Song List = J K L

Jacks (Cadets) ***

why dont u write me 55 U

Jackson, Bessie *** [see Lucille Bogan}

Jackson, Bullmoose ***

Cherokee boogie s40s B-flat

big ten inch record 52 U

sneaky Pete se50s U

Jackson, Carl ***

dueling banjos s73 U

Jackson, Chuck ***

I don`t want to cry 61 U

any day now 62 U

tell him I`m not home 63 U

beg me 64 F

any other way 63 D-flat

since I don`t have u 64 F

Jackson, Deon ***

luv makes th world go round s60s A-flat

Jackson, JJ ***

oh my liddy sl50s G

but its alrite 66 U

Jackson, Michael ***

they don`t care about us 90s U

tweedledee (live) 72 U

Jackson, Wanda ***

rave on se60s B-flat

breathless s60s U

sweet nuthins s60s E

oh boy s60s CTD

stupid cupid 61 D

rite or wrong 61 G

walkin after midnite s60s U

crazy s60s U

I fall to pieces s60s U

fancy satin pillows 70 U

woman lives for luv s60s F

mean mean man 58 UPE

honey bop 58 UPC

long tall Sally 58 U

cool luv 57 U

riot in cell block #9 61 E

savin my luv 59 HG

makin believe 58 A

happy happy birthday 58 U

I wanna waltz 58 U

rock yer baby 58 E

sparklin brown eyes 61 U

tongue tied 61 E

man we had a party 61 E

u can`t have my luv {with Billy Gray} 54 E

if u dont somebudy else will {with Billy Gray} 54 U

u`d be th first to know 54 U

its th same world 55 C

did u miss me 57 A

a date with Jerry 59 C

I`d rather have you 59 D

lonely weekends 61 U

tweedle-dee 61 C

funnel of luv 60 U

slippin an slidin 61 D

u bug me bad 62 G

James, Danny ***

boogie in th mud 69 E

James, Elmore ***

cry for me baby s50s U

madison blues 60 U

talk to me baby 60 U

tool bag boogie 53 U

Elmore`s contribution s50s U

ramblin on my mind s50s D

I`m a stranger here s50s D

comin home s50s D

dust my broom 52 DP-HG

evreday day I have th blues s50s D

it hurts me too s50s D

th sky is crying s50s D

goodbye baby s50s D

look on yonder wall s50s E

blues before sunrise s50s D

goin back south s50s D

James, Etta *** {see also Sugar Pie DeSanto}

I`d rather go blind 67 UPA

see u do it 90 C

th pickup s50s F

I just wanna make luv to u {live} 63 UPB-flat

boy of my dreams s50s E-flat

u got it 68 U

would it make any difference 62 A-flat

baby what ya want me to do {slow version} 63 B-flat

baby what ya want me to do s60s E

2 sides to evre story 63 E-flat

good rockin daddy 55 B-flat

tell mama 67 F

if I cant have u {with Harvey Fuqua} 60 U

only time will tell s50s B-flat

next door to th blues 61 U

roll with me Henry 55 F

somethins got a hold on me 61 D-flat

somethins got a hold on me {live} 63 E-flat

what`d I say {live} 63 C

7 day fool {live} 63 C

woke up this mornin {live} 63 G

can`t turn u loose {live} s80s E-flat

dearest darling s50s U

James, Harry ***


James, Jessie *** {see Lee Denson}

James, Joni ***

my last date 61 U

James, Sonny ***

a world of our own 68 UPC

thats me without u 53 U

for rent one broken heart {with th Jordanaires} 56 B-flat

first date first kiss 57 D-flat

I`ll never find another u 67 C

born to be with u 68 D-flat -TD

my luv 70 C

empty arms 71 D

brite lites big city 71 F

James, Tommy an th Shondells ***

out of th blue 67 U

say I am 66 U

mirage 67 U

say I am 66 U

mony mony 68 U

its only luv 66 D

crimson an clover 68 U

luv`s closin in on me 67 E

hanky panky 66 U

1-2-3 an I fell 68 U

I think we`re alone now 67 U

tighter an tighter 70 E-flat-PE

draggin a line s68 UPF-sharp

i like th way s60s U

gettin together 67 U

do somethin to me 68 U

Jamies ***

summertime 58 F

Jan an Arnie ***

Jennie Lee 58 U

Jan an Dean ***

th Anaheim Azusa an Cucamonga sewing circle 64 U

i found a girl 65 U

the new girl in school 64 U

baby talk 59 U

that little old lady from Pasadena 64 E-flat-TFTD-flat

surf city 63 A-flat-TC

Linda 63 E

do u wanna dance dance dance {live} se60s ATGTA-flat

sidewalk surfin 64 U

Norwegian wood s60s U

here they come s60s U

dead man`s curve 64 U

ride th wild surf s60s U

Honolulu lulu 63 U

heart and soul se60s U

new girl in school sl50s U

drag city se60s

Jankowski, Horst an his Orchestra ***

a walk in th black forest 65 U

Jano, Johnny ***

oh baby {unrel} sl50s E

high voltage {unrel} sl50s U

Jaxon, Frankie “halfpint” *** {see Tampa Red}

Jay an th Americans *** {my apologies for not listing “only in America”}

she cried 62 U

she cried {live} 64 U

this magic moment 69 C

come a little bit closer 64 U

walkin in th rain 70 U

some enchanted evening s60s U

u aint as hip as all that baby s60s U

crying s60s U

lets lock th door 65 U

Jay an th Techniques ***

keep th ball rollin 67 U

Jaye, Jerry ***

my girl Josephine 67 UPA

sugar bee s67 U

I`m in luv again s67 A

I washed my hands in muddy water s67 GTA-flat

Jayhawks ***

stranded in th jungle 56 C

Jaynetts ***

Sally go round th roses s60s U (take a walk in a rose garden and rejuvenate)

Jeffers, Sleepy an th Davis Twins ***

pretendin is a game 57 U

dumplin pie {unrel} sl50s D

Jeffrey, Joe Group ***

my pledge of luv 69 U

Jelly Beans ***

I want to luv him so bad 64 D

aint luv a funny thing {unrel} s64 U

he`s th kind of boy u cant forget sm60s U

here she comes sm60s U

Jenkins, Blackie an th Satellites ***

spaceship life se60s U

Jennings, Waylon *** {see also Buddy Holly}

luvs gonna live here again s60s F-sharp

we`re gonna ride {with Willie Nelson} s70s E

white lightnin s60s A-flat

good hearted woman {with Willie Nelson} 76 DTE

luckenbach Texas 77 G

desperados waitin for a train {with Willie Nelson–Johnny Cash–Kris Kristofferson} 85 U

pickin white gold s60s U

I`m a ramblin man s72 U

are u sure Hank {Williams} done it this way s60s E

I`ve always been crazy s77 U

only daddy that`l walk th line s60s U

don`t think twice its all rite s60s U

its so easy s60s U

th entertainer 84 E

I aint livin long like this 79 U

America 72 D

I may be used s82 A

I`ll find it where I can s82 D

mason dixon lines s82 U

hold on I`m comin s82 E

never could toe th mark s84 D

talk good boogie s84 U

sparklin brown eyes s84 A

if she`l leave her mama s84 U

settin me up s84 C

gemini song s84 DTE

th conversation {with Hank Williams Junior} s84 U

Jensen, Kris ***

torture sm 62 U

Jigsaw ***

sky high 75 U

Jim an Jesse ***

ashes of luv 76 U

Jim an Monica ***

slipin an slidin 64 U

Jimmy an Johnny ***

I can`t find th doorknob 58 U

Jiv-A-Tones with Dean Stevens ***

flirty Gertie 58 U

Jive Aces ***

boogie woogie country girl s2006 U

Jive Bombers ***

cherry s50s U

bad boy {unrel} 57 U

Jive Five ***

my true story 61 E-flat

what time is it se60s U

I`m a happy man 65 U

Jivetones ***

ding ding dong s60s U

Jivin Gene an th Jokers ***

breakin up is hard to do s60s U

Jo Ann an Troy ***

I found a luv oh what a luv s70s

Joel, Billy ***

u may be rite 80 E

captain Jack s70s U

piano man 74 C

John, Elton ***

saturday nites all rite 73 F

Philadelphia freedom 75 B-flat

th bitch is back 74 A-flat

sad songs 89 C

tiny dancer s70s C

crocodile rock 72 U

rocket man 72 UPB-flat

candle in th wind 91 E

Johnnie an Jack ***

k iss crazy babysl50s U

poison luv sl50s A

ashes of luv sl50s B-flat

honey i need you s50s U

i get so lonely s50s U

cryin heart blues sl40s U

Johnnie an Joe ***

over th mountain 57 U

Johnny an th Hurricanes ***

ja-da 61 U

rockin goose 60 U

red river rock 59 C

beatnik fly 59 F-sharp

crossfire 59 U

u are my sunshine 60 HG

down yonder sl50s U

Johnson, Elizabeth ***

be my kid blues {with woodblocks an cornet} 20s U

Johnson, Hoyt an th Four Recorders ***

enie meanie minie mo 58 U

Johnson, Lil *** {not one thing is known about her life}

my stoves in good condition 36 F

scufflin woman blues 36 F

was I 36 U

lets get drunk an truck 36 U

yer just a cream puff 36 C

can`t read can`t write 36 U

I`ll take u to th cleaners 36 U

if u dont give me what I want 36 U

take it easy greasy #2 37 F

rug cutters function 36 U

when I can get it {clarinet added in 1949} 37 U

my baby squeeze me again 37 U

Johnson, Lou ***

always somethin there to remind me s60s U

Johnson, Marv ***

move 2 mountains 60 B-flat

u`ve got what it takes 59 U

i luv th way u luv s60s U

Johnson, Ralph an th Hillbilly Show Boys ***

henpecked daddy 57 U

Johnson, Robert *** {see George Thoroughgood`s “my friend Robert”}

Johnson, Stan an th Blue Chips ***

6 white horses 56 U

Johnson, Toby ***

when I first met my girl l50s A

thinkin of u l50s A

Jolson, Al {Jolie} ***

when th red red robin comes bob bob bobbin 26 U

when u were sweet 16 s20s U

go into yer dance s20s U

I`ll be seeing u s20s CPU

april showers 32 U

rock-a-bye yer baby s30s U

toot toot tootsie 20s U

carolina in th mornin s20s UPB-flat

swanee s20 U

my mammy 27 UP-HG-PCPD-flat

I`m always chasin rainbows s20s U

Alabamy bound s20s U

my blushin Rosie s20s U

my gal Sal s20s U

brite eyes s20s U

u made me luv u 1913 U

about a quarter to nine s30s U

there`s a rainbow around my shoulder 28 U

here I am 26 U

California here I come 24 U

let me sing an I`m happy s30s U

Jon an Robin ***

Dr. Jon s60s U

Jones, Ada an Billy Murray ***

my hula hula luv 1911 U

Jones, Birmingham ***

drinkin again {misnamed?} sl50s A

Jones, George ***

lonely street s60s U

yabba dabba doo S70s G

th race is on 65 U

she thinks I still care s60s U

white lightnin 59 U

Jones, Jack ***

th race is on s60s U

Jones, Jimmy ***

handyman 60 B-flat

Jones, Joe ***

u talk too much 60 U

california sun 61 U

big mule 61 U

I need someone 60 U

where is my baby 60 U

one big mouth 60 B-flat

Jones, Johnny *** {see also Joe Turner`s TV mama}

luv her with a feelin s50s F-sharp

Jones, Ronnie Classmates ***

teenage rock s60s U

Jones, Spike ***

William Tell overture s60s U

Jones, Tom ***

daughter of darkness 70 U

Venus s70s D

its not unusual 67 U

shake 67 C

land of a thousand dances 67 U

aint that good news 67 U

proud Mary s60s DTE-flat

without luv 69 F

get ready s60s U

stop breakin my heart s60s UPA

I`ll never fall in luv again s60s E

funny familiar forgotten feelings 67 B

if u need me s60s U

field of yellow daisies s60s U

what`s new pussycat s6os U

I who have nothing s60s U

Joplin, Janis ***

down on me s60s UPE-flat

down on me {live} 68 D

cry baby s60s CPU

half moon s60s C

get it while u can s60s U

get it while u can {live} 70 C

kosmic blues s60s APU

move over s60s U

ball an chain s60s U

ball an chain {live} 70 HG

piece of my heart 68 E

piece of my heart {live} 68 ETF-sharp-TE

maybe s60s A-flat

silver threads golden needles s60s U

walk rite in 65 U

Mary Jane s60s U

mercedes benz s60s E-flat

me an Bobby Mcgee s70 GTAPU

Jordanaires *** {see Elvis Presley–Sonny James}

Jordan, Connie ***

I`m gonna rock 50 F

Jordan, Louis ***

choo choo ch boogie 45 U

Caldonia 56 U

time is runnin out 63 C

dont worry bout that mule s40s U

let th good times roll s40s U

Justice, Bill ***

raunchy 57 U

Just Us ***

I cant grow peaches 66 U

I keep changin my mind s60s U

Kaempfert, Bert ***

that happy feelin 62 U

wonderland by nite 60 U

a swingin safari se60s U

Kai Ray ***

trashman`s blues s60s E-flat

Kalin twins ***

when 58 F-sharp-TG

forget me not sl50s U

Kallen, Kitty ***

little things mean alot 54 U

my coloring book s5os U

kiss me sweet 49 U (skip th kissy stuff and leave me alone when i`m under th awning)

Kansas Joe {McCoy} *** {see Memphis Minnie before 1935}

Kasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus ***

quick Joey Small s60s U

Katche, Lloyd Arnold ***

hang out l50s A

Kaye, Sammy ***

i`m a big girl now s40s U

zip a dee doo dah

K C an th Sunshine band ***

that th way I like it 75 U

shake yer booty 76 CPU

K-Doe, Ernie ***

heeby jeebies se60s B-flat

tuff enuff se60s U

luvin u se60s E-flat

te ta te ta ta se60s F

be sweet se60s U

a good woman se60s U

she`s waitin se60s B-flat

I cried my last tear se60s B-flat

mother in law se60s E-flat

a certain girl se60s U

Keith ***

98.6 67 U

Kelly, Paul ***

u can`t take it with u 89 G

Kendall Sisters ***

yea yea s60s U

Kendricks, Nat an th Swans ***

mashed potato sl50s U

Kenner, Chris ***

I like it like that 61 U

land of 1000 dances se60s U

Kenny an th be-bops ***

Linda Lu sl50s E

Kenton, Stan ***

artistry jumps s40s U

Keytones ***

la-do-da-da sl50s U

Kim, Andy ***

baby I luv u 69 U

baby how`d we ever get this way sl60s U

Kimberly, Adrian ***

pomp an circumstance s60s U

Kimbrough, Lottie ***

goin away blues {with Miles Pruitt} 20s G

rollin log blues {with Miles Pruitt} 20s G

King, Albert ***

goin back to iuca s60s C

like a road leadin home s60s G

King, BB ***

when my heart beats like a hammer s40s U

Caldonia s60s G

Caldonia {live} 79 A-flat

ten long years s50s U

th thrill is gone 69 BPU

how blue {live in cook county jail} se70s U

why I sing th blues 69 C

5 long years 72 U

play with yer poodle {unrel} 82 B

u upset me baby s40s U

King Bees ***

buzzin 58 F

King, Ben E (see also th Drifters) ***

Spanish harlem 61 UPD

thats when it hurts se60s E

stand by me 61 A

stand by me {live} 64 A

first taste of luv se60s F

I who have nuthin 63 U

dont play that song 62 EPU

its all over 64 F

let th water run down 64 U

th record 65 HG

dont take yer luv from me 68 A-flat

amor 61 U

King, Carole ***

oh! Neil se60s U

will u still luv me tomorrow s60s U

jazzman 74 C

u`ve got a friend s70s A-flat

hard rock cafe 77 C

it started all over again s60s F-sharp

I feel th earth move 71 E-flat

it might as well rain until september 62 D-flat

sweet seasons 72 U

its too late 71 U

school (Bopland tatita) bells are ringin se70s U

King, Claude ***

wolverton mountain 62 U

King Curtis *** {see also Shirelles}

soul twist 62 E-flat

what`d I say part one se60s U

beach party 62 U

soul serenade s60s U

King, Earl ***

trick bag sl50s U

King, Freddy ***

hide away 61 U

King, Jewel ***

3 x 7 = 21 se50s U

King, Jonathan ***

evreone`s gone to th moon 65 E-flat

King Karl *** {see also Guitar Gable}

evrebudies feelin good 66 G

King, Pee Wee ***

silver an gold s40s U

Bonaparte`s retreat s40s U

Tennessee waltz s40s U

King, Sid an th Five Strings ***

let `er roll 56 U

ooby dooby 56 U

I like it 55 U

purr kitty purr 55 U

booger red 56 U

who put th turtle sm50s U

Kingsmen ***

louis louis {a banned radio song} 63 APU

little latin lupe lu s60s U

jolly green giant 65 U

weekend sm60s U

Kingsmen (Philippines) ***

hitchhike 63 U

Kingston Trio ***

midnite special sl50s U

where have all th flowers gone 62 B-flat

greenback dollar {th better version} 63 U

Tijuana jail 59 U

MTA 59 U

worried man 59 UPD

scotch an soda 62 U

Kinks ***

a well respected man 66 C

tired of waitin for u 65 U

all day an all of th nite 64 U

come dancin 83 U

lola 70 E

sunny afternoon 66 D

til th end of th day 65 D

u really got me 64 D

ape man sm60s U

waterloo sunset s60s U

a dedicated follower of fashion 66 U

set me free s60s U

Kirby, Kathy ***

let me go s60s U

secret luv s60s U

Kirk, Andy an th Twelve Clouds of Joy ***

all th jive is gone s30s U

Kitten ***

he taught me to yodel s50s U

I`m still singin country music s50s U

send me th pillow s50s U

mother pal sweetheart s50s U

China doll s50s U

have I told u lately s50s U

Knickerbockers ***

lies 65 D

Knight, Gladys an th Pips ***

I heard it thru th grapevine 66 U

minite train to Georgia 73 D-flat

I`ve got to use my imagination 73 U

evre beat of my heart 61 D-flat-PU

letter full of tears (no Pips) s60s U

th end of our road s60s U

Knight, Jean ***

mr. big stuff 71 U

Knight, Robert ***

everlastin luv 67 U

Knight, Sonny ***

keep-a-walkin 55 HG

Knight, Terry an th Pack ***

numbers s60s U

Knockouts ***

riot in room 3C se60s U

Knox, Buddy ***

she`s gone sl50s U

party doll 57 A

hula luv sl50s U

rock yer little baby 57 U

lovey dovey 61 U

somebody touched me 58 U

Kokomo ***

Asia minor 61 U

Kosmic Blues Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “kosmic blues?}

Kramer, Billy J ***

gotta travel on 58 A-flat-TATB-flat

bad to me sl60s U

from a window (with th Dakotas) s60s U

little children sm 60s U

i`ll keep u satisfied s60s U

Kristofferson, Kris ***

me an Bobby Mcgee {composer of this song} s70s U

Kristofferson, Lee ***

nite of th werewolf s50s E

Krupa, Gene ***

boogie blues s40s U

Labeff, Tommy ***

tore up sl50s U

LaBelle, Patti & th Blue Belles ***

I sold my heart to th junk man se60s U

Lam, Tommy ***

speed limit sl50s U

Lance, Major *** see Major Lance

Landers, Bob ***

Cherokee dance s60s U

Lauper, Cindi ***

girls just wanna have fun 84 F-sharp

I drove all nite s90 A-flat

Laurie, Linda ***

Ambrose part five 59 U

stay at home Sue (with th Del Satins) s60 U

all winter long 59 U

Lawrence, Eddie ***

th good old days s60s NA

Lavell, Miss ***

stop these teardrops s50s U

Lawrence, Steve ***

party doll 57 U

footsteps 60 U

pretty blue eyes 59 F-sharp

Lazy Lester ***

alligator shuffle s50s E

I hear u knockin 59 U

I`m a lover not a fighter 58 E

sugar coated luv 58 E

I told my little woman {unrel} sl50s U

Leadbelly *** {his songs have become almost too scratchy to listen to}

th bourgeois blues 39 U

th gallis pole {gallows} s20s C

take this hammer 42 B-flat

pretty flowers in yer back yard 44 U

I`ve a pretty flowers {with Josh White} 44 U

outskirts of town {with Sonny Terry} 44 U

mothers blues {with Josh White} 44 G

green grass growin all around 44 U

yellow gal 44 U

grey goose {song has a hidden meaning, see if u can determine it} 40 E

u can`t lose `a me Cholly 40 U

leadbelly`s dance 44 NA

little Sally Walker 41 U

midnite special 40 U

good mornin blues 40 U

I`m on my last go round 40 U

th red cross store blues 40 U

easy rider 40 U

packin trunk 35 U

Ft. Worth an Dallas blues 35 D

Leapy Lee (see Lee, Leapy) ***

Ledbetter, Billy ***

stealin hubcaps s50s G

Led Zeppelin ***

stairway to heaven 71 U

R an R se70s U

Lee, Baron an th Blue Rhythm Band ***

reefer man 32 ET-HG

Lee, Brenda ***

my coloring book 62

bigelow 6200 sm50s U

everyone loves me but you 62 U

eventually 61 U

emotions 61 U

fool number one sl50s U

dum dum 61 D-flat

comin on strong 66 U

as usual 63 D-flat-TDTE-flat

thats all ya gotta do 60 D-flat

sweet nuthins 60 U

my whole world is fallin down 63 UPE-flat-TF-sharp-TE-flat-TF-sharp-TE-flat

I want to be wanted 60 U

I`m sorry 60 B-flat

all alone am I 62 U

break it to me gently 62 U

thanks alot se60s U

rock th bop 58 E-flat

yer mama dont dance {live} s80s D

th biggest fool sl50s U

I wonder se60s U

is it true 64 U

i`m learnin `bout luv se60s U

anybody but me sl50s U

just a little 60 U

it started all over again 62 U

yer used to be 63 U

u can depend on me 61 U

here comes that feelin 62 U

heart in hand s60s U

Lee, Curtis ***

under th moon of luv 61 U

gee how I wish u were here 61 E

Lee, Dickey ***

I saw linda yesterday 63 U

Lee, Julia an her boyfriends ***

my man stands out 50 E-flat

lotus blossom s30s F

snatch an grab it s40s U

gotta give me what u got s40s U

tonites th nite s40s U

thats what i like s40s U

Lee, Leapy ***

little arrows 68 U

Lee, Peggy ***

fever 58 U

manana se50s U

Lefevre, Raymond ***

soul coaxin s60s U

Left Banke ***

walk away Renee 66 APB-flat

pretty ballerina sm60s U

Left Hand Frank *** {see Jimmy Rogers “rock this house”}

Leiber, Jerry an Mike Stoller *** {produced th Coasters “along came Jones”}

Lemon Pipers ***

green tambourine 67 U

Lennon, John ***

imagine 71 C

watchin th wheels 81 C

stand by me 75 A

whatever gets u thru th nite 74 U

instant karma 70 U

Lennon, Julian ***

too late for goodbye sm80s A

Lester, Ketty ***

luv letters 62 B-flat

Lettermen ***

come back silly girl sl50s U

she cried se60s U

th way u look tonite 61 U

secretly se60s U

theme from a summer place se60s U

turn around look at me se60s U

Lewis, Barbara ***

someday we`re gonna luv again 64 U

puppy luv 64 U

make me yer baby 65 U

snap yer fingers 64 U

i`ll make him luv me 67 U

think a little sugar s60s U

hello stranger 63 U

make me belong to you s60s U

Lewis, Gary an th Playboys ***

count me in 65 F

this diamond ring 65 U

evrebudy luves a clown 65 U

she`s just my style 65 U

green grass 66 U

save yer heart for me sm60s U

sure gonna miss her 66 U

my heart`s symphony s60s U

Lewis, Jerry Lee ***

cool cool ways s60s U

crown victoria custom fifty one sl50s U

baby hold me close s60s U

big leg woman s50s U

breathless 58 G

great balls of fire 57 C

good golly miss Molly 62 C

down th line s59 F

little queenie sl50s U

be bop a lula sl50s D

what`d I say s59 U

high school confidential 58 D

luvin up a storm sl50s F

hello hello baby sl50s U

I`ve been twistin sl50s HG

my quadroon sl50s F

lewis` boogie sl50s C

R an R Ruby sl50s U

return of Jerry Lee sl50s NA

let th good times roll sl50s U

another place another time s50s U

i`m on fire s60s U

U win again 58 U

Lewis, Margaret *** {with Mira Smith on guy wires– see also Dale an Jerry Hawkins}

shake a leg 59 U

from th cradle to th blues 60 U

luv is a fortune 60 U

u can`t break my heart no more 60 U

no no never 59 U

thats why I cry 61 F

raggedy Ann an th player piano {unrel} sl50s U

an there was no u sl50s U

bow wow puppy luv {unrel} sl50s U

dust my blues {unrel} sl50s U

those lonely lonely nites {unrel} sl50s U

u oughta see my baby {unrel} sl50s U

full grown man {unrel} sl50s U

Emmitt Lee {unrel} sl50s U

luvers land {unrel} sl50s U

evre time u put me down {unrel} sl50s U

cheaters can`t win 59 U

my blue-eyed boy {unrel} sl50s U

look what yer doin to me 61 U

baby please forgive me {unrel} sl50s U

Lewis, Meade Lux ***

honky tonk train blues 27 an 36 U

Lewis, Ramsey ***

hang on sloopy 65 E-flat-PD

incrowd 65 D

wade in th water sm60s D

a hard day`s nite sm60s U

Lewis, Smiley ***

th {Bopland} bells are ringin 52 A-flat

I hear u knockin s55 E-flat

yer gonna miss me {unrel} 52 U

down th road 53 C

its so peaceful 52 U

blue monday 53 E-flat

standin on th corner 61 E-flat

real gone luver 54 F

play girl 53 F

come on 55 E-flat

show me th way {unrel} 53 HG

one nite 55 D-flat

too many drivers 54 U

shame shame shame {slower version–Imperial Records} sm50s CPD-flat

nuthin but th blues 61 U

rootin an tootin 57 B-flat

mama don`t like 56 U

u are my sunshine 57 F

I`m comin down with th blues 62 B-flat

th rocks {th ink spots an other Rock groups were Smiley`s “Rock of Ages”} 54 U

Lifeguards ***

evrebudy out of th pool se60s U

Liggins, Joe & His Honeydrippers ***

go ahead s40s U

pink champagne 50 U

Frankie Lee s40s U

honeydripper pt two s40s U

Lightfoot, Gordon ***

pussy willows–cat tails 68 U

th first time ever I saw yer face 66 U

for luvin me 66 U

carefree highway 74 E

th mountains an Maryanne 68 U

read my mind 71 A

did she mention my name 68 U

early mornin rain 66 F

long river 66 U

th way I feel 66 U

steel rail blues 66 U

16 miles 66 U

ribbon of darkness 66 U

in a window pane {live} 69 U

Lightnin Slim ***

rooster blues 59 UPE

bad luck blues 65 E

hello Mary Lee 61 G

I`m evil 63 E

long leanie mama s50s E

Lillie Mae ***

bootie wah bootie 31 A-flat

Lincoln, Lary ***

my baby went away 59 U

that`l hold u 59 U

Lind, Bob ***

elusive butterfly 66 E-flat

Linden, Kathy ***

goodbye Jimmy goodbye s60s U

Lindly, David ***

mercury blues 81 F

Little Ann *** {see Tarheel Slim}

Little Anthony an th Imperials ***

shimmy shimmy ko ko bop 60 U

goin out of my head 64 E

hurt so bad 64 U

tears on my pillow 58 U

2 people in th world 58 U

when u wish upon a star 59 U

wishful thinkin 59 U

i miss u so 65 U

i`m on th outside se60s U

Little Billy Earl ***

couple in th car 58 C

whos baby are u {unrel} sl50s U

go Dan Tucker 59 U

I never had th blues {unrel} sl50s U

Little Caesar an th Romans ***

those oldies but goodies 61 G

Little Dippers ***

forever 60 U

Little Eva ***

turkey trot 63 E-flat

locomotion 62 E-flat

keep yer hands off my baby 62 U

uptown 62 U

old smokey locomotion 63 B-flat

heigh ho {with Big Dee Irwin} s63 U

just a little girl 63 U

please hurt me 63 D

makin with th magilla 64 U

get him {unrel} s63 U

wake up John 65 U

some kind of wonderful 62 C

breakin up is hard to do 62 CTB-flat-TCTB-flat-TC

where do I go 62 C

will u still luv me tomorrow se60s U

up on th roof se60s U

Little Joey an th Flips ***

bongo stomp 62 U

Little Joe an th Thrillers ***

peanuts 57 A-flat

Little Johnny Taylor ***

who`s makin luv 68 UPF

hold on this time 67 D

woman across th river 68 C

part time luv 63 U

first class luv s60s U

u`ll need another favor s60s U

Little Milton ***

we`re gonna make it 65 HG

I need somebody 61 F

my song 61 U

moanin for u girl 67 UPD

I play dirty 69 UPC

more an more 67 F

just a little bit 69 U

losin hand 62 UP-HG

life is like that s60s U

blues in th nite s60s U

Little Peggy March ***

I will follow him 63 U

I`ll never forget last nite 63 U

wind up doll s63 U

boy crazy s63 U

th impossible happened se60s U

if u loved me se60s U

I`m watchin se60s U

hello heartache goodbye luv  s60s U

Little Richard ***

anyway u want me s60s U

u gotta feel it 67 U

send me some luvin 57–67 {live} U

she`s got it 57 F

baby what u want me to do s60s G

tutti frutti 56 F

rip it up 56 F

ooh my soul 58 F-sharp

long tall Sally 56 F

I`m back s60s U

Lucille 57 UPD-flat

holy mackeral sl50s U

keep-a-knockin 57 GPUPA-flat

miss Ann {version with th scream} 57 GPC

good golly miss Molly 58 HG

wonderin sl50s U

Jenny Jenny 57 F

boo hoo hoo hoo sl50s D-flat

true fine mama {live} 58 GPU

true fine mama {live–slower version} 67 U

slippin an slidin sl50s C

reddy teddy 56 F-sharp

oh why sl50s C

Little Richard`s boogie 53 G

can`t believe u wanna leave 57 U

bama lama bama loo 64 F

whole lotta shakin goin on {live} 67 U

Little River Band ***

if I get lucky 90 C

help is on th way 77 U

Little Son Joe *** {see Memphis Minnie after 1935}

Little Walter (blues harp) ***

my babe s50s U

teenage beat s50s U

Little Walter an his Jukes (possibly th same man as above) ***

blues with a feeling s40s U

mean old world (with his Night Caps) s40s U

Little Walter & his Night Caps (see little Walter & his Jukes) ***

Little Willie John ***

lets rock 58 UP-HG

I like to see my baby {with Hank Ballard} 60 UPE

take my luv 61 D-flat-PU

fever 56 U

Lobo ***

I`d luv u to want me 73 U

Locklin, Hank ***

send me th pillow 58 U

please help me i`m fallin se60s U

Locomotions ***

Little Eva 63 E-flat

Loggins an Messina ***

yer mama don`t dance 72 CPU

Loggins, Dave ***

please come to Boston 74 U

Lombardo, Guy & his Royal Canadiens ***

blue skirt waltz ***

Lonero, Bobby ***

little bit sl50s G

Lonesome Drifter *** {aka Tommy Johnson}

eager boy 56 E

teardrop valley 59 A

aint got nuthin but th blues 74 F

I wished it was`nt so 74 U

this old world don`t seem th same 74 B-flat

I`m gonna quit my cryin 74 U

I`ll be lonesome when yer gone 59 U

Lonesome Long John Roller ***

Long John`s flagpole rock 50s U

Lonesome Sundown ***

leave my money alone {Cub Coda`s definition of swamp blues–Excello Records} sl50s U

I`ve got th blues sl50s E

don`t say a word sl50s U

my home aint here sl50s U

I`m a samplin man sl50s F

I wanna know why sl50s U

no luvin no rockin blues sl50s U

Long, Curtis ***

hootchey cootchey sl50s U

Long Tall Marvin ***

have mercy miss Percy 56 U

Lonzo & Oscar ***

charming Betsy sl50s U

Looking Glass ***

brandy 72 E

Lopez, Trini ***

Kansas City s60s U

this land is yer land s60s GTA-flat-TA

if I had a hammer 63 D

Loren, Donna ***

I think u think se60s U

dream world se60s U

Los Bravos ***

black is black 66 U

Los Lobos ***

evangeline 91 UPD

la bamba s90s

Louisiana Red ***

ride on Red ride on {version with motor} 62 HG

Louvin Brothers ***

cash on th barrelhead 56 U

in th pines s50s U

Love, Billy ***

juiced se50s E

Love, Darlene (see also th Crystals) ***

wait til my Bobby gets home 63 U

a fine fine boy 64 D

He`s a rebel {original} 62 F

he`s sure th boy I luv (as th Crystals) 63 DPE-flat-PU

why do luvers break each others hearts {with Bob B. Soxx} 62 DPU

zip a dee do dah 62 U

my heart beat a little faster 62 U

run run run away 63 U

not too young to get married (with Bob B Soxx) se60s U

th boy I`m gonna marry se60s U

Love, Ronnie ***

chills an fever sl50s U

Loveless, Doug ***

coconut girl s50s U

Lovin Spoonful ***

summer in th city 66 U

u did`nt have to be so nice 66 E

do u believe in magic 65 U

daydream 66 U

wild about my lovin sl60s U

darling be home soon s60s U

did u ever have to make up yer mind s60s U

Lowe, Jim ***

green door 56 UPA

talkin to th blues 57 U

Lowery, Frankie ***

Kansas City train {Khourys 716 label} sl50s E

Loyd, Jay B ***

I`m so lonely 59 U

Lucas, Buddy Orchestra ***

boppin hop s50s U

Lucas, Matt ***

I`m movin on 63 U

Luke, Robin ***

susie darlin 58 U

Lulu ***

I`ll come runnin over s60s U

shout 64 UPE

gimme some luvin 70 U

oh me oh my 70 B-flat

hum a song from yer heart s70s FT-HG

th boat that i row sl60s U

Luman, Bob ***

oh lonesome me 60 U

try me 58 U

red hot {with James Burton guy wires} 57 C

blue days black nites sl50s A

Lunceford, Jimmie ***

cement mixer s40s U

Lutcher, Joe an his Society Cats ***

rockin boogie 47 G

Lutcher, Nellie & Her Rhythm ***

he`s a real gone guy s40s U

come on an get it honey s40s U

hurry on down s40s U

Lydia an th Melody Strings ***

I forgot to remember to forget 61 U

heartbeat 59 U

Lyman, Frankie an th Teenagers ***

why do fools fall in luv 56 F-sharp

i want u to be my girl 56 E

goody goody 57 U

little bitty pretty one 60 U

Lynn, Barbara ***

if u should lose me 62 F

Lynn, Donna ***

Java Jones s60s U

Lynyrd Skynyrd ***

freebird s70s U


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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