Chapter 7 of 7 ~ How to detoxify food ~ Suicide ~ Bopperectomy ritual ~ Our holidays ~ New word dictionary ~ A most extraordinary Phillies/Braves baseball game-Vitamin C conspiracy

Here now is a special treat for all you baseball fans and players and even you non-players. Of course a baseball game can free any country, why would you think otherwise? So th following hypothetical major league baseball game between the Phillies and the Braves demonstrates how. None other than Buck Martinez and Cal Ripken provide the exhilerating play by play action from the broadcast booth. So grab yer babies and yer old ladies, a ball so you can practice yer Tim Wakefield knuckleball grip, clean up yer outfielder–infielder gloves and a Joe Mauer autographed catcher`s mask with a bit of spit, yer Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, an Yadier Molina baseball cards, and pound yer catcher`s mitt while yelling “chuck hard babe” in rapid succession at least 10 times and follow with “hey batter you wont even see the speed ball that strikes you out”!  to get th adrenaline surging.

Its th 9th and final inning:

“Batting now in the 4th position for the Philadelphia Phillies, is the home run champ, Ryan Howard”, says Buck. “He swings on the first pitch (crack!) and hits a LONG BLAST to deep, an i mean DEEP center field! He is`nt earning 19 million a year for swatting flies. Melky Cabrera of the Atlanta Braves races back towards the wall. He drops his sunglasses, a foto of Lojan, a box of crackerjacks, a black cat bone from Santo Domingo, and leaps but the wall stuns him momentarily. Buck cries “why in hell did he leap anyway without getting the command signal from his chica in the bleachers first? Is he trying to blow his 3 million dollar a year salary”? “Uh…no, Damn horny Spanish chica bumble bees again”, says Cal.

“Wait, he`s not thru says Ripken, he hasn`t missed retrieving a baseball for 26 years and 9 months and his 26th birthday was yesterday”! Buck laughingly mutters, “yer off yer rocker,  prove to me that your stats are correct”. Ripken then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a foto of a united sperm and an egg,  a calendar, a miniature camera, a rag, a baseball bat and 8 baseballs. “He had these on his body when he came out th shute” says Ripken. “But no baby could carry more than 2 baseballs”, Buck astutely mentions. “Wrong, he had 1 in each hand, 1 in each arm pit, 1 under his chin, 2 between his thighs, and 1 between his feet”. “And just where did he carry th foto, camera, th rag and th calendar”?  “They were in th rag that was tied around his neck”. “And th baseball bat mr. smart ass”? “Wrapped in th umbilical cord stupid”.

Melky removes a boomerang and waits for his chica to scream…ky…in the bleachers directly behind a hot dog vendor`s stand. The camera now focuses on his chica, named Esperanza, who stuffs a couple hotdogs she had stolen from the vendor in her big maw, pumps her fat piernas a few times, purses her lips, and lets out a blood-curdling moan along with 2 false teeth that smack into a pimply balding teenager. The kid checks them for gold content, smiles and stuffs them in his money bag. Melky obeys the command, takes aim and lets th boomerang fly.

The crowd gasps in suspense. If he catches the ball with the boomerang they win, if he doesn`t they might lose cuz its the bottom of the 9th. OMG! Wait…No dice. The crowd moans when the boomerang returns without the ball, but being a crowd pleaser, he catches it in his maw and gets a 2 minute applause, mostly from the obese Mexican chicas. He`s emboldened now and spits in his hat (its against major league baseball rules to spit on mother earth), cleans his sunglasses and shouts “what me worry”. Jimenez, wait…this never say die baseball player with All Star potential will not be stopped and the Braves` fans know exactly what will happen next and cheer wildly when he crouches down low and squeezes his powerful thighs.The suspense builds as he writes “Esperanza” in the dust with his trusty Dominican mini machete. “This game aint over yet”, Buck cries rapturously and Ripken concurs!

Esperanza moans again and with a mighty heroic effort he springs like a wicked wounded Wollongong wallaby and the Braves` crowd roars in anticipation. Higher and higher he flies, and as he passes a 767 turbo jet while fighting his way thru a flock of horny geese using his nariz as a battering ram, he is bombarded by a meteorite shower. He catches them in his mouth, grinds them up and spits them out much to the delight of the crowd who scramble about the bleachers desperately trying to retrieve the pieces. When it comes to crowd pleasers, this hombre has no equal and makes Roberto Clemente look like a little leaguer. The satellite telescope follows his every move and beams it back to the Braves` stadium screen. Oops its halftime already, and time for another invigorating cigarette commercial. Hey look at this flot, its a vivacious chick raving about Virginia slims, the smoke for FREE-MINDED women. “Silly vamp, she doesn`t know this is marlboro country, the choice smoke of battle-hardened tough FREE men”, says Buck.

Its piss time for Melky. He asks the crowd to stop watching the screen for a moment. They all comply with his request except for Buck. “Oops you moron, piss with the wind not against it”, Buck cries in vain. In the meantime, Ryan mysteriously lays down on 3rd base for some reason and refuses to head for home. I think it has something to do with the big-titted white chick umpire there he`s been trying to lay for months. But Buck and Cal contend that he was influenced by lyrics from an old song “take the long way home”. But when the Phillie`s red-blooded blue-jeaned ball-bustin beery fans begin chanting “you better wake up Ryan, yer hot chick`s at home sighin, go now or she`l be dyin”, he abruptly rises, spits tobacco on his hands and smears it on his face, scratches his back with a miniature bat from China, lights up a camel with a hundred dollar bill and says “blow this out honey” to the umpire, Caldonia Weirmeizer, who complies with his request to the chagrin of his poofter fans, scratches his ya ya and trots on towards home.

Meanwhile Melky has zipped up his fly and cuts back to the chase. On and on he flies buoyed by his motorized parachute, past Africa, South America, Asia, Jupiter until…OMG he`s in the Virgo star constellation! Melky`s gettin milky and its plain to see that this spaced-out Virgo Babe aint the Virgin we thought she was! “Dont watch this”, Ripley yells to Buck, but its too late as Buck`s eyes leap out of their sockets and then spring back in, leaving his face a red mess.”Only an idiot would want a virgin, he cries, get back down here where you belong and catch the bloody ball”. Reacting to this porn show not commonly seen at sporting events, his chica fans behind home plate open and close their piernas in rapid rhythmic cadence. “OMG, screams Ripken! the ball has just landed a few feet above th upper stadium deck striking a sign that says “Welcome to tax-free Bopland, the home of real freedom, we are waiting just for you”.

But the sign was just part of an elaborate ruse sponsored by visiting Boplander, jukit babalu, from th Doobywop Star Cluster, to get the president to admit that their earth, which had been transformed into one big state via the NWO, was an overtaxed brutish slave colony run by a dictator disguised as a “president”. The president signed an agreement with him giving permission to let him erect the sign just for a month, among other stipulations. The fact that he brought a few frog-legged chicks with him available for dates definitely played a part in his decision. Oh, I must also mention that the LSD that was covertly placed in his drink was another “persuader”.

Another stipulation was that  the president was required to enact a temporary law, and to use the same number, 11110, that jukit`s earth idol, JFK, had enacted back in 1963 allowing the government to create its own money instead of having to borrow it  from the FED.

The law stipulated that if any baseball should strike the sign that both teams would be declared the winner and that the president of the fascist state had to fully explain to his people the Bopperistic fact why there are no taxes in Bopland, and that when 2 teams play, there are only winners and no losers. This is because th goal of each team is to get the other team to win.  But the most important stipulation was that he had to admit to the baseball fans and to all his people on national TV that the country was in fact an overtaxed illegal brutal slave colony, and would immediately adopt the exact same political system as Bopland. But if no ball hit the sign during th month, then jukit would be required to say on national TV that his own country`s political system, Bopagy, was far more inferior than th president`s one on earth, and that he would use his influence to see to it that a similar one was created in his own country, Bopland.

Never dreaming  for a second that a baseball would actually strike the sign far away from home plate, and being a betting man high on th LSD that had been covertly placed in his drink, the president agreed in writing to honor the agreement not knowing that jukit had covertly installed a radar homing device which would attract baseballs to the sign. So Ryan`s home run above th bleachers in center field just about had to hit the sign.

However, this was really a risky plan cuz about th only player who could hit a ball that far was Ryan Howard, and he would have to hit th ball above th bleachers in center field, a daunting task. Ryan knew of th plot cuz of national news coverage on earth as well as thruout th galaxy. You can often tell by th sound of a ball being hit whether or not it will be capable of going over th fence. You could feel th earth move when Ryan swung on a 3–2 count and that characteristic home run smack filled th air, not unlike a 12 gauge Winchester shotgun on a snowy morn.  It was music to our ears knowing it signalled th end for th governing elite.

After the game, the president then reluctantly addressed his people and fans what the agreement required him to announce and hung his head down low asking for forgiveness. There was no way th president could renege on th agreement because jukit had previously informed all th people in th entire galaxy about it and trillions of people were watching th game from a hundred different stars.  The people then tore up the bleachers and the inevitable happened that not even the police could prevent. In fact they themselves joined the angry crowd that carted him and his cohorts away by their noses to the can. None of the fans really cared that for the first time ever in history the Braves and the Phillies had BOTH won the same game, the only thing that mattered to them was that at long last they cottoned to they were tortured slaves, even if it took a bamboozled president to tell them this.

In a post game interview with jukit after the fascists had been carted away, a confused flustered Buck asked the question “if both teams win, then what`s the point of playing baseball in Bopland in the first place”?

Jukit = cuz we play baseball different there. We have a different way of looking at life. Just like on your earth, teams “compete” here on Bopland with each other, but the difference is that they vigorously compete to see who can get the other team to win. In other words, they compete to lose, not to win the game. So the losers are the winners, you follow me?

Buck = But what about salaries, are players paid anything for losing as you say?

Jukit = Because each family or grouping is totally self-sufficient and makes what it needs to prosper thanks to an all out scientific, servo mechanised, free energy effort which has eliminated government entirely, there`s no reason or need to use money here. For example, we travel free thanks to planes that are flown by computers that never malfunction. All 48 or so of the political systems that have ever been invented thruout history were designed to perpetuate the legal right for a few misfits, who were deathly afraid of shovels, to rule the many. Of course they disguised this with sweet rhetoric to satisfy your great need to consume sagacious sugar.

All thru antiquity, just like today, the establishment carefully chose only those summa cum laude students from the finest academies who they believed they could groom and train without much fuss after graduation, to be their political writers and candidates. These top students had ALREADY passed their first critical main test that was sure to gain favor among the ruling elite; they were able to finish school and not realize they had wasted their precious time and sold their soul to the junkman by doing so. Unlike our schools, your schools are the ultimate laundries where grey matter is cleansed via a washing machine. They then award these laundered white coats with big $$$ and a piece of paper that says “i`m qualified”. But qualified to do what? Nothing else except to put catchy words together to convince you earthlings that competing with one other, instead of assisting one another is normal, hence the great need for sports. This stalled your scientific progress for thousands of years.

Buck = That may be true but I still dont get it. How can there be rewards for losing?

Jukit = To answer your question, first we must define what is required to live a fulfilling happy life. In other words, I have just answered your query. What greater reward is there in all the cosmos?

Buck = Can you be more specific, I`m still in the dark. Whats the point in losing? After all, there have been many fauna thruout evolution that went extinct by losing the survival game, both vegetarian and carnivore.

Jukit = What i`m trying to say is that you win when you lose, but you dont really lose, its just a metaphor. Because most of us are born charitable loving respectful folk, who, when not being cattle-prodded, ill schooled, trained from birth to be subservient economic slaves, required to cover their bodies with sackcloth which creates a vitamin D deficiency, or bombarded with Darwinian half-truths, when someone does us a good turn, we voluntarily want to give them something for their kindness, and in so doing, advance our own interests as well as theirs and civilization`s. This was the situation on your own planet when Columbus first explored Hispaniola in 1492 and saw the friendly nude inhabitants who didn`t give 2 hoots about gold because they were sane. Of course this was too tranquil and too much for his own tortured brain to comprehend, so he butchered them all.

Buck = Are you saying Darwin`s “survival of the fittest” theory is bunk? Look at us, are we not living proof that winners are winners, not losers?

Jukit = You imagine that you are a fine powerful winning specimen of a human, but your DNA is degenerated, your will to fight back against oppression is all but gone, your unhealthy bodies and immune systems have been weakened thru the centuries, for example all other primates your size are at least 4 times stronger than you. Even a wallaby that hops instead of runs can easily outrun your fastest runners. A long time ago when we were crawling around in the swamp and competing with other animal species, this survival of the fittest theory was true. But when the day came that we became masters of the other animals, Darwin`s theory became obsolete, but due to endless written propaganda, few noticed. Animals that can mate and produce offspring with each other are born brothers and sisters, not enemies that must be eliminated via “competition”.

Buck = But there is competition among the primate groups, eg dominant males may fight and beat less dominant males in order to mate and perpetuate their seed. We ourselves may punch another male trying to woo a girl we want.

Jukit = Yes a small few of us may punch in Bopland, but never do we punch with intent to kill unless severely provoked which cannot happen due to the fact that we have educated our people to be wary of any bad seeded fascists. Few or no men on Bopland, if they really wanted to, would find it impossible to find a girl to mate with and pass on their seed. Very few, if any, primatologists have observed primates who have never been exposed to or influenced by humans, so the tales they publish, eg Jane Goodall`s “the hunting chimps of Gombe”, are tainted with hypocrisy to begin with according to Zuckerman and others. In our free society here in Bopland, very few if any men punch other men over a woman because there`s no need to. Unchained Freedom breeds respect, not anger towards the other gender. This means that lonely suicidal folks living alone on your planet with yokes would thrive on Bopland and have many friends and a sex partner.

Buck = I dont believe that, wife beatings and endless strife between the genders happens here on a daily basis, aren`t you just exaggerating?

Jukit = In the incomparable Bopland Federation, because no one makes any attempt to write a  “con–stitution” or torture women, by say making them wear bras to be “respectable”, women are far more likely to want to be pleasing and amiable, instead of women who subconsciously seek revenge on men. Would you not develop an ugly disposition if, day after day, year after year, you were required to strap a rag on your male nipples which causes varicose veins, fed insecticided unnatural food designed to fatten you up like cattle before slaughter, and imprisoned in a city apartment where you cant even gain some comfort by watching the sun set or smelling a lemon flower? So you see, there is no “competing” war between the genders here where men are men and women women, and no sardine cans disguised as “cities”, so major gender fighting is eliminated. I would bet you haven`t even befriended even one sweet-tempered woman on your cold miserable planet where the natural order of things is upside down thanks to a group of mental retards more dead than alive, who chase their own golden tail around and around in circles going nowhere in a great cloud of dust. In my short stay on your planet, i have not seen an emu riding on the back of a buffalo, nor have i ever met such a woman.

Buck = how long will you stay here on earth before you return to Bopland?

Jukit = Not long. Already my hands are trembling with anger and disbelief as to how anyone can live without rebelling in your slavery system. My nerves are ruined, my ass is starting to hurt due to the sabotaged slop you call food, and i find the moroseness and apathy of your people unbearable.

Hey Bo, if yer over 60 an raised on a farm, think of when ya were a teenager. Almost certainly suicide never once crossed yer mind. Yet today, male teens see th crocs swirling above them in a raging wind, an have no sane defensive retreat to ride out th guen. Its a desperate search an they leave no stone unturned. One such teen begins to collect coins an stamps but discovers that they do nothing to ease his burden. He turns on th radio an hears a “haggis” bangin on th bottles like a fidgety shorted-out android. Nope that aint it. Th TV? No he`d rather live his own life, not watch others pretending to be living theirs. Well maybe he can “jibbitt away his troubles”. But even after telling his parents that he does`nt dig wrecking his health with hunks of putrefying dead meat, they say “jibbitt or starve”. Well, he says, maybe by being th teachers pet I can gain relief but then discovers that th teacher does`nt know th meaning of th word “why”, so that flies out th window. But he`s determined to further his education so he goes to a doctor an says “I`ll work for free an be yer servant if you would just please teach me th doctor`s trade via some on th job training”. Th doc laughs an says “you know, thats a brilliant idea, I`ve often wanted to take on a young apprentice an personally teach him. That`s th best, cheapest, fastest an most exciting way to learn, but this is`nt th 1800s anymore, th law won`t let me, so I could get sued or lose my license”.

Wait. Sport must be th answer. So he dons a jockstrap an chases balls up an down a court until he discovers that th balls are diversions trying to make him even more “comfortably numb”. Wait! I`ll get a girl an live happily ever after ~ uh… no that did`nt work, his face had zits from jibbittin toxic okey at school an they avoided him like th plague. Wait. I`ll join a church an get saved ~ uh… no that did`nt work, in order to be allowed to enter he had to wear certain clothing he had a distaste for. Wait. I`ll join th army an let them teach me how to be a real educated man. An in no time at all, he finds himself in charge of a group of men in a war. He receives an order from his commanding officer to send his men on a mission that he knows from experience will result in their deaths. He vehemently protests but th officer says “do it or else face a court-martial”. Wait! I`ve got th answer he says! When they find him hanging in th morning, th officer says to his master sergeant “put him down as having been killed in th line of duty”. His yockomosa gets th sad news an says “I`m so proud of my julep, he died trying to preserve our freedom”. Many years later, a lonesome young zit-faced teenager will see his name on a stone monument in a park among others claiming they died to “preserve” our way of life. This teener will be carrying a radio playin songs with haggis bangin on th bottles like fidgety shorted-out androids. He`ll turn it off an begin to stare at th army recruitment agency across th street. In no time at all, he`l walk thru th door.

Yet none of them would have suicided if they had known that this is what th child molesters at th pyramid top had wanted them to do according to their nwo plan. It seems to me that famed pop koko, Michael Jackson, seemed to sense something like this, an went on a jackwide concert tour in th 1990s. Sometimes dressed in prison garb, an performing in various ghettoes, he teered “all I wanna say is that they don`t really care about us”, which of course was an anti-cursota song.

One rue in th song praised Martin L. King, an another rue said “I`m a victim of police brutality”. Horror of horrors, he wanted to create a children`s day holiday an proclaimed “it would mean alot for world peace”. Curses. This Bluegill was trying to leap out of th fishbowl, which was proof that their millennia-old eunuchization program still had a few bugs. Not to worry. He could be slandered by accusing him of being a “pedophile”, an have his bank account drained. According to most westerners “in th know”, even a few in jail, being called a cold-blooded killer is far preferable than being called a pedophile. But why when there usually is no victim? For th very same reason that they changed th meaning of th word “yellow” to slander th brave Native American Indian whose skin color was yellow, or for that matter, th word “Chicken” to slander a brave bird. Anyone or anything that was sane–free–proud–brave–carefree–inventive–charitable–optimistic–had musical talent–spoohed chalk = therefore had unadulterated blood, an so was considered a threat to their parasitic existence.

The slandering did`nt pan out as expected, Michael still retained his dignity an fans. Jimenez Bo, guess ya know what happened next huh? The mannish boy who could`ve stopped th nwo dead in seconds was found uhh… “immobile” one fine morning. But was`nt Michael`s awful state of health th real cause of his “immobilization”? Err… not exactly Bo. Ha ha ha, I see yer not a Jackson fan Bo, but don`t skidaddle off to get a tootsie roll just yet. Dr. Zeev Kain, Univ of Calif, in his physician autopsy report stated that “his overall health was fine, th results are in normal limits”. At 5` 9“ the singer`s 136 pound weight was within doctor`s acceptable range. Hilarious huh? But here`s th real funny part, th doctor who supposedly gave him th medication that made him “immobile”, claims that he`s entirely innocent and was only following proper medical protocol. I have a problem with that, first off if th media support you, then proper medical protocol can be bent to suit any bizarre death situation; maintaining th overall reputation of all shamen becomes more “proper”. Considering th plethora of worthless perilous drugs available, not one person in a million knows what proper medical drug protocol is anyway. They`ve been hiding under this “proper” medical protocol blanket for millennia; that blanket is th reason why they`ve avoided prosecution/suspicion while we get penalized for selling harmless health food store items without a permit. Of course Michael should`ve given th thumbs down to all doctors, but unlike th thumb suckers, he`s spent his life trying to entertain lonely folks just like you Bo. Stand up an be heard if yer a Michael fan, or even if yer not, th hour is getting late.

Excuse me a minute Bo, but Chicken has just crash landed at my feet on the bean vine after a 1 mile flight with Turtle on her back, so i must pause for now to see whats up.

Chicken: (excitedly) t t there`s a young b b boy about to s s suicide on the cliff near our retreat!

Me: i`m goin down now, but i`ll just covertly watch from a distance and huddle with u`all from time to time. Obviously someone has abused him, and so he may get too scared and jump if he sees me.

Turtle: c`mon lets go, every second counts. If he jumps there`s no chance of surviving a 75 foot drop in the rocks.

Turtle: (later back on the ground ~ they have devised a plan: while Chicken, Crow, and Turtle try to amuse him, Bull will be covertly hiding in the thicket directly below him. Although he may be killed, Bull will try to break his fall if he jumps with his heavily fortified 2640 pound body) Is everyone ready?

Crow: remember we gotta make this our greatest comedy act! (Turtle, Crow and Chicken have decided that the solution to this dilemma is to stage a playful game with each other in th hope that it will break his depression).

Boy: I`ve been watching you`all. Cant you animals see that they wont permit me to be myself, so whats the point of living? When i ask questions in school, the teacher always frowns and gives some vague or sarcastic answer. I cant quit either, cuz mama wont let me.

Chicken (whispering) its time now (as they begin their act, the boy turns to watch them but in doing so, nearly slips off the rock he`s sitting on. But the worst part is that the rock wiggled a bit and edged closer to the abyss. Minutes pass, and after chasing and biting each other they look a dusty mess. Both Chicken and Crow have each other`s feathers in their mouths, while Turtle has both of their feathers in his, and is on his back pretending that he cant get back up. He is flapping his legs wildly in the air while Chicken and Crow peck at his belly, all of them hoping that the boy will come away from the edge to save him.

Boy: (no dice, he doesn`t budge and appears to be even more depressed now) when i pull her pigtails she a a a annoyingly says s s s stop it. When i`m dead i won`t have to w w w wear this thing no more (he takes off his tie and throws it in the abyss)

Crow: (whisperin to Chicken and Turtle) are you ready? (After a quick desperate huddle, a second plan will be implemented ~ Crow Turtle and Chicken decide to perform an act using the tie the boy had cast in the abyss. They become airborne. Crow deftly retrieves the tie hanging on a pointed rock, ascends about 175 meters with it in her mouth and releases it. Seconds later Chicken grabs it and ascends to about the same height and likewise releases it for Crow to catch.

Back and forth they go, playing their game of aerial baseball, all the while peeking at the boy for any signs of positive emotion. No dice. Its time for the grand finale. Crow grabs the tie, ascends almost to the point where you can`t see her, dive bombs towards Turtle who is on his back, and drops the tie on his tummy. He grabs and holds up the tie with his beak and feet. Chicken then swoops in and grabs the tie from Turtle and tosses it on the ground. Then they all rip off chunks of it, pretending to swallow them. Certainly after this rousing showbiz performance, a favorable result will be seen?

Boy: (no dice. sadly he remains grim, spits his bubble gum out and throws the whole pack in the abyss) won`t need these no more either.

Chicken: (whispering) what`l we do now, time`s runnin out?

Turtle: listen i have a plan (he huddles with them in the thick bush and Crow covertly flies down to inform Bull)

Crow: 1-2-3 hit it (they begin teerin (singin) a song. First Crow caws twice, followed by Chicken who cackles twice, followed by Turtle who pecks a rock twice, followed by Bull who bellows twice. Then they all repeat this chorus, but instead of 2 vocalisations they do it 3 times, then 4, then 5 times.

Boy: (at long last the boy is rejuvenated! The song is a success and he actually begins singin) Sing a new song Chiquitita, where`s that Bull Hi Yi Yi ding anyway yay yay? (oh no! as he peeks below looking for Bull, he accidentally loses his balance and falls into the abyss! Cracking, whooshing, thumping sounds are heard, then a horrifying silence.

All the birds have stopped chirping. Even the locusts have stopped whirring. Some Swallows, which had been dippin an divin a moment ago, land in a tree by the cliff and nervously peer down. A raccoon pokes his head out of a hole in a tree. Did Bull break his fall? If yes they both may be dead!

Chicken: (an hour later relaxing in a piney grove with his pals and the boy) That kid thought for sure Bull was dead. Ya should a` seen his teary eyed face as he tried to resuscitate him! Imagine falling 75 feet in a rocky gorge and living to CRY about it!

Crow: (shhhh…. he`l hear you) certainly Bull wasn`t really knocked out, and he`s probably just faking that leg limp to boot.

Turtle: (whispering) methinks it was just an act to gain more sympathy and break th boy`s depression.

Chicken: whatever it was it sure worked wonders for his disposition.

Crow: look at that stack a` food gifts on th rock beside Bull. Its enuff ta stock a supermarket. Hope his parents don`t find out.

Turtle: yes but its going fast, Bull is really gorging himself.

Bull: (winkin at th trio while layin on his side with a white sheet on him, his mouth crammed full with a head of cabbage) GRRRRR GRRRRR NAHHHHH

Boy: don`t worry, i`m leavin now but i`ll return with 6 more heads lickety-split, then when yer better we can go ridin!

Bull: (rollin over on his back permittin the trio to climb on him) we should rename him “Chiquitita”

(morals = You cant hurt a Bull unless you cheat. If you want to awaken your other real self, forget comedy shows/showbiz acts an just jukit)


Abba ~ Chiquitita 1979

Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong

You’re enchained by your own sorrow

In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow

How I hate to see you like this.

There is no way you can deny it.

I can see that you’re oh so sad, so quiet.

Chiquitita, tell me the truth

I’m a shoulder you can cry on.

Your best friend, I’m the one

You must rely on.

You were always sure of yourself.

Now I see you’ve broken a feather

I hope we can patch it up together.

Chiquitita, you and I know

How the heartaches come and they go

And the scars they’re leaving

You’ll be dancing once again

And the pain will end

You will have no time for grieving.

Chiquitita, you and I cry

But the sun is still in the sky

And shining above you

Let me hear you sing once more.

Like you did before, sing a new song,


Try once more like you did before

Sing a new song, Chiquitita

So the walls came tumbling down

And your love’s a blown out candle

All is gone and it seems too hard to handle

Chiquitita, tell me the truth

There is no way you can deny it

I see that you’re oh so sad, so quiet

Chiquitita, you and I know

How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they’re leaving

You’ll be dancing once again and the pain will end

You will have no time for grieving

Chiquitita, you and I cry

But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Let me hear you sing once more like you did before

Sing a new song, Chiquitita

Try once more like you did before

Sing a new song, Chiquitita

When th threat of rebellion peaks they loosen th laws an presto, suddenly a few good songs are heard on th radio, numerous new pro-fbi an “patriotic” war movies begin smashing into our consciousness, th chalk videos get raunchier, reefer laws are temporarily slackened, petrol prices drop, interest paid on bank account balances rises, a few speed cameras are shut down, an women`s boxing becomes th hotcake. When th threat lessens, they tighten it all back again.There are good teeraleers today but without proper music arrangements–encouragement–radio play–pure okey, they melt like mil on a hot tin roof. If we could turn th clock back to 1955-59 an then attend a Rock leet in th sticks with th radio playin a top 40 song of today, th leeters would all break out in hysterical laughter thinking that th PHD was playin a cruel joke on them. Now we are all expected to pretend Rock was just some frivolous passing fad instead of th sturdiest crutch any teen could ever have. What they are teaching elementary school kids today jackwide comes from a book called “how to pass thru life with your eyes wide open but never seeing anything”. Is it too tough to figure out why Carly Simon teered “suffering was th only thing that made me feel I was alive”, in 1974, when tv soaps were becoming more popular than Rock? Folks on their deathbed have been known to “regress” back to their childhood existence for one final tainistic thrill, or may even admit to some crime they committed, yet this truthfulness is something they should have been clinging to all their life; thus it is seen that we are born truthers, not criminals. Tickle yer hottentot, destroy their evil plot.

Apparently by experimentation in th 1800s, th cursota correctly figured out it took 12–16 years of anti-schooling schooling to all but permanently disable a child`s brain an strip him of character–inventiveness an his will to rebel against injustice. Of course your “other self” already knows this but you don`t, so you need conclusive evidence to convict yourself. As your attorney, I`ll do my best; 1/3 of high school grads never read another book for th rest of their lives ~ 42% of college grads never read another book after college ~ 80% of US families did not buy or read a book last year ~ 70% of US adults have not been in a bookstore in th last 5 years ~ Of books read, 53% read fiction ~ Each day in th US, people spend 4 hours watching tv {}.

I recall watching a 1960s USA senior high school class who would be graduating at a ceremony held in their honor. All th kids had exactly th same type of clothing an short haircut err…. except for one rebel who combed his hair different. I`m certain that every kid in th entire auditorium was secretly staring at that rebel an either hating him or hating themself for being taught to be characterless. Yakalinquentics know that th kids who were hating this rebel would grow up an convict him in a courtroom even before th trial began, an so carefully question an choose members for th jury. This is why there are innocent victims rotting in jail. Moreover, none of these tortured kids after reaching adulthood would even consider associating with or hiring such a rebel, an will talk behind his back to boot. For clarification, hear th Indian, Lowell Fulson`s “hung down head” 1961.

C th truth hurts, eh Bo? If you are one of these disabled “useless eaters” as th cursota so arrogantly say, an elderly, don`t dismay. Rock is th wonder drug of wonder drugs, th Jackhammer of Jackhammers.

A life without song is a dandylion without a flower. After all, if sound could create th quadroon, imagine how it could open yer 3rd eye. Science is now showing that even plants, when exposed to musical sounds, increase their size an growth rate an their overall health improves {th secret life of plants, by Tompkins an Bird}. Other researchers testing grapes exposed to sounds at a Tuscan winery learned that “sound exposure has some positive effects on vine growth, especially shoot growth, an total leaf area was always higher in sound-treated vines. Th vines not treated with sound showed delayed development”, said Stefano Mancuso from th University of Florence.

So rejoice, those who slip thru th net riding a “doo wah diddy” steam locomotive will grow twangified wings an fly off bound for Doobywop Star Cluster. A feral Rockabilly wind will roar in their lungs blowin away myriad layers of calcified fat deposits. As th mighty Sovereign Steam Engine of Song lifts them higher an higher, doors which had been nailed shut before will fly open breakin th hinges. When raging guens come they will be pelted with R an B cherries, not hail. Th driving Boogie beat will help them see th jack thru Patsy Cline`s “eyes of a child”, causing long frozen pituitary cells to twitter again.Thoughts of footballs–tv–preachers will vanish. Suddenly they will know th answers to burning questions they had asked themself as a child; what is spinning this quadroon an where is spaceship watusi headed to? Upon arrival at Doobywop Star Cluster, th Spinners of th quadroon, Jaggebar an his invention, Rock an Roll, will greet them with open arms.

When th WOMRR succeeds, I see another tusi being made habitable, or this one being made bigger, or an entirely new tusi being created, or th oceans drained, to accomodate th ojay after our demolition teams knock down all obelisks–skyscraper malls–highrise apartment complexes, especially ones with revolving floors, using th mun they stole from us. I see massive factories where robots manufacture all th necessities of life to be given away to anyone who wants them. Other robots would maintain th roads, act as farm hands, do mundane work. I see a noble race of Man developing where stealing–murder–war–death is unknown. To lessen car accident fatalities, I see them changing all 2 way traffic streets to one way with nothing but safe short bendable edible shrubbery permitted near them. I see roadside parks with fruit–edible greens free for travelers. I see freely available preservative–insecticide testing kits being used in every home to determine if okey is safe to jibbitt. Okey is never safe to jibbitt nomatter what th toxin content was. Okey preservatives are not preservatives, they are okey an health destroyers. I see new teeth–maudy organs–limbs being grown in home labs by teenagers. I see all lots being converted to a minimum size of 4-20 acres, probably th size needed to grow a self-sustaining okey crop, operate a small business, retain dignity–lessen crime. All this would have been done possibly 10,000–100,000 years ago if parasitism had not reared its gruesome head an wrecked our species. Said another way, th child molesters–greenbackalinquents have had centuries to find an answer to th overpopulation–short life span problem, but cuz they are comatose gross parasites, they blew their chance to reduce population an extend life in a sane righteous manner. So now as if to “prove” to everyone how witty they are, an that they were rite all along, an cuz it would wreck their ego–reputation if history were to correctly label them as losers, th majority of us are scheduled to be exterminated by such things as gender friction which causes mostly male suicide, poison–drugs–toxic okey–fluoride–war etc to “solve” th problem.

Their unseeing eye has been relocated from th tops of gruesome pyramids to th tops of gruesome skyscrapers, which anyone with a smidgeon of sense can see are anti-nature failures. Their crampy ill-designed cities with crumbling sewers are roaring failures. Their ugly overhead dangerous powerlines that fall down in guens are parasitic failures. Their plan for global civilization, with them being th shovelless lords up high, is a failure. Their social lifestyle framework is a failure. Their version of democracy-socialism is a failure. Their plan to sponsor endless war is a failure. They fail cuz they are myopic cataractous tone-deaf hemorroidal coagulated purulent pestilential decomposing pathologicasystapistamistic genetic rejects.

They are excitedly printing mun nonstop today to pay mutative assassins–news reporters–magazine editors–book authors–politicians–school heads–sport writers–radio station owners–holy joes, to silence th truth movement, hide–ignore–muddy–distort relevant facts, contaminate Rock, an steer us to a place in their web where our murder will go unnoticed or be ignored. Cohuttas, lets rejoice. We are th fortunate few who cotton to that preserving our reet is more important than who wins th super-bowl. Creating a Rock Federation is not a pipe dream. We stand on th threshold of a titillating comradeship vision that can come true, as we imagined in our early childhood, if we can forget negative thought an get going in th rite zimmeristic protesting direction. Its up to us. Stop th cursota hellion, with a strong Rock rebellion.

Hey Bo, are ya still with me or have ya climbed back down off th stalk? Are ya planning ta destroy this document? If ya are, I can appreciate how ya feel, I once wore yer suede shoes with white socks an all. Ya may think that me calling them “scum of th ages” etc was too sandpapery, but it made me feel embarrassed cuz I could`nt think of words harsher than these. I don`t pretend to be an articulate literary giant, I know I`m not. It must have been hard for you ta swim my ragweeded stream of consciousness, especially for you good religious ojay. I`m sure many of you were obeying yer Gods an wisely spending yer time helping those less fortunate than yerself at th hospital, for example, an trying hard to make it a rosier jack to live in. And then I came along an set fire to yer cross. I often speak badly about religious ojay despite th fact that they`ve been among th small few who have actually tried to help me in my life. So I apologize an list th following song just from me to all of you =

Jimmy Dean “Dear Ivan”1962

Th thing that particularly bugs me is not you folks or any of yer gods, its th oba–a–a–amatons with a grin ear to ear who hide under yer cross an use it for their own peculiar sadomasochistic thrills, eg when a despot is trying ta win favor with th masses he will have his news photographers take his foto with a church in th background exactly as adolph hitler did. I`m aware that th gap between good ojay like yerselves an them is wider than th atlantic ocean. Its true I`ve been knocked overboard in a turbulent sea an find myself grasping at driftwood, but I`m hoping at least for a brief second, you religious folks reached out as if to help me stay afloat. For th rest of you who feel a certain comradeship with these words, let me say that its pointless if 99% of th whole jack knows who th villain is but does`nt utter one word of public protest or get actively involved. Th moment they sense that we slaves are mentally incapable of fighting back is th moment we become indistinguishable from cattle, an our doom will be sealed. They already call us goya {cattle}. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

I think one main reason why they created 9-11, Waco, th Oklahoma bombing was to test our will–skill to fight back. Look how many years have passed since 9-11 an the cattle-prodded media still give th actual killers plenty of prime tv time to arrogantly distract us. First, determine who`s side you should be on by asking yerself these questions; “am I capable of giving a speech in front of millions of ojay, an not for one second allow my face to get red, while I tell lie after lie that directly ruins millions of ojay`s lives”?

“I think 9-11 was an inside job”, a spectator in th audience once said to bill clinton, an clinton replied using all th “innocent” angry facial expressions that took scores of pathological generations to perfect, “how dare you ask that question”, an th herd quickly settled back down, so proud they could cry, that their “righteous” leader had verbally punished th spectator. Would you be capable of winning an actor`s trophy by using all th deceiving facial expressions an saying, “let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”, as george bush said, an leave th impression on th audience that you were just “protecting” yer citizens, just like any good-hearted “father” would do? Or would you begin to stutter half way thru yer speech an run for th exit door like most of us would?

Would you be capable of torturing, an then slowly chopping to pieces a young child in perfect health, an then drinking his blood or baking it in bread? Its commonly believed that this is/was th custom of Jewish ritual murder, but remembering how certain ruling bloodline leaders have always distorted history for monetary an other purposes, it may have been they themselves who murdered th kids an then blamed th Jews for it, in order to get their property an quell rebellion etc. But nomatter what, I`m sure that even if they raked you over hot coals, you would`nt do this. Th real child molesters would though. It has taken thousands of years for this ability of “th chosen few” to lie undetectedly an kill without guilt to get stamped in their genetic makeup. Now you see why th cursota an their accomplices are a second separate degenerated species from us. What defines a Jew anyway? Arthur Koestler claims in his book, “th 13th tribe” that over 90% of today`s Jews are racially non-Jewish an have no genetic relationship to th 12 tribes of Israel. Are you a Jew who thinks he`s a Jew? Why not become a Rockeonie who knows he`s a Rockeonie? Deception is universal an comes in all colors.

Methinks one reason why th cursota created WW-2 was to create a homeland for th Jews. But why at that particular 1940s time, when thruout history th Jews have been kept on th run? To keep their niche intact, th cursota remain “untouchable”, an miles ahead of th hangman`s noose, by thinking decades ahead; this would assist them greatly years later when they started WW-3, which has already begun, to help them to more rapidly activate their nwo agenda, to “solve” th jack overpopulation problem, to make it possible to be able to shift th blame onto th Jews, an to satisfy their perversity for chaos. You see, if they spread th lie that a bunch of wandering powerless countryless Jews, but not themselves, started WW-3, who in their right mind would believe th propaganda? But th jack ojay would definitely swallow th herring if th Jews had their own country, were armed to th teeth with diabolical nuclear weapons, supposedly controlled many big corporations, an held many high government posts. But paradoxically, th Jews are destroying Gaza while very few jack leaders, least of all putin an th queen, mutter one word of protest. One would think that if th Jews really did run th jack by themselves, that th queen an th rest would be verbally chopping th Jews to pieces. Th Jews even brazenly, from time to time, make astounding authoritative statements like “we control America an th Americans know it”, an publicly quote scary rubbish from th “protocols of zion“. Now let me ask you something Bo, if yer trying desperately to avoid th gallows an millions of violent starving armed unemployed Yankee slaves, would you convict yerself by announcing to th jack that you are in fact th guilty party? Is someone paying these Jews $$ billions to say these things?

What about Cuba`s fidel castro an che guevara, who would ever suspect them of being US puppets? Can mun buy anyone an set them up in power? Said another way, methinks Henry Makow is correct when he says “the bankers use a hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both capitalism an communism as thesis {argument for} and antithesis {argument against}. Their aim is a synthesis, combining th political an cultural tyranny of communism with th appearance of capitalist free markets. Fidel castro came to power only because of th covert help of new world orderlies in th US state dept. an mass media. They cut off arm sales to batista while at th same time allowing castro to be supplied, partly by Russian submarines. How do we account for th cia`s killing of guevara? He had served his purpose an was worth more dead than alive. If th Cuban communists were sponsored by th central bankers, how do we account for th cia`s Bay of Pigs invasion? This failure was probably designed to enhance castro`s image an reinforce th hegelian dialectic. If th US could go to Vietnam “for th sake of democracy”, it certainly could have invaded Cuba officially. Th debacle opened th door for th missile crisis an th assassination of JFK, both part of th agenda”. Who`s side is Iran`s ahmadinejad on? His ojay? C? Then why did he come out flashing th classic secret satanist`s masonic hand signal while saying in 2009 “we need a new world order now”? Another example of “hegelian dialectic” as Makow would say, is islam {antithesis = argument against}, an christology {thesis = argument for}. Rockeonies, we see that th human race has been derailed, an is crashing thru th jungle unheeded. Truth is labelled fiction an fiction as being truth. All cuz of a handful of glum scum who get a big wallop out of jibbitting themselves.

Unfortunately th cursota control th big international corporations. One such corporation is simplot whose Australian branch owns these popular food brands; edgell, bird`s eye, four an twenty, leggoes, herbert adams, big sister, nanna`s, harvest, plumrose, chicko, sealord and i and j. I am unable to consume any of their food products without showing signs of illness. In 1966 th National Health Federation published a book entitled “fluoridation”, in which it reported about a case on August 25, 1961 in which th Meader hatchery near Pocatello, Idaho, obtained a judgement in th US court of appeals against th simplot company which was releasing airbourne fluorides, an polluting fish production. “Th effect on fluorides on trout was toxic, trout eggs were worthless, there were malformations, loss of adult fish was very great”, th report said {Val Valerian “a chronology of fluoridation”}. Th maddening thing is that as long as countries defend th big conglomerates an maintain a massive well-armed military machine, other countries will be forced to protect themselves an do th same. Errr…that is if th Word Of Mouth Rock Rebellion fails.

There is a peaceful solution. Its called a peace revolution. Now lets take back America.

There`s a war an were in it, but I know we can win it.

So lets take back America. An when th war is over an we`ve won it, lets remember how we done it, so we dont have ta do it again {Willie Nelson 2007}

Cohuttas, lets gouge th eye on top of th pyramid. Forget th local radio station an its guanoza. If yer a twell collector, transfer only th good songs to DVDs but retain th original vinyl. Then give them away to as many folks as you can. This will help to correct Rock history while preserving th thousands of good songs that never made th top 40 but should have. Every year some old ageless song is deleted which is a kind word for a treasure that has been lost in th sands of time forever. Protect an preserve this invention of inventions as if it were yer own yockomosa. In a very real way it was for some of us. Rock is the zimmeristic freedom schooner so let it transport you to your island of dreams while you still can.

But today if a novice tried to play Rock or one of its Branches, he`d find it almost impossible cuz th foundation of Rock has been wrecked, an without a guide or something cherilaylic to imitate, most just give up. Never say die.

first they ignore you ~ then they laff at you ~ then they fight you ~ then you win”

India`s former fabled vegetarian leader, Mahatma Gandhi

Long gone is uncluttered folk–country music, eg Carter family “th winding stream”1932. Gone are coochies with four sax players, eg Little Richard. Gone is breathtaking beatless pop music eg Al Jolson “my gal Sal”1920s. Gone is Rock–Hillbilly–Blues waltzes eg Kay Starr “rock an roll waltz”1955–Charlie Feathers “defrost yer heart”1955–Stick Mcghee “Tennessee waltz blues”1950. Gone are rock protest songs with valid arrangements eg Bill Haley “teenagers mother”1956–Little Richard “oh why”1958–Elvis Presley “if I can dream”1968–Kingston Trio 1962 an Johnny Rivers1965,”where have all th flowers gone”. Gone is superb barbershop quartet music which is a branch of rock eg Schmitt Brothers “when th red robin comes bobbin along”1950s. Gone is incredible Rock morin eg Al Jolson “toot toot tootsie goodbye”1920s. Gone is bongo rock eg Preston Epps “bongo rock” 1959. Gone are bull guy wirists disguised as “men” eg Little Peggy March “I will follow him”1963.

Gone is country yodeling with a honkytonk beat eg Hank Snow “bluer than blue”1940s–Del Shannon “Coopersville yodel”1972. Gone is a strange type of rock–jazz–yodeling eg Red Ingle an Natural Seven “comin around th mountain march”1948. Gone are Wampinette boogie domino players eg Katie Webster “I want you to luv me”1950s. Gone are songs featuring Tarzan eg Dale Hawkins “see ya soon baboon”1956. Gone are Rock songs with bagpipes eg Ramrods “loch lomond Rock1950s. Gone is funny country music eg Jim Stafford “wildwood flower”1974–Bobby Bare “up against th wall”1970s. Gone is funny rock eg Coasters “along came Jones”1959–Lary Verne “please mister Custer”1960. Gone are friendly “battles” where powerful coochies an big-voiced Wampineers–Wampinettes tried to outdo each other, eg Tom Jones, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke = “shake”– George Thoroughgood an Howlin Wolf = “howlin for my baby”– Kitty Wells an Wanda Jackson = “makin believe”. Gone is monster rock “eg Bobby Boris Pickett “monster mash”1962–John Zacherley “dinner with Drac”{2 versions}1960. Gone is Phil Spector`s wall of sound eg Ronettes “walkin in th rain”1964. Gone is pure folk-rock music eg Peter Paul Mary “puff “1963. Gone is symphonic rock eg Electric Light Orchestra “telephone line”1977–Drifters “this magic moment”1960.

Gone are movie kokos–comedians teerin Rock eg Mae West “how miss West won world peace”1972–Rodney Dangerfield “twist an shout”1986. Gone are little boys teerin 100 point Rockers eg Bobby Mandolph “Malinda”1956. Gone are animal Rock impersonators eg Clarence Henry “ain`t got no home”1956–Melanie “Alexander beetle”1970s. Gone are Rock koko impersonators eg Danny an th Juniors “twistin all nite long”1962–Warren Smith “Hank Snow medley”1957. Gone are Wampinettes heard growlin in mikes eg Etta James “baby what you want me to do”1963{live}. Gone are valid anti-city songs eg “Verdelle Smith “tar an cement”1960s–Jackie Wilson “no pity in th naked city”1965. Gone is screamin rock eg Wilson Pickett an Falcons “I found a luv”1958—Screamin Jay Hawkins “I hear voices”1962. Gone are 426 hemi-powered Rock saxes eg Smiley Lewis “down th road”1953. Gone is Asian rock eg Ganimian an his Orientals “come with me to th casbah” [beware label] 1950s. Gone is pure blues eg Henry Gray “boogie in th dark”1950s–Howlin Wolf “poor boy”1957.

Gone is pure R an B eg Lillian Offitt “miss you so”1957. Gone is pure rockabilly eg Eddie Cochran “skinny Jim”1950s–Charlie Feathers “bottle to th baby”1956. Gone are police teerin rock eg Roy Tann “yer drivers license please”1950s. Gone is jazzy rock eg Cab Calloway “Minnie th moocher”1931–Teresa Brewer “sing sing sing”1950s. Gone is pure rock eg Glen Goza “goshamody what a body”1961–Trashmen “Henrietta”1963. Gone are Wampineers who could make guy wires talk eg Wild Jimmy Spruill “scratchin”1950s–Tracy Pendarvis “a thousand guitars”1959. Gone are madcap unshackled PHDs with character who cut th gloom with jive eg Boots Bell–Mad Lad Koma–Jerry Blavatt [geeter with th heater]–Hunter Hancock–Murray “th K” Kaufman–Dick Biondi–Wolfman Jack–John R. Richbourg. These PHDs would play a piece of a song then dare th listeners to identify it. They don`t do that nowadays cuz there`s no easily recognizable good songs anymore. Gone are lazy slow blues ballads eg Jimmy Reed “caress me baby”1958.

Gone are Wampinettes who could teeraleer 2-3 part harmony with themself or others eg Teen Queens “2 loves an 2 lives”1957–Connie Francis “my heart has a mind”1960–Davis Sisters [Skeeter an Betty]” I forgot more”1953–Carter family “that`l be th day”1950s. Gone are Wampinettes with 100% humidified voices eg Lottie Kimbrough “rollin log blues”1920s. Gone are Wampineers with rubberband voices who had audiences teer–twell with them eg Sam Cooke “chain gang”1963 [live in Miami]–Bobby Bare “goin back to Texas”1970s–Chuck Berry “My ding a ling”1972. Gone are Rock accordian songs eg Buckwheat Zydeco “whatcha gonna do”1970s. Gone are Rock`s myriad leets eg Flares “foot stompin”1960s. Gone are Wampineers with an awesome vocal range eg Frank Ifield “she taught me to yodel”1962–Roy Orbison “crying”1960s. Gone are sultry-voiced Wampinette country teeraleers eg Patsy Cline “in care of th blues”1960s. Gone are Wampineers–Wampinettes who could twitter their voice eg Lary Birdsong “pleadin for you”1956–Lesley Gore “we know we`re in luv”1966.

Gone are Wampineers who could teeraleer rock in tongues eg Eddie Hinton “well of luv”1991. Gone is pure doowop eg Dion an Belmonts “thats my desire”1958–Earls “remember then”1962–Rays “sylhoettes”1957. Gone are black Wampineers teerin pure country eg Charlie Pride “on th southbound”1979. Gone are Wampineers with voices so strong they did`nt need mikes eg Johnny Cash “understand your man”1950s–Joe Turner “shake rattle roll” and “blues in th nite” 1950s–Gene Pitney “mecca”1963. Gone are Doobywop bull Wampineers eg Marshall Sewell {Edsels} “what brought us together”1961.

Gone is novelty fun rock eg Buzz Clifford “baby sittin boogie”1960. Gone is risque R an B eg Jessie Powell “walk rite in”1952–Memphis Minnie an Kansas Joe “whats th matter with th mill”1930–Ike an Tina Turner “I been luvin you too long” {live}1969. Gone is Spanish rock eg Edsels “born in Mexico”1961–Ben E. King “Spanish harlem” 1961. Gone are th beats that reincarnated th primitive animal in men an whipped th “beat generation” into a fabulous frenzy eg Ron Holden “my babe”1959–Sonny Boy Williamson “bring it on home”1963–Hank Ballard “look at little sister”1959–Slim Harpo “bobby sox baby”1961–Lary Williams “slow down”1957–Aquatones “she`s th one for me”1957–Buddy Holly “oh boy”1957–David Ray “lonesome baby blues”1957–Lonesome Drifter “teardrop valley”1959–Hank Snow “sunny side of th mountain”1940s–Lary Donn “honey bun”1959–Hank Swatley “oakie boogie”1950s–Rockin Rebels “wild weekend”1960–Junior Dean “chick chick”1950s.

All these an thousands more, th guts of America itself, will be lost in th sands of time forever if th nwo succeeds an th word of mouth Rock rebellion fails. Th Great Rock Era, th most fabulous cultural renaissance ever in history, is scheduled to be dismissed an forgotten like an orangutan that had broken out of its cage, climbed a power pole an got electrocuted.

Crow; this is th part that I like.

Turtle; it never fails to give me goose bumps.

Chicken; {teerin} where have all th flowers gone, long time passin?

Everyone; where have all th flowers gone, a long long time ago?

Cohuttas, lets not be negative an silent anymore. I see BB King`s “th thrill is gone”1969, being teered as “th thrill is here”. I see it`s a beautiful day`s “white bird”1969 being set free.

I see Simon an Garfunkel`s “sound of silence”1965, turning into euphoric hurrahs. I see Bob Dylan`s mr. secret society jones being crowbarred out of his cubbyhole an placed on an operating table so our tillies–shockadoos can ascertain what makes these homicidal rejects of th ages tick. Think how rewarding it`l be to learn why, from a genetic point of view, they call amiable sane ojay “naked perverted savages”. Then our gene-splicing tillies will go to work an make sure their morbid genes are removed from our species.

I see those behind th assassinations of truthers being brought to trial. If they are deceased, their bones would be recovered an placed in th courtroom. If convicted, their bones would be ground up an fed to fire ants live on th net. If alive they would be tortured by having to listen to th words–songs of th truther they killed, via a microchip in their ear, 5 days a week for th rest of their lives while doing shovel work on a chaingang. I see th winner of a jackwide battle of th coochies competition being awarded th honor of handing a shovel to them on their first day at work cleaning up th mess of demolished masonic banker pope temples, other secret society houses of ill repute, obelisks, highrise apartment buildings. In their place I see a fruit tree park where a monument made of pure gold rises majestically from a patch of clover with th inscription Guess What Is Not Th Cause Of Juvenile Delinquency in th center of a huge 78 rpm twell, where a friendly monster is depicted teerin into a mike, with th tusi balanced on top of it surrounded by jitterbuggin kids. Th {god don`t save th} queen`s gold carriage would be confiscated, melted down an used in constructing th monument. Guess who would be required to cook meals for th “royal” demolition labor crew? A few obelisks from around th jack would be spared destruction, an would be laid horizontal on th ground around th monument pointing towards it. On th bottom of th monument would be engraved;

“We conquered th child molesters ~ with civil disobedience ~ love ~ an Rock

now ~ until th seas burn dry ~ our beloved music ~ no more ~ will they mock”

Take a tip Cohuttas, we can conquer these secret societies even though they have unlimited funds, control th chain of command from th top to th bottom an have government yakalinquentics {lawyers}–police–armed forces–media–major corporations–high income professionals an many others mesmerized or in their back pocket. Th fact that we have little funds an have no dynamic leaders or powerful central headquarters does`nt matter either. Nor do we need a stash of weapons, at least at this point. They think they have all th remedial escape hatches blocked, their net mentally–physically impossible to slip thru. They imagine th guppies in th bowl will be too disorientated to notice that their oxygen supply is slowly being cut off, an that assassins are waiting to snuff each one of th millions who jump out.

They think that a baboon when cornered by a carnivore won`t fite to th death.

They think cuz we are all raised in paralyzing psychotic “bubbles”, we won`t have th guts to warn–teach others via word of mouth of their fiendish plan. Take a tip, when th Rock Volcano erupts, it will set th 100kg virus on fire. Th Seminole–Miccosuke tribes, avoiding andrew jackson, went deep into th Florida Everglades an were never officially defeated by th army, nor will we ever be. Take a tip from a zimmeristic frog on a stump, Rock will never die. By spreading Bopperism–Bopagy across th globe, a phenomenon will happen, all of our time will be spent making th road easier for others to follow instead of more difficult, an th putrid odor of parasitism–secret societies will be blown away forever by 4 strong jukelos. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change th world ~ indeed its th only thing that ever has” { as seen on U tube video “turn off your TV now!! 2012–it is time for a change}.

Jim Morrison an th Door`s ~ “five to one”

Th old get old an th young get stronger ~ may take a week an it may take longer

They got th guns but we got th numbers ~ gonna win, yeah

Being “biblically incorrect”, our 1666th Neanderthal grandyockomo living 100,000 years ago, not 27,000 years ago as “biblically correct” cristians would have us believe, made th jack`s first musical hottentots, moronie-flutes made from bones, but certainly ones were made of more perishable wood earlier than this. Put yer ear on a tree.

Can you hear him playin a Jump Blues Tune designed to deactivate th power of misanthropes? I thought so Bo. Most of us are cohuttas. Now you see why we were born to Rock. Lets get hoppin an preserve this priceless vital Rock tradition.

Talk in a rock lingo, eg instead of saying “how are you” say “hows th rock”. Reply to this by saying something like rockitootious–rockitistic–rockerrific–boppitific–boppihoggish–horniboppy–horniboppious–boppitonkious–infallirockable. Regarding total strangers always shake hands with a firm grip, an with your free hand tap–squeeze th other guy`s forearm 3 times {from Linda Scott`s “3 guesses”1961}. With friends, get cheeky an hug an squeeze each other`s back 3 times. Say “suarey” instead of party {from Murray th K`s live jive 1964}. Dress like a Minstrel not a businessman. Instead of sayin bye say “ram or rama” {from th Edsels “rama lama ding dong”1957–61}. Say “polly” instead of amen after saying a cher {from polyocrity}. Say “shah” instead of hello {from Roy Orbison`s “shahdaroba”}. Say “chonnie” instead of thank you {from James Brown`s “chonnie-on-chon”1956. Say “bumble” instead of brother {from B.Bumble an th Stinger`s “bumble boogie”1961}. Say “woogie” instead of sister {from Oscar`s Chicago Swinger`s “I wonder who`s boogiein my woogie” 1936. Say “chalk–chalkiteutic” instead of sex–sexual {from Jimmy Rogers “money marbles an chalk”1951}.

Say “kootie” instead of a young boy Rocker {from Charlie Feathers` “cootzie coo”}. Say “yockomo–yockomosa” instead of father–mother {from Huey Piano Smith an his Clowns` “don`t u know yockomo”. Say “kawliga” instead of family {from Hank Williams` “kawliga”. Say ”chickasaw” instead of daughter {from Memphis Minnie`s “chickasaw train blues”}. Say “julep” instead of son {from Ray Charles` “one mint julep”}. Say “bootie” instead of cousin {from Lillie Mae`s “bootie wah bootie”}. Say “quadroon” instead of sky–universe {from Jerry Lee Lewis` “my quadroon”}. Say “capri” instead of moon {from th Capris` “there`s a moon out tonite”}. Say “cher” instead of pray {named after th wampinette, Cher}. Say “guy wires” instead of guitar {named after legendary guitarist Buddy Guy}. Say “bottles” instead of drums {from Dire Straits` “money for nuthin”}. Say “gamma or gam” instead of Bopland calendar {named after th teeraleer “Gammagoochie”}. Say “kojanimo” meaning a nite club–leet hall in a fruit orchard where Rock is played {named after Janis Joplin}. Say “sill” as well as kiss {named after th wampineer Sil Austin}. Say “cherilayla” as well as song {from Derek an th Dominoes an Eric Clapton`s “layla”}. Say “nee” as well as sun {from Gene Pitney`s “follow th sun”}. Say “milsap or mil” as well as rain { from Ronnie Milsap`s “smoky mountain rain”.

Say “reet” instead of soul {from Jackie Wilson`s reet petite”1957–Cab Calloway`s “are you all reet”1941}. Say zimmeristic instead of optimistic {from th aged Rock group, th Zimmer`s, “my generation”2008}. Say “leet–leetin” instead of dance–dancin {from Katy Webster`s “Katy Lee”}. Say “yehooti” instead of holiday {from Cab Calloway`s “who`s yehooti”1940}. Say “rue” instead of lyric {from th Newbeats “pink dally rue”1962}. Say “tilly” instead of doctor {from Tracy Pendarvis` “philadelphia filly”1959}. Say “shockadoo” instead of scientist {from th Cadillacs` “shock a doo wop”1959}. After th Bopland Federation forms, say “tatita” instead of school {from Ernie K Doe`s “te ta te ta ta”1960s}. Say “sapote” instead of flag {from Bobby Hendricks` “cast yer vote”1958}. “Zoola time” is th time period just before dark when its time ta stop research projects an start rockin {from Buddy Knox`s “hula love”1950s}. Say “spooh” instead of love {from th Davis` Sister`s “everluvin”}. Say “twell” instead of record {from Scott Mckensie`s “twelve-thirty”.

Say “cohutta” when describing someone who has “musical bones” or when greeting a friend {from Roy Hall an his Cohutta Mountain Boys}. Say “cody” instead of planet {named after Commander Cody an th Lost Planet Airmen}. Say “tonkilu” instead of anthem {from Hank Williams` “honky tonkin 1947}. Say “marvagay/marvagaylic/gay/gaylic” instead of heaven/heavenly (from Marvin Gaye). Say kittitee/kittiteelic/teel/teelic instead of angel/angelic (from Kitty Wells). Say “robbijo” instead of “lets get together” (from Robert & Johnny`s “we belong together”) Say “c” instead of yes (from Chuck Willis` c c rider). Say “ojay” instead of people/populace (from th O`Jays). Say “riki tiki tavi” instead of marriage ceremony (from Donovan`s “riki tiki tavi). Say “itchycoo rule” instead of golden rule, meaning goldless self-rule by th ojay (from th Small Faces` itchycoo park).

Say “teeralee–teer–teeraleer” instead of sing–singer {from Joe Turner`s “teeralee”}. Say “jack” instead of world {from th PHD, Wolfman Jack}. Say “guen” instead of storm {from th Trashmen`s “malaguena”}. Say “shim or shimma instead of mountain or hill {from Gene Vincent`s “shimmy shammy shingle”}. Say “watusi tus or tusi” instead of th earth {from th vibrations` “watusi”}. Say “koko” as well as star {named after th Wampinette Koko Taylor}. Say “maudy” instead of body {from Glen Goza an th Damangos “goshamody what a body”}. Say “jibbitt” instead of eat {from th Rockin Rebels` “flibbity jibbitt”}. Say “hottentot” instead of rock instrument {named after Kitten`s “he taught me ta yodel”}. Say “coochie–coochy” instead of band {from Hank Ballard–Lloyd Price`s “hoochi coochi coo}. Say “jolie” instead of an old Rockeony {named after Al Jolson`s nickname}. Say “okey” instead of food {from Joe Turner`s “oke–she–moke–she–pop”}. Say “moronie–mor” instead of whistle {from Lary Williams` “bony moronie”}. Say “catnip” instead of sleep {from th Rolling Stones` “stray cat blues”}. Say “tarzan” instead of musical concert {from Dale Hawkins` “see ya soon baboon”}. Say “tain” instead of orgasm {from th Alley Cats “puddin-n-tain”}. Say “bull” instead of bass guitar–singer {from Herb Alpert`s “th lonely bull”. Say “domino” instead of piano {named after Fats Domino}.

Give yerself a new bopperistic name or use th following list as a rough guide: Duski – Duskita – Hilo – Saxy – Saxon – Sandita – Sandella – Sandell – Gongo – Piner – Tuttio – Cinduna – Ashenta – Sippi – Hyzer – Hybeam – Hypio – rediset – Pippi – Langer – Waylon – Tanger – Loamy – Lumen – Limbe – Setanta – Blendy – Blendis – Dugone – Garletta – Cinnamay – Saucin – Deltica – Doodah – Ozona – Mudcat – Juny – Byoo – Tutone.

Learn how to “bompinnate” {from little Richard`s “tutti frutti”1956}, th art of playin a song in yer mind. I think bompinnatin, as well as amplified song, twitters–invigorates th pituitary–hypothalamus–pineal {3rd eye} glands among others, causing them to leet–possibly communicate with each other {Japanese 240 volt massagers–scalp exercises probably do th same}. When this happens I think negative thought–atoms are somehow expelled–destroyed which halts th aging process–accumulation of “brain sand” {Alzheimer`s disease}. This process is certainly similar to what happens when you cry which causes nose blowing to expel negative matter. After a good cry, or after a bompinnatin exercise, one always feels better. Moreover, human growth hormone {HGH} is produced in th pituitary gland on “orders” from th hypothalamus gland. Low levels of HGH contribute to faster aging while high levels slow th aging process or may reverse it. When you “tuttipate”, it means that you have changed th words–arrangement {ad-lib} to th original song you were bompinnatin.

Print, take to th street with our sapote on yer shirt an give away free or low-cost colorful gammas {bopagy calendars} with many Rock koko fotos, an include one song for every day of th year {listed later}, plus print on th gamma one of 52 songs, listed later, named after leets, for each week of th year, colored different, eg from th first day to th 7th day of th month. By no means am I suggesting that these 52 plus 365 listed gamma songs represent th most dynamic Rock songs ever twelled. However they all score at least 97 points out of a hundred. Usually only th original, which is often “missing”, not remakes etc represent th listed songs. I guessed th twellin dates of some songs. We have all heard good 96 point songs that were ruined by one thing or another, an so th Rock Federation would covertly “tangelate” {rework–re-twell} these thus converting them to treasures to be givin away during our yehootis. If anyone does this, remember to use th artist`s real name, an pretend its th original twellin an was not tangelated.

Whenever it was logical, many of the following new words were chosen cuz they`re easier to rhyme in song. English is littered with words that don`t rhyme well, eg storm–love–sex–record–party–instrument–musician. Get a Rosalind Fergussen penguin rhyming dictionary an a Roget`s thesaurus to help ya compose. If yer like me an don`t read music, when th voice–pitch of a song yer composing goes high, write an arrow pointing up to help ya remember how ta sing it later. If th pitch goes low, point th arrow down. An arrow pointing directly sideways to th rite should be th mid-range of yer voice. Stretch yer voice daily to its maximum high–low. Use abbreviations to determine how long th vocal–hottentottie pauses are, eg 2.5 would mean that there`s a vocal pause for 2.5 seconds. If th song is 2 minutes 15 seconds long write it down as 2`15“. When starting off, keep th length of yer songs between 1`45“ an 3 minutes. Many other abbreviations can be used, too numerous to mention, eg “bs” means band stops, “bp” means band plays, “p” means pause, “2 dh” means 2 drum hits, “scr” means scream, I think ya get th picture. Use A-4 size paper an a Mitsubishi pencil company pen. When composing an yer mind goes blank, work on a different song for awhile or take a catnip so as to allow yer “other” mind {subconscious} to remedy th problem.

New Rock Word Dictionary

Bibibis = th “Big Bang” Boppers who invented Rock an its Satellites. They`re called “big bang” cuz when they exploded on th scene around 1900, our quadroon was created; for th first time in our lives we realized we were more alive than dead. It was our age of enlightenment, th most fabulous Renaissance ever in our million year evolution.

Billihippy = a Hillbilly Rockeony

bompinnate = playin a song in yer mind

bootie = cousin

Bopperism–Bopagy–Bopperistic–Bopperisticated–Bopagist–Bopagistic–Boogiology–Boogiologist–Bopperology–Bopperologist = various words referring to a bumblehood platform based on makin th road easier for others ta follow using Rock as th catalyst. We “compete” with each other to see who can do this th fastest.

Boppicoozian = one of th jack`s fastest psychologists

bottles = drums

bull = bass guitar–bass teeraleer–a bass sound

bumble = brother

c = yes

capri = moon

carniborian = a boring meatarichump

catnip–catnipped–catnippin–catnippius = sleep–slept–sleepin–asleep

chalk–chalkily = sex–sexually

chalkibo–chalkiboety = bisexual–bisexuality

chalkinotro–chalkinotroness = heterosexual–heterosexuality

chalkiteutish–chalkiteutic–chalky = sexy–sexual–horny–erotic

chalkitizzy–chalkitizziness = homosexual–homosexuality

chalkitot = sexologist

Charlie an Shirley = man and wife

Chawadi = Bopland`s Articles of Confederation {Constitution}

chemicalinquent = delinquent who introduces harmful chemicals

cherilayla–cherilay = a song that scores at least 97 points out of a possible hundred.

cheryl–cher {rhymes with share}–chered–cherin = prayer–pray–prayed–prayin

chickasaw = daughter

chonnie–chonn = thanks

clausnagerk = a morbid puppeteer pulling santa`s strings

CNN = comfortably numb nonentities

cody = planet

cohutta = someone who has musical “bones”. A musical friend. Say it instead of hello when

greeting a friend.

coochie–coochy–cooch = Rock band

cursota–cursotic {adj} = cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of th ages–child molesters

domino = piano

eunuchization = th dumbing down of us via public education

faunaphobia = a morbid fear of naked forests an wild creatures

flibbergistocrat = person who spends a good part of his life tryin ta fathom redungaloidal issues.

Gallis = Bopland`s citizen rights imbedded in our Chawadi {from Leadbelly`s “Gallis pole”}.

gamma–gam = our Bopland calendar showing photos–leets–songs. Our gamma in th future

will have 384 days per year, 8 days per week, 32 days in th month, 4 weeks in th month, 12 months per year, 48 weeks in th year. It will begin in th year 1900, about th time when th

Bibibis, or Big Bang Boppers, began creating our quadroon, our age of enlightenment.

grandyockomo = grandfather

grandyockomosa = grandmother

greenbackalinquent = fraudulent mun grabbers


guanozicated = anti-music music, th libber–clausnagerk`s favorite music to fry crawdads


guen {rhymes with cane} = storm {adj} gueny = stormy

guy wires–wire = guitar

haggis = a tone-deaf block of cheeseburgered gristle disguised as a “renowned twellin artist”.

harbitweezity–tweezity–tweeze–tweezius–harbitweezius = pertaining to a mellow state of

mind caused by listening to Rock an its Satellites.

h/h = his/her. Oh wait… thats too easy, scrap that

hottentot–hottentottie–hottentottien = Rock instrument–instrumental–instrumentation

itchycoo rule = our “golden rule” meaning goldless self governing rule by th ojay.

jack–jackwide = world–worldwide

Jaggebar–Jag = our God who spins th quadroon using Rock as th thrusting force

jewmuss = a so-called jew–muslim who are programmed to be each other`s enemy

jibbitt = eat

jukelo = wind

jukistocrat = one of Bopland`s bi-lingual ambassadors

Jukiteers = Bopland`s National Coochie

julep = son

Juque = th name of th new language to be spoken jackwide

kawliga = a Rock family

kittitee–teel–kittiteelic–teelic = angel/angelic

kojanimo = a nite club–leet hall in th forest where Rock is played

koko–ko = star

kootie = a young boy Rocker

leet–leetin–leeted–leeter = dance–dancin–danced–dancer

marvagay–gay–gaylic–marvagaylic = heaven–heavenly

maudy = body

meatarichump–meatarichumpistodian–meatarichumpistodianistic {adj} = a cheesy

“unpleasantly plump” bilderburgered meat eater–bigwig shaman trumpeting carnivorism.

medimamba = a yakity serpentawkious pharmaceutical employee disguised as a “doctor”.

medimambayakalistic = th palsied mental state of a yakity medimamba

milsap–mil = rain{adj} milly

moronie–mor–morin–mored = whistle–whistlin–whistled

mumbalippatic = scorching parasitic babbler disguised as a clergyman

mumbalippacaustic = th palsied mental state of a mumbalippatic

nee = sun

oba–a–a–maton = political leaders with shoveleudiozticoziated clogged nostrils

ojay = people/populace

okey–oke {pronounced oaky–oak} = food

pathologicasystapistamistic = ludicrous–pessimistic–sick

PHD = a Rock DJ {polyocritistic haggai debaucher}

polly = amen

polyocrity–polyocritist–polyocritistic {adj}–polyocritize–polyocritized– = a state of bliss

knowing one is being all one can be with all 5 senses activated to th max. Th definition of


PPP = a pusillanimous poltroonish prisoner. A PPP lives in a state of imagined bliss inside a penitentiary constructed by himself.

quadroon–quad = sky–universe

ram–rama = bye

redungaloidal = {adj} anything superfluous, eg redundant Oz Cattle stations where flies breed.

record = dollar

reet = soul

rejecticon = a woebegone automaton with a miniscule encephalon– a child molester

riki tiki tavi = a Bopland marriage ceremony

robbijo = dating phrase meaning “lets get together”

Rockeonie = Rocker of either gender

rockitistic = memorable

rue = Rock lyrics

sapote = th colorful flag of Bopland that says “go man go” surrounded by

jitterbuggin kids, an has NMACTGY written on it meaning “never miss a chance to grow

young”. From Bobby Hendricks` “cast yer vote”1958. Th sapote has no specific color–word placement pattern. This allows artists to be as creative as they want when designing their own unique one.

schmalt = a particularly nauseating type of genderless characterless beatless guanoza characterized primarily by high pitched feminized eunuchinized male teeraleers.

serpentawkious = {adj} those who speak loudly or softly with forked tongues.

shah = hello. When greeting a friend say cohutta

shim–shimma = mountain–hill

shockadoo = a Bopland scientist

shoveleudiozticosis = a mental illness where one has a morbid fear of shovels–physical work. Someone afflicted by this illness imagines that its humiliating to touch a shovel.

shoveleudiozticoziac = one who has this imagined humiliating fear.

sill = kiss

spooh–spewe–spoohed = love–make love–loved.

suaray = Rock festival or party

tain–tainistic = orgasm or have an orgasm–orgasmic

tangelate = covertly re-twelling an fixing errors in old songs with no profit motive.

tarzan = Rock concert

tatita = a Bopland school

teeralee–teer–teered–teerin–teeraleer = sing—sang–singin–singer

three-Rs {3-Rs} = righteously retarded rejects

tilly = a Bopland doctor

tonkilu = anthem–song. Bopland`s three National Tonkilus are Danny an th Junior`s “Rock an Roll is here ta stay” 1958 ~ th Cadillacs` “Rock an Roll is here to stay“1960 {an entirely

different song but with th same name} ~ Billy Ford an th Thunderbirds “I`m th monster Rock an Roll“1958.

Trunk of Harbitweezity = where th greatest Rock songs of all time dwell.

tusiquake = earthquake

tuttipate = ad-libbing th song you are bompinnating

Tweedledee–Tweedle–Tweed = th first spread-out “country town” in Teardrop Valley {from

Georgia Gibbs–Wanda Jackson–LaVern Baker`s “tweedle-dee”, an Bobby Day`s “rockin


twell–twelled–twellin = record–recorded–recording

vandella = a young girl Rocker

Wampineer–Wampinette = male–female Rockers

watusen–tusen = earthen

watuser–tuser = earthling

watusi–tusi–tus = earth

watusily–tusily = earthly

woogie = sister

yakalinquentic = lawyer with a redungaloidal delinquent jaw

yockomo–komo = father–papa

yockomosa–mosa–mose = mother–mama

Yehooti = a Bopland holiday

zimmer = someone determined to retain his youthful positive reet

zimmeranean = th first Rockeonie to give a tarzan at th age of 150

zimmeristic = optimistic state of mind where one never misses a chance to grow young

zoola time = time period in th eve signifying that its time ta stop research an start rockin.

I`ll see all you bumbles an woogies one exquisite Rockitistic day at th Kojanimo,

Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, Doobywop Star Cluster

Rename th 7 days of th week on th gamma after types of music an begin teaching these in private tatitas {schools} or at home: Monday==Barbershop Quartetday Tuesday==Countryday Wednesday==Doowopday Thursday==R an B [rhythm] day Friday==Rockabillyday{Billy Day} Saturday==Rockday Sunday==Bluesday In th future on an 8 days a week gamma, Potpourri day or Pot day will represent other types of music, eg Folk–Jazz–Risque–Novelty–jackly Rock–Zydeco–Yodel. But until then, to add variety, this music can be played on any day.

Rename th months on th gamma after leets;

Hully = January {from th Olympics 1959, an Hollywood Argyles 1960s, “hully gully”}

Ooby = February {from Janis Martin`s “ooby dooby”1956}

Pony = March {from Chubby Checker`s “pony time”1961}

Rink = April {from th Edsels “rink a dink do”1959}

Shake = May {from Wynonie Harris “shake that thing”1954}

Shimmy = June {from Little Anthony an Imperials “shimmy shimmy ko ko bop”1960}

Shout = July {from Isley Brother`s “shout”1959}

Stomp = August {from Piltdown Men`s “brontasaurus stomp”1960}

Twist = September {from Hank Ballard`s “twist”1958}

Ubangi = October {from Warren Smith`s “ubangi stomp”1956}

Loochie = November {from Sonny Burgess` “mama Loochie”1958}

Wiggle = December {from Les Cooper`s “wiggle wobble”1962}

52 leet (dance) tonkilus

1 Hank Ballard “coffee grind”1950s

2 Lloyd Price “hoochie coochie coo”1950s

3 Z Z Top “tube snake boogie”1970s

4 Beatles “twist an shout”1964

5 Swingin Blue Jeans “hippy hippy shake”1963

6 Archie Bell an Drells “tighten up”1960s

7 Billy Bland “do th bug”1961

8 Bob an Earl “harlem shuffle”1950s

9 Booker T an MG`s “soul limbo” 1968

10 Skippy Brooks “doin th horse”1960

11 Cannabal an Headhunters “land of 1000 dances”1960s

12 Capitals “cool jerk”1966

13 Jimmy Caster Bunch “Bertha butt boogie”1970s

14 Champs “limbo rock”1950s

15 Chubby Checker “pony time”1961

16 Chubby Checker “limbo rock”1962

17 Coasters “loop de loop mambo”1950s

18 Sam Cooke “shake”1963

19 Cookie an Cupcakes “duck”1950s

20 Daddy Cool “eagle rock”1971

21 Daddy Cool “Jerry`s jump”1970s

22 Danny an Juniors “lets stomp again”1962

23 Danny an Juniors “pony express”1961

24 Joey Dee “peppermint twist”1961

25 Rick Dees “disco duck”1976

26 Diamonds “stroll”1958

27 Fats Domino “swanee river hop” 1956

28 Dovells “bristol stomp”1961

29 Earls “lets waddle”1962

30 Edsels “rink a dink do”1959

31 Flares “foot stompin”1960s

32 Buddy Guy “slop around”1950s

33 Slim Harpo “shake your hips”

34 Hollywood Argyles “hully gully”1960s

35 Lazy Lester “alligator shuffle”1950s

36 Little Eva “locomotion”1962

37 Little Eva “turkey trot”1963

38 Roy Orbison “ooby dooby”1956

39 Orlons “wah watusi”1962

40 Pastel six “cinnamon cinder”1960s

41 Bobby Boris Pickett “monster mash”1962

42 Randells “martian hop”1963

43 Bobby B. Pickett “transylvania twist”1960s

44 Warren Smith “ubangi stomp”1956

45 Piltdown men “brontasaurus stomp”1960

46 Dee Dee Sharp “mashed potato”1962

47 Johnny Thunder “loop de loop”1963

48 1910 fruitgum company “Simon says”1968

49 Katy Webster “Katie Lee”1950s

50 Stick Mcghee “wiggle waggle woo”1953

51 Chubby Checker “hucklebuck”1960

52 Buster Brown “madison shuffle”1950s

65 Hottentotties (instrumentals)

1 B.Bumble an Stingers “bumble boogie”1961

2 Champs “tequila”1958

3 Herb Alpert “lonely bull”1962

4 Dave Cortez “happy Organ”1959

5 Santo an Johnny “sleepwalk” 1959

6 Bill Black combo “smokie part two”1959

7 E.Weissberg an S.Mandell “dueling banjos”1972

8 Ace Cannon “tuff”1961

9 Bar-kays “soul finger”1967

10 Chantays “pipeline”1963

11 Booker T an MGs “green onions”1962

12 Clifton Chenier “hotrod”1965

13 Conny an Bellhops “shotrod”1950s

14 Ventures “Hawaii 5 oh”1969

15 Les Cooper “wiggle wobble”1962

16 Bill Doggett “honkytonk part two”1956

17 Duane Eddy “blowin up a storm”1963

18 Ernie Fields “in th mood”1959

19 Ernie Freeman “raunchy”1957

20 Frogmen “underwater”1961

21 Henry Gray “Gray`s bounce”1950s

22 Guitar Gable “congo mombo”1956

23 Bill Haley an Comets “harlem nocturne”1960s

24 Bill Justice “raunchy”1957

25 Rockin Rebels “rumble”1963

26 Jorgen Ingmann “apache”1961

27 Elmore James “Elmore`s contribution”1950s

28 King Bees “buzzin”1958

29 Johnny an Hurricanes “red river rock”1959

30 King Curtis “soul twist”1962

31 Bert Kaempfert “wonderland by nite”1960

32 Kokomo “Asia minor”1961

33 Lee Kristofferson “nite of werewolf”1950s

34 Ramsey Lewis “incrowd”1965

35 Meade Lux Lewis “honkytonk train blues”1927-36

36 Lonnie Mack “Memphis”1963

37 Paul Mauriat “luv is blue”1968

38 Jimmy Mcgriff “I`ve got a woman”1962

39 MFSB with 3rd degrees “sound of Philadelphia”1974

40 Frank Mills “music box dancer”1978

41 Hugo Montenegro “good bad ugly”1968

42 Cecil Moore with Diamondbacks “stormy”1964

43 Sandy Nelson “teen beat”1959

44 Walter Murphy “5th of Beethovan”1970s

45 Scatman Patin “red beans an rice”1957

46 Piltdown Men “piltdown rides again”1960

47 Ramrods “ghost riders in sky”1950s

48 “Wild”Jimmy Spruill “hard grind”1959

49 Tommy Ridgely “jam up”1960s

50 Rockin Rebels “buffalo blues”1960

51 Mongo Santamaria “watermelon man”1963

52 Shadows “apache”1960

53 Sounds Orchestral “cast your fate to th wind”1965

54 “Wild”Jimmy Spruill “Kansas city march”1960

55 Surfaris “wipeout”1963

56 Stonemans “orange blossom breakdown”1960

57 Tornados “telstar”1962

58 Trashmen “malaguena”1965-67

59 Billy Vaughn “sail along silvery moon”1957

60 Ventures “walk don`t run”1960

61 Viscounts “harlem nocturne”1959

62 Charles Walker “drivin home #1″1956

63 Noble “thin man” Watts “hard times”1957

64 Mason Williams “classical gas”1968

65 Royaltones “wail”1958

100 Duos an Coochies

1 Abba “sos”1975

2 Commander Cody an Lost Planet Airmen “too much fun”1974

3 Cadets “luv bandit”1950s

4 Allman Brothers “midnite rider”1974

5 Animals “boom boom”1965

6 Hank Ballard an Midniters “Annie had a baby”1954

7 Hank Ballard an Midniters “tore up over you”1956

8 Beatles “please please me”1963

9 Carter family “western hobo”1929

10 Cheech an Chong “basketball jones”1973

11 Chordettes “lollypop”1958

12 Dave Clark Five “anyway you want it”1964

13 Creedence Clearwater Revival “who`l stop th rain”1970

14 Crosby Stills Nash Young “Ohio”1970

15 Danleers “one summer nite”1958

16 Danny an Juniors “at th hop”1958

17 Drifters “up on a roof”1962

18 Elroy Dietzel an Rhythm Bandits “rockin bones”1950s

19 Everly Brothers “stick with me baby”1960s

20 Flamingos “nobody luves me”1960

21 Fabulous Thunderbirds “tuff enuff”1986

22 Pacific Gas an Electric “bluesbuster”1970s

23 G-clefs “I understand”1961

24 Oscar`s Chicago Swingers “I wonder who`s boogiein

my woogie”1936

25 Guess Who “no time”1969

26 Bill Haley an Comets “saints R an R”1950s

27 Joyce Harris an Dayliters “got my mojo”1961

28 Dale Hawkins an Escapades “Paulina”[live]1962

29 Louvin Brothers “cash on th barrelhead”1956

30 Buddy Holly an Crickets “lookin for someone to luv”1957

31 Isley Brothers “shout part 1-2″1959

32 Jive Five “my true story”1961

33 Kinks “you really got me”1964

34 Marvellettes “when yer young”1967

35 Little Caesar an Romans “those oldies but goodies”1961

36 Loggins an Messina “yer mama don`t dance”1970s

37 Moody Blues “ride my seesaw”1968

38 Newbeats “breakaway”1964

39 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Mr.Bojangles”1971

40 O`kaysions “girl watcher”1968

41 Platters “great pretender”1955

42 Benny Cliff Trio “shake em up Rock”1959

43 Georgia Satellites “keep your hands to yourself” 1980s

44 Rascals “good luvin”1966

45 Robins “smoky Joe`s cafe”1955

46 Rockin rebels “wild weekend”1960

47 Rolling Stones “faraway eyes”1978

48 Ronettes “be my baby”1963

49 Royal Teens “short shorts”1958

50 Mitch Ryder an Detroit Wheels “Jenny take a ride”1965

51 Bob Seger an Silver Bullet Band “long twin silver line”1980

52 Shadows of Knight “Gloria” 1966

53 Shangrilas “walkin in th sand”1964

54 Shirley an Lee “let th good times roll”1956

55 Silhoettes “get a job”1958

56 Simon an Garfunkel “sound of silence”1965

57 Skip an Flip “cherry pie”1960

58 Canned Heat “goin up th country”1968

59 Sonny an Cher “what now my luv”1966

60 Spinners “rubber band man”1976

61 Teen Queens “luv sweet luv”1956

62 Supremes “someday we`l be together”[live]1970s

63 Tampa Red`s Hokum band “girl of seven”1936

64 Swingin Medallions “double shot”1966

65 Grace Tennessee {Mira Smith} an American Spirit “pow wow”1961

66 Grassroots “live for today”1967

67 Them {with Van Morrison}”mystic eyes”1965

68 George Thoroughgood an Delaware Destroyers “get a haircut”1993

69 Toppers with Orchestra “let me bang your box”1954

70 T-Rex “get it on”1972

71 Toys “lovers concerto”1965

72 Trashmen “surfin bird”1963

73 Travelin Wilburys “free fallin”1980s

74 Hi-Tombs “sweet rockin mama”1950s

75 Troggs “luv is all around”1967

76 Ike Turner an Kings of rhythm “road I travel”1950s

77 Ike an Tina Turner with Ikettes an Jimmy Thomas “feelin good”1960s

78 Gene Vincent an Blue caps with Shouts “hey hey hey”1950s

79 Jive Bombers “bad boy”1957

80 Jr.Walker an All Stars “road runner”1965

81 Coasters “I`m a hog for you baby”1959

82 Yardbirds “heart full of soul”1965

83 Kathy Young an Innocents “thousand stars”1960

84 ZZ Top “Jesus left chicago”1970s

85 Alabama “mountain music”1982

86 Alley Cats “puddin n tain”1963

87 America “lonely people”1975

88 Aquatones “every time”1960

89 Bachman Turner Overdrive “aint seen nuthin yet”1970s

90 Bad Company “ready for luv”1970s

91 Beachboys “Barbara Ann”1965

92 Beau Marks “clap yer hands”1960

93 Bees with Bobby Bland “toy bell”1954

94 Chantels “I luv you so”1958

95 Cadillacs “R an R is here to stay”1960

96 Bellamy Brothers “if I said you had a beautiful body”1979

97 Belmonts “tell me why”1961

98 Boxtops “letter”1967

99 Upsetters “bip bop bip”1950s

100 Jiv–A–Tones [with Dean Stevens] “flirty Gertie”1958

100 Wampineer Cherilaylas

1 James Brown “lost someone”[live]1962

2 Sonny Burgess “my bucket got a hole in it”1957

3 Cab Calloway “Minnie th moocher”1931

4 Bobby Bare “gotta get rid of this band”1980

5 Chuck Berry “no particular place to go”1964

6 Richard Berry “yama yama”1956

7 Big Bopper “white lightnin”1958

8 Billy Bland “little boy blue”1963

9 Johnny Cash “ring of fire”1950s

10 Gene Chandler “duke of earl”1962

11 Ray Charles “what`d I say”1959

12 Eric Clapton “blues power”1970

13 Joe Cocker “leave your hat on”1970s

14 Buddy Shaw “don`t sweep that dirt on me”1957

15 Alice Cooper “schools out”1972

16 Jim Croce “I got a name”1973

17 Dion “lovers who wander”1962

18 Fats Domino “blueberry hill”1956

19 Donovan “universal soldier”1960s

20 Bob Dylan “I want you”1966

21 Charlie Feathers “gone gone gone”1979

22 Lowell Fulson “hung down head” 1961

23 J. Geils “lookin for a luv”1972

24 Bobby Goldsboro “I`m a drifter”1969

25 Buddy Guy “first time I met th blues”1960

26 Wilbur Harrison “lets stick together”1950s

27 Larry Hart “coffins have no pockets”1960

28 Eddie Hinton “come on home”1991

29 Ronnie Hawkins “there`s a screw loose”1963

30 Chuck Jackson “I don`t wanna cry”1961

31 Howlin Wolf “sugar mama”{live at big Bills chicago}1950s

32 Silas Hogan “I`m gonna quit you”1960s

33 Screamin Jay Hawkins “ashes”1972

34 Mickey Hawks “screamin Mimi Jeannie”1950s

35 Jimmy Spruill “scratchin”1950s

36 Elmore James “dust my broom”1952

37 Joe Jeffrey “my pledge of luv”1969

38 Waylon Jennings “I ain`t livin long”1979

39 Jimmy Jones “handyman”1960

40 Albert King “like a road leadin home”1960s

41 BB King “thrill is gone”1969

42 Ben E. King “don`t play that song”1962

43 Little Richard “tutti frutti”1956

44 Jerry Lee Lewis “lovin up a storm”1950s

45 Gordon Lightfoot “in a windowpane”1969

46 Little Billy Earl “go Dan Tucker”1959

47 Little Milton “moanin for you”1967

48 Lonesome Drifter “teardrop valley”1959

49 Frankie Lowery “Kansas city train”1950s

50 Scott Mckensie “twelve-thirty”1960s

51 Ronnie Milsap “smoky mountain rain”1980

52 Long Tall Marvin “have mercy miss Percy”1956

53 Van Morrison “gypsy”1972

54 Billy Ocean “luv really hurts”1976

55 Roy Orbison “goodnite”1965

56 Carl Perkins “honey don`t”1956

57 Tom Petty “here comes my girl”1980s

58 Wilson Pickett “6345789″ 1966

59 Gene Pitney “to play th jukebox”1962

60 Johnny Powers “with yer luv”1950s

61 Elvis Presley “reconsider baby”1960

62 Lloyd Price “lawdy Miss Clawdy”1952

63 Snooky Pryor “nine below zero”1960s

64 Gerry Rafferty “story of a shipyard town”1988

65 David Ray “jitterbuggin baby”1950s

66 Jimmy Reed “big boss man”1960

67 Johnny Rivers “summer rain”1967

68 Billie Joe Royal “cherry hill park”1969

69 Percy Sledge “it tears me up”1966

70 Warren Smith “stop th world”1957

71 Hank Snow “I`ve been everywhere”1962

72 Jimmy Soul “I hate you baby”1963

73 Bruce Springsteen “no surrender”1984

74 Jim Stafford “I aint workin”1970s

75 Ray Stevens “th streak”1974

76 Billy Stewart “summertime”1960s

77 Rod Stewart “hot legs”1978

78 Tarheel Slim “wildcat tamer”1958

79 James Taylor “steamroller”1970s

80 Joe Tex “skinny legs”1967

81 B.J. Thomas “R an R lullaby”1972

82 Kid Thomas “wolf pack”1950s

83 Rufus Thomas “walkin th dog”1963

84 Johnny Tillotson “poetry in motion”1960

85 Tippin Johnny {Johnny Angel} “poor little fool”1950s

86 Mel Torme “comin home baby”1962

87 Joe Turner “blues in th nite”1958

88 Al Urban “gonna be better times”1958

89 Tommy Tutone “8675309 Jenny”1981

90 Richie Valens “ooh my head”1958

91 Jerry Jeff Walker “gypsy songman”1968

92 Muddy Waters “got my mojo workin”1951

93 Bob Welch “ebony eyes”1978

94 Hank Williams “honky tonkin”1947

95 Lary Williams “slow down”1957

96 Sonny Boy Williamson II “too close together”1960

97 Neil Young “payola blues”1983

98 Jackie Wilson “higher an higher”1967

99 Jimmy Witherspoon “barber”1986

100 Gary Wright “dreamweaver”1976

100 Wampinette Cherilaylas

1 Joan Baez “there but for fortune”1965

2 Lavern Baker “Jim dandy”1956

3 Linda Brannon “anyway you do”1957

4 Teresa Brewer “I beeped”1950

5 Wynona Carr “please mr.jailer”1956

6 Petula Clark “color my world”1967

7 Patsy Cline “in care of th blues”1960s

8 Georgia Gibbs “kiss of fire”1952

9 Skeeter Davis “end of th world”1962

10 Maryanne Faithful “as tears go by”1964

11 Connie Francis “lipstick on yer collar”1959

12 Claudine Clark “party lites”1962

13 Barbara George “I know”1961

14 Lesley Gore “it`s my party”1963

15 Debbie Harry “tide is high”1980

16 Charlotte Hunter “wherever you go”1950s

17 Wanda Jackson “makin believe”1958

18 Etta James “only time will tell”1950s

19 Lil Johnson “lets get drunk”1936

20 Elizabeth Johnson “be my kid blues”1920s

21 Janis Joplin “me an Bobby Mcghee”1971

22 Carole King “jazzman”1974

23 Brenda Lee “thats all ya gotta do”1960

24 Margaret Lewis “raggedy Ann”1950s

25 Ketty Lester “luv letters”1962

26 Lillie Mae “bootie wah bootie”1931

27 Little Peggy March “boy crazy”1963

28 Lulu “oh me oh my”1970

29 Jeani Mack “dirty dishes”1958

30 Janis Martin “luv me ta pieces”1957

31 Melanie “brand new key”1971

32 Memphis Minnie “you stole my cake”1932

33 Hayley Mills “lets get together”1961

34 Dorothy Moore “misty blue”1960

35 Barbara Redd “dancin with teardrops”1963

36 Helen Reddy “Angie baby”1974

37 Tammy Reynolds “Tammy”1957

38 Jeannie C. Riley “harper valley PTA”1968

39 Merillee Rush “angel of the mornin”1968

40 Linda Scott “land of stars”1962

41 Carly Simon “Jessie”1980

42 Dinah Shore “scene of th crime”1950s

43 Millie Small “my boy lollipop”1964

44 Trixie Smith “Jack I`m mellow”1930s

45 Verdelle Smith “tar an cement”1960

46 Phoebe Snow “every nite”1969

47 Dusty Springfield “stay awhile”1964

48 Jo Stafford “you belong to me”1952

49 Kay Starr “side by side”1953

50 Connie Stevens “16 reasons”1960

51 Dodie Stevens “yes I`m lonely tonite”1961

52 Koko Taylor “29 ways”1969

53 Carla Thomas “b-a-b-y”1966

54 Irma Thomas “hip shakin mama”1960s

55 Sue Thompson “Norman”1962

56 Doris Troy “just one look”1963

57 Tina Turner “land of 1000 dances”1987

58 Bonnie Tyler “its a heartache”1978

59 Veronica “why don`t they”1963

60 Darlene Wallace “26 miles”1960

61 Sippie Wallace “I`m a mighty tite woman”1929

62 Dionne Warwicke “reach out for me”1964

63 Baby Washington “Bobby Dawn”1960

64 Katy Webster “cq boogie”1980s

65 Mary Wells “one who really loves you”1962

66 Mae West “I`m no angel”1933

67 Georgia White “stuff is here”1937

68 Pick-handle Slim {aka Lizzie Washington} “my low down brown”1920s

69 Ora Alexander “save that thing”1931

70 Betty Everett “until you were gone”1963

71 Ernestine Allen “I want a little boy”1961

72 Andrea True “more more more”1970s

73 Fontella Bass “rescue me”1960s

74 Shirley Bassey “goldfinger”1964

75 June Bateman “believe me darling”1958

76 Noeleen Batley “barefoot boy”1960

77 Lucille Bogan “shave `em dry”1933

78 Laura Lee Perkins “don`t wait up”1957

79 Kitten “he taught me ta yodel”1950s

80 Kitty Wells “makin believe”1960s

81 Belinda Carlisle “summer rain”1990

82 Kim Carnes “Betty Davis eyes”1981

83 Cathy Carr “ivory tower”1956

84 Bernadette Carroll “party girl”1960s

85 Rosanne Cash “Tennessee flat top box”1987

86 Cher “half breed”1973

87 Ida Cox “hard time blues”1939

88 Damita Jo “I`ll save th last dance”1960

89 Kiki Dee “I got th music”1974

90 Mattie Delaney “down th big road”1920s

91 Sugar Pie Desanto “she`s got everything”1960s

92 Donna Fargo “funny face”1972

93 Varetta Dillard “gettin ready for my daddy”1953

94 Toni Fisher “big hurt”1959

95 Ruby Glaze “lonesome day blues”1920s

96 Timi Yuro “hurt”1961

97 Mae Glover [with John Byrd] “I ain`t givin nobody none”1920s

98 Gogi Grant “wayward wind”1956

99 Donna Hightower “rite now”1956

100 Alberta Hunter “you can`t tell th difference after dark”1935

Forget th official shampoo holidays. Instead celebrate your own unique zimmeristic ones, or preferably follow our Yehootis {holidays} which fall on various deceased Rock artist birthdays, on th date of th Buddy Holly–Richie Valens–Big Bopper plane crash, an on Wiggle 31st, th day after Skeeter`s birthday. This last yehooti of th year, called Rock–a–Bye day {from th Davis Sisters = Skeeter an Betty = “rock–a–bye boogie“1953}, is for children. On this day kids can be th boss over anyone they choose, an when they give an order it must be obeyed by one an all. By permitting this, you can see if there is something major bugging th kids. Of course they will be permitted to play–teeralee in th various coochys celebrating, an given musical gifts. Kiddie Rock songs to play include: Carter Family “Corina”1939 ~ Bobby Mandolph “Malinda”1956 ~ Brenda Lee “rock th bop”1958 ~ Rosie Flores “write myself a letter”1960s ~ Frankie Lyman an th Teenagers “why do fools fall in love”1956 ~ Katie Sweet “I luv ta rock”. Hold a limbo contest an prop up a stick horizontally. Have th kids try to walk under th stick, while Spanish an other Rock, eg Chubby Checker`s “limbo Rock”1962–Bunker Hill`s “hide an go seek part 1/2″1962 plays. Th one who can go th lowest without causing th stick ta fall is th winner. Anytime th MC yells “kooties get th limbo vandellas”! th kooties all grab a vandella an crack her back. If he yells “vandellas get th limbo kooties”! th vandellas all grab a kootie an crack his back. Hold a coochie/teerin contest for th kooties–vandellas, with th winner getting to sill-hug anyone he-she chooses an receiving some Rock twellings. Leadbelly`s “little Sally Walker”1941, describes another game kids can play.

Another Yehooti to celebrate anytime is Beasty Day; on this day, an animal–bird imitation contest is held an th one who can imitate th best gets to pick anyone he–she wants to get a sill from. Cherilaylas to play include Clarence “Frogman” Henry`s “aint got a home” ~ Melanie`s “Alexander Beetle” ~ Herb Alpert`s “lonely Bull” ~ th Coasters “I`m a hog for ya baby” ~ Everly Brothers` “nightingale” ~ Rolling Stones–Rufus Thomas` “walkin th dog” ~ th Frogmen`s “underwater” ~ any Wolfman Jack radio jive ~ Slim Harpo`s “I`m a king bee” ~ Howlin Wolf`s “red rooster” ~ Al Jolson`s “when th red red robin comes bobbin” ~ Sid King an th 5 Strings` “purr kitty purr” ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd`s “free bird” ~ Memphis Minnie`s “Frankie Jean” ~ Michael Murphy`s “wildfire” ~ Tom Petty`s “rhino skin” ~ Elvis Presley`s “sand castles” ~ Warren Smith`s “miss Froggie” ~ Andy Starr`s “th dirty bird song” ~ Tarheel Slim`s “wildcat tamer” ~ Kid Thomas` “th wolfpack” ~ Trashmen`s “surfin bird” ~ Gene Vincent`s “wildcat” ~ Sonny Boy Williamson`s “th goat” ~ Buck Owen`s “monster`s holiday” ~ Henhouse Five Plus Two “in th mood”.

Anytime th MC slyly begins jivin an says somethin like “th other day as I was walkin in th woods I saw a rooster chasin a….HEN!”, th second he says “hen”, th first wampineer who grabs any wampinette gets to sill her an crack her back. If th MC says he saw a hen chasin a….ROOSTER! th first wampinette to grab a wampineer gets to sill him an crack his back. If th gender numbers are unequal, those who don`t get silled get ta either sill th MC or a helper of his choosing. Other events on Beasty Day could feature a yodeling contest– jumpin race– a “battle of th coochys” contest with th winner again getting to pick someone to sill–leet with–or give him a massage. Is it just me or can anyone else see th colorful sapote flyin during these Yehootis?

Bopland`s Yehootis

Hully [jan] 8-1935 Elvis Presley

Ooby [feb] 3-1959 Holly–Valens–Bopper

Pony [mar] 10-1938 Eddie Cochran

Rink [apr] 23-1936 Roy “Big O” Orbison

Shake [may] 10-1909 Maybelle Carter

Shimmy [jun] 12-1932 Charlie Feathers

Shout [jul] 6-1925 Bill Haley

Stomp [aug] 15-1925 Bill Pinkney

Twist [sep] 8-1932 Patsy Cline

Ubangi [oct] 9-1940 John Lennon

Loochie [nov] 18-1927 Hank Ballard

Wiggle [dec] 30-1931 Skeeter Davis

Wiggle [dec] 31- Rock–a–bye day

(For a more complete listing of their Cherilaylas, see th alphabetical index)

Elvis Presley Cherilaylas ***

“suspicious minds”1969 “I want you I need you”1956 “are you lonesome tonite”1960

” heartbreak hotel”1956 “treat me nice”1957 “don`t”1957 “luvin you”1957

“little sister”1961 “teddy bear”1957 “his latest flame”1961 “its now or never”1960

“return to sender”1962 “edge of reality”1968 “bossa nova baby”1963

“good rockin tonite”1954 “follow that dream”1962 “is it so strange”1957

“baby I don`t care”1957 “luv me”1956 “surrender”1960 “jailhouse rock”1957

“all shook up”1957 “one broken heart for sale”1963 “I need yer luv tonite”1959

“that`s all rite mama”1954 “girl happy”1964 “sand castles”1964

“all I needed was th rain”1960s “if I can dream”1968 “u`ll never walk alone”1970s

“runaway”1970 “proud Mary”1970 “can`t help fallin in luv”1958 “mystery train”1955

“I forgot to remember to forget”1955 “I luv you because”1954 “such a nite”1960

“reconsider baby”1960 “girl of my best friend”1960 “king of th whole wide world”1962

“anyway you want me”1956 “Maybelline” {live} 1957

Buddy Holly {with an without th Crickets}–Richie ValensBig Bopper Cherilaylas ***

{Buddy Holly} “Peggy Sue”1957 “rip it up”1950s “it`s so easy”1958

“luves made a fool of you”{2 versions}1956-58} “luv is strange”1958 “honky tonk”1950s

“everyday”1957 “lookin fer someone to luv”1957 “rave on”1958 “oh boy”1957

“oh boy”1957 {solo no chorus} “valley of tears”1958 “tell me how”1957 “reddy teddy”1958

“maybe baby”1958 “mailman bring me no more blues”1950s “think it over”1958 “words of luv”1950s “tingaling”1958 “early in th mornin”1958

“heartbeat”1958 “yer so square”1957 “little baby”1958 “reminiscing”1958

“it does`nt matter anymore”1958 “that`l be th day”1958 “well all rite”1950s “when sin stops”1958 {see nighthawks} “love me”1956

{Richie Valens} “come on lets go”1958 “donna”1958 “ooh my head”1958

“la bomba”1958

{Big Bopper} “white lightnin”1958 “chantilly lace”1958 “monkey song”1958

“little red riding hood”1958 “Big Bopper`s wedding”1958 “Bopper`s boogie woogie”1954

“thats what I`m talkin about”1959 “pink petticoats”1959 “its th truth Ruth”1959 “teenage moon”1958 “please Mr. Custer”1959 {Lary Verne with Big Bopper} “purple people eater meets th witch doctor”1958

Eddie Cochran Cherilaylas ***

“somethin else”1959 “summertime blues”1958 “my way”1963 “cradle baby”1957

“c`mon evrebudy”1959 “weekend”1959 “skinny Jim”1950s “cherished memories”1960

“don`t bye bye baby me”1950s “long tall Sally”1956 “nervous breakdown”1958

“twenty flite rock”1956 “boll weevil”1959 “milk cow blues”1959 “luv again”1958

“new shoes”1957 {with Lee Denson}

Roy Orbison Cherilaylas ***

“down th line”1970s “land of 1000 dances”1970s “only you”1970s

“it`s over”1964 “falling”1963 “dream baby”1961 “borne on th wind”1963

“ooby dooby”1956 “I`m hurtin”1960 “crying”1961 “Lana”1966 “I got a woman”1960s

“runnin scared”1961 “mansion on th hill”1960s “ride away”1965

“in dreams”1963 “breakin up is breakin my heart”1965 “no one will ever know”1960s

“cry softly lonely one”1960s “pretty woman”1964 “luv hurts”1960s

“only th lonely”1960 “twinkle toes”1966 “candy man”1961 “shahdaroba”1970s

“sunset”1970s “rock house”1970s “goodnite”1965 “th great pretender”1960s

“sweet dreams”1970s “dance”1960s “I drove all nite”1980s “there won`t be many”1966

Maybelle Carter {Carter Family with Sara—Alvin—an other kinfolk} Cherilaylas ***

“that`l be th day”1970s “while th world goes whizzin by”1970s “less of me”1970s

“”I walk th line”1970s “th winding stream”1932 “longing for old virginnie”1934

“my old pal of yesterday”1941 “when th roses bloom in dixieland”1929

miner`s blues”1939 “columbus stockade blues”1939 “sittin on top of th world”1939

“I`ve been workin on th railroad”1939 “th western hobo”1929 “Chinese breakdown”1939

“Jimmy Brown th newsboy”1929 “th cannonball” {take one}1930

“there`s someone awaiting for me”1930 “little log hut in th lane”1930

“when th springtime comes again”1930 “wabash cannonball”1929

“when th roses come again”1933 “I`ll be all smiles tonite”1934 {with dobro}

“happy or lonesome”1934 {with dobro} “darling daisies”1934 “east virginia blues”1934

“th evening bells are ringing”1934 “amber tresses”1931 “tell me that ya luv me”1931

“sweet as th flowers in maytime”1932 “lonesome homesick blues”1941

“worried man”1930 “sweet fern”1928 “schoolhouse on th hill”1933

“I never luved but one”1932 “Corina”1939 {Helen–June–Anita} “ya are my flower”1939

“its hard ta please yer mind”1939 “sourwood mountain”1939 {arhoolie}

“hello stranger”1939 “dixie darlin”1939 “my gold watch an chain”1939 “theme”1939

“cannonball blues”1939 “ya are my sunshine”1939 “oh Susanna”1939 {Anita} “I found u among th roses” 1930s

Charlie Feathers Cherilaylas ***

“wild wild party”1959 “peepin eyes”1955 “defrost yer heart”{2 versions}1955-1960s

“one hand loose”1956 “bottle to th baby”{better version}1956 “nobudies woman”1957

“evrebudies luvin my baby”1956 “when you come around”1957-90 “rock me”1950s

“gone gone gone”{with acoustic bull}1979 “two to choose”1979 “get with it”1956

“do you know”{edsel}1950s “rain”1950s “mama oh mama”1950s “cherry wine”1950s

“there will be three”1950s “fraulein”1990 “mean woman blues”1990

“if tomorrow never comes”1990 “cootzie coo”1980s “seasons of my heart”1990

“stutterin Cindy”1971 “tear it up”1971 “uh huh honey”{norton}1971

“that certain female”1974 “walkin th dog”1970s “sun look good goin down ??”1950s

Bill Haley {an Comets} Cherilaylas ***

“don`t knock th rock”1950s “I would`nt have missed it”1970 “rip it up”1956

“there`s a new moon”1960s “rock around th clock”1955 “me an Bobby Mcghee”1970

“see ya later alligator”1956 “travelin band”1971 “Harlem nocturne”{live}1960s

“Jenny Jenny”{live}1969 “caravana a go go”1960s “Johnny B. Goode” {live}1969

“dim dim th lites”1950s “saints rock an roll”1956 “teenagers mother”1950s

“guitar boogie”{live}1950s “New Orleans”{live}1960s “rock th joint”1951

“choo choo cha boogie”1956 “rip it up”{live}1950s “razzle dazzle”1958

Bill Pinkney {representing all th Drifters} Cherilaylas ***

“up on th roof”1962 “at th club”1965 “when my little girl is smiling”1962

“this magic moment”1960 “save th last dance”1960 “dance with me”1959

“there goes my baby”1959 “there goes my baby”{live}1964 “sweets for my sweet”1961 “I count th tears”1959 “if you don`t come back”1963 “some kind of wonderful”1961

“I`ll take you home”1963 “I don`t want to go on”1964 “th outside world”1965

“on broadway”1963 “on broadway”{live}1964 “answer th phone”1965

“saturday nite at th movies”1964 “saturday nite at th movies”{live}1965

“chains of love”1965 “moonlite bay”1958 “watcha gonna do”1954

“deep sea ball”1958 “someday you`ll want me”1954 “money honey”1953

“cast yer vote”1958 “itchy twitchy feelin”1958

Patsy Cline Cherilaylas ***

“Love letters in th sand”1960s “in care of th blues”1960s “if I could see th world”1960s

“sweet dreams”1963 “heartaches”1960s “I fall to pieces”1961 “you belong to me”1962

“leavin on yer mind”1963 “foolin around”1960s “I luv you so much”1960s

“back in baby`s arms”1960s “walkin after midnite”1957 “strange”1960s “crazy”1961

“san antonio rose”1960s “7 lonely days”1960s “wayward wind”1960s “she`s got you”1962

“I`m movin along”1960s “pick me up on yer way down”1960s “fingerprints”1960s

“luv me honey do”1960s “honky tonk merry go round”1960s “poor man`s roses”1960s

“there he goes”1960s

John Lennon {George Harrison–Paul Macartney–Ringo Starr}==Beatles Cherilaylas ***

“imagine”1971 “watchin th wheels”1980s “whatever gets you thru th nite”1974

“I`m happy jus to dance with you”1963 “this boy”1963 ” stand by me”1975

“while my guitar gently weeps”1960s “I`ll get you”1963 “twist an shout”1964

“thank you girl”1963 “R an R music”1965 “I should have known better”1964

“I`m down”1965 “magical mystery tour”1968 “chains”1963 “from me to you”1963

“ps I luv you”1963 “mr.postman”1960s “a taste of honey”1963 “I`ll cry instead”1963

“things we said today”1963 “I saw her standing there”1963 “we can work it out”1965

“nowhere man”1966 “day tripper”1965 “revolution”1968 “paperback writer”1966

“aint she sweet”1961 “please please me”1963 “why”1960s “it won`t be long”1960s

“she luves you”1963 “hippy hippy shake”{live}1962 “I want to hold yer hand”1964

“sweet little sixteen”{live}1962 “can`t buy me luv”1964 “I`m a loser”1960s

“all my luvin”1964 “words of luv”1960s “help”1965 “evrebudies tryin to be my baby”1960s

“kansas city”1960s “act naturally”1960s “do you want to know a secret”1963

“why don`t we do it in th road”1960s “she came in thru th bathroom window”1960s

“til there was you”1960s “octopus` garden”1960s “drive my car”1965 “birthday”1960s

“Norwegian wood”1965 “if I needed someone”1960s “got to get you into my life”1960s

“slow down”1964 “boys”1964 “long tall Sally”1964 “th long an winding road”1960s

“she`s a woman”1964 “matchbox”1964 “yesterday”1965 “I feel fine”1960s

Hank Ballard {an Midnighters aka Royals} Cherilaylas ***

“Annie`s aunt fanny”1954 “twist”1958 “its luv baby”1955 “Annie had a baby”1954

“hoochie coochie coo”1960 “finger poppin time”1960 “Henry`s got flat feet”1955

“lets go lets go”1960 “open up th back door”1955 “look at little sister”1959

“teardrops on yer letter”1958 “lets go again”1960 “sweet mama do rite”1950s

“nuthin but good”1961 “I`ll be home someday”1950s “coffee grind”1950s

“I`ll keep you happy”1950s “she`s got a whole lotta soul”1950s “baby please”1950s

“ooh bah baby”1950s “all nite long”{with Wynonie Harris}1950s “tell them”1950s

“rock granny roll”1950s “I`ll never let her go”1950s “get it”1950s “I`m cryin mercy”1950s

“c`mon baby lets shake it”1950s “in th doorway cryin”{slow version}1950s

“is yer luv for real”1950s “goodbye so long?”1950s “don`t change yer pretty ways”1950s

“broadway”1950s “stingy little thing”1950s “tore up over you”1956 “let em roll”1950s

“that house on th hill”1950s “deep blue sea”1960 “I`m gonna miss you”1961

“daddy rollin stone”1961 “don`t go I luv you”1950s “I said I would`nt beg you”1950s

“young lady”1950s “I could luv you”1950s “th float”1950s “lets go again”1960

Skeeter Davis {with sisters Georgie an Betty} Cherilaylas ***

“I can`t stay mad at you”1963 “end of th world”1962 “keep yer hands off my baby”1960s

“never ending luv for you”1960s “don`t let me cross over”1960s “I`m savin my luv”1963

“silver threads an golden needles”1960s “he says th same things to me”1964

“bus fare to Kentucky”1971 “I forgot more than you`ll ever know”{with Betty}1953

“am I that easy to forget”1960 “I`m fallin too”1960 “my last date”1960 “optimistic”1961

“homebreaker”1959 “gonna get along without you now”1964 “you`ve got a friend”1970s

“take me home country roads”1972 “I can`t believe that its all over”1960s

“rockabye boogie”{with Betty}1953 “takin time out for tears”{with Betty}1952-3

“kawliga”{with Betty}1952 “cryin steel guitar waltz”{with Betty}1953

“you were`nt ashamed”{with Georgie}1953 “fiddle diddle boogie”{with Georgie}1954

“its th girl who gets th blame”{with Georgie}1955 “everluvin”{with Georgie}1954

“baby be mine”{with Georgie}1955 “blues for company”{with Georgie}1955

“in th misty moonlite”{with Bobby Bare}1964 “I don`t care”1964{with Bobby Bare}

Other Rock Birthdays {they are at peace with Jaggebar in th Doobywop Star Cluster}

Slim Harpo 1-11-1924 Al “Jolie” Jolson 2-11-1885

Dusty Springfield 4-16-1939 Wilson Pickett 3-18-1941

Otis Redding 9-19-1941 Gene Vincent 2-11-1935

Karen Carpenter 3-2-1950 Jackie Wilson 6-9-1934

Hank Williams 9-17-1923 Jimmy Reed 9-6-1925

Howlin Wolf 6-10-1910 Clyde Mcphatter 11-15-1932

Elmore James 1-27-1918 Patsy Cline 9-8-1932

Duane Allman 11-20-1946 Wynona Carr 8-23-1924

Alan Freed 12-15-1922 Lary Williams 5-10-1935

Sam Cooke 1-22-1931 Ricky Nelson 5-8-1940

Carl Perkins 4-9-1932 Ike Turner 11-5-1931

Richie Valens 5-13-1941 J.P. Richardson “Big Bopper” 10-24-1930

Memphis Minnie 6-3-1897 “Screamin” Jay Hawkins 7-18-1929

James brown 5-3-1933 Waylon Jennings 6-15-1937

Cab Calloway 12-25-1907 Janis Joplin 1-19-1943

Johnny Cash 2-26-1932 Leadbelly 1-15-1888

Tarheel Slim 9-24-1924 Smiley Lewis 7-5-1913

Ray Charles 9-23-1930 Janis Martin 3-27-1940

Tracy Pendarvis 2-8-1936 Little Eva 6-29-1943

George Harrison 2-25-1943 Alvin.P.Carter 12-15-1891

Sonny Boy Williamson 3-11-1908 Brian Jones 2-28-1942

Otis Spann 3-21-30 Johnny Young 1-1-1918

Mama Cass Elliott 9-19-1943 Florence Ballard 6-30-1943

Rudy Pompilli 4-16-1924 Maybelle Carter 5-10-1909

Sara Carter 7-21-1898 Warren Smith 2-7-1933

Mae West 8-17-1893 Eddie Taylor 1-29-1923

Jimmy Soul 8-24-1942 Bobby Day 7-1-1930

“Big” Willie Dixon 7-1-1915 Johnny Cymbal 2-3-1945

Silas Hogan 9-15-1911 Wolfman Jack 1-21-1938

Dean Martin 6-7-1917 “Wild” Jimmy Spruill 6-9-1934

Richard Berry 4-11-1935 Lavern Baker 11-11-1929

Jimmy Rogers 6-3-1924 Buddy Knox 4-4-1933

Lowell Fulson 3-31-1921 Katie Webster 1-9-1939

Frank “Andy” Starr 10-21-1932 Bobby Hatfield 8-10-1940

Timi Yuro 8-4-1940 Cal Green 6-22-1935

“Big” Al Downing 1-9-1940 Little Milton 9-7-1934

Cecil Moore 7-5-1929 Buck Owens 8-12-1929

Freddy Fender 6-4-1937 Georgia Gibbs 8-17-1919

Bobby “Boris” Pickett 2-11-1938 Teresa Brewer 5-7-1931

Billy Ford 3-9-1925 Danny Rapp 5-9-1941

Eddie Hinton 6-15-1944 Hank Snow 5-9-1914

Sonny Bono 2-16-1935 Gene Pitney 2-17-1940

Buddy Holly 9-7-1936 Wynonie Harris 8-24-1915

Rudy Lewis 8-23-1936

Employ a plastic fabricator–wood carver–signwriter–artist to help you make up an illuminated colorful display for yer front yard for yer chosen yehooti celebration. Remember ta fly th sapote with th letters NMACTGY {never miss a chance to grow young}. Businesses should announce solidarity long before th yehooti starts by having a snazzy display with th sapote in their front shop window an playin Rock. In yer yellow page–newspaper advertizing always include th sapote an NMACTGY. Suppose yer celebrating Elvis Presley`s birth an want everyone passing by to join th party. You could place a small newspaper ad or just hang up a banner that says “follow that dream, Elvis` birthday party on th 8th, byo everyone invited”. Or set up a more elaborate yard display to draw attention to his song “if I can dream”1968, by depicting him teerin on a stage lit with “beckoning candles”. Buddy Holly–Richie Valens–Big Bopper could be depicted teerin on a stage in “th valley of tears” reflecting Buddy`s “th valley of tears”1958. Eddie Cochran could be depicted teerin to a cow reflecting his “milk cow blues”1959. Roy Orbison could be depicted teerin to soldiers reflecting his “there won`t be many”1966. Maybelle Carter could be depicted dressed as a hobo reflecting th Carter Family`s “th western hobo”1929.

Charlie Feathers could be depicted waving to a girl leavin on a train reflecting his “gone gone gone”1960s. Bill Haley could be depicted teerin to an alligator reflecting his “see ya later alligator”1956. Bill Pinkney–Clyde Mcphatter–Johnny Moore–Ben E. King an th other Drifters could be depicted dressed as hobos sittin on a roof watchin th nee go down reflecting their “up on th roof”1962 {th lead vocalist was Rudy Lewis}. Patsy Cline could be depicted receiving roses from a poor man reflecting her “poor man`s roses”1960s. John Lennon an th Beatles could be depicted sittin down watchin spinnin wheels {or tumbleweeds} reflecting John`s “watchin th wheels”1981. Hank Ballard could be depicted teerin to his little woogie reflecting his “look at little sister”1959. Skeeter Davis could be depicted with her woogie Betty {twelling as th Davis Sisters} teerin to a baby reflecting their “rock-a-bye boogie”1953. Rock-a-bye day could be represented with a depiction of a naked child feeding a white bird {from its a beautiful day`s “white bird”1969}.

th christian mozzie or th doctor fly ~ whicha one a them is th worst

reckon its th doctor fly ~ cuz its th first

one ta fly around in circles in ~ stead a jus flyin away

they won`t take no for an answer ~ never no way

th fly knows where yer back is ~ thats th only thing that they know

they like ta irritate ~ like a true psycho

Which one of th 3 groups of arachnids hiding under th bed held back th progress of civilization th most? Was it group {1} th royal bloodline, zionists, masonic illuminati, banksters, th 3 R`s, or {2} th pope/bishops, or {3} th shaman/surgeons? True, th invention stealing first group had others do their dirty work, an th second dopey popey group conned us with deranged symbolistic convoluted stained glass architecture–arks–ojay inside whales–supposed righteousness, but if forced to choose one group only, I`d pick group 3 = th blah blah blah shamen. They were th ones who worked nonstop all day dreamin up hundreds of new lengthy hard to spell diseases to describe th same disease, eg diphtheria.

Germs were one of th best kept secrets th sha had from at least 600 bc up until th 1800s. At this later stage of time, th sha had to “reinvent–discover” th germ theory cuz many of th ojay already knew th theory behind germs an were making th sha look like th murderous scum he was.Th same thing is happening today as th FDA prepares to warn th ojay by “discovering” th harmful effects of such substances as benzoic acid in okey, something they`ve known since at least 1912, or fluoride–microwave ovens–cell phones etc, cuz a few of th innovative self-trained ojay are already spilling th snot an warning others.Th ancient shas knew by long experience that, eg a dead rat in a water tank would cause illness but remained mum if it suited their purpose.To help cement th imaginary importance of doctors, an to help convince th ojay that they actually were learning something in their long redundant “hands off th patient” medical training, history books tell us that smallpox was supposedly “conquered” by dr. ed jenner`s vaccine in 1799.

Smallpox an th others were largely eliminated cuz of cleaner homes–better protected sanitary water–decreased amounts of toxins in okey an medicines an th fact that many began to suspicion th sha an quit getting vaccinated. In 1874 was published th book “th terrible effects of vaccinations an revaccinations, one of th great causes of disease–suffering–death–smallpox in particular”, by Henry Port. Port describes Dr William Hitchman of Liverpool, th president of th UK medical reform association as saying that “vaccination was only intended to fill th pockets of vaccinating doctors with hundreds of pounds per week”. Extermination by vaccination. Pharmacologists have estimated that most health problems can be treated with less than 25 drugs. But there are over 54,000 “me too” drugs on th USA market, most of them being only very slightly different from one another.

Puerperal fever or cot death–childbed fever, increased greatly in intensity beginning around th 15th century an reached epidemic levels by 1650 an continued unabated until th 1930s. I say many shas created an prolonged this disease. But what did shas stand to gain by infecting yockomosas–infants if they died? Th answer is that many clung to life for a few years or else became lifelong invalids who required drugs–treatment. One wealthy invalid is worth about one city apartment, an there is no need to fret about collecting rent from irate tenants. Shas refused to wear rubber gloves while making birthing deliveries an made sarcastic jokes about them even until th 1900s when at long last, something they had known for at least 2500 years, th germ theory was “discovered”. But wait, in september 1991 in OZ, 4 million dollars was donated by th people so that shas could “research” cot death an donations continue even today. Those who donated were “rewarded” with a red nose to be worn or stuck on th hood of their car. Th event was called “red nose day”.Yet paradoxically, as explained on another page, germs {pathogenic bacteria} would not be th primary cause of disease in a perfect vegetarian jack free of toxins etc.

The full skinny on the vitamin C conspiracy via and others:

Dr. Irwin Stone Quotes via

“Cot-death is no longer a problem of clinical medicine, but is one of medical politics. We have long had the knowledge and experience as to how these unnecessary deaths can be avoided. In the meantime.. to prevent your offspring from becoming a SIDS statistic just make sure that its daily intake of ascorbate from conception on is sufficient. Under this regime the neonate is so robust and healthy that there has never been a case of SIDS among these ascorbate corrected infants, not even a case of respiratory distress during birth.”—Irwin Stone, Ph.D.(1981) in “Every Second Child” by Dr Kalokerinos (1974).

“In one case where complete remission was achieved in myelogenous leukemia…the patient took 24-42 gms (grams) vitamin c per day…it is inconcievable that no-one appears to have followed this up….without the scurvy, leukemia may be a relatively benign, non fatal condition. I wrote a an attempt to have the therapy clinically tested..I sent it to 3 cancer journals and 3 blood was refused by all….Two without even reading it.”—Irwin Stone, Ph.D.

“One of the great misfortunes of human evolution, Linus Pauling explained, was when our human ancestors lost their ability to manufacture vitamin C. Pauling thinks the trait was probably discarded at a time when our ancestors had a diet of vitamin-rich plants and didn’t need to produce the vitamin themselves (me ~ in other words vegetarianism was discarded when th cursotic shamen convinced th people to be meatarichumpistodians). This left today’s primates (including humans) as one of the few groups of animals that must get the vitamin through the diet”.

“Ever since proto-humans moved out of fruit-and-vegetable-rich habitats, Pauling said, they have suffered great deficiencies of vitamin C. Pauling has forthrightly recommended that people make up for this deficiency with daily doses of vitamin C much greater than the 60 mg generally recommended”.

“He said our vitamin C consumption should be on par with what other animals produce by themselves, typically 10-12 grams a day. Pauling practices what he preaches, having gradually upped his daily doses of vitamin C from 3 grams in the 1960s to a hefty 18 grams today” (Michael Wooldridge) (Pauling lived to be 93 years).

Professors Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts claim the amount of vitamin C needed for optimal health is likely to be more like 2500 milligrams (55 oranges equivalent) per day, nearly 42 times greater than the current 60 milligram RDA (Bill Sardi via

Vitamin c foundation says “Citing over 1,200 articles from scientific and medical journals around the world, Dr. Tom Levy shows that many viral diseases such as polio, hepatitis, and encephalitis have been consistently cured by high doses of vitamin C given intravenously. While maintaining that lower doses of vitamin C taken by mouth may have little or no effect on many infections, Dr. Levy adds that high enough doses administered directly into the blood can demonstrate clinical effects that border on the unbelievable. He notes that large enough oral doses of vitamin C can prevent many infections, but intravenous dosing is often needed to cure infections already contracted.

Robert Landwehr says “During the 1950s isolated doctors around the world tried Dr. Fred Klenner`s cure. Those who used vitamin C at doses below those recommended by Klenner reported no benefit; those who followed his dosages reported good results… Klenner: “To those who say that Polio is without cure, I say that they lie. Polio in the acute form can be cured in 96 hours or less. I beg of someone in authority to try it.”

“People are today under the extremely seriously mistaken impression that nobody dies of scurvy any more! These studies may prove that we are all dying faster from scurvy than hitherto suspected.” – Sydney Bush, a Doctor of Optometry, in Hull, East Yorkshire, North of London

Dr. Irwin Stone says “scurvy is a disease which during the course of human prehistory and recorded history has killed more victims, caused more disease and suffering and has shortened the human life span more than any other single factor. (Stone, 1972). This disease has been epidemic among humans ever since they appeared on this earth. If it weren’t for the high mortality of scurvy and its efficient control of population growth, our problems of over-population would have overwhelmed us centuries ago.

Many people believe that scurvy is not a modern disease because they think the problem was solved in the 18th Century when Dr. James Lind of Britain’s Royal Navy (Lind, 1753) found that one ounce of fresh lemon juice would prevent the appearance of the terminal symptoms of this dread disease in his scorbutic sailors.

Others, including nutritionists, home economists and a large proportion of the medical profession believe that the minute daily doses of “Vitamin C” proposed in 1912 in the “Vitamin C-Dietary Deficiency Disease Hypothesis” (Funk, 1912) has completely solved the problem of scurvy and there is nothing further to worry about. Nothing could be further from the truth. The present RDA’s for ascorbate is at least 300 times less per unit body weight than the amount of ascorbate produced endogenously each day by other mammals to maintain their own bodies in a good healthy condition and fight off their stresses.

The liver metabolite, ascorbate, is produced in an unstressed goat at the rate of about 13,000 mg per day per 150 pounds body weight (Chatterjee, 1973). A mammalian feedback mechanism increases this daily ascorbate production many fold under stress (Subramanian et al., 1973).

The current impression in the minds of a large segment of physicians is that:

  1. scurvy is a rare disease in this country;
  2. that if you take 45 mg of ascorbate a day scurvy is “cured” and there is nothing further to worry about;
  3. the only disease that ascorbate (or “vitamin C”) can treat is scurvy;
  4. doses of 150 mg of ascorbate a day for a human adult are not only unnecessarily high, but may be toxic and are “wasteful”.

The clinical research of the past decade has shown these impressions to be sheer nonsense.

  1. Chronic Subclinical Scurvy (the CSS Syndrome) is our most widespread disease (Stone, 1972).
  2. 45 mg of ascorbate will prevent the appearance of the terminal symptoms of the disease but will not do much else. To correct Chronic Subclinical Scurvy requires at least 10 grams of ascorbate a day depending upon the incident stresses (Stone, 1977). Under heavy stresses the daily ascorbate requirement may be 200 grams or 300 grams to keep ahead of the CSS Syndrome.
  3. The long term biochemical results of Chronic Subclinical Scurvy set the stage for the development of the serious medical problems of later life; the heart attacks, the cancer, the collagen diseases and many more. Preliminary clinical tests indicate that mega levels of ascorbate are useful in the prevention and treatment of cancer (Stone, 1974, 1976), heart disease, and many others (Stone 1972). In the case of viral diseases (Pauling, 1978, Stone, 1972), research of the past 30 years indicates that no one should succumb to a viral infection any more. Ascorbate is a non-specific, non-toxic virucide and when used at the proper daily dosage (up to 300 grams intravenously and/or orally) any viral infection can be relieved within 96 hours (Klenner, 1974, Cathcart, 1978, Pauling, 1976). The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Crib Death, has been shown by the Australian workers, A. Kalokerinos and G. Dettman, to be a manifestation of infantile scurvy, due to the fact that all infants, born of mothers who depended solely on their diet as their only source of ascorbate, are born with the CSS Syndrome after nine months of intrauterine scurvy (Stone. 1978). SIDS can be prevented by increasing the infant’s intake of ascorbate (Cook, 1978). This has been known and published since 1974 (Kalokerinos, 1974). Yet 8000 to 10,000 babies die of SIDS a year because the doctors and others involved with the management of these babies permit this annual slaughter to take place because they have become so complacent with scurvy that they refuse to even try this harmless treatment.
  4. Ascorbate is one of the least toxic substances known. Therapeutic doses up to 300 grams can be administered without unfavorable side reactions. The daily doses that we recommend for humans are based on amounts normally synthesized by the mammals and should not be regarded as “high” or “abnormal” amounts. We are using the “normal” mammalian levels. It is the “micro” daily amounts recommended under the “Vitamin C-Dietary Deficiency Disease” theory that are the inadequate abnormally low levels”.

Chewable vitamin C has the potential to damage teeth, according to Dr. John Giunta, professor of oral pathology at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts (

In a case report published in the Journal of the American Dental Association last fall, Dr. Giunta reports that the use of chewable vitamin C is shown to cause the pH of saliva to drop to a level at which tooth enamel can lose calcium by the formation of calcium citrate complexes. Dr. Giunta notes in the report that while distributors are claiming that vitamin C tablets are “delicious, fruit-flavored, and chewable,” they are not including a warning that chewing vitamin C tablets may be detrimental to the teeth. He reported on the case of a 30-year-old female patient who had severe dental erosion which he attributed primarily to her having chewed three tablets of megadosage vitamin C a day over a 3-year period. Several tests were done to demonstrate the acidity of the vitamin C tablets and the demineralization of enamel by a solution made with vitamin C tablet and distilled water. The results showed that chewable vitamin C tablets can appreciably contribute to the destruction of teeth. Dr. Giunta advised, “As thousands of people use vitamin C daily and as it is readily available in chewable form, consumers should be aware of the potential for damage teeth if tablets are chewed daily.” “Safe dosages of vitamin C can be taken without chewing,” he added. = “Vitamin C is destructive to tooth enamel, so chewable pills will no doubt lead to increased cavities, particularly in those who are lacking minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.”

But wait. Chewable vitamin C tablets also may contain saccharin sodium, eg cenovis/sanofi-aventis (pfizer has worked with sanofi). The sweethearts have hidden it on the label so you must look in unlikely places to find it. Wikipedia = “Dr.Wiley was one particularly well-known figure involved in the investigation of saccharin. Wiley, then the director of the bureau of chemistry for the USDA, had suspected saccharin to be damaging to human health. Wiley first battled saccharin in 1908. In a clash that epitomizes the controversial history of saccharin, Harvey told then President Theodore Roosevelt directly that “Everyone who ate that sweet corn was deceived. He thought he was eating sugar, when in point of fact he was eating a coal tar product totally devoid of food value and extremely injurious to health.” In a heated exchange, Roosevelt angrily answered Harvey by stating “Anybody who says saccharin is injurious to health is an idiot.”

Wiley, also mentioned on another page, had fought the medical mafia from th start. He fought against the introduction of perilous benzoic acid of which sodium benzoate is derived from. Saccharin is basically benzoic sulfilimine, or benzoic acid and sulfur. Sodium benzoate is found in some popular vitamin formulas, eg centrum, a pfizer product. Th guardian news UK = “Pfizer, the world’s largest drugs company, has been hit with the biggest criminal fine in US history as part of a $2.3bn settlement with federal prosecutors for mispromoting medicines and for paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. The fines are the culmination of a six-year investigation into Pfizer, sparked in part by a lawsuit filed by John Kopchinski, a Pfizer sales rep in Florida, who blew the whistle on what he called unethical conduct. Kopchinski, a Gulf War veteran, accused Pfizer of promoting Bextra for problems far wider than its approved uses, which were for treating arthritis and menstrual pain. He contended that this put patients at risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.

With all th above sodium ascorbate quotes, hopefully its easier now to see why fruit/vegetarianism has been the enemy of th cursota since the days of galen and before; one orange contains about 45 mg of vitamin C and “interferes” with their profitable “dumb `em down in every town” niche. On another page read the full historical skinny on th cursotic conspiracy against fruit.

As late as 1911 shas were giving 30 grains [1800 mg] of acetate of lead to infants with stomach upset, which could produce flu-like symptoms for months. Not long ago, possibly even today, some European wines had 250 mcg of lead an more per litre. Th sha permits aluminum, which can cause brain disease, to be used as an okey additive[e.173]–public water ingredient. Guess who say/said nothing when debilitating mercury is/was found in dental amalgam–seafood–1950s unguentine ointment–diuretics–syphilus potions–antiseptics–cathartics–alteratives–laxatives–purgatives–liver potions–flours–sulfa drugs–calomel preparations–cosmetics–powdered milk–infant teething powders–corn syrup. Like th shamen of yesteryear who virtually never got convicted of crimes against humanity, today`s shamen–FDA–WHO permit dozens of hazardous atrocities to keep th ojay obese–disorientated–pissed–diseased. Extermination by toxic medication.

I`m sure that some of these “life is but a joke” shaman consume a few of these toxic substances themself, their reasoning being “you mite as well indulge now an then” or “a little bit of this or that in okey never hurt anybody”. Their own bodies are often so stressed an loaded down with toxins that when they do consume slightly toxic okey they often can`t notice it th way someone with an absolutely pure blood system would. From th days of th anti-pleasure “yockomo” himself, hippocrates, who said “a young man does not get gout until he indulges in coition”, to th present day sha who says “unless you get your so an so organ removed surgically you could have a major problem later”, is but a blink in time. Th fear of contracting shoveleudiozticosis is universal. Hippocrates also said “when a person has been cured of chronic piles, unless one be left, there is danger of dropsy or phthisis {T.B.} supervening” ~ “in maniacal affections, if piles appear, they remove th mania” ~ “persons whose speech has become impaired are likely to be seized with chronic diarrhea” ~ “figs are indigestible”, an his cure for fistulas {boils} included th grease of a goose an pig guts among th ingredients.

Thruout history, many of th elite shaman`s medicines to cure disease included some part of an animal`s body in th ingredients. Th reason why is clear; to keep th ignorant masses thinking there really were valid reasons why animals {an sometimes humans} should be eaten, an when illness resulted from this, th shaman would profit by it. Some common remedies of history`s shamen include “take some crumbs of roasted cuckoo an blow them up th patients nose if he is epileptic” ~ “human baby fat will cure stomach disorders” ~ “th scrapings of a man`s skull will cure gout an nose disorders but only if th man had been recently hanged” ~ “for painful dry skin take exactly 12 young swallows from their nest, lay them in a stone mortar, add some rosemary tips an beat them all to pieces, guts feathers bones an all. For better results, these birds must be gathered on dark cloudy days” ~ “to cure th plague sore, apply half a live pigeon to it”.

As th masses became better educated, it was necessary for th shamen to keep one step ahead of them. For example umpteen new hard to spell words were invented which swelled their bogus dictionary, an certain wine tonics, eg “theriac”, which originally had 6 viper ingredients was increased to 70, to make th masses say to themselves “why on earth would anyone take th time to prepare such a multi-ingredient concoction if it did`nt work” ? Very popular remedies included sugary concoctions of mercury-bismuth-lead.

Scott Mckensie`s “whole generation with a new explanation” {“San Francisco” 1967} must not be permitted to lose it`s inspiration. Bust th bubble. Don`t fite th nwo alone. If yer poor form a small protest group an cheer one another an maintain loose contact with other groups. If they falsely arrest one of you, then all th other thousands of small groups must unite temporarily an demand his release. Or if yer a computer wiz an have th mun for security, form a big group, but beware of that smilin face with “th answer”, eg th tough hippyish-looking, abbie hoffman types who call police “Pigs or Bulls”, an tell you how to shoplift etc. One Rock coochie, or ten ojay standing peaceably on th sidewalk carrying protest signs will enlighten more serfs than any robbery–bomb–guerilla war would, at least at this point in time. Th peaceful power of th pen–nwo videos, an most of all Rock, are th ultimate offensive weapons. Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull, said “stand together or die separately”.

Bopland`s Chawadi {Articles of Confederation} {from Jimmy Wilson`s “big wheel rollin”1950s} will be written when th Word of Mouth Rock and Roll Slave Rebellion silences th cursota. It will be drafted by a group of our most level-headed Rockeonies, Jukistocrats an Shockadoos. Because we have been misgoverned ever since we stepped out of th primordial swamp by parasites, none of us really know who we are, an that includes me. Th cursota have even less of an idea who they are than we do. Like babies when they are born, our eyes are closed, an we see only what th cursota want us to see. Our thoughts about chalk–marriage–religion–jack diplomacy–education–diet–clothing–music, have been pre-formed for us by aliens no words can really describe. This reminds of th Chinese ojay in their “peoples republic” who have probably been poisoned by processed soybeans their own cursotic government introduced {organically produced and specially prepared soybeans may be another matter}. But wait. It was our own dear Aussie—Yankee agricultural agencies who introduced giant sugar cane mills in th 1800s in order to produce white sugar, perhaps th most deadliest poison of all. But why did they take raw nutritious sugar cane juice, which could easily be harvested on a small farm, an turn it into this poisonous white sugar via a complicated million dollar mechanized process? Its all about controlling us an preventing us from attaining good health. If everyone had a sugar cane patch in their yard an a juicer to make juice, th billion dollar big pharma parasite would go belly up, an th chain of ill-health would be broken.

White sugar is one of th main ingredients in cigarettes. Nicotine is not addicting. So what they did was make tobacco products addicting by adding sugar, up to 40%, and one or more of the other 499 KNOWN ingredients permitted by law. Among these are perilous sodium benzoate which is also found in vitamin pills/food, eg centrum. One of the primary reasons why reefer was made illegal is because people would smoke it instead of cigarettes. Reefer is not addicting. So in order for them to keep their chaos agenda going, they covertly added sugar etc to cigarettes and banned reefer. This helped feed their fascist baby, disguised as “corporatism” and would usher in their NWO quicker.

Neither gender owns their own heart. It was Rock`s pioneering inventors who first encouraged Western women to burn their bras, scream on th stage to their hearts delite, an wear mini-skirts or go bra-less if that be their wish. But why would th Wampineers want to free women after who knows how many years of mind wrecking? Unlike th cursota, they had a reet, an their philosophy was an still is “live an let live”, an could`nt stand to see women suffer either. For clarification hear Freddy Fender`s “before th next teardrop falls”1975. Then while th genders were teerin to each other in a never seen before euphoria, th cursota began throwing nails in th blender. In Rock`s 50–60`s heyday, methinks no group before in history had ever came closer to owning their own heart, an being able to say what they wanted to say without fear.

Th cursota`s big $$$ marxistic male demonizing shampoo machine soon took over female consciousness, an in th wink of an eye th Wampinettes were neutralized. Th muse was muted, th dream crippled. They were goaded into retrieving their white blouses–bras from th trash, an apply for a nowhere job in th city, an presto, “men” not bras, now became fashionable to burn. When Rock is freed from th bottom of th well, and unadulterated Wampineers–Wampinettes return to th stage, th Chawadi will be written, an th day is not far off. A few things are clear. We need a transparent government temporarily, an its primary purpose would be working non-stop to get rid of itself. When th time comes when th jack has learned to accept Bopperism, why would any inventive person want to sit in a governmental office pretending he was working on something useful, when he could be in a lab refurbishing one of Royal Rife`s old microscopes, an experiencing th thrill of a lifetime?

Bopland`s GALLIS {from Leadbellys “gallis pole”} consists of citizen`s right`s that cannot ever be amended or changed in any way, shape, form or manner, except by a majority internet c vote by th ojay. Th Gallis is included in Bopland`s CHAWADI {Articles of Confederation/Constitution}. Although I could certainly write th Chawadi, I don`t think I`m skilled enough in political framework matters at this particular time to do this without expert help. By expert help, I mean patriots already skilled in th political arena, eg Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura/Irwin Schiff. However, forgive me Bo for entertaining th thought that I might be clever enough, despite having suffered genital mutilation at birth an fed fluoride/homogenized milk/meat as a child, to at least make a rough draft of th Gallis, which is just a word to describe “matters of th heart”:

1. It would be th right of all Boplanders of any age to express themself musically anywhere or anytime without restrictions. Th actual band members can compose their own songs, burn their own CDs, then advertise, promote, distribute an sell them unhindered, unregulated an untaxed. If they enlist th help of a company to do this for them, then th maximum percentage cut th company can charge is say 5% ; Note that this can be a very unwise thing to do cuz there`s really no simple way to verify how many CD`s a company might sell. Profits from th sales of music are not taxable. Monopolies that select music for jukebox or radio play are illegal. There are no legal “guideline” restrictions whatsoever on musical lyrical content. The right of radio/TV/net PHDs {polyocritistic haggai debauchers} to say an play whatever they want on air will never but never be challenged or interfered with. There is no such thing as PHD schools, which were set up by th cursota in th first place to feminize or ruin a man`s downhomey character. To verify this, compare any “ho hum” DJ today to th adlibbing deep-throated growls of th 60`s PHD, Wolfman Jack. There is no RIAA{recording industry association of America}. No parasitic association will require radio stations, internet or otherwise, to pay payola fees disguised as “royalty fees” to artists, labels an themself. Valid artists can make much greater profits which they collect directly themselves by th tax free sales of their CDs which they burn. Th citizens of Bopland decide, without being influenced by some billion dollar ballyhoo machine spittin out th virtues of guanoza via magazines/TV, what is good music an what is not. This would eliminate th pathologicasystapistamistic guanuminoggious redungaloidal musicians an their labels faster than you can say Charlie Feathers. Oh happy day! Open message to all th grating millionaire guanuminoggious “hangers on” in music; if you can`t play, teer, or identify a good song when you hear it, then pack up all yer pop magazines, parakeet cages, rabbit`s foot key chains, heavenly angel fotos, an meet me at no particular place an I`ll be there at no particular time.

2. Citizens can be nude anywhere or anytime. Clothing does`nt make anyone smarter, dumber or more attractive, but it does drastically increase their chances of becoming ill or psychotic. Open letter to all those who don`t get frightened watchin monster movies anymore; rejoice, I have th answer, just look in a mirror on a dark milly gueny nite an stare at th thing a few inches below your {gulp} navel. But be warned = make sure yer near yer bed, otherwise ya may pass out before ya have a chance to jump in it an pull th sheets over you!

3. Citizens can engage in any type of consensual chalk activity anywhere or anytime, regardless of age or age differences between th participants. Th age of chalkily consent is whatever th anarchistic parents of th child think it should be. There are no governmental chalk restrictions period.

4. Citizens can write whatever they want an self-publish it. This means that for th FIRST time in history, writers at long last will be be able to show others th lite at th end of their zimmeristic tunnel without restrictions of any kind. There are no “banned” books in Bopland. If a controversial book appears accusing an elected official of something, an internet vote by th citizens would be taken to determine whether or not to have th accused answer th accusations; if th majority vote c, an if th accused cannot answer th accusations satisfactorily in a face to face net debate with th accusers, then th citizens themselves can have him removed from office via a majority vote.

5. Citizens can follow th religion of their choice unhindered, as long as there are no animal sacrifices made.

6. Citizens own th airspace above their houses an must not be disturbed. Aircraft would not be permitted to hover/fly near or over any dwelling for any reason. All aircraft would be required to have large letters plainly visible for identification purposes. Telescopic “eyes in th skies” via satellites, or surveillance cameras on th bottom of aircraft are not permitted for any reason. All airports would be relocated to th countryside away from habitation, an even then th planes would fly silently. Permission would be required first before anyone could take fotos of Boplanders.

7. Th citizens would be encouraged to avoid shopping in stores with surveillance devices. Surveillance devices on or near public roads or in th woods are not permitted.

8. Citizens can grow any plant an sell any part of it to anyone they want without restrictions or taxes. There are no requirements/restrictions period on any vitamin/mineral/nutritional supplement.

9. All drugs, including LSD, marihuana, opium an cocaine are legal an not taxable. This would eliminate th gangs. Speaking strictly for myself, I have found 3 of these 4 drugs {never tried opium} to be quite safe cuz I knew beforehand what to expect regarding their powerful enlightening mind-altering effects. However, just cuz I found them to be safe does`nt mean that all ojay will. They are illegal in most countries. Anyone contemplating taking mind-altering substances should read a Dr. Albert Hoffman book first an follow his advice.

If these 4 drugs were legal, then there would be no mental need for citizens to want to “escape from reality” by seeking out th real health-wrecking drugs, eg uppers/downers/cigarettes/some liquors an about a thousand other drugs at th pharmacy. Making drugs illegal does`nt solve th root cause of discontentment which leads th lonely disorientated person to think that certain drugs are th only “answer”. Cuz we haven`t yet solved th riddle of aging which is th primary root cause of discontentment in us all, an cuz certain drugs made from plants can ease th suffering of a real or imagined crisis or disease, an cuz our ancestors used them for millennia, they would be made widely available for one an all to experiment with for th betterment of our free society.

10. Citizens have th right to own freehold property. However, th maximum acreage size permitted per person would depend on how many tillable square miles our country has, how much land would be set aside for roads/parks/animal refuges/shopping centers/airports/availability of water supplies/future expected population growth etc. In an ideal jack where space was unlimited, I reckon 4-20 acres is enough all things considered. If we scatter ourselves too far away from each other, then we will miss out on the inner healing an peace of mind that comes from th thrill of having a good face to face chat with our fellow Boplanders.

Boplanders live to invent things for th betterment of society, not to see how much mun they can acquire. Violent confrontations occur regularly over land issues jackwide, even in some countries that have a land title department, so I regret to say that I think a land department is needed to mediate land issues an maintain titles. Unless I`m wrong, an I hope I am, I think th lack of a land title department was an error made by America`s native Indians an other indigenous ojay. Th reason why we are here on this watusi is to conquer old age/death/suffering/disease an achieve immortality. Every person/family must be free to do their own inventive thing so as to shine some light on this. I dunno, it just seems to be counter-productive if there is th threat that someone, accidentally or on purpose, thinks that a piece of your land is his. And if someone claims your land, standing with a shotgun in his hand, how can you prove to anyone that th land is really yours? So a land title department should be created. Th department will act as th “realtor” an show various properties to ojay to choose from. If someone desires a certain property, th department gives it to him free of charge. Th department can fund itself by charging those desiring property a small fee to process th title transfer. Vast single title redungaloidal acreages of sugar cane/cattle land, and undeveloped land owned by “speculators” etc would be split up into many small parcels. There are no land barons in Bopland and no speculators. This is not communistic, just logical.

Now suppose a state like Hawaii secedes from th USA an renames itself Bopland an adopts th freedom principles of th Chawadi/Gallis. Th entire population of th jack would quickly move there if permitted to. This is another reason why a lands department is needed to prevent th “sardine effect”. Now what if th entire jack renamed itself Bopland? In no time at all th barren deserts would probably be made green an th 2 poles/Greenland transformed into a warmer livable climate. Can you see th grasshoppers in th dead of winter jumping across th fields of freedom?

11. There would be no passports or any other travel papers needed for either foreigners or citizens to enter or depart Bopland. Why would crooked mun/gold chasers come to Bopland in th first place, when gold is considered as valuable as say a bag of sea salt, all drugs are legal, and most items of commerce are self-made by th ojay or made by robots and given to ojay free of charge? Bopland is a haven for inventors/rockeonys, not lazy rejecticons chasing their own golden tail. Bopland is a self-sufficient country so we would`nt care if other countries place trade “sanctions” an th like on us.

12. There are no yakalinquentics{lawyers}/presidents/prime ministers/police/jails/court system/locks an keys in Bopland. If accused of a crime, th accused would have th right to prove their innocence to th elder men in th community where they live. If believed to be guilty by a majority vote, th punishment is a humiliating public paddling available for all to see on th net. Or maybe waterboarding would be better. I would be very surprised if there is any crime at all in Bopland, cuz all th reasons to commit crime are absent.

Th following is why Boplanders would be th happiest folks on tusi:

A.They have enough land to feed themself an attain self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency using modern farm machinery would be simple cuz there are no electric/fuel/water/waste disposal/net/phone bills to pay. Everything runs on water. Th technology to do this is here now.

B. Each household would be given a robot manufactured modern microscope and a fully equipped lab for longevity or other research purposes. Bopland`s tatitas {schools} would provide tutoring on how to set up an operate these. There are no restrictions placed on inventors period. In th unlikely event someone tries to invent something contrary to Bopperism/Bopagy, he would be forced to teer Peter Paul an Mary`s “if I had a hammer” while hangin upside down huggin an Oz stingin tree. I see a million noble dreams flyin free in th jukelo {wind} an takin root in Bopland. This idea would advance technology faster than even Hasil Adkins could babble in tongues. Today, th fate of technological advancement is in th hands of a tiny clausnagerkish “nest of vipers”, as Alexis Arguello would say, who use it entirely for their own life extension agenda which does`nt include us.

C. Th government is th ojay. Each anarchistic family is a self-governing “country”. If there are a million citizens, then there are a million “countries”. Said another way, each family would act as an American Indian Chief would act, deciding th chalkily an other rules his “tribe” or children must follow. Therefore, no government agent can dictate anything contrary to their belief.

D. Boplanders would travel th jack free of charge on their own airline. To support an maintain th airline, a small travelers fee would be charged until th whole operation could be maintained by robots. It is believed th technology to do this is here now.

E. Male Boplanders would be overjoyed knowing that they would be ENCOURAGED or even REQUIRED to own at least one fully automatic modern rifle an to know how to fire it an keep it in good working order. Why? For one thing its th ultimate crime deterrent. Said another way, every male Boplander would be a member of th police force until such a time when th jack`s cursotic ivory towers are toppled. This would be one police force outsiders or traitors wouldn`t want to mess with.

F. Cuz there are no restrictions or “payola”{pay for play} required whatsoever, it will be possible for anyone to make their song th #1 “hit of th land”.

G. There`s no lonely depressed ojay. It will be easy to find someone to spooh cuz everyone will be encouraged to “live it up”, be sociable an break out of their shell.

H. Using a PC has been made much more simpler to use. Today, only folks who are gluttons for punishment will spend th time sorting thru th “how to” mess. Th vast majority of redungaloidal blah blah blah “options”, that most of us don`t want to use, or wouldn`t ever use in a thousand years, using a language only a flibbergistocrat would want to understand, would be trashed faster than Kitten can yodel. Said another way, using a PC today is designed to lead you on a wild goose chase, short circuit your brain an waste your time.

I. All th above an more make it possible for th reet {soul} of Man to finally be set free enabling Boplanders to sail off to th far ends of th cosmos in search of other life an new jacks. This will only come about when “matters of th heart” take preference over “matters of why ivory towers should be maintained”.

We see that th jack has disintegrated under slavery disguised as democracy–republicanism–socialism-corporatism an th rest. Corporatism can be described as th “head” of democracy an th rest. Th purpose of corporatism is to make itself more wealthy an efficient via automation, or by replacing workers with machines. What happens when machines have replaced all ill-educated factory workers who are trapped in cities on tiny city lots-apartments unable to be self-sufficient via farming-small manufacturing endeavors due to their lack of education? They won`t be able to pay off their home mortgages or their rent resulting in a higher crime rate an chaos, precisely th cursota`s plan from th start. Said another way, democracy an th rest were doomed to fail in th long run, an th cursota knew it. For example, th giant sugar cane mills that were introduced in th 1800s turned raw sugar cane juice, a valuable food easily produced on a small farm using a simple wood press, into sugar, a profitable but poisonous one. Now one day soon, th masses will awaken from their fluoridated sugary slumber, an fail to buy processed sugar products, an all th big cane mills will close. But what about th countless lives that were ruined by this introduction of cane mills an sugar? Th fauna an flora that disappeared when millions of acres were cleared to make way for this manufacture of poison? Th millions of sugar related deaths such as polio? Should`nt there be some compensation paid to every person who lost his teeth an died from diabetes an a 1000 other diseases with th same name? Hahahaha. Think of all th items of commerce being sold today in giant shopping malls, much of it made by machines. Th vast majority of it is redundant baubles an beeded junk designed to amuse an detract th slaves, an keep them firmly locked in a plastic psychotic bubble where fantasy, but not reality, rules their lives. Rockeonie Pioneers, think how lucky we are. While we build insightful roads leading to freedom an Bopperism, th sorrowful bulk of humanity throw their lives away skipping down yellow brick roads headed for “emerald city” to see th “wonderful wizard of oz ~ because because because because because ~ of all th wonderful things he does”.

Lets trash them all an concentrate on th virtues of all primitive Native societies living close to th land. Only those virtues that are closest to th “heart of Man” would become an integral part of Bopagy–Bopperism. This is a tough assignment when one realizes th fact that few of us know what is “close to our heart”, even for many of those living in primitive societies. We must somehow build our house of Bopagy without th benefit of a foundation. With th parasite off our back, I think th picture will be more clear, permitting us to answer major questions, eg how will we choose, an who will man our defensive military system to protect us from attack until we can convince th jack to stop fighting? But after we have done this, why not explore th feasibility of living th way, or something like th way, th native American Indians lived before th cursota came, with no jails–banks–police–big cities–crime–insane asylums–starving ojay, an with self-governing, non-regulated, non-taxed families scattered far an wide?

There has to be a plan though before everyone carelessly rushes out to th bush. Th gist is this; we`re not going to ignore technological advances an live th way they did hundreds of years ago in thatched mud huts; we will take these valid technological advances with us to advance our life extension program. Th most important thing is that we have enough living space to do this, so we don`t become agitated via th sardines in th can effect, an start warring against our neighbors. Cuz th jack we have inherited today is a complete disaster, it will be tough, but not impossible, to attain peace of mind. Said another way, it will be tough to dismantle all th overhead power lines, an get th ojay out of cities jackwide in a sane orderly planned manner. But this must be done despite th enormous work involved!

In Bopland every kawliga member, regardless of age is a tilly–shockadoo during th day, an a rockeony when th ball of fire starts to set. A flawless defensive missile system would ensure that outsiders could not interfere with our system of zimmeristic temporary isolationism. In America today, th giant billion dollar media machine has been endlessly spitting out farcical news articles for quite some time now trying to hypnotize th serfs into thinking that they would be better off if they were disarmed like they are in Oz. Never let this happen! Its one of th primary reasons why they haven`t openly shoved their nwo down our throats long ago. Our bi-lingual Jukistocrats would team up with other Jukistocrats around th jack an compose th new jack language, Juque, {from Johnny Amelio`s “juque”1950s}. Are you a foreigner who can`t read English very well? Go an try to make yer own R an R in yer own language. Then when you discover its tough cuz there`s no foundation to build on, re-read this article. U`ll be putting yer R an R shoes back on lickety-split.

There`s nothing intrinsically wrong with Bopperism, which must replace th misnamed “new world order”. Unlike th nwo, Bopperism is not about an “order” which implies we must “obey someone`s commands or else”. Ojay–students don`t have to be told to follow a righteous teacher, most will know instinctively it will be to their benefit to do so. In a nutshell, its about makin th road easier, not harder, for others to follow. Unlike th nwo, there are no secret societies who profit from special privileges granted covertly by our Bopperistic jack government. No one would jibbitt from golden spoons while other ojay starve. There`s nothing wrong with th theory of jack government, by itself, in fact it is to our advantage or even necessary for our survival to adopt it, an this is one main reason why th jack is accepting th bait being offered by th cursota.

Said another way, th child molesting cursota are, for th most part, able to prey on us by associating themselves with organizations–noble jack government theories we think are valid, thus gaining our trust, eg they either control or hide under th skirts of th UN–masonic temples–christian an other religions–top education programs–major sport associations. It would`nt surprise me if they would try to erase th essence of this report by finding someone pretending to be me, an then creating a $$$ funded elevated artificial political platform for him to shout disinformation from, exactly like they do with all presidential candidates, possibly even ones you`d never suspect in a thousand years.

If Bopperism triumphs, an I`m sure it will with both Jaggebar`s an yer help, then instead of exploring th possibility of war, we could explore each other`s minds an rest easy at nite. Up until th rejecticons poisoned jack opinion, English would have voluntarily become th jack language. However, its easy to teeralee Rock using Spanish etc words. You can save yourself. If you want a leader with guts in office to really work for you, then take to th streets in mass like th ojay had to do in Venezuela to reinstate their beloved president, Hugo Chavez {see th legendary John Pilger`s astounding video for th skinny}. John`s video clearly demonstrates how ojay power can easily defeat any cursotic kleptomaniac. Its down to you, we stand alone on th threshold of a dream, waitin, skippin stones across th creek, teerin to trees.

“Instant karmas gonna get you,
Gonna knock you off your feet.
Better recognise your brothers,
Evryone you meet.
Why in the world are we here?
Surely not to live in pain and fear.
Why on earth are you there?
When youre evrywhere, come and get your share.

Well, we all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun.
Yeah, we all shine on,
Come on and on and on, on, on “~ 1970 John Lennon ~ produced by Phil Spector

“Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep has fallen on you

Ye are many – they are few” – Percy B. Shelley

“Do not go gentle into that good night

Rage, rage against th dying of th light ” – Dylan Thomas

Th 17 Rhythmistic Spirigistibops

{1} Support th promotion of Bopperism, or sink in th quicksand of nepotism

{2} Levitate with good okey–chalk–an Rock an Roll, or forever suffer clandestine control

{3} Bopland is inside an oxygen tent, no 200 pound virus can torment

{4} Boppers never miss a chance to grow young, life-extension rolls like song off their tongue.

{5} Inventors are among th Doobywop elite, not th palsied who flourish on deceit

{6} Inside th trunk of Harbitweezity, you`ll find th gist of Socrateezity

{7} In th day our thing is analysis, at neeset time its Rock symbiosis

{8} how would we greet th first ET we see? Wanna attend a Bopperectomy?

{9} When medical advances come, we`ll beat th drum, unlike th scum

{10} Stop fingering th dial babe, ya got B–O–P, 50,000 watts for escapees on a spree

{11} While th cursota chase golden gadgetry, we chase th bird of Boogiology

{12} Our new Beat Generation will always last, th iron root of Rock is strong, th die is cast

{13} While th cursota live a life for naught, we swing on th cherry branch of thought

{14} Its blowin in th wind called jukelo, th seeds of change, a new Rock embryo

{15} Why did Jaggebar create our constellation? He wanted to end our Rockless desolation

{16} Immortality is waitin round th bend, if we can shed our chain an Rock hard again

{17} Our destiny is to be free, so be all you can be, thats Polyocrity

In a perfect Bopperistic jack where a wide variety of fruit, or fruit-like vegies, or various sprouts, which are able to be easily digested if jibbitted raw, is free for th taking, there would be no biological need to jibbitt any other type of okey, including other harder to digest vegies–nuts–legumes. Only cud chewing animals with multiple stomachs can get away with jibbitting hard fibrous foods. Monkeys in zoos prefer fruit over all other okeys. Without question fruit sugar is our numero uno okey. There is no other type of okey thats kinder to our teeth–digestive system. With few exceptions, almost all other okey will clog up th system an produce disease. When this happens an you go to th doctor requesting help, he will say “I need to make a diagnosis” an after a lab test or such, he will name one of th 4500 or so imaginary diseases as being th culprit, an prescribe drugs for th cure. But why th $$$ diagnosis in th first place when there is only one disease, a constipated system clogged up with toxic fatty okey–drugs–insecticides–preservatives? An why prescribe $$$ drugs when a simple organic fruit–fruit juice diet, or a plain pure bore water diet for 1-3 days is th best cure?

Until th day when fruit covers th cody, fruit-like vegies or plain vegies such as organic carrot–cucumber–sweet corn jibbitted raw with high mineral content unprocessed sea salt an a mator{raw corn is loved by Chimps}–zucchini–Fiji yams–cabbage–lettuce, or various vegie juices, or legumes such as green peas–string beans, various raw sprouts [cooking food kills th enzymes resulting in binding – arthritis] , legume–nut milks, can be substituted, an will maintain health. Unfortunately these okeys in their unadulterated state, especially frozen green peas–rice–wheat–cabbage–lettuce–black-eye beans–brown lentils–chick peas–peanuts–apricots–figs–dates–raisins–acid-free tomatoes (acid tomatoes cause arthritis}–broccoli–pinto beans–red beans, have become, according to th results of my own tests, impossible to find, along with many other unadulterated low cost vegies due to th virtual monopoly of th okey industry by giant conglomerates. Bopland`s shockadoos would invent an freely distribute to every household a test-kit that would determine if toxins were present in okeys, putting a stop to our poisoning. Despite governmental claptrap, there is no “safe” permissible insecticide limit!

Rockeonies, can you see these fruits, nuts, an greens growing at Bopland?: sweet leaf bush {sauropus androgynus} – {it is usually better to buy grafted fruit trees but there are exceptions eg kensington pride mango which come true from seed} – Surinam cherry – Jap pumpkin (with seeds an skin) – mustard – guava – strawberry – grapefruit – lemon – orange – lime – tangelo – tangerine (citrus trees grown from seed are thorny) – carambola (only grafted sweet variety ~ caution contains oxalic acid) – mango {nam doc mai ~ zapata} – red mombin {jocote} – guanabana – bullock`s heart – sweetsop – natal plum (carissa ~ slight problem sticks to mouth) – coconut – date palm – matisia – durian – imbe – red flesh sapote – probably pili nut – mabolo (graft only) – black sapote – probably white sapote – grumichama – inga species {ice cream bean, some worthless seedling varieties are sold} – tamarind – governor`s plum/Madagascar plum – avocado – acerola – breadfruit – lacoocha – fig – pitomba – rose apple (problem scant yield) – maybe malay apple (not particularly good fresh) – mandarin – wampi – probably akee (importation banned by FDA ~ national fruit Jamaica ~ was this fruit`s reputation sabotaged cuz of its high protein and vit C content?) – longan – lychee – caimito – abiu – canistel (graft only – prob. not commercial) – maybe lucmo – sapodilla – common apple – banana – cashew – peanut (only if acidity can be removed) – walnut – pecan – sunflower – macadamia – almond – rollinia – peach – pear – peanut butter tree {bunchosia argentia (careful these can be binding)} – maybe peanut tree Malabar chestnut? ( Pachira aquatica, syn. Bombax glabra) cherry – persimmon – mulberry {many varieties some 3 inches long} – grape – apricot – plum – loganberry – blackberry – raspberry – blueberry – maybe atemoya – maybe dragon fruit (must grow on trellis) – maybe kuwini – mamey americana – sweet corn eaten raw – maybe saba nut (must crack shell) – chia seeds – linseed – Jap cucumber (with skin) – papaya (see note below).

Especially if you have had part of your intestines removed etc, or even if not, papayas are highly recommended although they are a bit gassy and seem to destroy protein somehow. As binding increases as we age, they are highly valuable as a laxative fruit high in vit C/A to boot. Two or three papaya seeds/fruit seem to have have some value when blending a vegan sauce for vegies, to make chia seeds less binding, to aid in hemorrhoid healing due to its strong laxative effect, or to clean out intestinal impacted faecal matter during a fast. Th time when papaya is eaten seems to be critical for active exercising people. If you eat them with or after a protein meal, you will NOT have as much energy as you ordinarily would. After experimenting for dozens of years with papaya with little success, i think i have finally found th best time to eat them is in th morning long before any other fruit or high protein food is eaten.

Dragon fruit have been reported as being laxative but th ones i had were highly binding, probably cuz they were insecticided.

Soak suspicious food for 8-24 hours in combinations of water/lemon, lime, orange juice/baking soda/ascorbic acid powder. Rinse an discard th solution using a colander to remove toxins. Shine and dry apples with a paper towel after soaking.

Protein/Vitamin C content (g/mg) per 100 grams of selected fruits:

papaya .61 ~ 70 (vitamin A = 2500 I.U.)

abiu 1.8-2.1 ~ 49

black sapote 2.1 ~ 20-191

mango .65-1.31 ~ 28-172

banana 1 ~ 9

mamey 1-2.34 ~ 12-29

sapodilla .44 ~ 15

rollinia 2.8 ~ 30

dragon fruit .16-.23 ~ 4-25

matisia .13 ~ 10

durian 2-3.3 ~ 23-75

caimito .72-2.33 ~ 3-15

mulberry 1.1 ~ 12

grape .72 ~ 4-11

blueberry .74 ~ 1-16

passion fruit .67 ~ 18-30

guanabana .34 ~ 11

coconut 3.33 ~ 2.8

tamarillo 1.8-2 ~ 25-40

strawberry .67 ~ 58

mabolo 2.8 ~ 18

natal plum (carissa) 1 ~ 38

white sapote 2 ~ 20

grumichama .1 ~ 19

governor`s plum ?

lacoocha ?

fig .75 ~ 2

breadfruit 1.07 ~ 29

akee (Jamaica) 3-9 ~ 30-65

bunchosia argentia?

apricot 1.4 ~ 6-10

blackberry 1.39 ~ 21

orange .59 ~ 34-45

A whopping 97% of vegies that were grown at th start of th 20th century are now extinct { 2008}. I recall a luscious apple that I last saw around 1965 that was 2-3 times bigger than th apples seen today. There is a mango in Central America that is tastier an 2-3 times bigger than th regular ones. Inferior tasteless fruit litter th markets while ones that taste better are becoming extinct. But why? Besides th conspiracy against fruit, they say fruit that tastes better, but is`nt as attractive as th tasteless fruit, would`nt sell as good. This is their justification for applying preservatives, disguised as shiny waxy substances, to apples to make them look “prettier”. Although unbelievable, its certainly true that some ojay would choose a shiny tasteless fruit over a dull tasty one, mind-boggling proof of th effectiveness of th shoveleudiozticoziac`s dumbing down program.

We stupidly imagine that th christian–islam wordsmiths can`t turn water into wine. But certainly even these literary giants of th purple claptrap, nomatter how hard they tried, could`nt turn a hard, binding rubbery tasteless apple variety into a wonderful exquisite one with a simple one word stroke of th pen now could they? Certainly, its just a strange coincidence that this very same red deliciousapple variety, similar to a “tommy atkins” mango, resists bruising even if shipped long distances, will retain its brilliant red color on th shelf until Atlantis ascends, is so attractive with its erotic red blush that even old vestal virgins linger far too long by th shelf, an is so easy to grow that even a retarded bandicoot can grow them simply by shakin his tail. Now when ya buy them there`s a sticker on them that says #4015, Australian, implying that they have th blessing an approval of th agriculture regulating authority, who are supposedly spending yer tax dollars wisely to ensure you are being protected from inferior toxic fruit. Just as if we needed them in th first place.

When someone attempts to bring superior fruit varieties into Oz, eg durian, AQIS, under orders from some strange agency at th top calling itself “bio security”, place th plants in quarantine for awhile to check if there are any miniature orangutans lurking in th foliage. Of course th plants die for some “strange” unfathomable reason. As of 6-2008, “bio security” has closed down an did`nt even say why. Of course they probably just changed their name to diffuse th heat. Reportedly there are 2500 apple varieties in th US alone, an 5000 more jackwide. How many different apple varieties have you ever seen on th shelf for sale? Eight or so? All th really good tasting soft apples are gone. Folks today haven`t th remotest idea of how sweet an juicy an apple can be. Ditto for some smaller exquisite banana varieties, which exist today in only a few ojay`s private groves. Even dairy cows luv apples. Th pretty, but tasteless an probably vitaminless oranges–capsicums–strawberries found today are a sorry excuse for th real thing. Extermination by variety elimination.

Here`s how th okey monopoly works in Oz. Th big grocers buy from farmers 2-4 times th amount of vegies–fruit that they require to stock their stores, an keep it under cold storage. Then when other farmers ask them to buy their produce they say “sorry, we have all we need right now”. In desperation cuz his produce is perishable, th farmer then will agree to any low price th conglomerate throws at him. A while later this same produce will be selling in their stores for 2-5 times what they paid for it. Thus it can be seen that both th consumer an th farmer are being ripped. On top of all this they have to pay income–land taxes an many others. This is why conglomerates get bigger an richer while th rest of us get smaller an poorer.

Contributing to all this chaos is th fact that commercial organic farming methods remain a mystery for most of us due to governmental sealed lips–disinformation, whereas big $$$ are spent on research projects that benefit primarily th conglomerates, eg cane mills.To keep th conglomerates safe, small slave farmers must be perpetually henpecked, eg having to get a license to sell a box of cabbage on a street corner, prevented from protecting their crops from animal attacks, having to pay for a permit or to get permission to cut down trees–dig a bore–keep certain pets–grow certain plants–burn trash–dispose of waste on land they have been hoodwinked into thinking that they own. In California you can be fined for painting yer house th wrong color or prevented from building a house that is shaped different than th rest.

Th cursota can be compared to one hundred particularly gluttonous alligators laying on a stone {rothy an his 99 royal stoolies laying on th top rungs of th nwo stone pyramid}. Normally in a large swamp {th jack} there are many gators {th middle rungs on the pyramid representing many countries–presidents}, an their fish prey {their slaves on th lower rungs fighting an dying for them}. Then one year there is a prolonged drought {th slaves are beginning to wise up} an this troubles th gators. As th swamp dries up {th slave rebellion begins} rothy an his royal frightened gators begin to devour all life in th swamp {th woebegone one hundred wage war to eliminate competition an begin to destroy countries–agricultural an other agencies–small businesses by merging them into giant conglomerates an giving them all one name, eg th european union–north american union–world health organization–united nations}. Then there is a cyclonic flood an th swamp gets filled with six billion burmese pythons {th word of mouth Rock rebellion spreads quickly like a cyclone an six billion slaves unite with each other an begin to wage war against rothy an his royal stoolies}. How can rothy an his 99 buddies win against six billion united slaves? {how can one hundred fat gators win against six billion pythons 24 feet long? Th answer? They can`t. Their enemy is our carefree independence–good health. An ojay educated via th WOMRR, or th mighty net can easily stop this nwo related savagery. But until then;

We`re th un-united slaves of america, an th canberrafied serfs of hysterica

We`re th un-united slaves of germany, canaduncia francecon an italy

We`re th un-united slaves of th u.n., here we go marching off to war again

We`re th un-united slaves of th u.k., since time immemorial we`ve been their prey

We`re th un-united slaves of ukraine, wearin an invisible ball an chain

We`re th un-united slaves of rothschild, they made us forget th call of th wild

Turtle; put those flowers back in yer hair an don yer old baggy hippie clothes.

Chicken; fly th sapote.

Crow; perform a Bopperectomy ritual.

Th philosophy of Bopagy-Bopperism materializes via a Bopperectomy, a ceremonial operation consisting of 3 parts whereby at its conclusion th patient or “Boo” will have been bopperectimized, or free from th negative forces of th 3 under th bed arachnids, {1} th medical shamen, eg th fda {2} religious priests an TV preachers near th top of th dung pile {3} those probably at th top of th dung pile who all probably collaborate together = masonic royal bloodlines, th illuminati, banking zionists, an th 3 “righteously retarded rejects” {th 3 r`s} = th vatican, washington d. c. an london. First find a meatarichump–sports fan–opera or guanoza buff–public school student, or anyone else who seems destined to pass thru life without having experienced Rockitistic Polyocrity, or th satisfaction of knowing one is being all one can be, with all 5 senses activated to th max. This person will be th “Boo” who gets bopperectimized. But before inviting this person to th ceremony, screen him/her thoroughly by asking questions, eg “have you heard about th nwo?” ~ “do you celebrate christmas?” ~ “what`s yer opinion about conspiracy theories, eg th illuminati?” ~ “are you worried about all th surveillance cameras popping up around town?” ~ “are you concerned that they`re making certain antiseptic creams-vitamins available only by a doctor`s prescription? ~ “do you brush with a fluoride toothpaste?” If th person`s answers to these questions seem quite knowledgeable, invite him to th ceremony if you want, but only as a spectator, not as th Boo, an keep searching until you find someone totally unaware that th cursota consider him to be a “useless eater” and one of th “goya” or cattle who is scheduled to be exterminated like vermin. In other words, for ceremonial enlightenment purposes, find someone who truly believes he`s not a slave. To make it interesting, a couple {only a male an a female who preferably don`t know each other} can be chosen an invited; th male is th “Boo”, an th female is th “Booette”. Th following script assumes that only one person, th Boo, has been invited to be bopperectomized.

Explain to this person/couple beforehand that bizarre things may happen an everyone will be nude, an that he–she can exit th ceremony at any time, but if he does he won`t get a gift at th end. For obvious reasons, prohibit illegal drugs at th ceremony. You may be able to find many of th hard to find ceremonial twellings by contacting in El Cerrito, California–Bear Family records in Germany–Ace Records in England–Excello Records–Collectables records–Document records–Roundup records in Maine–Norton records–Arhoolie records–Rounder records–Relic records–Harmony — Ripete records–Rhino records–Alligator records–Eric Records. As of 2009, all of th above had net pages. Or just type th artist`s name in your net search engine. Many of th cherilaylas/addresses are listed near th start despite th fact that there are often better recordings available for purchase.

Part 1 of th Bopperectomy involves a “surgical operation” that removes th shaman from th Boo, an not th womb–penis foreskin–brain lobe, as would be th case in a “hysterical hysterectomy”–circumcision–neurosurgery [lobotomy].

If you don`t have th ceremonial songs just substitute something appropriate. Begin by playin our three National Tonkilus, Danny an th Juniors “R an R is here ta stay”1958 ~ th Cadillacs` “R an R is here ta stay”1960 ~ Billy Ford an th Thunderbirds “I`m th monster R an R”1958. Cuz of its strong pro-R an R rues, an th fact that th cursota began instructing US radio stations around 1960 to cease playin Rock or lose their licenses, th Cadillacs` tonkilu went unreleased for years an so may be extinct today. There may only be a handful of Yanks alive today who remember it. If you can`t find th recordings then go to utube and play then with your PC. However, remember that utube is the CIA, so use scroogle, ixquick or startpage search engines to go anonymously to utube. I`ve used scroogle for years. After this, play a video clip of your favorite freedom fighter, eg Alex Jones, David Icke, Ernie Hancock. For more recommended fighters, see my song “message from a slave”.

Then th PHD says to th Boo or Booette:

YOU ARE  A SLAVE IF; pay any income tax whatsoever. Th cursota create wars as red herrings so they can pass higher and higher income tax rates more easily with the threat of rebellion far less likely, which eventually will cause any country to disintegrate. Tax rates increased during the wars of 1812, the civil war and World wars 1-2. You Need proof? Look at America today, it is all but ruined due to traitorous taxation of both industry and the working folk.They simply say “we have to raise taxes or else we may lose the war, so dont be a fool, be patriotic”. = “A federal income tax, with a large exemption of $4,000, was instituted in 1894 but the Supreme Court ruled it UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 1895. Over the next couple of decades proposals were made for a constitutional amendment to establish a federal income tax. While these attempts were defeated, support for federal income taxation gradually increased. Eventually, in 1913 the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified creating the legal basis for the federal income tax. While the initial income tax was progressive, it was less radical than many desired. In fact, many conservatives expressed guarded support for the measure to prevent a more significant tax. While the income tax was targeted towards the wealthy – in the first few years only about 2% of households paid any income tax – tax rates of only 1%-7% prevented it from generating significant revenues.

…virtually none of the income tax proponents within the government believed that the income tax would become a major, yet alone the dominant, permanent source of revenue within the consumption-based federal tax system.” (Brownlee, 1996, p.45)

These views were to quickly change as the nation required a dramatic increase in revenues to finance World War I”.

2.Someone outside your family has th legal right to decide what parts of your body must be covered by sackcloth.

3.Someone outside your family has th legal right to decide you an your familie`s sexual conduct.

4.Someone outside your family has th legal right to force you to make your children attend school.

5.You live on a lot not big enough to swing a snake, piss in, or grow your own food.

6.You think its OK for the state to require you to get a passport before you can travel, and that paying hundreds of dollars more to get a plane seat a couple inches wider is normal, instead of a part of an NWO plan to give you an inferiority complex.

7.You think its OK for th state to build 2 way roads where oncoming cars 2 feet away whiz by you, and that this is not part of an NWO plan to keep you a jittery economic slave, maintain accidents which in turn justifies the need for traffic police and more taxes to pay them, and lastly to require you to have insurance and a driver`s license. You think it would be dumb to let parents train their kids how to drive and not require them to have a license at all.

8.You think its OK for the city zoning to permit building houses a few steps away from roads, and don`t really care about th constant noise, danger to your kids and health dramas this contributes to.

9.You think it`s OK to have to jump thru hoops to buy and own a gun like in Oz. You justify this by saying “well if you dont have anything to hide, then why not”?

10.You think its OK for th state to control th internet and you have said “well how else can child porn be policed?

11.You think that if a child sees a stranger`s nude body that irreparable psychological harm to th child will result.

12.You think you can live a life without song and maintain tranquility.

13.You think that most Western women know their own mind and that`s why they want to be a judge and vote.

14.You think its OK for th state to designate beaches as being either with or without clothing ones.

15.You cant wait to strap underwear on your toddler to demonstrate your astute intelligence in this matter.

16.You stop breast feeding your toddler after a few months cuz, well what would th neighbor`s think?

17.You`ve never hugged a tree.

18.You`ve never sang or played an instrument.

19.You hunt or keep an animal in a cage and never cotton to that th reason you do this is cuz you yourself have been in a cage all your life and as a result, have a subconscious desire to release your frustration somewhere. Keeping an animal in a cage makes it easier for you to live with your own cowardly slave mentality.

20.You get a big wallop out of playing games on th PC.

21.You watch TV or buy one to impress yer girl hoping she`l think yer hot stuff.

22.You think food and pharmaceutical preservatives are just a part of normal medicated living instead of an NWO plan to lower yer sperm count and transform you into subservient zombie.

23.You`ve never taken yer own heartbeat.

24.Yer quite sure that th reason why 99% of all pharmaceutical employees, disguised as “doctors”, recommend meatarichumpistodianism is cuz they know best and want to keep you healthy instead of a lifelong basket case requiring their services every 6 months or so. “After 8 years of study, they must know something”, you say.

25.You`ve never laughed or frowned at a fat person in a pharmaceutical warehouse, disguised as a “supermarket”.

26.You get run down by fat women with a shopping cart on a regular basis.

27.You think “Commander Cody” and his Lost Planet Airmen were a bunch of astronauts.

28.You get tingaly with patriotism everytime you see Glenn Beck and th other ultra-professional TV actors with tears in their eye.

29.You`ve never gotten lost in a mouse maze, disguised as an “airport”.

30.You`ve never sat on a roof in a city to see th stars.

31.Your parents never said one word about chalk (sex) to you in your youth.

32.You`ve ever paid one penny for th “privilege” of RENTING th land you think you own.

33.You think th gov.cant operate smoothly without 50 or so taxes levied on everything from bull sperm to jet airplanes.

34.You`ve never wondered why you sit in school day after day for th sole “privilege” of learning nothing.

35.You think th primary reason why more than a few lost Western girls always say “no” to you is cuz there`s something wrong with your face etc, not cuz there`s something insanely wrong with THEM (Note = at this point th girl you came with may walk out and leave in a huff. If she does, remember that th truth hurts and that she just did you a BIG favor and possibly saved you from spending many wasted years with her to boot. However, if there`s no squeal of protest from any girl then jump to #36. This ceremony is about unmasking th cursotic ones who torture girls and is designed to heal and bring th sexes closer together not apart. But if there is a protest from anyone, they need to be verbally punished by saying “no, your face is OK, th real reasons why some girls say no repeatedly is that they:

A. Get off on seeing men frustrated with their tail tucked between their legs.

B. Are waiting to get th big chump with dough to think they are something special instead of trash to be avoided at all costs.

C. Are petrified of any man who is a man.

D. Know absolutely certain that getting good grades in school is far more important than cultivating erotic feelings for a man.

E. Are disorientated and in a gaga state of shock from regularly eating toxic meatarichumpistodianistic school lunches, and being exposed to and poisoned by dozens of chemicals.

F. Have been told to stay away from strangers cuz they might catch a non-existent disease like AIDS.

G. Are scared to take a chance on love cuz th man might find out that there`s nothing but dead airspace between their ears, and nothing between their legs except desert ozymandias sand. So they say “its better that i refuse th man instead of him refusing me, otherwise th rude awakening would be too much for me to take”.

H. Imagine that they prefer to smell th sweat of another girl instead of a man. So they think “who needs men anyway, their just too dumb to appreciate an  intellectually refined woman of th world like me”.

I. Have read too damn many women`s magazines.

J. Need to get home to get ready for a vitally important girl`s track meet.

K. Positively know that th man would`nt understand th vital importance of cutting off one`s own head, err…i mean being penitent and sacrosanct.

36. You can spell haemorrhoid and diphtheria without batting an eye.

37. You`ve just spent 8 years studying to be a doctor and now you cant even heal yourself let alone someone else. Basically you went thru med school cuz yer wealthy parents encouraged you to go, not cuz you had th slightest interest in actually healing others. And now you justify taking big $$$ from patients you know you cant heal by saying “i got a bad case of haemorrhoids in those classes and now i need some greenbacks to heal th swelling, buy that downtown Manhattan penthouse suite, woo and spoil a rich prima donna and eat chicken dumplings with, and a trainload of candy canes to suit our sweet teeth”.

38. You`ve never played with an ant on a stick or let a grasshopper massage your face.

39. You`ve never deliberately gotten lost on a highway just so you could lose your other wasted slave self.

40. You`ve never done th ubangi stomp.

41. You`ve never even considered home-schooling yer kids cuz yer too busy doing more important things like cracking yer knuckles.

42. You dunno why th hippies of th 1950-60s rock an roll slave rebellion wore clothing practically identical to the Native Americans, not business men. Think slave, this was their way of announcing to th other slaves that:

A. They had broken their shackles.

B. Th revolution WILL BE televised.

C. They too want to live close to th watusi (earth) instead of scorching it.

D. They intrinsically knew that singing and dancing was th way Indians freed an educated their “other selves” by removing th cobwebs from their head.

E. Nomatter what, they sure didn`t want to be like th spiro gyras.

43. You think that the state, not each family, has the right to create abortion laws.

44. You think that the state is not the church an vice versa.

45. You think there`s something strange or wrong with someone wearing a shirt that says “dont tread on me”.

46. You cant see either th wrinkles or smirks of heinousness written in th cursota`s faces.

47. You think Al Capone and others should not have been bootlegging booze in the prohibition era which banned th sale of booze in 1919-33. If this is what you think, then you dunno why th traitorous woodrow wilson presidential administration gave permission for th banning in th first place. Of course  th administration and it`s cronies didn`t have th remotest idea that th banning would drive up th price of booze and eliminate most vendors, so they themselves could  make a quick buck as bootleggers, now did they?

48. You think that voting and electing  someone else  to govern you is preferable to electing yourself to govern you.

49. You think an “anarchist” is a violent wicked dangerous psychopath hell-bent on ruining society, instead of someone who wants to get th tick off his balls ASAP.

50. You dont believe there`s a plan to have a child molesting NWO, and yet in some respects there already is. For example it has become universally accepted by all governments that 18 is the minimum age at which nude bodies may be seen on th web. In other words they got you to believe that a child magically grows up and becomes an adult, not at a younger age, but ONLY at 18, and that it is a perverted shameful crime to see a 17 year old`s body. You think that th state, not th parents, should decide what is sexually acceptable.

51. Think that th main reason why many dentists say “you should get your wisdom teeth pulled now to avoid problems in th future” and “you need a root canal”, is cuz they are often trying to assist you instead of trying to fleece you. The fotos of Native Americans hanging on their wall helps to convince you of their sincerity.

52. Think that the main reason why most everyone respects doctors is cuz they have spent a long time in school learning their craft, so when they try to sell you things like X-rays and meatarichumpistodianism, you buy them never knowing they really went to school to learn how to be rockefeller`s smiling snake oil salesmen peddling pharmaceutical rubbish. The cursota`s goal is to destabilize society via their 2 “quarterbacks” who run interference, th church and doctor.

Then have all those of th opposite chalk of th Boo grasp th bottom of a shovel handle one at a time until there`s no more room for one more hand at th top. The last hand on th handle must bathe th Boo, or in th case where both a Boo an a Booette are participating, see to it that one of th last 2 hands on th handle is a male an th other a female, while Bobby Darin`s “splish splash”1958–Harv Norman`s “rubber duckie”1950s–Ray Steven`s “th streak”1974 plays. Then th PHD says this cheryl;

“Please hear me Jaggebar, oh great Rock Spinner of th quadroon. We have been governed by those with bad blood thru th millennia. Some of it has rubbed off on us an poisoned our spirit. Shine yer powerful lite on us an help us re-energize th ambitions we had as a child”. Polly. Then a helper plays Patsy Cline`s “if I could see th world”1960s, while all those of th opposite chalk take turns leetin with th Boo an each other. Then th MC says;

“Let us cher ~ oh Polyocritistic Jaggebar, please tell all th Bibibis in yer harbitweezius Doobywop Star Cluster, that we are holding a bopperectomy in their honor. By just being their carefree selves, they carried us to th top of th shim so we ourselves could discover who we really were. Th terrible pain they endured on this cody while morbid creatures accused them of corrupting th morals of our youth is unimaginable. No doubt some looked into th eyes of their assassins as they took their last breath, an said to themselves “ya may have killed me, but my music will live on to inspire my cohuttas, an they will see to it that yer bad blood is removed permanently from this watusi. Oh Jaggebar, without them an yerself we would be as lost as a turtle in burning desert sand. Th cursota have poisoned our reet but they can`t destroy it, even if they incarcerate us for a thousand years. Every day, th cherilaylas of th Bibibis transport us to Tweedledee, an we levitate at th Kojanimo with them. Oh Bibibis, this jack is a lonely desolate place without you. Polly”.

Then to emphasize th fact that 40 tons of pathogenic junk are found in drug stores, have th Boo examine an wear a wire necklass with attached cardboard strips that says “laxatives–aspirin–cold remedies–synthetic vitamins–cosmetics–condoms–toothpaste–catnip pills–piles pills–birth control pills. Then he is handed a bottle of common drugstore mouthwash an instructed to rinse his mouth with it. As he raises it to his mouth everyone grabs him, an th bottle is forcibly removed an trashed.Th PHD says “th mouthwash you were about to take contains sodium lauryl sulfate, a dangerous chemical which has 150 different names, an may be responsible for a variety of health problems, eg PMS an menopausal symptoms–dropping male fertility–breast cancer. It contains ethanol which can cause oral cancer. Its sucralose can decrease yer red blood cell count among others. Its sodium saccharin can cause cancer. Its sodium fluoride, used by th najis for pacification purposes, can cause major illnesses. Its sodium benzoate–benzoic acid, also found in many soft drinks–vitamin formulas–okeys, will cause mysterious perpetual flu-like illnesses.

Then th PHD reads hypocrite`s err….hypocrisy`s err…. hippocrates` real oath: “I swear by apollo th physician an by all th gods an goddesses that to th best of my power an judgement I will faithfully observe this oath an obligation {in ancient Greek th word “hypokrites” meant actor on th stage–pretender, an “apollo” mean`t “destroyer” or satan}. My teacher in th art I will esteem as my parents an share my resources with him if he is short of th necessities of life, but only if he is more treacherous than myself. When I learn th doctor`s art I will then teach it to my children an others who I think will remain silent upon discovering that my cures are phony. I will treat my patients to th best of my power an judgement in th most salutary manner without exceptional injury or violence when th police–ojay begin asking too many questions. If I feel I am safe from any retribution I will give him my pernicious tonics. Ignorant poor women will feel th effects of my sharp-edged pessaries. I will live an practice chastely an religiously an promise not to masturbate. I will not cut {operate on} a person suffering from th stone {gallstones caused by meat–dairy–seafood products} cuz most barbers are more skilled in this than I am {formerly only barbers had enough courage to operate on ojay}. Whatever house I enter I will quickly gauge an anticipate th patient`s tolerance to my alcohol–mercury–lead cures. If he is th questioning revengeful type, or if I don`t see any gold crosses in his living room, I promise to then exit an leave th patient to providence {to th lord}. And whatever I see or hear in th course of a valid cure, should I stumble on one, I promise to keep only to myself. I promise to dress soberly like a clerk, not a minstrel.

I must not walk hastily which betokens levity or too slowly which is a sign of faintheartedness. I must not be in a hurry to give an opinion on th patient; it will be more valued by th family if they have to wait for it. I must hide my instruments from th patient`s site an from other doctors. I must tell th patient that with god`s help I hope to cure him but inform th relatives that th case is grave even if it is`nt, then if he dies by my error, I am safeguarded. When asked how long recovery will take I must specify double th expected period; a quicker recovery will double my esteem. If he asks why th cure was so swift when I have only given him sugarwater I must say he was very strong hearted an had good healing flesh. I promise not to sow dissension among th servants or give unsolicited advice or brawl with anyone in th house; nectar attracts more flies than gall. I must not look lecherously on th patient`s wife, daughters or maid servants or kiss or fondle their breasts; they mite neglect to pay me. I must not talk boastfully, especially among great men, lest they make me eat my own words. I must not dob in other incompetent senile doctors; when queried I must say only that I have heard nothing but good about them. Finally I must pretend to be very busy whenever I don`t want to see a poor patient but if he`s insistent I can always try out a new dangerous herb, or increase a drug`s dosage to see what th fatal toxic amount was in th interest of science.”

Then have th Boo remove th necklass, study it, an then destroy it with wire cutters. Then th PHD plays th Doobie Brothers “music is th doctor”1990 an other cherilaylas while everyone takes turns leetin with th Boo an each other. This concludes part 1 of th bopperectomy.

Then th PHD sayspart 2 of th bopperectomy will remove religious leaders from th Boo via facts not fiction”, an asks th Boo why christmas occurs on Wiggle {Dec} 25th. If he answers correctly {an ultra rare occurrence provided he had been pre-screened}, just keep asking questions until he errors}. If he answers incorrectly then he is punished by having to hold a santa claus doll in his mouth an leetin alone for awhile while a revolting christmas song is played eg “little drummer boy”–”santa claus is comin to town”–”white christmas”. Then have th opposite chalks leet with him while John Lennon`s “imagine”1971–Del Shannon`s “sister Isabelle”1970s–Z Z Top`s “jesus left chicago”1970s–Rolling Stones “faraway eyes”1978–Bill Haley–Dave Bartholomew`s “saints rock an roll”1955–1954 respectively plays. If he answered correctly, play th same Cherilaylas but allow him to choose his leet partner/partners.

Assuming he answered incorrectly th PHD says “firstly historians know there never was anyone called jesus christ. In th 4th century, constantine moved this fictitious person`s birthdate from early Ubangi {october} to Wiggle {dec} 25th cuz it would stand a better chance of being celebrated, when folks were already in a jovial mood, just before th ojay`s favorite yehooti, New Years Day, an to give th slaves a longer break”. Saint nicholas` festival was on Wiggle th 6th but was also moved to Wiggle 25th. This is basically “forced” religion to ensure th slaves stay “meek an manageable” by getting them to think it`s better to “turn th other cheek” , rather than to rebel against th tyrants. Without religion, th tyrant`s hypnotic spell would be broken, freeing Mankind”. Th Boo is then given a phone book etc which has had its covers altered to make it look like a bible an then asked to open it. Inside will be fotos of th above mentioned Wampineers or other Rockeonies in a hollowed out cavity which are given to him. This concludes part 2 of th bopperectomy.

Part 3 removes th elite kleptomaniacal illuminati–secret societies–royal bilderbergered bloodline bigots–banksters an other shoveleudiozticoziacs from th Boo, but leaves his wallet–reet alone as they would not do. Begin by leetin an playing some anti-mun songs, eg Randy Newman`s “money that matters”1980s–Springfield`s “silver threads”1962–Roy Orbison`s “mansion on th hill”1960s–Charlie Pride`s “crystal chandelier”1980s–Beatles “can`t buy me luv”1964–Kingston trio`s “greenback dollar”1963 {version that says “I don`t give a damn”}–Paradon`s “diamonds an pearls”1960–Dion`s “donna”1963–Dave Clark Five`s “anyway you want it”1964–Paul Kelly`s “u can`t take it with u “1989–Darlene Love`s “he`s sure th boy I luv”1963–Kay Starr`s “side by side”1953–Wanda Jackson`s “I`d rather have you”1959–Teen Queens` “2 loves an 2 lives”1957–Wynona Carr`s “ding dong daddy”1955.

Then play some rock on low volume, eg Santo an Johnny`s “sleepwalk”1959 ~ Al Urban`s “gonna be better times”1958 ~ th Danleers “one summer nite”1958 ~ Al Ferrier`s “Indian R an R”1957 ~ Elmore James` “madison blues”1960 ~ Fats Domino`s “natural born lover”1959 with th Boo sittin on a chair in th middle of th room, an get everyone leeting around him with hands on th shoulders of th person in front of them. Th PHD must keep asking him questions hoping he will answer incorrectly which he certainly will if he had previously been screened, an th following questions are asked; “why did th secret societies create WW1-WW2 an many other wars? If th Boo answers correctly an says “to usher in th nwo-global banker slavery” or th like, th PHD asks him “th white house in th US is in what state? If he answers correctly an says “its in a district not a state” {note ~ if he simply says “th district of columbia”, that is an incorrect answer cuz it`s not a state}. Assuming he answered correctly, th PHD asks him “one renouned black preacher proclaimed he had a dream, an one white renouned 1970`s Rockeonie proclaimed “I got a dream”, what are their names? If he answers correctly an says M.L.King an Jim Croce, th PHD asks him “supply words that more correctly describes th white house in washington? If he answers correctly an says “a masonic temple”, th PHD says “why is an owl on th US 5 dollar bill”? If he answers correctly an says “it`s on th 1 dollar bill not th 5 dollar bill, an th owl is there to give them a laugh, an really is just a slap in th face to th “sheeple” who they astonishingly imagine are dumber than themselves”. Th PHD continues with “if yer a land owner an offer th land for sale at 4 times what it`s really worth, why is there no law to punish you for doing this? After all, there`s a law that says one can`t grow certain banned plants on yer own land, so why is`nt there a law that says you must sell your land at a reasonable price? If he answers correctly an says “cuz none of us own land, we lease it from th cursota, but they disguise this by calling th lease payments “taxes”. There`s no law against someone selling land at inflated prices, cuz whenever someone buys it at th inflated price, they can force th new buyer to pay a higher “tax” later.

In this highly unlikely scenario where th boo has answered all th questions correctly, th PHD smiles an says “well, I see you`ve been well educated by someone so there`s no need to punish you, therefore for th benefit of th newbies watching, we`ll continue on an just pretend you`ve answered incorrectly an that we`re punishing you. Assuming he answered incorrectly, th Boo is asked to choose someone of th same gender who will be his/her “punisher”. If th Boo is female th punisher says “close yer eyes” an either puts ice cold water/ice on her, has her gargle with soapy water, or has her chew raw garlic. If th Boo is male he is told to close his eyes an hold his arms out sideways. Then 2 males grab both his arms an pull against each other while another smacks his stomach/buttocks an another taps his scalp with their knuckles. Or else just punch his arms. If th Boo of either gender acts like an obnoxious sarcastic jerk, cancel th ritual an send him back home. Putting an OZ stingin tree leaf on him would be fun but unproductive. Besides th stings can hurt for months if not tended to properly. Next, regardless of his answer, let him choose anyone to be his leet partner while Larry Donn`s “honey bun”1959–Joe Turner`s “blues in th night”1958–Lavern Baker`s “hey Memphis”1961–Sonny Burgess` “my buckets got a hole in it”1957 plays.

Then th PHD says “th secret society child molesters are assisted by th media-lawmakers-big corporations an many elite church leaders in their war against us, but who, more than all these put together, assists them th most”? If he answers correctly an says “you or I”, continue to ask questions until he errors {choose from th list of questions previously mentioned above or invent one}. When he answers incorrectly, he is punished again; put a blindfold on him an have him stand an attach a diaper to th waist an paint his navel with a red crayon/tomato sauce. Then smear a piece of cardboard with motor oil an place it in a pan of soapy water on a table in front of him. Next have him pinch one nostril while a helper covers his ears with his hands. Then a cheap pen has its ink cartridge removed, an is sawed in half an th unsawed end is placed in his mouth. Then have him try to compose rues to a cherilayla on th cardboard. While th Boo attempts to write, play Crosby Stills Nash an Young`s “lets impeach th president”2006–Evie Sands` “take me for a little while”1964–th Coasters` “it aint sanitary”1950s–Bobby Goldsboro`s “workin on th muddy Mississippi line”1969–Clyde Mcphatter`s “deep sea ball”1958–John Zacherly`s “dinner with Drac”1950s–Tom Petty`s “learning to fly”1990s. This symbolizes that an unhearing ~ unsmelling ~ unseeing ~ bleeding infant stands a better chance of writing good Rock rues on oily cardboard, with an inkless broken pen held in th mouth, than any of th so-called “royal illuminated lords”, or their hangers-on would have. Clean him up an give him our gamma, a copy of this report, some nwo videos–web page referrals. Then while everyone touches th Boo th PHD says;

“Let us cher ~ oh Jaggebar, zimmeristic Rock Spinner of th quadroon, please have mercy on th Boo before us. All his life he has been like a black-eye bean plant tryin to grow among thorns. He`s too proud to be a parasitic vine, so he won`t climb up to absorb vital lite. As a result of this, his an other positive righteous seed types are vanishing from th watusi, while negative parasitic bad seed proliferates. In a fair system our Boo would be thriving, not just surviving, as would th vast majority of others. Cuz Rock to us is as vital to life as water, th clausnagerks have changed it into some loathsome screech, like chalk on a blackboard. As you know, those who don`t ride on th wings of song never reach Polyocrity or maximum potential. Jaggebar, we will be forever grateful you have shown us that music an happiness are intertwined with each other like oxygen an hydrogen, an that even th wealthiest society on th watusi will perish if Cherilaylic song is fettered, an ruinous song is artificially elevated to take its place.

Help him to cotton to he has been a slave since birth, an that someone else owns his mind. Help him to understand that th person who owns him imagines he`s not a slave himself, but in fact he is th ultimate dejected slave, an that unlike our Boo who stands a good chance of freeing himself, this princely slave has no chance to do likewise. Help him to see that unlike himself, th slave owner`s blood is hopelessly contaminated with th blood of tyrants an misanthropes, an that th moment he realizes this fact, is th moment he will burst out of his bubble, an fly with th carefree Bird of Bopperology. Forever remind us that Wampineers–Wampinettes, have been chasin illuminated milbows for millennia, while th clausnagerks have been runnin in circles chasin their own golden tail. Help us to unite an stay united like th gases an dust did which formed th nee an codys billions of years ago. Oh Jaggebar, Jukideous Rock Spinner, we ask that you deliver yer miraculous healing power to our Boo, an let him really see th hues of your milbow tonite, an until a billion capris pass overhead. Let th following Cherilaylas scramble his cerebral patterns, an drive out th negativeness that has been cramping his reet, an forestalling his advancement”. Polly.

“I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps
I don’t know why nobody told you how to unfold your love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you.

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning

Still my guitar gently weeps
I don’t know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don’t know how you were inverted
No one alerted you.

I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
Look at you all . . .
Still my guitar gently weeps”

{Harrison: double-tracked vocal, backing vocal, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ

McCartney: backing vocal, piano, organ, bass

Lennon: lead guitar

Starr: drums, tambourine

Eric Clapton: lead guitar

Rec.: 25th July, 16th August, 3rd/5th/6th September 1968}

Forever Young ~ 2002

may yer heart stay ~ forever young ~

may ya find time ta do ~ what`s never been done

may yer song turn th clock back ~ whenever its sung

may yer heart stay ~ forever young ~ forever young

may u always ~ think th kokos ~ are th eyes of Tweedledee

by a campfire ~ when th glimmers ~ shine thru th canopy

may yer step be ~ forever lite

may ya keep th solution ~ forever in site

may u tackle a puzzle ~ with all a yer might

may yer step be ~ forever lite ~ forever lite {put 15-18“ hottentottie here}

may you always ~ think th kokos ~ are th eyes of Tweedledee

by a campfire ~ when th glimmers ~ shine thru th canopy

may yer courage ~ forever grow

may yer ride on th cyclone ~ be fantastico

may th sages of history ~ keep u in th know

may yer courage ~ forever grow

may yer courage ~ forever grow

Then th Boo is given a maudy massage while Cherilaylic songs play, eg “Al Jolson`s “my gal sal”1920s–Abba`s “chiquitita”1979–Margaret Lewis` “from th cradle to th blues”1960–Tommy James an th Shondells` “I think we`re alone now”1967–Bobby Hendricks “cast yer vote” 1958. To end th bopperectomy play th Rockin Rebels “wild weekend”1960-63–Lary Williams “slow down”1957–Lonesome Drifter`s “teardrop valley”1958– John Zacherley`s “a wicked thought”1950s. Lastly the Boo is given some music.

As for you mi amigo Bo, its time ta let go of th beanstalk.

Turtle; haven`t ya noticed th koko-dusted stage inches from yer feet?

Chicken; yer here at th Kojanimo, Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland in th Doobywop Star Cluster.

Crow; {cawing as Bo lets out a loud whoosh as his psychotic bubble finally breaks} that`s our sapote flyin above yer head. Just plant yer feet an catch th beat.

Chicken; Th babe on yer right, Scarlayna, will stash yer backpack in her cabin if th babe on yer left, Sawdette, Crow or myself don`t snatch it first.

Crow; If yer hungry, take a walk an pick a free meal off th fruit an nut trees. No no Bo, th lodging–water–electric–internet–phone–transportation an most everything else is free too, no one is unsociable enough to give great value to money here.

Turtle; Doobywop`s National Coochie, th Jukiteers, featuring Digit an Yockomo on guy wires, Tarzan an Tipitina on vocals, Haynow on harp, Bumble on bull, Igneous {Iggy} an Zimmer on saxes, Harbo on bottles, an Waylon on th domino, has been waitin fer yer arrival an will begin playin at yer hand signal. l`ll catch up witcha later somewhere down th line in th glow a that Smokin’ Sovereign Steam Engine of Song. Take a tip, then we gonna jukit.

Jaggebar ~ 2003

We call th pioneering spinner ~ of th cosmos Jaggebar

he hung th spangely glimmers ~ on evre melancholy star

evre star ~ evre nee ~ evre lite ~ in th nite

Jaggebar ~ has tusi in his sack ~ totin it to a hole in th black

he`l make life pass away ~ on this cody someday

only he can say why ~ how can he justify ~ this master plan

this puzzlin blueprint for all life ~ for all thoughts ~ for all dreams ~ for all schemes

Jaggebar ~ when will our ojay see ~ there`s no time ta bicker angrily

will we join up with you ~ or sink down in th blue

will we stand by yer side ~ or become just a dried

piece of gravel ~ on some desolate asteroid

in th void ~ with no rhyme ~ lost in time

Jaggebar ~ when ya burn up th nee ~ tusi life ~ will end suddenly

then we`ll ~ forever be lost in time

then we`ll ~ forever be lost in time

Doobywop Star Cluster ~ 2005 ~ part two

Doobywop Star Cluster ~ th shelter where th Doobies

Roll around in a shatterproof bottle ~ staunchily grippin th throttle

of th wild sovereign steam engine of song ~ dit di dit di di di dit

mosa nee ~ mosa nee ~ mosa nee ~ mosa nee

lustily slow ~ dons a strawberry gown ~ dit di dit di di di dit

waitin for ~ waitin for ~ waitin for ~ waitin for

her favorite tune ~ when blue notes ~ float around

poppies at Doobywop ~ perspire all their perfume

then uproot ~ start wailin ~ when th lite Doobies go sailin

on th deep murmurin blue bayou of song ~ dit di dit di di di dit

mosa nee ~mosa nee ~ mosa nee ~ mosa nee

lustily slow ~ dons a strawberry gown ~ dit di dit di di di dit

waitin for ~ waitin for ~ waitin for ~ waitin for

her favorite tune ~ when blue notes ~ float around

shine on ~ Doobywop Stars above

Doobywop days of glee ~ ahead for you an me

Blushes th Wizardly Fairy ~ 2003

Blushes th wizardly Fairy had a cave ~ concealed in a gully in th weeds

th weenybopper Bloomer ~ would ask him things

as he helped him ta gather ~ orchid seeds

they both agreed it gave ~ much more pleasure

ta give than it did ~ ta receive

but if that were true ~ why did most folks

walk around with their head ~ down an grieve?

then Blushes said he could ~ unchain th whole jack

his method th fastest an th best

give evreone an old ~ rockin forty-five ~ th power of th rhythm does th rest

then he turned ~ some orchid seed ~ ta records an threw em away

in th wind ~ defiant wind ~ but th wind blew `em down again

Blushes looked defeated when Bloomer cried “I`m leavin ~

I`m positive I`ll be th one ~ ta make those forty-fives stay up in th air

an land in th hands of evreone” ~ Bloomer became th leader of a country but learned

his goal was far outta reach ~ ya should a seen th look on Blushes face ~

when he said would ya help me give a speech ~

then they said they could ~ unchain th whole jack ~

their method th fastest an th best ~ give evreone an old ~ rockin forty-five

th power of th rhythm does th rest ~ then they turned ~ some orchid seed

ta records an threw em away ~ in th wind ~ defiant wind

they levitated ~ an navigated ~ let th good time begin


About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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