Song List = C

*** Cadets ***

stranded in th jungle 56 B-flat

luv bandit sl50s B-flat


*** Cadillacs ***

Speedo {with Earl Carroll} 55 E-flat

babys comin home ta me 59 E-flat

Betty my luv 56 A-flat

sugar sugar 57 B-flat

shock-a-do 59 C

zoom 56 U

Gloria 54 F

no chance 55 A-flat

buzz buzz buzz 58 U

Speedo is back 58 U

a`looka here 58 A-flat

R an R is here ta stay {unrel} 60 B-flat


*** Caesar an Cleo ***

th letter s60s U

luv is strange s60s U


*** Caiola, Al ***

bonanza s50s U


*** Cale, John JJ *** {see also Al Sweatt}

crazy mama 72 F-sharp


*** Calloway, Cab an his Cotton Club Orchestra ***

kickin th gong around 33 U

Minnie th moocher {DeJavu} 31 E

who`s yehooti 40 U

I want ta rock s30 E-flat

hey now hey now s30s U

tarzan of Harlem 39 U

are ya hep to th jive 40 U

are ya all reet 41 U

reefer man 32 ET-HG

th man from Harlem s30s E

th hi-de-ho man s30s D

th honeydripper s40s U


*** Campbell, Eddie ***

weary blues s70s U


*** Campbell, Glen ***

turn around look at me 61 U

by th time I get ta Phoenix s70s U

rhinestone cowboy 75 U

Wichita lineman 68 U

gentle on my mind 67 E-flat

try a little kindness 69 E


*** Campbell, Jo Ann ***

Wolverton mountain 62 U

wait a minute sl50s U

Bobby Bobby Bobby sl50s U

kookie little paradise sl50s U


*** Candy, Penny ***

th rockin lady from New Orleans 59 U


*** Cannabal an th Headhunters ***

land of 1000 dances se60s E


*** Canned heat ***

goin up th country 68 B-flat

on th road again 68 E

lets work together 70 G

amphetamine Annie 68 U

boogie music sl60s E

she`s a gamblin woman s70s E


*** Cannon, Ace ***

tuff 61 U

sittin tight se 60s U


*** Cannon, Freddy ***

muskrat ramble 61 U

Patty baby 63 U

where th action is se60s U

Tallahassie lassie 59 D

Abigail Beecher 64 U

transister sister se60s U

buzz buzz 61 A-flat

hanky panky se60s U

Okefenokee se60s U

if you were an R an R record se60s U

humdinger se60s U

## jump over s60s U

## New Orleans se60s U


*** Capitols ***

cool jerk 66 E-flat

I got ta handle it s60s U


*** Capris ***

morse code of luv 82 U

there`s a moon out tonite 61 U


*** Captain an Tenille ***

luv will keep us together 73 U

th way I want ta touch ya 72 U


*** Caravelles ***

u dont have to be a baby to cry 63 U

have u ever been lonely 64 U


*** Cardinals ***

th door is still open 55 U

Carle, Frankie & His Orchestra ***

beg yer pardon s40s U


*** Carlisle, Belinda ***

summer rain 90 U

mad about ya 90 A


*** Carlisle, Cliff ***

mouse`s ear blues s30s A-flat

ash can blues s40s U

that nasty swing s40s A-flat


*** Carlisles ***

too old to cut the mustard s40s U

honey luv s40s U

knothole s40s U

i`m ruff stuff s40s U

shake a leg s40s U


*** Carlo ***

baby doll sl50s U


*** Carl, Steve with th Jags ***

curfew 58 U


*** Carmichael, Hoagy *** {composer of “stardust”}

huggin an chalkin 40s U


*** Carnes, Kim ***

Betty Davis eyes 81 F


*** Carnes, Paul ***

I`m a mean mean daddy 59 U


*** Carousels ***

u can come if u want to 61 U


*** Carpenters ***

hurtin each other 65 E

its goin ta take some time 71 U

goodbye ta luv 72 U

B`wana she no home 77 U

intermission 72 NA

callin occupants of interplanetary craft 77 U

only yesterday 75 U

yesterday once more 73 E

for all we know 71 U

superstar 71 A-flat

please mr. postman 75 A

solitaire 75 E

we`ve only just begun 70 U

sing 73 E-flat-TCTE-flat

there`s a kind of hush 76 U

this mascarade 74 U


*** Carr, Cathy ***

ivory tower 56 U

I`m gonna change him 59 U

first anniversary s50s U


*** Carroll, Andrea ***

th doomlang s60s U

please don`t talk to th lifeguard s60s U


*** Carroll, Bernadette ***

don`t hurt me 63 U

party girl 64 U


*** Carroll, Cathy ***

poor little puppet 62 U


*** Carroll, Johnny ***

rock baby rock it sl50s C

sugar lips {unrel} 58 U

thats th way I luv sl50s U


*** Carr, Valerie ***

when th boys talk about th girls sl50s U


*** Carr, Wynona ***

jump Jack jump 56 U

til th well runs dry 56 HG

boppity bop 56 HG

should I ever luv again 56 HG

ding dong daddy 55 F

someday somewhere somehow 59 U

act rite 55 F

heartbreak melody 55 U

please mr. jailer 56 U

give me yer hand ta hold 59 U


*** Cars ***

good times roll se80s B

lets go 79 A

shake it up 82 C


*** Carson, Mindy ***

since i met u baby (an excellent song to slow dance to) 57 U


*** Carter, Clarence ***

slip away 68 U


*** Carter Family ***

i found u among th roses s30s U

that`l be th day s70s U

while th world goes whizzin by s70s U

less of me s70s U

I walk th line s70s U

th windin stream {with Alvin P. Carter, Sara Dougherty an Maybelle Addington} 32 B-flat

longin for old Virginnie 34 A-flatPU

my old pal of yesterday 41 U

when th roses bloom in Dixieland 29 B-flat

miner`s blues 39 U

Columbus stockade blues 39 D

sittin on top of th world 39 U

I`ve been workin on th railroad 39 U

th western hobo 29 F

Jimmy Brown th newsboy 29 B-flat

th cannonball {take one} 30 U

there`s someone awaitin fer me 30 U

little log hut in th lane 30 U

when th springtime comes again 30 U

wabash cannonball 29 B-flat

when th roses come again 33 U

I`ll be all smiles tonite {with dobro rare instrument} 34 U

happy or lonesome {with dobro} 34 U

darlin daisies 34 A

east Virginnie blues 34 F

th evening bells are ringin 34 U

amber tresses 31 F

tell me that ya luv me 31 G

sweet as th flowers in maytime 32 G

lonesome homesick blues 41 U

worried man 30 B-flat

sweet fern 28 A-flat

school house on th hill 33 G

I never luved but one 32 F

Corrina {Helen–June–Anita} 39 U

u are my flower 39 B-flat

its hard ta please yer mind 39 U

sourwood mountain {Arhoolie records} 39 U

hello stranger 39 B-flat

Dixie darling 39 B-flat

my gold watch an chain 39 B-flat

theme 39 A-flat

cannonball blues 39 U

u are my sunshine 39 U

oh Suzanna {anita} 39 D

Chinese breakdown 39 A

baby its cold outside {June with Homer an Jethro} s40s U

wildwood flower s30s U

parting of th ways s30s U

are u lonesome tonight s30s U

over th garden wall s30s U

sweet talkin man s30s U

luv luv luv s30s U

i gotta go get my baby s30s U

boll weevil s30s U

he`s solid gone s30s U


*** Carter, Goree ***

I`m yer boogie man 51 F-sharp


*** Carter Kids ***

gotta rock s50s U


*** Carter, Martha ***

I`m thru cryin 60 A-flat


*** Carter, Prince ***

shake me up s50s U


*** Cartey, Ric ***

scratchin on my screen 57 F-sharp


*** Cascades ***

rhythm of th rain 63 E

shy girl 63 U


*** Casey, Al Combo ***

surfin hootenanny s60s U


*** Cash, Alvin ***

twine time 63 G


*** Cash, Eddie ***

doin all rite sl50s A


*** Cash, Johnny ***

hit th road an go 77 E

come in stranger 58 F-sharp

hey porter s60s F

I got stripes {live} 59 D-flat-TE-flat

blue train s60s F

ring of fire 63 U

I heard that lonesome whistle blow s60s U

orange blossom special {live} 65 U

walk th line 56 F-sharp-TBTETBTF-sharp

Luther played th boogie 58 F-sharp

Tennessee flat top box 61 UPB

don`t think twice its all rite 70 U

ballad of Ira Hayes 64 U

I still miss someone se60s A

understand yer man 50s C

wabash cannonball s70s U

get rhythm 56 U

ballad of a teenage queen 58 U


*** Cashmeres ***

satisfied part two s60s U


*** Cash, Rosanne ***

never be you s80s U

7 year ache 81 C

hold on s80s U

Tennessee flat top box 87 B-flat

my baby thinks he`s a train s80s U

I don`t know why ya don`t want me 85 D


*** Cash, Tommy ***

6 white horses s80s D


*** Casinos ***

then u can tell me goodbye s60s U


*** Castaways ***

liar liar 65 U


*** Caster, Jimmy Bunch ***

Bertha butt boogie se70s E-flat

trogolodite 72 U


*** Castro, Bernadette ***

his lips get in th way 64 U


*** Catalinas ***

be mine s50s U


*** Chad an Jeremy ***

a summer song 64 A

yesterdays gone s60s U

teenage failure s60s U


*** Chaffin, Ernie ***

feelin low s50s D


*** Chambers Brothers ***

time has come 68 U


*** Champs ***

tequila 58 E

train ta nowhere 58 F

limbo rock 62 G

too much tequila s50s U

el rancho Rock 58 U


*** Chandler, Gene ***

rainbow se60s U

U threw a lucky punch se60s D-flat

turn on yer luv lite s60s U

Duke of Earl 62 F-sharp-PF


*** Channel, Bruce ***

hey baby 62 U


*** Channels ***

th closer u are 56 U


*** Chantays ***

pipeline 63 U


*** Chantels ***

look in my eyes 61 U

I luv ya so 58 U

come my little baby 58 C

well I told ya 61 F-sharp

I 60 C

My memories of you 58 C

there`s no other like my baby se60s U

Chantones *** (see Jack Scott)


*** Chapel, Jean ***

i wont be rockin tonite s60s U


*** Chapin, Harry ***

cats in th cradle 74 U


*** Chapman, Tracy ***

talkin bout a revolution 82 G

why 86 U


*** Charles, Bobby ***

big boys cry 63 F

Charles, Jimmy ***

a million to one sl50s U


*** Charles, Ray *** {Ray was blind}

swanee river rock se60s U

hide nor hair sl50s U

I`m movin on s60s F-sharp

what`d I say 59 E

u don`t know me 62 U

unchain my heart 61 A-flat

livin for th city 80 U

lets go get stoned 66 D-flat

nite time is th rite time 59 U

yesterday s70s U

yes indeed se60s U

here we go again 67 U

Georgia on my mind 60 A-flat

bye bye luv s60s B-flat

one mint julep 61 U

I got a woman 55 B-flat-PA

lonely avenue 56 U

cryin time 66 U

why I sing th blues 66 D-flat

hit th road Jack 61 U

i dont need no doctor s60s D-flat

kiss a me baby S50s U

dont set me free 63 U

born to lose (reluctantly included) s60s U

u are my sunshine s60s U

sticks an stones 60 U

without luv there is nothing 63 U

no one 63 U

together again s60s U


*** Charles, Ray Singers ***

luv me with all yer heart s60s U


*** Charles, Tina *** {see Five Thousand Volts}


*** Charmettes ***

please dont kiss me again 63 U

skatin in th blue lite 57 U


*** Charms *** {see Otis Williams}


*** Chartbusters ***

she`s th one 64 U

why 64 U


*** Checker, Chubby ***

th class sm60s U

lovely lovely 65 U

lets twist again 62 E-flat

twist 60 E

hucklebuck 60 UPCTA-flat

pony time 61 E-flat

fly 61 F

dancin party 62 UPE-flat

limbo rock 62 A-flat

mess around s62 E

hey Bobba Needle s62 U

loddy lo s62 F

slow twistin {with Dee Dee Sharp} s60s E-flat

Mary Ann limbo s60s F

birdland s60s B-flat

lets do th freddy s60s U

lets limbo some more s60s C

20 miles se60s U

twistin USA se60s U

popeye th hitchhiker 62 U

twistin USA 60 U

hooka tooka 64 U

twist it up sm60s U


*** Checkmates LTD ***

proud Mary 60s U


*** Cheech an Chong ***

basketball jones 73 D

earache my eye 74 D

streets of New York 72 NA


*** Chenier, Clifton ***

ita hard s60s G

hot rod 65 F

squeeze box boogie s60s F

th cats dreamin s60s G

I can`t stand s60s D


*** Cher ***

turn back time 90 BTD

half-breed 73 U

### bang bang s70s U


*** Chestnuts ***

R an R tragedy s50s U


*** Chevells ***

riptide s60s U


*** Chicago ***

feelin stronger 73 U


*** Chiffons ***

a luv so fine sm60s U

sweet talkin guy 66 B

he`s so fine 63 U

he`s so fine {live} 64 U

one fine day 63 F-sharp

i have a boyfriend 64 U

my block 63 U

stop look listen 66 U


*** Chimes ***

once in a while 61 U


*** Chocolate Watch Band ***

sweet young thing sm60s U


*** Choir ***

i`m goin home s60s U

its cold outside 67 U


*** Chordettes ***

born ta be with you 56 D-flat

lollipop 58 UPA-flat

no wheels 59 B-flat

just between you an me 57 U

mr. sandman 54 U

eddie my luv 56 U

zorro 58 U


*** Chords ***

sh-boom 54 U


*** Christie ***

san Bernadino 70 E-flat

iron horse se70s A-flat


*** Christie, Lou ***

self expression se60s U

two faces have I 63 F

rhapsody in th rain 66 U

rhapsody in th rain (alt lyrics) sm60s U

i`m gonna make u mine 69 U

mr. tenor man s60s U

th gypsy cried 62 U


*** Christie, Susan ***

I luv onions s60s U


*** Church, Eugene an Fellows ***

pretty girls everywhere 59 D

good news sl50s U


*** Church Street Five ***

a nite with Daddy G part two s60s U


*** Clanton, Jimmy ***

go Jimmy go 60 D-flat

Venus in blue jeans 62 U

just a dream 58 U

another sleepless nite 60 U


*** Clapton, Eric ***

let it grow 74 U

let it rain 70 UPD

blues power 70 C

wonderful tonite 77 G

lat down Sally 77 U

promises 78 G

bottle of red wine {with Bonnie Bramlett} s70s C

Tulsa time 80 D

after midnite 72 C

I shot th sheriff 74 B-flat

anyday {with Bobby Whitlock} 72 U

stone free 93 ATDTATDTATD


*** Clark, Claudine ***

party lites 62 U


*** Clark, Dave Five ***

a little bit now 67 U

cant u see that she`s mine 64 U

at th scene 66 U

havin a wild weekend sm60s F

bita an pieces 64 F

chiqueta sm60s U

I like it like that 65 U

put a little luv sm60s DTE-flat

catch us if ya can 65 G

glad all over 64 DTE-flat

anyway ya want it 64 U

here comes summer s60s U

do ya luv me 64 UPD

over an over 65 U

satisfied with you sm60s U

because s60s U

red & blue s60s U

reelin an rockin 65 U

u must have been a beautiful baby 67 U

u got what it takes s60s U

try too hard s60s U


*** Clark, Dee ***

fever se60s U

hey little girl 59 A-flat

raindrops 61 U

yer lookin good se60s U

nobody but you 59 U

just keep it up 59 U

how about that 60 U


*** Clark, Petula ***

neon rainbow sm60s U

I could`nt live without yer luv 66 DTE-flat-PD-flat-TDPU

sign of th times 66 U

my luv 66 ATB-flat

I know a place 65 U

don`t sleep in th subway 67 D

color my world 67 U

u`d better come home 65 U

kiss me goodbye s60s U

dont give up s60s U

th other man`s grass s60s U

this is my song s60s U


*** Clark, Roy ***

please mr. mayor 58 U


*** Classics ***

till then 63 U

Pollyanna se60s U


*** Clay, Joe ***

16 chicks 56 U


*** Cleftones ***

heart an soul 61 A-flat

little girl of mine 56 UPA-flat

for sentimental reasons 61 U

cant we be sweethearts 56 F

you baby you sm50s U


*** Clicketts ***

because of my best friend s60s U


*** Cliff, Benny Trio ***

shake em up rock 59 U


*** Clifford, Buzz ***

baby sittin boogie 60 F-sharp


*** Climax ***

precious an few 72 U


*** Cline, Patsy ***

luv letters in th sand se60s U

she`s got you 62 F

in care of th blues se60s F

sweet dreams 63 U

heartaches se60s U

I fall to pieces 61 B-flat

U belong to me 62 E-flat

leavin on yer mind 63 UP-HG

foolin around se60s UPDTE-flat

I luv ya so much se60s U

back in baby`s arms se60s U

walkin after midnite 57 C

strange 62 U

crazy 61 UPB-flat-TE

San Antonio rose se60s E

7 lonely days se60s U

wayward wind se60s U

I`m movin along se60s U

pick me up on yer way down se60s U

fingerprints se60s U

there he goes se60s U

luv me luv me honey do s60s E-flat-TETF

honkytonk merry-go-round se60s U

if I could see th world se60s U

poor man`s roses se60s U


*** Clinton, Buddy ***

across th street from yer house sl50s U


*** Clique ***

sugar on sunday 69 U

Clooney, Rosemary ***

be my life`s companion sm50s U


*** Clovers ***

i got my eyes on you s60s U

one mint julep 62 U

luv potion #nine 59 U

stay awhile 59 E-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat

yer cash aint nuthin but trash s50s U

good luvin sl50s U

lovey dovey 54–56 U

drive it home sl50s U


*** Coasters *** {aka Robins}

one kiss led to another 50s U

that is R an R 59 B

searchin 57 D-flat

it aint sanitary sl50s U

young blood 57 B-flat

along came jones 59 A

yakety yak 58 G

I`m a hog for ya baby 59 U

poison ivy 59 A-flat

Charlie Brown 59 B-flat

wait a minute s57 C

keep on rollin 61 U

teach me how to shimmy 61 A

D.W. Washburn 67 ATBTA

shake `em up {with Jerry Leiber} 68 G

down in Mexico 56 E-flat

idol with th golden head 57 C

zing went th strings 58 E

th shadow knows 58 C

loop de loop mambo 50s U

girls girls girls s50s U


*** Coburn, Bruce ***

if a tree falls in th forest 89 D


*** Coburn, Kimbal ***

teenage luv 58 HG


*** Cochran, Eddie ***

somethin else 59 D

summertime blues 58 E

my way s60 E

c`mon evrebudy 59 E-flat

weekend 59-61 E-flat

skinny Jim sl50s U

cherished memories 60 U

don`t bye bye baby me {unrel} sl50s U

long tall Sally 56 A

nervous breakdown 58 F-sharp

20 flite rock 56 A

boll weevil 59 U

milk cow blues 59 C

luv again 58 D

cradle baby 57 HG


*** Cochran, Jacky Lee ***

pity me sl50s C


*** Cochran, Wayne ***

c c rider s79 E-flat-TFTE-flat


*** Cocker, Joe ***

u are so beautiful 74 U

high time we went 71 EPU

unchain my heart se70s U

delta lady 69 B

leave yer hat on s70s C

help from my friends 68 A

bathroom window 69 U

cry me a river 70 U

th letter s60s U

midnite rider 72 D


*** Cockroaches ***

double shot 89 E


*** Colder, Ben ***

shudders an screams sl50s F


*** Cole, Nat ***

stardust 57 U

pretend 53 UPB-flat

too young 51 A-flat

Mona Lisa 50 D-flat

blue gardenia se50s F

nature boy 40s U

smile s50s E-flat

time and th river sl50s U

meet me at no special place s40s U

that sunday that summer se60s U


*** Cole, Sonny an th Rhythm Roamers ***

Robinson Crusoe bop sl50s E


*** Colley, Keith ***

enamorado 63 U

queridita se60s U


*** Collins, Judy ***

both sides now 68 A-flat


*** Collins, Tommy ***

black cat 60 E

whatcha gonna do now s50s U


*** Commander Cody an th Lost Planet Airmen ***

hot rod lincoln 71 E

beat me daddy 71 C

lawdy miss clawdy s70s E

wine do yer stuff 71 HG

evrebudy`s doin it 73 U

lost in th ozone 71 U

too much fun 74 U

seeds an stems again s70s C

my home in my hands s70s E

20 flite rock {live} 71 U


*** Como, Perry ***

dont let th stars get in yer eyes 53 U

when u were sweet sixteen se50s U


*** Conner, Chris ***

i miss u so 57 U


*** Conley, Arthur ***

sweet soul music 66 F

Conniff, Ray Singers ***

luv me with all yer heart s60s U

### somewhere my luv s60s U


*** Conny an th Bellhops ***

shot rod s50s E


*** Contours ***

can u do it 64 U

do ya luv me 62 F

can u jerk like me 64 U


*** Cooder, Ry ***

little sister s80s B-flat


*** Cooke, Sam *** {his live in Miami twellings went unreleased for 20 years}

another saturday nite 63 U

aint misbehavin se60s U

cupid 61 G

twistin th nite away 62 U

twistin th nite away {live} 63 B-flat-PA

wonderful world 60 B

lets go steady again se60s U

a change is gonna come 63 {65} B-flat

just fer you se60s C

chain gang 60 G

chain gang {live} 63 U

havin a party 62 B-flat

havin a party {live} 63 B

Tammy se60s E

good times s63 D

shake s63 CPD-flat

only sixteen 59 A-flat

somebody have mercy se60s C

somebody have mercy {live} 63 E

aint that good news 63 G

soothe me se60s B-flat

thats where its at 63 UPC

feel it {live} 63 U

u send me 57 U

evrebudy loves to cha cha cha se60s U

little red rooster se60s U

send me some lovin se6os U


*** Cookie an th Cupcakes *** {see also Phil Phillips}

Belinda s50s U

got u on my mind 63 C

Mathilda 59 U

I almost lost my mind s50s U

even though s50s U

sea of luv s50s U

th duck s50s D

honey hush s50s D

I cried s50s C


*** Cookies *** {see also Little Eva—Mel Torme–Joe Turner}

chains 62 D

don`t say nuthin bad about my baby 63 D

I want a boy for my birthday 63 U

I never dreamed 64 U

I`m into somethin good 64 U

girls grow up faster than boys sm60s U


*** Cooley, Eddie an th Dimples ***

Priscilla 56 U

Cooley, Spade ***

crazy cuz i luv you s40s U


*** Cooper, Alice ***

eighteen 71 U

schools out 72 E


*** Cooper, Les an th Soul Rockers ***

wiggle wobble 62 E-flat-PU

Peter Piper s62 B-flat


*** Corey, Jill ***

i luv my baby 57 U


*** Corsairs ***

smoky places sl50s U


*** Cortez, Dave Baby ***

mardi gras {unrel} 93 {s61} U

happy organ 59 UPD-flat

fiesta 60 U

rinky dink 62 C

tootsie 59 U

whistling organ sl50s U

hot cakes (first serving) sl50s U


*** Cosby, Bill ***

little ole man s60s U


*** Cosmic Blues Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “ball an chain”–“maybe”}


*** Cosmic Rays with Sun Ra an his Arkestra ***

daddy gonna tell ya no lies sl50s U


*** Cotton, James *** {see also Johnny Young`s “slam hammer”}

born in Chicago sm50s U

cotton crop blues 54 DPU


*** Cougars ***

saturday nite at th duck pond s60s U


*** Count Five ***

psychotic reaction 66 U


*** Covay, Don ***

th popeye waddle 63 U


*** Covelle, Buddy ***

lorraine sl50s E


*** Cowsills ***

indian lake s60s U

th rain th park an other things s60s U


*** Cox, Ida ***

hard time blues 39 A-flat


*** Craddock, Crash ***

one last kiss s60 U


*** Cramer, Floyd ***

San Antonio rose 61 U

Chattanooga choo choo 62 U

flip flop bop 58 U

on th rebound 61 U


*** Crawford, Johnny ***

Cindy`s birthday 62 U

judy loves me s64 U

yer nose is gonna grow se60s U

rumors se60s U


*** Cray, Robert ***

rite next door 86 U

payin for it now sl80s E

don`t be afraid of th dark sl80s U


*** Crayton, Peewee ***

fillmore street blues 53 U


*** Crazy Elephant ***

gimme gimme good luvin 69 U


*** Creedence Clearwater Revival ***

have ya ever seen th rain 71 C

fortunate son sl60s U

lookin out my back door se70s FPU

lodi 69 UPB-flat-TC

cotton fields sl60s U

long as I can see th lite 70 UPB

all over th world s70s HG

don`t look now sl60s E

ooby dooby se70s UPE

th nite time s70s EPU

down on th corner 69 UPC

my baby left me se70s U

proud Mary 69 DPU

cross tie walker s70s U

who`ll stop th rain 70 GPU

midnite special sl60s U

travelin band 70 F-sharp

sweet hitch hiker 71 D

molina se70s E

bad moon risin 69 D

up around th bend 70 D

heard it thru th grapevine {first part} se70s D

I put a spell on you 68 E

before ya accuse me sl60s U

hello Mary Lou sl60s U

poor boy shuffle s60s C

tonite tonite sl60s U

Suzy Q sl60s U

i put a spell on you sl60s U

green river 69 U


*** Crescendos ***

oh Julie 57 U

my little girl 57 U


*** Crescendos (Singapore) ***

th boy next door se60s U

mr. twister se60s U


*** Crests ***

16 candles 58 B-flat

it must be luv 62 U

6 nites a week 59 U

sweetest one 57 U

what a surprise (with Johnny Maestro) sl50s U

a year ago tonite 59 U


*** Crewcuts ***

sh`boom 54 F

koko mo sm50s U


*** Crewe, Bob Generation ***

music to watch girls by 67 U


*** Crickets *** {see also Buddy Holly}

more than I can say s60s U

la bamba 64 U

someone someone se60s E-flat-TE

when ya ask about luv 60 E

why did ya leave se60s F

he`s old enuff to know better se60s U


*** Critters ***

younger girl s60s U


*** Croce, Jim ***

I got a name 73 E

time in a bottle s74 U

luv u in a song 74 A

operator sm70s U

a long time ago sm70s U

bad Leroy Brown 73 G


*** Crochet, Cleveland ***

sugar bee 61 GPU


*** Crosby, Chris ***

young and in luv 64 U


*** Crosby, Stills, Nash, an Young ***

Ohio 70 D

this old house 88 F

lets impeach th president 2006 U


*** Cross, Chris ***

ride like th wind 80 B-flat


*** Cross, Jimmy ***

I want my baby back 65 U


*** Crown, Bobby an th Capers ***

one way ticket 57 HG


*** Crows ***

gee sm50s U

i luv u so sm50s U


*** Cruisers ***

Betty Ann s58 E


*** Crum, Simon ***

gone 57 U

bop cat bop 56 B-flat


*** Crystals (see also Darlene Love) ***

all grown up 63 U

all grown up (non-radio version) se60s U

girls can tell 64 U

little boy 64 U

uptown 62 UPD-flat-PC

da doo ron ron 63 E-flat-PE

I wonder se60s U

then he kissed me s60s U

there`s no other like my baby s60s U

heartbreaker s60s U


*** Cunningham, Parker ***

dry run sl50s A


*** Curtis, Cry Baby ***

i wanna s50s A


*** Curtus, George ***

vacation sl50s U


*** Cymbal, Johnny ***

mr. bass man {original with Ronnie Bright teerin bass} 63 D-flat-PU


*** Cyrkle ***

turn down day 66 U

red rubber ball 66 ATB-flat

we had a good thing goin s60s U

i wish u could be here s60s U


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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