Chapter 2 of 7 – The main story begins- the real Christopher Columbus-radium an Marie Curie-George Catlin-imprisoned patriots-chemtrails-murder of Eugene Mallove

Let`s Begin The Main Story

Never mind th affliction

bopperism is th CURE

Due to the fact that history has been sabotaged by disinformation experts, there may be errors in this report. So before you hurt yourself by putting into motion any of the statements herein an accuse me, consult a medical professional or other professional first an follow their advice. I have no formal English or other training, nor do I profess to be grammatically educated or some sort of literary wiz. Moreover I take grammatical short cuts = among other things I don`t put the “e” in the word the, th word because becomes “cuz”, an plural words like “countries” may be spelled “countrys” etc. I don`t capitalize th names of broken glass in th mud, disguised as certain “pillars of society”. If this an other word spellings like “yer” an “ya” offend yer encephalon, don`t waste yer time reading this.

Fine, u`ve decided to read on. I knew you would. It was a wise move on yer part, an that means I`ll get ta use all th tissues I`ve hoarded just so I can blow yer nose an dry yer eyes from time to time as ya read this. An when ya get bopperisticated, remember who it was who punctured yer bubble. Keep yer window open an if yer one of those lucky few who slip thru th hypocrisy net of th ages, u`ll hear an return th call of th Crow. To avoid becoming “burned out” as you read this, be prepared to take a trip to th center of yer mind where hopefully you`ll be looking directly at me but seeing yerself. I`m yer brother not yer enemy. Said another way, this report produces a stronger, an more lasting “high” than a hit of LSD, err….unless yer still riding on th O`jay`s “love train”, or walkin down Bob Seger`s “long twin silver line”.

When th black snake coils up in yer bed at nite, an tension builds as you read this, just stand up an scream, flex those anal muscles, swing yer arms overhead, beat yer chest an mumble in tongues like Walter Horton an Lightnin Hopkins who often adlibbed th words to their songs cuz to do otherwise might “turn them to stone”. Said another way, they`ve got to keep fresh sand under their feet “so life won`t pass them by”. An like them, little by little, you`ll learn how to “be here today” as th secret unveils itself. I`m a boppicoozian, arguably th world`s fastest. I`ve been to th mountaintop too, but unlike th rest, I ainna gonna change fer nobody. Somebody called “Bo Jangles” on highway #1 in some crumbling abandoned shack out west gave me my name. In this report u`ll discover who th real child molesters are, but when th evidence is presented before yer eyes, some of you, including my “libertarian” peers, might be scrambling to see who can throw th most garbage at me. Before reading further, be sure to highlight-copy-paste-print th mini-dictionary listing all th new words near th end of this report, otherwise u`ll lose th plot as ya read this. If ya dunno how ta copy an paste, see an learn how in 3 minutes. There`s no index so keep a pen an paper handy. Better yet, copy an paste it on open office writer an read it offline while you still can.

I want to thank my mama an papa for bringing me in this quadroon, an my brothers for guidance. An also thanks to many others, whose words–Cherilaylas have pulled me up th spiral staircase to their unique retreat, th truth has Polyocritized me an I know it will for you too. I`d be honored to rearrange yer thoughts if ya let me. What`s in it for me? I dig doin th fire-ant stomp. Great for what ails ya. If ya need a loyal friend, well here I am. I haven`t changed at all since th time when Jody Reynold`s “endless sleep”1958, was being played far an wide across th freer land th USA used to be. It was th first song I ever memorized. Nothing in this report is copyrited, including a few of my songs, which are listed later. So feel free to copy this report, an make yer own musical arrangements to th songs, an spread them around if ya want. I only ask that ya please credit me as being th author, an don`t waste time by selling them for profit, th Revolution needs to reach all th sacrificial lambs now before its too late. If yer a spook–clergyman or other slavemaster`s wimp, an copyrite this report with th intention of slandering it or changing th words to suit yer banking slavemasters, take a tip, I`ll find ya nomatter where ya try ta hide. Got that?

The word of mouth Rock rebellion is needed th way uprooted willows need water in a drought. Millions still believe th blah blah media and don`t have PCs so don`t realize that this web era provides a once in a millennium chance to gain freedom that may never come again. Cuz of their schooling–TV–parental guidance–red herring signposts, few or no early Bibibis believed for a second th rejecticons would win th musical war by slowly crippling Rock. Surely, th Bibibis erroneously thought, their hatred of Rock was just an accidental misunderstanding, an a few good tunes would get them to “see the lite” an begin tappin their feet. Th wampineers believed th spin that there were such things as “liberty an justice for all“, an that even a poor boy could always win th heart of th prettiest Yankee girl in town, which had been endlessly droned in their ears from day one. So optimism was strong: Jay and th Americans twelled “only in America”1963 {a Mann/Weil composition produced by Leiber/Stoller}which pretty much summed up everyone`s strong belief;


Only in America ~ can a kid without a cent

get a break an maybe grow up to be president

only in America ~ land of opportunity yeah

would a classy girl like you fall for a poor boy like me


A new “religion” that was trashing th rest had been born. Th thought of actually having to work for a living, an not have th ojay stupidly throw mun at them anymore, caused th royal religious preachers to trip over themselves wondering how this Rock monster could be caged. Although th vast majority of chicks still had $$ in their eyes, even a few of th “classy” chicks became reborn an began falling for a few poor boys. Th country was approaching pure ecstacy despite th spread of fluoride, insecticided food an sugar. At that time, unlike today, most millionaires were self-made an never finished school. Th new Rock Renaissance was rapidly emerging with th songs representing th real “universal language”. Th royal jackwide {worldwide} governmental elite were at long last being exposed as th “squares of th ages”. Danny an th Juniors twelled “R an R is here to stay” 1958. The Showmen`s “it will stand”1961 said that Rock would be here “forever an ever, ain`t goin away never no never“. The Cadillacs “R an R is here to stay”1960 said Rock was “for th young and for th old”. Most are unaware that thousands of 100 point flawless Cherilaylic songs were twelled but rarely or never were played on th radio, eg th late Billy Ford an th Thunderbirds {of Billy an Lillie fame} “I`m th monster R an R” 1958, no doubt one of th five top Rock Cherilaylas of all time;

I`m th monster Rock an Roll ~ hated by all whose hearts are old

I`m payin for evrethin in th book ~ it seems I got th country shook

I mention my name they throw their lids ~ an nobody luves me but th kids

I`ll let th critics throw their knots ~ th louder they shout th harder I rocks

There hopin I`m insane soon be dead ~ tryin to kill me cut off my head

But if you cut my head off son ~ two will grow where there was one

th battle was on th fite began ~ a musical war thruout th land

scratched their heads an started to think ~ th lipsync music would make me sink Hawaiian ballads an Hillbilly too ~ they threw them all rite into th stew

ate them up an what came out ~ Rockahula Rockashout

Arockabilly Rockasweet ~ nevertheless its got th beat

nomatter how many fights they stage ~ we`re livin in th new Rock Age

I`m th monster Rock an Roll ~ th kids all luv me heart an soul

thats why I`ll never be left alone ~ when they grow up I`ll have a home

After all their shoutin in th ring ~ Rock an Roll will still be king


In 1973 when th slave rebellion was seriously on th wane, th O`Jays refused to surrender without a fight, an twelled “love train” which was a last ditch plea to th slaves to help save th sinking ship of Rock. But few came to help exactly like th case of th heroic slave abolitionist leader, John Brown, who in 1859 spearheaded a slave rebellion an was hung for his gallant effort;


People all over th world ~ everybody ~ join hands ~ start a luv train ~ luv train

th next stop that we make ~ will be England ~ tell all th folks in Russia an China too

don`t ya know that its time ta get on board

an let this train keep on ridin ~ ridin on thru

all of you brothers over in Africa ~ tell all th folks in Egypt an Israel too

please don`t miss this train at th station

cuz if u miss it ~ I feel sorry ~ sorry for you

Bopagy is an idea whose time has come, an no obese righteously retarded reject greasing a mun machine can stop it. As for me I intend to climb th beanstalk an take in th view from Doobywop Star Cluster. No, I can`t take ya along. Whats that ya say? Ya wanna play an carry me Rock collection? Sorry, they just passed a new law here that says one must always be alone when carryin an playin a Rock collection on a beanstalk higher up than 8 miles. Its regulation 999–/\ /\cuf lla u ^^ ^^((citosruc)) ^^ sknup ^^ na yer mid ^^ aryp ^^ tu. So here`s th deal, covertly attach yer own beanstalk to mine, stash these words in yer backpack, an when ya reach Bopland in Doobywop, transplant them in th soil. At this moment, Bopland`s National Coochie, th Jukiteers, are rehearsing th melodies they will play for you upon yer arrival. Then we gonna jukit. I see yer hesitatin cuz ya find it too hard to believe that someone could`ve slipped thru their net intact. Have faith. I once convinced a feral starvin lioness not to bite me even though she had me neck in her jaws, simply by hummin Long Tall Marvin`s “have mercy miss Percy”1956. I`m far from bein a literary giant but persuading ya to stash these words ainno drama. I see yer still hesitatin. Maybe this will convince ya. When I was very young I said to myself “what every guy needs is a good BJ, this alone would correct th jack”. What I`m tryin to say here is “its obvious that its more pleasurable to give than to receive, so why is it very few of us fly with this? It can`t fly cuz everyone lives in introverted multi-layered impenetrable “bubbles” due to th “virus” on our “hard drive”, AKA our brain.

Th mighty internet with its unshackled impeccable little kids disguised as “grownups” are bursting these bubbles, despite th many constipated disinformation specialists, as I write this. For example see “audacity”, th music vehicle where one can twell cassettes–vinyl twells{records} on to CDs completely free using yer PC. Take advantage of this an th fact that Rock spins th quadroon. What would ya give yer best friend on his birthday if he was a billionaire? What would please him? Another island in th Pacific? A gold mine in Liberia? Nothing else except a Cherilayla mi amigo.

Arguably th most revealing statement in all history was made by th deviate christopher columbus who described th Taino ojay of Hispaniola {Haiti–Dominican Republic} as folks who loved their neighbors as they do themself {read th full quotation further on}. Ever since then, after this Spanierd introduced their perverted customs to th natives, eg th false value of gold, th jack {world} has disintegrated into chaos. Ya still scared of going alone? I thought not. By th way, may I call ya Bo? Great, before ya head up just give me a 2 minute headstart or else we could get arrested. There`s surveillance cameras everywhere. Be careful when ya hit th cloud line, th stalk gets slippery. I often take me 2 girlfriends, a Chicken an a Crow, an a boy Turtle with me on long trips up th stalk. A Turkey an a Goose sometimes even visit for one reason or another. When on th ground, I am often accompanied by a Bull, a Pig, an a Sheep. As ya read this ya may even get ta meet some of `em, their very loquacious. I know what yer thinkin, how does a Turtle climb up a beanstalk? He does`nt, he`s small enough to ride on Chicken`s back.

Needless to say, th banksters crippled Rock, arguably th greatest invention of all time. Now they want to do th same to th mighty web “monster”. If they do, about th only ally standing between us an extermination is th Word of Mouth Rock Rebellion [WOMRR]. All ya have to do ta join is pass this report on. Form a protest discussion group with yer friends an make some noise on th street. But bear in mind some friendly “helpful” smiling bankster employee, eg FBI–FDA– {federal drug administration} spook will try to gain access to your group an wreck it.

SUPPORT THE WEBSITE or th FOLKS reprinting this. Its th least ya can do for patriots spending their last dollar to get th word out. Get a broadband connection with at least a download speed of 1024 KBPS {1500 is better}, not a “dial up” one, an download NWO {new world order} web articles, staple them an create an anonymous free secret newspaper, but beware of th cursota`s favorite propaganda trick; they will often have their professional wordsmiths post on th net a very long article or video saying many wonderful things that any libertarian would agree with, in order to drive home one subliminal point. “Subliminal” means something that is below th threshold of conscious perception. This one point will be designed to help defeat th libertarian movement. In other words their libertarian “sandwich” will have a speck of mercury hidden inbetween th “lets stand up for freedom sauce” an th “bush is crazy tomatoes”. Even many conspiracy netsites post these articles–videos which by itself is suspicious. If its a video, an if there are too many ojay awakening to their murderous activity, like there is today, th cursota`s elite movie producers are activated an have some very articulate, intelligent sounding, soft-spoken actor-actress subliminally suggest something that will keep libertarians in th dark, or get them going down th wrong mental trail etc. See th netsite = to shed a brighter lite on this thanks to their impeccable free videos.

Another example of subliminal expression is a netpage which at first glance appears to be entirely pro-libertarianistic. Err… not quite, somewhere on th site will be a photo of a major cursotic misanthrope. I think some libertarian groups/netsites are funded–controlled by th cursota so as to give you th impression that something is being done to stop th nwo, and such a bogus netsite can be a very useful tool to sabotage another true patriot netsite via bad-mouthing. Moreover, to keep their parasitic niche secure, they don`t want their anti-music music program to be too effective, at least at this time {2008}. In other words, if everyone suddenly lost an interest in music all at th same time, th cat would be out of th bag an everyone would begin to wonder why. So to prevent this from happening, when public musical interests are seriously on th wane, they will fund city councils etc which will begin sponsoring guanozicated musical events to keep th interest up, an to get us thinking that our tax dollars are being used thoughtfully. They`ll often even run an ad announcing that a certain guanozicated group of haggis, disguised as an “R an B band” is playing at such an such public park. So grab th babies an go man go! Get hip! ITS A FREE BLOODY CONCERT! A REAL HAPPENING! Err… not quite, unless Mona Lisa was a man. Its th same ruse they use to get you to vote; they don`t care who you vote for, just as long as you vote to justify them keeping you in chains. Most all th candidates are hypocritical, not political. If they error, an let a true libertarian candidate–Rockeonie take center stage, its no great drama to have their spooks set them up an slander them in th serf`s eyes, or to write off th cost of one bullet.

Propagandy ~ Yikes Mcgee 2008


propagandy ~ propagandy ~ try an convince th folks th beach is never sandy

you can convert into lies ~ what they seen with their own eyes

its amazin ~ propagandy


Besides printing a free secret newspaper, you could make a video asking strangers how happy they are living in this choking culture etc an put it on th net. To get some ideas on video content, see th thousands of anti-bush etc protest videos–songs on an U tube. Do it now while ya still can. Th rudd Oz misanthropes have already announced plans to be th 2nd country after red China to ban netsites, 10,000 of them. If they pull this off without a revolution, th rest of th jack will follow suit. Be sure to include th words to yer tune as it plays. Sometimes videos that are banned can still be heard on another search engine. A protest song with brilliant rues, but with poor hottentottien is all but valueless, whereas a protest song with poor rues but with brilliant hottentottien has far more value. To create an inspiring cherilayla, words are not needed at all provided th hottentottie scores at least 97 points out of a possible hundred. Sorrily, th vast majority of tunes have th wrong beat, are too long–noisy–indecipherable. Or place an ad sayin that u`ll teach anyone how to use a PC at no charge. While doing this, introduce them to th various anti-nwo netsites, give them some protest videos–songs an this article. Put in a complaint to companies–department stores who play symphonic–christmas guanoza when they put you on hold on th phone, or while shopping. Little complaints like this remind them that independent free-thinking libertarians would rather be entertained, not have their brain sprained.

Make up some T-shirts displaying our sapote that say things like ~ ban genetically modified food ~ 9-11 was an inside job ~ stop rudd from banning netsites like China ~ what is th government scared of? th answer is our awakening ~ Martin Bryant is innocent, see Andrew Macgregor on th net ~ fluoride toothpaste kills ~ Port Arthur was th Aussie 9-11 ~ microwave ovens kill ~ vaccinations kill ~ government off our back ~ stop banning protest songs ~ stop them from covering up our high youth suicide rate ~ Freedom, not more laws an chains ~ if there are no real candidates why vote? ~ they are th real sexual perverts ~ stop passing a new absurd anti-sex law every week ~ women`s lib is a prime cause of male suicide ~ stay off our land an gardens ~ say NO to illegal income an land taxes ~ say No to monsanto ~ stop taking my picture when I walk in your store ~ say NO to ALL surveillance cameras ~ th GST is a gangster service tax ~ don`t deal with banksters ~ stop them from poisoning our food ~ I`m a Jukistocrat, an ambassador of Bopland ~ I reside in Bopland not squaresville ~ be bopperistic not pessimistic ~ Bopperism is optimism ~ adopt Bopperism an get cured ~ I`ve been bopperectimized ~ Bopagy is for u an me ~ ask me about Bopagy ~ come with me ta Bopland ~ ask me about Bopland ~ ask me about polyocrity ~ polyocrity is for u an me ~ say NO to th NWO ~ stop th rejecticons ~ make th rejecticons go to work like us ~ good food chalk an R an R ~ Th Bibibis invented R an R ~ find out who ya are, seek Jaggebar ~ ask me about Jaggebar ~ Tweedledee or bust ~ ask me about Tweedledee ~ say NO ta guanoza ~ ask me about th WOMRR ~ th word of mouth Rock Rebellion has started ~ CNN= comfortably numb non-entities ~ stop th cursota ~ ask me about th cursota.

A group of peaceful unarmed elderly folks standing on th street carrying signs protesting impure gmo insecticided okey–microwave ovens–untruths in government–th lying media–choking chalk restriction laws–fluoride in toothpaste an public water–high taxes–th nwo etc–will get results quick. Or just carry a sign that says “attention lazy government non-producers, get off my back”. C th sweetheart known as “big brother” will harass–disorientate–mislead you with their billion dollar shampoo machine disguised as th “media”, but its better than remaining sick all your life taking debilitating drugs–okeys that they have made legal is`nt it?

Whenever possible display our sapote which says “go man go” surrounded by jitterbuggin kids {from Bobby Hendricks` “cast your vote”1958}. As Bobby says, “if ya wanna Rock an Roll ya better cast yer vote”. For a better definition of our sapote, see th word listed in th new Rock lingo mini-dictionary towards th end of this report. Get th many net conspiracy videos an freely pass them around now while you still can, but weed out th ones that deliberately lead you down an odorous primrose lane. This is th fabulous net information age where suddenly it has become quite easy to break our chain. You can become an “A student” again by studying in th jack`s largest impeccable library, th mighty sovereign internet. You`ll find yerself displaying our sapote an teerin Loggins an Messina`s “yer mama don`t dance”1972, in no time. Th patriots will be defeated if ya don`t tug on yer chain just a teeny bit. When someone yells HEAVE, tug like a bear on it. When th enraged global ojay–police awaken from their fluoridated catnip, lynchings, not jury trials, will probably suit their fancy, beginning from th top down. Pass this on be brave, or remain a slave. Relax, I`m not going to say “sorry for being so dramatic”.


“Back ta skool blues”, Gene Black 2005 {found on}


Hey mr. president ~ mr. oil ~ mr. fuel ~ mr. torture ~ mr. cruel

we`re gonna do a little housecleanin ~ get rid a cheap dirt like you

we`re not givin up our freedom ~ for no corporate criminal like you

Man is th only animal who can mimic birds–mammals but to be socially accepted rarely does. We have been taught to believe that all intrinsic primitive pleasures, especially morin–teering–leeting–chalk are something that only a lower savage would enjoy. This despite th fact that for at least 100,000 years, th time when we first invented moronie-flutes, we sat around camp fires an did just that. The rejecticons enemy is anything that produces pleasure. Havin too much fun is socially “out”, to feel pain is “in”. For clarification hear Commander Cody an th Lost Planet Airmen`s “too much fun” 1974. For th most part, until th invention of Rock an its Branches, modern man had no primitive innate song, like a crow who spends his whole life in the nest an never caws even once. He was a slave but did`nt even know it. It had taken millennia of teerin to create vocal chords but now we were told they should only be used to teeralee opera–rap–hiphop an th other 9 yards of guanoza. Anything under th nee except Rock. Extermination by guanozication.Tickle yer hottentot, destroy their evil plot.

Like th founder of th Cynics, Diogenes, 413-323bh, whose writings have disappeared, said “we mite as well eat th flesh of man as th flesh of other animals”, we who believe in Rock say “we mite as well listen to th sound of a cyclone destroying a tin ghetto shack than listen to “W–NWO`s” top 40 pathogenic snot.” Th musical war is not over yet, its just beginning.Th Showmen`s “it will stand” 1961, which stood up for Rock, said “some folks don`t understand it, that`s why they don`t demand it”. But what they an 99.99% of th ojay did`nt know was that they did understand it. Rock an its many remarkable Branches was th undisputed music Boss, an was lifting up th veil an exposing this alien bankster masonic cabbalistic gangrenish toxocara canis, which had been infecting man since antiquity. This healing elixir was flushing out th tapeworm an they knew all too well what millions of awakened enraged serfs would do to them. Songs like Bill Haley`s “teenager`s mother”1950`s had to be eliminated at any cost. Th shark fins were being revealed.

Yet even Bill, who was blind in one eye due to a botched operation, may have felt compelled to water down this Cherilayla for obvious reasons. Th rues proclaim that th only reason why certain yockomosas detested Rock was cuz they just got old an forgot that they used to do th charleston leet an live it up. Taint necessarily so. Who was responsible for making these yockomosas grim in th first place? Yep its true Bo, th cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of th ages, hereafter referred to as th “cursota”, have never seriously leeted–teered. They can`t, their blood is vastly different. Animal–human sacrifice rituals–are endlessly mentioned in their religious books as a scare tactic, but never th value of real music. Its unimaginable that creatures supposedly alive would regard th Marvellettes “when yer young an in love”1967 as a threat instead of a seminal Cherilayla. But these ill-bred child molesters knew Cherilaylas like this that never said anything revolutionary, were in fact just as threatening as protest songs were, cuz they were capable of bringing out long buried emotions in th slaves. And from emotions spring awakening. And from awakening spring thoughts of justice–freedom.


How do you create a nation ~ of sexless loyal slaves?

Remove their harmonius songs ~ on th radio waves

an if ya cripple their song`s healing ~ blood-purifying beat

they`ll travel th highway of illness ~ alone on lonely street

If th child molesters are to survive, Rock must be labelled as an ugly corrupter of youth, not as their saviour. C it was a threat Bo, th greatest threat they`ve ever had to their preying niche. Rues in th Moody Blues “tuesday afternoon”1967, said that th “trees were drawing them near” to help them see the beauty of tuesday afternoon. But th cursota are not capable of seeing beauty, nor do they want to. Their genes won`t permit them an Nature will eventually rectify this. Take a tip Bo, th first space travellers to land in th Doobywop Star Cluster will be Jukiteers, not jerkiteers. When their ivory tower falls, retain a chunk to show yer kids what happens when clausnagerks, disguised as charitable VIPs, imagine their palsied noggin was “chosen” to dominate. But for now, th Western jack is scheduled to become th next Rockless China–Malaysia an th rest.

Question for you servo mechanisms, err… I mean Westerners, especially you sports fans and guanoza buffs = Which countrie`s general philosophy does the cursota embrace and strive to emulate/imitate? In other words, which country do they ooh and ahh over at their cirrhotic evening meal of quail eggs, cow`s milk and veal? The answer is China. Now ask yourself this question, why do many Westerners ooh and ahh over the winner of the Super Bowl, or at the clothes that some famous dead celebrity once wore at the very same time as their country is being slowly transformed into another Rockless China duplicate? No no silly, thats the wrong answer. Its not cuz their government has been programming/poisoning/dehumanizing/disorientating them from birth, its cuz their servo mechanic forgot to grease the wheels in their encephalon and it got corroded. says “the number of executions which take place in China – true estimate more than 7,000 per year (the government officially declares little over 1,000) – are considered a state secret. The death penalty can be given out for a series of 68 crimes, 28 of them non-violent. These crimes include embezzlement, tax fraud, accepting bribes, illegal financial schemes, re-selling tax receipts, stealing or selling national treasures, pornography, graft, profiteering, habitual theft and killing pandas.

The majority of those condemned to death are shot, sometimes in groups, often in public. However, the use of lethal injection is growing. Many believe that this facilitates the illegal trade of prisoners’ organs. Organs can “be extracted in a speedier and more effective way than if the prisoner is shot,” says Mark Allison, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “We have gathered strong evidence suggesting the involvement of police, courts and hospitals in the organ trade.”

In a recent study, (April 2008) Amnesty International reports that huge profits from the sale of prisoners’ organs may be one of the reasons why China refuses to consider eliminating the death penalty. Executions by lethal injection often take place in “death vans.” The manufacturers of these death vans say they save money, as execution facilities do not need to be constructed. Plus, the organs can be kept fresh. The company that constructs the death vans also manufactures bulletproof limousines for the elite and armored trucks for banks.

Prisoners are often denied the right to legal counsel, when they do have a lawyer, the lawyer is given one or two days to prepare their defense. If condemned to death, the prisoner has 3 to 10 days to present an appeal, rarely granted. In most cases, the only real proof against the condemned prisoner is their confession, EXTRACTED BY TORTURE.

There are two categories of death sentences. Immediate, which means the individual has 3 to 10 days to receive pardon. If not, they are executed at a maximum of a one week period after the request for pardon has not been granted. This is the most frequent.

Otherwise the execution is suspended for 2 years, and if the person commits no more crimes during hat period, the sentence is then commuting to life imprisonment.

In 1979, a person could be sentenced to death for 28 crimes. Since 1983, the regime has organized various ”Strike Hard” campaigns which have resulted in tens of thousands of executions, more each year than in the rest of the world combined.

In 1997 the crimes for which the death penalty can be prescribed increased to 68″.

A list of some capital crimes:

violence–rape–physical harm–aggression–human traffic–kidnapping–corruption–bribery and corruption–embezzlement–re-sale of tax receipts–tax evasion–financial forgery–speculation–fraud–financial or insurance fraud–credit card fraud–extortion–blackmail–contraband of nuclear materials–contraband of arms–contraband of ammunition or explosives–contraband of counterfeit money–contraband of national treasures–
contraband of rare species or their products–contraband of precious metals, with tax evasion superior to 500,000 yuan–defection–espionage–participate in secret associations with subversive goals–subversion–attempted murder–attempted kidnapping–attempted theft–attempted fraud–theft of valuable property–habitual theft–
the use of telephone lines or public transportation without authorization–
theft of lines of communication for profit–reproduction of telephone codes for profit
breaking and entering or violation of domicile–destruction of public or private property–
escaping from prison or assisting others in escaping from prison–
sale or manufacture of harmful or false foodstuffs, toxic alcohol or false medicines which cause grave consequences to consumers–
sale or manufacture of harmful or false products–production or exposition of pornographic material– possession, sale or manufacture of arms munitions and explosives–gambling–bigamy–disturbing public order–disturbing the life of citizens–
the use of dangerous methods which cause grave harm or death–arson
organization, induction, introduction, protection and exploitation of prostitution–hooliganism–hunting protected species–spreading SARS or violating quarentine–bootlegging–drug dealing

Now dear friends, in my personal opinion, this list won`t lower the crime rate significantly cuz its incomplete and not strict enough. Therefore in addition to the aforementioned, I propose that the following new entries be added to the list of capital crimes in our free eunuchized, err…. I mean heavenly Western Societies:

giving a young impressionable girl under 35 the “evil eye” (may give them trauma later in life)

killing a black widow spider hiding under the toilet seat (this is a slap in the face to women`s lib)

biting a female Jewfish to kill it on Sunday

naming a female cat “obammy, obambi, obamit”

failure to clean a parakeet cage longer than 1 week if the caged bird is female

calling the Cleveland Browns the Cleveland Clowns in a girl`s locker room

laughing at a female wanting to join the Los Angeles Lakers

calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “yahoo” if his wife is present

calling the illuminati the ill–scuminati in the presence of women

naming a female dog “dog”

failure to play Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee or the Black Eyed Peas at least once a day (can`t you people understand that valid R an R must be maintained or else the citizenry will become too melancholy and suicide?)


Aesop 620-560bh said in his 4 oxen an th lion fable,”A lion used to prowl about a field in which four oxen used to dwell. Many a time he tried to attack them but whenever he came near they turned their tails to one another so that whichever way he approached them he was met by th horns of one of them. At last however they fell a-quarrelin among themselves an each went off to pasture alone in a separate corner of th field. Then th lion attacked them one by one an soon made an end of all four.”United we stand, divided we fall”.

Now that Rock an its Branches are crippled, there may be no quick way to nullify erroneous beliefs.Th anti-knowledge knowledge that was branded in our heads by th cursota, from day one, is a story far too monstrous to believe. It seems to be a tale told by a dehydrated babblin half-dead man found on his last legs in th desert. Most everyone imagines themself as being a professor of some sort, so for someone to say “your perception of th jack is based on false schooling–history is an insult to their intellect they think”. But we are no more than school programmed electrical computers complete with circuits [nerves] where electricity travels up to 286 MPH. We know that PC programmers can install software, but few know that th cursota programmers have been doing th same thing to us from birth. Its really quite embarassing to discover one is an ill-programmed PC, an many just short out an freeze. Please don`t let this happen to you as you read this report. Keep both hands on th beanstalk an turn off th radio an its “music to suicide by”.

When TVs first became commonplace in 1948, th mass indoctrination became easier. Now instead of personally communicating with nature, tending vegie gardens an maintaining self-sufficient farms, you could waste time pretending you were. Extermination by indoctrination. Everyone except th carniborians thought th Coasters Cherilaylic “along came Jones”1959, which poked fun at boring western movies, was humorous. Its just too farfetched to think all the jack`s an ongoing fiction movie where th actors keep calling a warden a mayor, a prison a city, a bottle of shampoo a public school, a house of ill-repute a church {c I know there are many good religious folks, my apologies to all you kind-hearted souls}, the cursota th illuminati, an petrified stupified stamped neutered manufactured automatons “jack renouned twelling artists”. Extermination by guanoza saturation. Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

Th citizenry in th USA an elsewhere have been tricked into believin they are land owners. They own a lease not a land title. Rent is disguised as land taxes. Some countries don`t have a land–income tax. But stop fretting, paying thousands of dollars each year in land taxes is not too much mun to pay for “renting” a few millimeters in a 50 buck filing cabinet so yer lease can rest “unmolested” is it? There is no law in th USA, an probably OZ an many other lands, that requires workers to pay income tax. For clarification, see Aaron Russo`s “from freedom to fascism” video free on th net.

Every time I see Irwin Schiff, who appears in th video, water comes in me eye. Reminiscent of Eustace Mullins, Ed an Elaine Brown, Alex Jones, Kurt Annaheim, Eleanor Mcbean, th brave Palestinians, William Cooper, many Holocaust debunkers eg Germar Rudolf an Ernst Zundel, Sherry Jackson to name only a few, Irwin is almost singlehandedly fighting against an enemy who is a thousand times more powerful than he is, an yet he bravely refuses to put his head in th sand an let th tanks crush him like th rest. Cuz th rejecticons have stopped him from selling his books on how to legally avoid paying income tax, Irwin is giving them away freely on th mighty net. Read them an support one of th last gallant living treasures on this watusi. He does`nt know it, but he`l be Bopland`s Minister of finance after we win th war.

The technology to have free energy for every home using water has long been known. Instead of developing this technology, which would all but break our chain to them, they gave us gas an ugly overhead power lines which forced us to be dependent on them. Thus the Iraq war is not about gaining control of oil an its riches, as th Hoonry Hissinjerkian upper-level rejecticons so desperately–distractingly want us to believe. They already have more mun than they could spend in a thousand lifetimes. War is about eliminating those who oppose their “nwo” plan of them not ever having to touch a shovel an contracting an imaginary “disease” they dearly dread,“shoveleudiozticosis”.


No More ~ Bob Seger 2008


it was 40 years ago an I was young ~ an th jungle not th desert heard th guns

someone said they had a secret plan ~ an th rest of us were told to understand

someday u`ll be ordered to explain ~ no one gets to walk between th rain

an I don`t want this ~ no I don`t want this ~ I`ve had enuff ~ no more


We must never be permitted to discover they are born shoveleudiozticoziacs, nor be permitted to discover their morbid fear of naked forests an wild creatures, or “faunaphobia”. So to prevent us from discovering this, they push their nwo agenda an diligently work on ways to keep us poor–disorientated–distracted by watchin news–soaps–especially sports on tv, an dumbed down via public education. They won`t or can`t skeletilize all of us at once though. A few slaves must be kept alive to maintain their castles–furnish amusement, hence th great need for hoodwinking programs. Endless war–hoodwinking ensures that they will live to see tomorrow, an be able to gain peace of mind by torturing th ones who try to escape to th shimmas. Its obvious they have always been trying to destroy our health since th days of apollo, whom hippocrates worshipped. Apollo was a luciferian preacher cattle farmer figure an advised his slaves not to tend vineyards–gardens, but to “slaughter sheep continually” so they could have an “abundant” store {Homeric hymn to apollo}.

Patriotic whistleblowing shortwave talk radio host an author of “majesty twelve” an “behold a pale horse”, William Cooper, was murdered by th cursota in 2001 {see Alex Jones for th skinny} for saying things like “th revelations of th fraudulent nature of nasa an th apollo space program {William knows they never put a man on th moon} by th intelligence service an others has resulted in a flood of propaganda, tv programs an films designed to keep th Sheeple trapped in an ignorant deep sleep. Th most ambitious are “apollo 13” an ”from th earth to th moon”, both involving th actor-producer tom hanks.Th latter opens with a monologue by mr. hanks who walks forward revealing a huge representation of th “god” apollo guiding his chariot pulled by 4 horses thru th heavens. Why apollo? Get a clue. Go to th rotunda of th capitol building in washinton, d.c. an look up. Covering th inside of th dome for all to see is th painting entitled “th apotheosis of george washington”. Th huge painting depicts washington transformed as satan promised into a new sun god {apollo} in th chariot of apollo being pulled by 4 horses across th heavens. A result of th genome project at los alamos lab, th recent success of cloning an advances in biochemistry will produce lab created creatures that will ultimately be presented to th people of th world as extraterrestrial in origin. Most of th well known “ufoologists” an so-called ufo researchers are illuminati–marxist–cia–kgb change agents operating in furtherance of propagandizing us {creating fear an terror so as to be able to usher in their nwo faster}.

Sociologists who make movies have desensitized th nation, particularly impressionable youth to violence an bloodshed. Movies–tv and extremely sophisticated mind control operations are destroying our society. Th terror attack on th Alfred P. Murrah building was designed to affect th Heartland so that no one will feel safe. If these acts of terror don`t succeed {in getting th guns from th populace} there will be more bombings–chemical–biological attacks–shootings. As a last resort, if all else fails, th illuminati are prepared to detonate an atomic weapon in a large American city, eg New York–Chicago–LA. A war may be promulgated in th Middle East in order to provide th excuse needed to explain terrorist attacks on th USA to th sheeple in order that they will accept personal disarmament in th interest of peace an security. Saddam hussein was put in power in Iraq by th cia under george bush. Saddam functions as th big “bogeyman” of th world so that th united nations can cement its authority over so-called sovereign nations {my note = th united nation`s flag depicts th nations of th world encircled by th laurel of th luciferian apollo}. Saddam`s purpose is to act as th “anti-christ” to create terror in th minds of th sheeple of th world. Th gulf war actually helped Iraq solve a serious population problem that was also in line with th goals of th nwo. Saddam was only going by th script given to him an played his role very well. It was an attorney general under 33rd degree freemason franklin roosevelt who with th stroke of a pen created th fbi run by 33rd degree mason j. edgar hoover. Th fbi–irs– an th anti defamation league {adl} of b`nai b`rith are th political gestapo for th illuminati in th US. Th Constitution of th US makes no provision for a “national police” or “gestapo” nor does it grant any authority to anyone to create such an organization. Th terrible truth is that any Citizen residing in th US who files an pays th bogus so-called income tax is voluntarily contributing to th elimination of th Middle Class an th ultimate destruction of th US {my note = similarly th Australian tax office {ato} has no legal jurisdiction to exist either}. It might disturb you to know that th new soviet style irs headquarters in th federal building at New Carrollton, Maryland is, in fact, an illuminati temple. Th US an Russia never really were enemies. They were secret allies in order to get taxes etc.

Who among you really believes that all of a sudden an for no reason whatsoever young children all over th nation pick up guns an decide to murder their parents–classmates–teachers? How many of you know that th majority of these children were receiving treatment {hypnosis an drugs} from mental health professionals? How many of you know that it is these same professionals who have created th “alien abduction” an “abused children” phenomenon which has surged across th nation? How many of you have ever realized that most so-called mental health professionals are self confessed marxists? When are you going to stop being ignorant sheeple? Have you ever asked yourself why these incidents always happen just before legislators must vote on important gun legislation? Every apollo mission was carefully rehearsed an then filmed in large sound stages at th atomic energy commission`s top secret test site in th Nevada desert an in a secured an guarded sound stage at th walt disney studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of th moon. All missions–names–landing sites–events in th apollo space program echo th occult metaphors–rituals–symbology of th illuminati`s secret religion. No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above th earth`s surface.

Methinks th rejecticons got ultra serious about our extinction around 1850 when big sugar cane mills began manufacturing pure poison instead of organic food, an especially between 1900–25, th time when henri de rothschild helped to fund “madame” marie–pierre curie`s radium lab. I suspect th curies were used as patsies to cull–torture–destabilize th “useless jibbitters”. At that time, they permitted profiteers to put carcinogenic radioactive radium in umpteen items, eg watches–water–belts–chocolate–toothpaste–soap–contraceptives. Right on cue with a straight face, th “madame”, a laughable nobel prize winner, announced that radium would cure cancer, an for th first time doctors had 6 figure incomes. She later died of rad-caused cancer. Even today her papers–cookbooks from th 1890s are too dangerous to handle an can only be safely read by wearing special protective clothing. Th only acceptable “cures” for cancer back then were x-rays–surgery–radium. Anything other than these was attacked by th AMA–cancer society–oncologists. Extermination by surgical operation.

Regarding th ubiquitous radium devices being pedaled, for our “protection” th ama enacted a law requiring them to generate a specific amount of rads in 24 hours. It was so high as to guarantee death to th user in 3-5 years. Despite valid references dating back to 1906 which warned of radium`s hazards, it was not banned until 1938 {Bill Kovarik}. Th rad refrain played yet again sometime in th 1940–50s, when th first tvs being sold emitted out th back fatal amounts of rads. Even in 1985 fridge rad “deodorizers” were being sold which contained thorium-containing monazite sand. Thorium`s half life is 10 billion years. Extermination by radioactive contamination.

There is no fucking time for small talk. Middle-class Western white–black citizens are th new native “snuffable” 1800s Indians {Alex Jones says that even billionaires are now probably being assassinated}, an just like th countless millions of native Indians who were murdered in th past from Canada to Chile, today`s white–black man–woman, especially Wampineers–Wampinettes, have been an are being covertly skeletilized as this is written. One way they do this is by using food as a weapon against us, th same as the brutal ruling Soviet bolsheviks did in 1932 against th Ukrainians who had rebelled against them an wanted independence. Th red army invaded an confiscated their grain. Reminiscent of Gaza today 2009, their borders were sealed an no food could get in. After 2 years of this, 10 million mostly white Ukrainians an their animals starved to death. This Zionist {international banker-royal bloodline elite} murder spree is considered by many, as well as th Dresden bombing, as th real Holocaust {}. But today they can`t just send in an army to crush us cuz Yanks are well-armed, so they quietly an covertly send in an “invisable” army to sabotage their food–medicine supply using insecticides, fluoride an sodium benzoated vitamins among dozens of others including chemicals put in tobacco to get you addicted to it ~ by genetically altering food plants ~ by chemtrails ~ selling deadly microwave ovens ~ by monsanto an other`s hybridization of food plants, eg citrus which creates dud {infertile} seeds ~ by irradiation of food ~ or by banning certain beneficial herbs–vitamins. That`s why today th rejecticons are bankrupting th small independent organic farmers, an promoting th big food conglomerates. Among th first of such conglomerates were seen back in th 1800s with th introduction of sugar cane mills to transform raw healthful sugar cane juice into unhealthful white an brown sugar ruining millions of forested acres an creating polio an other “mysterious” epidemics an possibly negatively altering rainfall to boot.


Crow; {Crow has just swiped a box of “organic” wheat biscuits containing “organic” sugar from a local open air market an proudly drops it in th dirt by Chicken, Turtle an a visiting spunky white Cockatoo} c`mon gang lets all dig in! Now we dont have to wreck our health on plain sugar anymore, we can eat it an be safe, look at th label, its got real “organic” sugar!

Chicken; {pecking like crazy on th box}Wow, I`ve waited a long time for this!

Turtle; {tearing apart th box} no more sugar diabetes or polio dramas woowhee!

Cockatoo; are you all loco? {strangely Cockatoo frowns and does`nt join in th celebration an suddenly everyone stops jibbitting}.

Crow; {to Cockatoo} stop pretending you aint got no sweet desires!

Cockatoo; me an my raiders get th real organic sugar juice straight from th living cane stalk. Organic sugar is doublespeak to get you thinking one can convert th plague of Birdkind into

something healthful.

Turtle; {climbing on Chicken`s back} c`mon lets make a raid an go get th real thing!

Cockatoo; ok follow me. Ya comin Crow? Whats amatter? Crow? {Crow appears to be in an immovable trance unwilling to chew or spit out th biscuit in her beak. She had carefully planned and executed th theft having waited for hours until th precise moment when no one was looking to swoop in. She appears to be depressed an let down, but its just an act to get cozy with Cockatoo an gain his sympathy!

Crow; Oh dear me, I seem to be too weak ta fly now. You all go ahead, I`ll just stay here an dream of what might have been.

Cockatoo; nonsense babe, come hitch a ride on me back like th other Cockatoochies do, this`l be cawin great fun.

Crow; w w well if y y you insist {she climbs aboard an clings tighter than she has to}

Cockatoo; soon we`ll be feelin no pain, deep down in th sugar cane ~ whoowhee!

Crow; Jimenez yer back is so muscular {she hides a smile as they ascend an says to herself, wow I finally did it, he`ll be my first taste of white sugar!}


Henry Makow says “you can bet that whenever a country is ostracized as a pariah {nonconformist} state, its real crime is asserting its independence from th nwo. It`s no coincidence that th “axis of evil”, Iraq-Iran-N. Korea do/did not have rothschild-run central banks ”.

While researching chemtrails I came across some startling info on many netsites especially an which said that chemtrails contain some or all of th following: {stand up an stretch} anthrax spores, lupis, thorium, alum, barium, polymer fibers, titanium, silicon carbide, pathogenic bacteria, harmful desiccated red blood cells. I did`nt know how to spell chemtrail so I consulted these dictionarys {2009} ~ Merriam Webster ~ ~ ~ an th all of which had no listing but th latter said “try wikipedia”.

Now I was suspicious of wikipedia but went for th bait anyway. They were th only ones who admitted th word existed an had th definition. Note that when one is researching odd controversial subjects-ojay, they are often th only ones who seem to have th answer, so one is basically forced to quote from them. Friend or foe? A bit strange that some search engines often list them near th top. Reportedly, many chemtrail netsites are run by gov. disinformation specialists to spin th information or suppress th real reason for chemtrails. Their chemtrail story started off legitamate enuff an I had almost swallowed th bait until th end when they quote nasa`s patrick minnis saying “logic is not exactly a selling point for most chemtrail proponents. If you try to pin these people down an refute things, its, well, you`re just part of th conspiracy”. Then at th bottom right are two fotos wikipedia labelled as being “contrails”, th common harmless plane trails we all have seen in th sky. But wait. Th fotos are certainly chemtrails! But there were no fotos labelled as chemtrails. Th spin is this; th average person who still erroneously believes nasa put a man on th moon, will take th view of nasa`s dear mr. minnis, instead of th “proponents” of th conspiracy.

“Everything’s wrong on Wikipedia” ~ Gore Vidal (they do get things right on occasion and are improving ).

Regettably, then I learned that many microbiologists had been found brutally murdered, eg Eugene Mallove. They would`ve been able to identify such toxins as barium in th chemtrails an enlightened us. Then I thought about th many Rockeonies who had been snuffed cuz they too tried to enlighten us, not to mention authors an inventors like Stan Meyer who wanted to introduce his water powered car to th ojay. Do you think th oil companies were happy to see his converted car running free? Meyer quote = “most inventors have to be a loner, you have to be thick-skinned and dont rely on other people to support you cuz they wont. More times than not, an invention is stolen from th inventor. I`ve had patents taken from me”. Like so many others with exquisite musical/scientific talent, Stan never finished high school an had no scientific background so he cannot communicate with “educated nincompoops” disguised as “educated scientists”.

Do you think th cursota want us to thrive on independent self-sufficient organic farms? Th puzzle was now clear as to one primary reason why they so desperately want us to believe their global warming hoax. You see, nasa an th th rest say that by spraying certain chemicals in th sky they can create clouds–rain that will cool th watusi down thus preventing global warming. But in reality they are covertly spraying chemicals designed to wreck our immune systems to keep us lethargic, sick an depressed. Chemtrails are aimed at major population centers. Th “smoking gun” they forgot about? = polymer webs with melanin, alum, barium, ethylene glycol based monoacrylates an other heavy metals used extensively for weather modification projects, have been identified {bravo!} by technicians at th Tesla center, Wright Patterson air force base in Dayton, Ohio. These chemtrails are maybe what`s causing th various droughts around th jack, eg th USA ~ Canadian prairie ~ Oz. Rivers-bores are drying up. In Oz its a major food crisis as organic farms can`t grow vegies an beans without rain, thus driving up food prices an unemployment, an making it tougher for vegetarian wannabes. Reportedly, th release of barium at high altitudes increases th temperature of th atmosphere, so it gets hot an dry down below. Then there`s “dyn-o-gel”, a patented cross-linked aqueous polymer. When dispersed in a storm it forms a gelatinous substance which falls to th ground thus diminishing a cloud`s ability to rain. Now think about th various unexplainable monster cyclones, psunami producing earthquakes, bizarre record breaking temperatures we`ve been having an connect th dots. Chemtrail contamination produces an acid bodily condition which causes disease. Th antidote is to take alkaline foods {see th list on another page}.

Bumbles an Woogies, we must not make th same fatal mistake as th uninformed trusting Ukrainians, who found it too hard to believe that smooth-talking indescribably despicable evil ojay exist, as well as th native American Indian Tribes who would`nt unite as one. Ojay, th 9-11 show was created to frighten 99.999% of us, not just certain clubs or groups. Their goal is to snuff 80-99% of us an that includes most or all police. When most ojay are dead or incapacitated by vaccinations, what would th cursota need police for? To guard their homes against soldier ant invasion? Furthermore, what would tv news announcers be needed for when no more propaganda is necessary to be reported to th sheeple? To announce th coming of mozzie invasions? What about yakalinguentics {lawyers}? Who will need them when all decisions made by a handful of tyrants cannot be disputed? And Congresses? Will they still be needed to pass legislation preventing sperm whales from urinating in th ocean? We must shove our differences aside for th moment an stop quibbling. Does it make sense to ridicule those who don`t share yer beliefs while th ship that everyone`s in is sinking in a whirlpool? Should a redneck an a hippie be taking verbal slaps at each other when th raging water is up to their chin? Should th last words spoken by a symphonist to a Rockeonie be “yer music makes me vomit” as they`re both being placed in concentration camps? Should a christian knock off a muslim`s hat while standing in line waiting to be microchipped?

Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Tribe, said “unless we support one another with our collective forces, th whites will soon conquer us, an we will be driven away from our native country an scattered as leaves before th wind”. Nor must we be tricked; Osceola, famed Seminole Indian Tribal leader, was tricked into talking peace an was covertly captured in 1837 while carrying a white flag of truce. He was imprisoned an died shortly thereafter. Is there a lesson to be learned here? He said “they could not capture me except for a white flag.They could`nt hold me except with a chain”. Th Indians were defeated by treachery, not by superior intelligence–bravery. Similarly, we are being defeated today by illiterate cringing aliens an their surveillance appararatus, from th “eye in th quadroon” to th street cameras an more, which are nothing less than invisible chains.

How did they get th masses to tolerate this attack on their pursuit of happiness to begin with? By stealth an “conditioning” as cowboys do when taming wild mustangs, eg surveillance an speed cameras–locking gates in big food an department stores, as if their saying “hey this is for your own good”. This reminds of a python that will often creep up on a Chicken, an then snuggle up against it on a cold nite. Th Chicken, which is awake but drowsy, tolerates this as long as th python moves slowly an unagressively. Then th python rests calmly for a spell against th Chook as if to say “hey you can use me for a coat if you want”, thus completely gaining th Chook`s trust. Then when th Chook relaxes a bit more, like a thunderbolt it springs around it an crushes its maudy until it suffocates. Th python is not to be blamed for this cuz it is only following th course that nature has intended for it to take, so naturally it will feel no guilt. Similarly, for some odd reason, nature has intended that th cursota prey on us, an like th python, they have felt no guilt. Why should they, they are only following nature`s directive. After a time, th python will be hungry again an attack another animal, but if this animal is say a baby baboon, its yockomo may come to th rescue an kill it. Th yockomo was only following nature`s directive, so why should he feel any guilt? Nuff said. Th python an th cursota are somewhat similar. Some pythons are strangely respectful toward us. One can slowly walk up to a wild one, pick it up, an go walking with it, whereas with poisonous snakes–snapping turtles–other carnivores you can`t. Similarly, you can contact th cursota an their reply will be strangely vague but respectful, when you know that th last thing on their mind is real respectfulness.

In th 1950s, American president eisenhower an th cursota cottoned to that in order for global slavery to succeed quicker with less muss an fuss, all rhythm an bluezy blacks who had retained their reet thru th centuries, had to be coaxed into believing that bowling on th weekends was more rewarding than jukin it up. In short, they had to be “assimilated” like th inert city whites in order to bury R an B forever. Strangely, blacks did`nt see that its better to retain your reet an not be permitted to ride on a bus with whites, than it is to be permitted to ride with whites an lose your reet listening to their anti-music music. So when eisenhower gave them some significant red herring coloured civil rights, out went R an B an in came eisenhower`s “music to suicide by”. As long as blacks remained in little dusty villages with their own kind far off th beaten track away from whites, authentic R an B would remain vibrant in those little unpainted juke joints on th outskirts of town on a dirt road, complete with one dim blue light an a black guard out front to make it look good. Any white boy entering such a joint quickly discovered that th jukebox usually had th real thing, th black chicks were happy just to talk to you, an th coochies were awesome.


Crow; I knew he`d never forget me.

Turtle; {nippin Crow`s feathers an feigning sorrow} but you said I was th only one!

Chicken; {flyin up on Turtle`s back concealing a smirk} liar, you said I was th only one too!


One other group had to be “assimilated” into luxurious bowling society, th poor uneducated but happy white country hillbillys playing Rockabilly–Honkytonk which had th same power as R an B did to heal. Rich white city boys, on their way south in their luxury cars, would stop in front of their rustic log cabins in cotton fields, giggle an take pictures as if zoo monkeys lived there.

Many of them began playing their hottentots before puberty with blacks an would still be playing today if their music had not been sabotaged. R an B–Rockabilly were among th last bodily organs protecting th heart–reet from parasitic virus attack. Without such music, th reet of Man would die a slow painful death. If you kill th reet, th maudy follows.

Some may argue that this “Hoonry Hookworm”, got truly established in America`s guts around 1900-13 when they skeletilized president Mckinley. Yet methinks it really was when English aristocratic religious gold-seeking land-grabbing psychopaths, known as “founding father pilgrims”, first came ashore on th east coast. How do you get th poor to drop what their doin an go fight a war for th rich against native Indians? Dangle a cheap land carrot an write a star spangled national anthem proclaiming that this is th land of th free an th home of th brave with a motto that says “in god is our trust”. Th smell of this red herring will be sure to attract flies in a hurry. C, so th cursota said back in th 1800`s, you poor white boys can have a little freedom–land now when you bring th Indian scalps in, but later on we`l take it all away from you an your sons, bit by bit, piece by piece, an you won`t even notice it when we acquire 35–50% of your wealth by stealth via taxation. Kim Wilson, arguably th best harmonica player in th country an co-founder of th Fabulous Thunderbirds, said “people have got to believe that we {th Rockeonies} run this country, not those in th top 1%. Th sooner we stop wearing a cowbell an following these people off a cliff like a bunch of lemmings, th sooner we`re going to be great. Its not about liberal an conservative. Its about common sense an th harmony we could have on this planet if it was`nt for a few uglies that run it. Its all going to change ~ there`s going to be a Renaissance”. Polly bumble.

Our public schooling taught that th native ojay were not very noble blah blah blah. But wait. When columbus, a genocidal carniborian, “discovered” Haiti–Dominican republic, he said “so tractable, so peaceable are these people [Taino} that I swear to your majesties there is not in th world a better nation. They love their neighbors as themselves, an their discourse is ever sweet an gentle, an accompanied with a smile; an although they are naked, their manners are decorous an praiseworthy. They are so free with all they possess, that no one would believe it without having seen it. Of anything they have, if you ask them for it, they never say no; rather they invite th person to share it, an show as much love as if they were giving their hearts”. Being a purebred cursotic psycho, he took this as a sign of mental weakness, not as an admirable trait that is innate to all unadulterated ojay. So he butchered them accompanied by ferocious armored dogs that were trained to kill an disembowel an skewered them with pikes.

Columbus day holiday? Th cursota`s district of “columbia” headquarters? HAHAHAHA. Venezuelan ojay`s president, Hugo Chavez, said “th arrival of columbus sparked th biggest genocide in history”. Columbus acquired their gold {apparently th Taino were sane so they had little or no use for gold} an used th Taino as plantation an sex slaves. But they resented their lands being taken, fought back an made poor slaves. Eventually he resorted to wiping out th Taino altogether. Prior to his arrival, some place th population of Hispaniola at 1.5 – 3 million. By 1496, it was down to 1.1 million, by 1516 = 12,000, by 1542 fewer than 200 natives were alive, by 1555 every single one was dead {}.

What was th real reason why columbus killed the Indigenous Peoples? When these scum observed and talked to these prosperous independent self-sufficient proud people who had little need for valueless junk like gold, they cottoned to that, unlike themselves, they were more alive than dead. This rude awakening created a big problem for their imagined sanity; the indigenous way of life reminded them that they had lived their entire life in vain chasing their own golden-tipped tails round and around in circles going nowhere.

So in order to convince themselves that this was NOT true, and that they had lived a full successful meaningful life instead of a wasted one, they snuffed the Indigenous People in order to “prove” to themselves that they were the superior race.
In other words, just looking at a kind-hearted nude Taino who had done nothing to antagonize them, was the same thing as if the Taino had spit at them and slapped them in the face.
Fully clothed cowards don`t like to be reminded they are genetic rejects unable to fight fair and square.

This was said by artist George Catlin, 1831-38 about th native American Plains Indians in the pre-“civilization” era —

I love a people that have always made me welcome to the very best that they had.

I love a people who are honest without laws, who have no jails and no poorhouses.

I love a people who keep the commandments without ever having read or heard them preached from the pulpit.

I love a people who never swear or take the name of God in vain.

I love a people “who love their neighbors as they love themselves.”

I love a people who worship God without a Bible, for I believe that God loves them also.

I love a people whose religion is all the same, and who are free from religious animosities.

I love a people who have never raised a hand against me, or stolen my property, when there was no law to punish either.

I love and don’t fear mankind where God has made and left them, for they are his children.

I love the people who have never fought a battle with the white man, except on their own ground.

I love a people who live and keep what is their own without lock and keys.

I love a people who do the best they can. And oh how I love a people who don’t live for the love of money.

He wrote, in 1841, this short narrative to explain his reason and observations for writing the above creed; “All history goes to prove that when first visited by civilized people, the American Indians have been found friendly and hospitable —- from the days of Christopher Columbus to the Lewis and Clark expedition … And so also have a great many travelers, including myself: Nowhere to my knowledge, have they stolen a six-pence worth of my property, though in their country there are no laws to punish for theft. I have visited 48 different tribes, and feel authorized to say that the North American Indian in his native state is honest, hospitable, faithful, brave,… and an honorable and religious human being…

“In Agrarian Justice, Thomas Paine returned once again to the Iroquois, among whom he had learned democracy, when he wrote, “The fact is, that the condition of millions, in every country in Europe, is far worse than if they had been born before civilization began, or had been born among the Indians of North-America at the present day.”


James Axtell analyzed documents of Europeans who fled the tyrannic “Christian” life and lived with the Indians. He concluded that “whites chose to remain part of the Indian culture” because they had:

A strong sense of community
Abundant love for all, even for the Christian invaders at first
Uncommon integrity, compared to Christians
Ease of living
A lack of deteriorating solicitude [i.e., had continuing solicitude]

However, the Christian leaders didn’t like the idea that some of their people would favor a “heathen” life like this. One without the hatred, racism, and malice towards others, even towards those within the same community. Therefore, laws were made to control people with fear if they chose to live a life filled with love. The penalty was, of course, severe for those who sought to leave the evils of Christian settlements. They were hunted down, caught, and faced many different forms of punishment, depending on how religious the Christians felt. They could be flogged, shot, or burned alive. — “The Christian Invasion of North America by the English” {}.

When none other than European aristocratic bloodline member, george washington, an his troops faced starvation, th Onieda natives carried over 600 bushels of corn–blankets to them. After th war, th Onieda were “re-paid” by th confiscation of their lands, reminiscent of Aboriginies in Oz. Washington, who had a slave plantation of 80,000 acres, said Indians were “wolves an beasts who deserved nothing from th whites except total ruin”. Washington`s troops amused themselves by skinning th bodies of Indians from th hips downward, to make boot tops or leggins {Anthony F.C. Wallace, th death an rebirth of th Seneca”1979}. Famed harvard doctor, oliver w.holmes, said that Indian extermination was necessary. Th traitor from Britain, ben franklin said, “th huge english mastiffs should be locked in a cage for a time before a hunt {for Indians} so that they will be fresher an fiercer for th attack”. Later he admitted th truth when he said “no European who has tasted Savage life can afterwards bear to live in our societies”. President theodore roosevelt said, “I don`t say that th only good Indian is a dead one, but I believe 9 out of 10 are”. Later on his kin, fdr, would “confiscate” gold held by Americans “for their own good”. Th wizard of Oz creator himself, frank baum, said “why not Indian annihilation? Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced; better that they die than live th miserable wretches that they are“. Mark “huck” twain said “an Indian`s heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, an of low an devilish instincts”. Yet Daniel Boone said “I`m sorry for any Indian I ever killed, for they were kinder to me than any white man”.

“After Col. Henry Bouquet defeated the Ohio Indians at Bushy Run in 1763, he demanded the release of all white captives. Most of them, especially the children, had to be “bound hand and foot” and forcibly returned to white society” ~ “..from the start in Virginia.. settlers fled to Indian villages rather than endure the rigors of life among the autocratic English. Indeed, many white and black newcomers chose to live an Indian lifestyle… some Natives chose to live among whites.. The migration was mostly the other way, however.. Europeans were always trying to stop the outflow. Hernando De Soto had to post guards to keep his men and women from defecting to Native societies… right up to the end of independent Indian nationhood in 1890, whites continued to defect, and whites who lived an Indian lifestyle, such as Daniel Boone, became cultural heroes in white society” ~ “According to Benjamin Franklin, “All their government is by Counsel of the Sages. There is no Force; there are no Prisons, no officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.” Probably foremost, the lack of hierarchy in the Native socieites in the eastern United States attracted the admiration of European observers. Frontiersmen were taken with the extent to which Native Americans enjoyed freedom as individuals. Women were also accorded more status and power.. than in white societies of the time” ~ “Indeed, Native American ideas may be partly responsible for our democratic institutions. We have seen how Native ideas of liberty, fraternity, and equality found their way to Europe to influence social philosophers such as Thomas More, Locke, Montaigne, Montesquieu, and Rousseau… Through 150 years of colonial contact, the Iroquois League stood before the colonies as an object lesson in how to govern a large domain democratically” {James W. Loewen “lies my teacher told me”}.

Th biggest presidential snowjob of all, as taught in public schools from day one, which helps to partially explain why Yankees today can`t wake up an see th ugly truth, seems to fall on abe lincoln. We must be prevented from knowing that on Dec. 26–1862 lincoln ordered th largest mass execution in history, 39 Santee Sioux Indians in Minnesota, despite th fact that their guilt could not positively be determined, an that he put general pope in charge of exterminating th rest via war . Pope said “my purpose is to exterminate th Sioux, they are wild beasts” {Thomas J. DiLorenzo “th real lincoln” 2002}. In 1861, arguably th last year when America could be described as being remotely alive, th only legal mun was gold–silver. Then in Feb 1862 this cursotic extraordinaire created fiat mun, disguised as “greenbacks”, an signed a bill in July authorizing hundreds of new taxes of all sorts. Thus an internal revenue bureaucracy was created for th first time. At this time America had for all practical purposes been converted back to 1700`s big government Britain with its income taxation–protectionism–internal revenue bureaucracy–central banking–military conscription–huge standing army–corporate welfare–foreign policy meddling.

I think this was th London plan all along. Bankers run London and don`t really care who wins wars, as long as all governments participating are shoveleudiozticoziacs who believe in usury an steal from th ojay. Bankers created th Vietnamese war, WW-1 and 2 and th American civil war, so are we so naive to think that th first American Revolutionary War 1775–1783 and th second revolutionary war of 1812 were any different? In other words, London bankers did`nt really care who would win these wars, cuz they would profit from th funding of both sides.

Says Kirk Mackenzie, on th Ernest Hancock show, aug 23rd-2010,  = “th war of 1812 was created to force our country back into debt cuz there`s an intimate relationship between war and central banking. When government`s go into war, or are forced into war, they need more mun than they can raise from taxes and they essentially revert to a central banking scheme where they can print money from nothing, and so my belief that at this point in time that war was put upon us for th express purpose of penalizing us for not renewing th central bank charter and forcing us back into it”.

Th Articles of Confederation, valid between 1781-89, was th first constitution of th US. If th Articles had been written by genuine poor or middle class ojay, instead of ultra-rich slave drivers, I might describe them as being relevant.

Nevertheless, UNLIKE th US constitution, drafted later in 1787 and becoming effective in 1789,

th Articles DID give a healthy serving of freedom which said that:

1. Congress could REQUEST, not demand that states pay taxes

2. There would be NO system of federal courts. C you read that right.

3. NO provision to regulate interstate trade.

4. NO executive with great power.

5. Congress could NOT draft troops.

6. Sovereignty resides in states, NOT th constitution.


I think th bankers/royalty/vatican/masons were not at all concerned when they read th Articles. Why should they be when they or their cronies had probably written them in th first place as part of an elaborate hoodwinking plan? Moreover, surely they must have known that even if th US won th war, that there would be widespread economic misery/rebellion cuz of debts that had to be repaid via th collection of taxes, which could then be blamed on th “weak” Articles. They certainly knew they could arrange to have their ultra-wealthy aristocratic cronies become th first US presidents who would make sure the Articles remained in force just long enough for th spin doctors to muddy th water by pointing out th Articles supposed “weaknesses”. This is certainly th reason why these presidents are omitted from th history books. Note that th illuminati was founded in 1776, 5 years before th Articles became law.

Shining some light in 2003 on how an why th Articles were discarded in order to create th Constitution is H. A. Scott Trask, = “An assumption that dominates American historical studies is that the wealth and prosperity of the country would be much less without the existence of a powerful central government. This theme is but part of a larger, and now international, orthodoxy that larger political jurisdictions, as long as they are “democratic,” foster liberty and economic growth while smaller ones stifle it.

In Europe, elites hold up an all-European government as the golden road to a brighter and wealthier future. Others go further, such as Atlantic Monthly correspondent Robert D. Kaplan, and argue that eventual “world governance” by “global elites” is both inevitable and desirable. Kaplan, whose books are read by high-ranking government officials and journalists, believes that free markets, democracy, and liberty shall thrive under a world regime. The truth is far different. All of history attests that the centralization and concentration of power breed despotism. In the history of European civilization, liberty and civilization have thrived when political power has been dispersed and checked. If your children attend a public or private university in this country, they will be taught that President Roosevelt “saved” capitalism from itself with his New Deal legislative program in the 1930s. They will also be taught as unquestionable truth that the Federalists rescued the fledgling national economy from imminent collapse during the decade following the War of Independence (1780s), a decade ominously described by statist historians (are there any other kind?) as “the critical period.” They learn that these years were a tumultuous and tragic follow-up to the Revolution. Without a strong central authority, the country was convulsed and confused by violent internal rebellion, economic stagnation, the petty rule of “bad men” (i.e. local-minded and self-interested), and national weakness in the face of predatory commercial rivals. Into this despairing void, stepped a shining band of broad-minded, far-seeing, disinterested, nationalist leaders who realized the impotent and inept government of the Confederation had not the powers to deal with the crisis or guide the country into the regulated, centrally managed future. Consequently, they led a constitutional revolution which discarded the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with a broad charter of national power, falsely described as federal, that by taxing, regulating, and promoting (i.e. subsidies!) rescued the economy and laid the solid foundation for America’s future growth and prosperity. Students graduate thinking that were it not for the federal Constitution, we would all be sitting on the front porch of our cabin spitting tobacco, drinking home-made whiskey, and kicking our dog Blue. The prevailing historical interpretation of the country under the Articles of Confederation is an example of the harm that has resulted from the ignorance of economics among generations of historians. Let us consider the work of Richard B. Morris, the Columbia University historian, whose book The Forging of the Union, 1781–1789 (1987) is considered the standard history of that decade. For Morris, the calling of a constitutional convention was a necessity recognized by nearly all. “Businessmen, mechanics, and artisans witnessed a Confederation government incapable of controlling the money supply, of paying interest on the public debt, or of regulating and encouraging foreign and domestic commerce. Little wonder that these groups recognized the grim necessity for setting up a stronger central government.” The economy was beginning to thrive again in 1788, the year the Constitution was ratified, and Morris naturally awards credit to the new government for the change. “The ratification of the federal Constitution seems to have laid a basis for economic recovery.” It never occurs to him that the recession was bound to end sometime, or that its end was due to causes unrelated to the creation of a new national authority. Our best guides to the critical decade of the 1780s are two of the few American historians who understand economics and are true liberals—William Graham Sumner and Murray Rothbard. Although Sumner was a nationalist and antidemocrat who favored the new constitution for other reasons, he understands as well as Rothbard that the depression of the 1780s was not due to the lack of a powerful central government. In summation, the Americans were suffering the natural aftereffects of a long war financed by debt and inflation, and exacerbated by the continuing circulation of inconvertible paper currency. As Sumner records, “misery was great throughout the country, owing to paper money and debt and the losses of the war.” The postwar depression was a necessary period of hardship during which Americans readjusted to new trade patterns and economic realities, paid debts, and repaired the damage and neglect wrought by war. No government could have legislated or regulated away these facts of life. Americans, flush with soaring hopes unleashed by the Revolution, wanted to believe otherwise, but there was no political substitute for hard work, reconstruction, self-denial, and patience. Regrettably, as is the case so often in our history, many sought political panaceas to escape economic realities. Mechanics and manufacturers petitioned their state legislatures for protective tariffs to exclude lower cost British-made goods. Ship builders and owners lobbied for navigation laws to exclude British shipping from American ports, and southern exporters and northern merchants pleaded for retaliatory legislation to force open closed British markets. Farmers demanded that paper money be issued and lent on the security of land. Only a few years after independence, Americans were trying to replicate the main features of the British colonial and mercantile system from which they had just freed themselves. Sumner also observes that whenever the economy has floundered, many blame foreign trade for somehow draining the country of its wealth. For instance, James Madison warned in 1786 of “the present anarchy of commerce.” He blamed the “unfavorable balance” of trade for “draining us of our metals” and furnishing “pretexts for the pernicious substitution of paper money.” Madison had it exactly backwards. It was the habit of using paper money that was driving the nation’s specie abroad, as coin would not circulate alongside paper of similar denomination. Madison’s solution to commercial “anarchy” was a national government with the power to regulate commerce and the money supply. Not surprisingly, Madison would be one of the authors of the tariff of 1789. As president he would sign the tariff of 1816 and the charter for the second national bank.


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