Chapter 1 of 7 – Musical videos representing Bopland`s 14 yehootis (holidays)–Ceremonial videos representing our Bopperectomy ritual–Asian Rock and Roll videos-Indo Rock and Roll videos-Latino Rock and Roll videos

THE WORD OF MOUTH ROCK AND ROLL SLAVE REBELLION By Jukit Babalu En route to the Kojanimo, Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, Doobywop Star Cluster

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If you also have a hushmail address and send an email to my hushmail address, th email is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone. If you dont have a hushmail address and send me an email, it can be intercepted and read by others. If you have a song that you feel should be listed, then let me know the artist and name so it can be reviewed. Ditto for conspiracy sites, errors, suggestions, complaints. Regardless of content, I`d be pleased to receive your email. However, i only answer email from those with a hushmail address. Welcome to my lair. Don`t fret, I leaped the moat instead of through their hoops. Bienvenido a mi guarida. El traste de Don`t, yo salté el foso en vez de por sus aros. Accueillir à ma tanière. L’irritation de Don`t, j’ai sauté le fossé au lieu de par leurs cerceaux. Heißen Sie willkommen zu meinem Unterschlupf. Don`t Bund, bin ich der Stadtgraben statt durch ihre Reifen gesprungen. 欢迎来到我的兽穴。唐 ` t 烦恼,我跳过壕沟,而非通过他们的箍。 मेरे छिपने की जगह स्वागत करता हूं । डोंगरग. ढ़ 291व्यक्ति टी. चिढना, मॅँ की खाई leaped करने की बजाय उनके माध्यम से आड़ी । 私のねぐらへようこそ。 ドン ’ tフレット 私がその代わりにそれらのたがを通って堀を跳び越えた。 Receba a minha toca. O traste de Don`t, saltei o fosso em vez de por suas argolas. Добро пожаловать в мое логовище. Дон `t раздражение, я прыгал ров вместо через их обручи. Dare il benvenuto al mio covo. Don`t logora, ho saltato il fossato invece di attraverso i loro canestri. Hils velkommen til min hule. Don`t gnaver, sprang jeg voldgraven i stedet for gennem deres hoops. Verwelkom naar mijn hol. Don`t erger u, sprong ik de grachtin plaats van door hun hoepels. Χαιρετίζω τη δική μου Lair. don’t fret, Ι leaped το moat αντί της μέσω των στεφάνες. MAP OF BOPLAND



MUSICAL VIDEOS REPRESENTING BOPLAND`S 14 YEHOOTIS (holidays) (to listen just click your mouse or copy and paste in TOP bar of utube or a search engine): A special CHONNIE {THANKS} to all you Boppers for putting these Cherilaylic videos on UTUBE. I hope to meet you all someday so I can hear your words and see your faces.

If you click one of these videos an it won`t play, its because utube has removed it for one reason or another. However, if you return on another day, usually a substitute will be there. Click on pics to make bigger. Note = I reviewed these videos recently and was pissed how many had been removed, maybe for some parasitic reason, or to slap me! I reinstated most of them. At Bopland, ONLY those who actually sing/play in the recordings are allowed to decide who gets to see them and collect their rewards. Parasites piss off! Elvis Presley “If I can dream (live)” HULLY (jan) 8-1935

The real Buddy Holly Story 1 of 10 Ooby (feb) 3-1959 Holly Valens Bopper

Richie Valens “come on lets go” (not live) Big Bopper “chantilly lace” (lip sync video) Eddie Cochran “come on everybody” (live 1959) Pony (mar) 10-1938

Roy Orbison “pretty woman” (live) Rink (apr) 23-1936

Maybelle Carter “wildwood flower” (live) Shake (may) 10-1909 (click on pic to make bigger)

Charlie Feathers “good rockin tonite” (live) Shimmy {jun} 12-1932

Bill Haley “the saints rock and roll” (live) Shout (jul) 6-1925

Bill Pinkney “up on the roof” (lip sync) Stomp (aug) 15-1925

Patsy Cline “walkin after midnite” (lip sync) Twist (sep) 8-1932

John Lennon “imagine” (live) Ubangi (oct) 9-1940

Hank Ballard “teardrops on your letter” (record) Loochie (nov) 18-1927 Skeeter Davis “the end of the world” (live) Wiggle (dec) 30-1931

Rock-a-bye day (Kid`s day) Wiggle (dec) 31:


7? year old boogie woogie piano player with the Jive Aces (live)

3 year old vandella ~ Katie Sweet “I luv ta rock” (record ~ to th cursotic perverted parasites who removed this video cuz of  “terms of violation use” = may u be stung and blinded in one eyeball by an obese bumble bee so as to match your other blind eyeball.

12 year old? Vandella Brenda Lee “rock the bop” (record)

9 year old Eva “love story” (live)

Davis Sisters “rock-a-bye-boogie” (record) cherilayla (song} our kid`s day yehooti is named after this.

Unknown vandella (young 6 year old? girl rocker) “lipstick on yer collar” (live cover)

Amazing 6 year old kootie guitarist (live)

11 year old Mojo Myles “what`d I say” (live)

9 year old Mikayla Roach “orange blossom special” (live)

14 year old yodeler Tiffany Jo Allen (live)

7 year old fiddler Laura Watson (live)

8 year old Quinn Sullivan with Buddy Guy (live)


Beasty Day Yehooti Cherilaylas {100 point songs}:

Clarence Frogman Henry “aint got no home” (record)


Warren Smith “miss froggie” (record)

Frogmen “underwater” (record with slide show)

Melanie (Safka) “Alexander beetle” (live)

Herb Alpert an the Tijuana Brass “the lonely Bull” (live)

Everley Brothers “on the wings of a nightingale” (live)

Rolling Stones “walkin the dog” (live)

Rufus Thomas “walkin the dog” (live)

Slim Harpo “I`m a king Bee” (45 RPM record)

Howlin Wolf  “smokestack lightnin” (record)


Al Jolson “when the red red Robin” (live)

Bobby Day “rockin Robin ” (78 RPM record) 1958

Sid King and the 5 Strings “purr Kitty purr” (record)

Lynyrd Skynyrd “free bird” 1 of 2 parts (live)

Memphis Minnie {with Kansas Joe} Frankie Jean 1930 (record)

Michael Murphy “wildfire “{pony} (lip sync)

Chubby Checker “pony time” (45 rpm}

Elvis Presley “sand castles ” (record){fiddler Crab}

Andy Starr and his Rockaway Boys “dirty bird” (45 rpm?)

I`ll wait til she`s asleep, remove the goose and…

Tarheel Slim “wildcat tamer” (45 rpm)

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps “wildcat” (record)

Wolfman Jack Interview

Kid Thomas “wolfpack” (45 rpm with slideshow)

Did i hear ya say no?

Trashmen “surfin bird” 2008 (live 2008)

Sorry u`all have ta stand in line and pay the same fee. No package deal!

Sonny Boy Williamson II “the Goat” (record with slide show)

Buck Owens “monster`s holiday” (record with line dance slide show)

John Zacherley “monster mash” (live ~ apparently John was 92 years old when this was recorded)

Bobby Boris Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers “monster mash” (45 rpm mono)

John Zacherley “dinner with Drac” (45 rpm )



Billy Ford and the Thunderbirds “monster R an R” (45 rpm) (1 of 3 Bopland`s National Tonkilus)

Danny and the Juniors “rock an roll is here to stay” (live ~ 2 of 3 National Tonkilus)


Cadillacs “rock and roll is here to stay” (record ~ 3 of 3 National Tonkilus) = On google search the Cadillacs “rock and roll is here to stay”. Click th 4th choice “rock roll is here stay, rapid search – 308 files”. Then type in the files tube search bar “rock roll is here stay, Cadillacs. Then click th 2nd choice (4

If you cant locate this Cadillac`s recording click = “zoom” (live)

Robert Ownby “crazy like Alex Jones” (2011 new song)

John Fogarty “long dark road” and “no more” (live)

Bobby Darin “splish splash” (lip sync)

Ray Stevens “the streak” (record with video show)

Z Z Top “jesus just left chicago” (live 1982)

Rolling Stones “faraway eyes” (lip sync)

Springfields “silver threads an golden needles” (record)

Roy Orbison “mansion on the hill” (record with slide show)

Charlie Pride “crystal chandelier” (lip sync)

Kingston Trio “greenback dollar” (record)

Paradons “diamonds and pearls” (45 rpm)

Dion “Donna the prima donna” (record)

Dave Clark Five “anyway you want it” (record)

Crystals “he`s sure the boy I love” (record)

Teen Queens “2 loves and 2 lives” (record)

Wynona Carr “ding dong daddy” (record with slide show)

Santo and Johnny “sleepwalk” (lip sync)

Danleers “one summer night” (record)

Al Ferrier “No no baby” (apparently 45 rpm)

Elmore James “dust my broom” (record with fotos)

Fats Domino “natural born lover” (record)

Kitty Wells “makin believe”1955 (live 1955)

Margaret Lewis “shake a leg”1959 (record ~ with Mira Smith on guywires (guitar)

Wanda Jackson “sparklin brown eyes” (lip sync)

Ron Holden “my babe” (record)

Jim Croce “I got a name” (live)

Larry Donn “honey bun” (live)

Big Joe Turner “honey hush” (45 rpm)

Jackie Wilson “no pity in New York city” (live)

Lavern Baker “substitute” (lip sync with video)

Sonny Burgess “my buckets got a hole in it” 1957 (from a 78 RPM record)

Crosby Stills Nash Young “lets impeach the president” (live 2008)

Lary Verne “mister Custer” (lip sync with video}

Coasters “Charlie Brown” (lip sync with video)

Bobby Goldsboro “muddy mississippi line” (lip sync with video)

Clyde Mcphatter “deep sea ball” (record)

Abba “chiquitita” (live?)

Don`t fret yer pet toad will return

Tommy James and the Shondells “I think we`re alone now” (live 2005)

Bobby Hendricks “cast your vote” (record ~ the inspiration for Bopland`s flag) Video removed! Substitute = “itchy twitchy feelin”

Rockin Rebels “wild weekend” (45 rpm)

Lary Williams “slow down” (record

Lonesome Drifter “aint got nothin but the blues” (record)


Fabulous Thunderbirds “aint that tuff enough” (record)

George Thoroughgood live at Hampton Beach Casino “little girl” why is this video moving so bloody slow?

Marvellettes “when your young and in love” (record)

Kingston Trio “where have all the flowers gone” (record)

Verdelle Smith “tar and cement” (record)

Red Ingle and the Natural Seven “she`l be comin around the mountain” (record 1948)

Baron Lee and the Blue Rhythm Band “reefer man” 1932 (record)

Jim Stafford “wildwood weed” (live)

Cab Calloway “kickin the gong around” (live? 1932)

Cab Calloway “reefer man” (live? with video}

Trixie Smith “Jack I`m mellow” (record with prohibition slide show ~ small laws are pieced together into huge tyrannies)

Cab Calloway “are you all reet” (record 1940s)

Smiley Lewis “shame shame shame” (45 rpm)

Ganimian and his Orientals “come with me to the casbah” (record)

Mae Glover “shake it daddy” 1920s (record)

Hasil Adkins {one man band} “no more hot dogs” (record)

Silas Hogan “I`m gonna quit you pretty baby” (record 1962)

Carpenters “solitaire” (record)

Jimmy Soul “if you want to be happy” (record)

Sorry but you`d have to remove that long tooth first!

Gene Pitney “town without pity” (record) Henry Gray “they raided the joint” {he`s been playing the blues for at least 62 years and was 83 years old when this was recorded LIVE. One of the last raw 1950s Blues legends still alive. Put your screen on full. Would someone please give this report to him?} Piltdown Men “Brontasaurus stomp” (45 rpm)

Bob Seger “long twin silver line” (record with train show)

O`jays “love train” (record with video)

Stanley Brothers “ridin that midnite train” (record with old train show) 1940s)

Jody Reynolds “endless sleep” (record)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “mister Bojangles” (45 rpm)

Showmen “it will stand” (record)

Yikes Mcgee “the liar” {live about Bush}

Commander Cody an his Lost Planet Airmen “everybody`s doin it” (lip sync with video}

Bobby Bare “Marie Laveau” (live 1980)

Tommy Tutone “8675309″ (live)

Bryan Adams “run to you” (lip sync with video)

Sonny and Cher “but you`re mine” {record ~ very poor sound}

Little Richard “tutti frutti” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Ronettes “be my baby” (45 rpm Phil Specter`s wall of sound)

Elizabeth Johnson “be my kid blues” 1920s (record with woodblocks/cornet)

Allman Brothers “midnight rider” (live 2003)

Hank Swatley “oakie boogie” (mono 45 rpm record)

Lary Williams “bony moronie” (45 RPM)

Little Richard “long tall Sally” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Little Richard “keep-a-knockin” (from a 78 RPM record 1957)

Little Richard “good golly miss Molly” (live 1972 ~ put ear by speaker)

Ike and TinaTurner “I been lovin you too long” (live)

Buddy Knox “hula love” (lip sync)

Bruce Springstein “no retreat no surrender” (record)

Del Shannon “runaway” (record)

David Ray “lonesome baby blues (45 rpm record with a bass treble knob, not some silly graphic equalizer)

B B King “the thrill is gone” (record with Lucille his guy wires)

Hank Snow “I`m movin on” (live 1958)

Its a Beautiful Day “white bird” (record)

B. Bumble and the Stingers “nut rocker” 1962 (45rpm)

Ronnie Milsap “smokey mountain rain” 1980 (he is blind ~ 45 rpm record)

Ernie K-Doe “te-ta-te-ta-ta” (45 rpm)

Gene Pitney “that girl belongs to yesterday” (record )

Hank Williams “I`m so lonesome I could cry” (78 RPM record)

Lloyd Price “lawdy miss clawdy” (78 RPM ~ with info telling how certain needles will ruin 78 records)

Alley Cats “puddin n` tain” (45 rpm record)

Eternals “Babalu`s wedding day” (record?)

Warren Smith “ubangi stomp” (45 rpm)

Alberta Hunter “you can`t tell the difference after dark” (record 1935)

Wynona Carr “please mister jailer” (45 rpm 1956)

Doobie Brothers “music is the doctor” (lip sync)

Kitten “he taught me to yodel” (record}

Mickey Hawks “screamin mimi G” (45 rpm)

Homer Henderson “Lee Harvey was a friend of mine” (lip sync with video of a young Oswald? ~ “they say he shot the president but I don`t think he did” ~ neither do millions of others Homer)

Bobby Fuller “I fought the law” (lip sync mid 1960s)

Grass Roots “lets live for today” (record)

Chuck Jackson “any other way” (record)

Tommy Cash “6 white horses” (live)

Cecil Moore and the Diamondbacks “stormy” (record)

Papa Lightfoot “mean old train” (record)

Junior Parker “stand by me” 1960-61 (Finally a pristine 45 rpm record found on utube enabling us to hear the beauty of unblurred mono subtle sounds. But if this had been a pristine 78 rpm, the sound would have been about 30-50% more naked and beautiful. The introduction of stereo and 33 rpm contributed to Rock`s demise. I like to listen to music via a 4 inch speaker which produces a tight, but not too tight, “inside a telephone booth” sound. I dislike 3.5 or 5 inch speakers. Somebody removed this! substitute = “taxman”

Tracy Pendarvis “belle of the suwannee” (record with slide show)

Peter Paul and Mary “puff the magic dragon” (live)

Wilson Pickett “land of 1000 dances” (live 1966)

Quotations “I wonder why” (record ~ barbershop quartet music with zip (no instruments)

Jerry Rafferty “shipyard town” (record with slide show ~ when I first heard this in 1988, when Rock had one pinkie sticking out of the casket, I remember trying in vain to tune this in with a portable TV antenna/radio hanging on a tree 60 miles away from an AM station. Around that time most of the AM stations had gone, or were going bust, or been converted to FM which drove another nail in Rock`s coffin due to FM`s inferior stereophonic “blurrier” shotgun sound).

Laura Lee Perkins “don`t wait up for me” (live 2008 ~ she was 69 years old)

Jimmy Reed “I`m the man down there” (record)

Jimmy Rogers “rock this house” (live 1997 the year he died of cancer ~ he was 73 years)

Shadows of Knight “Gloria” (45 rpm)

Dusty Springfield “little by little” (lip sync)

Swingin` Medallions “double shot” (this is th original ~ record)

Tampa Red “when you were a girl of seven” (record 1936)

Jerry Lee Lewis “me and Bobby Mcgee” (live 1983)

Jimmy Vaughn “down with big brother” (live 2008)

Mae West “I`m no angel” (78 rpm 1933)

Georgia White “get em from the peanut man” (78 rpm apparently with a non-electric wind-up record player)

Etta James “I`d rather go blind” (record)

Stan Freberg “sh`boom” 1954 (record)

Jimmy Castor Bunch “the Bertha Butt boogie” (record with slide show)

James Brown “lost someone” (live at the Apollo 1963 but only with pics)

Eric Clapton “blues Power” (live 1985)

BB King ~ Eric Clapton ~ Buddy Guy ~ Jimmy Vaughn “rock me baby” (live)

Jim Morrison “touch me babe” (live)

Janis Joplin “piece of my heart” (live)

Zimmers “my generation” (live ~ the world`s oldest Rock band)

Linda Brannon “anyway you do” (record)

Canned Heat “lets work together” (live)

Jackson Browne “runnin on empty (live 1979)

Cookie and the Cupcakes “Mathilda / I cried” (record 1959)

Dire Straits “walk of life” (live 1985)

J.Geils Band “lookin for a love” (live 1979 )

Wayne Cochran “trilogy” (live)

Trade Martin “spend your life with me” (record)

Georgia Satellites “keep your hands to yourself” (live)

Leadbelly “gallis pole” (record 1940s ~ inspiration for our Bill of Rights)

Moody Blues “tuesday afternoon” (live 1970)

Tom Petty “the waiting” (live 1985)

Alabama “mountain music” (live)

Jeannie C Riley “Harper Valley PTA” (live)

Johnny Rivers “Memphis” (live)

Mitch Ryder “Jenny take a ride” (live ~ he was 64 years old)

Sam and Dave “hold on I`m comin” (live with Booker T and the MGs)

Booker T and the MGs “green onions” (live)

Jack Scott “oh little one” (record)

Eddie Shaw and the Wolfgang “got my mojo workin” (live 2009 ~ he was 72 years)

Shirelles “will you still love me tomorrow” (live)

Carly Simon “you`re so vain” (live)

Wild Jimmy Spruill “hard grind” (record)

Rod Stewart and Tina Turner “hot legs” (live)

Stoneman Family “goin up cripple creek” (live 1960s)

Ernest Stoneman “all I got`s gone” (1928 record with flood video)

Spinners “rubberband man” (live)

Four Tops “I can`t help myself” (live)

Supremes “someday we`ll be together” (lip sync)

Sweet Inspirations “sweet inspiration” (record)

Johnnie Taylor “part time love” (record 1963)

Betty Boop and Cab Calloway “minnie the moocher” video

Jive Aces “boogie woogie country girl” (live in Russia)

Stoney Mountain Playboys “stoney mountain boogie” (record)

Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers “soldier`s joy” (record 1929 with video)

Riley Puckett “the cat came back” (record 1920s with video)

Patsy Montana “back on Montana plains” (record 1939 ~ the first female to have a million seller record)

Ralph and Carter Stanley (Stanley Brothers) “mountain dew” (record 1940s with old moonshine still show)

Laurel and Hardy “harmonica scene” (video 1937)

Osborne Brothers “rocky top” (live 1967) “once I had a girl on rocky top, half bear and the other half cat”

Boogie W Kings “boogie woogie country girl” (live)

Johnny Amelio “juque” (record)

Bob Dingus “step it up an go” (record)

Delmore Brothers “I`ve got the railroad blues” (record 1930s with steam train show)

Bill Haley “yodel your blues away” (record 1949)

Maddox Brothers and Rose “I`ll make sweet luv to you” (record 1952 “look at that moon“)

Credence Clearwater Revival “rollin on a river” (live 1969)

Blues Image “ride captain ride” 1970 (lip sync)

“We`re callin everyone to ride along ~ to another shore

We can laugh our lives away ~ an be free once more

No one heard them calling ~ no one came at all

`Cause they were too busy watchin those old raindrops fall”

No drama, with each passing day, more an more Boppers are watchin Bopland`s Zimmeristic sun set instead of the raindrops. Chonnie (thanks) for the ammo cohuttas (musical friends). At Bopland, we`ve set a table just for you.

Shelton Brothers “sittin on top of the world” (record 1935)

Clarence Ashley “Corinna Corinna” (record 1931)

Sweet Emma Barrett “I aint gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll” (live 1960 she was 63).

Song included because:

1. It proves that some other female besides Katie Webster can play the boogie domino (piano).

2. It highlights the fact that, even if she was 40 years younger, no radio/TV bigwig of today (or even the past for that matter) would show the slightest interest in her. Why? Th tune was black risque jazzy R & B performed by a wampinette (girl rocker) who obviously was enjoying her sensual life in the honkytonks instead of being somebodie`s tax paying slave. In her face is written 51 years of playing domino (she began playing at the age of 12) in the little smoky rundown barrelhouse beer/logger shacks (beer barrels were sometimes used as tables) where usually only blacks went. Th foundation/face of Rock is so crumbled an pitted today that most Rockeonies (musicians) haven`t the remotest idea of what constitutes the proper framework of a cherilayla (a 97-100 point song). Instead, they actually imagine that, because thousands of spectators in the audience are standing up and screaming at their concerts and millions are buying their guanoza (horrid music) by the trainload, that they are rock nobility instead of haggis (rock dupes).

3. It demonstrates perfectly the ugly anti-sexual goody two shoe downhill slide of Rock/R& B from 1960 to the present, and the “amalgamation” of jukin downhomey blacks into rigid white christianized/moslemized squeaky-clean “bowling society”. Chuck Berry`s “sweet little sixteen” 1958, has been transformed into “sour little perverted 16″.

4. Amusingly, it also demonstrates perfectly, despite the contrary rues (lyrics), why certain erotic women like to tease/belittle their potential dandies “to turn them on”. Lyrics like “now your jellyroll might be fine but it aint as good as mine” was bound to attract males like inga paterna trees attract beetles.

Tiny Davis “race horse” (risque record 1949 vocals/trumpet)

Harry Roy & his Orchestra “my girl`s pussy” (record 1931)

Bill Haley “teenager`s mother” (record 1956)

Beachboys “surfin USA” (live)

Tom Jones “I who have nothing” (live)

Doris Day “teacher`s pet” (record with slideshow) Title track from her 1958 film with Clark Gable. Peaked at # 56 in 1958. Although its just a simple pop song, it demonstrates perfectly th effectiveness of th cursota`s anti-sexual psychological NWO program to make us feel ashamed of sex, thus making us more moldable/suicide prone/feministic/psychotic, and it highlites th cursota`s 52 year sabotaged downhill slide of Rock from 1958 to th present as well. As you can see by th rues (lyrics), nobody gave a hoot if a teacher and a student dated or made spooh (love) in th 1950s. Today if a teacher even touched a student in first world slave plantations disguised as “modern societies”, th student would scream bloody murder and he`d be fired/fined/jailed, labeled a pedophile on th front pages of newspapers, and put on a net data base so communities could “protect their children”. Th cursota know all too well that feeling shame is a bizarre contagious quirk of th human herd. It just takes one certified harvard nincompoop or dopey popey with ulterior motives an a big mouth to shame th entire “monkey see monkey do” herd into believing that its perverted for teachers and students to date one another. This helps protect their fascism disguised as corporatism. They now have DNA degenerated corporatized noggins and proudly display their insanity on their steel-studded face glimmering like a piece of flotsam in a stagnant pool by a nuclear plant. You need proof? Just watch most music videos of today and hear the screeching un-rhythmic beatless whining guanoza (music). As these wealthy “useful idiots” play, look at th glassy-eyed “oh my god” beaming blushing jubilant faces of th chicks in th audience and see if that does`nt make you get out a map pronto or punch a hole thru the wall. Teacher’s pet ~ I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna be huddled and cuddled as close to you as I can get (That’s the lesson we’re guessin’ you’re best in) Mmm, teacher’s pride ~ I wanna be teacher’s pride I wanna be dated, paraded, the one most likely at your side (Ya got a burnin’ yearnin’ to learn) I wanna learn all your lips can teach me One kiss will do at the start (are you really?) I’m sure with a little homework I’ll graduate to your heart (to your heart) Teacher’s pet ~ I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna take home a diploma and show Ma that ya love me, too So I can be teacher’s pet long after school is through (Oh, teacher’s pet) Mmm, mmm (You wanna be teacher’s pet) Ahh Ahh (You wanna be huddled and cuddled as close to him as you can get) I wanna learn all your lips can teach me One kiss will do at the start I’m sure with a little homework I’ll graduate to your heart Teacher’s pet (you love the teacher), I wanna be teacher’s pet I wanna take home a diploma and show Ma that ya love me, too (Wow!) So I can be teacher’s pet (yeah!) long after school is through (Teacher, teacher she loves you) Moreover, note the lyrics that made everyone laugh except “u know who” in this highly popular 1950s Everly Brothers song “bird dog”. “Johnny kissed the teacher (he’s a bird) He tiptoed up to reach her (he’s a bird) Well he’s the teacher’s pet now (he’s a dog) What he wants he’s been gettin’ now (what a dog)” Here`s another video proving that no one cared if teachers and students dated from the cave man days to 1993, the year Bill Clinton became president; De Castro Sisters “teach me tonite” (record 1950s)

(Sammy Cahn / Gene DePaul)

Jo Stafford - 1954
Janet Brace - 1954
Dinah Washington - 1954
Helen Grayco - 1954
De Castro Sisters - 1954
Tommy Sands - 1957
Blossom Dearie - 1958
Red Garland - 1958
Brenda Lee - 1960
George Maharis - 1962
Sammy Davis Jr. - 1965
Sarah Vaughan - 1978
Cheryl Ladd - 1979
Al Jarreau - 1981
Diane Schuur - 1985
Cleo Laine - 1988
Anne Murray - 1993

Also recorded by:
Nat King Cole; Etta James; Marvin Gaye; Count Basie; Joe Williams;
Boots Randolph; Jimmy McGriff; Four Freshman; Mary Wells;
Buddy Greco; Oscar Peterson; Natalie Cole; Liza Minnelli;
Tito Puente; Toni Tennille; Freda Payne; Phoebe Snow; Errol Garner;
Ella Fitzgerald; Major Harris; McGuire Sisters; Kim Weston; Peggy Lee.

"Did you say that I've got a lot to learn
Well don't think I'm trying not to learn
Since this is the perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight 

Starting with the ABC of it
Getting right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve the mystery of it
Teach me tonight 

One thing isn't very clear my love
Teachers shouldn't stand so near my love
Graduation's almost here my love
You'd better teach me tonight 

I who thought I knew the score of it
Kind of think I should know much more of it
Off the wall, the bed, the floor of it
Hey teach me tonight 

What I need most is post graduate
What I feel is hard to articulate
If you want me to matriculate (get qualified to enter college)
You'd better teach me tonight 

What do you get for lessons
Teach me... come on and teach me... teach me tonight"

Michael Jackson “Earth song anti-war” Charlie Daniels “long haired country boy” (live late 1970s)

Sonny an Cher “I got u babe” (live 1965)

Fontane Sisters “seventeen” (record) reached #6 in 1955

Abba “SOS” (lip sync on Dick Clark show)

Bob Wills “sittin on top of th world” (live 1930s)

Bobbettes “Mr. Lee” (live)

Marvellettes “please Mr. postman” (live)

Gene Chandler “duke of earl” (live)

Five Satins “in the still of the nite” (lip sync)

Kinks “ape man” (live 1970 ~ Pommies singing about Bopland, but

they just forgot to sing the last line correctly = “I want to sail away to a Bopland shore and make like an ape man”. Uh ohhhh, I may be in big trouble now. “In man’s evolution he has created the cities and the motor traffic rumble, but give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes and living in the jungle ‘Cos the only time that I feel at ease Is swinging up and down in a coconut tree Oh what a life of luxury to be like an ape man I think I’m so educated and I’m so civilized ‘Cos I’m a strict vegetarian But with the over-population and inflation and starvation And the crazy politicians I don’t feel safe in this world no more I don’t want to die in a nuclear war I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an ape man”

Pixies Three “442 glenwood avenue” (record 1960s)

Norma Tanega “walkin my cat named dog” (live 1966)

Bobby Rydell “volare” (live)

Gary Stites “lonely for you” (record)

Duke Robillard an th pleasure Kings “my plea” (record 1983)

Richard & th young Lions “open up yer door” (live)

Lonzo an Oscar “charming Betsy” (live 1950s)

Jerry Irby “49 women” (record 1950s)

Walter Brown “jellyroll rock” (record 1958)

Carlisles “knot hole” (record 1950s)

Buffy Sainte-Marie “universal soldier” (record 1960s)

Bunker Hill “hide an go seek pts 1-2″ (record 1962)

Linda Laurie “Ambrose part five” (record 1959 ~ she apparently teer`s th bass too)

Spyder Turner “stand by me ” (live 2007 ~ he was 60 years old)

Stevie Wonder “a place in th sun” (live 1960s)

“when times are bad an yer feelin sad

I want u to always remember ~ there`s a place in th sun

where there`s hope for everyone”

Th following is mentioned solely to demonstrate how th cursota slowly corrupted authentic Rock/R an B, beginning in earnest around 1970: First find and play any 1979-2000`s chick cover song of  Eddie Floyd`s “knock on wood” on utube/search engine . Then type something like “100 fabulous R and B songs from 1980 to 2009″ and play that.  Then note th following:

1. On th “knock on wood” cover video they copied a genuine R an B song.

2. Most probably th teeraleer (singer) is a young knock-out chick with a sexy figure  just as if this had anything at all to do with how good a song is.

3. Then they probably would have added erotic eye-catching colorful fiery graphics around her as if this could make a song score more points.

4. Then they probably would have changed th beat to half disco and half Rock to try to convince th slaves that this was real Rock instead of an aberrant hybrid. Songs like this thruout th 1970s had three main phases:

1. To gradually corrupt an change 100% gritty rock into 50% “glitter” hollywood rock or “half rock and half guanoza”.

2. Th cursota knew that if an when enough slaves would begin buying this glamorous guanoza, which they surely did due to a big dollar ad campaign etc, then acceptance of th second phase of their covert war to bury real Rock would be a cynch.

Now this 50% half rock hybrid was mated th second time to 75 – 100% squeaky-voiced guanoza, eg techno rock/heavy metal/ska/funk/hip-hop/electro/new wave/mod/rap/thrash resulting in th birth of a defected baby with a 3rd leg extending from th navel. At this time, for all practical purposes, Rock had been disabled. But this STILL did`nt satisfy th cursota who knew that authentic unadulterated Rock had th capability to expose them an their NWO. Rock must be buried so deep that even a Cat D-9 bulldozer could`nt unearth it. Th purpose of these first 2 phases was to prepare/condition th slaves to think that their next lab created defected monster with a fist-sized gangrenous growth on its nose, was ravishingly beautiful. Slave acceptance of this hybrid would NOT have been possible without th first two indoctrinating phases. 3. Th 3rd an final phase consisted of mating all these scarred music genres with “unisex” rock producing th final gangrenous hybrid called schmalt, a particularly nauseating type of beatless characterless genderless whining guanoza characterized by eunuchinized males singing with high pitched voices almost EXACTLY like females. If you close your eyes and listen to this schmalt you will sometimes not be able to determine th gender of th teeraleer (singer). In fact all th teeraleers sound basically th same so if u`ve heard one u`ve heard them all. To verify click an play again th other 1980-2009 R an B video you had found mentioned above. But if you are prone to fits of laughter or rage then don`t play it, you may have a fatal heart attack or destroy your house.

Their plan to corrupt th musical DNA of th slaves succeeded. Rock was now buried so deep that few could find it even if they wanted to. This is just ONE out of DOZENS of ways that they employed to cripple Rock which was th voice of the Slave Rebellion. Read th full skinny on another page. To verify hear th real “knock on wood” by Eddie Floyd below and 3 more authentic R an B songs after it by Lillian Offitt/Bull Moose Jackson/Bobby Moore. Pay close attention to th correct beats. But remember, some who hear them for th first time might like th 100% pure schmalt better! This is a very good test to see how “programmed” one is or to see how many intrinsic musical bones one has. For now, I temporarily rest my case.

Eddie Floyd “knock on wood” (record 1966)

Lillian Offitt “miss u so” (record 1957)

Bull Moose Jackson “big ten inch” (record 1952)

Bobby Moore “searchin for my luv” (record 1965)

Little Peggy March “boy crazy” (record 1963 ~ She was 15 years)

Walter Egan “magnet an steel” (live 1978)

Exile “I wanna kiss u all over” (live 1978)

Jay Ferguson “thunder island” (record 1978)

Irvin Russ “crazy alligator” (record 1959)

Phil Spector`s wall of sound (see th inside of his recording studio ~ live with th Ronettes/Crystals)

Edsels “rama lama ding dong” (live)

Orlons “knock knock” (record 1964)



Unlike symphonic music, here`s proof that Rock is the universal language which was VOLUNTARILY accepted by everyone except th church/state. Rock, not war machines, was th real “shot heard round the world”. In the 50-60s R an R was tearing up th planet and undermining th church an state`s grim agenda worldwide. Rock was changing their motto “punish yourself an stay warlike” to “free yourself and stay carefree”. I heard some pretty good Rock bands when I was in smoggy Manila and Indonesia recently. In Indonesia I watched a good tidy street band being “shadowed” by a cop to make sure their words and beat was “politically correct”. This is th country who will EXECUTE you for having a handful of harmless reefer. Small wonder that many Indo Rockers moved to Holland in th 1950s. Indo Rock is a well known Rock genre flourishing between 1955-65 introduced by Dutch immigrants with an Indonesian heritage.

During th cold war Soviet authorities said jazz was a seditious (disobedient) music an banned it. Ditto for Iran. In Japan an elsewhere, to avoid suspicion/unrest/emigration, apparently they employed a more subtle way to destroy it by simply discrediting it. To give some idea of th power of Rock, 760,000 guy wires were made in Japan in 1965, a record that has yet to be broken ( Contrary to belief, the NWO was, for all practical purposes, in effect at this time as every country on Tusi (Earth) did their best to eliminate it. I befriended one of th men who was responsible for preventing Rock from entering Honduras. He seemed to enjoy being a slave of th state.

Self-punishment is also universal. More on this on another page.

Ernie Djohan and Old Friends “cryin time” (Indo Rock 2003)

Lydia an th Melody Strings “heartbeat” (Indonesia/Holland record 1959 ~ a Buddy Holly cover)

Crescendos (Singapore) “the boy next door” (record )

Naomi an th Boys (Singapore) “happy happy birthday baby” (1965 record)

Tidbits “never my luv” (Singapore 12-13 year old girls ~ record)

Heather (Batchen) “daydreaming” (14 year old girl ~ recorded in Singapore 1966)

Reynettes “rescue me ” (Hong Kong girl group 1966)

Kingsmen “hitchhike” (Philippines 1963 ~ claim to be first band to play Beatles)

Rocky Fellers “little darlin” 1960 (Philippines 6-10 year old lead singers on Dinah Shore show ~ how many of you thought this was another young black kid band from th East Coast? Dinah says “R an R really gets around dont it”.

Poppy an her Popcats “please help me I`m fallin” 1961 (Indonesia/Holland ~ record)

Jimmy Green “last date” (record prob 1960s ~ Indonesia/Germany ~ Indo Rock)

Tielman Brothers “rock it up” 1959 (Indonesia/Holland ~ live on German TV ~ Andy Tielman plays th guy wires (guitar) BEHIND HIS BACK an upside down while standing on th bull (bass) ~ 1st time I ever saw this)

Hot Jumpers “lets rock little baby” (record ~ Indonesia/Holland)

Hurricane Rollers “once” 1959 (record – Indonesian/Dutch)

Sky Devils “Jakarta Reunie Hoevelaken” 2008 (record ~ Indonesia/Holland)

Black Jags “red river rock” (live 2008 ~ not sure if this is Indo-rock) It was removed!

Henry Sahilatua and Old Friends “blue eyes crying in th rain” (live 2003 Indo Rock)


Unlike symphonic music, here`s more vivid proof of th universal voluntary acceptance of Rock by young people.

Herb Alpert an th Tijuana Brass “a taste of honey” (Mexico record 1965)

Rio Rockers “Mexican Rock an Roll” 1958 (record)

Rockin Devils “bule bule” (live 1960s)

Richie Valens “la bamba” (Mexico record)

De Castro Sisters “teach me tonite” (Cuba/Dominican Republic ~ record 1950s)

Perez Prado “cherry pink and apple blossom white” (Cuba 1955 mambo)

Baja Marimba Band “ghost riders in th sky” (Mexico Record)

Keith Colley “enamorado” (record 1968)







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I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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