Song List = D E F

Daddy Cool ***

baby let me bang yer box s70s  B

come back again 71 A

daddy cool 82 E

daddy rocks off s70s E

lollipop s70s G

R an R lady s70s U

eagle rock 71 A

all I wanna do is rock s70s U

Jerry`s jump s70s U

bom bom s70s U

Daddy Dewdrop ***

chick-a-boom 71 F

Daffan, Ted Texans ***

yer breakin my heart s40s U

headed down th wrong highway s40s U

Daigle, Ted ***

Ruby sl50s A

Mary Lou sl50s U

Daisies ***

i wanna swim with him s60s U

Dale an Grace ***

I`m leavin it all up to you 64 BPU

stop and think it over s60s U

darling its wonderful s60s U

why it lasted so long s60s U

Dale, Dick an th Deltones ***

miserlou 63 U

Daly, Terry an th Nu-Tones ***

u don`t bug me s58 U

Dameron, Donna ***

Bopper 486609 s50s U

Damita Jo ***

I`ll save th last dance for you 60 U

Dana, Vic ***

shangri-la s60s U

red roses for a blue lady s60s U

D`Andrea, Ann ***

Johnny`s back in town s60s U

Dangerfield, Rodney ***

twist an shout 86 U

Daniels, Charlie ***

long haired country boy s70s D

Danleers ***

one summer nite 58 U

wheelin an dealin 58 U

Danny an th Juniors ***

back to th hop 61 U

at th hop 57 U

lets stomp again 62 U

R an R is here to stay 58 GTA-flat-TA

down I go 60 U

twistin all nite long 62 U

pony express 61 D

crazy cave se60s U

Dante & th Evergreens ***

time machine 60 U

Darin, Bobby ***

I`ll be there 60 U

nature boy 61 U

yer th reason i`m livin 63 U

i`ll be there 60 U

splish splash 58 U

queen of th hop 58 F-sharp-PU

dreamlover 59 CTD-flat-PU

u must have been a beautiful baby 61 U

if a man answers sl50s U

things 62 U

plain Jane 59 U

lazy river 61 U

if i were a carpenter sl50s U

Darnells ***

too hurt to cry sm60s U

Darren, James ***

Mary`s little lamb se60s U

goodbye cruel world s60s U

conscience sl50s U

her royal majesty sl50s U

Darren, Jimmy ***

gidget 59 U

Davie, Hutch an Orchestra *** {see Linda Scott}

Davis, Billy an th Legends ***

spunky onions s50s U

Davis, Jimmie ***

keyhole in th door s40s F-sharp

there`s a new moon over my shoulder sl40s U

Davis, Sammy Jr. ***

I gotta be me s60s U

hey there sl50s U

Davis Sisters *** {see Skeeter Davis}

Davis, Skeeter *** {see also Bobby Bare}

I can`t stay mad at you 63 D-flat

end of th world 62 UPB-flat-TB

keep yer hands off my baby s60s U

neverending luv for you s60s F

silver threads an golden needles s60s UPA

don`t let me cross over s60s B-flat

I`m savin my luv 63 E

he says th same things to me 64 E

bus fare to Kentucky 71 C

I forgot more than u`ll ever know {with Betty–original only} 53 D-flat-PU

am I that easy to forget 60 EPU

I`m fallin too 60 A

my last date 60 U

optimistic 61 E-flat

homebreaker 59 B-flat

gonna get along without ya now 64 D-flat-TD

take me home country roads 72 U

u`ve got a friend s70s U

I can`t believe that its all over s60s U

rock-bye-boogie {with Betty} 53 U

takin time out for tears {with Betty–unrel} 52-3 E

kawliga {with Betty} 52-3 U

cryin steel guitar waltz {with Betty–unrel} 53 U

u weren`t ashamed {with Georgie} 53 U

fiddle diddle boogie {with Georgie} 54 U

everluvin {with Georgie} 54 U

baby be mine {with Georgie} 55 D

blues for company {with Georgie} 55 B

its th girl who gets th blame {with Georgie} 55 A-flat

how much can a lonely heart stand 64 U

goin down th road s60s U

little bitty tear (with Bobby Bare) s60s U

Davis, Spencer ***

keep on runnin 66 U

gimme some luvin 67 G

I`m a man 67 U

Davis, Tiny an her orchestra ***

race horse 49 D-flat

how about that jive 49 D-flat

Day, Bobby ***

rockin robin s58 U

little bitty pretty one s58 A-flat-PU

bluebird–buzzard–oriole s58 D-flat

over an over 58 C

honeysuckle baby sl50s D

aint gonna cry sl50s E-flat

Day, Doris ***

teacher`s pet sm50s U

move over darlin sm50s U

evrebody loves a lover 58 U

Day, Margie {with Griffin Brothers} ***

little red rooster s40s U

Dazzlers ***

somethin baby 58 E

Deacon Blue ***

real gone kid s80s G

Deadly Ones ***

raunchy s50s D

Deal, Bill an th Rhondells ***

I`ve been hurt 69 UPC

may I UPA

what kind of fool 69 E-flat

so what if it rains 72 HG

Dean an Jean ***

hey Jean hey Dean 64 E-flat

tra la la la Suzy s60s U

thread yer needle s60s U

Dean & Mark ***

tell him no 59 U

Dean, Jimmy ***

little black book s60s U

dear Ivan 62 U

Dean, Junior ***

chick chick sl50s U

DeCastro Sisters ***

teach me tonite s50s U

Dee an Patty ***

gee whiz 58 F-sharp

Dee, Dave ***

bend it 66 U

Dee, Joey an th Starliters ***

peppermint twist 61 E

fannie mae 61 U

what kind of luv is this 62 U

shout part 1 62 U

Dee, Kiki ***

I`ve got th music in me 74 U

Dee, Mercy ***

romp an stomp blues 55 U

Deep Purple ***

hush 68 U

Deep River Boys ***

rock-a-beatin boogie 56 B-flat-TC

Dees, Rick ***

disco duck 76 U

DeJohn Sisters ***

straighten up an fly rite s50s U

no more 55 U

Del Amitri ***

spit in th rain 90 D

Delaney, Mattie ***

down th big road blues {she`s on guy wires} 20s A-flat

Delcos ***

Arabia s60s U

Dells ***

wear it on yer face s60s U

oh what a nite 55 U

run for cover s60s U

there is 68 U

close yer eyes s60s U

Delltones ***

ragdoll s70s U

little darlin s70s F-sharp

Billy`s R an R s70s U

mister bassman s70s C

put on yer dancin shoes sm70s U

come a little bit closer 63 U

walkin along s70s F

candy man s70s F

Dell Vikings ***

come an go with me 57 A-flat

whispering bells 57 B-flat

cool shake sm50s U

Delmore Brothers (see also Wayne Raney) ***

I`ve got th railroad blues s30s U

pan American boogie s40s U

Del Rays ***

starlite s50s U

Del Satins (see also Linda Laurie) ***

teardrops follow me 62 U

Demensions ***

over th rainbow 60 U

Denson, Lee *** {aka Jessie James}

new shoes {with Eddie Cochran} 57 U

red hot rockin blues 58 U

Derek ***

cinnamon 68 A

Derek an th Dominoes *** {see also Eric Clapton}

layla {with Duane Allman} 70 U

DeSanto, Sugar Pie *** {see also Sugar an Peewee}

I want to know 59 HG

In th basement {with Etta James} 66 D

ask me sl50s U

can`t let ya go sl50s U

soulful dress se60s C

goin back where I belong se60s C

it won`t be long se60s D

she`s got everything se60s C

tell me whats th matter se60s HG

I still care se60s U

DeShannon, Jackie ***

put a little luv in yer heart 69 DTE-flat

when you walk in th room 64 U

Desires ***

let it please be you 59 U

Detergents ***

leader of th laundromat 65 U

Devotions ***

Rip van Winkle 64 U

Dexter, Al & His Troopers ***

its up to you s40s U

down at th roadside inn s40s U

honey do u think its wrong sl40s U

kokomo island sl40s U

i`m losin my mind over you s40s U

Dey, Tracey ***

teenage Cleopatra 63 U

here comes th boy 63 U

Diamond, Neil ***

girl u`ll be a woman soon 67 U

solitary man 70 E

Shiloh s60s U

cracklin rosy 70 D

u got to me 67 U

forever in blue jeans 79 U

red red wine s60s U

if you know what I mean 76 D

I`ll come runnin s60s U

I am s70s B-flat

cherry cherry {live} sl60s U

cherry cherry (not live) 66 U

Diamonds ***

high sign 58 U

stroll 58 F

little darlin 57 F-sharp

walkin along 58 U

she say s50s U

words of luv sl50s U

silhoettes 57 U

luv luv luv 56 U

zip zip 57 U

Dick an Dee Dee ***

young an in luv 63 GTA-flat

th mountain`s high s60s U

turn around s60s U

tell me s60s U

Dickens, Little Jimmy ***

bird of paradise 65 U

hillbilly fever s40s U

Dickey Lee ***

dont want to think about Paula se60s U

Dicky Doo an the Don`ts ***

click clack 58 U

nee nee na na 58 U

leave me alone 58 U

Diddley, Bo ***

hey Bo Diddley sl50s U

background to a music s50s HG

signifyin blues s50s U

deed an deed I do sl50s U

th clock struck twelve sl50s F-sharp

I`m sorry sl50s U

Bo`s guitar sl50s U

huckleberry bush sl50s A-flat

down-home special 56 U

roadrunner 60 E

diddy wah diddy 55 C

I`m a man sl50s UPC

let me in sl50s U

live my life sl50s F-sharp

crackin up 59 U

u can`t judge a book s50s U

oh baby sl50s U

Dietzel, Elroy an th Rhythm Bandits ***

rockin bones sl50s E

Dillard, Varetta ***

got u on my mind s56 U

I can`t stop now 55 U

one more time 56 U

I don`t know what it is s61 U

scorched se60s C

them there eyes 52 U

luv an wine 51 D-flat

double crossin daddy 52 U

gettin ready for my daddy 53 U

so many ways s50s U

Dill, Danny ***

I`m hungry for yer luv s56 U

Dingus, Bob ***

somebudy luvin my baby sl50s E

step it up an go sl50s U


kocka-mow-mow s60s E

Dinning, Mark ***

th lovin touch sl50s U

Dino Desi an Billy ***

I`m a fool s60s U

Dino, Paul ***

Ginnie Bell 61 U

Dion *** (my apologies for not listing UGH Martin an John)

little miss blue 60 U

I cant go on (Rosalee) sl50s U

Sandy 63 U

in th still of th nite sl50s U

teenager in luv 59 D-flat

do you remember s80s E

lonely teenager 60 U

ruby 63 E

can`t we be sweethearts 63 U

Donna th prima donna 63 U

little girl of mine 63 U

lovers who wander 62 C

oh happy day 63 U

will luv ever come my way 62 U

gonna make it alone 63 U

this little girl 63 U

flim flam 63 D

drip drop 63 U

sweet sweet baby 63 C

don`t start me talkin 64 U

spoonful 65 F

7th son 65 U

kickin child 65 U

2 ton feather 65 U

baby I`m in th mood 65 C

I wonder why {with th Belmonts} 58 B-flat

where or when {with th Belmonts} 59 U

thats my desire {with th Belmonts} l50s U

don`t pity me {with th Belmonts} 58 D

th wanderer s59 U

when u wish upon a star (with Belmonts) 60 U

luv came to me 62 U

come go with me 63 U

be careful of stones that u throw s60s U

### this little girl s60s U

Dire Straits ***

money for nuthin s80s G

walk of life s80s E

so far away 85 E

sultans of swing 78 U

scate away s80s D

Distant Cousins ***

she aint lovin you s60s U

Dixiebelles ***

southtown USA s60s U

Dixie Cups ***

all grown up se60s U

I`m gonna get ya yet 65 D-flat

gee th moon is shining brite 65 U

people say 64 U

another boy like mine sm60s U

u should have seen th way he looked at me 64 U

Dixon, Floyd ***

nose trouble s40s HG

dance th thing s50s D-flat

hey bartender s40s U

Dixon, Willie ***

I do th job baby s60s E

I got a razor s70s G

Djohan, Ernie and Old Friends ***

cryin time (live with Tantowi yahya) 2003 U

Dobkins, Carl Jr. ***

my heart is an open book 59 U

if u dont want my lovin 59 U

Dodds, Nella ***

come see about me s60s U

Doggett, Bill ***

honky tonk (parts 1 an 2) 56 FPU

slow walk sl50s U

ram-bunk-shush 57 U

Dolan, Jimmie {Ramblin} ***

hot rod race s40s U

Domino, Fats ***

what will I tell my heart 57 U

humbidido 62 U

rockin bicycle 61 U

fell in luv on monday 61 U

Margie 59 U

blueberry hill 56 B-flat

I want to walk ya home 59 D-flat-PU

blue monday 57 B-flat

valley of tears 57 F-sharp

I`m walkin 57 U

what a party 61 F

be my guest 59 B-flat

goin home 51 E

walkin to new orleans 60 D-flat-PU

sick an tired 58 U

I`m gonna be a wheel 58 B-flat-PU

there goes my heart 63 U

whole lotta lovin 58 B-flat-PU

oh what a price s50s U

I`m in luv again 56 U

don`t lie to me se50s F

swanee river hop se50s C

I`m ready 59 C

mardi gras s53 A-flat

aint that a shame 55 U

so long 56 U

fat`s frenzy s50s U

la la 55 E-flat

troubles of my own 55 U

bo weevil 56 U

please don`t leave me 53 UPG

my girl Josephine 60 B-flat

I hear ya knockin 58 (61?) C

fat man 49 F-sharp-PU

let th 4 winds blow 61 B-flat

th big beat 57 U

don`t come knockin sl50s U

it keeps rainin 61 F

I want ya ta know 58 U

coquette sl50s C

natural born lover sl50s G

th girl I luv 53 D-flat

u said ya luv me 53 E-flat

Rosemary 53 HG

don`t leave me this way 54 U

u done me wrong 54 U

where did u stay 54 U

u can pack yer suitcase 54 E-flat

I lived my life 54 C

thinkin of you 55 E-flat

don`t ya know {with Herb Hardesty playin sax layin on his back} 55 B-flat

helpin hand 55 F

all by myself 55 D-flat

don`t blame it on me 56 D-flat

Swanee river hop 56 U

whats th reason s50s U

3 nites a week 60 U

red sails in th sunset s50s U

its you I luv s60s U

Domino stomp s50s U

cant go on without you se60s U

forever forever se60s U

u win again s50s U

Dominoes (with Billy Ward) ***

60 minute man 51 U

cant do sixty no more se50s U

Jenny Lee s50s A

Don an Juan ***

whats yer name 61 F

Donner, Ral ***

u don`t know what u`ve got 61 E

girl of my best friend 61 E

she`s evrethin 61 U

to luv someone s60s U

how will i know s60s U

i did`nt figure on him s60s U

Donn, Larry ***

honey bun 59 A

Donovan ***

Jennifer juniper 68 U

catch th wind 65 E-flat

universal soldier {live} sm60s C

Atlantis {live} sm60s C

there is a mountain s60s U (I saw Juanita`s snail on my garden gate too. I touched it an boy did it get slimy)

riki tiki tavi s60s U

sunshine superman s60s U

Doobie Brothers ***

music is th doctor 90 E-flat

rockin down th highway sm70s UPE

listen to th music 73 E

take me in yer arms 75 U

Doors *** {with Jim Morrison}

roadhouse blues sl60s E

touch me 69 U

luv her madly 71 U

luv me 2 times sl60s E

hello I luv you 68 U

L.A. woman 67 A

Dorman, Harold ***

### mountain of luv se60s U

Dorsam, Tom ***

baby of mine 64 G

Dorsey, Jimmy ***

Johnson rag s40s U

Dorsey, Lee ***

ya ya 61 F

do-re-mi 62 F

workin in a coal mine sm60s U

ride yer pony s60s U

Dorsey, Jimmy ***

Johnson rag s40s U

Dorsey, Tommy Orchestra ***

tea for two cha cha 58 U

Dovale, Debbie ***

hey lover s60s U

Dovells ***

stop monkeyin around s60s U

u can`t sit down 63 F

u can`t sit down {live} 64 F

bristol stomp 61 U

Betty in bermudas s60s U

bristol twistin Annie 62 U

hully gully baby se60s U

Dove, Ronnie ***

kiss away s60s U

rite or wrong s60s U

## say you se60s U

one kiss for old time sake s60s U

Dowell, Joe ***

little red rented rowboat 62 U

Downing, Big Al an th Poecats ***

oh babe 58 UPD

down on th farm 58 U

Georgia slop 64 F

miss Lucy sl50s F

just around th corner sl50s G

yes I`m luvin you sl50s B

there`l come a time sl50s U

no one else sl50s B-flat

land of make believe sl50s D

so many memories sl50s B-flat-TB

it must be luv sl50s E-flat

words of luv sl50s BTETB

all I want is you sl50s U

Drake, Pete (an his talking steel guitar) ***

forever s50s U

Draper, Rusty ***

in th middle of th house 56 U

gambler`s guitar 53 U

Dreamlovers ***

when we get married 61 U

Drifters (see also Clyde Mcphatter/Bobby Hendrix/Ben E. King) ***

I`ll take you where th music`s playin 65 U

itchy twitchy feelin (with Bobby Hendrix) 58 U

cast yer vote (with Bobby Hendrix ~ if ya wanna Rock & Roll ya better cast yer vote) s58 F

up on th roof 62 A-flat

at th club 65 F

when my little girl is smilin 62 E-flat

this magic moment 60 D-flat-PU

save th last dance for me 60 E

dance with me 59 F

there goes my baby 59 A

there goes my baby {live} 64 A-flat

on broadway 63 U

on broadway {live} 64 BTHG-TA-flat

some kind of wonderful 61 U

sweets for my sweet 61 D-flat-PU

I count th tears 61 F

if ya don`t come back 63 B-flat

I`ll take ya home 63 G

I don`t want ta go on 64 A

saturday nite at th movies 64 F-sharp

saturday nite at th movies {live} 65 F-sharp

answer th phone 65 A

chains of luv 65 F-sharp

th outside world 65 U

moonlite bay 58 E-flat

ruby sm50s U

please stay s50s U

I`ve got sand in my shoes sl50s U

come over to my place 65 U

Lucille (with Clyde Mcphatter) s50s U

Duals ***

stick shift 61 U

Dubs ***

could this be magic 57 U

Du-droppers ***

bambalam {unrel} s50s HG

i found out sl50s U

Duff, Arlie ***

alligator come across 56 F

Dugosh, Eddie an th A`ha Playboys ***

don`t you realize s58 A

Duke, Patty ***

please dont just stand there 65 U

Duncan, Don ***

somethin special sl50s U

DuPree, Champion Jack, ***

#9 blues s50s G

Duprees ***

have you heard 63 U

u belong to me se60s U

Durbin, Allison ***

American music 73 E

Dutones (see th Five Dutones) ***

Duvall, Huelyn ***

pucker paint

cumin or goin 58 A

3 months to kill 58 U

friday nite on a dollar bill 58 U

teen queen 58 U

Dylan, Bob ***

subterranean homesick blues 65 U

I want ya 66 F

just like a woman 66 U

luv minus zero 65 E

rainy day women 66 F

evrethin is broken 91 E

like a rollin stone 65 C

don`t think twice s60s E

positively 4th street 65 F-sharp

lay lady lay 69 A

Memphis blues again s60s E

mr. tambourine man 65 F

watchin th river flow 71 U

I`ll be yer baby tonite s80s F

most likely u go yer way {with th Band} 74 U

it aint me babe {with th Band} s60s U

ballad of a thin man {with th Band} s60s B

all along th watchtower {with th Band} s60s U

blowin in th wind {with th band} s60s G

she belongs to me s60s A

tangled up in blue 74 APB-flat

Eagles *** {see also Bob Seger}

new kid in town 76 E

peaceful easy feelin 73 E

hotel California 77 U

take it easy 72 GPU

already gone 74 U

take it to th limit 76 B

Earl – Jean ***

Randy s60s U

i`m into somethin good 64 U

Earls ***

life is but a dream se60s U

remember then 62 E

eyes se60s B-flat

never se60s U

kissin se60s U

all thru our teens {unrel} 61 U

cry cry cry {Ace Records England} 63 F

lets waddle {Ace Records} 62 U

lost luv {unrel. 2`11“ version} 61 DTE-flat

dreams come true {unrel. 2`4“ version 61 B

little boy an girl {unrel. 1`53“ version} s61 U

my heart`s desire {unrel. 2`56“ version} 61 U

th inbetween years, part one {with James Macarthur} 61 ATB-flat

th inbetween years, part two {with james Macarthur} 61 B-flat-TB

Easybeats ***

friday on my mind 67 A

gonna have a good time sm60s U

Echoes ***

## baby blue sl50s U

Ecuadors *** {see Chuck berry`s “let me sleep woman”}

Eddy, Duane *** {playing his Gretsch guy wires often with Lee Hazelwood}

Peter Gunn theme 60 U

dixie sl50s U

detour 58 D

rebel rouser 58 ETFTF-sharp-TD

40 miles of bad road 59 U

lonely one 58 U

dance with th guitar man 62 U

I almost lost my mind 58 U

3-30 blues 58 G

cuz their young 60 U

cannon ball 58 U

rumble 63 FPU

ram rod 58 B

movin an groovin s58 UPE

deep in th heart of Texas 62 ETCTE

th ballad of Palladin 63 A

blowin up a storm 63 DT-HG-TDT-HG-TD

choo choo a go go toot 65 A

just to satisfy you 65 ETBTE

dream lover 65 A

I`m blue 65 A

don`t think twice 65 A

it aint me babe 65 U

she belongs to me 65 A

all I really want ta do 65 A

eve of destruction 65 D

around th block in 80 days 65 A

staulkin 58 F

anytime 58 U

i fought th law (with th Ventures) s60s U

Edison Lighthouse ***

love grows s60s U

Edmunds, Dave ***

I hear ya knockin 71 E

Edsels *** {George Jones Jr.–James Reynolds–Marshall Sewell–Harry an Lary Greene}

rama lama ding dong 61 {57} UPD-flat

3 precious words 61 U

born in Mexico {unrel} s61 U

don`t know what to do se60s U

luv makes th world go round {unrel} se60s U

hide an seek {unrel} se60s E-flat

lets go se60s E-flat

my whispering heart 61 A

count th tears {unrel. version} s61 U

24 hours se60s E-flat

what brought us together 61 D

give me luv {unrel} se60s E

rink-dink-do 59 U

could it be 57 A

do ya luv me sl50s E

Edwards, Bobby ***

yer th reason s60s U

Edwards, Jimmy ***

luv bug crawl s60s U

Edwards, Tommy ***

luv is all we need sl50s U

Egan, Walter ***

magnet an steel 78 U

Eldorados ***

at my front door 55 A-flat

I aint had no baby s50s U

Eldridge, Billy an th Fireballs ***

lets go baby 59 U

Electric Indian ***

keem-o-sabe 69 U

Electric Light Orchestra ***

strange music 76 G

telephone line 77 APU

don`t bring me down 79 U

turn ta stone 77 E

boy blue s70s U

livin thing 76 U

all over th world 80 C

rockaria s70s D

do ya 77 D

sweet talkin woman 78 C

Electric Prunes ***

I had too much to dream last nite 67 D

Elegants ***

gettin dizzy s60s U

Elliot, Mama Cass (see th Mamas an Papas) ***

Ellis, Shirley ***

th name game 65 U

nitty gritty 64 U

th clapping song s60s U

Ellsworth, Ray ***

R an R show sl50s U

El Vinos ***

my heart beats faster s60s U

Ember, Dale an th Flames ***

happy days s60s F

Epps, Preston ***

bongos bongos bongos 60 U

bongo rock 59 E

Escorts ***

Gloria sl50s U

Essex ***

a walkin miracle s60s U

easier said than done s60s U

Eternals ***

R an R cha cha cha 59 C

Babalu`s wedding day 59 U

rockin in th jungle s50s U

Eurithmics ***

when tomorrow comes 90 U

here comes th rain again 91 U

Eurogliders ***

groove 90 U

Evans, Paul ***

happy go lucky me 60 U

7 little girls 59 U

Everett, Betty ***

its in his kiss 63 U

until ya were gone 63 A-flat

I can`t hear ya 64 U

hands off 63 E-flat

hound dog 63 D

Everly Brothers ***

this little girl of mine 58 U

how can i meet her 62 U

ferris wheel s60s U

stick with me baby 61 U

dream 58 E

Donna Donna 63 F

be bop a lula 60 U

gone gone gone 63 UPF-sharp

nightingale 84 A

til I kissed ya 59 F-sharp

temptation 61 U

so sad 60 U

bye bye luv 57 APU

made ta luv s60s U

thats just too much s60s U

change of heart s60s U

silver threads golden needles s60s U

luv hurts 61 U

luv hurts {faster version} s60s U

I`m gonna move to th outskirts of town s60s U

lonely weekends s60s U

Kansas city s60s U

I got a woman s60s U

luv is strange 65 U

what am I livin for 65 U

hi-heel sneakers 65 U

C C rider {country circuit} 65 U

lonely avenue 65 U

my babe 65 U

walkin th dog 65 U

I almost lost my mind 65 U

rip it up s60s U

keep-a-knockin s60s U

I wonder if I care 57 A

when will I be loved 60 U

so fine s60s U

maybe tomorrow sl50s U

Maybelline sl50s U

dancin in th street s60s U

slippin an slidin s60s U

Suzie Q s60s E

walk rite back s60s U

girls are made to luv s60s U

Claudette sl50s U

devoted to you s60s U

bowling green 67 U

muskrat 61 U

always its you 60 U

Kathy`s clown sl50s U

that`s old fashioned sl50s U

dont blame me sl50s U

Lucille sl50s U

Excellents ***

coney island baby 62 U

Exciters ***

tell him 63 U

he`s got th power 63 U

i want u to be my boy se60s U

doo wah diddy (Bopland wedding bells) s60s U

Exile ***

kiss ya all over 78 U

Fabares, Shelley ***

Johnny loves me 62 U

Fabian ***

turn me loose 59 U

like a tiger 59 U

string along 60 U

i`m a man sl50s U

Fabulous Thunderbirds ***

she`s hot 88 U

wrap it up s68 B-flat

rainin in my heart 88 U

my babe s70s UP-HG

she`s tuff s70s E

marked deck s70s U

tuff enuff 86 UPBTD

got luv if ya want it 86 U

rock this place 89 U

look at that 86 UPG

tell me 82 A

Facenda, Tommy ***

high school USA 59 U

Faces ***

itchycoo park 68 A

Fagen, Dick an th Scores ***

nuthin really shakes me 59 U

rain rain 59 U

Faith, Adam ***

its alrite 65 U

Faithful, Maryanne ***

is this what i get for lovin you s60s U

summer nites 65 U

in my time of sorrow s64 U

as tears go by 64 C

Falcons *** {with Wilson Pickett}

yer so fine 59 D-flat

I found a luv s59 U

Fame, Georgie ***

yeh yeh 65 U

Fantastic Johnny C ***

boogaloo down broadway 67 U

Fardon, Fardon ***

Indian reservation 68 U

Fargo, Donna ***

funny face 72 DTE-flat

Farlowe, Chris ***

out of time s70s G

Fascinators ***

who do you think u are 59 U

oh Rose Marie s50s E-flat

Feathers, Charlie ***

cant hardly stand it s60s E

she set me free s50s U

wild wild party 59 U

peepin eyes 55 U

defrost yer heart {waltz} 55 U

defrost yer heart {different version} s60s U

one hand loose 56 U

bottle to th baby { th obviously better version} 56 U

evrebudies luvin my baby 56 U

when ya come around 57 {90} U

nobudys woman 57 U

gone gone gone {version with treetop bull} s79 U

two ta choose 79 U

get with it 56 D

do ya know {Edsel label} sl50s U

rock me sl50s U

rain sl50s U

mama oh mama sl50s U

cherry wine sl50s U

there will be three sl50s E

Fraulein 90 E

mean woman blues 90 C

if tomorrow never comes 90 E

cootzie coo 90 E

seasons of my heart 90 U

stutterin Cindy 71 U

tear it up 71 U

uh huh honey {Norton records, N.Y. th best version} 71 U

that certain female 74 U

walkin th dog s70s U

?? don`t that sun look good goin down s60s ??

Felts, Derrell ***

playmates sl50s A

Fender, Freddie ***

before th next teardrop falls 75 A

Fendermen ***

?? don`t ya just know it 60 ??

Ferguson, H-Bomb ***

Mary little Mary s60 C

midnite ramble sl50s E-flat

Ferguson, Jay ***

thunder island 78 U

Fern, Mike an th Del Royals ***

brake Jake s50s G

Ferrier, Al ***

hey baby 57 E

I`ll try one more time sl50s U

lets go boppin tonite 56 E

honey baby {84} sl50s U

honey baby {2`5“ slower version} sl50s U

no no baby 55 U

what is this thing called luv 58 E

my baby done gone away 55 U

muscadine mule {unrel} se60s U

why doubt my luv sl50s U

I`m th man {2`10“ version} sl50s U

blues stop knockin {2`9“ version} sl50s U

she left me sl50s U

luv me baby sl50s E

Indian R an R sl50s U

u win again {2`5“ version} sl50s U

hey baby sl50s U

Fields, Ernie ***

in th mood 59 D-flat-TF-sharp-TD-flat-TF-sharp-D-flat

th charleston 61 U

Fiestas ***

so fine 59 UPE-flat

Fifth Dimension ***

age of Aquarius 69 U

up up an away 67 U

grazin in th grass sl60s U

sweet blindness 68 U

California soul 69 U

blowin away 70 U

Fifth Estate ***

heigh ho sl50s U

Finnegan, Larry ***

dear one 62 F

Fireballs ***

bulldog se60s U

quite a party S60s U

bottle of wine s60s U

Fireflies ***

u were mine 59 U

First class ***

beach baby 74 CTDTCTD

Fisher, Brien ***

fingertips s50s U

Fisher, Toni ***

th big hurt 59 U

west of th wall 62 U

Fitzgerald, Ella & th Delta Rhythm Boys ***

its only a paper moon s40s U

Five Americans ***

western union 67 U

Five Blobs ***

th blob 58 U

Five Discs ***

never let u go s60s U

i remember 58 U

Five Dutones ***

th bird se60s U

shake yer tail feather {beware label only} s63 E

Five Emprees ***

little miss sad 65 U

Five Keys ***

my pidgeon`s gone 56 E-flat

gee whitakers s50s U

ling ting tong s50s U

close yer eyes 54 U

Five Royales ***

think 57 U

help me somebody sm50s U

Five Satins ***

when yer luv comes along sm50s A-flat

in th still of th nite 56 U

Five Stars ***

pickin on th wrong chicken s60s U

Five Thousand Volts ***

I`m on fire {with Tina Charles} 75 UPF

Flack, Roberta ***

th first time ever I saw yer face 71 C

Jessie 73 D-flat

Flamingoes ***

luvers never say good-bye 58 U

time was 61 U

I only have eyes for you 59 U

yer other luv 60 B-flat

luv walked in 59 U

goodnite sweetheart 59 E-flat

mio amore 60 E-flat

nobudy luves me like u do 60 B

but not for me 59 C

music maestro please 59 F

crazy crazy crazy 60 C

Flares ***

foot stompin 61 U

Flatt an Scruggs ***

foggy mountain breakdown 68 G

orange blossom special s60s A

worried man s60s G

tis sweet to be remembered s50s U

Fleetwood Mac ***

heroes are hard ta find 74 U

Rhiannon 76 C

my babys good to me s73 E

go yer own way 77 F

shake yer money maker s73 E

don`t stop 77 E

over my head 75 D

u make lovin fun 77 U

rockin boogie s60s D

Fleetwoods ***

mr. blue 59 E-flat-PU

come softly to me sl50s U

Flies On Fire ***

baptize me over Elvis Presley`s grave 91 U

Flint, Shelby ***

little dancin doll s50s U

Flirtations ***

nuthin but a heartache 66 or 69 U

Flores, Rosie ***

blues keep callin me {with Janis Martin} 95 D-flat

hard times {with Janis Martin} 95 C

rock yer baby {with Wanda Jackson} 95 D

don`t let our luv die {with James Intveld} 95 U

u tear me up 95 G

bop street 95 D

write myself a letter s60s NA

boxcars {th first part} 95 D

Floyd, Eddie ***

knock on wood 66 E

Flying Emus ***

mad about ya sl80s C

Fogerty, John ***

big train from Memphis 84 E

I can`t take it no more 2007 U

long dark road 2007 U

Foley, Jim an th Big Beats ***

good-bye train 57 C

Foley, Red *** {see also Kitty Wells}

freight train boogie s40s U

hobo boogie s40s U

### never trust a woman s40s U

Birmingham bounce sl40s U

Fontaine, Eddie ***

nothin shakin s60s U

Fontana, Wayne ***

Pamela Pamela sm60s U

Fontane Sisters ***

hearts of stone 54 U

daddy-o 55 U

please don`t leave me 55 U

I`m stickin with you 57 U

seventeen 55 U

i`m in luv again sl50s U

i wanna be loved (with Hugo Winterhalter) sl40s U

castle rock s40s U

let me in s50s U

Fonzie {th Fonz}*** {helped promote certain forgotten artists}

Ford, Billy an th Thunderbirds *** {see Billy an Lillie}

Ford, Frankie ***

sea cruise 59 U

Foreigner ***

double vision 78 U

feels like th first time 77 U

cold as ice 77 E-flat

Forrest, Jimmy ***

nite train sl50s U

Fortunes ***

here it comes again 65 U

u`ve got yer troubles s60s U

here comes that rainy day feelin again 71 U

Foundations ***

build me up buttercup s60s U

Four Blazes ***

Mary Jo s40s U

Four Epics ***

dance Joanne se60s U

Four J`s ***

here I am s60s U

Four Lads (see also Johnnie Ray) ***

skokiaan 54 U

moments to remember 55 G

standin on th corner 56 GTA-flat

Four Pennies ***

my block s60s U

Four Preps ***

big surprise 59 U

down by th station s60s U

Four Seasons ***

peanuts sm60s U

yer nobudy til somebody loves you 66 U

alone 64 B-flat

Marlena 63 E-flat

c`mon Maryanne 67 U

december sixty three 76 D-flat

ragdoll 64 B-flat

lets hang on 65 U

tell it to th rain 66 C

Sherry 62 U

stay 63 U

don`t think twice 65 U

candy girl 63 FTF-sharp

opus seventeen 66 UPF-sharp-TDTA-flat-TATB-flat-TB

Ronnie 64 U

beggin 67 D

save it for me 64 U

aint that a shame 63 E-flat

Connie O s60s U

walk like a man 63 U

bye bye baby 65 U

big girls dont cry 62 U

girl come runnin home 65 U

Cousin Brucie go go s60s U

why do fools fall in luv s60s U

hurt yourself s60s U

Four Teens ***

spark plug 58 U

go little go cat 58 U

Four Tops ***

7 rooms of gloom 67 U

ask th lonely sm60s G

I can`t help myself 65 C

its th same old song 65 UPC

Bernadette 67 U

shake me wake me 66 U

u keep runnin away 67 U

somethin about ya 65 U

reach out 66 D-flat-TF-sharp-TB-flat-TD-flat-TF-sharp-TB-flat-TD-flatTF-sharp-TB-flat

baby I need yer luvin 64 B-flat

standin in th shadows of luv 66 F-sharp

walk away Renee 68 U

are ya man enuff s70s E-flat

if i were a carpenter s60s U

Fox, Norman an th Rob – Roys ***

tell me why sl50s U

Foxx, Inez an Charlie ***

count th days I`m gone s60s U

Frampton, Peter ***

show me th way 76 UPD

I`m in you 77 C

baby I luv yer way 76 G

Francis, Connie ***

Teddy 60 U

a second hand luv 62 U

drownin my sorrows 63 U

singin th blues s60s U

who`s sorry now 58 UPE-flat-TE

young luv s60s U

where th boys are 61 GTA-flat-PU

bye bye luv s60s U

follow th boys 61 GTA-flat-PU

hearts of stone s60s U

half as much s60s U

cold cold heart s60s U

robot man 60 U

plenty good luvin 59 U

many tears ago 60 U

strangers in th nite s60s U

together 61 U

lipstick on yer collar 59 HG

blue winter 64 U

evrebudy`s somebudy`s fool 60 F-sharp-TGTA-flat

I fall to pieces s60s D

my happiness 58 U

dreamboat 61 U

stupid cupid 58 E-flat

gonna get that man s60s U

my heart has a mind of its own 60 U

dont break th heart 61 U

among my souvenirs 59 UPATB-flat

vacation 62 F

Frankie 59 E-flat-TE

breakin in a brand new broken heart 61 C

moonriver s63 E

luv is a many splendered thing 61 U

Carolina moon 58 E-flat-TE

someday yer gonna miss me se60s U

## i`m gonna be warm this winter sl50s U

Frantics Four ***

TV mama s50s U

Freberg, Stan ***

sh boom s40s U

little blue riding hood s40s U

i got u under my skin s40s U

st. george an th dragonet s50s U

great pretender s50s U

heartbreak hotel 56 U

wun`erful wun`erful 57 U

try s50s U

John & Marsha se50s U

Freddie & th Dreamers ***

a little you 65 U

do th freddie s60s U

Fred, John an th Playboys ***

Judy in disguise 67 B-flat

Freed, Alan ***

intro 54 NA

Freeman, Bobby ***

c`mon an swim 64 U

Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes 58 U

do you wanna dance sl50s U

Freeman, Ernie ***

raunchy 57 E-flat

rockin red wing sm50s U

French, Don ***

lonely saturday nite 59 U

Friend and Lover ***

reach out of th darkness s60s U

Friends of Distinction ***

grazin in th grass sl60s U

Frizzell, Lefty ***

i want to be with you always 40s U

travelin blues s40s U

always late s40s U

if u got th money honey se50s U

i luv u a thousand ways s40s U

dont stay away s40s U

look what thoughts will do s40s U

Frogmen ***

underwater (original) 61 U

Fuller, Bobby (Four) ***

I fought th law 66 GPU

luves made a fool of you s66 U

th chase s60s A

nervous breakdown s60s F-sharp

let her dance sm60s U

Fuller, Johnny ***

no more no more 57 C

Full Tilt Boogie Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “me an Bobby Mcgee”–”kosmic blues”–”cry baby”–”move over”–”half moon”–”get it while ya can”–”ball an chain”

Fulson, Lowell ***

I still luv ya baby 55 C

reconsider baby 54 G

I want to know {one version with th same name is not acceptable} 60 U

trouble trouble 55 U

hung down head 61 F

tollin bells 56 E

thats all rite 57 U

do me rite 55 B-flat-PU

so many tears s50s B-flat

cumin home someday s50s F

come back baby s40s U


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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