Song List = T U V W X Y Z

Tampa Red`s Hokum Jazz Band ***

My daddy rocks me {with Frankie Jaxon} 29 E-flat

when u were a girl of seven 36 U

stop truckin an suzie Q 36 U

we gonna get high together 38 U

travel on 37 U

Tams ***

u lied to your daddy 64 U

untie me se60s U

what kind of fool 64 U

hey girl dont bother me se60s U

Tanega, Norma ***

walkin my cat named dog 66 U

Tanner, Gil an the Skillet Lickers ***

soldier`s joy 29 U

Tann, Roy ***

yer drivers license please sl50s F

Tarheel Slim {aka Allen Bunn} an Little Ann ***

yer a little too slow s49 U

#9 train 57 EPU

its too late s50s E

much too late s58 U

lock me in yer heart s50s C

can`t stay away #one s50s E

can`t stay away #two s50s E

its a sin s50s U

yer gonna reap s50s U

anything for you s50s U

too much competition s50s U

don`t ever leave me s50s U

can`t stay away from u s50s U

wildcat tamer 58 B

Taylor, Big John ***

money money s60s E

Taylor, Eddie ***

u`ll always have a home 56 U

big town playboy 55 U

do u want me ta cry 64 U

train fare 64 E

Taylor, Felice ***

it may be winter outside 67 U

Taylor, James ***

don`t let me be lonely tonite 73 U

Carolina on my mind s70s E

steamroller s70s U

handyman 77 U

u`ve got a friend 71 A

Mexico s70s U

shower th people s70s U

Taylor, Koko ***

fire 67 U

whatever I am 65 U

29 ways 69 U

yes its good for u 68 U

Teddybears ***

to know him is ta luv him 58 E-flat-PD

Teen Queens ***

my hearts desire 56 E-flat

luv sweet luv 56 C

Eddie my luv 55 D-flat-PC

rock evrebudy 56 CTD-flat

so all alone 56 B-flat

teenage idol 57 A-flat

Oklahoma city PHD promo s50s NA

2 luves an 2 lives 57 U

lets kiss 63 U

I miss u 57 F

Tempo, Nino and April Stevens ***

deep purple 63 U

all strung out s60s U

stardust 64 U

whispering 63 U

Temptations ***

I`m losin u 66 C

th way u do th things u do 64 U

my girl 64 U

I wish it would rain 67 B-flat

get ready sm60s U

since i lost my baby s60s U

girl s60s U

its u that i need s60s U

cloud nine s60s U

Tennessee, Grace an th American Spirits *** {aka Mira Smith–see also Margaret Lewis}

pow wow 61 U

Ten Years After ***

baby wont ya let me R an R ya 72 U

Terry, Gene ***

Cindy Lou 58 D

Terry, Sonny an Brownie McGhee ***

ya ya 81 E

walk on s50s F

I`m a stranger here s50s F

blow th fuses s50s E

Tex, Joe ***

skinny legs 67 G

aint gonna bump no more 77 U

I gotcha 72 E-flat

a sweet woman like you s60s U

Thee Prophets ***

playgirl 69 U

Them *** {see also Van Morrison}

Gloria 65 U

mystic eyes 65 E

here comes th nite 65 E

baby please dont go 64 F

dont look back 65 HG

brite lites big city 65 U

route sixty six 65 U

little girl 65 U

just a little bit 65 U

Therrien, Joe Junior ***

yer long gone 57 A

wheels 57 A

Third Rail ***

run run run 67 U

Thirteenth Floor Elevators ***

yer gonna miss me s60s U

Thomas, B.J. ***

I`m so lonesome I could cry 66 U

midnite hour s70s F

hooked on a feelin 68 E

titles tell s70s U

oh me oh my s70s F

R an R lullaby 72 UPG

evrebudys talkin s70s E

I jus cant help believin 70 F

treasure of luv s70s B-flat-TB

roads s70s U

eyes of a NY woman s70s U

I believe in music s70s U

mama s60s U

Thomas, Carla *** {see also Rufus Thomas–Otis Redding}

b-a-b-y 66 U

a luv my own 61 F

I`ll bring it home ta u 62 E-flat

what a fool I`ve been 63 U

I`ve got no time ta lose 64 U

a woman`s luv 64 U

lovey dovey {with Otis Redding} 67 U

Thomas, Gene ***

sometime {unrel} 61 E

Thomas Group ***

autumn s60s U

Thomas, Irma ***

I wish someone would care 64 UPD

somewhere cryin 67 U

hip shakin mama {live} se60s E-flat

time is on my side s60s C

ruler of my heart s60s U

Thomas, Kid ***

th wolf pack sl50s E

rockin this joint tonight sl50s U

Thomas, Rufus ***

ooh-poo-pah-doo 63 U

walkin th dog 63 EPU

u said 63 B-flat

its all rite 63 E-flat

cuz I luv ya 63 E-flat

Thompson, Hank ***

wake up Irene s40s U

no help wanted s40s U

## th wild side of life se50s U

th new wears off too fast se50s U

Thompson, Hayden ***

luv my baby 50s E

Thompson, Sue ***

James hold th ladder steady 62 U

sad movies sm60s D

paper tiger 65 D

Norman 62 E

have a good time s60s U

Willie can 63 U

Thornton, Big Mama ***

luv my baby s50s A

hound dog (version without bone) s40s U

Thornton, Jim *** {composer of Al Jolson`s “when u were sweet 16”–about 1900}

Thorogood, George an th Delaware Destroyers ***

treat her rite s70s G

howlin for my darlin 74 U

get a haircut 93 HG

my weakness s70s U

down in th bottom 93 U

u talk too much s80s E

baby dont go 93 U

hello little girl 90 APU

gone dead train 93 U

long gone 84 C

madison blues {not th 1977 version} s80s D

tip on in s80 E

I`m gonna leave 90 F

lets go go go 84 U

in th nite time 74 U

goodbye baby 74 E-flat-PD

blue highway s82 U

my friend Robert {Johnson} 93 U

bottom of th sea s80 U

nite time s80 A

just cant make it s80 B

restless s80 E

long distance luver 90 D

so much trouble s78 U

what a price 84 A-flat

I`m just yer good thing s78 U

Three Degrees ***

close yer eyes 65 U

Three Dog Nite ***

an old fashioned luv song 71 U

joy to th world 71 D

one 69 U

black & white sl60s U

Eli`s comin` 69 U

Three Prophets ***

playgirl s60s U

Thunder, Johnny ***

loop de loop 63 U

Tibbs, Roger ***

streamline yodel s50s U

waitin for a train s50s U

do what u do do well sl50s U

Tic an Tac ***

jibba jabba s50s B-flat s50s

Tidbits (Singapore) ***

never my love sm60s U

Tigers ***

geeto tiger s60s U

Tillis, Mel ***

i aint never s70s U

Tillotson, Johnny ***

she understands me 64 U

poetry in motion 60 U

without you (stereo) 61 U

dreamy eyes s62 U

send me th pillow s60s U

Tillman, Floyd ***

drivin nails in my coffin s40s U

Time Tones ***

in my heart 61 U

Tin Tin ***

toast an marmalade for tea 71 U

Tippin Johnny ***{aka Johnny Angel}

poor little fool s50s U

pretty baby sl50s B-flat

this is th nite for luv sl50s U

Titans ***

dont we just know it sl50s U

Toads ***

backaruda s60s U

Todd, Art an Dottie ***

chanson d`amour 58 U

Todd, Nick ***

plaything 57 U

at th hop 58 U

Tokens ***

tonite i fell in luv 61 U

th lion sleeps tonite se60s U

Tom & Jerry ***

hey schoolgirl 58 U

Toner, Celine ***

I`m gonna make it s60s D

Toppers with Orchestra ***

let me bang yer box 54 U

Torkays ***

surfin bird s60s E

Torme, Mel ***

comin home baby 62 U

Tornados ***

luv an fury se60s U

telstar 62 U

jungle fever 62 U

like locomotion s60s U

bustin surfboards se60s U

Townsend, Ed ***

for yer luv 58 C

Toys ***

luvers concerto 65 U

Tradewinds ***

New York`s a lonely town s60s U

Trailblazers ***

grandpa`s Rock

Trammel, Bobby Lee ***

th mostest girl 74 C

Trashmen ***

bird bath 63 U

bad news 64 U

Henrietta {live} 65-67 U

Henrietta 63 U

sleeper 63 U

lets go trippin {live} 65-67 F

baja {live} 65-67 F-sharp-TATF-sharp-TATF-sharp

luvin up a storm {live} 65-67 F

malaguena {live} 65-67 U

surfin bird {live} 65-67 E

surfin bird 63 E

rumble {live} 65-67 E

bird dance beat {live} 65-67 U

bird dance beat 64 U

king of th surf {live–a hot dog is a surfer} 65-67 U

king of th surf s62 U

tube city 63 E-flat

miserlou 63 U

its so easy 63 U

walkin my baby sm60s U

Travelin` Wilburys ***

runnin down a dream s80s E

handle me with care s80s U

free fallin s80s F

headin for th lite s80s B

outsides in insides out s80s U

Travis an Bob ***

little bitty Johnny sl50s U

tell him no 59 U

Travis, Merle ***

fat gal s40s U

Treasures ***

hold me tite 64 C

Tree Swingers ***

kookie little paradise (with almond ice cream) 60 U

Tremoloes ***

here comes my baby {original} 66 D-flat

suddenly u luv me {original} 68 U

even th bad times are good s60s U

silence is golden 67 U

T-Rex ***

get it on 72 E

Troggs ***

wild thing 66 A

with a girl like you 66 D-flat

luv is all around 67 D

i want you s60s U

i cant control myself s60s U

Troy, Doris ***

just one look 63 U

Tubb, Ernest ***

thanks alot s50s U

too old to cut th mustard (with Red Foley) s40s U

driftwood on th river se50s U

### don`t rob another man`s castle (with Andrews Sisters) se50s U

dont be ashamed of yer age (with Red Foley) se50s U

i`m th one who loves you sl40s U

drivin nails in my coffin sl40s U

Tucker, Tommy ***

hi-heel sneakers 64 C

return of th teenage queen s60s U

Tunemasters ***

I`ve lied s60s U

Tune Rockers ***

th green mosquito 58 U

Tune Weavers ***

happy birthday baby 57 U

Turbans ***

when u dance sl50s U

Turner, Ike an th Kings of Rhythm ***

early times sl50s U

th road I travel sl50s E

th new breed part 2 s50s F

no comin back {with Billy Gayles} s50s G

twistin th strings s50s D-flat

Turner, Ike an Tina Turner with th Ikettes ***

a luv like yours 66 F

honky tonk woman 69 U

workin together 70 F-sharp

I`ve been luvin u too long {minus th start} 69 U

acid queen 75 U

goodbye so long 69 U

I want ta take u higher 70 A-flat

river deep {live} 73 U

river deep (don`t remember who produced this but either version by Spector/Ike ok) 66 B-flat

shake a tail feather s70s F

rock me baby s70s E

tweedle dee s70s D-flat

poor fool s70s U

dust my broom s70s U

goodbye so long s70s C

twist an shout s60s U

a fool in luv 60 FPU

good times s60s U

u are my sunshine s60s E

please please please s60s U

please please please {minus th ending–live} 64 A-flat

mind in a whirl s60s U

hold on baby 66 G

I idolize u s60s B-flat-PU

I`ll never need more than this 66 U

letter from Tina s60s U

save th last dance for me 66 C

proud Mary 70 U

oh baby 66 F

sexy Ida 74 U

evreday I have ta cry 66 U

such a fool for u 66 E-flat

I heard it thru th grapevine 69 D

feelin good {with Jimmy Thomas–live} 64 U

think {with Bobby John} 64 B-flat

he`s mine {live} 67 E-flat

am I a fool in luv {live} 67 G

I know {live} 67 E-flat

Turner, Jesse Lee ***

little space girl 59 U

Turner, Joe ***

ooh ouch stop s50s U

bump miss Suzie 51 U

T.V. mama 53 UPD

hide an seek 55 B-flat

midnite special train 56 U

tearalee 55 A-flat-P-HG-PUPG

feelin happy 56 U

blues in th nite 58 E

oke-she-moke-she-pop {1953 version only} G

wee baby blues 57 B-flat

Corinne 56 B-flat

honey hush 53 U

shake rattle an roll 54 U

my gal`s a  jockey se50s U

Turner, Spyder ***

stand by me 67 U (easily th greatest mimic  song  i`ve heard yet)

Turner, Tina ***

yer th best 92 U

6-3-4-5-7-8-9 {with Robert Cray} 87 U

a change is gonna come {with Robert Cray} 87 U

land of 1000 dances 87 U

proud Mary 87 U

Turner, Zeb ***

Tennessee boogie s40s U

Turtles ***

let me be 65 U

it aint me babe 65 U

u baby 66 U

Elenore 68 U

outside chance s60s U

she`d rather be with me 67 U

happy together s60s u

### she`s my girl s60s U

Tutone, Tommy ***

8-6-7-5-3-0-9 Jenny 81 B-flat

Twitty, Conway ***

is a blue bird blue 60 U

lonely blue boy 60 F

Mona Lisa s70s E

Danny boy 59 U

hey little Lucy 59 U

what am i livin for s61 U

## only make believe sl50s U

Two of Clubs ***

walk tall s60s U

Tyler, Alvin ***

gee baby s60s U

Tyler, Bonnie ***

its a heartache 78 C

total eclipse s70s A-flat

Tyler, Kip an th Flips ***

nuthin but tough 58 F

Tymes ***

wonderful wonderful s60s U

Uniques ***

goodbye so long s50s C

run an hide s50s U U

Upchurch, Phil Combo ***

u cant sit down pt-1 61 U

Upsetters ***

jaywalkin 60 HG

upsetter 58 U

upsetter rock 58 U

bip bop bip {with Don Covay} sl50s C

call his name {with Christine Kittrell} 60 F

evre nite {with Little Richard} 61 C

I`m in luv again {with Little Richard} 61 F

Urban, Al ***

lookin for money 58 D

wont tell u her name 58 D

gonna be better times 58 U

Valens, Richie ***

come on lets go 58 A

Donna 58 FPU

ooh my head 58 E

la bomba 58 U

little girl l50s U

we belong together (th good version) l50s U

Valentino, Danny ***

music man sl50s U

Van Brothers ***

servant of luv sl50s U

Vanilla Fudge ***

you keep me hangin on s60s U

Vanity Fare ***

hitchin a ride sl60s U

Vaughan, Jimmie *** {see also th Fabulous Thunderbirds}

Down with big brother 2007 U

Vaughn, Billy ***

raunchy 57 U

sail along silvery moon 57 UPF

a swingin safari (an his Orchestra) 62 U

Vaughn, Dale an th Starnotes ***

how can u be mean ta me l50s E

Vaughn, Sarah ***

broken hearted melody sl50s U

Vee, Bobby ***

suzie baby 59 U

take good care of my baby 61 U

th nite has a thousand eyes 62 U

well all rite {with th Crickets} s60s U

how many tears 61 U

punish her se60s U

stayin in se60s U

Velvelettes ***

needle in a hay stack 64 U

evrebudy needs luv s60s U

Velvets ***

tonite 61 E

laugh 61 U

Ventures (see also Duane Eddy) ***

outer limits s60s U

walk dont run 64 64 U

ram bunk shush 61 U

walk dont run 60 APU

perfidia 60 CTD

Hawaii 5 oh 69 D-flat-TDTE-flat

apache s65 U

fugitive s60s U

Verne, Lary ***

please mr. Custer 59 U

Veronica ***

why dont they let us fall in luv 63 U

so young se60s U

Vibrations *** {aka Jayhawks–Marathons}

th watusi 60 D-flat

Vict, Ray ***

bop stop rock 56 E

Videls ***

mr. lonely 60 U

Village Stompers ***

washington square 63 U

Vincent, Gene an th Bluecaps ***

dance to th bop 58 U

I got a baby sl50s U

be bop a lula 56 EPU

lotta luvin 57 HG

u are th one for me sl50s U

Maybelline sl50s U

lonely street sl50s B-flat

poor man`s prison sl50s F

I`m a lonesome fugitive sl50s U

boppin th blues sl50s U

hey hey hey hey {with th Shouts} s50s D

send me some luvin {with th Shouts} s50s B-flat

Susie Q {with th Shouts} s50s D

baby blue {with th Shouts} s50s E

luv luv luv {with th Shouts} s50s U

shimmy shammy shingle {with th Shouts} s50s C

wildcat sl50s U

hurtin for u baby sl50s U

story of th Rockers {with th Vocals} sl60s GTDTGTDTGTD

aint that too much s60s U

say mama sl50s U

Vinson, Eddie ***

old maid boogie se50s U

Vinton, Bobby ***

over th mountain s60s U

blue on blue 63 U

Viscounts ***

Wabash blues 61 U

Harlem nocturne 59 U

Vogues ***

yer th one 65 UPB-flat-TB

5 o`clock world 65 ETATETATETATE

turn around look at me 68 U

Volumes ***

## I luv you 62 U

Wade, Don ***

oh luv sl50s U

Waikikis ***

Hawaii tattoo s60s U

Wailers ***

dirty robber 59 U

Wakely, Jimmy ***

one has my name s40s U

sumday u`ll call my name se50s U

Walker Brothers ***

th sun aint gonna shine s60s U

Walker, Charles ***

drivin home #one 56 F

Charles Walker`s slop sl50s E

Walker, Ernest ***

luver`s land {unrel} l50s U

Walker, Jerry Jeff ***

gypsy songman 68 E

Mr. Bojangles 68 {original se60s} U

Walker, Junior an th All Stars ***

I`m a roadrunner 65 F

how sweet it is 66 D-flat

what does it take 69 U

shotgun 65 U

Wallace, Darlene ***

26 miles to Joliet {unrel} 60 A

Wallace, Jerry ***

shudders an boards 63 G

primrose lane s60s U

in th misty moonlite s60s U

little coco plum 60 U

Wallace, Sippie ***

I`m a mighty tight woman 29 C

Wammack, Travis ***

Louie Louie sm60s U

distortion part one sm60s U

Ward, Billy an th Dominoes ***

stardust sm50s U

Ward, Dale ***

letter from Sherry 64 U

th fortune teller sm50s U

Ward, Robin ***

in his car s60s U

winter`s here se60s U

### wonderful summer s60s U

Warwick, Dionne ***

dont make me over 62 U

reach out for me 64 U

walk on by s60s U

valley of th dolls s60s U

Washington, Baby {Jeanette} ***

that`s how heartaches are made 63 UPETF

th ballad of Bobby Dawn se60s F-sharp-TATF-sharp-TATF-sharp-TA

leave me alone s63 A

Washington, Dinah ***

love walked in sl50s U

long John blues {with Cootie Williams} 49 D-flat

big long slidin thing 54 D-flat

unforgettable 50s U

TV is th thing s50s U

september in th rain 61 U

walkin an talkin se50s U

### what a difference a day makes s50s

harbor lites 50s U

Washington, Leroy ***

wild cherry 58 E

Washington, Lizzie *** {see Pick Handle Slim}

Waters, Muddy ***

got my mojo workin 51 UPE

I`m ready 54 E-flat

hoochi coochi man 54 A

40 days an 40 nites s50s U

19 years old s50s U

she moves me se50s U

Watts, Noble “Thin Man” an th Rhythm Sparks ***

hard times 57 U

Watson, Gene ***

14 carot mind {live} s60s U

Watson, Johnny Guitar ***

cuttin in s60s U

Wayne, Roy ***

anyway u do 57 F-sharp

honey wont u listen 57 U

Wayne, Thomas ***

tragedy {original} 59 U

Webb, Troy ***

baby please forgive me {unrel} l50s U

Weber, Joan ***

let me go lover 55 U

Webster, Katy ***

I want u ta luv me {unknown vocal} sl50s C

CQ boogie se90s C

baby come on sl50s U

hoo wee sweet daddy sl50s U

Katie Lee se90s G

Katie Lee sl50s B-flat

goodbye baby # 2 sl50s E-flat

dont u know sl50s E-flat

mama dont allow sl50s F

hey mr. luv sl50s E-flat

open arms sl50s C

sea of luv sl50s U

I feel so low {both versions} sl50s D

Weems ?, Ted & orchestra ***

heartaches sl40s U

We Five ***

u were on my mind 65 U

Weil, Cynthia *** {writer with Barry Mann for th Crystals “he`s sure th boy I luv”}

Weissberg, Eric an Steve Mandell ***

dueling banjos 72 A

Reuben`s train s72 U

Welch, Bob ***

precious luv sl70s E

ebony eyes 78 U

Welch, Lenny ***

u dont know me s60 U

congratulations baby s60s U

Welk, Lawrence ***

oh happy day {vocal Lary Hooper} 53 U

Wellington, Rusty ***

rockin chair on th moon 57 U

Wells, Kitty ***

makin believe s60s A-flat

cryin time s50s U

a woman half my age s50s U

together again s50s U

once a day s50s U

hey Joe s40s U

i`m a stranger in my home {with Red Foley} s40s U

release me s40s U

payin for that back street affair se50s U

## cheatin`s a sin s40s U

Wells, Mary (see also Marvin Gaye) ***

u lost th sweetest boy 63 U

yer old standby s60s U

th one who really luves u 62 U

u beat me to th punch 62 U

2 lovers 62 D

my guy s60s U

laughin boy s60s

whats easy for two s60s U

West, Mae ***

I`m no angel 33 U

happy birthday sweet sixteen 72 U

after th lites go down 72 F

how miss West won world peace 72 HG

rock around th clock 72 U

men 72 U

th naked ape 72 U

come up an see me sumtime s35 U

Weston, George ***

dont stay home with th blues {unrel} 60 U

Weston, Kim (see Marvin Gaye) ***

West, Sonee ***

rock-ola Ruby sl50s A-flat

Whistlin` Jack Smith ***

i was kaiser Bill`s batman s60s U

Whitcomb, Ian *** {see also Mae West}

u turn me on 65 U

N-E-R-V-O-U-S 65 U

poor but honest s60s U

be my baby s60s U

Whitecaps with Johnny Edwards ***

R an R saddles 56 U

White, Georgia ***

th stuff is here 37 U

White Plains ***

my baby luves luvin 70 U

White, Tony Joe ***

polk salad Annie 69 E

Whitfield, David ***

cara mia 54 U

Whitlock, Bobby *** {see Eric Clapton}

Whitman, Slim ***

## north wind s40s U

12th of never sl50s U

Indian luv call 52 U

my heart is broken in three s40s U

Who ***

u better u bet s70s CTD

Wild Bill David`s Rockets *** {see th Edsels}

Wiley, Chuck ***

door to door {unrel} sl50s U

I luv u so much s50s U

Williams, Andre ***

movin sl50s C

Williams, Andy ***

cant get used ta losin u 63 U

moonriver s60s D-flat

lonely street 59 U

Williams, Billy ***

write myself a letter sl50s U

Williams, Clarence an his Washboard Band ***

Jerry th junker s30s U

Williams, Cootie Orchestra *** {see Dinah Washington}

Williams, Hank ***

Tennessee border s50s A-flat

I`m a long gone daddy s50s U

rockin chair money s50s U

never again s40s U

hey good lookin 51 U

move it on over 47 E

half as much 52 U

cold cold heart 51 D

honky tonkin 47 U

why dont ya luv me 50 U

mansion on th hill 47 U

kawliga 53 E

I`m so lonesome I could cry 49 E

settin th woods on fire 52 U

u win again 52 U

take these chains from my heart 52 U

it just dont matter now s49 U

moanin th blues 50 U

I`ve been down that road before se 50s U

I heard that lonesome whistle blow se50s U

be careful of th stones se50s U

someday u`ll call my name sl40s F

a house without luv se50s U

I just dont like this se50s U

crazy heart se50s U

yer gonna change se50s U

there`s no room in my heart s49 U

my bucket`s got a hole in it 49 E

lets turn back th years se50s U

faded luv an winter roses se50s U

why should we try anymore sl40s U

## wedding bells sl40s U

## i cant help it sl40s U

honkytonk blues sl40s U

Williams, Hank Junior *** {see Waylon Jennings}

Williams, Joe ***

everyday i have th blues s40s U

Williams, Lary ***

bony moronie 57 U

slow down 57 D

just because 57 E-flat

high school dance 57 D

Williams, Lew ***

centipede 57 U

Williams, Mason ***

classical gas 68 U

Williams, Maurice an th Zodiacs ***

stay 60 B-flat-PU

stay (alt mix) s60s U

Williams, Otis an th Charms ***

ivory tower s56 U

Williamson, Sonny Boy {th second} ***

checkin up on my baby s50s A

too close together 60 F

dont start me talkin 55 GP-HG

unseein eye 59 UPB

bring it on home 63 E

yer imagination 56 B

let me explain 56 G

help me 63 F

let yer conscience 59 U

th goat 60 U

all my luv in vain {live} s60s U

all my luv in vain {with Fred Below on bottles–Jimmy Rogers on guy wires} 55 G

work with me sm50s A

born blind 56 F

one way out sl50s D

she got next ta me sl50s F

ninety-nine 57 U

Williamson, Sonny Golden Boy ***

mailman mailman 60 U

Williams, Otis an th Charms ***

hearts of stone 54 U

Williams, Roxie with Buddy Ray an th Shamrocks ***

15 seconds se60s E-flat

Williams, Tex ***

suspicion 40s U

### never trust a woman s40s U

Willis, Chick ***

stoop down {first 4 minutes only} s60s D-flat

Willis, Chuck ***

c c rider 57 U

what am I livin for 58 B-flat

hang up my R an R 58 sl50s F

its too late 56 U

I feel so bad sl50s U

Willis, Don ***

boppin high school baby sl50s U

Wills, Bob & his Texas Playboys ***

sittin on top of th world s30s U

stay a little longer s40s U

faded luv sl40s U

Bob Will`s boogie s40s U

Wilson, Henry an th Blue Notes ***

are u ready sl50s U

Wilson, Jackie ***

doggin around sl50s U

shake shake shake s50s U

talk that talk 50s U

lonely teardrops 58 U

to be luved 58 F

higher an higher 67 D

reet petite 57 F

I get th sweetest feelin 68 F

no pity in th naked city 65 U

whispers gettin louder 66 U

thats why I luv u so 59 F

please tell me why 61 B-flat

baby work-out se60s U

I`ll be satisfied 59 FPU

when will our day come 67 B-flat

thats all I need (i`ll be satisfied) 59 U

woman lover friend s60s U

i`m comin back to you s60s U

Wilson, James an th Jimmie Cats ***

Wilson`s blues #one 56 U

u won`t know why 56 U

Wilson, Jimmy ***

big wheel rollin sl50s U

Wilson, Nancy ***

how glad i am s60s U

Winding, Kai ***

more 63 U

Winston, Jack an th Hi Jacks ***

its R an R sl50s U

Winterhalter, Hugo an Orchestra ***

Canadian sunset s50s U

Winter, Johnny *** {see Margaret Lewis}

Withers, Bill ***

lean on me 72 U

ainno sunshine when she`s gone s72 U

Witherspoon, Jimmy ***

th barber 86 F

live so easy 54 E

TWA 54 U

eatin watermelon s40s U

Wonder, Stevie *** {Stevie is blind}

for once in my life 68 U

I was made ta luv her 67 F

uptite 65 D-flat

higher ground 73 E-flat

livin for th city 73 F-sharp

signed sealed delivered 70 F

we can work it out 70 E-flat

a place in th sun 66 U

superstition 72 E-flat

I`m wonderin 67 U

fingertips part two 63 U

shoo be doo be doo dah day s60s U

Wonder Who (see th 4 Seasons ***

Wood, Del ***

down yonder 51 U

Woods, Kenni ***

back with my baby s60s U

Wooley, Sheb ***

purple people eater 58 E-flat-TETFTF-sharp

Wright, Gary ***

dreamweaver 76 U

luv is alive sm70s U

Wright, Ruby ***

dern ya s60s U

Wright, Steve ***

wild wild woman 50s U

Wynette, Tammy ***

I don`t wanna play house 67 GTA

all nite long s60s G

Yankovic, Frankie an his Yanks ***

just because s40s U

blue skirt waltz s40s U

Yarborough, Lafayette ***

cool cool baby sl50s E

Yarbrough, Glenn ***

## baby th rain must fall s60s U

Yardbirds ***

for yer luv 65 U

good mornin little school girl 64 E

a certain girl 64 U

heart full of soul 65 D

over-under-sideways-down 66 U

i`m a man s60s U

nazz are blue se60s U

Yellow Balloon ***

yellow balloon 67 U

Yoakum, Dwight ***

honky tonk man 86 E

guitars cadillacs an hillbilly music 86 A

Yothu Yindi ***

sunset dreamin 90s B

Youngbloods ***

get together s60s U

Young, Faron ***

if u aint luvin 54 U

hello walls 61 U

alone with you (i cant wait) 58 U

Young Holt Unlimited ***

soulful strut 69 U

Young, Johnny ***

dont u lie ta me s65 U

back on th road again s65 U

keep on drinkin s65 E

prison bound 64 U

humpty dumpty 64 F

slam hammer 65 U

Young, Kathy an th Innocents ***

a thousand stars 60 C

magic is th nite se60s U

baby oh baby se60s U

Young, Neil *** {see also Crosby–Stills–Nash–an Young}

cinnamon girl s70s U

a piece of crap 94 U

old man 72 D

helpless s70s D

Ohio 70 U

cry cry cry 83 C

mystery train 83 E

payola blues 83 C

kinda fonda Wanda 83 C

don`t let it bring ya down s70s F

lets impeach th president 2008 A

Young Rascals *** see Rascals

Yuro, Timi ***

hurt 61 F

what`s a matter baby 62 A

Zacherley, John *** {aka Buddy Bow?}

dinner with Drac 58 F-sharp

dinner with Drac {different version with cardboard confetti} sl50s G

come with me to Transylvania s60s U

pistol stomp s60s G

dummy doll s60s F-sharp

happy halloween s60s C

lets twist again s60s E-flat

hello Dolly s60s U

Clementine s60s FTF-sharp

Zacherley for president s60s NA

little red ridin hood s60s D

a wicked thought s60s U

spiderman lullaby s60s B-flat

Zentner, Si ***

up a lazy river s50s U

Zevon, Warren ***

werewolves of London sl80s HG

excitable boy s80s U

Zimmers *** {world`s oldest Rock group}

my generation 2007 U

Zodiacs ***

another little darlin s50s U

Zombies ***

she`s not there 64 U

tell her no sm60s U

I luv you sm60s U

Z Z Top ***

jesus just left Chicago {tribute to Muddy Waters} s70s U

tube snake boogie s70s E

tush 75 G


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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