63 F

gotta travel on 63 ETFTF-sharp-T-HG

in th misty moonlite {with Skeeter Davis} 64 U

I don`t care {with Skeeter Davis} 64 F

u can`t stop th wild wind 65 D

rubber dolly 58 F

Marie Laveaux {live} s60s U

shame on me s60s U

let him roll s60s U

*** Bar-Kays

soul finger 67 U

*** Barnes, Benny

poor man`s riches s50s U

*** Barrett, Sweet Emma ***

I aint givin nobody none of my jellyroll 60 U

*** Barry an the Tamerlanes ***

i wonder what she`s doin tonite 63 U

*** Barry, Joe ***

I`m a fool to care 60s U

*** Barry, John Seven ***

hit and miss s50s U

*** Barry, Len ***

somewhere 66 U

like a baby 66 U

one two three 65 C

happiness s60s U

*** Bartholomew, Dave  & His Orchestra***

when th saints go marchin in boogie 54 HG-TE-flatT-HG

th Monkey se50s U

country boy se50s U

*** Barton, Eileen ***

Id`ve baked a cake 50 U

*** Bassey, Shirley ***

goldfinger 64 U

as long as he needs me 60 U

*** Bass, Fontella ***

rescue me 65 A

***  Bateman, June ***

believe me darling 58 A

*** Batley, Noeleen ***

barefoot boy 60 U

*** Batts, Roy ***

stealin sugar 54 E

*** Baxter, Bobo ***

flea circus sl50s U

*** B.Bumble an th Stingers ***

in th mood sl50s U

bumble boogie 61 U

nut rocker 57 U

*** Beachboys ***

come go with me sm60s U

would`nt it be nice 66 U

rock an roll music sm60s U

Barbara Ann 65 U

help me Rhonda 65 D-flat

surfer girl 63 U

kokomo 90 C

California girls 65 U

little deuce coupe 63 A-flat

dance dance dance 64 GTA-flat

I can hear music 69 D

surfin USA 60s E-flat

when I grow up 64 U

surfin safari s60s U

Hawaii s60s U

do it again 68 U

surfin s60s U

all summer long s60s U

our car club s60s U

then i kissed her s60s U

I get around 64 U

409 s60s U

dont worry baby 64 U

dont back down 64 U

good vibrations 66 U

sloop John B s60s U

in my room s60s U

*** Bear, Edward ***

last song s60s U

*** Beatles ***

think for yerself 66 U

that`l be th day se60s U

I`m happy just ta dance with you s63 UPE

this boy 63 U

while my guitar gently weeps 68 A

I`ll get you 63 UPD

twist an shout 64 D

thank you girl (all I`ve got to do) 63 U

R an R music 65 A

I should have known better 64 U

I`m down 65 F-sharp

magical mystery tour 68 UPE

chains s63 U

from me to you 63 C

ps I love you 63 D

mr. postman sm60s A

a taste of honey s63 U

I`ll cry instead s63 G

things we said today s63 U

I saw her standing there 63 U

we can work it out 65 U

nowhere man 66 U

day tripper 65 U

revolution 68 U

paperback writer 66 G

aint she sweet s61 E

please please me 63 U

why se60s U

it won`t be long sm60s E

she loves you 63 G

I want ta hold yer hand 64 HG–PU

sweet little sixteen {live} 62 U

can`t buy me luv 64 U

I`m a loser sm60s U

all my luvin 64 EPU

words of luv sm60s U

help 65 A

everybodys tryin ta be my baby sm60s U

Kansas city sm60s G

act naturally s60s U

do ya wanna know a secret 63 E

why don`t we do it in th road sm60s U

she came in thru th bathroom window sm60s D

til there was you sm60s F

octopus` garden sm60s E

drive my car DPU

there`s a place 63 E

Norwegian wood 65 U

if I needed someone sm60s U

got ta get ya into my life 60s U

birthday 60s U

slow down 64 UPC

matchbox EPU

boys 64 E

long tall Sally 64 UPD

yesturday 65 F

th long an winding road 60s E-flat

I feel fine 60s D

she`s a woman 64 U

back in th USSR 60s U

U can`t do that 60s U

baby its you s63 GPU

I`ll follow th sun 65 U

taxman sl60s U

yellow submarine sl60s U

hippy hippy shake {live} 62 U

hippy hippy shake s62 U

and I luv her 64 U

my Bonnie (with Tony Sheridan) se60s U

***Beau Brummels ***

just a little (they`ll make u cry) 65 A

laugh laugh 65 U

*** Beau-Marks ***

clap yer hands 60 UPG

*** Beausoleil ***

its u I luv s60s U

*** Beckham, Bob ***

crazy arms s60s U

*** Bees with Billy Bland ***

toy bell 54 E-flat

*** Belafonte, Harry ***

day O sl50s U

*** Bellamy Brothers ***

hard rockin 77 U

rockabilly 84 U

wet t-shirt 79 U

if I said ya have a beautiful body 79 E

can somebody hear me now 77 U

I need more of you 85 U

feelin th feelin 86 U

ler yer luv flow 76 E-flat

*** Bell, Archie an th Drells ***

tighten up 68 F-sharp

there`s gonna be a showdown 69 U

th 3rd degree s60s U

i just cant stop dancin s60s U

*** Bell Notes ***

no dice sl50s U

I`ve had it sl50s U

Bell Sisters ***

Bermuda se50s U

Bellus, Tony ***

robbin th cradle s50s U

*** Bell, William ***

u dont miss yer water 61 F

a tribute to a king se60s U

any other way 62 U

its happening all over 67 U

never like this before 66 D

nothing takes th place of you se60s U

Eloise 67 U

*** Belmonts *** {see also Dion an th Belmonts}

dont get around much anymore 61 U

tell me why 61 F

thats my desire s72 U

*** Belvin, Jesse ***

guess who 59 U

goodnite my luv 56 U

blues in th nite sl50s G

*** Beneke, Tex ***

hey ba ba ree bop s40s U

*** Bennett, Boyd ***

seventeen 55 U (reluctantly included ~ peroxide ruins hair)

my boy flat top (with his Rockets) sm50s U

*** Bennett, Tony ***

in th middle of an island s50s U

rags to riches sm50s U

*** Bent Fabric ***

th happy puppy 63 U

alley cat 62 U

*** Benton, Brook ***

hotel happiness 63 U

I got what i wanted 63 U

boll weevil 61 F

rainy nite in Georgia 70 U

its just a matter of time 59 E

fools rush in 61 A-flat

rockin good way {with Dinah Washington} 60 U

hit record 62 U

kiddio 60 U

think twice s60s U

going going gone 64 U

so many ways 59 U

2 tickets to paradise 63 U

baby (with Dinah Washington) s60s U

th same one se60s U

*** Benton, Merv an th Tamlas ***

come an get me 64 U

*** Bernard, Rod ***

recorded in England 66 U

this should go on forever 58 U

gimme back my cadillac 66 U

forgive 63 F

*** Berry, Chuck ***

county line s60s U

go go go 63 C

maybelline 55 B-flat-PB

nadine 64 UPB-flat

let it rock 59 U

don`t ya lie ta me 60 U

my ding-a-ling 73 E-flat

oh baby doll se60s U

Johnny B.Good 58 B-flat-PU

too pooped ta pop sl50s U

reelin an rockin 73 G

wee wee hours s50s U

thirty days s50s BPU

oh Carol 58 U

deep feelin s50s U

R an R music 57 E-flat-PU

childhood sweetheart 59 E-flat

little queenie 59 U

let me sleep woman 59 U

sweet little sixteen 58 D-flat-PU

little star 60 D-flat

no particular place ta go 64 U

school day 57 U

stop an listen 60 U

no money down 55 U

come on 61 G

sweet little rock an roller s50s G

little Marie 64 U

I want to be yer driver se60s U

*** Berry, Dorothy ***

yer so fine s60s U

*** Berry, Lou ***

hot rod sl50s D-flat

*** Berry, Richard *** {composer of Louis Louis, Kingsmen}

yama yama pretty mama 56 U

mad about you 56 U

*** Betty Boop ***

th broken record s40s U

*** Beverly Sisters ***

greensleeves 57 U

*** Bigard, Barney Sextet ***

sweet marihuana brown s30s U

*** Big Beats ***

under arrest se60s U

*** Big Bopper *** {see also Lary Verne, mr. Custer}

purple people eater meets th witch doctor 50s U

white lightnin 58 E

chantilly lace 58 DPE-flat

little red riding hood 58 UPE-flat

Big Boppers wedding 58 E-flat

Boppers boogie woogie {unrel} 54 U

thats what I`m talkin about 59 U

pink petticoats 59 E-flat

monkey song 58 U

its th truth Ruth 59 U

teenage moon 58 E

*** Big Brother an th Holding company *** {see Janis Joplin`s “piece of my heart”–down on me”}

*** Big Maybelle ***

gabbin blues s40s U

*** Big Sambo an th House Wreckers ***

th rains came 62 U

*** Big Town Boys ***

it was I sl50s U

*** Big Walter an th Thunderbirds ***

pack fair an square sl50s D-flat

*** Bilk, Acker ***

stranger on th shore 62 U

*** Bill an Carroll ***

bluff city rock {unrel} 84 s50s U

*** Billy an Lillie ***

la de dah UP–HG

happiness 58 F

th monster R an R 58 D-flat

I promise you sl50s U

creepin crawlin cryin sl50s E-flat

u made me luv you sl50s E-flat

why I luv Billy sl50s U

bananas sl50s U

th ins an outs of luv sl50s FTF-sharp

th gambler sl50s A-flat

luv me tenderly sl50s U

nothin moves without a push sl50s U

swampy sl50s U

Aloysius Horatio Thomas th cat sl50s U

I`ll never be free sl50s CTD-flat

th two of us sl50s U

*** Billy an Mickey ***

rock an roll baby sl50s HG

*** Birdsong, Lary ***

pleadin for you 56 U

*** Bishop, Elvin ***

fooled around an fell in luv se60s F

*** Black, Bill Combo*** {see also Elvis Presley–Gene Simmons}

twist-her 61 U

dont be cruel se60s U

white silver sands 60 C

smokie part two 59 U

rocky top s70s A

so what 62 U

*** Black Bob *** {see Tampa Red–Lil Johnson–Memphis Minnie–many others}

*** Black, Cilla ***

lovers concerto s60s U

*** Black eyed peas *** {see Jimmy Spruill}

*** Black, Gene ***

back to skool blues s2005 U

*** Black Sorrows ***

crack up 90 D

*** Black, Terry ***

only 16 s60s U

*** Blanc, Mel ***

I taught i taw a puddy tat 40s U

*** Bland, Billy *** {see also th Bees}

pardon me 60 U

let th little girl dance 58 F

u were born to be luved 60 U

harmony 60 U

can`t stop her from dancin 61 F

oh u for me 56 U

u took my luv for granted {unrel} sl50s U

little boy blue 63 U

all I want to do is cry 62 U

how many hearts 62 U

do th bug with me 61 U

th fat man 55 G

*** Bland, Bobby Blue ***

further on up th road sl50s U

yield not to temptation 62 U

its my life baby 55 U

u can`t luv me s50s G

turn on yer luv lite s60s U

little boy blue s50s E-flat

dont cry no more s50s U

call on me s50s U

*** Blane, Marcie ***

Bobby`s girl 62 U

what does a girl do 63 U

*** Blattner, Jules ***

teen town s50s A

green stuff s50s A

*** Blendells ***

la la la la 64 U

*** Bleyer, Archie ***

Hernando`s hideaway 54 U

*** Blondie *** {see Debby Harry}

*** Bloom, Bobby ***

montego bay sl60s U

*** Blossoms ***

that`s when the tears start 66 U

Blue Barron ***

cruisin down the river s40s U

*** Blue Belles ***

I sold my heart to the junkman 62 U

*** Blue Charlie ***

watch that crow se60s U

*** Blue Echoes ***

cool guitar sl50s U

*** Blue Jays ***

lover`s island 61 U

*** Blues Brothers ***

shake yer tail feather s70s D

*** Blues Image ***

ride captain ride s60s U

*** Blues Magoos ***

(we aint got) nothin yet s67 U

*** Blues Man ***

ice cream freezer s40s U

*** Blues Woman ***

voo-it voo-it s40s U

*** Blue Swede ***

hooked on a feelin 74 U

*** Boazeman, Harmon an Circle C Boys ***

no luv in you s58 E

*** Bob an Earl ***

harlem shuffle 63 U

*** Bob B Soxx & th Bluejeans (see Darlene Love) ***

*** Bobettes ***

Mr. Lee 57 U

I dont like it like that pt.two 61 U

*** Bogan, Lucille {aka Bessie Jackson} an Walter Roland ***

shave `em dry {3`20“ version} 37–35–33 D-flat-PC

tired as I can be 34 U

*** Bond, Eddie ***

flip floppin mama s57 U

big boss man {unrel} 93 {62} U

rockin daddy {unrel} 75 {62} U

double duty luvin 55 E

talkin off th wall 55 E

baby baby baby 56 U

boppin Bonnie 56 D

they say we`re too young 57 U

luv luv luv 57 D

show me {unrel version with sax} 78 {58} D

*** Bond, Johnny ***

hot rod lincoln 60 F

luv song in 32 bars s50s

sick sober & sorry se50s U

*** Bonds, Gary US ***

school is out se60s U

7 day weekend 60s U

New Orleans 60 U

quarter to three 61 E-flat

havin so much fun 61 B-flat

dear lady twist s60s U

twist twist senora s60s U

not me S60s U

*** Bonin, Jimmy ***

bow wow puppy luv {unrel} l50s B-flat

*** Bonnet, Tom *** {see Lonesome Drifter}

*** Bonnie Guitar ***

dark moon s57 U

*** Boogie Jake ***

early mornin blues 59 U

*** Boogie W Kings ***

boogie woogie country girl (live) s2005 U

*** Booker T an th MG`s *** {see also Otis Redding`s “respect” an others}

groovin s60s U

green onions 62 F

time is tight 69 C

soul-limbo 68 C

hang `em high s60s U

*** Boone, Daniel ***

beautiful sunday 72 U

*** Boone, Pat ***

april luv 57 UPA-flat

luv letters in th sand 57 E-flat

send me th pillow sl50s U

golden rocket sl50s E-flat

wayward wind sl50s D

wind an rain 59 U

Bernadine sl50s U

big cold wind sl50s

*** Bootleg Family ***

yer mama don`t dance s80s CTD

Bostic, Earl ***

flamingo s40s U

*** Boston ***

feels like th first time sm70s U

more than a feelin 76 U

*** Bow, Buddy ***

twistin in th jungle se60s C

Bowen, Jimmy & th Rhythm Orchids ***

I`m stickin with you 57 E

warm up to me baby sl50s U

ever lovin fingers s57 U

*** Bowie, David ***

starman 72 F

suffragette city se70s A

heroes sl80s D

*** Box, David ***

I`ve had my moments sl50s U

*** Boxtops ***

cry like a baby 68 U

th letter 67 U

soul deep 69 U

sweet cream ladies sl60s U

neon rainbow 67 U

*** Boyce, Tommy & Bobby Hart ***

I wonder what she`s doin 68 F

goodbye baby sl60s U

out an about 67 U

along came Linda (Tommy only) sl60s U

*** Boyfriends ***

lets fall in luv s60s U

*** Boze, Calvin ***

good time Sue 51 U

stinkin from drinkin 50 U

slippin an slidin 51 U

*** Bradley, Jan ***

mama did`nt lie s60s U

*** Bradshaw, Tiny Orchestra *** {see Moose Jackson}

*** Bramlett, Bonnie *** {see Eric Clapton}

*** Brannon, Linda *** {see also Scatman Patin}

I`m leavin 57 U

wherever ya are {with Mira Smith on guy wires} 59 U

anyway ya do 57 U

just another lie 58 A

*** Brass Ring ***

th disadvantages of you 67 U

*** Bread ***

make it with you 70 U

it don`t matter to me 70 U

guitar man 72 D

everything I own 72 A

Brenda  & th Tabulations ***

dry yer eyes s60s U

*** Brennan, Walter ***

old Rivers 62 ATB-flat

*** Brenston, Jackie with Ike Turner`s Band ***

rocket eighty-eight 51 E-flat

*** Brewer, Teresa ***

u send me sm50s U

empty arms sm50s U

sweet old fashioned girl 56 U

music music music 50 U

I beeped when I should`ve bopped 50  U

sing sing sing s58 U

tweedlee dee s50s U

ricochet s50s U

princess poo-pooly 61 U

*** Briggs, Lillian ***

i want u to be my baby 55 U

*** Brim, John ***

tuff times 53 F

*** Britt, Elton with th Skytoppers ***

chime bells s40s U

someday s40s U

quicksilver (with Rosalie Allen) s40s U

detour s40s U

wave to me my lady s40s U

*** Brooks, Lonnie ***

doll house s60s U

*** Brooks, Louis an th Hi-Toppers ***

its luv baby 55 U

*** Brooks, Skippy ***

doin th horse 60 F

*** Brotherhood of Man ***

united we stand 70 F

*** Brothers Four ***

greenfields 60 U

frogg se60s U

*** Broussard, Van ***

feed th flame 78 G

*** Brown, Buster ***

madison shuffle sl50s U

fannie Mae 59 F

is u or is u aint 60 U

*** Browne, Jackson ***

runnin on empty 77 A

somebody`s baby 82 D

til I go down s92 U (see th utube video “th Panama deception” to hear)

*** Brown, Elgie ***

let me feel it {unrel} l50s C

*** Brown, Gene ***

big door sl50s E

*** Brown, James *** {with an without th Fabulous Flames–some songs unreleased for years}

try me 58 C

prisoner of luv 63 B-flat

nite train 61 D-flat

please please please 56 F

I got you 65 D

I want ya so bad 58 C

got ta cry 58 U

fine old foxy self 57 D

messin with th blues 57 D

it was you 58 U

I`ve got ta change 58 U

I won`t plead no more 56 F

yer mine yer mine 56 E

don`t let it happen to me 59 C

chonnie-on-chon 56 HG

baby cries over th ocean 57 D

I don`t know 56 U

hold my baby`s hand 56 D

beggin beggin 57 D

lost someone 61 U

lost someone {live} 62 F

bewildered 59 F

I don`t mind {live at Apollo} 62 C

out of site 64 E-flat

maybe th last time 64 G

papa`s got a brand new bag {part one} 65 U

say it loud s60s U

think 60 U

*** Brown, Maxine ***

oh not my baby s65 U

all in my mind 60s U

ask me s60s U

*** Brown, Nappy ***

dont be angry s60s U

*** Brown, Roy ***

hip shakin baby 58 E-flat

we`re goin rockin tonite sl50s E-flat

good rockin tonite (not radio version) s60s U

let th 4 winds blow sl50s U

*** Brownsville Station ***

smokin in th boys room 74 U

*** Brown, Ruth ***

mama he treats yer daughter mean s50s U

5-10-15 hours 52 U

mambo baby sm50s U

this little girl`s gone rockin 58 U

*** Brown, Sam ***

with a little luv 91 G

*** Brown, Walter ***

jelly roll rock 1958 U

*** Bruce an Terry ***

summer means fun 64 U

*** Bruce, Tommy an th Bruisers ***

ain`t misbehavin 60 F

*** Bryant, Anita ***

till there was you s50s U

my little corner of th world 60 U

paper roses 60 U

Bryant, Ray and His Combo ***

the madison time s60s U

*** Buchanan, Art with th Pioneers ***

queen from bowling green sl50s U

*** Buchanan an Goodman ***

flyin saucer th second {minus ending} s56 NA

flyin saucers part one s56 NA

*** Buckinghams ***

hey baby their playin our song 67 U

kind of a drag 67 U

Susan 68 U

mercy mercy mercy s60s

*** Buckwheat Zydeco ***

whatcha gonna do s70s E-flat

*** Buena Vistas ***

hot shot 66 U

*** Bumble Bee Slim *** {see Memphis Minnie}

*** Bunker Hill ***

hide an go seek part one/two 62 U

*** Burdon, Eric ***

spill th wine 70 C

*** Burgess, Sonny ***

Tennessee border s50s HG

aint gonna do it {unrel} 56 D

we wanna boogie {master} 56 C

red headed woman {master} 56 E

aint got a thing 57 CTF

my buckets got a hole in it 57 F

mama loochie {unrel} s58 U

daddy blues {unrel–Rounder label only} 56 U

tomorrow never comes {unrel} 57 F

little town baby {unrel} 57 U

gone {unrel} 57 U

fanny brown {unrel–Rounder label only} 56 U

big black cadillac s96 F-sharp

u tear me up {Rounder label} s96 F

I don`t dig it {with Dave Alvin} s92 U

automatic woman {with Dave Alvin} s92 E

prisoner`s song {unrel} 88 {sl50s} E

restless 57 C

hand me down my walkin cane {unrel} 75 {sl50s} G

one broken heart {unrel} 91 {sl50s} E

please listen to me {unrel} 85 {sl50s} ATDTA

my babe {unrel} 78 {sl50s} E

sweet misery 57 A

one nite {unrel} 78 {sl50s} E

oh mama {unrel} 85 {sl50s} D

whatcha gonna do {unrel} 84 {sl50s} U

Sadie`s back in town 60 U

*** Burke, Solomon *** (also mentioned in song by Wilson Pickett/Arthur Conley)

just out of reach 61 U

tonite`s th nite se60s U

if u need me 63 U

too weak to fight 69 U

*** Burnette, Dorsey ***

hey little one 60 U

*** Burnette, Johnny ***

rockabilly boogie {with Trio} s57 U

tear it up {with trio} 56 U

yer sixteen 60 U

dreamin 60 U

cincinnati fireball 60 B-flat

little boy sad s50s U

*** Burnette, Rocky ***

tired of towin th line 79 U

*** Burrage, Harold ***

hi yo silver 51 F

*** Busters ***

bust out 63 U

*** Butera, Sam ***

bim bam 58 U

*** Butler, Jerry ***

for yer precious luv 58 D-flat

he will break yer heart 60 B

find yerself another girl se60s U

hey western union man s60s U

*** Butterflies ***

i wonder 64 U ( sounds like th Ronettes)

*** Bygraves, Max ***

teddy bear`s picnic s60s U

*** Byrds ***

8 miles high 66 U

I`ll feel a whole lot better sm60s U

mr. tambourine man 65 D

all i really want to do sl60s U

mr. spaceman 66 U

*** Byrne, Jerry ***

carry on 59 U

*** Byrnes, Edward (Edd) ***

Kookie Kookie (with Connie Stevens) sl50s U

like i luv you sl50s U


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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