Song List = Q R

Quaite, Christine ***

tell me mama 64 U

Quatro, Suzi an Chris Norman ***

stumblin in 79 HG

Queens (with Shirley Gunter) ***

oop shoop sl50s E-flat

Question Mark an th Mysterians ***

96 tears 66 U

i need sumbudy 66 U

smokes s60s U

do somethin to me 67 U

Quotations ***

I wonder why sm60s U

imagination se60s U

Rabbitt, Eddie ***

drivin my life away 80 E

I luv a rainy nite 80 U

step by step 81 G

rocky mountain music 76 U

Race Marbles ***

th switch se60s A

Raelets *** {see Ray Charles}

Rafferty, Gerry ***

baker street 77 D

story of a shipyard town 88 D

get it rite next time 79 U

rite down th line 77 F

Ragdolls ***

dusty 65 U

Raiders ***

Indian reservation sl60s

Raindrops (Jeff Barry ~ Ellie Greenwich) ***

lets get together 64 U

what a guy 63 U

da doo ron ron s60s U

hanky panky s60s U

one more tear 64 U

dont let go s60s U

that boy John 64 U

th kind of boy u cant forget 63 U

another boy like mine se60s U

Rainwater, Marvin ***

I dig ya baby 58 C

a need for luv 58 U

whole lotta woman 58 U

she`s gone 60 U

luv me baby 59 U

luv me baby {solo vocal–unrel} 59 U

th valley of th moon 59 E

I can`t forget 61 C

boohoo 61 G

engineer`s song 60 F

th wanderer in me 60 U

tough top cat s50s G

Rambeau, Eddie ***

concrete an clay 65 U

Ramblers ***

ramblin 60 U

Ramrods ***

ghost riders in th sky {with girl drummer} sl50s U

loch lomond rock sl50s ATB-flat

boing sl50s E

slouchee sl50s B-flat

Randell, Lynne ***

won`t be long 60s U

Ran-Dells ***

martian hop 63 U

Randolph, Boots ***

hey mr. sax man 64 U

yakety sax 63 U

Randy & th Rainbows ***

Denise s60s U

Raney, Wayne ***

jack an jill boogie 40s U

lost John boogie s40s U

shake baby shake s40s U

gone with th wind s40s U

del rio boogie (with Delmore Brothers) s40s U

real hot boogie s40s U

redball to natchez s40s U

i was there s40s U

40th & plum 57 U

we luv to live s50s U

Rare Breed ***

beg borrow steal s60s U

Rare Earth ***

get ready s60s U

Rascals (Young) ***

aint gonna eat out my heart anymore sl60s U

come on up 66 U

I`ve been lonely too long s66 D

groovin 68 U

a girl like u 67 U

people got ta be free 68 F

good luvin 66 D

see 69 G

carry me back 69 G

its wonderful 68 U

u better run sl60s U

how can i be sure s60s U

Raspberries ***

go all th way 72 U

Rationals ***

i need you s60s U

Rauls, Lou *** {see Sam Cooke and Arthur Conley}

Ravens ***

write me a letter se50s U

Ray, Buddy *** {see Roxie Williams}

Rayburn, Margie ***

i`m available 57 U

Ray, David {Kliff} ***

jitterbuggin baby s50s B-flat

lonesome feelin 50s B-flat

lonesome baby blues s57 U

Ray, Diane ***

please dont talk to th lifeguard 63 U

just so Bobby can see sl50s U

Ray, Johnnie ***

u dont owe me a thing 57 U

just walkin in th rain s50s FTA-flat

cry 51 UPC

faith can move mountains s50s D

th little white cloud that cried (with th Four Lads) s50s U

Hernando`s hideaway s50s U

yes tonite Josephine s50s E

here am i broken hearted s50s U

somebudy stole my gal s50s D-flat-TFTD-flat

aint misbehavin s50s U

such a nite se50s U

walkin my baby back home se50s U

Rays ***

silhouettes 57 U

Rea, Chris ***

road to hell sl80s APU

Rebb, Johnny an th Rebels ***

rebel rock 58 U

Redd, Barbara ***

Dancing with teardrops 63 E-flat

Reddell, Teddy ***

I want ta hold u 60 U

Redding, Otis ***

tramp (with Carla Thomas) sm60s U

thats how strong my luv is 64 B-flat-TE-flat-TB-flat

shout bamalama {with th Pinetoppers} s60s E-flat]

I can`t turn u loose 65 UPC

I can`t turn u loose {live in Europe} 67 C

scratch my back s60s D-flat

I`ve been luvin u too long {not live} 65-67 UPATB-flat

th dock on th bay 67 U

treat her rite s60s D

try a little tenderness 66 U

6-3-4-5-7-8-9 s60s U

respect 65-67 U

satisfaction 66-67 E

satisfaction {live in Europe} 67 E

chain gang 66 A

these arms of mine 63 B-flat

these arms of mine {live at th Apollo NY} 63 B-flat

mr. pitiful 64 U

luv man 67 U

nobudy knows u when yer down s60s A-flat-TD-flat

shake 65 U

shake {live} s67 C

my girl 65 U

for yer precious luv 65 CTD

down in th valley 65 F

glory of luv 67 B-flat

hucklebuck 67 E

a change is gonna come 65 U

open th door 67 E-flat

direct me 67 D

look at th girl 67 G

pounds an hundreds s67 B

slippin an slidin 67 CTD-flat

I`m comin home s67 F

day tripper 66 E

day tripper {live in Europe} 67 E

knock on wood {with Carla Thomas} 67 E

lovey dovey {with Carla Thomas} 67 E

u left th water runnin s66 F-sharp

pain in my heart {live at th Apollo N.Y.} 63 B-flat

pain in my heart (not live) s63 U

I`m depending on u {live at th whisky a go go } 66 D

a hard days nite {live at th Whisky a go go} 66 B-flat

fa fa fa fa fa  s60s U

th happy song s60s U

Reddy, Helen ***

leave me alone 73 U

Delta Dawn 73 U

I don`t know how ta luv him 71 E-flat-PU

keep on singin 74 E-flat-TETF

emotion 75 U

Angie baby 74 U

summer of 71 se70s U

somewhere in th nite 75 F-sharp

peaceful 72 HG

until its time for u ta go se70s U

raised on rock 74 F

come on John 71 U

Reed, Earl ***

mama s50s U

Reeder, Bill ***

there was a time 61 U

til I waltz again with u 61 U

secret luv 61 D

Reed, Jerry *** {see also Tracy Pendarvis}

th bird 82 U

Reed, Jimmy ***

honest I do 57 U

new chicago blues 63 E

I was so young {or wrong} 59 EPU

caress me baby 58 A

goin ta N.Y. 58 A

I don`t go for that 55 U

u got me dizzy 56 E

u got me cryin 58 U

I know its a sin 58 U

I`m th man 65 UPE

take it slow 62 U

u don`t have ta go 53 U

baby what u want me to do 59 E

big boss man 60 E

shame shame shame 63 E

high an lonesome 53 UPE

come on baby 55 A

little rain s55 U

Reeves, Danny ***

I`m a hobo 61 E

Reeves, Jim ***

welcome to my world se60s U

he`ll have to go 60 U

Mexican Joe s50s U

Reeves, Martha an th Vandellas (see Martha & th Vandellas ***

Reflections ***

Romeo an Juliet 64 E-flat

in th still of th nite s60s U

Regents ***

Barbara Ann 61 F

runaround 61 U

Remains ***

diddy wah diddy s60s U

Reparata an th Delrons ***

whenever a teenager cries 65 U

Reunion ***

life is a rock 74 U

Revells (Revels?) *** {#one}

midnite {dead man`s} stroll 59 U

Revells *** {#2– aka th Wheelmen}

school is a gas 64 E-flat-TFT-HG

Revere, Paul an th Raiders ***

let me 69 U

like long hair 61 U

just like me 66 U

hungry {original with Mark} 66 U

ups an downs sl60s U

him or me sl60s U

good thing 67 U

Reynettes (Hong Kong) ***

rescue me 66 U

this little boy sm60s U

Reynolds, Debbie ***

tammy 57 U

am i that easy to forget s60s U

aba daba honeymoon (with Carleton Carpenter) se50s U

Reynolds, Jody ***

endless sleep 58 E

Beulah Lee sl50s U

Rhodes, Darrell ***

4 o`clock baby sl50s F

Rhodes, Todd an Orchestra ***

rocket 69 {with Connie Allen Band} 52 U

Ribbons ***

aint gonna kiss ya s60s U

Rice, Ronnie ***

I know s60s U

Richard an th Young Lions ***

open up yer door sm60s U

Richard, Cliff (see also Shadows) ***

summer holiday s60s U

living doll 59 U

th young ones s60s U

devil woman s70s U

dreamin 80 D-flat-TBTD-flat-TBTD-flat

we don`t talk anymore 79 U

Richbourg, John R ***

John R theme {Rock PHD} 57 NA

Rich, Charlie *** {see also Johnny Powers}

lonely weekends {original} 59 FTB-flat-TFTB-flat-TF

very special luv song 74 C

th most beautiful girl s70s U

Rick an th Keens ***

peanuts 61 U

Riddle, Nelson an his Orchestra ***

route 66 theme (full) se60s U

Riddler ***

th Riddler {beware Label} se60s DTE-flat-TE

Ridgely, Tommy ***

jam up s60s U

Righteous Brothers ***

in th midnite hour s70s E

u`ve lost that luvin feelin 64 DPD-flat

little latin lupe lu 62 F

th great pretender s70s E

soul an inspiration 66 U

let th good times roll s60s C

just once in my life 65 U

hold on I`m comin s60s F

I just wanna make luv s60s F

ebb tide 65 UPE

I luv u for sentimental reasons 66 U

Harlem shuffle s60s U

Riley, Billy ***

flyin saucers R an R 57 D

is that all to th ball 58 U

Riley, Jeanie C ***

harper valley PTA 68 U

Rinky Dinks ***

early in th mornin 58 U

Ripcords ***

she thinks i still care s60s U

hey little cobra s60s U

3 window coupe s60s U

Ritter, Tex ***

### i dreamed of a hillbilly heaven s40s U

when u leave dont slam th door s40s U

Riverside Ramblers ***

dissatisfied 37 C

Rivers, Johnny ***

blowin in th wind s65 FPE

rockin pneumonia 72 U

green green s65 C

summer rain 67 U

Memphis 64 E

Memphis {live} s64 E

secret agent man 66 E

muddy water sl60s A-flat-TATB-flat

where have all th flowers gone s65 E

th 7th son {live} s65 E

greenback dollar {live} s65 U

stop in th name of luv {live} s65 E

un-square dance {live} s65 C

silver threads golden needles {live} s65 D

if I had a hammer s65 C

hello Josephine {live} s64 U

midnite special {live} s64 U

baby I need yer lovin 67 U

tracks of my tears sm60s U

poor side of town 66 U

Maybelline s60s U

Rivieras ***

California sun 64 E-flat

keep a knockin s60s B

rockin robin 64 U

Rivingtons ***

papa-oom-mow-mow 62 E-flat

th birds th word 63 E-flat

th bird`s th word (non-radio version) se60s U

Roaring Sixties ***

we luv th pirate stations 60s U

Robbilard, Duke an th Pleasure Kings ***

my plea 83 E

Robbins, Marty ***

just married 58 U

Ruby Ann sl50s U

don`t worry about me s60s U

singin th blues s50s U

a white sport coat sl50s U

Robbs ***

bittersweet s60s U

Robert & Johnny ***

we belong together 58 E

Roberts, Kenny ***

chocolate (vegan) ice cream cone s40s U

Robertson, Don ***

th happy whistler 56 U

Robins *** {aka th Coasters}

white cliffs of Dover sm50s U

smoky Joe`s cafe 55 FPU

riot in cell block #9 54 U

framed 54 C

th hatchet man 54 C

Robinson, Smokey an th Miracles ***

tracks of my tears 65 U

I second that emotion 67 D

u really got a hold on me 63 U

tears of a clown 70 D-flat-PU

come round here s66 G

Mickey`s monkey 60s U

goin to a go go 66 U

shop around 61 U

I gotta dance to keep from cryin 64 U

got a job sl60s U

i like it like that s60s U

Robison, Carson ***

rockin an rollin with grandma 56 F

Rob Roys ***

tell me why se60s U

Rock-A-Teens ***

woo hoo 59 E

Rock an Roll Kittitees *** {aka Angels}

th boy from crosstown se60s U

cry baby cry 62 U

til 61 U

welcome to th floor s62 HG

thank u an goodnite se60s U

wow wow wee se60s U

i adore him se60s U

now se60s U (what is that background noise?)

my boyfriend`s back s60s U

Rock-A-Tones *** {see also Junior Gravely}

one more chance sl50s E-flat

Rocket Morgan ***

tag along s50s A-flat

Rockets ***

cave man luv se60s U

Rockin Devils ***

bule bule 60s U

Rockin Rebels *** {aka Rebels–Buffalo Rebels–Sophistikats}

wild weekend 62-63 {original 1960} G

another wild weekend 63 U

rumble 63 E

flibbity jibbitt 63 U

Buffalo blues 60 U

anyway ya want me 60 A-flat

theme from “th rebel” 60 U

wild weekend cha cha se60s U

Rockin R`s ***

crazy baby sl50s U

Rockin Sidney ***

no future 77 U

no good woman 63 U

my zydeco shoes 84 U

u aint nuthin but fine s60s U

Rocky Fellers ***

monkey see monkey do se60s C

like th big guys do 63 U

little darlin` 60 U

Rodgers, Jimmie (1920–30s teeraleer) ***

in th jail house now #2 s30

blue yodel #5 29 U

last blue yodel s30 G

TB blues s30 D-flat

let me be yer side track {alt.} s30s U

whats it s30s U

Rodgers, Jimmie (1950–60s teeraleer) ***

oh oh i`m fallin in luv again 58 U

Roe, Tommy ***

evrebudy 63 U

heather honey sm60s BTC

sweet pea 66 U

hooray for Hazel 66 U

suzie darlin 62 U

jam up jelly tite 69 U

Sheila s60s U

dizzy s60s U

come on and dance s60s U

its now winter`s day s60s U

Rogers, Jimmy ***

thats all rite 50 UPE

yer sweet se50s EPU

chicago bound 54 UPE

world`s in a tangle 51 F

rock this house 59 U

rock this house {with Left Hand Frank} s71 U

dirty dozen {with Left Hand Frank} s70s U

blues leave me alone 54 U

yer th one 55 F

money marbles chalk 51 E

Luedella 50 U

act like u luv me 53 U

last time 52 G

sloppy drunk 54 U

Rogers, Kenny ***

islands in th stream {with Dolly Parton} s80s U

but u know I luv U 69 U

just dropped in {with th First Edition} 68 U

Rogers, Weldon ***

so long good luck 57 A-flat

Roland, Walter ***

jookit jookit 33 F

Rolling Stones ***

out of time 75 U

dandelion 67 U

street fightin man {live} 95 BTF-sharp-TBTF-sharp-TBTF-sharp

street fightin man 68 CPU

paint it black 66 F

all down th line 72 U

19th nervous breakdown 66 E

gimme shelter 69 U

mother`s little helper 66 U

last time 65 E

pain in my heart 64 U

little queenie 71 U

far away eyes 78 U

roadrunner s70s E-flat

brite lites big city s64 U

c`mon s64 U

if u need me s70s U

she`s so cold 80 U

time is on my side 65 F

I`m a king bee s69 E

stray cat blues s70s U

jumpin Jack Flash 68 B-flat

route 66 64 U

high wire 90 U

she`s a rainbow 67 B-flat

walkin th dog s60s A

Carol 64 B-flat

satisfaction 65 U

can I get a witness s70s U

lets spend th nite together 67 U

sad sad sad s70s U

around an around 64 APU

if u try s70s U

Harlem shuffle s70s U

tell me 64 U

don`t wait too long s60s U

happy 72 B

I`ll move on s60s U

heartbreaker s60s E

as tears go by 66 U

heart of stone 65 U

honky tonk woman 69 E

honky tonk woman {version with a fiddle} s70s U

brown sugar 71 U

mixed emotions 91 U

what a shame 64 U

grown up wrong 64 D

Angie 73 U

its all rite {live} s60s U

play with fire 65 U

have u seen yer mother baby 66 U

Bob Wills is still th king (live ~ see utube) s90s U

drift away s70s U

my girl s70s U

Rondo, Don ***

## white silver sands 57 U

Ronettes ***

why don`t they let us fall in luv 63 E

I wonder 63 F

be my baby 63 UPE

be my baby {live} 64 U

best part of breakin up 64 UPE-flat-PD

baby I luv U 63 E-flat-PU

when I saw u 64 C

walkin in th rain 64 B-flat-Pu

is this what I get 65 U

here I sit 65 D

u came u saw u conquered 69 FPU

th memory sm60s U

keep on dancin 64 U

girls can tell sm60s U

Ron, Joe, an Crew ***

riot in cell block #9 se60s E

Ronnie an th Daytonas ***

GTO 64 U

Ronnie & th Hi-Lites ***

I wish that we were married se60s U

Rooftop singers ***

walk rite in 63 A-flat

tom cat 63 U

mama dont allow 63 U

Roomful of Blues ***

yes indeed 85 B-flat

Rootboy Slim ***

date th undead s80s U

Rose, David an his Orchestra ***

th stripper 62 U

Rose Garden ***

next plane to London 67 U

Rosie & th Originals ***

### angel baby s60s U

Ross, Diana *** {see also th Supremes}

upside down s80s U

someday we`ll be together 69 U

Ross, Jackie ***

selfish one 64 U

Rotten, Johnny *** {hear Neil Young`s odd “R an R will never die”1978}

Round Robin ***

kick that little foot Sally Ann 64 U

Routers ***

let`s go 62 U

Royal, Billy Joe ***

cherry hill park 69 U

I knew u when 65 U

hush 67 U

down in th boondocks 65 U

Royals *** {see Hank Ballard}

Royal Teens ***

short shorts 58 U

believe me 59 U

Royaltones *** {see also Del Shannon}

wail 58 U

flamingo express {mono version} 61 A

holy smokes sl50s E

boss limbo sl50s U

our faded luv sl50s E-flat

short line sl50s C

royal whirl sl50s C

yea yea song sl50s F

revival tonite sl50s B

see-saw sl50s C

misty sea sl50s E-flat

poor boy 58 U

Roy, Harry & his Orchestra ***

my girl`s pussy 31 U

Ruby an th Romantics ***

our day will come 63 U

Ruffin, Jimmy ***

I`ve passed this way before 66 U

what becomes of th broken hearted 66 B-flat

my whole world ended s60s U

gonna give her all th luv i got s60s U

Rufus ***

th back door 75 G

Runabouts ***

th prom sl50s U

train {jubilee label} s50s E

Rush, Merrillee ***

angel of th mornin 68 A-flat

Russ, Irvin ***

th crazy alligator {hey Hound!} 59 E

Ryan, Charlie ***

hot rod hades s50s U

hot rod lincoln s50s U

Rydell, Bobby ***

th fish 61 U

we got luv 59 U

wildwood days s63 U

th cha cha cha s50s U

good time baby 61 U

lose her s60s U

little bitty girl 60 U

groovy tonite 60 U

forget him sl50s U

volare sl50s U

sway 60 U

I dig girls 59 U

teach me to twist (with Chubby Checker) 62 U

butterfly baby 63 U

lets make luv tonite 63 U

kissin time 59 U

I`ll never dance again sl50s U

wild one sl50s U

that old black magic 60 U

Ryder, Mitch an th Detroit Wheels ***

Jenny take a ride 65 F

sock it to me baby 67 E-flat-PD

little Latin Lupe Lu 66 U

shakin with Linda 66 U

I like it like that 66 D

I had it made 66 D

shake a tail feather 66 E


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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