Chapter 6 of 7 – why women were given th right to vote-world`s first doctor–proposed new laws–Rock and Roll conspiracy deaths–serial killers-why big brother killed John Lennon-th many ways Rock was sabotaged-Why heroin is illegal

OPEN LETTER to secret agents/spooks/mercenaries and all others who want to be a part of the CONSTIPATION instead of the LIBERATION;

Get on the “politically incorrect” side before your rusted tin cannish slavemaster`s permanently short out your circuits, destroying you and themselves in the process. Thanks to the organizations you work for, grimatoniacal cacophony has displaced the laid-back downhomey rhythms of the past degenerating your musical DNA as a result.

YOU are the only reason why they were able to do this without the people noticing. YOU are the reason why lovers in public places are scared to kiss or even hold hands. YOU are the reason why mothers feel obligated to put bras and panties on 3 year old girls so they wont be labeled as “outcasts” of society and face having the state haul their kids away, and the reason why seeing a 75 year old bare-chested man inside a modern shopping mall is as rare as having a hummingbird fly up your nose as you sleep in cell block # nine. YOU are the reason why girls get pregnant at a very young age because parents were embarrassed to tell them about sex from day one. YOU are the reason why shaman through the millennia were able to hoodwink the people into thinking that meatarianism was vital for survival which gradually turned us into grim-faced muted indifferent pessimistic frail animals unable to even outrun ill-designed 2 legged animals that hop. YOU are the reason why popes, clergymen and kings were able to convince the people through the millennia that they did`nt have to work to pay extortion mun disguised as income and other taxes like the people had to do, cuz they were too occupied “saving”your soul from the fires of hell. Congratulations, YOU did all this by covertly infiltrating freedom fighter groups and then making sure they became neutralized.

Today if someone forms a hermit crab club or the like, a spook like yourself will be sent to join it and report any “suspicious” activity. For those of you who dont feel remorse for this ~ take a tip ~ in the end you will lose. Why? More and more of us will clear our heads of pharmaceutical toxins and play the same spook game you play. You will eventually be outnumbered 10 million to one. Are you THAT naive to imagine that at this moment there are`nt FBI or CIA freedom fighters who have joined your organizations for the sole purpose of gathering incriminating evidence to be used in court against the lawbreakers at the top so as to awaken the people?

Look at it this way, why not get on the winning side by covertly working against your crime bosses and let them PAY YOU for doing it? You would`nt have to change your personality one bit while pretending to be the same loyal agent you`ve always been. Of course they will set traps for you to test you out, but then you`re risking this for your kids are`nt you? After you`re dead and gone, will your kids ignore your foto in the attic box or bring it down and proudly hang it on the livingroom wall? Of course you could continue to hoodwink your kids and yourself, and if you`re a good enough actor, or if you`ve buried your psychotic ply layers so deep in your head that no mortal could ever find them, including yourself, you could even go in the grave a smiling loser and STILL have your kids proudly hang your picture on the wall.

At some point though, it may hit you, maybe on your death bed, that you`ve spent your life as a “PPP”, or pusillanimous poltroonish prisoner, needlessly decomposing in an imagined state of smiling bliss inside the prison you had constructed yourself. Finally it may sink in that you`ve squandered your life feeding fat superfluous appendages anchored to your back, and spinning in circles chasing your golden tail with beads and baubles attached. Then you will f-r-o-w-n….big time. But dont fret, the same doctor who has shortened your life by dozens of years will inject some wonderful calming serum into your veins and then carefully study your face waiting for that smile to return again so he can move on to the next terminally ill patient.

But rejoice, you`ll be pleased to know there is one scenario worse than this; if you`re a CHILDLESS PPP on your last day. As an impressionable pimply teenager in school you had mistakenly said to yourself “I love kids too much to bring even one into this tortured world”, never for one second realizing that you were saying what the slavemasters had subliminally programmed you to think; that self-punishment and suicide was hep ensuring that the seed of the people who cared a bit about their fellow man became lost in the sands of time, and that their own churchillian wimpified seed would rapidly multiply unhindered bringing more and more noisy chaos and war on Earth, until only ONE plump alligator was left in the pond. It would then die of starvation. Then to make matters worse, the last people you will ever see may not even pat your arm, or allow you to pet your beloved pet cat one last time as you prayed they would. But even THEN you forgive them and say “they`re just following institution rules” , as your senses dissipate into nothingness.

Airport security needs to be tightened up in the departing and arrival sections if we are to maintain our prosperous carefree society free from terrorism. At departing immigration checkpoints, just having to remove your hat belt shoes ~ empty your pockets placing the contents on a tray ~ being prevented from carrying on board small perilous steel objects such as back-scratchers, pens, scissors, certain electrical items such as voltage converters, and having full body scans which reveal the naked body, just is`nt satisfactory by a long shot. In addition to all these minor dramas why not go the full monty and examine the interior of the body as well? Wait, before you whine, do you know how many dope seeds can be concealed inside the body? One can obtain one pound of top grade dried bud from one pot plant, enough to permanently hook one child under the age of 28 over the course of a year or two. So if we search and find only one seed hidden by a passenger, this might prevent ONE CHILD from living a miserable life of drug abuse and self-destruction. Is`nt THAT worth the minor drama of being examined by medical authorities for an hour before boarding? So what`s the big deal of having to arrive 3 hours, instead of 2 hours before departure? Avoid disgruntlement and accept the fact that when all is said an done, we are only trying to prevent people from hurting themselves and others.

The small $199 examination fee would be offset by providing your favorite beverages and pastries aboard free, being entered into a raffle with a chance to win an expense paid first class airline trip to Disneyland, AND being permitted access to VIP lounges for a full 2 months!

The examination includes:

1. Having a dentist check your teeth to be sure there is nothing hidden inbetween the cracks. If you are over 70 years old, toothpaste tubes must be cut open to examine the contents.

2. Having a podiatrist check your toenails.

3. Having a regular GP check your fingernails (podiatrists are not permitted to touch fingernails).

4. Having an eye ear and nose specialist check these.

5. Having a dermatologist examine bodily scars for possible implanted drugs.

6. Having a chemist examine your nutritional supplements.

7. Having an electrical engineer disassemble your electrical appliances for possible hidden chambers.

8. Having a mint master examine your paper mun for possible counterfeit bills.

9. Having a numismatist examine your coins.

10. Having a qualified licensed bonded mechanic examine your car for hidden pockets if its parked in the long-term parking area.

11. Having a forensic lab examine your fingerprints.

12. Having an internalist check to see if your stomach is strong enough to withstand repeated strains against the seat belt during a big storm.

13. Having a registered nurse give a urine and blood test.

14. Having a psychologist question you to see if you have any severe signs of aerophobia. If yes you cannot fly, this protects your fellow passengers who may become annoyed on the flight by you filling up and spilling the contents of your barf bag on them.

15. Having to provide a police report. If you`ve ever been questioned because police believed you committed a “thought crime” during the last 25 years, you`ll be on the “no fly” list.

16. Having to provide vaccination proof for smallpox/cholera/bilharzia/influenza/diphtheria/hepatitis/TB/measles/typhus/polio/encephalitis.

17. Having baggage officials cut open your perfume/pill containers if you are over 83 years old dressed normally sitting in a wheelchair or walking with a cane. We dont subject University students or hippies to this because they`ve been so well-behaved and unprotesting these past years that they deserve a reward for being so pusillanimous, err…. i mean magnamimous.

18. Having to fill out a form which asks “have you ever had the urge to, or have you ever thrown a spitball at a chick school teacher, or pasted chewing gum on her seat? If yes, you`ll have to go to checkpoint Z, stand spread-eagled with your hands high up in the air and face ZELDA, our most eldest crankiest nastiest lardaceous foul-mouthed feminist. She will take an unwashed rag she had retrieved from the trash in a ghetto fish factory, tie it around your neck, and pull your head down so you can kiss her reeking tootsies. Another question is “have you ever had the urge to say “I think our president is as unrighteous as a barbie doll head floating in a recovery pool fronting a nuclear power plant”? If your answer is NO, then you will NOT be permitted aboard, we dont take kindly to leg-pullers here.

19. Having to hear a customs official grimly say to you “we found opium in your luggage, stand over here facing us, place both hands on the table and dont turn your back”. We then photograph your facial expressions. The foto is then given to a lie detector specialist for careful examination. This is done for one reason, if your body language says you`re overly nervous about something, we go over your baggage HA HA HA with a fine tooth comb and then HA HA HA exray your clothes for additional fun, err….I mean safety.

20. Having a colon and rectal surgeon examine your rectum with a proctoscope. In rare cases a colonoscopy may be mandatory if a polyp is detected, especially under the brilliant new charitable Obama health plan. It would`nt be fair to the person otherwise.

But dont come unglued, the most serious complication generally is a tear or hole in the lining of the colon called a gastrointestinal perforation which is life-threatening and requires immediate major surgery for repair; however, the rate of perforation is less than 1 in 2000 colonoscopies. Because they occur only rarely, never mind the possible cardiopulmonary complications, splenic rupture, heart attack, stroke, acute renal failure or intracolonic explosion.

Whats that you say? An organic fruit diet for a few days would accomplish the same? Well, in this country we have free choice guaranteed under the law, you can simply choose not to travel. We would prefer that you travelled and exercised your privileges, but if you choose to stay here in the land of the brave, we`ll also salute that too because by nature we`re parasitologists, err…. I mean philanthropists. We need your tax mun, err… I mean your respect more than anything else.

New laws governing husband and wife relations on their property to be enacted.

Home Surveillance audio devices would record all husband an wife conversations to ensure that men who antagonized their wives were treated as misfits subject to punishment and rehabilitation or military conscription. This is necessary if our Christianized Carefree Society is to remain pro-feministic err… I mean libertarianistic. Why would any righteous husband object to this if he has NOTHING TO HIDE? After all, men who had NOTHING TO HIDE gratefully accepted our Patriot Act which allowed us to monitor the netsites they visit and their email/telephone/exterior property and to stop/search them at any time at all to ask them for identity papers, even when they`re casually walking down the street.

These same proud chivalrous protective gritty family men IN THE KNOW are the main reason we are able to function as society`s primary pestilence err… I mean sustenance. Some of you may wonder why we sponsor women`s lib with such gusto. Its all about teaching men how to turn the other cheek and be effeminate err… I mean considerate to the weaker sex. Who wants machoistic men around when one is trying to pass laws designed to disarrange err… I mean rearrange the public`s beliefs?

1. The following ruinous old-world words that produce excessive stress in women would be changed:

German = changed to Gerperson

Herman = to Herperson

fireman = to fireperson

he = he or she (thankfully many authors IN THE KNOW are already writing this)

sandman = to sandperson

Frenchman = to Frenchperson

apeman = apeperson

workman = workperson

titman = titperson

Penalty for men caught on tape saying the old words;

1st time = $1699.99 fine or 6 months in the can

2nd time = $7399.99 fine or 2 years in the can

3rd time = forced to wear a rusty ring on their uvula via surgery

4th time = uvula surgically removed (did`nt u know that these can cause health problems in later life and should be removed anyway the same as your appendix/tonsils/wisdom teeth/gall bladder/uterus?)

Now women usually clean the home toilets so its only fair that men should ask permission to use it. If in the home he must say “may I use the toilet Your Highness”? We must maintain respect for “Mother Earth” as well so if in the bush he must dig a foot deep hole for urination and get on Her wave length first by uttering this oath;

“Oh great Mother of us all, I apologize for wanting to pee pee ~ on your Blessed landscape

I`m sorry for having a body that resembles a ~ vegetarian black ape

But you`ll be pleased to learn I`m a Penancing Christianized Carnivore,

So when my pee caresses your bod ~ you`ll stay sanctified for sure”

If caught mis-quoting the oath or saying something smart-alecky like

“Oh Great Mother, I gotta pee in a roarin` hurry ~ like a fat grungy vegetarian warthog,

so I aint diggin a hole dear sugar Mama ~ I aint gonna be yer sanctified bloody dog”,

the penalties would be:

1st time = he must wear a dunce cap and say 550 times nonstop “I am woman hear me ROAR, in numbers too big to ignore”

2nd time = must say it 2100 times with his fingers squeezing his nose

3rd time = If he`s a citizen he faces incarceration, is put on the “no fly list”, his passport/driver`s license is taken, an his boss informed. Presto, military enlistment seems a much more lucrative option eh? Why do you think we pass a new choking anti-tradesperson law every week like in Oz? This is one reason why we sponsor a porous border with Mexico and why we run flashy ads on the internet enticing foreigners to come to America by saying something like “be amazed how easy it is to get your green card”.

We drove industry overseas by enacting an ultra-high tax rate. This created a high unemployment rate and plenty of poor folks desperate for a new “military adventure”. Our harsh drug laws are also quite handy to keep enlistment up; its tough for released prisoners to find a decent job because employers offering lucrative ones won`t hire them. This is how we keep our 737 overseas bases manned and open.

So REJOICE, humanity is being controlled and enslaved err… I mean saved by this vast network of foreign US military bases.

What about sheep pastures, would`nt installing surveillance cameras there catch farmers who stare a bit too long at them? You know what they say about sheep farmers don`t you?

How long will it be until they can convince th slaves that a barechested man walking in a back yard that he imagines he owns, is an “exhibitionistic pedophile” who should be arrested for corrupting th morals of th youth in th neighborhood? To give some idea of how effective th cursota`s jackwide shampooing anti-chalk program is, maybe one in 100,000 ?? “advanced society” women would not call th police if her next door neighbor mowed th grass without pants on. If he did, guess what story would be seen splashed on th front page of th town`s newspaper th next day. Then major newspapers from around th jack would pick up on th story, an list it under their “bizarre” news column. Before th cursota came along, nude ojay were called exemplary, not “exhibitionists”.

Cursota introduced symbolism is causing this attitude change. Look at linemen–highway workers–tradesmen wearing special colored clothing–uniforms–helmets–boots on a hot day, just like miltary personnel. Having to wear these rags causes more, not less accidents. Look at th time wasters disguised as sports players wearing shoulder pads, like beasts of burden wearing saddles. Why do they wear these clothes which identifies them as being subservient uncomplaining slaves? For th same reason some primitive ojay of today must wear a bone thru their nose or must be scarred etc to be accepted into society or be granted chalk. Our so-called “advanced” society scorns–feels sorry for these naked primitives an never cottons to that they themself are th ultimate fully-clothed tontos. Excuse me a minute Bo, while I investigate another odd commotion on th beanstalk. Hang loose I`ll be right back.

Turtle; whats up amigo? {suddenly Turkey, an old friend, lands on a beanstalk branch out of breath an in a hoo. He is so excited he can barely talk. Crow–Chicken–Turtle begin ta cry when Turkey says that their old wild Bull pal has been shot with a tranquilizer gun an captured, an is locked in a fenced stockyard where soon he will be transported to be tortured an then slain to liven up th festivities at a religious ceremony. Turtle screams to Chicken an Crow, “well what are we waitin for, lets go down an see what we can do to free him”!}

Chicken; {to Turtle} climb aboard lets go!

Crow; I`ll fly ahead an find a safe route to travel, just follow me! {Crow cunningly keeps th quartet safely out of range from th hunter`s shotguns, as its hunting season, but even with her keen eagle-like eyesite, she fails to see one, an is hit by a pellet an tumbles down hittin th ground not far from th hunter. Chicken an Turkey land near her in a frantic effort to save her, but are immediately fired at, so regrettably they had to leave her there or else be shot themselves. Dodging even more shots, somehow they reach th stockyard an land on Bull`s back}.

Chicken; {weepin with Turtle an Turkey} Bull, they shot Crow! Are…are ya all right?

Bull; {in a rage, snortin an clawin th ground with his powerful hoofs an perilous sharp horns 7 feet wide from tip to tip} when I bust this fence to pieces, lead me to her. I`ll handle this my way. Shotguns don`t scare me.

Turkey; but yer already half-dead, bleeding an battered from tryin to knock down that fence!

Turtle; {covered in blood from Bull`s wounds} wait I have a plan!

Bull; wait for what! {Bull shakes them off, an in a raging fury charges th gate kickin up a great cloud of dust. A blast louder than a derailed train crashing thru granite boulders, is heard when he slams into th gate. It cracks an bends but does`nt quite open. It was made from reinforced steel an ironwood. Bull is knocked out layin in a pool of blood}.

Chicken; {smotherin th blood flow from Bull`s head with her wings} a tractor`s coming!

Turtle; {to Turkey} Quick fly me to th gate!

Turkey: Climb aboard! {while perched atop Turkey, Turtle begins cutting with his razor-sharp teeth th last few strands of wood holdin th gate closed. He succeeds, but th tractor has almost arrived an th violent curses of th rancher can be heard. Suddenly a 12 gauge shot rings out, an th sound of it awaken`s Bull. Just as th tractor is almost within mortal shotgun range, he pushes th gate open an tells Chicken an Turkey to fly in th direction where Crow was shot down an follows them, knockin down trees th thickness of fat pythons as if they were twigs. Runnin til he can run no more, he shrewdly takes refuge in an impenetrable thicket of Rocks an thorny mimosa. His bumbles–woogies in arms arrive soon after, an using their bodies, fail in a valiant attempt to stem th pouring flow of blood from Bull`s torn chest. Bull cannot be saved! Wait! a feral Sheep nearby has heard th commotion an in a flash throws herself on th wound easily stoppin th blood flow with her thick wool coat.

Nite has fallen, an as they catnip, a welcoming warm fog covers them in their secluded retreat, far away from artificial sounds. Unknown to th platoon, a reclusive wild Goose has been watchin them all nite long acting as their guard perched in a tree above them, an begins to teeralee as dawn breaks. All they hear is his familiar soothing song as they awaken.

Goose; Jimenez have I got news for yu`all! I was right there too when they shot Crow, but Chicken an Turtle did`nt see me. Why is Bull`s entire maudy covered with blood? Is he all right?

Turtle; {turtle can barely talk, his teeth are still bloody from cuttin th gate}I`m not sure.

Sheep; ssssh, he`s still very weak

Bull; {suddenly standin, snortin an shakin off th dew an dried blood, his massive horns glistenin in th neebeams filterin thru th pines} Where`s Crow?

Goose; {Turkey an Chicken land on Bull an lay their wings over Bull`s wounds assisting Sheep}. Well, when I heard th shots an saw Crow fall, I flew to a nearby tree an watched in horror as th hunters combed th area where Crow went down. She could`nt run fast with a broken wing. After Chicken an Turtle had tried ta save her an left, I figured he was out of ammo, an flew down an knocked his hat off when he started kickin her, but he just cursed at me an began blasting away again with his shotgun, a pellet ripped off a few wing feathers so I had to leave. They all left in a rush with her still alive in their truck. I followed them an saw them throw lighted matches at her an take her inside th church in town.

Bull; {he tries to take a step but falls back down on th ground, his legs quivering}. Its hard to b–b–believe a real christian would do this.

Goose; they`re not.They mascarade as good christians at th Bluesday morning services, but when night falls they become animal-sacrificing masonic satanists who have illuminati symbols in th architecture, as I found out when I peeked thru a stained-glass window. Its a Jekyll an Hyde thing. As I watched in horror, they sacrificed a Pig on an altar an drank its blood from little golden cups. I heard them say that Crow would be th next sacrifice tonight.

Turtle; {smirking crazily} its time to swing into action, eh Bull?

Chicken; Are ya mad? Bull can`t even stand up. I`ll go alone to this stained-glass crazy-house, tear it to pieces an free Crow!

Turkey; not on yer life. Turtle can ride on my back. Stay here an help Sheep nurse Bull`s wounds. C`mon Goose, show us th church! {with that, th duo become airbourne an begin followin Goose. It is almost dark when they arrive. In th woods near th church they encounter a massive forlorn enraged yockomo Pig tearin apart a woodpile}.

Pig; {recognizin his old friends he begins to talk as tears flow freely down his face} They crucified my chickasaw in that horror house, an I`ll get even nomatter what!

Goose; ok then, help us free Crow, there`s a door in th back we can enter. After we free Crow, we can come back later an help ya get some revenge {th quartet enter thru th open door an encounter another door at th end of a long hall, but its locked. When they reach th door a loud bang is heard. In a mad twist of fate, a gust of jukelo has suddenly blown th exterior door closed. They are trapped in th hallway!

Turkey; {to Pig} Ram th door, Ram th door! {as Pig repeatedly rams th exit door, th noise is deafening, but th door is made of reinforced steel, an although it was severely damaged, somehow it stayed closed. Hearing th racket, th illuminists inside opened th interior door an could`nt believe their good fortune. At th altar sacrifice tonite, there will be a platoon of animals to choose from, they pervertly mutter! Then they placed a large steel pen with its door open by th interior hall door, an then quickly opened th exterior door driving a 1000cc motorcycle thru it, hopin ta frighten them into th cage at th other end of th hall.

Turkey; {shoutin} don`t fall for it! charge th motorcycle! With Turtle on his back, he deftly flies overtop th driver knocking his hat off, followed by Goose who pecks his eyes, but th macho trio find themselves caught in a net that was quickly dropped on them as they flew out. Pig has seen enough of this, in fact much more than enough, an his eyes darken with rage. He charges th tormenting steel beast, slashing it with his enormous razor-sharp tusks, rippin gaping holes in th gas tank, puncturin both tires, tearin off th drive chain, bendin th spokes as if they were straws, gashin th exhaust pipe, crunching th battery which began sparkin madly, an knockin th driver to th floor. Luckily for th driver, a raging gas inferno has started, caused when th spilled gas contacted th sparkin battery wires, diverting Pig from his task, an th driver hastily leaps out th exterior door an closes it, leaving Pig trapped inside. Pig continues to rake th already wrecked cycle, bustin its headlite an then proudly jibbittin th glass fragments. As expected, in a few seconds, he is overwhelmed by th smoke an heat, an cannot see where he`s goin, an inadvertently runs inside th cage. They slam th door behind him. “He will be sacrificed first”, th fat illuminati kingpin angrily says, poking him with a pointed rod thru th thick steel bars, as Turtle, Turkey, Crow an Goose try to shield him.

Sheep; {Chicken an Sheep are overjoyed that they have finally stopped Bull`s blood flow, an th 3 of them gently nuzzle against each other} Bull, what would we ever do without ya?

Chicken; we may have stopped th blood flow, but I`m not sure if Bull can stand up.

Bull; {he stands up an th watusi stands still for a moment as he flexes his behemoth muscles, an begins to sharpen his horns on an ironwood tree} does this answer yer question?

Chicken; its almost dark, lets go an check out our pals at th church.

Bull; follow me! {with Chicken on Sheep`s back they race thru th underbrush to th church arriving in minutes. They are puzzled by th still smoldering wrecked motorcycle by th back door, an creep up closer. A few Turkey an Goose feathers are seen, an they smell Pig`s sweat an blood.

Sheep; Look out they`ve found us! C`mon lets make a run for it! {unknown to them, a security guard hiding in back of a tree has seen them an alerted th others. Sheep starts to run away with Chicken on her back but then stops.

Bull; No way, I`m standin my ground {he is so aggravated he cannot sense th perilous danger he is in. Crazily he snorts, waves his massive horns, an claws th ground as a dozen 4-wheel drive vehicles of all types, an even a D-5 bulldozer surround him}.

Chicken; make a run for it now, don`t be crazy!

Bull; {roaring to Sheep an Chicken} get out of here now an thats an order!

Sheep; we can`t just leave him there alone, eh Chicken?

Chicken; we`ve been down too many roads together, eh Sheep? {in a valiant effort to return to help Bull, Chicken leaps off Sheep flyin overtop th vehicles, spies one of the guards wearing a Coonskin cap, an swoops down knockin it off his head.

However, in this low position, she was too vulnerable, an as she attempts to fly back up, another guard catches her in a net, an puts her inside th cab of th bulldozer}.

Sheep; I`ve seen enough of this {she charges th bulldozer, leaps up on th track roller an bangs up against the cab door. But as she does this, lassos are thrown around her, an it takes 6 men to put her in th cab with Chicken.

Bull; hey, its becomin a real suarey ain`t it? {Bull appears to be strangely mesmerized by th capture of Chicken an Sheep, an just stands there as a dozen lassos are thrown at him. He even helps them attach them to his dinosaurian maudy. Then one of th illuminati throws a stone that smacks him on th nose. Everyone is howling with laughter.

Bull; pardon me mr. stone thrower, you must be Bob Feller, may I please have yer autograph? {with that an a deafening roar he charges th thrower, breakin th lassos as if they were made of tin foil, an hooks one horn under th guy`s jeep an says “ah, life`s little pleasures”, an flips it over crushin th guy. He hastily develops a crazy plan. He will lift th dozer on its side, bust th windows an free Chicken an Sheep. He races to th dozer, an again hooks one horn under its frame an lifts. It does`nt move much. He then puts both horns under th dozer an lifts it half way up. Success! but as he lifts it up he has a horrible thought; what if he flips it over too far an it crushes his pals inside? So he lets it back down an attempts to leap up on th track, but by this time they have thrown stronger lassos on him, an he can`t quite do it. As th vehicles surround him, an a bullet nips his side, he finally senses th hopelessness of freein his pals, an with a forlorn look, overturns another jeep to clear an exitway, an gallops off as bullets kick up th dust all around him. He cunningly leads th vehicles thru a swamp, an even th jeeps get bogged up to th axle.

A special swamp dozer will have to be hired to pull them out. He carefully weeds his way thru th mangroves, an after many miles, finally takes refuge in a big patch of clover, too exhausted to take another step}.

Turtle; {to pig, inside th pen} I`ll always remember what you tried to do to save us all.

Crow; {embracing Pig with her one good wing. Her other broken wing has almost healed, but she still can`t fly}. I second that emotion. I know everyone here feels th same.

Chicken; someday we`ll all be together {Turkey, Sheep, an Goose nod in approval, an they all roll up in a ball together doing their best to keep their tears hidden from Pig. Th illuminati prepare for Pig`s sacrifice. Bizarre black hooded executioner masks are being donned, an religious incantations, dating back from many centuries ago, are recited. Rhythmless guanoza plays. Th platoon in th pen are thinkin to themself, moments before they are to be sacrificed, what type of strange ojay is this, who follow a ritual that achieves nothing, an has no purpose, ryme or reason?

Th recitations end an a chilling hush falls over th chamber. Pig is calm, proud an unshaken as he is led to th altar. A knife is being sharpened for th throat cut. He picks it up from a table studded with pearls. An ivory grandyockomo clock depicting a child having his throat cut, will sound th death lament when th new hour starts in a few seconds. Th executioner forces Pig`s neck up an brings th knife up against th warm soft flesh. Th sound of a galloping Horse outside detracts his attention for a moment, an he turns around an instructs th guards to get th horse out of th yard. Th eerie galloping sound gets louder an louder. Th crackling sound of broken tree branches is heard. Wait, “were those branches or a fence being smashed, they ponder? What idiot would run his Horse thru a fence”? Turtle, recognizing a familiar sound an suppressing his joy, whispers to th others, “take a wild guess who that is”, just as 2640 pounds of sweaty atomic energy crashes thru th fortified mahogany door.

Th grandyockomo clock is pulverized just as th hour sounds, terrifying screams are heard as black hoods turn to red rags, blood is splattered on th wall, a wood carving depicting a pyramid with an eye at th top is shredded, guts are strewn on fallen golden chandeliers, ivory tables are cracked an overturned, ancient paintings depicting moloch an other gods are raked off th walls, birdcages containing Parakeets are broken allowing th birds to fly outside, a display cabinet featuring shrunken heads is toppled, symbolistic silver snake idols are trampled, ancient rare babylonian urns are broken, lit ceremonial candles are crumpled an th flames catch th place on fire, a library full of shampooing pro-meatarichumpistodianistic demoniac possession books from centuries past is demolished an begins to smolder, th altar is crushed layin in bits. Bull is so enraged an fixated on his endeavour, he does`nt even care about his bleeding wounds, an is not even hungry though he has`nt jibbitted for days.

Crow begins screamin, Bull ~ Pig look out! look up look up! Pig looks up an sees th executioner preparing to shoot Bull, an when he raises his gun to shoot, he knocks him down, an just as he rips open his obese abdomen exposing writhing yellow worms, 3 other guards leap on him with machetes. In less than 10 seconds, all 3 of them are left in a bloody mess.

It is Pig`s turn now to become th next interior decorator, an he notices an ornamentation that Bull has overlooked; a golden statue of mephistopheles. He is not content to merely shatter it. He devours a few fragments as well. He an Bull do th Piltdown Men`s “Brontasaurus Stomp” a few more times around th chamber with their tails swingin high, leapin an clickin their heels together in unison when th platoon yells “click! click!”

Piltdown Men “brontasaurus stomp”

Bull an Pig pick up th cage before th developing inferno gets too smoky, wedge it against th wall an bend th bars. Th platoon races outside an watches as th place collapses in a heap. After they depart for parts unknown, with Crow atop Bull`s back, a Roach appears from under a rock an says to a Cricket “spread th word, they`ll be a swingin suarey tonite”.

Sheep; I know a place where we`ll never be found {she leads Bull an th platoon to her favorite secluded hideaway deep in a forested thicket where they can all recover. After a few days, Crow, whose wing has healed, along with Chicken an Turtle bid their fond ramas to Turkey, Sheep, Goose, Pig, th Parakeets an Bull, an prepare to depart back to th beanstalk to continue their voyage to Kojanimo, Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, Doobywop Star Cluster. As they wave rama an become airbourne, they giggle as th Parakeets an a Redbird chase a Guinea Hen in circles atop Bull`s back, an hear an Owl teeralee 3 times, shattering th stillness of th impeccably young, warm summer night.

Picture th very first religious psycho, “jesus”, in th tribe of Man before written history trying to con everyone to wear clothes cuz “god” wants them to. Jesus faces a major hurdle cuz they were all living near or in th tropics, th warm climate that nature had selected for them as th healthiest place to live after a million or so years of experimentation. Full maudy clothing is detrimental to health in th tropics an everyone knew it. What could he do? Ah c, said he, just convince them to travel to a cold climate where th “fountain of youth”, god`s kingdom, gold an th like could be found, an they would voluntarily don animal skins to stay warm. This would achieve his purpose of introducing–reinforcing god`s “shame to be nude” creed to his tribe which would increase his “god has spoken to me” influence over th tribe, an further cement th idea that hunting animals was necessary for survival to boot. Jesus will benefit even more cuz clothing prevents th nee`s vitamin D from being utilized which in turn causes nine yards of diseases that harvard–mayo clinic–rockefeller institute doctors say are caused by “bugs flying around in th air”. In such a cold climate, plenty of sick ojay will be standing in line bearing gifts for jesus seeking his advice–to save their reets–conquer their illness.

Literally leading medicine “out of dark ages” is the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D. Long mischaracterized as a vitamin that can be toxic if taken in amounts that exceed what is found in common multivitamins, and mistakenly said that vitamin D must be chemically altered to produce a man-made molecular version that does not induce over-calcification, most physicians, pharmacists and dieticians have been incorrectly trained to warn the public away from higher doses of vitamin D. Most multivitamins provide no more than 400 IU (international units – a trivial 10 micrograms, or 1/100th of one milligram) of vitamin D, and the National Academy of Sciences says 2000 IU (50 micrograms) is the safe upper limit, with toxicity beginning around 10,000 IU (250 micrograms).
But Reinhold Vieth PhD, researcher at the University of Toronto, notes that blood levels don’t even measurably rise till 4000 IU (100 micrograms) is consumed and toxicity begins at 40,000 IU (1000 micrograms or 1 milligram) only after many weeks of use.
To demonstrate just how ridiculous the warnings of vitamin D overdose have been, a person standing in the summer sun for an hour at noontime in a Southern latitude (Arizona, Florida) in swim trunks would naturally produce about 10,000 IU (250 micrograms) of vitamin D through skin exposure. Sun poisoning from vitamin D overdose has never been reported. [Am J Clinical Nutrition 73 (2): 288-94, Feb 2001; Am J Clinical Nutrition 69(5): 842-56, May 1999]
Researchers recently stated that the Food & Nutrition Board’s 2000 IU (50 microgram) upper safe limit is not based on current evidence and that the absence of any toxicity in healthy adults at 10,000 IU (250 micrograms) should be supported as the completely safe upper daily limit [American Journal Clinical Nutrition 85: 6-18, Jan. 2007].

Cutting cancer rates by 30-50%, heart disease by up to 70%, may be too much of a shock now that health care is an industry that relies upon volumes of patients to treat. Prevention is anathema. Medical centers depend upon large numbers of patients to treat to pay off mortgages for building projects. Medical device and drug companies must churn high numbers not only to remain profitable, but to prop up their stock prices on Wall Street. One wonders whether modern medicine will ever let this vitamin D revolution happen? It appears health authorities have misdirected the public. So far, there has been no response from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) regarding this breakthrough. No press conferences like the NIH typically conducts for breakthrough drugs. The reports of vitamin D’s health benefits are coming from independent researchers rather than public health authorities, who are dragging their feet on this surprising development. Fifteen minutes of sun exposure to 40-percent of the body is suggested daily for fair-skinned individuals, and more time for dark-skinned ojay. Virtually all of northern Europe is either deficient or undernourished, and in sunny middle-eastern countries, vitamin D deficiency is rampant because of clothing that covers most of the skin. [Journal Steroid Biochemistry Molecular Biology Feb. 5, 2007]
Humans have been made phobic about sunlight exposure, fearful of skin cancer and the deadly malignant melanoma. But it is interesting to note that mortality rates for melanoma rose steeply after sunscreens came into common use, not before. Sunscreen lotion blocks the vitamin D-producing UV-B rays, while allowing the deeper-penetrating, cancer-causing UV-A rays to burn the skin” {Bill Sardi via}.

Now this may help to explain one reason why th biblical jacob said that Jerusalem, with its too cold–dry climate unsuitable for tropical fruit growing, was “none other than th gate to heaven an th house of god”. His doctoring services would be sorely needed in such a climate that was far different from th hot–milly one we had evolved from; such a society would remain perpetually ill, eg from a lack of vitamin C. In ancient times, th preacher often performed as a doctor as well.

In olden days ojay believed that all disease was caused by gods who for one reason or another made ojay sick. Even in th 1950`s some guys still believed that a mojo could make a woman spooh them an vice versa. Th wearing of clothing may be one reason we don`t have alot of hair like th other primates, an for sure we are far weaker pound for pound than say th male orangutan who is said to have at least quadruple th strength of an average man.

A chimp is believed to have 5 times th upper maudy strength of th average man. Unlike us, other primates, if they are truly wild, can heal their wounds without using anything found in a pharmacy, by licking them. Unlike us, many wild animals can see very well in both th dark as well as th light. Unlike us, most or all animals don`t murder their own species for no good reason. Unlike us, animals haven`t been convinced that nudity or open chalk regardless of age is a “perversion”. Unlike us, many animals can be tossed into deep water for th first time in their lives an swim immediately. Unlike us, most animals can usually survive in th bush even during a drought. Unlike us, animals can walk in th mil without suffering dire consequences. Unlike us, animals don`t get sick if they jibbitt dusty okey with their unwashed fingers. Unlike us, animals can run over rocks thru a jungle of thorns without getting a scratch. Unlike us, other primates can easily climb trees an virtually never fall. Unlike us, animals usually have strong teeth though they don`t brush with toothpaste.

Unlike us, animals don`t suicide; they are not eunuchinized–tormented by pathologicasystapistamistic members of their own species who have made a specialty of this since time immemorial. Unlike us, animals found in th wild are never morbidly overweight. Unlike us, wild mammal yockomosas usually don`t require th help of a doctor–midwife to help them deliver their baby. Unlike us, wild animals don`t need vitamin pills to maintain robust health. Unlike us, animals don`t need Ricky Hatton to teach them how to defend themselves. Unlike us, animals don`t need a chalkitot or ann landers to tell them how to make spooh, nor artificial perfume to attract th opposite gender. Without using perfume, some animals can smell th opposite chalk from 5 miles away, eg male luna moths. Unlike us animals don`t jibbitt okey their system wasn`t designed by nature to digest, therefore they don`t suffer from chronic piles–binding conditions. Unlike us, other vegetarian animals aren`t grumpy walkin around with chips on their shoulders; we are metamorphosizing from playful creatures into grim unplayful animals, exactly like most strict carnivores. Unlike us, animals don`t have to squint their eyes–wear neeglasses to see better when exposed to strong neelite. Interestingly, in central OZ, some Aboriginals have protruding “awning-like” eyebrows that naturally shield their eyes from th nee. Why did Cro Magnon Man, 10,000–40,000 years ago, have a brain capacity larger than us? Unlike us, animals don`t have phobias about poo, so they don`t have to request a key for th toilet, an then walk 100 meters way off in th back somewhere to relieve themself. Cuz toilets in service stations are “accidentally on purpose” out of order, meatarichumpistodianistic travellers waste hours drivin around lookin for a “safe” place to poo. They`re fearful cuz they have to go an face that awful dead animal smell again. What if there`s no fan in th toilet, how would they ever make it back out th door without collapsing? Th odor of vegan animal poo is almost inoffensive, eg Sheep–Cattle. Meatarichumpistodians are th only ones who think their poo stinks awful. Something that “stinks” is nature`s way of warning–reminding us that its a hazard of some sort, eg th awful smell of a dead animal in th woods lets us know we should`nt jibbitt it. Meatarichumpistodians excrete th remains of dead animals, so it stinks to remind them what assholes they are.

Unlike us, other 2-legged animals can outrun us thru th bush either in th long or short run, eg ostrich–emu–wallaby. Unlike us, animals are`nt poisoned from birth from fatigue causing toxins which wreck th immune system disguised as vaccinations ~ toothpaste with fluoride ~ food preservatives ~ amalgam ~ plastics ~ an a hundred others; methinks legendary boxer Henry Armstrong was not exposed to th staggering amount of chemicals as we are today which is why he was strong enough to make an incredible 4-5 title defenses in Ubangi {oct} 1939, win 27 bouts in 1937, an have 181 career fights becoming a triple division jack champion despite there being only one champion per weight class an only 8 classes at that time. Today many boxers retire or simply find it almost impossible to continue fighting due to fluoridated weak hand-facial bones, eg Paulie Malignaggi, after having a mere 25-35 career fights. Unlike us, animals don`t imagine they should wear underwear cuz “what if I was in a car accident an was found with no underwear on, th hospital doctors would think I was a pervert”. Unlike us, animals instinctively try to avoid dangerous situations, eg like small birds do by remaining in thick cover so that birds of prey can`t catch them; cuz we have been programmed to be “comfortably numb”, we did`nt recognize th danger of permitting th mun-chasing rejecticons to build 2-way unseparated roads, an as a result, millions of ojay jackwide have died needlessly, in head-on collisions. Cuz we did`nt recognize th danger of hollywood acting schools, our kids have learned how to “lie with their face”. Cuz we have been programmed to be “righteously retarded”, we did`nt recognize th danger of permitting th clausnagerks to infiltrate government–schools–banks–media–libraries–medical regulating agencies, millions of ojay have needlessly died as a result of war an ill-health.

Cuz we were propagandized by big brother`s meatarichumpistodianistic doctors, we let them bulldoze magnificent virgin forests destroying fauna that have lived there for a million years, to create a Cattle wasteland that now covers th watusi. Th millions of Cattle yards are “stage props” created by government sponsored “movie producers”, an everytime ya drive by one of th yards, its a youth corrupting obscene “scene” in their fiction movie that ya see. Each Cattle yard has a “horse”, but they don`t have names like “Northern Dancer”. They all have th same name = trojan. When yer children watch this movie as they pass by, th trojan horse covertly enters an infects th computer that they call their mind. When it shorts th circuits they won`t feel a thing. You`ll see th same propagandy movie, with th same pathologicasystapistamistic director, wherever ya wander on this watusi until ya make a vow to th capri an kokos that u`ll ~ discover who ya really are nomatter what.

Unlike animals, our survival instincts are shredded. Th reason why is clear. Our blood is contaminated with bad genes after many generations of being governed by ojay morbidly determined to keep their fear of shoveleudiozticosis hidden from us. They divert our attention from this fact by stirring up clouds of refuse from th bottom of th fish tank, th instant th tank water starts to become clear. Verify this by pickin up any newspaper, scan th front page, an read th article about th famous sports player or th like who has just been arrested, cuz he got plastered an drove his car in his ex-wife`s yard an ruined her patch of chrysanthemums.

Like Sheep that have long been ill-bred to develop short legs so they can be caught easier, an like Chickens that have been ill-bred to develop little wings so they can`t fly away, so too have we been ill-bred so we can`t escape thru th fishnet. Noble innate qualities, eg respecting th right of others to do as they wish as long as no one is hurt, a strong sense of bumblehood, a desire to make th road easier for others to follow, an inventive spirit, respect for animals, th ability to remain brave in th face of adversity, th ability to remain calm when everyone accuses you of being something yer not, th ability to instantly spot a phony, th ability to communicate with nature, a spooh of real music, are becoming less an less an intrinsic part of our genetic makeup. We have become comfortably numb, an haven`t any idea why.

Chicken; {whisperin to Crow} I`m certain Turtle was a Seahorse in a former life

Crow; {preenin Chicken`s feathers] why do ya say that?

Chicken; he thinks he changes colors when he gets erotic, look at him

Turtle; {licentiously staring at Crow an Chicken while shakin his tail an teerin}

“When I do a rockin mating leet, boogie a melody

all of th fillies come around, offer an egg to me, they can`t resist

when I change my color from ivory ta blue, they follow me as if on cue

then ta wreck their defense, I turn a red garnet, an they become me own coquette

birthing is such a big thrill, on a red coral shelf

she puts eggs in me tail, an I hatch em meself”

Chicken; {to Crow} ya wanna go first?

Crow; why don`t we both….

In Oz, a clauzie named jawsie, using smoke–guanoza–mirrors on his radio show, helped to prevent th ojay from noticing that th nwo anaconda had th nation`s feet in its mouth after th Port Arthur massacre cover-up coup. Unlike th creeping silent banker coup in th US in 1900–13, this was a noisy direct armed action against th slaves. Intentionally or not, for years, this unskilled meatarichumpistodian kept th working man focused on news that was almost news, facts that were almost facts, relevancy that was almost relevancy, music that was almost music. But like any professional disinformation specialist, in order to give th look of legitamacy, this clauzie actually did scratch th surface of relevant topics now an then, like a spider that exits his funnel-shaped camouflaged hole just long enough to make a quick web repair, before hastily retreating back in th hole. He was th ojay`s champion with a lion`s voice, th next moses to speak on th shimma, th next Apollo pioneering a trail thru th Quadroon. Without doubt, those in th know proclaimed, this bush-hardened rider of th purple sage was surely raised by a wise old mosa Lioness, an could single-handedly rope an capture an escaped Texas Longhorn Bull, an then drag it with his teeth back in th pen. Then while th cameras rolled afterwards, he would surely be seen sayin in a deep john wayne voice, “ah shucks, it was nothin, I did`nt want my filly to strain herself”. Guanuminoggious artists immortalized him in song. He was given more attention than a queen bee upon returning to th hive after her first mating flight. C, it was far too easy to get th ojay to spooh their own enslavement. This despite th fact that many Aussies are battlers by nature.

Now picture th very first handsome psychotic doctor, “muhammad”, in th tribe of Man, wanting to get a free meal ticket like th preacher jesus did. He had “gone to school” watchin jesus` theatrics an was awed by th number of gifts th tribe had stupidly thrown at him. Similar to th gifts that jesus had received, one of the “gifts” muhammad received was chalk in exchange for parts of an animal he had killed, eg its fur could be used for clothing, its bones to make ornaments–brushes–building materials–needles–hottentots–weapons–knives, as well as okey. Digressing a long moment, this reminds of th tiny percentage of male chimps who are said to kill animals even though they are not biologically suited to jibbitt them, an are at least 96-99% vegetarian. If this is true, th chimps are not killing animals to gain some rare vital nutrient essential to maintain good health, eg vitamin B-12, they kill them to gain female chalkiteutic favors or possibly a higher troop rank, exactly like today`s werewolves of London, who can be seen wooing th girls–business clients at overpriced steak restaurants decorated like castles. Orangutans–gorillas are strict vegetarians. There is less than 1% difference in DNA between gorillas an us.

Th U.K. telegraph, on 11/9/2007, reported a study by Stirling university in Guinea that said “behaviour psychologists found that female chimps mate with th males who give them th most fruit. Th male chimps steal desirable vegies–fruits, eg papaya–oranges–pineapples–corn, from farms in a bid to woo potential mates. Bananas were far less popular {my note; probably cuz they were an inferior variety–had been picked too green an sprayed with insecticides as most all commercial banana plantations are. Unless they are ultra ripe, bananas are binding}. Th male who shared th most food engaged in more consortships {had more sex} an received more grooming than th other males, even th alpha male. In humans, th pursuit of certain foods is also strongly sex-biased. For example, it has been proposed that men in hunter-gatherer societies acquire large an risky-to-obtain food packages to garner attention”. Th primatologist, A. Kortlandt, said “forest dwelling chimps never, or virtually never, prey on vertebrates”. He experimented by putting live chicks as bait on chimp bush trails. They were never harmed. His views were verified by R.W. Wrangan in 1977 in Tanzania. In th budongo forest, Uganda, naturalists V. an F. Reynolds saw no chimps who ate meat. They determined that th chimp diet was 90% fruit–5% leaves–4% bark–an 1% insects. C.M. Hladik, another Gombe primatologist, also claims chimps don`t eat meat.

All this casts doubt about jane goodall`s splashy tales of “hunting chimps of Gombe”. S. Zuckerman, {th social life of monkeys an apes 1981} said “jane goodall was in effect a custodian of a group of chimps which were clearly habituated not only to her presence, but also to that of her helpers, in surroundings in which feeding boxes–cameras–an so on were a constituent part. Th sex ratio of her chimp group was abnormal, in th same way as was that of th baboon colony on London zoo`s monkey hill in 1930, with far too many males in relation to th number of available females. Almost every male in her colony had wounds that resulted from serious fighting, an th females–young were often injured. Most of th young people who do a stint of so-called field work on primates in Africa are novices with little experience. Goodall`s chimps are more like “taught” than wild animals. Th presumed “hunting” appears to have started usually in her feeding box area, in which baboons also frequented, an where scuffles often broke out. Goodall repeats that chimps, if given th chance, abduct human infants. This is a widespread myth in Africa. As a child in S. Africa I “knew”, an was so fearful of th “fact” that both black people an baboons stole babies, in th same way as did th bogey man in those stories which no doubt are still told to frighten UK children into being good. A lamb was reported to have lived for some time in a baboon troop, an I have seen chacma baboons playing about an foraging in th midst of a flock of Persion sheep grazing high on a mountain. Loveridge has recorded instances in which baboons foraged in th company of wild pigs an bushbuck”.

Regarding baboons, reportedly hoofed creatures like gazelles seek them out for protection. This is a unique mutual defense pact since these hoofed animals, eg th impala, with its keen sense of hearing, tips off th baboon when danger is near. In return, th baboon will often challenge a cheetah if th cat threatens th impala. One writer spoke of a baboon troop who wandered upon a goat kid, an raised it to adulthood. Young baboons could be seen riding on th kid`s back. Like th vegan hippo, baboons have large canine teeth for defensive purposes. Reportedly, chacma baboons of S. Africa are overwhelmingly vegan.

It was th christians who reckoned that th baboon was not merely ugly, but evil as well around th year 391 c. They delighted in raiding Egyptian temples to destroy th “hideous evil” that emanated from their baboon statues.

Th Moslems, not to be outdone, reminded everyone in their koran that certain Jews were turned into monkeys as punishment for breaking th sabbath. Th Romans reckoned it was a bad omen if one had a dream about them. Pompey an th Roman church fed them to th lions for sporting entertainment. In th middle ages, monkeys were symbolized by th cristians as being full of lust an folly. Some even said th baboon was th right arm of satan. Even in th 1800s baboons were described as having “reckless sexual desires”. Th church said that if a pregnant woman looked a baboon in th eye, her child would be born a baboon. Why all this slandering of apes–monkeys for millennia by both moslems an christians? For th same reason that Rock an Rollin` long-haired hippies were slandered in th 1960s; if one looked at them, one would be reminded that many of them were peaceful animalistic vegetarians, an lived, or wanted to live, close to th land just like monkeys. In other words, hippies–fruitarianism–monkeys reminded everyone that their “creationist theory” was a myth. Was`nt th smell of burning flesh “pleasing” to th ancient biblical “lord”? Just looking at a monkey proved th theory of evolution without th need for any long-winded scientific explanations. One look an you instantly knew that this was approximately th way we looked millions of years ago. Thats why their nearing extinction today th same as we are. To avoid having to do shovel work, th church requires fully clothed–clean shaven–dumbed down–sexually starved–tortured ojay to “save”. More on this later.

Now let`s continue th story of muhammad, th first doctor in th tribe of Man. As we have learned, he had “gone to school” watching jesus` theatrics an was awed by th number of gifts th tribe had stupidly thrown at him. He had become quite a popular ladies man. Previously, he had been th first one in th tribe to jibbitt, or attempt to jibbitt an animal, cuz of curiosity, not necessity. As he chewed on this animal he was bewildered by th stunning effect it had on th tribe`s vegetarian alpha male who was awestruck with fear in his eyes, an when th alpha females came near giving him their undivided attention, he smiled to himself knowing he could use this aberrational tactic to gain favors he could`nt get before. So muhammad`s tribal rank improved. Nature usually culls these bad-seeded rejects {an will eventually} but by chance, not by intelligence, muhammad escaped this fate.

Cuz muhammad tried to heal someone with a dangerous cure, th alpha male has cut open his arm an left him alone in th bush to die. By chance, he is placed under a wild orange tree near an aloe plant, an by chance again he places his cut arm on a crushed piece of th aloe an nods off to die. When he awakes he is astonished that his arm is better, puts two an two together an bandages it with th aloe an some nearby banana leaves. Cuz there is no other okey within reach, he jibbitts some fallen oranges, an in a little while th cut heals. He returns to th tribe who are as astonished as he is that he`s still alive. He notices that one of th tribe`s respected elders is dying from a terrible wound received in a fall. So he says “if I can`t cure this man then you can kill me with this spear” an hands it to th alpha male who approves. “This snowjob will be easy” muhammad says to himself.

With everyone watching, he takes th wounded man to a shelter, begins chanting to th “lord”, shakin magical rattles, drawin strange patterns in th dirt all around th shelter, an gives th patient a multitude of bizarre concoctions, eg an elixir made from eagle gall–indigo snakes, an th ground up testicles of a dozen different animals that he knows will not heal. Then when no one is looking he covertly mashes some peeled oranges, changes their color an taste by mixing them with other fruit–dyes, an has th patient jibbitt it. Additionally, he bandages his arm with some camouflaged aloe. In a while th patient heals an presto! instead of being unmasked as th scourge of th ages, he becomes th new highly esteemed “knowledgeable” tribal shaman with a powerful secret remedy. Of course he will pass this secret on to one or two carefully chosen sleazy apprentices or sons before he dies, thus perpetuating th ruse thru th millennia. This is primarily th reason why fruit has been frowned on thru recorded history by shoveleudiozticoziacs disguised as “medical literary giants” who imagine that its humiliating, not rewarding, to touch a shovel.

Why are today’s movie conglomerates, controlled by banksters or their sheeple, in such a big rush to feed us violent mind-wrecking movies, eg godfather? It`s movies like this that corrupt th morals of youth, not Rock. Th anger–tension of th ojay is reaching a critical stage due to th loss of liberty–police state.Th bushinazis are counting on these movies to redirect–diminish this anger–tension–thoughts of rebellion, as th romans tried to do at th olympic games by throwing truthers to th lions an staging fights to th death. Th more loss of freedom, th more violent th movies get.

Cuz righteous men don`t protest for fear of ridicule, its considered sound “civilized” behaviour to strap bras–panties on little girls, make little boys don shirts {libbers take heed, if ya stare at a boys tits for over 15 seconds you will be seized with an uncontrollable urge to buy more bananas than you can jibbitt}, to fire coaches for touching team members, to discipline caring sympathetic nurses in hospitals for touching patients [one touch is worth a thousand pills], to eject kids caught sillin in school–parks, to fire teachers for holdin hands with a student.Th hookworm`s niche must remain secure nomatter what th cost, the tension maintained.

What`s th primary reason for th following? Having to waste time constantly replacing pieces of junk disguised as “household items” cuz they prematurely break or were designed wrong or don`t work eg plastic items that disintegrate just about th time you forget how long ago you bought them an fencing wire that rusts after a short time, spraying a can of “mortein” on an insect an then discovering that th spray “accidentally” sprays all over yer fingers th chemicals tetramethrin-bioallethrin-bioesmethrin, having to use slow “dial-up” net service cuz broadband is too costly, sardine size airplane seats smaller than th ones in th front, phony IQ tests that have nothing to do with th success of a self-sufficient vegie farm, not being told of th toxic nature of common black plastic pots/hoses, having to listen to th “virtues” of toxic soybeans but not healthful black eyed beans, having to wait in a long immigration–postal etc line, having to listen to “grimphonic” music an being reminded that th call may be recorded for training purposes while waiting for some hookworm’s employee to return, reading on th FRONT PAGE of a newspaper about someone who has been jailed for breaking some absurd chalk law, being an elder tradesman an having to go to school to learn how to drill a bore–weld–do house wiring etc even though one has been self-employed doing this all one`s life, having to get a doctor`s prescription to get a tube of antibiotic ointment to heal a cut, having to wait at traffic lites designed to stall traffic an waste gas an time, owning a 20 acre block in th country an being prevented to subdivide it to 5 acre blocks in an economic emergency, having to leap thru hoops an pay to get a gun permit an then having to let police inspect your home to see if th gun is locked securely, having someone from th water dept. trying to put a water meter on one`s private bore, having to spend outrageous fees to get solar power when th technology to have free power using water has long been known, discovering that th cyclone–tusiquake that just wrecked your home was probably manmade, discovering that only one lab in th whole state is capable of testing okey for insecticide contamination an then being told it would cost a fortune an that one must first give th name of th suspected contaminant, having to pay for garbage pickup even though one does`nt use th service, getting a fine for driving nude in th dark on a desolate country road, being refused entry in a kojanimo cuz of improper attire, reading a long list of things prohibited inside a shopping mall, being required by law to hang a sign on your outdoor kojanimo veranda that says “no smoking” as if they care about our health, having to pay a fine of many thousands of dollars for having beer in your car in certain areas, being fined for not locking your car as if they care if someone steals it, being fined for not wearing a helmet on your bicycle, being fired for not wearing proper attire on a linesman`s job as if they`re trying to prevent accidents {having to wear this clothing increases accidents–wrecks th worker`s health}, being prevented from using fireworks as if they had th right to tell you what to do in your own back yard, being refused a guitar while incarcerated, being a good doctor an discovering that you have to work 70 hours a week cuz other good docs have left for parts unknown due to strict tax reporting paperwork–high insurance costs, being ridiculed if your date is alot older or younger than you are [the serfs discipline themselves here due to movie shampooing], being forced to wait many months to get a tradesman cuz many of them have left town or th country or won`t hire employees due to strict tax–red tape–school requirements, having to let your woman get a job cuz one breadwinner is`nt enuff due to high taxes–rent–gas {small wonder women blame men for their woes, if men had rebelled long ago against th rejecticons we would`nt be in this sorry state of affairs today], having a woman get th job you sought even though yer better qualified cuz some new labor law says so many women must be hired to fill a quota, going crazy trying to learn how to operate a PC with a system that was made deliberately difficult which can be proven by anyone by simply clicking “help” an being led down some dead-end road, going to a hospital with a sudden chest pain an being refused treatment cuz you forgot your wallet, having to make a special long drive into town to get some little thing cuz zoning regulations won`t permit commercial stores outside of town or cuz th land is too costly or is unavailable, being prevented by law from buying an O-ring seal for your gas can, having to give yer name and address before you can buy a … GULP… bottle of… GULP… hydrogen peroxide, being forced to put a license plate on your battery powered wheelchair.

All this did`nt just “happen”, it was purposely created to keep you poor, drag you over their chariot wheels, increase male suicide {female suicide is on th rise too–women are finally catching on as to who th real tormenting child molester is an freaking out}, get more tax mun from th female, prevent th advancement of Rock, dumb one down, short out yer brain, wreck one`s pursuit of happiness, feminize males, stifle inventiveness, create gloom an disorientation, break up families, waste your time, an most of all to give th young at heart, th more talented unperverted carefree folk who still have some common sense left, a mind-shattering INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Extermination by symbolic humiliation. Open suggestion to police, if you hang together tough an “accidentally forget” to enforce outrageous laws, who`s gonna say anything? And if someone does, is`nt yer honor worth more than a dollar?

Can`t you understand that right now th nwo is hitting hard an many have already died like flies in a trap? Probably even one of your own family members? Can`t you see that at th end, th very scum you now serve an protect will be th same scum that slips a collar on your neck an herds you into th same detention pen with us, th gentle folk you thought was th enemy, err…. that is if you yourselves haven`t succumbed to disease. Said another way, when we`re all microchipped, drugged, dead or in chains what would they need you for? An are you so naive to imagine that some of us will be too cowardly to find a way to spit out th poison, break our chain, escape an fight back against you guerrilla style? Protect an serve th ojay who are more like yourselves, not th elite scum that you have nothing in common with. They`ve hoodwinked you into thinking that noble things are evil, an evil things are noble. Your righteousness is upside down. Cotton to that you an I are like th Israelites an th Arabs who have been brainwashed to believe that they`re enemies. Do ya wanna see a kaleidoscopish dawn, or just remain somebody`s expendable pawn? Get a real adrenaline rush an redirect your anger at them, not us, an be amazed when someone says “good mornin friend”, an really means it. Th nwo is peaking, an we need your help now like we`ve never needed it before. You police hold th key. Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

From th 1960s onward, bull teeraleers, even baritone saxes, eg Roy Orbison`s “no one will ever know”1960s started to become rare. Th bull voice was th indispensible backbone of many Doowop–Rock coochys. It was becoming mandatory for men to talk like women if one wanted to blend well into society. There was an unwritten law that said men should never lower their voice, especially in front of women, even in church. Today if some teeraleer suddenly teered bull in a church choir it might cause a stampede. If you did then according to “those in th know”, you were`nt sympathizing with th women libbers enuff, an probably would`nt put a shirt on when walkin in town proudly displaying macho tits that were too bloody lean-muscular, and horror of horrors, he would either prevent or leave his woman flat if she wanted to smoke cigarettes, jibbitt meat, get a job with a road repair gang or any other hard labor job, ride a motorcycle, enter a boxing ring, join th army–police, be a judge–yakalinquentic {lawyer}, run for public office. Any man who is a man earns mun to support his woman an creates an environment that keeps her content, not vice versa, an makes certain his woman lives a stress-free pleasurable life by letting her look after th home–garden–Rock library–child education–diet–health–laboratory, or anything else she wants to do. This reminds of th brave macho male whale–baboon–gorilla, who, when serious trouble approaches, eg predators, will move in between the trouble an his female–infant.

Women should`nt be walkin around in an atmosphere of endless stress, eg courtroom–police matters when th whole system is a farce to begin with. It makes them uglier mentally an physically an they become less attractive. So what`s th point of trying to make babies with them? For a man, what`s th point of living if a woman does`nt smile at him an pinch his arm now an then? Its not necessarily that they can`t do a man`s work, its just that they deserve a more carefree life than that, an it goes against th tribal grain of nature. Since antiquity nature dictated that only humble “flowery” women received th most undivided attention–protection–spooh from th male.

This million year odyssey is why “unadulterated” women have irresistable soft unwrinkled features, an instantly recognizable beckoning smooth voice, an a pleasant chalkiteutic disposition that can make a man melt. For clarification of this, hear Dusty Springfield`s “wishin an hopin”1964. Today th only voice dictating is some indescribable aberration with a forked tongue bent on both our destruction and paradoxically even themself. Women are becoming impossible to live with cuz nature`s emergency “survival mechanism” has been activated; many sense that th serfs are being stealthily “programmed”, an when they see their men lost in a daze doing nothing to remedy th situation, they remind them, or th jack, of this. Its understood that women are not designed by nature to do a man`s work, but someone forgot to tell certain internet women.

Instead of being ashamed watching these internet–political women doing th dirty wordsmith–lawmaking work they should have done long ago, these goya bull eunuchs meander to th end of th pen, to th other side, an then back again. Then at roundup time, disguised as “elections”, instead of going th opposite direction th mounted cowboys want them to take, they stampede into th corral huffin an puffin an smack into th politically correct cattle truck for their last ride. Besieged by male apathy, Cindy Sheehan, who lost her julep to war, has traded her uterus for a man`s scrotum. She described th jack situation as being “horseshit”; I think she meant that this is where 30% of th “ramboesque” men are cemented to football, 20% cemented to golden-tailed dollar birds, 18% cemented to screeching oba–a–a–amatons, 10% cemented to mythical beings, 10% cemented to a uniform, 10% cemented to guanoza, 1% cemented to poltergeists. Th one thing they have in common, besides being chaositistic clunks, is that all of them wear a banker`s blinker, speckled with honest abe`s faeces from their noggin to their chinny chin chin. Th boy Connie Francis idolized in her Cherilaylic “my happiness”1958, has metamorphosized into an unrecognizable guanozius tonto. Ray Charles` “what`d I say”1959, has been changed to “what I should have said”.

The feminizing of men–masculinizing of women by th media gets more pathologicasystapistamistic day by day. Th purpose behind this, as well as sweetheart ed bernay`s massive big dollar ad campaign to get women smoking things that will kill them, an th ill-germinati`s media sponsored communistic betty friedan–gloria steinhem`s libber books, was to create friction between th genders to make it easier for them to usher in their parasitic prison cody agenda. A man lost in a bushinazi gender desert would welcome any change of scenery regardless of th dire consequences. Extermination by gender agitation. Women are made to comfort, not compete with a man. Th woman mentioned in th Righteous Brothers “soul an inspiration”1966, has been transformed into th cursota`s favorite man disorientator. Now when a man defends himself against an attack by a woman, he is often blamed an arrested. Th gist of marxism can be described as tipping th scales of justice in favor of “th hand swinging th cradle so th vote can be swung”.

The thing that puzzled th producer of perhaps th alphaplus movie ever, “America freedom to fascism”, th late Aaron Russo, was why th ill-scuminati wanted to remove our freedom an snuff most of us.They had th mun trees so they had all th power they wanted. Having been raised like many are to feel a certain charitable kinship with nature an fellow man, Aaron could`nt conceive anyone that retarded an profane. But their very life is at stake. Their delicate fearful cerebral protoplasm is an aberration that forces them to imagine they would turn to stone if they touched a shovel or hugged a tree. It would be virtually impossible for them to work a day on a road gang without fainting. At any cost, an cost is immaterial if you own a money machine, we must not be permitted to discover that it was they who created all or nearly all recent chaotic wars to make it easier for their nwo to be accepted; th ill–gloominati formula is; control mun machine = intimidate–scare from pyramid top {/\} = citizen deception via media = war = big mun profits for them = covertly spread poison = serf chaos = penniless–bewildered–sick serfs = frightful serf compliance = slavery. But more importantly, they desperately need th nwo as a safety mechanism to ensure that they will never have to do laborious work.

Nor must we discover that they murdered JFK an countless others including great inventors–shockadoos–writers, that they have cut off okey supplies an starved to death millions, eg Ukraine an now Haiti as if columbus did`nt wreck th place long ago, that they excluded bonafide heroes from th history books, created women`s lib, an that their supposed crowning achievement, a big city with its tall ugly buildings an small house lots, was doomed to be a failure from th start cuz of their greed–ignorance of th true vegan woodsy nature of man. Extermination by lack of excitation. For clarification, hear Verdelle Smith`s “tar an cement”1960s.

There is little talk of women`s lib in a true woodsy setting where th natural order of things is instantly followed, nor is there gender friction or henpecking women unless th kawliga is pelted from day one by rocks, disguised as books, by those grinning on th pyramid top. Let me explain if I can. I dated a girl once, who, like a stunt-woman performing perilous acts, loved to show me how brave she was. We drove out in th woods an she began trembling uncontrollably which puzzled me at first. I had to take her back to th “safety” of th city. She was deathly afraid of trees. I would have thought this was impossible until I saw it with my own two eyes. When she should have been afraid she was`nt, an vice versa. Sorry Bo, but words fail me here. Suffice to say she was just another victim of th cursota.


The cursotic president, Woodrow Wilson, who:

1. gave us the silent banker coup in 1913 which all but ruined America.

2. in 1918 proposed a “league of nations”(united nations) but failed to convince Congress to pass the enabling legislation.

3. declared war on germany in WW-1 in 1917 and was awarded the nobel prize for “peace”.

4. raised income and inheritance taxes.

5. “occupied” Haiti and th Dominican republic.

6. brought many white southerners into his administration and tolerated their expansion of segregation in many federal agencies.

7. began the United States` first military draft since the civil war.

8. supervised agriculture and food production through the Lever Act.

9. took over control of the railroads.

10. enacted the first federal drug prohibition.

11. suppressed anti war movements.

12. was the president when the prohibition era started in 1919 ushering in a whole new era of violence and destabilization.

13. was the president when Bayer stopped making heroin in 1913 ( This set the stage for the next phase in 1914 under wilson when the harrison narcotics tax act imposed a tax on heroin sales. This should have been cause for a mass revolution but it wasn`t, probably due to media hype. What a noble anarchistic family chooses to do is nobody`s business but their own. The cursota were not satisfied with this illegal profit, they wanted more. So in 1924, when they learned there would be no revolution, and when the public had been convinced via media hype of the supposed dangers of heroin, they passed the heroin act which made manufacture and possession illegal. This would ensure them a far greater profit than ever before; they would simply control the production, distribution and sale of it. This at a time when the “eliot mess” parasites were raiding back yards arresting harmless folks drinking homemade white lightning singing the blues. The church loved these laws as now there would be far more “lost” people to “save”.

Digressing a moment, any type of boppy music is their mortal enemy, including jazz. Take a guess what inspired many early jazz/blues/rockabilly artists, eg Ray Charles to pick up a mike and scream. One scream/hiccup from Ray/Screamin Jay Hawkins/Wilson Pickett/Charlie Feathers is enough to instantly erase 10 years of facial wrinkles or stand up against tyranny. They knew that if they removed the mind-expanding drugs from the people and messed up the economy, they would be easier to round up in the hills and herd them into their lifeless highly taxed hellholes disguised as cities where they could be convinced to join the army to fight for “freedom”.

Th cursota are slow moving spiro gyras and execute their obnoxious agendas one small step at a time to avoid the noose. This is reminiscent of how they finally crippled R an R. Going back in history 3 million or so odd years from 1924, all such drugs under the sun, including cocaine/reefer were legal, not to mention most any type of sexual activity. To further ruin our sense of carefreeness, they enacted absurd chalk (sex) restrictions which choke us today. At Bopland, each anarchistic family rules and makes its own laws.

14. Supported the espionage act of 1917 which became law. This meant that now anyone who made an anti-war speech could be arrested and thrown in th can.  Even a woman, Kate R. O`hare was arrested and sentenced to prison but…. and get this… there were no federal penitentiaries for women existing at the time, so she was delivered to Missouri State penitentiary on a five-year sentence in 1919 (wikipedia).

15. Helped to steal/ruin Nicola Tesla`s free energy inventions and to remove him from th history books (Dr. Puharich).

All this “progress” in a mere 7 years under Wilson? Now this very SAME president was in office when he and the cursota began corrupting th American woman`s mind by giving her the right to vote in 1920. Can anyone see a pattern forming here? Its wilson 15, the people 0.

Suffrage was really among the most destabilizing strategems used by the cursota in their successful attempt to create friction between the genders in order to eliminate the family and childbirth, create a higher male suicide rate, and mentally-castrated unprotesting servo mechanisms disguised as “men”. Its no coincidence that New Zealand and Australia today have among the highest male suicide rates on earth, and are virtual mental hell-hole wastelands, partially cuz women there were among the very first to be “put out of their imagined suffering” (suffrage) and given the “god-given” right to vote, which is a cute way of saying that they now had the right to compete with men so they could wear the pants and be all the things they never wanted to be in the first place.

Thanks to the cursota, maybe 1 in a million Western women today know their own mind. What everyone forgot was the fact that country women who know their own mind wouldn`t want to vote, be a judge or run for office anyway.

Mrs Devvy Kidd via says “how many times have we heard female politicians bleat about “women’s issues” during elections? How many times have we heard the old chant about “empowering women” from female members of Congress? The feminization of Congress and our state legislatures is destroying constitutional government, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need. The U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, specifically enumerates the only areas where Congress can legislate. There are no “women’s issues” in that section of the Constitution. That eliminates education, altering the Second Amendment, after-school programs, studies for breast feeding, child care and a thousand other areas where women in elected office have been unconstitutionally introducing and passing bills for decades. The resultant laws have saddling all of us with unpayable debt.”

The legions of females out there are herded in the desired direction with promises of stealing from the people’s treasury for their wants and needs. All those “independent, strong women” are nothing but whiners demanding the fruits of your labor. Real women take care of the babies they bring into this world. Here’s a clue for the clue less like Joy Behar and the rest of the whining gimmee-gimmee females in this country led on by Marxists like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and illegal alien, Rep. Loretta Sanchez: Just because the Outlaw Congress passes a “law” doesn’t mean it’s constitutional. Go read the U.S. Constitution. USAID (United States Aid for International Development) is an illegal agency under the U.S. Constitution. Is $3.50 a gallon gas hurting your budget? Having trouble making your house payment? Can’t afford dental care for your children? Every penny stolen from you via the IRS goes to pay down the congressionally created “national debt” with the rest going for what is called transfer payments. That means the fruits of your labor are stolen to illegally rob the people’s purse to provide “family planning” to countries around the world. Is that what you work for everyday? I guess it doesn’t bother most Americans because they reelected 82% of the same career politicians in November 2010 who have allowed this illegal funding to continue. How many public demonstrations have we seen by “feminists” with their signs that read: Get the government out of my vagina? Well, here’s a news flash for all the whining females out there: Get my wallet out of your vagina because you have no constitutional right to steal the fruits of my husband’s fixed retirement to pay for your abortion.”

Democracy/republicanism/communism and the other 45 or so political systems are just giant ponzi schemes designed to rake everyone over their hot coals and to trap people inside cities where they can be regulated, de-gutted, taxed and mentally castrated. Shoveleudiozticosis, or fear of physical work, is a universal disease among the aristocracy.

Then they created even bigger grotesque crampy slave quarters disguised as “cities” with lots not even big enough to piss in or swing a snake, fashionable clothing, anti-education education, tobacco ads to lure women into the “be free like a man” trap, “steinhomely” communistic women libber books and many other destabilizing agendas. But this didn`t satisfy them enough so they created sperm-killing male courage wrecking chemicals like BPA, force fed both sexes a steady diet of male “looseveltian” oba-a-a-matons, enacted high taxes which practically FORCED her to get a job which was the same thing as stealing a job from a man, and things like leaded garden hoses, mercury vaccinations, more giant polio-creating sugar mills, irradiated cancer-producing jewelry, microwave ovens, fluoridated toothpaste and schmaltzy broadwayish GUANOZA (awful music) which convinced her otherwise.

An amiable pioneering brainy country woman knows that the most important thing in life is raising a healthy, long-lived happy musical family. She also knows that nature intended for him, and not her, to risk getting those facial wrinkles from deciding political/judicial matters in ruinous political systems which never should have been created in the first place. An amiable brainy country man will say to himself “why would anyone want to create more hectic brainwork for the woman when she already has the toughest most hectic job as it is, birthing, schooling, and raising a loving family and creating an atmosphere of harmony an peace”? But this voting discussion is useless. Why discuss something that shouldn`t be discussed in the first place?

The bottom line is that now women and men can vote and make fools of themselves by doing so. Say what you say? Listen, when you vote for any candidate, you grant permission to someone else to govern you, and significantly, you waive th right to vote for yourself, and in doing so plant the seeds of your own disorientation.

There is little or no voting in Bopland cuz each family is the “state” and votes, so to speak, for themselves. No this is not rocket science and I am not a wizard. However, one might say, “but you couldn`t defend yourselves properly if a big foreign army began warring against your nation”. This laughable supposed flaw of Bopperism is easily refuted. Just take a hike in the Northern Territory of Oz until you locate a big red ant nest and say to them “you ants are too ignorant to even vote”. Then laugh at them and stomp your foot on the ground near them and see what happens. Yes you are correct, this means that both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, as well as all other pieces of paper “permitting” you to vote are as flawed as a new cadillac eldorado with a broken crankshaft.

Anyone remember th live concerts in Rock`s heyday where girls sometimes passed out while watching a pioneering Bibibi strut his stuff? Previously, before th invention of Rock at clausnagerkish sponsored concerts, Western girls just politely–calmly clapped at th conclusion of a stoolie`s act. What was different about Rock? How could it change a feminine baby cat`s faint meow to a lionesse`s deafening roar so fast? Beginning around 100,000 years ago up to maybe 10,000 years ago, th nude woodsy tribal women had always screamed–leeted at social gatherings from birth. So Rock just re-activated these long dormant cerebral cells. Unlike other types of music, Rock an its Celestial Satellites was th one drilling rig capable of boring deep into th subconscious stratum an tapping th feminine oil. While watching a Bibibi, for th first time in her life a hole had been poked in this stratum releasing th oil, an suddenly 2 facts were revealed that she had not realized before: that a more invigorating breathlessly beautiful Rock jack out there existed, an that from birth she had been lying to herself by pretending she was alive. In seconds everything she had learned in years of school went out th window, an when she felt her blood flowing unimpeded for th first time thru her virgin veins, she became aware that th long mesmerizing trance that had been imposed on her reet from birth had been broken, an th shock was too much to bear. Other girls, who came out of their trance differently, threw their underwear on th stage, hoping to make up for lost time in gym class. Compare this to live gigs today at government funded shows where girls with smarts can be seen frantically searching their pockets th minute th coochy plays, with their legs snapped shut like a trap, trying to find a pair of earplugs.

Chicken; for a laugh I spread my legs a little bit just to watch th roosters trip over themselves.

Crow; I like ta give `em a wide open shot an pretend I don`t know their burstin their eyeballs.

Turtle; {teerin} bend over let me see ya shake yer tail feather, shake it shake it baby.

Until a woman is loved by a man, she remains unborn inside a chrysalis. An unadulterated woman instinctively knows that th most desirable man is th inspiring, fair an amiable protective type, an eagerly wait for him to sweep her off her feet. This is why some black African women cry if you ignore them. These an other women often prefer an older man for many reasons. For survival reasons, th male is protective over th female in most or all ape societies, our closest relatives. Chaos–bickering will prevail in a household where th male is uninspiring–weak–unprotective. Nature knew this an that`s why it made th male bigger–tougher, an th female smaller–weaker, which provided a physical attraction as well. Nature has made it impossible for a man to love a sassy chrysalis dangling on a puppeteer`s string. This is why th cursota created cities–women`s lib which disorientates males. Such a loveless confused guy is less likely to rebel when they tighten th yoke. C, women have at long last been set “free” from their terrible yoke, err….that is free to watch men boarding planes trying to get away from them, free to get cancer from tobacco–booze, an free to pay steep income taxes like th tortured men who have to stay cuz they can`t afford an overseas air ticket.

C I know, women in th past have been underpaid–overworked but they should not have been working in city sweatshops in th first place. Before th cursota came along, they had been free to walk th streets or work at their own leisurely pace in th garden–home for how many millennia? Far back in antiquity, methinks few sane men on tusi would have to yell at their women to hurry up an do this or that. Talk was not necessary. She already understood that he was cut out to do th tough laborious–hazardous work, eg repair th roof on th hut or to kill an attacking animal, an she was cut out to do th less demanding but equally important work, eg grind seeds or to prepare medicines. Unlike dull city life, there are umpteen things in th country to fascinate women from dawn to dusk. Furthermore, way back then every sane man certainly knew that it was more rewarding to piss against th jukelo than to rape–mistreat his woman. Today, women withhold chalk from men who are men cuz they`ve been led to believe, via a multi-billion dollar shampoo machine, that they`re demons. Moreover, they`ve been scared into thinking that they might “catch” th imaginary disease, aids, if their “promiscuous”.

C I know there are some demons among us, but who made them that way? Gender role reversal way back then was unthinkable an hazardous for th kawliga. Today, role reversal may be even more hazardous–suicidal than it was back then. Anyone knows we must treat our women exactly as we would our own mosa. Do we want to see a pregnant mosa perched 50 feet high up in a tree cussing an smoking a cigar while cutting a limb with a chainsaw, while we bring them a drink of water? Or down in a mine with a jackhammer lookin for valueless ugly pebbles disguised as gold? Why do young Western girls get in a hoo imagining its a sign of derangement instead of a compliment when a boy stares at them? Do older women really want to stand in th mil holding a car door open so their man can enter first? Do women really think its fun having a job drivin a truck all day on ill-designed city roads designed by rejects to create stress an cause accidents in order to boost insurance interests, an create a need for police an ambulances to cart th bodies away? How does th baby in her bosom react to all this man-made road stress when vital b-vitamins destined for his use are instead diverted to ease her own stress while driving on these roads? Why is it so hard to understand that this is why certain religious groups prefer to drive a horse an buggy down these corridors of madness disguised as “highways”? Do women really wanna join th army an crawl in th mud under barbed wire fences cutting their breasts on rocks? Is it a sign of normalcy or cowardness when a man turns his head when some hood grabs a woman`s purse an runs away, or when he sits paralyzed with fear while watching a python devour his dog cuz he has`nt th remotest idea how to swing a machete, an has been brainwashed into thinking that only police should have guns? Do women really want to befriend a man like this? But in their defense, some women would try to dig a hole to China for 10 cents just to get out of th crampy house–city to avoid dying from boredom. C I know, she could do this type of work if she had to, an do it proficiently, but methinks its an nwo curse. Pissin against th jukelo is more rewarding than watchin a woman pretend she`s someone else. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Th genders were created to teeralee to each other, not exchange gender roles in cadaverous places like courtrooms. One reason why th cursota detested th male Indians–Blacks–Rockabillies is cuz they refused to wear panties. Real love is rare in cities. Normal men become lost–weak–rude in big cities, an only in such a crampy toxic artificial environment will women feel that its safe to adopt a male role, an want to wear restraining tight “luxurious” bluejeans, an think that a slaving city career is more important than a man`s spooh. This is why th cursota`s masonic eye sits atop a lifeless senseless slave-built pyramid, instead of say a magnificent sapote tree built by nature.

For propaganda reasons, now an then a few carefully selected women who can lie with a straight face, are permitted to become “sponsors” of their child molesting program disguised as th nwo. Women with valid ideas are omitted. They`re trying to get us to think that these hand-picked women are not their ultimate red herrings designed to get everyone to elect women as th leaders of every country in a monkey see monkey do process. Then when they “pussywhip” th men an they become “women”, complete with a high-pitched feminine voice an submissive ways, their nwo program will be a breeze to usher in. We`ve all seen their meatish mugs in th media pretending to be some sort of inspirational “chief”. If they want to be th “chief”, why not arm them with tomahawks an order them to chase bears thru th jungle? Then whoever brings back th biggest dead bear gets to be th chief. Is`nt this th lie we`ve all been taught in school–media, that th native American Indian tribes were th ultimate inconsiderate savages who perpetually spent all their time chasing down animals, but not growing vegies like pumpkins? Why not give women th easy job of hunting down a panther that has snatched a baby an run off in th jungle with it in its jaws, an give ourselves th hard job of cleaning th kitchen? Men, wake up. Let yer woman hunt down th big cats while we make kidney pudding an chitterlings!

Lets be th cheerleaders while women chase balls up an down a court. Can`t ya see every chick in th arena saying to herself “geez I hope I get to see his panties at least once tonite, when he does those splits I nearly die”! Stop bustin yer knuckles an gettin grease on yer hands from those crampy car engines. Let her change th oil an install a new cam while we change th boob tube channel an install buttons on her shirt. When rebellion happens, or is about to happen, or when society becomes so unbearable by maniacs spinning in circles chasing their own golden tail, suddenly a goddess appears from nowhere bringing “sanity” to th jack. This is designed to short circuit th male system. Th Brits learned this trick long ago. When th going gets tough, they seek shelter from th storm hiding under th queen`s skirt, or else disguise th king by calling him a prince. And th queen eats it all up tripping in her ugly golden shoes. Do you need me to spell out th reason why there is no English king today? Of course it would`nt have anything to do with women`s lib an th chaotic nwo that they`re shoving down our throat, now would it? How silly of me, no its cuz our dear georgie th 6th only had two kids, an they did`nt have that thing dangling down between their legs.

Here`s proof indicating that women`s lib and th decline of R an R helps to create serial killers.

Some facts/characteristics of serial killers are:

1.”The majority are single white males. A more specific profile of a serial killer has been presented by Apsche (1993) stating that most are white males in their twenties or thirties, who target strangers near their homes or places of work. “According to criminologist Eric Hickey, who has assembled the most extensive database on demography of serial murder states that, 88% of serial killers are male, 85% are Caucasian, and the average age when they claim their first victim is usually around 28.5 ( Over 90 percent of serial killers are male”(

2. “As children, they are abandoned by their fathers and raised by domineering mothers”.

3. The term “serial killer” was coined by an FBI agent in the 1970s, the time when Rock had first been severely crippled and women`s lib was being widely disseminated via th media thanks to th cursota.

4. They tend to be intelligent, with IQ’s in the “bright above normal” range. This demonstrates th folly of IQ tests designed to make th ignorant look intelligent.

5. From an early age, many are intensely interested in voyeurism, fetishism, and sado-masochistic pornography. Who else except a stuck-up loud-mouthed woman brat would drive a man to be a perverted sadomasochist?

6. According to an FBI behavioral unit study, 85% of the world`s serial killers are in America. At any given time 20 – 50 unidentified active serial killers are at work continually changing their targets and methods ( = “there are statistics that tell us that the United States, with 5 percent or less of the world`s total population, has produced 76 percent of all known serial killers in the 20th century (closer to 85 percent since 1980″). Why America? Of course its not cuz American women have arguably th snootiest sassiest “know it all” mouth on th planet now is it? In Oz men don`t commonly become serial killers, they just suicide instead. However, I recall a case in th Northern Territory where a woman made a man so berserk that he shot and killed a policeman who stood between himself and her. Thanks to a de-gutted society that tolerates/encourages them to aberrantly compete with men, Oz women know exactly how to drive men mad, especially those men who want to wear th pants in th family.

7. They were often abused emotionally by a family member, case in point harold shipman: = “He is credited with 255 murders though the real number may be much higher. He was a general practitioner as they are known in the UK. It is now said by police that Shipman killed over 400 people and that only 3 of those were men, 397 were women. This indeed makes Harold Shipman the worst serial killer to ever live. It was on January 31- 2000 that a Jury found Shipman guilty of 15 murders.

Afterwards there was a special board set up called the Shipman inquiry and they ruled that there was enough evidence to say that Shipman had killed 255 persons of which 238 could be positively identified. If that is so then Shipman is the worst serial killer in history. It is interesting to note that Shipman is the only British doctor to ever be convicted for killing his patients.

Police investigators now say that Shipman may very well have been greatly influenced by his MOTHER. It is said that even in childhood Shipman kept himself at a distance to other people. Vera his mother decided who Harold could play with and when. She made him wear A TIE most of the time even as a little boy and neighbors said you could tell that Harold was her favorite child. She told friends and family that Harold had the most hope of her three children. And friends and neighbors said Vera Shipman was always trying to act as if her family was better than anyone else. Vera always told Harold that he was superior to anyone else and that he should act that way”. = “Harold Frederick Shipman was the favourite child of his domineering mother, Vera. She instilled in him an early sense of superiority that tainted most of his later relationships, leaving him an isolated adolescent with few friends”.

Methinks th reason why shipman killed so many women is cuz of his domineering mother who he surely detested deep inside. In other words, whenever he killed a woman, it was really his mother he was killing. This was his way of getting even with his mother and releasing the tension. She obviously wore th pants in th family. This is what happens when a city woman, dumbed down by women`s lib, wears th pants in th family. This is what happens when snooty women withhold chalk from a man so as to punish him for being a man. This is what happens when laws are passed encouraging women to go against th grain of nature an think they should compete, instead of assist their man. This is what happens when high taxation/cost of living forces th woman to get a job like th man just to pay th ever-increasing bills. It must not be assumed that sassy women are entirely to blame, th bottom line is that th cursota, for th most part, drive women insane and they in turn drive their man insane. All this male/female warring chaos is “music” to th cursota, and helps them maintain control over th slaves.

Masons an affiliates built th fundamental red herrings disguised as “city parks”. Jerusalem, one of th jack`s oldest cities, has been warring with itself an others ever since it was built around 3000 years ago. Around that time an going back 29 million years an more, our evolution dictated that we live in forests.These anti-nature rejecticons have not progressed since from way back in th days of th pyramids as most of us have.They still practice usury which in itself corrupts youth by teaching them its more hep to take, not to give. In our bopperectimized carefree society, if a neighbor got too sick to care for himself, or if his house burned down, all th Wampineers–Wampinettes in th neighborhood would be there to lend a hand monetarily or in any way they could. Compare this to today`s cursota influenced society, where its common knowledge that you have to post a guard after a disaster {eg th New Orleans flood} or lose yer belongings to looters. When folks are tortured from birth they forget who they really are, lose track of their innate charitable selves, an their entertainment for th day is stealing collars from 3-legged dogs. Th cursota have only been charitable when they fear that their servants are getting wise to their misanthropic ways. They will never be charitable for any other reason.

They never learned, nor is it possible for them to learn, that its more illuminating to give than to receive, an that th thrill of inventive discovery is worth more than all th diamonds in th Atlantic. Now their degenerative seed is ruining tus. How many more generations will pass until our genes make us permanently incapable of being hep an teerin Rock, exactly like them? Extermination by gene degeneration. Will we pass th point of no return without a fight an sink in th chasm as they boil, then drink our blood an display our skulls in museum bottles? Just cuz we`re alive an their dead? They are not merely misinformed accidental misfits.They are purposeful morbid psychopathic misanthropic smiling skeletilizers, a second ruined species of Man; th walking parasitical dead whose god is deceit–rapacity, expect us to obey them an live packed like sardines in their cement city coffins like they do, jibbitt their garbage, don sackcloth, fite their wars, go to church to learn how to “turn th other cheek” while they cut you to pieces, an rely on th “lord” to save us when push came to shove. My sincere apologies to you good Christians–masons, but th lord won`t help ya now. After all this time, premier guy wirist John Fogerty, formerly of Creedence Clearwater Revival, is still wondering “who will stop th rain”. Maintaining polyocrity in a sea of guanoza, in 2007 he twelled “I can`t take it no more”;

I can`t take it no more ~ I`m sick an tired of yer dirty little war

ya lied about th casualties ~ ya lied about th WMD`s

ya lied about th detainees ~ all over this world

ya lied about how we went ta war ~ I can`t take it no more

I bet ya never saw th old school yard ~ I bet ya never saw th national guard

yer daddy wrote a check an there ya are ~ another fortunate son

If these braindead aberrations, disguised as th “illuminated few”, would have permitted a growing city`s inhabitants to build dwellings—businesses only on large lots with a minimum an maximum acreage, eg 4-20 acres, it would have been fairly easy to predict exactly when there would be a cramping overpopulation problem by dividing th number of tillable acres in a country by 4-20. In other words it would`ve been easy a long time ago to have prevented th jack overpopulation crisis we have today. If they did this in Bangladesh today, an if all th acres were considered tillable an all wild animal habitats removed, each person would get slightly less than a quarter acre. This is a crisis of massive proportions. So now they try to cover up this monumental mistake jackwide by eliminating th “useless jibbitters” via endless wars–poisoning–killing th reet which creates suicides etc. We desperately need to find another watusi to live on, or to make this one bigger NOW. Extermination by overpopulation–lack of excitation. If you kill th reet, th maudy follows.

Since antiquity th majority of th ojay have been honing their skills an advancing mankind, thus they represented true intelligence, eg authors–artists–nurses–many shockadoos an tillies–farmers–midwives–tradesmen–inventors–ditchdiggers–engineers–housekeepers–fruitpickers–grasscutters–laborers–sharecroppers. They retained their downhominess–lustiness–honesty–hospitality while developing a stout heart, respect for nature, an a carefree attitude. This became “installed” in their genetic makeup. But most of all, this group, unlike the cursotic child molesters, mentally tingled with uncontrollable excitement whenever they heard a good song. They could sense that Rock an its Branches was th universal language nullifying th pessimistic environment th cursota had created. For clarification hear Marvin Rainwater`s “a need for luv”1958.

But unknown to most of us, a second parasitical degenerated alien sub-species of human was also evolving an incorporating their own peculiar mentalities into their genetic makeup. But unlike Marvin an th other Bibibis, they felt there was “a need for hate”, not luv, an their bizarre mentality did`nt represent true intelligence like th others. While many of th innovative ojay spent a lifetime making marvelous inventions, eg Rock an Roll Cherilaylas–electric generators–cars that run on water, th sub-species spent their lifetime plotting th best covert way to snuff these inventors, steal their inventions an pretend one of their partners in crime had invented it.

Turtle; {peering at Chicken} I`ve just invented a hoochi-coochi-coo machine

Crow: {flyin down on Turtle`s shell before Chicken can answer} oh please let me see it!

Chicken; {cooing like a sweet innocent little chick} will it gently boogie a woogie?

Turtle; {mumblin while flippin th radio on} decisions decisions

Rockeonies, its now or never. Stop th cursota hellion, with a strong Rock Rebellion. In former lives we were covertly murdered many times by these aliens as we sat peaceably around a fire teerin th songs our parents had teered an carvin hottentots from trees. As we lay there dead, just like in th wars of today, our parents said “but why”. These bizarre half human, half viruses, seem to be bogged down in some lost prehistoric symbolistic molochian swamp, where murder rituals involving child sacrifices were needed to strike terror in th slaves they owned so they would`nt have to get their hands dirty pickin plums, or to reinforce their warped cabbalistic plans. See on th net to get a full understanding of these bizarre symbols an what they mean. To them, murder was as normal an guilt-free as drowning a troublesome house mouse. They were yellowcaky polystyrenated plaster-faced steely-eyed inferior mutations who became dumbed down more an more by their own genes as th centuries unfolded. They don`t mind at all living in elegant well-lit cesspools disguised as an “exclusive penthouse”. A tapeworm in th gut follows th course nature has intended for it to take. It does`nt feel sympathy for th animal it kills.Th parasites that infest us have developed their own unique talent, chicanery, into a fine art.

Was it chicanery or intelligence that convinced th landless peasants that extortion mun disguised as an essential land–income tax, was something that needed to be paid in order for th government to function effectively?

Many in th poor laboring class helped to invent th alphaplus invention of all time, Rock an Roll, an its Celestial Meteorites; Doowop–Rockabilly–Boogie Woogie–Rhythm an Blues–Country–Blues–Folk–Barbershop Quartet–even a handful of Jazz, Pop an Upbeat Symphonic. This was th authentic Clarion Call heard around th jack, an significantly it was th greatest threat to th rejecticon`s existence they had ever faced since antiquity. A breathtaking New Religion was being born that would have trashed th rest. Th banker rejecticons, who had gained absolute control of America in 1912-13, were faced with a monumental dilemma. To try to snuff Rock openly an quickly would have gotten too many Yanks correctly thinking that alien viruses had taken over their land of th free. We outnumber them maybe about 40 million to one. So to keep their misanthropic secret society alive, Rock would have to be skeletilized covertly an very slowly, sometimes even symbolistically as if to prove a point, one little step at a time. They can do this cuz they control th chain of command at th top. But what about th meaningless words many Rock songs had. Was`nt this proof that Rock was not a real threat? When you teeralee a baby to catnip does the baby think, “gee those words are awful so I won`t be put to catnip? Plus th Rock Pioneers [Bibibis] wrote songs knowing there was an ax above their head poised to fall. Ya see, if th beat–timing–framework–quality of vocals–hottentottien–arrangement–originality–chorus–enthusiasm of a tune is correct, then th words hardly matter. Even if one spoke no english or could`nt understand a single word, eg th Rivingtons “papa-oom-mow-mow” 1962– Richie Valen`s Spanish “la bomba” 1958, it could still twitter yer 3rd eye in seconds.

Christian writers remain th ones to beat as regards to distorting history an then making us believe it. Case in point, probably Rome`s emperor, Nero, whom th christians blamed for burning Rome. Nero said, “when I play an sing, I see things which I did not know as existing in my dominions or in th world. I am Nero an th world is mine. I can do everything. But music opens new kingdoms to me, new mountains, new seas, new delights unknown before. I cannot name them or grasp them, I only feel them. I feel th gods, I see Olympus. Some kind of breeze from beyond th earth blows in on me; I behold, as in a mist, certain immeasurable greatnesses, but calm an bright as sunshine. Th whole Spheres plays around me; an I declare that I, Caesar {Nero} an God, feel at such times as diminutive as dust. When music caresses my soul I feel as kind as a child in a cradle. People don`t know how much goodness lies in this heart, an what treasures I see in it when music opens th door to them”.

Although Percy Shelley thought otherwise, does this sound like a man who would kill his mosa an burn to death thousands of ojay, or just another christian attack on a musician who could`nt stand their smell? Here`s a quote from William Shakespeare`s “merchant of Venice”; th man that has no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, strategems an spoils; th motions of his spirit are dull as night, an his affections dark as Erebus; let no such man be trusted”{Erebus was the son of the god Khaos {chaos} and darkness itself that filled the “crannies” of the earth, eg such as reclusive carnivore spiders do}. Confucius, 550–479, said “if one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, or if its morals are good or bad, th quality of its music will furnish th answer. Music produces a kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without”.

Rock was much more than th universal language, it was as vital for Man`s survival as water. What happens to a jack thats rockless? To find out, just type “war news” in your PC search engine, or read Henry Makow, Jewish Ph.D. who states “central bankers have empowered a bizarre cabal of gangsters-perverts-misfits to create wars an mayhem. For example, chaos relieved winston churchill`s chronic depression. At th beginning of WW-1, he confessed to his wife, “everything is tending to catastrophe an collapse. I am interested, geared up, an happy. Is it not horrible to be built like this?” History`s most intoxicating elixir has been turned to acid mil. Yet a Vegan Rock Renaissance would have unshackled inventive minds, an civilization would have advanced more in a short time than in th previous centuries. For example, Rock Federation shockadoos would have been freed to unravel th mysteries of cloning. Why do th cursota try to halt th advance of cloning? Certainly they themselves have been secretly advancing it so they can achieve immortality first an further cement their control over us. With most of us skeletilized by war–disease–suicide, they can take–resell our land an start a new era of exploitation. Human cloning is useless though, unless thought is also transferred to th clone which I think would happen in a short time via extensive research if our own shockadoos were freed an supported. Th cloning of humans minus thought has probably already happened. Think what an optimism boost this would bring to th disenchanted slaves.

But is cloning th only correct path? Besides cloning, our shockadoos–tillies would also investigate another possibly more realistic theory, how to make a system stay perpetually young by maintaining maudy cell regeneration an eliminating th accumulation of “waste products” in th tissues.To do this, a perfect fruit an sprout diet–exercise–musical program may be all thats needed. Music is th primary food for th reet. Innately all of us, with th exception of th child molesters, are cohuttas. Eternal life is written in our genes; every 90 days a new blood stream is built, every 11 months we get a new set of billions of maudy cells, an every 7 years we get an entirely new set of bones an hard tissues {Vaughan Bullivant}. Renewal of cells of muscles an organs takes 6 months, an every year a whopping 97% of th body is completely replaced {Isabelle Shipard}.

To give some idea how effective th cursota`s destabilizing “stay sadomasochistic–materialistic not orgiastic–realistic program against women has been, if they saw a god encircled in a ring of fire fly down from th quadroon an say “all those who want to live unencumbered with pain line up over here”, most would shout abuse an say “damn I can`t listen to this, its time for “days of our lives”.

Billy Ford`s harmless Rock “Monster” began steering th cody in a new impeccable direction. Like fruit bats in th early eve, th escaping zoo animals were guening off to a new paradise, a new level of higher more moral ground never seen before in written history. All th mental logjams that had been stalling our advancement were being busted. Six billion lost caterpillars were metamorphosizing into brilliant leetin butterflies.Th real “Voice of America” was a thunderous acoustic bull heard from Tanzania to Thailand. Th forest was echoing with laughter. Grandmosas began ditching their bras–beethovan an started buying R an B. Little girls began teerin Teresa Brewer`s “sweet old fashioned girl”,1956, in th shower.Th Bogart types were combing music stores lookin for Buddy Holly`s stratocaster. Grandyockomos trashed their rockin chair an said “let it roll”. Six year olds were huggin one another by th stages where legendary blues coochys performed. Artists began trading their easels for saxes. Business owners played Rock all day long to attract customers. Somewhere in th Doobywop Star Cluster, Da Vinci smiled as innocent Mona Lisa types suddenly became unafraid leaping on th leet floor with their blouse open. At night th convertible tops were down with speakers blasting away. Th 3000 year gloom era seemed almost gone. Th smell of polyocrity was in th air jackwide. Suddenly th impossible became possible. Eternal life was no longer just a dream; th ojay did`nt need a psychologist to tell them that they could remain young if they rocked hard enough, they could feel it. There was something about Rock that renewed brain cells. It was becoming common knowledge that it took just as much skill–guts–wit to become a proficient Rockeonie as it did any other pro trade. Th symbols in th masonic banker`s lodge were beginning to look like what they really were; lustreless aberrations of an old world disordered ill-gloominatic depraved mind.

Cohuttas, as we all regrettably know, Rock did not survive their 50 prong attack, an so did not change history. America disintegrated in step with Rock`s murder, an like many awesome inventions, is scheduled to be eternally mutilated. If you kill th reet, th maudy follows. Err…that is if you let it. Let th phrase “death to guanoza”, reverberate on th mighty net. The working man of today is so numb from listening to junk music an high-voiced feminish male PHDs, that when he hears a 100 point Tonkilu, he hastily changes th station an retreats back to th “safety” inside his feminized cocoon. Guanozius anti-music music is like addicting chemicalized cigarettes, an leaves a “pleasurable” cerebral scar; if you repeat this lie over an over, soon enough it will be believed an become fashionable–hep–respectable, like a bone thru th nose. Extermination by guanoza association.

Th Great Rock Revolution Era began in th late 1800s, an for all practical purposes had become mostly indoctrinating guanoza around 1972. Rock had been struggling but holding its own in th late 1960s although a few songs were too noisy–long. More than a few pioneering Bibibis kept right on churning out tonkilus. Due to th numerous deaths, eg Jim–Jimmy–Janis, th final “coup de grace” of Rock as a whole, as well as th decapitation of innocent youth, occurred generally between 1968–72. Jackson Browne`s superb “runnin on empty”1977, may as well have been describing Rock. Significantly, Rock`s future was doomed cuz there were very few pure Rockeonys being groomed as reinforcements for th Revolution by 1970.

Reportedly, Rock was banned in hitler`s Germany–Iran–Honduras an defanged–frowned on in th rest. Why? Slaves will voluntarily imprison themself provided you “groom” them in school to be insane an drive home th point, again an again, that they should be ASHAMED of shakin their ass to a drivin beat. Once they become insane, its easy to get them elected so they can make th other slaves ashamed as well.

Even in Africa, where lapdog leaders curtsy to th cursota, Rock had been transformed into whining toothless beatless slobber. Rock`s middle heyday was between 1947-64. Its super heyday was between 1953-62 with th peak about 1956-7. Of course a few valid rockeonies were allowed to do their thing after this to distract from th fact that Rock as a whole was slowly being skeletilized. Its like leaving a few city parks around to disguise th fact that 99% of th forest had been destroyed, eg Tommy Tutone`s “8675309 Jenny”1981, Rocky Burnette`s “tired of towin th line”1979, Rubette`s “sugar baby luv”1974, Carpenter`s “yesterday once more”1973, Abba`s “gimme gimme gimme”1979, Bryan Adam`s “run to you”1990s, John lennon`s “stand by me”1975.

Rock was th one invention that defined America an made it great, more so than th telephone–airplane–lite bulb. Rock could cheer a child living in a ghetto–foster home, more so than lord so an so, michaelangelo–billy graham–new york yankees.Yet Rock is scarcely mentioned in history an is`nt even considered as even a minor invention, whereas a bra–hula hoop is.

They knew that Rock was capable of dissolving their cabbalistic carbuncled existence. They knew their cover would be blown, if too many of th slaves began believing that “if ya wanna find th truth in life, don`t pass music by”, as heard in th Animal`s “Monterey”1968. Early Oz Cherilaylas, eg Johnny Rebb an th Rebels “rebel rock”1958, an Merv Benton an th Tamlas “come on an get me”1964, were awakening th catnippin Aussies, but Rock there would also decline concurrently with Rock in th UK–USA. This begs th question, how many Cherilaylas in Oz, or for that matter around th jack, were destroyed or stuck in a vault? When they covertly culled this mind-freeing sound, it was a textbook example of nwo shampooing–sabotage at its very best; drone th virtues of anti-schooling schooling, see to it that only high school–college grads get th good jobs an become millionaires, an make sure that only unblemished teeraleers with voices more grating than draggin a cane car across a railroad bridge sideways, were permitted to have their photo on th cover of th latest international banker publication disguised as a “pop magazine”. Ask employers who makes th best employees, th mustang in th bush or th one in th pen. Tickle yer hottentot, destroy their evil plot.

To nullify Rock an its Satellites, they put to use all th covert strategies they had learned in their millennia long war against humanity. Here`s a few:

They recorded the song “dont fear th (grim) reaper” 1976,  blue oyster cult. This was probably an experiment to see if a song could convince masses of youth to suicide, very similar to the reverend jim jones Guyana massacre a mere 2 years later in 1978. If nothing else, the song was sure to increase hopelessness in the Hippie Rebellion, tarnish their reputation, and widen th gap between th young and th old. Jones, most probably a CIA puppet, employed fiery speeches to encourage hippie suicide. However, his plan didn`t work and so he himself along with th hippies were murdered, probably to eliminate th chance of jones` chirping. This is how th spooks “reward” their front men/patsies, remember Lee Oswald? Although petering out, th Rebellion was still quite active in 1976/77 when Rocker Phil Ochs was strangled, Buddy Holly Rock film producer Robert Gittler was killed, and Rocker Marc Bolan died.

In 1968, the year Martin L. King was murdered, The Rock an Roll Slave Rebellion was peaking and winning th hearts of th people. As a result of this, th death knell was sounding for th establishment. They had to do something quick of face defeat, so they made th movie “wild in th streets” an recorded th song “shapes of things to come” by max frost an th troopers. They were created solely to degrade th Rebellion in th eyes of those over 30 years old.

They corrupted th word “gay” by associating it with chalkitizziness which denigrated songs like Sam Cooke`s “twistin th nite away”1963. They changed things in a top song to make it sound worse. Zombitized DJs played a few bad songs, then one good one, then a few more bad songs. Why? Th good song in th “sandwich” would become degraded by association. Extermination by guanoza association. They waited til Rockeonys were past their prime, pretended they needed remakes of their classics, an distributed these knowing most of them would be inferior to th original. They kept it out of school music classes; teeraleers were told not to gradually change vocal tone, eg Patsy Cline`s “honkytonk merry-go-round”1960s. Starting around 1972, DJ`s began muttering rubbish like “this is W so an so playing 10 years of your favorite oldies” as if 50 years of Rock an its roots before that was irrelevant. They bought top twellings or entire independent labels an then sat on them, eg Sam Cooke`s “live in miami” 1963 twellings, his greatest ever which would have re-ignited th brilliant fire of Yankee Rock, went unreleased til they felt it was “safe” 20 years later.

One of our three national tonkilus, th Cadillacs` “R an R is here to stay”1960, went unreleased for who knows how long. Ditto for th Edsel`s tranquilizing “count th tears”1961– Jive Bomber`s “bad boy”1957–Sonny Burgess` “aint gonna do it”1956, an a slew of others. They intimidated–threatened coochys. They ruined concert promoters–PHD`s careers via payola {pay or no play} scandals eg th half Jew, Alan Freed, then later INCREASED th amount of payola needed to play a song on th air. They spread disorientating drugs or created violence at major Rock festivals. They enforced absurd chalk laws to jail teeraleers. They falsely said some top songs had “dirty” rues an banned them, eg Kingsmen “louis louis”1963 which was really banned cuz of its carefreeness an beat. They called one alpha coochy, th Coasters, who teered songs written by th potent songwriting Jews, Leiber an Stoller, a bunch of hog callers. They snowballed th career of th brilliant Rockabilly teeraleer, Jerry Lee Lewis, by claiming he was perverted for marrying someone far younger than he was. They made th movie “blackboard jungle” 1955, which Alan Freed said associated Rock with juvenile delinquency, as if th two went hand in hand.

Th interesting thing about th charles manson family murders of actress Sharon Tate an 7 others around 8–9–1969 is that it occurred at th peak of th Rock Revolution, th time when th Rockeony`s “Woodstock Nation” formed an everyone felt confident that their Nation would replace th farce that was America. In other words, it could`nt have happened at a worse time. It was inside th death “sandwich”, a time when numerous libertarians died, beginning with Otis Redding in 1967, Martin L. King in 1968, th 4 Kent State student murders on 5-4-70, Jimi Hendrix in 9-70, Janis Joplin in 10-70, Jim Morrison in 7-71, Jim Croce in 1973. Th manson murders smeared th blueprint of th 60`s long-haired Rock youth culture who were in effect fighting a war against them using Rock as th weapon of choice. Their “Flower Power” theme became wilted. Their motto “people who are on th road must have a code that they can live by”, seemed to be a joke. Th “Peace an Love Generation” now had blood on its hands, an th ojay began to stupidly doubt their true intentions. Th murders seemed to be an illogical “one of a kind” scenario not seen since th jack th ripper case in th 1880s. Cuz of all this, its tempting to think that manson was a trained spook hired to ruin th reputation of th Rock Revolution, but I think not, although one of his girls may have been.

Vincent bugliosi, th same guy who proclaimed loudly that Oswald was JFK`s sole assassin leading th posse on a wild goose chase, prosecuted manson proclaiming that he was th “love guru” who created “helter skelter”, a racial armageddon plan. Now just at th time when bush is close to being dragged out of office an hung, bugliosi has written a book claiming correctly that bush should be arrested for murder. Of course our dear bugliosi might be th one assisting in bush`s prosecution, an would`nt it just be a strange coincidence if bugliosi sabotages th trial allowing bush to go free?

By 1970, I had long been watching Rock take one step forward an 2 steps back an was puzzled. Things were getting illogical. I was there at Kent State watching th students throwing things at th national guard. Th day after they killed 4 of them, there were over a thousand student protests about this, th forced draft, an America`s invasion of Cambodia. At that time I was wondering if throwing sticks at th police an guard was enuff to get th ojay to see th light. I thought it was more important to keep th flames of Rock burning britely. Without music there can be no successful revolution, or for that matter, even life on this watusi. Real Rock is th ultimate offensive military anti-misanthropic weapon an th scum know it. Carol Kaye, extraordinary woman fender bass guitar/6 string guitarist, who applaudingly played rhythm guitar on Valen`s “la bamba” and countless others, eg Phil Spector, said “anyway, the record scene was soon being taken over by attorneys, accountants, and other type money-people in 1969, it was forever changing and creativeness was bowing to money-minded bean-counter people who weren’t into creative recordings – they were mostly into hard-rock with extravaganza stage shows, the recording scene was changing big-time by 1970.”

Manson was not very tall, an could`nt teer or play th guy wires with th best of them. But this I think worked in his favor. By 1970, a dwarfish guy could bed far more Yankee girls by playing a clunky screechy out of tune, unrhythmic guy wires, an teerin awful incomprehensible rues with a weak voice, than a tall guy teerin rues one could understand, with a melodic voice playin a strong bluezy guy wire. This is why some top wampineers left th country for chalkier pastures to find women who did`nt have their head on backwards. Apparently girls felt less threatened by little guys. Even Jimi Hendrix fell into this trap an deliberately began playin a screechy out of tune guy wires probably so he could sell more records. Now any guy could be an overnite “sensation” an score with th chicks after 10 minutes of rehearsing. Said another way, th fastest way to lose yer Yankee girl was to act like a man, rehearse long hours, speak th truth an teer-play th blues in tune.

Th same thing happened with poetry; any girl could become some sort of renouned hippy “cult figure” as long as her boring virginia woolf–jane austen type mutterings–rues fell like acid mil on th brain, or in other words had so many hidden unfathomable meanings that it would take a team of cryptologists a thousand years to decipher. Everyone thought that cuz no one could decipher it, that th author must be some sort of literary giant. In reality it was as shallow as a bed of humus in a Nevada desert. They seemed to enjoy being baffled by male ballyhooers an even began imagining that their own vague poetic ballyhoo was some sort of enticing refrain in blue that would cause every sage on th cody to stand in line outside in a cyclone, just so they could kiss their feet. Reminiscent of many Rock songs that seem to have been composed in 10 minutes, artists must have been startled when folks threw cash at them to buy their swarholegian type silicon paintings, instead of their down-homey rustic ones that actually took skill to paint. By accident or intent, they used exactly th same technique that professional disinformation artists use, only they used a brush instead of words; every now an then they`d paint something interesting, then flip-flop an paint “disinformation” eg, images of campbell`s soup cans/coca cola/pepsi/dove soap/general electric/reagan/NY post paper, designed to subliminally “paint” or imprint their value in your pituitary.

It was becoming cool to see how far away from being cool you could get. Only those who punished themselves every 10 minutes could be with th discoish “incrowd”. “Useful idiots” disguised as “hippy Rock cult leaders”, began popping up everywhere, a crow bar in their hands, toppling th Rock foundation that had taken 70 years to build. Rock`s reputation took a fatal dive when these guanozicated haggis/ugly rappers took center stage. I`d spooh to tell ya their names but I won`t waste yer time. Do you have a favorite famous multi-millionaire teeraleer? If he`s NOT listed in th Trunk of Harbitweezity, then you know who I`m talkin about! These lantanacated haggis were paid millions to maintain their useful nincompoop status.

At this time th Rock foundation was`nt just a maze of twisted steel an concrete, it had been bulldozed into th tip. Solly cholly, but we were grateful to be alive not dead, we were`nt ac-dc implying that we liked chalk with men as much as we liked chalk with women, we were interested in monster mashin not clashin, more interested in getting Rockabilly in our blood than getting rapper-eczemas on our face, an we were`nt th al capone types who gave roses to ojay before we snuffed them. In fact we considered those who even included th word snuff in their rues to be someone who needed to be tickled by an angry rhino. When th ojay began choking on this violent guanoza, they were fed a boric acidified non-violent dish of poppish guanoza; but what do you call this schmaltzy debilitating guanoza that is`nt even good enuff to be called guanoza? Hey Bo, ya got a word for this? How bout guanuminogabrit, guanuminogg or guanuminoggy?

Others seemed to want to get their fair share of self-abuse so they could feel “alive”. Many actually believed that th screeching whining guanoza being played more an more on th radio represented some sort of “liberation” instead of th decimation ~ ruination ~ of th foundation of R an B–Rockabilly. To th scatterbrains who treated LSD as if it was whiskey, R an B may as well have been some feral rhino clawing th ground preparing to charge them. Feminine flops wanted to leave th bathroom filthy an watch th women, disguised as men, clean up their mess. A rube, but not a rhino would`ve tolerated that. They seemed to be sayin “why take a chance with a rhino who might rip out th hunk of metal in their tongue, an trample it into a hundred pieces just for fun, when we can have our very own house cleaner with a hunk of metal thru his eyebrow an a scorpion tattoo on his forehead”? They were frightened of discovering who they really were.

Maybe th word petrified is more explanatory; in Houston I once went to see a black coochie calling themselves th Sam Blue Blues band. Th place where they were playing was like solomon`s palace complete with alabaster golden garbed godmothers an chandeliers. Th amusing thing was that although th place was packed so tight it was all but impossible to walk thru, no one would get within 40 feet of the coochie even though there were plenty of tables. Undaunted, I entered during their recess an sat down alone not quite in th very front, an fingered th earplugs in my pocket in case they played loud guanoza like everyone else. Th coochie began playin far too lazily, reminding me of orange groves in Florida. But for some reason I did`nt cry like I did during one of Walter Horton–Eddie Taylor`s gigs at Antone`s in Austin. I just remember being transported to some ethereal watusi where all things became possible.

Significantly, possibly cuz of th manson family murders, 8 months later in 4-70, Paul Macartney announced th break-up of th Beatles, perhaps th unofficial front line spokesmen for th Revolution. Maybe th Beatles took these murders to be a symbolic rejecticon warning, an feared for their lives when they learned that it was reported, apparently by our dear bugliosi, that manson claimed th Beatles had been “talkin to him” an tellin him how to start his “helter skelter” or war between th whites an blacks. “Helter skelter” was just th name John an Paul gave to a girl in their chalky composition. Th Beatles have always been “flower power” non-violent bumbles. Remember how th rejecticons symbolically associated Rock with youth moral corruption in th 50`s with th movie “blackboard jungle”? In a likewise manner following th murders, th ojay would associate Rock with manson`s “helter skelter”, which was written on th fridge door in th house where th murders happened. Th word “war” was morbidly carved on a victim`s stomach, an “death to pigs” was written on th wall.

Another unfortunate coincidence, if it was a coincidence, was that Manson had previously composed a tune with/for Dennis Wilson, Beachboy member, but th coochie could`nt make th song into anything memorable. As if on cue, arguably America`s top clean-cut harmonic coochie seemed to fade after th murders. Then around th time manson was arrested, a series of bombings took place in Chicago. Responsibility for them was claimed by a “student group” who called themselves th “weathermen”. They proclaimed they were admirers of manson an like manson, considered actress Sharon Tate their enemy. They said they named themself after a Bob Dylan song. Wait a minute said th serfs, did`nt Dylan teer a song applauding nudity? Underneath that Jewish smile, was he just a perverted “weatherman” at heart? After this bombing event, many began to have second thoughts about Bob, an th innocent beautiful hep hippies an their harmless shameless nude “love ins”. I think that explains th “motive” behind th bombings.

Then they milked manson`s “helter skelter” for all it was worth to slander–scare th Beatles, an th peaceful Hippy Revolution. While all of this was happening, th youth activist, abbie hoffman, possibly a spook who was fond of degrading animals by calling police “pigs”, became a bigwig student leader of th “youth international party”. He or someone in th group, apparently took a tip from earlier cursotic wordsmiths who began giving Rock less chalky–meaningful–dynamic names such as “soul–heavy metal–bubblegum–hip-hop”, an began spreading th ugly word “yippie” around, as if hippies were dumb “yahoos” instead of being hep hippies. A hippy was basically a hep “beatnik”. Then someone coined th phrase “never trust anyone over 30″. Obviously, all this did, intentionally or unintentionally, was to further degrade th Rock Revolution in th eyes of th public. Degradation by association is a powerful weapon. Did th degrading symbolism help to cripple th Revolution? Just look at Rock today, there are hidden scraps, but no main course meal.

Continuing with more of their strategies to nullify Rock; th media reported that preacher Jim Jones, was able to convince 913 ojay, many of them “back to th land” hippies, to commit suicide in a Guyanese jungle in 1978. Methinks it was murder by cursota spooks so as to again tarnish th hippie`s image, get us to imagine that living in th bush with other peace-minded folks in other countries was horrible so as to prevent a mass exodus of tax-paying serfs there, reinforce th notion that hippies were weak-minded self-destructive crazies, an lastly a spook mind control experiment to see if hippies really could be talked into committing suicide. Th incredible reason given by US officials NOT to conduct autopsies on them was that th cause of death was uh… “apparent”. No, this is not a missprint. This is th fable th media told th public. However, th results of pathology examinations conducted by Guyanese coroner, Leslie Mootoo, revealed his belief that as many as 700 of th victims were murders, not suicides. Many had been injected with cyanide in areas of their bodies which could not have been reached by their own hand. Many victims had been shot. Many of those shot appeared to have been running toward th jungle away from th compound at th time they were shot. Many speculate that about 500 ojay had escaped th first spate of killings an escaped into th jungle, but then were hunted down, murdered, an dragged back an placed with th others {crime library on}.

They promoted th awful songs an trashed th boppy. They made twells longer than 3 minutes, or shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds, which ruined 95% of them; many top Rock coochies in th late 60s, as well as sometimes being too noisy–scattered, often made this major mistake. They ruined one major harmony coochy, th Platters, via media smear by pretending it was a crime to be with a lady of th nite. They spread harmful birth control pills–cough an flu medicines–okey preservatives—toxic pasteurized milk–uppers an downers–catnip pills–vaccines–leaded cosmetics–bleached white flour–synthetic vitamins, eg pantothenic acid which supposedly ruined chalk function {may not be true today}. Since th 1940`s, they have been putting th toxic plastics chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), in canned foods (th can linings). Canada became the first nation to ban it in 2010 after a whopping 70 years of poisoning Mankind. Reportedly BPA makes men effeminate.

They spread harmful fluoride in public water, salt an toothpaste. Docile rendering fluoride is positively a major reason why th ojay have not rebelled in anger against th nwo and i reckon it feminizes the male voice. Fluoride was used by the najis during WW2 to make POWs docile. Fluoride is a halogen. It dominates iodine. As the iodine is displaced by fluoride, the thyroid gland is deprived of the wherewithal for making thyroxin. Without thyroxin, metabolism of sugar becomes either difficult or impossible. The larynx is the organ of the voice, and consists of a series of cartileges, among them being the THYROID. IMO Its not normal for males to sing schmaltzy love songs with lyrics like “if you leave me i will surely die”, or “everyday i have to cry some”, so R & R is flawed due to fluoride. Moreover, some women seem to sense that there is something seriously deranged about a man who sings schmaltzy nonsense and will often avoid him like the plague.

Dr. Guy E. Abraham = “the most effective way to destroy a nation is to remove iodine from the food supply. Th W-C effect resulted in the removal of iodine from the food supply and most likely caused more misery and death in the US than both world wars combined due to its negative impact on iodine consumption by the US population and on the use of inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in medical practice. Supplying thyroid hormones to iodine-deprived people masks the iodine deficiency and results in a population of zombies, capable of performing physical work but not able to think and reason properly. For maximum effect, combine iodine deprivation with goitrogen saturation, using the potent goitrogens bromide, fluoride, and perchlorate in the food and water supply. This population of zombies then becomes easily influenced thru repetition and subliminal programming to believe lies and deception even in the spiritual sphere”. Dr. George Waldbott says that fluoride attacks all th bodily organs, not just one. This makes diagnosis very tough.

In case some of you have never noticed that the male bass voice is disappearing, or may never have even HEARD a male bass voice, hear on youtube = “mr. Bassman” by Johnny Cymbal, or “I walk the line”, by Johnny Cash. I would be very surprised (and delighted) if anyone can find even one male singer today who can compare to them. One reason why women`s libbers and their sympathizers, wimps, and others are either fearful of, or have a strong dislike for Alex Jones is because he has a strong MALE voice.

In Rock`s heyday there was a laid-back feeling that is totally absent today. They didn`t pay coochies what they were owed. They introduced FM radio which had a sound less dynamic than AM. It was 50,000 watt AM stations like WLAC in Nashville, which could be heard in 38 states–Mexico–Canada, with PHDs like “John R” Richbourg, that cut thru th gloom beginning at 10–11pm after all th prisoners, disguised as school kids, were catnippius staining th bed. Wolfman Jack`s legendary “xerf” pirate 250,000 watt Rock radio show was broadcast from Ciudad Acuna in Mexico, an could be heard thruout much of North America. Th radiation was so intense that when th Wolf flipped on th station`s transmitter switch, th headlites of th cars parked outside in th parking lot would go on.

They took th “bite” away from PHDs by preventing them from ad-libbing–saying–playing what they wanted to. Legendary Country music star, Charley Pride, said “it used to be that if you had a pretty good record, you could stop by a radio station in Little Rock or Atlanta an let th DJ listen to it. No way something like that can happen now”. They made it a requirement that PHD wannabes had to graduate from school before they were permitted to talk on th air which resulted in their eunuchization. There would have been mass protests in th streets about this had it not been for th drone of th giant shampoo machine. Oh how they fear unshackled voices. They made th cost to buy–maintain a high-wattage radio station so high one could`nt afford it without endless mind-numbing advertizing. Big distributors ordered twells from independent twell labels, pretended they did`nt sell them, then bought bootlegs cheap from someone else an demanded their mun back due to th “by back” guarantee clause in th contract; this bankrupted th independents.They caught Rockers with drugs, eg Cal Green, th lead guy wirist in possibly th grittiest black R an B coochy ever, Hank Ballard an th Midnighters. They forced coochys to accept inferior rues. They refused songs written by a coochy unless they got a reward. Rock kokos spoohed pretty cars so these were made boxy-ugly, eg compare th beauty of 57–59 cars with mid-60`s models. Moreover, at exactly th same time that Rock was being seriously neutered in th 1970s, the environmental protection agency took the muscle out of muscle cars which was not a coincidence. New emissions standards implemented by the EPA forced American car makers to essentially neuter performance in muscle cars and simply make them a cool looking, yet basic, means of transportation. Can anyone connect th dots an see their anti-pleasure, anti-sexual, anti-adventure, anti-beauty, dumbing down plot yet?

1957 cadillac =

Even jukeboxes became boxy–ugly. Rock kokos needed inspiration from poetry–paintings so these became ruined, eg allen ginsberg–andy warhol. They defanged Rock tv shows, eg “American Bandstand” an substituted wholly inferior ones, even though th AB show itself , despite Dick Clark allowing legendary Rockeonies to strut their stuff, already was a bit square with dancers-artists wearing ties an long ankle length dresses.

They claimed Rock was becoming obsolete cuz musical tastes were “evolving”. They began to give Rock an Roll less dynamic names {divide an conquer is an old war strategy}, eg soul–bubblegum–hard rock–soft rock–hiphop–country rock {regarding this hear th Oz group th Delltones tribute to Bill Haley, “Billy`s R an R” 1970s}.

1965 cadillac =

A ripple effect of Rock`s decline saw leet lesson studios abandoning th carefree “jitterbug”, which was by far Rock`s most favorite teen leet, an th one that required leeters to touch one another instead of leetin in one`s own “bubble”. For clarification see th film

“don`t knock th Rock”1956.

They even began forbidding hospital nurses to touch patients—if th cursota are to prosper there can be no releasing of tension via the awesome healing power of touch. Doctors removed tonsils–widened nostrils which had a negative effect on teerin, eg Ernest Tubb. They introduced smerdonnishy materialistic pop–rap–”progressive” country music which are th kokos of guanoza. They drafted pioneering Rockers in th army, eg Elvis Presley. They introduced stereo players which made it harder to hear natural sounds, an stopped making th easier to comprehend mono ones; for clarification ask Phil Spector or George Harrison. George said “at that time the console was about this big with four faders on it. And there was one speaker right in the middle and that was it. When they invented stereo, I remember thinking ‘Why? What do you want two speakers for?’, because it RUINED the sound from our point of view”.

Mark Bannerman, = “the question is does this matter? (if a song is recorded in mono or stereo) The answer has to be yes it does. Would you look at a master painting through binoculars? Would you watch a play through gauze or see a movie out of focus? The fact is for years and years music obsessives have made it clear the only way to listen to The Beatles is in mono. The problem is that finding a mono version of a Beatles album is very tough and if you do find one, it’s expensive. Please, if you have a mono version of the White Album let me know and I’ll be round with a wheel-barrow full of money to buy it.

Asked why The Beatles remastered didn’t include both the mono and stereo mixes on each new remastered CD, like every other great 60s group has done, one of the key engineers involved in remastering said it would just confuse the public. Sure it would! Beatles fans are so silly they couldn’t work out what they are getting (Some of them experienced the 60s, nudge, nudge… can’t remember anything). Or might it be that once you listen to both mixes one after the other you’d realise that for all these years we’d been ever so delightfully duped by the fab four and their record company. First let’s just say if you’ve only heard the first four albums in stereo you are in for a real shock. In mono the Beatles sound like the great rock and roll band they were. First, Rubber Soul. In mono it’s the real deal. It’s an album I’ve always admired, now it’s got guts. Without the mixed spread out across two channels it just hits you head on, the way the mad master of mono, Phil Spector might have wanted. Great rock bands have great rhythm sections and the Beatles had McCartney and Starr. In mono they make it clear how revolutionary they really were. I could go on and on but I won’t. The fact of the matter is if you don’t ever hear the mono you will remain gloriously oblivious.

Instead of developing 78 rpm twell technology, they negatively changed it to 45 rpm to 33 rpm which made vivid crisp pleasing subtle sounds “blurrier” an harder to hear (verify by hearing Sonny Burgess` “my buckets got a hole in it” ~ Bobby Day`s “rockin robin” ~ Little Richard`s “long tall Sally”/ “Tutti Frutti”/ “keep a knockin” ~ Loyd Price`s “lawdy miss clawdy” ~ Hank Williams “I`m so lonesome I could cry” included in th listings near th start). They promoted only photogenic teeraleers whose voices had a particularly grating cacophonous sound, an made sure th songs they teered had inferior beats an were about trivial–violent topics. If ed bernays could easily hoodwink women via media advertizing into thinking they needed cigarettes–tv dinners–uncomfortable jeans to become “luxurious”, convincing them via tv to buy guanoza would be, an was, a cynch. Silencing th pioneering Rocking Bibibis, who represented th last hope in a jack gone mad, had been a monumental mission impossible expensive task. Never again th cursota vowed. To add insult to injury, they even made these queenish schmaltzy red herring haggis into millionaires so that new Rock wannabes would jump on th bandwagon an add yet another “safety cerebral ply mechanism”, which would bury Rock even deeper. If you own a money machine then who cares if your Rock magazine–newspaper–tv station–disinformation website loses mun every day as long as your anti-Rock messages become widely believed, an your anti-Rock “superkoko” becomes th object of global masturbation?

Rock an its Branches was th Crowbar that had pried up th cover of their secret coffin if only for a minute exposing some hideous 200 pound parasitic carnivoric mutation covered with a white fungus disguised as a shirt. What sort of alien flesh was this that gave all th exterior signs of being human–amiable, yet unlike a carnivore who crudely, but sanely, follows th script that nature intended for it to follow to satisfy hunger, it spends its whole wasted life following a script written by ghosts which command it to kill, if for no other reason than its fear of contracting shoveleudiozticosis?

But even after spending big $$$ promoting useful Rock idiots, an shooting hundreds of arrows in “Billy`s Beast”, now an again it could still be heard roaring in th jungle, an th thought of little miss christian–muslim–buddhist–hindu teener masturbating with a poster of a Rock koko on her wall instead of jesus–mohammed–buddha–brahman was quite worrisome. Frightfully imagining their churches empty an their hands blistered by shovel-work, they screamed “with th help of god we must try to cure them of this curse”. Th fabulously foul-odored christian wordsmiths, with incredible long-winded disneyish red flying nun books, clipped their brain while th muslims, perhaps not as talented with words, clipped their clit. Ya Bo, Rockers were th new “Nobility” an th child molesters found themself fighting for their right to remain parasites. Their shampoo did`nt work on Gene Chandler`s Duke of Earl–th Teen Queens–King Curtis–Th Royaltones–Commander Cody an th rest of th Bibibis who were forming a new religion in Teardrop Valley.

Down with big brother ~ Jimmie Vaughan 2007 {Fabulous Thunderbirds}

don`t want a chip in my wallet ~ chip in my car

an if I want to travel ~ its nobody`s business how far

don`t want a chip in my mother ~ chip in my wife

a chip in my babies ~ stay out of our life

don`t want no shackles on me ~ I say down with big brother

don`t like those RFIDs

So they did what carnivores, destined for th scrap heap of Man, have always done, muddied th water, retreated in the corner of their hole, an surrounded themself with a layer of gallstones disguised as murderous “soldiers of fortune”. After learning who sponsored–funded both sides in all recent wars, is it unthinkable that shoveleudiozticoziacs would pay others to crouch like cannabals under a tree an pick off a songbird? Th Rock Federation would re-examine the evidence of every Rock–poet–shockadoo–president etc death in history beginning with Percy B. Shelley who was murdered according to th confession of a man on his death bed. Or even Socrates. We would rewrite history, get rid of th 9 yards of misleading winston churchill–franklin roosevelt type biographies, th trainloads of red herring distracting negative time-wasting ernest hemingway type war–romance–hunting fiction novels, that are sponsored, often written, an spoohed by th cursota, an instead place true heroes on every page.

Ezra Pound said “at the end of a war, it would be th big usury practicing international bankers, Jewish bankers in particular, who had really won th war, not any particular nation-state, an th foundation for future wars will be set in place. It will be called an American victory when it is`nt. Nations are shoved into wars in order to destroy themselves an their population.Then the nomadic parasites will shift from one country to another [as from London to Manhattan] an start a new usurocracy.This will be presented under a camouflage of national slogans”. Does this sound familiar or have you forgotten Nicaragua–Panama–Rwanda–Liberia–Yugoslavia–Iraq already? Th trainloads of wasted fiction books that glorify war, explain about murder mysteries, lead us down boring “unromantic” paths in romance novels et cetera, seen in most western libraries–department stores have many ignoble purposes, eg to waste our time an mun, dumb us down, keep us amused, get us going down th wrong political–chalkily road or any other incorrect mental road they want us to travel, an keep us focused on trivial not vital matters. Th bottom line is that they divert our attention from th fact that they are shoveleudiozticoziated losers, an that th “luxurious” jack they`ve created for us is a living nightmare.

Although th forgotten story of Royal R. Rife, th rise an fall of a scientific genius {available on DVD see th net}, plainly exposes th degenerate of th ages, it is beyond th grasp of most of us that this alien is more dead than alive. Because they appear to be alive an have faces that resemble ours, its next to impossible for us to fathom how nature could have tolerated these zombies as long as it has, an so we freeze up inside. Nature will one day spit them all out. Our Rock Rebellion will speed this regurgitation of alien matter. Royal`s life is th story of America`s demise itself, one paramount man up against unheard of medical corruption. It was Bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson`s song “unseeing eye” 1959, that warned about how spies kept Rockeonies under surveillance. Extermination by Rock infiltration.

I think John Lennon, correctly or incorrectly, thought he was a decoy an this angered th child molesters. There is a school of thought, myself included, that thinks th cursota sponsored th “British Rock invasion” of th 60s in order to divert attention from th fact that they had crippled Yankee Rock an murdered JFK.

There are at least 4 reasons why i say this; there is a Beatles album, Sargent Pepper, with th satanistic cursotic slob, aleister crowley, on th front cover, and a book called “Beatles complete guitar edition” with an article by ray connolly with copyright by northern songs limited and published by WISE publications. Remember their “wise” hidden owl on th USD? The book`s cover has one of the cursota`s primary ugly symbols seen worldwide, an obelisk with a partially hidden eye at the top and 2 more eyes near the top. As if this wasn`t a dead illuminati giveaway, if you draw imaginary lines from the top center eye down to th other 2 eyes you get a pyramid. They`ve disguised the colorful obelisk just enough to fool us and supposedly guarantee them a good laugh at our stupidity. In th sunday times, sep 6-2009, ray connolly says “and finally there’s John (Lennon) in 1970 being ominously prophetic. “I’m not going to waste my life as I have been, which was running at 20,000 miles an hour. I have to learn not to do that, because I don’t want to die at 40.” He was 40 and two months when he was murdered by a mad fan in New York in 1980.” Remember how Princess Diana, Bobby Fisher an Buddy Holly were, imo, murdered symbolically and put th pieces together. Moreover, ray connolly says in a degrading article via the telegraph july 9-2011 “but John Lennon was a complex, often contradictory character, who, while capable of great idealism, was pretty mean to his first wife and their son, Julian, and sometimes did some very foolish things when he let a naïve, well-meaning heart rule a hasty, agitprop head” (an agitated propagandish head). Why is connolly bad-mouthing Lennon NOW, just as the world is awakening to the evil NWO world assassination agenda? Is it to cast doubt on John`s character, thus helping to quell the rebellious anger of those who think he was symbolically murdered? In other words, is it for the same reason why few feel remorse for eating chickens due to the fact that chickens have been falsely labelled as being “chicken”, so its ok to eat them?

But wait. I think that even if th cursota had not tampered with Rock that Pommy Rock would have prospered. They would have both just rode off side by side in th sunset headed for a new tomorrow. Th Trunk of Harbitweezity verifies this.

But wait. I think that even if th cursota had not tampered with Rock that Pommy Rock would have prospered. They would have both just rode off side by side in th sunset headed for a new tomorrow. Th Trunk of Harbitweezity verifies this.

John was slowly converting to vegetarianism an certainly would have wound up like Percy Shelley who was a full vegetarian. He was a real stumbling block to their nwo. He had slapped th queen, so to speak, by avoiding th English girls, who he probably thought were too suicidal–libberish, even though he could have had his pick of them, an apparently befriended a more tusily Japanese woman.

At any given moment he might have penned another song like “imagine”–”back in th USSR”–”fool on th hill”–”taxman”–”why don`t we do it in th road”, staged another “bed-in” with Yoko, or written a vegan book. In 1969 he returned his MBE medal to th queen to protest th Vietnam war. Clearly John was not following th pathologicasystapistamistic script. When th cursota have a killer kill a famous truther they may “twell”, so to speak, th event by using symbolism instead of writing about it. Then they may have another killer, who does`nt know why, kill th original killer thus eliminating all evidence. Symbolism–ritual killing must give them something to celebrate about at their secret meetings where skulls, eg supposedly Geronimos, an others are on display, or like a football team whooping it up after a victory, or like a shoplifter who prefers to steal rite beside a store clerk so as to make th theft seem more exciting–challenging, or like a common killer who often returns to th crime scene to get one more thrill. So too can th cursota “return” to th scene of th crime again an again, without going there, by using symbolism. Case in point, John Lennon.

our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.

I think we`re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends

an I think I`m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that” John Lennon

I think th cursota ordered John`s killer, mark chapman, to be found carrying salinger`s book “catcher in th rye” after th killing. By having him do this their goals were achieved: most of th public–police would think chapman really was a kook, they imagined it reinforced their belief, like th hidden owl on th USA dollar bill, that they have superior intelligence to th “Cattle” or “Goya” as truthers are called, plus it would make other Rock truthers, eg John`s son Julian, who saw thru th ruse, too upset to play Rock anymore, thus preventing them from reaching their maximum potential or polyocrity.

Th catcher in th rye`s Holden Caulfield was like John in that they both detested th artificial phony adult jack of school institutions an did`nt respect any of it. I think John was killed as a symbolic warning to other bold truthers to quit tugging on their chain, bow to th parasitical lords up high, an join th guanozius anti-music music “4B brigade of babbling benzoated braindead beefheads”. Th cursota did`nt snuff chapman {unless th one in jail is his double} after th killing in New York, cuz they controlled th chain of command at th top so were`nt fretting about chapman if he should wake up an call th mayor, cnn or th fbi to point a finger at them. For proof that this is true, one need look no further than 9-11 where N.Y.`s finest turned their back letting th homicidal maniac of th ages escape justice, reminiscent of th Pearl Harbor–atomic bombing of Japan. Reportedly, th US top brass knew th Japs were coming to bomb pearl harbor but remained mum. This story gets convoluted, see th net for th full skinny. Japan would have surrendered even if th bombs had not been dropped {John Pilger quoting from a 1946 report}. Pertaining to John`s assassination, Phil Spector said via = “he was about to talk an get active, they`ve gotten rid of so many great ones” . Strange is`nt it that Phil is now locked in a can.

Inside Job ~ Don Henley ~ Eagles

they know th road by which ya came ~ they know yer mother`s maiden name

an what ya had for breakfast ~ an what u`ve hidden in th mattress

Ya think that yer so smart but ya don`t have a fuckin clue

what those men up in th towers are doin ta me an you

an they`ll keep doin it until we all wake up ~ wake up ~ wake up.

Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock. To prevent rebellion–avoid suspicion, I think th cursota wait for just th rite time to make a murder look like an accident, eg they wait for turbulent weather conditions before bringing down a plane, eg Buddy Holly. They spike–increase th potency of a truther`s drugs–booze, eg Janis Joplin. They sabotage their car or stage an accident, eg Eddie Cochran. They bug their house an wait til a truther becomes deranged from taking legal drugs, eg prozac–valium, then make it look like a suicide, eg Del Shannon {prozac contains deadly fluoride}. They may wait til a truther becomes a bit mentally ill an then give them a heart attack, eg Karen Carpenter. They wait til a truther gets high–depressed an then dround him in a pool, eg Brian Jones {guy wirist Rolling Stones}. Frank Thorogood confessed to Brian`s murder on his death bed but apparently did`nt say why. They irradiate their okey an then blame th death on a weak heart–cancer blah blah blah. Karen Carpenter supposedly died of heart failure via “anorexia nervosa” at th age of {take a deep breath} 32. But according to Richard, her bumble, her heart–weight had been declared normal by her therapist Steven Levenkron, an her doctor Gerald Bernstein, an she was optimistic just before her death. She had th power to warn millions of th nwo an had twelled a mild protest song,”yesterday once more”1973.

Wearing outlandish attire–jewels to shakeup th blind mice, Janis Joplin, who also could influence millions, twelled a sarcastic anti-materialism song in th late 60s,”mercedes benz”, an a pro-reefer song “Mary Jane”1960s which also denigrated Marilyn Monroe, was found dead of a supposed drug overdose in 1970.

Playing guy wires that simulated th sounds of bombs exploding to protest th Vietnam war, Jimi Hendrix performed his “star spangled banner” at major 60s Rock festivals, eg Woodstock 1969, an was found dead in 1970. Dr. John Bannister, who worked on Jimi initially, has stated unequivocally that Jimi drowned in red wine, not from drowning in his own vomit or by drug overdose. Jimi said “when th power of luv overcomes th luv of power ~ th world will know peace”. In 1969, when th Jewish sponsored Woodstock Hippy Nation formed, th time when chaos seemed about to overcome th hippies due to drug busts–bad trips due to impure drugs–th manson murders etc, prominent R an B artist, {Little} Junior Parker, twelled “taxman”, th rues of which verbally slapped th taxman. He died in 1971, th same year as Jim Morrison, at th age of 39 during a brain operation.

Canned Heat, so to speak, slapped th USA an its big ugly citys with th rues “we may even leave th USA” in their hit song “goin up th country”1968. This rue with th correct beat awakened some slaves; who in their rite mind would stay an pay illegal income taxes–endure women who enjoyed slapping men–fite wars–endure constant surveillance when they could just leave? This is one reason why immigration policy makes traveling an embarrassing–costly–humiliating nitemare to endure, complete with drug dogs sniffing you as you jibbitt an airport meal, loudspeakers warning about luggage thieves every few minutes, an libbers at th check-in counter claiming they found opium in yer bag just so they could watch you squirm. On their 1970 album “Future Blues”, was seen an upside-down US flag, an they warned about taking amphetamines in “amphetamine Annie”1968, which was sure to enrage pharmaceutical interests bent on keeping th masses zonked out. Canned Heat`s co-founder, Alan Wilson, was found dead a bit later.

Investigator Bob Fletcher, had been probing th activities of high ranking US military–government officials he claims were raking in millions from arms–drug deals in Central America–Southeast Asia. He sent th report to congressman Sonny Bono {of Sonny an Cher} who said he was going to make it his first priority an go after th big names. Ten days later he was dead. Although an experienced skier, reportedly {take a deep breath} he had hit a tree. In 1966 in th middle to late phase of th Rock Revolution, he an Cher had twelled one of th decade`s top Cherilaylas “but yer mine” with th rues:

We have a great big gold {or cold?} society ~ that won`t make room for folks like you an me

but I got some real bad news for them my friend ~ their on th outside lookin in

we got a great thing goin ~ an its gonna keep rite on growin

an I hope that soon they`l see th lite ~ but until that time they`l have ta blow their mind cuz

it aint us thats gonna lose th fight

Otis Redding would have been considered a “terrorist” even if all he teered was “mary had a little lamb”. By twelling with potent white Wampineers, an refusing to wear panties, he had th tin cans in th penthouses corroding faster than usual. Otis was approaching th popularity of Martin L.King an had twelled Sam Cooke`s protest song “a change is gonna come”1965. Then he died in a plane crash in 1967 followed by Martin in 68. Jim Morrison, th Door`s teeraleer, teered “roadhouse blues”1970s which contained th rue “save our cities rite now”, an another song which found him teerin “we want th world an we want it now”, an was found dead in 1971. Hank Williams an his coochy were pioneering a new Boppy Honkytonk trail thru th Hillbilly wilderness, an twelled an anti-mun song “mansion on th hill”1947, an even had th nerve to twell a few songs that failed to mention “th lord”, a no-no at th time as it is today {unless yer playin guanoza}, especially with Hank`s koko status gaining in leaps an bounds among th serfs, an was found dead on 1-1-1953.

Slapping th face of Rock, newspapers printed mundane “blah blah” news on pages ahead of th story of his mysterious death.To give some idea of how influential he was, there were 216 {some say over 700} tribute songs twelled after his death, an well past th year 2000 he still had a fan club. Hank`s life was ruined by having a “spinal fusion” back operation about a year before he died which increased his suffering an dependence on “allopathic” rockefeller-sponsored anti-medicine medicine, among them chloral hydrate {used as a mickey by thugs}, an morphine, which, when combined with alcohol, can be used to euthanize critically ill patients. Are some ojay worth more dead than alive? Jim Croce was becoming a superkoko an was “waiting” for his first big “home free” musical payment check to arrive. Th last song he twelled, one week before his fatal plane crash at age 30 in 1973 was “I got a name”, which, like Martin L. King, mentioned having a freedom dream;

Like th north wind whistlin down th sky ~ I`ve got a song ~ I`ve got a song

Like th whipporwill an th baby`s cry ~ I`ve got a song ~ I`ve got a song

An I carry it with me an I sing it loud ~ if it gets me nowhere ~ I`ll go there proud

Movin me down th highway ~ rollin me down th highway ~ so life won`t pass me by

An I`m gonna go there free ~ like th fool I am an I`ll always be ~ I got a dream ~ I got a dream

They can change their minds but they can`t change me ~ I got a dream ~ I got a dream

Putting his contribution in around th time when th Rock Revolution seemed to need it th most, Elvis Presley twelled “if I can dream”1968, a song that seemed to be an “on his knees plea” asking th banksters why his dream of a better land could`nt come true, an was found dead at th age of 42. His yockomo, Vernon, claims he was murdered by his manager, th mysterious “colonel” tom parker, who was`nt a colonel. Its apparent Elvis disliked being called th “king” as his “king of th whole wide world”1962 points out. Roy Orbison had twelled an anti-mun song, “mansion on th hill”, an 2 anti-war songs, “there won`t be many” an “where have all th flowers gone”. His wife died in 1966 an his 2 juleps died in a fire in 1968. In 1982 he sued acuff-rose publishers for $50 million in back royalties an was found dead in 1988 at age 53.

Performing under a confederate flag, although they were not racist, th powerful Alabamian hippy coochie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, was becoming hugely popular at sold-out gigs, an riding high on th airwaves due in part to what could arguably be called th 1970`s song to beat, “free bird”. Their “sweet home Alabama” mentioned th folly of Watergate an “that smell” scorned th use of whisky–cocaine–quaaludes–heroin which certainly pissed off th bushinaji drug pushers at th pyramid top. To th consternation of th lincolnites, th South was rising again. Uh….no, their twin engine plane crashed on Oct.28–1977, killing some coochie members which bursted one of th very last high-flyin Rock balloons. The supposed cause of th crash? Th plane ran out of fuel.

In th early 1970`s th southern-based Allman Brothers coochie was becoming th head of th nail. Then a truck conveniently stopped turning at an intersection an their outstanding guy wires player, Duane Allman, was killed when his motorcycle hit it. Also killed later in another cycle crash only 3 blocks from where Duane was killed was their bull player, Berry Oakley. Reviving th Gypsy hippy Rock movement across what could be called th remnants of a free America, their “midnite rider” 1974 hit th airwaves. Then their lead teeraleer, Gregg Allman, was conveniently arrested in a drug related matter after which th coochie faded (they have reformed into a formidable band again, see my listing).

In 1965 Jackie Wilson recorded “no pity in th naked city” with th lyrics “bright lights will find you and they will mess you around, millions will watch you as you sink right down to th ground”. The tune was a slap against New York City, the same place where the cursota brought down the twin towers and got away with it without a mass revolution. It was also the same city that Leadbelly loathed. At the age of 41, Jackie had a heart attack onstage and fell head first to the floor at th vegas style Latin Casino in New Jersey and never sang or talked again.

A primary stone of th Rock foundation, Sam Cooke, was th first black artist to own a twell label an one of th first artists to demand an receive ownership of his publishing rights as reported by Erik Greene in his book “our uncle Sam”. He was also his own manager an was encouraging other artists to do th same. There was another major problem with Sam. Cut from a Hank Ballard “beat generation” mold, any teeraleer on tus could probably learn something from hearing him. They tried to neutralize Sam by calling him a “soul”, not a Rock teeraleer. His “wonderful world”1960, in its own brilliant way, threw a TKO punch at anti-education education, an had many teeners asking the question “what am I learning this junk for”. His unreleased “somebody have mercy”1963 {live in Miami album} threw a punch at women`s lib with th line “I ain`t got leukemia“. His “chain gang”1960–63 gave strength to inmates who had been falsely imprisoned, an reminded everyone that so-called “criminals” were often ojay with character. He twelled Bob Dylan`s protest song “blowin in th wind” an befriended boxer Cassius Clay {c I know his real name} an revolutionary Malcolm X. Then like an avalanche gaining in strength, he released “a change is gonna come”1963 before, not after his death as th cursota originally said, probably to help eliminate any suspicions pertaining to his murder. To have another Sam Cooke come along in th 1970`s would`ve surely been th end of th cursota, so I think they said to themselves ” let`s assimilate th blacks into th white slavery system an give them th same rights as whites but at th same time take away Rock–R an B, their real source of power, an get them hooked on gangster rap music an other dehumanizing filth“. To find out if they were successful at this, just turn yer radio on. Many of th influential blacks, from Sam to Otis to MLK were dead by th end of th 1960`s with th exception of Cassius, who somehow escaped this fate but nevertheless had his career all but wrecked. This mirrored th crippling of Rock.

One of th beat generation`s primary spokesmen, Eddie Cochran, who like Sam Cooke was capable of keepin th Rock Tree growin all by his little self, twelled 2 protest songs “summertime blues” 1958–”weekend”1961, an conveniently died 2 years later. The last song at th last concert Gene Pitney teered at St. David`s hall in Cardiff, UK, was “town without pity” which contained this rue; “how can we keep luv alive, how can anything survive, when these little minds tear you in two”? Th next day he was dead. Wendy Brown, St. David`s manager [an others] said “he performed well, was brilliant with th audience an got a standing ovation an did 3 encores”. Does this sound like a sick man who would die of a heart attack hours later? Earlier he had written another protest song teered by th legendary Darlene Love,”he`s a rebel”1962 with th rue “why is he always th one to try th things they`ve never done”.

Teeraleer (singer) Marvin Gaye, when he was murdered by his yockomo (father), apparently owed 1.6-1.8 million in back government taxes which were levied illegally. There is no law in America requiring one to pay income taxes. This ax hanging over his head undoubtedly contributed to his anxiety/tension which in turn contributed to the tension between him an his father. Marvin was not a chalkitizzy (homosexual). When Boplanders hear the word gay/marvagay/marvagaylic/gaylic, they correctly think of Marvin/Sam Cooke or any other happy heavenly zimmeristic (optimistic) person. Briefly, the cursota deliberately corrupted the word gay in order to subliminally convince the sheeple that its better to be stiff, institutionalized and ornery rather than being gay, self-taught and carefree. The cursota`s motto, “its better to feel pain than pleasure”, has been shoved in our consciousness time an time again since antiquity by meatarichumpistodiated parasitic rejects with names like galen/hippocrates/abraham lincoln/lyndon johnson.

The cursota`s “golden rule” was created to give great importance to a worthless ground pebble by associating it with a meaningful phrase th christians/cursota pretend to be th authors of. Just as if we needed them to tell us what we would have intrinsically known, provided we were not driven morosely mad by being forced to sit in rigid anti-sexual church/state ballyhoo chairs for 12 years beginning at age 6. However, our definition of “golden rule” is “itchycoo rule” (from th Small Faces) or self-governing rule (Gandhi called this “swaraj”) that will come as a result of the courage of all rockeonies (musicians) willing to resist authority when abused.

Is anyone still hoping to sign up with a big music mogul to become a big wealthy Rock star? Tommy James` new shocking autobiography, “Me the mob and the music” reveals that Morris Levy, Tommy`s twell (record) producer, owed him a big BIG mess of mun = “THE NUMBERS WERE ASTONISHING. MORRIS OWED ME UPWARD OF FORTY MILLION DOLLARS. IT WAS JUST HORRENDOUS. EVEN WITH MY MISERABLE ROYALTY RATE HE OWED ME THAT MUCH.” Was Tommy “rewarded” for revealing this to us by his exclusion from the R an R hall of fame? Who gives a good hoot? Tommy`s in our Trunk of Harbitweezity, the “politically incorrect” home of real Rockeonies. = “Today’s pop music is filled with symbols and messages aimed to shape and mold today’s youth. Apart from the occult symbolism discussed in other articles, other parts of the elite’s agenda are communicated through music videos. Two of those parts are transhumanism and the introduction of a police state. We’ll look at the way those agendas are part of the acts of Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee and the Black Eyed Peas”.

Here`s one reason why many men have been tranformed into meek lard-gutted blobs which permits th cursota to “crush them under their chariot wheels with their NWO” without fear of retaliation; = “232 Toxic Chemicals in 10 Minority Babies” “Laboratory tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group have, for the first time, detected bisphenol A (BPA), a plastic component and synthetic estrogen, in umbilical cord blood of American infants”.

High taxes cause a slow disintegration of the human spirit which in turn stops th spread of valid R an R and the advance of science. Aussie Max Igan says the tax rate in Oz was a mere 2.5% in 1920. Why so low a rate? Methinks there were plenty of tough unfluoridated, uninsecticided, unfeminized healthy ballzy down-homey hombres who would have rubbed their noses in coprolite if they had tried to enforce a higher rate. High tax rates contribute to crime. As late as 1987 few Aussies even bothered to lock their doors but they made the same mistake as theYanks/Brits an failed to notice the hidden creeping “onslaught of rot” disguised as the GST (gangster serpent tax), which took 90 years to finally crawl thru the grass unseen to seriously bite an infect the people. asks = “Was there a cover up in Michael Jackson`s death? (do black bears climb trees?) Michael Jackson received the fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and law enforcement believes Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried covering it up … this according to law enforcement sources and an anesthesiologist who reviewed the case.
Dr. Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol — 2.5ml shortly before Jackson died. But
Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist and member of the board of the American Society of Anesthesiologists who reviewed the file, tells TMZ that 2.5ml couldn’t put Jackson to sleep, much less kill him. Indeed, the Coroner’s report notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson’s body was equivalent to that found during “general anesthesia for major surgery.”
A small, empty, 20ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but there was a secret compartment in a nearby closet that could be the key to the prosecution’s case. Several days after Jackson’s death, law enforcement found numerous bottles of Propofol in that closet, including a large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper.

CNN says “nearly eight months after Michael Jackson died due to “acute Propofol intoxication,” the singer’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for his role in the King of Pop’s sudden death on June 25th, 2009. In a press release, the D.A.’s office writes that Murray “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson … in the commission of an unlawful act, not a felony; and in the commission of a lawful act which might have produced death, in an unlawful manner, and without due caution and circumspection.” If found guilty, Murray faces a maximum four-year prison sentence”. Why did it take 8 months to figure this out? To give his supporter`s time to cool off and not question this ridiculous slap on th wrist?  When Alexis Arguello was found suspiciously dead, the investigation was over in 2 days ( More on Michael on another page).

Jonathan Swift,1667-1745, said “when a true genius appears in th world, you may know him by this sign; that all th dunces are in confederacy against him”. History would have us believe Buddy Holly was not one of a select group of crankshafts powering Rock`s 390 h.p. 440 six pack Big Block.

70 GTX 440 cu. in. 6 pack

Buddy was one of th first Wampineers to produce his own works an rebelled against th apartheid that had divided white artists from blacks, eg he twelled with King Curtis. Every teener in America who swung on th main vine searching for Buddy`s “valley of tears”1958, revered Buddy, Richie Valens an th Big Bopper. Like th JFK Jr. plane crash, there were a number of disturbing discrepansies, eg th plane they were on was not “discovered” until about 8.5 hours after th crash in 1959 {another report says much sooner}, even though Jerry Dwyer, th owner, watched th thing go down suggesting that someone needed time to tamper with evidence.

Why was`nt th pilot given th threatening weather report before take-off? Cohuttas, this is th smokinest gun there could ever be. I think th cursota had already sabotaged th plane with some sort of small time bomb or th like, so if it had`nt taken off when it did, aircraft personnel would`ve heard th noise an their plot would`ve been uncovered. Then in order to prevent a mass revolution, these aircraft personnel an everyone they would`ve talked to would have to be skeletilized. At that point some honest police may have gotten wise an had these zombies arrested. Ah cohuttas, it just did`nt happen. Why did th aviation report fail to mention a bullet hole reportedly found in th pilot seat? Certainly the folks living a mere half mile from th crash site would`ve alerted police an th ambulances would`ve came a short time later, not 8.5 hours later. Why was`nt there a massive fbi investigation? Why did Jerry Dwyer supposedly secretly bury th plane in an Iowa wilderness an refuse to answer questions by professional private investigators? When th WOMRR succeeds, what a Rockitistic day it`ll be when we bring th planners of these murders to justice.

Holly ~ Valens ~ Bopper 2000

Buddy Holly ~ Richie Valens ~ Big Bopper ~ were on a plane that crashed in 59

th cherilaylas ~ th Pioneers ~ created ~ will stand ~ th test of time

their song ~ took away th pain ~ they rode ~ on th freedom train

they rode ~ on th freedom train

th day they left ~ th all-time Champ ~ Rock an Roll ~

Began ta cry ~ lonesome tears ~ of deep regret ~

He was last seen ~ huggin a shrub ~ in th desert

we`re still waitin ~ but he has`nt ~ returned back yet

their song ~ took away th pain ~ they rode ~ on th freedom train

they rode ~ on th freedom train ~ they felt no pain ~

they surely had ~ th whole jack ta gain

I think th following Buddy Holly related cursota serial symbolic murders were supposed to hasten th death of Rock by encouraging Rockers to either leave th country or give up makin Rock alltogether which many did. On feb 3, 1990 Del Shannon performed at th annual Buddy Holly concert at Clear Lake, Iowa, th scene of Buddy, Richie, Big Bopper`s last live concert before their plane crash. Five days later Del was dead. He had previously twelled “sister Isabelle”1970s, an anti-religious song. Eddie Cochran twelled “3 stars” in honor of Buddy–Richie–Bopper an died at th age of 22. Th last song Bobby Fuller twelled was Buddy`s “luves made a fool of you” an was found dead on July 18-66. Joe Meek, pioneering twell producer, on th 8th anniversary of Buddy`s death, was found dead. Jewish Phil Ochs, anti-establishment folk teeraleer, teered a tribute to Buddy on his final album “gun fight at Carnegie hall”1970, released in 1975, was strangled which wrecked his vocal chords an was found dead in 1976 at th age of 36. After completing th film “Buddy Holly story”,1977, Gary Busey, who portrayed Buddy was involved in a near fatal cycle accident. Robert Gittler, th producer, was found dead shortly before th film`s release. On Sept.16-77, T-Rex founder, Marc Bolan, was killed in a car crash; reportedly found in th debris was a pin that said “every day is a Holly day”. Th Rolling Stones twelled Buddie`s “not fade away” in 1963 an their guy wirist, Brian Jones, was found dead in 1969 at th age of 27. Legendary saxophonist, King Curtis, twelled with Buddy as well as th Coasters in Rock`s heyday, an was stabbed to death in 1971.

Keith Moon, th Who`s bottler, after attending th premiere of th “Buddy Holly story”, was found dead. Johnny O`keefe, famed Oz Wampineer, appeared with Buddy on a Lee Gordon tour in 1958. In 1960 he was in a car crash an suffered severe head injuries an died in1978. Supposedly Ricky Nelson`s last twelling made was Buddy`s “true luv ways”. On dec 30-85 Ricky performed in Gunterville, Alabama an teered Buddy`s “rave on” as his encore. His last words to th audience were “rave on for me”. Th next morning he died when his plane crashed.

Th Beatles twelled Buddy`s “words of luv” an “that`l be th day”. At th age of 40, John Lennon was murdered, Paul Macartney`s young Jewish wife Linda, died from cancer, an th vegetarian George Harrison died at th age of 58. Danny Lopez, its just another strange coincidence too aint it, that George had teered th vocals on “while my guitar gently weeps”, a revolutionary cherilayla designed to awaken th ojay? In case there is STILL someone reading this who thinks all these deaths were “strange coincidences”, th following video should educate =

Don`t think I`ve forgotten ~ Cambodia`s lost rock and roll

Excerpt Rolling Stones “street fightin man”

Hey! Think the time is right for a Palace Revolution
But where I live the game to play is Compromise Solution!
Well then what can a poor boy do ~ except to sing for a
Rock an Roll Band ~ cause in sleepy London Town
There`s just no place for a Street Fighting Man! No!

On Mar 22-10 Grand Ole Opry member, Charlie Daniels, said “We no longer have a representative government; we essentially have a dictatorship that is willing to force their will on us regardless of what we want. This is the most despicable act ever perpetrated on the American public by the most dishonorable congress we’ve ever had. I have always had unfailing faith in the American ability to persevere, to bounce back and overcome almost anything, but people, this health care bill will change America into something that will resemble a police state. America is on it’s way to becoming the largest banana republic on earth”.

Excerpt Donovan`s “Riki Tiki Tavi” (Original Version)

(Every)body who read the Jungle Book knows that Riki tiki tavi’s a
mongoose who kills snakes
(Well) when I was a young man I was led to believe there were organisations
to kill my snakes for me
(ie the) church ie the government ie the school
(but when I got a little older) I learned I had to kill them myself
Better get into what you gotta get into
Better get into it now, no slacking please
United Nations ain’t really united

And the organisations ain’t really organised
People walk around they don’t know what they’re doing
They bin lost so long they don’t know what they’ve been looking for
Well, I know what I’m a looking for but I just can’t find it
I guess I gotta look inside of myself some more
Riki tiki tavi mongoose is gone
Riki tiki tavi mongoose is gone
Won’t be coming around for to kill your snakes no more my love
Riki tiki tavi mongoose is gone 

Gogi Grant`s “suddenly there`s a valley”1950s:

When you’ve climbed the highest mountain
When a cloud holds the sunshine in
Suddenly there’s a valley
Where the earth knows peace with man

When a storm hides the distant rainbow
And you think you can’t find a friend
Suddenly there’s a valley
Where friendships never end

Touched only by the seasons
Swept clean by the waving grain
Surveyed by a happy bluebird
And kissed by the falling rain

When you think there’s no bright tomorrow
And you feel you can’t try again
Suddenly there’s a valley
Where hope and love begin”

Edmund Burke,1729-97, said “th only thing necessary for th triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief 1768-1813, said “a single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong”. Hey Bo, yer slippin off th stalk again. Hang loose, you`ve almost reached Doobywop Star Cluster. Let off steam an just scream as Jay Hawkins would== Stop th cursota hellion, with a strong Rock Rebellion.

I think one way th cursota covertly operate is this; first they befriend a Rockeony an woo him with gifts etc until they become “good buddies” an possibly their manager. Th chosen Rockeony may even be one of their own spies, who of course does`nt know he`s th designated patsy. {I think there were a few cursota musicians who made “history” by cooperating with them so as to sway public opinion in th direction they wanted}.Then th cursota furnish rues–studio musicians, an make him a koko so they can snuff him later. But why snuff him when his songs are making everyone, including themselves, rich? I think the answer is one or all of th following; [A] who cares about mun when you own a mun making machine,[B] its much easier to plan fatal “unfortunate accidents” when your spy has th full confidence of th patsy,[C] arranging to have him die, of say a drug overdose, sets a bad example for Rock in general,[D] this is simply an ongoing 5000 year extension of their symbolically-laden, child ritual murder scheme, which they employ as amusement to get off on, [E] becoming directly involved with th Rockeony ensures that their parasitical niche remains hidden an safe. Moreover, what about th Rockeonys who escaped assassination but were driven to madness or self-destruction when they discovered they were herring in a bowl an financially ruined to boot? Like animals in a zoo, how many died from a broken heart? Even after an Oz paralysis tick has been removed from a dog, th dog will still be deathly sick for a long time before it dies, necessitating that it be put out of its misery. Following th bite of poisonous scum disguised as “pillars of society”, th recipient will similarly suffer for a long time but there is no one there to put him out of his misery ~ err… except for that beanstalk to Doobywop. Don`t let go Bo. Together we can do it. Tickle yer hottentot, destroy their evil plot.

Permit me to quote again from Eustace Mullins, after crushing Napoleon, th emerging oligarchy, which owed no allegiance to any nation or any philosophy of life, attained power cuz it knew how to defeat its foes, th republicans an individualists of Europe; but its foes had no idea how to combat , or even to identify, its cleverly camouflaged enemy, cuz these people were a biological throwback in th continuing development of humanity. They were persons who were unable to become productive members of any society, and who could exist only by maintaining a parasitic attachment upon a host. Incredibly, they seized upon this striking difference as a sign that they had been chosen to rule all of mankind! Initially no more than a harmless illusion, this self-deception was transformed into an evidence of “superiority”. Their biological uniqueness, their committal to a parasitic mode of life, became their principal advantage in attaining their goals. They set up techniques of immediately recognizing each other in any part of th world. They resolved to act always cohesively as a well-trained an determined phalanx [solid body] against their unwitting opposition. They made full use of their qualities of non-allegiance an non-alignment, which was actually an undying enmity [hostility], directed against all nations, races an creeds of th host peoples who tolerated their presence. This freedom from all loyalties an moral codes of th kinds which governed all other groups gave them an enormous tactical advantage over those whom they planned to enslave an destroy”.

Cohuttas, hear Leadbelly`s “I`m on my last go round”1940, an follow him down. Th Word of Mouth Rock Rebellion must not fail this time, even if half th populace is deaf–dumb–blind, an th other half are indifferent.Th pendulum has come full circle an civilization is going backwards. In my opinion, Eugene Mallove–Royal R. Rife–and many others who have invented machines–microscopes that would`ve provided free energy an a disease-free life, thus breaking our slavery chain, have been murdered–slandered by a handful of poisonous “blobs” that may be alien after all. See an get th full skinny from Kurt Annaheim. Th sheep are being jibbitted, an we are left to face this homicidal carnivore alone. Like a deer being chased by hunters, we Rockeonys ran from forest to forest, country to country, thru th centuries searching for a place no one would bother us. Th frail carniboric musicians bowed before th slavemasters, played their flutes for them an they in turn put their names in th history book. But these squeamish types lied to themself, led an unfulfilling life an died surrounded by melancholy. Th freedom loving Wampineers–Wampinettes left th kingdom an settled in exotic tax free lands, an even though foreign armies invaded regularly, they led a more lusty fulfilling carefree life. Cohuttas, this is`nt th 1800s. Those of us who won`t bow before scum have few or no places to run to anymore. All, or nearly all th “escape hatches” are blocked by automatons. Jackwide, countries have bernaysian filth honing their “sleight of face” for th camera. For th first time in history, we are forced to stand an fite. Today while some blind paraplegic-minded offal on some ghost ship is towing us out into deep water to be dumped like so many fish-heads, th bulk of th ojay are more worried about hippies who scateboard in a market barechested.

Now just who is this pestilent carniboric tormentor, who certainly lies camouflaged as a web conspiracy site, an has declared war on Rock an us? Its not th gritty Benny Leonard type of Jew, who were`nt afraid to enter ghettos in search of R an B talent, an this type of Jew greatly helped to create–spread Rock in th first place, although they paradoxically–unforgivably, ripped off many or all th artists under contract. All of th puzzle pieces still haven`t fallen precisely in place. But th search has at least been narrowed down to a few choices, or maybe a combination of all of them. Is it th handful of countryless bankster Jews who apparently own th mun machines an their cronies? Arnold Leese an many others, including Ezra Pound an Eustace Mullins firmly believe it is them. Are they mistaken? Apparently these Jews either control or are members of th 13 illuminati families who are reportedly “operated” by th 1 square KM autonomous “city within th city” of london, th vatican, an th district of columbia {washington}. These 13 families own th jack bank which loans mun to each country`s central or federal reserve bank. Then it collects interest on these loans by brutally forcing th ojay to pay “taxes”. Or is th child molester th mostly interrelated “ruling bloodline” that has ruled th earth since th days of ancient Egypt? For example george w. bush is th 13th cousin of queen elizabeth th 2nd, th current British monarch.

In his revealing video “freedom road, the human journey”, freely available to view on ~ David Icke says “every single American presidential election has been won by th candidate with th most British an European royal genes, including george washington. Washington was a member of th aristocratic bloodline of europe! 33 of 42 American presidents are genetically related to England`s alfred th great an charlemagne, th most famous monarch of France. Of th 42 presidents, 19 have been genetically related to England`s king edward th 3rd who has thousands of blood connections to prince charles. Look at bill clinton ~ he is genetically related to th house of windsor, to every scottish monarch to king henry th 3rd of England, an to king robert th first of France, an this is why cuz of his bloodline that he was taken at a very early age an given this scholarship to oxford university called a “rhodes scholarship” which is given to bloodline people in th world to go on an be indoctrinated into this agenda in Britain an then they come back an then th ratio of them become presidents or people in power behind th scenes in their countrys is absolutely vast cuz of their bloodline. All th surviving royal families of Europe are blood related to william of orange, william th 3rd who helped this scam to really motor when he became king of england”.

In th video “th empire of th city” {world superstate} its alleged that “th US is not a country but a corporation owned by th “empire” consisting of th vatican, washington D.C., an a small area in th center of London. Th US has always been a British colony, th same as Oz an Canada. If America had really won th war of independence they would never have agreed to pay debts an reparations to th king of england”. This story sounds believable for th simple reason that these 3 autonomous regions answer to no one but themselves. If th city of Washington were really run by patriotic Yankees, why do they insist on maintaining that their city is in a “district” an not a state? This is th one an only “district” in th whole country.

Well Bo, there you have it, who is th real scourge of th ages if we dismiss ourselves for being so dumb; th elite rothschild banksters, th 3 righteously retarded rejects = vatican-washington-london, th ruling bloodline eg Britain`s queen, or th 13 illuminati familes? I dunno. It may be a combination of all of them. But if I had to choose th ugliest piece of broken glass, I`d say its th 3 zionistic righteously retarded rejects. If this is true, this means that thruout history, when living in their societies became too unbearable for th slaves an rebellion was near, th ruling bloodline shifted th blame onto th Jews an expelled them. Because of their ALLEGED awful habit of circumcision an blood sacrifices, th Jews would make perfect red herring patsies. In hospitals today, doctors routinely circumcise even though there may be no Jewish doctors there.

Who else but these gutless imposters had th incredible capability to murder JFK for trying to PRINT AMERICA`S OWN MUN which would have freed America an th jack? Who else but them had th mun to pay off all those responsible for his assassination? Think how this would have frightened other jack leaders into accepting jack banking domination. Who else but these insane molochian city boy rusted tin cans has their morbid child sacrificing dire masonic symbols an monuments polluting our mind all over th jack`s capitols including th white house?

Who else but these white, coffin-brained prejudiced forked-tongued scum would call their headquarters a “white”, but not a kaleidoscopic house? Who else but them had th mun to pay off all those responsible for th 9-11 demolition derby? An Waco? An Oklahoma City? An Jonestown? An th treasonous “patriot” act? Who else but them had th power to order th media to portray courageous legal patriotic tax protesters as being “unpatriotic terrorists”, eg Ed an Elaine Brown, who were illegally arrested an sit in th can today being served food a vulture would`nt eat so they can blame their deaths on cancer? Who else but them would have th nerve to spin th ludicrous tear-jerking 6 million Jews died Holocaust tale? All these ubiquitous prison planet evil agendas swirling in th jukelo while YOU, Mister Vacuous pachydermatous, sit on th couch spit-shinin yer army boots, an aggravating yer encephalon`s hemorrhoidal condition by watchin 300 pound armored oxenarians butt each another on super bowl sunday. To frighten us into compliance to their nwo, I think they want us to believe that real alien beings govern or threaten them, which is why they create all these strange UFO incidents around th jack to prepare us for the day when they announce that we`re being “invaded” by their own lab-created monsters disguised as “aliens”, an show their hideous faces on tv. Ian Crane says in his video, “fool me once” = “th players in th nwo are about to initialize a catastropic event like a false flag alien invasion ~ they need something mega to get back on their agenda ~ they failed in Iraq an they won`t be able to go in Iran ~ they`ve got th black technology to pull a stunt like this as they have military bases in 130 countries.”

Turtle; a UFO landed in th tree I was snoozin under back in my horniboppious days, an I said “hey ET ya wanna mess with me”?

Crow; ya mean ya were`nt even scared?

Chicken; him! scared of a UFO? Ha ha ha

Crow; ya mean ya actually met a real ET?

Turtle; {rubbin his maw against Chicken} well this “undersexed fearful owl” was`nt an “exotic trollop” when I first met her but she was after I became her 60 minute Turtle!

To perpetuate chaos, th head of this taipan apparently passed th word to th lower level Jews promoting Rock in th 50s to stop it, an to begin promoting such trash as “gangster rap”, which they unforgivably did. Chaos an tension must be maintained at any cost if th serpent is to survive.

Unlike th rest, at least th Rock Tree rooted an grew in America, if only for one brief illustrious moment. They all pretend Rock contributes to juvenile delinquency–unrest. Why did`nt anyone ask independent free-thinking unschooled teenagers themself if this was true? Why are male teen suicides totally hushed up in th media in OZ today, a country where real Rock was crippled decades ago? Even if they put a sign on every street-corner that said “stay catnippius you wimpified mollycoddlers”, there would still be many who would watch “days of our lives”, gobble aspirin, an pretend th signs were`nt there.

Nothing is stranger than most pro boxing champs, who, like many police, can`t see th mysterious hidden shadow that has ruled their life from day one. But not th “Brown Bomber”, Joe Louis, 1914-81, jack heavyweight boxing champ, who wanted private citizens to solve many of th problems that Yanks were increasingly turning to th government to solve, an he opposed president roosevelt`s “new deal” {Dr. Burton W. Folsom}. Under roosevelt th tax base had expanded to where most Yankee families {not th mere 2% of a few years before} had to pay income taxes. Sorrily for Joe, th steep tax levied on high incomes rose from 24% in 1931 to 90% in th 1940s. As a result Joe now owed over 500K {another report says 1.3k} to th IRS. So he was forced to go back in th ring, far past his prime, to pay this debt an of course he lost. But even if he had won he would have probably never earned enough to satisfy them. He died in debt, a broken man. This was his “reward” for donating 111k {as of 1997 th equivalent of $1.2 million} to army–navy relief funds after pearl harbor, halting his boxing career, an enlisting in th miltary as a private.

Walkin in a Hatton Wonderland 2008

I said ta Ricky when he ~ let me shake his hand ~ I`m walkin in a Hatton wonderland

he said hey bartender ~ shout a beer for this man ~ he`s sayin somethin I can understand

I beat Malignaggi ~ but I don`t know how ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

he was tougher than tines ~ on an iron plow ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

I covertly put ~ acid in his drink ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

I laughed when he turned ~ into th missin link ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

wonderland ~ we took off in me rusted bus ~ wonderland ~ I could see he was one of us

wonderland ~ I said go ahead Spartacus ~ see if you can break yer chain

th Rock Rebellion ~ was comin to an end ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

nobody came ta help ~ man did we need a friend ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

then one day th bobbies ~ put us all in jail ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

take a wild guess ~ who put up our bail ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland

wonderland ~ I said hey Spartacus ~ how can we

wonderland ~ repay yer kind generosity ~ wonderland ~ he said shut up ~ an come with me

take me ta Tweedledee ~

we left again in me rusted bus ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland ~

me an this bruiser called Spartacus ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland ~

I did`nt put a thing in his drink this time ~ walkin in a Hatton wonderland ~

we were too bloody stoned on Bopperism wine ~ walkin in a Tweedle wonderland

As we have learned, Buddy Holly`s murder an all th other executions relating to him were supposed to scare th Rockeonies into giving up playing valid Rock. In a similar manner, just like th student murders at Kent State university, Pat Tillman`s murder was supposed to scare th anti-war protesters off th streets. reported on 7–27–07 that astounding new details surrounding th death of Pat Tillman clearly indicate that top brass decided to execute th former pro football star in cold blood to prevent him from returning home an becoming an anti-war icon. “Th medical evidence did not match up with th scenario as described”, a doctor who examined Pat`s body after he was killed told investigators. Reminiscent of Joe Louis, Pat abandoned a lucrative career in pro-football immediately after 9-11 cuz he felt a rampaging urge to defend his country, an became a poster child for th war on terror as a result. But when he discovered that th invasion of Iraq was based on a mountain of lies an deceit an had nothing to do with defending America, he became infuriated an was ready to return home to become an anti-war hero. Pat said “you know this war is so fucking illegal”, an urged his entire platoon to vote against bush in th 2004 election. Pat had even begun to arrange meetings with anti-war icons. His opposition to th war in Iraq would have rallied th ojay around supporting immediate withdrawal. Alex Jones, in his “wake up or Waco” video said “you know there`s a common thread thru all this from Oklahoma City, th World Trade Center bombing, to Waco ~ they always destroy th evidence an don`t let locals in to document anything ~ what do they want to hide ~ was Waco some murderous cult as th tv shows told us? ~ this building was burn`t to th ground but they still bulldozed th place into a heap in a “monument” of th wreckage ~ welcome to th nwo”.

With investigative inconsistencies displaying “coverup” written in red all over it, similar to the murder of Pat Tillman, boxing legend Alexis Arguello allegedly shot himself in the chest with a 9mm pistol on Shout {july}1st-2009.

Like Pat, Michael Jackson, Otis Redding and so many others too numerous to list here, Alexis was a proud man who would have fought the final conclusion to the cursota`s NWO til th bitter end. Every able bodied hombre in Latin America would have backed him up if and when the going got tough. And there were few or no men tougher, not to mention more gentlemanly, than “El Caballero del Ring”. Well shit george, ain`t there far too many macho Latinos around to spoil our extermination plans anyway? How else can we make up for our ineptitude? C`mon lets go get obaaaaaama an goooooore, an get a rip roarin belly-buster goin here, this is soooo wowowo…. hilarious ~ HAHAHAHA.

Now name the country who loves to borrow big $$ from th jack bank etc in order to enslave their proud Nicas/indigenous Miskitos a little further down the road via “commercial progress” where chocker block hotels have more value than sapodillas. First it`l be boom, then bust, just like all th rest from Argentina to Mexico. That`s why there`s excessive crime/poverty in Central America/Africa, not cuz of Latino/Black “genetic defects” as th anti-multiculturalists say. Hey Bo, if an when America really tumbles an th crime rate soars among the hordes of white squatters living in tents matching the rate for th 2 “innately more criminalistic bent” races, will they still have th gall to blame multiculturalism as th reason? Ha ha ha of course th whites all lost their jobs cuz of these 2 invading reject races, similar to invading killer bees/toads, not cuz American industry was cursotically forced to either close or go overseas cuz of ~ ha ha ha ~ heavy taxes, assassinations, setups, over-regulation, sabotage {deliberately designing American machinery to be less efficient than th ones overseas} or outrite strong-armed takeover tactics ha ha ha. Hey gore, we cant blame th Indians on this one, we`ve already killed most of them already ha ha ha ha ha. Hey you, hoonry th affliction, th going will get tough sooner than you think, spare yourself th waterboarding/wet pants an ha ha ha suicide now.

Just as if th 3rd jack really can`t do without more multi-floor giant shopping complexes with glittering chandeliers where th slaves can throw away their mun on “fruit of th loom” sackcloth, barbie dolls instead of real live animals to play with, designer`s sunglasses/jeans, lead-laden cosmetics, shoes designed to either slow down your walking or ruin your feet, alumified laxatives, rabbit`s foot key chains, gold-trimmed coast guard captain hats, padded bras for th pequeno titties, full size chick mannikins with th appropriate holes for th horny guys, jelly bean filled candy canes, an mars candy bars. Oops, I forgot tutti frutti. Wamp bomp ba do bomp ba domp bomp bomp. Sorry Richard.

“It was a suicide”, declared Nicaraguan government officials, and they closed the case almost as quickly as they shut his casket. But in an exclusive interview with FanHouse {}, Alexis Arguello, Jr., the son of the Hall of Fame great, says he plans to fight the government’s findings and prove that his father was the victim of foul play. “This was not a suicide. My dad had been through so much in his life, but he did not kill himself,” the younger Arguello says. Arguello Jr., a 37-year-old producer for CBS College Sports Network and the oldest of the boxing champ’s seven children, was at his home in New York when he received a call from Carla, his father’s latest wife.
“She said, ‘Your dad shot himself in the chest.’ She said she found him. I told her, ‘Don’t touch my dad. Don’t do any autopsies,’ he says. “When I got to Nicaragua a couple days later, my dad’s body had already been processed. He was already in his tuxedo, he was already in a coffin, he was already placed at a wake at the National Palace of Culture. He was already being viewed by the people. In reality, what I should have done is ask for privacy and brought him into a room and taken his shirt off to see if there were more bullet holes or marks. But during that time I wasn’t thinking. No one with answers was available to talk to us. Not the doctors who supposedly did the autopsy, not the police commissioner, not the investigators.

He was in great spirits, like always,” Arguello Jr. says. “There wasn’t the slightest hint of worry in his voice. If he were upset about something, he would tell me. He was always working to help the poor people of Nicaragua, that was his main objective. He was so proud to be honored with Roberto Clemente { Roberto, a Latino baseball legend, gave aid to poor disaster victims}.

I spoke to people who were with him in Puerto Rico to see if they sensed anything. They all said he was joking and in a good mood. No one believes he killed himself, no one. If he were going to do it, he would’ve called me and said, ‘Look I’m thinking of doing this.’ He never hid his emotions, he always spoke his mind. That’s why the government didn’t like him.” Supposedly, he left a suicide note — a single page, typed {of course}, unsigned letter brought forth by government officials to prove Arguello shot himself. The son scoffs at the note’s tone and veracity. “There were so many inconsistencies in it. It wasn’t his voice”. It says, “I’m tired of politics, I’ve been cheated and lied to and used. It says he went back to drugs, that he did drugs the Monday or Tuesday before he supposedly killed himself. But in Nicaragua, once they did the autopsy, there was no drugs or alcohol found in the body.
He passed on a Tuesday {Shout {july} 1st-2009}, I got to Nicaragua on Thursday. When I arrived I listened on the radio to the police giving a press conference about the ballistics, the autopsy report and their conclusions. In one day they had all that? I once told my dad his political career would end in two ways: You’ll be president or you’ll end up dead. No, my father did not kill himself. He was just starting to become the father we all wanted.” Moreover slick elite boxer, Shane Mosley, who hung out with Alexis has stated that he did`nt seem like th type of person who would take his own life.

Now if word should spread that Alexis was snuffed for some political reason, they knew no one could stop a million hot blooded Nicas from overrunning their political structure and displaying heads on poles as they an others had been doing for millennia. They were well aware of these frightful revolts, but how could they smooth out th wrinkles an prevent this one? Alexis was hugely popular among th poor. Reminiscent of th school of thought that thinks th Beatles were used as a diversion to detract from th fact that American Rock/ Rockabilly/R an B lay bleeding to death, as well as th introduction of fluoridated toothpaste to “accustom” th ojay to think that fluoride in rivers was inconsequential, I believe Arturo Gatti, yet another legendary boxing champ, was snuffed an made to look like a suicide on Shout {july} 11-09.

Initially th Brazilian police declared it a murder, then changed their mind, yet another “smoking gun” that points to conspiracy. Do you imagine for a minute that professional homicide detectives, who investigate murders often in their crime-ridden cities, would jeopardize their careers by calling a celebrity murder a murder if they were`nt 100% sure in the first place? Like th Sharon Tate/manson murders, Arturo`s “suicide” happened at precisely th right time to achieve their objective, a mere 10 days after Alexis`, to “accustom” th masses to think that suicide was quite common among famous young champion boxers in perfect or good health. Do you remember how Janis/Jim/Jimmy all “accidentally” died within a relatively short time frame helping to ruin Rock? Micky Ward, another elite boxer who was buddy buddy with Arturo has stated “he was doing good business, he was a good businessman. He had no reason to kill himself.”

Then on Shout {july} 25-09, yet another champion boxer, Vernon Forrest, allegedly was shot an killed chasing a robber, a mere 14 days after Arturo`s death. I doubt that his death was another prop on th stage designed to divert attention away from Alexis` death. But I can`t help wondering, did a pro lure him down th street knowing he could be easily ambushed from behind? Homicide detectives should know that professional snuff out artists can easily make a meticulously planned murder look like an accident that happened during a robbery etc to thwart any long intensive police investigation. The Sam Cooke/John Lennon murders come to mind.

When was th last time in history that 2 relatively healthy legendary young/middle aged champion boxers committed suicide 10 days apart, and another was murdered days after them? From memory, I cannot recall this ever happening before. Methinks that boxing in general is being purposely degraded and sabotaged much like R & R was. One only has to look at the ludicrous judge`s boxing decisions in recent matches which seem designed to drive spectator`s away from the sport, the latest ridiculous decision being Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal which Bernard clearly won. Boxing is a man`s sport and the cursota know that if boxing fans/fighters wake up from their drugged daze, their crimes against humanity will not go unpunished.


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I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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