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This blog is updated/edited now and then so return every so often. This is basically a large book, not a daily blog. I often make updates without announcing the date so if there`s something of vital interest to you then reread the chapter more frequently, especially if you are very ill.

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*** Critical new update, probably my last for awhile = PLEA to the world`s anti-nwo netsites, forum members and all others who labor against the new world order which is a misleading name that describes their program to exterminate us.

The following is a quote from “Native History Native Anthology”

“Tecumseh (Chief of the Shawnee Native Indian Tribe) believed that Americans were weakening the Indians (in the wars around the year 1811). He saw the problems that liquor caused among the Indians, and he knew first hand that the desire for furs was decreasing the number of animals in the forest. Tecumseh abhorred the turning away from the Indian way and wanted the Indians to return to their previous way of existence, one of living off the land and not at the mercy of traders. Tecumseh, while recognizing the gunpowder and the rifle as powerful weapons, believed that the tomahawk and the bow and arrow were the true weapons of the Indians. Tecumseh knew that Indians could not manufacture lead or gunpowder and had to rely on traders for their hand-outs. Tecumseh did not want the Indians to have to rely on anyone at anytime.
To counter these problems, Tecumseh formulated a plan that he would spend years trying to fulfill. His plan was to unite the various Indian tribes into a single entity. He believed that if a large following of Indians were to form a confederation, then the United States would be forced to recognized them as a united front and deal with them accordingly. This confederation was to be the equal of the ‘Seventeen Fires’ of the United States. Tecumseh traveled across America for years visiting the tribes of Florida, the Great Lakes, and the western tribes across the Mississippi. Tecumseh attempted to convince tribes to join him in the formation of the confederation. During his travels he attempted to convince the other tribes of the need to unite, that by standing alone each tribe would eventually be consumed by the Americans, but together they could stand up to the Americans. He also preached that the land, like the air and water, did not belong to any particular tribe, but to all of the tribes together. Tecumseh stated that no one could sell or give away the land without the permission of all of the tribes. He knew that the Americans often pried on the weaker tribes to gain land. He understood that the Americans would offer them money and goods for land they may not have even owned. Two vastly different interpretations exist for his desire to form a confederation. The passive version is that Tecumseh simply wanted to form a common bond between the tribes and would settle for the confederation recognized as a country equal to the United States. The aggressive view and the one most believed by Americans at the time, was that Tecumseh was uniting the tribes together and would declare war against the Americans and drive them eastward, back across the Appalachian Mountains.
Tecumseh was unable to convince the tribes to unite under one leader, for each tribe had its own agenda and often a lasting hatred among themselves.”

Note that the “beginning of the end” for the Native American Tribes was at the Battle of Tippecanoe, 1811. Tecumseh had given instructions to NOT engage in battle, and then he left to try to get more tribes to join his Federation. His plan was to unite ALL the tribes into one great force and then say something like “OK you leeches never listened to our pleas for mercy before but NOW will you listen?”. However, before he could achieve this unification, some stupid overly aggressive Winnebago tribe members attacked but were defeated by Harrison. Incidentally, this is precisely why David Icke correctly preaches non-violent action as we battle this prideless scum.
When Tecumseh returned from his travels in the spring of 1812, he was devastated at what had occurred while he was gone. The majority of his followers were gone and the confederation’s growth was stunted. In other words, it took too much time for him to travel by horse from tribe to tribe across vast expanses of land/rivers and in the meantime the Indians lost control of their hatred and “blew their cool” before they were strong enough to attack intelligently.
Now PLEASE listen all you Information Warriors; if Tecumseh would have had the internet to contact the other tribes, believed to number about 100 total instead of just 32, his tribal unification plan would certainly have succeeded, and we would not be in chains today being force fed poisonous food, “anti-music music”, meatarichumpistodianism, obambi, and captain kangaroo.

Following is the plan to ruin the nwo peaceably and effortlessly composed around 7-16-2011. I would gladly and actively participate in this but my influence, reputation, and respect from other netsites, and even  forum members, scores about ZERO, so if i became active in this, one could argue that i myself sabotaged it! My plan to stop the nwo via my Bopperectomy ceremony has little appeal! Why? I spent years cutting holes in the fish net in order to keep my reet (soul) intact while the vast majority of the slaves got caught and were tossed in the locked aquarium disguised as a “free society”. In other words, unknown to me, the gap between us was wider than the Mississippi. I thought if i offered a water hose to slaves with their house on fire they would happily accept it, especially when no other reliable water source was available. Imagine my deep ravaging despair when i found out i was invisible to them and that they were “comfortably numb”. So unless Mona Lisa was a man, or if there was time to wait years before anyone could see me, yours truly can`t be of much help except to offer this plan :

Think of each netsite fighting the nwo as being one of the Native American tribes with the goal to bring all the “tribes” together. Yes i borrow from Tecumseh. But wait, in case you don`t know, before his death, “Tecumseh wielded more power than any other North American Indian before him did, and no other Indian after him would ever come close to his domination. His power was not due to the number of his followers, but on the strategic importance and potential that the confederation held along the western frontier. The Indians that joined him came from thirty-two tribes and his authority spread across an area of nearly half a million square miles, greater in size than the United States itself in 1812.”

OK lets begin:

Aesop 620-560bh said in his 4 oxen an the lion fable,”A lion used to prowl about a field in which four oxen used to dwell. Many a time he tried to attack them but whenever he came near they turned their tails to one another so that whichever way he approached them he was met by the horns of one of them. At last however they fell a-quarrelin among themselves an each went off to pasture alone in a separate corner of the field. Then the lion attacked them one by one an soon made an end of all four.”United we stand, divided we fall”.

Many prize fighters, eg Manny Pacquiao, know that the best defense is a good offense so why not just attack, so to speak, the lion first and avoid the drama which is, imo, a better plan than Aesop`s 4 oxen fable?
First off, there is greater strength in numbers so why fight alone? There are hundreds of other netsites/blogs also fighting the nwo, so the trick is to unite with them. My own blog lists alot of them.
This netsite unification program could be called “free higher education program, lesson one”. Firstly, at a pre-arranged chosen time, possibly weekly, each netsite owner would post one of h/h (his/her) informative articles to the coordinator of the education program. The coordinator, hopefully someone widely known and respected, eg David Icke, then carefully examines and combines all the articles into one big article, and then posts it on the internet.
Now when google posts this article on its search engine, all of the MILLIONS of “infosoldiers” of ALL the netsites type on google the theme “free higher education, lesson one”. This will cause the article to climb to the top of google`s ratings which in turn will cause many more millions to read it, in turn eventually, and bloodlessly, defeating them. In other words “with no muss or fuss”, or “without even trying too hard”, we can neutralize them. Sorry but the only way i can describe them is as the CURSOTA, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages. They are cirrhotic because they have useless fatty livers from being meatarichumpistodians, or possibly cannabals.

1. the weekly theme must change from time to time and be a unique one or else google might refer everyone to some university or the like that also has posted “free higher education, lesson one”. So instead of higher education, for example, one could use “excitable” education or any number of other different words from a thesaurus. I recommend Roget`s thesaurus.
2. if you use scroogle, as i have for years, you can search on google anonymously.
3. if you use hushmail, as i have for years, you can communicate anonymously thanks to the brilliant “nerdies” who made this remarkable thing possible.
4. now suppose google fights back, as they surely will, and slaps the coordinator and bans his netsite. What then? I dunno exactly but i think google could be punished, if for example, ALL the HUNDREDS of member netsites inform their millions of followers to NOT buy a thing from google`s ubiquitous obnoxious ads. Moreover, Patriot techies will surely have another solution if this happens.
Also, other search engines could be contacted, eg startpage, and asked to cooperate with us and ruin google if they get too pushy. IMO the ONLY reason why google has the best search engine is cuz they are funded by the banks/royalty/billionaires and others who have a money machine in their back yard, and thus are able to attract the world`s best techies to their tracherous web. We just need a little insecticide to get them to ah…. see our point of view, an insecticide called “money”. In other words if millions of infosoldiers would donate a little to hire the best techies and make another better search engine than google/youtube, then the game is over and we win (I don`t accept donations).
5. Be certain to have the posted weekly articles translated into all the major languages, eg there are 1025 million slaves from China and 390 million hot-blooded Spanierds who will follow a charismatic trustworthy Brother.
6. Because tptb are born degenerated cowards, once they cotton to that we can hit harder than they can, these “PPs” or petrified parasites will waste away due to a lack of fresh blood to feed on, and their bad seed will vanish from the earth.

Still wondering what real Rock is and why they had to cripple it in order to survive as spiro gyras? Do any of you still have ears?

Yikes Mcgee “the liar” 2008 {live about Bush}

Gene Pitney “town without pity” 1962 (hear the lyric “when these little minds tear you in two”)

O`jays “love train” 1973 (record with video)

John Fogarty “long dark road” and “no more” (live 2007)

Jimmy Green “last date” (record prob 1960s ~ Indonesia/Germany ~ Indo Rock) I cried when i first heard this.

Tielman Brothers “rock it up” 1959 (Indonesia/Holland ~ live on German TV ~ Andy Tielman plays the guy wires (guitar) BEHIND HIS BACK an upside down while standing on the bull (bass) ~ 1st time I ever saw this)

Oh by the way, when obambi is sent off to a sanitarium where he can`t hurt anyone, would someone save me one of his snazzy ties so i can “luxuriously” caress the spiders in my house?

*** 7-10-11 Critical revised update that lists a new vegan video called “the China Study”, for all you lost apathetic very ill sheeple. See about 4 paragraphs below.

*** Critical new updates are as follows: (regular updates are listed on another page further on) = If you want to stay anonymous as you type and search on google, eg to get this website or any other website, just search free on, or If you want the best encrypted email on the planet go to

*** Is anyone out there who still has ears? In other words, is anyone out there who has not been transformed into a zombie by the governmental chemical attack against us?

*** Sept 14-2010. Some time ago I stopped correcting errors or making updates on “the word of mouth rock rebellion”, so don`t get confused by going there.

*** If you are in dire straits with some major illness and need immediate medical attention i recommend you read Dr. Frederick R. Klenner`s article found on with ROBERT F. CATHCART III, M.D. Also read this article on iodine = via Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, which is elaborated on in th iodine section in this blog. However, you only need to visit these netsites if you think i`m some sort of nincompoop on health. Don`t you know that a simple pure vegie/fruit fasting diet of a few days will prevent/cure 99% of medical dramas and put the chemicalinquents out of business? See the following video to get an idea of what i`m talking about;  “The China Study” 14 of 14 ( Vegan Vegetarian Health Benefits / Lose Weight ) by dr. T. Colin Campbell.

What`s that you say? You would miss yer lollies and coke? You asshole. I haven`t th remotest idea why i keep trying to resuscitate self-imprisoned zombies who were made that way by their cherished “warden”, disguised as their “TV set”. I think soon i will stop this as i`m surely wasting my time and neglecting my own interests.

** The former wrestler, Ernest Hancock, is in the process of placing the misanthropes in a cobra clutch. We are waiting for their eyes to pop out of their sockets so we can get on with our lives.

** Significantly, at this critical time, former pro soccer player, David Icke, is  leading a charging information brigade that needs our help. Dont miss his invigorating impeccable videos, some of which are listed further on. See th free tribute song i wrote for him in this chapter and post it in your blogs.

** Yankee Alex Jones, has got the cursotic homicidal maniac of the ages by the nose and needs our help to subdue it! So we are complying with his request to type on google`s search engine specific words that he announces. We use, an anonymous mirror of google, to do this. To get his search term, go to his site daily. See th free tribute song i wrote for him further on and post it in your blogs.

Never mind th affliction

Bopperism is th cure

Firstly, I want to CHONNIE (thank) the folks who did their best to disseminate this blog. But I`m still not getting anywhere near the quantity of readers needed to stop the NWO DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. Its somewhat my own fault for being a feral black sheep living in th future.

I`m speaking factually not pessimistically when I say that disgusting lazy spammers peddling worthless trash have all but ruined the once mighty net. Even though I`m not selling anything, nor do I ask for donations, when I send out emails I`m sure they wind up unread in people`s spam section so I can`t reach people that way.

Many people are like hermit crabs, they venture out of their shell, read this story and hastily retreat pronto back in their shell without telling anyone else what they had read for fear that a poltergeist will suddenly appear from nowhere and blow goober dust up their nose.

The reason they dont tell others is because by doing so, they would be forced to admit they are living a lie. No one likes to be made to look like a fool, least of all by the person looking back at them in the mirror. So in their eyes I`ve become the GREAT PERVERTED UNWASHED OGRE who has become their object of scorn. Thanks to the internet, for the FIRST time in history we have, or should I say had? a chance to be free but few gave 2 hoots. Once an animal has been in a cage for so long, even if you open the door and set it free, it will still not run away in a big hurry. It cant, its noggin has been permanently damaged.

The once in a millennia chance to attain freedom is passing by with nary a hoot from the slaves. But wait, this is changing in a BIG hurry.

Here are the cold hard facts for you; the cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages = the cursota, have tortured/poisoned the people from birth resulting in a degenerated race of weak petrified constipated automatons who are in constant need of medical attention and who rather enjoy being enslaved. However, day by day more and more zombies are spitting out th verbal/physical poisons thanks to the impeccable conspiracy netsites listed on another page in this chapter. Even if the patriot movement sweeping the world now beats the cursota, and I`m relatively CERTAIN it will, after the new leaders are in place, I think there`s a chance that we`ll be emotionally back to where we started from in the first place with the same old strangling numbing unwritten/written rules:

1. Almost certainly we will all be expected to continue wearing sackcloth which is one primary FOUNDATIONAL STONE of everyone`s anxiety/insanity. Many folks just cant understand this. They need to live in a nudist colony for awhile until they get bored, as I did, of staring at naked flesh all day long. After awhile it becomes as exciting as looking at a naked fish so its obvious the cursota DID NOT make nudity illegal to save us from becoming “perverted”, but to drag us over their chariot wheels.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear = I aint gonna be forced to wear religious sackcloth and walk around pretending I`m ashamed of my body when I aint. I wont be called a “pervert” or a “child molester” for doing this when I aint. I rather like every inch of my own lean vegetarian frame an I aint gonna lie to myself, kiss some religious pervert`s ass, and don sackcloth as if to prove I`m ashamed, fretful and deranged like most of the other slaves. This proud slave is free upstairs, STONE FREE JACK. And I aint a changin fer NOBODY. If this bugs YOU, then don`t fuckin read any further! This blog is for truth seekers, not PATHOLOGICASYSTAPISTAMISTIC rusted tin cans stuck in th mud.

I`m not gonna be like th cursota in any way, shape form or manner. I`m not gonna sing walk think or talk like them. I`ll maintain my saneness high up on a bean stalk that they will be too petrified to climb. One other thing = even if they fill my brain with numbing microchips, force me to eat GM food on a microwave oven, and make me repeat the lord`s prayer 50,000 times, when I recover I`ll be EXACTLY th same as I was before = get it thru yer cracked feo obese retarded head = you wont get me to be ashamed of my genital and breast areas nomatter WHAT you do.

2. The same old debilitating chalk (sex) and drug restrictions may be in place, in other words the state and NOT the parents will have the final say regarding their kid`s chalkily/drug conduct resulting in the same old high rate of youth suicide worldwide. From day one we are taught to cover certain “disrespectable” bodily areas and avoid certain “harmful” drugs. A THOUSAND TIMES WHY? LISTEN UP… Sex/drug restrictions make it possible for the cursota to maintain their parasitic niche by FRAMING AND/OR SHAMING true freedom fighters or others trying to get elected, or political leaders worldwide NOT being politically correct thus making them “perverts” in the public`s eye, which in turn justifies invading their country to, SMILE “restore democracy freedom and respectability”. If this were widely known, not one person would join the USA military and their dominance would be over. You say if I dont provide you with visual proof of this you`ll forever consider me as being a “terrorist” and go back reading your Ernest Lemmingway novel? Well, because I`m feeling pissed today, here`s the video proof = “the Panama Deception”. Scroll to the 1:22.12 mark and hear Larry Birns from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs if you want to immediately increase yer stress level and use that as an excuse to go back to sleep on your bed of nails.

Hear also Jackson Browne`s “till I go down” in the video;

Till I go down

I’m not gonna shut my eyes

Till I go down

I’m not gonna shut my eyes

I’ve already seen the lies

On the faces of the men of war

Leading people to the killing floor

Till I go down

I’m not gonna shut my eyes

No no

Till I go down

Till the world stops spinning around

Till I’m six feet under the ground

Till there’s no sound

Till there’s no pain

I’m gonna swing this chain

Till I go down

I’m not gonna shut my mouth

I’m for the truth to come out

About the leader with the iron will

And his allegiance to the dollar bill

Till I go down

I’m not gonna shut my eyes

Till I go down

Demonstrating their virtual stranglehold on your mentality is the fact that very few or no one would consider either a nude president or a colorfully dressed one as being “respectable”. In other words, whether or not someone is respectable depends entirely on the length of his hair or style of clothing, not whether or not he`s true blue. Wearing a hippie shirt is the fastest way I know of to NOT get elected. There is nary a person that I know of today in the truth movement, big business, or the political arena who dresses in a colorful manner and in turn this all but forces small business owners worldwide to dress the same or lose all their customers.

3. The same old madisonian fairy tale that there must be an all-powerful big army state to govern and tax the people so as to “protect” them from destroying each other may be in place. We must not allow a new crew of libertarians, despite the fact that they may THINK they`re true blue and have the answers to it all, to inadvertently rename and reinstate the same old doomed to fail system as before. In other words, warmongers, big sugar mills/cattle farms/sex restrictions/high taxation/oil refineries must go.

Despite an elected freedom fighter`s best courageous ORIGINAL intentions, unless a NEW fair system is developed, the political/banking/sociological/court system we have in place today will erode freedom AGAIN little by little, by ill-design, and eventually self-destruct ~ even if it was`nt purposely designed to do just that, its structural defects will ensure it does eventually. You need positive proof? Look at America`s democratic system which took roughly 230 years to become almost entirely eroded. Still not convinced? Look at the “new” intellectual wasteland, disguised as the European Union. Its certain that few even gave my own political system, Bopagy/Bopperism, a second thought before they retreated back in their cubby hole to watch Noriega and Lee Oswald being demonized for the 756th time.

4. The same old cities may be there with the same old spirogyracated council`s charging the same old ever-increasing fees for public utility services. Just as if we needed them in the first place and water-powered free energy producing machinery was just a pipe dream. There`s no one out there with the cojones to be the first to demolish a big city relocating the inhabitants to the countryside giving them a piece of ground where they can be trained to be self-sufficient and independent of the state/church. The ponds in the game, AKA the slaves, disguised as “publically educated citizens”, may be forced to work longer and longer hours to pay for their elected official`s ever-increasing foreign travel fees to discuss new ways to cattle prod the slaves into believing that unless higher taxes are levied, economic chaos will result. In other words, after 230 MORE years, someone may need more mun to employ a 7th bodyguard. The politician with the biggest choreographed “doomocratic” tale to tell always gets elected. The DNA of mankind has become “citified” meaning that people have finally learned how to relish being the hosts of parasites.

5. The same old dung-laden cattle corrals, disguised as “public schools”, may be teaching the same old anti-knowledge knowledge.

6. Because most everyone`s musical DNA has been degenerated BEYOND BELIEF, the same old suicidal guanozicated anti-music music may be played on the radio/net, for a fee of course. Even if there`s folks playing good music on the net, having to pay ever-increasing licensing fees to broadcast will ensure that they are forced to sell out to ultra-wealthy cirrhoticists who will eventually see to it that only guanozicated trash gets played inbetween endless numbing commercials/news. Unless a song is disgustingly schmaltzy, has a dead beat, is sung by high pitched feminized boys due to fluoride and dozens of other toxins, or is gratingly raspy resembling the sound of a cane car being dragged sideways across a rusted railroad bridge, it will not be admired by the youth who are trained from day one to punish themselves and be uncomplaining subservient unmelodic useful idiots.

On a final note, some of you older readers may wonder why I keep trying to resuscitate a gravely ill horse. Can`t you hear th jukelos (winds) of freedom roaring thru th forest canopy?

****************************************** NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW UPDATES: (in the interests of space, many updates have been transferred to other pages) 

** Previously i said to avoid coffee but 1 cup per day helps to fight the gloom and as far as i know is not detrimental.

** 9-11-11 Previously I had said that 2-3 bowel movements per day is normal and that it MIGHT be ok to have one per day IF the stool is soft and passes painlessly. It depends on your diet and other things. BM Update 11-10-2011,  it appears that 1 morning BW, bowel movement, is normal.

** 7-10-11 Exquisite new vegan video added, “the China study” see this chapter

**  7- 8/11 Fabulous New video added via black Guitar by Dr. Milton R. Mills see video section

** 7- 8-11 More evidence that John Lennon was murdered symbolically, see chapter 6.

** 7- 7-2011  Revealing new video added by Gary Yourofsky see this chapter.

** Hitler was NOT a vegetarian, see natural news with Mike Adams in chapter 4. The scum want you to think he is in order to slander a plant based diet in order to keep you too busy chasing bogus cures for your illness to notice or retaliate against their prison planet agenda.

** Attention all you petrified non-erotic tontos who could care less what Bopperism and a plant based organic diet means. Have YOU had your MDR of arsenic today? Get hep and just take some kelp. You can thank the lord that kelp contains a big mess of it. So Rejoice! Now you can maintain your unfathomable illness for years as you gain pleasure from slowly wasting away! See Dr. Brownstein chapter 4.

** Peanut recommendations revised see chapter 3.

** 7-4-11 Dr. Bob Demaria revealing stress quote see chapter 4.

** 7-1-11 I want to rub tails with Ida. Apparently the missing link found? See [URL=”″]
The reason why few know about Ida is cuz it destroys the church/state stranglehold on our mind. In other words, absolute evolutionary proof that we are descended from primates would kick sand in jesus` face and make the church/state go to work like everyone else. The church and state are basically on the same team except that they pretend to be at odds with each other exactly like 2/4 party political systems.

The state does not overly regulate/tax the church cuz to do so would transform millions of meek “turn the other cheek” sheeple, who dont fight back much, into rebels who would slap them.
Moreover, the great apes, our closest relatives, are a great thorn in the side of the church/state cuz their diet is plant based. Without the universal belief in professasadistapistamistic meatarichumpistodianism (carnivorism), they`d have a rough time maintaining their parasitic niche. In other words, with no mentally/physically sick/stressed, acidic sheeple to prey on, they`d be forced to find a cure for their mental disease called shoveleudiosticosis (fear of work), a task they CANNOT achieve cuz they are genetic rejects, and thats why they push their nwo on us and say “its either us or them who must die”.

Hey little Ida, here`s a song just for you
Exile “I wanna kiss u all over” (live 1978)…eature=related

** June 27-11 Now they want to introduce “GMO franken pot”. Read the article on, or with Ernie Hancock.

I think the article forgot that the PRIMARY reason why they want to introduce GM reefer is cuz it will ruin or destroy ALL covert backyard reefer growing eventually. Why? GM seeds are duds or else defected rejects, so once the plant grows you would have to PURCHASE new seeds from ONLY THEM… Plus, exactly like monsanto`s GM corn is ruining Mexican farmer`s precious corn, GM male reefer pollen can travel far, being blown by the wind, and contaminate all neighboring female fertile backyard plants.

Play real mind-freeing music from the “beat generation” for a change and perform a bopperectomy ceremony and kill this mental/physical assassination program disguised as the NWO. Oh wait… scratch that, that would be too easy.

Remember, it took them 53 years to cripple real R & R without the people noticing what was going on. Next is real reefer, err… that is if you let them by NOT performing Bopperectomy ceremonies.

They already killed LSD in 1965 by making it illegal for even doctor`s to prescribe, in the heart of the Great R & R Slave Rebellion era, because it was awakening the throngs of hippies rapidly. Dont ya know LSD is an evil drug and that`s the reason why its inventor, Albert Hoffman, lived to be 102? Only the good die young so keep taking those uppers/downers/beer/tobacco and designer`s drugs! We need more lead/fluoride in the fields to be taken in by vegies for the betterment of “good digestion” anyway. So reduce carbon, play “anti-music music” and do your fair share to help save the planet today!  

** How to kill the “onslaught of rot”

As i have said for many years, the best way to stop the new world order is by staging a symbolistic ceremony, eg my own Bopperectomy ritual. Why? When some major problem of some sort put our ancient tribal ancestors in great peril or strife, eg a strange new disease, threat of foreign invaders, a forked-tongued Jekyl and Hyde chief, bizarre crop-killing weather, an unsolved murder etc, the remedy was to stage a healing ritual to end the strife, or at least the pain of it. An example is a rain dance ceremony during a drought where a reefer peace pipe was passed around, or where peyote, salvia divinorum (diviner`s sage ~ banned in Oz), jimson weed, etc was used to awaken and rejuvenate the tribe`s subconscious mind. A well informed tribe with a “reet” (soul) stood a far better chance of surviving the “onslaught of rot” than a tribe that did not perform rituals.

Then “modern” man came along and substituted newspapers, the internet, little 1 room country schools and R & R in place of rituals. Of course this worked for awhile because the journalism, the net, schooling and R & R were often not biased or controlled. Then the cursota, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages, said to themselves “why not control the net, news, school curriculums and cripple R & R allowing us to continue our blood feasting on the “goya” unmolested? (Goya meaning cattle ~ their word for the Leadbelly type of lower class)
Moreover, when more and more Goya turn to the church/writers/freedom fighter politicians/hippie leaders for shelter from the storm we`l pay them off and create words like primitive savage, space cowboys, hog callers and yellow to create the illusion that hippies, the indigenous Indians or anyone else who wanted to live close to the land and to be the master of their own destiny, was some kind of degenerated buffoon.
We`l also invent words like “pea” to mean piss and “Adam`s apple” (goiter) in order to slander vegetarianism, and falsely inform health writers that vitamin B-12 was only found in meat/dairy products in order to scare the Goya into becoming fat unhealthy poisoned “meatarichumpistodians” instead of healthy vegetarians. Then as a result of this when vast cattle/dairy farms become ubiquitous worldwide, the illusion will maintain itself. In other words, once our doctrines become stamped in the psyche as being the truth, the sheeple will discipline each other as any obedient “learned” slave should. Sex/nudity laws are particularly useful in this regard.
And if none of this works, we`l spread chemicals to wreck the man`s will to rebel, eg fluoride, and sponsor women`s lib in order to wreck the man`s stability and help increase the male suicide rate. And if all this still doesn`t work we`l pass myriad laws every week that keep the populace confined in a sexual straitjacket in a state of perpetual fear. Or else baffle them with meatshit via our “warden”, the TV. And lastly, if all else fails, we can have our spook agencies “eliminate” anyone who gets a little too influencial.”

Its sad but thats the horrific state of affairs we have today in 2011 as you read this. My fellow freedom fighters, please lend me your ear if only for a minute. Perform a Bopperectomy ritual today and eliminate the nwo soon. This ritual is a safe, legal, non-violent, hassle free, leaderless, no muss no fuss way to stage a silent coup against them. Remember, because there are no primary leaders who can be ridiculed, set up, slandered, declared insane or assassinated, their spook agencies would be instantly rendered toothless, so they CAN`T stop this word of mouth Bopperectomy freedom movement no matter what they do. The choice is up to you.
R & R was becoming the universal language until they ruined the foundation of it. Its a simple solution, just dust off the existing foundation and let the professionalism of the original Rockers sweep you away to another shore, the one at Bopland in the Doobywop Star Cluster.
I`m quite sure that Spartacus, John Lennon, Del Shannon, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Sonny Bono, Michael Jackson, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Junior Parker, Janis Joplin, Jim Croce, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Karen Carpenter, Brian Jones are hoping you`ll tell others so they too can become unzombitized.

** News I`d love to read ~ I can dream can`t i?

Today at Bilderberg Switzerland, Bill Gates went for a swim in the lake at “nevermore” golf course, and a big gator named Sam Cooke bit off his ya ya and 2 more ya yas next to it.
The last words he uttered in the ambulance before he said OMG for the 10th time were “hey driver you just passed up the hospital”. The driver, a tall lanky scarred stud named “Justice”, muttered back “oh you mean you wanted to go there?”. The next day Sam was found dead floating belly up in the pond. An autopsy was performed and it was determined that the bloody ya ya had poisoned him to death!
When news of this spread, unfortunately for Gates, no Swiss surgeon could be found who would repair him, the most common reason given being “sorry, but if we make an error cutting him open and some gore squirts us in the face, we dont have any antidote to counteract that unique toxic waste”.
So no one knew what to do with the slob. Then jukit babalu entered the hospital and said “put him in my pickup and i`ll take care of him”. The hospital attendants cried “put him in yourself ” and frantically donned gas masks and headed for the exits. So jukit grabbed him by the nose and put him in the bed of the truck smack on a pile of putrid rubbish he had been carrying to the dump. Then he drove off in the sunset with a weird delirious look of contentment on his mug and he could be heard teerin (singing) a Sonny & Cher tune, “but yer mine” recorded in 1966 in the middle of the R & R Slave Rebellion, the greatest renaissance to ever happen in history which was sabotaged from the very start by these bilderbugs;

“We have a great big cold society ~ that won`t make room for folks like you an me
But I got some real bad news for them my friend ~ their on the outside lookin in
We got a great thing goin ~ an its gonna keep rite on growin
An I hope that soon they`l see the lite
But until that time they`l ~ have ta blow their mind cuz
It aint us thats gonna ~ lose the fight”

Note that because of this song and other reasons, it is widely believed that Sonny Bono was snuffed in a fake ski “accident”. Investigator Bob Fletcher, had been probing the activities of high ranking US military–government officials he claims were raking in millions from arms–drug deals in Central America–Southeast Asia. He sent the report to congressman Sonny Bono {of Sonny an Cher} who said he was going to make it his first priority an go after the big names. Ten days later he was dead. Although an experienced skier, reportedly {take a deep breath} he had hit a tree.

Other musos believed to have been assassinated include John Lennon, Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Del Shannon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman brothers, Michael Jackson, Junior Parker, Canned Heat, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Croce, Richie Valens, Bobby Fuller and Karen Carpenter, to name only a few.

You may be wondering what ever happened to Sam Cooke the gator? Well he was honored in a worldwide national celebration, immortalized forever in song and dance, declared the hero of the world, and his preserved body, along with numerous replicas, now proudly stand erected worldwide where once stood those ugly obelisks!!

Moral = If you bite you get bit ~ use ubuntu not microsoft on your PC and put these blood sucking bilderbugs away on some work gang in Siberia.

** Quote below found on

(Some of it i don`t agree with but its an excellent start regardless)

Restored Republic

The plan is a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de Jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war. The plan is now in the implementation phase to accomplish the following:

Restore and reinhabit the de jure institutions of lawful government (me ~ the laws in place before the Lincoln coup about 1865).

End the foreclosure nightmare (for borrowing against one’s own credit).

End tax prosecutions for resisting the transfer of private wealth to such as I.R.S. (former Puerto Rico Bureau of Taxation).

End street assaults against the sovereign People for failing to exhibit a State-issued confession of subject-class citizenship.

End all prosecutions which lack an injured party.

End admiralty prosecutions for kidnapping and other heinous crimes against mankind as “commercial crimes” against the corporate State under a contrived corporate color-of-law venue (corp. ref. 27 C.F.R. 72.11).

End the use of covert contracts such as Form 1040, car registrations, birth certificate applications, and bank signature cards which confess the signer to be a legal fiction subject of the United States Federal Corporation (“U.S. person”) that has waved his/her rights in favor of state-issued privileges.

End the use of deeds which classify the People as “tenants” on their own land, thereby transferring control to incorporated County registrars and tax assessors.

End the perversion of marriage into a commercial system of state-issued privileges through the so-called “marriage license” whereby incorporated “courts” presume the “right” to trespass on families and kidnap children.

End the hijacking of automobile ownership through DMV registrations which covertly exchange the divine rights of travel and ownership for the state-issued “privileges” of “driving” and “title.”

In place of all of the above, substitute sovereign identification, diplomatic immunity and sovereign passports to facilitate safe passage throughout the world free from corporate State molestation and terror.

Restore the People’s money and wealth from the banking institutions, war profiteers, and international loan sharks.

Instantly vest all mortgages, auto loans and personal business loans “issued” by members of the Fed. The state shall hold no paper on, or debts against, the sovereign People, directly or through its agencies and licensed banking institutions.

Instantly end all non-consensual and unlawful taxation including all taxes on the sacred rights of labor and privacy.

Empower and inspire the sovereign People to righteousness through such renewed abundance.

Issue orders to the military and police powers to enforce the Peoples’ divine rights of birth.

End the perverse act of requiring the People to pray to “courts” as is now required under corporate rules and traditions.

Restore the de jure judicial institutions including the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court.

Quietly mirror the strategies of 1933 thereby using their (our) institutions, military and public officials to undo eighty years of subterfuge without provoking alarm, controversy or armed conflict.

Forgive all corporate actors who repent for their State-sponsored crimes against mankind. Remove the recidivists from office.

Do all of the above, and more, peacefully, discreetly, quietly and honorably, behind the scenes, without public proclamations or provocative actions against a general public that is mostly unaware of the hijacking of their free de jure American republics, and their hapless media.

Your Life – Improved

Want to keep thinking straight? Vaccinations and flu shots contain mercury which continuously destroys brain and nerve cells as long as it remains in the body, causing a variety of neurological and physiological problems. The mercury in vaccines is known to be the direct cause for Autism, which was an unknown malady before vaccinations existed. Now 1 in 150 children are autistic. Vaccinations also contain squalene, formaldehyde, and even cancer causing viruses. In contrast Homeopathic vaccination nosodes have no negative impact on you or your child, and they give you a way to protect your family from others who have been traditionally vaccinated with the standard toxic concoctions. For information on obtaining homeopathic vaccination nosodes you may contact Electro Acupuncturist and Homeopath Dr. Donald Mayfield’s office (407) 327-4191 and mention that Kurt Annaheim recommended you to them.

Medical Doctors take a “Hippocratic oath” to “do no harm”, but it’s a cruel joke since most pharmaceuticals that most doctors prescribe are liver toxic and allopathic (working against the body) causing deleterious “side effects”.

Stop consuming nero-toxic MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) which hides behind a long list of other names. Generally if you have difficulty pronouncing anything on the label – avoid it. Chemicals in your food are deleterious, especially aspartame and artificial sweeteners. Click for more

If you have silver fillings in your teeth have them carefully removed using mercury protection protocol and replaced with safer materials. Click here and watch this if you have any “silver fillings.

Root canal teeth are even worse than silver fillings and should be replaced with a non-toxic, preferably nonmetallic bridge or other solution. Click Here

Avoid the toxic sodium fluoride in mainstream toothpaste and your water supply. It’s making you docile and your bones brittle. Fluoride and Sodium Laurel Sulfates are poisons found in dental and other hygiene products. Naturally occurring Calcium Fluorine or Calcium Fluoride is good, but data on calcium fluoride gave an excuse to the ADA to lie to you about the “safety and benefit of Sodium Fluoride”, which is a toxic and hazardous chemical waste by-product that injures the brain, dulls mental acuity, and causes osteoporosis.

Become chem-trail aware. Click Here

Cell-phones should only be used with an acoustic transfer listening system similar to that used in airplanes. Two cell phones operating on either side of an egg will cook the egg and the same thing is happening to your brain and eyes when it’s up next to your head. There are also button sized radiation nullifying devices that can be applied to your cell phone to reduce the radiation risk.

Microwave ovens damage the structure of your food, so cook conventionally. Seeds watered with micro-waved water will not germinate and healthy plants die, though conventionally boiled watered seeds and plants grow fine. Click to See

Consider eating more raw and less cooked food. Contrary to much of what mainstream sources will tell you, it’s getting back to the basics of life that can revitalize us Click here

Cancer is a growth industry. Pharmaceuticals are liver toxic and deadly. Treat yourself instead with Homeopathics, herbs, and nutrition There are many modalities to cure cancer, but you won’t hear about them in the mainstream or from compromised “doctors”. Avoid doctors like you would avoid radiation and horrible chemicals in your body since that’s what they’ll typically recommend.

Contrary to conventional claims, the sun is good for you and your eyes. Quit using sunglasses.

Read this excerpt from below:

Speaking of sunglasses, please understand that if you are seeking to be healthy, avoiding the use of sunglasses should be high on your priority list. Sunglasses block important light wavelengths that are essential for your health and will, without question, over time worsen your eyesight. About the only time they are appropriate is if you are skiing and it is sunny. Then there simply is too much illumination for your eyes to properly adjust, and skiing on the top of a mountain is not a very natural experience so you may need to compensate for this. Avoid sun tan lotion and other toxic chemical based lotions unless you want what’s in them in your body, since whatever you apply is going to be absorbed. That’s why they warn you on the side of pesticides to avoid contact with bare skin. commercial perfumes and deodorants are toxic and are also absorbed through your skin into your body and do poison you. Do you want Aluminum Chlorhydrate in your body when you know that the Aluminum is a likely cause of alzheimer’s?

End your consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and know that it hides behind a myriad of other names. It makes you fat and at least half of the supply of HFCS is tainted with levels of mercury, which hopefully you already know is a known cause of ongoing brain damage. Also avoid the pretend alternative – Agave Nectar. The herb Stevia is a good alternative. Avoid Aspartame. It works great as an ant killer, but you don’t want it in your body. Start reading about this by clicking here.

Avoid drinking anything from plastic bottles. Most are made to outgas a dangerous designer estrogen hormone with nefarious intent. For more on this click here

A Social Security Number is the same as a Slave Surveillance Number: Click Here

The state issued birth certificate grants control of your child to the state in an insidious guardian-ward relationship. Have your baby at home with a midwife delivery, and get no birth certificate or slave surveillance number for your child. Keep your child free, and by so doing keep your child! The state can only lawfully steal children from you if they are registered to them through the birth certificate and the SSN is involved (Slave Surveillance Number).

Avoid sending your children to the government’s “public schools”. They are more at risk of being vaccinated against your will or worse yet a training drill where your kids are taken to a FEMA camp, or for any lame excuse the government drums up. It’s better to home school, but in the absence of that, a Montessori or private school must suffice. Keep in mind that what is taught in all schools (even private) is a mix of revisionist history and science all to support and protect the criminal activities of the global elite.

When everyone knows what really happened to history and science, we’ll have a basis for knowing what to avoid and what to do.

If you choose to “take the blue pill, the story ends and you wake up believing whatever you want to believe. Take the RED PILL, and we’ll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes – but remember all we’re offering is the truth”. If the truth about the past empowers you, then we believe we can all make a better future for ourselves since we must “live together, or die alone”.

Those banksters and others who represent the “unseen hand” has managed to establish the “Federal Reserve” allowing them to print money for themselves without substance or backing and use it to pay their minions for the sake of enslaving us, and getting us to pay the bill for our own captivity. This happens through monetary devaluation, meaning that money is taken out of your profit as the value of federal reserve declines, so gold and other precious metals are a good hedge against the loss of buying power in your saved dollar denominated assets.

Understand that our ancestors allowed government to take paramount ownership of our property including our homes and our automobiles. Unless you have an “Allodial Title” to your property, it’s owned by the state. Instead you have a “Warranty Deed” to your home which means that you’re allowed to use the state’s property, and this is why you’ve been paying a yearly rent in the form of property tax to stay on property you thought you owned. Regarding the car you thought was yours – the original MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) for your car was sent to the state by the auto dealer and then destroyed. From the dealer you received only a “Certificate of Title” which is evidence that you can use the state’s car.

You have a right to travel, but by traveling in the state’s car you become subject to traffic laws whether they make sense, and you may for this reason also be obligated to carry a “driver’s license” in your wallet.

Don’t support mainstream Illuminati-controlled charities such as the eugenics promoting “Planned Parenthood”, the “Sierra Club”, “Red Cross”, or United Way.

Stop paying income “tax”, which isn’t a “tax” at all.

** Mike Tyson is a vegan. See chapter 5

** Attention musical infowarriors. One good song can awaken millions, IMO thats why they killed John Lennon/Michael Jackson and many others. Record these free songs using either your real or an alias name and post them on the net, but credit me as being the composer. To remain anonymous use,, and Think what would happen if thousands of musicians posted these songs on the net/blog/netsite. The NWO would end tomorrow! Are you thinking of taking residence in a foreign country? Think again, TPTB have corrupted ALL countries. Said another way, there`s MAJOR flaws in all countries. So if you`re really serious about attaining freedom, then dust off your instruments and take action while you still can.

Relax, i`m a professional song writer and i`ve done alot of the hard work for you. If you`re not a musician, then at least make a sign and attach it to a structure along the side of the road. Are you just going to sit there while they kill the very musos dear to your heart?

“Infowarrior March” with all symbols (see below song)

April 5 – 2011 by jukit babalu v yes 2`55“ with 18“v (2`37“ if no 18“v)

Note ~ very slow blues beat similar to Slim Harpo`s “blues hangover”,

plus very fast rock beat similar to Ron Holden`s “my babe” (see utube)

1 (slow blues) their fiendish – 1.9“v behaviour – 1.9“v

2 too monstrous – 1.9“v to believe 1.9v

3 but info – 1.9“v soldiers know – 1.9“v

4 the evil – 1.9“v they conceive 1.8“v

5 (lyrics go higher pitch) so surf down – .9“v ta in – .9“v

6 fowars dot – .9“v com an see 1.9“v

7 their info – .9“v bomb explode – .9“v

8 for truth an – .9“v liberty 2.8“v bs

9 yuhaw – (bp beat changes to very fast rock with 21“v)

10 get this – .5“v all you misanthropes – .9“v

11 spreadin – .5“v war around 1.9“v

12 fearless – infowarriors – gonna – cut ya (cha) down 1.9“v

13 no doubt – .3“v the rudder`s – .4“v tough – 1.9“v

14 no doubt – .3“v they`l stay – .3“v a – .3“v float 1.5“v

15 with Alex Jones – 2dh bs – steerin – the boat bp 3.5“v

note = tempo goes from lo to hi here in the 3.5“v

16 (lyrics higher) ya think ya can hide – .5“v in a dungeon crack 1“v

17 when th people see – .3“v at last 1.9“v

18 that yer (cher) a genocidal maniac .9“v

19 preyin on the work – in class

note = put 18“v instrumental or shorter here

20 get this – all you leechy quacks – spreadin – death around

21 fearless – infowarriors – gonna – cut ya (cha) down

22 no doubt – the rudder`s tough – no doubt – they`l stay a – float

23 with Alex Jones – 2dh bs steerin – the boat bp

24 ya think ya can hide – in a dungeon crack

25 when the people see – at last

26 that yer (cher) a genocidal maniac

27 preyin on the work – in class 1.5v

28 (chorus or you) preyin – .7“v an waylayin 2.8v

29 every (evre) – .7“v day betrayin – 1.9v 2 dh bs

30 the workin class 1dh bs

** meaning of symbols used:

– / pause or hold vocals

bs/ band stops

bp/ band plays

dr/ drum or guitar roll

ds/ drum skip

v/ instrumental

dh/ drum hits ~ example = 4dh means 4 drum hits

`/ minutes

“/ seconds = another example ~ 1.8 means 1.8 seconds instrumental or pause (approx)

a/ of

ta/ to

an/ and

lo to hi/ band goes higher pitched

ch/ chorus sings

DU/ depleted uranium

usin/ using

h/ hold vocal

Message from a slave” with all symbols Jukit Babalu 12-18-2010

Here`s another free song that anyone can copy and record using any arrangement they like but please credit me as being the composer.

Beat = Talk, slow Blues an fast Rock  (for approx beats see Slim Harpo`s “blues hangover” and Ron Holden`s “my babe” on utube

Time = about 3` 59“

1 Talk = Day after day you watch this – monstrosity

2 Who oddly has human facial features

3 Cut another slice of flesh from yer bosom

4 And feed his chops and his fellow cannabals just for fun

5 And because this alien has burned a hole in yer soul an ruined yer DNA

6 You sit there contemplatin suicide

7 Thinkin there`s no way this monster can be defeated

8 Well think again – an sing along with me

9 Message from a slave – let `em all go

10 Political prisoners – Bradley Manning – Guantanamo

11 Ed and Elaine Brown – Sherry Jackson – Irwin Schiff

12 Ya better set `em – free (begin slow blues beat) 2

13 No maybe – 1.5 u`ll do it – 1.5 ya better – 1.1 get to it 4dh bs (beat changes to fast rock) bp

14 Exposing the Najis – .7 evil plan .8

15 Alex Jones – .8 Doctor Stan (Monteith) .4

16 Ernie Hancock – .8 David Icke 1.6

17 Knockin the mask – .9 off this Reich – .5 Chorus = the 4th (rhythm goes lo to hi)

18 They got the kleptomaniac – .5 yakety yaks – .8 on the run wettin h their bloomers 1.8

19 With the homicidal medical quacks – .7 an one – .8 fat – .8 mess – ds bs of gloom an doomers 3

20 Neil Young – .8 John Fogarty 1.8

21 Debunkin them – .8 with Yikes Mcgee .3

22 John Pilger – .8 sheriff Mack 1.8

23 Stuffin the snakes – .9 in a sack (rhythm goes lo to hi ~ same pauses as 18 19)

24 They got the kleptomaniac – yakety yaks – on the run wettin their bloomers

25 With the homicidal medical quacks – an a big – fat – mess – of gloom an doomers 18v

26 Lew Rockwell – Doctor Paul

27 Poisoned the ground – where they crawl

28 Jimmy Vaughn – Don Henley

29 Wakin the sheeple – sea to sea

30 They got the kleptomaniac – yakety yaks – on the run wettin their bloomers

31 With the homicidal medical quacks – an one – fat – mess – of gloom an doomers 2.8

32 Chorus = With messy bloomers – .2 standing ovation .8

33 Chorus = Of gloom and doomers – .2 Oathkeepers – .1 Max Igan .8

34 Chorus = With messy bloomers – .2 Jesse Ventura – .1 Charlie Sheen .8

35 Chorus = Of gloom and doomers – .2 Luke Rudkowski – .1 Willie Nelson .8

36 Chorus = With messy bloomers – .2 Adrian Salbuchi – .1 Tommy Cash .8

37 Chorus = Of gloom and doomers – .2 Katherine Albrecht – .1 Cindy Sheehan .8

38 Chorus = With messy bloomers – .2 Ian Crane – .1 Larken Rose (bs ~ begin slow blues beat)

39 Wreckin the playhouse – 2.5 of these mutated – 1.4 false – 1.8 heroes
** meaning of symbols used:

– / pause or hold vocals

bs/ band stops

bp/ band plays

dr/ drum or guitar roll

ds/ drum skip

v/ instrumental

dh/ drum hits ~ example 4dh means 4 drum hits

`/ minutes

“/ seconds = another example ~ 1.8 means 1.8 seconds instrumental or pause (approx)

a/ of

ta/ to

an/ and

lo to hi/ band goes higher pitched

ch/ chorus sings

DU/ depleted uranium

usin/ using

h/ hold vocal
“David Icke`s Remedy” with all symbols ~ v yes about 18“ 2`37“

slow blues beat similar to Slim Harpo`s “blues hangover”, fast rock beat similar to Ron Holden`s “my babe” = hear on utube

** meaning of symbols used:

– / pause or hold vocals

bs/ band stops

bp/ band plays

dr/ drum or guitar roll

ds/ drum skip

v/ instrumental

dh/ drum hits

`/ minutes

“/ seconds = another example ~ 1.8 means 1.8 seconds instrumental or pause (approx)

a/ of

ta/ to

an/ and

lo to hi/ band goes higher pitched

ch/ chorus sings

DU/ depleted uranium

usin/ using

h/ hold vocal

1 slow blues = there`s a great need – 1.5 for peaceful – 1.8 dissenters 3

2 our slavemasters – 1.8 are genoci – .5 dal trash 2.9

3 they have poisoned – 1.6 impeccable – 1.8 inventors 2.8

4 for a pocket – 1.2 ful a diamonds – 1.8 an cash bs 2.8

5 the remedy? (sung slow = the re – he mo – dee) dr bs

6 start fast rock bp = surf – .5 ta David Icke – 1.8 dot – .5 com an see 1.9

7 how – .5 ta break the chain – 1.8 of – .5 slavery 1.8

8 its easy dr bs – as can be (rhythm goes lo to hi slowly) 3

9 were trapped in a mental bubble – 1.8 but David`s got – .5 the pin

10 ta burst it with no trouble – 1.7 an beat them with – .5 a grin

11 v18“

12 surf – ta David Icke – see – his super plan (#12-13-14-15-16 pauses same as line 6-7-8-9-10)

13 for – noncompliance – all – thruout the land

14 its easy – 2dh bs – make yer stand

15 were trapped in a mental bubble – but David`s got – the knife

16 ta burst it with no trouble – an end this pain – an strife bs

17 start slow blues bp – ideas – 1.8 that destiny – 1.2 says will be 2.8

18 you can`t stop – 1.8 usin DU – 4dh bs – weapon – .5 ry h (sung slow weapon – reee) dr bs

** A note from your predator err… i mean protector and Oz SERVANT, Ghoulia Shill-lard ~

Why we won`t let you have a pet crocodile ~

No silly, its not cuz we`re house training you to be subservient imbeciles, or merely to justify our existence. We genuinely care about you slaves, err… i mean citizens. Remember you elected us to act in your best interests and to protect you against enemies like us, err… i mean anyone or anything that MIGHT harm you, including crockies, firecrackers, comfrey, blackberry plants and especially perilous spitting cane toads. We`re amiable Najis, err… i mean Aussies too remember?
And no, don`t think we`ve made crockies illegal cuz it would be too dangerous for our drug squads to wander about in the bush searching for reefer fields if the owner had a… gulp… 5 meter long 500 kg attack croc.
So rejoice and vote us in again and be amazed at how safe and fortunate you`ll be.

PS ~ Some of you may wonder why we havent removed jukit babalu`s disinformation anarchistic blog from the net. Well rejoice, although the password is undecipherable, we have for all practical purposes ruined it thanks to cooperation from various search engines, especially poogle, err… i mean google, and the fact that he`s one of the few on earth who doesn`t think his groin area is uncouth and must be covered at all times in public, unlike all of you good sheeple, err… i mean people. What good is a blog if no one reads it, ha ha ha. We`re not letting that perverted madman make a monkey out of us.

** IMO its a sign of derangement (due to chemicals eg fluoride) when men write/sing schmaltzy love songs. See chapter 6.

** IMO the primary reason why the cursota,”cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages”, are able to control the sheeple with such remarkable ease, is because they convinced them that they had to observe certain sexual taboos from day one or be labelled a “pervert”, eg those who want to mow the grass on a blistering hot day with no pants on.

In other words if there were no sexual taboos they`d have a hard time justifying their parasitic existence and judicial system. Something like a quack without any gobbledegook to mutter. 99.99% of our species are genuine sexual perverts and child molesters who think the groin area is more “dirtier” than say the top of the head. What would a primatologist think about a group of warring adult gorillas who drank the milk of other primates but not their own, lived in concrete jungles instead of the bush, and wore sackcloth to gain “respect” and social acceptance from the fairer sex?

No the answer is not today`s mainstream political candidates or anyone else who wears a tie thinking that this is “normal”. Take a journey to the center of your mind and discover who you are first before you run for office. LSD will do this in a hurry under the correct environment and sitter and thats why the cursota made it illegal during the great R and R Slave Rebellion of the 1950-60s. Pure LSD is not dangerous if taken properly. Albert Hoffman, its inventor, lived to be over 100. It was waking too many people up, exactly like real R an R did. So they had to cripple Rock too in order to keep their spider niche secure. The only “danger” LSD has is that after you take it you suddenly cotton to that the world is an unrhythmic warped insane asylum, complete with anti-music music to numb the senses, an where rabid apes run in circles kicking up great clouds of dust chasing their own golden tipped tail so they can have a better chance of getting laid.

Strive to form a new free anarchistic country free from anyone who thinks clothing/absurd sex laws/anti music music have anything to do with brotherhood, intelligence and true happiness. True happiness is achieved by respecting the rights of your fellow earth spaceship travellers and by making the road easier for THEM to follow. At Bopland there are no perverts, just simple folks who want to be the masters of their own destiny.

**  with Barry Cooper added to list of recommended netsites.

*** New website added to recommended list

*** Toxic sperm-destroying BPA  found in Coca Cola. See chapter 5

** Papaya section revised again AND YET AGAIN. This tricky fruit can be either highly treacherous or highly beneficial! See chapter 7.

** “ROTHSCHILDS FINISH OFF GADDAFI” (article found on David Icke`s website today)

It is clear that the following is the real reason why libya was attacked by the cursota, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages:

* GDP per capita – $ 14,192.
* Unemployment benefit – $ 730.
* Each family member subsidized by the state gets annually $ 1.000
* Salary for nurses – $ 1.000.
* For every newborn is paid $ 7.000.
* The bride and groom receive a $ 64 thousand to purchase flats.
* Major taxes and levies prohibited.
* To open a personal business a one-time financial assistance of $ 20.000
* Education and medicine are free.
* Educ.Internships abroad – at government expense.
* Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
* Part of pharmacies – with free dispensing.
* Loans for buying a car and an apartment – no interest.
* Real estate services are prohibited.,
* Buying a car up to 50% paid by the State.
* No Payment for electricity for the population.
* Sales and use of alcohol is prohibited.
* Petrol is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline – $ 0.14.

Has Gadaffi read my blog and stolen some of my political ideas? NO REALTORS! STANDING OVATION! Of course at Bopland it is even freer, much freer.

Stop smelling your own asshole
free your mind with rock and roll

See you all at Bopland

*** Devvy Kidd`s anti-women`s lib quote – see chapter 6

*** Jeff Rense ( reluctantly added to list of recommended netsites.

*** After puzzling long and hard for years I think i finally figured out why TPTB, disguised as “google”, bought utube and why they are the ONLY massive free video site. I assume tptb have made it monetarily impossible for anyone else to have a massive free video site; this makes it possible for them to stop the scientific progress of Man so that a handful of parasites can continue to rake us over their hot nuclear electrodes. A FREE INTERNET? HA HA HA.
Look how google, and certainly the shills on Icke`s forum, have tried to nullify the slave awakening effect of Alex Jones/David Icke. And why poor old Dr. Stan Monteith cant get any kind of massive following even though he tells it like it is. I dunno but i think that search engines are set up to avoid my own site. Just type Rock and Roll, OR slave rebellion in your search engine and i`ll bet you dont see my site listed even though i list THOUSANDS of famous singers/songs. Just as if NO ONE searches for musos like Elvis Presley or Patsy Cline Ha Ha Ha. Said another way, if they did shine a spotlite on my site, they`d all have to go to work like everyone else. This is how the advance of society is stopped for the monetary benefit of the cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages.

IMO when someone has a step by step easy to follow free energy building plan, utube removes it. Thats certainly why tptb, disguised as “google”, bought utube in the first place. No one must interfere with their prison planet agenda. Note that just ONE step by step portable free energy plan would STOP the NWO dead in its tracks. There`s dozens of free energy videos on utube but NONE of them are easy to follow step by step! This is designed to keep everyone going nowhere down dead-end roads, spinning in circles, chasing ghosts and wasting time, precisely like traffic signals do. In fact that`s why cities were created in the first place.
Its horrific isn`t it, men who spend their entire lives, eg Moray/Tesla, building a free energy dream machine only to be ruined by banking parasites that no words can possibly describe.

They will be defeated

Always use SCROOGLE or STARTPAGE or IXQUICK not google

*** My new email address is

*** Why boys are taught to be girls:
(La Prenza) “On Mar. 16 – 2011, the Young Voices program of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with the Nicaraguan Network of Masculinity for Gender Equity (Red MAS) began a campaign against machismo (macho) in Nicaragua by working to change socio-cultural patterns in children and youth. Douglas Mendoza of Red MAS said that the message of the campaign that women should be respected and that being a man doesn’t mean being violent will reach 43 municipalities of the country. The slogan of the campaign, “It’s cool not to be machista!” has been printed on T-shirts, notebooks and posters.
The program is also supported by Save the Children, and the Embassies of Finland and the Netherlands.
David Orozco of the UNFPA said that many adolescent boys are not in school and that makes it more difficult to reach them (thank Jaggebar for that)”.

Spreading women`s lib (not to mention public schooling) is one of the primary objectives of the NWO`s prison planet chaos agenda. They are trying desperately to ruin the man`s true grit by feeding women a load of cow chips. Its much safer for THEM if they can con HER into ruining HIM.

Their real reasons for creating women`s lib:

1. So the woman can work and pay TAXES like the man.
2. To increase friction between the genders resulting in mostly male suicide OR male irascibility/fighting.
3. To help reduce the chance of armed rebellion by MACHO men. What is there to fear from a feminized wimpish man who wouldn`t even try to kill a snake that is eating his dog?
4. When many women start taking the man`s jobs, many men become unemployed and dejected which increases the chance of them enlisting in the military to fight wars which results in a worldwide slaughter program to reduce world population. This is their “chaos agenda” to cover up their enormous FAILURE to achieve a society based on monetary/spiritual fairness to all.
5. In this world of chaos, it gives the zoot-suited parasitic bogus criminal justice system a chance to “justify their existence” by saying to the anarchists “see we told you that you really do need us after all. You idiots will never learn how to behave.”
6. Its much much safer for THEM with less muss and fuss if THEY can con HER into ruining HIM.


The cursotic president, Woodrow Wilson, who:
1. gave us the silent banker coup in 1913 which all but ruined America.
2. in 1918 proposed a “league of nations”(united nations) but failed to convince Congress to pass the enabling legislation.
3. declared war on germany in WW-1 in 1917 and was awarded the nobel prize for “peace”.
4. raised income and inheritance taxes.
5. “occupied” Haiti and the Dominican republic.
6. brought many white southerners into his administration and tolerated their expansion of segregation in many federal agencies.
7. began the United States` first military draft since the civil war.
8. supervised agriculture and food production through the Lever Act.
9. took over control of the railroads.
10. enacted the first federal drug prohibition.
11. suppressed anti war movements.
12. was the president when the prohibition era started in 1919 ushering in a whole new era of violence and destabilization.
13. was the president when Bayer stopped making heroin in 1913 ( This set the stage for the next phase in 1914 under wilson when the harrison narcotics tax act imposed a tax on heroin sales. This should have been cause for a mass revolution but it wasn`t, probably due to media hype. The cursota were not satisfied with this illegal profit, they wanted more. So in 1924, when they learned there would be no revolution, and when the public had been convinced via media hype of the supposed dangers of heroin, they passed the heroin act which made manufacture and possession illegal. This would ensure them a far greater profit than ever before; they would simply control the production, distribution and sale of it. This at a time when the “eliot mess” parasites were raiding back yards arresting harmless folks drinking homemade white lightning singing the blues. The church loved these laws as now there would be far more “lost” people to “save”.
Digressing a moment, any type of boppy music is their mortal enemy, including jazz. Take a guess what inspired many early jazz/blues/rockabilly artists, eg Ray Charles to pick up a mike and scream. One scream/hiccup from Ray/Screamin Jay Hawkins/Wilson Pickett/Charlie Feathers is enough to instantly erase 10 years of facial wrinkles or stand up against tyranny.
They knew that if they removed the mind-expanding drugs from the people and messed up the economy, they would be easier to round up in the hills and herd them into their lifeless highly taxed hellholes disguised as “cities” where they could be convinced to join the army to fight for “freedom”.
The cursota are slow moving spiro gyras and execute their obnoxious agendas one small step at a time to avoid the noose. This is reminiscent of how they finally crippled R an R. Going back in history 3 million or so odd years from 1924, all such drugs under the sun, including cocaine/reefer were legal, not to mention most any type of sexual activity. To further ruin our sense of carefreeness, they enacted absurd chalk (sex) restrictions which choke us today. At Bopland, each anarchistic family rules and makes its own laws.
14. Supported the espionage act of 1917 which became law. This meant that now anyone who made an anti-war speech could be arrested and thrown in the can. Even a woman, Kate R. O`hare was arrested and sentenced to prison but…. and get this… there were no federal penitentiaries for women existing at the time, so she was delivered to Missouri State penitentiary on a five-year sentence in 1919 (wikipedia). In other words, way back then before th cursota created women`s lib, which conned and convinced women into pursuing a city career instead of a country man, women were much more “serenely beautiful inside” because they were “following their own heart th way nature intended”, and as a result of this, possessed an “inner contentment and beauty” that no country man alive could resist. Today men are women and women wear the pants. No its not cuz of “penis envy”, its cuz of penis hatred as taught by the betty friedan school of libber nincompoops.
15. Helped to steal/ruin the great Nicola Tesla`s free energy inventions and to remove him from the history books (Dr. Puharich).

All this “progress” in a mere 7 years under Wilson? Now this very SAME president was in office when he and the cursota began corrupting the American woman`s mind by giving her the right to vote in 1920. Can anyone see a pattern forming here? Its wilson 15, the people 0.
Suffrage was really among the most destabilizing strategems used by the cursota in their successful attempt to create friction between the genders in order to eliminate the family and childbirth, create a higher male suicide rate, and mentally-castrated unprotesting servo mechanisms disguised as “men”. Its no coincidence that New Zealand and Australia today have among the highest male suicide rates on earth, and are virtual mental hell-hole wastelands, partially cuz women there were among the very first to be “put out of their imagined suffering” (suffrage) and given the “god-given” right to vote, which is a cute way of saying that they now had the right to compete with men so they could wear the pants and be all the things they never wanted to be in the first place.

Remember, you assholes voted all the other assholes in office. Now WHO is the real… ASSHOLE?

Take a tip, my invention, Bopperism, is the ultimate way to stop these homicidal maniacs and liberate humanity. And yes, we do care about women.

*** It was BB King (smile) who convinced Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein to become vegetarians. See chapter 5.

*** To me the Jap nuclear melt down is ludicrous. Why? The fact is that nuclear technology is planned obsolescence as well as a giant red herring designed to lead you to believe that science is “advancing” instead of going backwards.
Its a sordid distraction for you slaves to keep your mind occupied on ruinous perilous parasitic energy inventions instead of ones that provide self sufficiency that would break your slavery chain.
The cursota, cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages, will do anything to get you to believe their lie that free “perpetual motion” electrical power producing contraptions do not exist. Everytime someone tries to introduce one they get murdered or have a “mysterious accident”. So now you want positive proof that free energy exists? Well then go buy a magnet and stick it on your fridge. Think how simple it would be to attach many magnets in certain positions on/near a steel wheel to keep it rotating FOREVER or at least until the bearings burn out or the grease goes dry on the axle shaft. Of course the wheel is connected to a generator which makes electricity, the same as a wind generator does. Too simple? Its been done already. Wake up slaves, they want us to remain slaves forever. The great free energy inventor himself, Nicola Tesla, had his device plans stolen/trashed and died a lonely poor man.

*** Here`s a foto of a nuclear reactor about to explode:
Just click the following;

*** Cannabalism is widespread in the world.
Take a tip, there are cannabals in every, or nearly every, square land mile in the world.
Need proof? Simple, just ask a butcher shop when they will be getting some pig torsos so you can choose one that`s hanging on the meat hooks. When they arrive take a good look at them and think of the squat girl with the short fat fannie you knew in school. Of course you cant tell the difference, but you dont care do you? You wont care either when you become a cirrhotic varicose veined slob and die before your time.
Why? Because meatarichumpistodians are dead inside, precisely like the dead decaying meat they eat. Yes i know, there are a few vegetarians with brains the size of ant`s eyes but…
The house-trained “turn the other cheek” slaves are exactly like cattle who don`t charge the fence/cattleman to gain freedom, even though its a ridiculously easy thing to do.

*** How we can get irradiated via milk. See dr. Brenner, chapter 4.

*** New video added “farm to fridge ~ th truth about meat production”. See this chapter.

*** Carter Family leaps to 5th place in Trunk of Harbitweezity all time best song list.

*** How th church/state use music to mold you into th type of submissive slob they want you to be. See chapter 5 “tall oak tree” song lyrics.

*** Why th ancient shaman degenerates created th fictional story of cain an abel. See chapter 5.

*** Is David Icke wrong about TPTB? See chapter 3

*** How to detoxify food including apples, see chapter 7.

*** My deepest regret about posting this blog is that rejecticons can read it an gain tips on longevity. In other words i am prolonging th lives of “things” with human faces. This pisses me off. These “things” are invention stealers and if they could, would ruin me AFTER they become healthy from taking my advice. These are th type of monsters we are fighting against.

*** Negative report on th “itchy glitchy” trash disguised as “citric food acid #330.” See chapter 4.

*** I get sick an put iodine and vitamin C to th test. See iodine section chapter 4.

***  Vitamin C update (again). So you thought you had omitted perilous benzoic acid from your diet?  Ha Ha Ha think again.

*** B-12 update. Did you get your RDA of cyanide today? Now masochists, be brave and take ALL your pharmaceutical B-12 cyanocobalamin tablets and relive the thrilling days of yesteryear with jim jones in Guyana. Never mind jones`cyanide-laced grape flavored flavor aid, it works too bloody fast. Get hep, you should punish yourselves more slowly thus increasing your pleasure as you die. So rejoice! Now YOU TOO can commit “revolutionary suicide”. Just before you pass out scream “this is the way for informed socialists or communists to die. Be brave like me and die with dignity”! Yes i know, th system can stand a bit of cyanide but th point is there are other harmless substances that can be used instead of cyanide.

*** Th full skinny on th vitamin C conspiracy.

Breaking news flash = The illegal ATO (Australian tax office) in Oz has proclaimed that FLIES working in restaurants as “waitresses” must pay income taxes like the other slaves. The FLIES are still protesting this decision by flying up the NOSES of restaurant patrons. The prime minister, ghoulia shil-lard, has declared a national emergency an posted troops in the restaurants. But even though she offered a $310,000 reward days ago to anyone who will smack them, its still a standoff with the reward being unclaimed. The situation was so tense that shill-lard has taken refuge in a submarine until the FLIES can be subdued. Paradoxically, when one Black Aboriginal Native said he would personally go into each and every restaurant, even in her submarine, and swat the flies for free, she said no cuz he was bare-chested. When asked why she had wrapped herself from head to foot with white clothing, including panties and bra wrapped tight around her noggin, she sarcastically replied “stupid, didn`t you know that flies are more attracted to Blacks than Whites?”

** Update on chia seeds, th astounding “17th dimension” energy food with “magic carpet” like qualities.

** John Pilger says “On 25 April, the day before I flew out of Australia, I sat in a bar beneath the great sails of the Sydney Opera House. It was Anzac Day, the 95th anniversary of the invasion of Ottoman Turkey by Australian and New Zealand troops at the behest of British imperialism. The landing was an incompetent stunt of blood sacrifice conjured by Winston Churchill, yet it is celebrated in Australia as an unofficial national day. The ABC evening news always comes live from the sacred shore at Gallipoli, where, this year, as many as 8,000 flag-wrapped Antipodeans listened, dewy-eyed, to the Australian governor general, Quentin Bryce, who is the Queen’s viceroy, describe the point of pointless mass killing. It was, she said, all about a “love of nation, of service, of family, the love we allow ourselves to receive. [It is a love that] rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And it never fails. You’ll be a man, my son.

Of all the attempts at justifying state murder I can recall, this drivel of DIY therapy, clearly aimed at the young, takes the blue riband”.

** MSG, the “miracle” food additive for those who want to be “pleasantly plump” with 47 layers of grrrr…gristle! Rejoice, now you can make love to 2 ojay (people) at th same time without either one knowing the other is there! Avoid disappointment, order a trainload of it today while supplies last!

** Telstra telephone company forces Oz customers to pay bills every 30 days instead of 90 days AFTER much of telstra was sold to private interests. Heroically, telstra rewarded these schmaltzy customers for not protesting en masse to these crippling laws by creating new jobs to boost the economy thus helping to lower the high rate of suicide, err…. new jobs that is for those living in the American/Oz colony disguised as the “Philippines”. To verify, just dial “technical support” an say “consultant” 10-50 times to the irritating computer.

** GARDEN WATER HOSES tested and found to supply LEAD, an “essential” biodegradable dietary mineral. So rejoice, now there`s no need to drink costly battery acid anymore to get your minimum daily requirement!

** VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY found in sunny hot climates HAHAHA, keep those panties on and covered, laugh it up gang.

** The IATROGENIC cause of PINK DISEASE {infant COT DEATH related illness} was discovered in 1947, but even in 1956, the US medical establishment maintained the cause was “uncertain”.

** After years of searching, i finally found one of our 3 lost Tonkilus (Bopland National Anthems). Listen for free now while th iron is hot! On google search the Cadillacs “rock and roll is here to stay”. Click th 4th choice “rock roll is here stay, rapid search – 308 files”. Then type in the files tube search “rock roll is here stay, cadillacs. Then click th 2nd choice (4

** The BIG LIE = George Washington was NOT the first USA president.

** The cursota`s “golden rule” was created to give great importance to a worthless ground pebble by associating it with a meaningful phrase th christians/cursota pretend to be th authors of. Just as if we needed them to tell us what we would have intrinsically known, provided we were not driven morosely mad by being forced to sit in rigid anti-sexual church/state ballyhoo chairs for 12 years beginning at age 6. However, our definition of “golden rule” is “itchycoo rule” (from th Small Faces) or self-governing rule (Gandhi called this “swaraj”) that will come as a result of the courage of all rockeonies (musicians) willing to resist authority when abused. In this blog you will meet some of them.

** Found = One reason WHY they demonized non-addicting reefer via the media. White sugar is a major ingredient in cigarettes!

Reinforcements on th way ~ I cher (pray).


(Please remember to read this entire blog first so you can better comprehend these websites of which i have no control over)

Note that I am NOT affiliated in any way, shape, form or manner with any of these patriot netsites, so after you throw me out of your boat cuz i refuse to be ashamed of my body, remember that.

If th following netsites are all new to you, you are in for a BIG surprise!

Beware of other websites not listed here that may very well be run by the cursota
(cirrhotic unskilled rabid scum of the ages). At this particular time, these cursotic disinformation websites, featuring both loud and soft-spoken worm-heads, are ubiquitous! But why in the jack (world) would the cursota want to run a netsite that appears to be
on the side of the patriot truth movement? In other words what`s
the point of providing mental ammo to your opponent who is trying
to defeat you? This scenario explains why; suppose there are two
netsites that have become the leaders of the freedom movement
thanks to their informative news etc. Each of the two netsites has
millions of followers hanging on their every printed/spoken word.
Now suppose one of the two netsites is controlled by the cursota,
and the other one really is a netsite composed of legitamate true
freedom fighters opposed to the cursota`s nwo{new world order}. How can the cursota neutralize/sabotage the offensive power of the real patriot netsite? Its not that hard to do, just begin bad-mouthing
them until the sheeple get scared an “run back in their pen”. Now
once the sheeple are safely locked inside, and the real patriot
netsite is shut down, the netsite that all the sheep thought was
going to free them begins to sabotage itself and creates a
“national emergency” of some sort such as a killer flu. Now the
sheep will be without a righteous leader and thoroughly
disorientated tripping over themselves trying to find somebody to
protect them from this “killer flu”. In the resulting mass
hysteria, they will gratefully accept the vaccinations/medicine
that will eventually slowly kill them and wreck their immune
system, as well as the immune systems of their offspring for
generations to come {Dr. Stan Monteith/radio liberty}.

Always remember the following quote which was probably written to frighten us into inaction and submission. The protocols of the learned elders of zion, protocol # 12, among others proclaims = “I BEG YOU TO NOTE THAT AMONG THOSE MAKING ATTACKS UPON US WILL ALSO BE ORGANS ESTABLISHED BY US, BUT THEY WILL ATTACK EXCLUSIVELY POINTS THAT WE HAVE PRE-DETERMINED TO ALTER”. In other words, we are to be led down murderous dead end roads by the cursota via “controlled opposition propaganda”. Websites run by the cursota are ubiquitous today, so just view the ones listed in this blog to be relatively certain to get the full skinny!

One thing is certain, if you lead the protest group or make the video, you won`t have to ponder the leader`s true intentions. But remember, we`re almost out of
time. They want to cripple th net like they did R an R. There is small time left! Make your stand! They want us frozen with fear and divided! Soon the internet may be scrapped! Do you have a death wish? Yes? First get relatively lost in an area that has a stream flowing. Then find a big field of tall grass or a big corn field of many acres, cover your eyes with a handkerchief, and run blindly thru it until you can run no more. Then take the long way home!

Make a copy of this blog so if it is deleted by someone, and stays off the net for 3 months, you can simply re-post it but please credit me as being th original author.


With David Icke ~ Don`t miss his “get off your knees” speeches if he comes to your country. Is it just me or can anyone else see the lines of courage, intelligence and virtue written in his face?

*** an see the free videos with Eustace Mullins-David Icke an many others. Or see some of the creme de la creme FREE PATRIOT VIDEOS listed on another page.


With the gritty dynamic unflappable Texan, Barry Cooper. Most probably his extraordinary change from narcotics cop to freedom fighter can be attributed to a bit of love and reefer. Let`s back up this man and hope that one day Texans can be convinced to SECEDE from the fascistic farce that is the corporation disguised as “Amerika”. See also Barry`s kopbusters videos on utube. Making a new anarchistic country called Bopland from Texas would be the greatest achievement in all of history. Why? Because there has never been a totally free country if we omit the American Indian Nations. SO STAND UP AND BE HEARD AND SUPPORT BARRY.

*** or

With th walking encyclopedia and oratory master, Alex Jones. He`ll get you updated on th cursota`s NWO in a roaring big hurry. I think that there`s an excellent chance Alex is on our side, that`s why I list him despite the fact that we have vastly different thoughts on a few things, eg vegetarianism and hunting. Cohuttas, the cloud we are all riding on is disappearing! So SUPPORT HIM monetarily or in any way you can.


Top info site seems to hit th nail on th head but… beware of th bogus ads.

Reluctantly included cuz i`m not sure if Jeff Rense is deliberately or accidentally trying to infect us with pessimism on how to stop th NWO. His attacks on Alex Jones make no sense either. But he does shine with brilliance occasionally eg, “isn`t it amazing, Jordan (Maxwell), to see alleged Americans (he means especially the police who arrest peaceful street protesters and enforce silly laws) enforcing the will and destruction of their own country? In doing this, they are the dumbest asses in history.” Jordan then replies “they are enemies (of the people). Unfortunately the people don`t see the importance of it because it has nothing to do with basketball.”


With th unchained Gerald Celente. “Look who`s th homeland security director, janet napolitano, are you kidding me or what, security of what, i mean look at these people, you know who these people are Alex (Jones), do you remember in high school and college, th people who wanted to be th class president or th head of th student council who thought they were smarter than everyone else, an they sucked up an brown nosed an KNEW NOTHING, well here they are, they`re telling all th rest of us how to think and how to act, is it suspicious, yes it is, is th government totally incompetent, look at what they`re doing, Katrina quality rescue skills”.

Right on. Note that an obnoxious woman is the homeland security director. Why a woman? As will be repeated thruout this blog, when there is a grave threat of violent revolution due to some absurd new law designed to make men more effeminate and therefore less likely to openly rebel, they often position a woman on th front line and hide under her skirt when th threat of open rebellion of th male slaves reaches a frenzy. This reminds of th genital groping of th TSA at airports in order to humiliate and train th man to accept a more subservient form of slavery that has ever been seen before in history. Unless th sheeple awaken, th next president will be another sorry female kleptomaniac like… sorry its physically impossible for me to say her name but it rhymes with “nillary”.

Why are they arranging to have women leaders elected worldwide? Until th cursota came along, most men basically trusted or at least respected women more so than men. In other words its more easy to openly hate one`s father but not th mother. So most men incorrectly think that th corrupted woman wouldn`t want to ruin them just for th fun of it. And if a man does verbally question a woman`s legal “right” to abuse him, which goes against th grain of tribalism and nature, the controlled medias will say “he`s just another macho maniac who wants to keep women down”.

This is one reason why th ultimate traitor, president woodrow wilson, gave women th right to vote in 1920, and why th cursota sponsored and created women`s lib in th first place. To verify, see Aaron Russo/Henry Makow.

Here`s a few reasons why someone would want to be say a high school class president:

1. They are mostly oblivious to nature`s “call of th wild”. There`s not much else for city kids to do except punish themselves by watching or participating in sports and striving to get good school grades, especially when th radio is filled with anti-music music (guanoza). These are th type of kids who often get a big wallop out of pulling the tails off lizards because deep inside they know they are living a lie, and so must kill or maim SOMETHING, in order to ease th “cabin fever” pressure in their tortured noggin. Those who don`t kill lizards or th like, may kill themselves instead.

2. They probably prefer safe symphonic music instead of adventurous Rock cuz this more suits their “toe th line” schmaltzy personality.

3. Their parents/teachers/elders kept asking them “what do you want to be when you grow up, a fireman/policeman/accountant etc”, instead of “when you grow up do you want to be a truth seeker with character who is fiercely independent and following the career desires of his heart, or someone else who has chosen a career solely for economic reasons”?

4. They probably are meatarichumpistodians who disrespect animals.

5. They are taught from day one that competing with other men is preferable to assisting them. Thus, very few or none of them will say “yer going th wrong direction friend, i`ll lend you a helping hand”. To verify this just ask yourself when someone gave YOU a free anti-NWO video, pertinent netsite address, or told you that there are many different ways to cure cancer, none of them being chemotherapy.

6. Because no one ever told them to carefully select and only read books that enlighten rather than dull the spirit, their childhood was spent learning pinball gamish anti-knowledge knowledge and now their grey matter has been converted into a …pinball.

7. I`d bet my pet they rarely or never masturbated/had chalk (sex). You can just take one look at their ghostly vacant faces to know this. They dunno it but th cursota endlessly preach this anti-sex/masturbation/nudity “feel shame be tame” theme for many reasons, eg they have to in order to remain parasites. Those who never masturbate/have sex are more prone to cancer (use it or lose it) and have a subservient pessimistic outlook on life which is music to th ears of th rejecticons.

The typical male class president is often an effeminate milksop who excels in school subjects that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality or real success/peace of mind, and because he has th correct mental deficiencies already “pre-installed” in his encephalon, is later allowed to become th latest nincompoopish “pillar of society” disguised as an FDA executive/governor/mayor/general or th like. Think of all th hundreds of people living today who have been state governors but only ONE that i know of, Jesse Ventura, can be regarded as a true enlightened freedom fighter. Can you now see th intricate mental trap the spiders have weaved thru th millennia that throttles human invention and discovery? A trap that few are able to pry open and escape from?

Talk about a pisser, i was on a double date with a female class president once and as i peeled back her ugly tummy layers of fat hoping for a little masochistic action, reminiscent of Hoagy Carmichael`s song “huggin an chalkin”, she twisted her face into a burnt mummified pretzel and clamped her legs shut like a clam while my friend in the back seat had th car rockin with a skinny plain Jane with half a brain. I`ll take th smart chick, th one they call “dumb”, every time.

With Dr. ROBERT F. CATHCART III. Included to give you a broader health perspective.


With Chris. Remarkable free videos/info designed to awaken the spirit of lost people. Many fabulous links.


With Adam Kokesh and street gang. View the power of ingenious courageous Patriots right before your eyes. Their thing is putting informative posters along roadways which is a remarkably fast and effective way to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people. Standing ovation.


With th astute Yankee, Larken Rose, of Pennsylvania. Don`t miss his extraordinary free video, “I`m allowed to rob you”, on the netsite. The video gives some idea of th real intentions of th farcical, err…. I mean founding fathers.

*** and

With Ernest Hancock. Superior ad-free radio show “declare your independence” = “I remember for 100 years we have fought these “machines”, and after a century of war, I remember that what matters most is ~ we are still here ! ~ let us make them remember ~ we are not afraid”!

Take a tip, this is a “no holds barred” free talk radio show the way its supposed to be. Please donate to them so they dont have to interrupt the show with commercial breaks. Relevant topics include circumcision–incest and other highly controversial topics others wouldn`t touch with a 40 foot bamboo pole. Its so funny, they banned me from their forum for “spam” even though i`m NOT selling anything.


Conspiracy videos, movies and documentaries exposing the secrecy behind the institutions of global control. Subjects such as the Illuminati New World Order, government conspiracies, secret societies, one world government, suppressed technologies, UFOs, the 9/11 conspiracy, private monetary control and more are revealed within.

*** (site is currently frozen but you can still see th videos)

With Billy Vegas ~ check the immaculate free videos especially “we

are the ones we have been waiting for” with Howard Beale/Peter

Finch = see “network” on utube also.

More of his “must see” videos found on utube include:

1984:big brother burgers ~ Obama and the War Criminals ~ Why Resistance Is Essential ~ How You Ended The War ~ The Uprising! ~ Who owns you ~ How To Create An Angry American ~ The Militarization of Our Police ~ Smokers Are Terrorists ~ Simple Card Tricks for War ~ Torture: “John Yoo’s Greatest Hits.


With Sakerfa. Massive Superlative site countering ballyhoo via “de-programming” education.


With Max Igan ~ Time to rejoice, a main vine Aussie video producer has joined the info war.


Superb Anti-NWO netsite with news-videos not found on the main media ballyhoo network disguised as “your local TV”. UPDATE 12-07-10 = Readers note, ICH (12-07-10) support wikileaks despite Webster Tarpley/Alex Jones tending to think they were shils on 12-06-10. There is a HUGE difference of opinion on wikileaks all  across the net so i dunno.  Note that as of  (12-22-10) John Pilger and others believe Assange is for real.


With Kurt Annaheim ~ Check his blog about land ownership and see th mind-boggling new alternative energy products being offered to us.

*** (site is off th net  7-2010)

Will this new netsite be the one to beat in Oz?


Pertinent libertarianistic news/free videos from California


With Lew Rockwell ~ “the reality of the state is that it is a

looting and killing machine, so why do so many people cheer for its

expansion? Indeed, why do we tolerate its existence at all?”


With John Pilger ~ See his free videos now while you still can.


With Luke Rudkowski ~ “be the change you want to see in this world”.


With Sheriff Richard Mack ~ A must read/wakeup call for all freedom loving police.


With Michael Rivero ~ check the incredible news and free radio show.


Slap women`s lib with the Canadian Jew ~ Henry Makow.


Fabulous news not commonly heard


Neil Young lists hundreds of anti-cursotic songs and videos


With Ian Crane ~ See his shocking videos and commentary

*** Charlie Sheen (he doesn`t have a net page but you can hear his

9/11 commentary via David Icke/Alex Jones/others}


Insightful radio show with the renouned Christian, Dr. Stan Monteith.


With Katherine Albrecht ~ Informative news about microchipping us.


Refreshing Oz alternative news/radio site slapping the official “spin doctors”.


Architects an engineers for 9/11 truth” ~ Bopland`s future techies?


With Adrian Salbuchi ~ See his many utube videos, eg 2010 forecast


No true Boplander will relax until Ed and Elaine Brown/Irwin

Schiff/Sherry Jackson an the other falsely arrested patriots are set free.


The legendary Irwin Schiff gives away his entire writings!


With Jesse Ventura ~ Is it just me or can anyone else see him

wearing our colorful Bopland sapote {flag} which says “go man go



Pertinent news from around the globe


Pertinent up to date world news especially the middle East.


See th enlightening and heartening videos by freedom fighters such as Larken Rose, one of th very few patriots on th net who can educate in a roaring hurry.


Iraq veterans against the war ~ Over 1,700 Members, 61 Chapters,

in 48 states. For all you ojay who maintain that all Americans are

evil; see with your own two eyes the class of unbribable

jukistocrats {ambassadors} who would also be guiding Bopland`s

armed forces.


Oath keeping patriots defending the Constitution ~ They can`t save

America without your help ~ “orders we will NOT obey”:

1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the

American people

3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful

enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of

emergency” on a state.

5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that

asserts its sovereignty.

6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus

turning them into giant concentration camps.

7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any

form of detention camps under any pretext.

8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any

foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep

the peace” or to “maintain control.”

9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the

American people, including food and other essential supplies.

10. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the

people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their

government for a redress of grievances.

Don`t forget to check out their links. MONETARILY SUPPORT an spread

the word an write their netsites on paper mun, after all it is

worthless trash. These netsites cannot effect change alone, an are

basically powerless if the majority let their inability to face

reality stand in the way of their online schooling.

I reckon the best way to inform people about these websites is to make a sign and install it on stop signs/telephone poles/abandoned houses/water towers/traffic road signs/overhead freeway bridges and big rocks/trees/trash/on the side of the road. Often only an oil based paint and a brush is needed.

1. Buy some cheap waterproof material, eg flat roofing sheet metal/white styrofoam vegie boxes/plastic sheets/cement sheets/plywood sheets.
2. Sheet metal companies/construction sites always throw away small bits and pieces which can be obtained free.
3. Styrofoam boxes can be obtained free by asking food store clerks.
4. Plastic white artist sheets can be bought cheap in big department stores/office supply.
5. Cement/plywood panels can sometimes be obtained free from hardware stores/lumber companies.
6. Tools needed: Needle nose pliers-drill-drill bits-tin snips-wire-gloves-small artist brushes available at hobby shops/turpentine to clean up/paper towels.
7. If you got the mun, make a sign just like a stop sign and install it by the road in the early morning where everyone driving to work will see it.

Remember, just ONE of these signs, strategically located, is often enough to wake up an ENTIRE TOWN!


** The China Study 14 of 14 ( Vegan Vegetarian Health Benefits / Lose Weight ) by dr. T. Colin Campbell. See all 14 videos and REJOICE!

** “Why humans are primarily plant-eaters by design “Dr. Milton R. Mills

** “Farm to fridge ~ th truth behind meat production.”

** The death of Sam Cooke ~ chapter 1 of 5 ~ Interview with Erik Greene ~ “The whole scenario was a set-up”.

** With the legendary former Beatle, Paul McCartney. “If slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian”.

** “The netsite the meat industry doesn`t want you to see”.

**  “When men become truly free” by Colin Ryan via the legendary Sakerfa`s

** “The Revolution will not be televised” DIRECTED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY KIM BARTLEY AND DONNACHA O’BRIAIN IRELAND.For all those who have been brainwashed by the USA medias about Hugo Chavez/Venezuela. Astounding gut-wrenching movie that demonstrates the power of the people. The seeds of Spartacus strike back!

** “animal rights bill” with Pommy David Icke.

** If this doesn`t invigorate your fighting spirit, nothing will = “David Icke ~ finding the warrior within (time to grow up)”!

** For all those who think they are not a slave about to be culled. Finally, the ponzi scheme, err… i mean th money system explained in plain language! “Why we`re in so much debt”, 1 of 8. By Kirk Mackenzie =

** “The US vs John Lennon” ~ Especially see the part where John accuses Jerry Rubin of lying. There are hundreds of other informative videos to watch free.

**  “We are the ones we have been waiting for” with Billy Vegas;

**  “America freedom to fascism” with Aaron Russo;

**  “The Obama Deception” with Alex Jones. Dont miss his other “must see” videos;

** “The World Order” with Eustace Mullins;

** “The war on democracy” with John Pilger;

** Adrian Salbuchi – 2010 Forecast: “Transition from Globalization to World Government -1 of 3″

** “The Calling” with Aussie Max Igan

** “The 2 sides of Barack Obama” John Pilger

** Project Camelot interviews David Icke

** John Perkins on American Foreign policy – Democracy Now

** James Traficant`s hearing; railroaded, Janet Reno.

This video, and other Traficant videos, demonstrates unequivocally that America`s political system has been eroded due to its ill-design, and that a new system must replace it. Said another way, th reason why th gutless wonders, disguised as “congress”, railroaded James was simply because, unlike themselves, he was unafraid of th cursota and was determined to expose them. Says Traficant via “It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congressional session, June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate the Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States?” . . . Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations. . . . The Federal Reserve System is a sovereign power structure separate and distinct from the federal United States government.. . . Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913) “hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a “beneficiary” of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their “subjects,” the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System. In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit “money substitute” it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their “economic slaves”, the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks/forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers. Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank.We the people have exchanged one master for another. This has been going on for over eighty years without the “informed knowledge” of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it’s easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt. Why don’t more people own their properties outright? Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less? We are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it. America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country”. End of quote.

I maintain that th cursota, who plan centuries ahead, deliberately saw to it that there were “self destruct” flaws written in both th Articles of Confederation an th Constitution when they were written, so that they could continue their psychopathic scheme of building countries up so they can bring them down in a neverending boom and bust vicious cycle. Furthermore, gloom an doom economists say over an over that America can`t be saved because “it can never pay back its national debt”. Whoooa dad get it straight, why don`t you say this instead “because America was hijacked by treasonists, and created paper mun out of thin air (fiat mun), then stole th mun from th slaves via illegal income and other taxes, THEY ARE NOT obligated to pay it back. Therefore there is no real debt. You cant pay back something that never existed anyway, even if you wanted to! Nothing from nothing leaves nothing! But wait, even if you backed up th fiat paper mun with valueless gold in a big guarded vault somewhere in Fort Knox, would th mun then have value? In other words if I bought a bag of lentils from you in your grocery store on credit but then discovered they were cow chips, would I be obligated to pay you back? HAHAHA.

** “1984 Big Brother Burgers” =

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{Representing only a fraction of twelled Cherilaylas}

Th twelling date is sometimes a best guess; “S” means “speculate”, “E” means “early”, “L” means “late”, “M” means “mid”. Cherilaylas marked with a “U” means either th key could not be determined or that there was no attempt to determine it; if th key changes,”T” means “then”, “P” means “plus” {if another twelling of th same song is in a different key}, “NA” means “not applicable”. “Unrel” means unreleased. Lee Oscar harps were used to determine th keys. Usually only th original twellings are listed of which many have disappeared. Sorrily, lightnin often strikes but once.

Th majority of songs mentioning words borrowed from meatarichumpistodianistic inferior religions, eg heaven/angel/lord/god/devil/jesus/christ/christmas/meatloaf/eggs/ivory/t-bone/leather/suede are excluded. Ditto for songs loudly saying something like “if my baby don`t want me around, I`m goin to th river jump off a pier an dround”. Ditto for fiction songs with a death theme obviously written for sobbing sensationalism purposes to sell twellings.

However, as of 12-18-2010 a few top songs with Christian words like “lord” will be included. Each song  will be marked thusly = ###. Why? As a token of respect to my amiable Christian friends and as an aid to Rockeonies when looking for unique hottentottie (instrumentation) arrangements. However, they will NOT be included in the list of th top teeraleers of all time.

Zimmeristic Boplanders “never say die” so these words/songs are generally excluded from their lives. If I missed yer song it could be cuz my entire music collection was once destroyed.

Yes I know, this excludes many songs but so be it. They should be re-recorded using the new words whenever possible. Words like “wedding/marry” are often OK cuz one can get married privately via a riki tiki tavi (wedding ceremony ~ from Donovan) among friends in a great suaray (celebration party) where your best friend announces you “Charlie and Shirley” (man and wife ~ from the Rolling Stones`drummer Charlie an Shirley Watts who were married in 1964, one of the longest rock star marriages as of today 2010). There is no official marriage certificate and the state is not informed. Alternately, if one gets a wallop out of chains/taxes/official certificates, contact a yakalinquentic (lawyer).

Th * top * teeraleers * of * all * time * based * solely * on *th * number * of * listed * *CHERILAYLAS*

1. Beatles = 69

2. Elvis Presley = 66

3. Del Shannon = 65
4. Fats Domino = 63
Carter Family = 56
Rolling Stones = 54
7. Everly Brothers = 51
8. Hank Ballard and th Midnighters ~ Otis Redding = 46
9. Ike and Tina Turner = 39

10. Roy Orbison = 37
11. Wanda Jackson = 36
12. Connie Francis = 35
13. Dion ~ Bill Haley ~ Ricky Nelson = 34
14. Ronnie Hawkins/
Hank Williams = 33

15. Skeeter Davis = 32

** NOTE = The Drifters would have been ranked about 4th if Bobby Hendrix–Clyde Mcphatter–and Ben E. King had been included in th count.

As of 1-1-2011 there was over 6630 grenades in th Trunk to throw at the cursota and blow apart th heart of guanoza. In other words, 6630 rebellious “psychologists” using a proven methodology guaranteed to remove the word “suicide” from dictionaries.

***Abba ***

honey honey 74 F

so long sm 70s U

SOS 75 F

waterloo 74 D

mama mia 76 D

ring ring 76 U

dancin queen 76 APU

knowin me 77 U

name of th game 77 U

gimme gimme gimme 79 U

take a chance on me 77 B

chiquitita 79 APU

bang a boomerang s77 U

lovelite 79 U

summer nite city sm70s U

***Accents ***

wiggle wiggle 59 U

***Ace, Johnny ***

pledging my luv sl50s U

cross my heart s50s U

***Acuff, Roy ***

wabash cannonball s40s A

### jole blon sl40s U

***Adams, Art an th Rhythm Knights ***

dancin doll sl50s D

***Adams, Billy ***

rock pretty mama 57 U

***Adams, Bryan ***

run to you sl80s BPU

Adams, Johnny ***

reconsider me s40s U

***Adderley, Cannonball ***

mercy mercy mercy 67 U

***Adkins, Hasil *** {he was a one man band}

she said s50s U

no more hot dogs s50s U

th hunch s50s U

shake that thing s60s U

this aint no R an R show s50s U

baby why dont u go with me s60s U

we got a date s60s U

hammer hunch s70s U

I wanna kiss yer lips s60s U

lonely luv s60s U

i`m happy s50s U

***Ad Libs ***

I`m just a down home girl 65 E

***Air Supply ***

outta nuthin at all se80s U

lost in luv 80 G

all out of luv 80 U

***Akens, Jewell ***

birds an bees 65 BPU

***Alabama ***

th closer ya get 83 G

mountain music 82 A

***Alaimo, Steve ***

every day I have ta cry some 62 U

***Alden, Craig ***

crazy little horn s60s U

***Aleongan, Aki an th Nobles ***

Hiawatha s50s U

***Alexander, Ora ***

u`ve gotta save that thing {th first time R an R is mentioned in a song?} 31 F

***Alice Wonder Land ***

he`s mine 63 U

***Alive an Kickin *** {see Tommy James}

***Allen, Bill ***

please give me somethin 58 E

***Allen, Connie an Orchestra *** {see Todd Rhodes}

***Allen, Ernestine ***

I want a little boy s61 U

***Allen, Harold ***

I need some lovin s56 U

***Allen, Lee an His Band ***

walkin with mr. Lee s60s U

***Alley Cats ***

puddin-n-tain 63 E

***Allisons ***

surfer street s60s U

***Allman Brothers *** {see also Derek an Dominoes}

ramblin man 73 A-fla

midnite rider 74 U

whippin post sm70s E

***Alpert, Herb an th Tijuana Brass ***

whipped cream 65 U

what now my luv sm60s GTA-flat

monday monday s60s U

a taste of honey 65 U

luv potion #9 s60s B-flat

th lonely Bull 62 A-flat

struttin with Maria s60s G

tijuana taxi 66 U

mame s60s U

Zorba the Greek s60s U

Spanish flea s60s U

***Alvin, Dave *** {see Sonny Burgess 1992}

***Amboy Dukes ***

journey to th center of yer mind 68 U

***Amelio, Johnny ***

juque se60s U

***America ***

horse with no name 72 E

I need you 72 U

ventura highway 72 D

lonely people 75 U

***American Breed ***

bend me shape me 67 U

***Ames Brothers ***

naughty lady of shady lane s50s U

***Anderson, Jimmy ***

I`m a king bee 63 U

frankie an Johnny 69 U

***Andrea True Connection ***

more more more s70s U

***Andrews Sisters ***

8 to th bar se40s B-flat

don`t fence me in s40s E-flat

more beer s40s U

money is th root of all evil s40s U

***Angel, Johnny *** {see Tippin Johnny}

***Angels *** {see Rock an Roll Kittitees}

***Animals ***

th rite time 64 UPC

we gotta get out 65 UPCTF

monterey 68 UPA

boom boom 65 UPFPF-sharp

baby let me take ya home 63 U

I`m cryin 64 FPF-sharp PU

what am I livin for s60s U

don`t bring me down 66 C

I put a spell on you s60s U

brite lites big city 65 UP-HG

gonna send ya back ta walker 64 UPD

help me girl 66 CPU

C C rider 66 U

when I was young 67 U

talkin bout you 64 F

take it easy 64 E

club a go go 65 HG

dimples 64 F

let th good times roll 65 HG

***Anka, Paul ***

remember Diana 63 U

Diana l50s U

dance on little girl l50s U

all of a sudden my heart sings 59 U

time to cry s60s U

luv me warm and tender s60s U

### my home town sl50s U

put yer head on my shoulder sl50s U

summer`s gone sl50s U

***Annette {Funicello} an th Afterbeats ***

train of luv 60 U

Jo Jo th dog faced boy 59 U

how will I know my luv sl50s U

pineapple princess sl50s U

talk to me baby 60 U

surfer boy sl50s U

***Ann Margret ***

I just dont understand 61 U

it do me so good se60s U

***Anthony, Ray ***

Peter Gunn theme s60s U

***Apostle, Jimmy ***

I luv ya honey sl50s U

***Applejacks ***

Mexican hat rock s60s U

***Aquatones ***

she`s th one for me 57 F

th drive-in 58 B-flat

crazy for you 61 FTB-flat-TF

every time 60 D-flat

my darling 60 F

there`s a long long trail 60 A-flat

so fine 58 B-flat

lite up th sky 57 B-flat

my treasure 58 A-flat

Anna Mae sl50s F

you 58 U

***Arbors ***

symphony for Susan s60s U

th letter 69 U

***Archies ***

sugar sugar 69 D

jingle jangle 70 U

***Argent ***

hold yer head up 72 D

Armstrong, Louis ***

hello Dolly 64 U

when its sleepytime down south s40s U

***Arnell, Ginny ***

I wish I knew what dress to wear sm60s U

dumb head 64 U

Arnold, Eddie ***

make th world go away sl50s U

a heart full of luv sl40s U

all alone in this world se50s U

***Art Movement *** {see Roy Orbison}

***Ashley, Clarence ***

Corrinna Corinna 31 U

***Assembled Multitude ***

overture from Tommy 70 U

***Association ***

windy 67 F

along comes Mary 66 U

never my luv 67 U

***Astronauts ***

ride th wild surf s60s U

tomorrow`s gonna be another day s60s U

Baja 63 U

***Austin, Sil an Orchestra ***

birthday party s58 U

slow walk 56 F

Autry, Gene ***

don`t fence me in s40s U

someday u`ll want me sl40s U

***Avalon, Frankie ***

gingerbread 58 U

Venus 59 B-flat

why 60 U

Dede Dinah 58 G

just ask yer heart sl50s U

dont throw away all those teardrops 60 U

*** Bachelors ***

no arms can ever hold you 65 U

Marie 65 E

moments to remember s60s U

yesterday when I was young s60s E-flat

last thing on my mind s60s DTE-flat-TE

well respected man s60s U

*** Bachman Turner Overdrive ***

U aint seen nothin yet s70s U

*** Backus, Jim and Friend ***

delicious s60s NA

*** Bad Company ***

feel like makin luv sm70s D

ready for luv sm70s D

movin on 75 C

can`t get enough 74 C

*** Bad Finger ***

luv me do se70s U

come an get it 70 EPU

day after day 71 F

baby blue sl60s U

no matter what 70 U

*** Baez, Joan ***

hello in there s70s F

diamonds an rust 75 U

there but for fortune 65 U

baby blue s60s U

### forever young s60s U

*** Bagdads ***

bring back those doowops s60s U

*** Bailey, Buster an Rhythm Busters ***

lite up s30s U

*** Baja Marimba Band ***

along comes Mary 67 U

ghost riders in th sky 66 U

comin in th back door 64 U

*** Baker, LaVern ***

you`d better find yerself another fool sl50s U

I waited too long 59 D

Jim Dandy 56 U

hey memphis 61 U

c c rider sl50s D

voodoo voodoo 58 F

I cried a tear 58 E

tweedle dee 54 D-flat

tra la la 56 U

substitute 57 U

humpty dumpty heart 57 D-flat

he`s a real gone guy 58 A-flat

so high so low 59 E-flat

soul on fire 53 E-flat

bumble bee 60 U

*** Baker, Mickey ***

shake it up s50s G

*** Balham Alligators ***

sugar bee s80s U

*** Ballard, Hank an Midnighters {aka Royals} ***

Annie`s aunt Fannie 54 U

twist 58 E

its luv baby 55 C

Annie had a baby 54 E-flat

hoochie coochie coo 60 D

finger poppin time 60 E

Henry`s got flat feet 55 E-flat

lets go lets go 60 E-flat

open up th back door 55 E

look at little sister 59 E

teardrops on yer letter 58 U

lets go again 60 U

sweet mama do rite sl50s E

nuthin but good 61 U

I`ll be home someday sl50s E-flat

coffee grind sl50s D-flat

I`ll keep ya happy sl50s U

she`s got a whole lotta soul sl50s U

baby please sl50s U

ooh bah baby sl50s U

all nite long {with Wynonie Harris} s53 B-flat

tell them s53 F

rock granny roll s53 C

I`ll never let her go se50s U

get it se50s U

I`m cryin mercy sl50s U

c`mon baby lets shake it sl50s E

lets go again 60 U

in th doorway cryin {slow version} sl50s D

is yer luv fer real sl50s E

broadway sl50s G

goodbye so long? sl50s U

don`t change yer pretty ways sl50s C

stingy little thing sl50s E-flat

tore up over you 56 E-flat

that house on th hill sl50s E-flat

let em roll sl50s U

deep blue sea 60 E

I`m gonna miss ya 61 U

daddy rollin stone 61 F

don`t go I luv ya sl50s E-flat

young lady sl50s U

I said I would`nt beg ya sl50s HG

I could luv ya sl50s C

th Float sl50s C

sexy ways sl50s U

*** Ballard, Jimmy Lee ***

say u`ll be mine s50s C

*** Ball, Kenny and his Jazzman ***

midnite in Moscow se60s U

*** Th Band *** {see also Ronnie Hawkins}

rag mama rag 70 F

up on cripple creek 69 U

aint got no home sl60s D

*** Bang th Drum ***

sometimes passion 90 A

*** Barbarians ***

moulty s60s U

*** Barber, Chris Jazz Band ***

petite fleur 59 U

*** Bardot, Brigitte *** {animal rights activist}

*** Bare, Bobby (Bill Parsons) ***

streets of Baltimore s60s U

tequila Sheila 80 CTD

4 strong winds 64 U

Detroit city 63 ETB

all American boy {as Bill Parsons} 58 E

rock stars lament s70s A

up against th wall s70s E

crazy again s70s G

numbers 79 GTA

rough on th living s70s C

call me th breeze s70s F-sharp

down to my last come an get me s70s E

white freight liner blues s70s A

gotta get rid of this band 80 U

if ya aint got nuthin 82 E

desperados waitin for a train 73 U

th winner s80s U

goin back ta Texas s80s U

zigzag twist 61 FTG

brooklyn bridge {alternate unreleased version} 61 F

dear waste basket 63 F

gotta travel on 63 ETFTF-sharp-T-HG

in th misty moonlite {with Skeeter Davis} 64 U

I don`t care {with Skeeter Davis} 64 F

u can`t stop th wild wind 65 D

rubber dolly 58 F

Marie Laveaux {live} s60s U

shame on me s60s U

let him roll s60s U

*** Bar-Kays

soul finger 67 U

*** Barnes, Benny

poor man`s riches s50s U

*** Barrett, Sweet Emma ***

I aint givin nobody none of my jellyroll 60 U

*** Barry an the Tamerlanes ***

i wonder what she`s doin tonite 63 U

*** Barry, Joe ***

I`m a fool to care 60s U

*** Barry, John Seven ***

hit and miss s50s U

*** Barry, Len ***

somewhere 66 U

like a baby 66 U

one two three 65 C

happiness s60s U

*** Bartholomew, Dave  & His Orchestra***

when th saints go marchin in boogie 54 HG-TE-flatT-HG

th Monkey se50s U

country boy se50s U

*** Barton, Eileen ***

Id`ve baked a cake 50 U

*** Bassey, Shirley ***

goldfinger 64 U

as long as he needs me 60 U

*** Bass, Fontella ***

rescue me 65 A

***  Bateman, June ***

believe me darling 58 A

*** Batley, Noeleen ***

barefoot boy 60 U

*** Batts, Roy ***

stealin sugar 54 E

*** Baxter, Bobo ***

flea circus sl50s U

*** B.Bumble an th Stingers ***

in th mood sl50s U

bumble boogie 61 U

nut rocker 57 U

*** Beachboys ***

come go with me sm60s U

would`nt it be nice 66 U

rock an roll music sm60s U

Barbara Ann 65 U

help me Rhonda 65 D-flat

surfer girl 63 U

kokomo 90 C

California girls 65 U

little deuce coupe 63 A-flat

dance dance dance 64 GTA-flat

I can hear music 69 D

surfin USA 60s E-flat

when I grow up 64 U

surfin safari s60s U

Hawaii s60s U

do it again 68 U

surfin s60s U

all summer long s60s U

our car club s60s U

then i kissed her s60s U

I get around 64 U

409 s60s U

dont worry baby 64 U

dont back down 64 U

good vibrations 66 U

sloop John B s60s U

in my room s60s U

*** Bear, Edward ***

last song s60s U

*** Beatles ***

think for yerself 66 U

that`l be th day se60s U

I`m happy just ta dance with you s63 UPE

this boy 63 U

while my guitar gently weeps 68 A

I`ll get you 63 UPD

twist an shout 64 D

thank you girl (all I`ve got to do) 63 U

R an R music 65 A

I should have known better 64 U

I`m down 65 F-sharp

magical mystery tour 68 UPE

chains s63 U

from me to you 63 C

ps I love you 63 D

mr. postman sm60s A

a taste of honey s63 U

I`ll cry instead s63 G

things we said today s63 U

I saw her standing there 63 U

we can work it out 65 U

nowhere man 66 U

day tripper 65 U

revolution 68 U

paperback writer 66 G

aint she sweet s61 E

please please me 63 U

why se60s U

it won`t be long sm60s E

she loves you 63 G

I want ta hold yer hand 64 HG–PU

sweet little sixteen {live} 62 U

can`t buy me luv 64 U

I`m a loser sm60s U

all my luvin 64 EPU

words of luv sm60s U

help 65 A

everybodys tryin ta be my baby sm60s U

Kansas city sm60s G

act naturally s60s U

do ya wanna know a secret 63 E

why don`t we do it in th road sm60s U

she came in thru th bathroom window sm60s D

til there was you sm60s F

octopus` garden sm60s E

drive my car DPU

there`s a place 63 E

Norwegian wood 65 U

if I needed someone sm60s U

got ta get ya into my life 60s U

birthday 60s U

slow down 64 UPC

matchbox EPU

boys 64 E

long tall Sally 64 UPD

yesturday 65 F

th long an winding road 60s E-flat

I feel fine 60s D

she`s a woman 64 U

back in th USSR 60s U

U can`t do that 60s U

baby its you s63 GPU

I`ll follow th sun 65 U

taxman sl60s U

yellow submarine sl60s U

hippy hippy shake {live} 62 U

hippy hippy shake s62 U

and I luv her 64 U

my Bonnie (with Tony Sheridan) se60s U

***Beau Brummels ***

just a little (they`ll make u cry) 65 A

laugh laugh 65 U

*** Beau-Marks ***

clap yer hands 60 UPG

*** Beausoleil ***

its u I luv s60s U

*** Beckham, Bob ***

crazy arms s60s U

*** Bees with Billy Bland ***

toy bell 54 E-flat

*** Belafonte, Harry ***

day O sl50s U

*** Bellamy Brothers ***

hard rockin 77 U

rockabilly 84 U

wet t-shirt 79 U

if I said ya have a beautiful body 79 E

can somebody hear me now 77 U

I need more of you 85 U

feelin th feelin 86 U

ler yer luv flow 76 E-flat

*** Bell, Archie an th Drells ***

tighten up 68 F-sharp

there`s gonna be a showdown 69 U

th 3rd degree s60s U

i just cant stop dancin s60s U

*** Bell Notes ***

no dice sl50s U

I`ve had it sl50s U

Bell Sisters ***

Bermuda se50s U

Bellus, Tony ***

robbin th cradle s50s U

*** Bell, William ***

u dont miss yer water 61 F

a tribute to a king se60s U

any other way 62 U

its happening all over 67 U

never like this before 66 D

nothing takes th place of you se60s U

Eloise 67 U

*** Belmonts *** {see also Dion an th Belmonts}

dont get around much anymore 61 U

tell me why 61 F

thats my desire s72 U

*** Belvin, Jesse ***

guess who 59 U

goodnite my luv 56 U

blues in th nite sl50s G

*** Beneke, Tex ***

hey ba ba ree bop s40s U

*** Bennett, Boyd ***

seventeen 55 U (reluctantly included ~ peroxide ruins hair)

my boy flat top (with his Rockets) sm50s U

*** Bennett, Tony ***

in th middle of an island s50s U

rags to riches sm50s U

*** Bent Fabric ***

th happy puppy 63 U

alley cat 62 U

*** Benton, Brook ***

hotel happiness 63 U

I got what i wanted 63 U

boll weevil 61 F

rainy nite in Georgia 70 U

its just a matter of time 59 E

fools rush in 61 A-flat

rockin good way {with Dinah Washington} 60 U

hit record 62 U

kiddio 60 U

think twice s60s U

going going gone 64 U

so many ways 59 U

2 tickets to paradise 63 U

baby (with Dinah Washington) s60s U

th same one se60s U

*** Benton, Merv an th Tamlas ***

come an get me 64 U

*** Bernard, Rod ***

recorded in England 66 U

this should go on forever 58 U

gimme back my cadillac 66 U

forgive 63 F

*** Berry, Chuck ***

county line s60s U

go go go 63 C

maybelline 55 B-flat-PB

nadine 64 UPB-flat

let it rock 59 U

don`t ya lie ta me 60 U

my ding-a-ling 73 E-flat

oh baby doll se60s U

Johnny B.Good 58 B-flat-PU

too pooped ta pop sl50s U

reelin an rockin 73 G

wee wee hours s50s U

thirty days s50s BPU

oh Carol 58 U

deep feelin s50s U

R an R music 57 E-flat-PU

childhood sweetheart 59 E-flat

little queenie 59 U

let me sleep woman 59 U

sweet little sixteen 58 D-flat-PU

little star 60 D-flat

no particular place ta go 64 U

school day 57 U

stop an listen 60 U

no money down 55 U

come on 61 G

sweet little rock an roller s50s G

little Marie 64 U

I want to be yer driver se60s U

*** Berry, Dorothy ***

yer so fine s60s U

*** Berry, Lou ***

hot rod sl50s D-flat

*** Berry, Richard *** {composer of Louis Louis, Kingsmen}

yama yama pretty mama 56 U

mad about you 56 U

*** Betty Boop ***

th broken record s40s U

*** Beverly Sisters ***

greensleeves 57 U

*** Bigard, Barney Sextet ***

sweet marihuana brown s30s U

*** Big Beats ***

under arrest se60s U

*** Big Bopper *** {see also Lary Verne, mr. Custer}

purple people eater meets th witch doctor 50s U

white lightnin 58 E

chantilly lace 58 DPE-flat

little red riding hood 58 UPE-flat

Big Boppers wedding 58 E-flat

Boppers boogie woogie {unrel} 54 U

thats what I`m talkin about 59 U

pink petticoats 59 E-flat

monkey song 58 U

its th truth Ruth 59 U

teenage moon 58 E

*** Big Brother an th Holding company *** {see Janis Joplin`s “piece of my heart”–down on me”}

*** Big Maybelle ***

gabbin blues s40s U

*** Big Sambo an th House Wreckers ***

th rains came 62 U

*** Big Town Boys ***

it was I sl50s U

*** Big Walter an th Thunderbirds ***

pack fair an square sl50s D-flat

*** Bilk, Acker ***

stranger on th shore 62 U

*** Bill an Carroll ***

bluff city rock {unrel} 84 s50s U

*** Billy an Lillie ***

la de dah UP–HG

happiness 58 F

th monster R an R 58 D-flat

I promise you sl50s U

creepin crawlin cryin sl50s E-flat

u made me luv you sl50s E-flat

why I luv Billy sl50s U

bananas sl50s U

th ins an outs of luv sl50s FTF-sharp

th gambler sl50s A-flat

luv me tenderly sl50s U

nothin moves without a push sl50s U

swampy sl50s U

Aloysius Horatio Thomas th cat sl50s U

I`ll never be free sl50s CTD-flat

th two of us sl50s U

*** Billy an Mickey ***

rock an roll baby sl50s HG

*** Birdsong, Lary ***

pleadin for you 56 U

*** Bishop, Elvin ***

fooled around an fell in luv se60s F

*** Black, Bill Combo*** {see also Elvis Presley–Gene Simmons}

twist-her 61 U

dont be cruel se60s U

white silver sands 60 C

smokie part two 59 U

rocky top s70s A

so what 62 U

*** Black Bob *** {see Tampa Red–Lil Johnson–Memphis Minnie–many others}

*** Black, Cilla ***

lovers concerto s60s U

*** Black eyed peas *** {see Jimmy Spruill}

*** Black, Gene ***

back to skool blues s2005 U

*** Black Sorrows ***

crack up 90 D

*** Black, Terry ***

only 16 s60s U

*** Blanc, Mel ***

I taught i taw a puddy tat 40s U

*** Bland, Billy *** {see also th Bees}

pardon me 60 U

let th little girl dance 58 F

u were born to be luved 60 U

harmony 60 U

can`t stop her from dancin 61 F

oh u for me 56 U

u took my luv for granted {unrel} sl50s U

little boy blue 63 U

all I want to do is cry 62 U

how many hearts 62 U

do th bug with me 61 U

th fat man 55 G

*** Bland, Bobby Blue ***

further on up th road sl50s U

yield not to temptation 62 U

its my life baby 55 U

u can`t luv me s50s G

turn on yer luv lite s60s U

little boy blue s50s E-flat

dont cry no more s50s U

call on me s50s U

*** Blane, Marcie ***

Bobby`s girl 62 U

what does a girl do 63 U

*** Blattner, Jules ***

teen town s50s A

green stuff s50s A

*** Blendells ***

la la la la 64 U

*** Bleyer, Archie ***

Hernando`s hideaway 54 U

*** Blondie *** {see Debby Harry}

*** Bloom, Bobby ***

montego bay sl60s U

*** Blossoms ***

that`s when the tears start 66 U

Blue Barron ***

cruisin down the river s40s U

*** Blue Belles ***

I sold my heart to the junkman 62 U

*** Blue Charlie ***

watch that crow se60s U

*** Blue Echoes ***

cool guitar sl50s U

*** Blue Jays ***

lover`s island 61 U

*** Blues Brothers ***

shake yer tail feather s70s D

*** Blues Image ***

ride captain ride s60s U

*** Blues Magoos ***

(we aint got) nothin yet s67 U

*** Blues Man ***

ice cream freezer s40s U

*** Blues Woman ***

voo-it voo-it s40s U

*** Blue Swede ***

hooked on a feelin 74 U

*** Boazeman, Harmon an Circle C Boys ***

no luv in you s58 E

*** Bob an Earl ***

harlem shuffle 63 U

*** Bob B Soxx & th Bluejeans (see Darlene Love) ***

*** Bobettes ***

Mr. Lee 57 U

I dont like it like that pt.two 61 U

*** Bogan, Lucille {aka Bessie Jackson} an Walter Roland ***

shave `em dry {3`20“ version} 37–35–33 D-flat-PC

tired as I can be 34 U

*** Bond, Eddie ***

flip floppin mama s57 U

big boss man {unrel} 93 {62} U

rockin daddy {unrel} 75 {62} U

double duty luvin 55 E

talkin off th wall 55 E

baby baby baby 56 U

boppin Bonnie 56 D

they say we`re too young 57 U

luv luv luv 57 D

show me {unrel version with sax} 78 {58} D

*** Bond, Johnny ***

hot rod lincoln 60 F

luv song in 32 bars s50s

sick sober & sorry se50s U

*** Bonds, Gary US ***

school is out se60s U

7 day weekend 60s U

New Orleans 60 U

quarter to three 61 E-flat

havin so much fun 61 B-flat

dear lady twist s60s U

twist twist senora s60s U

not me S60s U

*** Bonin, Jimmy ***

bow wow puppy luv {unrel} l50s B-flat

*** Bonnet, Tom *** {see Lonesome Drifter}

*** Bonnie Guitar ***

dark moon s57 U

*** Boogie Jake ***

early mornin blues 59 U

*** Boogie W Kings ***

boogie woogie country girl (live) s2005 U

*** Booker T an th MG`s *** {see also Otis Redding`s “respect” an others}

groovin s60s U

green onions 62 F

time is tight 69 C

soul-limbo 68 C

hang `em high s60s U

*** Boone, Daniel ***

beautiful sunday 72 U

*** Boone, Pat ***

april luv 57 UPA-flat

luv letters in th sand 57 E-flat

send me th pillow sl50s U

golden rocket sl50s E-flat

wayward wind sl50s D

wind an rain 59 U

Bernadine sl50s U

big cold wind sl50s

*** Bootleg Family ***

yer mama don`t dance s80s CTD

Bostic, Earl ***

flamingo s40s U

*** Boston ***

feels like th first time sm70s U

more than a feelin 76 U

*** Bow, Buddy ***

twistin in th jungle se60s C

Bowen, Jimmy & th Rhythm Orchids ***

I`m stickin with you 57 E

warm up to me baby sl50s U

ever lovin fingers s57 U

*** Bowie, David ***

starman 72 F

suffragette city se70s A

heroes sl80s D

*** Box, David ***

I`ve had my moments sl50s U

*** Boxtops ***

cry like a baby 68 U

th letter 67 U

soul deep 69 U

sweet cream ladies sl60s U

neon rainbow 67 U

*** Boyce, Tommy & Bobby Hart ***

I wonder what she`s doin 68 F

goodbye baby sl60s U

out an about 67 U

along came Linda (Tommy only) sl60s U

*** Boyfriends ***

lets fall in luv s60s U

*** Boze, Calvin ***

good time Sue 51 U

stinkin from drinkin 50 U

slippin an slidin 51 U

*** Bradley, Jan ***

mama did`nt lie s60s U

*** Bradshaw, Tiny Orchestra *** {see Moose Jackson}

*** Bramlett, Bonnie *** {see Eric Clapton}

*** Brannon, Linda *** {see also Scatman Patin}

I`m leavin 57 U

wherever ya are {with Mira Smith on guy wires} 59 U

anyway ya do 57 U

just another lie 58 A

*** Brass Ring ***

th disadvantages of you 67 U

*** Bread ***

make it with you 70 U

it don`t matter to me 70 U

guitar man 72 D

everything I own 72 A

Brenda  & th Tabulations ***

dry yer eyes s60s U

*** Brennan, Walter ***

old Rivers 62 ATB-flat

*** Brenston, Jackie with Ike Turner`s Band ***

rocket eighty-eight 51 E-flat

*** Brewer, Teresa ***

u send me sm50s U

empty arms sm50s U

sweet old fashioned girl 56 U

music music music 50 U

I beeped when I should`ve bopped 50  U

sing sing sing s58 U

tweedlee dee s50s U

ricochet s50s U

princess poo-pooly 61 U

*** Briggs, Lillian ***

i want u to be my baby 55 U

*** Brim, John ***

tuff times 53 F

*** Britt, Elton with th Skytoppers ***

chime bells s40s U

someday s40s U

quicksilver (with Rosalie Allen) s40s U

detour s40s U

wave to me my lady s40s U

*** Brooks, Lonnie ***

doll house s60s U

*** Brooks, Louis an th Hi-Toppers ***

its luv baby 55 U

*** Brooks, Skippy ***

doin th horse 60 F

*** Brotherhood of Man ***

united we stand 70 F

*** Brothers Four ***

greenfields 60 U

frogg se60s U

*** Broussard, Van ***

feed th flame 78 G

*** Brown, Buster ***

madison shuffle sl50s U

fannie Mae 59 F

is u or is u aint 60 U

*** Browne, Jackson ***

runnin on empty 77 A

somebody`s baby 82 D

til I go down s92 U (see th utube video “th Panama deception” to hear)

*** Brown, Elgie ***

let me feel it {unrel} l50s C

*** Brown, Gene ***

big door sl50s E

*** Brown, James *** {with an without th Fabulous Flames–some songs unreleased for years}

try me 58 C

prisoner of luv 63 B-flat

nite train 61 D-flat

please please please 56 F

I got you 65 D

I want ya so bad 58 C

got ta cry 58 U

fine old foxy self 57 D

messin with th blues 57 D

it was you 58 U

I`ve got ta change 58 U

I won`t plead no more 56 F

yer mine yer mine 56 E

don`t let it happen to me 59 C

chonnie-on-chon 56 HG

baby cries over th ocean 57 D

I don`t know 56 U

hold my baby`s hand 56 D

beggin beggin 57 D

lost someone 61 U

lost someone {live} 62 F

bewildered 59 F

I don`t mind {live at Apollo} 62 C

out of site 64 E-flat

maybe th last time 64 G

papa`s got a brand new bag {part one} 65 U

say it loud s60s U

think 60 U

*** Brown, Maxine ***

oh not my baby s65 U

all in my mind 60s U

ask me s60s U

*** Brown, Nappy ***

dont be angry s60s U

*** Brown, Roy ***

hip shakin baby 58 E-flat

we`re goin rockin tonite sl50s E-flat

good rockin tonite (not radio version) s60s U

let th 4 winds blow sl50s U

*** Brownsville Station ***

smokin in th boys room 74 U

*** Brown, Ruth ***

mama he treats yer daughter mean s50s U

5-10-15 hours 52 U

mambo baby sm50s U

this little girl`s gone rockin 58 U

*** Brown, Sam ***

with a little luv 91 G

*** Brown, Walter ***

jelly roll rock 1958 U

*** Bruce an Terry ***

summer means fun 64 U

*** Bruce, Tommy an th Bruisers ***

ain`t misbehavin 60 F

*** Bryant, Anita ***

till there was you s50s U

my little corner of th world 60 U

paper roses 60 U

Bryant, Ray and His Combo ***

the madison time s60s U

*** Buchanan, Art with th Pioneers ***

queen from bowling green sl50s U

*** Buchanan an Goodman ***

flyin saucer th second {minus ending} s56 NA

flyin saucers part one s56 NA

*** Buckinghams ***

hey baby their playin our song 67 U

kind of a drag 67 U

Susan 68 U

mercy mercy mercy s60s

*** Buckwheat Zydeco ***

whatcha gonna do s70s E-flat

*** Buena Vistas ***

hot shot 66 U

*** Bumble Bee Slim *** {see Memphis Minnie}

*** Bunker Hill ***

hide an go seek part one/two 62 U

*** Burdon, Eric ***

spill th wine 70 C

*** Burgess, Sonny ***

Tennessee border s50s HG

aint gonna do it {unrel} 56 D

we wanna boogie {master} 56 C

red headed woman {master} 56 E

aint got a thing 57 CTF

my buckets got a hole in it 57 F

mama loochie {unrel} s58 U

daddy blues {unrel–Rounder label only} 56 U

tomorrow never comes {unrel} 57 F

little town baby {unrel} 57 U

gone {unrel} 57 U

fanny brown {unrel–Rounder label only} 56 U

big black cadillac s96 F-sharp

u tear me up {Rounder label} s96 F

I don`t dig it {with Dave Alvin} s92 U

automatic woman {with Dave Alvin} s92 E

prisoner`s song {unrel} 88 {sl50s} E

restless 57 C

hand me down my walkin cane {unrel} 75 {sl50s} G

one broken heart {unrel} 91 {sl50s} E

please listen to me {unrel} 85 {sl50s} ATDTA

my babe {unrel} 78 {sl50s} E

sweet misery 57 A

one nite {unrel} 78 {sl50s} E

oh mama {unrel} 85 {sl50s} D

whatcha gonna do {unrel} 84 {sl50s} U

Sadie`s back in town 60 U

*** Burke, Solomon *** (also mentioned in song by Wilson Pickett/Arthur Conley)

just out of reach 61 U

tonite`s th nite se60s U

if u need me 63 U

too weak to fight 69 U

*** Burnette, Dorsey ***

hey little one 60 U

*** Burnette, Johnny ***

rockabilly boogie {with Trio} s57 U

tear it up {with trio} 56 U

yer sixteen 60 U

dreamin 60 U

cincinnati fireball 60 B-flat

little boy sad s50s U

*** Burnette, Rocky ***

tired of towin th line 79 U

*** Burrage, Harold ***

hi yo silver 51 F

*** Busters ***

bust out 63 U

*** Butera, Sam ***

bim bam 58 U

*** Butler, Jerry ***

for yer precious luv 58 D-flat

he will break yer heart 60 B

find yerself another girl se60s U

hey western union man s60s U

*** Butterflies ***

i wonder 64 U ( sounds like th Ronettes)

*** Bygraves, Max ***

teddy bear`s picnic s60s U

*** Byrds ***

8 miles high 66 U

I`ll feel a whole lot better sm60s U

mr. tambourine man 65 D

all i really want to do sl60s U

mr. spaceman 66 U

*** Byrne, Jerry ***

carry on 59 U

*** Byrnes, Edward (Edd) ***

Kookie Kookie (with Connie Stevens) sl50s U

like i luv you sl50s U

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Song List = C

*** Cadets ***

stranded in th jungle 56 B-flat

luv bandit sl50s B-flat


*** Cadillacs ***

Speedo {with Earl Carroll} 55 E-flat

babys comin home ta me 59 E-flat

Betty my luv 56 A-flat

sugar sugar 57 B-flat

shock-a-do 59 C

zoom 56 U

Gloria 54 F

no chance 55 A-flat

buzz buzz buzz 58 U

Speedo is back 58 U

a`looka here 58 A-flat

R an R is here ta stay {unrel} 60 B-flat


*** Caesar an Cleo ***

th letter s60s U

luv is strange s60s U


*** Caiola, Al ***

bonanza s50s U


*** Cale, John JJ *** {see also Al Sweatt}

crazy mama 72 F-sharp


*** Calloway, Cab an his Cotton Club Orchestra ***

kickin th gong around 33 U

Minnie th moocher {DeJavu} 31 E

who`s yehooti 40 U

I want ta rock s30 E-flat

hey now hey now s30s U

tarzan of Harlem 39 U

are ya hep to th jive 40 U

are ya all reet 41 U

reefer man 32 ET-HG

th man from Harlem s30s E

th hi-de-ho man s30s D

th honeydripper s40s U


*** Campbell, Eddie ***

weary blues s70s U


*** Campbell, Glen ***

turn around look at me 61 U

by th time I get ta Phoenix s70s U

rhinestone cowboy 75 U

Wichita lineman 68 U

gentle on my mind 67 E-flat

try a little kindness 69 E


*** Campbell, Jo Ann ***

Wolverton mountain 62 U

wait a minute sl50s U

Bobby Bobby Bobby sl50s U

kookie little paradise sl50s U


*** Candy, Penny ***

th rockin lady from New Orleans 59 U


*** Cannabal an th Headhunters ***

land of 1000 dances se60s E


*** Canned heat ***

goin up th country 68 B-flat

on th road again 68 E

lets work together 70 G

amphetamine Annie 68 U

boogie music sl60s E

she`s a gamblin woman s70s E


*** Cannon, Ace ***

tuff 61 U

sittin tight se 60s U


*** Cannon, Freddy ***

muskrat ramble 61 U

Patty baby 63 U

where th action is se60s U

Tallahassie lassie 59 D

Abigail Beecher 64 U

transister sister se60s U

buzz buzz 61 A-flat

hanky panky se60s U

Okefenokee se60s U

if you were an R an R record se60s U

humdinger se60s U

## jump over s60s U

## New Orleans se60s U


*** Capitols ***

cool jerk 66 E-flat

I got ta handle it s60s U


*** Capris ***

morse code of luv 82 U

there`s a moon out tonite 61 U


*** Captain an Tenille ***

luv will keep us together 73 U

th way I want ta touch ya 72 U


*** Caravelles ***

u dont have to be a baby to cry 63 U

have u ever been lonely 64 U


*** Cardinals ***

th door is still open 55 U

Carle, Frankie & His Orchestra ***

beg yer pardon s40s U


*** Carlisle, Belinda ***

summer rain 90 U

mad about ya 90 A


*** Carlisle, Cliff ***

mouse`s ear blues s30s A-flat

ash can blues s40s U

that nasty swing s40s A-flat


*** Carlisles ***

too old to cut the mustard s40s U

honey luv s40s U

knothole s40s U

i`m ruff stuff s40s U

shake a leg s40s U


*** Carlo ***

baby doll sl50s U


*** Carl, Steve with th Jags ***

curfew 58 U


*** Carmichael, Hoagy *** {composer of “stardust”}

huggin an chalkin 40s U


*** Carnes, Kim ***

Betty Davis eyes 81 F


*** Carnes, Paul ***

I`m a mean mean daddy 59 U


*** Carousels ***

u can come if u want to 61 U


*** Carpenters ***

hurtin each other 65 E

its goin ta take some time 71 U

goodbye ta luv 72 U

B`wana she no home 77 U

intermission 72 NA

callin occupants of interplanetary craft 77 U

only yesterday 75 U

yesterday once more 73 E

for all we know 71 U

superstar 71 A-flat

please mr. postman 75 A

solitaire 75 E

we`ve only just begun 70 U

sing 73 E-flat-TCTE-flat

there`s a kind of hush 76 U

this mascarade 74 U


*** Carr, Cathy ***

ivory tower 56 U

I`m gonna change him 59 U

first anniversary s50s U


*** Carroll, Andrea ***

th doomlang s60s U

please don`t talk to th lifeguard s60s U


*** Carroll, Bernadette ***

don`t hurt me 63 U

party girl 64 U


*** Carroll, Cathy ***

poor little puppet 62 U


*** Carroll, Johnny ***

rock baby rock it sl50s C

sugar lips {unrel} 58 U

thats th way I luv sl50s U


*** Carr, Valerie ***

when th boys talk about th girls sl50s U


*** Carr, Wynona ***

jump Jack jump 56 U

til th well runs dry 56 HG

boppity bop 56 HG

should I ever luv again 56 HG

ding dong daddy 55 F

someday somewhere somehow 59 U

act rite 55 F

heartbreak melody 55 U

please mr. jailer 56 U

give me yer hand ta hold 59 U


*** Cars ***

good times roll se80s B

lets go 79 A

shake it up 82 C


*** Carson, Mindy ***

since i met u baby (an excellent song to slow dance to) 57 U


*** Carter, Clarence ***

slip away 68 U


*** Carter Family ***

i found u among th roses s30s U

that`l be th day s70s U

while th world goes whizzin by s70s U

less of me s70s U

I walk th line s70s U

th windin stream {with Alvin P. Carter, Sara Dougherty an Maybelle Addington} 32 B-flat

longin for old Virginnie 34 A-flatPU

my old pal of yesterday 41 U

when th roses bloom in Dixieland 29 B-flat

miner`s blues 39 U

Columbus stockade blues 39 D

sittin on top of th world 39 U

I`ve been workin on th railroad 39 U

th western hobo 29 F

Jimmy Brown th newsboy 29 B-flat

th cannonball {take one} 30 U

there`s someone awaitin fer me 30 U

little log hut in th lane 30 U

when th springtime comes again 30 U

wabash cannonball 29 B-flat

when th roses come again 33 U

I`ll be all smiles tonite {with dobro rare instrument} 34 U

happy or lonesome {with dobro} 34 U

darlin daisies 34 A

east Virginnie blues 34 F

th evening bells are ringin 34 U

amber tresses 31 F

tell me that ya luv me 31 G

sweet as th flowers in maytime 32 G

lonesome homesick blues 41 U

worried man 30 B-flat

sweet fern 28 A-flat

school house on th hill 33 G

I never luved but one 32 F

Corrina {Helen–June–Anita} 39 U

u are my flower 39 B-flat

its hard ta please yer mind 39 U

sourwood mountain {Arhoolie records} 39 U

hello stranger 39 B-flat

Dixie darling 39 B-flat

my gold watch an chain 39 B-flat

theme 39 A-flat

cannonball blues 39 U

u are my sunshine 39 U

oh Suzanna {anita} 39 D

Chinese breakdown 39 A

baby its cold outside {June with Homer an Jethro} s40s U

wildwood flower s30s U

parting of th ways s30s U

are u lonesome tonight s30s U

over th garden wall s30s U

sweet talkin man s30s U

luv luv luv s30s U

i gotta go get my baby s30s U

boll weevil s30s U

he`s solid gone s30s U


*** Carter, Goree ***

I`m yer boogie man 51 F-sharp


*** Carter Kids ***

gotta rock s50s U


*** Carter, Martha ***

I`m thru cryin 60 A-flat


*** Carter, Prince ***

shake me up s50s U


*** Cartey, Ric ***

scratchin on my screen 57 F-sharp


*** Cascades ***

rhythm of th rain 63 E

shy girl 63 U


*** Casey, Al Combo ***

surfin hootenanny s60s U


*** Cash, Alvin ***

twine time 63 G


*** Cash, Eddie ***

doin all rite sl50s A


*** Cash, Johnny ***

hit th road an go 77 E

come in stranger 58 F-sharp

hey porter s60s F

I got stripes {live} 59 D-flat-TE-flat

blue train s60s F

ring of fire 63 U

I heard that lonesome whistle blow s60s U

orange blossom special {live} 65 U

walk th line 56 F-sharp-TBTETBTF-sharp

Luther played th boogie 58 F-sharp

Tennessee flat top box 61 UPB

don`t think twice its all rite 70 U

ballad of Ira Hayes 64 U

I still miss someone se60s A

understand yer man 50s C

wabash cannonball s70s U

get rhythm 56 U

ballad of a teenage queen 58 U


*** Cashmeres ***

satisfied part two s60s U


*** Cash, Rosanne ***

never be you s80s U

7 year ache 81 C

hold on s80s U

Tennessee flat top box 87 B-flat

my baby thinks he`s a train s80s U

I don`t know why ya don`t want me 85 D


*** Cash, Tommy ***

6 white horses s80s D


*** Casinos ***

then u can tell me goodbye s60s U


*** Castaways ***

liar liar 65 U


*** Caster, Jimmy Bunch ***

Bertha butt boogie se70s E-flat

trogolodite 72 U


*** Castro, Bernadette ***

his lips get in th way 64 U


*** Catalinas ***

be mine s50s U


*** Chad an Jeremy ***

a summer song 64 A

yesterdays gone s60s U

teenage failure s60s U


*** Chaffin, Ernie ***

feelin low s50s D


*** Chambers Brothers ***

time has come 68 U


*** Champs ***

tequila 58 E

train ta nowhere 58 F

limbo rock 62 G

too much tequila s50s U

el rancho Rock 58 U


*** Chandler, Gene ***

rainbow se60s U

U threw a lucky punch se60s D-flat

turn on yer luv lite s60s U

Duke of Earl 62 F-sharp-PF


*** Channel, Bruce ***

hey baby 62 U


*** Channels ***

th closer u are 56 U


*** Chantays ***

pipeline 63 U


*** Chantels ***

look in my eyes 61 U

I luv ya so 58 U

come my little baby 58 C

well I told ya 61 F-sharp

I 60 C

My memories of you 58 C

there`s no other like my baby se60s U

Chantones *** (see Jack Scott)


*** Chapel, Jean ***

i wont be rockin tonite s60s U


*** Chapin, Harry ***

cats in th cradle 74 U


*** Chapman, Tracy ***

talkin bout a revolution 82 G

why 86 U


*** Charles, Bobby ***

big boys cry 63 F

Charles, Jimmy ***

a million to one sl50s U


*** Charles, Ray *** {Ray was blind}

swanee river rock se60s U

hide nor hair sl50s U

I`m movin on s60s F-sharp

what`d I say 59 E

u don`t know me 62 U

unchain my heart 61 A-flat

livin for th city 80 U

lets go get stoned 66 D-flat

nite time is th rite time 59 U

yesterday s70s U

yes indeed se60s U

here we go again 67 U

Georgia on my mind 60 A-flat

bye bye luv s60s B-flat

one mint julep 61 U

I got a woman 55 B-flat-PA

lonely avenue 56 U

cryin time 66 U

why I sing th blues 66 D-flat

hit th road Jack 61 U

i dont need no doctor s60s D-flat

kiss a me baby S50s U

dont set me free 63 U

born to lose (reluctantly included) s60s U

u are my sunshine s60s U

sticks an stones 60 U

without luv there is nothing 63 U

no one 63 U

together again s60s U


*** Charles, Ray Singers ***

luv me with all yer heart s60s U


*** Charles, Tina *** {see Five Thousand Volts}


*** Charmettes ***

please dont kiss me again 63 U

skatin in th blue lite 57 U


*** Charms *** {see Otis Williams}


*** Chartbusters ***

she`s th one 64 U

why 64 U


*** Checker, Chubby ***

th class sm60s U

lovely lovely 65 U

lets twist again 62 E-flat

twist 60 E

hucklebuck 60 UPCTA-flat

pony time 61 E-flat

fly 61 F

dancin party 62 UPE-flat

limbo rock 62 A-flat

mess around s62 E

hey Bobba Needle s62 U

loddy lo s62 F

slow twistin {with Dee Dee Sharp} s60s E-flat

Mary Ann limbo s60s F

birdland s60s B-flat

lets do th freddy s60s U

lets limbo some more s60s C

20 miles se60s U

twistin USA se60s U

popeye th hitchhiker 62 U

twistin USA 60 U

hooka tooka 64 U

twist it up sm60s U


*** Checkmates LTD ***

proud Mary 60s U


*** Cheech an Chong ***

basketball jones 73 D

earache my eye 74 D

streets of New York 72 NA


*** Chenier, Clifton ***

ita hard s60s G

hot rod 65 F

squeeze box boogie s60s F

th cats dreamin s60s G

I can`t stand s60s D


*** Cher ***

turn back time 90 BTD

half-breed 73 U

### bang bang s70s U


*** Chestnuts ***

R an R tragedy s50s U


*** Chevells ***

riptide s60s U


*** Chicago ***

feelin stronger 73 U


*** Chiffons ***

a luv so fine sm60s U

sweet talkin guy 66 B

he`s so fine 63 U

he`s so fine {live} 64 U

one fine day 63 F-sharp

i have a boyfriend 64 U

my block 63 U

stop look listen 66 U


*** Chimes ***

once in a while 61 U


*** Chocolate Watch Band ***

sweet young thing sm60s U


*** Choir ***

i`m goin home s60s U

its cold outside 67 U


*** Chordettes ***

born ta be with you 56 D-flat

lollipop 58 UPA-flat

no wheels 59 B-flat

just between you an me 57 U

mr. sandman 54 U

eddie my luv 56 U

zorro 58 U


*** Chords ***

sh-boom 54 U


*** Christie ***

san Bernadino 70 E-flat

iron horse se70s A-flat


*** Christie, Lou ***

self expression se60s U

two faces have I 63 F

rhapsody in th rain 66 U

rhapsody in th rain (alt lyrics) sm60s U

i`m gonna make u mine 69 U

mr. tenor man s60s U

th gypsy cried 62 U


*** Christie, Susan ***

I luv onions s60s U


*** Church, Eugene an Fellows ***

pretty girls everywhere 59 D

good news sl50s U


*** Church Street Five ***

a nite with Daddy G part two s60s U


*** Clanton, Jimmy ***

go Jimmy go 60 D-flat

Venus in blue jeans 62 U

just a dream 58 U

another sleepless nite 60 U


*** Clapton, Eric ***

let it grow 74 U

let it rain 70 UPD

blues power 70 C

wonderful tonite 77 G

lat down Sally 77 U

promises 78 G

bottle of red wine {with Bonnie Bramlett} s70s C

Tulsa time 80 D

after midnite 72 C

I shot th sheriff 74 B-flat

anyday {with Bobby Whitlock} 72 U

stone free 93 ATDTATDTATD


*** Clark, Claudine ***

party lites 62 U


*** Clark, Dave Five ***

a little bit now 67 U

cant u see that she`s mine 64 U

at th scene 66 U

havin a wild weekend sm60s F

bita an pieces 64 F

chiqueta sm60s U

I like it like that 65 U

put a little luv sm60s DTE-flat

catch us if ya can 65 G

glad all over 64 DTE-flat

anyway ya want it 64 U

here comes summer s60s U

do ya luv me 64 UPD

over an over 65 U

satisfied with you sm60s U

because s60s U

red & blue s60s U

reelin an rockin 65 U

u must have been a beautiful baby 67 U

u got what it takes s60s U

try too hard s60s U


*** Clark, Dee ***

fever se60s U

hey little girl 59 A-flat

raindrops 61 U

yer lookin good se60s U

nobody but you 59 U

just keep it up 59 U

how about that 60 U


*** Clark, Petula ***

neon rainbow sm60s U

I could`nt live without yer luv 66 DTE-flat-PD-flat-TDPU

sign of th times 66 U

my luv 66 ATB-flat

I know a place 65 U

don`t sleep in th subway 67 D

color my world 67 U

u`d better come home 65 U

kiss me goodbye s60s U

dont give up s60s U

th other man`s grass s60s U

this is my song s60s U


*** Clark, Roy ***

please mr. mayor 58 U


*** Classics ***

till then 63 U

Pollyanna se60s U


*** Clay, Joe ***

16 chicks 56 U


*** Cleftones ***

heart an soul 61 A-flat

little girl of mine 56 UPA-flat

for sentimental reasons 61 U

cant we be sweethearts 56 F

you baby you sm50s U


*** Clicketts ***

because of my best friend s60s U


*** Cliff, Benny Trio ***

shake em up rock 59 U


*** Clifford, Buzz ***

baby sittin boogie 60 F-sharp


*** Climax ***

precious an few 72 U


*** Cline, Patsy ***

luv letters in th sand se60s U

she`s got you 62 F

in care of th blues se60s F

sweet dreams 63 U

heartaches se60s U

I fall to pieces 61 B-flat

U belong to me 62 E-flat

leavin on yer mind 63 UP-HG

foolin around se60s UPDTE-flat

I luv ya so much se60s U

back in baby`s arms se60s U

walkin after midnite 57 C

strange 62 U

crazy 61 UPB-flat-TE

San Antonio rose se60s E

7 lonely days se60s U

wayward wind se60s U

I`m movin along se60s U

pick me up on yer way down se60s U

fingerprints se60s U

there he goes se60s U

luv me luv me honey do s60s E-flat-TETF

honkytonk merry-go-round se60s U

if I could see th world se60s U

poor man`s roses se60s U


*** Clinton, Buddy ***

across th street from yer house sl50s U


*** Clique ***

sugar on sunday 69 U

Clooney, Rosemary ***

be my life`s companion sm50s U


*** Clovers ***

i got my eyes on you s60s U

one mint julep 62 U

luv potion #nine 59 U

stay awhile 59 E-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat

yer cash aint nuthin but trash s50s U

good luvin sl50s U

lovey dovey 54–56 U

drive it home sl50s U


*** Coasters *** {aka Robins}

one kiss led to another 50s U

that is R an R 59 B

searchin 57 D-flat

it aint sanitary sl50s U

young blood 57 B-flat

along came jones 59 A

yakety yak 58 G

I`m a hog for ya baby 59 U

poison ivy 59 A-flat

Charlie Brown 59 B-flat

wait a minute s57 C

keep on rollin 61 U

teach me how to shimmy 61 A

D.W. Washburn 67 ATBTA

shake `em up {with Jerry Leiber} 68 G

down in Mexico 56 E-flat

idol with th golden head 57 C

zing went th strings 58 E

th shadow knows 58 C

loop de loop mambo 50s U

girls girls girls s50s U


*** Coburn, Bruce ***

if a tree falls in th forest 89 D


*** Coburn, Kimbal ***

teenage luv 58 HG


*** Cochran, Eddie ***

somethin else 59 D

summertime blues 58 E

my way s60 E

c`mon evrebudy 59 E-flat

weekend 59-61 E-flat

skinny Jim sl50s U

cherished memories 60 U

don`t bye bye baby me {unrel} sl50s U

long tall Sally 56 A

nervous breakdown 58 F-sharp

20 flite rock 56 A

boll weevil 59 U

milk cow blues 59 C

luv again 58 D

cradle baby 57 HG


*** Cochran, Jacky Lee ***

pity me sl50s C


*** Cochran, Wayne ***

c c rider s79 E-flat-TFTE-flat


*** Cocker, Joe ***

u are so beautiful 74 U

high time we went 71 EPU

unchain my heart se70s U

delta lady 69 B

leave yer hat on s70s C

help from my friends 68 A

bathroom window 69 U

cry me a river 70 U

th letter s60s U

midnite rider 72 D


*** Cockroaches ***

double shot 89 E


*** Colder, Ben ***

shudders an screams sl50s F


*** Cole, Nat ***

stardust 57 U

pretend 53 UPB-flat

too young 51 A-flat

Mona Lisa 50 D-flat

blue gardenia se50s F

nature boy 40s U

smile s50s E-flat

time and th river sl50s U

meet me at no special place s40s U

that sunday that summer se60s U


*** Cole, Sonny an th Rhythm Roamers ***

Robinson Crusoe bop sl50s E


*** Colley, Keith ***

enamorado 63 U

queridita se60s U


*** Collins, Judy ***

both sides now 68 A-flat


*** Collins, Tommy ***

black cat 60 E

whatcha gonna do now s50s U


*** Commander Cody an th Lost Planet Airmen ***

hot rod lincoln 71 E

beat me daddy 71 C

lawdy miss clawdy s70s E

wine do yer stuff 71 HG

evrebudy`s doin it 73 U

lost in th ozone 71 U

too much fun 74 U

seeds an stems again s70s C

my home in my hands s70s E

20 flite rock {live} 71 U


*** Como, Perry ***

dont let th stars get in yer eyes 53 U

when u were sweet sixteen se50s U


*** Conner, Chris ***

i miss u so 57 U


*** Conley, Arthur ***

sweet soul music 66 F

Conniff, Ray Singers ***

luv me with all yer heart s60s U

### somewhere my luv s60s U


*** Conny an th Bellhops ***

shot rod s50s E


*** Contours ***

can u do it 64 U

do ya luv me 62 F

can u jerk like me 64 U


*** Cooder, Ry ***

little sister s80s B-flat


*** Cooke, Sam *** {his live in Miami twellings went unreleased for 20 years}

another saturday nite 63 U

aint misbehavin se60s U

cupid 61 G

twistin th nite away 62 U

twistin th nite away {live} 63 B-flat-PA

wonderful world 60 B

lets go steady again se60s U

a change is gonna come 63 {65} B-flat

just fer you se60s C

chain gang 60 G

chain gang {live} 63 U

havin a party 62 B-flat

havin a party {live} 63 B

Tammy se60s E

good times s63 D

shake s63 CPD-flat

only sixteen 59 A-flat

somebody have mercy se60s C

somebody have mercy {live} 63 E

aint that good news 63 G

soothe me se60s B-flat

thats where its at 63 UPC

feel it {live} 63 U

u send me 57 U

evrebudy loves to cha cha cha se60s U

little red rooster se60s U

send me some lovin se6os U


*** Cookie an th Cupcakes *** {see also Phil Phillips}

Belinda s50s U

got u on my mind 63 C

Mathilda 59 U

I almost lost my mind s50s U

even though s50s U

sea of luv s50s U

th duck s50s D

honey hush s50s D

I cried s50s C


*** Cookies *** {see also Little Eva—Mel Torme–Joe Turner}

chains 62 D

don`t say nuthin bad about my baby 63 D

I want a boy for my birthday 63 U

I never dreamed 64 U

I`m into somethin good 64 U

girls grow up faster than boys sm60s U


*** Cooley, Eddie an th Dimples ***

Priscilla 56 U

Cooley, Spade ***

crazy cuz i luv you s40s U


*** Cooper, Alice ***

eighteen 71 U

schools out 72 E


*** Cooper, Les an th Soul Rockers ***

wiggle wobble 62 E-flat-PU

Peter Piper s62 B-flat


*** Corey, Jill ***

i luv my baby 57 U


*** Corsairs ***

smoky places sl50s U


*** Cortez, Dave Baby ***

mardi gras {unrel} 93 {s61} U

happy organ 59 UPD-flat

fiesta 60 U

rinky dink 62 C

tootsie 59 U

whistling organ sl50s U

hot cakes (first serving) sl50s U


*** Cosby, Bill ***

little ole man s60s U


*** Cosmic Blues Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “ball an chain”–“maybe”}


*** Cosmic Rays with Sun Ra an his Arkestra ***

daddy gonna tell ya no lies sl50s U


*** Cotton, James *** {see also Johnny Young`s “slam hammer”}

born in Chicago sm50s U

cotton crop blues 54 DPU


*** Cougars ***

saturday nite at th duck pond s60s U


*** Count Five ***

psychotic reaction 66 U


*** Covay, Don ***

th popeye waddle 63 U


*** Covelle, Buddy ***

lorraine sl50s E


*** Cowsills ***

indian lake s60s U

th rain th park an other things s60s U


*** Cox, Ida ***

hard time blues 39 A-flat


*** Craddock, Crash ***

one last kiss s60 U


*** Cramer, Floyd ***

San Antonio rose 61 U

Chattanooga choo choo 62 U

flip flop bop 58 U

on th rebound 61 U


*** Crawford, Johnny ***

Cindy`s birthday 62 U

judy loves me s64 U

yer nose is gonna grow se60s U

rumors se60s U


*** Cray, Robert ***

rite next door 86 U

payin for it now sl80s E

don`t be afraid of th dark sl80s U


*** Crayton, Peewee ***

fillmore street blues 53 U


*** Crazy Elephant ***

gimme gimme good luvin 69 U


*** Creedence Clearwater Revival ***

have ya ever seen th rain 71 C

fortunate son sl60s U

lookin out my back door se70s FPU

lodi 69 UPB-flat-TC

cotton fields sl60s U

long as I can see th lite 70 UPB

all over th world s70s HG

don`t look now sl60s E

ooby dooby se70s UPE

th nite time s70s EPU

down on th corner 69 UPC

my baby left me se70s U

proud Mary 69 DPU

cross tie walker s70s U

who`ll stop th rain 70 GPU

midnite special sl60s U

travelin band 70 F-sharp

sweet hitch hiker 71 D

molina se70s E

bad moon risin 69 D

up around th bend 70 D

heard it thru th grapevine {first part} se70s D

I put a spell on you 68 E

before ya accuse me sl60s U

hello Mary Lou sl60s U

poor boy shuffle s60s C

tonite tonite sl60s U

Suzy Q sl60s U

i put a spell on you sl60s U

green river 69 U


*** Crescendos ***

oh Julie 57 U

my little girl 57 U


*** Crescendos (Singapore) ***

th boy next door se60s U

mr. twister se60s U


*** Crests ***

16 candles 58 B-flat

it must be luv 62 U

6 nites a week 59 U

sweetest one 57 U

what a surprise (with Johnny Maestro) sl50s U

a year ago tonite 59 U


*** Crewcuts ***

sh`boom 54 F

koko mo sm50s U


*** Crewe, Bob Generation ***

music to watch girls by 67 U


*** Crickets *** {see also Buddy Holly}

more than I can say s60s U

la bamba 64 U

someone someone se60s E-flat-TE

when ya ask about luv 60 E

why did ya leave se60s F

he`s old enuff to know better se60s U


*** Critters ***

younger girl s60s U


*** Croce, Jim ***

I got a name 73 E

time in a bottle s74 U

luv u in a song 74 A

operator sm70s U

a long time ago sm70s U

bad Leroy Brown 73 G


*** Crochet, Cleveland ***

sugar bee 61 GPU


*** Crosby, Chris ***

young and in luv 64 U


*** Crosby, Stills, Nash, an Young ***

Ohio 70 D

this old house 88 F

lets impeach th president 2006 U


*** Cross, Chris ***

ride like th wind 80 B-flat


*** Cross, Jimmy ***

I want my baby back 65 U


*** Crown, Bobby an th Capers ***

one way ticket 57 HG


*** Crows ***

gee sm50s U

i luv u so sm50s U


*** Cruisers ***

Betty Ann s58 E


*** Crum, Simon ***

gone 57 U

bop cat bop 56 B-flat


*** Crystals (see also Darlene Love) ***

all grown up 63 U

all grown up (non-radio version) se60s U

girls can tell 64 U

little boy 64 U

uptown 62 UPD-flat-PC

da doo ron ron 63 E-flat-PE

I wonder se60s U

then he kissed me s60s U

there`s no other like my baby s60s U

heartbreaker s60s U


*** Cunningham, Parker ***

dry run sl50s A


*** Curtis, Cry Baby ***

i wanna s50s A


*** Curtus, George ***

vacation sl50s U


*** Cymbal, Johnny ***

mr. bass man {original with Ronnie Bright teerin bass} 63 D-flat-PU


*** Cyrkle ***

turn down day 66 U

red rubber ball 66 ATB-flat

we had a good thing goin s60s U

i wish u could be here s60s U

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Song List = D E F

Daddy Cool ***

baby let me bang yer box s70s  B

come back again 71 A

daddy cool 82 E

daddy rocks off s70s E

lollipop s70s G

R an R lady s70s U

eagle rock 71 A

all I wanna do is rock s70s U

Jerry`s jump s70s U

bom bom s70s U

Daddy Dewdrop ***

chick-a-boom 71 F

Daffan, Ted Texans ***

yer breakin my heart s40s U

headed down th wrong highway s40s U

Daigle, Ted ***

Ruby sl50s A

Mary Lou sl50s U

Daisies ***

i wanna swim with him s60s U

Dale an Grace ***

I`m leavin it all up to you 64 BPU

stop and think it over s60s U

darling its wonderful s60s U

why it lasted so long s60s U

Dale, Dick an th Deltones ***

miserlou 63 U

Daly, Terry an th Nu-Tones ***

u don`t bug me s58 U

Dameron, Donna ***

Bopper 486609 s50s U

Damita Jo ***

I`ll save th last dance for you 60 U

Dana, Vic ***

shangri-la s60s U

red roses for a blue lady s60s U

D`Andrea, Ann ***

Johnny`s back in town s60s U

Dangerfield, Rodney ***

twist an shout 86 U

Daniels, Charlie ***

long haired country boy s70s D

Danleers ***

one summer nite 58 U

wheelin an dealin 58 U

Danny an th Juniors ***

back to th hop 61 U

at th hop 57 U

lets stomp again 62 U

R an R is here to stay 58 GTA-flat-TA

down I go 60 U

twistin all nite long 62 U

pony express 61 D

crazy cave se60s U

Dante & th Evergreens ***

time machine 60 U

Darin, Bobby ***

I`ll be there 60 U

nature boy 61 U

yer th reason i`m livin 63 U

i`ll be there 60 U

splish splash 58 U

queen of th hop 58 F-sharp-PU

dreamlover 59 CTD-flat-PU

u must have been a beautiful baby 61 U

if a man answers sl50s U

things 62 U

plain Jane 59 U

lazy river 61 U

if i were a carpenter sl50s U

Darnells ***

too hurt to cry sm60s U

Darren, James ***

Mary`s little lamb se60s U

goodbye cruel world s60s U

conscience sl50s U

her royal majesty sl50s U

Darren, Jimmy ***

gidget 59 U

Davie, Hutch an Orchestra *** {see Linda Scott}

Davis, Billy an th Legends ***

spunky onions s50s U

Davis, Jimmie ***

keyhole in th door s40s F-sharp

there`s a new moon over my shoulder sl40s U

Davis, Sammy Jr. ***

I gotta be me s60s U

hey there sl50s U

Davis Sisters *** {see Skeeter Davis}

Davis, Skeeter *** {see also Bobby Bare}

I can`t stay mad at you 63 D-flat

end of th world 62 UPB-flat-TB

keep yer hands off my baby s60s U

neverending luv for you s60s F

silver threads an golden needles s60s UPA

don`t let me cross over s60s B-flat

I`m savin my luv 63 E

he says th same things to me 64 E

bus fare to Kentucky 71 C

I forgot more than u`ll ever know {with Betty–original only} 53 D-flat-PU

am I that easy to forget 60 EPU

I`m fallin too 60 A

my last date 60 U

optimistic 61 E-flat

homebreaker 59 B-flat

gonna get along without ya now 64 D-flat-TD

take me home country roads 72 U

u`ve got a friend s70s U

I can`t believe that its all over s60s U

rock-bye-boogie {with Betty} 53 U

takin time out for tears {with Betty–unrel} 52-3 E

kawliga {with Betty} 52-3 U

cryin steel guitar waltz {with Betty–unrel} 53 U

u weren`t ashamed {with Georgie} 53 U

fiddle diddle boogie {with Georgie} 54 U

everluvin {with Georgie} 54 U

baby be mine {with Georgie} 55 D

blues for company {with Georgie} 55 B

its th girl who gets th blame {with Georgie} 55 A-flat

how much can a lonely heart stand 64 U

goin down th road s60s U

little bitty tear (with Bobby Bare) s60s U

Davis, Spencer ***

keep on runnin 66 U

gimme some luvin 67 G

I`m a man 67 U

Davis, Tiny an her orchestra ***

race horse 49 D-flat

how about that jive 49 D-flat

Day, Bobby ***

rockin robin s58 U

little bitty pretty one s58 A-flat-PU

bluebird–buzzard–oriole s58 D-flat

over an over 58 C

honeysuckle baby sl50s D

aint gonna cry sl50s E-flat

Day, Doris ***

teacher`s pet sm50s U

move over darlin sm50s U

evrebody loves a lover 58 U

Day, Margie {with Griffin Brothers} ***

little red rooster s40s U

Dazzlers ***

somethin baby 58 E

Deacon Blue ***

real gone kid s80s G

Deadly Ones ***

raunchy s50s D

Deal, Bill an th Rhondells ***

I`ve been hurt 69 UPC

may I UPA

what kind of fool 69 E-flat

so what if it rains 72 HG

Dean an Jean ***

hey Jean hey Dean 64 E-flat

tra la la la Suzy s60s U

thread yer needle s60s U

Dean & Mark ***

tell him no 59 U

Dean, Jimmy ***

little black book s60s U

dear Ivan 62 U

Dean, Junior ***

chick chick sl50s U

DeCastro Sisters ***

teach me tonite s50s U

Dee an Patty ***

gee whiz 58 F-sharp

Dee, Dave ***

bend it 66 U

Dee, Joey an th Starliters ***

peppermint twist 61 E

fannie mae 61 U

what kind of luv is this 62 U

shout part 1 62 U

Dee, Kiki ***

I`ve got th music in me 74 U

Dee, Mercy ***

romp an stomp blues 55 U

Deep Purple ***

hush 68 U

Deep River Boys ***

rock-a-beatin boogie 56 B-flat-TC

Dees, Rick ***

disco duck 76 U

DeJohn Sisters ***

straighten up an fly rite s50s U

no more 55 U

Del Amitri ***

spit in th rain 90 D

Delaney, Mattie ***

down th big road blues {she`s on guy wires} 20s A-flat

Delcos ***

Arabia s60s U

Dells ***

wear it on yer face s60s U

oh what a nite 55 U

run for cover s60s U

there is 68 U

close yer eyes s60s U

Delltones ***

ragdoll s70s U

little darlin s70s F-sharp

Billy`s R an R s70s U

mister bassman s70s C

put on yer dancin shoes sm70s U

come a little bit closer 63 U

walkin along s70s F

candy man s70s F

Dell Vikings ***

come an go with me 57 A-flat

whispering bells 57 B-flat

cool shake sm50s U

Delmore Brothers (see also Wayne Raney) ***

I`ve got th railroad blues s30s U

pan American boogie s40s U

Del Rays ***

starlite s50s U

Del Satins (see also Linda Laurie) ***

teardrops follow me 62 U

Demensions ***

over th rainbow 60 U

Denson, Lee *** {aka Jessie James}

new shoes {with Eddie Cochran} 57 U

red hot rockin blues 58 U

Derek ***

cinnamon 68 A

Derek an th Dominoes *** {see also Eric Clapton}

layla {with Duane Allman} 70 U

DeSanto, Sugar Pie *** {see also Sugar an Peewee}

I want to know 59 HG

In th basement {with Etta James} 66 D

ask me sl50s U

can`t let ya go sl50s U

soulful dress se60s C

goin back where I belong se60s C

it won`t be long se60s D

she`s got everything se60s C

tell me whats th matter se60s HG

I still care se60s U

DeShannon, Jackie ***

put a little luv in yer heart 69 DTE-flat

when you walk in th room 64 U

Desires ***

let it please be you 59 U

Detergents ***

leader of th laundromat 65 U

Devotions ***

Rip van Winkle 64 U

Dexter, Al & His Troopers ***

its up to you s40s U

down at th roadside inn s40s U

honey do u think its wrong sl40s U

kokomo island sl40s U

i`m losin my mind over you s40s U

Dey, Tracey ***

teenage Cleopatra 63 U

here comes th boy 63 U

Diamond, Neil ***

girl u`ll be a woman soon 67 U

solitary man 70 E

Shiloh s60s U

cracklin rosy 70 D

u got to me 67 U

forever in blue jeans 79 U

red red wine s60s U

if you know what I mean 76 D

I`ll come runnin s60s U

I am s70s B-flat

cherry cherry {live} sl60s U

cherry cherry (not live) 66 U

Diamonds ***

high sign 58 U

stroll 58 F

little darlin 57 F-sharp

walkin along 58 U

she say s50s U

words of luv sl50s U

silhoettes 57 U

luv luv luv 56 U

zip zip 57 U

Dick an Dee Dee ***

young an in luv 63 GTA-flat

th mountain`s high s60s U

turn around s60s U

tell me s60s U

Dickens, Little Jimmy ***

bird of paradise 65 U

hillbilly fever s40s U

Dickey Lee ***

dont want to think about Paula se60s U

Dicky Doo an the Don`ts ***

click clack 58 U

nee nee na na 58 U

leave me alone 58 U

Diddley, Bo ***

hey Bo Diddley sl50s U

background to a music s50s HG

signifyin blues s50s U

deed an deed I do sl50s U

th clock struck twelve sl50s F-sharp

I`m sorry sl50s U

Bo`s guitar sl50s U

huckleberry bush sl50s A-flat

down-home special 56 U

roadrunner 60 E

diddy wah diddy 55 C

I`m a man sl50s UPC

let me in sl50s U

live my life sl50s F-sharp

crackin up 59 U

u can`t judge a book s50s U

oh baby sl50s U

Dietzel, Elroy an th Rhythm Bandits ***

rockin bones sl50s E

Dillard, Varetta ***

got u on my mind s56 U

I can`t stop now 55 U

one more time 56 U

I don`t know what it is s61 U

scorched se60s C

them there eyes 52 U

luv an wine 51 D-flat

double crossin daddy 52 U

gettin ready for my daddy 53 U

so many ways s50s U

Dill, Danny ***

I`m hungry for yer luv s56 U

Dingus, Bob ***

somebudy luvin my baby sl50s E

step it up an go sl50s U


kocka-mow-mow s60s E

Dinning, Mark ***

th lovin touch sl50s U

Dino Desi an Billy ***

I`m a fool s60s U

Dino, Paul ***

Ginnie Bell 61 U

Dion *** (my apologies for not listing UGH Martin an John)

little miss blue 60 U

I cant go on (Rosalee) sl50s U

Sandy 63 U

in th still of th nite sl50s U

teenager in luv 59 D-flat

do you remember s80s E

lonely teenager 60 U

ruby 63 E

can`t we be sweethearts 63 U

Donna th prima donna 63 U

little girl of mine 63 U

lovers who wander 62 C

oh happy day 63 U

will luv ever come my way 62 U

gonna make it alone 63 U

this little girl 63 U

flim flam 63 D

drip drop 63 U

sweet sweet baby 63 C

don`t start me talkin 64 U

spoonful 65 F

7th son 65 U

kickin child 65 U

2 ton feather 65 U

baby I`m in th mood 65 C

I wonder why {with th Belmonts} 58 B-flat

where or when {with th Belmonts} 59 U

thats my desire {with th Belmonts} l50s U

don`t pity me {with th Belmonts} 58 D

th wanderer s59 U

when u wish upon a star (with Belmonts) 60 U

luv came to me 62 U

come go with me 63 U

be careful of stones that u throw s60s U

### this little girl s60s U

Dire Straits ***

money for nuthin s80s G

walk of life s80s E

so far away 85 E

sultans of swing 78 U

scate away s80s D

Distant Cousins ***

she aint lovin you s60s U

Dixiebelles ***

southtown USA s60s U

Dixie Cups ***

all grown up se60s U

I`m gonna get ya yet 65 D-flat

gee th moon is shining brite 65 U

people say 64 U

another boy like mine sm60s U

u should have seen th way he looked at me 64 U

Dixon, Floyd ***

nose trouble s40s HG

dance th thing s50s D-flat

hey bartender s40s U

Dixon, Willie ***

I do th job baby s60s E

I got a razor s70s G

Djohan, Ernie and Old Friends ***

cryin time (live with Tantowi yahya) 2003 U

Dobkins, Carl Jr. ***

my heart is an open book 59 U

if u dont want my lovin 59 U

Dodds, Nella ***

come see about me s60s U

Doggett, Bill ***

honky tonk (parts 1 an 2) 56 FPU

slow walk sl50s U

ram-bunk-shush 57 U

Dolan, Jimmie {Ramblin} ***

hot rod race s40s U

Domino, Fats ***

what will I tell my heart 57 U

humbidido 62 U

rockin bicycle 61 U

fell in luv on monday 61 U

Margie 59 U

blueberry hill 56 B-flat

I want to walk ya home 59 D-flat-PU

blue monday 57 B-flat

valley of tears 57 F-sharp

I`m walkin 57 U

what a party 61 F

be my guest 59 B-flat

goin home 51 E

walkin to new orleans 60 D-flat-PU

sick an tired 58 U

I`m gonna be a wheel 58 B-flat-PU

there goes my heart 63 U

whole lotta lovin 58 B-flat-PU

oh what a price s50s U

I`m in luv again 56 U

don`t lie to me se50s F

swanee river hop se50s C

I`m ready 59 C

mardi gras s53 A-flat

aint that a shame 55 U

so long 56 U

fat`s frenzy s50s U

la la 55 E-flat

troubles of my own 55 U

bo weevil 56 U

please don`t leave me 53 UPG

my girl Josephine 60 B-flat

I hear ya knockin 58 (61?) C

fat man 49 F-sharp-PU

let th 4 winds blow 61 B-flat

th big beat 57 U

don`t come knockin sl50s U

it keeps rainin 61 F

I want ya ta know 58 U

coquette sl50s C

natural born lover sl50s G

th girl I luv 53 D-flat

u said ya luv me 53 E-flat

Rosemary 53 HG

don`t leave me this way 54 U

u done me wrong 54 U

where did u stay 54 U

u can pack yer suitcase 54 E-flat

I lived my life 54 C

thinkin of you 55 E-flat

don`t ya know {with Herb Hardesty playin sax layin on his back} 55 B-flat

helpin hand 55 F

all by myself 55 D-flat

don`t blame it on me 56 D-flat

Swanee river hop 56 U

whats th reason s50s U

3 nites a week 60 U

red sails in th sunset s50s U

its you I luv s60s U

Domino stomp s50s U

cant go on without you se60s U

forever forever se60s U

u win again s50s U

Dominoes (with Billy Ward) ***

60 minute man 51 U

cant do sixty no more se50s U

Jenny Lee s50s A

Don an Juan ***

whats yer name 61 F

Donner, Ral ***

u don`t know what u`ve got 61 E

girl of my best friend 61 E

she`s evrethin 61 U

to luv someone s60s U

how will i know s60s U

i did`nt figure on him s60s U

Donn, Larry ***

honey bun 59 A

Donovan ***

Jennifer juniper 68 U

catch th wind 65 E-flat

universal soldier {live} sm60s C

Atlantis {live} sm60s C

there is a mountain s60s U (I saw Juanita`s snail on my garden gate too. I touched it an boy did it get slimy)

riki tiki tavi s60s U

sunshine superman s60s U

Doobie Brothers ***

music is th doctor 90 E-flat

rockin down th highway sm70s UPE

listen to th music 73 E

take me in yer arms 75 U

Doors *** {with Jim Morrison}

roadhouse blues sl60s E

touch me 69 U

luv her madly 71 U

luv me 2 times sl60s E

hello I luv you 68 U

L.A. woman 67 A

Dorman, Harold ***

### mountain of luv se60s U

Dorsam, Tom ***

baby of mine 64 G

Dorsey, Jimmy ***

Johnson rag s40s U

Dorsey, Lee ***

ya ya 61 F

do-re-mi 62 F

workin in a coal mine sm60s U

ride yer pony s60s U

Dorsey, Jimmy ***

Johnson rag s40s U

Dorsey, Tommy Orchestra ***

tea for two cha cha 58 U

Dovale, Debbie ***

hey lover s60s U

Dovells ***

stop monkeyin around s60s U

u can`t sit down 63 F

u can`t sit down {live} 64 F

bristol stomp 61 U

Betty in bermudas s60s U

bristol twistin Annie 62 U

hully gully baby se60s U

Dove, Ronnie ***

kiss away s60s U

rite or wrong s60s U

## say you se60s U

one kiss for old time sake s60s U

Dowell, Joe ***

little red rented rowboat 62 U

Downing, Big Al an th Poecats ***

oh babe 58 UPD

down on th farm 58 U

Georgia slop 64 F

miss Lucy sl50s F

just around th corner sl50s G

yes I`m luvin you sl50s B

there`l come a time sl50s U

no one else sl50s B-flat

land of make believe sl50s D

so many memories sl50s B-flat-TB

it must be luv sl50s E-flat

words of luv sl50s BTETB

all I want is you sl50s U

Drake, Pete (an his talking steel guitar) ***

forever s50s U

Draper, Rusty ***

in th middle of th house 56 U

gambler`s guitar 53 U

Dreamlovers ***

when we get married 61 U

Drifters (see also Clyde Mcphatter/Bobby Hendrix/Ben E. King) ***

I`ll take you where th music`s playin 65 U

itchy twitchy feelin (with Bobby Hendrix) 58 U

cast yer vote (with Bobby Hendrix ~ if ya wanna Rock & Roll ya better cast yer vote) s58 F

up on th roof 62 A-flat

at th club 65 F

when my little girl is smilin 62 E-flat

this magic moment 60 D-flat-PU

save th last dance for me 60 E

dance with me 59 F

there goes my baby 59 A

there goes my baby {live} 64 A-flat

on broadway 63 U

on broadway {live} 64 BTHG-TA-flat

some kind of wonderful 61 U

sweets for my sweet 61 D-flat-PU

I count th tears 61 F

if ya don`t come back 63 B-flat

I`ll take ya home 63 G

I don`t want ta go on 64 A

saturday nite at th movies 64 F-sharp

saturday nite at th movies {live} 65 F-sharp

answer th phone 65 A

chains of luv 65 F-sharp

th outside world 65 U

moonlite bay 58 E-flat

ruby sm50s U

please stay s50s U

I`ve got sand in my shoes sl50s U

come over to my place 65 U

Lucille (with Clyde Mcphatter) s50s U

Duals ***

stick shift 61 U

Dubs ***

could this be magic 57 U

Du-droppers ***

bambalam {unrel} s50s HG

i found out sl50s U

Duff, Arlie ***

alligator come across 56 F

Dugosh, Eddie an th A`ha Playboys ***

don`t you realize s58 A

Duke, Patty ***

please dont just stand there 65 U

Duncan, Don ***

somethin special sl50s U

DuPree, Champion Jack, ***

#9 blues s50s G

Duprees ***

have you heard 63 U

u belong to me se60s U

Durbin, Allison ***

American music 73 E

Dutones (see th Five Dutones) ***

Duvall, Huelyn ***

pucker paint

cumin or goin 58 A

3 months to kill 58 U

friday nite on a dollar bill 58 U

teen queen 58 U

Dylan, Bob ***

subterranean homesick blues 65 U

I want ya 66 F

just like a woman 66 U

luv minus zero 65 E

rainy day women 66 F

evrethin is broken 91 E

like a rollin stone 65 C

don`t think twice s60s E

positively 4th street 65 F-sharp

lay lady lay 69 A

Memphis blues again s60s E

mr. tambourine man 65 F

watchin th river flow 71 U

I`ll be yer baby tonite s80s F

most likely u go yer way {with th Band} 74 U

it aint me babe {with th Band} s60s U

ballad of a thin man {with th Band} s60s B

all along th watchtower {with th Band} s60s U

blowin in th wind {with th band} s60s G

she belongs to me s60s A

tangled up in blue 74 APB-flat

Eagles *** {see also Bob Seger}

new kid in town 76 E

peaceful easy feelin 73 E

hotel California 77 U

take it easy 72 GPU

already gone 74 U

take it to th limit 76 B

Earl – Jean ***

Randy s60s U

i`m into somethin good 64 U

Earls ***

life is but a dream se60s U

remember then 62 E

eyes se60s B-flat

never se60s U

kissin se60s U

all thru our teens {unrel} 61 U

cry cry cry {Ace Records England} 63 F

lets waddle {Ace Records} 62 U

lost luv {unrel. 2`11“ version} 61 DTE-flat

dreams come true {unrel. 2`4“ version 61 B

little boy an girl {unrel. 1`53“ version} s61 U

my heart`s desire {unrel. 2`56“ version} 61 U

th inbetween years, part one {with James Macarthur} 61 ATB-flat

th inbetween years, part two {with james Macarthur} 61 B-flat-TB

Easybeats ***

friday on my mind 67 A

gonna have a good time sm60s U

Echoes ***

## baby blue sl50s U

Ecuadors *** {see Chuck berry`s “let me sleep woman”}

Eddy, Duane *** {playing his Gretsch guy wires often with Lee Hazelwood}

Peter Gunn theme 60 U

dixie sl50s U

detour 58 D

rebel rouser 58 ETFTF-sharp-TD

40 miles of bad road 59 U

lonely one 58 U

dance with th guitar man 62 U

I almost lost my mind 58 U

3-30 blues 58 G

cuz their young 60 U

cannon ball 58 U

rumble 63 FPU

ram rod 58 B

movin an groovin s58 UPE

deep in th heart of Texas 62 ETCTE

th ballad of Palladin 63 A

blowin up a storm 63 DT-HG-TDT-HG-TD

choo choo a go go toot 65 A

just to satisfy you 65 ETBTE

dream lover 65 A

I`m blue 65 A

don`t think twice 65 A

it aint me babe 65 U

she belongs to me 65 A

all I really want ta do 65 A

eve of destruction 65 D

around th block in 80 days 65 A

staulkin 58 F

anytime 58 U

i fought th law (with th Ventures) s60s U

Edison Lighthouse ***

love grows s60s U

Edmunds, Dave ***

I hear ya knockin 71 E

Edsels *** {George Jones Jr.–James Reynolds–Marshall Sewell–Harry an Lary Greene}

rama lama ding dong 61 {57} UPD-flat

3 precious words 61 U

born in Mexico {unrel} s61 U

don`t know what to do se60s U

luv makes th world go round {unrel} se60s U

hide an seek {unrel} se60s E-flat

lets go se60s E-flat

my whispering heart 61 A

count th tears {unrel. version} s61 U

24 hours se60s E-flat

what brought us together 61 D

give me luv {unrel} se60s E

rink-dink-do 59 U

could it be 57 A

do ya luv me sl50s E

Edwards, Bobby ***

yer th reason s60s U

Edwards, Jimmy ***

luv bug crawl s60s U

Edwards, Tommy ***

luv is all we need sl50s U

Egan, Walter ***

magnet an steel 78 U

Eldorados ***

at my front door 55 A-flat

I aint had no baby s50s U

Eldridge, Billy an th Fireballs ***

lets go baby 59 U

Electric Indian ***

keem-o-sabe 69 U

Electric Light Orchestra ***

strange music 76 G

telephone line 77 APU

don`t bring me down 79 U

turn ta stone 77 E

boy blue s70s U

livin thing 76 U

all over th world 80 C

rockaria s70s D

do ya 77 D

sweet talkin woman 78 C

Electric Prunes ***

I had too much to dream last nite 67 D

Elegants ***

gettin dizzy s60s U

Elliot, Mama Cass (see th Mamas an Papas) ***

Ellis, Shirley ***

th name game 65 U

nitty gritty 64 U

th clapping song s60s U

Ellsworth, Ray ***

R an R show sl50s U

El Vinos ***

my heart beats faster s60s U

Ember, Dale an th Flames ***

happy days s60s F

Epps, Preston ***

bongos bongos bongos 60 U

bongo rock 59 E

Escorts ***

Gloria sl50s U

Essex ***

a walkin miracle s60s U

easier said than done s60s U

Eternals ***

R an R cha cha cha 59 C

Babalu`s wedding day 59 U

rockin in th jungle s50s U

Eurithmics ***

when tomorrow comes 90 U

here comes th rain again 91 U

Eurogliders ***

groove 90 U

Evans, Paul ***

happy go lucky me 60 U

7 little girls 59 U

Everett, Betty ***

its in his kiss 63 U

until ya were gone 63 A-flat

I can`t hear ya 64 U

hands off 63 E-flat

hound dog 63 D

Everly Brothers ***

this little girl of mine 58 U

how can i meet her 62 U

ferris wheel s60s U

stick with me baby 61 U

dream 58 E

Donna Donna 63 F

be bop a lula 60 U

gone gone gone 63 UPF-sharp

nightingale 84 A

til I kissed ya 59 F-sharp

temptation 61 U

so sad 60 U

bye bye luv 57 APU

made ta luv s60s U

thats just too much s60s U

change of heart s60s U

silver threads golden needles s60s U

luv hurts 61 U

luv hurts {faster version} s60s U

I`m gonna move to th outskirts of town s60s U

lonely weekends s60s U

Kansas city s60s U

I got a woman s60s U

luv is strange 65 U

what am I livin for 65 U

hi-heel sneakers 65 U

C C rider {country circuit} 65 U

lonely avenue 65 U

my babe 65 U

walkin th dog 65 U

I almost lost my mind 65 U

rip it up s60s U

keep-a-knockin s60s U

I wonder if I care 57 A

when will I be loved 60 U

so fine s60s U

maybe tomorrow sl50s U

Maybelline sl50s U

dancin in th street s60s U

slippin an slidin s60s U

Suzie Q s60s E

walk rite back s60s U

girls are made to luv s60s U

Claudette sl50s U

devoted to you s60s U

bowling green 67 U

muskrat 61 U

always its you 60 U

Kathy`s clown sl50s U

that`s old fashioned sl50s U

dont blame me sl50s U

Lucille sl50s U

Excellents ***

coney island baby 62 U

Exciters ***

tell him 63 U

he`s got th power 63 U

i want u to be my boy se60s U

doo wah diddy (Bopland wedding bells) s60s U

Exile ***

kiss ya all over 78 U

Fabares, Shelley ***

Johnny loves me 62 U

Fabian ***

turn me loose 59 U

like a tiger 59 U

string along 60 U

i`m a man sl50s U

Fabulous Thunderbirds ***

she`s hot 88 U

wrap it up s68 B-flat

rainin in my heart 88 U

my babe s70s UP-HG

she`s tuff s70s E

marked deck s70s U

tuff enuff 86 UPBTD

got luv if ya want it 86 U

rock this place 89 U

look at that 86 UPG

tell me 82 A

Facenda, Tommy ***

high school USA 59 U

Faces ***

itchycoo park 68 A

Fagen, Dick an th Scores ***

nuthin really shakes me 59 U

rain rain 59 U

Faith, Adam ***

its alrite 65 U

Faithful, Maryanne ***

is this what i get for lovin you s60s U

summer nites 65 U

in my time of sorrow s64 U

as tears go by 64 C

Falcons *** {with Wilson Pickett}

yer so fine 59 D-flat

I found a luv s59 U

Fame, Georgie ***

yeh yeh 65 U

Fantastic Johnny C ***

boogaloo down broadway 67 U

Fardon, Fardon ***

Indian reservation 68 U

Fargo, Donna ***

funny face 72 DTE-flat

Farlowe, Chris ***

out of time s70s G

Fascinators ***

who do you think u are 59 U

oh Rose Marie s50s E-flat

Feathers, Charlie ***

cant hardly stand it s60s E

she set me free s50s U

wild wild party 59 U

peepin eyes 55 U

defrost yer heart {waltz} 55 U

defrost yer heart {different version} s60s U

one hand loose 56 U

bottle to th baby { th obviously better version} 56 U

evrebudies luvin my baby 56 U

when ya come around 57 {90} U

nobudys woman 57 U

gone gone gone {version with treetop bull} s79 U

two ta choose 79 U

get with it 56 D

do ya know {Edsel label} sl50s U

rock me sl50s U

rain sl50s U

mama oh mama sl50s U

cherry wine sl50s U

there will be three sl50s E

Fraulein 90 E

mean woman blues 90 C

if tomorrow never comes 90 E

cootzie coo 90 E

seasons of my heart 90 U

stutterin Cindy 71 U

tear it up 71 U

uh huh honey {Norton records, N.Y. th best version} 71 U

that certain female 74 U

walkin th dog s70s U

?? don`t that sun look good goin down s60s ??

Felts, Derrell ***

playmates sl50s A

Fender, Freddie ***

before th next teardrop falls 75 A

Fendermen ***

?? don`t ya just know it 60 ??

Ferguson, H-Bomb ***

Mary little Mary s60 C

midnite ramble sl50s E-flat

Ferguson, Jay ***

thunder island 78 U

Fern, Mike an th Del Royals ***

brake Jake s50s G

Ferrier, Al ***

hey baby 57 E

I`ll try one more time sl50s U

lets go boppin tonite 56 E

honey baby {84} sl50s U

honey baby {2`5“ slower version} sl50s U

no no baby 55 U

what is this thing called luv 58 E

my baby done gone away 55 U

muscadine mule {unrel} se60s U

why doubt my luv sl50s U

I`m th man {2`10“ version} sl50s U

blues stop knockin {2`9“ version} sl50s U

she left me sl50s U

luv me baby sl50s E

Indian R an R sl50s U

u win again {2`5“ version} sl50s U

hey baby sl50s U

Fields, Ernie ***

in th mood 59 D-flat-TF-sharp-TD-flat-TF-sharp-D-flat

th charleston 61 U

Fiestas ***

so fine 59 UPE-flat

Fifth Dimension ***

age of Aquarius 69 U

up up an away 67 U

grazin in th grass sl60s U

sweet blindness 68 U

California soul 69 U

blowin away 70 U

Fifth Estate ***

heigh ho sl50s U

Finnegan, Larry ***

dear one 62 F

Fireballs ***

bulldog se60s U

quite a party S60s U

bottle of wine s60s U

Fireflies ***

u were mine 59 U

First class ***

beach baby 74 CTDTCTD

Fisher, Brien ***

fingertips s50s U

Fisher, Toni ***

th big hurt 59 U

west of th wall 62 U

Fitzgerald, Ella & th Delta Rhythm Boys ***

its only a paper moon s40s U

Five Americans ***

western union 67 U

Five Blobs ***

th blob 58 U

Five Discs ***

never let u go s60s U

i remember 58 U

Five Dutones ***

th bird se60s U

shake yer tail feather {beware label only} s63 E

Five Emprees ***

little miss sad 65 U

Five Keys ***

my pidgeon`s gone 56 E-flat

gee whitakers s50s U

ling ting tong s50s U

close yer eyes 54 U

Five Royales ***

think 57 U

help me somebody sm50s U

Five Satins ***

when yer luv comes along sm50s A-flat

in th still of th nite 56 U

Five Stars ***

pickin on th wrong chicken s60s U

Five Thousand Volts ***

I`m on fire {with Tina Charles} 75 UPF

Flack, Roberta ***

th first time ever I saw yer face 71 C

Jessie 73 D-flat

Flamingoes ***

luvers never say good-bye 58 U

time was 61 U

I only have eyes for you 59 U

yer other luv 60 B-flat

luv walked in 59 U

goodnite sweetheart 59 E-flat

mio amore 60 E-flat

nobudy luves me like u do 60 B

but not for me 59 C

music maestro please 59 F

crazy crazy crazy 60 C

Flares ***

foot stompin 61 U

Flatt an Scruggs ***

foggy mountain breakdown 68 G

orange blossom special s60s A

worried man s60s G

tis sweet to be remembered s50s U

Fleetwood Mac ***

heroes are hard ta find 74 U

Rhiannon 76 C

my babys good to me s73 E

go yer own way 77 F

shake yer money maker s73 E

don`t stop 77 E

over my head 75 D

u make lovin fun 77 U

rockin boogie s60s D

Fleetwoods ***

mr. blue 59 E-flat-PU

come softly to me sl50s U

Flies On Fire ***

baptize me over Elvis Presley`s grave 91 U

Flint, Shelby ***

little dancin doll s50s U

Flirtations ***

nuthin but a heartache 66 or 69 U

Flores, Rosie ***

blues keep callin me {with Janis Martin} 95 D-flat

hard times {with Janis Martin} 95 C

rock yer baby {with Wanda Jackson} 95 D

don`t let our luv die {with James Intveld} 95 U

u tear me up 95 G

bop street 95 D

write myself a letter s60s NA

boxcars {th first part} 95 D

Floyd, Eddie ***

knock on wood 66 E

Flying Emus ***

mad about ya sl80s C

Fogerty, John ***

big train from Memphis 84 E

I can`t take it no more 2007 U

long dark road 2007 U

Foley, Jim an th Big Beats ***

good-bye train 57 C

Foley, Red *** {see also Kitty Wells}

freight train boogie s40s U

hobo boogie s40s U

### never trust a woman s40s U

Birmingham bounce sl40s U

Fontaine, Eddie ***

nothin shakin s60s U

Fontana, Wayne ***

Pamela Pamela sm60s U

Fontane Sisters ***

hearts of stone 54 U

daddy-o 55 U

please don`t leave me 55 U

I`m stickin with you 57 U

seventeen 55 U

i`m in luv again sl50s U

i wanna be loved (with Hugo Winterhalter) sl40s U

castle rock s40s U

let me in s50s U

Fonzie {th Fonz}*** {helped promote certain forgotten artists}

Ford, Billy an th Thunderbirds *** {see Billy an Lillie}

Ford, Frankie ***

sea cruise 59 U

Foreigner ***

double vision 78 U

feels like th first time 77 U

cold as ice 77 E-flat

Forrest, Jimmy ***

nite train sl50s U

Fortunes ***

here it comes again 65 U

u`ve got yer troubles s60s U

here comes that rainy day feelin again 71 U

Foundations ***

build me up buttercup s60s U

Four Blazes ***

Mary Jo s40s U

Four Epics ***

dance Joanne se60s U

Four J`s ***

here I am s60s U

Four Lads (see also Johnnie Ray) ***

skokiaan 54 U

moments to remember 55 G

standin on th corner 56 GTA-flat

Four Pennies ***

my block s60s U

Four Preps ***

big surprise 59 U

down by th station s60s U

Four Seasons ***

peanuts sm60s U

yer nobudy til somebody loves you 66 U

alone 64 B-flat

Marlena 63 E-flat

c`mon Maryanne 67 U

december sixty three 76 D-flat

ragdoll 64 B-flat

lets hang on 65 U

tell it to th rain 66 C

Sherry 62 U

stay 63 U

don`t think twice 65 U

candy girl 63 FTF-sharp

opus seventeen 66 UPF-sharp-TDTA-flat-TATB-flat-TB

Ronnie 64 U

beggin 67 D

save it for me 64 U

aint that a shame 63 E-flat

Connie O s60s U

walk like a man 63 U

bye bye baby 65 U

big girls dont cry 62 U

girl come runnin home 65 U

Cousin Brucie go go s60s U

why do fools fall in luv s60s U

hurt yourself s60s U

Four Teens ***

spark plug 58 U

go little go cat 58 U

Four Tops ***

7 rooms of gloom 67 U

ask th lonely sm60s G

I can`t help myself 65 C

its th same old song 65 UPC

Bernadette 67 U

shake me wake me 66 U

u keep runnin away 67 U

somethin about ya 65 U

reach out 66 D-flat-TF-sharp-TB-flat-TD-flat-TF-sharp-TB-flat-TD-flatTF-sharp-TB-flat

baby I need yer luvin 64 B-flat

standin in th shadows of luv 66 F-sharp

walk away Renee 68 U

are ya man enuff s70s E-flat

if i were a carpenter s60s U

Fox, Norman an th Rob – Roys ***

tell me why sl50s U

Foxx, Inez an Charlie ***

count th days I`m gone s60s U

Frampton, Peter ***

show me th way 76 UPD

I`m in you 77 C

baby I luv yer way 76 G

Francis, Connie ***

Teddy 60 U

a second hand luv 62 U

drownin my sorrows 63 U

singin th blues s60s U

who`s sorry now 58 UPE-flat-TE

young luv s60s U

where th boys are 61 GTA-flat-PU

bye bye luv s60s U

follow th boys 61 GTA-flat-PU

hearts of stone s60s U

half as much s60s U

cold cold heart s60s U

robot man 60 U

plenty good luvin 59 U

many tears ago 60 U

strangers in th nite s60s U

together 61 U

lipstick on yer collar 59 HG

blue winter 64 U

evrebudy`s somebudy`s fool 60 F-sharp-TGTA-flat

I fall to pieces s60s D

my happiness 58 U

dreamboat 61 U

stupid cupid 58 E-flat

gonna get that man s60s U

my heart has a mind of its own 60 U

dont break th heart 61 U

among my souvenirs 59 UPATB-flat

vacation 62 F

Frankie 59 E-flat-TE

breakin in a brand new broken heart 61 C

moonriver s63 E

luv is a many splendered thing 61 U

Carolina moon 58 E-flat-TE

someday yer gonna miss me se60s U

## i`m gonna be warm this winter sl50s U

Frantics Four ***

TV mama s50s U

Freberg, Stan ***

sh boom s40s U

little blue riding hood s40s U

i got u under my skin s40s U

st. george an th dragonet s50s U

great pretender s50s U

heartbreak hotel 56 U

wun`erful wun`erful 57 U

try s50s U

John & Marsha se50s U

Freddie & th Dreamers ***

a little you 65 U

do th freddie s60s U

Fred, John an th Playboys ***

Judy in disguise 67 B-flat

Freed, Alan ***

intro 54 NA

Freeman, Bobby ***

c`mon an swim 64 U

Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes 58 U

do you wanna dance sl50s U

Freeman, Ernie ***

raunchy 57 E-flat

rockin red wing sm50s U

French, Don ***

lonely saturday nite 59 U

Friend and Lover ***

reach out of th darkness s60s U

Friends of Distinction ***

grazin in th grass sl60s U

Frizzell, Lefty ***

i want to be with you always 40s U

travelin blues s40s U

always late s40s U

if u got th money honey se50s U

i luv u a thousand ways s40s U

dont stay away s40s U

look what thoughts will do s40s U

Frogmen ***

underwater (original) 61 U

Fuller, Bobby (Four) ***

I fought th law 66 GPU

luves made a fool of you s66 U

th chase s60s A

nervous breakdown s60s F-sharp

let her dance sm60s U

Fuller, Johnny ***

no more no more 57 C

Full Tilt Boogie Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “me an Bobby Mcgee”–”kosmic blues”–”cry baby”–”move over”–”half moon”–”get it while ya can”–”ball an chain”

Fulson, Lowell ***

I still luv ya baby 55 C

reconsider baby 54 G

I want to know {one version with th same name is not acceptable} 60 U

trouble trouble 55 U

hung down head 61 F

tollin bells 56 E

thats all rite 57 U

do me rite 55 B-flat-PU

so many tears s50s B-flat

cumin home someday s50s F

come back baby s40s U

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Song List = G H I

Gaines, Roy ***

yer rite I`m left 57 U

Gainesville 57 U

Annabelle 57 B-flat

Skippy is a sissy 58 B-flat

Gallery ***

I believe in music s70s U

nice ta be with you 72 A

Gammagoochie ***

Gammagoochie himself sm60s D-flat

Ganimian an his Orientals ***

come with me to th Casbah {Beware label} se60s U

Gant, Cecil ***

rock little baby 51 B

Cecil boogie s40s U

Gardner, Don an Dee Dee Ford ***

I need yer luvin 62 G

don`t you worry 62 U

Garland, Judy ***

Dear mr. Gable 38 U

over th rainbow 39 U

Garner, Johnny ***

didi didi 58 U

Garvin, Rex an th Cravers ***

emulsified s50s U

Gary an th Hornets ***

hi hi Hazel 66 U

Gates, David ***

u`ll be my baby sl50s D

Gaye, Barbie ***

my boy lollipop 57 U

Gaye, Marvin ***

hitch hike 63 U

I`ll be doggone 65 U

lets get it on 73 UPE-flat

can I get a witness 63 E-flat

how sweet it is 64 C

heard it thru th grapevine 68 E-flat

sexual healin 82 E-flat

pride an joy 63 U

aint that peculiar s60s U

it takes two (with Kim Weston) s60s U

once upon a time (with Mary Wells) 64 U

yer a wonderful one s60s U

G Clefs ***

ka-ding dong 56 B-flat

I understand 61 C

Geils, J ***

lookin for a luv {th faster version} 72 U

centerfold s70s U

Gene and Debbe ***

playboy 68 U

Gene an Eunice ***

poco loco s60s U

Genies ***

who`s that knockin 59 U

Gentrys ***

sometimes sm60s U

evreday i have to cry 66 U

keep on dancin 65 U

spread it on thick 66 U

a woman of th world sm60s U

George, Barbara ***

I know 61 F

Georgia Satellites ***

keep yer hands to yerself s86 A

battleship chains s86 UPC

can`t stand th pain s86 GTDTGTDTGTDTG

Gerdsen, Ray ***

bye bye baby {with th Yellow Jackets–unrel} 84 {sl50s} U

Gerry an th Pacemakers ***

u`ll never walk alone 65 U

its gonna be allrite 64 U

girl on a swing 66 U

it`ll be me sm60s U

how do u do s60s U

i`ll be there s60s U

Getz, Stan an Astrid Gilberto ***

th girl from Ipanema 64 U

Gibbs, Georgia ***

7 lonely days 53 E-flat-TE

kiss of fire 52 U

dance with me Henry 55 U

great balls of fire 57 U

tweedle-dee 55 U

Gibson, Don ***

th world is waitin for th sunrise se60s U

lonesome number one 61 U

sea of heartbreak 61 U

oh lonesome me 58 E-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat

Gilmer, Jimmy an th Fireballs (see also Fireballs) ***

think it over se60s U

sugar shack 63 U

Gilreath, James ***

little band of gold 63 U

Gino & Gina ***

pretty baby s60s U

Gipson, Slick an th Sliders ***

Etta Mae s50s U

Girlfriends ***

my one an only Jimmy boy s60s U

Gladiolas ***

sweetheart please dont go 57 U

shoop shoop 58 A-flat

little darlin 57 U

Glaze, Ruby ***

lonesome day blues 20s HG

Glenn, Glen ***

evrebudies movin {unrel} 58 B

if I had me a woman s50s E

blue jeans an a boy`s shirt {unrel} s50s U

one cup of coffee {unrel} 77 {sl50s} U

it rains rain {unrel} 56 U

Glitter, Garry ***

R an R part two s70s U

Glover, Mae ***

shake it daddy {with John Byrd} 20s G

I aint givin nobudy none 20s B-flat

Godfrey, Arthur ***

too fat polka s50s U

Goldsboro, Bobby ***

Jean s60s U

little things 65 U

world I used to know s60s U

beautiful people s60s U

evrebudies talkin sl60s U

proud Mary sl60s U

mornin mornin sl60s U

hard luck Joe sl60s CTDPU

I`m a drifter 69 U

workin on th muddy Mississippi line 69 F-sharp-TATF-sharp-TATF-sharp-PU

see th funny little clown 64 U

I`m a little mixed up sl60s E

luv arrester sl60s E

summer {th first time} 73 B

I am a rock sl60s U

can ya feel it 70 A

voodoo woman s60s U

Goodies ***

dum dum diddy s60s U

Gordon, Jimmie *** {see Memphis Minnie}

Gordon, Mike an th Agates ***

rumble at Newport Beach 63 U

Gordon, Rosco ***

just a little bit 59 G

tummer tee sl50s D-flat

Gore, Lesley ***

my town my guy an me 65 U

u did`nt look around sm60s U

its my party 63 A

sunshine lollipops 65 CTD-flat

maybe I know 64 U

California nites 66 U

thats th way boys are 64 D-flat

I dont care 66 U

we know we`re in luv 66 ATB-flat

young luv 66 ATB-flat

start th party again sm60s U

she`s a fool 63 U

just let me cry 63 E-flat

th old crowd 63 D-flat

Judy`s turn ta cry 63 D

sometimes I wish I were a boy sm60s A-flat

look of luv sm60s U

wonder boy s60s U

Gorme, Eydie ***

don`t try ta fight it sm60s U

blame it on th bossa nova sl60s U

Goza, Glenn an th Damangos ***

goshamody what a body 61 U

Gracie,Charlie ***

butterfly s50s U

Graham, Lou ***

wee Willie Brown 58 A

Grammer, Billy ***

Bonaparte`s retreat 59

kissin tree 59 U

gotta travel on 59 U

Grand Funk Railroad ***

locomotion 74 U

Grant, Earl ***

th end 58 CPU

stand by me 65 U

Grant, Gogi ***

wayward wind 56 U

suddenly there`s a valley sl50s U

Grant, Janie ***

triangle 61 D-flat-PUPC

greasy kid stuff se60s U

Grass Roots ***

sooner or later sl60s U

I`d wait a million years 69 B

where were you when I needed you 66 DPU

lets live for today 67 E

midnite confessions 68 F-sharp

temptation eyes 71 UPB-flat

Gravely, Junior with th Rock-A-Tones ***

u lied to me honey sl50s U

Gray, Billy *** {see Wanda Jackson`s “u can`t have my luv”}

Gray, Dobie ***

incrowd 64 D

eddie`s song 72 U

drift away 72 B

Gray, Henry ***

mean old world s50s G

cold chills s50s G

out on th road s50s U

mojo boogie s50s U

it aint no use s50s U

boogie in th dark s50s U

hello Josephine s50s U

Gray`s bounce s50s U

I`ll be up again someday s50s U

Greaves, R B ***

take a letter Maria 69 U

Green, Jimmy ***

last date s60s U

it keeps rite on a hurtin s60s U

apache s60s U (playing guy wires behind back pic ~ see utube)

Green, Rudy ***

my mumblin baby 55 U

Greenwich, Ellie ***

oh how happy se60s U

Gregg, Bobby ***

th jam pt one 62 U

Griffin Brothers Orchestra featuring Tommy Brown ***

## tra- la-la s40s U

hoppin se50s U

Griggs, Frankie *** {see Bob Howe}

Grubbs, Jimmy an th Music Makers ***

lets rock tonite 57 U

Guaraldi, Vince ***

cast yer fate to th wind 63 U

Guess Who *** {with Burton Cummings}

these eyes 69 U

share th land 70 U

shakin all over 65 E

laughin 69 A

clap for th Wolfman {with famed PHD Wolfman Jack} 74 E

stand tall se70s G

no time 69 U

hey ho what u do to me sl60s U

American woman 70 U

undun 69 U

Guitar Gable ***

this should go on forever {with King Karl} 59 U

congo mombo 56 B-flat

walkin thru th park {with King Karl} s50s U

Guitar Nubbitt ***

big leg woman s50s U

Guthrie, Arlo ***

city of new orleans 72 U

comin into los angeles 67 U

Guthrie, Jack an his Oklahomans ***

oakie boogie s40s U

Guy, Buddy ***

broken hearted blues s60s D

when my left eye jumps s60s D-flat

my mother 66 U

I got my eyes on you 60 D

first time I met th blues 60 U

slop around S50s F

wee wee baby {live at Big Bills} s50s U

u sure can`t do 58 U

let me luv u baby 60 HG

Haggard, Merle ***

if ya want to be my woman s60s U

workin man blues 69 U

America first 2006 C

I take alot of pride in what i am s70s U

Haley, Bill an th Comets ***

skokiaan 59 U

mambo rock s50s U

dance with th dolly s50s U

razzle dazzle 55 U

birth of th boogie s50s U

Rudy`s rock 56 U

don`t knock th Rock 56 F

I would`nt have missed it s70 F

rip it up 56 U

there`s a new moon s60s or 70s U

rock around th clock 55 U

me an Bobby Mcgee s70 E-flat

see ya later alligator 56 UPE-flat

travelin band s71 U

Harlem nocturne {live} s60s U

Jenny Jenny {live} s69 F

caravana a go go s60s U

Johnny B. Goode {live} s69 A

dim dim th lites 55 U

th saints R an R 56 FPF-sharp

teenager`s mother 56 D

guitar boogie {live} s50s E

new orleans {live} s69 B-flat

rock th joint {live in Sweden} s51 A

choo choo ch boogie 56 B-flat

rip it up {live} s56 U

shake rattle roll 54 U

yodel yer blues away s49 U

R-O-C-K sl50s U

billy goat 57 U

burn that candle s60s U

birth of th boogie s50s U

rock-a-beatin boogie 55 U

crazy man crazy 53 U

Hall, Roy an his Cohutta Mountain Boys *** {see also Skeeter Davis` kaw-liga}

mule boogie 50 U

3 alley cats 56 U

she sure can rock sm50s U

dirty boogie 51 U

Hamblen, Stuart ***

remember me s40s U

Hamilton, George th 4th ***

if u don`t know I aint gonna tell ya 62 E

your cheatin heart 58 U

high school romance 57 U

a rose an a baby ruth sl50s U

why dont they understand sl50s U

Hamilton, Roy ***

dont let go 58 A-flat

Hamlisch, Marvin ***

th entertainer 74 C

Hamner, Curley ***

air-raid 60 C

Hampton, Lionel ***

hey ba ba ree bop s40s U

Happenings ***

see u in september 66 U

my mammy s50s U

Harden Trio ***

tippy toein 66 U

Harmonica Ray ***

tore up s50s D

Harmonicats ***

cherry pink an apple blossom white sl50s U

Harnell, Joe ***

fly me to th moon se60s U

Harpers Bizarre ***

59th street bridge song s60s U

Harpo, Slim ***

wonderin an worryin sl50s U

baby scratch my back 65 F

strange luv sl50s A

I got luv if u want it 57 F

u`ll be sorry one day sl50s E

I`m a king bee 57 F

one more day sl50s U

little queen bee 64 F

yeah yeah baby sl50s U

shake yer hips 66 A

moody blues sl50s F

buzz me babe 60 E

snoopin around sl50s U

lovers confession sl50s F

rainin in my heart 61 U

I luv th life I`m livin sl50s B-flat

I need money sl50s U

we`re 2 of a kind sl50s F

I`m gonna miss ya sl50s D

I`m gonna keep what I got sl50s F-sharp

just for you sl50s D

still rainin in my heart 64 U

late last nite 60 F

tip on in part one 67 E

bobby sox baby 61 E

don`t start cryin now 61 F

rock me baby s60s F

Harris, Betty ***

his kiss 64 U

Harris, Dinky an th Spades ***

she left me cryin s50s E

Harris, Emmy Lou ***

drivin wheel 83 E

pledgin my luv 84 D-flat

Harris, Joyce an th Daylighters ***

got my mojo workin {unrel} 61 E

Harrison, Cledus ***

R an R in th groove s50s D

Harrison, George ***

you 75 U

what is life 70 U

all those years ago 81 U

something 69 U

here comes th sun s70s U

Harrison, Jerry ***

lets ride 89 B

Harrison, Wilbert ***

good bye Kansas City sl50s U

kansas city 59 D-flat-PU

lets stick together sl50s A

cheatin baby 59 B-flat

near to you s50s D

lets work together (2 versions) 69 U

Harris, Peppermint ***

i got loaded s50s U

Harris, Richard ***

macarthur park 68 U

Harris, Rolf ***

stairway to heaven se60s U

Harris, Thurston ***

little bitty pretty one 57 UPA-flat

purple stew s50s D-flat

Harris, Wynonie *** {see also th Royals “all nite long”}

sittin on it all th time s40s U

drinkin wine spo – dee – o – dee s40s U

i feel that old age s40s U

Christina 54 U

good rockin tonite 47 U

shake that thing 54 U

dont take my whiskey away 54 U

drinkin sherry wine 55 U

wine wine sweet wine 55 U

bad news baby 53 U

bring it back 53 U

I dont know where to go 55 U

man`s best friend 54 U

keep-a-talkin 54 U

quiet whiskey 53 U

was`nt that good 53 U

mama yer daughter done lied on me 53 U

luvin machine 51 U

down boy down 53 HG

I get a thrill 54 C

oh babe (with Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra) se50s U

Harry, Debbie ***

French kissin in th USA s90 U

call me se80s DTETD

heart of glass 79 E

th tide is high 80 B

Hart, Larry ***

freight train 84 {sl50s} U

oh Nellie 84 {sl50s} C

I`m just a mender 58 E

coffins have no pockets 60 U

Hartman`s Heartbreakers {with Betty lou} ***

give it to me daddy 36 U

feels so good s30s U

Hawkette ***

mardi Gras mambo sl50s U

Hawkins, Dale an his Escapades ***

Susie Q 56 EPU

goin round {live} s62 U

Paulina {live} s62 HG

do it {live} s62 E

do th twist {live} s62 U

see ya soon baboon {with Tarzan yell} 56 HG

baby baby 57 U

la-do-dada 58 UPCTDTCTD

luvin bug {unrel} 60 UPA

back to school blues 59 b-flat

crossties 58 E

my babe 58 E

lonely nites 59 U

I want to luv you 61 C

boy meets girl {unrel} 98 {sl50s} C

superman {unrel} 98 {sl50s} C

Caldonia {unrel} 98 {sl50s} B-flat

convicted {unrel} 98 {sl50s} CTD-flat

lifeguard man 59 ATB-flat-TB

Liza Jane 59 E

someday oneday 59 U

4 letter word rock 56 HG

wild wild world 59 U

little pig 58 C

mrs Merguitory`s daughter 57 E

dont treat me this way 57 HG

tornado 58 U

Susie Q 57 E

Hawkins, Hawkshaw ***

th life of Hank williams s50s D

dog house boogie s40s U

pan american s40s U

Pan American sl40s U

i luv u a thousand ways sl40s U

Hawkins, Jerry ***

swing daddy swing {with Margaret an Rose Lewis} 58 C

Hawkins, Ronnie ***

down in th alley 70 E

Mary Lou 59 UP-HG

40 days 59 U

southern luv {with Fred Carter Junior–Jimmy Paulman–Jimmy Evans—Mark Helm} 59 E

one of these days 59 U

whatcha gonna do 59 U

oh sugar 59 U

Odessa 59 U

need yer luvin 59 U

my girl is red hot 59 U

dizzy miss Lizzy 59 U

baby Jean 59 U

someone like you 59 U

hey Boba Lou 59 U

luv me like yo can 59 U

u cheated u lied 59 U

dreams do come true 59 U

lonely hours 59 U

sick an tired 59 U

come luv 61 U

searchin 61 U

I feel good 61 U

matchbox 61 U

high blood pressure 63 U

there`s a screw loose 63 U

Arkansas 62 E

mojo man 62 U

further up th road 61 U

19 years old 61 U

look for me {unrel–with Frank Carter Junior} 59 U

luv it up {unrel–with Frank Carter Junior} 59 U

ruby baby 59 U

yer luv is what I need {unrel–with Jimmy Luke Paulman} 59 D

Hawkins, Screamin Jay ***

armpit #6 s50s U

u made me luv u 57 C

just dont care 62 G

little demon 56 G

person to person 57 D

frenzy 57 E-flat

I hear voices 62 U

I put a spell on u 56 F

I put a spell on u 72 F

itty bitty pretty one 72 G

ashes 72 C

please dont leave me 72 G

what good is it part one 72 E-flat

I`m lonely sl50s U

a thing called woman sl50s F

dig sl50s G

Hawks, Mickey ***

screamin Mimi Jeannie sl50s F

bip bop boom 58 F

bip bop boom 89 U

jammin 61 G

gonna dance tonite part one 61 F

baby I got u 68 F

aint gonna cry 68 F

hello Josephine 71 B-flat

rockin in th 50s 89 G

50`s girls 89 F

these old bones 89 C

th good old days 89 HG

Hawley, Deane ***

look for a star 60 U

Hayes, Richard & Kitty Kallen ***

th aba- daba honeymoon s40s U

Hazelwood, Lee an Nancy Sinatra ***

girls of Paris s60s C

Headon Willie ***

fun on a saturday nite sl50s F

Head, Roy an th Traits ***

treat her rite 65 HG

Carol 73 U

Heap, Jimmy ***

sebbin come elebbin 55 C

Heart ***

magic man 76 HG

crazy on u 76 U

straight on 78 U

all I wanna do s90 HG

Heartbeats ***

a thousand miles away sl50s U

Heather (Batchen) ***

daydreamin 66 U

Hebb, Bobby ***

a satisfied mind s60s U

sunny s60s U

Helms, Bobby ***

fraulein 57 G

Henderson, Homer ***

Lee Harvey was a friend {about th innocent Lee Harvey Oswald} s60s U

Henderson, Joe ***

snap yer fingers 62 U

Hendricks, Bobby (see also th Drifters) ***

itchy twitchy feelin 58 U

cast yer vote {if ya wanna Rock an Roll ya better cast yer vote} s58 F

psycho 60 U

Hendrix, Jimi ***

all along th watchtower 68 U

star spangle banner L60s U

Henhouse Five Plus Too ***

in th mood 77 U

Henley, Don ***

inside job s2001 U

Henry, Clarence {Frogman} Henry ***

aint got no home 56 CPU

u always hurt th one u luv 61 UPB-flat

baby baby please 58 U

but I do 60 B-flat-PU

I found a home s50s D-flat

Herman`s Hermits ***

silhouettes 65 U

dandy 66 U

no milk today 66 U

I understand 60s U

leanin on a lamp post sm60s U

wonderful world 65 U

i`m into something good s60s U

there`s a kind of hush 67 U

Mrs Brown u`ve got a lovely daughter s60s U

listen people s60s U

Hiatt, John ***

one step over th line 92 A

Hickey, Ersel ***

goin down that road 58 A

Hicks, Bob an th Fenders ***

baby sittin all th time sl50s U

rock baby rock sl50s E

Higgins, Bertie ***

Key Largo 82 U

Hightower, Donna ***

rite now 56 U

hands off 56 U

Highwaymen ***

cotton fields 61 U

Hill, Goldie ***

I let th stars get in my eyes s50s U

Hill, Jesse ***

ooh poo pah doo s63 E

ooh poo pah doo pt-two 60 U

Hill, Raymond ***

my baby left me 52 D

Hilltoppers ***

th joker s60s U

Hinton, Eddie ***

cry an moan 91 B-flat

bottom of th well 91 U

got ta have u 91 U

I remember Justice 91 U

come on home Baby Lee 91 E-flat-TB-flat-TE-flat-TB-flatTE-flat-TB-flat

th well of luv 91 U

letters from Mississippi s80s U

sad an lonesome s80s U

on cloudy days s80s U

Hinton, Joe ***

funny s60s U

Hirt, Al ***

Java 64 U

cotton candy 64 U

sugar lips 64 U

Hi-Tombs ***

sweet rockin mama sl50s U

Hodges, Eddie ***

aint gonna wash for a week se60s U

I`m gonna knock on yer door 61 DPE-flat

girls were made to luv 62 B-flat

bandit of my dreams s60s U

hitch hike s60s U

Hodges, Johnny ***

castle rock s40s U

Hogan, Silas ***

I`m gonna quit u se60s U

yer too late baby se60s U

go on pretty baby {unrel} se60s E

here they are again {unrel} se60s G

I`m goin in th valley se60s E

evrebudy needs somebudy se60s E

just give me a chance {probably with Slim Harpo} se60s U

baby please come back se60s E

Holden, Ron an th Thunderbirds ***

true luv can be 59 B-flat

my babe 59 E

### luv u so se60s U

Holiday, Jimmy ***

how can i forget 63 U

Hollies ***

pay u back with interest 67 U

if I needed someone 65 ATBTATBTA

he aint heavy 69 G

look thru any window 66 U

stop stop stop sl60s U

bus stop 66 U

Holloway, Brenda ***

u`ve made me so very happy 67 U

Holly, buddy *** {with an without th Crickets—see also th Nitehawks}

i`m gonna luv u too sl50s U

blue days 56 U

early in th mornin 58 U

tingaling sl50s U

Peggy Sue 57 A

rip it up sl50s U

luves made a fool of u {fast version} s58 U

luves made a fool of u 56 U

evreday 57 E-flat

lookin for someone to luv 57 A

rave on 58 UPG

oh boy 57 A

oh boy{solo no chorus} 57 A

valley of tears 58 UPF

tell me how sl50s U

reddy teddy 58 D-flat

maybe baby 58 U

mailman bring me no more blues sl50s U

think it over 58 APU

words of luv sl50s U

heartbeat 58 A

yer so square 57 UPB

little baby sl50s U

its so easy 58 A

reminiscin s58 UPE

that`l be th day s58 U

well allrite sl50s U

honky tonk sl50s E-flat

luv is strange s58 C

it does`nt matter any more s58 U

luv me 56 E

raining in my heart sl50s U

not fade away l50s U

true luv ways sl50s

Hollywood Argyles ***

hully gully s60s U

Hollywood Flames ***

buzz buzz buzz 57 U

Hollywood Hurricanes ***

beaver shot se60s U

Holmes, Rupert ***

th pinacolada song s80s U

Homer an Jethro ***

baby its cold outside {with June Carter} s40s U

battle of kookamonga sm50s U

Hondells ***

little Honda 64 U

Honeybees ***

one wonderful nite s60s U

Hooker, John Lee ***

little wheel s60s F

dimples s50s U

boom boom 61 U

Hooper, Lary *** {see Lawrence Welk}

Horton, Big Walter *** {see Johnny Young–Walter was more than just an electrifying Blues harpist in person. He sometimes appeared with Eddie Taylor at Antone`s bar in Austin. Maybe th best way to twell these talented Wampineers is covertly cuz they otherwise freeze up or more likely deliberately play out of tune for some prideful reason. But this discussion is somewhat irrelevant, th Blues was ruined long ago}

Howe, Bob an Frankie Griggs ***

th hottest stuff in town 35 U

Howlin Wolf ***

CV beer {possibly champagne velvet beer Memphis} s50s U

killin floor 64 A

nature 57 D

red rooster 71 U

poor boy {fast version} 57 D

poor boy 71 U

poor boy s60s U

my country sugar mama 64 U

sugar mama {live at Big Bills Chicago} s60s U

taildragger 62 D

worried about it baby s60s E

smokestack lightnin 56 E

highway 49 {th better version} s50s D

crawlin king snake s50s A

aint superstitious s50s D

my mind is ramblin? s50s D

baby how long 54 G

I`m leavin u 59 G

built for comfort s50s A

howlin for my baby s60s U

shake for me s60s U

u`ll be mine s60s U

who`s been talkin s60s U

spoonful s60s E

down in th bottom s60s A

tell me s60s U

moanin at midnite s50s U

Hubbard, Orangie Ray ***

is she sore s50s A

Hudson, Joe an th Rockin Dukes ***

baby give me a chance 57 G

Hughes, Fred ***

oo wee baby I luv you 65 U

Hughes, Gerald Guitar ***

watched my baby leave? {live} s80s U

U did`nt want me {live} s80s F

Hughes, Jimmy ***

steal away 64 U

Hullabaloos ***

I`m gonna luv u too 65 U

Human Beingz ***

nobody but me 68 DPU

Hunter, Alberta ***

u can`t tell th difference after dark 35 U

Hunter, Charlotte ***

lonesome heart {unrel} sl50s D

I`ll be true sl50s U

wherever u are sl50s E

Hunter, Fluffy *** {see Jessie Powell}

Hunter, Ivory Joe ***

since i met u baby 56 U

Hunter, Long John ***

midnite stroll s50s E

Hunter, Tab ***

young luv s50s U

Husky, Ferlin ***{see Simon Crum}

Hustlers ***

inertia s60s U

Hyland, Brian ***

run run look an see 66 U

save yer heart for me s60s U

itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini 60 UPDTE-flat

th joker went wild 66 U

sealed with a kiss 62 U

Ginny come lately 62 UPA

Gypsy woman 70 U

lonely teardrops s60s U

i`m afraid to go home 63 U

make me belong to you s60s U

Ian, Janis ***

society`s child s60s U

Ifield, Frank ***

luvsik blues 63 U

wayward wind 63 E-flat-TE

up up an away s60s U

happy go lucky me s60s U

my happiness s60s DTE

she taught me how ta yodel 62 F

why can`t people be people s73 CTD-flat

I`m confessin s60s U

Ikettes *** {see also Ike an Tina Turner}

I`m blue s50s U

prisoner in luv se60s U

Ill Winds ***

so be on yer way s60s U

Impalas ***

sorry 59 E

Impressions ***

gypsy woman s50s U

Ingle, Red an th Natural Seven ***

comin round th mountain march 48 U

### temptation s40s U

Ingmann, Jorgen ***

apache 61 U

Innocents ***

honest i do 60 U

Irby, Jerry ***

49 women sm50s U

Irwin, Big D *** {see also Little Eva}

evrebudies got a dance s62 D-flat

th mouse se60s ET-HG-TE

Isaak, Chris ***

blue hotel 91 B-flat

Islanders (#1) ***

my true story sm60s E

Islanders (#2) ***

th enchanted sea 59 U

Isley Brothers ***

this old heart 66 U

its yer thing s60s U

twistin with Linda 62 FPU

twist an shout 62 F-sharp-PUPF

rubber leg twist s60s U

shout part one 59 F-sharp

shout part two 59 F-sharp

respectable s60s U

i turned u on s60s U

Its a Beautiful Day ***

white bird 69 C

hot summer day 69 E

Ivan ***

real wild child s60s U

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Song List = J K L

Jacks (Cadets) ***

why dont u write me 55 U

Jackson, Bessie *** [see Lucille Bogan}

Jackson, Bullmoose ***

Cherokee boogie s40s B-flat

big ten inch record 52 U

sneaky Pete se50s U

Jackson, Carl ***

dueling banjos s73 U

Jackson, Chuck ***

I don`t want to cry 61 U

any day now 62 U

tell him I`m not home 63 U

beg me 64 F

any other way 63 D-flat

since I don`t have u 64 F

Jackson, Deon ***

luv makes th world go round s60s A-flat

Jackson, JJ ***

oh my liddy sl50s G

but its alrite 66 U

Jackson, Michael ***

they don`t care about us 90s U

tweedledee (live) 72 U

Jackson, Wanda ***

rave on se60s B-flat

breathless s60s U

sweet nuthins s60s E

oh boy s60s CTD

stupid cupid 61 D

rite or wrong 61 G

walkin after midnite s60s U

crazy s60s U

I fall to pieces s60s U

fancy satin pillows 70 U

woman lives for luv s60s F

mean mean man 58 UPE

honey bop 58 UPC

long tall Sally 58 U

cool luv 57 U

riot in cell block #9 61 E

savin my luv 59 HG

makin believe 58 A

happy happy birthday 58 U

I wanna waltz 58 U

rock yer baby 58 E

sparklin brown eyes 61 U

tongue tied 61 E

man we had a party 61 E

u can`t have my luv {with Billy Gray} 54 E

if u dont somebudy else will {with Billy Gray} 54 U

u`d be th first to know 54 U

its th same world 55 C

did u miss me 57 A

a date with Jerry 59 C

I`d rather have you 59 D

lonely weekends 61 U

tweedle-dee 61 C

funnel of luv 60 U

slippin an slidin 61 D

u bug me bad 62 G

James, Danny ***

boogie in th mud 69 E

James, Elmore ***

cry for me baby s50s U

madison blues 60 U

talk to me baby 60 U

tool bag boogie 53 U

Elmore`s contribution s50s U

ramblin on my mind s50s D

I`m a stranger here s50s D

comin home s50s D

dust my broom 52 DP-HG

evreday day I have th blues s50s D

it hurts me too s50s D

th sky is crying s50s D

goodbye baby s50s D

look on yonder wall s50s E

blues before sunrise s50s D

goin back south s50s D

James, Etta *** {see also Sugar Pie DeSanto}

I`d rather go blind 67 UPA

see u do it 90 C

th pickup s50s F

I just wanna make luv to u {live} 63 UPB-flat

boy of my dreams s50s E-flat

u got it 68 U

would it make any difference 62 A-flat

baby what ya want me to do {slow version} 63 B-flat

baby what ya want me to do s60s E

2 sides to evre story 63 E-flat

good rockin daddy 55 B-flat

tell mama 67 F

if I cant have u {with Harvey Fuqua} 60 U

only time will tell s50s B-flat

next door to th blues 61 U

roll with me Henry 55 F

somethins got a hold on me 61 D-flat

somethins got a hold on me {live} 63 E-flat

what`d I say {live} 63 C

7 day fool {live} 63 C

woke up this mornin {live} 63 G

can`t turn u loose {live} s80s E-flat

dearest darling s50s U

James, Harry ***


James, Jessie *** {see Lee Denson}

James, Joni ***

my last date 61 U

James, Sonny ***

a world of our own 68 UPC

thats me without u 53 U

for rent one broken heart {with th Jordanaires} 56 B-flat

first date first kiss 57 D-flat

I`ll never find another u 67 C

born to be with u 68 D-flat -TD

my luv 70 C

empty arms 71 D

brite lites big city 71 F

James, Tommy an th Shondells ***

out of th blue 67 U

say I am 66 U

mirage 67 U

say I am 66 U

mony mony 68 U

its only luv 66 D

crimson an clover 68 U

luv`s closin in on me 67 E

hanky panky 66 U

1-2-3 an I fell 68 U

I think we`re alone now 67 U

tighter an tighter 70 E-flat-PE

draggin a line s68 UPF-sharp

i like th way s60s U

gettin together 67 U

do somethin to me 68 U

Jamies ***

summertime 58 F

Jan an Arnie ***

Jennie Lee 58 U

Jan an Dean ***

th Anaheim Azusa an Cucamonga sewing circle 64 U

i found a girl 65 U

the new girl in school 64 U

baby talk 59 U

that little old lady from Pasadena 64 E-flat-TFTD-flat

surf city 63 A-flat-TC

Linda 63 E

do u wanna dance dance dance {live} se60s ATGTA-flat

sidewalk surfin 64 U

Norwegian wood s60s U

here they come s60s U

dead man`s curve 64 U

ride th wild surf s60s U

Honolulu lulu 63 U

heart and soul se60s U

new girl in school sl50s U

drag city se60s

Jankowski, Horst an his Orchestra ***

a walk in th black forest 65 U

Jano, Johnny ***

oh baby {unrel} sl50s E

high voltage {unrel} sl50s U

Jaxon, Frankie “halfpint” *** {see Tampa Red}

Jay an th Americans *** {my apologies for not listing “only in America”}

she cried 62 U

she cried {live} 64 U

this magic moment 69 C

come a little bit closer 64 U

walkin in th rain 70 U

some enchanted evening s60s U

u aint as hip as all that baby s60s U

crying s60s U

lets lock th door 65 U

Jay an th Techniques ***

keep th ball rollin 67 U

Jaye, Jerry ***

my girl Josephine 67 UPA

sugar bee s67 U

I`m in luv again s67 A

I washed my hands in muddy water s67 GTA-flat

Jayhawks ***

stranded in th jungle 56 C

Jaynetts ***

Sally go round th roses s60s U (take a walk in a rose garden and rejuvenate)

Jeffers, Sleepy an th Davis Twins ***

pretendin is a game 57 U

dumplin pie {unrel} sl50s D

Jeffrey, Joe Group ***

my pledge of luv 69 U

Jelly Beans ***

I want to luv him so bad 64 D

aint luv a funny thing {unrel} s64 U

he`s th kind of boy u cant forget sm60s U

here she comes sm60s U

Jenkins, Blackie an th Satellites ***

spaceship life se60s U

Jennings, Waylon *** {see also Buddy Holly}

luvs gonna live here again s60s F-sharp

we`re gonna ride {with Willie Nelson} s70s E

white lightnin s60s A-flat

good hearted woman {with Willie Nelson} 76 DTE

luckenbach Texas 77 G

desperados waitin for a train {with Willie Nelson–Johnny Cash–Kris Kristofferson} 85 U

pickin white gold s60s U

I`m a ramblin man s72 U

are u sure Hank {Williams} done it this way s60s E

I`ve always been crazy s77 U

only daddy that`l walk th line s60s U

don`t think twice its all rite s60s U

its so easy s60s U

th entertainer 84 E

I aint livin long like this 79 U

America 72 D

I may be used s82 A

I`ll find it where I can s82 D

mason dixon lines s82 U

hold on I`m comin s82 E

never could toe th mark s84 D

talk good boogie s84 U

sparklin brown eyes s84 A

if she`l leave her mama s84 U

settin me up s84 C

gemini song s84 DTE

th conversation {with Hank Williams Junior} s84 U

Jensen, Kris ***

torture sm 62 U

Jigsaw ***

sky high 75 U

Jim an Jesse ***

ashes of luv 76 U

Jim an Monica ***

slipin an slidin 64 U

Jimmy an Johnny ***

I can`t find th doorknob 58 U

Jiv-A-Tones with Dean Stevens ***

flirty Gertie 58 U

Jive Aces ***

boogie woogie country girl s2006 U

Jive Bombers ***

cherry s50s U

bad boy {unrel} 57 U

Jive Five ***

my true story 61 E-flat

what time is it se60s U

I`m a happy man 65 U

Jivetones ***

ding ding dong s60s U

Jivin Gene an th Jokers ***

breakin up is hard to do s60s U

Jo Ann an Troy ***

I found a luv oh what a luv s70s

Joel, Billy ***

u may be rite 80 E

captain Jack s70s U

piano man 74 C

John, Elton ***

saturday nites all rite 73 F

Philadelphia freedom 75 B-flat

th bitch is back 74 A-flat

sad songs 89 C

tiny dancer s70s C

crocodile rock 72 U

rocket man 72 UPB-flat

candle in th wind 91 E

Johnnie an Jack ***

k iss crazy babysl50s U

poison luv sl50s A

ashes of luv sl50s B-flat

honey i need you s50s U

i get so lonely s50s U

cryin heart blues sl40s U

Johnnie an Joe ***

over th mountain 57 U

Johnny an th Hurricanes ***

ja-da 61 U

rockin goose 60 U

red river rock 59 C

beatnik fly 59 F-sharp

crossfire 59 U

u are my sunshine 60 HG

down yonder sl50s U

Johnson, Elizabeth ***

be my kid blues {with woodblocks an cornet} 20s U

Johnson, Hoyt an th Four Recorders ***

enie meanie minie mo 58 U

Johnson, Lil *** {not one thing is known about her life}

my stoves in good condition 36 F

scufflin woman blues 36 F

was I 36 U

lets get drunk an truck 36 U

yer just a cream puff 36 C

can`t read can`t write 36 U

I`ll take u to th cleaners 36 U

if u dont give me what I want 36 U

take it easy greasy #2 37 F

rug cutters function 36 U

when I can get it {clarinet added in 1949} 37 U

my baby squeeze me again 37 U

Johnson, Lou ***

always somethin there to remind me s60s U

Johnson, Marv ***

move 2 mountains 60 B-flat

u`ve got what it takes 59 U

i luv th way u luv s60s U

Johnson, Ralph an th Hillbilly Show Boys ***

henpecked daddy 57 U

Johnson, Robert *** {see George Thoroughgood`s “my friend Robert”}

Johnson, Stan an th Blue Chips ***

6 white horses 56 U

Johnson, Toby ***

when I first met my girl l50s A

thinkin of u l50s A

Jolson, Al {Jolie} ***

when th red red robin comes bob bob bobbin 26 U

when u were sweet 16 s20s U

go into yer dance s20s U

I`ll be seeing u s20s CPU

april showers 32 U

rock-a-bye yer baby s30s U

toot toot tootsie 20s U

carolina in th mornin s20s UPB-flat

swanee s20 U

my mammy 27 UP-HG-PCPD-flat

I`m always chasin rainbows s20s U

Alabamy bound s20s U

my blushin Rosie s20s U

my gal Sal s20s U

brite eyes s20s U

u made me luv u 1913 U

about a quarter to nine s30s U

there`s a rainbow around my shoulder 28 U

here I am 26 U

California here I come 24 U

let me sing an I`m happy s30s U

Jon an Robin ***

Dr. Jon s60s U

Jones, Ada an Billy Murray ***

my hula hula luv 1911 U

Jones, Birmingham ***

drinkin again {misnamed?} sl50s A

Jones, George ***

lonely street s60s U

yabba dabba doo S70s G

th race is on 65 U

she thinks I still care s60s U

white lightnin 59 U

Jones, Jack ***

th race is on s60s U

Jones, Jimmy ***

handyman 60 B-flat

Jones, Joe ***

u talk too much 60 U

california sun 61 U

big mule 61 U

I need someone 60 U

where is my baby 60 U

one big mouth 60 B-flat

Jones, Johnny *** {see also Joe Turner`s TV mama}

luv her with a feelin s50s F-sharp

Jones, Ronnie Classmates ***

teenage rock s60s U

Jones, Spike ***

William Tell overture s60s U

Jones, Tom ***

daughter of darkness 70 U

Venus s70s D

its not unusual 67 U

shake 67 C

land of a thousand dances 67 U

aint that good news 67 U

proud Mary s60s DTE-flat

without luv 69 F

get ready s60s U

stop breakin my heart s60s UPA

I`ll never fall in luv again s60s E

funny familiar forgotten feelings 67 B

if u need me s60s U

field of yellow daisies s60s U

what`s new pussycat s6os U

I who have nothing s60s U

Joplin, Janis ***

down on me s60s UPE-flat

down on me {live} 68 D

cry baby s60s CPU

half moon s60s C

get it while u can s60s U

get it while u can {live} 70 C

kosmic blues s60s APU

move over s60s U

ball an chain s60s U

ball an chain {live} 70 HG

piece of my heart 68 E

piece of my heart {live} 68 ETF-sharp-TE

maybe s60s A-flat

silver threads golden needles s60s U

walk rite in 65 U

Mary Jane s60s U

mercedes benz s60s E-flat

me an Bobby Mcgee s70 GTAPU

Jordanaires *** {see Elvis Presley–Sonny James}

Jordan, Connie ***

I`m gonna rock 50 F

Jordan, Louis ***

choo choo ch boogie 45 U

Caldonia 56 U

time is runnin out 63 C

dont worry bout that mule s40s U

let th good times roll s40s U

Justice, Bill ***

raunchy 57 U

Just Us ***

I cant grow peaches 66 U

I keep changin my mind s60s U

Kaempfert, Bert ***

that happy feelin 62 U

wonderland by nite 60 U

a swingin safari se60s U

Kai Ray ***

trashman`s blues s60s E-flat

Kalin twins ***

when 58 F-sharp-TG

forget me not sl50s U

Kallen, Kitty ***

little things mean alot 54 U

my coloring book s5os U

kiss me sweet 49 U (skip th kissy stuff and leave me alone when i`m under th awning)

Kansas Joe {McCoy} *** {see Memphis Minnie before 1935}

Kasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus ***

quick Joey Small s60s U

Katche, Lloyd Arnold ***

hang out l50s A

Kaye, Sammy ***

i`m a big girl now s40s U

zip a dee doo dah

K C an th Sunshine band ***

that th way I like it 75 U

shake yer booty 76 CPU

K-Doe, Ernie ***

heeby jeebies se60s B-flat

tuff enuff se60s U

luvin u se60s E-flat

te ta te ta ta se60s F

be sweet se60s U

a good woman se60s U

she`s waitin se60s B-flat

I cried my last tear se60s B-flat

mother in law se60s E-flat

a certain girl se60s U

Keith ***

98.6 67 U

Kelly, Paul ***

u can`t take it with u 89 G

Kendall Sisters ***

yea yea s60s U

Kendricks, Nat an th Swans ***

mashed potato sl50s U

Kenner, Chris ***

I like it like that 61 U

land of 1000 dances se60s U

Kenny an th be-bops ***

Linda Lu sl50s E

Kenton, Stan ***

artistry jumps s40s U

Keytones ***

la-do-da-da sl50s U

Kim, Andy ***

baby I luv u 69 U

baby how`d we ever get this way sl60s U

Kimberly, Adrian ***

pomp an circumstance s60s U

Kimbrough, Lottie ***

goin away blues {with Miles Pruitt} 20s G

rollin log blues {with Miles Pruitt} 20s G

King, Albert ***

goin back to iuca s60s C

like a road leadin home s60s G

King, BB ***

when my heart beats like a hammer s40s U

Caldonia s60s G

Caldonia {live} 79 A-flat

ten long years s50s U

th thrill is gone 69 BPU

how blue {live in cook county jail} se70s U

why I sing th blues 69 C

5 long years 72 U

play with yer poodle {unrel} 82 B

u upset me baby s40s U

King Bees ***

buzzin 58 F

King, Ben E (see also th Drifters) ***

Spanish harlem 61 UPD

thats when it hurts se60s E

stand by me 61 A

stand by me {live} 64 A

first taste of luv se60s F

I who have nuthin 63 U

dont play that song 62 EPU

its all over 64 F

let th water run down 64 U

th record 65 HG

dont take yer luv from me 68 A-flat

amor 61 U

King, Carole ***

oh! Neil se60s U

will u still luv me tomorrow s60s U

jazzman 74 C

u`ve got a friend s70s A-flat

hard rock cafe 77 C

it started all over again s60s F-sharp

I feel th earth move 71 E-flat

it might as well rain until september 62 D-flat

sweet seasons 72 U

its too late 71 U

school (Bopland tatita) bells are ringin se70s U

King, Claude ***

wolverton mountain 62 U

King Curtis *** {see also Shirelles}

soul twist 62 E-flat

what`d I say part one se60s U

beach party 62 U

soul serenade s60s U

King, Earl ***

trick bag sl50s U

King, Freddy ***

hide away 61 U

King, Jewel ***

3 x 7 = 21 se50s U

King, Jonathan ***

evreone`s gone to th moon 65 E-flat

King Karl *** {see also Guitar Gable}

evrebudies feelin good 66 G

King, Pee Wee ***

silver an gold s40s U

Bonaparte`s retreat s40s U

Tennessee waltz s40s U

King, Sid an th Five Strings ***

let `er roll 56 U

ooby dooby 56 U

I like it 55 U

purr kitty purr 55 U

booger red 56 U

who put th turtle sm50s U

Kingsmen ***

louis louis {a banned radio song} 63 APU

little latin lupe lu s60s U

jolly green giant 65 U

weekend sm60s U

Kingsmen (Philippines) ***

hitchhike 63 U

Kingston Trio ***

midnite special sl50s U

where have all th flowers gone 62 B-flat

greenback dollar {th better version} 63 U

Tijuana jail 59 U

MTA 59 U

worried man 59 UPD

scotch an soda 62 U

Kinks ***

a well respected man 66 C

tired of waitin for u 65 U

all day an all of th nite 64 U

come dancin 83 U

lola 70 E

sunny afternoon 66 D

til th end of th day 65 D

u really got me 64 D

ape man sm60s U

waterloo sunset s60s U

a dedicated follower of fashion 66 U

set me free s60s U

Kirby, Kathy ***

let me go s60s U

secret luv s60s U

Kirk, Andy an th Twelve Clouds of Joy ***

all th jive is gone s30s U

Kitten ***

he taught me to yodel s50s U

I`m still singin country music s50s U

send me th pillow s50s U

mother pal sweetheart s50s U

China doll s50s U

have I told u lately s50s U

Knickerbockers ***

lies 65 D

Knight, Gladys an th Pips ***

I heard it thru th grapevine 66 U

minite train to Georgia 73 D-flat

I`ve got to use my imagination 73 U

evre beat of my heart 61 D-flat-PU

letter full of tears (no Pips) s60s U

th end of our road s60s U

Knight, Jean ***

mr. big stuff 71 U

Knight, Robert ***

everlastin luv 67 U

Knight, Sonny ***

keep-a-walkin 55 HG

Knight, Terry an th Pack ***

numbers s60s U

Knockouts ***

riot in room 3C se60s U

Knox, Buddy ***

she`s gone sl50s U

party doll 57 A

hula luv sl50s U

rock yer little baby 57 U

lovey dovey 61 U

somebody touched me 58 U

Kokomo ***

Asia minor 61 U

Kosmic Blues Band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “kosmic blues?}

Kramer, Billy J ***

gotta travel on 58 A-flat-TATB-flat

bad to me sl60s U

from a window (with th Dakotas) s60s U

little children sm 60s U

i`ll keep u satisfied s60s U

Kristofferson, Kris ***

me an Bobby Mcgee {composer of this song} s70s U

Kristofferson, Lee ***

nite of th werewolf s50s E

Krupa, Gene ***

boogie blues s40s U

Labeff, Tommy ***

tore up sl50s U

LaBelle, Patti & th Blue Belles ***

I sold my heart to th junk man se60s U

Lam, Tommy ***

speed limit sl50s U

Lance, Major *** see Major Lance

Landers, Bob ***

Cherokee dance s60s U

Lauper, Cindi ***

girls just wanna have fun 84 F-sharp

I drove all nite s90 A-flat

Laurie, Linda ***

Ambrose part five 59 U

stay at home Sue (with th Del Satins) s60 U

all winter long 59 U

Lawrence, Eddie ***

th good old days s60s NA

Lavell, Miss ***

stop these teardrops s50s U

Lawrence, Steve ***

party doll 57 U

footsteps 60 U

pretty blue eyes 59 F-sharp

Lazy Lester ***

alligator shuffle s50s E

I hear u knockin 59 U

I`m a lover not a fighter 58 E

sugar coated luv 58 E

I told my little woman {unrel} sl50s U

Leadbelly *** {his songs have become almost too scratchy to listen to}

th bourgeois blues 39 U

th gallis pole {gallows} s20s C

take this hammer 42 B-flat

pretty flowers in yer back yard 44 U

I`ve a pretty flowers {with Josh White} 44 U

outskirts of town {with Sonny Terry} 44 U

mothers blues {with Josh White} 44 G

green grass growin all around 44 U

yellow gal 44 U

grey goose {song has a hidden meaning, see if u can determine it} 40 E

u can`t lose `a me Cholly 40 U

leadbelly`s dance 44 NA

little Sally Walker 41 U

midnite special 40 U

good mornin blues 40 U

I`m on my last go round 40 U

th red cross store blues 40 U

easy rider 40 U

packin trunk 35 U

Ft. Worth an Dallas blues 35 D

Leapy Lee (see Lee, Leapy) ***

Ledbetter, Billy ***

stealin hubcaps s50s G

Led Zeppelin ***

stairway to heaven 71 U

R an R se70s U

Lee, Baron an th Blue Rhythm Band ***

reefer man 32 ET-HG

Lee, Brenda ***

my coloring book 62

bigelow 6200 sm50s U

everyone loves me but you 62 U

eventually 61 U

emotions 61 U

fool number one sl50s U

dum dum 61 D-flat

comin on strong 66 U

as usual 63 D-flat-TDTE-flat

thats all ya gotta do 60 D-flat

sweet nuthins 60 U

my whole world is fallin down 63 UPE-flat-TF-sharp-TE-flat-TF-sharp-TE-flat

I want to be wanted 60 U

I`m sorry 60 B-flat

all alone am I 62 U

break it to me gently 62 U

thanks alot se60s U

rock th bop 58 E-flat

yer mama dont dance {live} s80s D

th biggest fool sl50s U

I wonder se60s U

is it true 64 U

i`m learnin `bout luv se60s U

anybody but me sl50s U

just a little 60 U

it started all over again 62 U

yer used to be 63 U

u can depend on me 61 U

here comes that feelin 62 U

heart in hand s60s U

Lee, Curtis ***

under th moon of luv 61 U

gee how I wish u were here 61 E

Lee, Dickey ***

I saw linda yesterday 63 U

Lee, Julia an her boyfriends ***

my man stands out 50 E-flat

lotus blossom s30s F

snatch an grab it s40s U

gotta give me what u got s40s U

tonites th nite s40s U

thats what i like s40s U

Lee, Leapy ***

little arrows 68 U

Lee, Peggy ***

fever 58 U

manana se50s U

Lefevre, Raymond ***

soul coaxin s60s U

Left Banke ***

walk away Renee 66 APB-flat

pretty ballerina sm60s U

Left Hand Frank *** {see Jimmy Rogers “rock this house”}

Leiber, Jerry an Mike Stoller *** {produced th Coasters “along came Jones”}

Lemon Pipers ***

green tambourine 67 U

Lennon, John ***

imagine 71 C

watchin th wheels 81 C

stand by me 75 A

whatever gets u thru th nite 74 U

instant karma 70 U

Lennon, Julian ***

too late for goodbye sm80s A

Lester, Ketty ***

luv letters 62 B-flat

Lettermen ***

come back silly girl sl50s U

she cried se60s U

th way u look tonite 61 U

secretly se60s U

theme from a summer place se60s U

turn around look at me se60s U

Lewis, Barbara ***

someday we`re gonna luv again 64 U

puppy luv 64 U

make me yer baby 65 U

snap yer fingers 64 U

i`ll make him luv me 67 U

think a little sugar s60s U

hello stranger 63 U

make me belong to you s60s U

Lewis, Gary an th Playboys ***

count me in 65 F

this diamond ring 65 U

evrebudy luves a clown 65 U

she`s just my style 65 U

green grass 66 U

save yer heart for me sm60s U

sure gonna miss her 66 U

my heart`s symphony s60s U

Lewis, Jerry Lee ***

cool cool ways s60s U

crown victoria custom fifty one sl50s U

baby hold me close s60s U

big leg woman s50s U

breathless 58 G

great balls of fire 57 C

good golly miss Molly 62 C

down th line s59 F

little queenie sl50s U

be bop a lula sl50s D

what`d I say s59 U

high school confidential 58 D

luvin up a storm sl50s F

hello hello baby sl50s U

I`ve been twistin sl50s HG

my quadroon sl50s F

lewis` boogie sl50s C

R an R Ruby sl50s U

return of Jerry Lee sl50s NA

let th good times roll sl50s U

another place another time s50s U

i`m on fire s60s U

U win again 58 U

Lewis, Margaret *** {with Mira Smith on guy wires– see also Dale an Jerry Hawkins}

shake a leg 59 U

from th cradle to th blues 60 U

luv is a fortune 60 U

u can`t break my heart no more 60 U

no no never 59 U

thats why I cry 61 F

raggedy Ann an th player piano {unrel} sl50s U

an there was no u sl50s U

bow wow puppy luv {unrel} sl50s U

dust my blues {unrel} sl50s U

those lonely lonely nites {unrel} sl50s U

u oughta see my baby {unrel} sl50s U

full grown man {unrel} sl50s U

Emmitt Lee {unrel} sl50s U

luvers land {unrel} sl50s U

evre time u put me down {unrel} sl50s U

cheaters can`t win 59 U

my blue-eyed boy {unrel} sl50s U

look what yer doin to me 61 U

baby please forgive me {unrel} sl50s U

Lewis, Meade Lux ***

honky tonk train blues 27 an 36 U

Lewis, Ramsey ***

hang on sloopy 65 E-flat-PD

incrowd 65 D

wade in th water sm60s D

a hard day`s nite sm60s U

Lewis, Smiley ***

th {Bopland} bells are ringin 52 A-flat

I hear u knockin s55 E-flat

yer gonna miss me {unrel} 52 U

down th road 53 C

its so peaceful 52 U

blue monday 53 E-flat

standin on th corner 61 E-flat

real gone luver 54 F

play girl 53 F

come on 55 E-flat

show me th way {unrel} 53 HG

one nite 55 D-flat

too many drivers 54 U

shame shame shame {slower version–Imperial Records} sm50s CPD-flat

nuthin but th blues 61 U

rootin an tootin 57 B-flat

mama don`t like 56 U

u are my sunshine 57 F

I`m comin down with th blues 62 B-flat

th rocks {th ink spots an other Rock groups were Smiley`s “Rock of Ages”} 54 U

Lifeguards ***

evrebudy out of th pool se60s U

Liggins, Joe & His Honeydrippers ***

go ahead s40s U

pink champagne 50 U

Frankie Lee s40s U

honeydripper pt two s40s U

Lightfoot, Gordon ***

pussy willows–cat tails 68 U

th first time ever I saw yer face 66 U

for luvin me 66 U

carefree highway 74 E

th mountains an Maryanne 68 U

read my mind 71 A

did she mention my name 68 U

early mornin rain 66 F

long river 66 U

th way I feel 66 U

steel rail blues 66 U

16 miles 66 U

ribbon of darkness 66 U

in a window pane {live} 69 U

Lightnin Slim ***

rooster blues 59 UPE

bad luck blues 65 E

hello Mary Lee 61 G

I`m evil 63 E

long leanie mama s50s E

Lillie Mae ***

bootie wah bootie 31 A-flat

Lincoln, Lary ***

my baby went away 59 U

that`l hold u 59 U

Lind, Bob ***

elusive butterfly 66 E-flat

Linden, Kathy ***

goodbye Jimmy goodbye s60s U

Lindly, David ***

mercury blues 81 F

Little Ann *** {see Tarheel Slim}

Little Anthony an th Imperials ***

shimmy shimmy ko ko bop 60 U

goin out of my head 64 E

hurt so bad 64 U

tears on my pillow 58 U

2 people in th world 58 U

when u wish upon a star 59 U

wishful thinkin 59 U

i miss u so 65 U

i`m on th outside se60s U

Little Billy Earl ***

couple in th car 58 C

whos baby are u {unrel} sl50s U

go Dan Tucker 59 U

I never had th blues {unrel} sl50s U

Little Caesar an th Romans ***

those oldies but goodies 61 G

Little Dippers ***

forever 60 U

Little Eva ***

turkey trot 63 E-flat

locomotion 62 E-flat

keep yer hands off my baby 62 U

uptown 62 U

old smokey locomotion 63 B-flat

heigh ho {with Big Dee Irwin} s63 U

just a little girl 63 U

please hurt me 63 D

makin with th magilla 64 U

get him {unrel} s63 U

wake up John 65 U

some kind of wonderful 62 C

breakin up is hard to do 62 CTB-flat-TCTB-flat-TC

where do I go 62 C

will u still luv me tomorrow se60s U

up on th roof se60s U

Little Joey an th Flips ***

bongo stomp 62 U

Little Joe an th Thrillers ***

peanuts 57 A-flat

Little Johnny Taylor ***

who`s makin luv 68 UPF

hold on this time 67 D

woman across th river 68 C

part time luv 63 U

first class luv s60s U

u`ll need another favor s60s U

Little Milton ***

we`re gonna make it 65 HG

I need somebody 61 F

my song 61 U

moanin for u girl 67 UPD

I play dirty 69 UPC

more an more 67 F

just a little bit 69 U

losin hand 62 UP-HG

life is like that s60s U

blues in th nite s60s U

Little Peggy March ***

I will follow him 63 U

I`ll never forget last nite 63 U

wind up doll s63 U

boy crazy s63 U

th impossible happened se60s U

if u loved me se60s U

I`m watchin se60s U

hello heartache goodbye luv  s60s U

Little Richard ***

anyway u want me s60s U

u gotta feel it 67 U

send me some luvin 57–67 {live} U

she`s got it 57 F

baby what u want me to do s60s G

tutti frutti 56 F

rip it up 56 F

ooh my soul 58 F-sharp

long tall Sally 56 F

I`m back s60s U

Lucille 57 UPD-flat

holy mackeral sl50s U

keep-a-knockin 57 GPUPA-flat

miss Ann {version with th scream} 57 GPC

good golly miss Molly 58 HG

wonderin sl50s U

Jenny Jenny 57 F

boo hoo hoo hoo sl50s D-flat

true fine mama {live} 58 GPU

true fine mama {live–slower version} 67 U

slippin an slidin sl50s C

reddy teddy 56 F-sharp

oh why sl50s C

Little Richard`s boogie 53 G

can`t believe u wanna leave 57 U

bama lama bama loo 64 F

whole lotta shakin goin on {live} 67 U

Little River Band ***

if I get lucky 90 C

help is on th way 77 U

Little Son Joe *** {see Memphis Minnie after 1935}

Little Walter (blues harp) ***

my babe s50s U

teenage beat s50s U

Little Walter an his Jukes (possibly th same man as above) ***

blues with a feeling s40s U

mean old world (with his Night Caps) s40s U

Little Walter & his Night Caps (see little Walter & his Jukes) ***

Little Willie John ***

lets rock 58 UP-HG

I like to see my baby {with Hank Ballard} 60 UPE

take my luv 61 D-flat-PU

fever 56 U

Lobo ***

I`d luv u to want me 73 U

Locklin, Hank ***

send me th pillow 58 U

please help me i`m fallin se60s U

Locomotions ***

Little Eva 63 E-flat

Loggins an Messina ***

yer mama don`t dance 72 CPU

Loggins, Dave ***

please come to Boston 74 U

Lombardo, Guy & his Royal Canadiens ***

blue skirt waltz ***

Lonero, Bobby ***

little bit sl50s G

Lonesome Drifter *** {aka Tommy Johnson}

eager boy 56 E

teardrop valley 59 A

aint got nuthin but th blues 74 F

I wished it was`nt so 74 U

this old world don`t seem th same 74 B-flat

I`m gonna quit my cryin 74 U

I`ll be lonesome when yer gone 59 U

Lonesome Long John Roller ***

Long John`s flagpole rock 50s U

Lonesome Sundown ***

leave my money alone {Cub Coda`s definition of swamp blues–Excello Records} sl50s U

I`ve got th blues sl50s E

don`t say a word sl50s U

my home aint here sl50s U

I`m a samplin man sl50s F

I wanna know why sl50s U

no luvin no rockin blues sl50s U

Long, Curtis ***

hootchey cootchey sl50s U

Long Tall Marvin ***

have mercy miss Percy 56 U

Lonzo & Oscar ***

charming Betsy sl50s U

Looking Glass ***

brandy 72 E

Lopez, Trini ***

Kansas City s60s U

this land is yer land s60s GTA-flat-TA

if I had a hammer 63 D

Loren, Donna ***

I think u think se60s U

dream world se60s U

Los Bravos ***

black is black 66 U

Los Lobos ***

evangeline 91 UPD

la bamba s90s

Louisiana Red ***

ride on Red ride on {version with motor} 62 HG

Louvin Brothers ***

cash on th barrelhead 56 U

in th pines s50s U

Love, Billy ***

juiced se50s E

Love, Darlene (see also th Crystals) ***

wait til my Bobby gets home 63 U

a fine fine boy 64 D

He`s a rebel {original} 62 F

he`s sure th boy I luv (as th Crystals) 63 DPE-flat-PU

why do luvers break each others hearts {with Bob B. Soxx} 62 DPU

zip a dee do dah 62 U

my heart beat a little faster 62 U

run run run away 63 U

not too young to get married (with Bob B Soxx) se60s U

th boy I`m gonna marry se60s U

Love, Ronnie ***

chills an fever sl50s U

Loveless, Doug ***

coconut girl s50s U

Lovin Spoonful ***

summer in th city 66 U

u did`nt have to be so nice 66 E

do u believe in magic 65 U

daydream 66 U

wild about my lovin sl60s U

darling be home soon s60s U

did u ever have to make up yer mind s60s U

Lowe, Jim ***

green door 56 UPA

talkin to th blues 57 U

Lowery, Frankie ***

Kansas City train {Khourys 716 label} sl50s E

Loyd, Jay B ***

I`m so lonely 59 U

Lucas, Buddy Orchestra ***

boppin hop s50s U

Lucas, Matt ***

I`m movin on 63 U

Luke, Robin ***

susie darlin 58 U

Lulu ***

I`ll come runnin over s60s U

shout 64 UPE

gimme some luvin 70 U

oh me oh my 70 B-flat

hum a song from yer heart s70s FT-HG

th boat that i row sl60s U

Luman, Bob ***

oh lonesome me 60 U

try me 58 U

red hot {with James Burton guy wires} 57 C

blue days black nites sl50s A

Lunceford, Jimmie ***

cement mixer s40s U

Lutcher, Joe an his Society Cats ***

rockin boogie 47 G

Lutcher, Nellie & Her Rhythm ***

he`s a real gone guy s40s U

come on an get it honey s40s U

hurry on down s40s U

Lydia an th Melody Strings ***

I forgot to remember to forget 61 U

heartbeat 59 U

Lyman, Frankie an th Teenagers ***

why do fools fall in luv 56 F-sharp

i want u to be my girl 56 E

goody goody 57 U

little bitty pretty one 60 U

Lynn, Barbara ***

if u should lose me 62 F

Lynn, Donna ***

Java Jones s60s U

Lynyrd Skynyrd ***

freebird s70s U

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Song List = M N O P

Macarthur, James *** (see th Earls)

Mac, John an th Flare band *** {see Del Shannon`s “keep searchin”}

Mack an Gwen an th Country Playboys ***

baby I want another date 58 B-flat

Mack, Bill ***

play my boogie 56 U

Mack, Jeani ***

dirty dishes 58 E-flat

Mack, Lonnie ***

wham s60s U

I found a luv 68 E

Memphis 63 U

wildwood flower 67 U

back on th road again 86 U

snow on th mountain 67 U

I washed my hands in muddy water 76 E

sticks an stones 76 E

one mint julep 76 E

oh boy 64 U

stand by me 76 HG

don`t make my baby blue 64 U

Mack, Warner ***

roc-a-chica sl50s U

Maddox Brothers an Rose ***

ugly an slouchy s40s U

I`ll make sweet luv to you 52 U

Maestro, Johnny (see th Crests) ***

Major Lance ***

monkey time 63 U

hey little girl s60s U

um um um s60s U

Major Matchbox ***

rockabilly rebel s70s G

Majors ***

wonderful dream s60s U

Makeba, Miriam ***

pata pata 67 U

Mamas an Papas ***

make your own kind of music (Mama Cass vocal) sl60s U

monday monday 66 F-sharp-TA-flat

twelve thirty 67 A-flat

look thru my window 66 U

I call yer name s60s U

I saw her again s60s U

you baby s60s U

dream a little dream of me (Mama Cass vocal) s60s U

Mancini, Henry ***

moonriver 61 FTD

Mandell, Steve ***{see Eric Weissberg}

Mandolph, Bobby ***

Malinda s56 U

Manilow, Barry ***

I write th songs 75 U

Mandy 74 B-flat-TC

Mann, Barry ***

who put th bomp 61 BTC

Mann, Carl ***

Mona Lisa s50s U

i`m comin home s50s U

pretend 59 U

Mann, Manfred ***

why should we not version one sm60s U

sha la la 65 U

the mighty Quinn sm60s U

do wah diddy diddy sm60s U (Bopland wedding bells)

pretty flamingo 66 U

Maphis, Joe ***

hot rod guitar s60s U

Marathons ***

peanut butter 61 U

Marcels ***

blue moon 61 U

heartaches 61 A

friendly loans 62 U

Marcy Joe ***

Ronnie 61 U

Margret, Ann ***

i just dont understand s60s U

Marketts ***

surfer`s stomp 62 U

outer limits 64 U

Mar-keys *** {see also Otis Redding`s “satisfaction”}

philly dog 66 U

pop-eye-stroll 62 U

last nite 61 U

mornin after s61 U

Mark IV ***

th snake (shake) sl50s U

i got a wife 59 U

Mark II ***

nite theme 60 U

Marlesca, Ernie ***

shout shout se60s U

Marmalade ***

reflections of my life 70 U

Martha & th Vandellas ***

wild one 65 U

i`m ready for luv 66 U

come an get these memories 63 U

dancin in th street 64 U

Jimmy Mack 67 U

i cant dance to th music yer playin s60s U

quicksand 64 U

my baby loves me s60s U

nowhere to run 65 U

honey chile s60s U

luv makes me do foolish things sm60s U

Martika ***

Martika`s kitchen 92 U

Martin, Bobby ***

dood it sl50s B-flat

Martin, Dean ***

send me th pillow s60s U

in th misty moonlite 60s B-flat

my heart cries for you 60s U

I`m so lonesome I could cry 60s U

evrebudy luves sumbudy sumtime 60s U

somewhere there`s a someone 60s U

I will 60s E-flat

shudders an boards 60s U

remember me I`m th one who luves u 65 U

Detroit city 60s D-flat

come runnin back 60s U

king of th road 60s U

little old wine drinker me 60s U

th door is still open to my heart 64 U

invisible tears 60s U

bummin around 60s D-flat

return to me sl50s U

Martin, Freddy ***

on a slow boat to China s40s U

Martin, Janis ***

ooby dooby 56 B-flat

will u William 56 B-flat

cracker Jack 58 A-flat-TD-flat-TA-flat-TD-flat-TA-flat

good luv 58 U

Billy boy 57 U

blues keep callin {unrel} 57 U

please be my luv 58 U

half loved 57 U

I`ll never be free 57 U

luv me luv {unrel–lower pitched version} 58 D

luv me to pieces 57 U

William {unrel} 58 U

hard times ahead 60 U

cry guitar 60 U

Martino, Al ***

Spanish eyes s60s U

i luv u more and more every day s60s U

livin a lie s60s U

Martin, Trade *** {see also th Earls}

that stranger used ta be my girl 62 U

spend yer life with me s62 U

Marvelettes ***

twistin postman se60s U

beechwood 4-5-7-8-9 62 D

please mr. postman 61 D

danger heartbreak dead ahead 65 FTF-sharp

when yer young an in luv 67 U

my baby must be a magician 67 U

here I am baby 68 U

destination anywhere 68 U

as long as I know he`s mine s60s U

yer my remedy sl60s U

as long as i know he`s mine 63 U

dont mess with Bill 66 U

Marvelows ***

I do 65 U

Marvin an Johnny ***

cherry pie sl50s U

Marvin, Paul ***

hurry up 59 C

Masekela, Hugh ***

grazin in th grass sl60s U

Mason, Barbara ***

yes i`m ready 65 U

Mason, Dave ***

we just disagree? 77 U

Mathis, Johnny ***

twelfth of never 57 F

wild is th wind 57 U

wonderful wonderful 57 U

a certain smile 58 U

Gina sl50s U

what will my Mary say 63 U

Mauriat, Paul ***

luv is blue 68 U

Maxwell, Robert, his harp an Orchestra ***

little dipper (I think) s60s U

Mayall, John ***

without her 91 G

Mayer, Nathaniel ***

village of luv sl50s C

McBride, Dale ***

prissy missy sl50s U

McCain, Jerry an th Upstarts ***

thats what they want sl50s U

courtin in a cadillac sl50s U

tryin ta please sl50s U

crazy bout that mess s50s U

McCartney, Paul an Wings ***

band on th run 73 U

jet 73 U

McCauley, Max ***

blue yodel #6 s50s U

Swiss moonlite lullaby s50s U

McCoys ***

up an down 66 U

i cant explain it s60s

hang on sloopy 65 U

th dynamite s60s U

sorrow s60s U

c`mon lets go s60s U

McCracklin, Jimmy ***

reelin an rockin s50s U

th walk 57 F

th end 54 E-flat

evrebudy rock s60s U

McDaniel, Luke ***

my baby dont rock 57 B-flat

McDaniels, Gene ***

Spanish lace 62 U

chip chip se60s U

McDonald, Skeets ***

u oughta see grandma rock 56 U

heart breakin mama 56 U

birthday cake boogie s60s U

McFadden, Bob an Dor ***

th mummy 59 B-flat

McGee, Yikes ***

propagandy 2008 HG

th liar 2008 G

warren g hardin` 2008 C

reporting for duty 2008 E

McGhee, Brownie *** {see also Sonny Terry an his brother Stick}

heartache blues 51 F

be my friend 58 U

McGhee, Stick ***

drinkin wine spo-dee-o-dee 47 or 48 U

lets do it 50 F

she`s gone 50 HG

housewarmin boogie 50 F

Tennesee waltz blues 50 U

tee nah nah 50 A-flat

I aint gonna scold ya 50 U

wee wee hours part one 51 G

I`n doin all this time 53 U

th wiggle waggle woo 53 U

McGonnigle, Mel ***

rattle shakin mama s57 U

Mcgriff, Jimmy ***

th last minute pt one 63 U

I`ve got a woman 62 F

McGuire, Barry ***

eve of destruction 65 U

McGuire Sisters ***

sugartime 58 FTF-sharp-TGPU

may u always 59 U

goodnite sweetheart goodnite 54 U

just for old time sake sl50s U

teach me tonite sm50s U

McKensie, Scott ***

San Francisco 67 U

twelve-thirty sl60s U

McLain, Tommy ***

sweet dreams 66 G

McNair, Barbara ***

here i am baby s60s

McNamara, Robin ***

lay a little luvin on me 70 U

McNeeley, Big Jay & th Blue Jays ***

### deacon`s hop se50s U

McPhatter, Clyde *** {with an without th Drifters}

7 days 56 U

watcha gonna do 54 U

treasure of luv 56 B-flat

rock an cry 56 U

without luv 56 U

deep sea ball 58 E-flat

just to hold my hand 57 U

my island of dreams 56 FTF-sharp

lovey dovey 58 U

30 days 58 U

someday u`ll want me 54 U

drip drop 58 F

money honey 53 F

a lovers question 57 G

ta ta 60 U

McVea, Jack ***

wine-o 54 E-flat

McVie, Christine ***

luves got a hold on me s70s U

McVoy, Carl ***

tootsie 57 HG

u are my sunshine 57 A

little John`s gone 57 HG

daydreamin 57 A

Medallions ***

home town s58 U

Megatrons ***

velvet waters 59 U

Melanie ***

brand new key 71 D-flat

lay down 70 U

Carolina on my mind s70s B

look what they done to my song s70s B-flat-PB

Alexander Beetle s70s U

mr. tambourine man s70s G

Mello Kings ***

tonite tonite sm50s U

Mello – Moods ***

where are you se50s U

Meloaires ***

u know baby 58 B-flat

Memphis Minnie ***

jockey man blues 35 U

reachin Pete 35 F-sharp

I`m waitin on u 35 B

bumble bee {2`45“ version} with Kansas Joe 29 F

Frankie Jean {with Kansas Joe} 30 G

whats th matter with th mill 30 U

North Memphis blues 30 U

lets go to town 31 U

Joe Louis strut {with th legendary Black Bob} 35 U

in my girlish days 41 G

I`m not a bad girl 41 F

u got to get out of here 41 U

lookin th world over 41 U

chickasaw train blues 34 C

I don`t want that junk {with Kansas Joe} 31 U

crazy cryin blues 31 D-flat

u stole my cake 32 G

socket blues 32 U

New Orleans stop time {with Bumble Bee Slim} 36 B

hoodoo lady 36 U

my strange man 36 U

I`m a bad luck woman 36 F

caught me wrong again 36 B-flat

black cat blues take one 36 U

if u see my rooster {with Black Bob} 36 U

I don`t want u no more {with Mr. Sheiks} 36 U

out in th cold {with Mr. Sheiks} 36 C

moonshine 36 F

its hard to be mistreated {with Mr. Sheiks} 36 G

squat it {with Kansas Joe} 34 U

dirty mother for u {with Jimmie Gordon} 35 U

banana man blues 34 D

Mental as Anything ***

he`s just no good for u 87 U

live it up 92 G

overwhelmed by u 92 A

Mercer, George *** {see th Lonesome Drifter}

Mercer, Johnny ***

sugar blues 57 U

Mercy Baby ***

marked deck s50s B-flat

Merril, Bobby Mr. Blues ***

I aint mad at u sl50s C

Merry Go Round ***

listen listen s60s U

Merseys ***

sorrow 66 G

MFSB with th 3rd Degrees ***

th sound of Philadelphia 74 C

Michaels, Lee ***

heighty hi se70s U

do ya know what I mean 71 U

Mickey an Sylvia ***

shake it up 57 G

luv is strange 56 C

bewildered 58 C

I hear u knockin {unrel} 60 U

baby yer so fine {unrel} 61 B-flat

Mikel, J an th Fenders ***

sweetest thing Sl50s U

Milburn, Amos ***

real pretty mama blues s40s U

lets rock awhile s40s u

Miles, Garry ***

look for a star s60s U

Miller, Bingo ***

Martha Sue sl50s C

Miller, Clint ***

Bertha Lou 58 U

Miller, Jody ***

he`s so fine 71 U

Miller, Ned ***

from a jack to a king s60s U

Miller, Roger ***

me an Bobby McGee 69 U

chug-a-lug 64 U

dang me 64 E-flat

king of th road 65 B-flat-TB

u don`t want my luv s60s UPE

do-wacka-do s60s U

Miller, Steve ***

th joker 73 U

rockin me baby 76 B

fly like an eagle 76 A

Miller, Warren ***

evrebudies got a baby 58 F

Millet, Lil ***

rock around th clock {unrel} 86 C

Millinder, Lucky an Orchestra ***

silent George {with Myra Johnson} 50 U

d`natural blues s40s U

Mills Brothers ***

when u were sweet sixteen s40s U

Mills, Frank ***

music box dancer 78 D-flat

Mills, Garry ***

look for a star 60 U

Mills, Hayley ***

lets get together 61 U

johnny jingo 62 U

Milsap, Ronnie *** {Ronnie is blind}

smoky mountain rain 80 U

lost in th fifties 85 F

prisoner of th highway 84 U

Milton, Roy an his Solid Senders ***

thrill me s40s U

oh babe sl40s U

information blues se50s U

T-town twist sl40s U

its later than u think s40s U

Mimms, Garnet an th Enchanters ***

cry baby 63 UPB-flat

baby don`t u weep s63 U

a quiet place s60s U

Miniature Men ***

baby elephant walk 62 U

Mindbenders ***

a groovy kind of luv 66 U

Miracles (see Smokey Robinson) ***

Mitchell, Guy ***

singin th blues 56 U

there`s always room at our house se50s U

Mitchell, Joni **

big yellow taxi 75 U

raised on robbery s70s U

Mitchell, Willie ***

soul serenade 68 U

Mojo Men ***

when yer in luv s60s U

Money, Curley *** {aka Lee Mitchell–rambler 2070 label}

ho bo s50s U

rootie tootie baby s50s D

Money, Eddie ***

baby hold on s70s U

Monkees ***

last train to Clarksville s60s U

steppin stone s60s U

Valerie s60s U

Monroe, Bill ***

you done me wrong s40s U

Monro, Matt ***

softly as I leave u 62 U

walk away 64 C

Montana, Patsy ***

back on montana plains 39 U

Montell, Freddie ***

stop an rock sl50s U

Montenegro, Hugo ***

th good bad an ugly 68 ETFPU

Montez, Chris ***

lets dance 62 U

th more i see you 66 U

call me se60s U

some kind fun se60s U

Moods ***

easy going 59 HG

Moody blues ***

th story in yer eyes s71 U

ride my see saw 68 FPU

tuesday afternoon s67 U

steppin in a slide zone s70s F-sharp

I`m just a singer in a R an R band 73 U

go now 64 F

nites in white satin 67 FPUPE

Moon, Joe an his Stars of Note ***

live it up 57 U

Moore, Bob ***

Mexico 61 U

Moore, Bobby an th Rhythm Aces ***

searchin for my baby 65 UPA

it was a lie {with th Fourmosts} 65 U

Moore, Cecil ***

walkin fever {with Link Davis Band} 58 U

stormy {with th Diamondbacks} 64 E

I lost my little baby 58 HG

Kathy {with th Kings of Rhythm} sl50s U

moonshine {with th Kings of Rhythm} 59 A-flat

trapped {with th Notes} s64 E

I got it bad {with th Notes} s64 U

Moore, Dorothy ***

misty blue s60s E-flat

Morgan, Billy ***

I need yer luv sl50s E

Morgan, George ***

cry baby heart 40s U

i luv everything about you s40s U

Morgan, Jane ***

th day th rains came 58 U

Morgan, Jaye P. ***

thats all I want from you 55 U

Morris, Gary, ***

headed for a heartache s60s U

Morris, Jenny ***

piece of my heart 92 U

Morris, Joe Guitar ***

th git back part one 61 G

Morrison, Van ***

gypsy 72 U

domino 70 U

brown-eyed girl 67 U

wild nite 71 U

startin a new life 71 U

brite side of th road s80s C

real real gone s80s G

blue money s70s U

Jackie Wilson said 72 U

Morse, Ella Mae ***

oakie boogie 52 B-flat

Motley, Frank an th Motley Crew ***

honkin at midnite s40s U

Mouth and MacNeal ***

how do you do 72 U

Mozart, Mickey Quintet ***

little dipper 59 U

Mr. Calhoun ***

aint broke aint hungry 64 U

hello my friends s63 U

they call me Mr. Calhoun s63 U

Mr. Sheiks *** {see Memphis Minnie}

Mullican, Moon ***

Cherokee boogie s40s U

moon`s rock s40s U

i`ll sail my ship alone s40s U

Mona Lisa se50s U

Murad, Jerry ***

orange blossom special s70s CTFTCTFTC

Murmaids ***

heartbreak ahead s60s U

Murphy, Michael ***

wildfire s70s E

Murphy, Walter ***

a fifth of Beethovan s70s F

Murray th K ***

Murray th K {jive talk about Roman–roamin hands} 64 NA

Myers, Sam ***

lemonade 89 E

Myles, Alannah ***

black velvet 89 UPE

Myles, Billy ***

th joker 57 U

Naomi an th Boys (Singapore) ***

happy happy birthday baby 65 U

Napoleon XIV ***

they`re comin to take me away 66 U

Nash, Johnny ***

I can see clearly now 72 D

hold me tight 68 U

National Lampoon ***

th south Bronx is burning s70s NA

Neal, Kenny ***

bio on th bayou 88 U

blues stew s80s A

Neal, Screamin Joe ***

dont quit me baby s50s U

Nelson, Jay an th Jumpers ***

dont u want a man like me 60 B-flat

rock me all nite long 60 A-flat-PU

Nelson, Ricky ***

I`m not afraid 60 U

for you 64 U

mystery train s70s U

young world 62 U

poor little fool {original} 58 U

stood up 57 E

lonesome town 58 U

travelin man 61 D

hello Mary Lou 61 U

garden party 72 D

I`m walkin 57 A-flat

just a little too much sl50s A-flat

teenage idol 62 U

bebop baby 57 E-flat

its up to u 63 D

young emotions 60 B-flat

I got a feelin 58 A

if u can`t rock me 63 G

its late 59 A-flat

waitin in school 57 E

believe what u say 58 A

my buckets got a hole in it 58 A

I`m in luv again 58 A

u tear me up 58 A-flat

I got a woman sl50s U

old enuff to luv 63 U

a teenager`s romance s60s U

sweeter than you s60s U

a wonder like you

today`s teardrops se60s U

have i told ya lately se60s U

everluvin s60s U

mighty good 59 U

a happy guy 64 U

Nelson Sandy ***

drums are my beat 62 U

drum stomp 62 U

let there be drums 61 U

teen beat 59 U

th charge s60s U

splish splash s60s U

day train 62 U

all shook up 63 U

a taste of honey s60s U

a luvers concerto s60s U

th incrowd s60s U

treat her rite s60s U

Nelson, Tommy an His Band ***

hobo bop 59 E

Nelson, Willie *** {see also Waylon Jennings–Willie is currently deeply involved in th fight to re-claim America, see him on th net before they wreck it, an support him all ya can}.

whiskey river 78 G

on th road again 80 E

I`m movin on {with Hank Snow} 85 D

take it to th limit {with Waylon Jennings} 83 D

Neon Harmonic ***

morning girl 69 U

Nervous Norvus ***

transfusion 56 U

Nesmith, Michael ***

silver moon 71 U

Joanne 70 C

Nettles, Bill an his Dixie Blue Boys ***

hadacol boogie s40s U

Neville, Art ***

rockin pneumonia {unrel} s58 {86} CPU

zing zing 58 U

Newbeats *** {see also Dale Hawkins}

breakaway 64 B-flat

run baby run 65 U

evrethings all rite 64 HG

pink dally rue 62 HG

I can`t hear u no more sm60s U

little child 65 F-sharp

better watch yer step 64 U

th birds are for th bees sm60s U

New Christy Minstrels ***

today 64 U

green green 63 U

chim chim cheree s70s U

saturday nite s60s U

this land is yer land s62 U

Newman, Randy ***

money that matters s80s D

there`s a party at my house s80s D-flat

Newman, Thunderclap ***

something in th air sl60s

Newman, Tony ***

let th good times roll 68 D

Newsom, Chubby & Her Hip Shakers ***

hip shakin mama sl40s U

Newton, Juice ***

angel of th mornin 81 A-flat

Newton–John, Olivia ***

physical 81 U

let me be there 73 DTE

if u luv me 74 F

what is life 75 U

if not for u 75 E

yer th one that I want 78 U

Nightcaps ***

wine wine wine sl50s u

Nightcrawlers ***

little black egg 67 U

Nighthawks ***

when sin stops {with Buddy Holly} sl50s U

Nightingale, Maxine ***

rite back where we started from 76 U

Nilsson ***

evrebody`s talkin 69 F

1910 Fruitgum Company ***

special delivery sl60s U

Simon says 68 U

1-2-3 redlite 68 U

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ***

Mr. Bojangles 71 UPG

buy for me th rain 67 U

Nobles, Cliff ***

th horse 68 U

Noel, Didi ***

let th music play 65 U

Nolan, Terry ***

hypnotized 50s U

Norman, Gene ***

snaggle tooth Ann sl50s U

Norman, Harv ***

rubber duckie sl50s U

Norman, Jimmy ***

here comes th nite s60s U

Novas ***

th crusher s50s U

Nutmegs ***

make me lose my mind s55 U

Nutty Squirrels ***

oh! oh! part one sl50s U

uh! oh! part two sl50s U

Ocean, Billy ***

luv really hurts 76 FTG

Ochs, Phil ***

I aint a marchin anymore {see U tube} sl60s U

outside of a small circle of friends sl60s U

Offitt, Lillian ***

miss u so 57 U

O`gwynn, James ***

house of blue lovers s50s U

Ohio Express ***

beg borrow an steal 67 U

yummy yummy 68 GTD-flat

chewy chewy 68 U

sweeter than sugar 69 U

mercy 69 U

O`Jays ***

backstabbers 72 E-flat

luv train 73 C

I luv music 75 U

O`kaysions ***

girl watcher 68 A

O`keefe, Johnny ***

shout sl50s U

Oliver ***

good mornin starshine 69 B-flat-PB

Jean 69 U

Oliver, Big Danny ***

Sapphires 50s U

Olympics ***

dance by th lite of th moon 60 UPD

hully gully 59 UPD

well 58 B-flat

dancin holiday 63 U

the bounce se60s U

Ontario, Art ***

wiggle walkin boogie 58 U

Opposite Six ***

church key part 68 se60s U

Orbison, Roy ***

today`s teardrops sl50s U

down th line {with Art Movement} s70s F

land of 1000 dances {with Art Movement} s70s E

only u {with Art Movement} s70s U

its over 64 C

fallin 63 U

dream baby 61 U

borne on th wind 63 UPFTATF

ooby dooby 56 D

I`m hurtin 60 UPG

cryin {radio version} 61 U

cryin {dual harmony} sm60s D

Lana 66 E

runnin scared 61 UPA

mansion on th hill s60s CTD

ride away 65 U

in dreams 63 C

breakin up is breakin my heart 65 CTDTE

no one will ever know s60s UPE

cry softly lonely one s60s G

pretty woman 64 UPATCTA

luv hurts s60s B-flat-PU

only th lonely 60 F

twinkle toes 66 U

candy man 61 U

shahdaroba s70s U

sunset s70s U

rock house s70s U

goodnite 65 U

th great pretender s60s U

sweet dreams s70s E

dance s66 U

I drove all nite s80s U

there won`t be many comin home 66 U

I got a woman (mean woman blues) 63 A

yer my girl s60s U

yer my baby sl50s U

Orlando, Tony an Dawn ***

candida 70 U

Orleans ***

still th one 76 U

Orlons ***

crossfire se60s U

wah watusi 62 U

don`t hang up 62 U

south street 62 U

not me se60s U

knock knock 64 U

Orpheus ***

cant find th time to tell you s60s U

Osborne Brothers ***

rocky top (live 67) U

Osborne, Joe ***

rovin 56 E

Oscar`s Chicago Swingers ***

I wonder who`s boogiein my woogie {th first time boogie woogie mentioned in song? 36 U

Otis, Johnny Show (Congregation)***

Willie an th hand jive sl50s U

wedding boogie sl40s U

Outsiders ***

time won`t let me 66 A

respectable 66 CTD-flat

Owens, Buck ***

playboy s60s U

rollin in my sweet baby`s arms s60s U

my heart skips a beat {with Don Rich} 64 U

open up yer heart s60s U

together again 64 U

aint it amazin Gracie {with Don Rich} 64 U

luves gonna live here again {with Don Rich} 63 U

act naturally {with Don Rich} 63 U

streets of Bakersfield s60s A

monster`s holiday s60s G

tiger by th tail s60s U

waitin in yer welfare line s60s F

cadillac lane s60s U

dont let her know s60s U

th way that i luv you s60s A-flat

lookin back to see (with Susan Raye) s60s U

Ownby, Robert ***

crazy like Alex Jones 2011 U

Oxtot, Dick Jazz band *** {see Janis Joplin`s “walk rite in”}

Pacific Gas an Electric ***

bluesbuster sl60s U

Page, Patti ***

Tennessee waltz sm50s U

I dont care if the sun dont shine s40s U

mockingbird hill se50s U

Paige, Hal ***

thunderbird sm50s U

Palm, Tommy ***

black knee socks sl50s D-flat

Papa Lightfoot ***

mean old train s50s U

Paradons ***

diamonds an Pearls 60 U

Paragons ***

hey little school girl sl50s U

th tide is high sl50s U

lets start all over again s57 U

Paramounts ***

poison ivy sl50s U

Parchman, Kenneth ***

tennessee zip sl50s U

I feel like rockin sl50s A

Paris Sisters ***

be my boy 61 U

dream lover 64 U

let me be the one 62 U

Parker, {Little} Junior an th Blue flames ***

Mother in law blues 56 E

sweet home Chicago 58 U

stand by me s60 U

in th dark 61 U

I wanna ramble 53 A

mystery train 53 UPE-flat

feelin good 53 U

sittin at th bar s50s U

Parker, Robert ***

barefootin 66 U

Parliaments ***

testify 67 U

Parsons, Alan ***

don`t answer me 84 C

Parsons, Gene an Band ***

nite club rock an roll sl50s U

Parton, Dolly ***

nine to five s70s F-sharp

here u come again 78 U

Pastels ***

so far away sm50s U

Pastel Six ***

cinnamon cinder se60s C

Patience an Prudence ***

tonite u belong to me s50s U

tonite u belong to me (with Mike Clifford) s50s U

gonna get along without you 56 U

Patin, Scatman ***

red beans an rice {unrel} s57 F

ginnin take one 58 F

Paul and Paula ***

first quarrel 63 U

flipped over you s60s U

hey Paula s60s U

Paul, Les & Mary Ford ***

mocking bird hill sl40s U

Johnny s40s U

Paycheck, Johnny ***

song an dance man s70s U

Payne, Freda ***

band of gold 70 U

Peaches & Herb ***

for yer luv s60s U

Pearlettes ***

Duchess of Earl s60s U

Peels, Leon ***

cottonhead Joe sl50s A

Pendarvis, Tracy ***

a thousand guitars s59 UPD

is it too late s59 EPE-flat

one of these days s58 E

southbound line s59 F-sharp

is it me s59 C

belle of th Suwannee {with Scotty Moore–Billy Riley} s59 A

I need somebudy {unrel} s59 U

first luv s59 C

I feel a teardrop s59 C

school days {with Ray Stevens–Jerry Reed–Joe South} 61 E-flat

get it {unrel} 61 D-flat

weird feelin {unrel} 61 F

my girl Josephine {unrel} 61 U

drift in dreams {unrel} 61 D

it don`t pay s58 E

eternally s59 D

its too late s59 E

crazy baby {unrel} 61 U

Philadelphia filly s59 U

Penny, Hank ***

bloodshot eyes s40s U

Penquins ***

ooky ook s50s G

Pentagons ***

down at th beach 61 DTE-flat

to be luved 60 F

Peppermint Rainbow ***

will u be stayin after sunday 69 U

Percells ***

what are boys made of 63 U

Perkins, Carl ***

right string baby, wrong yo-yo sl50s U

pink pedal pushers 58 U

honey don`t 56 E

matchbox sl50s E

gone gone gone sl50s U

glad all over sl50s U

roll over Beethovan sl50s U

honky tonk gal sl50s U

evrebudies tryin ta be my baby sl50s U

born ta boogie sl60s U

what am I livin for s60s E

red neck s60s U

I can feel it s60s U

don`t get off s60s U

boppin th blues 56 U

Perkins, Joe ***

little eefin Annie sl50s U

Perkins, Laura Lee ***

don`t wait up 57 F

I just don`t like this sl50s C

Perkins, Roy Boogie Boy ***

bada s57 C

drop top {take one–unrel} l50s B-flat

Peter an Gordon ***

I go to pieces 64 E

true luv ways 65 U

lady Godiva 66 U

nobudy i know 64 U

world without luv sm60s U

Peter Paul an Mary ***

if I had a hammer 62 A

quit yer lowdown ways se60s U

for luvin me 65 B

hush-a-bye se60s U

puff 63 APU

rocky road se60s U

blowin in th wind 63 F

don`t think twice 63 E-flat

freight train 63 U

stewball 63 UPA-flat

gone th rainbow s62 U

pretty Mary s62 D

this land is yer land s62 U

i dig R an R music s60s U

day is done s60s U

Peterson, Paul ***

my dad 63 U

Peterson, Ray ***

goodnite my luv se60s U

Corinna Corinna 60 A

th wonder of u 59 F

Pets ***

cha hua hua s60s U

Petty, Tom ***

feel a whole lot better 89 A

I won`t back down 89 HG

learning ta fly se90s C

runnin down a dream 89 UPE

refugee 80 U

waitin s80s U

a woman in luv s80s U

a thing about u s80s U

here comes my girl s80s E

listen to her heart 78 U

u wreck me 94 F

time ta move on 94 D

free girl now 99 D

about ta give out 99 G

rhino skin 99 U

won`t last long 99 D

Pewter, Jim ***

little miss red ridin hood s60s U

Phillips, Carl ***

wigwam Willie sl50s C

Phillips, Esther ***

release me s6os U

Phillips, Gene ***

rock bottom 47 F

Phillips, Phil ***

sea of luv s58 U

Piano Red ***

rockin with Red s40s U

Pickett, Bobby Boris ***

graveyard shift se60s U

monster mash 62 G

Transylvania twist se60s U

monster mash party se60s U

lets fly away se60s NA

me an my mummy se60s D

Pickett, Wilson *** {see also th Falcons}

engine #9 {short version} 70 E-flat

don`t fight it 65 U

funky broadway s60s E

land of a 1000 dances 66 D

I found a true luv s60s U

if ya need me 63 U

I`m a midnite mover 68 E

sugar sugar s69 U

don`t knock my luv part one s70 U

in th midnite hour 65 E

its too late 63 UPC

mustang Sally 66 C

99 an a half won`t do 66 A

evrebudy needs sumbudy 67 E

6-3-4-5-7-8-9 66 DTE-flat

Pickhandle Slim *** {aka Lizzie Washington}

my low down brown {with a celeste, an extinct instrument?} 20s F

Pierce, Webb ***

new raunchy s50s F

there stands th glass {original} s50s U

I aint never 59 U

back street affair s40s U

slowly s40s U

i`m walkin th dog s40s U

its been so long s40s U

slowly se50s U

### wondering se50s U

Pike, Jim an th Kephart Rockets ***

shaken an stutterin sl50s E

Piltdown Men ***

Piltdown rides again 60 ETD-flat-TE

brontosaurus stomp 60 B-flat-TD

Pinkard, Freddie *** {see Billy an Lillie`s “th monster”}

Pink Floyd ***

another brick in th wall s80 U

Pitney, Gene ***

Louisiana mama s60s U

she`s a heartbreaker 68 U

hello Mary Lou s60s U

24 hours from Tulsa 63 U

garden of luv s60s D-flat-TD

true luv never runs smooth 63 U

down in th subway s60s U

that girl belong ta yesterday {written by Nick Jagger} 63 UPD

follow th sun s60s U

lips are redder on u s60s U

today`s teardrops s60s U

half th laughter twice th tears s60s U

not responsible s60s U

I laughed so hard I cried s60s U

I must be seeing things 65 U

Mecca 63 U

luv my life away {th Bopland bells} 61 C

it hurts ta be in luv 64 F-sharp

I`m gonna be strong 64 U

backstage 66 U

last chance ta turn around 65 U

only luv can break a heart 62 U

ta play th jukebox 62 A

town without pity 62 U

town without pity {live} 64 U

walk s60s U

just one smile 67 U

liberty valance s60s U

Pixies (Three) ***

birthday party 63 U

cold cold winter se60s U

summertime USA s60s U

gee 64 U

442 Glenwood avenue 64 U

Platt, Eddie ***

chahuahua s50s U

Platters ***

I`m sorry 57 U

th great pretender 55 HG

my dream 57 U

only u 55 U

twist s65 U

th magic touch 56 U

th magic touch {live} s56 G

to each his own 60 U

smoke gets in yer eyes 58 E-flat

enchanted 59 U

harbor lights sl50s U

red sails in th sunset 60 U

i`ll never smile again 61 U

Playmates ***

lets be lovers 58 U

while th record goes around and around se60s U

wait for me 60 D-flat-TD

beep beep 58 U

little miss stuck-up 61 U

Plymouth Rockers ***

dont say why s60s U

Poe, Bobby an th Po` Kats *** {see Wanda Jackson`s “mean mean man”}

Pointer Sisters ***

should I do it 82 U

I`m so excited 82 U

jump 84 U

slow hand 81 U

Polkadot Slim *** {see Mr. Calhoun}

Ponitails ***

born too late 58 ETF

Poppies ***

he means so much to me se60s U

Poppy an her Popcats ***

please help me i`m fallin sl50s U

Posey, Sandy ***

single girl 66 B-flat

I take it back 67 U

my heart has a mind of its own s60s F-sharp

Powell, Jessie *** {see also th Cadillacs}

walkin blues {with Fluffy Hunter} 52 CPU

Powers, Joey ***

midnite Mary 64 U

Powers, Johnny *** {see also th Earls}

with yer luv 50s B

honey lets go s50s U

honey lets go s50s U

Prado, Perez ***

Patricia s58 U

cherry pink and apple blossom white 55 U

Premiers ***

farmer John se60s U

Presley, Elvis ***

I beg of you 58 U

i got a woman se60s U

blue moon 56 U

lonely man 61 U

luv me tender sm50s U

i gotta know sl50s U

have I told u lately sl50s U

witchcraft 63 U

suspicious minds 69 U

I want you I need you 56 U

are ya lonesome tonite 60 U

heart break hotel 56 U

treat me nice 57 UPC

don`t 57 D

luvin u 57 D-flat

little sister 61 E

teddy bear 57 C

his latest flame 61 GPU

its now or never 60 E

return ta sender 62 E-flat

edge of reality 68 U

bossa nova baby 63 UPC

good rockin tonite 54 E

follow that dream 62 E-flat-TE

is it so strange 57 B-flat

baby I don`t care 57 C

luv me 56 U

surrender 60 U

jailhouse rock 57 E-flat

all shook up 57 B-flat-PU

one broken heart for sale 63 U

I need yer luv tonite 59 U

thats all rite mama 54 A

girl happy 64 E-flat

sand castles 64 E-flat

alI needed was th rain s60s U

if I can dream 68 CTD

u`ll never walk alone s70s U

runaway 70 U

proud Mary 70 U

can`t help fallin in luv 58 D

mystery train 55 E

I forgot ta remember ta forget 55 E

I luv u because 54 C

such a nite 60 E

reconsider baby 60 E

girl of my best friend 60 E

king of th whole wide world 62 U

anyway ya want me 56 U

Maybelline {live} sl50s B-flat

aint that luvin u baby sl50s U

thats when yer heartaches begin 57 U

stuck on you 60 U

lonely man s50s U

my baby left me 56 U

have I told u lately that i luv you s60s U

i dont care if th sun dont shine 56 U

she`s not you 62 U

one nite 58 U

luv letters 66 U

i`m left yer rite she`s gone sl50s U

i got stung 58 U

i was th one sl50s U

burnin luv 72 U

fame and fortune s60s U

i feel so bad s60s U

it hurts me se60s U

Preston, Frankie an th Beachcombers ***

i wanna do it s50s E-flat

Preston, Jimmy ***

rock th joint s50s F

Preston, Johnny ***

what am I livin for sl50s U

cradle of luv 60 U

feel so fine sl50s U

Pretenders ***

stop yer sobbin 79 C

brass in pocket 79 UPA

Price, Lloyd ***

personality 59 F

wontcha come home s59 U

stagger lee {Dick Clark`s bandstand version} 58 E-flat

question 60 U

3 little pigs 59 U

talk to me s50s U

why {version with no flutter at start} s50s E-flat

lawdy miss Clawdy {with Fats Domino on piano} s52 B-flat

just because 57 E-flat

hoochie coochie coo s50s E-flat

never let me go 60 C

come into my heart 59 A-flat

have ya ever had th blues 59 F

no ifs sl50s U

i`m gonna get married 59 U

lady luck s60s

Price, Mel ***

little dog blues 59 U

Price, Ray ***

for th good times 70 U

heartaches by th number se70s U

Pride, Charley ***

Mississippi cotton pickin delta town 74 U

the happiness of havin you s70s U

thats my way 79 U

cotton fields back home s70s E-flat-PE

rhinestone cowboy 79 U

when th trains come in 79 U

atlantic coastal line 79 U

on th southbound 79 E

is anybudy goin ta San Antone 70 U

back to th country roads 79 U

thats th only way life`s good 79 U

me an Bobby Mcgee 79 ATB-flat

I`m just me 71 D

I`d rather luv u 71 A

whole lotta luvin 88 E

crystal chandeliers s80s D

along th Mississippi 73 U

Prima, Louis ***

be mine {with Sam Butera} 57 D-flat

i`ve got u under my skin (with Keely Smith) se60s U

oh babe (with Keely Smith) sl40s U

Pritchitt, Dub an th Rock-a-Taires ***

5 o`clock hop sl50s U

Procol Harum ***

conquistador 72 U

Professor Longhair ***

New Orleans s50s U

hey little girl 49 D

tipitina 53 F

Professor Morrison`s Lollipop ***

itchy itchy s60s U

Pruitt, Miles *** {see Lottie Kimbrough}

Pryor, Snooky ***

9 below zero s60s CPU

u tried ta ruin me s70s U

Puckett, Riley ***

th cat came back 20s U

I wished I was single again 25 U

Pullins, Vern ***

bop crazy baby sl50s U

Purify, James an Bobby ***

shake a tail feather sl60s U

Pursell, Bill ***

our winter luv 63 U

Pussy Willows ***

turn her down s60s U

Pygmies ***

don`t monkey with Tarzan s50s U

Pyramids ***

penetration s60s U

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