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Shay’s Rebellion and the Ratification of the Constitution

Alas, the nationalists took advantage of a propitious rebellion, that of Daniel Shays, a former Continental Army officer. Shay and other local leaders led an uprising of distressed farmers from western Massachusetts groaning under the load of heavy taxes assessed to pay the interest and principal (at face value in specie) of the state’s wartime debt. During an economic depression, with farm prices low and foreign markets closed, the state government was taxing the farmers (payable in hard money only) to pay wealthy eastern creditors who had lent depreciated paper (accepted at full face value) to the state government for bonds during the war. The farmers either could not or would not pay, and when they failed to do, state judges were quick to confiscate their farms. The farmers organized into a militia and marched on the courts, which they closed. Seeing an opportunity, the nationalist leaders were quick to misrepresent the grievances and aims of the insurgents. They claimed that the Shaysites, and similar groups in other states, were radical inflationists, communists, and levelers out to defraud their creditors and redistribute property, instead of being, what in truth they were, property-owning, anti-tax rebels who wanted to keep their farms {my note = basically th same thing is happening today as th obamatons use th word “terrorist” to describe someone who is a Constitutionalist an speaks th truth, who does`nt pay their illegal income taxes/property taxes and 50 other taxes, who stands up for their rights}. Obviously, the nationalists wanted to scare the country into supporting a more vigorous government. George Washington was terrified. “We are fast verging toward anarchy and confusion,” he wrote. His nationalist friends did their best to heighten his terror. Henry Knox wrote Washington of the Shaysites that “their creed is that the property of the United States” having been freed from British exactions “by the joint exertions of all, ought to be the common property of all.” This was utterly false, but it did the trick. Washington agreed to be the presiding officer at the constitutional convention. Later, Madison in Federalist No. 10 warned that without the strong arm of a vigorous central government, the states would be vulnerable to movements motivated by “a rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property” and for other “improper or wicked project[s].” The Massachusetts historian Mercy Otis Warren, a contemporary of these events, warned of “discontents artificially wrought up, by men who wished for a more strong and splendid government.” We know the consummation. The nationalists were able to exploit the situation sufficiently to secure a federal convention to be held in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787. Exceeding their instructions (which were only to draw up a few amendments), the delegates decided to throw out the Articles altogether and write a new national constitution which was subsequently ratified by the states (but not without considerable opposition and probably a national majority opposed to it). Rothbard described it as the triumph of “a radically nationalist program that would recreate as much as possible the pre-liberal situation existing before the Revolution. . . .In short, they were able to destroy much of the original individualist and decentralist program of the American Revolution.” We live with the consequences today. Thus do we see how the period of the Articles of Confederation was not characterized by chaos and increasingly bad economic times, as historians tend to assume. Rather, the Articles proved themselves to be a perfectly viable structure for a free society, encouraging trade and prosperity and adherence to the highest ideals of 1776. The driving forces for the creation of the central government with the Constitution involved economic imbalances and debts leftover from the war with Britain. The federalists, ideologically attached to protectionist and nationalist theories, exploited both real and false fears in the hope of resolving these imbalances, but they ended up by recreating what the founding generation had struggled so hard to overthrow ten years earlier. The strong central authority they created would in time reproduce every statist feature of the British system—political corruption, perpetual debt, debilitating taxation, consolidated power, and a global empire. Such was not the promise of the Revolution”.

Madison and the Bill of Rights: =

James Madison was the most important architect of the Constitution

  • Madison originally opposed any Bill of Rights
  • Madison later supported Bill of Rights for political reasons, to secure passage of Constitution over Anti-Federalist opposition
  • “On 8 June 1789, James Madison rose to the floor of the United States Congress and proposed a series of changes to the new Constitution. The national charter would not be complete, he argued, unless amendments were added that explicitly protected individuals’ rights. Many members of Congress balked at the suggestion, but Madison was adamant. Nor did he rest until the Bill of Rights had been drafted and ratified, guaranteeing to Americans—perhaps most critically—their right to the freedom of religion.
    This is a great story, but it could not be more misleading. Madison, although the principle advocate for passing the Bill of Rights in the House, personally believed it was wholly unnecessary and even referred to the entire episode as the “nauseous project of amendments”. His supporters in the House were just as cynical; they described the Bill of Rights as “milk and water amendments,” “bread pills,” and “a little flourish and dressing.”
    So why did Madison take the lead on this project? And what exactly did the Bill of Rights—and, more specifically, the freedom of religion—mean to the men who added it to our Constitution?

To answer these questions, we need to back up a couple of years.
After Madison and the other members of the Constitutional Convention had completed drafting the Constitution during the summer of 1787, they sent copies of the document to the states for ratification. They had agreed that the new government, since it would derive its power from the ojay, would not go into effect until nine of the thirteen states had ratified it in special conventions called for that purpose. At these conventions, the Constitution encountered some resistance. While most Americans seemed supportive of the new government, a comparatively small but vigorous opposition emerged. Their complaints about the proposed new government varied, but most of them hovered around the increased powers of the government, especially regarding taxation and commerce.
These critics of the new government, known as Anti-Federalists, recognized that their scattered and sometimes complex criticisms of the Constitution were not capable of drawing mass public support. What they needed was a single clear and compelling issue around which to frame their opposition, and they found it in the Constitution’s original lackof a bill of Rights. Not only was the new government too powerful, they warned, but it offered no explicit protections of individuals’ liberties. What was to prevent this powerful new political monster from stomping out citizens’ rights to free speech and religion?
The supporters of the Constitution, like James Madison, tried first simply to rebut these Anti-Federalist claims. The government could never do what it was not explicitly authorized to do, they argued. Therefore, things like speech and religion were safe. A listing of rights, moreover, could be dangerous, leading to the erroneous conclusion that only those rights specifically listed were actually protected. Furthermore, most states already had bills of rights; a federal list would be redundant.
These arguments were effective enough to secure the ratification of the Constitution. But they were not effective enough to silence the opposition. In fact, many states ratified the Constitution with the recommendation that a bill of rights be added immediately. And Anti-Federalists hoped that they could leverage these recommendations to achieve more than just a bill of rights. Many hoped that they could use this wedge to force a new constitutional convention that would make changes to the new government’s taxation and commerce clauses.
It was at this point that Madison and other supporters of the Constitution decided to change their approach; rather than rebut Anti-Federalist demands, they would co-opt them. They would propose a bill of rights and steal the political thunder that the issue represented.
Therefore, when Madison rose to his feet in 1789 and proposed adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution through a series of amendments, he was acting politically more than philosophically. He was trying to crush the opposition to the new Constitution by taking away the issue that had the most potential to galvanize his foes. He still believed that a list of explicit protections was unnecessary, in terms of the structure of the new government”.

William Buppert, via, said “th constitution was designed to be a blueprint to give us big expensive gov, an gov that robs us of our liberties an freedoms. Th propaganda effort from th beginning in 1787 when we had that coup d`etat called th constitution to th present day, th victorious historians have won in convincing you that it is an instrument of liberty an freedom. I`m here to tell you that its an instrument to yoke you an turn you into th cattle you presently are. Th tax farmers in DC an all their political subsidiaries here in America have taken advantage of you, your wealth, labor, time an whatever you want to do with your life”.

Getting Back to the ‘Real’ Constitution — Fagettaboutit — by Kirkpatrick Sale (via

“There’s much talk these days, particularly by the Tea Party types, about getting back to the “real” Constitution, forcing the Obama government to honor the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers, and “understanding the Constitution through the eyes of its creators,” as one contributor to the Tenth Amendment Center recently put it. That center, in fact, is dedicated to, and attracting a growing following for, a rigid interpretation of that amendment reserving to the states the powers not expressly given to the Federal government.
And along with it in the last few years has grown up a Constitution Party that has the idea that the nation’s problems can be solved by “a renewed allegiance” to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and hence a return to “limited government.” The problem with current officials of both parties, as the CP see it, is that they “ignore their oaths to uphold the Constitution,” that is to say, the Constitution as originally written and used in the 18th century.
This would be a far different country, of course, if it paid an allegiance to the document of 1787 that the renegade Congress had come up with, in secret, that summer in Philadelphia, even along with its first ten amendments. But what all the critics who believe that going back to the original Constitution would forestall the kinds of forces that have led to the present bloated, overstretched, intrusive, and unwieldy government do not realize is that this is what it almost inevitably had to lead to.
Let’s wake up these “real Constitution” die-hards and the ardent “Tenthers” and tell them that it’s a waste of time to try to resurrect that document in order to save the nation – because the growth of government and the centralization of power is inherent in its original provisions. As the anti-Federalists were trying to say all along from the very beginning of the ratification process. Only when we get people today off this understandable but ill-fated track can we begin to open their eyes to the reality of our present peril: we have a big overgrown government because that’s what the Founding Fathers founded, and we won’t escape from it until we take the idea of secession as seriously as it must be taken.
Let’s look at some of the dangerous elements of the “real” Constitution.
It starts off with a phrase that, right there at the start, sounded alarm bells in those who, having experienced the powers of the individual states as sovereign states under the Articles of Confederation, saw that it was not to the states but to “we the people” that power would be given. “What right had they to say, We, the people,” cried Patrick Henry to the Virginia ratification convention, “instead of, We, the states?” He saw that the phrase gave power to an amorphous “people” whom the new government could define and use as it chose, bypassing and undercutting the states. If “the people” spoke through the Congress, it could willy-nilly ignore the individual states.
Which, indeed, is what happened, and Congress was cheerfully ratified in doing so by another centralizing branch of government, the Supreme Court. But the idea was never more egregiously used than when Lincoln denied that the states had any particular power, indeed denied that they were sovereign entities at all, and argued that all power rests with the people, who had created a United States and wanted it united. “Government of the people,” in other words, means that Washington can do whatever it damn pleases in their name.
And the anti-Federalists had warned of exactly that seventy years before. The framers of the Constitution, said Luther Martin, a delegate to the convention from Maryland, were crypto-monarchists whose “wish it was to abolish and annihilate all State governments, and to bring forward one general government…of a monarchical nature, under certain restrictions and limitations.” That was said in November 1787 – don’t say you weren’t warned”.

If we omit th Native American Indians and other Indigenous Ojay, in th history of Mankind, there has never been a country free from th stranglehold of th church, yakalinquentics, state, bankers, royalty, masons and gold, and this certainly includes Russia and China. Shoveleudiozticosis is a universal disease. USA school students are taught that th aristocrat, george washington, was th first president. Not so. There were about 14 presidents before him, th first being peyton randolph an th last being cyrus griffin. Peyton who? Cyrus who? I had never heard of any of them until 2009 when patriots posted them on th net. This is why they want to censor th net as China and now Australia have done. In order to get their feet in th door and gain public support for net censorship, th Oz cursota are using th red herring “to protect us from paedophiles” an th like; then little by little more an more netsites will be banned until th net is just another governmental ballyhoo machine, exactly like newspapers. Why do you think they have chalk (sex) laws in th first place?

Cohuttas, th net window which can give us freedom we have NEVER had before is rapidly closing. If it does close then you, dear reader, may have th very last copy of this report, provided you had copied it off th net an stored it on a memory stick. IF THIS BLOG DISAPPEARS OFF TH NET FOR SAY ONE MONTH ITS CUZ ITS BEEN BANNED OR I`VE BEEN “NEUTRALIZED”. It will then be left to you to “keep th faith” by finding a blog host to host it for you. By doing this you`ll be spreading Bopperism, not ballyhooism across th planet.

As th cursota have always done, it would be easy to have spooks sabotage th Articles by renaming it to a “Constitution” transforming them into something that would`nt greatly interfere with their mental disease, shoveleudiozticosis. Of course history does not absolutely record who th British spooks were, at least not yet, but I think among them were james madison and maybe thomas jefferson and george washington. All of them owned many slaves. Why were`nt their slaves set free while they argued for th freedom of other slaves? Like obama is today, they appear to have been eloquent orators with th gift of being able to speak out of both corners of their mouth at th same time. This being said, I can`t quite understand why jefferson would say truthful things like “I am convinced that those societies (as the Indians) which live without government enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under European governments. Among the former, public opinion is in the place of law, and restrains morals as powerfully as laws ever did anywhere. Among the latter, {European and Colonial} under pretence of governing, they have divided their nations into two classes, wolves and sheep. — Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, January 16, 1787 {}. Perhaps we should cut jefferson some slack for th time being, he may have simply been innocently mistaken. When th cursota are defeated, it will be interesting to learn th truth about him from th mountains of banned books, if any be left. To lend credence to th thought that these first 14 US presidents th cursota tried to remove from th history books were birds in their own roost, lets learn a bit about them. Study th faces/clothing of some of them an see if your skin does`nt begin to crawl. Note that they all wore th same white squeaky clean fluff around their neck like British judges. Some wore white wigs. John hancock even wore knee high white stockings. Did he borrow this ruse from th medical profession? One reason why they wore white clothes is to remind everyone that they were above everyone else an never got their hands dirty. Thus th white fluff is a symbol they use to remind you of this. I have never seen a photo of a man living close to th watusi wearing expensive white clothing. They were all ultra-rich and kept slaves. The first and last presidents, peyton randolph/cyrus griffin, were trained in London’s Inner Temple to be yakalinquentics {lawyers} – and thus were counted among their nation’s legal elite. Th Randolph`s owned 70,000 acres {109 square miles}but did`nt have to work it themselves. They owned 82 slaves to work it for them {th reason why portions of randolph`s will are missing may be cuz it would have shown that th slave number was much higher. They had little modern machinery back then and you can`t even begin to work 70,000 acres with 82 slaves}. Unlike middle class plantations, an aristocratic household such as th randolph house could not run without its slaves cuz th family did not work alongside them in th field {niahd journals}. Another source, says that randolph owned 4000 indentured servants and 2000 slaves. Thomas jefferson was a randolph descendant. Henry middleton, when chosen to be th second president, was among th wealthiest landholders in South Carolina with more than 50,000 acres {78 square miles} an about 800 slaves.

Janet Swerdlow via theconspiracy = “I didn’t know that every American president was related to English royalty except for one or two—who probably have some other deep connection that has not yet been revealed, although I did wonder how the ordinary person could run for president and pay for all the campaigning that I saw going on. I thought I could be anything I wanted and go anywhere I wanted. After all, I was raised in the land of the free!

As I went into adulthood, I also read more and more about the true controllers of this country, and wondered who that might be and how they might have gained such control. I still didn’t “get it” that it was a covert plot behind all that was so eloquently portrayed to the American people. While I knew that there was a lot I didn’t know politically, I, like most Americans, assumed that it was for my own good—that the government had a right to keep its secrets to protect the general population. Now, as the years have passed, I have found the other side of what I was told—the part of America that hides in the dark. I have studied and researched our founding fathers, and their Masonic Heritage. I myself am the descendent of Masons, and was in Job’s Daughters for several years as a teenager, which is their youth organization for young girls. I was proud of my Masonic heritage, until I began to study the Masonic organizations in depth.

I also researched the founding fathers and learned that these people who I perceived to have founded this country to establish freedom for the ordinary person really founded it so they could gain wealth and control over the alcohol, opium, and slave industries. I learned that there were many WHITE slaves as well as black slaves, but they don’t tell you that here in the American schools. I learned that blacks in Africa sold blacks to other blacks as well as to whites. I learned that there were even black slave owners here in America, although of course not in large numbers.

I learned that America was not founded upon freedom of religious and individual rights, but freedom of commerce for a select few. And when one thinks about it, if this country was founded by and is still run by families that were involved in alcohol, opium and slave trades, then what can one really expect if this is the energy that founded and propelled this country forward?

Many people think that money is power. You are wrong. Knowledge is power. That is what the power that be do, they gather knowledge. They learn from the Amazon Jungle and then they burn it down. They study with the indigenous peoples, and then they destroy them. They systematically suck up the knowledge of the world and get rid of their sources when they are done, feeding little information streams to the public, bit by bit, so that the public thinks that they are “learning.” The powers that be are brilliant long-term global planners. While you are wondering about your life and how you can pay your bills next month, they are systematically encircling us and squeezing us into one global mind-pattern for the purpose of control.

They start with the young, who they imprint at the earliest of ages, and eliminate the older people who have the history, and limit the exposure of printed materials to only those that they want distributed. They tie up our monetary systems and our abilities to move forward”.

James madison wrote most of th US constitution at th constitutional convention in 1787 which created a strong federal government. This means that only 4 short years after th dust had setted down over th thousands of skeletilized maudies in th first revolutionary war, America was basically back in th British banker`s hands again. Perhaps this explains why none other than Eustace Mullins claims th US is still controlled by London. To demonstrate that madison was being “groomed” by someone, he practiced law despite th fact that he was never admitted to th bar. Note that “dressed fit to kill” madison, like many others at th time, used th biggest, hardest to spell words available, an arranged them in such a way that one had to re-read th statements several times to even begin to understand what they were mumbling about. “Holier than thou” yakalinquentics {lawyers} have their own indecipherable lingo for one reason only, to keep us with our mouth open, disorientated in th dark forever guessing.

Once the Convention ended, madison along with john jay and alexander hamilton wrote th federalist papers essays that were intended to sway public opinion to ratify the new constitution. Note that jefferson supported madison’s nomination to run in 1808. In 1812 madison won the presidential renomination. Madison wasted no time an asked congress to declare another war against th British which they did. Can anyone see a pattern forming here? Madison also spoke against nullification, the idea that states could rule federal laws unconstitutional.

It sounds logical to believe, as certain historians maintain, that there was no clear-cut victor in th 2nd American Revolutionary war of 1812. I think it was planned that way in order to bankrupt not just one, but all th participants forcing them to borrow mun at interest {usury}. One thing is certain, it produced two ultimate victors, th bankers an madison. Th second bank of the United States was created during madison`s presidential term in 1816.

Here are 2 quotes from this eloquent madisonian master of ballyhoo: “As the cool and deliberate sense of the community ought in all governments, and actually will in all free governments ultimately prevail over the views of its rulers; so there are particular moments in public affairs, when the people stimulated by some irregular passion, or some illicit advantage, or misled by the artful misrepresentations of interested men, may call for measures which they themselves will afterwards be the most ready to lament and condemn. In these critical moments, how salutary will be the interference of some temperate and respectable body of citizens, {his strong federal government} in order to check the misguided career, and to suspend the blow mediated by the people against themselves, until reason, justice and truth, can regain their authority over the public mind? “{Federalist No. 63, 1788}

“As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust: So there are other qualities in human nature, which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form. Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political jealousy of some among us, faithful likenesses of the human character, the inference would be that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.” {Federalist No. 55, February 15, 1788}

So according to madison, we should embrace, not pull against th chains of despotism; in other words, a good 15 minute public spanking of thieves by a few barefooted barechested unpaid men is less effective than highly paid all-powerful federal court fleas, dressed fit to kill from head to toe in dazzling “holier than thou” white ruffled fluff, forever sucking blood disguised as taxes/fines, from its hosts. Obamatomfoolerish masters of th unctuous mascara always include a few grains of truth to make th mascara more stickable. Said another way, this obamatickish circus flea was trained to jump much further than th rest whenever an animal`s coat was examined. At Bopland there are animals but no fleas.

Lincoln also was th president who made thanksgiving day {giving thanks to th lord} a national holiday in 1863 which had a twofold purpose; to help convince th slaves into thinking that th christian religion had vital importance, an to further their cause of meatarichumpistodianism. Lincoln knew that some slaves already were jibbittin Turkey on thanksgiving day, having been shampooed into thinking it was “traditional” thanks to traitors like alexander hamilton, a “founding father” an America`s first secretary of th treasury, so why not drive home th point by making it a holiday? Even th “greenbacks” he issued which said “in god we trust” drove home th point that their false god had great importance. Hamilton said “no citizen of th USA should refrain from eating Turkey on thanksgiving day”. Th first thanksgiving day celebration in 1621 featured Turkey an meat of all kinds. Thomas Dilorenzo said “there was always a group of men in American politics who were not opposed to th evil mercantilist system in principle. They recognized it as a wonderful system for accumulating power an wealth as long as they could be in charge of it. These men, led by alexander hamilton an his fellow federalists, strived to implement an American version of British mercantilism as soon as th Revolution was over. In doing so they were traitors to th American Revolution an th worst kind of corrupt, power-seeking political scoundrels. Lincoln did not launch a military invasion of th south to free th slaves, but to destroy states rights {federalism} which in turn destroyed th sovereignty of th people”.

DiLorenzo reminds us that there is no check at all on th federal government unless state sovereignty exists, an state sovereignty is itself meaningless without th right of secession. Forcing a state to remain in th union at gunpoint defeats th whole purpose of having a union in th first place. Lincoln made th federal government th master, rather than th servant of th ojay. Th declaration of independence states that whenever governments become destructive of liberty, it is th duty of th citizens to replace th existing government; thus th ojay must never be permitted to “awaken”, which is accomplished by mandatory school attendance where symbolism is used to snow us, eg pretending he`s “honest abe”, not to mention his mug on th 5 dollar bill–Mount Rushmore–monuments, an a myriad of schools–streets–towns–cars named after him. Similarly, this reminds of th church–media who repeatedly see to it that we associate our red herring holidays–sunday with rest–relaxation.

Confirming DiLorenzo, historian John V. Denson said this about th log-cabbinish down-homey ojay`s champion, “th war between th states was not a noble war to abolish slavery, but instead was a war of conquest to require th southern states to continue paying th taxes which paid for th government an to change th system of government given to us by our founders an instead replace it with a strong national government thereby removing most of th political power from th states an th people”.

Secession movements since th 1980s have occurred in Florida–Vermont–Hawaii–Alaska–New Hampshire–S. Carolina–Texas. Hey Bo, methinks Buddy Holly`s Texas will be th first state to secede an th ruckus that follows will finally cause th other Yanks to cotton to that th “snowmanic abe–erration” was wearing a hidden chain camouflaged with ice around his waist. Contrary to popular belief, it seems somewhat logical to think that John Wilkes Booth, th man who killed lincoln, was a national hero obeying th Articles of Confederation. However, if history is true, an it seldom is, he was said to be a racist. Booth said “our country owed all her troubles to him, {lincoln} an God simply made me th instrument of his punishment.Tell mother I died for my country”.

Possibly America`s greatest christian mass murderer, th Scottish–Irishman yakalinquentic {lawyer}–land speculator–president, Andrew jackson, after defeating th Creek Indians, seized their lands. He was effective at rooting women an their “whelps” from their “dens”. He adopted th habit of cutting off his victim`s noses as trophies. He earned th name “sharp knife” from Creek Indians for his habit of skinning victims an using th cured an braided tissue as reins for his ponies {Takaki, 1994–David Rider “Indians an animals”}. Jackson owned a 1000 acre slave plantation an kept 140 slaves at his death. Was jackson`s so-called “war” against th banks deviously orchestrated, th same as today, to lead th ojay down some detracting primrose lane? How can someone detest blacks–Indians an at th same time have respect for poor whites?

Slippery tongued land speculator– yakalinquentic {lawyer}, thomas jefferson, th “greatest libertarian sage that never was”, said “I advance it as a suspicion only, that th blacks are inferior to th whites in th endowments both of body an mind”. An Indians? “We must pursue them to extermination, or drive them beyond our reach”. Jefferson owned 267 slaves an 11,000 acres. He was really just th latest in a long line of lost white-collared “feudal kings” that infested th watusi. He was one of th aristocratic bloodlines from Europe an a member of th rosicrucian secret society an other esoteric societies which JFK had warned about. He looted native graves on his slave plantation an defended this by saying “th dead have no rights”. In my opinion, his phrase in th declaration of independence, 1776, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”, was shampoo from th start designed to win th ojay`s confidence–war backing. These founding “fathers”, th richest, or among th richest, men in th nation, an dressed fit to kill in fancy white collared clothes so as to get th serfs thinking they were something “special”, wanted to govern from an unscaleable “constitutional” ivory tower in which they an their land grab schemes would not be interfered with by other wealthy scum. = “It was during Jefferson’s presidency that the basic decisions were made that required the deportation of massive segments of the Indian population to land west of the Mississippi…”the seeds of extinction” for Native American culture were sown under Jefferson. (Ellis, 1997). On one hand, he had ordered Lewis and Clark to offer friendship, trade, education, and even to offer vaccination for smallpox to the Indians. (American Heritage, 1972).

(my note = smallpox vaccination, or covert mass culling of th people was created for these reasons =

1. to make doctors rich and to reinforce their imaginary importance among th ojay. The thicker th ballyhoo, th thicker their wallet.

2. so aristocrats like jefferson can exterminate so called undesirables like Native Indians.

3. to lower world population so as to make up for their gross leadership stupidity.

4. to provide them with something else to do besides lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills on fox hunts. They require perverted homicidal amusement as a daily “tonic” to alleviate boredom).

Continuing with the quote = “On the other hand, as soon as Louisiana was purchased, during his first term, he embarks on a cold-blooded policy toward Native Americans. Jefferson, in a lengthy letter to William Henry Harrison, military governor of the Northwest Territory, explained the nation’s policy “is to live in perpetual peace with the Indians, to cultivate their affectionate attachment from them, by everything just and liberal which we can do for them within the bounds of reason. Having said that, Jefferson then instructs Harrison on how to get rid of every last independent tribe between the Atlantic states and the Mississippi (Montgomery, 2000). In secret messages to his cabinet and Congress, Jefferson outlined a plan for removal of all Native Americans east of the Mississippi to make sure that this land would never fall to the French or the British. Jefferson was even less sentimental and more direct during his second inaugural address in 1805. Even the area west of the Mississippi would no longer be available to the Indian.

Jefferson explains “The plan of civilizing the Indians is undoubtedly a great improvement on the ancient and totally ineffectual one of beginning with religious missionaries. Our experience has shown that this must be the last step of the process. The following is what has been successful: 1st, to raise cattle, etc., and thereby acquire a knowledge of the value of property; 2d, arithmetic, to calculate that value; 3d, writing, to keep accounts, and here they begin to enclose farms, and the men labor, the women spin and weave; 4th, to read Aseop’s Fables and Robinson Crusoe are their first delight. The Creeks and the Cherokees are advanced thus far, and the Cherokees are now instituting a regular government. (As cited in Mayo, 1972). (my note = this is a direct assault on vegetarianism designed to wreck th Indian`s mental and physical health. No human can be healthy on a diet based on meat).

Its often easy to see what makes someone tick by studying their friends. Remember james madison, th aristocratic traitor who originally opposed creating th bill of rights? Well our dear jeff hung out with him and even helped him establish th University of Virginia. In all his numerous letters to friends and writings, Jeff never made a peep to anyone about how his racist aristocratic friend, george washington, was`nt even th first USA president. Its hush hush like obama today, only th shadowy aristocrats know exactly who or what his game is.

As well as being a racist Indian killer living in a “white” house, jeff was a meatarichumpistodian = Letter to Alexander Donald (7 February 1788) “I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give”. Moreover, who else but an fox hunting animal abuser would wear a fur coat and keep bears and a mockingbird in cages? Any rich man who would do this would do th same to men.

Our dear loquacious fashionable friend of animal and man knew only too well that a democracy and a republic were basically th same. Th only difference between th two was a bit of different colored mascara around th noses which could be erased, smeared or spread on thick whenever th political situation required it. It takes at least two “fire and brimstone” main parties, pretending that they dont have th exact same agenda, to muddy th water to keep th ojay disorientated and guessing, exactly in th same manner as th church requires th “devil” in order to prosper. Being a well read man, he also would have known that republicanism was a mistake that had been tried in th Roman empire, and you know what happened there. Although this is an unfair comparison due to sabotage by th major powers, th failed states of Liberia, Rwanda, Israel, Ghana, Congo, Colombia are republics.

Dont take my word on it, just see if you can decipher th difference between th two eyes on th same head from th following official dictionary definitions:

Definition of a republic (republican):

1.A = A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president.

1.B = A nation that has such a political order.

2.A = A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them. (my note = this is basically th same as majority rule).

2.B = A nation that has such a political order.

Definition of a democracy (democrat):

1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

2. A political or social unit that has such a government.

3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.

4. Majority rule.

5. The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

Our dear white slaver also knew that republicanism was just another glorified word designed to muddy th water and perpetuate both unchained and chained slavery and chaos. In other words BOTH democracy and republicanism were designed with hidden defects that could easily be changed into whatever form of aristocratic rule they desired in time. As encyclopedia explains “after about the mid-14th century, the conditions that had favoured the existence of independent city-states and wider participation in government, particularly their economic growth and the civic loyalty of their populations, gradually disappeared. Economic decline, corruption, factional disputes, civil wars, and wars with other states led to the weakening of some republican governments and their eventual replacement by authoritarian rulers, whether monarchs, princes, or soldiers.

The Roman Republic;

At about the same time that popular government was introduced in Greece, it also appeared on the Italian Peninsula in the city of Rome. The Romans called their system a rēspūblica, or republic, from the Latin rēs, meaning thing or affair, and pūblicus or pūblica, meaning public—thus, a republic was the thing that belonged to the Roman people, the populus romanus. The western Roman Empire collapsed in 476.

Democracy or republic?

Is democracy the most appropriate name for a large-scale representative system such as that of the early United States? At the end of the 18th century, the history of the terms whose literal meaning is “rule by the people”—democracy and republic—left th answer unclear. When the members of the United States Constitutional Convention met in 1787, terminology was still unsettled. Not only were democracy and republic used more or less interchangeably in the colonies, but no established term existed for a representative government “by the people.”

In November 1787, only two months after the convention had adjourned, James Wilson, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, proposed a new classification. “The three species of governments,” he wrote, are the monarchical, aristocratical and democratical. In a monarchy, the supreme power is vested in a single person: in an aristocracy … by a body not formed upon the principle of representation, but enjoying their station by descent, or election among themselves, or in right of some personal or territorial qualifications; and lastly, in a democracy, it is inherent in a people, and is exercised by themselves or their representatives.” Applying this understanding of democracy to the newly adopted constitution, Wilson asserted that “in its principles, … it is purely democratical: varying indeed in its form in order to admit all the advantages, and to exclude all the disadvantages which are incidental to the known and established constitutions of government.

But when we take an extensive and accurate view of the streams of power that appear through this great and comprehensive plan … we shall be able to trace them to one great and noble source, THE PEOPLE.” At the Virginia ratifying convention some months later, John Marshall, the future chief justice of the Supreme Court, declared that the “Constitution provided for ‘a well regulated democracy’ where no king, or president, could undermine representative government.” The political party that he helped to organize and lead in cooperation with Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence and future third president of the United States, was named the Democratic-Republican Party; The party adopted its present name, the Democratic Party, in 1844″.

Jeff would have known that its ridiculously easy to ruin any of th approximately 48 redundant political parties as they had already done since antiquity by simply funding two “progressive” ones and seeing to it that all th major players were slick-talking unvirtuous oba-a-amatons. There is NO ideal classic government system where someone else gets to rule over you deciding what clothing is acceptable to wear and what extortion mun, disguised as “taxes”, you must pay. He also knew that many Native Americans had a superior form of tribal government but ignored this. An aristocrat without either chained or unchained slaves? No way!

The Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution by Hans-Hermann Hoppe via

Extracted from On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution)

After more than two centuries of “constitutionally limited government,” the results are clear and incontrovertible. At the outset of the American “experiment,” the tax burden imposed on Americans was light, indeed almost negligible. Money consisted of fixed quantities of gold and silver. The definition of private property was clear and seemingly immutable, and the right to self-defense was regarded as sacrosanct. No standing army existed, and, as expressed in George Washington’s Farewell Address, a firm commitment to free trade and a noninterventionist foreign policy appeared to be in place. Two hundred years later, matters have changed dramatically.[16]

Now, year in and year out, the American government expropriates more than 40 percent of the incomes of private producers, making even the economic burden imposed on slaves and serfs seem moderate in comparison. Gold and silver have been replaced by government-manufactured paper money, and Americans are being robbed continually through money inflation. The meaning of private property, once seemingly clear and fixed, has become obscure, flexible, and fluid. In fact, every detail of private life, property, trade, and contract is regulated and re-regulated by ever-higher mountains of paper laws (legislation). With increasing legislation, ever more legal uncertainty and moral hazards have been created, and lawlessness has replaced law and order.

Last but not least, the commitment to free trade and noninterventionism has given way to a policy of protectionism, militarism, and imperialism. In fact, almost since its beginnings the US government has engaged in relentless aggressive expansionism and, starting with the Spanish-American War and continuing past World War I and World War II to the present, the United States has become entangled in hundreds of foreign conflicts and risen to the rank of the world’s foremost warmonger and imperialist power. In addition, while American citizens have become increasingly more defenseless, insecure, and impoverished, and foreigners all over the globe have become ever more threatened and bullied by US military power, American presidents, members of Congress, and Supreme Court judges have become ever more arrogant, morally corrupt, and dangerous.[17]

What can possibly be done about this state of affairs? First, the American Constitution must be recognized for what it is — an error.

As the Declaration of Independence noted, government is supposed to protect life, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet in granting government the power to tax and legislate without consent, the Constitution cannot possibly assure this goal but is instead the very instrument for invading and destroying the right to life, property, and liberty. It is absurd to believe that an agency that may tax without consent can be a property protector. Likewise, it is absurd to believe that an agency with legislative powers can preserve law and order. Rather, it must be recognized that the Constitution is itself unconstitutional, i.e., incompatible with the very doctrine of natural human rights that inspired the American Revolution.[18]

Indeed, no one in his right mind would agree to a contract that allowed one’s alleged protector to determine unilaterally, without one’s consent, and irrevocably, without the possibility of exit, how much to charge for protection; and no one in his right mind would agree to an irrevocable contract which granted one’s alleged protector the right to ultimate decision making regarding one’s own person and property, i.e., of unilateral lawmaking.[19] Second, it is necessary to offer a positive and inspiring alternative to the present system”. End of quote.

Can anyone yet see th value of BOPPERISM which is basically th same as RULE BY EACH FAMILY? Instead of government by th people, it should be government by EACH person/family. Or is this just too easy? If danger from antagonistic ousiders or insiders threatens, then all th families voluntarily unite as one against th intruder. Nothing is simpler or more brilliant than this. Just because i like to tear down American presidential playhouses and their obsolete political systems doesn`t mean i`m anti-America. I`m simply a patriotic spider crusher who has spent a great deal of time with my other self in order to build a better platform where anyone, as David Bowie would say, can be a “hero just for one day”. Th brave Ernest Hancock of has said “roads? there are no roads where we`re going” = Jimenez, what about th road to Bopland Ernie? We`re waiting for you, Alex Jones and th other brave patriots to take th road “less traveled by”. This road is easy to find, just follow th beat. Instead of yellow bricks there are jukeboxes an fruit and vegie patches where travelers can pitch camp and freely satisfy their apatite for th cost of a song, a dance, and good conversation.

Although president dwight eisenhower warned against th “military industrial complex” just before he left office, as if he had`nt known about it all along, he knew few would have th remotest idea of what he was talkin about cuz he was`nt specific enuff. Reportedly, he skeletilized a million or so German POW`s after th war by issuing orders prohibiting them to be fed–sheltered. “Ike” gave $63 million of taxpayer funds to th rockefeller controlled agencies to support their extermination program disguised as th “polio vaccine campaign” in th 1950s. Th serfs were funding their own funeral. Th same vaccine promoters got $100 million from president richard nixon. After th polio vaccine drive was over th promoters bragged that they had raked in $5 billion over th years they had kept th polio vaccine sales going. Th plot of medical establishments to set up a medical dictatorship in th US goes way back to th days of th founding fathers when they were framing th US constitution. Th doctors proposing this dictatorship lost {Eleanor Mcbean 1950s}. Of course, later they would succeed.

Then there`s woodrow wilson, who, when he commanded, or was forced by th banksters to cripple america`s mun system, cried “I have [sob sob] unwittingly {sob sob} ruined my country”. For th nwo to succeed, banker–masonic employees disguised as “presidents” {JFK–Cleveland an others possibly excluded}, must be seen as being charitable amiable heroes. Extermination by false expectation. C I know, some Masons near th bottom rung really are charitable. I think that many early white settlers, Johnny Appleseed types excluded, were hoodwinked into believing that th Indians were very different from themselves so as to make their extermination justifiable an guilt-free. But if you boiled them both down to dust they were th same, just like th white–black–red–olive colored colobus monkeys are th same. Just like th misnamed Jews an th Palestinians today are th same. Their level of insanity, created by bogus religion–state, was different thats all. There never has been “separation” of church an state. No one today would argue that Indians an blacks are not ojay, but our founding fathers did. In short, this means there never was an amiable America. We`ve always been on our own but did`nt know it. We`ve all been deceived for so long, none of us know how we should behave chalk-wise or politically.

“Restore th republic ~ wake up its time to understand

we`re losin our freedom in this land

restore th republic ~ pledge our allegiance to th flag

we gotta take our freedom back” ~ Band of Patriots {found on}

Bumbles an woogies, we must never give ourselves an inferiority complex knowing there never was a real transparent America, an that we were slaves, not citizens. In our hearts we were true peaceful Americans, an this is th most important thing. A proud America did exist, if only in our minds. So what if we lost a mental war to psychopaths–aliens who have been perfecting their brainwashing techniques for many centuries, when we`ve only had a few dozen years to perfect our technique to see these well-camouflaged death adders? We fought fair an had but 2 trainers, our parents, whereas they were trained by hundreds of ojay an did`nt fight fair, so why slap ourself? Some of us busted our guts training for this fight, an would have easily won if our opponent did`nt have concealed razor blades in his gloves. Th razor blades they use to win are their mun machines which make it possible to pay hired assassins. We must take heart that other patriots, such as former jack chess champion, Bobby Fischer, spat in their face an as a result had everything they own stolen, their pursuit of happiness–reputation–health ruined, just to enlighten us. We heard you Bobby, an thanks bumble.

Bobby, who was fond of R an B, was a man who warned th other lemmings not to jump over th cliff. He said “everything goes back to th history of th country {USA} ~ they killed almost all of th native Americans, brought over African slaves to build th country. Now why did`nt th white man come to America in a civilized manner an say ~ we`re being persecuted in Europe, we`d like to come here an assimilate, marry yer women an so on ~ but instead they said ~ we`re comin here to take yer land an to kill you off ~ thats th history of th USA. Our whole foreign policy has been wrong for hundreds of years. Th US is not gonna admit that its always been th bad guy ~ that it was th bad guy in WW1–WW2. Democracy is alot of BS ~ its always been a cover for th criminal nature of th US. George bush is a thug ~ a killer ~ he needs to be brought to trial ~ th holocaust is a hoax”.

Hoping to scare–silence him, which backfired, th US falsely accused him of th “crime” of playing a chess rematch with Spassky in Yugoslavia. If he`d been caught he would`ve faced a jail sentence of 10 years. As it was he was kidnapped an spent 9 months in jail in Japan. He said that all pro jack championship chess matches were “fixed”, which makes one wonder about other sports. Bobby renounced his American citizenship an lived in exile in his later years. Apparently th assassins finally caught up to th man with a child`s patriotic innocent heart, th same brilliant child who still holds th record for being th youngest person, at th age of 14, to have won th senior US chess championship. Of course they murdered him symbolically, just like JFK, John Lennon, Princess Diana, an Buddy Holly`s associates were, as if to prove that they were brilliant an th rest of us were dumb, an just to scare us all. He died at th age of 64, th number of squares on a chessboard. When I learned this, I thought of what Henry Makow had said “this evilness is too monstrous to believe”.

Rockeonies, this is our tormentor, a “thing” that has been more dead than alive for thousands of years. Is it just me, or can anyone else see th millennia of lost misanthropic waste written in their face? One look at them an you instinctively can sense th morbidity of their icy reptilian aura an yer skin begins to crawl. Their faces are useless “vestigial organs” visually represented by their pudgy kissinjerkianated zombitized gaze. Small wonder why David Icke thinks they in fact do have reptilian genes an gives some proof of this. But is he wrong about this? To say they are related to reptiles is, i think, giving them too much credit. Some reptiles have noble characteristics, eg the vegetarian iguana of Central/South America.Vegetarian scumbags just don`t exist, after all they enjoy eating us via taxes etc. No, Hitler was not a vegetarian; they don`t walk around with ivory tipped walking canes.

To my way of thinking they are more closely related to spiders rather than reptiles. Why? There are no 100% vegetarian spiders, although the Bagheera kiplingi does eat mostly vegie food. Think of the mindset of the common house spider. It will spend much time weaving an elaborate deceptive web to catch its prey. Then it will be content to wait patiently in some cranny for days at a time knowing eventually that some insect will get caught in its web. There is no mercy shown period, a spider will never think, “gee what a cute insect, i`ll let this one go”. It will suck its life blood out regardless.

Now think of the mindset of a typical banking billionaire. It too spends much time weaving an elaborate web of deception. For example, the majority of slaves don`t really know that all paper mun is worthless fiat trash. It too will wait patiently in some cranny disguised as a “bank” waiting for days at a time knowing that eventually some sucker will come in wanting to “borrow” this “thing” that doesn`t have any real value. And when something unexpected happens to this borrower and he finds himself in pennyless dire straits, the banker will not only show no mercy, but even do his best to speed up his demise.

One other thing, spiders and bankers are humorless. However, the spider is smarter, more noble and healthier than the billionaire; the spider at least follows the law set down by Nature in that it will eat only food suitable for its digestive system, whereas the ignorant billionaire will stuff himself with fatty junk his system cannot tolerate.

They are probably real aliens from this planet, not from another planet. Methinks they just spent too much time thru th millennia degenerating in ivory towers “making all their nowhere plans for nobody”, as th Beatles reminded us in their “nowhere man”. Nevertheless, cuz David suspects they are aliens possibly from another planet, their bodies will be examined when their nwo is defeated. But does it really matter if they are aliens from this or some other planet? An alien is an alien. Th fact remains they are SOME type of bizarre unidentifiable alien creature that not even an elite historian can adequately describe.

This would explain why their evilness is “too monstrous to believe” for th vast majority of us. Vegetarian Indian statesman, Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948, after seeing benito mussolini said “he looked like a butcher”.

At Bopland there are no passports, an thus no passport “violations”, which was th “reason” why Bobby Fischer was arrested. Now you see one reason why they created passports, so they could falsely arrest ojay who were too proud to keep their mouth closed, an then smear them in th press, which would then smear them in th eyes of th slaves.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, via and says “lets go back about 100 years and ask the question “what did th Western world look like then”. British historian, AJP Taylor said regarding pre-WW1 Europe “a man could travel across the length of the continent WITHOUT a passport until he reached th borders of Russia or th Ottoman Empire. He could settle in a foreign country for work or leisure without legal formalities except occasionally some health requirements”.

Never mind th affliction

Bopperism is th cure

Its known that when th cursota make human sacrifices, only th most unblemished ravishingly beautiful young ones are chosen whenever possible. Case in point, Princess Diana. Diana was symbolically “sacrificed” when th car she was in {breathe deeply} hit th 13th pillar of a tunnel that in ancient times was th site of a temple where human sacrifice occured {David Icke}.

It was Crosby–Stills–Nash an Young`s “Ohio” 1970, that reminded us that “we were finally on our own” after nixon`s guard killed 4 unarmed students at Kent State University. In 2008 Neil Young lists on his website 2941 protest songs, an 530 protest videos. How many of these have you seen or heard on yer censored radio–TV? Rues from Neil`s “lets impeach th president” 2006, tell it like it is;

let`s impeach th president for lying ~ an misleading our country into war

abusing all th power that we gave him ~ an shipping all our money out th door

lets impeach th president for spying ~ on citizens inside their homes

breakin evre law in th country ~ by tappin our computers an telephones

We can Rock provided th rues get in th way. We can protest provided we do it in designated areas. We can jibbitt provided we jibbitt irradiated gmo okeys. We can leet provided we don`t get too excited. We can play bottles provided th beat is wrong. We can vote provided all th candidates are th same. We can pass thru immigration provided we take off our belt–shoes. Solly cholly, nature will regurgitate this gastric ulcer. Rues in th Cherilayla “yer mama don`t dance”, a Rock paragon twelled by a few Rockeonies, include “its all because yer mama don`t dance an yer daddy don`t Rock an Roll”, suggest that th developing bushinaji state is caused by this. Taint necessarily so. Around 240 of our past grandyockomos were mesmerized by governing rejects as we went from unrecorded history to recorded history to today. So methinks it may be more correct to blame these flibbertigistic gullible grandyockomos, not our parents for contaminating our genes with apathy–retardedness. But in their defense, they just did`nt have access to th educational resources available on th net today to swim thru th school of red herrings. Is it just me or can anyone else smell th cherry blossoms in Bopland yet?

Hey Bo, would ya invite a “savage” or a wall street deadbeat over for a Rock teer-along session? To help ya make up yer mind, here`s a quote from John {fire} Lame Deer,1903-1976, Sioux Lakota Tribe; “before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we did`nt have any prison. Cuz of this, we had no delinquents. We had no locks–keys an therefore among us there were no thieves. When someone was so poor he could`nt afford a horse–tent–blanket, he would, in that case, receive it as a gift. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property. We did`nt know any kind of money an consequently, th value of a human being was not determined by his wealth. We had no written laws–lawyers–politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat–swindle one another. We were really in bad shape before th white men arrived an I don`t know how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that {so they tell us} are so necessary for a civilized society.” Tickle yer freedom fender, no retreat no surrender.

Th ancient “towering” feudal system is still here: kings are disguised as th illuminati, barons as th federal reserve–IRS, nobles as presidents–government, knights as military brass, peasants as “USA–UK citizens. But all these royal societies pale in comparison with th bishops disguised as th “church”, whose mind-wash is so utterly effective that they don`t need extortion–laws–jails–guns–wars–cattle prods anymore to collect their “taxes”; th sheeple voluntarily feed–house them using exotic glass–building materials far more costly than their own house which they don`t even own {c amigo I know there are many religious ojay who really do care, its just that we don`t need their god`s help to be good to other ojay cuz this is already an innate quality. Besides, th cursota hide under th curtain of religion}. Watch it Bo, yer slippin off th beanstalk! When th jaggers start to rip just yell as loud as you can, CURSOTA–CHILD MOLESTERS. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Consider that th feudal serfs of old usually had between a half acre an ten acres, an sometimes up to 50 acres, whereas todays “fortunate citizens” often “thrive” on a quarter acre or “prosper” with no land at all in “luxurious” high-rise condos. In medieval Europe, a serf on his lord`s land owed around 25% of th newly created wealth of th soil to th master. Th church often taxed th serfs an additional 10% “tithe” to “safeguard” their reet. Today, when all taxes are considered, about 50 to 65% of our hard-earned mun goes to th clausnagerks. It was walt disney`s “donald duck” cartoons in th movies in 1943, which featured donald shouting “taxes to beat th axis”, that gave Yankees who legally never paid taxes a guilt complex compelling them to pay or be labelled unpatriotic. Extermination by cartoon animation.

Previously, congress had enacted th “victory tax” act of 1942, which was a direct tax on income an therefore unconstitutional. This victory tax act was renewed in 1944 an was to expire when th war was over, yet it remains in effect today. From an economic standpoint, slavery is defined as a 50% or higher tax rate, eg th Roman an th slaves of th American south. Serfdom is defined as a 33–49% tax rate. By these definitions Yankees are either serfs or slaves depending on their tax bracket. Paul Craig Roberts said in 2001–2004 “a slave is a person who does not own his own labor. After tax Americans retain no more of th income they produce than 19th century slaves–an considerably less than medieval serfs. A slave who withheld his labor was likely to be punished, whipped, or put on short rations.Today if someone withholds from th IRS, th punishment is more severe, several years in prison”. Lincoln freed th slaves? Unlike th medieval slaves, no Yankee can be thrifty an purchase his freedom today. Th IRS can assert its ownership rights for years after a Yankee gives up his citizenship an becomes a citizen of a different country; th IRS need only claim that th former Yankee gave up his citizenship for tax reasons. George Carlin said “politicians are put there to give you th idea that you have freedom of choice. You don`t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything”.

Th question is why haven`t th Western slaves rebelled long ago? America was surely not a land of cowards before about th end of WW2 {at that time th cursota brought many famed naji scientists to th US an let them continue advancing their covert programs against humanity}. Th answer is that besides being perpetually occupied fighting their own iatrogenic {doctor caused} illnesses, eg th ubiquitous ailments caused by fluoride which was used by th najis during WW2 to make POWs docile, they have been conditioned to expect a hero to come riding to th rescue like cheyenne an tonto in th 50`s western movie series. Trouble is they only come in th movies. Now you see th purpose of th movies–most talk shows, an why most carefully chosen manufactured hollywood “stars” never utter one word of discontent. They can`t. Just like computers that can`t fix themselves, most haven`t th remotest idea they are insane–shorted out, an therefore don`t even try.

The following is why there is little public/governmental male outrage in Israel/USA against the killing of at least 9 innocent activists trying to enter Gaza and the police state:

There are few amiable men with true grit/imagination left in America/Israel/the world anymore. The CURSOTA, or “cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages” have ruined men knowing that only men have the power to defeat them and their NWO. Men`s will to fight back has been taken away. Women`s lib, created by Rockefeller, strips away his pride helping to create a high suicide rate/indifference among many other anomalies. TV provides disinformation/movies designed to keep him in a perfumy feminized fantasy world.

Sporting events lead him down dead-end roads. Fluoride toothpaste and plastic products containing phthalates helps to weaken his teeth and transform him into an effeminate pacified creature. Because male DNA has been corrupted, girls now are being born with more “balls” than men, eg the heroic Rachel Corrie, just as if this was the way nature had intended it to be. The garden irrigation hose he uses to water his vegies leaches lead into the vegies which he then eats making him ill. The cigarettes he smokes addict him due to the sugar/chemicals they have added. The booze/soda pop he drinks deposits aluminum/lead in his brain making him unpredictable.

The processed artificial meaty “TV dinners” with preservatives he eats contribute to his prostate dramas. The amalgam tooth fillings in his mouth leach mercury into his brain which may make him mad. Ridiculous sex laws force him to sheepishly tuck his tail between his legs contributing to his depression. Twelve mandatory years of “ANTI-EDUCATION EDUCATION” helps to transform his youthful inventive spirited erotic encephalon into a computer with a virus. Meat and dairy preservatives/insecticided food/microwave ovens/GM food lowers his sperm count.

Penis mutilation at birth disguised as “circumcision” by psychopathic shamen helps to permanently ruin his sex life by cutting away cells that would give him maximum pleasure during sex. Because circumcision has removed part of his “manliness”, those circumcised resemble “half-eunuchs” complete with a high pitched girl`s voice and schmaltzy feminine manners. Most women don`t protest against this circumcision ~ now imagine the massive women libber outcry if Western girls were encouraged or were required to have their clitoris circumcised for “sanitary” reasons.

Sodium benzoated soft drinks/vitamins/foods help to keep him in constant need of medical attention with no time or ambition to protest. Legal drugs/vaccinations help to keep him meek, paranoid and dispassionate. Illegal high taxes/cost of living drain his wallet which forces him to let his spouse go to work which in turn helps to ruin his pride. The feminized ANTI-MUSIC MUSIC he has been exposed to since about 1972 strips away his soul which may create a serial killer, a zombie with a chip on his shoulder, a homosexual, sadomasochist or a suicide case. All of the aforementioned may also contribute to this.

Factsheet: Male Infertility via “the disappearing male”

* There are more than 20 heavily industrialized nations where the birth of baby boys has declined every year for the past 30 years – amounting to 3 million fewer baby boys.
* The number of boys born with penis abnormalities and genital defects has increased by 200% in the past two decades.
* Boys have a higher incidence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, Tourett’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and dyslexia.
* Boys are four times as likely to be autistic.
* The average sperm count of a North American college student today is less than half of what it was 50 years ago.
* The quality of sperm is declining. Eighty-five per cent of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged.
* Damaged sperm have been linked to a 300% increase in testicular cancer – a form of cancer that affects young men in their 20s and 30s.
* The chemical industry has developed more than 90,000 man-made chemicals in the last sixty years. Eighty-five percent of them have never undergone testing for their impact on the human body.

In order to help detract from the fact that THEY THEMSELVES are the primary male tormentors, the cursota provide a pressure release “escape valve” for all these mad sick tortured men; they encourage/fund/create Judaism/Islam/Muslim/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist religious leaders and then monetarily reward them when they make fiery speeches proclaiming that the real enemy/tormentor is one of the OTHER religions. Sports is another main escape valve used to quell slave rebellion. All this combined with a planned steadily deteriorating economic situation chock-a-block with fear and propaganda, and you now see how they keep their military enlistment program going strong. And you thought lower-class Americans/Israelites were born with a machine gun shaped cigar in their mouth? Have you forgotten JFK already?

A boy an a horse 2009

A mustang was stuck ~ goin down in a bog

tryin ta leap out ~ all alone in th fog

all around th village ~ they could hear his cries

but none came ta help ~ `cept th vultures an flies

he relived th day ~ when he ran on th plain

with th red white an blue ~ wrapped tight on his mane

on his back a boy rode ~ headed West toward th sun

ta see th deer play ~ hear th Indian`s drum

as th mud filled his snout ~ he thought of th time

when th Indians fed them ~ an life was sublime

oh hear me he cried ~ ta th mud in his ear

one last time let me see ~ th boy standing near

but th boy too was dyin ~ in a war overseas

bein felled by a bullet ~ as he ran in th trees

he relived th days ~ when they camped by a fire

where rivers ran free ~ an nuthin was dire

oh hear me he cried ~ ta th blood in his ear

one last time let me see ~ th horse standin near

all around th village ~ they could hear his cries

but none came ta help ~ `cept th vultures an flies

David Icke said “I believe that th human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only th slaves to this imposed thought behaviour, but we are also th police force of it”.

11 Valid Reasons why I DON`T attend street protest marches against Obama/Rudd`s NWO:

1. I became permanently disillusioned when my biology teacher could`nt answer these questions satisfactorily: Why is it Christian Westerners walk around every day with a dirty asshole, the result of using toilet paper instead of water to clean their fanny? Why is the cost to purchase a toilet paper making machine too expensive for even a relatively rich person? Why did someone see to it that only ill-designed toilets without a water sprayer were tenaciously marketed and forced on the public? Why do they either hasten or worsen a piles condition?

2. I fell in a coma from trying to decide who I`d rather suffocate first, Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee or the Black Eyed Peas.

3. I`m still recovering from banging me head on the hood of me new tinny death-trap, err…. I mean compact car while ripping out the emission control devices.

4. Why would any real man protest against the “National Women`s Organization”?

5. I would protest but I`m scared they`ll begin monitoring my property from the eye in the sky and discover that I`m growing ubangi plants without obtaining the required permit.

6. Basketball players like myself dont protest because we became lifelong basket cases, err… I mean basketball players due to the fact that everything we really wanted to do in our childhood was illegal or frowned upon.

7. I might scuff up me blue suede shoes in a street march

8. You say that street marches have been responsible for removing dictatorial bosses from power since antiquity? Try telling THAT to my wife

9. I find myself down with the flu in the shaman`s office reading a Good Housekeeping magazine on days I had planned to attend a street march.

10. My teeth cracked an fell out from using fluoridated toothpaste and now when I scream “Obama`s a totalitarian” it sounds like “humanitarian”.

11. I never got over being severely disciplined by church elders for placing a cow chip in the tin cup as it was being passed around during services.

As we will see, th cursota, but not th ojay, learned much from th 250 slave revolts in th US during older slavery times, eg abolitionist John Brown`s raid on Harper`s Ferry in 1859. Reportedly this was th last major US slave rebellion until th Rock rebellion of th 1960s. Brazil was th last country in th hemisphere to {smile} “abolish” slavery in 1888 which means that it was th last country to have professional disinformation experts hoodwink their citizens by renaming it to more palatable words, eg federal republic–democracy–republicanism–free enterprise system–republic–lawful authority–federalism–representative government–ojay`s republic–majority rule–national socialism. Brown an his 18–22 men hoped to capture stored weapons there, distribute them to slaves in th region, an then march thru th South freeing all th slaves in th entire region, reminiscent of ancient Rome`s Spartacus. They captured th weapons, rounded up 60 prominent slave owners an waited for their legions of slaves to join them. But nobody came, an th marines–townsojay captured John an 6 men. John was later hanged. Had th slaves joined with John, we would not be in th predicament we are today.

Can anyone see th cursota grinning when they heard Emily Bronte, 1818-48, say “th tyrant grinds down his slaves an they don`t turn against him, they crush those beneath them”. With ambitions similar to John Brown, th slave Spartacus c109–71bc, started a revolt, but unlike John, many slaves did join up with him, a whopping 120,000 of them.

They defeated some of th Roman armies an basically had Rome petrified an th jack on a string. Then internal squabbling began, an th army became weaker when splinter groups formed an became separated from th main army, an th dream ended with their defeat. This lack of unity is one primary reason why th Indians also lost their lands. Th prime reason today why th cursota laughingly an fearlessly skeletilize us, is cuz they feel very confident that we are too numb an dumb to unite an support th rebellion. You see, th cursota finally cottoned to that putting physical chains on slaves, an openly forcing them to accept their servitude or face th whip, was useless. They learned it was much easier to maintain an obedient subservient herd of slaves by using elaborate smoke an mirror stage props, an “sleight of mouth” tactics to get th slaves accustomed to th “joy” of enslaving themselves. They got th herd to think that they were “free” cuz there was no fence around them by permitting them to freely travel, knowing full well that most jackwide countries were being run by ruthless unmelodic rejecticons, an that they would either run out of mun or have it stolen, an beg to be let back in th pen for more punishment. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock. Don`t be a dope, th internet is our last hope.

Some of you will find this bizarre but as always I must tell facts here; suppose a miracle “thing” was invented that would solve all or most of one`s health an other problems by just taking–using it. But if this “thing” goes against what one has been taught since day one, that computorized person will go in th grave first instead of trying it. But why? They sense that it may be too great of a “reminder” that they have led a wasted life as a gullible slave an their ego would be shattered. Better a “comfortable” death than a ruined ego so they think. Its almost th same thing when an ultra-talented powerful Rock coochie plays live, th music “reminds” them of their insanity or lost chalk-starved youth, an they then feel compelled to exit, destroy something or charge th stage. If such a coochie has no security an there is no raised stage, they must then play some screechy beatless “heavy metal rap music to suicide by” to avoid being smashed by some enraged computor disguised as a “city boy”. But wait. Rock is for th young and th old. Better an enlightened 90 year-old healthy former slave, than a man with one foot in th grave. Only th ultimate “state of th art” city boy slaves, disguised as th “illuminati”, will reject Rock. These are th carniboric half-human viruses who have never known one day of inner peace in their lives. Do not go gentle into that good night. You must find th courage to save yourself. No one will laugh at you in Bopland`s teardrop valley“. Th definition of bumblehood is Bopperism. And c we do care about unadulterated women.

From just after th war with th Brits up until 1913, a hundred plus years or so, there was no individual income tax, except for a “war tax” between 1862-75 that was eventually ruled unconstitutional. Without this tax th nation thrived an became th greatest power on th tusi despite being sabotaged by racists from within from th start. In Oz th tax rate was a mere 2.5% in 1920 (Max Igan). Th US had no debt when th federal reserve act was passed in 1913 {Eustace Mullins}. In 1914 th income tax top rate was a mere 7%, an a high exemption kept most Yanks off th tax rolls altogether. By 1931 th income tax was so minimal that only 2% of Yanks even qualified to pay it. Then came FDR`s “new deal” which tripled income taxes between 1933–40. But why did`nt they just make th rate 50% back in 1914 to start with? Reminiscent of th demise of Rock, if a devious mission is to succeed sans rebellion, th shampoo machine–passing of laws–wars must first run interference for many years. Th takeover of America in 1913 apparently satisfied their golden hunger, at least for th moment. Then “new deal” regulations made it illegal for employers to hire ojay who were`nt worth th newly enacted minimum wage cuz they lacked skills. As a result, some 500k blacks were thought to have lost their jobs. Another act in 1933 aimed to help farmers by cutting farm production an thus forcing up okey prices. Less production meant less work for thousands of poor black sharecroppers, who could`nt pay th higher okey prices to boot. The wagner act in 1935 further harmed blacks by making labor union monopolies legal. What about “new deal” spending programs? They were channeled away from th poorest ojay, including millions of blacks who lived in th south {Jim Powell 2003}.

Bluesman John Brim`s “tough times”1953 says it all, “I had a good job workin many long hours a week, they had a big layoff an they got me, I`m broke an disgusted, in misery, can`t find a part time job, nuthin in my house ta eat“. In bygone days, quittin a job was no major drama cuz you could always find another quick without th fuss of having to curtsy 3 times. But today you may have to be experienced, show 4 IDs, have a diploma, pass a phony IQ test, be fingerprinted, an supply 3 references to get a janitor–mechanic`s job. But why? For th betterment of society? Ha ha ha. Hey Bo, I see I finally got ya ta laugh, now gimme 5. One reason is cuz employers cannot afford to hire inexperienced workers, or even any worker at all, cuz “accidentally on purpose”, th diploma funding–paperwork–taxes–insurance etc rates they must endure are too excessive. Th major reason for diploma requirements is that like penned Cattle with a crippled reet, potty trained school graduates with incurable cabin fever are less likely to rebel, not to mention choose symphonic music instead of Rock, than an unfenced feral Bull in th bush. Don`t take my word on this, get within a few steps of a lone feral Bull in th bush an see what happens.Th Spanierds like to kill these vegan Bulls in th ring knowing this will impress th madonnadupes disguised as “girls”, reminiscent of th way they used to hunt male native ojay to eliminate th competition. Hook yer horn on th fence an walk, if ya wanna Rock.

Crow; too bad we could`nt take our wild Bull friend with us, its so much fun ridin on his back.

Turtle; Ya that cheers `em up, that Bull is a battler, every coonskin cowboy for miles around has been tryin to catch him for years. That secuded thicket he calls home protects him well.

Chicken; {preparing to moronie Herb Alpert`s “th lonely bull”} OK everyone here we go, 1–2–3

They are bent on having us vote. Why? By interacting with them we legitimize them. They require our participation for their existence. When th voting ojay begins to shrink as they realize that their vote means nothing, th billion dollar shampoo machine begins droning “vote for so an so if you want a real change“. Extermination by false expectation. They don`t care who you vote for, just as long as you vote an legitamize their tax scam. When voting participation drops below what is necessary for legitamacy, laws are then enacted which require your participation eg, Oz. For th good of th nation of course. Government is operated by unskilled rejects who have no desire nor ability to produce or invent. So ignore them an don`t ask them for favors–advice.

Thomas Dilorenzo explains, “belief in th Constitution is a lost cause. That`s why its unpatriotic to vote. Since neither of th major political parties has any interest whatsoever in enforcing th constitutional limitations on th state, they are all traitors to th Constitution. Anyone who votes for them is behaving in a traitorous manner. Voting only allows these traitors to proclaim “th people have spoken–I am your president or congressman, senator, governor”. Their legitimacy rests solely on their ability to make this claim. Imagine what a patriotic thrill you would receive if, in th next presidential election a mere 10% of th electorate, instead of th usual 50% or so voted. Th unconstitutional regime in Washington would be de-legitimized. So be patriotic; don`t vote. {Open letter to Thomas; maybe only 10% or less of th serfs are voting now–th machines are rigged an th media is one massive lie–don`t you find it hard to believe that anyone at all would vote for these stooges? Moreover, why don`t you emphasize th fact that th Articles of Confederation are th real constitution?}

Th cursota destabilize us with anti-knowledge knowledge, anti-music music {If you kill th reet th maudy will follow}, anti-schooling schooling, sports, womens lib books–magazines which proclaim that certain healthy types of chalk practices an infant rearing are unhealthy, eg th stopping of breast feeding at 8 months or less is roaringly perverted. Famed Rock Pioneering Bibibi, Bo Diddley, said “an individual, an that also means me, can`t do a thing. However, an organized group of people can make a change. All that is necessary is to yell, to be loud an get attention.Thats when change occurs”. Like so many other Pioneers, Bo was ripped. Th Rock Federation would recover every penny owed to them.

Dependence on th church–state–tv must be maintained nomatter what, so strangers, even families, are taught never to assist–enlighten–massage one another to help release th tension an gain comfort. Words like “motherfucker–dickhead” act as Bullwhips to keep th “sheeple” shampooed. Nuts, one of our best okeys, is associated with madness, fruit with chalkitizziness, black with dismalness to degrade Blacks, brave Chickens with cowardness, nutritious bananas with degrading “banana republics”, brave untamable wild Coons to degrade blacks, beneficial apples with disease eg “adams apple”, Pigs with road hogs, Donkeys with ignorance, peanuts with triviality–cheap salaries {peanuts are not exactly a recommended food but still better than meat/dairy} , Cattle with brainlessness, yellow with cowardness in order to degrade Indians, Turkeys with a fool. They`ve even got us to think that th word “gobble”, th sound that Turkeys make, is a despicable word. You see, by doing this, it helps to reinforce th notion that, instead of a beautiful smart bird who would make a good friend an pet, it is a slovenly sloppy dumb bird that no one should keep as a pet. Th cursota created th word “gobble” an th other words used to degrade animals–vegan okey–certain races of ojay, for many ignoble reasons. These words act as offensive football tackles who clear th playing field so th quarterback {cursota} can score a touchdown {introduce more taxes etc}. Lets recap; these words are th “tackles”, th cursota is th “quarterback”, an th “touchdown” he scores are th myriad of regulations–pharmaceutical saboteurs–taxes–toxic okey–mental imbalances–sex restrictions–constant feeling of despair–nwo, that we must endure. Every time we misinterpret th meaning of these words, th quarterback {cursota} scores a touchdown against us. We do have elite all-koko “defensive linemen” fully capable of stopping this “quarterback” before he scores. In fact we have over 6 billion of them. But like cattle, they dunno their own strength, an remain disunited.

Perhaps th number one vegie okey of all, green peas, is associated with urine even though there is no connection whatsoever.

Now if I owned th medias an had all th writers–novelists start saying “meat” whenever they meant piss–pea, eg “if you have to “meat” do it now before we leave”, would you become suspicious of my real intentions? I had always thrived on peas before, but one day th peas started making me sick with flu-like symptoms an gave me leg cramps so I discontinued them. Months later, I ate them again an got sick–cramps again. Then I got some imported frozen peas from Poland an felt strong an pleased again. Then th store stopped stocking them, so I again bought some local peas, an again got cramps–sick. Canned peas brought these problems on twice as fast, probably due to th peas reacting with th can`s metals as has been reported on th net. For some reason, green peas an pears jibbitted together is a very bad okey combination that greatly upsets th system.

Th cursota have kawliga members grow up in “bubbles” where their own bumble–woogie are like strangers even though they`ve spent years together catnippin in th same room. They probably haven`t even once talked candidly during their entire lifetime. Surely babies are born wearin biblical sackcloth, so nude kawliga shindigs are out.

Chicken; beware of those baby rooster rosebuds, if ya rub one the wee one may stop crowin.

Crow; la dee da, an ya may get a good nites rest for a change ta boot!

Turtle; {puzzled} then why should I “beware” of them as you so strangely say?

Chicken an Crow; {shakin their tail feathers at him} cuz when ya awaken you`ll be blind!

Th hissinjerkians call penis mutilation by allegedly Jewish doctors-priests “circumcision”; you see, forcin th male serfs to wear sackcloth was`nt quite enough to get them all throwin footballs in th churchyard instead of wantin to satisfy chalkily urges. Praise th lord, after 3 million years, those on higher moral ground determined that our rosebuds were in fact incorrectly designed an had to be altered for our health betterment. You see, roaches an other small insects could crawl up under this evil foreskin an breed there. Thankfully, circumcision eliminates their hiding places. It does cut away some of th cells that give pleasurable sensations, but is`nt this a small sacrifice to make for th satisfaction of knowing you`ve contributed to society`s advancement by helping to stop th onslaught of these perilous insects? Shout halleluyah an join th illuminated! Stand in line! Th official so-called “Jewish” procedure is as follows; “th rabbi excises th foreskin until th corona is laid bare. Then one tears with th fingernail th soft membrane under th skin until th flesh of th glans appears. Then he sucks th membrane until th blood is extracted. Who is th real “child molester”?

Thomas Paine, 1737–1809, said “th whole religious complexion of th modern world is due to th absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish–Christian–Turkish are set up to terrify an enslave mankind, an monopolize power an profit.

We must live–breathe–jibbitt shampoo, so th ignorant cursota created phony IQ tests designed to make themselves look intelligent, an th saner intelligent serfs to look ignorant.

Turtle; hey chicks, c`mere a sec {its a brilliant clear day high on th beanstalk bound for th

Kojanimo in Tweedledee, Teardrop Valley, Bopland, in th Doobywop Star Cluster. Turtle has just composed th first question of his new IQ test}

Chicken; {whisperin to Crow} he`s been acting strange lately. Does he want ta put us to th test?

Turtle; listen I must ask ya somethin, I`m tryin ta find out how smart chicks are, so just answer this question correctly an I`ll sing some oldies but goodies for youse, but if ya don`t answer correctly you… uh… both have to… uh… take c-c-care a business.

Crow; I got straight A`s in advanced business class but jiminy, that classroom in th hotrod sho was crampy. Th windows fogged up terrible but oohwe, th lessons I learned.

Chicken; I received me straight A`s in a big `ole van an even got a diploma. I cried though

cuz he uh… promised he would`nt uh… uh…

Crow; {whispering to Chicken} sshhh, don`t put ideas in his head!

Turtle; answer this, if so an so met so an so`s uncle an said “look here, I want youse ta meet so an so`s yockomo, but so an so said no way cuz so an so said it would`nt be hep. Besides if so an so really wanted to meet so an so`s yockomo, why did so an so say rude things to so an so`s yockomosa? Th question is why did`nt so an so tell me that so an so was not in th mood to meet anyone that day when he was? Now just who is this so an so that so an so thinks is so smart? Was it so an so`s bumble or was it so an so`s ….

Crow; Enough! we have th answer, eh Chicken?

Chicken an Crow; {flyin up on Turtle`s back an smothering him with their feathers} it was th same so an so that these 2 so an so`s want to be so an so`ed by!

Turtle; err… err… wrong! err… ah… ooh…I mean right! err… no I mmmean… ooh… ahh…

Soybeans may have been promoted to stop th rise of veganism and to kill infants fed on soy milk. Worried mothers rush their toddlers off to th sha where they`re diagnosed as having a “lactose milk intolerance”. But instead of reminding them that most or all ojay regardless of age cannot tolerate homogenized milk and correct their diet with say, blended bananas/mother`s milk, th ill-schooled sha often will recommend soy milk. Now when the child dies cuz of this, th sha will avoid persecution as he has done since antiquity, by listing th official cause of death as being one of the thousands of imaginary childhood diseases with a long, hard to spell name. In other words, th octopus will ink th water.

Soybeans are planted as a cover crop between various okey crops, eg sugar cane. Soybeans destroy vitamin C an contain a hazardous type of fluoride called sodium fluoroacetate, fluoroacetate, floroacetic acid or “compound 1080” which is used by OZ wildlife agencies as a bait poison to kill dingoes/rats. Mixed in meat, th dingo cannot smell or taste it. As little as 1 mg will kill it. Interestingly, one renouned author, Pat Coleby, uses the term “sodium fluoroacetate” to describe sodium fluoride, the debilitating ingredient found in most toothpaste/city water. Its quite common to have numerous names for the same identical poison so as to sidetrack researchers. Pat says in her book on goats that glycerol mono acetate is an antidote for sodium fluoride and mentions that its hard to find and quite expensive. Gee, i wonder why Ha Ha Ha. She says that fluoride has an enzyme-inhibiting action caused by fluoride that renders calcium and magnesium unobtainable in the body. says “calcium is a well-known antidote for fluoride poisoning”. says “the suggested antidote for ingested sodium fluoride is to give a glassful of lime water (saturated solution of calcium hydroxide) or 1% calcium chloride. I once used to take dolomite daily to help flush it out of my system but not now. In a pinch, a very inexpensive type of dolomite that can be ingested is sold in animal feed stores. Caution! start off in low doses. Dolomite/apple cider vinegar/molasses is often given to sick animals. Mix a spoonful in water, let the big particles settle to the bottom and slowly pour the cloudy top water in a glass being careful not to also pour the big particles at the bottom. Mix with a laxative food and throw the big particles on your favorite garden plants if the soil is too acidic/poor.

“A much wider range of plants, including soybeans and tea, produce low concentrations of 1080 under some circumstances, mainly when growing on fluoride-rich soils. Some types of tea are produced on fluoride-rich soils, so for some New Zealanders, th highest concentration of 1080 they are exposed to is in their daily cuppa” {Spurr EB {1994}.

“It was in 1968 that th toxic organic fluoride compounds = fluoroacetate an fluorocitrate were detected in soybeans that had been fumigated with hydrogen fluoride gas. Other studies from 1968 revealed that fluoroacetate an fluorocitrate were more than 500 times more toxic than inorganic fluorides. Compound 1080 is also known as th poison that keeps on killing. In other words th cat that ate th rat that was poisoned by 1080 has forfeited all its nine lives” {organic ~ George Glasser/Anita Knight}.

“Unprocessed soybeans are very unhealthy for you. They contain phytoestrogens, antienzymes, hemagglutinin, phytates and goitrogens. Fermentation reduces or eliminates many of these toxic chemicals. Hexane is one method for separating out th oil from th bean and is a known carcinogen. Most of th hexane is removed via distillation, however, some residue remains and manufacturers are not obligated to provide hexane amounts in their list of ingredients. Alum is high in soy baby formula cuz th process of making soy protein isolate involves giving th soybeans an acid wash in alum tanks resulting in some soy based formulas having up to 100 times more alum than in cow`s milk. Fermented products contain less phytates, but tofu has th same amount as in th unprocessed bean. In addition, soy milk has high amounts of phytates. Th process of making soy milk removes th amino acids lysine/cystine and denatures th proteins that naturally occur, making any protein remaining in th soy milk to be virtually undigestible” {}.

“All plants pick up fluoride. Per ton of phosphate {common dry fertilizer}, 1 to 1.2% will be fluoride. Fluoride is a halogen. It dominates iodine. As th iodine is displaced by fluoride, th thyroid gland is deprived of th wherewithal for making thyroxin. Without thyroxin, metabolism of sugar becomes either difficult or impossible. Lab workers provide us with some indication of what is wrong with th phosphate connection made under th N-P-K banner. Workers are turning up with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes an brain cancer”{Acres U.S.A. Journal, Austin, Texas}.

Formerly I based th bulk of my criticism of all soybean products on actual experimentation, in other words when they slapped me tum tum, I got num num. Th question is, was it th insecticides/hexane etc that got me or th soybean`s natural compound 1080? You see, even with all th incriminating anti-soybean info above, I think its possible that if th beans were grown an prepared organically without hexanes etc, and cooked for a long time with water changes so as to remove th bean`s natural defensive systems it uses to avoid being eaten by animals, they may be nutritious. This being said, there are certainly far better sources of cooked protein available, eg black eye beans/brown lentils, chick peas (garbanzo beans), 3 highly underrated foods. Navy beans–pinto (borlotti) beans–black beans can also be used to add variety. Extra iodine must be taken when jibbitting legumes cuz they are goitragenic (Pat Coleby “natural farming”). Ditto for magnesium which is destroyed by cooking.

chick pea–garbanzo    black eye bean    brown-green lentil

pinto bean

black bean

Either by plan or accident, thru th years I have noticed a steadily diminishing supply of various legumes, especially black eye peas/brown lentils being offered by th food conglomerates. To be a very athletic slim healthy vegan, at least in this era of unadulterated high-protein fruit/vegie/herb/spice/green pea SCARCITY, certain cooked legume protein appears to be a must; its very difficult or impossible to achieve fitness using peanuts, seeds, various nuts, vegie/fruit protein exclusively; you see, obesity results cuz too much of these foods are needed to avoid fatique. In other words, unlike nuts, black eye peas/brown lentils, contain very little fat and heaps of powerful usable protein. This being said, for many reasons I still consider common green peas to be th numero uno food of them all, but they are NOT available in an unadulterated state. Note that peanuts are not exactly a recommended food due to their natural acidity, tendency to be insecticided and tendency to get rancid quick even in the fridge.

Many foods such as raw soybeans are goitrogenic, meaning they “neutralize” iodine resulting in th 9 yards of illness. Almost every plant has some sort of natural toxin in it to protect itself from animals, but our systems can often neutralize them chemically. Pathogens are killed in th thyroid gland thanks to iodine when the blood flows thru it every 17 minutes. “Lugol`s iodine solution can be used to purify water at 3 drops per litre” {earth}.

Th bushinazi elite, contrary to popular belief, really won WW-2; many of hitler`s old mates were welcomed with open arms and took up residence in America. Now their extermination/disorientation/chaos program could be, and was broadened in 1948 on many fronts. Apparently there were not enough deaths from th tvs/war/sugar. And radium often took too doggone long to kill, and they still had`nt figured out how to get their shiniest baby, fluoride, into all th toothpaste and public water. Why not kill th reet {soul}? If you kill th reet th body follows{self destructs}. So now they made 78 RPM pure sound harder to hear by first introducing 45 RPM records, and later 33 RPM records, and stereo, all of which made th sound “blurrier”.


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I was shown the vine to climb to get to Bopland by redbirds on the Ohio River. The bean vine was slippery but i enjoyed every minute on it. I love to debate with "servo mechanisms" disguised as "humanoids", so crawl out of that dungeon and open your fluoridated insecticided peepers. I want to show you an old bottle i found in a swamp filled with a powerful medicated R & R elixir. One nip and you automatically become strong enough to stop a hurricane dead in its tracks with just a wave of your hand. CAUTION = If you take two or more nips, a bean vine will suddenly appear and you will have an irresistible urge to climb up it. When you reach the cloud level you will not ever want to climb back down again.
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