Chapter 5 of 7– Port Arthur massacre–AIDS hoax–vitamin B-12 hoax– why monsanto must be stopped and brought to trial-why sex laws exist-vaccinaton dangers-Miraculous Chia Seeds-Goat Milk-Ducks-Dr.Klenner/Dr. Cathcart and vitamin C-Fruit Sabotage History – Toxic Coca Cola

Forgive me Bo for straying out in th bizarre blue yonder, but cuz th eyes of certain youths are more open than their elders, they sense that “th world`s wrong” as Percy Shelley wrote, an cuz they see no solution for this in th immediate future, an realizing that changing a lite bulb thats burnt in th socket is tough, they “hide” this horrible thought from themself to keep from going crazy.

Rough wind, that moanest loud
Grief too sad for song;
Wild wind, when sullen cloud
Knells all the night long;
Sad storm whose tears are vain, 
Bare woods, whose branches strain,
Deep caves and dreary main,--
Wail, for the world's wrong! [Published by Mrs. Shelley, "Posthumous Poems", 1824.]

Now cuz we all need someone to believe in, th lite at th end of th tunnel must be kept in view. If th lite goes out, so will our reason for living. So they think, why not transfer an maintain this lite in th radiant glow of someone of th opposite gender? So a boy may do this {as in a Rockless jack} an initially he won`t even bother to ask for a date cuz refusal would endanger his sanity. But what if th person he`s transfered this lite–faith to is also trapped at th bottom of an unlit cavern but he does`nt know it? Then one day in school he finally gets th nerve to ask for a date an is refused. Unknown to him, she had also transfered her faith to someone–something else. Without Rock or kawliga to help him, he may then transfer this faith to booze etc, an begin to punish himself. Note that he probably did`nt spooh th girl who refused his offer for a date, she was just his leaning pole that he clung to, in order to maintain balance. But he does`nt know this an his depression may be too much to overcome if stuck in a dead city. For me, no place on tus was more depressing than th school I attended. I was trying to teach th terrorized to be carefree around 2nd grade an was paddled for my effort by th principal. But this is far preferable to th drugs they administer today. I did`nt know why th jack was mentally unstable, I just knew it was. Rock has a way of soothing th reet so that even in th city, one can “escape” with a good imagination an a soundproof room. Tickle yer vocal chords–musical hottentots an see.

They must keep us poor via taxation nomatter what th cost. They know that Aussies–Yanks–Germans an th rest, if left alone, would quickly amass a fortune cuz most of them are naturally industrious–hard working–intelligent–charitable as all normal ojay are. When folks have mun, they have time to think instead of work, an time to rebel an not bow down. To keep th Aussies dumbed down–poor is a monstrous shampooing feat methinks. Or at least th circus juggling act of th century. For example, 388.9 million will be spent by an agriculture agency to “prevent illegal foreign fishing in Oz northern waters {overview 2007}. This despite th fact that seafood is binding–carcinogenic. They already know that if they take half of this mun an pocket it, no one would know. They don`t have to be transparent cuz th fat dazed sick ojay have no time–mun to demand it.

Like michaelangelo`s sistine chapel paintings, this sydney opera house red herring was sure to bedazzle th minnows in th aquarium for decades to come.

As an added bonus, th ripple effect of this anti-Rock cement psychosis would lessen th number of TV appearances needed by th rejecticons, while holding a sweaty infant on each arm, to reassure th “goyim or sheeple” that culture–music was advancing–adapting to th demands of a saner more modern jack blah blah blah. As if this were not enough, they sponsor state–city festivities where “heavy metal” coochies torture th ear, an neutered frivolous elementary school student exhibits litter th wall. Gosh said th computer, they really do a sterling job teaching those kids don`t they? Now that Rock is crippled, what else is there for slave kids to do except worship ghosts, paint baubles on exhibitions, an play checkers? Extermination by lack of stimulation. Strain hard against th chain, or live a life of pain.

Police please listen. Oz has already had its own version of 9-11 under john howard. Evidence provided by Andrew S. Macgregor, 17 year senior policeman, an other reports on th netsite = ~ strongly suggest that the convicted port arthur assassin, Martin Bryant, is innocent. To verify this, type port arthur coverup or massacre and Andrew Macgregor on your net search engine. It was staged to get th automatic weapons an create a police state. Now one shoveleudiozticoziac with an automatic rifle is capable of shooting a dozen truthers armed with a bolt-action rifle. Th first step to create a new world order, which is just a phrase they invented to disguise their fear of contracting shoveleudiozticosis or fear of shovels, is to disarm th masses. Andrew saw thru th ruse an told th media he had th goods on th real skeletilizers an invited them to attend a forum featuring himself, Wendy Scurr an other professionals. Th media never came an as a result, no one learned th truth, an another proud country was subdued by th meatarichumpistodians. Sorry Bo, I have to pause here until th other Aussie readers finish yawning. Oh by th way, I see a couple of cracks in yer bubble forming. No I won`t take a crowbar an break it all at once, now will I? Relax, when yer bubble breaks u`ll hear th call of th Crow.

Crow; {whispering to Turtle} I`ve been waiting to hear that “whoosh”.

Chicken; {whispering to Crow} me too, I think its not long now.

We`re led to believe that Martin would rather sit an watch tv rather than let his yockomosa–attorney or anyone else visit him, if he is even alive. Law after law was passed after this in accord with th nwo with nary a whimper by th media or anyone else. Make a list of advertizers on OZ news–sport channels an boycott them until they interview Martin talking with his yockomosa. But even if they do, th Martin you see on tv would have had his brain rearranged in a way that illuminates them in a respectable light, or they would`nt show him on tv in th first place! Their gangster service tax is uncleverly called th GST goods an services tax. Now you must pay someone for th “privilege” of blowin yer nose using taxed tissue paper. Th spoiled pathologicasystapistamistic child molesters push push push to see how much they can get away with. I tried unsuccessfully to find th law supposedly written in 1936 stating that Oz citizens had to pay income tax. Th ATO, Australian taxation office, even astonishingly, an arrogantly, admits that it is an illegal office. How can they do this? They have pushed an demoralized th sheeple for so long there, that they know just how far they can be pushed. Not only are Aussies mesmerized by their leaders, they are also inexplicably fearful of…. {gulp} FLIES which are ubiquitous.

Th flies in th dry interior are so accustomed to seeing fearful ojay/Cattle slowly an harmlessly shoo them away when they land on their skin that they will try to “punish” anyone who swings at them quickly with bad intentions. They do this by repeatedly smacking into th person`s face an arms by th hundreds. Its amusing to watch Aussies slowly shoo away a single fly again an again for minutes at a time as they land on their skin, just like th Cattle. There are 3 reasons why th flies are everywhere; th majority of ojay don`t even try to kill them even though excellent cheap traps are widely available, folks think they`ll drop dead if they smack them thanks to warnings by serpentawkious medimambas, an they breed like… well, flies on th vast redundant redungaloidal wastelands disguised as “Cattle stations”. Unlike th feral angry revengeful outback flies, th tame pampered ones in th city are treated as “one of th waitresses”, an are so fat an slothful they don`t even bother to fly away quick when someone shoos them away. In restaurants they are shooed from person to person, table to table, taking their time carefully choosing their delicacies for th day. If any of you want to get rich quick an make th front page news headlines to boot, just have a friend take a foto of you swattin a fly an call various news outlets an accept th highest bid for th foto.

Haven`t ya ever wondered why many Aussies drive in broad daylite with their headlites on? No they`re not constipated or petrified of their own shadow, they`re just heroically tryin to warn other drivers of these flies which may fly in yer mouth, get trapped in th trachea, an cause th driver to suffocate to death!

Breaking news flash =The illegal ATO in Oz has proclaimed that FLIES working in restaurants as “waitresses” must pay income taxes like the other slaves. The FLIES are still protesting this decision by flying up the NOSES of restaurant patrons. The prime minister, “ghoulia shil-lard”, has declared a national emergency an posted troops in the restaurants. But even though she offered a $310,000 reward days ago to anyone who will smack them, its still a standoff with the reward being unclaimed. The situation was so tense that shil-lard has taken refuge in a submarine until the FLIES can be subdued. Paradoxically, when one Black Aboriginal Native said he would personally go into each and every restaurant, even in her submarine, and swat the flies for free, she said no cuz he was bare-chested. When asked why she had wrapped herself from head to foot with white clothing, including panties and bra wrapped tight around her noggin, she sarcastically replied  “stupid, didn`t you know that flies are more attracted to Blacks than Whites?” .

Time is running out! Th brief internet window of opportunity is closin on what once was a spectacular free country full of strong witty simple folk.

While good honest doctors have their licenses to practice nullified for correctly telling patients to avoid allopathic cancer chemotherapy, police pick pockets for having brite lights on in dark residential areas. Children–dogs often can`t be seen with dimmers on. Adopting an organic grape juice diet {th only organic grapes nowadays are th ones in your own back yard} for a week or so to cure cancer is too simple, an besides, when yer doctor calls you a “fruitcake” or “health nut”, it would be too embarassing would`nt it? Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Almost instantly th WOMRR would stop th hissinjerkians dead in their tracks if you, Mr.Vacuous Pachydermatous, would only give one small tug on your 2 ton chain. Whats that you say, if you did yer girl would leave you? Take a tip, its better to be stuck in th mud in a gator hole armed with a slingshot, than it is to be stuck in a palace with a mouthy brat being henpecked to death. Look in th mirror, is it you or someone else? I thought so, now get to work = If yer in th military overseas get out an become “gung ho” in a movement to free ojay not enslave them ~ Don`t even think about enlisting in th military ~ Move out if you live in a country that forces you to join th military ~ It`s vitally important to stop dealing with kleptomaniac palaces disguised as “banks”, even if they give you $10 a month for every dollar you have invested an offer ya a free cadillac to boot. Turn off yer tv set. Buy things from small independent shops not from big shopping malls. Pay cash or trade, never borrow or use checks–credit cards which leave a paper trail. Close th account an hide th mun. Play an preserve those old Rock recordings that have kept th jack`s cannabals in line. These small but effective simple acts would almost turn th tide in our favor overnite. Plant an organic garden so if they cut off th okey supply you`ll be protected. Buy or make a gun while you still can. When th billion dollar shampoo machine whines an blames th deteriorating economic condition, which they will have artificially created themself, on nobody but you, just smile.

Dont deal with yakalinquentics, disguised as lawyers, until they make it a crime for false accusers to be punished, an until they provide free contract forms–advice on how to act as your own lawyer. Its simple to find a good dentist; good ones don`t recommend perilous fluoride toothpaste an amalgam fillings. Usually if he mentions needing a root canal–x-rays–wisdom teeth removal–laughing gas, its time to say CURSOTA, an walk out th door without paying. Their favorite stunt is to recommend wisdom teeth removal, after they have given laughing gas which makes th patient more susceptible to suggestion, when they aren`t causing any problem cuz “they could cause a problem later”. Meat–dairy products–synthetic okey, failure to clean–floss properly with unrefined sea salt an water, excess consumption of citrus fruit, contribute to tooth problems. Unfortunately, even fluoride-free “health” toothpaste is often useless. Avoid eye–ear–throat–foot–back doctors by cleaning yer innards with organic fruit or fruit–vegie juice–herbs. Use herbs grown in yer own garden only, eg oregano to reduce mucas–prevent colds.

Keep yer reet secure by never watching tv–movies, nearly all of which feature guanozius symphonic–rap music, an numbing nwo themes designed to short-circuit brain waves. Follywood acting schools teach students how to lie with their face–mouth, not how to wear a righteous face. Kids learn how to lie with their face–mouth by watching movie actors. As they grow up watching this trash an squandering their youth away, little by little they imagine that lies can bring rewards. Then one day someone is robbed–stabbed an th youthful offender is questioned by his parents–police. But he is such a good actor, having been schooled by follywood, that everyone firmly believes he did`nt do it. Movies, not Rock, corrupt youth. More mun is often spent making one movie, than most of us will ever save in our lifetime.

To prevent th slaves from thinking too much, movie stunt men–special effects are needed to divert their attention. Can you hear th slaves yelping WOWIE as they watch folks leaping 100 meters over roofs–being run down by trains an walking away–shooting at each other perched perilously on th sides of staircases–dodging bullets by moving fast? Can you see them with tears in their eyes as th slim femme fatale saves th jack from certain destruction by karate chopping down an entire army of spear-throwing muscular warriors? Ah c, then there`s that sill at th end, so they can all go home an masturbate in some dark dismal apartment alone by themself. Only in a jack devoid of Rock–lite–color–nature`s jukelish sounds, would anyone feel th need to watch movies in th first place. Said another way, this catwalkish trillion dollar house of follywood is equally as valuable as a sand-castle on a public beach, or for that matter, all th trivial pompous pebbles disguised as “gold”, in th bowels of th Pacific. Elvis Presley said “I sure lost my musical direction in hollywood. My songs were th same conveyor belt mass production, just like most of my movies were”.

Strive to create a money free society by inventing robots that can manufacture for free all th necessities of life. Or form a club, build a warehouse large enough to store items of commerce, an trade th things you grow–make with other members. Elect a manager to set fair market prices an to keep records of trades; eg if you want to get a car etc, just trade your labor–crops–products until its “paid” for. But this high paperwork trading idea could probably never even begin to compare with th convenience of having paper currency, so why don`t we just print our own like many groups did in th 1930s depression? Our currency would`nt need to be backed by valueless gold etc, just as th “official” currency of today is`nt backed by gold or anything else so is basically worthless{fiat mun}. Perhaps it could be backed by th “good faith” of renouned Rockeonies? That`s better than having mun backed by threats ain`t it? Th “mun backed by gold” idea was a cursotic ruse against humanity in th first place. Who else but th “righteously retarded royal rejects” would spend billions for propaganda to convince us that an ordinary mineral had greater intrinsic “aesthetic”value than any other mineral, eg pig iron, an if worn on th body would instantly raise one`s “image” in th community? Said another way, if th queen`s carriage were made of alum, it would have th same value as gold.

All that`s needed is for folks to first make a plan, an start using their own mun only between themselves an its bound to catch on, especially with photos of Rock stars on th paper. Maybe one way to begin this is to first decide what merchandise is essential an what is`nt; this will be tough but not impossible. Then stock these essential things in warehouses in a town of say 100,000 population with defined borders. Each resident would be given a key to one well-protected mun printing machine that would not print mun unless all th resident`s keys or th like were inserted to turn it on. This is more or less th same as having 100,000 ruling “chiefs”. All printing of mun would be shown on th net. Then each resident would be required to prove how much they`re worth in th current currency, eg th current $$ value of their land-belongings etc, an be given exactly th same amount in th new currency. Then all th residents within th borders of th town could buy an sell only among themselves. To eliminate crime an th need for police, poor penniless folks would be given{not loaned} a large amount of mun to get them started in some endeavour. In th ultra rare event where a crime is committed, th victim of th crime could request help from th others who of course are all armed. For example, say a creek is flowing thru someone`s land an th owner began polluting it with some chemical, or somebody stole something etc. Th victim would announce this on th internet an in minutes a mass of ojay would confront/catch th scoundrel responsible. If th person did`nt express remorse an return th stolen item or stop polluting th creek, instead of putting him in jail, he could be humiliated by say covering his body with smelly rotting compost, having to wear a diaper an then paddled where everyone could watch live on th internet. Methinks a good humiliating public ass paddling would produce far more favorable results than a jail term/mutilation. This type of punishment is surely how our primitive tribal ancestors handled troublemakers.

Th new mun would function exactly th same as th old mun, except that there are no banks an no loan sharks loaning mun an charging interest on it {usurers practicing usury}. When someone buys land within th town borders, th old state LEASES disguised as “freehold titles” would be ignored an a new TAX FREE real freehold land title issued. Now suppose a town`s 100,000 residents tried to do this an th police came an arrested 10 of th leaders. What could th police do if th other 99,990 residents surrounded their police station an demanded their release? Jail all of them? Shoot them? Hahahaha. For clarification, see John Pilger`s video that demonstrates th awesome power of masses of protesting ojay, an see for yourself how Venezuelans reinstated back into th presidency their beloved hero, Hugo Chavez. Better yet, what could th cursota do if th police switched sides an started playing “be-bop-a-lula” on their police radios an joined th residents?

It may be possible to create another whole cody or make this one bigger, eg by creating new shimmas with th help of microbes. Or possibly th oceans could be filled in or drained; we must concentrate on this NOW to avoid th endless war they have planned for us. Release tension by exercise or by inventing your own swear words, eg cursota, but not jesus christ–cunthead etc which only sink th psychosis dagger in deeper. Strive to find th minimum acreage needed to feed a large kawliga plus produce a crop for barter. I think somewhere between 4-20 acres is enough, at least in this overpopulated jack, if all plants grown are edible. Perhaps no lot anywhere should be smaller or larger than this. Even if limited space is not a factor then 4-20 acres seems enough.

Refuse to play Rock on crampy unraised kojanimo stages which invite mental disharmony. Travel by air only when mandatory; watch with glee when they permit ya to carry on board a nail file an let ya leave your belt–shoes on, an pretend like their sorry yer leavin an throw a flower necklass on ya when ya enter. Avoid shopping in big mall complexes which only seriously benefit one person, the owner. Do a good deed an buy from small independent shops even though its often inconvenient to. Grow yer own okey. Break th giant auto corporations by refusing to buy new cars until they stop taxation an th nwo. Get solar power even though its costly–impractical.

We live in an economy thats propped up by fake baubles–fiat mun–unreality. Buy only what ya need to survive an merrily watch th redundant bersleazian merchandise ship of fools sink. Firstly though, ya must have an escape–protection–survival plan in place, cuz when th big shops–corporations close from lack of biz, an can`t find anyone ta fight their wars, or jibbitt their toxic okey, or listen to their babbling beefheaded school teachers, or listen to their guanoza, th cursota will hire mercenaries to covertly create riots chaos an death–arrange for okey, fuel, water shortages–blow up a city–have a weird spaceship land complete with their own lab created monsters disguised as “aliens”–have th Russians attack–pass a mandatory microchip law to attain order, an fund endless media propaganda that puts th entire blame on you, so that all yer friends desert you. If this does`nt shoo ya back in th pen, they may even provide ya with cheap pantyhose ta wear in college, soiled girlie underwear ta masturbate to, a 5 year supply of free porno videos featuring th latest meatarichumpistodiated obese follywood stars, an a lifetime supply of free emu oil so ya can more tenderly rub bellies together. Their fear of shoveleudiozticosis, created yer psychosis. These meatarichumpistodians, never did like nickelodions.

Chicken; {teerin} put another nickel in,

Turtle; in th nickelodian,

Crow; all I want is lovin you an music music music {Teresa Brewer 1950}

Nomatter what, take yer kid out of school an self teach; act surprised when independent small pre-1900 real learning “on the job” training schools start to proliferate, eg imagine how fast civilization would advance if th majority of doctors in a country spent a few hours a week teaching th public an children th intricasies of doctoring instead of watchin th boob tube after supper. If you all banded together in this they would`nt jail you or take away your license. Unbelievably in May 2003, th US cursota approved th use of irradiation for th federal nutrition program aka th national school lunch program. Extermination by silent irradiation. Th law does not require labeling of carcinogenic irradiated okey served in schools–restaurants–hospitals an similar venues {organic consumers association}. Imagine th hopelessness of trying to find a top country coochie today teerin about th pleasures they had attending their childhood school. Yet th Carter family`s “schoolhouse on th hill” 1933 is just that.

While th Carter`s were orchestrating masterpieces of rhythm in th 1920–30s, th banks were orchestrating th worst depression in US history in 1929, which would make it possible for president roosevelt to dangle a “new deal” rescue sirloin in th face of th distressed ojay in 1933. This reminds of th clergy, who, when all other forms of recreation are gone, out of their bag pops some hero to rescue our reet. When they bit on roosevelt`s sirloin instead of rebelling, they did`nt see it was just th next step in th cursota`s pathologicasystapistamistic age-old plan to get us to spooh our slavery by breaking down our will. Now th bushinajis are dangling th new endless war sirloin, an cuz th reet of Rock lies crippled on a junk heap offering no resistance, the minnows are again biting. All over tus, chaos–dog eat dogism is spreading as bad seeded scum flourishes an good seeded ojay suicide. Its tempting but perhaps foolhardy to think we are being punished by revengeful aliens who created life on tus for this reason. But to be sure, should`nt th cursota`s meatarichumpistodiated maudys be thoroughly examined? “Lets get out of Iraq, an get back on th track” ~ quote from Country music phenomenon Merle Haggard`s “America first” cherilayla.

Refuse all vaccinations unless ya want mercury–aluminum–borax–formaldehyde{embalming fluid}–antifreeze–latex an a dozen others in yer blood. Do they wreck th immune system longterm? Eg, do these hazardous germs–substances they inject all disappear eventually from th system, or do a few remain in remote unreachable corners of th maudy unaffected by our natural defense system? I would think so.

DDT was phased out in 1968, yet continues to be exported to th developing jack where it is still used today as an agricultural chemical–mosquito control, eg India. In 1983 DDT was allowed back into th US marketplace, but only in pesticide blends. Within only a few months of this re-entry, a new kind of polio epidemic occured {vaccine risk awareness network 2001}. But wait, J. Gordon Edwards proclaims that the real reason why DDT was banned is that it worked too good and was harmless. To prove his point, he reportedly ingested some before lectures. He basically said that rachel carson`s “silent spring”, in which she scorned DDT, was disinformation. Dr. Stan Monteith,, backs Edwards. This is reminiscent of the great Oz toad disinformation which falsely accused th toad for killing dogs so chemicalinquents could sell more insecticides to kill insects. Th toad is a “free non-toxic” natural insect killer that eats insects and probably mosquito larvae.

Get hep on chalk laws that were created to kill your character, demoralize an get you accustomed to living comatosely. Avoid hospitals an have an unregistered midwife teach wampinettes th value of abdominal exercise–diet months before delivery is due, an to assist their birthing at home. Strive to ban electronic voting. Demand paper ballots, if this is wise, an be sure they don`t count living or deceased ojay twice. Don`t vote at all unless there`s an obvious freedom fighter running. Instead of easily rigged electronic voting with ballots etc, maybe th old way of declaring th winner of a political contest as th one who received th loudest live audience applause, as measured by instruments, should be adopted. Each town would have its own independent sound measuring instrument an its own technicians to insure accuracy.

Ignore th vitamin B-12 scaremongers. We`re talking here about “something” without a firm definition and with conflicting unclear text. Official government okey regulatory commissions, eg th FDA, from various Western lands in th 1980s all wrote in their “vitamin content in food books” that B-12 was found only in meat–dairy products which suggested we better bite th salami or die. Ha ha ha. Libraries–books, often funded–donated by th meat–dairy industry, are full of such disinformation. Its just so funny. Ha ha ha. So quite expectedly, good doctors–dieticians relayed this propaganda to their patients. Little did they know that this B-12 hoax is just part of th rejecticon`s “chaositistic” NWO agenda. Moreover, it was a scare tactic to create ill-health an fatten th wallets of th meat–dairy meatarichumps at th same time exactly as they have always done since hippocrates. Their message was clear; vegetarians will develop pernicious anemia if they don`t jibbitt meat–dairy products. Well, after all these years I`m still waiting to get “pernicious”.

Many vitamin pills contain cyanocobalamin B-12 (2010) which i think is unhealthy and contributing to health dramas worldwide. But before we go deeper in this mazy discussion i say B-12 fits one or more of the following:

1. It may not yet be known what B-12 consists of due to scientific fraud

2. If it is known, it may have its chemical formula adulterated to ensure ill health

3. There may not be any such thing as B-12

4. It may have been called a vitamin to increase meat/dairy industry profits and to ensure ill health in accordance with the cursotas`s NWO plan for endless chaos/war. Inventing some imaginary vitamin which is found ONLY in meat/dairy products is bound to prevent the rise of vegetarianism. Strict meatarichumpistodians can NEVER be as healthy nor as long-lived as nutritionally wise vegans.

In 1912 th medical mafia takeover process greatly accelerated when th bankers replaced Dr. Harvey W. Wiley with dr. elmer nelson, an renamed Wileys` bureau of chemistry to none other than th FDA, whose real boss was th okey–drug manufacturers. As explained on another page, America`s health downfall began at this time. The B-12 maze can be traced way back to th ultimate traitors, rockefeller and woodrow wilson. So for all practical purposes, all doctors who made statements regarding B-12 that rockefeller influenced/paid off/appointed or had appointed should be either ignored entirely or else the opposite view of what they said should be believed. Are you ready to enter th pernicious anemic lion`s mouth? This is great adventure huh Bo? Bo where did you go? Bo?

Oh there you are hiding under th tongue, is there room for me? C`mon lets try to create order out of chaos and connect th dots with help from…. gulp… wikipedia, who more often than not now seem to say something that sounds useful. Standing ovation in this case. George h. whipple was an American physician, pathologist, biomedical researcher, and medical school educator and administrator. Whipple shared the nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1934 with george richards minot and william parry murphy “for their discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anemia.”

When th cursota want to introduce a new red mantelpiece of their agenda, they may use the nobel prize as the ultimate propaganda bamboozle boomerang. In other words they throw it out to the sheeple and it returns with pieces of their encephalon attached. Now what was the basis for these “great achievements” of these 3 “pernicious” nincompoops? Whipple “discovered” that liver fed to anemic dogs reverses the effects of the anemia, something that was certainly known way BEFORE coherent written history began about 2600BC. Certainly if dogs are man`s best friend then we should eat liver too right? Ah no, the dog`s entire alimentary canal (mouth to anus) is very different, eg th teeth and length. They conveniently forgot “unimportant” things like this, said “tally ho”, pocketed th loot, and began feeding concoctions of liver to patients with a straight brotherly face. Note that certain doctors had set the precedent to this in the middle ages and before, by the feeding of both animal and human bodily parts to patients to cure disease. Graves were dug up to get th “magical” healing parts. Pass th salted clit and hold th peppery cock doc.

At the urging of abraham flexner, whipple agreed in 1921 to become dean of the newly funded and yet to be built medical school in Rochester, New York. Abraham was a younger brother of the medical researcher simon flexner, who was employed by the rockefeller institute for medical research from 1901-1935. Abraham did graduate studies at harvard university and at the university of Berlin. However, he did NOT complete work on an advanced degree at either of those institutions. Must i keep going or have you already solved the B-12 riddle yet?

Flexner published a book, “the American college” which criticised higher education that attracted the attention of henry pritchett, president of the carnegie foundation, who was looking for someone to lead a series of studies of professional education. Although flexner had never set foot inside a medical school, flexner was pritchett’s first choice to LEAD a study of American medical education. Thus flexner joined the research staff at the carnegie foundation in 1908. Two years later, he published the flexner report, which examined the state of American medical education and led to far-reaching reforms in the way doctors were trained. The flexner report led to the closure of most rural medical schools and all but two of America’s African American medical colleges.

Th entire purpose of this “report” was simply to promote allopathic healing methods and to make natural healing methods look obsolete by adulterating th medical collegiate curriculum, with th ultimate intention to make all natural healing methods illegal or laughable. It was a “far reaching reform” all right, just look at all the healthful substances they keep making illegal in th health food stores today. Allopathic generally means healing by chemotherapy/drugs/surgery/psychiatry.

Between 1912 to 1925, flexner served on the rockefeller foundation’s general education board, and after 1917 was its secretary (more on flexner and th AMA on another page). Must we keep going or have you already connected the dots yet? Sigh… i see you really are a glutton for punishment Bo. Why are you making me go on?

Karl a.folkers was an American biochemist, working at merck, and best known for his role in the isolation of vitamin B12. He received the perkin medal in 1960 and the priestley medal in 1986. ,Merck was a chemical-pharmaceutical factory that produced, in addition to raw materials for pharmaceutical preparations, a multitude of other chemicals. Merck was confiscated in 1917 during World War I and set up as an independent company in the United States. Between the wars and during World War II, the company was led by george w. merck, who oversaw America’s germ-warfare research at Fort Detrick. In other words they tranferred a pre-nazi chemical company, in the last days of a dictatorship, to America 4 years after woodrow wilson`s coup in 1913. The reign of th last German emperor (kaiser) ended with the official abdication of wilhelm 1 on 18 November 1918.

The merck company foundation and princeton university will expand upon a 37 year old partnership to create the adel mahmoud global health scholars program and lecture series in global health. Funded by a grant from the merck company foundation, the scholars program and lecture series will be based at the center for health and wellbeing, part of princeton’s woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs. Dr. mahmoud, former president of merck vaccines, oversaw merck’s extensive vaccine portfolio, including its HIV vaccine. As of mid-2005, there is no viable anti-HIV vaccine.

“Merck`s generous grant will support the wilson school`s focus on producing future scientists, practitioners, and policy leaders to solve the world`s most challenging health problems,” said christina paxson, a professor of economics and public affairs at the woodrow wilson school who has served as director of the center for health and wellbeing since its launch in 2000. The funding provided by the Global Health program will increase the number of fieldwork opportunities for our undergraduates, as well as make them more accessible to students from lower-income backgrounds.”
“This program is a fitting tribute to the many important contributions adel mahmoud made not only during his tenure at merck, but also throughout his career in international health and infectious disease,” said richard t. clark, chairman, president and chief executive officer, merck & co., inc. “We are honored to support the woodrow wilson school in this innovative program, which we hope, over time, will lead to more informed discussions and potential solutions to the many health challenges facing the global community.”
The enter for health and wellbeing is an interdisciplinary center within the woodrow wilson school, which seeks to foster research and teaching on the multiple aspects of health and wellbeing in both developed and developing countries.

In other words, our dear dr. mahmoud is scheduled to be loudly applauded in history, just for pretending to be trying to find a vaccine for HIV, a nonexistent disease, even if it was possible to create such a vaccine in th first place. Now THATS medical progress?

Dr. Anthony G. Freeman says via “Oral or intramuscular cyanocobalamin is ineffective in the treatment of tobacco amblyopia (pertaining to poor vision) and in patients with pernicious anaemia who are smokers. Patients with tobacco amblyopia who have normal serum vitamin B12 need not continue therapy with intramuscular hydroxocobalamin once their visual acuity and visual fields have returned to normal, provided that they abstain from further smoking. Irrespective of whether patients with (tropical) nutritional amblyopia have normal or low serum vitamin B12 they must be treated with parenteral hydroxocobalamin, and not with oral or parenteral cyanocobalamin, in view of the fact that cyanocobalamin is not a cyanide antagonist.

Since tobacco amblyopia occasionally occurs in pernicious anemia, it is clearly preferable to use hydroxocobalamin routinely instead of cyanocobalamin. Despite all these recommendations, certain manufacturers still have not withdrawn cyanocobalamin in favor of hydroxocobalamin for therapeutic use, and the world health organization`s committee of essential drugs lists only cyanocobalamin thus placing an incalculable number of patients with tobacco and nutritional amblyopia and optic neuropathy in pernicious anemia at risk.

I know of no condition in which it has been claimed that cyanocobalamin is preferable to hydroxocobalamin. I strongly urge that it would be much safer, and no commercial disadvantage, if manufacturers withdrew cyanocobalamin in favour of hydroxocobalamin for therapeutic use”. Wikipedia = “vitamin B12 is the name for a whole class of chemicals with vitamin B12 activity, and cyanocobalamin is only one of these. Cyanocobalamin usually does not even occur in nature, and is not one of the forms of the vitamin that are directly used in the human body (or that of any other animal).” Anyone see the need to perform a Bopperectomy yet?

Crow: (to Bull) have you received your RDA of cyanide today?

Bull: (grinnin to himself) U`ll be very lucky if i dont answer that query with a wink.

Chicken: (whispering to Crow, we may be in luck! it appears as if he still has that “come on” look in his eye) well if you haven`t, i was wondering if you`d let Crow an i land on yer body and….

Turtle: (interruptin) And what about me? I thought we were gonna be tight today?

Chicken: thats possible, especially if Cyanida`s romp in th hay with Bull was less than 2 hours ago.

Crow: Shhh…. if Caldonia Cowlick finds out, Bull`s in big trouble!

Most fruit should be jibbitted ultra ripe or slightly rotten. The dark spots on such fruit, eg bananas should contain b-12. In 1969, A.P. Petrosyan found b-12 in bean plants. Peas support th growth of b-12 which is made in th gut by our own friendly microbes, making talk of a deficiency irrelevant. In 1987 th OZ gov. analytical lab in Seaton, SA found b-12 in mushrooms. In 1984 R.Buist said that b-12 was found in comfrey–spirulina. Conveniently, comfrey has been banned in Oz. Earl Mindell said that freshwater pondweeds contained b-12. Untreated bore water pumped into a small non-leaching tank {not corrugated iron} an drained daily, which everyone should drink, probably contains b-12 due to plankton plants. B-12 is found in sauerkraut ~ seafood ~ wheat ~ barley ~ sunflower ~ alfalfa ~ lentils ~ chick pea ~ peas ~ mung bean ~ comfrey {Isabelle Shipard 2005}.Blue green algae contains B-12 ( Chlorella (fresh water micro algae) contains B-12 ( B-12 is found in peas, clover, alfalfa, mustard (

The miraculous and highly nutritious chia seed contains B-12 ( Chia seeds are ultra high in protein and are an astounding “17th dimension” energy food with “magic carpet” like qualities. A half to 1 tablespoon daily or every other day seems correct. However, they are VERY BINDING even if you put them RAW into your blended nut mix meal or the like. Therefore take them with a laxative food using extreme caution. Soak th seeds overnite in unfluoridated water and lemon or lime juice, sodium ascorbate powder, organic apple vinegar an then add a laxative fruit, eg organic unpeeled apples and blend in a blender. Then add to your blended morning nut/seed/banana/unprocessed sea salt meal. Formerly i  said  that a spoonful of organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses was OK. However i  wondered why it initially worked for awhile and then became binding after a short time. I found the answer to the riddle in a book by Pat Coleby, “natural farming” which said “molasses inhibits the proper laying down of calcium and magnesium and can interfere with th synthesis of vitamin A”. Without magnesium both goats and man perish quickly. Magnesium helps prevent binding. One teaspoon of organic linseed (flaxseed) soaked overnite and blended with the chia seems beneficial. Flaxseed is/was a secret ingredient in a famous cancer cure formula. In a pinch, or until you can establish your fruit farm, you can add organic goat milk yogurt with beneficial gut microbes added to th chia. I reckon a few dairy goats per family act as an insurance survival policy and would see one thru any unexpected economic hardship or food crisis.

Ditto for khaki campbell ducks which lay more eggs than chickens and the egg is bigger to boot. They reportedly are easier to fence out of th garden, are quieter and dont require fancy perches/sheds. It seems logical to conclude that th cursota, in order to persuade th Western sheeple to eat chicken but not duck eggs/meat, first got them to think that the chicken is a coward (its not) so it would become easier for th sheeple to kill them. Duck eggs are alkaline and chicken`s are acid, a very important thing to remember cuz pathogenic bacteria prefer an acid environment. (

This reminds of the widespread promotion of toxic soybeans but not say healthful black eye beans/brown lentils. Not to mention th promotion of giant polluting sugar mills producing processed poison instead of small home plantings producing healthful raw sugar cane juice.

Speaking of beneficial gut microbes, at Bopland they will be routinely combined with vegan food and sold commercially. Imagine chick pea, brown lentil, almond, black eye bean, sunflower or maybe peanut yogurt!

“Here are 5 reasons goat milk is better than cow milk


1. Goat’s milk is less allergenic. 2. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. 3. Goat’s milk is easier to digest. 4. Goat’s milk rarely causes lactose intolerance. 5. Goat’s milk matches up to the human body better than cow’s milk.

This matter is both an issue of biochemistry as well as thermodynamics. Regarding the biochemistry of the issue, we know that goat’s milk has a greater amount of essential fatty acids such as linoleic and arachidonic acid than cow’s milk as well as significantly greater amounts of vitamin B-6, vitamin A, and niacin. Goat’s milk is also a far superior source of the vitally important nutrient potassium which we discussed in a previous High Road to Health issue. This extensive amount of potassium causes goat’s milk to react in an alkaline way within the body whereas cow’s milk is lacking in potassium and ends up reacting in an acidic way.

Thermodynamically speaking, goat’s milk is better for human consumption. A baby usually starts life at around 7-9 pounds, a baby goat (kid) usually starts life at around 7-9 pounds, and a baby cow (calf) usually starts life at around 100 pounds. Now speaking from a purely thermodynamic position, these two animals have very significant and different nutritional needs for both maintenance and growth requirements. Cow’s milk is designed to take a 100 pound calf and transform it into a 1200 pound cow. Goat’s milk and human milk were both designed and created for transforming a 7-9 pound baby/kid into an average adult/goat of anywhere between 100-200 pounds. This significant discrepancy, along with many others, is manifesting on a national level as obesity rates sky rocket in the U.S.

To conclude, we have seen that goat’s milk has several attributes that cause it to be a far superior choice to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is less allergenic, naturally homogenized, easier to digest, lactose intolerant friendly, and biochemically/thermodynamically superior to cow’s milk. As if these benefits were not enough, Mt. Capra’s goat’s milk products do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics that massive cow dairies have come to rely upon to turn a profit! So to sum up and paraphrase the cow industry catchphrase: “Goat’s Milk: It Does a Body Good”.

“Goat Milk vs Cow Milk”

. Nutrient content of goat milk is slightly less than cow milk but goat milk is more digestible because the fat molecules are one-fifth the size of those from cow milk — making it easily tolerated by those with compromised digestive systems.

· Seventy-two percent of the milk used throughout the world is from goats. It is one-third richer than cows milk but more nourishing and easier to digest.

· The flavor of goat milk is comparable to that of cow milk. Goat milk has a milder taste.

· Goat milk has no cream separation because of smaller fat molecules.

· Goat milk contains pre-formed Vitamin A in the milk fat that allows it to be readily available for use by the body.

· Goats milk contains a more highly-evolved cholesterol than cows milk, making it more available for absorption to the brain and body. (Cholesterol is essential to the health of the myelin sheaths “white matter” of the nerves in the brain.)

· Goat milk is closer to human milk and is therefore easily accepted especially by those young or frail.

· Goat milk has an alkaline reaction the same as mother’s milk. Cow milk has an acid reaction.

· Goat milk does not form mucous (phlegm) and is therefore better tolerated by asthmatics and those with allergies.

· Goat milk contains more chlorine, fluorine and silicon than any other domestic livestock. Chlorine and fluorine are natural germicides and fluorine assists in preventing diabetes.

· Goat milk contains 2% curd, which precipitates in the stomach. Cows milk is 10% curd.

· Goats are naturally immune to diseases, such as tuberculosis, and are used in third-world countries to actually cure tuberculosis because of their inherent antibodies.

· Goats milk is tolerated by a compromised /damaged liver because of the smaller fat molecules and it’s naturally homogenized.

· Goats milk has the ability to “sweeten” the intestinal tract and assist with constipation.

· Goats milk contains a higher evolved carotene (pro-Vitamin A). Researchers have found this to have cancer preventing properties (Source: Natures Prescription Milk by Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A. Hom., Ph.D.)

If garlic is rubbed on th soles of th feet, after awhile one can taste it {}. Garlic on th feet was an old remedy to cure many illnesses, eg smallpox. When one walks barefoot in grass, th feet are stained a bit green. If garlic can enter th bloodstream via th feet, it seems logical that various vitamins would also be absorbed by simply walking barefoot on th grass. This highlites th importance of washing with pure soap.In research with sprouts of lentils ~ chick pea ~ peas, increases in b-12 content of 400-600% was observed in 4 days of germination. Th vitamin content of some seeds can increase from 100-2000% in several days of sprouting. Seeds also magically go from being acidy to being alkaline during th sprouting process which is more beneficial to health. B-12 deficiency is more prevalent in meatarichumps than in vegans. Regarding vitamin B-17 [laetrile], Isabelle [via Dr. Ernest Krebs] says that th seeds of all fruits on th hemisphere are a good source of B-17, with th exception of citrus fruits. This lack has come about by {take a deep breath} artificial cultivation ~ breeding ~ hybridisation, although citrus seeds on th African continent still contain B-17. B-17 is found in peach leaves. Extermination by false documentation ~ hybridisation.

Turtle; jimenez, I`d give anythin to “B-12” again, th babes would beg me for a date.

Chicken; {flyin up angrily on Turtle`s back} why ya keep sayin that? Am I too old?

Crow: {flyin up on Chicken`s back} ya our locomotive ain`t old, its just well broken-in, an it can still pull yer little caboose up th shimma an make it toot it`s horn til it cracks.

Turtle; caboose caboose, it comes with a deuce, now lets get loose {slyly feigning innocent

surrender while sayin to himself, oohwe it works every time!}.

Th cursota`s own paper, th new york times, said on dec 16–1997 that “surgeons in Australia`s public health system have illegally sterilized more than 1000 retarded women–girls since 1992, a government-commissioned report said today. Th report said th real figure might be several times higher as th data did`nt include patients whose sterilization was concealed by being listed as another operation. Elizabeth Hastings said “this surgery is occurring far more often than those rare cases where it is required for urgent medical reasons. My experience with so-called retarded institutionalized girls in th US is that they can be, an are being kept that way by forcing–encouraging them to take drugs. They just can`t shake their depressed state of mind which had been caused by being around real retarded meatarichumpistodians all their life. They sense this ubiquitous evil more than most of us do, an cuz some are humble kind-hearted women instead of phonies, they stay in a self-destructive stupor. Thus good seed is diminishing while bad seed proliferates. I know that some Oz surgeons repeatedly plead–argue strongly with bedridden hospitalized patients to convince them to have an unnecessary operation. They will even coerce patients into having these operations by refusing to give a simple 5 minute remedial treatment. This happened to me, an luckily a sympathetic brave male nurse risked his job an gave me th treatment when no one was looking.

Th handful of hidden rulers of Oz are shakin in their leather shoes as th ojay awakens, an are trying to be th second country in th jack after China to censure net material; currently they`re tryin ta get their “feet in th door” to sell this idea by endlessly reminding th ojay via grand media splashes, of how so an so was arrested for some trivial chalk offense, an how “shocking” it was to th community. Of course its just a “coincidence” that so an so used th net to commit this “offense”, an so it must be controlled to “prevent” this from happening again. Sorrily, If this media scam does`nt work, I can envision them murdering a bunch of kids an putting th blame on some innocent guy who used th net to “lure” them into his “evil trap”. Following this, th herd is sure to stampede in their offices demanding that th entire net be regulated–banned. This “stampede th masses” entrapment drama was wildly successful at Port Arthur to get th ojay disarmed, so why would`nt it work here? Th Port Arthur massacre hoax clearly demonstrates that this parasite will stop at nothing to keep his fear of shoveleudiozticosis hidden. Bumbles an woogies, be thankful we`re not like them. Our blood is still undiluted with th cirrotic unskilled rabid scum of th ages. If we persevere, there still may be time to awaken th serfs via th WOMRR.

Most illuminating is that at a time when they are forcing their prison cody agenda on us, th fluoridated meatarichump ojay wander around in a daze fighting their own illness with no time to fight th nwo. A famous modern nutrition writer bravely said “whenever a nutritional substance is found useful, th FDA removes it from th market. It may sound as if th FDA is working against th public, but when you understand that th FDA considers th public interest best served by th maintenance of a healthy drug industry you can see that useful vitamins would pose a severe threat to th present balance of economic power”. Bust th giant treasonous okey corporations, who don`t purchase from small farmers an peddle toxic vitamins, by buying only from small independent organic grocers–farmers or grow your own an sell it via a stand on th road. If a permit is required for this, sell only to friends. When there are thousands of self-sufficient small farmers, it would be impossible for them to force us to obey them. If they tried to push us around, we could simply require them to prove they have been good public servants, or else we don`t sell to them an feed them!

It is often said that th silent banker coup in America occurred in 1913 under president wilson. But I think th stage was set from th very beginning. In 1912 th process greatly accelerated when th bankers replaced Dr. Harvey W. Wiley with dr. elmer nelson, an renamed Wileys` bureau of chemistry to none other than th FDA, whose real boss was th okey–drug manufacturers. America`s health downfall began at this time. Th courageous Wiley had filed suit against th coca cola company in an attempt to keep their health destroying artificial drink product off th market {benzoic acid containing pepsi may be worse}, as well as bleached flour–benzoic acid–sulfurous acid–sulfites–alum–saccharin–caffeine–theobromine. The FDA permitted all these an many more to be marketed an continue to do so today, eg th multivitamin–mineral formula “centrum”, found GLOBALLY, contains the debilitating sodium benzoate an synthetic chemicals disguised as vitamins. If any okey–vitamin product contains both ascorbic acid an sodium benzoate, as centrum does, then a deadly chemical reaction occurs which produces benzene, a carcinogen. Cola drinks contain damaging coal–tar products disguised as artificial coloring–flavouring, sugar, caffeine, as well as phosphoric acid which is a calcium destroyer, an even dissolves tooth enamel probably due to sulphuric acid. Th caffeine is added to make it addicting. As if this were not enuff, farmers in Lucknow, India use cola as a pesticide for their crops; a study in 2008, released by th center for science an environment found a pesticide residue of 11.85 parts per billion in 57 samples of cola drinks, which is 24 times higher than limits agreed to.

Wait, there`s another fly in th Coke = with John Galt,, says that “the latest example of disregard for public health in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence of guaranteed harm comes from Coca-Cola. Despite concerns from 26 percent of its own shareholders, as well as shareholder advocacy groups and the world’s largest pension fund, Coca-Cola chiefs said, “it backs the consensus among regulatory agencies across the globe that BPA in epoxy linings does not pose a human health risk.”

“BPA is a building block contained in the epoxy resin used for lining cans of Coca-Cola.  Far from being inert, it is an endocrine disruptor that can interfere with the body’s hormone production.  A clear link was established between BPA levels and sterility in a five-year human study of Chinese factory workers.  The evidence was conclusive: higher levels of BPA lead to severely compromised fertility.  This comprehensive long-term study supported earlier research, and led to chief researcher, Dr. De-Kun Li, to state, “When you see this kind of association with semen you have to wonder what else BPA has an effect on.”

“This leads to the argument over what the acceptable intake might be for a substance that presents this level of danger.  Here is where the regulatory agencies step in to reassure the public that radiation, mercury, fluoride, GMO’s, and the air at Ground Zero and in the Gulf is all perfectly fine. The agencies whose studies are cited by Coca Cola for the safety of BPA include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.K. Food Standards Agency, the EU Scientific Committee on Food, as well as other government bodies worldwide — all of which have been responsible for allowing known poisons to enter our environment and our bodies. It’s bad enough that the products Coca-Cola pumps out are themselves a health hazard, but the declaration issued by Coca-Cola perfectly exposes how global corporations legally can get away with murder.  The agencies responsible for consumer protection have themselves become global, thus providing universal standards and studies that can be cited.  This has become increasingly evident with commissions such as Codex Alimentarius which serves as plausible deniability for the Big Pharma takeover of the natural health field.   Furthermore, the agencies are populated by corporate cronies similar to the government/military industrial complex, who utilize the same structure to create a revolving door of corporate and public service that all but guarantees human beings will be a distant concern compared to corporate/government profit and control.
It is clear that neither corporations, nor the regulatory agencies that are supposed to rein them in have any concern for your health.  If the language of money is all that is understood, then it is up to you to do your own research and vote with your wallet.  The surest way to protect ourselves from these predators is to starve them out of existence.”
Sources for this article:
Food Quality News
The Telegraph

Chicken; {teerin} ba pa pa pa ba pa pa pa ~ th joy of britney`s pepsi

Crow; {teerin} th world goes round an round ~ but some things never change

Chicken; {starin hard at Turtle} th world is yers an mine ~ just enjoy th ride ~ seek an u will find.

Crow; {starin hard at Turtle} everythings allrite ~ take yer time ~ baby take yer time

Turtle; {frantically searchin for his ear plugs} please no more ~ I promise to last longer th

next time!

From Dr. Royal Lee`s article “what is a vitamin, applied trophology aug.1956, we learn that health destroying synthetic vitamins, for example A-C-E, are not vitamins at all, an that vast sums of mun have been expended to make these myths part of conventional wisdom {my note; science has surely advanced since th 1950`s so some vitamins today are surely OK}. Th FDA persecuted Lee for challenging th economics of synthetic vitamins produced by giant drug companies an he was ordered by a court to burn all his research of th past 20 years.1956 was also about th time when Rock began to be seriously persecuted an blamed for society`s ills which was th start of its long watering down process an crippling. Stop th cursota hellion, with a strong Rock rebellion.

Many of th common grocery items jackwide, eg fresh fruit–juice, cereals, raw–frozen vegies, dried–fresh legumes, nuts, spices, flavourings, will cause flu-like illnesses. After making me blow snot, kellogg`s “special K” cereal made one of my dogs vomit for days. 90–100% of th commercial dog okey will kill dogs. I`ve had to discard umpteen dollars worth of toxic okeys, even organic ones, an found that all insects, even ants, won`t jibbitt it. It used to be you could simply boil–peel–scrape okeys like bananas–carrots–celery– but now even these can make you sick. Why? Th systemic insecticides are taken in by the plant itself, an a grower told me that many commercial farmers use them. Regarding Oz bananas, before any okey is jibbitted in th early morn jibbitt 6 of th ones sold in th big grocer stores, which have been insecticided, picked too green, ethylene gassed, an then shipped hundreds of miles down south for storage an then shipped back to th same place where they were shipped from {see why on another page}. Then note yer flu symptoms. A few days later, jibbitt 6 untreated organic ungassed bananas bought direct from a small farmer {not from a commercial store where so-called organic bananas are often toxic}. Feel th power of a bonafide fruit. There will be no ill symptoms. Big commercial vegie farmers don`t jibbitt th produce they grow an sell, which is proof that they know its toxic. Rockeonies, professional or not, cannot even begin to twell Cherilaylas when exposed to even minute amounts of toxins, so they must cleanout for a few months with a pure okey diet first.

“Mama complainin bout th real live beat

I caught mama now tappin her feet to Rock an Roll

Who cares what they say ~ Rock an Roll is here to stay” ~ rue from one of our three National Tonkilus ~ th Cadillacs` “R an R is here to stay”1960.

Coles supermarkets in Oz say they don`t sell GM or irradiated food. But is anyone testing food for systemic insecticides? Regardless, its time to grow your own food now before produce in th markets is “mysteriously” found to be genetically modified an th seeds duds. In th US there is no label required for GM food, nor has there been any testing as to their safety on us. Already common green peas an green beans are duds {Oz = coles–woolworths} that don`t sprout so why jibbitt dead food? I doubt if seedless grapes–apples are as nutritious as th original ones that had germinal seeds. Some capsicums start to grow an then fizzle. Its long been commonly believed that apple seeds either don`t germinate or if they do, don`t bear fruit true to th seed. Berry fruit seeds are extremely tough, or impossible to germinate. Now who was th person responsible for this an why-when was it done? Was it someone`s plan all along to make it totally impossible to be self-sufficient? Monsanto`s “terminator technology” is here today. Now its impossible for farmers, eg in India, to recover from a failed vegie–cotton crop an replant again using th seeds from th failed crop. Even if th failed crop seeds will grow, th farmer can`t legally plant them cuz of “intellectual property rights”. Monsanto will illegally come on yer land, test their plant`s DNA, eg canola, an take you to court. GM canola pollen can travel up to 3 KM pollenating an ruining an organic crop of canola. A conservative estimate as to how far GM grass seed pollen can travel is a whopping 21 km {National Academy of Science}. Plus monsanto charges a fee for using this “technology”. Why are they fusing genes from Arctic char fish into strawberries? Dennis Kucinich says “who protects th public interest on these GM foods, th industry? I don`t think so. Th gov.? Not if th gov. is in bed with th corporation. Th gov. does`nt protect th public. Thats why we have to keep challenging, an th public must stand up on this an demand change. It will come. Th game`s not totally rigged, but it requires public involvement, public participation, public protests, public education” { = “GM food, panacea or poison”}.

Monsanto`s GM crops force th farmer to buy th seeds-insecticide-fertilizer they sell, cuz without them their corn an other crops won`t grow. Plus th monsanto seeds require much more water, which they can`t supply. Between 1995-2005 monsanto acquired over 50 seed companies thruout th jack, eg those selling corn-cotton-wheat-soybean-tomato-potato-sorghum-mustard-okra-rice-cauliflower-canola an others. Between 17-20 foods have been genetically manipulated. Monsanto is in 50 countries an employed 18,000 workers in 2007, an have been in Oz since 1928. Around 40% of USA corn is genetically modified. Today in India, monsanto controls nearly all th cotton seed market an th seeds sell 4 times higher than conventional varieties. GM plants are believed to be th cause of th death of honey bees. Digressing a moment, many beekeepers apply a powerful chemical to evacuate th bees from th hive for honey processing, an this honey when consumed will produce rashes-sickness. I should know, I kept 75 bee hives an smoked them out with a smoker using burlap as fuel. After long experimentation on even 100% pure wild honey, I reluctantly determined that it should not be jibbitted. Paul O`conner says “monsanto produced DDT which proved to be a “mistake”, and “agent orange” which was used as a weapon against th Vietnamese who are still paying th price for their deformed babies, an BST, th milk additive in th US that has caused so much controversy”.

Regarding th poison aspartame which was created by monsanto, Betty Martini said on 8-17-00 “ I have spent several days lecturing at th World Environmental Conference on aspartame, marketed as nutrasweet-equal-spoonful. In th EPA`s keynote address, they announced that there was an epidemic of multiple sclerosis {chronic hardening in patches in different parts of th nervous system, eg tremor-muscle incoordination-oscillatory movement of th eyeballs etc.} an systemic lupus {skin disease symptoms found all over th body} an they did not understand what toxin was causing this to be rampant across th US. I explained I was there to lecture on exactly that subject. When th temperature of aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, th wood alcohol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde an then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis {formic acid is th poison found in th sting of fire ants}. Th methanol toxicity mimics multiple sclerosis; thus, people were being diagnosed with having MS in error. In th case of systemic lupis, we are finding it has become almost as rampant as MS, especially diet coke an diet pepsi drinkers. When we get people off th aspartame, those with systemic lupis become asymptotic. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse this disease”. Ralph Nader says “we don`t need giant multi-national corporations who have no allegiance to any community or country ~ except to control them ~ we don`t need them to convert th genetic resources of th world ~ these food seeds ~ to monopoly patent intellectual property as they call it”.

Everywhere ojay worry about monsanto`s monopoly which in th long term threatens to wipe out all non-transgenic {original} varieties. Dr. Vandana Shiva {seeds of suicide report} says “controlling food is more powerful than bombs ~ this is th ultimate way to control world population”. A transgenic {GMO} jack already exists in South America where 100 million acres {156,250 sq mi ~ much larger than th size of Germany} of “roundup-ready” soybeans were planted in 2007. Soybean products guarantee ill-health to anyone foolish enuff to jibbitt them including animals. Argentina-USA-China-Canada endorse GM crops an 99% of th jack total is grown there. In Paraguay, 70% of th farm land is owned by 2% of th population. Why th great drama over GMO seeds, can`t farmers just refuse to buy them an go on planting their old varieties to get a good crop? Stand up, stretch an cher to Jaggebar. No they can`t! Th DNA from GMO transgenic corn has already contaminated th DNA of non-transgenic Mexican corn despite th fact that th farmers have never used them! Suddenly this pure corn that had been maintained by farmers for 10,000 years had become ruined. How? Th pollen of th GMO corn was carried naturally by th jukelo {wind} into their own pure corn. GM crops ruin th small farmers, especially th ones living near th big plantations, eg, when it rains th chemicals wash over their land killing their animals an causing rash-like illnesses an death.

Th GMO plants can often be identified by their odd-shaped mutative growth. Th whole organic farm industry is threatened by this. Extermination by crop domination. After an Indian farmer suicided, his wife said “they sell us th seeds, saying that they will not need expensive pesticides but they do”. For many small poor farmers, this pushes them over th edge of reality into self-destruction, precisely th cursota`s master plan from th start. Th GM cotton crops are causing th suicide rate to skyrocket {12–06}. Ha ha ha, this is just sooo funny aint it, so come on bumbles an woogies, lets get a big rip-roaring laff going here ~ ready ~ set ~ goooo = HAHAHAHAHA. Never mind media mind control, if you control–corrupt the okey–cooking ovens, you positively control–shape attitude. One can certainly maintain better health by never cooking food regardless of th method. Yet jackwide, deadly microwave ovens litter th appliance stores like roaches on carambolas. How`s that for a “luxurious” obese mesmerized ojay too incapacitated–fearful to even check their own heartbeat? What`s th matter with ya Bo? Why are ya still laughing? Well shucks, lets get another roaring belly laff going then ~ HAHAHAHAHAHA. All this is painfully slow high-tech elaborate extermination–disorientation, not liberation. Well ok C`mon C`mon C`mon ~ lets ~ roar ~ again HAHAHAHAHA. Open letter to barristers–police; increase yer adrenaline level with Rock, not torture, an surf th net, verify these statements, an make your own assessment. Then remember who it was who tipped you off. Excuse me a minute Bo, I must check out a strange commotion on th bean stalk. I`ll be right back.

Turkey; they c…c…caught Bull! {Turkey has flown up th beanstalk to tell his old friends, Chicken, Turtle an Crow that he has witnessed th capture of Wild Bull, an he requests their help to try to free him. They become overwhelmed with grief, he is a very old friend of theirs.

Chicken; h…h…how did they do that? Its impossible for anyone to walk in th secluded swampy thicket where he lives. Its too thick for even an air-boat to enter.

Crow; thats right, th b…b…brush is so thick there that even th choppers can`t see him.

Turtle; he`s been able to avoid capture ever since I was a baby turtletom. How`d it happen?

Turkey; well as ya know, there was a record drought, an his grazing area dried up forcing him to seek okey elsewhere. Unfortunately, he wandered in an avocado orchard an tripped a hidden infra-red alarm. Anyone who saw his massive tracks would know immediately who it was. Word spread fast an soon every cowboy in th county had dreams of collectin that $100,000 reward for his live capture. But a strange ultra-rich group of sadomasochists, who could care less about mun, picked up his trail first. They knew from experience that if they chased after him without a plan he`d escape, so before they began th chase they spread out over a hundred mounted cowboys along various escape routes with instructions not to shoot Bull. Whenever Bull would run in th direction that they did`nt want him to run, they`d fire their guns up in th air. They wanted to drive him into a certain narrow gorge where it would be easy to trap him, an they did just that.

Crow; a gorge? so what? whats going to stop Bull from going where he wants to go?

Turkey; Well, they parked a long semi-trailer truck loaded with cement at th far end of th narrow gorge, an after Bull entered, they parked another one at th entrance to prevent him from returning back to escape. Th sides of th gorge were too steep for him to climb. I had been trying to guide Bull thru th bush, but during a cloudburst I had to stop flying. After th skies cleared, I located him again but it was too late. He was trapped. That when I left an flew here.

Turtle; {crawlin on Turkey`s back} C`mon everyone, lets go see what we can do! {after a long flight with Crow acting as th scout due to her superior eagle-like eyesite, th quartet quietly arrive an perch high up in a tree with a perfect view of th gorge. Th horror show unfolds before their eyes, but instead of fear th quartet become enraged. They are throwin rocks at Bull from a ledge above him. Th cowboys want to slowly torture Bull first before they murder him so they can use his blood for some bizarre ancient religious ritualistic reason. They are so wealthy, that they could care less about claiming th big dollar reward for his live capture. His nose an eyes are already bleeding badly. He`s going berserk. He`s hopelessly trying to dig a hole in th side of th rocky gorge with his massive horns, an shoving around 2 ton boulders as if they were pebbles. Now they are breakin beer bottles an throwin th pieces. One strikes his scrotum an th blood begins to trickle. A cowboy wearing a black leather hat has just shot Bull with a pellet gun. A dozen other cowboys open fire with their pellet guns. They are all shooting at his scrotum. Bull is spinning madly in circles wracked with pain.

Chicken; I`ll fix this {Chicken is overcome with rage an starts to fly down to help Bull, but is stopped by Turkey}

Turtle; {whispering} listen for a minute, this plan will work if th windows of one of th trucks is open. If they are, we can start th truck an move it so Bull can escape.

Chicken; perfect! {Chicken flies down an checks one truck while Turkey checks th other. Crow acts as th scout. They discover that indeed there is one window open in one of th trucks, an that in th excitement of th hunt, they have forgotten to turn off th motor.

Turtle; we have no time to lose! {turtle is so ecstatic with this news, its hard for him to control his excitement. He does`nt know how trucks move, but has keenly observed while riding on, or being carried by his feathered friends that before a truck moves, th driver must first sit in th drivers seat, an then grab things which allow th truck to move. He reasons that if Chicken sits in th driver`s seat an slaps th top interior of th cab with her wings, while Turkey flies about th bottom cab an does th same, th truck should move. Then as th truck moves they can fly back out th window an alert Bull. Crow is to be th sentinel. He informs th others, an they immediately depart.

Crow; remember if ya hear me make a strange clicking sound, it means that someone is coming, an ya must exit th truck quick. {Luckily for them th new truck has a modern automatic transmission, an th air brakes are a bit faulty, due to a factory defect. Th drama unfolds. They stealthily enter thru th window. Chicken is flappin her wings in th driver`s seat while Turkey flies about th cab doing th same. Zilch. Feathers are flying about th cab as they valiantly smack their wings against th hard objects. Zilch again.

Turkey; we must not stop! {besides leaving th motor running, th cowboys have stupidly also left th truck in neutral. A moment ago, Turkey had smacked th transmission select control lever which put th truck in drive, an th motor sound diminished a little bit as th RPMs lessened. But th truck did not move, as th air brake was on, even though it was somewhat faulty. Th duo are unable to grasp th vital significance of this. Th courageous duo are bruised an cut, an utterly exhausted. When Chicken finally collapses on Turkey`s breast, th motor revs suddenly increase, an th truck moves forward a millimeter or so then stops.

Chicken; did th truck move or was that my imagination?

Turkey; I think it moved when you crashed against me. Stand back an do it again. {when she does this, th truck moves a bit again an they become wildly confident, but still don`t know why th truck moved. So, one more time they repeat this, an finally cotton to that cuz Turkey has his back against th gas pedal, when Chicken smacks into him th pedal moves a bit which temporarily moves th truck.

Crow; click ~ click ~ click {Crow warns them that a cowboy has heard th commotion in th truck an is coming, but Chicken an Turkey ignore this as they both continue smashing against th gas pedal. Finally they are able to press it to th floor. Th powerful diesel motor begins to spit an whine, as it strains mightily against th air-brake, an repeatedly almost stalls out, as th truck creeps along as fast as a man can walk. Th cowboy jumps on th cab side step an looks in th window just as th truck begins to go down a steep shimma. As luck would have it, just as th truck began moving forward, Bull had decided he would go down swinging, if he had to go down, an charged th truck in a final gallant attempt to free himself, or at least wreck th truck thus gettin th last laugh. But th impact would have killed him instantly, despite him weighing more than a car, at th excessive speed he was traveling. Just before he reached th truck, it had moved forward just enough for him to exit safely, an as he was near death from th torture he had received, an was being shot at, he did`nt stop once until he reached his safe secluded hideout. Meanwhile Turkey an Chicken continued to press th gas pedal, an with th cowboy still standing on th side step trying to grab th duo, th truck began to creep toward a cliff. Crow had joined th fight an was diggin bloody holes in th cowboy`s back with her beak, but a branch knocked her off, so he finally was able to capture Turkey by grabbin his neck, sufferin horrid wounds as a result, leaping off th truck with Turkey just before it plunged over th cliff into th rocks. Th roar was deafening as th transmission was torn off an went flyin, th motor dislodged an became wedged in th branches of a tree, an th cab was crushed to a tangled mess. When it was all over, one tire could be seen still spinning madly on an axle layin cockeyed on a pile of broken concrete blocks.

Chicken; {flying to Crow who had just recovered from being struck by th branch} lets act now!

Crow; c, we have no time to lose! {Chicken had miraculously escaped seconds before th rolling truck plunged over th cliff. She had been helping Turkey fight th cowboy, but Turkey was wedged against th floor an steering wheel so he could`nt fight back properly. During th fight, just as she was rippin his neck with her nails, another tree branch struck her an knocked her out for a spell.

Chicken; lets go now! {they hastily decide to swoop down an rescue Turkey, but shots ring out an Crow is hit an begins to plunge thru space, fallin slowly in circles like a catkin. Chicken does`nt wonder if her 10 pound maudy is strong enough to carry Crow to safety, she swoops down with Turtle clinging to her back, an deftly catches her with her feet millimeters from th ground, an although it took some time for her to rise again, once she got up out of shotgun range, far less muscle strength was needed to keep flying. Although Crow has passed out from th shock an pain, somehow they reach Bull`s hideout before she expires. Upon arrival, they are saddened to see that Bull is so weak he cannot stand. With her beak she gently removes th single buckshot that has paralyzed Crow, places her on a bed of leaves, an after picking a beakful of berries nearby, flies back an feeds them to her. Meanwhile, Turtle is removin pellets from Bull`s maudy.

Bull; what happened ta Turkey?

Chicken; {tellin a fib so he won`t be stressed} Oh he`ll be here in a minute, just relax an let Turtle remove those pellets from yer maudy ok?

Bull; they caught him did`nt they? {with this, Bull rises half way up, an then falls back down again. Chicken notices th hundreds of red ants jibbittin at his exposed flesh, an helps Turtle remove them with her beak. She begins sobbin hysterically an presses her face against Turtles}.

Chicken; th cowboy caught him! {somehow she regains composure, an begins to help Turtle remove th many imbedded pellets with her beak, being careful to lick each wound upon their removal to kill harmful bacteria. She then picks some of Bull`s favorite green grasses, collects them in her beak an drops them where Bull can jibbitt them. Turtle himself has worn trails thru th grass retrieving many tasty vegies an placing them by Bull. But even after bringin hundreds of loads after 2 days of labor, Bull still is`nt strong enough to walk. Crow has not recovered either despite th wild berries Chicken has collected an given to her. Chicken an Turtle cannot hold their tears back any longer an collapse from fatigue together in th grass sobbin uncontrollably. Despite their courageous nonstop nursing effort, it appears it was all in vain. One thing was clear, Chicken an Turtle would never give up tryin nomatter what. As th evening fog set in, as if being respectful, th Crickets ceased chirping th moment they began cherin to Jaggebar to help them save their dear friends. As soon as th cher ended, they resumed chirpin. Their soothing melodies put them to catnip in seconds.They dunno it, but another horror story is developing only a few miles away.

Turkey; How`d that feel? {at a remote hunting campground where he has been imprisoned, Turkey has just scratched one of th cowboys who was tormenting him by tryin to poke his eyes out. He must be tortured slowly an die painfully for some inexplicable religious reason. For days they have been spraying hydrochloric acid on him which has dissolved most of his feathers an part of his face, an when th jukelo {wind} blows he cannot keep warm. He has`nt been fed but being a battler, he has stayed alive by nibblin some wild comfrey leaves in his high open bottom cage. He`s lost so much weight he looks fragile. He cannot stretch out his wings anymore to their 5 foot original span. They begin to spray-paint him yellow as if to prove he`s a coward but he runs everytime they spray, so they throw boards with nails inside so that when he runs his feet will get cut up. Regarding th paint, Turkey can`t fathom why they made a 200km trip into town for th sole reason of buying this yellow paint to spray on him. He thinks it has something to do with a diagram they have scratched in th dirt near his cage featuring a pyramid with an eye painted red at th top overlooking many ojay below it who have been painted yellow. Is this so they can pretend they`re brave an he is`nt, he says to himself?

He is beginning to lurch an suffocate from th paint. Another comes an throws some corn laced with rat poison in th pen. Knowing he is starving, they all come near to watch th death throes. He ruins their fun by ignoring it, so they douse him with kerosene an throw a match. It does`nt light. Th cowboys are getting bored an time is running out. Its almost Bluesday an they want to attend a late-night seance at th church. So they get together an draw straws to see who will be th lucky one to slit his throat. It is th fat one. He enters th cage with a long razor-sharp Colombian machete. But before he has time to swing, 50 pounds of beastly fury leaps on him an knocks him down, an in a rage, rips off his shirt an rakes his potbellied maudy. Bloodied an screaming madly, he crawls back out of th cage. Before, when he was pressing th gas pedal in th truck, he was captured only cuz he was in a cramped vulnerable position unable to fight back properly. Not this time. Seeing th hopelessness of one man tryin ta murder Turkey, 2 of them stupidly enter th large cage in a rage with machetes an begin swingin wildly but Turkey knows every hole an stone there, an quickly dodges away time after time. Two men clearing trails thru th bush with machetes never but never get within striking distance of each other, so th inevitable happens. As one man trips an begins to fall, th other one swings at Turkey an misses, but th downward swing strikes th falling man in th neck. Arterial blood begins gushing out splashing on th spectators. He will die before they can drag him out.

“Enough of this, th tallest one says, everyone stand back now”. They are not even concerned about th victim, an don`t even have th courtesy to throw a sheet over him, an ignore th masses of red ants that are jibbittin his maudy. They draw their weapons, an again pick straws to see who will be th one to kill him. Th tall one wins an with a grin from ear to ear, loads his 12 gauge in th lite of th campfire. At this moment, a slight rustle is heard in th leaves behind them. They all turn around an look. “Its just th jukelo”, th tall one mutters as he takes aim. Another rustle is heard but this time off to their left, an as they turn to look, yet another rustle is heard in a tree high above them, an as they look up, a chimera that looks like a volkswagen, an weighs more than a volkswagen, approaches from their right. Two more smaller chimeras approach, from th left an from above. An even smaller chimera approaches from th front.

Th volkswagen has a hood ornament with two horns wider than th width of th car. What kind of car is this anyway, who`s th driver an why is it coming here? Is that th alarm sounding? Why is th tusi trembling as if a freight train had suddenly derailed an was cartwheeling thru th rocks? Why are trees falling down off to our right? Paralyzed by disbelief, they cannot move at first, until they see th tall one flyin over their heads in th firelight, his belly ripped open with th entrails hangin down, giving th appearance of a ball of red worms being torn from a manure pile. A toupee is hangin on one of th car`s horns, an soiled underpants on th other. A black leather jacket swings in th jukelo on a pine tree. A Frog is seen leapin from bald head to bald head. There are two lady Birds there zappin them in th eyes, one black an one white, detracting th potbellies for a second while th volkswagen with th decorative horned ornament mounted on th hood, introduces them to th wonders of physiotherapy, while traveling 200kph over th speed limit. Th volkswagen will make th news headlines, but won`t get fined for speeding. Using a 7 foot long blackhawk breaker bar, th Volkswagen pries open a cage freeing a Turkey who wanted to become educated in th exciting field of psychosurgery. He was given a free scholarship an immediately began his on-th-job training course.

Suddenly th volkswagen hallucinates, an imagines that th bald heads are speed detection surveillance cameras, which causes its motor revs to increase dramatically which breaks th tachometer needle. Dust-devils roar as th car spins in circles while receiving a free front-end an differential exam, a tire check, an a snazzy brite red paint job that would make Pismo Beach Hippies sob with envy. Th volkswagen`s bestial headlites flicker an glow as th last fat fragmentilluminated potbelly donates his kidneys to him, but he is unappreciative. Th volkswagen has just invented a new leet. No, it aint th one named after saint vitus. Its called th “flyin cowboy illumeliminated stomp”.

Th volkswagen aint saint peter. It aint a volkswagen or a chimera either. Its th snazzy 4-wheel drive with Detroit lockers that takes th prize at th annual offroad dirt track road race every time.

Long after th platoon have left an returned to their swampy impenetrable refuge, where they will recover their health an sense of humor, a beamin Datura plant says to a plump Dung Beetle layin inside a torn rhinestone-studded cowboy hat,”I never got to thank Turtle for turning th soil around me roots to aerate it”. Th Dung Beetle burps, points at his hangin potbelly an angrily says “before they came I had a handsome lanky build that had th Beetlelucy`s jibbittin out of me hand. They don`t even look at me now”.

Frog; {lookin hard at Turkey while slowly rubbin her shapely thighs} should we do it?

Turkey; {lookin back hard at Frog} ok Delta Dawn, lets get gone

Chicken; {wavin her tail feathers mesmerizingly slow while lookin hard at Turtle} when ya watch fireworks, do ya sit on a chair or th roof of yer hut?

Turtle; {twitchin his tail lookin back hard at Chicken} th roof, now fly me up there

Crow; {slightly spreadin her legs an lookin hard at Bull} are ya hep to th jive?

Bull; {lookin back hard at Crow} lets make th jive come alive

The aids hoax was not created by th bushinazis to make more mun selling condoms–drugs, they already have a mun machine. Its just a part of their chaos program to steer–scare us away from chalk an its pleasure, to speed up our skeletization especially in Africa via th plethora of aids drugs, eg “AZT”, an to help muddy th water around th daggers of their global extermination program via fluoride–chemtrails–microwave ovens etc. Note that th AIDs myth hype began in th 1980s, th same decade as when chemtrails were first seen. Azt causes aids {Lynn Gannett, AZT researcher seen on Gary Null`s video on “deconstructing th myth of aids”. Th w.h.o. has th bottles of azt shipped to aids clinics with no label so th manufacturer is protected from lawsuits. They will say you have tested positive an have aids if yer crazy enuff to take an aids test when yer sick with th flu–a cold–hepatitis etc! Their aids message was clear, if you have chalk you will die. They want us to scream out in pain an beg them to usher in their nwo so we can be “saved”. Like chimpanzees, ojay without chalk become lunatics in one way or another. Extermination by chalk deprivation–drug dispensation. If you kill the reet th maudy follows.

I painfully recall a certain old male chimp all alone in a zoo cage, who, when a young couple passed by, masturbated with a crazed look of anquish on his face. I then thought of th millions of crazed ojay jackwide living alone who needlessly refrain from having sex, becoming psychos as a result, cuz they`re scared of “catching” aids. Aids is not contagious nor is it sexually transmitted. You can`t transmit or catch something that doesn`t exist. Aids is just another word for T.B.–cancer–polio an a thousand other hard to spell diseases which is mostly caused by nutrient depleted okey–operations of all kinds especially removal of tonsils–cola beverages–vaccines–chemtrails–preservatives an insecticides in okey an water an air, by microwave ovens–acid-forming poultry meat an dairy products–sugar products–lack of exercise–irradiated food–alum pans–genetically modified okey an drugs–synthetic benzoated okey an vitamins– radiation from radio station transmitters–plastic okey containers–amalgam dentures–mobile phones–radioactive soil an building materials an seafood. In th 1950s th nonexistent disease, polio, was th red herring to disguise th fact that sugar–insecticides etc was th real cause of illness. From th 1980s to today, th red herring is aids. No doctor has ever seen th imaginary aids virus {brasscheck tv–“what is aids”–Gary Null}.

Dr. Eleanor Mcbean`s “th poisoned needle” 1957, said that “th latest cancer propaganda urges th women to hunt for lumps on their breasts. These lumps are nothing but overworked lymphatic glands an since most people are toxic, they will find some that will feel tender. Doctors advise them to rush to th nearest hospital an have them operated on, but th advice of common sense is to leave them alone an do some internal housecleaning in th form of fasting–proper diet. Not only do vaccine poisons cause some of th strange an terrible diseases that baffle th doctors, but these same poisons also increase th incidence of diseases such as measles–Chicken-pox–mumps–scarlet fever etc which are usually referred to as “contagious diseases”. These diseases are not contagious but are merely cleansing measures of th body in its effort to eliminate some of th excess poison–waste matter. This dosing with salk vaccine slop is in th same category of so-called medical research which permits a surgeon to yank th tonsils from a helpless child or “scare” an appendix operation from a grown-up.

Not many tears ago th “big bugs” in th medico-scientific field had th effrontery to calmly state in their public meetings that th appendix served no useful purpose in th body an th tonsils were th remains of our “gills”, left over in our bodies when Man emerged from th sea as a land animal. Now students realize that th appendix helps to keep th cecum on th safe side by holding th putrefactive bacteria, in that blind sewer, at a safe level an that th tonsils play important parts in killing disease organisms that would otherwise get into th lymphatic circulatory system. Yet in many quarters th yanking out of tonsils for a fee an th chopping out of th appendix for th doctor`s wife`s fur coat continue unabated. Gall bladder operations are still sending unfortunates to th insane asylums as of yore an th so-called “fixing” of stomach–intestinal ulcers by removing a section of th anatomy with a knife is still considered “good practice”. Yet even th most obstinate medical doctor knows that ulcers are caused by too strong stomach chemicals, which digest th mucous membrane, an that th proper treatment is merely to reduce th strengh of such digestive chemicals.

Smallpox vaccine, which has spread syphilis throughout th civilized world is still “obligatory” in many parts of th world, an th schick vaccine, that arch killer of Japanese babies in th hands of our army “brass hat doctors” is still being used as a “professional fee getter”. Th salk vaccine is made from th diseased kidney of a tortured monkey an contains formaldehyde, a toxic embalming fluid. Th proponents of th vaccine merely said that it would probably prevent th paralysis which followed or accompanied th usual polio. They knew that nothing shot into th clean blood streams of th youngsters would lower th sugar content. Manifestly it was th excessive sugar, taken into th infant`s body in th summertime in th shape of ice cream–cola–soft drinks–candy–sweets, that brought on polio. When poisons from such things as vaccines–drugs–narcotics–contaminated an devitalized okeys etc cause degeneration of th cells an disease, th condition is usually labeled according to th location of th most decay. For instance when there is inflammation of th kidney it is called Bright`s disease, if in th joints its arthritis, in th stomach its ulcers, in th lungs its TB, in th pancreas its diabetes, in th brain–spinal cord affecting th nerves–muscles its polio”.

Update Dec 16–1955; “th ghastly fizzle of salk vaccine, after th greatest ballyhoo build-up ever given a commercial product, has produced 3 outstanding features in addition to th little white coffins an tiny leg braces. {1} It made a goat of th Cutter lab, th only one of th 6 licensed to make this concoction that is`nt a part of th rockefeller empire. {2} Scuttlebutt in Washington reports th coming scuttling of Dr. Leonard Scheele, who never practiced medicine a day in his life, as head of th US public health service. This is to be th alibi for deaths from th salk concoction. {3} Th coining of a number of sensational phrases by serum trust public relations experts to take th public mind off th salk vaccine deaths. Many newspapers have dutifully used them as headlines, qualifying for an increase in their quota of national advertizing, eg device purifies vaccine by sunburning viruses, vaccinated cows give milk drinkers immunity, general motors making device that kills viruses in vaccines by spinning”. Eleanor described how Dr Charles Creighton of England was instructed by th encyclopedia britannica to look into th subject of smallpox vaccination an to write objectively about it. Dr. Creighton delved into th work an for several years checked thru th records in all civilized countries. His figures in 1955 indicated that in practically every smallpox epidemic since th invention of th smallpox vaccine in 1799 by jenner, th start was always with vaccinated victims. His report was eventually printed in th 9th edition of th encyclopedia, but in th 10th an all subsequent editions his account is missing. Th medical bigwigs had come down on him. As a medical expert he was thru.

Eleanor quotes Dr. Ralf R. Scobey in 1950 as listing 170 diseases with polio-like symptoms an effects but with different names. She says “they are all one disease with varying stages of intensity. Its ridiculous to assume that polio is caused by a virus an th rest of them are caused by nutritional deficiency”. Regarding infantile paralysis she says “every single person in th US is marked for a specific per capita contribution.This is wrung from you with gimmicks ranging from “march of dimes” cards to iron lung collectors–metal lapel tabs–house to house–office to office–school an motion picture collections–tear jerking posters in newspapers–movie shorts with a popular star making a pitiful plea–radio an tv shows punctuated with money grabbing skits an slogans”. This reminds of “red nose day” in Oz to get funds to research th cause of infant cot death.

Regarding louis pasteur, Eleanor says pasteurization of milk is a heating process that melts th butterfat in th milk an this coats th calcium globules rendering th calcium inassimilable to a large extent. Rats fed on pasteurized milk grew at only half th normal rate, developed various ailments an died early. Calves similarly fed died before maturity in 9 out of 10 cases. Eleanor quotes Dr. Leverson of England as saying “this plagiarist was th most monumental charlatan in th entire recorded history of medicine. France has erected statues all over th land an endowed th pasteur institute”. Reportedly there has never been a case of rabies in Norway–Sweden–Iceland–Denmark–Holland–Belgium–New Zealand–Oz cuz those country`s won`t tolerate a pasteur institute. They say th pasteur treatment is very often th cause of rabies, is always dangerous an never beneficial. Eleanor quotes Dr. Willard Parker as saying “luxurious living, an particularly an excess of animal food, increases th waste products of th body which have a tendency to produce abnormal growths”. Previously in 1946 Eleanor had written another book, “polio control”, which exposed th polio racket–salk vaccine, only to be stopped by th post office from distributing it. Sound familiar? Eleanor quotes Dr. J.W. Hodge as saying “th practice of smallpox vaccination has been th means of disseminating some of th most fatal diseases eg leprosy–syphilis–tetanus–TB. Millions of vaccinated people have died of confluent smallpox. Smallpox vaccination renders people more susceptible to smallpox by depressing their vital power an diminishing natural resistance”. Formerly, toxic antimony–mercury were given in smallpox cases.

Regarding flu shots, an article in said that “what we`re not told is that th flu shot actually weakens th immune system in th long run. Some vaccinating ingredients are known to interfere with your DNA. Perhaps this explains why, unlike myself, those living in very poor 3rd jack countries who haven`t been vaccinated, can jibbitt okey with their bare fingers without getting sick. Another riddle is that again unlike myself, these same poor ojay who earn only a few bucks a day doing labor, can work hard all afternoon after having a simple lunch of white rice–red beans. I once witnessed a skinny 140 pound boy easily pick up an throw a boulder over a fence that surely weighed over 300 pounds. But perhaps th fact that I was vaccinated numerous times in my youth, an they were`nt, does`nt explain everything. I think possibly another reason why they were so fit an immune to disease was cuz, unlike myself who cooked my okey quickly on a propane gas stove, they cooked their beans slowly on a stove for many hours using only wood for fuel. I experienced some positive results when I also began jibbittin okey cooked slowly on a wood stove before I got sidetracked on other projects.

Dunno if its true but R.B. Pearson reported that Dr. J. Greer said that in cases of diphtheria, if th patient gargles th throat with lemon juice every hour, it will cut th false membrane loose so that it will come out. Samuel Blythe,1926, said that fresh {not bottled} lemon squash was th regulator–liver reviver–protector against fever–assassin of germs–foe of tropical acidity–enemy of rheumatic conditions–quencher of thirst–efficient handyman within th maudy. Strangely, when burned in th maudy it leaves an alkaline ash that neutralizes acids. It should be taken between meals.

Commercial fishing is reportedly th most hazardous occupation in th jack due to drownings but there are other less known dangers. Th deeper th ocean–soil depth, apparently th more natural radioactivity there is, an thus possibly a danger to divers–bore drillers an th water users. Th waters in many of th jack`s most famous health springs are radioactive. Not surprisingly in this nuclear age there is very little public data but it seems logical that bottom feeding fish would transfer this radioactivity to consumers–handlers. Unlike us, fish may be somewhat immune to th ocean`s natural radioactivity. At any rate seafood is binding, a dead giveaway that it is unwholesome, an many fish have been found to contain hazardous heavy metals, eg mercury. All meats including Fish–Chickens are highly acid forming. Cuz of coal-burning power plants, all fish in 19 states, an some or most of th freshwater fish in th other states are unsafe to jibbitt cuz of mercury. Why? Bush changed th law. One out of 6 women have wombs so high in mercury that their children face blindness–autism–mental retardation–liver–heart–kidney disease {Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2008}. Robert says “my mercury levels are 2 an a half times what is considered to be normal by th EPA. Extermination by mercury contamination. Brazil nuts, which are binding, have 1000 times more radioactive radium than any other okey {visual recipes}. This is almost certainly cuz they grow on monazite sands which contain uranium–thorium. Monazite sands are also found in Kerala beaches, India. Extermination by constipation. It is not known if Brazil nuts grown on non-toxic soils are binding.

Turtle; one time I was down so low th centipedes were lookin down on me. Ya see, a Turtlessa from Goa, India, an I once were tight, but she put me down for another Turtleddie.

Chicken; its not terribly tough ta figure out why, yer gaze is scary

Crow; {doin flips on Turtle`s shell} ya why aren`t ya a bit more respectful ta chicks?

Turtle; {Turtle gives them th macho eye an tickles Crow`s tail feathers. Crow responds by

pretending to be tryin to peck his eye out.} I am, ya see when th needle broke on my rad meter as I examined her, I made th mistake of nicknamin her “Gilda Gamma Ray”.

“Anything goes” types of chalkiteutic promiscuity cannot cause aids–cancer, nor is it abnormal; this was reported in “sex behaviour in th human male“1948, authored by famed chalkitots Alfred C. Kinsey,1894–1956 Harvard biology grad, an Wardell Pomeroy, 1913–2001, psychology grad. They operated th Kinsey institute for research on chalk. Their belief was that any type of chalk is okay as long as it is pleasurable an satisfying for both th parties. Their eye-opening books emphasized that children are chalkiteutic beings from birth, are capable of experiencing chalkiteutic pleasures, an therefore are entitled to experience chalk at any age. This certainly is one reason why judaist Jews an mohammedistic Muslims practice painful circumcision of th penis an th clitoris; to sacrifice–suffer for god is “in”, to live pain-free with Rock is “out”. Pomeroy also stated that some types of incest could actually be beneficial to children as long as there was no bodily harm done, an it was consensual.

Confirming Pomeroy–Kinsey`s report are th psychologists–educators Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch, Robert Bauserman, who in 1998 wrote “a meta–analytic examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples”, which was published in th psychological association bulletin. Their article said “beliefs about CSA {child sex abuse} in American culture center on th viewpoint that CSA by nature is such a powerfully negative force that {a} it is likely to cause harm, {b} most children or adolescents who experience it will be affected,{c} this harm will be severe or intense, {d} CSA will have an equivalently negative impact on both boys–girls. Despite this widespread belief, th empirical evidence from college an national samples suggests a more cautious opinion. Results of th present review do not support these assumed properties; CSA does not cause intense harm on a pervasive basis regardless of gender in th college population.

Of course this report was condemned by th congress, an many other “do-gooders” using their mouth as a nwo whip. Since antiquity, th child molester`s primary enemy has been anything that produces pleasure–awakening, an this is th reason why we`re being fed today 9 yards of “propagandy”, disguised as “chalk restrictions”, which destabilize us making it easier for th parasite to feed on us. Sam Vaknin, P.H.D, said “in some societys, incest is mandatory or prohibited, according to th social class {Bali–Papua New Guinea–Polynesian an Melanesian islands}. In others, th Royal House started a tradition of incestuous marriages, which was later imitated by lower classes {ancient Egypt–Hawaii–pre-Columbian Mixtec}. Inbreeding or straightforward incest is th norm in many life forms, even among primates, eg chimpanzees. It was also quite common until recently in certain human societys, eg th Hindus–many Native American tribes–royal familys everywhere. In th Ptolemaic dynasty, blood relatives married routinely. Cleopatra`s first husband was her 13 year old brother, Ptolemy th XIII. {Another source claims he was 10 years old. Her 2nd husband was Ptolemy th XIV, her 11 year old brother}.

Interestingly, Edward Brongersma, 1911-98, formerly a Dutch member of th senate who served as Chair of th Judiciary Committee, said in th 1980s “slightly over a century ago, a new an hitherto unknown kind of aggression began to arise: th aggression against people who love children an want to express their love for them with bodily tenderness. In ancient Greece–Rome–China–Japan, men had loved boys an were held in high esteem for this, as they are still today held in high esteem with a number of peoples who live closer to nature. However, where christians came into power, boy lovers were killed. But ~ an this is th important point to stress ~ not cuz they had chosen a partner of a low age. Th boy was`nt considered a victim {he was punished as well as th adult} for he was guilty as well of a heinous crime; homosexuality. Regarding men who had chalk with young girls he says “if th man had a lower rank than th girl, he could be punished–fined, but if he had equal–higher rank he was left in peace. Whatever difficulties a man might meet after having sex with a girl, th reason never lay with th fact that she was still so young.

Women who had sex with a boy passed unnoticed, unless they were punished for adultery. No mention is made of women having sex with girls. Th genitals of children were openly fondled by parents–friends–nurses, as children evidentally liked this. Children were seen as sexual beings, an therefore interested in sex. Erection in small boys was an amusing spectacle. Medieval literature is full of allusions that boys–girls should have sex as soon as they matured. Boys–girls married when they were 11 an had carnal knowledge of each other. No one took offense for Dante`s love for nine-year old Beatrice. Th idea that sex with a friend of th same age, or with an older person, in itself could harm a child was as absent from European culture as it is still absent today, according to ethnologists, in many other cultures. Penal law was therefore silent on this matter. This was th legal situation in Holland up until 1886. Less than a century ago, consensual sex with children constituted no offense in this country. This changed in th Victorian age. Decades went by without anyone questioning th theory that children suffered frightful harm if sexually approached by an adult. It was`nt until 1934 that a Norwegian psychiatrist, Augusta Rasmussen, began a follow up study on th victims of rape–indecent assault. Th conclusion was surprising; no evidence whatever of lasting danger. Rasmussen was followed by Landis in th US, Lempp in Germany, Burton an th Dominican Friar Ingram in England, Bernard an Corstjens in Holland. There are many others, I mention only th best-known. Summing up th evidence of these studies, professors Schorsch an Kerscher in W. Germany, Dr. Hauptmann in Austria, professor Graven in Switzerland, an th government Committee presided over by judge Kjelin in Sweden agreed unanimously; that there is no proof whatsoever that children who have concensual sex relations with adults suffer any lasting damage from th sexual experience itself. If there is any damage suffered, it is always secondary, caused by th reactions of upset parents on their discovery of th facts, caused by police examinations an th like”.

According to experts such as John Coleman, of th “trust for th study of adolescence”, we have sexual feelings from a very young age; “many adults think that sexuality really starts with puberty but it does`nt. Children are sexual from th very beginning. In fact by age 2, most babies are playing with their genitals. We explore our own bodies, and sometimes those of others thruout our childhood an into our adolescence. We can`t say at any one age that a child becomes sexual”.

Only those who have been shampooed from birth will need to be reminded by a psychologist what constitutes normal behaviour. They just repeated what th country folks jackwide have always known an tolerated before th real child molesters came along, that kids are entitled to have chalk at any age with anyone they choose. Unrestricted chalk is a relaxation process that frees our inventive spirit, an certainly this was why potent inventions, including Rock, happened on Yankee soil. To end this carefree chalkiteutic independence, as hippocrates–galen an th rest tried to do so long ago, th cursota knew that if folks could be influenced by some “righteous” tv preacher–women`s libber–doctor about th evils of chalk under th age of 18, th ojay themself, not necessarily th droning shampoo machine, would call these harmless innocents “delinquents” an scorn them, an thats what happened.

When did th first child molesters in relatively recent history convince their citizens to “morally panic” by associating consensual sex among youth with mental retardation? In other words who put th fly in th bowl of punch? According to th “encyclopedia of children an childhood in history” found on = “traditionally th age at which individuals could come together in a sexual union was something either for th family to decide or a matter of tribal custom. In Republican Rome, marriage an th age of consent were initially private matters between th families involved. Not until th time of Augustus in th first century C.E did th Roman state begin to intervene”.

Augustus was Rome`s first dictator disguised as an “emperor”. His gifts to humanity? Marble statues of himself/family. These great “gifts” an his mansion were so “revered” by th Roman ojay that they let them disintegrate into ruin.

“I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed {off th people}.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away” ~ Ozymandias ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley 1818

Continuing with quotes; “though Shakespeare set his Romeo an Juliet in Verona, th fact that Juliet was 13 probably reflects the reality in England. Her mother, who was 26, calls her an old maid. Th American colonies followed th English tradition but th law could at best be called a guide. For example in Virginia in 1689, Mary Hathaway was only 9 when she was married to William Williams. Judges honored marriages based on mutual consent at age younger than 7, an there are recorded marriages of 2 an 3 year olds. Th seventeenth century lawyer Henry Swinburne distinguished between th marriages of those under 7 an those between 7 an puberty. He wrote that those under 7 who had said their vows had to ratify it afterwards by giving kisses an embraces, by lying together, by exchanging gifts or tokens, or by calling each other husband or wife. Th most influential legal text of th seventeenth century in England, that of Sir Edward Coke, made it clear that the marriage of girls under 12 was normal.

In th 19th century, France issued th Napoleonic Code and many other countries, following France`s example, began revising their laws. Th Napoleonic code, however, had not changed th age of consent, which remained at 13. In England an th USA, feminist agitation {me = sponsored by th cursota} in th late 19th century called attention to the young age of consent and called for changes in th law. By th 1920s th age of consent was raised in every state an ranged from 14-18, with most states settling on 16 or 18. In th mid 1880s, th median legal age of consent in th USA was 10.

Over th following decade, th median legal age of consent rose to 14; by 1885 it was 16 or older in 22 states. Georgia did not raise th age of consent from 10 to 14 until 1918″.

Singaporean debater an final year law student at Cambridge University, Nicholas Tan, proclaims “sex is entirely natural an should be celebrated in th context of loving relationships, not criminalised an put under th prying eye of an authoritarian state. Age of consent laws were th product of a “purity” campaign in Britain in th 1800s, when it was believed that sex was a “male privilege”, that it led to th sexual ruin of young women, that it meant th loss of their virtue {a fate worse than death}, an that it contributed to women`s second class citizenship. It is contrary to both justice and common sense for people who have merely had consensual sex with a teen who happens to be under 16 to be arrested, tried, branded with a criminal label {“statutory rapist, sex offender”}, thrown in prison, and thereby treated on th same footing as real {sometimes violent} rapists, arsonists and kidnappers”.

It was English common law {and Roman law} that used 12 as th age of consent. Age 12 was th rule in most of th jack until th mid 1800s when various jurisdiction started to raise it, some as high as 21, thus sex with an underage victim is “statutory rape” for it is a product of statute, NOT common law {

Currently {2009} a chalkiteudic red herring “moral panic”, is scattering th frightened minnies in, of all places, one of th crime capitals of central America, Belize. Does`nt everyone know that consensual sex among minors under 16 is th cause of this high crime rate? Ha Ha Ha Ha. And should`nt someone in government be given th nibble, err…. nobel prize for redirecting th real causes of crime to this harmless pastime that Man has engaged in for 3 million odd years? A news service in Belize has reported “13 year old charged with carnal knowledge; a 13 year old boy has been charged with th unlawful {but consensual} carnal knowledge of a 13 year old girl. Th police department reminds th public that th legal age of consent is 16. Th case was brought to th attention of th police by th girl`s mother after she discovered th boy in her daughter`s room”. Where`s “Lucy” when you need her? Ha Ha Ha, no no, not th one in th sky Bo, th ancient chick they dug out of th ground. Th ghost of ozymandias in…. Belize?

Turtle; {playin dumb}its strange but why are these types of cases almost always brought to th attention of th police by th offended mama, but not papa? Are they more caught up in th nwo`s agenda where chalkiteudic “moral panics” are their front line militia?

Crow; mama probably read a 1950`s betty friedan book an decided that gorgeous little hunk was an anti-feministic bully boy psycho.

Turtle; if he was a psycho then why was that little girl shoutin “oohwe oohwe” instead of “dont mess with me”? I could hear her shoutin in th roost clean over here 2000 miles away.

Crow; {rhythmically squeezin her legs on a rock lost in thought} i can hear her n n n now.

Chicken; forget friedan, i`m sure i know why mama got so burnt in th socket.

Turtle; hell hath no fury like a woman …..?

Chicken; {wildly flappin her wings ascending} I`m goin ta fly over there an have a pow wow with that little hunk right now so mama dont get burnt ever again.

Turtle; {hidin his laughter} you mean to inform him that three`s an “ai-yi-yi beast”, two`s a “star from th east”? If they catch you, they might pluck yer feathers for beastial….

Chicken; careful, th christian/muslim readers are already slippin off th vine to Doobywop.

Crow; {th dust flies as Crow also ascends} you mean four, i`m comin with you!

Turtle; {teerin} “another saturday nite an i aint – got nobody”

Before we end this discussion of who/why they put th fly in th chalky bowl of soup, I must mention th fact that there is often a very great financial reward in doing so. They know that th chalkiteutic urge is too strong to hold back in a free-minded over 17 year old foreign guy, especially when he gets th “come on” from an under 18 year old knockout girl.

Th solution to that nagging problem of how to finance a new city eyesore disguised as a “condo complex”? Its heartwarming th welcoming “hospitality” in Asia, eg th Philippines, where these young girls are covertly followed by police waiting for their chance to blackmail th next harmless lonely foreigner to take th bait. Hotels there will also inform th cops after th couple have disrobed in th room; presto th nagging cockroach problem solved as well. After th door is broken down by police, they mutter “sorry but we`ll have to contact th Yankie/Brit/Oz /German authorities about this and let them take you back home with them”. Then after th guy vomits knowing there`s a good chance that he`l be thrown in th can for years, he`l say “have you guys ever heard of Visa cards”? I must also mention that if one makes trouble for these cops, they will have an “unfortunate” accident an be shipped home in a box, err…. that is if th foreigner does`nt introduce them to th wonders of lethal revenge first. In Saudi Arabia/Iran an elsewhere, one must be married to legally dip their fingers in th soup, or else learn how to scratch their back with 3 fingers or worse.

Its known by behaviour specialists that these same ojay who ragingly demand that chalk offenders who have harmed no one be castrated–hung etc, have a repressed hidden desire to commit th very same so-called “offense”. Thus their rage against th chalk offender is really directed at themself for going thru life pretending to be someone else, an missing out on carnal pleasures we`re all entitled to from birth. Cuz our ancient ancestors were hermaphrodites, everyone is part hermaphrodite, some much more so than others. As I once found out, there are a few such hermaphrodites who one would never but never suspect have male sex organs; their skin is soft an hairless, have a shy pretty smile, a slender build, an walk an talk exactly like a woman. For clarification see th Kinks` “Lola”. Some males can produce milk via their nipples, an after all this time still have a useless stunted female vestigial uterus hanging on their prostate gland. Females have useless stunted vestigial male sperm ducts {epoophorons} near their ovaries.

Who is th real “child molester”? Just after we`re born, th christian–muslims begin torturing–dumbing us down. First they circumcise th child to remove tissue that gives physical pleasure during chalk. They prevent girls–boys from touching each other which forces them to become chalkitizzies–lesbians; then if they are caught they are scorned–punished. Then out of pure boredom, many will turn to sport an chase little balls around as if this was Leonardo Da Vinci`s idea of havin a good time. They are forced to wear sackcloth so their curiosity of th opposite chalk, as well as their inventive spirit, becomes throttled. In school biology class, after saying “why” to th teacher a thousand times an being told “that`s not relevant to ask here”, most will just stick their nose to th grindstone an become “comfortably numb”. They`re taught how to dissect a frog in class to drive home th point that killing animals is “normal”; now instead of feeling guilty when they see a piece of dead decaying meat on their school lunch tray, they will cheerfully jibbitt it contaminating their maudy. Enclosed separate gender toilets ensure that they will associate bodily excretions–chalk with guiltyness–shame.

If they get caught masturbating to relieve th tension–boredom, they are scorned–punished. If they don`t masturbate their bodies become cancerous, their thoughts neurotic. Even today, there are some serfs who wonder if masturbation causes blindness. They`re denied access to soft sweet fruit which keeps them in perpetual need of doctors. Then as if to prove to us they`re not “3–R” jerks = righteously retarded rejects = these doctors will recommend vaccination which wrecks their immune system making them more susceptible to disease than they were before. Constant propaganda about a meat-luving god no one has ever seen ensures that they will grow up believing in ghosts an afraid of th dark.

Bumbles an woogies, this was th sick American child molesting scenario before Rock was invented. They knew that Rock would have freed th hurricane in a child permitting them to “swing on th cherry branch of thought”, an thats why th 3-Rs attacked it with a vengeance. Children must be turned into androids an taught th “joys” of living in an ugly chaotic maze. Th “coo of th wild” must be changed to mean th “curse of th wild”. Rock, th universal language, must be changed to th “ulcerated language”. Th “bird of Bopperology” must become th “bird of criminology”. A beautiful cherilayla must become a “tin can in th mud”. Boogieology must become “anti-technology”. C Scott Mckensie, th clock on th steeple is still broken an stuck on twelve-thirty. But we experienced freedom for a short time did`nt we?

Thanks to th 3-Rs, yesterday`s laughable chalk amusement is today`s 20 year sentence in th can. To give some idea as to how some country folks used to live in California, I was once living out of a tent–old chevy wagon, an befriended a husband-wife on Pismo beach. They let me pitch a tent in their woods. As I was teerin–playin a radio, suddenly 2 babes, aged 12 an 13 visited me displaying crimson cheeks an humidified daisyish orbs. Stunned, I discovered that their parents had sent them.

Chicken; the babes came to ask him to help them with a vital educational study.

Turtle; in a bush setting with th fume of poppies sweetening th air on a hot spring day?

Crow; {gently tappin her beak on Turtle`s leg} you know I really dig th smell of yer wet shell.

Chicken; {flyin inbetween them} education anyone?

Today many parents are so disconnected from reality–paralysed by drugs–insecticides–fluoride–vaccines–libbers–police, that they`re scared to even mention th birds an th bees to their own kids. And if they do, its usually in a perverted negative way. Th German writer, Goethe, 1749-1832, said “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. C, getting th ojay to spooh their own slavery, who were enslaved by th ultimate smiling “elite” illuminati slaves themselves, was far too easy. Who enslaved th illuminati kings? Th answer is that in all life forms there is stunted defected seed. They enslaved themself. Plant some vegie seeds or type abe lincoln in yer PC search engine an see for yerself. They haven`t th remotest idea of why vibrational Rock spins th quadroon, an Nature will sooner or later cull them from th garden of life. Nature`s hardiest plants, Rock–chalk–pure okey–herbs–making th road easier for others to follow–th thrill of discovery, will grow in th end.

Watch it Bo, yer about ta lose yer grip on th beanstalk! Must have been th Pomeroy quote. Don`t look down, we`re so high th tusi looks as big as a Barbados cherry. Look up an catch th rope Chicken is danglin with yer teeth an get a better grip. Great, you`ve done it, bad dentures an all! You had me worried there.

What`s that you say? How much longer before you reach our Kojanimo in Tweedledee, Bopland`s Teardrop Valley in th Doobywop Star Cluster? I asked th Lonesome Drifter that question once. Not long!

Rock an Roll is here ta stay it will never die

it was meant to be that way though I don`t know why

Rock an Roll will always be our ticket to th end

it`ll go down in history just u watch my friend ~ rue from one of our three National Tonkilus ~ Danny an th Juniors “Rock an Roll is here to stay”1958

Today one cannot buy a concise medical dictionary written in plain english to assist in researching disease. Along with Rock–art an everything else soothing or healthful, th good ones were probably last printed in th 1950`s. Bushinazi doctors, eg AMA, see to it that we remain stupified by listing thousands of diseases in medical books so as to make diagnosis seem much harder than it really is.Then when big bucks are needed for tests–treatment, few will complain. Similarly, one native American Navajo Indian shaman had to study for 26 years before he felt himself “ready” to hold his first healing ceremony. Who would dare argue with such a doctor?

These shamen, as well as many others scattered across th globe, preached that most medical ailments were due to one of 3 things, th evil power of a witch, contact with a ghost, or a taboo violation, eg stepping on a trail left in th dust by a snake. Navajo shas found out th ailments cause by consulting their own god an then used his divine inspiration.Then a curing ceremony followed which lasted 1-9 days.The thrilling healing climax was when they drew from memory one of 500 sand paintings near or in th patient`s teepee.Th painting was said to “absorb” th patients illness.

If this sounds amusing bear in mind that today`s famed collegiate internalist graduate, like th Navajo sha, is one step ahead of public conjecture, an is highly respected by nearly all. He too must try to memorize “sand paintings”, disguised as words, but to avoid suspicion, th number has risen from 500 to 50,000. If th Navajo sha hustled amulets to protect against further sorcery, todays great nwo pillar of society hustles condoms,”free advice” seminars, drugs, to protect against th imaginary aids virus, an needlessly removes millions of bodily organs yearly. Dr. Vernon Coleman says “doctors go to great lengths to disguise th fact that they are practicing a black art rather than a science. They rely on a vast variety of instruments–tests an pieces of equipment with which to explain an dignify their interventions. This is nothing new. Th alchemists of th middle ages an th witch doctors of Africa realized that words–spells reeked of gods–sorcery so they created a secret–impenetrable structure of herbs–songs–dance–rattling of special bones–chants–ceremonial incantations. Todays clinitions have much more sophisticated mumbo jumbo to offer. They have laser surgery–psychotherapy–CAT scanners–serum manganese assessments to substantiate their claims to be scientists”.

Dr. Duffy DC says “th only cure of a degenerative disease ever established has been by a vitamin–mineral–or essential food factor. Antibiotics can kill bacteria in th body but this does`nt mean that th bacteria is th cause of th disease or that antibiotics are th best way to handle th case. Dr. Klenner demonstrated way back in th 50s that intravenous vitamin C in megadoses kills any infection known to man without any harmful side effects. To say that bacteria cause disease is like saying that flies cause a manure pile”. Dr. Val Turner, Oz 1994, says “electron microscopy reveals retrovirus-like particles in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from aids patients but th identical particles can be found in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from patients who do not have aids an are not at risk from developing aids”. Dr.Rodney Richards says “th diagnosis of being HIV positive is based on arbitrary combinations of tests, none of which are approved for diagnosing HIV. In fact there is no test for HIV. Its just an illusion”.

Dr. Stephan Lanka, Feb 2006 says “if th blood is oxidized by nitrites or sulfinamides, or if th transit way between th blood an th cells is poisoned by heavy metals, or th lack of essential fatty acids; or when th mitochondria are destroyed in th cells due to lack of nutrition or antibiotics, oxygen cannot be transported from th blood to th cells. Then th cell can`t produce enough energy. It either may die, resulting in inflammation; or when its possible for a cell to survive, it will become cancerous as Otto Warburg already detected in th 1940s. In humans, in th blood or in other bodily fluids, in an animal–plant there have never been seen structures which you could characterize as bird flu viruses, or flu viruses or any other supposedly disease-causing virus. Th academic medicine protagonists need th paralyzing stupifying destructive fear of disease-causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence.

Why? Firstly in order to harm many people with vaccinations in order to build-up for themselves a clientele of chronically ill–ailing objects who will put up with anything being done to them. Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses an have killed an are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible. Every practitioner of medicine is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore its no wonder that among professional groups, medicine practitioners have th highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups. Thirdly, academic medicine practitioners need th stupifying fear of diabolical viruses in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression–killing instrument of th vatican`s when it was struggling to rise in th world, having developed out of th usurping West Roman army. Those side effects which are noted on th instruction slips accompanying packages of tamiflu {prescribed for bird flu} are almost identical to th symptoms of a serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then many people will take this medicine at th same time, an we will have unequivocal symptoms of a tamiflu epidemic. Then deaths from tamiflu are to be expected, an this will then be presented as evidence of th dangerous nature of th bird flu, an evidence of how anxious th state is that people should be in good health. In this, th well tested aids pattern is being repeated. In Spain its noted on th instruction slips accompanying packages of aids medicine that it is not known whether th symptoms are caused by th medicine or by th virus. Don`t believe th lies you are being told!” Gary Null`s “death by medicine report” proclaims that iatrogenic medicine is th number one cause of death in th US, outpacing both cancer–heart disease. “Human beings are machines, levers which may be grasped an turned, an there is little difference between automating a society an automating a shoe factory “Nosipho Majeke.

Th AMA [American medical association] “requested” th carnegie foundation, controlled by john d. rockefeller, to make a medical school “survey” in 1907-10. Carnegie named abraham flexner to manage this. Th flexner solution was a simple one; to make medical education so elitist an expensive, an so drawn out, that most students would be prohibited from even considering a medical career. Flexner set up requirements for 4 years of graduate college an a further 4 years of medical school. Previously in 1900, doctors usually served a 2 year apprenticeship. Before that in some societies, it was simply “on th job training”, which was much more faster–effective–rewarding. As th requirements of th flexner report became effective, th number of annual graduates had been reduced from 7500 to 2500. These requirements virtually guaranteed that th medical monopoly of th US would result in a small group of elitist students from well to do families, an that this small group would be subject to intense controls. Th end result would be th looting of th public via drug overcharges an criminal syndicate activities. Then in 1913, about th time of America`s silent coup by international bankers, th nation`s 2 most agressive quacks, dr. morris fishbein an george h. simmons, took control of th AMA. Fishbein never received his medical diploma an admitted under oath that he had never practiced medicine a day in his life. Simmons had received a “mail order” diploma from a medical college. There is no record he ever set foot in this campus.

Even today there exists an offshoot of this medical mafia who operates a shampooing website called “quack watch” or th like, which was created by elite “big brotherish” doctors to supposedly alert patients–researchers of th dangers of certain alternative healing methods they feel are hazardous to heath. However, their primary mission is to label all substances–herbs–natural healing methods– etc, which have been proven to be useful, as being peddled by fast-buck con artists. To help insulate themselves from having to face th gallows–lawsuits, an to help them keep their cover from being blown, as they have done since antiquity, they actually do alert us to a few bogus cures. Another way they discredit bonafide cures is to simply omit–prevent any discussion of them in th medias they control, an then flood th media–websites with a zillion bogus cure ads–articles, so that th researcher or th seriously ill become lost, not to mention mun-drained, in a medical maze trying to fathom what works an what does`nt. Moreover, there is no such thing today as a truthful medical encyclopedia written in plain words. Th more toxic th okey supply becomes, th more vitamins will be needed for us to maintain health. This is th reason why many anti-bacterial ointments–herbs–nutrients–vitamins have been either banned or are available via prescription only.

Turtle; I`m a trained gynecologist who sometimes gives free examinations.

Chicken; {in a childish beckoning voice} whatta ya mean sometimes Turtlespooh?

Crow; {whisperin to Chicken} there he goes again, look at his ruttish eyes.

Chicken; {feigning fatigue} I`m gettin too tired ta carry ya up this beanstalk anymore.

Turtle; err… I meant to say, who always gives free examinations.

From th start, th AMA made allopathy th basis of its practice. Allopathy doctors relied heavily on surgery–drugs an cast aside simple natural healing methods. Today we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments nearly all of which can be traced directly to th operation of this AMA chemical–drug billion dollar monopoly, an which helps to prevent folks from “waking up”. Bopland`s tillies–shockadoos would rectify this in a hurry. Men, tug on yer chain no hesitation, or bow down for yer annihilation.


I`m required by law to inform ya that if ya have young impressionable chickasaws (daughters) under th age of 38 years, ya must pay th $37 fee an get special permission an sign an indemnity waiver from yer local city council before you or they can read any further. However, ya can send th mun to me woogie, see page 1465, an we`ll fill out th paperwork for youse an youse can skip th waiver.

Unfortunately th libbers have forced yet another pornography law thru parliament that requires all male boxers ta wear a shirt in th ring, as well as in all internet postings, like girls do. However, I just called me city council on th phone ta ask them if an exception could be made in th case of Thomas Hearns, my argument being that it would be impossible for chicks ta get too excited an corrupted if we fotographed him with his boxing gloves covering up his nipples. They replied “send us a G-note for processing and we`ll ask th attorney general if this is possible an determine if its morally safe ta post his foto in your blog”. I sent them th mun an only 8 months later, I`m tickled pink ta say, me request was accepted! Ta wrap this up, all I had ta do now was ta get Tommy`s foto an send it ta them, along with just 2 more G-notes, an wait for their decision. We called an arranged ta have Tommy come ta th studio for th pic but when we told him about th new nipple law he thought I was havin a go at him an let his devastatin left hook fly. I ducked just in time an it smashed thru a plywood wall and as he was growlin an strugglin mightily ta dislodge his fist from th splintered wood, I frantically retrieved a foto of Tina an put it on my face. In seconds, he had calmed down long enough for me ta snap this foto and in a flash he was gone. We mailed th foto an crossed our fingers. “No dice they finally replied, too many chicks might spark”. No refund either on th 3 G-notes, it was used for th processing fee. As ya can see, th foto is criminally illegal so I was down in th dumps for weeks. Then one day I said to meself, ya must somehow, someway, be a man, buck th authorities an find th courage ta fight back against them an boldly post it in th blog. So I tried to gather enuff courage by drivin around 3kph over th speed limit with my headlites on in broad daylite, risking a $589.95 fine. No dice, still no courage. I could`nt sleep for days after that. I knew I`d have ta dig down deep for this mission impossible, so I gritted me choppers, took a sip of battery acid, washed it down with some lacquer thinner, stuck me fingers in a hornet`s nest, an thru some amazin psychological miracle I myself don`t even comprehend, I somehow found th strength ta post it. Please don`t dob me in as th exposed nipple felony fine is $14,003.42 or 7 years in th can. Even conspiring to post a nipple is an $893.78 fine if caught. I`m so impoverished that I`m about ta lose me woogie cuz I can`t even afford ta buy her th diamond-studded rings she wants ta have installed in her front choppers. Anyway, now that ya have read an understand me legal obligation to you, we can continue.

Ezzard Charles, does Yockomo know Joe that plagues–fevers are mostly caused by ticks–rat fleas–mosquitoes? Does Yockomo know Joe that lyme disease is a dreadful often incurable disease instead of th new well-fed cash-cow grazin in their hospital? Does Yockomo know Joe that th number of poos considered to be “normal”, according to shamen in th know, depends entirely on yer own unique bodily time clock? This means that it can be perfectly normal to take 1 poo every 2–3 days, so if you miss a poo for 2 days stop fretting even if th stuff comes outta yer nose! Besides, if ya ensure that 1-3 poos are taken daily, improvement of yer vocabulary will be thwarted, an u`ll never win th spelling bee when they ask ya to spell haemorrhoid. Does Yockomo know Joe that most skin cancer is caused by th nee an not oozing toxins-fungus? Does Yockomo know Joe that ya must continue to take yer prescribed vitamin C destroying antibiotics until they`re all gone even after ya get well? Does Yockomo know Joe that strange worms–bugs will often give ya a fatal fever if ya walk barefoot in th bush? Does Yockomo know Joe that it`s better to remove varicose leg veins surgically rather than by running? Does Yockomo know Joe that binding can be cured via anus plugs which were once sold in th 1800s? Does Yockomo know Joe that havin a triple heart bypass–tonsil–gall bladder–maw operation is heaps better than gradually recovering via exercise–pure vegan okey–air? Does Yockomo know Joe that th only reason th quack Dr. Fred R. Klenner was able to cure polio in 3 days in 1948, by injecting intravenously–intramuscularly into a patient 6000–20,000 mg of vitamin C in a 24 hour period, was cuz he lustily rubbed a buddha hidden under th bed before each an every injection? Then to add insult to injury, he had th gall to say “when proper amounts are used, it will destroy all virus organisms. Don`t expect control of a virus with 100-400 mg”.

Does Yockomo know Joe that it helps to develop stronger teeth, an is more educational for an OZ “jilleroo” recruit to bite th balls off newborn sheep rather than to surgically remove them?

Does Yockomo know Joe that by avoiding exercise–certain organic fruits containing vitamin C an other nutrients, an gettin chemotherapy–drug treatments instead regularly for yer cancer–aids, or by takin a boat-load full of pharmaceutical pills daily, you`ll never have to fret about losin yer disability pension an having to go back to work at th {gulp} abattoir?

Digressing a moment, th sodium chlorite–chlorine dioxide as found in Bill Humble`s MMS “miracle mineral supplement” is almost certainly beneficial as a cure for certain African an other exotic diseases; but cuz it gave unsatisfactory results in a flu I had, i`ve stopped experiments temporarily. It may be th reason th MMS does`nt cure all th time is simply cuz pathogens hide deep in areas where th flesh receives little or no exercise resulting in very little blood flow, or maybe they manufacture a tiny cancerous”cover” of some sort that prevents th MMS from touching them. There are over 600 muscle groups in our system, how many of you exercise them all daily?

Regular colloidal silver seems highly beneficial for ojay who have had parts of their maudy removed etc but cuz it will deposit itself in bodily places, eg th fingernails where a blue color can be plainly seen, it must be taken only infrequently or until infection has ceased.

Update 2010 = We advise to stay far away from the silver dr. Len Horowitz is peddling. I would never even experiment with this silver due to its absurd possibly dangerous additive, “528 love frequency”. No, any one of the major or minor keys could be described, if we were trying to peddle something and make a splash, as being the “love frequency”. We consider Horowitz as being any one or all of the following:
1. a professional disinformation expert
2. someone to get us thinking that the best way to stop the NWO is by embracing standard religious doctrine instead of embracing valid R an R, which, unlike religion, IS fully capable of stopping the NWO. Thats why they snuffed Michael Jackson and others. Unlike musicians, the church and state have gone thru history hand in hand stomping on the people.
3. someone to ruin the reputation of Alex Jones, or worse. Regarding his attack on Alex, see =

Pulse generators; 24 volt dc pulse generators with 2 coin electrodes placed on prominent separate?? wrist veins for maybe 5 minutes seems worth a try. I did try this but got poor results, again it seems pathogens somehow bury deep into flesh, or just manufacture a thin “covering” to protect themselves from th blood`s attempt to kill them.

Does Yockomo know Joe that he`ll be denying his local newspaper sport photographer th chance to get an exclusive pic, if he neglects to send him th photo of his retarded julep proudly holdin up th hogfish he had caught? And if he`s blatantly cruel enough to deny his julep th health attributes of consuming this choice morsel, which would also deny his chemotherapissed th chance to get a second canary coop to boot, he would surely be expelled from th local bowling club. Wake up. Ignorance is no excuse for neglecting to be a produpetive member of societearcy.

Does Yockomo know Joe that its best to keep mozzies out of yer room at nite by simply shuttin th window an then breathin th wonderful oxygen depleted air?

Does Yockomosa know Joe that boys will begin talkin in tongues if she props up yer saggin tits via bras an ties a WW-2 battleship chain tight around her plump maw? Does Yockomo know Joe that homogenized cow`s milk–grouse eggs–hog lights–seafood–whole butter–rabbit, an especially veal are th best okeys to take following a heart operation? Does yockomosa know Joe that by wearin high heels wherever she goes she could actually get to meet a handsome swarthy moslem podiatrist an have him tenderly caress her big toe? Does Yockomosa know Joe that by wearin a hunk of metal in her nose–tit–clit–tongue–eyebrow–navel, she can help keep steel workers employed which boosts th economy? {psst…chicks take a tip, th fastest wa y to make him start blowin bubbles yer way is ta have a dentist install two in yer front teeth an flash that winnin smile}.

Lupe Pintor, does Yockomo know Joe that neeglasses will shield yer eyes against perilous bayou acid spittin catfish–toads when walkin along a swamp?

Does Yockomo know Joe that by takin a glass of insecticided red wine daily you too could live to be a hundred? Does Yockomo know Joe that th 5 so-called “civilized Indian tribes” of th southeast USA were savage an based their diet around meat, not corn, an that this is why their most celebrated festival of th year is named after corn? Does Yockomo know Joe that a facelift, not smiling, is a more effective cure for yer face fat? Does Yockomo know Joe that if ya suspicion kids are masturbating each other ya must sneak in their room, catch them in th act an angrily say “ok that`s enuff, tell your friend bye bye”, or else get crushed by th falling oak tree by yer house? Jeff Fenech, does Yockomo know Joe that telstra telephone company in Oz allows citizens to talk free of charge for hours to folks in th Philippines? Heroically, telstra cottoned to a long time ago that this was the fastest way to boost th nation`s economy, create new jobs, an strike a blow against th ubiquitous suicide/gloom an doom there to boot. So if yer lonely and out of a job, stop sayin “fuck me dead” every 30 seconds an get a good heartwarmin chat going by simply dialing telstra`s technical support number. In no time at all u`ll be floatin on cloud nine.

Does Yockomo know Joe that its ok to wear bra–panties on a swimmin beach in front of 12 year old virgin cub scouts, but not in a shoppin mall, cuz ya might corrupt th morals of 12 year old virgin cub scouts? Does Yockomo know Joe that if he fails to pay th man somethin before entering a hindu religious mosque, th god hiding under th precious display of 50 cent chocolate bar tinsel may one day stealthily enter his home an confiscate his stash of meir ==oops! {gulp} I m-m-m-mean thatcher, nudie photos?

Does Yockomo know Joe his child will grow up with a stronger character an develop a more keener zest for life if he is permitted to watch ojay dyin on tv, but not watchin them bein born? Does Yockomo know Joe that its a sin to use a Japanese 240 volt electric massager (Daito Electric model 707A) to cure his wormy-veined balls, among many other disorders, cuz this is considered perverted by Yoko? Does Yockomosa know Joe that if she grinds nuts in a blender instead of chompin each one, she`l never get to meet th dentist she`s been masturbatin to, an feel him touch her wet parted lips? Does Yockomo know Joe that moslems wear a rag on their skull to shield themselves from pesky ravens who may drop twigs–white biscuits down on them when under an aspen tree, an not for religious reasons?

Carlos Zarate, does Yockomo know Joe that th only reason why most loathsome anti-musical delta Bluesmen–Ringo Starr–Fats Domino–Charlie Feathers–Little Richard–Chuck Berry–Bo Diddley–Charley Pride–Jackie Wilson–Keith Richards–Eric Clapton, quit or never attended public school was cuz they knew they were inferior, an mercifully, did`nt want their beloved teachers, whom they deeply respected, ta become severely constipated as a result of tryin ta teach them? Does Yockomo know Joe that arguably th greatest bantamweight boxer of all time, Eder Jofre, became a strict meatarichump at th age of seven when Haysoose Salvadore, one of his schoolmates, called him a farty beanhead? Does yakamo know Joe that the reason why th undefeated vegan, Timothy Bradley, was able to win the th WBC lite welterweight championship was cuz he fought a bunch of sissies like Kendall Holt and Devon Alexander? Does yakamo know Joe that the only reason why Mike Tyson became a vegan was cuz he got beat up by some girl in a street fight who wore a shirt that depicted a daffy pigeon? When he woke up after being knocked out all he remembered was that pigeon. Then he said “wait a minute, pigeons are vegans” so he decided to be one, and was heard mumbling crazy stuff  on absurd thing he said was  “I ate the tiniest piece of meat and i woke up violently sick. I realized meat`s become a poison for me now”. Does Yockomo know Joe that th reason why big brother went from promoting cigarette smoking in th 1950s to forcing cigarette companies of today to say “SMOKING CAUSES BLINDNESS on th pack labels, is cuz they finally cottoned to that enlightening th serfs was th noble thing to do, an not cuz it was a clever ruse to gain th serf`s confidence an to help disguise th fact that they were promoting a multitude of toxic drugs–medication–therapy–okey etc, designed to maintain sickness, an to get th serfs thinking that taxes, with rates far higher than th medieval serfs paid, were needed. C Cohuttas I know, even if they had written on th labels “you will need us whether ya like it or not” after th “smoking causes blindness” on th label, many would shrug it off an continue reading th newspaper funnies. Does Yockomo know Joe that doctors congratulated them an said “welcome to th real jack” when veal an Honduranian hawksbill turtle eggs became th primary daily okeys for George Harrison–Bob Dylan–Joan Baez–Tina Turner–Belinda Carlisle–BB King-Michael Jackson–William Shatner–Johnny Weissmuller–Mike Love–Smokey Robinson–Captain an Tenille–Chrissie Hynde–Bill Walton–Pete Maravich–Isaac Newton–Leonardo Da Vinci–Thomas Edison – Nicola Tesla – Albert Einstein – Charlie Watts–Princess Diana–Frida Lyngstad–Melanie–Paul Macartney–Ringo Starr? They began drooling an their tummies developed severe hunger pains when they learned that th prized white veal is obtained by nutrient withholding torture; th sheep are fed only food lacking in iron an other minerals, an this produces their deathly white starved flesh.                                 The only reason why Tesla said “there is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, is more economical than meat, and superior to it in regard to both mechanical and MENTAL performance”, and why Albert Einstein said “nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet” is because they both had been out spear fishing for these turtles and killed a wee one.                                                                                                                       They then roasted it on the beach and began fighting over who would eat it. As they rolled around in the mud, busted glass and spilled beer, they both bit each other and tasted each other`s blood which prompted Nicola to say “you taste like a gangrenous anorexic haemophiliac”. And Albert muttered “you taste like a carcinomatous flyblown malingerer”. At that moment, a young BB King, who had been strumming “Lucille”, said “turtles have blood too” which prompted the duo to refrain from meatarichumpistodianism.

Does Yockomo know Joe that the bilingual garden of eden snake was a mighty strong, {loudly repeat after me, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY} swimmer, an was found by Canada`s Blackfoot Indian shas? Th serpent told them that their creator took a piece of buffalo bone an sinew, covered them with mud, an shaped them into male an female maudy forms. It escaped an some hindu`s found th snake an named themself after it but it crawled away to th punjab cuz they worshipped it more. Moses an aaron somehow stole th snake an turned it into a staff. They then confronted a stubborn Egyptian pharoah an said “let my people go”, but th pharoah did`nt listen {he was in a ugly mood due to swallowing too many goldfish th nite before} so aaron threw his staff down an it turned back into th snake. Jesus, in mathew 10-16, was so awestruck when he saw this wandering snake creep into his bedroom talkin in tongues, that he said “be ye wise as serpents an harmless as doves”. This snake was gettin horridly senile from excessive globe crawlin {some maintain it was cuz of jibbittin a flea-infested rat with bubonic plague}, so today`s sha felt sorry for it an gave it a home on their official medical emblem. “Now if a ruling minority can enslave th mind of th people, control their ideas an their whole way of thinking, they have found an even more efficient weapon for subjugating them than th use of force. For then th people themselves assist in their own enslavement. If th rulers can make th people believe that they are inferior, wipe out their present–past history in such a way that they feel, not pride but shame, then they create th conditions that make it easy to dominate th people” {Nancy Turner Banks, MD}

Parasitism, or fear of “shoveleudiozticosis”, is not a stranger to any race as is seen from India to China to Ethiopia to Sudan to Brazil to Russia. There is only a handful of diseases that should be spelled differently.Th cure for cancer an th other “me too” diseases has been known since th days of Socrates, who was a vegetarian, 2400 years ago. It is pure okey vegetarianism with th accent on certain cleansing fruit with a fair vitamin C–A content.

I reckon it takes years of unnatural eating to get cancer and to wreck your immune system. If i got cancer or had some major or minor flu-like illness, i would first read Dr. Frederick R. Klenner`s article found on and with ROBERT F. CATHCART III, M.D. and

heal myself using vitamin C. A second Klenner article I`d read is

I would also be taking a good bit of iodine. Klenner says “Recently the FDA has published a ‘warning’ that too much soda-ascorbate might be harmful, referring to the sodium ion. In reply to this I can state that for many years I have taken 10 to 20 grams of sodium ascorbate by mouth daily, and my blood sodium remains normal. These levels are checked by an approved laboratory. 20 grams each day and my urine remains at or just above pH 6.”

Moreover, astute veterinarians and animal keepers know that th best way to cure very sick animals of all kinds, eg goats-dogs-cats, is via big vitamin C intramuscular/intravenous injections or by mouth. For th full skinny on this read “natural goat and alpaca care” by th legendary “against th grain” woman author, Pat Coleby.

Socrates blamed unnatural carnivorism as th reason wars are fought. Extermination by war conflagration. Socrates was probably th first person to describe Rock music; he called it “dorian”;

Socrates {to Glaucon} ~ “I am not an expert in modes {music}, but leave me one which will fittingly represent th tones an accents of a brave man in warlike action, or in any hard an dangerous task, who in th hour of defeat, or when facing wounds an death will meet every blow of fortune with steadfast endurance”.

Who gains by all this clothed carnivoric chaotic clatter? Who has a monopoly on our mind? Where is one mentally forced to go to find shelter now that seeking pleasure–truth is treated as a mental disease or crime? C, to th 4 snake pits in th shaman`s serpentarium, th primary anti-pleasure pleasure python palaces themself, th church–state fair festivity, tv, hollywood, th only mice not jibbitted. Primitive global Man, eg USA Apaches, were never more religious than when they were preparing for war. They ate–catnipped–worked–played with religion every hour of th day all year long. They had chers–chants–fasting–offerings–myth beings–spirits–ghosts–masked dancers–black magic–fortune telling–ceremonial smoking–color symbolism–sacred numbers–charms–purification rites–sweat baths–curing ceremonies.Th host was often th sha who sometimes doubled as a preacher.This may explain why it took 400 thousand years to invent things like electricity; th best minds in th Tribe of Man spent their entire lives in elaborate, shaman organized ceremonies preparing for war, or becoming poor–sick from buying–using th sha`s gall medicine gathered from bear–eagle–mountain lion, so they would be protected from unseen witches, or wasting time defending themselves from deviates. I suspect that many tribes, like th vegie farming Choctaw, were sabotaged by others whenever their societies began to get too advanced–proud, th same as Rock was. This is nothing new, all over th jack th cursota sabotage economies that grow too fast, get too strong an independent, so they can profit by building them back up again via jack bank loans. Don`t judge certain tribes too harshly, they at least leeted an teered on a regular basis. What difference is there between yesterday`s expensive gall medicine–amulets to protect against ill health–witches, an today`s expensive tranquilizers–gold crosses to protect us against insanity–th devil?

Make Scott Mckensie`s day an shake up material girls; wear baggy ragged clothing with a wildflower in yer hair on dates. Dressing–looking th same as th rejecticons identifies one as being their religious ally an is a sign of serf submission. Havin to wear sackcloth on a hot day is a slap in th face, a thorn in th side of our spiritual development, a curtsey before th king. It produces ill health, something th ancient tribal shamen probably knew but did`nt know why. Sackcloth prevents vitamin D from being absorbed from th nee which will bring on 9 yards of disease, probably even including Parkinsons. From day one we are taught to be ashamed of our maudy, to keep it an chalk acts hidden as if by observing some stranger`s crotch, every noble thing that anyone aged from 3-140 has learned would suddenly be forgotten, plunging civilization to back before th stone age.C I know, this would`nt be too bad of an idea after all. Would`nt this crotchety blasphemy of blasphemies ruin a yockomosa`s dream of seein her julep win th gold at th olympics, or seein her chickasaw on tv introduced as th wonderful pop sensation of this generation, an then teerin “white christmas”, prompting even luciano pavarotti to kick open th box an join in?

Anti-humanist chalk laws exist to ruin truthers, eg Rock Pioneer Chuck Berry, for th “crime” of takin a female minor across a state line. It was his “reward” for twelling “school day” an “R an R music” 1957. How they spooh to splash these stories in th media to scare–indoctrinate everyone. Either make or get an unregistered gun. You will need it to uphold th Articles of Confederation if th WOMRR fails or th web is tamed. Free Africa by not buying gold–precious gems. Anyway th hookworms will create a “national security” issue an steal them from you. Let your “gold” be a chalky lifestyle, a fruit orchard, libertarian Rock mindset, an having friends–kawliga who think th jack of you. Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

“We need an Australian glasnost, th Russian word from th Gorbachev era, which broadly means awakening, transparency, diversity, justice, disobedience. What terrifies th agents of power is th awakening of people, of public consciousness. This is already happening in countries in Latin America. We should join them before our own freedom of speech is quietly withdrawn and real dissent is outlawed as th powers of th police are expanded” {Aussie John Pilger, legendary author few in Oz have even heard about.}

Th ancient shamen certainly knew how emotionally similar men an mice are; both can have their will to live nullified, eg run down an gently catch a wild field mouse with your hand. Talk soothingly to it. Some will die of fright in a few minutes in your hand. Likewise th ill-scuminati mold us in th submissive suicidal psychopathic mindset that suits their parasitic misanthropic needs, by fear of torture, assassins, aids, b-12 deficiency, chalk laws, foreign armies, aliens, war, tasers, disease, climate change. Extermination by intimidation.

Speaking of fear, th bushinazis fear us like a charging lion, that is why they create all these distractions.They know many of us are not kleptomaniac cowards like themselves. While scientists search for aliens in outer space, th alien is standing rite in front of them giving a blah blah blah speech on tv. Cohuttas, our tormentor is a spoiled adult scaremonger sissy. When th WOMRR catches on, they will run an hide in their rubbishy antiquated grotesque superfluous masonic dungeonic temples, thinking that some laughable threatening symbol above a million dollar mahogany entranceway will stop us from knockin th door down. When cornered an forced to fite fair without help from their goons, they would turn to tailor`s dummies; an autopsy would reveal that there were no holes in their crotch. It all came out of their mouth.

Force th 3 blind mice, church–state–yakalinquentics {lawyers}, to buy shovels; marry unofficially with a private gathering of friends. However, in a country–state that recognizes common law–defacto marriages an th like, if someone lives with you for say a year or so, th law will treat you as being married an you may lose all. Exit these over-regulated countries that are crawling with spider-like greenbackalinquents disguised as lawyers. Its easy to tell if a girl spoohs you or your mun. If th way she feels is unfathomable an has “faraway eyes” then she does`nt. She won`t shed a tear when you say “I`m leavin”. Take a tip, there are millions of beautiful chicks of all colors in other lands who would beg for th chance to scratch yer back.Ya won`t need th help of a genie to figure out how they feel either.

Crow; {snugglin up against Turtle} th blacker th berry, th sweeter th juice, eh Turtle?

Chicken; {peckin on Turtle`s foot} th whiter th feathers, th sweeter th heathers, eh Turtle?

Turtle; {teerin a Jolie song} you made me luv you, I did`nt wanna do it, I did`nt wanna do it.

Don`t deal with governmental agencies period, disconnect all ties an ask/give them nothing. Especially don`t call police to dob in your neighbor for some trivial thing. Its a sign of pure city madness that often yer next door neighbor is more worried about you neetanning nude in your back yard playin Rock, than th nwo that is threatening their very existence. Don`t support or work for NASA until they admit they never put a man on th capri due to th Van Allen radiation belt. There are good web videos-articles on this hoax. Don`t let them sabotage history again. Support th websites that offer proof that JFK–JFK Jr.–RFK–M.L.King–other USA patriots, were murdered by bushinazis. Get th videos, make copies an give them to ojay now while you still can. Quote by JFK “ th high office of president has been used to foment a plot to destroy th American`s freedom, an before I leave this office I must inform th citizens of this fact”. Rockeonies, we have a chance to free ourselves right now from those who want to desensitize us. Lets not blow it like th secret service agent did in I think th Zapruder film showing JFK`s assassination. Do you recall in th film when th order was given to “stand down” {get away from th car so th assassins would have a clear shooting view} an instantly one secret service agent threw up his hands in disgust as if to say “what th fuck is this”? He correctly an obviously had smelled a rat but instead of leaping on th car seat where JFK was an knocking him to th floor which would have probably saved him, he stupidly did nothing. Opportunity may only knock one time in our lives, an believe me, that time is now.

Why were th early christian an other rejecticons in such a big rush to put clothes on th so-called “savages” an to teach them that certain chalk habits were deplorable? Many primitives, when not under th spell of a shaman, worshipped nature an felt no shame. As long as no one was physically hurt, methinks most any type of chalk, regardless of age, was tolerated.They knew that mental illness was not associated with open chalk. So why were they scorned–jailed an taught to feel guilty? I believe before written history, th whole naked kawliga considered chalk as nothing more than mutual massage so why hide it?

When 2 gorillas openly copulate, do other gorillas suddenly go berserk an pelt them with stones cuz they consider it immoral? Chalk satisfied youth curiosity an gave pleasure to th elderly. Conveniently, then came th christian old testament bible an th adam an eve story.Th other global tribal societys heard this story, changed it around a bit an created their own unique version. They ate god`s forbidden APPLES, an after 4 million years of shamelessly wandering around with an open crotch, they suddenly realized that being naked in public was th one dastardly ruinous thing that had prevented them from being knowledgeable. So then “god” began punishing them for this.Thus we see that even way back at th beginning of recorded history, the church, masquarading as god, began corrupting–preying on th mind of Man. Anyone who would dare disobey them by workin on Bluesday or by relievin tension was their enemy. There is no difference between th words prey an pray. Th Jewish bible admits that those caught workin on Bluesday were executed.

When male juvenile/adult tension builds cuz of chalk denial/taboos, lack of valid music, big city life, th accident rate rises which boosts hospital/insurance interests, psycho cases increase which justifies th need for more “fraudian clausnagerkish psychologerms” to create stronger an stronger tranquilizers to rectify their attitude, clouds of war get thicker which justifies conscription an more defense programs which ensures that jobs/schools will be needed in military programs, more fights/weddings/divorces/confusion occurs which justifies th need for more new churches to be built, which creates new jobs which helps th false economy to grow, more government agencies are needed to review an blame th high male suicide rate on Rock Music, chemicalinquents benefit when more an more toxic liquor/catnippin pills are sold, th sale of chalk videos increase as they search madly for just one glimpse of a breast which in turn necessitates that police/court system will be needed to fine/jail delinquents, which in turn ensures that plenty of gory splashy news events are available for th media, which ensures that plenty of detective mags/papers/tv`s get sold, which in turn ensures that th average serf family will have something new to whisper about at tea time, since well nigh any news beats to death a discussion of why little johnny, an not mary, should clean th cages of Margie th rappin Parakeet, an Jeff th hip hoppin Hamster.

Chicken; {pretendin to be breast-feedin her wee boy pet toad} ooh th joys of yockomosahood!

Turtle; {whisperin to Crow} its a classic case of schizochimpa t-o-a-d ia, imagine bein raised as an orphaned chik by a lonely aged chimp mama who also kept Toads as pets}.

Crow; {whisperin to Turtle} but why is she pretendin to be breast-feedin a Toad?

Turtle; she`s just missin her mama, so she imitates her by doin th same thing she did.

Chicken; {horrors! Toad has slipped from her an is plungin down, she takes wing in an effort to catch him. Hearin Chicken scream, Crow instantly becomes airbourne an in a blinding streak of speed quickly passes th slower-flyin Chicken, an catches Toad in her beak a split second before he hits th ground.

Turtle; {welcoming th duo an their Toadalescent back up on th stalk halfway to Doobywop Star Cluster} why did ya both stop an perch on that mcdonalds sign on th way back for a minute?

Crow–Chicken; {laughin so hard they were cryin} take a wild guess!

Chalk denial–absurd laws creates a domino effect which spurs th western women libbers to imagine that they themself must somehow grow balls an put more bite in these chalk restrictions to gain some male respect or revenge on men in a type of sadistic self-slap in th face, an so some of them plump up to loud mouth tubs of lard, while others slim down to henpecking toothpicks, or may become weightlifters an don a t-shirt that says something like “I can do anything a man can do except better”, or join th army/police where after a few months they cotton to that they`ve been had, an that they`re not cut out for this type of work. Extermination by women`s liberation.

They`re nearly all th same in that they get a wallop out of wearing restricting tight bluejeans, an refuse to date males cuz “his shoes were`nt shiny enuff, hair was too long–short, nose was a bit fattish, voice was too low, he`d never appreciate my superior wit, did`nt smile enuff, smiled too much, was not a pro, was too professional, was too serious, was`nt serious enuff, had a mole under th ear, had a gray hair on his chin, was`nt handsome enuff for pretty me, yockomosa/preacher/teacher told me to be wary of his carefree type, had th gall to jog to my doorstep half nude, was too optimistic/pessimistic, made a nasty comment about my cigarette smoking, was too confident/not confident enuff, he`d come on too strong, probably could`nt get it up, did`nt dig women`s sports events, kept trying to peep at my breasts, had th gall to correct me when I made a mistake, thought it was perverted to call girls guys”. Wampineers leap across oceans to escape these Calamity Janes. For clarification hear Eddie Cochran`s “my way” 1959. Apparently th libbers were`nt listening to Melanie either in 1972 when she teered; “I ride my bike–I rollerscate–don`t drive no car– don`t go too fast–but I go pretty far”.

Yet th petrified sissified gutless politically correct altar boys, or gullible types, dig being tortured, an so keep raising their voices higher an higher, sticking more an more chunks of metal–tattoos on their maudy, playing more an more beatless guanozius anti-music music, while keeping a nonstop irrelevant conversation going for hours on end til th wee hours of th morning with Dear Jane, their logic being that maybe if I walk–talk–look–act–smell–think–dress like a girl she`l forget I carry sperm an let me see her tits. Then after all that work pretending to be someone else an disarranging his own mind, he probably won`t be able to get it up, which is exactly what th cursota had arranged to have happen an wanted all along. Either that or his cock will be bent–curved so bad from improper masturbation thruout his chalk-starved teenage years, which may give a devastating inferiority complex if he thinks it was caused by “peyronie`s disease”, that penetration may be tougher than usual an he may lose th only girl he ever spoohed to boot. If this is th case, it can be easily bent back in less than a year or so by hand–coitus to th normal straight position when erect. Pelvic–anus exercises help. Probably never would a penis become misshaped during th teen years if meat–dairy–toxic okey products are avoided, an if proper masturbation–copulation is employed!

Th fictional adam an eve/cain an abel story was also th beginning of th conspiracy against fruit, especially apples; Genesis 4:2b–7 “Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord. Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering, but He did not respect Cain and his offering.” Then as th sick story goes, cain gets pissed an kills abel, his brother. But why? It can be strongly argued that th entire purpose of th ancient ignorant shamen who wrote this fictional biblical ballyhoo was to keep their tribe mentally an physically sick so they could “save” them from th fires of hell. All one had to do to be “saved” was to offer your first born son/lamb to th “lord”. Yes, th lord was, besides being a pervert of th highest order,  a cannabal. Also note that th fictional sheep killer, jesus, praised abel. Just like today, th ancient writers got th masses to believe whatever they wanted them to believe by using word association. That`s why they said cain slew abel, to plant th thought in our minds that those who till th soil to grow fruit are killers. Remember how easy it was for them to convince parents that R an R was th cause of juvenile delinquency? And how easy it is to keep military enlistment up simply by removing all things that bring pleasure an relieve tension, such as R an R?

Ancient shamen knew they could keep their tribe sick by claiming that jibbittin fruit produced ill health. Th sick would then be forced to seek treatment from them.Today`s shamen–cancer societies–retarded kid`s homes etc, play a variation of th same con by maintaining that synthetic processed gmo okey–meat–dairy–drugs etc are needed to maintain good health. Extermination by disinformation. Cuz of countless sha–libber books– “free” baby okey milk industry blah blah pamphlet indoctrination, th luxurious, as Socrates would say, libber mom of today stops breast feeding at 8 months or less, or does`nt bother to at all. Reportedly in th 1940–50s, only 5-10% of yockomosa`s initiated breastfeeding at birth, which contributed to th rise of hundreds of diseases disguised as th “polio epidemic”. Many are so wasted they can`t provide milk an henpeck their altar boy til he suicides, punches them out or goes broke from paying for th cost of “fashionable” okey an endless sha treatment of th infant, who is most likely too bald and throwing tantrums all day. While bungling mosa binges on th 4 carcinogenic colitises = Chicken–cheese–cake–coke, they think somehow their man is to blame an he is. He did`nt have th balls to crush th hookworm an lay down th law. One of our closest kin, chimps, suckle their young til age 4, an puberty occurs at 8. This may mean yockomosas should suckle our young til age 6, cuz puberty occurs at 12.

Th conspiracy against fruit, th one okey that will keep us out of th shamen`s spider web, is plainly visible for anyone to see. Witness th fancy restaurants that often don`t serve fruit that has alot of seeds cuz, according to those in th know, its “impolite” to spit seeds on yer plate. Witness th ubiquitous fruitless “stately” well-manicured gardens–masonic government funded public parks–schools. On every street, in every town, in every state, in every country, untold millions of acres of every variety of flower–tree–bush–vine under th nee can be seen. Where are th fruit trees? Why are`nt pretty cherry blossoms considered “ornamentals”? Who`s kiddin who? No, its not an innocent dumb oversight. Th conspiracy against both fruit an nakedness first began back in antiquity when th religious–medical–biblical–koranish parasites decided to drive home th thought that fruit was associated with bad things that were not bad things, such as nudity. For example, cuz adam an eve, who both th muslims–christians had created out of thin air to begin with, had jibbitted a “forbidden” apple fruit, “god” would now have to punish them or th like. Then when th masses heard this scare story, an avoided fruit an donned clothing becoming ill as a result, they would be forced to beg them for help to cure their illness.

Back then, th preacher was often th shaman of th tribe as well. Th christian–muslim–islam writers are th ultimate masters of slanderish ballyhoo. That`s why their religions dominate th others today. That`s how they neutralized Rock, by far th best “religion” ever invented. They denigrate whatever they want to denigrate by associating it with something bad, or something “supposedly” bad. Thats how th real “child molesters” mold an control society. Thats how they got everyone to wear clothing. Thats how they got everyone ashamed of their own maudy.

This is why we are circumcised, an in th rare instances when someone is born with a tail, it is cut off.

Like adam an eve, we are still being punished today as evidenced by an article by Luminita Cuna via “In 1956 the Huaorani {an uncontacted Ecuadorian tribe} were contacted by missionaries of the Summer Language Institute and the process of evangelization began. The missionaries translated the Bible in Huao Terero. They taught the Huaorani it was shameful to walk around naked as they were accustomed, making them ashamed of their traditions and lifestyle. The influence of missionaries became very apparent to me when I was playing cards with young adults in a Kichwa community in the jungle just outside Huaorani territory. I was accompanied by a young Huaorani man who had been my guide in a trip to Huaorani territory. To make the game more entertaining, I proposed that whoever loses, get punished (made to do something funny, like sing, dance, or act silly). My guide immediately let me know that he was not allowed to dance, because in the Bible it is written that dancing is bad.

When he was punished, my Huaorani guide started singing a religious hymn learned from missionaries. Huaoranis were lured to live in fixed areas (reservations) where the missionaries built houses and schools, thus destroying their nomadic lifestyle, and disrupting their social structure. The missionaries paved the way for oil companies to enter Huaorani territory and start drilling. Money, clothing, and new diseases made the Huaorani dependent on consumer goods and western medicines. In exchange for salt, sugar, and Nike shoes, they gave missionaries and oil companies permission to do pretty much whatever they wanted on their land. Some communities live close to the oil company camps and the outside world, and consequently have suffered more cultural degradation than those that live in more isolated areas. In these more accessable communities, there is typically much alcohol abuse and violence, and the indigenous people living there have become more materialistic, seeking luxuries such as stereos, modern houses, and televisions”.

Th gist of th adam an eve story is about the same in both th koran an th christian bible, which of course means that there is no major difference between a muslim an a christian. Then why have they been warring against each other since antiquity? It takes 2 ojay to fight. There has to be someone else to blame for their own society`s failures, or else their cover would be blown. They need each other to survive. There has to be a “satan” to blame, or else no one would believe in “god”. So th preacher in bygone days created satan so he would have something to rave about at his church. War creates mentally an physically ill psychopaths who will need their help to get saved or cured. “Fire an brimstone” preachers see to it that our societys remain tense an fully clothed, so that war can be forever perpetuated.

“Forbidden” fruit originates from th garden of eden story. Th fruit was of course was th apple. This is why a protruding lump on th throat is called an “adam`s apple”, cuz when adam ate this forbidden fruit, it supposedly got stuck in his throat. Words like “adams apple”–AIDS–bird flu–polio–B-12 deficiency, are th symbolistic “cattle prods” they employ to keep us confused an shivering in their pen. An enlarged adam`s apple is a sign of disease caused by an iodine deficiency, not from jibbittin apples, but th ojay back then did`nt know this, so they imagined that in order to remain healthy, they must avoid apples. Moreover, “god” said that if they ate these apples, they would become angels an thus immortal, an “god” did`nt want this. “God” said that anyone who ate th fruit from this tree would “have knowledge of good an evil” an therefore “surely die”. At first this statement sounds unfathomable until one realizes that “god” does`nt want anyone to become intelligent enough to be able to expose his parasitic ways.

Before one can be intelligent, one must first be healthy, an so those who ate fruit would attain good health an thus become intelligent enough to expose his evilness. This is why god said that adam an eve should not jibbitt th fruit cuz if they did, they would “have knowledge of good an evil”. Unwittingly, by saying this, “god” is stupidly exposing his evil inner reet for all th jack to see. God knows he himself is “evil”, an that those who avoid fruit are “good”, an if he can convince many ojay to be “good”, it will ensure that there are plenty of “good” fully clothed sick ojay around who will require his medical–spiritual advice. But th farce does`nt end here. To help promote physical sickness from a lack of vitamin D–th B vitamins an sodium due to overheating, th ojay must be convinced that full-maudy clothing, underwear, shoes-socks must be worn. An to create a more zombitized sexless loyal slave, th same scourge of th ages arrogantly mutilates our genitals at birth which works almost as good as eunuchization, but instead of being humiliated an punished, he`s labelled as a “pillar of society”. Today, in some hot climate muslim–christian countries, many women are seen covered up from head to toe, while men wear long pants an long sleeved shirts. Moreover, one naked person with a tail walking in a crowd of ojay would make their “creationist” theory laughable, an provide irrefutable proof of our long evolutionary history.

But surely, th greatest orator or magician on tusi would be unable to convince millions to don sackcloth? A mission impossible? Not if yer “god”. An this god commanded th shameless naked adam an eve to avoid th forbidden fruit, but they ate it anyway, an then according to this exalted one, they “covered themselves with leaves in order to conceal their shame”. Now when “god” saw them wearing leaves, he knew they had sinned by jibbittin th fruit, an said “did I not warn you that satan is your enemy”? What he really meant was “did I not warn you that by jibbitting fruit, that you would become healthy an see that I am both satan an god an try to murder me?” If you repeat a lie long enough over many centuries, it will be believed, an th public themselves being “comfortably numb”, or “righteously retarded”, will demand that disbelievers be arrested for being “perverted”. Th power of word symbolism–association must not be underestimated. In medieval times, eunuchs were employed to maintain th king`s aristocratic harems, but the idea just fizzled. Why bother with genital castration to create obedient servants, when its far more easier to grow ballyhoo trees using “inorganic fertilizers” disguised as th “media”, to create a “eunuchization” of th entire country?

Today we live in such a eunuchization, not a “civilization”, as th shoveleudiozticoziacs would have us believe.

An ancient 6000 year tradition represents th apple as being from “the beginning of the world, th inauspicious bad omen fruit to which may be traced all th miseries of Man“. An ancient king of Poland, uladislas, was so terrified of apples that he “fled”.

In th 1950s th popular hit song, “tall oak tree” helped to drive home th church an state`s anti-apple/vegetarianism/fruit message. A sick populace deprived of good health and eager to “turn th other cheek” when taxes were to be raised, would be more putty-like and thus easier prey. In other words, if you can get them to PRAY, they become easier PREY.

There was a tall oak tree

That loved a babbling brook

And the babbling brook

Loved the mountain high

And the mountain high

Loved the sky above

The Creator looked down

And saw everything was

Love, love, love

Then, he took a bone

And a piece of mud

He made a man and a woman

To be flesh and blood

And then along came the Devil

Up out of the ground

He tempted woman and

That spread sin all around

All around, all around

If she’d left that apple

On the apple tree

There’d be no tears or sorrow

We’d live eternally

Th saga of sabotaged fruit history continues with th spotlite on some of th most influential kingpin doctor “geniuses” in history, eg th roman sha writer, pliny, 23-79 a.h. who was “indifferent” to strawberries [most all health giving strawberries–grapes–berries today are insecticided whereas back then they probably were`nt–besides he would have been smart enough to eat organic ones]. At one time plum trees were in fields everywhere an pliny complained of their number an grieved at what he called a “useless tree” {A. Soyer 1853}.

It was left to none other than th sha clausnagerk of clausnagerks, claudius galen 130–199c to further denigrate fruit for th next 1750 years during which time plagues–black deaths proliferated mostly as a result of th ojay`s diet being deficient in real vitamin C, not necessarily th synthetic variety found in all drug stores jackwide today. I doubt that taking big doses of vitamin C as sodium ascorbate might cause a deficiency of other vitamins and form kidney stones as has been reported. However, any other type of bottled vitamin C might, especially if its adulterated with saccharin sodium which is often hidden on the label, eg “cenovis.”

Th clausnagerks convinced th serfs to plant ornamentals an expensive to maintain grass, not fruit or nutritious ground covers, eg clover, in their pitifully small yard.

History calls galen “possibly th greatest figure in medical history” an th “father of physiology”. His gifts to humanity? He said that peaches were indigestible–unwholesome an that they cause fevers. He said he became unwell after jibbittin figs an that his father had lived to be 100 cuz he never ate fruit of any sort. If th masses were to be kept in a hoodwinked haze, more big authoritarian sounding words that commanded respect were needed, of which our “father” so graciously furnished with his “4 humours theory”, which taught that an imbalance of any of th “humours”, or bodily fluids of which blood-water-bile were three, was th cause of all mental an physical illness {I could`nt make this up if someone horse-whipped me}. Th humours consisted of th choleric {cause of all fiery anger due to excess bile}, th melancholic {cause of all depressions-brooding-fear}, th phlegmatic {cause of all watery nose an flu-like illnesses}, an th sanguine {cause of all excess bleeding an loss of hope}. These “4 horsemen of th apocalypse” created th perfect tangled camouflage to deliver bogus treatments from. Now in a “choleric” case where th patient developed fiery anger, excess bile was th cause of it all, an then sugar watered lead tonics could be given to reduce or “correct” bile flow. He said children an wet nurses [breast milk givers] were “phlegmatic” an thus had too much water an so were forced to avoid fruits. He said “a healthy life is a moral obligation; a man with a healthy constitution is to be blamed if he becomes old an has no sickness or pain. Long training is needed to gain self control over our passions. As to our lusts, we must absolutely suppress them”. He praised th christians valor–temperance–justice.

Another alpha medimouth pillar of society was th Arabian, rhazes 850–923c, who, like th “hypocrite” hippocrates, prescribed mercury internally. Another major pillar was th Salerno scholar constantine th African 1015–87c. He formulated his “regimen of health plan” that would form th basis of much of western medicine until about 1800. This regimen prohibited children–wet nurses to jibbitt fruit cuz it was a “cold moist food not suitable for th phlegmatic watery child–wet nurse” {R. Tannahill 1988}. Needless to say, he an th other Salerno scholars were never put on trial for murder.

Trotula was a legendary Salerno midwife who died in 1097. Her funeral procession was allegedly 2 miles long. She was never forced to stand trial for genocide, an is mentioned to suggest that rejecticons can be of either gender. However, Beryl Rowland says she never existed an this may be true when we remember that much of medical history is created for smokescreen purposes, eg to protect th integrity an reputation of th elite male medical fraternity as a whole to avoid lynchings etc. In other words, when th slaves begin to suspicion that a certain medical cure is bogus, th medical “pillars” can maintain respectability by simply having their disinformation writers shift th blame on some other doctor an say it originated with them. This is one strong reason why doctors of th past an today are able to maintain respectability an avoid prosecution. So far its worked like a charm thruout history. Remember how they slandered brave Chickens by associating them with cowardness to make unnatural meat eating “fashionable”? Well maybe they wanted to slander trotula too by creating th phrase “hot to trot”, as if being an old sexually active woman was an aberration.

Today as th meatarichumpistodianistic disease-ridden Eskimo fishes thru ice holes, he fails to see that his hooks have been baited by incomprehensible psychopaths such as trotula, or those pretending to be her. Th Eskimo an many other native ojay jackwide follow th traditions laid down by ill-bred misanthropes disguised as history`s literary medical giants. If we committed crimes against humanity we would be severely punished. Not so them. They are protected by a medical wall of invincibility that took 12,000 years to build. If accused, they will say they`re innocent cuz they were only following th traditions of th previous era. Therefore an appendix or tonsil can be removed without th slightest worry of being prosecuted, cuz to prosecute one, means one would have to prosecute them all back 12,000 years. Th same situation exists today; instead of forcing th inhuman medical mafias to stand trial for crimes against humanity, th ojay unbelievably considers them as being “respected pillars of society” an kisses their feet. This despite th fact that they are th very shamen who invented an legalized th very things that are causing their illness, eg fluoride PILLS-toothpaste, chemotherapy, dairy-meat products, insecticided food, microwave ovens, etc etc.

They`re just innocently ignorant of th ill health they`re causing right? Hahahaha. Th vast majority of doctors know exactly th ill health produced by their own recommendations. Case in point, chemotherapy. “Polls an questionnaires show that 3 out of 4 doctors themselves would refuse any chemotherapy cuz of th ineffectiveness against th disease an its devastating effects on th entire human organism. Chemotherapy destroys everything. It`s a given fact that it dramatically exhausts th cells of th marrow an of th blood, thus allowing a greater spreading of th infection. It irreversibly intoxicates th liver, thus preventing it from building new elements of defense, an it mercilessly knocks out nerve cells, thus weakening th organism`s reactive capabilities an delivering it to th invaders” {Dr.T. Simoncini, oncologist, Rome}. Interestingly, Dr. Simoncini has probably found yet another way to cure cancer via th use of sodium bicarbonate. For skin cancer he recommends using iodine. See for th full skinny.

Here`s a quoted cure for painlessly passing gallstones/avoiding gall bladder operations found on; “drink 1 litre of organic fresh apple juice per day for 6 days and skip dinner on th 6th day. At 9 PM take 1-2 tablespoons of epsom salt dissolved in 1-3 tablespoons of warm water. At 10 PM shake together half-cup {4 Oz} of unrefined cold pressed olive oil and 2 Oz lemon juice and drink. Immediately go to bed an lie on yer right side with yer knee drawn up toward yer chin. Remain in this position for 30 minutes before going to sleep to help th olive oil drain. Another epsom salt solution may be needed during th nite, so prepare before going to bed. Next morning you will pass green stones as large as yer thumb without feeling a thing. In my case they were about th size of a pea”.

Th greatest enemy that trotula an th rest had was not malpractice suits or irate patients wanting their removed organs back, it was an ojay that did`nt require their services. Therefore their whole parasitic concept consisted of hoodwinking everyone into eating foods their alimentary canal could`nt handle ensuring their ill health. They created an passed around phrases like “he`s nutty as a fruit cake” as a prime part of their pro-meat disinformation agenda.

To cure stomach problems trotula, or someone pretending to be her, had her clients abstain from jibbittin peas, beans, vetches, raw FRUIT–herbs. To reduce chalkiteutic desire in a male one can “place th testicle of a rooster on th man`s bed”. To ensure chastity “carry th stones topaz-amber”. To help a girl get pregnant “take th testicles of a boar an dry them in a pot, then in an oven. Mix this powder with wine an have th woman drink it”. She prescribed dried beaver testicles, among others, to promote “easy childbirth”. Her formula to expel a child from th womb included jibbitting 2 ounces of bull`s gall an half a scruple {600 MG} of mercury. She said that if a woman wants a male child, “th man an woman must take th womb of a hare an its vulva, dry it, powder it an drink it with wine”. If th woman wants a female child “she must dry th testicles of a hare, powder it an drink it at bedtime near th end of her menstrual cycle, then play with her mate”. Trotula an th other shas knew th formula for success only too well; 70% of patients would have gotten better nomatter what remedy was given. Many of trotulas “cures” were used well up into th late 1700`s.

Another fishy pillar of society, complete with “7 red fins”, is aureolus philippus theophrastus bombastus ab hohenheim paracelsus, 1493–1541. He`s known as th “father of modern chemists”. His generous gifts to society was twofold; th true cause of syphilis was hereditary an used mercury to cure it. While teaching medicine at th University of Basel, he developed such a strong “belief” in his own writings, that he publicly burned all his medical books.

Next is another cursotic pillar, dr. isaac baker brown, who in 1866 published th first landmark book on surgical gynecology “on th curability of certain forms of insanity-epilepsy-catalepsy an hysteria in females” {this book has vanished-he was not mentioned in Blakiston`s medical dictionary 1956}. Brown said female masturbation caused insanity–epilepsy–catalepsy–hysteria–insomnia–nervousness–indigestion–rectum fissures–back an side pain–an inability to look one straight in th eye–painful urination–melancholiness–headache–a desire to run away from home or to become a NURSE–heart palpitation–anemia–swollen joints–failing eyesite–dry skin–clammy skin. Not content as his peers were of merely giving strong purgatives, drugs, an then scalding with nitrate of silver a 9 year old`s clitoris, brown performed his “usual operation” for these, a clitoridectomy, which involved snipping off th clitoris with a pair of scissors. As bizarre as this sounds, few complained of these procedures back then, just as few complain today. Our “pillar” is always one step ahead. Brown helped lay th foundation from which would later justify adopting other travesties of justice starting with ovariotomy to fallopian tubes-psychiatry-sterilization-birth control pills-hysterectomy-psychosurgery-appendectomy-fluoride pills.

Crow; {feigning pain by draggin her wing} Turtle performed a clitoridectomy on me last night.

Chicken; so thats why u`ve been takin those slow short steps all day!

Turtle; {to Chicken} c`mere baby, let me show ya me machismo surgical hottentots.

Chicken; promise not to bite off more than ya can chew?

Dr. william steward of Philly described an ovariotomy case he handled around 1885. A 26 year old continued to masturbate even after he had fixed a pad filled with sharp steel pins over her vulva. Steward had “no recourse” he recalled, but to deprive her of her ovaries hoping in that way to remove her perverted instincts. Then others began removing fallopian tubes an whole wombs. They were still doing this in “Lost Angeles” up into th 1940s an probably somewhere even today. Th era of “disposable” organs, eg gall bladder–tonsils continues today. How did these “tireless ojay`s champions” persuade women to part with precious parts of their body, eg a womb, an quiet any wave of discontent? Can you hear th hippocritical actor on th stage saying “think of th uterus as a cradle. After u`ve had all yer babies, there`s no reason to keep th cradle. Moreover, removing th uterus will save you from th risk of developing cancer in it later”. Can you also hear him saying to a childless teenager after a simple gynecological exam “oh my dear {th sha rolls his eyes an clicks his tongue} you have a tilted uterus {his eyes grow large an concerned}. We have found that many women experience severe birthing difficulties or in some cases are quite unable to have children at all without a minor bit of “corrective” surgery to remedy this”. However, there is usually nothing abnormal about such a tilt, an it is a common harmless occurrence. A woman can easily examine her own cervix an take pap smear by using a mirror, a torch an a cheap vaginal speculum of a suitable size. Rectum speculums exist.

City roads are designed to maintain unnatural tension, eg every time an oncoming car passes by inches from your fender which is why streets must be separated. Yet more tension is created by surveillance speed cameras–radar guns. = “the only way to end the illegal police state is to stop complying with it. This is how it works folks. Like Malcom X said Power never takes a back step – only in the face of more power.Go Arizona!”

London Telegraph = “The Arizona scheme, which was the first statewide effort to bring speed camera enforcement to the US, is now on the verge of bankruptcy and could be dumped. Many Americans, including judges and elected officials, regard the devices as an unconstitutional tax collection method and have flatly refused to pay the fines, the Times reports. “I see all the cameras in Arizona completely coming down,” Shawn Dow, who is leading the public revolt via his chairmanship of Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar, told the paper. “The citizens of Arizona took away the cash cow of Arizona by refusing to pay.” He is now trying to get the cameras banned in November’s elections. Although about 700,000 tickets have been issued since Arizona’s 76-camera plan was rolled out last year, a mere $37 million of the $127 million in fines and surcharges has been collected. That is because Arizonans have realised that they can simply ignore tickets sent to them in the post, and the authorities cannot prove that they have received them. Unless the tickets are served in person something Arizona cannot afford to do they become void after three months. Motorists have shown their opposition to the machines in other ways, placing large cardboard boxes over them, decorating them with sticky notes, attacking them with pickaxes and, in one case, setting off the cameras while standing in front wearing a monkey mask”.

This is not a stab at police, but churches pay less taxes than they do, an don`t have to worry about th danger of breaking up a potentially perilous argument at 3 am to boot. On Apr 29–2006, the Age reported that th Melbourne city council told a productivity commission inquiry into charities that church exemptions from rates cost it $10 million a year, pushing up charges for other taxpayers by 10%. Two studies produced by Victoria university`s graduate school of business for th Rationalist Society of Oz show that churches an other non-profit organizations saved more than $1 billion each year by paying less tax or none. These include exemptions from th GST, income tax, fringe benefits tax at th federal level; land tax, stamp duty, payroll tax an car registration {state}; an rates, an some power–water charges. Separation of church an state? Yet even woogies standing on street corners selling flowers are charged a council fee, an keep an attorney`s–police phone number handy “just in case”. Strangely, Truthers who think surveillance cameras an th like are counterproductive, are considered screwballs by many police. Police are capable of being hep, hear th Animals “Monterey”1968. Its revealing how th 3-Rs got folks “accustomed” to th idea that its “normal” to let strangers take their picture without first getting permission. Walk in any major department–okey store an see. Buy only from shops without these humiliating surveillance cameras, locking exit corridors {similar to a corral in a sheep yard}, an th like.

Th ill-germinati created maddening crampy cities an fight against us, an paradoxically even themself. Their 3000 year old, 50 pronged attack on our joy of self-sufficient country living is th cause of most crime. This is one reason why an incredible 450,000 truthers, more than th population of Suriname, went to th woodsy 4 day Woodstock Rock Festival in 1969. All criminals are manufactured {cursota excluded}, an not born that way. Only a city purposely designed to be a breeding ground for crime, with its miniscule prison cells called lots, its 2 way traffic unseparated bumpy roads with homes–schools too close to th road, will sometimes require a speed sign in th first place. Has anyone tried to drive in downtown Manila? There is no need to install speed signs there, as no one could drive over 30kph anyway. Who benefitted by having these ugly sardiny slave training dumps built? Who had th gall to buy many square miles of land, divide it into quarter acre lots an put 4-sale signs on only a few of them once a year or so at ludicrously inflated prices to drive th market up? Th shirtless Rock coochie in th street teerin “money can`t buy me love”?

Movie moguls, many of them allegedly Jewish, joined th “feel shame be tame” anti-joy brigade. But at least they had a certain flamboyant entertaining charm at times. A couple decades or so after th silent bankster coup in America, so-called “wholesome” walt disneyish movies became th norm. But th more “wholesome” a movie was, th more chalk starvation–deprivation–depravity there was. It was frank baum, th cursota loser who recommended Indian annihilation, who created th “wizard of oz”. Its called “th most beloved movie of all time”. Maybe th most wholesome one too. C`mon serfs, pass around those tissues, lets get a roaring good cry going here. If you take away th song “somewhere over th rainbow”1939, marshy-eyed Jewish Judy Garland an a few other bits, all thats left is royal opera pomp an glitter designed to keep you amused an locked tight in your unreal fantasy bubble. No, th wizard was not some harmless helpful old fuddy-duddy, he was th scourge of th ages. Ruby slippers–emerald cities–golden bricks–gaudy costumes are not reet rewarding or a sign of real wealth. Did th ruby slippers prevent Judy from dying of loneliness at th age of 47? Is th catwalk of life full of inspiration or strife? Extermination by false ornamentation. None other than adolph hitler had a great spooh of th pomp of th Vienna opera an even painted th place. He later apparently banned th only real thing Germany ever had, R an B.

Gold is an aberration, that like clothing, took centuries to get branded in th psyche.Th era of parasitism, from king soloman`s gold throne to th queen`s gold carriage of today, is an embarrassment to those who are more alive than dead. An apple tree in full bloom is prettier an more precious.

Cuz of endless tv hype from day one, th vast majority of computers, disguised as “ojay”, can`t even imagine that a slim naked chest is more “respectable” than a white shirt an tie. Goodness can find th nee, but only if ya let Rock lead ya out of th maze.Th foundational “stone” that made it possible to finish building Man`s house of derangement long ago, was when th cursota began forcing th serfs to wear clothing. Like nappily dressed “follywood” actors on tv, clothing is an example of silent symbolism designed to constantly remind th serfs that they should be ashamed of their maudy.

To really drive this point across, th sadistic cursota themselves don sackcloth as commanded in th ancient bibles. This first negatively charged “mind installment” made it possible to introduce more an more perverted installments, {eg meat eating–anti-music music–thinking its normal to catnip on a floor in one non-private small room with 30 other backpackers–thinking its normal to let your girl go to work to help support your family to survive}, until no one would be clever enuff, even if they had a jackhammer, to chip away th hardened cement “layers” an uncover th scowling face of th scum of th ages. They all wear th same coat–tie, but colored differently as if to suggest to us that they`re open-minded an tolerant of diverse point of views. But in reality, they are intrinsically morbidly afraid of themself as well as others who are even slightly different than themselves, an would develop an ulcer if a maple leaf flew thru an open window an landed on their white pants.

Thats why they live in th city, a dead treeless place to match their dead brainless scowl. Little by little, it is becoming an unwritten law that males must wear a shirt at all times like girls to be accepted in society an to get a job. It certainly took hundreds of years to get them to cover their genitals. How long exactly? How many beatings, propaganda news articles, religious preachings, whippings, generations, child moral abuse claptrap, stonings, bible quotes, imprisonments, tail-cuttings, castrations, library books, eye gougings, scornings, penalty fines, women`s lib proclamations, doctor`s recommendations, psychologist`s warnings, city council pamphlets, mothers against perversion announcements, fathers against perversion announcements, police against perversion announcements, prohibited nude swimming signs, did it take to convince them that th THING between their legs was a poisonous TAIPAN that must be chained an housed in a cage disguised as a pair of “pants”? Fight back = go barechested whenever shopping in town an stay naked at home.

WARNING TO PARENTS = please be advised that I`m required by law to tell you there are erotic BUTT NAKED animals below which may FOREVER corrupt th minds and morals of young children under th age of 27. For permission ta read further, contact yer local city council, pay th tax deductible fee, an read on if ya think its safe to. If th fee is too high, be th bravest of th brave an vigorously protest this by leavin yer car headlites on in broad daylight. Moreover ya must HURRY, there`s a new law being shoved thru congress that will require all residents ta place a jockstrap/g-string on all animals over 2mm long living on either their own property or any neighbor`s land within 749 meters {on a sidenote, this is a once in a lifetime chance for someone to become super wealthy by sewing/peddling/washing/changing miniature beasty straps}.

READER WAIVER = By reading on, th reader agrees NOT to hold me or my family, descendents, precursors, acquaintances or future acquaintances, or pet Grasshopper, responsible for a child`s


bed-wetting or snot ball throwing at teachers that may result. However, just ta prove I`m an amiable charitable turn th other cheek man, I agree to pay psychiatric remedial prozac medications/fees for any debauched child for up to a period of 25 years ONLY; send all such monetary requests to me woogie on page 1436. But just ta be safe, contact yer yakalinquentic, err…. I mean lawyer, pay the small $750 consultation fee an follow his expert advice. Don`t let all this red tape bother you! Don`t ya like ta donate mun ta th state, err…. I mean gamble? So Rejoice, if yer child reads this, there`s a gambler`s chance he`l retain his mental psychosis err…. I mean stability and remain one of “societearcie`s” finest upstanding economical assembly line automatons, err… I mean young men/women.

Ballad of a thin man = Bob Dylan

you walk into th room ~ with yer pencil in yer hand

you see somebody naked ~ an you say who is that man

you try so hard but ya don`t understand

just what u`ll say when ya get home

because something is happening here ~ but ya don`t know what it is

do you ~ mister jones

Everything from grasshoppers to elephants nakedly an SHAMELESSLY COPULATE, so should`nt we be paying some tax dollars to someone to clothe an train them to be more discreet so our young won`t get corrupted?

If two dogs get caught copulating on a city street, should`nt we have th police issue fines to their owners? If th police don`t take action, should`nt we form a vigilante group an patrol th streets with bullwhips to make sure dogs don`t do this? Should`nt we put a surveillance camera on every streetcorner so we can arrest th perverted kids who watch dogs copulating? And should`nt th kids be taken away from their parents an placed in a foster home, an their parents be forced to pay fines or be imprisoned depending on how long their kids spent watching th dogs? Eg, if they just glanced at them = $100, up to one minute = $250, between 1-2 minutes $500, between 2-3 minutes = 1 year in th can, between 3-5 minutes = 10 years, over 5 minutes = Life {eligible for parole in 20 years}.

Why not safeguard our kids an create a society completely free of child-molesting parents?

Is`nt it better to prevent rather than cure? Would`nt it be dandy if th parent-teachers associations across th tusi would strongly lobby their heroic members of con–gress an par–lie–ment, err… I meant congress an parliament, to pass a new law to identify child abusers who might have the potential to permanently damage a child`s ability to think clearly? This would also help to end th high youth suicide rate as well in th long run. I mean let`s get serious and practical here ~ all u have to do is put a surveillance camera in every abode that has kids age 4 and under an monitor th parents when they change diapers. You could then carefully study their faces looking for any signs that they might turn out to be a molester, eg if they teeralee (sing) while performing th chore with a twisted smile on their face to some old Hillbilly song, you can just about predict in all certainty they`ll be an embarrassment to society at some future point in time.

To enact this courageous advantageous new law benefitting th community, th state must charge a small operational fee to maintain/man th devices thus officially giving qualified parents, but not necessarily a state employee, th privilege to change their own child`s diaper. Thankfully this would be similar to driving a car where th state charges you a fee for th privilege of driving. Needless to say, its a fact that any responsible parent who really cares about children would`nt object to this law. After all, is`nt it for th benefit of th entire community? Those irresponsible few who might object to th new law must bear th burden knowing that they will certainly be objects of ridicule an scorn by th vast majority of their neighbors. Police would be advised to keep an eye on these potentially dangerous perverts. Hopefully th new law would prevent a yockomo (father) from changing his chickasaw`s (daughter`s) diaper even if his spouse was sick. In such a case, a bonded certified warranted licensed state official would do th chore charging only a small fee. However th yockomo would be free to change his julep`s (son`s) diaper provided he passed a certified state exam. Of course th yockomosa (mother) could freely change either gender`s diaper without having to take th exam. We must be genderisticratically an steinhomely, err… I mean steinhemly correct an fair, th hand that rocks th cradle determines th vote.

Th crimes an penalties would include:

Taking one minute longer than necessary to change th diaper;

fine yockomo $877.96

fine yockomosa $314.93

Taking 2 minutes longer than necessary;

yockomo = if convicted of this felony he would be prevented for life from changing any child`s diaper and incarcerated until such time th warden deemed him rehabilitated. Moreover he would have a microchip implanted in his ear so he could be monitored 24/7 for 20 years upon release after serving his time. His foto/current address would remain permanently on net data bases so concerned neighbors could identify potential sex offenders an take precautionary measures if desired.

Penalty for Yockomosa;

No can time no chip provided th $889.97 fine is paid and prevented from changing her julep`s diaper for a week an her chickasaw`s for 17.5 hours.

What about safeguarding our revered athletes as well? When will you people shout oh dio mio, take th bull by th horns and protect them and our children from streakers? How many times have we been insulted by watching police carry off these butt naked youth corrupters from th playing field? Lets bring back dignity to our community an church. Did`nt you know that every time a child under 21 years sees a stranger`s naked body, either a permanent cyst, scar or a soft spot forms on th pons, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, or more commonly th upper half of th cranium we call th sincipital? In worst case scenarios when th child has not had his daily morning drink of poison, err…. I mean milk on th day of th infraction, an adventitious cyst can form on his glossopharyngeal nerve that may require surgery. Now you know th primary reason why our shamen, err…. I mean physicians at th hospital require all patients to wear sackcloth, err… I mean underwear at all times even when they`re in critical condition and unable to easily move. Curse this blasphemy! Prevent rather than cure! Let th penalty fit th crime! If I had my way, and I usually do cuz I`m a member of th lion`s club and a 34th level piece of busted glass, err… I mean mason, I`d punish these offenders as follows:

First these dork`s bodies would be drained of all their fat via a liposuction surgical process.

The concept of liposuction is surprisingly simple. Liposuction involves the use of a small stainless steel tube, called a cannula (from the Latin word for reed, tube, cane). The cannula is connected to a powerful suction pump and inserted into the fat through small incisions in the skin. Fat removal is accomplished as the suction cannula creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers. The removed fat would then be sold to food processing companies and sold as “dork and beans” instead of pork and beans, thus helping to keep th economy vibrant. Their uvula/tonsils/appendix/wisdom teeth/one lung/one kidney/gall bladder/testicles an pieces of their liver/intestines/womb/clitoris would also be removed, ground up, an sold to gourmet grocers as “dorkshire pudding” instead of Yorkshire pudding. This would be sure to add pizzazz to our red herring, err… I mean red nosed reindeer christmas/thanksgiving/easter/labor day holiday festivities. Children can an should remind their parents what turkeys they are for wanting to serve turkey on these holidays by simply shouting “forget th roasted turkey, serve us some “kidney quirky”.

Feeding these ultra-lean prisoners will be a blessing for th numbsculls, err… I mean taxpayers to boot as less mun will be needed to feed them. Smart aleck prisoners asking for such things as guitars will be monitored 24/7 via cameras an fed dork an beans until they get ulcerated, err…. I mean rehabilitated. Don`t tell me we can`t fight back against child molesters.

What about safeguarding our children via surveillance cameras in Big Sur national park in California? How many innocent boys have taken a trek only to be exposed to topless girls laying face down on their blankets, their bare backs blatantly exposed? But please dont tell Arnold, he may think our feel shame feel pain, err… I mean our feel sane feel humane agenda to get th Son of Mary imbedded tight in your brain is a failure, and make us clergymen pay income tax like everyone else. Ultra-talented elite bibliographical Cardinals/Popes of th distant past have taken great pains to see that The Suffering Son gets impressioned in your grey matter from day one to accustom you to correctly think that self-punishment/sexual abstinence/feeling shame is normal. Thankfully, they did this by inventing words like “sin” and “evil knowledgeable apple trees” to forever remind you that if you choose NOT to gratefully accept your biblical punishment, err… I mean golden embellishment by our establishment, then you will be doomed to live the life of an outcast shunned by the opposite sex. However, despite our best efforts to keep th people running in heavenly fear, err…i mean running in heavenly high gear, even awesome frightening words that Our Fathers so painstakingly created, eg

impiety–sacrilegiousness–blasphemy–malediction–perversion–apostasy–tersgiversation–paganism–gentile–infidel–sensualist–children of darkness–sanctimonious–profane–unhallowed–unblest–unbaptized–accurst–heathenish–desecrate–unrighteousness–consciencelessness–unholiness, for some strange reason, just cant subliminally convince some stubborn delinquents to accept our Ecclesiastical Watergate, err.. I mean our Cardinalate. We named the redbird a cardinal to remind you that you can fly to heaven on his wings to see Saint Peter provided you confess your sins to Him.

Now these male infidels in parks, instead of having a whale of a good time on th beach reading biblical temperance verses, will more than likely covertly slink off hiding under a tree somewhere to masturbate, waiting patiently for these bare-back girls to sit up so they can get a quick peek at their breasts before they can put their top back on. Thankfully, because we`ve conditioned girls thru the centuries to keep their legs snapped shut like a trap and their breasts always covered via long self-punishing melodramaticized, err… I mean anthologized training, we dont have to worry about girls peeking thru windows late at nite at nude boys and masturbating. This peeping Tom attitude sets th stage for a ruined life of chasing girls instead of The Good Shepherd, especially in our home state of California. Unfortunately, some time later these mentally-incapacitated long haired losers will be seen standing on the corner in People`s Park in Berkeley saying to each pretty college girl walking by “hi I just arrived from the east coast, would you care to sit on th park bench here a minute for a chat, I`m quite harmless”? I personally observed one of these yuppies doing this, and counted 97 girls who turned him down before he gave up. This proves unequivocally that our male demonization, err… I mean liberalization, christianized agenda still works. But why cant these girls behave themselves in th parks as well? Why cant they see that exposing themself, even for a second accidentally, causes male masturbation resulting in what we call psychasthenia, a psychoneuroses containing compulsive, obsessive, and phobic tensions? In other words, he will become predisposed to obsessive compulsive schizophrenic reactions. Impetuous baboonish sexual desires must not be tolerated, even th Muslims realize that. Thats why we maintained for centuries past that if a woman stared a baboon in th eye, her child would be born with a baboon`s traits.

Moreover, all this manhandling of the penis can make it crooked leading to Peyronie`s disease requiring corrective surgery again and again. Masturbation causes psychoparesis or enfeeblement of the mind, and hierophobia or fear of sacred things as well. As if all this were not bad enough, masturbation can cause “camp eye”, a syndrome characterized by a loss of visual acuity and the presence of a central scotoma; it was seen in inmates of concentration camps in World War II, who, despite th fact that they were shown illegitamate, err… I mean immaculate Christian penitence videos for entertainment and fed slop, err… I mean pork chop for meals, they refused to repent and continued to masturbate day and night. Regretfully, they refused to don sackcloth and ashes to see th beauty of self-punishment, self-humiliation and keeping a temperate stiff upper lip. In other words, they refused to go to confession, suffer and atone for their sins to become mummified, err… I mean purified of their innate purgatorial torments.

Sorrily, there is no alternative except to punish all those with a lack of contrition refusing to recant. In time we`ll enact similar punishments for those watching internet porno and de-stabilizing conspiracy sites as well. The proposed CANING punishment, common in Australian private schools, Malaysia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Brunei, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, as well as “birching” (smack with a bundle of branches), another type of punishment in th British Tradition seen in Trinidad, would be employed as follows:

Girls with bare backs seen laying on their stomachs in parks;

4 strokes to bare bottom.

Girls who accidentally show their breasts when sitting up to put their top back on for 2 seconds or less;

8 strokes

For more than two seconds but less than 6 seconds;

16 strokes

For more than 6 seconds;

32 strokes (an ambulance team would be standing by to give a blood transfusion if necessary and a clergyman would offer a prayer for a speedy recovery).

Boys caught by camera staring at girls laying on their stomachs with a naked back more than 30 seconds but less than 5 minutes;

1 stroke

More than a 5 minutes;

2 strokes

If they masturbate while covertly watching;

3 strokes

If they masturbate and have an orgasm while watching;

4 strokes

Yes these penalties are much harsher for girls than boys. Sorry but we must continue to do what we have always done since antiquity to help maintain th respectability of th Virgin Mary by labelling all unmarried impenitent unconfessing erotic girls as nymphomaniacal “witches” fit only for a public caning, burning or clitoridectomy. We tried using chastity belts but they did`nt work because for the right price, most any locksmith can covertly make a key. Admiringly, we have to take our hat off to our Muslim brothers who bravely nip perversity in th bud by either stoning or burning erotic veiless girls. This is th way we used to do it ourselves in ancient times when the only difference between a Muslim and a Christian was the sackcloth. This is our way of pulling th wool over yer eyes, err… I mean pulling th curtain down on perverted promiscuity which increases juvenile delinquency.

I think its high time we grabbed th pig by th nose, tightened up security, an gave full rein to our legal teams to ensure that children under 22 are adequately protected at home too. The following ordinances will be, or have already been enacted in our carefree society.

1. Firstly, why is there such a continued fuss among th people, to have installed in their abodes a simple surveillance camera monitored 24–7 from the police station so we can all rest easy at night? Think how many suicides this would prevent! At th very first sign of discontentment in a child, eg a frown, disgruntlement, disquiet, uneasiness, maladjustment, restlessness, agitation, grievance, weariness, mortification, weltschmerz, knuckle cracking, lip smacking, or excessive booger pickin, in a matter of a few minutes, an armed police swat team would arrive. If th house door was locked, a quick pull on a crowbar would speed th rescue and possibly save a life. Wait, before you scream in anger against this proposition, if it saves only ONE child`s life then is`nt it worth it? Thats better, I see yer startin to appreciate th fact that we really are a manevolent constipated, err… I mean a benevolent consecrated society, an that th small weekly fee and annoyance is immaterial.

2. Our city sewers clog up frequently with toilet paper and guess who pays for th costly repair? So why cant you appreciate th fact that we`re trying to put mun in your pocket by placing a usage gauge in a locked toilet paper dispenser in your bathroom? Why argue about th small penalty fee when over-usage occurs, when in th long run you`ll be saving money? No, we dont permit water sprayers inside toilets, this is a Christian not a Muslim country. Yes you are correct, your rear side will be cleaner if cleaned with a water sprayer, but then you have to take th time to clean your hand. Yes YES I KNOW, you should clean your hand even if you use paper but then millions of toilets would have to be redesigned, and again, who will pay for all this? Whats that you say? No way! There are strict penalties for defecating under fruit trees and using a water hose. Most people`s bodies are polluted with insecticide, err… I mean pathogens and its possible that a child could eat a fallen dirty fruit and suffer dire ill consequences. Dont risk th $799.99 fine. You want to buy a toilet paper making machine? Ha Ha Ha thanks to ourselves an th Chinese, we`ve made th cost to purchase one so ludicrously high that only th ultra-wealthy can afford one. How did we do that? Easy. By creating all sorts of redundant hunks of steel/wheels/plastic/switches in th design to prevent small Mom an Pop enterprises from developing and becoming too independant of us. This reminds of farming machinery, eg we see to it that energy-saving farming equipment remains too costly to purchase for th small farmer, eg th flame weeders to kill weeds via fire must burn petroleum, not water, with prices starting around $500. You`d be hard put to even locate a dealer for these weeders in th first place. These things must remain in th hands of th multinationals, err… I mean th professionals if we are to maintain delirium, err… I mean equilibrium.

3. Th cameras with audio pick-up would also ensure that parents did not break th law by telling their children about th birds and bees. This is strictly a matter that can only be safely dealt with by University-educated licensed bonded certified senior public school officials. Our prisons are already overflowing with dupes, err… I mean inmates who have broken this law.

4. Th cameras would also ensure that parents would observe th new proposed child sporting law being debated in Congress as I speak. The president has endorsed it and already has announced he will sign it into law th minute th Senate passes it. Imagine, if you are brilliant enough, th beauty of allowing children 22 and under to reach their full potential by requiring parents to construct back yard playing fields, courts and furnishing sporting paraphernalia so kids can play baseball–basketball–football–soccer–badminton–ping pong–pool–golf–cricket and other mind-destroying, err…I mean mind-expanding sports. Our charitable government has even promised to refund the parents for every penny they spend to accomplish this! Where will th funds come from you ask? I`m SO pleased that you asked me that question. From an increase in taxes, err… I mean an increase in professional sport spectator admissions. However, most people would`nt mind this because they would automatically be entered in a raffle with th winners getting an all expenses paid trip to nowheresville, err… I mean Disneyland! And each youngster, upon paying th increased entrance fee would get a free autographed baseball card from none other than Albert P-P-P, err… I never could pronounce his name. No no its not Hoffman, he almost wrecked our playhouse single-handedly with that mind-opening acid drug before we had a chance to ban and adulterate it.


Mother = must always keep th same panties an bra on 24/7 for 6 months even while using th toilet.

Father = must clean her panties and bra by hand at the end of 6 months.

5. Th Holy Saviour of Moses determined that th Children of Bethlehem`s bodies are sacrosanct, therefore there must be strict clothing and other rules in th home between all family members if they are to bathe in th Glory of the Lord. No pet monkees or apes permitted on th premises. No no, its not because their appearance makes our Creationist Theory look bogus as a 3 dollar bill. Its because ah… err… because they ahh… err… they… they MIGHT give th AIDS virus to th children.

Police will be instructed to enter abodes and inspect the bathroom lock on a weekly basis to make sure it locks properly. After all, police already must be permitted inside abodes to make sure your firearm is locked securely in a case. Trinitarianism and th Holy Apostolic Age teaches that even accidentally viewing anyone nude breeds paganism. In other words, if we are to maintain our image as offenders, err… I mean defenders of th common man, family nudity is taboo. Th bathroom lock would ensure that no one could accidentally open th door and become subverted.


Mother = Forced to sing “He`s got th whole world in his pants, err… I mean hands, every hour on th hour for 40 days an nites.

Father = Must sing “white Christmas” every time he uses th toilet for 6 months.

6. Any furniture dealer selling double bunk beds would be required to have all buyers sign a government questionnaire statement and waiver to protect th reputation of th dealer and not to hold him responsible for any misconduct between a brother and sister, regardless of age, if they are caught on camera illegally sharing one double bunk bed or breaking th rules. Th waiver must be signed in front of a Justice of th Peace and certified and th questionnaire sent via priority mail to th Attorney General. These ordinances would make it clear that only same-sex couples are permitted to bunk together in double bunk beds and must wear underwear and full-length pyjamas at all times. The only permitted color of the nightwear is white and th fabric must be thick enough to make it impossible for them to see each other`s pubic hair. Loincloths, jockstraps, g-strings, bikinis cannot be worn as underwear after 6:30 PM. The toilets are off-limits after 8:30 PM and no sheep/ conversations/sheep/radios/sheep/animal imitations/sheep or magpie chirping are allowed. Wait, did I mention sheep?

Recently a family asked us “what if a collection agency repossessed all our furniture except one bunk bed, would a brother and sister then be allowed to share it temporarily until funds became available to buy another one? The answer is yes but only with the following stipulations; firstly at exactly 8:30 PM, th sister and brother would flip a coin to see who would enter the bedroom first. If th sister wins th flip she must climb up to the top bunk, place her hand on a Bible, and utter this sacred oath “my ugly legs are snapped shut like a closed vice and will remain that way all night, you may now enter and recline in the bottom bunk brother”. If the brother wins th flip he must climb up to the top bunk and say “temperance and a low sperm count demands that all nite I will remain irritable, dispassionate and immune to all flights of bizarre fantasy, you may now enter sister and recline in th bottom bunk”.

PENALTIES FOR TH BROTHER if he misquotes th oath or says something smart-alecky like “horniness and a high-sperm count indicates that I will remain in a state of fantasy the entire evening”, you may now enter sister and recline in your bunk;

NOT PERMITTED to board rafts or be around whales for 40 days and nights even in a flood.

PENALTIES FOR TH SISTER if she misquotes th oath or says something smart-alecky like “my pretty soft legs are wide open like a deep-river wet clam shell and will remain that way th entire night, you may now enter brother and recline in your bunk;

NOT PERMITTED to say th Lord`s Prayer at meals for two whole days.

Yes I can hear some of you thinking “but what is the protocol if the entire abode, beds and all, are repossessed leaving th family homeless? If you had listened to my election campaign promises then you would know that I was re-elected Chairman of th Senate primarily because I had proposed that in th case of homeless families, either the Vatican or State or their designate would assume control over th children for their own safety. This promise was loudly applauded and endorsed by th entire voting illiterate, err… I mean electorate, and because I`m a doomocratic, err… I mean democratic loyal party member, I kept my word and had it enacted into law.

About jukit

I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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